Dragon Husband 1019

Chapter 1019 Blue Snow Tears

That night and day, the speed of change is getting faster and faster!

The world is like being turned on and off by a naughty child.

Until a moment!

The whole world is shining brightly!

The glacial mammoth opened its mouth unconsciously!

A sharp cone of ice suddenly protruded from the mouth of the glacial mammoth!

Shoot to the sky!

The body of the glacial mammoth gradually formed a thick layer of frost at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Originally, the glacial mammoth had frost on its body.

This layer directly frozen the glacial mammoth into an ice sculpture!

This strange and shocking scene stunned Mulan and the others.

It was not until they confirmed that the glacier mammoth could not move, they ran over.

Standing at the feet of the glacial mammoth, they realized how huge this glacial mammoth is!

Mulan was shocked!

Wiliam, have you been fighting with such a great behemoth since just now!

They, just standing at the feet of this immobile glacial mammoth, feel a kind of icy fear!

Wiliam, this bastard!

Mulan shouted loudly: “Bad son! Come out for me! Come out for me!”

Even Xiao Wangqing yelled out loudly, “Uncle! Uncle! It’s dinner!”

At this time, a figure suddenly popped up from the mouth of the glacial mammoth!

The figure hit the ground heavily.

Not Wiliam, who else would it be!

At this moment, Wiliam’s body was bloody!

The clothes on his body seem to be scorched by something, and there are several wounds that are deeply visible in bone!

There was also a thin layer of ice on his body, his face was pale and extremely frightening.

What did he experience just now!

No one knew what Wiliam experienced just now.

Wiliam plunged directly into the mouth of the glacial mammoth and naturally went all the way into its body.

Then, inside the monster’s body, Wiliam felt a manic burning sensation as soon as he entered!

The body of the glacial mammoth is as hot as a big stove!

Even more terrifying is that the mucus in the glacier mammoth has a strange corrosiveness.

The moment Wiliam entered, his body was covered with this extremely corrosive slime.

Of course he knew that there was not much time left for him.

Either the glacial mammoth was controlled by him, or he was corroded and digested by the mucus in the glacial mammoth.

However, there is one thing that Wiliam made a right bet before entering the glacial mammoth!

The glacial mammoth has temperature inside.

With temperature, everything is easy!

As a result, Wiliam seemed to have gone mad, and his blood was full of frost!

In an instant, countless icy ice flowed along Wiliam’s body and went wild!

Seal the internal organs of the glacial mammoth for a short time!

This is why the glacial mammoth went crazy instantly after swallowing Wiliam.

The glacial mammoth knew that Wiliam would freeze his internal organs, so he jumped up and down, trying to throw Wiliam to death.

While maintaining the balance of his body, Wiliam continued to release the power of frost.

However, the internal temperature of the Glacial Mammoth is too high.

Part of his frost soon burned.

The scene fell into a stalemate.

Wiliam was completely desperate.

Until his facial features were bleeding, he finally gained some advantage!

With more and more frost, the body temperature of the glacial mammoth is getting lower and lower.

Later, the heat inside the glacier mammoth was not enough to melt Wiliam’s frost.

Its internal organs are gradually being sealed by ice.

The last thing that was sealed in ice was the terrifying heart of the glacial mammoth.

That heart is also weird.

As Wiliam was frozen, it was still beating.

And, jump faster and faster!

There is a sense of sight that will burst instantly.

But in the end, Wiliam did this, sealing the glacial mammoth from his body.

And Wiliam naturally paid an extremely heavy price.

His body has been corroded to a level that is not human!

He exhausted all his strength before rushing out of the glacial mammoth.

However, the moment he rushed out, he saw the heart of the glacial mammoth beating faster and faster.

At the same time, I saw another thing.

Wiliam knew that the matter was not over yet!

Moreover, all this seems like fate.

Before leaving, he grabbed something like that and hid it in his arms.

At this moment, Mulan was going to help Wiliam, but Wiliam suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were red!

“Go! Danger!” Wiliam yelled, his voice full of sorrow.

All of them were stunned.

Isn’t the glacial mammoth enclosed by ice?

What is the danger?

But at this time, they saw that the thick frost on the glacier mammoth gradually shattered with a bang!

“What the hell is going on!” Guo Wuji asked anxiously.

Wiliam forcefully endured the pain in his body, stood up, and pushed them away, “I’m afraid the glacial mammoth is about to explode. If you don’t leave, it will be too late!”

Several people became stiff, and the first reaction was to help Wiliam run back.

However, just after two steps, Xiao Wangqing suddenly jumped down from behind Mulan.

Her dark eyes were full of complicated feelings.

She bent down and held up a handful of snow, with a few blue river cubs on it.

She said grinningly, “Little boy, that monster is going to explode, run away.”

This sound made Xiao Haitang’s body also froze.

She looked around.

Around the glacial mammoth, there are still many blue river beetles scattered.

They seemed to come from a distance too, witnessing Wiliam’s tragic suicide attack just now.

However, how fast can they be?

It is simply not enough for them to escape danger quickly.

These little blue river bugs will die here!

At this time, there was a “boom”!

The ice on the glacial mammoth is shattered!

Even the frost that it originally covered on the long hair has disappeared.

Its body suddenly swelled.

Mulan looked at the speed of its expansion, like falling into an ice cellar!

What a shocking power that such a terrifying monster should explode!

I am afraid!

Creatures within a radius of a few miles will be extinct!

Including them!

In other words, it’s too late to run!

Wiliam’s eyes were cracked!

He coughed up a mouthful of blood and suddenly pushed Mulan hard!

“Take them to stand far away!” Wiliam roared.

Mulan’s pupils shrank, “What are you going to do again!”

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about her, and rushed directly towards the glacial mammoth!

But this time, he didn’t jump up again!

Instead, stand still before the body of the glacial mammoth!

In front of the huge mammoth, Wiliam was as small as an ant!

Wiliam suddenly opened his hands in a cross!

Raise from the bottom up!

More and faster!

At this time, a scene of horror appeared!

Wiliam seemed to explode all his energy!

The snow on the ground and the blue river cubs were all lifted into the sky by Wiliam!

The whole world, like a cry of compassion, came blue snow tears!


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