Dragon Husband 1021-1025

Chapter 1021 I Woke Up With A Daughter More

When the blood was soaking into the sky, Mulan and the others were still falling asleep. They didn’t know how the world had changed!

In two places, two groups of people Ma Qiqi looked up to the sky!

All people, in this moment, are all in chaos!

A group of people shouted, “I found it! Go get her back!”

And the other group of people also looked excited, “Look! This time lasts longer than ever! Hahaha! That kid is a miracle! As long as he is there, anything can happen!”

Blood light is indeed longer than ever.

Until the end, Xiao Wangqing’s face became paler and paler, and she fell directly on Wiliam.

And in Wiliam’s body, astonishing changes have also taken place.

Before in the body of the glacial mammoth, Wiliam had exhausted all his strength.

After that, the body was severely overdrawn, forming an ice shield.

It can be said that his body is already on the verge of collapse.

If it hadn’t been for Mulan’s few people to hold Wiliam with internal force these days, Wiliam would have died in Xitian long ago.

However, now Xiao Wangqing’s blood entered Wiliam’s body, like a big tonic, quickly nourishing Wiliam’s broken body.

And Wiliam’s will to survive is extremely tough!

Suddenly, his body received this tonic, as if going crazy, and desperately taking it!

Until the body gradually stabilized in a peaceful state.

Not knowing how long it took, Wiliam slowly opened his eyes.

He remembered, but found that his body was still out of control and unable to move.

He even discovered that Xiao Wangqing actually lay on his body and fell asleep.

“Dad…” Xiao Wangqing murmured suddenly, as if talking in a dream.

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment. The little girl called grandma before, now he called father?

How many relatives does she have?

At this time, Mulan Ping Ning on the side woke up.

She saw Wiliam who opened her eyes at a glance.

Mulan jumped directly from the ground and shouted, “Wiliam! Wiliam, you are awake!”

Wiliam nodded hard, and forced a smile, “Yes.”

Mulan rushed to Wiliam’s side and was about to speak, but was stopped by Wiliam’s eyes.

Wiliam glanced at Xiao Wangqing who was sleeping, as if saying to Mulan, don’t wake Xiao Wangqing.

Mulan’s face became stiff, you bastard is a bit too much!

I almost lost my life here, and the first thing I woke up was to care about Xiao Wangqing’s sleep?

However, Mulan finally lowered her voice and said in surprise: “How do you feel now?”

Wiliam slowly said, “It’s okay for the time being, but I can’t move yet, I shouldn’t be able to die.”

When Mulan heard this, she let out a sigh of relief.

Then, the pressure of the past few days turned into tears in an instant, and fell down with patters, “You bastard! You scared us to death! You are not allowed to do anything like this in the future, do you know!”

Wiliam said helplessly: “You think I want to.”

Mulan stretched out her hand to hit Wiliam, but she didn’t dare anymore.

I was afraid of fainting him again like before.
“Dad…” Xiao Wangqing murmured again, and then as if instinctively, he tightly grasped Wiliam’s body.

Then Xiao Wangqing also woke up.

She saw Wiliam wake up and grinned, “You are awake. So happy.”

Mulan stared at Xiao Wangqing blankly, “Xiao Wangqing, what did you call this stuff? Dad?”

Xiao Wangqing was also stunned, and her eyes became dull again.

Lu Yezheng said to Mulan kindly, “The little girl is asleep, why are you telling her this?”

But Mulan said with a joking expression: “Xiao Wangqing, I think you like this product, and this product also cares about you. Why don’t you just be his daughter and just ask his father to forget haha, I feel This guy needs someone to take care of him, otherwise he can do everything without worry.”

Wiliam has a black line, what do you mean?

However, Xiao Wangqing looked thoughtful, then opened her arms and threw herself directly on Wiliam, a bear hug, “Dad, Dad…”

Wiliam Yihan, things are getting messy.

What does it mean to have an extra daughter when I wake up?

Then the others gradually woke up. They were very excited when they saw Wiliam wake up.

After all, this time I escaped from the dead.

However, Xiao Haitang seemed to be afraid to look at Wiliam, obviously avoiding Wiliam’s eyes.

Wiliam sighed slightly, knowing that there must be something in Xiao Haitang’s heart.

About her mother.

Since Xiao Haitang still didn’t take the initiative to speak out, Wiliam didn’t plan to ask.

After all, every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite.

Wiliam lay on the ground for ten days.

In these ten days, the sky has never been dark.

Eternal Day exists in this world strangely.

At the beginning, they were surrounded by small blue river worms.

They were jumping beside Wiliam, as if thanking Wiliam for saving their lives.

But later, those blue river cubs gradually became a little wilted.

It seems that such eternal daytime is also a fatal blow to their survival.

Wiliam saw all this in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

This can happen if the ecological chain is destroyed.

Don’t think that you saved these blue river cubs temporarily.

Now their living environment has completely changed.

Good things are very likely to become bad things.

After ten days, Wiliam finally recovered his ability to act.

With Xiao Wangqing sitting on his shoulders, a group of people walked to the river again.

This never-ending river was frozen and surging like before.

Looking at the far side of the river, several people frowned.

Mulan asked in a low voice, “You just happened to be injured, do we really want to keep going?”

Wiliam nodded and said, “Well, there seems to be no danger in the next valley.”

He naturally knew what the next valley was from Xiao Haitang.

“But there is no danger, but it is possible to be trapped inside for a lifetime.” Xiao Haitang said nervously.

“Furthermore, how are we going to cross this river now? I can’t cross it at all. If there is a bridge, it would be fine.” Guo Wuji also said with a distressed expression.

Speaking unintentionally, the listener intended it.

Little Lanhe, who had been following Wiliam, seemed to understand Guo Wuji’s words.

They were originally sluggish, but they didn’t know where their strength came from, and all of them became agitated.

They all crowded in front of Wiliam and stood on the bank of the river.

Everyone was taken aback, what are these little things going to do?

Isn’t it necessary to sacrifice again?

But in the next scene, everyone’s eyes are straight!

Those little blue river cubs actually flew up in front of Wiliam and the others!

Chapter 1022

“Fuck, these little things can fly! Wiliam look! Look! The restless little stars!” Mulan yelled excitedly.

Xiao Haitang also picked up the camera and filmed this scene.

They stayed here for more than a dozen days, but they never knew that the Blue River Beetle could actually fly!

However, Wiliam smiled slightly, “Well, I can fly.”

Mulan was taken aback, grabbing Wiliam’s clothes, with a look of puzzlement, “Looking at you like this, you already knew it?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, I knew it before.”

When Wiliam fought against the glacial mammoths before, the glacial mammoths were flying all over the sky.

Wiliam, who was close at hand, saw some blue river bugs spread out their little wings that had been hidden on their bodies in mid-air, and danced with energy.

At that time, Wiliam knew that Little Blue River should be able to fly.

“How many things are you hiding from us?” Mulan was angry.

Wiliam Yihan, “The main reason is that I don’t know those things you don’t know.”

This was a bit sloppy.

Mulan burst into tears.

IQ cracking is not such a cracking method.

“But, what are they going to do?” Xiao Haitang couldn’t help asking while taking pictures.

Wiliam glanced at her, Xiao Haitang’s neck shrank, and he dared not look at Wiliam.

Wiliam replied, “I don’t know, let’s take a look.”

At this time, the small blue river flies flying all over the sky suddenly and slowly gathered on the Yongnan River.

Then, in the middle of the river, it slowly stretched towards Wiliam.

There are countless blue river cubs at the scene.

It’s like the blue river cubs of the whole world, now they are all concentrated here.

Just to see off the benefactor.

Mulan looked at the things that the blue river cubs finally formed in mid-air, and suddenly slapped his head and shouted excitedly, “I’ll go! It’s a bridge! It’s a blue bridge made up of blue river cubs!”

At the beginning, everyone didn’t think that when Mulan said this, he could see clearly in an instant!

I saw dense blue river beetles, layered on top of the river, spreading to Wiliam’s feet.

Isn’t this just a blue bridge?

There is a magpie bridge in the story legend!

They actually saw Xingqiao here today!

It’s just that the bridge is only half of it, extending from the feet of Wiliam to the center of the Yongnan River.

Mulan looked at Wiliam, “What’s the matter?”

Wiliam understood it this time.

He looked compassionately at the little blue river flies flying in the air, and said lightly: “They are here to repay their kindness. Anyway, we saved their lives for a short time. All things have spirits. He Xiaofu is no exception. They probably knew that we were going to cross the river, so they built such a blue bridge.”

Mulan kept bowing to these blue river cubs excitedly, “Thank you! Thank you! You are so cute! Comparing heart! Comparing heart!”

Wiliam was a few steps away from her with a look of disgust, and the brain-dead woman was hopeless.

“But this bridge is only half of it.” Guo Wuji asked foolishly.

Wiliam explained with a smile: “The body of the blue river clam is too small. They need to fly together very densely to form a bridge that allows us to stand up and walk. It’s not enough to form a whole bridge. So, they formed half of the bridge first, and when we get halfway, they should fly to us to continue the other half of the bridge.”
Everyone nodded, and for a while, they were full of gratitude to Lanhe Xiaochu.

Wiliam didn’t hesitate, and said, “Since Lanhe Xiaofu knows his kindness so well, we can’t do it anymore. Let’s go, let’s go up. But when you go up, you should pay attention to two things. First, the speed is the fastest. , Second, take your steps lightly and be kind to creatures.”

Everyone nodded naturally.

Wiliam took the lead. Although his body hadn’t fully recovered, his internal force was more than enough.

He carried Xiao Wangqing on his back, and with a light touch, his body rose into the air.

Then he glided in the air for a while, and then gently tapped when he fell.

Mulan had already seen Wiliam’s demonstration behind her.

A few of them, following the same pattern, stepped on them together.

At the beginning, they were very excited!

This is a magpie bridge in an alternative meaning!

First experience in this life.

Xiao Haitang stepped on the blue bridge while taking pictures.

I want to record this dreamy and exciting scene.

But as the record was recorded, her brows suddenly frowned.

The whole person also became sad.

It turns out that these little blue river clams are already lingering, and they don’t have much vitality.

There are so many blue river cubs that have spared their lives and exhausted their last strength to form a blue bridge.

Therefore, when they stepped on the blue bridge, they could not help stepping on some blue river beetles.

There are also some that eventually lose their strength.

So they walked like flying on the bridge.

Under the bridge, there was a blue rain of little heroes.

The falling blue river clam was swept away by the turbulent river in an instant, obviously not alive.

Wiliam also saw this scene, sighed slightly, and said, “Speed ​​increases.”

Everyone nodded.

And they also noticed.

After they passed a distance.

The little blue river clam behind him flew again.

Just as Wiliam thought before, he flew in front of them.

Connected to the second half of the bridge.

So they went for a section, and Lanhe Xiaofu took another section.

Later, the number of Blue River Cubs also decreased.

Everyone can’t help but feel sad.

The Little Blue River that I saw before is so dreamy.

Now it seems so tragic.

When Wiliam stepped on the opposite bank, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone fell on Wiliam’s side.

Those little blue river clams gradually started flying all over the sky.

A dreamy blue bridge fell apart in an instant.

They danced in front of Wiliam, as if bidding farewell to Wiliam.

But in their eyes, it was more like a helpless farewell.

It seems that they know that their ethnic group can no longer continue.

“Wiliam! What is going on!” Mulan felt the sadness in it, and couldn’t help asking Wiliam.

Wiliam casually explained some common sense of the biological chain.

When Xiao Haitang heard this, he realized that it was his self-defeating thoughts.

Well done something bad!

Her tears came out directly.

But at this time, Wiliam said lightly: “Okay, don’t cry, they are kind to us, and we can’t naturally watch their tribe perish.”

Mulan was taken aback, “Do you have a way?”

Wiliam nodded, and suddenly took out something from his arms.

Such things were exactly what Wiliam brought out from the body of the glacial mammoth.

An egg the size of a fist!

Chapter 1023

“What is this?” Everyone looked at Wiliam in confusion.

Wiliam said, “This should be the egg of a glacier mammoth. The glacier mammoth looks mighty, but it is unexpected to be a big fish. This fish egg was found in its body, only this one.”

In their eyes, they were all at a loss.

Wiliam looked at the glacial mammoth egg in his hand and sighed again.

All this is really like fate.

The appearance of this egg in the Glacier Mammoth’s body seemed to feel that he was dead soon.

So keep this one.

There is only one.

The meaning of this egg is to reshape the order of the world and repair the biological chain that was forcibly destroyed by them.

As if it had been forcibly set, this egg, after the last crazy blow that accompanied Wiliam, turned out to be intact.

At this time, Wiliam’s heart moved, and the egg in his hand moved slightly.

After a while, it was right before their eyes.

The egg broke apart with a sound.

From inside, little things crawled out slowly.

When they saw this, they couldn’t help covering their mouths.

It really is a little glacial mammoth!

This glacial mammoth, the size of a fist, was much different from the previous one.

After it broke out of the shell, it was in Wiliam’s hand, gnawing at the egg shell dull.

There is no difference with other oviparous animals.

And the moving thing is.

The blue river cub, who has always been related to the glacial mammoth, is eating and being eaten. When he saw the birth of the little glacial mammoth, he danced like crazy.

Sweep away the decadence and frustration before.

It seems that they are celebrating the birth of Little Glacier Mammoth together.

Wiliam threw the little glacial mammoth into the eternal river.


A clear voice.

The little glacial mammoth swam happily in the raging river.

All the blue river cubs just rushed down, flying around the glacier mammoth over the river.

This scene is touching again.

Xiao Haitang’s tears fell more fiercely.

She was unforgivable!

It was Wiliam who saved her life again!

While filming the harmonious scene in the river, she looked at Wiliam with sad eyes.

The Little Glacier Mammoth swam to Wiliam and refused to leave, as if thanking Wiliam.

All the blue river cubs also flew over.

Wiliam looked at the two creatures that fell in love and killed each other, and said with emotion: “In our opinion, you are good and evil, and the boundary is very clear. But in fact, it is not. In your opinion, you just use this method to continue the incense. The sin is us. We are the invaders. They have destroyed everything here. I’m sorry. If this can restore the ecology of your place, I will feel very pleased.”

With that, Wiliam actually bent down and bowed at these two creatures.

It’s like, in awe to nature.

Mulan and the others were also thoughtful after hearing what Wiliam said, and they bent down together.

Thank each other, neither owe each other.

“Let’s go.” After Wiliam finished this, he strode forward.

Everyone keeps up
When they turned their heads, they happened to see that the Little Glacial Mammoth dived into the river.

The other blue river cubs gradually flew back to the other side.

What makes people feel weird!

The sky turned dark slowly.

On the other side of the Everlasting River, there is a blue light like the original dream.

“Let’s go, go to the next valley.” Wiliam said, already seeing the simple gate.

When everyone approached, the door was exactly the same as before.

Wiliam asked Xiao Wangqing again, and she still shook her head in a dull manner, saying that she could not remember anything.

During this time, Xiao Wangqing was greedy and lethargic.

Since he couldn’t ask anything, Wiliam took the charge and pushed open the door that said “sealed”.

As the door opened, everyone went in.

The glacier world disappeared instantly!

A hot airflow almost suffocated everyone.

Everyone closed their eyes and held their breath.

They didn’t open their eyes until they got used to the breath here.

After opening his eyes, everyone cried out strangely.

But no matter how weird, can there be these weird things in front of you?

In front of me, there is clearly a hot hell!

The temperature is very high, and the ice world is just like ice and fire just now!

Mulan was so hot and sweaty that she almost took off her clothes.

“Xiao Haitang, this is the third valley you mentioned, Stone Town?” Wiliam asked Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang nodded. This story was also heard from her mother.

The third valley is called Stone City.

There is no danger in this valley.

But for some people, it is the greatest danger.

Because this valley is a stone maze.

In front of their eyes, there are scattered large and round stones in a mess.

The end is invisible at a glance.

They are going to shuttle among these stones and find a way to the next valley.

Mulan looked at these stones in front of her, and her head suddenly hurt!

Sure enough, this valley is even more disgusting for some people than the previous ones!

Isn’t this just an IQ test?

This is a hell on earth for those few of them who have no IQ.

If it weren’t for Wiliam, they would have vowed to starve to death here alive.

“Since it is Stone Town, then, according to your story, behind the door…” Wiliam said, turning around and looking at the door behind him.

as predicted!

On that door, there is a big sand painting!

Said it is a sand painting, because this painting is formed by individual pieces of sand.

However, the sand still didn’t fall off, so it stuck to the door.

Everyone looked at the weird patterns in the sand painting, their heads buzzing, “What’s all this?”

Wiliam stared at this sand painting for an instant, his eyes bursting out.

“What’s going on? Wiliam.” Mulan couldn’t help asking Wiliam.

But Xiao Haitang immediately stopped Mulan, “Don’t say anything, Wiliam is memorizing the graphics! We all have to die here if you make a noise.”

Sure enough, Wiliam turned a deaf ear to his ears.

Mulan exhausted all her IQ and barely understood some!

Good guys!

This sand painting is so messy.

However, Mulan compared the stones that she saw before her eyes and discovered that the small sand dunes in the sand paintings corresponded to the big rocks in this world!

However, Mulan only watched for two seconds, and she couldn’t stand it anymore!

There are simply too many stones in this world!

Falling in this sand painting is like a grain of sand, representing a stone.

To remember all the locations of these sands, it is simply not human!

When Mulan was complaining in her heart, her eyes suddenly straightened!

She almost screamed out!

Don’t bring such fun!

got windy!

A gust of wind blows, and the sand in the sand painting has fallen with the wind!

Chapter 1024

Mulan’s scalp was numb when she saw the wind blow the sand off.

She pointed her hand straight at the sand painting, trying to remind Wiliam, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

As the wind gets stronger and stronger, the huge sand painting slowly slides down like it collapses with the wind.

In the end, all the sand disappeared with a gust of wind.

Mulan yelled decisively, “Isn’t this playing us!”

The terrain here is extremely complicated, and there is only one correct route.

It is extremely difficult for Wiliam to remember the route against this sand painting.

Even if Wiliam was given a day and a night, it was considered very good to be able to remember this sand painting.

But now.

There is no one day and one night, and no one hour!

Not even for half an hour!

In this case, it is simply impossible for Wiliam to write down the correct route.

Cheating here!

“Wiliam, what can we do now! Why is this place like this? It is obvious that people will die!” Mulan said with a tearless expression.

And Wiliam didn’t speak, rubbing his head.

All his forehead is sweat.

It is really a very big challenge for him to forcibly write down such a complicated route in such a short time.

After a while, Wiliam finally recovered and said, “Let’s go.”

“Wiliam, do you remember?” Mulan asked cautiously.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “One step counts as one step.”

Wiliam himself had no confidence, how much he remembered.

At this time, Mulan inadvertently glanced at Xiao Haitang’s hand.

She slapped her head, sobbing with chagrin!

“My old lady, are my eyes hit by a cannon! Wiliam, are you IQ eaten by a dog? How did we forget Xiao Haitang! Just asked Xiao Haitang to take a picture of Shahua, isn’t it all right! Remember? A woolen thread!” Mulan wanted to pull her hair up.

She is blaming Wiliam, isn’t she very smart?

Why didn’t you think of using a camera to take pictures?

This is not like Wiliam’s style at all!

Could it be that he was injured a few days ago and his IQ was also damaged?

Xiao Haitang suddenly got excited and shouted, “Oh, I didn’t even think of this!”

Mulan’s face turned dark, and she didn’t expect this girl to remember.

However, Xiao Haitang continued: “But I took the picture, hahaha! I just took the sand painting because I thought it was beautiful. But when I took it, I didn’t even think about the local map.”

When Mulan heard this, she became excited instantly, and the two even gave a high-five to celebrate.

“Wow hahaha! Xiao Haitang, you are really not so silly! Raise soldiers for a thousand days and use soldiers for a while! You finally have a role!” Mulan hugged Xiao Haitang.

The atmosphere suddenly became hot.

If there is a photo, it means there is a map.

If there is a map, wouldn’t it be easy to pass this maze?

But when everyone was happy, Wiliam smiled coldly, “Is it enough? If it’s enough, just keep going.”

Everyone was taken aback, Mulan asked first: “Wiliam, why are you unhappy at all? Do you feel embarrassed the first time your IQ was rubbed on the ground?”
Wiliam sneered, “Look at the photos you just took before talking.”

Mulan’s head froze, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Haitang didn’t believe in evil, and immediately raised the camera in his hand and pulled out the photos.

But when she took a closer look, she trembled and yelled: “Impossible! This is impossible! Is this really a ghost!”

Mulan leaned over, looked intently, and said blankly, “Didn’t you say that you took a sand painting, Xiao Haitang? You are still lonely! Where is the sand painting?”

I saw that the few photos taken by Xiao Haitang were all about the quaint door, and there were no sand paintings on the door.

However, Xiao Haitang said frantically, “I swear! What I just took is sand painting! Look at Wiliam’s back, he is still staring at the door, which means he is looking at sand painting! But I really don’t I know why in the photo, the sand painting is missing! There is really a ghost!”

Mulan looked at each other!

There really is something weirder than this!

At this time, Mulan suddenly remembered what Wiliam had said, and grabbed Wiliam, “Hey! What do you know! You don’t want to recruit it! Have you already known that the sand painting will disappear! What is going on? What’s going on!”

Wiliam patted Mulan’s hand and sneered: “You can imagine how wonderful it is to photograph the sand paintings? Hey, hey, this is a weird forbidden mountain guarding place. You have seen the two valleys in front. Easy for you to get through the third valley?”

Several people looked embarrassed.

It is indeed too smug just now.

It would be strange if it were that simple.

“But why are you so sure that sand paintings can only be memorized and cannot be photographed?” Mulan asked again.

Wiliam shook his head, suddenly becoming a little at a loss: “Actually, I’m not very sure. I’m just guessing.”

Wiliam was indeed guessing.

Wiliam always had a strange feeling about this world.

Especially during the Yongnan River in the Second Valley, Wiliam’s feeling was even stronger.

This world seems to be a game world.

Everything is set.

Just like the momentary alternation of day and night in Second Valley, this is impossible in the real world.

Therefore, it is more like a game setting.

And now, in this third valley, the key to crossing the valley is definitely to find the most correct route.

So, how can you give a solution that is close to BUG and shoot with a camera?

Totally impossible.

This idea of ​​Wiliam has been thoroughly verified.

Even if Xiao Haitang took the sand painting clearly, it was directly erased in the photo.

Game settings are getting more and more interesting.

Wiliam thought of this and walked forward.

Everyone followed, and their mood fell again.

They obviously also felt the wonder of this world.

At the beginning, everyone followed Wiliam quickly.

Wiliam’s speed was extremely fast, moving almost seamlessly between the stones, as if without thinking.

But everyone didn’t dare to speak. After all, they didn’t have the right to speak without IQ.

This situation lasted for half an hour.

In the end, several people were shocked.

They are sure that more than a thousand stones have been passed!

Judging from Wiliam’s resolute footsteps, he obviously remembered all this.

This is too bad.

Just when everyone was shocked, Wiliam’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

Mulan almost ran into Wiliam’s body.

“What are you doing! Have you forgotten?” Mulan asked angrily.

But Wiliam shook his head and looked forward thoughtfully.

In the air, there was a yellow leaf floating unexpectedly.

Wiliam Lu turned his head, but asked Xiang Xiao Haitang, “Xiao Haitang, if I remember correctly, the next valley in Stone City seems to be called…”

“Ye Fuqiu…”

Chapter 1025: Ye Fuqiu

When Wiliam said this, his eyes were fixed on the fallen leaf floating in the air.

It’s strange.

Now here, there is no wind at all, it is hot enough to explode.

But the leaves just floated in the air so motionless, it was weird.

Little Haitang and the others hadn’t noticed the fallen leaves in front of Wiliam. She thought for a while and confirmed: “Well, if my memory is wrong, the fourth valley is Ye Fuqiu. It seems that there are many fallen leaves floating in the air of that world. , Hence the name.”

Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, his eyes deepened, “If that’s the case, it would be interesting.”

As he said, he walked away.

In front of a few of them, the floating leaf appeared in an instant.

Xiao Haitang took a breath!

She pointed at the fallen leaf blankly, unable to pass through: “Wiliam, this fallen leaf, is this…”

“Ye Fuqiu.” Wiliam said with deep eyes.

Several people exclaimed in unison!

They looked around again in disbelief!

There are stones everywhere!

Can’t see the side at a glance!

They are extremely sure that they are now in Stone City!

That is in the third valley.

However, in the third valley, why did a leaf appear!

It’s all stones and sand here, nothing else!

Why are there fallen leaves!

Mulan suddenly slapped her head and said excitedly: “Why does this fallen leaf appear here! Could it be that we have already walked out of the third valley and reached the fourth valley? In other words, we have reached the third valley and the fourth valley? The edge of Yotsuya? Did we succeed?”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Wiliam weakly.

She obviously thought of the previous scene of being slapped in the face, and did not dare to say too much.

Others also looked at Wiliam.

Before Lu Yezhen spoke, they didn’t dare to express any humble opinions.

It’s really a humble opinion.

Sure enough, Wiliam looked at Mulan like an idiot.

Looking at Mulan, she lowered her head in shame.

“You have something to say!” Mulan was itchy.

Wiliam finally started to speak, “Are you an idiot?”

Mulan’s face was completely dark.

it is as expected.

“If I remember correctly, we have only walked one-third of the maze and two-thirds of the maze, so it is impossible to get out of the third valley.”

“As for the fallen leaves of the Fourth Valley here, it is obviously not where we arrived at the Fourth Valley. Therefore, I have a very bold guess.” Wiliam paused when he said this.

It seems to be time to prepare them psychologically.

“What bold conjecture?” Xiao Haitang asked in surprise.

Wiliam looked into the distance and said with a serious face: “My guess is that the third valley and the fourth valley overlap.”

“Overlapped!” Several people repeated the three words Wiliam, all in shock.

What a special thing!

What kind of!

What is overlap!

Are you really playing games here!

The maps overlap?

This is the 21st century.

Wiliam reached out and touched the fallen leaf gently.

However, when his hand still didn’t touch the fallen leaves, his brow wrinkled slightly.
He opened his hand, and there were blood drops on his five fingers.

In front of him, there seemed to be a hint of blood.


Ho ho, this is indeed impossible in the real world.

However, what if everything happened in the setting of the game world Wiliam just now.

What’s strange about overlapping maps and bugs?

Does it become understandable?

Wiliam became more convinced of this hypothesis in his heart.

However, there are still some doubts he still doesn’t understand.

For example, this is a set game world.

The world should be stable.

Now, the third valley and the fourth valley overlap.

In other words, if there is a bug in the game world, what is this bug?

What caused the bug of this game?

Wiliam didn’t understand this question temporarily.

Others, after a brief shock, had to accept Wiliam’s explanation.

For a while, they became extremely desperate.

Originally, the Third Valley had already caused them to suffer.

Now, the map overlaps, and the factors of the fourth valley, fallen leaves appear in this world.

In other words, they have to face two horrible killings.

This is more terrifying than Second Valley, can it survive?

“Wiliam, I’m completely messed up now, I don’t know what to do.” Mulan really couldn’t move her head.

And Wiliam said lightly: “Nothing, the vitality here is greater than in Second Valley.”

“Why? This is a superposition of two valleys!” Guo Wuji couldn’t help asking.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Because I brought my brain down.”

The jealousy in the eyes of the other people was about to burst out.

Wiliam continued to explain with a smile: “The danger of the Second Valley will take the initiative to attack, forming a lot of unpredictable factors. For us, the danger is too great. But this is different.”

“The danger here is objective, and there is no active aggressiveness. For example, the Stone City maze in Third Valley. This is a maze. There are no aggressive beasts in the maze, and it will only trap people to death. Ye Fuqiu in the Fourth Valley, do you know what Ye Fuqiu is?”

Everyone shook their heads, because the story of Xiao Haitang became more and more concise later, Wiliam had reason to believe that after two more valleys, it is estimated that only the name of a valley will remain.

“Go, I will show you insights. Look at my steps, pay attention to walking on my steps, or if you die, I don’t care.” After that, Wiliam walked forward with Xiao Wangqing on his back. After the floating leaf.

Everyone was startled, knowing that Wiliam was not scaring them.

So they followed Wiliam’s footsteps and walked forward.

After a while, everyone only felt that Wiliam’s footsteps had slowed down, and the fallen leaves in front of him had gradually increased.

They stood in an open area, surrounded by fallen leaves floating in the air.

Looking forward, there is an ocean of fallen leaves.

Ye Fuqiu has a well-deserved reputation.

At this time, Wiliam grabbed a fist-sized stone at his feet and said to them: “You look good.”

As he said, he threw the stone out at will.

The stone fell in full view.

But in the process of falling, it seemed to be cut by something.

First it was completely cut in half and then into four pieces.

Everyone saw goose bumps all over their bodies.

What mystery is this!

Even something as hard as a rock is in a different place!

Is it so scary!

Wiliam smiled slightly at this time, and said: “You see, Ye Fuqiu, it’s a killer everywhere!”


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