Dragon Husband 1020

Chapter 1020

Around Wiliam, including the glacier mammoth, all the snow was lifted into the sky by Wiliam alone!

Then, Wiliam suddenly pushed forward with one hand!

Move backward with one hand!

It was another spectacle that happened before their eyes!

The blue and white snow between them seemed to be separated by Wiliam one left and one right one after the other!

The little blue river clam, as light as a feather, was stripped of Bai Xue directly by Wiliam Qijin’s move, and flew towards Mulan and the others!

The sky, never see any blue again!

In front of Mulan and the others, there was a dreamy blue rain.

Xiao Haitang shed tears, his teeth clenched tightly!

Suddenly she took out the camera and took this beautiful and tragic scene again!

Mulan is almost going crazy by Xiao Haitang!

When is it, still thinking about taking photos!

Her eyes fixed on Wiliam!

Wiliam beckoned his hand backwards, separating the Blue River Cub!

But the hand that he raised forward gathered all the ice and snow in front of him!

More and more ice and snow!

It turned into a huge snow shield directly in front of him!

But this is not enough!

Wiliam bit his tongue, and a sharp pain hit his heart.

His groggy head was awake again in an instant.

He forcibly endured the danger of exploding his body and used the power of frost again!

In an instant, countless frost tightly wrapped the huge snow shield!

Turn it into a thick ice shield!

And at the moment when the ice shield was formed!

The size of the glacier mammoth has swelled to the point of extreme exaggeration.

“Boom!” A roar resounding through the world!

The glacier mammoth has completely exploded!

A terrifying force swept towards Mulan and the others!

And under the block of Wiliam’s huge ice shield, the power of the explosion instantly refracted towards the sky!

However, this is the case, Wiliam’s ice shield also shattered completely in an instant!

He was the first to be hit by the remaining explosive force, and the whole person flew directly and fell to the ground fiercely.

And because of the protection of Wiliam Bingshi, Mulan and the others, who were not far away, just felt that the power was amazing, but they did not suffer any harm from it.

This world was shocked!

Then settle down.

Mulan’s canthus was completely split and rushed to Wiliam for the first time.

She hugged Wiliam up, knocked him on her lap, and shouted with tears in her eyes: “Wiliam, did you hear me! You wake up!”

Even Guo Wuji, who had a feast with Wiliam, couldn’t help but look away when he saw Wiliam like this.

Wiliam is now completely bloody!

Where is the slightest injury?

Can you live like this!

Mulan’s internal strength continued toward Wiliam’s body as if desperately!

When Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji saw this scene, they all lost their internal strength to Wiliam.

Fortunately, Wiliam finally opened his eyes.

He looked around first, then smiled miserably, “I, tried my best…”

Mulan was taken aback and looked around.

I saw the direction where Wiliam had formed the ice shield just now, they and Little Lanhe were intact.
But in other directions, it was a bit horrible.

Wherever they looked, there was a scorched black after explosion.

Obviously, the blue river cubs over there are gone.

Mulan’s tears came out of her eyes!

She couldn’t help but punch Wiliam!

The words that were frustrated in my heart were also piercingly shouted out!

“Let you like being a hero! Let you run into the belly of the monster without saying anything! What if you are bitten to death! What if the belly of the monster is poisonous!”

Wiliam smiled reluctantly, and said with difficulty: “Xiao Haitang said that the glacial mammoth is invulnerable, so it can only be breached from its body. And before I smelled the heat from that guy, there is no toxin, so I have confidence. .”

Wiliam’s words were purely comforting Mulan.

Because he expected that there were no toxins in the glacier mammoth, and he could also guess that there was acid in the glacier mammoth. After all, this is the common sense of all living things.

Therefore, Wiliam simply gave it a go.

Mulan wowed and punched Wiliam again, and her voice was a little distorted, “Let you be smart! Let you be a hero! Let you help us! Let you help Blue River Cub! You are improper! Do heroes die! Bastard! Do you know how much we worry about you!”

The tears of Xiao Haitang on the side also fell, and he felt extremely guilty.

Everything was caused by her.

She is the biggest sinner.

“You bastard! bastard! I dare to take risks without saying a word in the future! I will definitely kill you!” Mulan cried heartbreakingly, and kept beating Wiliam.

At this time, Guo Wuji suddenly changed his expression, “You are going to stop fighting! Lu Yezhen died in the mouth of the monster, don’t be killed by you!”

Mulan was taken aback, and she looked at Wiliam with tears.

Wiliam didn’t know when he passed out in a coma!

She became nervous in an instant, and said helplessly: “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it!”

Fortunately, although Xiao Haitang has poor martial arts, he still has some medical knowledge.

She immediately helped Wiliam get treatment.

However, Wiliam’s injuries were too serious.

He was in a coma, and his face was getting worse and worse. No one was sure whether he could wake up.

Mulan was so upset that she washed her face with tears.

Wiliam’s coma was three days later.

During these three days, Wiliam’s complexion got worse and worse, and his body got colder.

It was just a few of them who used internal force to hold Wiliam’s breath.

In the back, all three of them were in a coma due to collapse of internal strength.

But Wiliam still didn’t wake up.

There was no night in these three days.

As if he knew gratitude, Little Blue River came together not far from them from all directions.

There is an endless blue ocean in front of them, but in their hearts, there is only one person in mind.

On the fourth day, Xiao Haitang diagnosed Wiliam’s pulse. After receiving it, he choked and said, “His pulse is getting weaker and weaker, and his body cannot be moved randomly. If he does not get better tomorrow, I guess he…”

Speaking of this, she was silent.

Several people at the scene, Qi Qi showed a sad look.

In the past few days, the tears of the two women have already dried up.

They did everything they could.

But in the end, it can only be resigned.

Xiao Wangqing, who had no heart and lungs while playing with Lanhe Xiaofu, heard Xiao Haitang’s words.

Her dark pupils became deeper, and her small lips were bitten tightly, as if she was about to make some determination.

After a few hours, Mulan and the three of them fell asleep because they were so tired.

At this time, Xiao Wangqing slowly walked towards Wiliam.

She stretched out her little hand and touched Wiliam’s cold face, seemingly reluctant.

A tear just fell.

Suddenly she stretched out her finger, put it in her mouth and bit, then put her broken finger into Wiliam’s mouth.

At the moment when her blood was flowing out!


A fascinating bloody light rose up into the sky, straight into the sky!

After a few days of guarding the mountain forbidden ground, again!

The blood is soaring!


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