Dragon Husband 1031-1035

Chapter 1031 Rong!

“Just don’t cry and howl, it’s terrible.” A difficult voice suddenly rang.

Mulan looked at Wiliam together!

The eyes are full of surprises!

That voice belongs to Wiliam!

Wiliam is dead!

as predicted!

Although Wiliam’s body was penetrated, it only penetrated through his ribs, and the injury was not fatal.

He slapped the bones and blood with difficulty, and his body fell directly to the ground.

Mulan and others hurried up to support Wiliam.

The body of the angry horse seemed to freeze there, fighting for the initiative.

No one went up to attack Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the angry horse and suddenly smiled desolately.

“Thank you angry horse, I finally figured it out, the key point you said…” Wiliam said slowly.

The angry horse shocked.

Wiliam raised his head and looked into the air.

In the midair, Wiliam’s scarlet Lin Qi and Qing Bi Lin Qi were swept around by the angry horse’s energy.

Some have already disappeared in the air.

But some showed a weird posture.

Some Qingbi Lin Qi and Crimson Lin Qi were caught and joined together.

It is these intermingled auras that have been hovering in midair for a long time.

This was the first time Wiliam saw that his two energies were entangled and competed outside the body.

It was this look that made Wiliam understand everything like a divine enlightenment!

The key to defeating the angry horse is also the key to filling the gap in realm!

Wiliam understood.

Is it the fusion of several breaths?

Wiliam wanted to understand this and almost slapped himself!

Qian Yigu really overuses his brain.

I directly forgot, what my original intention was to guard the mountain forbidden land!

Didn’t I come here to find a way to blend my body’s energy?

Now, isn’t it just returning to the original aspiration and dealing with this problem head on?

Fusion with energy.

Wiliam stared at the green red Lin Qi fighting with each other in the air, seemingly enlightened.

These two energies seem to be fighting, but they also unintentionally merge.

The result of the fusion is their existence, which is longer and more tenacious than the other existences alone.

So, give it a try?

Wiliam’s eyes drenched, and he happened to see the angry horse rushing over again!

It just happened!

Wiliam’s hands suddenly opened!

Left hand!

Qing Bilin surges!

Right hand!

Crimson Lin is gushing!

At the moment when the angry horse is present!

Wiliam’s two hands smashed forward fiercely!


A powerful and extreme explosive power suddenly came out of Wiliam’s hands!

The whole world was shocked!

It seemed to be shocked by Wiliam’s blow!

The whole world suddenly rolled up a thick smoke!

This smoke made Mulan and the others completely unable to open their eyes!

What a terrifying force this is that can cause such an impact!

When the smoke cleared, they barely opened their eyes!

The scene before them made them startled again!

It’s crazy!

Wiliam and Numa are completely separated at this moment!
The angry horse shed its head, and never saw the calmness before!

On his chest, there was a scar with deep bones!

Mulan and others were shocked!

Wiliam was crushed and beaten by an angry horse before.

But now, the angry horse is actually injured!

He was hit hard by Wiliam for the first time!

They are about to be happy.

The moment he saw Wiliam, his eyes became sad and angry again!

Although Wiliam was still standing in place, his body was bloody!

The clothes on his upper body did not know when it had burst open.

On his body, it was as if he had experienced thousands of swords and cuts, and the blood flow continued.

It turned out that it was Wiliam’s body as if a capillary tube was being braced to break.

And what makes Wiliam feel even more chilling is the hands that Wiliam touched just now.

Those hands, as if they had been bombed!

It’s completely bloody!

Mulan pressed her heart fiercely!

this is!

Kill a thousand enemies, hurt yourself eight hundred!

Wiliam suffered much more severe injuries than Numa.

Mulan and the others were going to see what happened to Wiliam.

Suddenly he heard Wiliam let out a big laugh.

“Is that so! Angry horse! Tell me what you want to see, is that true!”

Wiliam, as if mad, grinned wildly, letting blood flow all over his body!

Just now, Wiliam tried.

He forcibly merged the two completely incompatible auras in his body in a strong way!

As a result, the two auras merged, and the power of the collision made this world eclipsed!

Injured the angry horse.

However, this is after all a means of drinking poison to quench thirst, just forcibly merge.

The drawbacks were quickly exposed, and even the first one was on Wiliam’s body!

The explosive feeling of fusion of energy, on the one hand, swelled his body to the point of breaking.

On the other hand, the two energies in his hands almost blew his hands away.

It’s terrible!

Wiliam didn’t care about his injuries at all.

In his heart, he had a clear understanding in this blow.

This way is right.

The following grams are used to defeat the strong!

Only this way!

Angry horse, this is what you want to tell me but can’t say it!

Since this is the case, then!

as you wish!

The angry horse moved.

And Wiliam moved at the same time!

And once, Wiliam was even more crazy!

Want to try!

Just try out my Wiliam’s aura thoroughly!

The two kinds of vigor are unstoppable!

And there are more than two kinds of me on Wiliam!

Wiliam gritted his teeth and blasted towards the angry horse!

This time, Lu was completely crazy!

His left and right fists waved, for a while it was Bingmai Qijin, another was Yanmai Qijin, and another was internal force!

Several breaths are merging wildly!

Every fusion brought a powerful to suffocating explosion!

Mulan and the others were on the periphery, they were all staring at it!

They could only hear a loud boom!

Then look around, a mess!

This is to tear down this world!

However, they are also anxious!

Just now, Wiliam only caused so much damage to his body just once!

What now!

How many punches Wiliam made!

Can his body support it!

“Wiliam! Stop fighting! Stop fighting! You will die!” Mulan shouted anxiously from the side.

However, the response to her was thunderous!

Until that moment, the thunder stopped!


Without thinking about it, Mulan rushed over!

At first sight, she saw two people.

No one was standing, all lying on the ground, blood flowing into a river!

Wiliam’s body was so miserable that it couldn’t be more miserable.

There is no place in his body that is intact.

The whole person seemed to be fished out of a pool of blood.

And this time, Numa was obviously about the same as Wiliam.

Lying on the ground, his eyes gradually became clearer.

Obviously, he recovered his mind.

“Young Master, there is still a punch, you still miss this punch, send me to the west…”

Chapter 1032: Gold!

Mulan saw that the angry horse was about to die, and she said something like this, so angry in her heart!

This old thing!

Do you really want to die like that!

Is it really worth it to get two people like this now!

Mulan was about to let Numa take care of herself first, but suddenly heard Wiliam’s voice.

“Help me up…”

Mulan asked, and quickly lifted Wiliam from the ground.

This support made her wholehearted.

Wiliam’s hands were no longer like hands.

There are only two tendons, hanging his hand to prevent it from falling.

Mulan was afraid that some parts of Wiliam would fall off as soon as she tried hard.

“Help me and go to him.” Wiliam said weakly.

Mulan hurriedly helped Wiliam carefully and carefully approached the angry horse.

Wiliam looked at the angry horse condescendingly.

The angry horse returned to his previous peaceful appearance, and just stared at Wiliam.

I don’t know how long it took.

The two actually laughed together.

This scene has become very strange.

Before, he was fighting to death, but now they all smile, as if the death fight just now was fake.

“Is that so?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

Mulan was so afraid that he would laugh and force his head to fall.

The angry horse on the ground nodded, “The young master is extremely wise, you understand.”

“Do you have anything else to tell me?” Wiliam asked.

The angry horse shook his head and said faintly: “What I can say and do is in this battle.”

Wiliam glanced at the wooden bone golden blood beside the angry horse. The wooden bone golden blood was about to shatter in the fierce battle just now.

“So, what is my choice?” Wiliam asked again.

“Kill me.” The angry horse smiled suddenly, which was a relief smile.

Wiliam nodded, “I understand.”

As he said, he stepped on the neck of the angry horse with one foot.

Mulan was full of spirits, grabbed Wiliam, glaringly open: “Wiliam, you are crazy! Are you really going to kill the angry horse! He is your subordinate!”

Wiliam did not speak.

On the contrary, the angry horse smiled and said to Mulan: “Mulan master, don’t stop the young master. This is our life and the path the young master walks. We are just working in the sky…”

“What kind of shit goes to the sky! I know, you two are big idiots! Are you sick?” Mulan was furious.

And Wiliam said to the angry horse again: “I think, I guessed something. Angry horse, rest in peace, I will be here to guard you for three days and three nights, I am Wiliam, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you…”

With that said, he was really cruel!

Get it down!

With a “哢嚓”, the angry horse’s neck broke!

The look in the angry horse’s eyes was peaceful to death.

The smokeless fire is completely extinguished.

And at the moment when the angry horse died, Mulan’s tears flowed down instantly.

She even ignored Wiliam, ran to a place where no one was there, and burst into tears.

Why is this!

Why brothers and sisters!

Mulan has a strong personality. Instead of letting her face this kind of sibling, it is better to let her fight the glacial mammoth in the Second Valley.
And Mulan was always unhappy in her heart!

She felt a thorough disappointment for Wiliam’s performance just now.

Wiliam, really ruthless.

Although it must be ruthless to succeed, he is Wiliam!

He was the most affectionate and sexual person who broke into Li’s family in Nanban by himself in order to save Mulan!

Now, he killed his subordinates with his own hands!

Who can’t see that there is an insincere helplessness in Ruma!

Wiliam is so smart, would he not see it!

There is only one possibility!

In order to achieve what he wanted, Wiliam could be ruthless.

Mulan suddenly let out a miserable laugh.

She laughed at herself, the previous sentence was right!

When used on them, it also does not violate peace!

At the beginning, in front of everyone, she said that she could not stop him, and everyone who stood in the way of Wiliam would become his bones!

Now, the angry horse was stopped in front of him, and then Wiliam was mercilessly killed.

Really is the king of ruthless ones!

When other people saw this scene, they were shocked.

But they don’t have such a deep relationship between Mulan and Numa, so they can only sigh helplessly and can’t speak.

After Wiliam killed the angry horse, his eyes were red.

Without Mulan’s support, Wiliam’s body softened, and he knelt down in front of the angry horse.

Suddenly, he felt a small hand covering his eyes.

Don’t even think about it, it’s Xiao Wangqing.

Xiao Wangqing’s voice came softly from behind.

“Dad don’t cry, father don’t cry, it will be better…”

Wiliam’s seven-foot man was actually touched by a child’s words.

Everything is a mystery.

Angry horse, I will know all this eventually.

I will give you an explanation!

Wiliam thought of this, tears in his eyes.

But under the cover of Xiao Wangqing, no one saw it.

Wiliam immediately sat down and began to slowly heal his body with Qing Bi Lin Qi.

The body of the angry horse was buried by Mulan in silence, dug a hole, and buried it on the spot.

Mulan didn’t say a word, not even looking at Wiliam.

She found a stone and, with her hands, cut out the word “angry horse” alive.

Then stood beside his corpse.

Wiliam also guarded the spirit for three days and three nights in front of this simple tombstone.

On the fourth day, it was just getting bright.

Wiliam opened his eyes for the first time in these few days, “Go.”

Mulan stared fiercely, but said nothing.

Three days and three nights, three days and three nights!

For three days, are you healing or guarding your spirit?

Now that three days have passed, I left impatiently.

Ho ho, man.

Wiliam and his party walked to the door of Fifth Valley.

Wiliam’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

The crowd of him slowly said, “I will ask you again, do you really want to continue to follow me in?”

When he spoke, his eyes were fixed on Mulan, and Mulan was obviously his most concerned.

Because Wiliam knew what he would face next.

Mulan obviously thought of this too.

Her heart froze and said viciously: “Enter! Why not! I want to see with my own eyes! How hypocritical is the hero in my heart!”

This is very rude.

The others froze there for a while.

Wiliam sighed and said, “Then you, follow me and take a good look.”

With that said, he stepped into the door opened in one step.

Others hurriedly followed.

“Boom!” A dazzling golden light suddenly shot at them!

Wiliam only had time to block, but his body was directly blasted against the door!

When everyone reacted, there was already an extra person in front of them.

A person floating in the air, holding a golden abacus.

The one who attacked Wiliam just now was a bizarre gold ingot!

And this gold ingot is the mount of the person in front of you!

Chapter 1033

This person, who is not the God of Wealth!

Seeing the God of Wealth, even Mulan knew well this time.

She also guessed something.

But the more she guessed, the less she could back down.

Like the angry horse before, God of Wealth had a calm face and a little sadness and helplessness in his eyes.

When Wiliam saw the God of Wealth, he smiled slightly and smiled reluctantly.

He took this opportunity to check two things.

The first thing is the breath and realm in his body.

In this investigation, there are joys and sorrows.

Sadly, several of his auras disappeared again, and the return in Shangyi Valley was like Nanke Yimeng.

But what is happy is that his realm is still not lost this time, and it is still in the late stage of inner strength.

What made him even more incredible was that his body was severely traumatized in the smokeless fire.

The three-day rest period is not enough to make him heal.

But now, his body is intact, and even his internal strength is still at its peak.

This makes Wiliam puzzled.

He felt more and more the incomparable magic of guarding the mountain forbidden area.

At the same time, Wiliam also noticed that his right hand was empty.

Originally, when Wiliam came in, he was holding the wooden bones and blood of the angry horse in his hand.

But now, the golden blood of the wooden bones seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

This made Wiliam even more strange.

At the beginning, he wondered whether something from the previous valley could not be brought into the next valley?

But Wiliam quickly overthrew this idea.

Because Wiliam clearly got the mother root of Snakegrass when he was in the first valley in the four wilds.

And it was brought to Yongnan River, and was eaten by Xiao Wangqing.

So, it became weird again.

“Young Master, welcome, I am a’miao lose’.” The God of Wealth said calmly.

He was obviously paying attention to Wiliam.

He saw that Wiliam’s hands were empty, as if he understood something, he slowly said, “Angry horse, did he go after all?”

Wiliam nodded, and said lightly: “Yeah.”

The two of them didn’t seem to be talking about the life and death of people, but the parents.

“The young master doesn’t need to care, this is our fate, angry horse, just one step ahead of us.” The God of Wealth said again.

When he said this, he didn’t seem to take his own life and death seriously.

“God of Wealth, is your group called’Renmiao Loss’?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

The God of Wealth nodded, pointed to the door behind Wiliam, and slowly chanted: “A lot of money is forbidden to hurt people.”

“So what will we face in this valley?” Wiliam asked.

The God of Wealth said lightly: “This valley, I want to ask each of you a question, and then each of you makes a choice.”

“What’s the standard? How about success and failure?” Wiliam frowned slightly.

“The standard, I’ll tell you in a while, if you succeed, you will lead to the next valley, if you fail, then I’m sorry.” said the God of Wealth.

“If you have any questions, just ask!” Guo Wuji heard that there was no need to fight, just answer the questions, and immediately became relaxed.

The God of Wealth nodded, and first looked at Mulan, “Mulan master, it seems that you have a lot of thoughts, otherwise, let’s start with you.”

Mulan glared at God of Wealth angrily, but took the initiative to stand up.

To be honest, Mulan lay down all the way and won, except for the first valley being kicked a few times by Wiliam’s ass, she was almost unscathed.

This feeling of holding the thigh was wonderful.

But after witnessing Wiliam killing Ruma with his own hands, Mulan had no such feelings.

The more she hugged her thighs, the more she wanted to return the debt to Wiliam one by one!

It’s just that there is no chance.

So, now is the opportunity.

“Mulan Sect Master, I ask you, what is the most precious wealth of your life? My answer is money.” The God of Wealth asked calmly.

Mulan was taken aback for a moment, and began to use her few IQs to think.

What is the most precious wealth in this life?

This answer is too much.

Life is precious and love is more expensive.

Which is not more important than money?

However, a sentence was added after the God of Wealth.

His answer is money.

What does this mean, what is the mystery?

Is it some kind of hint?

Mulan wanted to blurt it out, but she couldn’t find North because of the words of the God of Wealth.

When Wiliam was about to speak, the God of Wealth spoke first, “Young master, the slave knows that you are brilliant, so you can’t speak out. The same is true for other people. When anyone answers questions, no one else can speak out. .”

Wiliam sighed and stopped speaking.

“Mulan, you have an hour to think, and then give your answer.” The God of Wealth added.

One hour should be enough time for the answer to a question.

But the more time, the deeper the anxiety in Mulan’s heart.

She was thinking, why give so much time?

Is it complicated?

Do you need to think hard?

Otherwise, why did God of Fortune give so much time?

It must be a reminder.

So Mulan scratched her head, and forced herself in.

Wiliam stared at him and shook his head.

This silly girl.

As time passed, Mulan became more anxious.

In her mind, there were many, many answers, and each one of them was carefully considered, and the more they thought, the more complicated they became.

Each one is like the correct answer. How to choose!

“Mulan Sect Master, you have five minutes left.” The God of Wealth finally said lightly, as if he had known that this would happen to Mulan.

He even glanced at other people.

Guo Wuji and Xiao Haitang also became anxious with Mulan.

They even substituted themselves into Mulan, thinking about what choice they would make if they were themselves.

As a result, they had similar IQs with Mulan, and they were almost depressed.

Time is still passing.

Mulan suddenly let out a heavy breath, shrugged her shoulders, and slowly closed her eyes.

Since there are no results to find, then all of them are abandoned.

Follow your own heart.

What is the most important wealth in my life…

please tell me……

Mulan’s mind became blank.

What will come out first?

Even she is looking forward to this moment.

At this moment, Mulan didn’t seem to hear any sound or see any picture.

Time and space stood still forever.

Over there, God of Wealth smiled slightly, and the countdown started.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…”

Mulan couldn’t hear it anymore.

Guo Wuji and Xiao Haitang on the side were anxious!

I came up with a word to remind, but I was afraid of breaking the rules.

But when God of Wealth was counting down to the last second, Mulan’s eyes suddenly opened.

A picture emerged in her mind.

For an instant, she burst into tears!

“I think, I know the answer!”

Chapter 1034

Mulan opened her eyes, her eyes seemed to hesitate.

Her eyes became compassionate.

“Although it is vulgar and shameful, but my answer is…”

“my mother……”

“The most precious asset in my life is family affection!”

Mulan faced the God of Wealth without complaint or regret.

Just now, a picture appeared in her mind.

Even this picture, she doesn’t even remember when it happened.

In the picture, Xiao Mulan is still very young.

She was pulling towards the sky, and there was only one back in the picture.

There is also a lollipop in his hand.

On the other side of Xiao Mulan, she slowly went away alone.

A young woman with a gloomy look in her loving eyes.

This young woman was walking towards Mulan, holding a precious-looking box in her hand.

And in the place that Xiao Mulan couldn’t see.

This young woman, with scars and scars behind her, was shocking.

Little Mulan couldn’t see it.

However, Mulan in the memories saw it.

At this moment, she burst into tears.


Mu Xiaolou!

This scene also awakened her memory instantly.

It should be when he was over five years old.

At that time, in order to allow herself to one day set foot in the city of martial arts, her mother worked hard to ask her for medicine…

Little Mulan always sees her mother’s compassionate smile.

Can’t see the scars behind my mother.

Now Mulan saw it.

In this case, although there is only one screen.

But enough to represent her mother’s life!

As a daughter all his life, full of bitterness and tears!

When Mulan set foot on Lingcheng, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

Because she didn’t accept her mother’s arrangement, she retained the stubbornness of a child.

Now she felt an unforgettable debt.


Her most precious wealth is her mother!

Never change for a lifetime!

“Mulan Sect Master, I’ll confirm it again, are you sure? You have three opportunities to change.” The God of Fortune asked again.

Mulan covered her tearful eyes and shook her head, “No change. It’s already awakened. What qualifications do I have to talk about change?”

“Okay, I understand.” The God of Fortune said slowly.

An impatient Guo Wuji asked immediately, “God of Wealth, is this over? Is it simple?”

The God of Wealth smiled and said to Mulan: “Mulan, please walk past me and stand opposite me.”

Mulan listened and walked over without hesitation.

She has a clear conscience for this answer!

Guo Wuji’s eyes widened, “I’m going! It’s so simple! I just thought about it for a long time.”

He actually started to wonder, is it really that simple?

The God of Wealth looked at the second person again, but it was Xiao Wangqing.

He looked at Xiao Wangqing, his eyes seemed a little confused.

But the God of Wealth still asked: “Little girl doll, what about you, what is the most important wealth in your life? My answer is money.”

Guo Wuji couldn’t help but said, “Damn it, isn’t it! Such a small child should also ask! She knows what she can’t say enough, how can she think about such a profound truth. Isn’t this cheating us?”
The God of Wealth shook his head and said, “You are wrong. The younger you are, the more sincere you are. Therefore, she is the easiest to pass, understand? Okay, I will warn you once, dare to interject, and be directly judged. !”

Guo Bukit shrank his neck and stopped talking.

But he kept his eyes on him, hehe, he didn’t think the question asked by the God of Wealth was actually the same.

Then there are correct answers in front, what else do you need to think about?

This question is simply a sub-question.

However, for the sake of safety, he decided to observe again.

Xiao Wangqing pointed her hand to her mouth and asked innocently: “What is money? Is it delicious?”

Guo Bukit almost exploded.


it is as expected!

I don’t even know what money is, but what wealth is there to talk about!

This girl won’t say that the most important wealth in this life is food, right?

That’s it.

The God of Wealth looked at Xiao Wangqing lovingly, and said with a smile: “Money is a good thing, but you can’t eat it, baby, do you want to choose money?”

His persuasive look, in everyone’s eyes, looks like a strange scorpion who abducts little Lolita.

But Xiao Wangqing immediately shook her head, “Oh, it’s not delicious, that baby doesn’t like it. I think about it…”

“Well, you have half an hour to think about it slowly,” said the God of Wealth.

Guo Wuji’s eyes drenched and he almost shouted.

The time has been compressed in half.

Xiao Wangqing tilted her head and thought for a second, then said, “The baby’s favorite person is grandma and father, can you?”

This father naturally refers to Wiliam.

Guo Bukit’s eyebrows are cramping.

“Oh? Baby, do you mean that your most important wealth is also family affection?” God of Wealth asked with a smile.

Xiao Wangqing was confused again, “What is family affection, is it delicious?”

Guo Buji almost kneeled for the baby.

Fortunately, God of Wealth seems to be very talkative, he laughed loudly, “Then the answer for a little baby is family affection, baby, you can pass.”

Kuo Bukit was relieved immediately, fortunately.

Almost let a little girl go in the gutter.

Xiao Wangqing glanced at Wiliam and took Wiliam’s hand.

Wiliam smiled slightly, and said softly to Xiao Wangqing: “Xiao Wangqing, go ahead.”

Xiao Wangqing listened to Wiliam’s words very much, and then Pidian Pidian walked towards Mulan.

Then, the God of Wealth looked at Wiliam unexpectedly and asked, “Young Master, what about you? What is your most precious treasure in this life? Money? Power? Is your incomparable wisdom? Or is it your unparalleled wisdom? The blood of the unicorn? The answer for the cheap slave is money.”

Only then did Wiliam slowly stand up.

He had a helpless smile on his face.

The first sentence was, “It seems, I missed the optimal solution.”

The God of Wealth shrank for a while, and laughed helplessly, “The young master has great wisdom. But as I said, this is fate. Young master, I may be able to arrange you as the first answer. You will definitely get the best answer. I understand, but do you know why I don’t do this? If I do this, I will have no face to see Lao Zhao…”

Speaking of this, God of Wealth actually choked up.

Everyone was confused, but they did not dare to speak.

But they also vaguely understood in their hearts.

Now is the time for Wiliam to speak.

With Wiliam’s wisdom, if he is the first to speak, he has the right to speak.

At that time, Wiliam could naturally remind everyone to come up with the best solution.

As for the benefits of this optimal solution, no one knows yet.

Therefore, he was the first to form a natural bug.

However, what they sighed in their hearts was that the God of Wealth did not do this because it turned out to be deadly!

And they still have a doubt in their hearts, since they missed the optimal solution, there must be a price.

What will be the price?

“So Young Master! You have fifteen minutes to tell the slave, your immortal answer!”

Chapter 1035

Lu Yezhen directly answered the question of God of Wealth.

He has fifteen minutes, which is enough for Wiliam, who is determined.

He looked back at Guo Wuji and Xiao Haitang, and said with a smile: “Since I have the right to speak, then I will say a few more words, you guys remember.”

Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji hurriedly put their ears up and said they were listening carefully.

Wiliam said lightly: “You have seen Mulan and Xiao Wangqing just now. The answer lies in both of you. One is in your conscious instinct, and the other is deep in your heart. Except for these two The answers from this place are all wrong, understand?”

Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji looked at each other strangely, and shook their heads sadly, “I don’t understand.”

Wiliam looked speechless, and was about to speak again, but he heard the God of Fortune say: “Young Master, don’t embarrass the slave…”

Wiliam sighed, knowing that what he said just now was actually a kind of vent.

They can only say it all, and how much they can understand depends on their own good fortune.

Wiliam naturally understood the reason why God of Fortune arranged the order of everyone’s speech.

It is very useful to arrange Mulan to speak at the beginning.

Because Mulan is a woman with very tangled thoughts, the more simple things are packaged with something outside, the easier it is for her to put them on.

For this simple question, Mulan just made a big circle.

Finally, I answered it at a critical moment.

This achieves the purpose of the God of Wealth.

At first, both Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji became anxious.

And then, Mulan and Xiao Wangqing’s answers were to release their anxiety to the maximum in an instant.

This has caused one of the worst results.

They are too relaxed and preconceived now.

In other words, I am confused by the current situation without knowing it.

To make matters worse, the God of Wealth had ulterior motives and kept them until the end.

Therefore, the key to victory in today’s valley is not Wiliam at all.

In the end, these two people had been fooled by the God of Wealth.

Moreover, the mentality and will of these two people, Wiliam’s words are only three years older than Xiao Wangqing.

This is the most terrible thing for people with mental disabilities to answer adult questions.

Especially Guo Wuji, he should be ranked last.

It’s utterly resigned.

“Young Master, I think you should have an answer.” The God of Wealth interrupted Wiliam’s thoughts.

Wiliam raised his head now, his eyes clear.

“God of Wealth, you just praised it. I, Wiliam, don’t have any immortal answers. I am a mortal, of course. So my answer is also, a white-headed grandfather, and a married wife, family affection.”

Let Wiliam answer this kind of seemingly simple question, but with caution hidden in it.

Even if Lu Yezhen had real feelings, he could answer such questions.

Both Guo Wuji and Xiao Haitang opened their mouths wide.

Still the same answer?

Three people are the same?

But what did Wiliam mean?

The two of them were at a loss.

“Young Master, please move to the back of the low slave.” God of Wealth smiled and said to Wiliam.

He already knew the answer from the young master.

Ordinary is both immortal.

As Wiliam walked over, Xiao Wangqing climbed onto Wiliam’s shoulders as he was familiar with the road.

And Mulan was already crying.

She snorted coldly, “What pretending to be righteous! It’s just a speculation!”

She thought Wiliam relied on his cleverness to answer.

“Little girl, it’s your turn.” The God of Wealth said to Xiao Haitang.

This sequence was not beyond Wiliam’s expectations.

So Guo Wuji should be the arbiter of today’s test.

The reason why Wiliam had such confidence in Xiao Haitang was because Wiliam saw Xiao Haitang’s camera and remembered some doubts before.

“Little girl, what about you, what is your most precious wealth? My answer is money.” The God of Wealth said again.

Xiao Haitang couldn’t help looking at Wiliam, his eyes full of helplessness.

And Wiliam looked at Xiao Haitang peacefully, as if to encourage her.

Xiao Haitang suddenly seemed helpless.

She couldn’t help holding the camera in her hand tightly.

Although she was not smart, she had seen how Mulan came to conclusions before.

Coupled with Wiliam’s words, she also has a clear understanding.

Is the answer drawn from two places?

The first place, consciousness instinct, should refer to Xiao Wangqing.

How simple a child is.

Whoever treats her well, she likes and treats her well.

The choice she made was definitely a conscious instinct.

And the second place, deep inside.

It can only be Mulan.

Adults, there should be an adult’s way of thinking.

Thinking of this, she also slowly closed her eyes.

Wiliam nodded when he saw this scene.

He now hopes that Guo Wuji, the pig, can think about the mystery in the sublime.

After Xiao Haitang closed his eyes, there was no blank in his head.

It’s just passages of past events that come to mind.

A man slapped a woman severely…

A little girl was crying while watching.

Cheap bones!


Little bitch!

The unbearable words filled Xiao Haitang’s head.

She closed her eyes, but tears fell.

“Little Haitang, mom came to see you secretly, hush, don’t make a sound…” At midnight, there was a woman with blood on her forehead outside a girl’s window.

But the woman laughed so softly, she couldn’t wait to rub the girl in her arms into her bones.

While touching the girl’s head, she looked around in fear.

It was the love of flesh and blood that allowed her to overcome this fear.

“Little Haitang, what gift do you think your mother brought you?”

“Wow, Mom! It’s my favorite camera gift! Thank you Mom!”

“Well, if you like it, mom is so happy.”

“Mom, I promise you that I will use the camera you gave me in the future to take many, many beautiful photos, and I will show you how good it is!”

“Little Haitang is the best. Mom is looking forward to this day. Mommy has never been out of this world. I really want to see the outside world. Little Haitang is really warm. Mom thank you…”

“Mom, I swear that I will take the best pictures and earn a lot of manuscript fees, without spending that man’s bad money, when Xiao Haitang will raise her mother!”

“um. Thank you.”

“Mom, are you leaving? Mom, don’t leave, don’t leave Xiao Haitang alone!”

After all these years, I have never met again…

“Bang!” An old camera was thrown to the ground by a man.

It was also a sound in this mind that smashed Xiao Haitang completely awakened, making Xiao Haitang burst into anger instantly!

With tears in her eyes, she almost roared out!

“My most precious thing is the constant blood and family affection that time and space cut away!”

“What I despise the most is this so-called family relationship that squanders blood!”


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