Dragon Husband 1026-1030

Chapter 1026

“Kill the line!” Everyone gasped in air.

Wiliam nodded and said, “Ye Fuqiu, everyone will pay attention to the leaves when they hear this. After all, this is something we can see intuitively. However, the real danger is not in Ye. , And the word floating!”

Everyone couldn’t help looking in front of them.

Wiliam suddenly asked, “How is your realm now?”

Everyone realized then.

They were too anxious when they came down just now, and they didn’t have time to check these things.

Now they were checked by Wiliam’s reminder.

Xiaohaitang is the simplest.

It is also the fastest.

As soon as she checked, she jumped up, crying without tears on her face, “It’s over! When I was in Yongnanhe, I was a warrior in the early stage of inner strength, and now it has become a middle stage of outer strength, I dropped two steps directly. , I became a complete scum.”

Others also looked sad, “Me too, I dropped two steps at once.”

Only Xiao Wangqing looked carefree, as if not affected at all.

Wiliam also checked his body and nodded.

It’s wrong, although Wiliam has lost two levels of realm, he has lost two auras.

One is the ice vein, and the other is the red and manic Qilin Qi in him.

And everyone dropped two steps together, which also confirmed Wiliam’s conjecture from the side.

The third valley and the fourth valley overlap.

So by default everyone has entered two valleys before they will drop two steps.

Wiliam sighed and said, “So in other words, you have become more rubbish.”

Everyone almost got to the ground by this girl!

Although I don’t want to admit it, it seems to be scum.

“Then you look at me.” Wiliam is still in the late stage of Inner Strength, but he has a variety of mysteries, so it is comparable to the early stage of Huajin.

He stretched out his hand in full view.

His hands burst out instantly!

Wiliam now only had two kinds of Qi Jin left in his body, one was internal strength, and the other was the Qi of the Qilin Qi with healing power.

In order to make everyone see more clearly, Wiliam used the Qi of Qingbi Qilin.

Everyone only saw a burst of azure aura emanating from Wiliam’s palm, and then these azure auras flowed forward.

In the next second, everyone’s eyes widened!

I saw that in front of them, there suddenly appeared a green line!

These green and blue straight lines crisscross, forming a patchwork of intersecting spaces in front of them.

These lines of green and green all use pieces of floating dead leaves as their starting and turning points.

“When I diverge this special Qi Jin forward, I can roughly perceive the existence of these kill lines. Now that I use Qi Jin to attach to the kill lines, you can see them with your eyes. What material are these kill lines made of? Not very clear, but absolutely sharp.” Wiliam explained casually.

Mulan looked at these Qingbi killers, her scalp numb!

What a special thing!

She couldn’t help but jumped up, “I remember! Isn’t this what I saw on TV, infrared light! According to the movie plot, are we going to show off various shameful PLAY to pass the level?”
Various plots can not help but appear in everyone’s mind.

All kinds of fancy infrared alarms are used to steal babies.

The scene before him is exactly the same, but with a wider range and more lethality.

Infrared rays in the TV will only trigger an alarm.

If there is a killing line here, and where it is broken, I will ask you if you are afraid.

Wiliam sighed and said, “You are really getting more and more brittle. It is too difficult for a king to bring four bronzes.”

Everyone except Xiao Wangqing was so angry and tempered.

The current picture is indeed a king with four bronzes.

Wiliam’s current strength is the strongest among several people.

Originally, everyone did not drop the order, but you can also release the energy to feel the existence of the killer.

This way it can share some of Wiliam’s pressure.

And now, they are all crispy shrimps that need protection.

Another thing makes them even more embarrassed.

The key is IQ.

None of the three of them had this, and they held their thighs indisputably.

This is not what a king brings four bronzes.

“Forget it, let me come, you follow me.” Wiliam said, and walked forward.

The three of them looked ashamed, but they could only hug their thighs cheeky.

Wiliam’s speed this time has also slowed down. After all, on the one hand, he has to perceive the kill, on the other hand, he has to take everyone’s actions into consideration.

Mainly take into account their actions.

A few people were ashamed of a dog because of their terrible state, and the tortoise moved forward quickly for fear that they might step on the wrong foot.

In the end, Wiliam turned his head helplessly and said, “If you delay your time like this, aren’t you afraid that I will forget the rest of the route?”

The trio’s complexion became stiff and hurriedly accelerated.

This feeling of being left behind by others is really too bad.

As everyone walked forward, they finally felt that Wiliam was the biggest plug-in for this map.

This guy is simply a god.

He actually remembered all the previous routes.

And it is easier to distinguish the kill line.

They also faintly understood the mystery of this killing line layout.

It happened to be in the Fourth Valley.

In other words, even if the warriors in the late stage of Huajin come over, they will fall into the late stage of internal energy at the fourth valley.

As long as it falls out of Huajin, it will not be able to release Qijin, and will not perceive the existence of the killer line.

Therefore, although the Fourth Valley may seem inconspicuous now, it is definitely an absolute place of death!

And the third valley is a kind of wits against the sky.

How many brilliant minds do martial artists have? Most of them are reckless.

So for most warriors, this level is more terrifying than letting them die.

After all, they can fight from birth to death.

There is little IQ here, and I don’t even have the qualifications for World War I.

So these two valleys now look a bit unremarkable.

But putting it on other people is absolutely terrifying existence.

The reason why they have no danger now is completely relying on the humanoid plug-in Wiliam!

I won’t talk about the amazing IQ.

He can’t drop others.

It seems that this game is played by his house.

That’s it!

Mulan and the others were behind, and they were envious of Wiliam.

She once had the power to say the last sentence in front of Wiliam, at least in martial arts.

Now, I can’t lift my head completely, shameful!

Just as Mulan was thinking about it sadly, suddenly a dazed person ran into Wiliam directly, almost knocking Wiliam into the front line.

Wiliam glared at Mulan with a gloomy look, “Zhazha’s heart is so big, I can make a run.”

Mulan looked ashamed, “Why do you stop? Rest?”

Wiliam shook his head, and said with a righteous expression: “I can’t talk about rest, I just forgot to take the route.”

Chapter 1027

Mulan looked at Wiliam in disbelief, wondering how confident he had said that he had forgotten the route to follow?

Is he fat?

Guo Wuji asked nervously behind him, “Wiliam, don’t scare us! Don’t coax!”

Wiliam said sincerely, “I can remember to walk here, it’s already considered very good, or else, you come?”

Several people looked at each other.

The brain is a good thing for them, but unfortunately they don’t have it.


“Then what to do next? It’s over, we are trapped here, and we can’t walk forward without authorization, we will starve to death!” Xiao Haitang said with a sad expression on his face.

Everyone was quiet.

Only Xiao Wangqing looked at everything in front of him with interest on Wiliam’s shoulder.

Seeing the people’s downturn, Wiliam sighed and said, “It’s one thing to forget, but I’m online. What are you worried about?”


Everyone looked at Wiliam together.

What is the difference?

“What the hell are you trying to say? Will you die after you say it?” Mulan stared at Wiliam gloomily.

Wiliam said to them, “You are waiting here.”

As he said, the azure qi from his body came out again, and countless azure lines appeared in front of him.

Wiliam watched these killing lines carefully, and suddenly moved in one direction.

After two minutes, he watched in front for a while, and then said to Mulan and the others: “You remember my steps just now, come here.”

Several people were ignorant, and walked over with fear.

“What the hell are you doing!” Mulan couldn’t help asking.

Wiliam pointed to these dense lines of Qingbi and said: “Although I forgot the following route, at least one thing can be guaranteed, we will not be killed by this line, right?”

Mulan nodded ignorantly.

As long as Wiliam’s azure aura is there, they will be able to see the kill line and will not be killed by the kill line.

“Since this premise exists, there are more things we can do, for example, temptation…” Wiliam continued.

“Temptation?” everyone asked.

Wiliam pointed to the kill line in front of him and said, “We treat this as a maze, right? Since it is a maze, there is only one correct route. So you can see that there are many directions in which these stones point, but Obviously there are a few roads that cannot be taken, because there are so many killings that they cannot go through at all. It is a dead end.”

When Wiliam said this, Mulan and the others immediately understood, “It turns out that the temptation you said is like this!”

It’s really the same as they usually draw a maze on the map and walk the maze. If you don’t walk the road you can’t walk, you can walk down the road until you can’t walk, at most you can turn back again.

In this case, everyone is absolutely not worried about their lives, but time will be consumed a bit more.

Mulan suddenly stopped smiling at this time, as if thinking of something very extraordinary, and said: “Listen well, I want to ask you a very important question! This maze is so big, if we try this way, we will definitely It takes a lot of time. For example, there are five paths that can be walked, and five paths can extend unlimited possibilities. We will waste a lot of time if we go down.”
Wiliam glanced at Mulan with rare appreciation.

Mulan immediately put on an expression that I have a brain, and now I ask you to answer.

Wiliam Lu said angrily: “You Guava, I forgot the following route, but there are still some fragmented memories. As long as I see the fragment route in my memory, I can go right away. Is the confirmation path right? How much time is wasted?”

Mulan’s tears almost fell. It was so special.

Wiliam had forgotten, but he would never forget it completely, how could he have lost such a simple truth.

After that, I was despised by this girl again.

Mulan was dejected, and finally Xiao Haitang went up to comfort her, “Sometimes, let’s stop talking, right?”

Mulan nodded without love, and then became a quiet beautiful girl.

Therefore, Wiliam took a group of them, all kinds of temptations, all kinds of turning back.

It took a whole day like this. Until the dusk fell, Wiliam stopped in a relatively empty place and said, “The sky is getting dark, which will affect the line of sight. Let’s stay here tonight, and tomorrow. go.”

“How much have we gone, and how long will we have to go?” Mulan held back for a day, and finally asked.

Wiliam estimated it in his heart, and said, “I’m probably halfway there.”

“In other words, we can go out of this ghost place tomorrow?” Mulan’s eyes lit up.

Wiliam looked at her like a fool.

In the end, Xiao Haitang grabbed Mulan and said in a low voice, “Don’t forget, most of the journey today was made by Wiliam with the route in mind…”

Mulan’s head bounced, watching that the dry food in her hand was not fragrant.

Didn’t you say that you don’t speak?

Insult yourself.

Next, it took Wiliam two days to get out of this ghost place.

The farther they go, the more nervous they become.

Because they felt the fallen leaves floating in front of them, Jane was in a frenzy.

They could barely tell where to leave before.

At the back, they fully distinguished.

Only Wiliam could barely distinguish.

But Wiliam was obviously not doing well.

This kind of forcibly moving his brain and eyes for a long time is also a very terrifying challenge to his brain power.

By the last day, Wiliam was almost exhausted, taking a break every ten minutes of resolution.

Everyone saw Wiliam turn blue and sweat, and in the end they couldn’t bear it.

After all, Wiliam had just been in good health before, and the valley made him use force. This valley made him use his brain, and it was too embarrassing for him.

Comparing with Wiliam, the others seemed to be mentally retarded.

When Wiliam took everyone out of all the rocks and fallen leaves, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

However, in the next second, they saw that Wiliam’s body fell straight down.

Mulan’s eyes were quick and her hands were quick, and she immediately supported Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes were closed tightly, and the whole figure seemed to be fished out of the water.

Xiao Haitang checked Wiliam’s body, and said with shame: “Wiliam overuses his brain and fainted. Let him sleep and he should be able to recover gradually. Let’s not disturb him.”

Several people nodded all together, excuse me, they didn’t bother with this face.

However, as they looked at the magnificent door in front of them, they were a little excited.

In the eyes of everyone, guarding the mountain forbidden land was a place of death.

Unexpectedly, they actually walked to the door of Fifth Valley.

It was a miracle.

This kind of thing can’t even be done by those masters.

They were excited, but as time passed, the excitement slowly subsided.

Because of this sleep, Wiliam slept for three days and three nights!

It’s just longer than they have been through this maze.

Three days later, Wiliam slowly opened his eyes and said the first sentence.

“Little Haitang, what’s the next level?”

Chapter 1028

Xiao Haitang and the others didn’t have time to care about Wiliam, when they were asked this by Wiliam, they didn’t even know how to answer.

Mulan was still more irritable, so she knocked Wiliam on the head directly, “You are dying! You can’t take a good rest! The next valley is your home, you are so anxious to go!”

Wiliam was silent for a while without speaking.

Mulan was still worried now, did this knock knock him stupid.

Until Wiliam spoke again: “Okay, I care about myself well and have a good rest. Can I talk now?”

Mulan was speechless, and she wanted to choke this girl to death.

At this time, Xiao Haitang showed confused eyes and said, “Xia Gu, it seems to be called Wuyanhuo? I don’t remember it clearly.”

No fireworks?

What kind of name is this again.

Wiliam shook his head, obviously unable to think of anything at once.

Judging from what they have experienced now, the nine valleys in this mountain-guarding forbidden land are stranger than one.

Spring Siye, Yongnan River, Stone City, Yefuqiu.

The next one is more mysterious than the other.

Ye Fuqiu had already racked everyone’s brains, and another smokeless fire appeared.

Wiliam pondered for a while, and said, “Take a rest for half an hour. Let’s leave in half an hour.”

Everyone had no choice but to nod their heads together.

After half an hour, they opened the door again and entered the next valley.

This time, after they waited for the door to close, the first thing they did was to check their bodies.

Sure enough, there was no accident.

Everyone continues to drop one level.

Everyone has no temper.

However, Wiliam was naturally still in the late stage of inner strength, losing the green and green energy before.

According to Wiliam’s speculation, there is only internal power left in his body now, and if he can make another drop, he will also lose his step.

At this time, Xiao Haitang pointed to a few big characters behind the door and said: “Look! There is a sentence here, is it a hint?”

Following Xiao Haitang’s direction, everyone looked at it.

Behind that door, there were five big characters written impressively!

“Qi is smokeless.”

“Qi is smokeless, what the hell is this? Wiliam, do you know?” Mulan asked Wiliam.

At this time, she suddenly noticed that Wiliam’s face had become weird.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mulan asked again.

Wiliam Lu had something to say, and said, “Look at it first before talking.”

Everyone looked up, but they were shocked again.

The scenery they saw this time was very different from the previous ones.

Before, it was rocks and glaciers. This time, it seemed much more normal.

There is nothing.

Looking up, it was empty.

Moreover, they can see the gate of the next valley.

In other words, the map of this valley is relatively small.

However, the more normal it is, the more abnormal it is in the eyes of everyone.

It’s the fifth valley. Is it that simple?

“Go over and take a look first.” Wiliam said.

Everyone nodded in unison, and walked toward the front with vigilant faces.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly shook his body and lowered his head in horror.

“What’s wrong?” Mulan asked again.
Wiliam shouted: “Check your body!”

Everyone quickly check it out.

At this inspection, everyone was suddenly incomparably excited.

“I’m going! What’s the situation! My skill is gradually recovering!” Guo Wuji called out first.

Mulan and Xiao Haitang also nodded, very happy.

In a short while, their realm was completely restored.

Both Mulan and Guo Wuji had recovered to the initial stage of chemistry.

But Mulan unexpectedly shouted at this time: “No! Wiliam, my realm seems to be still rising! My internal strength is about to explode!”

Wiliam didn’t speak, and he was immersed in his body.

Several breaths have come back again.

And it doesn’t stop there.

His realm is constantly improving.

It is improving at a terrifying speed!

what is happening?

Completely contrary to common sense.

No, this place may not make sense at all.

The screams of the crowd continued.

Until later, Mulan yelled, “I’m going, my realm is consolidated in the mid-transition stage! God! I have made a lot of money!”

And Guo Wuji was also full of excitement, obviously like Mulan.

Even the most fragile Xiaohaitang has broken through to the initial stage of Huajin.

“Wiliam, how about you!” Mulan grabbed Wiliam’s hand and asked excitedly.

Wiliam didn’t answer Mulan’s words for a while, and he was very puzzled.

There are no pies falling from the sky in this world.

It can be said to be a price to drop before.

But now it’s upgraded, what is it?

Don’t forget, they have just arrived in the Fifth Valley and there is no reward at all.

Therefore, it is definitely not a good thing to get it out of thin air.

This layer is too weird.

“Wiliam, tell me, do we know if we are too lucky? Don’t we have that kind of setting in the game. When you reach a fixed level, we will give you supplies or rewards.” Mulan asked.

Wiliam shook his head, without a positive answer.

Mulan became more ambitious than the sky, she waved her small fist, “I feel, I can kill a lot of cows now! I’m too strong!”

“Don’t forget your form first, this may not be a good thing.” Wiliam faintly felt that something was wrong.

Mulan and the others have not only recovered their skills, but also upgraded their ranks. Now they are excited and the ground is red and full of fighting spirit.

This kind of excitement as if knocking on medicine made Wiliam feel vaguely disturbed.

Even Wiliam now has a sense of unbearable pride in his heart.

Wiliam had a mysterious body and was definitely the one who had improved the most among them.

However, Wiliam forcibly suppressed this inexplicable excitement.

Several people continued to walk forward. Mulan was really hitting the ground. After a while, he blasted a punch to the ground, punching a big hole in the ground.

She has been showing off.

Guo Wuji is also like a child, competing with Mulan.

So, along the way, the two of them dig holes all the way to talk hard.

Until Wiliam’s body stopped.

They stopped then and looked in front of Wiliam.

Not far away from them, something strange suddenly appeared.

A figure turned his back to them.

Mulan became curious now.

There are other people in the forbidden land!

Did this person also break through from above?

After all, although they had seen a lot of weird biological plants before, they never saw one.

Oh, except for Xiao Wangqing.

“Hey, who are you? Are you also the one who broke through? Let’s be together?” Mulan yelled at the figure with a grin.

At this time, the figure slowly turned around.

And Mulan clearly saw this person’s face, like falling ice cellar, she was stupid!

“Anguma, why are you here!”

Chapter 1029

Wiliam, the person sitting in front of them is amazingly angry horse Zhao Dongcheng!

Mulan’s eyes were about to fall off.

How can there be angry horses here!

This shouldn’t be a fake!

Wiliam stared at the angry horse closely, without speaking.

At this time, the angry horse took the initiative to speak.

“Young Master, we finally meet.” Ruma’s face was calm, but it was not like the previous angry look.

“So, it’s really you?” Wiliam asked lightly.

Angry Ma nodded, “It’s me.”

Mulan rushed out, “What’s the matter with you? Aren’t you with other people? Why are you here? When did you sneak over?”

The angry horse smiled slightly, “When? It should be, I just came in.”

“You came in just now? Can you fly? We were born into death one after another.” Mulan couldn’t help asking.

However, Zhao Dongcheng laughed and said nothing.

Mulan was unhappy and asked, “Then why did you come in? Don’t tell us when you come in? Get up quickly and go to the next valley with us.”

At this time, Wiliam finally spoke.

He stared at the angry horse and said with a smile: “I’m afraid, we can’t just go straight down, right?”

Angrily nodded, “Young Master is wise.”

“What dumb riddle are you guys playing! What the hell is going on!” Mulan still looked dazed.

Wiliam said at this time: “Mulan, do you remember the five words engraved on the door just now?”

Mulan nodded, “Qi is smokeless.”

“Angry horse, that’s the anger.” Wiliam said slowly.

“What! What are you saying! The ultimate boss of this valley is the angry horse!” Mulan was not well.

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “If I guess wrong, it should be like this, angry horse, the answer is anger.”

Mulan was in a mess, “No way! It’s impossible! How could he come here and become the **oss of this level, there must be something wrong!”

Although Wiliam didn’t know why Ruma became the oss of this level, he couldn’t doubt the current situation.

And Wiliam was even more worried about another matter.

“Beauty and wealth, I finally understand a little bit, angry horse, do you have anything to say?” Wiliam asked.

Angry Ma looked calm and said, “Young Master, just as you said, and as you thought, there is only one way for you to get to the next level, and that is to step on me.”

four cardinal vices.

When Mulan heard these four words, her body was shocked, and her whole body was not well.

She also thought of a terrifying thing!

Zhao Dongcheng’s nickname is Angry Horse, which corresponds to the anger of wine and wealth!

What about wine and money?

Who is the counterpart!

What is the next valley?

I am afraid……

“Zhao Dongcheng! Are you crazy! Do you want to fight against the young master! Do you know what you are doing!” Mulan could not help shouting loudly.

However, Zhao Dongcheng shook his head and said to Mulan: “Mulan, don’t be angry. You don’t know many things. Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves. This is our destiny.”

Wiliam couldn’t help but think of one thing before.

Before, Wiliam had already noticed that the sect masters around him had made strange moves one by one, and their backgrounds were even more fascinating.

At that time, Wiliam asked a few of them about this.

However, several people headed by Tongmao told Wiliam that they could only tell Wiliam the truth until Wiliam reached the state of Huajin.

Now, they didn’t say that it was Wiliam who approached the truth on his own initiative.

Perhaps this scene before us is one of the truths.

“Zhao Dongcheng, can you tell me?” Wiliam asked.

However, Zhao Dongcheng still shook his head and said, “Young Master, I remember telling you before that you need to reach Huajin to tell you, right?”

Mulan immediately inserted a sentence, “But, just now our realm has been improved, I don’t believe that Wiliam has reached the level of transformation!”

Zhao Dongcheng continued to shake his head, “Ho ho, your realm improvement is not counted here.”

Speaking of this, Zhao Dongcheng’s face became cold, and he said loudly, “Young Master! Want to know our secret! There is another way! That is to defeat us! Then, you will naturally know!”

Wiliam noticed what Zhao Dongcheng said. He was talking about knocking us down, not me.

So, the next few valleys…

“What counts as knocking you down?” Wiliam asked again.

Zhao Dongcheng grinned, “Naturally, he wants to kill me!”

Mulan’s whole body is not good.

“Zhao Dongcheng! You are so sick and not clear-headed! What nonsense are you talking about here! My old lady will kill you now! Let you talk nonsense! My old lady is now in the middle of the energizing stage, so I won’t kill you! “Mulan said, and the whole person rushed towards Zhao Dongcheng!

Wiliam didn’t stop it this time.

He knew that there was only one result.

Mulan believed that she was now a warrior in the middle stage of Huajin, so she thought she could easily defeat Zhao Dongcheng.

Therefore, she entrained the wind and thunder with a fist, and blasted towards Zhao Dongcheng’s head!

At this time, Zhao Dongcheng finally got up.

His clothes burst suddenly!

Then, Zhao Dongcheng put his hands back and put them on his shoulders!

He tugged hard on his shoulder!

Two pieces of things were torn out directly from his shoulder bone!

These two pieces are the wooden bones that Wiliam had seen before!

And on top of the two wooden bones, a drop of golden blood was surprisingly flowing!

The blood will not fall, it will flow slowly on the wooden bones.

Wood bone and blood!

Mulan seemed to have seen this thing for the first time, and she was stunned, “Fuck, Lao Zhao! What the hell are you? Use your own bones as a weapon? When did you learn such a non-mainstream?”

She talked to talk, but a punch had already hit Zhao Dongcheng’s body!

Zhao Dongcheng had no answer, and suddenly placed two wooden bones in front of him!

The moment they touched!

The golden blood of the wood bone suddenly burst out with a dazzling golden light!

Then, Mulan was hit by a golden light, and the whole person flew out!

She fell to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood!

It can be seen that the angry horse, there is no reason to keep his hands because of the same door!

And Mulan, what was even more shocking in her heart was another thing!

Mulan’s realm itself is higher than that of Angry Horse, and now it’s in the middle stage of energization!

But he was blown away by the angry horse!

This shows what!

It shows that the realm of the angry horse is stronger than her!

And being stronger than her, there is only one possibility left!

The late stage of chemistry!

How could the angry horse suddenly become so powerful!

She was about to question, but saw Zhao Dongcheng’s wooden bones and blood pointing towards Wiliam.

“Young Master, no fireworks, please enlighten me!”

An angry horse, full of momentum, but burst into tears!

“Please, Young Master! Step on the body of the slave and go further!”

“Slave slave, die without regrets!”

Chapter 1030 Thorns!

Mulan was full of anger at first, but when she saw the angry horse burst into tears, her heart seemed to be touched, and her tears fell after the brush.

What kind of difficulties were there that made Numa make such a choice.

It was a cruel choice to kill Young Master Wiliam, who had always regarded his brothers as brothers and sisters!

And Mulan finally understood the horror of this smokeless valley.

To kill, but to punish the heart.

This valley made Wiliam completely embarrassed!

Wiliam, if it was for the love of master and servant, he would definitely stop here.

And if you want to go further down, you must step on the body of the angry horse.

Wiliam, what choice would he make?

Mulan didn’t dare to see Wiliam at all.

No matter which choice it was, it was extremely difficult for Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the angry horse deeply, and slowly said, “I understand your thoughts, then, come on!”

Angry Ma wiped the tears on his face, his body soared again, and he rushed directly towards Wiliam.

The golden blood of the wooden bones in his hand radiated light again.

And Wiliam made a fist with one hand, with a fist entrained in incomparable strength, he blasted towards the wooden bone and blood!


This encounter is extremely powerful!

However, the outcome is also easy to distinguish.

Wiliam was blasted several meters away by this punch.

His feet glided on the ground for a while before he could stabilize himself.

Mulan’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

In this valley, everyone’s strength has become inexplicable.

The angry horse is so tough.

Put it in the past, where is the opponent of Wiliam!

Wiliam took a heavy breath and attacked the angry horse again.

The angry horse always has the upper hand.

However, he didn’t have any ruthless hands!

As if he was holding the belief that he would die.

“Young Master, I won’t kill you, so, if you have the ability, come and kill me! I’m waiting for you! I believe you too!” Angry Ma shouted sharply.

Wiliam was at a disadvantage and gritted his teeth!

Although he has been fighting, he has been thinking.

Consider the meaning of this valley.

Of course, it is the greatest cruelty to let them cruel each other.

However, there are still some things that Lu Yechen wants to understand.

Wiliam believes that as long as he thinks about these things clearly, then there is definitely a possibility of winning.

Wiliam has now been promoted to the middle stage of Huajin, which can be said to be the one who has promoted the most.

And several of his breaths are back, even more powerful.

But this still can’t beat the angry horse.

This was impossible before.

Wiliam knew his own strength, and it was entirely possible to fight at higher levels.

And it was the first time that he forcibly came into contact with the realm of the middle stage of Huajin, and the problem appeared.

Could it be!

Such an idea came to Wiliam’s mind!

Could it be that this valley raises everyone’s realm, and its usefulness is to let people perceive the strength of a higher realm in advance?

No, it should be said, let people perceive in advance!

How does the gap between higher realms exist!

When Wiliam thought of this, his whole body was agitated!

Right, that is it!

Wiliam had previously sensed the strength gap with the same level or even higher level in his own realm.
Therefore, he can easily cope.

But he never set foot on the strength!

Now that he stepped into Huajin, he suddenly discovered that the gap between Huajin was much more terrifying than the internal energy!

It is simply not enough for him to fill it with the old method!

So this is what this Gu really wants to tell Wiliam!

When Wiliam thought of this, he was very excited and gave a long roar!

The angry horse seemed to know what Wiliam was thinking, and laughed loudly: “The young master is really smart! Go on, young master! Slave, waiting for you!”

But after saying this, his body suddenly stiffened!

Immediately, a complicated tear fell again.

His whole person, as if controlled by something, shouted loudly: “Young Master! I’m sorry! Next, before the slave kills you, be sure! Want to understand the key point here! This is you , The only chance to defeat me!”

After speaking, the eyes of the angry horse became extremely dull.

He was like a puppet, lost all his sanity, and killed Wiliam like crazy!

He didn’t have any more hands.

Wiliam was actually blown into flight under his wooden bones and blood!

Wiliam in the air, although he was hurt a little, was the last word he said before the angry horse lost his mind.

Want to understand the key points…

The only way to defeat the angry horse…

Wiliam’s head turned frantically.

Just now, I thought of the real thing this valley would tell me, is the disparity in the realm of Huajin?

If this idea is correct, then there is only one possibility left.

The key to defeating the angry horse is to understand how to fill the difference between realms.

According to the old method, it seems absolutely impossible.

In other words, I have to be here and come up with a way to fill in the difference in realm.

Lu Yeren thought about these issues in midair, without paying attention.

The angry horse rushed into the air and stomped Wiliam from mid-air to the ground!

This kick is extremely powerful!

The land under Wiliam’s body was actually torn apart!

“Wiliam!” Mulan and others shouted.

Wiliam on the ground spit out a mouthful of blood.

His body had not healed completely before, and under this blow, he suffered even more serious injuries!

He quickly mobilized the Qingbi Lin Qi on his body and quickly repaired the wounded body.

However, Numa wouldn’t give Wiliam any time to repair.

He is in the air, like a fish flying shallow!

Holding the wood bone and blood, he stabbed Wiliam again!

Wiliam’s expression changed, and he screamed inwardly!

He was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and he was still breathing green and green air.

Suddenly, he lifted his hands upwards, and a fierce and tyrannical red Lin Qi swept out of Wiliam’s hands in an instant!

Under the deterrence of this scarlet aura, the body of the angry horse did not evade!

I rushed over abruptly!

“Boom!” Wiliam’s body was completely smashed into the ground under this boom!

And the red Lin Qi and Qing Bi Lin Qi, stirred by the angry horse’s energy, flew all over the sky!

“Ah!” Suddenly, the angry horse raised the wooden bones and blood in his hands high and rose to the sky!

Mulan and the others narrowed their eyes and shouted sternly, “Wiliam!”

On the wooden bones and blood held high by the angry horse, the landing leaves were inserted impressively!

Wiliam’s body, just like this, was framed in the air by two wooden bones and golden snow!

It seems that the body was also pierced!

Two streams of bright red blood flowed along Wiliam’s body to the wooden bones and golden blood, to the arms of the angry horse, and finally, directly infiltrated the dull eyes of the angry horse!

The body of the angry horse began to tremble gradually.

He raised his head with great difficulty, looked at Wiliam who was motionless above his head, and let out a sky-shaking roar!


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