Dragon Husband 1041-1045

Chapter 1041

Take the heart!

Two words are like mountains!

Everyone can’t breathe!

They had just freed from the tense answering questions, and instantly fell into a sad atmosphere.

Wiliam’s brows were locked tightly.

The God of Wealth smiled reluctantly, “Young Master, there is no need to have too many doubts, this is our destiny. I should have said the same thing by Angry Horse.”

Mulan’s tears burst out this time, and she covered the clothes of the God of Wealth with all her hands!

She never thought about it anymore!

I don’t want the tears to come out after my brother died!

I don’t even want to, my brother is dead in his own hands!

“God of Wealth, I tell you! You are just a bunch of lunatics! What kind of destiny are you! Can’t you tell me! Why do you want this! Why do you want this!” Mulan shouted.

The God of Wealth said compassionately to Mulan, and said softly, “Mulan Sect Master, you will know it eventually, not far, not far…”

Mulan froze there.

I will know too.

Could it be…

Thinking of this, her heart trembled uncontrollably.

“Young master, low slave, sorry for you!” The God of Wealth seemed to know that Lu Yexin couldn’t bear it.

He suddenly grabbed the two golden thorns with both hands, and quickly slipped on his chest!

Then he even pulled out his heart directly!

A handful of hard work, dripping in front of everyone!

Mulan glared wide and yelled: “No!”

Will a person die immediately after his heart is taken out?

Will do……

However, the god of wealth does not have it.

The God of Wealth held this heart that was still beating in the heat.

Because of his weakness, he knelt on his knees in front of Wiliam…

He just knelt, slowly raising his hands.

Sacrifice their sincere heart to the Lord of Kylin!

“Young master, low slave, gone…” The God of Wealth whispered low, his head drooped and he died.

But his body was still kneeling in front of Wiliam.

Both hands are still holding upwards.

Heart, still beating…

Like the lifeblood of a unicorn, immortal forever!

Wiliam’s tears fell directly.

He stretched out his trembling hand, held this hot heart, and held it high.

It also seems to tell this world of the immortality of a man!

Mulan burst into tears, holding the corpse of God of Wealth tightly with both hands.


Why is this!

This damn fate!

This disgusting fate!

One of her heart was broken into pieces!

However, God of Wealth is dead forever.

She buried the god of wealth on the spot as she did a few days ago.

And Wiliam still kept guard for the God of Wealth for three days and three nights.

In these three days, Guo Wuji finally woke up.

When he woke up, the first sentence was “Is Lao Tzu dead? Hahaha!”

Mulan was so angry that she just wanted to beat him.

And Guo Wuji also saw a tombstone with blood characters close at hand.

He fell silent.

I didn’t see the God of Wealth dead, and I knew that God of Wealth gave his answer for this question and answer.

Three days later, Wiliam led everyone to the quaint gate.

This time, the door is different.
It was locked by a huge chain.

And the huge chain, the center of the lock, was empty.

The shape is just like a heart.

Lu Yexin had a clear understanding, so he put the half-dry God of Wealth heart on it.

The huge chain was stained with hard work, and suddenly a golden light came out.

Then with a loud bang, the chain broke.

This time, Wiliam still chose to seal.

The door opened slowly.

A strong aroma came out from inside.

Wiliam Lu hesitated, and stepped in.

This step, change the scene.

After entering the door, everyone shouted in exclamation.

This valley is very different from all previous valleys.

Beautiful to the extreme.


There are peach blossoms everywhere and cuckoos crowing everywhere.

Birds and flowers.

Xiao Haitang couldn’t help exclaiming, “It’s too beautiful too! Is this a paradise?”

With that said, she hurriedly took out the camera to be afraid.

But seeing the crack on the camera, her expression changed slightly, as if she was thinking of those scenes in the last valley.

However, she smiled immediately, became soft and confident, and took a picture.

Guo Wu Ji was wrapped up like a zombie. He opened his mouth to talk, but found that his mouth was also wrapped.

Wiliam asked Guo Wuji to check his lower body, and in the end it was the same as the last one. As expected, when everyone got here, their body and internal strength recovered.

But the realm naturally fell again.

Wiliam helped Guo Wuji remove his bandage.

His body is as good as ever, even he himself feels incredible.

“This level is so beautiful, shouldn’t you fight and kill, right?” Guo Wuji was liberated and immediately said loudly.

But Wiliam shook his head and pointed to the door behind him.

Everyone looked back.

Three characters are written on the door, which is the name of this valley.


Everyone sees these three words, their hairs are standing up.

Such a beautiful place, accompanied by such a killing name.

It was shaved, bone, and knife.


“It should mean: the color is a scraping steel knife.” Wiliam said slowly.


Guo Wuji slapped his head, “Yes, after passing through qi and wealth, this level is naturally lust. Hehe, I just don’t know if this valley will pass the beauty level, they make me beauties haha I’ll give you the bottom line in advance. Don’t say I didn’t say anything in advance. As for me, even though I’m righteous, the most unbearable thing is that others use beauties against me haha!”

Mulan’s eyes widened, and she knocked Guo Wuji’s head fiercely!

This dog thing that does not grow!

Don’t lose all your only good feelings before.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps ahead.

Everyone looked up.

I saw a few people slowly appearing in the blossoming peach blossom forest ahead.

It’s a group of men.

This group of men are handsome and handsome.

They are dressed in white silk clothes.

The white clothes are loose, as if pulling the ribbon around their waist casually, the clothes can fall down.

Xiao Haitang’s eyes looked straight.

Isn’t this special, it’s not a beauty plan, it’s a beauty man plan?

She couldn’t help picking up the camera and photographing all these beautiful men.

“There are people, look at the back.” Guo Wuji showed no interest in the monsters in this group of monsters, and suddenly pointed at the back of the group of people.

I saw a peach blossom tent, carried on the shoulders by four men, and came slowly.

On the peach blossom tent, there is a delicate silk screen.

The wind blew the silk screen, raising a corner.

Everyone can vaguely see the figure of a slender beauty lying on her side…

“Fuck! There are really big beauties!” Guo Wuji looked at the back of this beauty, his saliva was about to flow down.

This group of people finally stopped slowly in front of Wiliam.

Several men, well-trained, stood in steps.

The woman in the incense tent walked out slowly behind the two men pulling up the silk screen.

She just stepped on the stairs made by these men and walked down step by step.

Seeing the beauty of this beauty, everyone took a breath!

All the country and the city!

Revlon the spring breeze!

Chapter 1042

This woman was so beautiful that Mulan and Xiao Haitang, ashamed of themselves, bowed their heads on the spot.

She is one meter eight feet tall!

A pair of big long legs is actually longer and straighter than Mulan.

She was wearing a pure white vest, and her waist was completely exposed in front of everyone.

And what makes nosebleeds come out is that there is a fiery red flower on her waist.

Looks extremely sexy.

This woman, although everyone is sure that she looks like a beautiful woman, they have never seen her before.

Only Wiliam frowned slightly when she saw her tattoo, as if thinking of something.

Mulan’s forehead is full of question marks.

Who is this hot woman?

There are so many handsome men around.

And looking at the respectful looks of these men, it seemed as if they were under this Q City ( Qena City ) woman.

But isn’t this valley a scraper?

There are angry horses and the god of wealth in front, so what appears in this level should be…

Grandma Tong is right.

What the hell is this woman?

This woman, looking at everyone’s eyes with satisfaction, smiled and became even more charming.

She stepped forward and stood in front of Wiliam, just a little bit shorter than Wiliam.

She was so courageous, she reached out and hooked Wiliam’s chin directly.

Then, a peach blossom face leaned forward, the distance between the two was only as short as a finger.

The beauty exhaled and said with a smile: “Little handsome guy, am I beautiful? Do you like it?”

Her hair was as long as a waterfall, moving with the wind, and the tip of her hair stroked Wiliam’s face.

However, Wiliam just slapped the Q City ( Qena City ) woman’s hand casually, took a step back, and said faintly, “Tongma, don’t scream.”



Mulan’s eyes widened in an instant!

My scalp is numb!

This suffocatingly beautiful woman turned out to be a child’s grandmother!

It’s ruining the Three Views!

In Mulan’s impression, Tongmao was like a monster.

He was only a little over one meter tall, with a pleated face, and looked like an old witch in a fairy tale.

The appearance is a bit ugly, it’s called people hate ghosts.

But now, this woman, not even taller than two, has long legs and her face is even worse.

The age seems to be only more than 20 years old, which is the perfect age for Fenghua peerless.

How could such a woman equate with the ugly grandmother!

One is in the sky and the other is on the ground!

The only thing they have in common is that they both like men.

“What are you talking about! You said that this woman is Tongma!” Mulan asked, ignoring Wiliam for a while, grabbing Wiliam’s clothes.

Wiliam nodded, “If I guess wrong.”

Mulan glared at this woman!

This beautiful woman smiled slightly, “Mulan Sect Master, don’t be unharmed.”

Mulan’s brains are excited!

“You’re such a child-like grandma! I’ll go! Don’t play like this!” she yelled out silently.

And this woman just nodded, as if she was cherishing, and said with a smile: “Well, to be precise, I am Tongmao, but now I prefer you to call my real name. My name is Wen Renqinxin.”

Wenren loves his heart, and his surname is Wenren and his name is love.

It’s really an extremely beautiful name, and it lives up to her current national beauty.

“A nice name.” Xiao Haitang pondered the name and couldn’t help but say it.

Wen Renqing seemed to be emotional, and smiled helplessly: “Yes, because the name is so nice, so it’s too heavy. Heavy, for so many years, I dare not mention my real name.”

Wiliam nodded slightly.

Also, this name alone does not have such a stunning match, it will only be a dog’s tail.

“How about? Am I beautiful here? Xanadu, but that’s it.” Wen Ren looked behind him intently, seemingly satisfied, “Beautiful view, beauty, beautiful man, drunk, really drunk.”

Everyone can’t help nodding, “Well, pretty.”

Guo Bukit’s saliva really came out.

Seeing such a beautiful woman, his little virgin heart couldn’t help but plop.

He hadn’t seen Tongmao’s ugly look before, so now he was full of fascination with people.

The face is like a peach blossom, no, more delicate than a peach blossom.

Who else in the world can be more beautiful than an enamoured girl?

For a time, Guo Wuji put off fireworks in his head, he seemed to be stupid, and nodded frantically, “Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!”

I don’t know whether the beauty he said is a person or a scene.

Seeing him as captured, Mulan couldn’t help knocking him on the head. It was really shameful.

Looks like you’ve seen it before!

“Wake up, you! Tong, no, Wen Renqin is not an ordinary woman, you will never want her.” Mulan didn’t want to be too blunt in front of Wen Renqin.

But Guo Wuji was furious, “You know a wool! Is a man’s feelings that you and a woman can understand? Don’t dictate here to affect Laozi’s thinking.”

Mulan was going crazy, she turned her back to him and ignored him.

Wen Ren Qingxin was looking at the round man in front of him with interest.

It looks ugly.

The character is a bit fun.

She couldn’t help but teased: “Little brother, do you like me?”

Listening to a seven-year-old man called Guo Wuji’s little brother, Mulan directly fought a cold war, it was too shameless!

But after all, she didn’t understand how Tongma turned from an ugly monster to a stunning beauty, so she didn’t know which side was the real her.

And Guo Wuji was screamed so in love by the people who heard it, and he felt his bones were tingling.

He nodded hurriedly and said, “I like it, I like it! Miss sister is so beautiful that I dare not look at it, but I can’t help it if I don’t.”

Don’t say, straight men talk love words, sometimes they are particularly chic.

Wen Renqin had heard too many sweet words in this life, and suddenly heard such a silly love word, he actually laughed out loud.

Suddenly, Guo Wuji’s head exploded directly.

Allure with a smile, but so.

Wen Ren Qingxin smiled and trembled, and suddenly pointed to the beautiful men behind him and said: “Brother, then do you think I already have so many male pets, will I fall in love with you? Or in other words, you want to get it? Me, why are you?”

Guo Wuji felt inexplicably hurt when he heard this.

These beautiful men turned out to be favorite male favorites…

The more beautiful a woman, the more hurt it really hurts.

Guo Wuji’s eyes were red, and I felt that in just one minute, he had experienced the whole process from meeting, to passion, and to broken love.

“But, it’s the first time I have seen a little brother like you, it’s quite likable. Little brother, are you willing to do something for me? Maybe I can promise to associate with you.” Wen Ren Qingxin walked to Guo Wuji and put his hand lightly on his shoulder.

Guo Bukit’s head started to set off fireworks again, from broken love to reunion.

“What’s the matter? Sister Shenxian! I won’t let you die!” Guo Wuji said unconvincingly.

Wenren fell in love with him, from a little sister to a fairy sister in an instant.

Wen Ren nodded in satisfaction, and suddenly came to Guo Wuji’s ear, spitting fragrance, and said softly: “Brother, you help others, kill Wiliam. Good.”

Chapter 1043

Guo Wu Ji was already in the mist, especially the voice of the fairy sister Jiao Di Di in his ears, and the faint peach blossom scented her body in his nose. He was completely foolish.

But when he heard her words, Guo Wuji was so excited that he immediately came to his senses.

He looked at Wen Ren’s heart in disbelief, and cried out, “You said, want me to kill Wiliam?”

This shout was immediately heard by everyone around him.

Everyone looked at Guo Wuji together.

Mulan flushed with anger, and pointed at Wenrenqinxin and cursed: “Wenrenqinxin, what’s the matter with you! What a skill to play with an ignorant groundhog! Is your conscience eaten by a dog? ! Those male pets who want to play with you!”

But when Wen Ren Qingxin still didn’t talk, Guo Wuji suddenly became furious, “Mulan, why did you talk to my fairy sister! Keep your mouth clean!”

Mulan looked at Guo Wuji in disbelief, as if a few golden characters were printed on his forehead!

Love is too heavy to beat the chest two or two!

This bastard!

The old lady is still your sister! Who is the mother of hard work and sweet for whom!

In the end, a groundhog was scolded!

Ho ho, man!

“Guo Wuji! Listen to me! Your eyes were beaten by a cannon and I won’t say you! But look where this is! This is a scraper! She is using a beauty trick on you, you know!” Mulan couldn’t help cursing again.

I don’t know that Guo Wuji rolled his eyes and said, “I want you to say it! Why didn’t I know that this is a beauty trick! Are you deaf? I told you just now that I can’t stand the beauty trick! Still so big Beauty! Can I fall into trouble!”

The righteous words Guo Wuji said, several people around were dumbfounded!

What a genius!

Knowing that it is a trick, you have to jump in, saying that he is stupid, or that he is infatuated?

After Guo Wuji scolded Mulan, he turned around and showed a flattering smile at Wen Renqing, and said, “Sister Shenxian, I am willing to go through the fire for you, but sister, do you want to change a condition? After all, Wiliam is my friend…”

Wen Ren Qingxin smiled lightly and turned off the power to Guo Wuji, “The little brother is in your heart because you think Wiliam is more important. Okay, it’s because they are passionate and bother.”

Guo Wuji’s whole body is numb, “Sister, don’t leave, you are the most important in my heart! No one can replace it!”

Mulan was crying.

I called my sister so affectionate, you only met for a few minutes!

The old lady is your sister, and you were born to death, but did you call me sister?

Can you raise a white-eyed wolf that is not full!

Wen Renqing knew that Guo Wuji would say this for a long time, and she said with a weeping look: “Then you are willing to do this favor?”

At this time, Guo Wuji glanced at Wiliam weakly, and said in a low voice to Wenren, “Sister, it’s not that I won’t do you a favor. The main reason is, I can’t beat that girl, and that girl started fighting and eating. It’s like explosives, so fierce! Besides, his brain is so good, I’m always afraid of being cheated by him.”

Wen Ren Qingxin frowned, and complained: “Oh? He is too fierce? That person likes fierce, I’ll go to him to do a good job.”
“Hey, hey! Don’t! I’m not afraid to say something to you, I actually screamed so hard. Let’s talk about it.” Guo Wuji grabbed Wenren’s heart-warming hand, and started with a soft touch. , His heart is about to jump out.

Wen Ren Qingxin broke away from Guo Wuji’s hand, and suddenly smiled: “Then if someone has a way to win against Wiliam, can you do it?”

“Fuck! Go to death!” Guo Wuji stopped being moral.

“Then you come with others.” Wen Renqin suddenly took the initiative to reach out and took Guo Wuji’s fat hand and walked behind him.

Mulan was about to stop, but she heard Wiliam say: “Let him go, everyone has their own ambitions. Or to put it another way, if the previous level experienced his heart, then this level experienced his affection. Now. He is a complete man only after passing this level.”

Mulan was furious, “Damn! Are you the protagonist or the second guy the protagonist! A complete man, me! A man doesn’t have a good thing, and he can’t walk when he sees a beautiful woman!”

Wiliam smiled, but said nothing.

When Wen Renqing was pulling Guo Wuji back, she turned her head and glanced at Wiliam.

At this glance, it seemed to say, Master Young Master, the game has begun.

“Brother Wiliam, are you saying that Brother Bukit really has trouble? What if he really fights with you later?” Xiao Haitang asked with some worry.

Wiliam smiled and said: “When you fight, you will definitely fight. This kid, who has been locked up in his own home for a lifetime, is now coming out like a wild horse, and sadly, he suddenly met a man like The general existence of the king is loved by people, and the fall is bound to fall.”

Mulan brows brows, and she wants to take this scene and pass it to Guo Yulin. What a shame this stupid son is!

“Then what will you do later? Can you handle it, Brother Wiliam?” Xiao Haitang asked again.

Mulan replied: “Why don’t you go! Two stinky men, it’s best to kill them together!”

“Let’s take a look, this level seems to be difficult.” Wiliam said lightly, with a trace of worry between his brows.

He has a vague hunch.

I’m afraid, some of them are going to die.

At this time, everyone saw that Guo Wuji had followed Wen Renqing to the Taohuaxiang account.

Guo Wuji’s eyes were red when he smelled the faint fragrance of peach blossoms.

Wen Ren pulled Guo Wuji’s hand and jumped directly into the peach blossom tent.

This is like the boudoir of the eldest daughter of Huanghua.

Guo Buji buzzed his head and his breathing became extremely rapid.

Wen Renqin suddenly smiled and took out a simple porcelain bottle from there.

She shook the porcelain bottle, and said with a smile: “Brother, this bottle is big water. After drinking it, you will become as powerful as an ox, and it is easy to beat the leaves. Would you like to drink it for others?”

Guo Wu Ji has been fascinated by the literary people, there is still room for thinking.

He nodded hurriedly, “Yes! I will do whatever you say! I am willing to beat Wiliam to death for you!”

Wen Ren sneered and sneered, “Goodbye, my little brother is awesome. Okay, let me see how fierce my little brother is.”

Guo Wuji stretched out his hand to get the small porcelain bottle and expressed his willingness to drink it immediately.

However, Wen Renqin suddenly shook his wrist, and Guo Wuji could not catch it.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, “Sister, you…”

Wen Renqin showed a faint smile that dumped all living beings, and suddenly opened the porcelain bottle, and the strong water was in his mouth.

Then he approached Guo Wuji’s face and said vaguely but tenderly: “I will reward you first, open your mouth, ah…”

Chapter 1044

Guo Wuji’s eyes widened just like that, and he pried open his mouth under the two jade fingers that Wenren loved in a daze.

Then, under the eyes of everyone, Wen Ren Qingxin had no scruples, and kissed him like this.

Guo Bu Ji froze there.

His height is not as tall as Wenren Qingxin.

Wen Ren is in love like a domineering queen, condescending, in front of the world, declaring her sovereignty over a male servant.

Mulan got goose bumps all over her body when she saw this scene!

She couldn’t help shouting: “Guo Bukit, you bastard! Do you know the true appearance of the person in front of you!”

However, it was stopped by Wiliam.

Wiliam said lightly: “Mulan, have you ever thought about Tongma and Wenren’s love, which one is the real? Which one is the real her?”

Mulan was taken aback, then…

Is this the true appearance of Tongmao?

But this is impossible!

If a woman has such a face against the sky, how can she be willing to be an old woman with a horrible face?

Women can’t do this!

“Moreover, why have you ever considered a question, true love, why divide age, time and space? Even if this is Tongma’s mask, so what? As long as Guo Wuji likes her heart instead of her skin.” Wiliam added another sentence.

Mulan was trembling with anger, “What are you talking about! Guo Wuji is obviously a ghost now, and she was deceived by her like this! How long do they know each other? How long do you expect Guo Wuji to like her? You are crazy! Now, I don’t know you stinky men! Which one doesn’t like women to be beautiful! If your wife instantly becomes a seven-year-old woman, do you still like it?”

Wiliam nodded slightly, showing a gentle smile, “That’s really looking forward to it. I don’t have to go through wind and rain to grow up together. Well, I will continue to like it.”

“Ill!” Mulan didn’t bother to talk to the smelly man.

On the other side, after feeding the big water, Wen Ren adored Guo Wuji’s dazed face as if he was talking to himself, “Ho ho, I have seen such a foolish little brother for a long time. Compared to Wiliam Lai, although his looks and his temperament are far inferior, don’t have the silly energy to push forward for love. Go on, my little brother. I will wait for my little brother to triumph and give you a big hug.”

Guo Bukit stood there blankly.

His eyes became very strange.

Red and black, black and red.

His saliva flowed out uncontrollably.

What is even more shocking is that his body has gradually swelled up.

Then, starting from his forehead, a faint red color suddenly grew.

The red, like vines, continued to spread and bloom along his forehead, towards his face and his body.

After a while, his face and upper body were covered with a strange pattern.

Wiliam frowned slightly.

Wiliam had seen this pattern.

It was exactly the same kind of tattoo as Tongmao turned into when he was in Li’s house in Nanfang.

What is this!

At this time, Wen Renqing patted the eccentric Guo Wuji’s shoulder three times, and whispered: “Little brother, go. The rule here today is that you have to die alone to pass the test. Go, go to Lu Pluck Ye’s head, and sacrifice to me, my brother, for your loyalty.”
Guo Bukit’s height soared to two meters, completely plunged into a frenzy and foolishness.

He nodded and walked towards Wiliam.

Every step, dong dong dong!

Great momentum!

Mulan’s eyes widened and she said in horror: “This kid, what has happened to her body! Why can I feel the suffocation coming from him at a distance!”

Wiliam faintly replied: “Now, although he has no internal strength on his body, but his physical condition has reached the peak, I am afraid that it will be powerful if he punches it!”

“Brother Wiliam, can you beat it?” Xiao Haitang asked worriedly.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that with my current strength, even if you add together, you won’t be Guo Wuji’s opponent anymore.”

“Damn! It won’t be so awesome! Then how do we fight this game?” Mulan also became anxious.

At this time, Wiliam showed a trace of sadness and smiled helplessly, “Perhaps, we can only get here in the end. Actually, it’s not too bad, what do you think?”

Mulan’s stubborn temper came up, “Did we just give up like that! This doesn’t look like your character! No! You can’t give up!”

Wiliam looked at Mulan amusedly, “I said, what are you doing here? Do you have any goals that must be achieved when you come down?”

Several people were taken aback and shook their heads.

Yes, Mulan came with Wiliam from the beginning, she had no purpose at all.

And Xiao Haitang is for taking pictures, the ones taken before are enough.

As for Xiao Wangqing, I don’t know where it came from.

The real purpose is to be Wiliam alone.

However, Mulan couldn’t swallow this breath, because in her impression, Wiliam was omnipotent.

She was about to say something when she suddenly saw a trace of sadness flashing in the depths of Wiliam’s eyes.

Her head burst!

Yes, giving up is not in line with Wiliam’s style.

Then why did he give up?

I’m afraid, it has something to do with wine and wealth, right?

He didn’t want to know that some of his brothers and sisters would die.


Mulan suddenly thought of a most likely cause.

If you pass this valley, who will Wiliam face next…

Wiliam, don’t you want to face this…

However, no matter how much he doubted this kid, how could he be cruel and deal with him!

What will happen in the next valley?

For a while, Mulan’s eyes were all red.

She didn’t know whether Wiliam’s thoughts were based on sincerity or hypocrisy.

“Then, will you die?” Mulan asked in a choked voice at the end.

Wiliam smiled faintly, “Life and death are unpredictable, who knows? If you die, you will die. I have enough sins on my back.”

With that, he took a step forward.

Guo Bukit has already come to him.



Blow down at Wiliam, leaving no extra effort!

Wiliam jumped aside!

This punch hit the ground!

There was a tremor on the ground!

This punch is extremely powerful!

Lu Yerao jumped to the side, but was still affected by the lingering power of this punch!

His body was shocked!

Although Guo Wuji is tall and big now, he looks very cumbersome.

But he was unexpectedly agile.

He leaped in the direction of Wiliam, reaching out his hand directly, grabbing Wiliam in the air!

Then, he raised Wiliam high with both hands and roared wildly!

It was as if to tear Wiliam to pieces alive!

Chapter 1045 I like it!

Mulan and Xiao Begonia have split their eyes!

“Guo Wuji! Don’t!” They shouted at the same time!

When Wen Renqing saw this scene, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

She covered her eyes.

But at the moment when he was covering his eyes, a line of tears was clear, and it was slowly drawn down his cheeks.

Master Young Master, this is our destiny.

And this is the mission given to us by your grandfather.

We are your subordinates, but also your insurmountable enemies.

So be it……

The moment Wiliam was caught, his eyes slowly closed.

Wiliam, it’s not that there is no way to fight Guo Wuji.

It’s just that he is really tired.

Angry horse, god of wealth.

He is burdened with too many sacrifices made for him by others.

“Why! Why!” Guo Wuji under him suddenly roared out in a low voice.

This sound surprised several people immediately.

Guo Wuji, is he still conscious?

Can speak?

Hasn’t he lost himself completely?

Even Wen Ren Qingxin looked confused.

In the end, she seemed to have figured out something, and looked at Guo Wuji with even more surprise.

Big water has a characteristic.

That’s what works for men who are obsessed with sex.

As long as you drink big water, you are completely lost in your mind, and from then on, you can only listen to the orders of one person.

It’s like the male favorites behind Wenrenqingxin now.

However, Daeshui also has a characteristic.

For the most affectionate people, the efficacy of the medicine will be greatly reduced.

Wen Renqing has felt that Guo Wuji, the little fat man, looks like other stinky men, and looks completely obsessed.

The only difference is that this kid has a funny temper.

But I never thought that this little fat man was actually very affectionate.

Simple to the extreme.

In other words, this kid, wouldn’t he really like himself?

Isn’t it just liking your own appearance?

Thinking of this, Wen Renqin felt uneasy and shy in his heart.

She has seen countless men in her life, and she has always talked about love for a night.

And those men were all very excited about her.

They all know that the body of a beauty does not belong to anyone, so contempt and jealousy will inevitably arise in their hearts.

Ever sincerely, to like her?

Now, there is a fool?

It’s really weird.

Wen Renqin held this weird mind, and planned to keep watching.

Otherwise, she would immediately order Guo Wuji to kill Wiliam.

When Wiliam heard Guo Wuji’s words, he suddenly gave a wry smile and replied, “There is no why.”

The voice just fell!

Guo Bukit looks like thunder and anger!

He shook his hands hard!

He actually threw Wiliam to the ground!

He, condescendingly, stared at Wiliam like a villain!

“Get up! You fight with me! You fight with me head-on!”

Guo Wuji seems to be crazy, his hair is windless and automatic!

“I still remember! What did you do to me in the First Valley!”

“I hate you! I want to kill you now! Why didn’t you fight back!”
Guo Wuji shouted sharply.

However, when everyone heard this, it didn’t have a taste.

Guo Wuji, do you really hate Wiliam?

Not necessarily?


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