Dragon Husband 1018

Chapter 1018

When Wiliam saw that Xiao Wangqing had rushed out to beg for justice for him, he was anxious and shouted, “Xiao Wangqing, go back!”


The glacial mammoth roared, and the whole body was about to smash down at Xiao Wangqing!

Wiliam screamed and hugged Xiao Wangqing tightly, rolling out of the impact range of the glacial mammoth.

However, the aftermath of the impact, and the snow and ice it brought up, also violently stirred Wiliam’s body again!

Wiliam’s throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood came out!

Xiao Wangqing’s dark eyes seemed to be deeper.

At this time Mulan came over and took Xiao Wangqing directly.

Wiliam was extremely depressed, these unconscious ladies!

The glacial mammoth came after it again.

Wiliam suddenly burst into a frenzy!

This breath struck the glacial mammoth instantly!

But in the next second, Wiliam’s face became stiff!

The glacial mammoth was not affected at all, and continued to rush over!

There was an uproar in Wiliam’s heart.

The Qilin Qi in him is unfavorable to all the beasts.

After all, the unicorn is the king of beasts, and it is right and right to worship the unicorn!

But for the first time, it turned out to be useful to this glacial mammoth!

As Wiliam hurriedly hid, he felt more puzzled and uneasy!

It seems, something is wrong!

There is something wrong with this world!

However, Wiliam couldn’t tell what was wrong for a while.

Everyone at the scene saw that Wiliam was completely suppressed by the glacial mammoth for a while, and they were very anxious.

“Wiliam, do you want us to help?” Mulan shouted.

Wiliam didn’t look back, “Don’t come over to join in the heat, you who are sealed off, I will thank God if you don’t hold me back.”

Mulan’s forehead bounced.

Although what Wiliam said makes sense.

Originally, Mulan couldn’t beat Wiliam in the early stage of Huajin, but now it has been sealed off by a level, and it is not Wiliam’s opponent.

Even Wiliam was so embarrassed, they could only be cannon fodder in the past.

But Mulan is angry, is this girl’s mouth open all the time?

She wished to slap the glacial mammoth and slap it flat.

In the next few minutes, it really looked like Mulan cursed.

Wiliam was completely suppressed by the glacial mammoth, and the only few counterattacks did not pose any threat to the glacial mammoth.

The glacial mammoth has become more and more courageous and more aggressive.

In the end, he attacked unscrupulously.

The little blue river clams around him are constantly flying.

Wiliam stepped back again, screaming inwardly.

You can’t escape, you can’t attack.

If this continues, the glacial mammoth will be consumed alive.

Looking at the glacial mammoth whose mouth was still gushing with heat, Wiliam’s heart suddenly became ruthless!


Die or die!

“Take care of yourself! Don’t come here!” Wiliam yelled behind him, then violently!

He quickly rushed towards the glacial mammoth!

The few people behind him were taken aback.

Take care of yourself, what does it mean?

Wiliam was like rushing to a glacial mammoth for the first time, and his body suddenly rose into the air when he was rapidly approaching!

He stepped on the glacial mammoth’s wide mouth, and turned on the glacial mammoth again!

The entire body of the glacial mammoth suddenly rose up to the sky, roaring at the sky!

Wiliam’s eyes were fierce!

It’s now!

Wiliam kept walking, as if he was stepping on a wall, he gushed towards the blood basin of the glacial mammoth!

He supported the eyes of the glacial mammoth with one hand, and then suddenly accelerated!

The whole body rushed directly into the mouth of the glacier mammoth!

This scene is almost incredible!

It was almost too late for the glacial mammoth to shut his mouth and crush Wiliam!

This scene was so fast that Mulan and the others were caught off guard!

Mulan saw that Wiliam turned over and plunged directly into the mouth of the glacial mammoth, tears fell on the spot.

“Wiliam! You lunatic! You bastard!” Mulan shouted sharply, but she tightly grasped Xiao Haitang and Xiao Wangqing’s hands to prevent them from rushing over with anger!

At this moment, she finally understood why Wiliam said to take care of herself!

It turns out that this bastard has a mortal heart to wait for the tiger!

But, Wiliam, what are you doing!

You plunge into the mouth of the glacial mammoth, thinking you can feed the glacial mammoth!

Totally impossible!

You are dead in vain!

Guo Wuji, who had been at odds with Wiliam, was also tearful at this moment!

I didn’t expect Wiliam to do such a thing!

He had always worried that Wiliam would be scheming again, and let him charge forward.

However, there is no such thing.

From the beginning to the end, Wiliam not only didn’t let a few of them participate, but also committed danger twice to save Xiao Haitang and Xiao Wangqing.

Now, he has joined the beast.

This kind of fearless spirit of public but selfishness makes Guo Wuji extremely ashamed!

He is now the only man here.

Suddenly, Guo Wuji seemed to have discovered his conscience. He raised another machete and said to them: “You first withdraw! My queen! Hurry!”

He knew that the glacial mammoth would rush towards them next moment.

as predicted!

The glacial mammoth, rising from the sky, suddenly hit the ground heavily.

Then it became extremely manic!

It was so mad that all its feet danced!

Suddenly, the whole world is surging!

The glacial mammoth screamed at the sky, roaring in grief and indignation!

Mulan and the others were going to escape.

But seeing this scene, the pace stopped again.

Does the glacier mammoth have the first time to attack them?

It dances wildly.

And listening to the roar of the glacier mammoth is not like swearing sovereignty or showing off the results of the battle.

On the contrary, it is more like being angry because of the resistance of an ant!

But, isn’t Wiliam already dead?

Is it dead!

Thinking of this, Mulan’s eyes suddenly became excited, and she tightly grasped the hands of Xiao Haitang and Xiao Wangqing.

Xiao Wangqing’s dark eyes flashed suddenly, and the whole person slowly calmed down.

And the glacial mammoth became more manic.

Its body leaped high and slammed down again!


Heaven and earth trembled.

The never-ending river, which was originally frozen, collapsed directly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Up and down the river, suddenly lost!

The turbulent river water, constantly beating the river bank, looks extremely surging!

And the glacier mammoth suddenly seemed to be frozen, stiffening in place!

Mulan and the others are wondering what happened.

Suddenly I just felt that the world was bright!

The sky turns into daytime!

In the next second, it went dark again.

It’s into the night again!

The night and the day, in these few seconds, seemed to be infinite reincarnation, constantly changing!

Mulan and the others, the mood is just like the change in the night and day, shocked to the point of indescribable!

Is this the world they have lived in for many years?

This is simply a magical world!

What did Wiliam do in the belly of the glacial mammoth!


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