Dragon Husband 1036-1040

Chapter 1036 Zero!

Xiao Haitang’s shout, as if to take his heart out!

Let this disgusting world take a good look!

This shout also seemed to penetrate this world and defeat all hypocrisy!

Mulan and others stared at the girl in disbelief.

In their impression, Xiao Haitang has always been relatively soft, cute and black.

This girl doesn’t like martial arts, but has a hobby that is very out of place in this world, and that is photography.

What a girl next door.

But after a brief period of immersion, the phoenix and heming sounded!

The emotion contained in this shout is definitely a thousand times heavier than Wiliam and Mulan’s previous emotions!

What kind of life did this little girl go through to have such a warlike cry!

After Xiao Haitang uttered this shout, his body suddenly rose up with an aura!

Her hair, no wind automatically!

Wiliam and Mulan’s eyes shrank.

Is this going to break through?

Good guys!

Everyone here fell into a realm in every valley, even Wiliam was no exception.

But this little Haitang went the other way, and was about to break through here.

This is something that Wiliam didn’t even manage.

What is it that caused a lot of war in the heart of a girl who has no interest in martial arts!

Sure enough, after a brief burst of breath, Xiao Haitang really advanced!

But seeing the aura of Xiao Haitang now, Wiliam frowned slightly.

One more doubt!

When Xiao Haitang came to this valley, his realm was almost lost.

Now after breaking through again, the body is actually breathing the late-stage aura of inner strength.

In other words, her previously banned strength, with this breakthrough, all returned.

This is a bit weird.

Xiao Haitang didn’t seem to care about her realm at all, or even dismissed it.

She just looked at God of Wealth with tears, “My answer is over.”

Everyone’s eyes returned to the god of wealth.

Xiao Haitang just finished his answer.

Her answer was strangely powerful, and also very shocking.

But can this be the answer?

Mulan felt a little worried for a while.

Because there is only one answer, this girl, the most precious is family affection, and the most spurned family affection.

It’s a bit of a contradiction.

I don’t know if it can be considered as a pass in God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth looked at Xiao Haitang with a smile, “Little girl, your answer just now is a bit out of bounds. I’ll give you another chance.”

But Xiao Haitang looked at God of Wealth very firmly, “What I said is the correct answer! Everyone is wrong, I can’t be wrong!”

As she said, she actually ignored the God of Wealth and strode towards Wiliam.

In this scene, Guo Wuji’s chin was about to fall out.

Can this be done?

The God of Wealth still doesn’t say right or wrong, this girl just passed by?

Wiliam nodded slightly when Xiao Haitang was so bold.

At this time, God of Wealth smiled ho ho, shook his head, “You are all over, what else can I say, then stay behind.”

Guo Buji was speechless.
This is too standard.

Xiao Haitang walked to Wiliam’s side. Wiliam rarely reached out and touched Xiao Haitang’s head.

In his opinion, Xiao Haitang is a poor little girl, and he may need a friend’s comfort at this time.

But this comfort, Xiao Haitang is just like breaking a bank.

She took advantage of the trend and leaned directly into Wiliam’s arms, crying hysterically.

Wiliam’s head froze.

Because Mulan had already cast a very hateful look.

Wiliam quickly raised his hands slightly, indicating that he was innocent.

It was Xiao Haitang’s first hand.

At this time, Guo Wuji took the initiative to stand in front of the God of Wealth, and said carelessly: “God of Wealth, it’s my turn now, hehehe.”

Everyone looked at Guo Wuji together.

I saw Guo Wuji at this moment with a confident face and even a little wit.

But the more he looked like this, the more disturbed Wiliam was.

The matter is big.

The God of Wealth also looked at Guo Wuji amusedly, “Young man, are you so impatient?”

Guo Wuji nodded, “Yeah, hehe! I have some thoughts now. If you don’t hurry up to ask God of Fortune, I’m afraid I will forget my thoughts.”

Everyone sweated together.

This cheating groundhog.

The God of Wealth was about to speak, and Comrade Groundhog learned to answer, “God of Wealth, do you want to ask me what is the most precious wealth in my life? Then you have to say that your answer is money, right? ?”

The God of Wealth had a rare embarrassment on his face and nodded, “Exactly.”

Guo Buji cleared his throat immediately and was about to answer.

But at this time, God of Wealth interrupted his thoughts and returned to a peaceful expression: “Young man, you can answer after you think about it. As a reward for your proactive answer to the question just now, I can give you two hints. Oh.”

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and immediately laughed, “Emma, ​​there is this benefit! Look at Wiliam! You guys didn’t have it before, hahaha! I’m still smarter! I’ll ask you not to accept it!”

Everyone in Wiliam couldn’t speak, and his expression was unlovable.

God of Wealth smiled and said: “Listen well, my first reminder is that the answers of the people behind just now may not be correct, or I haven’t announced the result yet.”

These words brought the atmosphere of the scene to a freezing point!

Mulan looked at God of Wealth in disbelief. If it weren’t for the rules, she couldn’t help cursing the bastard of God of Wealth!

I have never seen such a cheating!

Just now Mulan and the others answered the answer one by one. Although it was a second grade after the fact, the result was good after all.

The God of Wealth let them pass.

So this embarrassment was something Mulan could hold back.

Now, the embarrassment still has a tail, and the God of Fortune said that the answer is not necessarily correct.

That’s it!

Only Wiliam nodded.

He had expected this a long time ago.

What he is afraid of now is Guo Wuji.

At the same time, Wiliam couldn’t help but admire the God of Wealth.

This is a bit cruel.

Knowing that Guo Wuji was the most scumbag, he deliberately set smoke bombs on him, and there were two of them.

Guo Bukit must have been taken directly into the ditch.

Sure enough, Guo Wuji listened to the words of the God of Wealth and drank like a blow!

All his thoughts disappeared for a while!


Don’t bring such fun!

I have written all my answers and I have to submit the results. You said that the title is wrong and you want me to rewrite it. Where else can I copy it? Others have submitted the paper…

“God of Wealth, don’t booze! Don’t play with me. What does the prompt just now mean?” Guo Wuji was about to collapse, and his face flushed with anxiety.

The God of Wealth smiled slightly, and threw out a more shocking sentence.

“The correct rate of the four of them may be percent…”


Chapter 1037 Freedom!

When Guo Bukit heard this, he completely broke down.

He just sat down on the ground, like a concubine.

When Mulan and others heard the words of the God of Wealth, they became restless.

Xiao Haitang was full of horror and couldn’t help pulling Wiliam, as if asking for help.

Wiliam gave Xiao Haitang a comforting look, and signaled her not to be nervous.

The old fox, God of Wealth, is nothing short of it.

He said that the correct rate of everyone’s answers is zero percent, which sounds really shocking.

But there are two words in it.


This article is big.

Judging from the current Wiliam’s inference, leaving Guo Wuji’s answer aside, this factor was not mentioned.

The answers to the other four are the same.

So there are really two extreme possibilities.

Either all wrong or all right.

It all depends on how God of Wealth judges.

Unfortunately, Guo Wuji’s IQ is touching after all.

He has fallen completely into the language trap set by the God of Wealth.

Seeing Guo Wuji who was about to smash and roll on the ground, God of Wealth smiled slightly and said, “Is it so sad?”

Guo Wuji couldn’t help but yelled, “That’s not nonsense! Your bad old man is very bad! You influence my thinking!”

The God of Wealth smiled and said, “Is that so? Well, for your pitiful sake, I will tell you the second tip as well, I hope it will help you.”

As if grabbing a life-saving straw, Guo Wuji got up from the ground and asked nervously, “Quickly, what’s the hint?”

The God of Wealth said lightly: “My hint is that my answer, after the Mulan Sect Master answered, there is already no correct standard. Whether it is correct or not depends on my mood.”

Kuo Bukit suddenly felt like a beeping dog!

This God of Wealth is purely playing with him!

“So, I simply tell you directly, if your answer is also family affection, then the answers of the five of you are the same, and then, even if you don’t lose, I won’t win. I will let the five of you unite and come with me once. Thorough battle, and the victory or defeat will be determined by winning or losing the battle,” said God of Wealth.

Guo Wuji’s heart shuddered, and he rarely asked wisely: “Then what if my answer is different from them?”

The God of Wealth said with a strange look: “If your answer is different from that of others, then I’m sorry, you fight with me, lose, all five lose, if you win, five will pass the level together. Of course, I will take me The strength is suppressed to a certain extent.”

Guo Wuji heard this, like falling into the ice cellar.

In other words, why does he have to play a game in person?

To be honest, Guo Wuji was really confused.

He grew up almost under the doting of Wu Bili.

Although the realm has reached the early stage of turning strength, there are really no fights in the fight.

Even when he was in the first valley in the wild before, he was driven like a wild dog by the green ghost snake, even if it was the wildest fight in his life.

Guo Buji’s first thought was to choose the first one.

That is, he also answered the family’s answer, and then the five people joined forces to fight the God of Wealth.

In this case, he might be able to hide away and let Wiliam’s BUG output like crazy.
However, in doing so, it seems…

It’s a bit wretched.

It seems to be causing trouble.

And Guo Wuji also understood the words of God of Wealth. There were five people.

It also includes Xiao Haitang and Xiao Wangqing.

It would be even more shameless to involve them on the battlefield because of the fear and weakness in my heart.

Whatever you do, you can be considered a man…

Thinking of this, Guo Wuji became a little tangled.

Mulan looked at Guo Wuji strangely, she hesitated?

Is the sun coming out from the west?

According to the character of this groundhog, shouldn’t he pull other people into the water for the first time, and then he starts digging and paddling?

What is even more bizarre is that this guy actually started to think?

Does he have this skill?

At this time, Guo Wuji looked up at Wiliam.

Like everyone else, he seemed to be thinking of Wiliam for help.

Wiliam didn’t speak, his eyes were calm.

However, in the end Wiliam was defeated by his eyes.

So, although Wiliam didn’t speak, he stretched out his right hand.

Right hand, compared with a yeah gesture.

Seeing Wiliam’s gesture, Mulan almost exploded on the spot!

Yeah, your uncle!

Still in the mood at this time!

Are you the devil!

You clearly want to drive us all into a dead end!

When Guo Wuji saw Wiliam’s gesture, he was shocked at first.


Is Wiliam so funny?


This seems to be not Wiliam’s character…

So what does this gesture that he compares to mean?

Guo Wu Ji frowned and started to analyze with his few IQ.

No, that’s two?

And what does the second represent?

Do you scold yourself badly?

He thought hard.

But suddenly, he looked at Wiliam in disbelief like a clever flower blooming.

And Wiliam just nodded.

Guo Buji’s IQ seemed to be opened all of a sudden!


It’s two!

But not scolding yourself two!


Two places!

Didn’t Wiliam say a word before, should everyone keep it in mind?

The correct answer is hidden in two places!

One is consciousness instinct!

One is deep inside!

Damn it!

Just now, he was fooled by the God of Fortune, and he forgot such a key reminder of Wiliam.

Now that he is back to his original aspirations, Guo Wuji only feels open and cheerful!

Follow your heart?

The answer is definitely not family affection.

Even Guo Wuji himself has to admit that family affection is in his heart, in fact, it is not that important.

Although he has been doted by Wu Bili since he was a child, it can be said that he has enjoyed full family affection.

However, it has always been like this, where would you know how to cherish?

He has never experienced separation, has never experienced betrayal, and only takes family affection for granted.

So, what is your most important wealth?

Thinking of this, Guo Wuji not only thought about it.

When I was young, a little boy put his hands on the edge of the window, while eating candied haws, while looking at the little sky outside…

What’s outside…

Why didn’t my mother let me out…

There are really jackals, tigers and leopards outside, can they eat people…

When can I go out? It’s so boring at home…

“Mom, today is my 18th birthday, I want to go out and buy some…”

“Bukit, tell your mother what are you going to buy, you are at home obediently and obediently.”

“Mom, today is my 20th birthday, my buddies want to call me…”

“You are not allowed to go, I won’t know what messy place your friends, friends and dogs are going to.”

“Mom, I’m almost 30 years old, I want to participate in the Youth Martial Arts Competition…”

“Bukit is obedient, the game is very dangerous, you eat and drink at home, what’s wrong.”

“Mom, I’m back…”

“Oh Bukit, I heard that you and the crazy girl from Gu Yuehu’s family ran into the mountain forbidden area. You are not injured. You are almost worried about your mother! Mom will check for you. You will not be allowed to go out in the future. Hu Hong knows!”



“Mom! It’s just right, today is my 31st birthday. Ho ho, I want to go out! I want freedom! Mom! Did you hear that? This is my answer! In the name of love, unquestionable freedom! “

Chapter 1038 Change!

Guo Wuji slowly raised his head and said such a sentence.

His look seemed so calm.

It seems that this sentence has been held in his heart for many years!

And never said it.

This sentence is covered with dust and cannot be opened.

Mulan trembled when she heard Guo Wuji’s words.

For the first time, she looked at this as her nominal brother.

He looks round and billowing, even with a simple and honest face.

But the caution was written on his face, everyone could see it, but he didn’t know it, and he was very proud.

To call him stupid is really stupid.

But looking at it from another angle, does this mean he is sincere?

It can only be said that he has no experience of deceiving people.

His pretentiously deep face was full of childishness.

Such a man, living in his thirties, can be said to be a deeper sadness.

What does freedom mean to him?

Perhaps, it is the same as what family affection means to several other people.

Not to love is precious.

This silly brother.

Unconsciously, because of a word in Mulan’s heart, she even slightly recognized the identity of this groundhog.

And Wiliam nodded in relief.

Things are not too bad.

It’s just that, Comrade Guo Wuji, what you will face is a rebirth of blood and tears.

The God of Wealth looked at Guo Wuji with a little surprise.

This young man looks honest and honest, even a little stupid, and a little selfish.

I didn’t expect to say such a thing.

What kind of people are following the young master.

“So, do you know what your choice means?” God of Wealth asked.

Kwok Bukit let out a sigh of relief, and his eyes appeared clearer than ever.

This sentence finally came out.

Although it was not really told to mother.

However, it seems that it is not that difficult to say it?

As for this sentence, what does this choice mean?

“Probably means that I, Guo Wuji, is also a man,” Guo Wuji said quietly.

For himself, when he said this, he cruelly broke the barriers and turned apostasy with his mother who loved him the most. It was a man who burned his blood.

For these people at the scene, they can carry it all by themselves, so that the children will be safe, so it is not a man’s character!

At this time, Xiao Haitang couldn’t help but give it a thumbs up to Guo Wuji.

This guy, I have known him for almost seven or eight years.

The first time I saw him so responsible.

“So, you choose to face me alone?” God of Wealth confirmed again.

Guo Bukit nodded, “Although I am scared, it seems that this is the only way to go.”

In fact, Guo Bukit still has a thought in his heart that he hasn’t come up with.

It was also obtained from Wiliam’s prompt.

Now that Wiliam said, the correct answer can only be produced in the conscious instinct and deep inside.

Then if you say the answer to family affection, follow Wiliam’s prompt, you will definitely be wrong.

Then although it was five people facing the God of Wealth.

But for the obviously wrong answer, how powerful is the God of Wealth facing?
Is it possible for the entire army to be overthrown?

But if the answer comes from the heart, it’s like the first four people.

Then round up Wiliam’s prompt.

The God of Wealth should suppress his great strength.

Therefore, Guo Wuji is actually doing a gamble, betting on Wiliam’s tips.

“Then, let’s start. The rule of our game is that no outsiders can intervene. Intervention is considered a loss. The time of the game is five minutes. If you can survive for five minutes in my hands, you will win. And if you are dead, do Negative.” The God of Wealth said, and then he was shocked.

The gold ingot under him bloomed with dazzling light.

Wiliam and the others still didn’t feel that they were flying towards a short distance together.

They were pushed out by an invisible force.

The God of Wealth suddenly exerted force.

The golden abacus in his hand fell apart in an instant.

One by one golden beads fly directly into the sky!

And the God of Wealth shook his hands, and the two longer sides of the golden abacus instantly turned into two golden thorns in his hand!

The golden beads glowing all over the sky suddenly attacked Guo Wuji.

When Wiliam saw this scene not far away, his heart shook.

He had also seen this scene.

This wine, richness, and wealth is indeed extraordinary.

Looking at the golden beads flying in the sky, Guo Wu Ji sneered, quite an invincible temperament.

“Ho ho, that’s it?” Guo Wuji said coldly.

After speaking, a weak aura suddenly appeared on him.

But with this momentum, he just tore his upper body clothes to pieces.

Mulan saw his upper body clearly and couldn’t help but sighed, “Sure enough to be the second master, this body is fine!”

I saw Guo Wuji’s upper body, wearing a chain-linked dress that looked golden, looking very luxurious.

The degree of this golden brilliance is not inferior to the God of Wealth Golden Abacus and Golden Ingot.

Even the God of Wealth saw this precious armor, his eyes were golden, and he exclaimed, “Good baby! Good baby!”

And Xiao Haitang was really not interested in writings like glittering gold.

But she was also dumbfounded at the moment.

Guo Wuji is really a big change.

This unruly attitude!

This pretentious attitude!

It’s so mighty to burst!

You can even see a trace of Wiliam’s shadow.

Are men really fickle?

From a wretched fat man, to so righteous and thin!

Even the mighty God of Wealth doesn’t pay attention to it.


I saw the sky full of golden beads, heading towards Guo Wuji’s body.

Guo Bukit did not dodge or evade, and took a sigh of relief!

He suddenly took an authentic iron bridge horse step!

Xiao Haitang looked at it and couldn’t help clapping and exclaiming: “So authentic! So sharp! Brother Bukit is amazing!”

Guo Wuji sneered, “Although I can’t do anything! But the basics are unbelievable! The ability to beat is even the best! Five minutes, to me, ho ho…”

While talking, the golden beads had already blasted on Guo Wuji’s body!

Guo Wuji snorted, “That’s it…”

“Boom! Boom!”

All those beads fell on Guo Wuji’s body!

At the beginning, Guo Wuji still looked disdainful.

When he reached the back, his face changed slightly.

More and more beads suddenly fell together!

Smash him directly into the air!

Then, those beads seemed to be wise and flew up again, bombarding Guo Wuji again in midair!

When Guo Wuji fell to the ground, there were many cracks in that treasure armor.

After Guo Wuji fell, he immediately stood up.

Xiao Haitang immediately applauded, “It’s amazing, Brother Bukit can get up again immediately under such a powerful attack! I am very impressed with you! You will be my idol from now on!”

However, the idol that Xiao Haitang had just erected suddenly made a cry for his father and his mother, and his posture became sour.

“The God of Wealth, don’t hit me! I regret it! Mom, I am so painful!”

Chapter 1039

Guo Bukit stumbled, like a grandson, escaping in embarrassment.

The words in his mouth made Xiao Haitang’s face freeze even more.

The hero becomes a bear?

What a special thing!

Wasn’t Guo Wuji very fierce just now?

Isn’t it a man?


That’s such a broad and profound topic, isn’t this kid just right?

Why did he change back to that wretched little fat man in an instant?


Wiliam has a black line, this looks like a cow in just a minute.

But Wiliam had already expected it. After all, dogs can’t change eating shit.

Now, depending on what ability or state of mind this girl has, he can survive for five minutes.

“Fatty man, you can fight for me! Otherwise I can go home and beat you!” Mulan couldn’t help cursing.

However, while being chased by Jin Zhuzi, Guo Wuji was crying and cursing back: “You shit old lady! If you have feelings, come and help me! Standing up to talk, it’s not that you were beaten!”

Mulan was so angry that she could not wait to join the battlefield and help God of Fortune beat this girl.

In the blink of an eye, the golden beads of the God of Wealth hit Guo Wuji again.

Guo Wuji has never made any moves since the first valley, so he can’t adapt to the gap from Huajin to external force. His speed has become more tortoise, and it is inevitable to be beaten.

The God of Wealth did retain a large part of his strength, and he did not kill Guo Wuji at once.

The precious armor on Guo Wu Ji needs to be protected by the internal force of his body. Now that there is no internal force, the cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and in the end it is directly broken into a golden lump.

Without Bao Jia’s protection, Guo Wuji’s cry suddenly became louder.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been beaten up like this.

“Come and save me! Come and save me! I’m dying! I’m so painful.” Guo Wuji is no longer fighting, he is running madly at all.

He kept calling Wiliam Mulan’s name, but unfortunately he didn’t get a response.

After all, there are rules there.

“Boom!” The golden beads of the God of Wealth blasted Guo Wuji’s ass again.

Guo Wuji’s whole person is flat and falling, and his head is about to be buried in the ground like an ostrich.

“Damn! Hit people but don’t face! I’m fighting with you!” Guo Wuji was still a face-to-face person. This kind of posture was blown into the air, and the whole person became bearded.

He was right before that the ability to be beaten is indeed relatively strong.

He rushed towards the God of Wealth.

But God of Wealth smiled slightly, raised his hand, and directly slapped Guo Wuji into the air.

The difference in strength is too great.

“It hurts! It hurts! It hurts to death! Stop fighting, stop fighting!” Guo Wuji was beaten and cried again on the ground.

“Ho ho, Guo Wuji, like everyone before, you have three chances to change the answer. I will ask you now, can you change the answer?” The God of Wealth hung in front of Guo Wuji and asked with a smile.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and there was a burst of ecstasy on his face.

He got up from the ground and walked directly towards God of Fortune, “Really! God of Fortune, are you true! Don’t lie to my young heart!”
The God of Wealth saw him coming over ecstatically, and then smiled: “Really, can you change it?”

“I’ll change it!” Guo Wuji had already walked up to the God of Wealth and said flatly.

God of Wealth was about to speak, but seeing Guo Wuji directly violent, he called God of Wealth with a punch, “I’ll change you to a shovel! You are going to beat me to death! I will bite you too!”

Kwok Bukit turned around and ran after finishing his fight, like a rogue fighting in the city.

The God of Wealth was abrupt, and was directly stunned by this punch.

Wiliam and others were dumbfounded!

These two goods!

That’s it!

The level of shame is breaking through the sky!

He said that he wanted to change, only to get close to the God of Wealth, and then suddenly shot a cold gun and turned his head and ran?

Isn’t this a hooligan?

Is Guo Bukit still a warrior?

Don’t you talk about martial arts morality at all!

When the finances woke up, the whole person was already furious, and he covered his face and chased Guo Wuji.

Mulan couldn’t help cursing: “What kind of ghost do I know! It’s so embarrassing!”

But Wiliam smiled slightly, “Guo Wuji deliberately. He didn’t want to change the answer in his heart, so he used this method to delay a little time, and secondly, Guo Wuji is also a talent. The kind of slap he must return, I’m speechless.”

Mulan glared at Wiliam, and said in a weird manner: “I don’t know who caused it to be broken.”


The furious God of Wealth is not something Guo Wuji can resist.

Almost within a minute, he was beaten up and his face was very miserable.

“I’m asking you the second time! You can’t change the answer!” The God of Wealth seemed to be mad at Guo Wuji, grabbing Guo Wuji’s head and shouting.

Guo Bukit can be even cheaper!

He sprayed his saliva directly on the face of God of Wealth, “I will change your uncle!”

While the God of Wealth stretched out his hand to cover his face, Guo Wuji fled again with numerous scars.

Mulan and others, anyway, the Three Views are now incomplete and extremely fragmented.

Is it not a foul to fight and spit?

No foul but foul!

“You bastard!” The God of Fortune was furious in place.

He seemed to be mad and jumped directly from the gold ingot!

The gold ingot flew directly at Guo Wuji!

Almost instantly, the gold ingot slammed down towards Guo Wuji!

“Boom!” This loud noise!

Even Wiliam opened his eyes with anger!

God of Wealth is angry!

Guo Buji was bombarded on the ground, and the surface collapsed directly!


Second time!

Third time!

The surface is shaking again and again!

Guo Wuji was bombarded with blood!

The God of Wealth is actually going to blow Guo Wuji!

Look at Guo Wuji now, blood is flowing into a river, it is terrifying, can he live like this!

“I asked you the last time! Change the answer or not! Change or change!” For a moment, God of Wealth surged with evil spirits, making it even more frightening.

He stood directly on Guo Wuji’s body, and asked, while beating Guo Wuji frantically.

With every bite, blood gurgled out of Guo Wuji’s mouth.

Even Wiliam was moved by this scene.

“Do not change!” God of Wealth seemed crazy.

Guo Buji, as if losing consciousness, let the God of Wealth fight.

Wiliam finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he stood up, “The God of Wealth!”

The God of Wealth stagnates.

“We admit…” Lu Yegang wanted to admit defeat.

But at this time, a hey laugh suddenly came from the bloody Guo Wuji.

“Ah…Before I answer your question, God of Wealth, answer me one question first!” Guo Wuji suddenly opened his hideous eyes.

“Five minutes, have you passed!”

Chapter 1040

The God of Wealth was taken aback.

He looked at the watch in his hand, and suddenly frowned tightly.

Five minutes has indeed passed.

Mulan suddenly heard the voice of God of Wealth, her eyes were red.

She couldn’t help running over, but the closer she looked at Guo Wuji, the more her heart couldn’t bear it.

The ground has been completely destroyed!

There was blood all around Guo Bukit, and the ribs in his abdomen were punctured.

There was still blood in his mouth.

But with blood like this, Guo Wuji even laughed while coughing.

“You tell me! My minutes, has it passed!”

The fist held high by the God of Wealth was finally slowly let go, as if unwillingly said: “Five minutes have passed.”

“Ho ho, ho ho… OK, then I will answer your question…” Guo Wuji coughed and suddenly let out a loud roar!

“It took me thirty-two years to say the answer! You want me to change it in five minutes! I change your fairy board!”

Because of his emotions, Guo Wuji suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood, and then he fainted.

Wiliam’s eyes shrank, and he stepped forward and directly helped Guo Wuji up.

Long live the red lotus in his hand burst out.

It took him a full half an hour to barely save Guo Wuji’s life.

Guo Buji was so miserable, his bones were broken, and if he hadn’t been tough enough to be beaten, he would have died long ago.

It was such an obscene and selfish fat man who, with his own power, survived the last fierce bombardment of the God of Wealth!

Freedom, what does it mean to him!

Is it more important than his life?

When everyone recalled Guo Wuji’s words before coma, they were also deeply moved.

And because of this sentence, his fragmented image in everyone’s hearts was finally restored.

After setting up Guo Wuji, Wiliam looked at the God of Wealth.

He didn’t go to accuse the God of Wealth of severely wounding Guo Wuji, after all, God of Wealth has his mission.

And to be honest, God of Fortune’s previous performance is already very tolerant.

“Young Master, congratulations, you passed the test.” The God of Wealth stood in front of Wiliam and said with a smile.

But the more you smile, the more sad the look in your eyes.

As if to welcome the coming destiny.

“Now, if you have any questions, you can ask me, and I will answer you as long as I can answer.” The God of Wealth said to everyone again.

When everyone saw that Guo Wuji would not be able to wake up for a while, they all remembered their previous doubts.

“God of Wealth, what do you mean by this level! Also, what the hell is the best solution you said before?” Mulan asked first.

The God of Wealth glanced at Wiliam, saw Wiliam nod slightly, and said: “Let’s start with the name of this level, Renmiao loses, ho ho…”

“Since this level is controlled by me, the God of Wealth, the test is naturally your outlook on wealth, so it is normal to ask you that question.”

God of Wealth then talked about the order of appearances of several people, and heard Mulan’s tongue.

She rushed up and grabbed the ear of the God of Wealth, and yelled: “Okay! You old fox! I usually have a good eyebrows, I don’t think there are so many careful eyes! It’s very dirty! If it’s not…
When Mulan said this, she glanced at Wiliam, and then said: “We were really smashed to death by you!”

The God of Wealth was not angry, and continued: “As for the optimal solution you asked, it is naturally simple. Do you remember that I said that the answer to this level is all judged by me?”

Mulan nodded, Wiliam had indeed asked this question before.

“Ho ho, since it is up to me to judge, the optimal solution is naturally hidden in the question I asked you.” God of Wealth laughed.

Mulan and Xiao Haitang showed confused expressions together.

The answer lies in his question?

So simple and rude?

The question asked by God of Wealth is exactly the same.

What is the most precious wealth in your life? My answer is money.

The answer is here.

Mulan suddenly straightened her eyes!

She jumped up and shouted: “I’m going to your uncle! You are not talking about money!”

God of Wealth smiled and said: “Of course, I have told you the answer. Since I have said everything, the judgment standard of this level is determined by me subjectively, then I said, my answer is money, you only need Following my answer, I am naturally happy. When I am happy, I will let you go?”

Mulan’s whole body is not good.

What a special thing!

It’s shameless to the extreme!

The best solution is to please the god of wealth. How many people answer money together?

The nausea has reached the point where it can no longer be sick.

However, this bright answer can only be imagined by ghosts.

Mulan was ashamed for a while.

Thanks to her being the first to appear, she has been thinking about it for so long.

The result is completely wrong.

And not only is it biased, but it also directly brings the optimal solution.

It was Mulan who replied that he lost the optimal solution, and these latter things happened.

Mulan felt embarrassed for a moment when she thought that she was the fuse.

But the IQ is really touching, what can she do?

“Therefore, there are two solutions to this question of mine. The first is the answer that you follow me. The second is the true answer that the young master said, hidden in your conscious instinct or deep in your heart. But. , You all chose your inner answer, which is also very admirable for me.” While God of Wealth spoke, he glanced at Guo Wuji, who was unconscious.

Even he didn’t expect that this fat fat man was still bloody.

Guo Bukit is today’s biggest accident and the key figure in this victory.

“So, before Guo Wuji answered, you reminded him that we might all be wrong, meaning that as long as Guo Wuji’s answer is not the true answer in the heart, then we will all violate your second answer standard. All wrong, right?” Xiao Haitang asked stupidly.

The God of Wealth nodded, “Yes.”

“I want to know, if Guo Wuji answers wrong, or if he wants to drag us into the water, what will happen?” Xiao Haitang asked again.

The God of Wealth gave a confident smile, “At that time, what you will face is a God of Wealth that you can never defeat. After all, in this world, I am the master.”

Mulan and Xiao Haitang took a breath.

Damn it!

Having said that, I really want to thank Guo Wuji for his last self-sacrifice.

It was a bit difficult for everyone to accept this fact, and it was really dangerous.

At this time, Wiliam looked at the God of Wealth, and slowly asked, “God of Wealth, what is your destination?”

The God of Wealth sighed and smiled reluctantly: “Young Master, you finally asked this question.”

He slowly peeled off his upper body clothes, exposing his chest.

“Young master, the heart of the slave is the key to the next level.”

“Please Young Master!”

“Take your heart!”


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