Dragon Husband 1046-1050

Although in the first valley, there was indeed a gap between the two.

But after so many valleys, Guo Wuji seemed to be a different person.

Especially when the seedlings were lost in the last grain, how much Guo Wuji trusted Wiliam, and also showed the responsibility of a man.

How could Guo Wuji hate Wiliam again?

So, doesn’t Guo Wuji have the heart to kill Wiliam?

And Wiliam, lying on the ground, as if he was relieved, said lightly: “Guo Wuji, have you ever liked girls?”

Guo Wuji was taken aback, as if something entangled in his head, he suddenly covered his head in pain!

This is the medicinal effect of big water.

Lost your mind in the name of love.

Lu Yezheng took care of Guo Wuji’s discomfort, and continued to ask, “Have you liked it? Is it because Wenren loves it?”

Mulan thought Wiliam was crazy!

At this juncture of life and death, if you are sick, there are other things to mention!

Suddenly Guo Wuji couldn’t bear it, and roared to the sky!

The domineering roar seems to shock the sky!

And the peach blossoms around them were shocked by this domineering roar!

Countless pink peach petals, slowly falling down.

This world turned into a pink dream because of an ugly and unpleasant roar!

Even Wenren’s love can’t help but raise his head.

The peach blossom fell on her face, more than Hua Jiao.

After this roar, Guo Wuji’s scarlet tattoo faded by two points.

He lowered his head to look at Wiliam, still speaking the most determined words in a ugly voice.



Like it like a flower!

Like it like a star rain!

Like the mountains and the sea!

Like the sunset over the river!

I like to go to a whole world, all peach petals, all other shore flowers, all are loved by people!

As for why you fell in love with a woman so quickly?

Because of the peerless appearance?

There seems to be a little bit, but it is definitely not the main one.

Guo Bukit was kept at home since he was a child, with a simple mind.

He is more sensitive than others.

I can see through the loneliness and misery behind Wenren’s heart-wrenching form.

In Wenren’s heart, Guo Wuji saw himself inexplicably.

Finally escaped from the house, wanting to indulge.

In the end, he was still alone.

This kind of empathy made Guo Wuji fall in love with Wenren Qingxin.


and so!


“It’s good to like the feeling of being alone?” Wiliam smiled suddenly, smiling very gently.

Kuo Bukit burst into tears suddenly!

The huge body slowly bends down.

In the end, he actually knelt beside Wiliam.

If it wasn’t for Wiliam’s question, Guo Wuji, this pig brain!

How can I think about it so much!

Now, I want to understand that this kind of transparent consciousness also gave him infinite strength!

“Well, very good. In this life, I don’t have such a good life.” Guo Wuji’s voice is still unpleasant, but it has also become very gentle.

It seems that all barbarians have become chivalrous and tender because of love in their hearts.

Mulan and others were shocked by the current Guo Wuji.

It is difficult for them to describe and determine whether Guo Wuji is a man or a devil.

However, they knew from nowhere that Guo Wuji now has beast-faced benevolence.

“So, Wiliam, tell me! Now, what am I going to do! What the hell am I going to do!” Guo Wuji’s body was shaking!

On one side, it was a woman he fell in love with for the first time in thirty-two years.

On the one hand, is the benefactor who completely overthrew him over the past thirty-two years and announced it again!

How does he choose!

“Idiot, choice, do you still have to think about it?” Wiliam suddenly smiled.

“Didn’t you understand how you like it?”

“Forget it, let me teach you one last thing, what is like.”

“Like it, just become a demon for her…”

“No regrets, no regrets!”

Chapter 1046 Self-destructive!

“I, I understand.” Guo Wuji suddenly snarled, then stopped speaking.

The others stared at Guo Wuji closely.

I don’t know what Guo Wuji understands and what choice he will make.

Kuo Wu Ji suddenly got up slowly, affecting everyone’s sight.

He folded his body and walked over to Chao Wenren.

Wen Ren adored his hands and held the peach blossoms, and he was watching this uglier man walk over.

Guo Wuji stood in front of Wenren’s heart, watching her deeply.

Beauty and the Beast.

“Wen Ren loves, I like you.” Guo Wuji’s deep voice appeared again.

The sound is totally unsatisfactory, but it makes people feel inspiring.

Wen Ren was enamoured that Guo Wuji would turn around and confess to himself.

She also looked at Guo Wuji without talking.

But to be honest, for a moment, she felt her heart beat hard.

For Wen Renxin, Guo Wuji’s appearance is simply ugly.

Compared with the handsome men around her, she was humble into the dust.

But what about Wenren Qingxin?

Is appearance important to Wenren Qingxin?

Don’t forget, how ugly was she when she was a child grandmother?

At that moment, her heart beat fast, but she forced it down.

“So, Wenren loves, I’ll ask you again, what should I do?” Guo Wuji asked.

Wen Renqing answered this time.

She showed a faint smile, just as before.

“Of course, I listen to them and do their business. Why, do you have any questions? They agreed to you just now. You killed Wiliam for others, and they can consider and associate with you.” Wen Ren Qingxin said with a smile.

But don’t know why, she added another sentence in a ghostly manner.

“Of course, it’s the same relationship with them.” She pointed to the handsome male pets behind her.

After saying this, Wen Renqin’s face suddenly blushed, and she was a little afraid to see Guo Wuji.

Does this count, want to cover it up?

“I see.” Guo Wuji didn’t seem to care about the second half of Wenren’s heart.

He suddenly walked to the middle of Wiliam and Wen Ren’s heart, and then grinned unpleasantly.

“Wen Ren Qingxin, do you remember me? My name is Guo Wuji, even if you, can you remember me every minute and every second?” Guo Wuji’s face became unusually gentle.

But his posture was extremely humble.

It makes people feel distressed.

Wen Renqing didn’t know what he was going to do, so he smiled reluctantly, “Brother, you are in people’s mind.”

Guo Wuji nodded heavily.

For the woman he fell in love with for the first time, he believed it thoroughly.

“You just said that the condition for passing this level is to die alone, right?” Guo Wuji confirmed again.

A bad premonition suddenly emerged in Wen Renqing’s heart.

She bit her head and said, “Yes, but…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly saw Guo Wuji slap in the face and slapped her forehead fiercely!

“Boom!” His huge body was blasted directly to the ground by this shot!
Eyes, ears, nose, and nose are bleeding instantly!

Wen Ren’s pupil shrank, and a heart was blown up by Guo Wuji’s palm!

She lifted her left foot half a point, but finally let it down again.

Wiliam was on the ground, but jumped up and rushed directly in front of Guo Wuji, picked up Guo Wuji, and sternly shouted: “Guo Wuji! Are you crazy!”

Guo Wuji’s vitality is still not cut off, he opened his eyes and barely looked at Wenren not far away.

“Wenren loves, you can remember me for a second, I’ll remember you for a lifetime, so that’s great…” Guo Wuji said slowly, every word comes from the heart and is powerful.

Wen Renqin’s eyes only felt red, but he immediately concealed the past.

Long live Honglian on Wiliam shot Guo Wuji’s body frantically!

“You kid! Do you understand what I just said! You like her! You have to save your life to like her! You are simply a pig!” Wiliam shouted angrily.

However, Guo Wuji looked at Wiliam and smiled: “Wiliam, although I didn’t know you before, the remarks you just said gave me inspiration. I’m stupid, but I can still faintly. I know, someone who can say this must have a woman in his heart hidden in his heart, right?”

Wiliam was stunned for a moment.

Does this pig still have a brain?

“So, you also said, you have to save your life and go to see the person you like? How many minutes is my liking, or is it humble to the dust? So, since you are going to die, I’ll be fine if I die.” Guo Wuji coughed up blood.

He seemed to have been opened up, and continued: “Wiliam, although I have known you not long ago, I really appreciate you. It is you who taught me freedom and love. Ho ho, an ugly man with you Will it be disgusting to talk about freedom and love?”

Mulan rushed over, crying in tears, “Guo Wuji! You are not allowed to die for me! Otherwise, how can I explain to Guo Yulin!”

Guo Wuji continued: “So Wiliam, you are my great benefactor. I am a man. I still understand the truth of the report. How could I kill you? Then I am not a beast. Why not? So, the best way is to leave without complaint and regret after I have said my heart. I have both freedom and love, and I am satisfied and have no regrets.”

“Think about it, will I be a big carrot, and will I not know how to cherish it after I am attracted by people? Hahaha, it is really possible. So, it’s best if I like it before but never get it. Pass. At this moment, what do you think of Wiliam?”

The crowd heard that Guo Wuji was still shameless to say these words before he died, and they obviously wanted to scold him for being affectionate, but they couldn’t speak.

No one noticed that the Wenren on the side was enamored with tears in his eyes.

“Wiliam, will he die? Are you very good at medicine! Save him!” Mulan suddenly grabbed Wiliam’s hand helplessly.

Wiliam shook his head, “This kid, he is so cruel to himself, he is totally unrelenting! He can talk now, it is up to me to hang on to a sigh…”

At this time, Guo Wuji suddenly coughed heavily, and his eyes were lost.

Wiliam was anxious, long live Honglian in his hand, urging him desperately!

However, it does not help.

At this moment, there was a sound of laughter and crying from the side.

“I heard people love me in this life, and I can be liked by sincere people? Ho ho ho, funny! So funny! A idiot! A rubbish! Why do you like me! Damn! It’s damned!”

“Such a person, don’t you die? God! You answer me! Are you dead! Are you trying to play to death, I hear people love!”

Hearing people’s heart to the end is to shout out loud and look up to the sky!

Burst into tears!

The energy in her body suddenly went wild, and the entire peach blossom forest was full of peach blossoms!

Finally, a peach blossom barrier is formed.

The peach blossom barrier, wrapped Wen Ren Qingxin’s whole person.

With the last peach blossom falling.

The voice of Wenren’s love came from this peach blossom barrier.

“Before I regret it, take this idiot! Get out of me!”

“One more thing, don’t talk about killing!”

Chapter 1047

Mulan suddenly raised her head and looked at the peach blossom barrier.

But where is the figure of Wenren’s heart.

“She?” Mulan couldn’t help but asked Wiliam.

By instinct, Mulan was able to perceive, as if the last sentence of smelling people’s heart, there was something else.

But Wiliam picked up the dying Guo Wuji on the ground and rushed towards the quaint gate not far away.

Mulan quickly picked up Xiao Wangqing on her back and followed.

“Damn! What the hell do you mean! What’s the situation now!” Mulan asked Lu Yedao while running wildly.

Wiliam’s eyes were a little sad, and he said faintly: “Have you forgotten? As long as we reach the next valley, as long as Guo Wuji still breathes in, he will be back as before.”

Mulan was taken aback, as if that was indeed the case.

When they were in the first two valleys, no matter how many injuries they suffered, as long as they reached the next valley, they would recover.

However, Wiliam meant…

“You mean, we passed the customs? Wenren said that we passed the customs?” Mulan asked blankly and in disbelief.

Wiliam nodded carelessly, “Right.”

Mulan’s eyes widened, “No, isn’t it? It’s that simple? I thought it was so difficult! By the way, didn’t Wen Ren Qingxin say that one person must die in this level? Can the rules be changed at will?”

Wiliam’s eyes became more sad, he turned his head and glanced behind him, and slowly said, “Someone is dead.”

Mulan Shun Wiliam looked back, but she suddenly covered her mouth!

Two lines of tears came out directly!

The peach blossom barrier is slowly disintegrating.

Like a beautiful artwork in the world, it shattered gently with a bang.

Suddenly, the cracked peach blossoms fluttered with the wind.

Each piece of peach blossom is more enchanting than the previous pink.

It is also more tragic.

In the original peach blossom barrier, a poignant figure had fallen to the ground.

Covered with blood.

Mulan Dou’s tears fell madly!

She finally understood what Wiliam had said just now, and also what Wen Renqing had said before.

If one person died, Wiliam would not die, and Guo Wuji would not die.

Dead, but the invincible Wenren in this peach blossom world loves it!

Is she invincible?

Mulan has always thought that for a woman like Wen Renqing who is good at playing with men, her greatest invincibility lies in playing with people’s hearts.

She can let countless men die for her, and she can laugh at those men going crazy for her.

Even when she died, she would not shed a tear or move a bit of compassion.

But a woman who is so indifferent to men!

Today, for a man who has just met for less than ten minutes!

Give birth!

Is this still Wenren’s love in Mulan’s impression?

Pieces of peach blossoms fell, and a peach blossom rain started in front of Wiliam and Mulan.

It seemed to be showing the way for Wiliam.

The peach blossom was stained with blood.

Every peach blossom has love.

Every peach blossom also has blood.

It is the love of beasts and the blood of beauties.

Wenren loves to die.

He kept calling Guo Wuji an idiot, rubbish, he deserved it, and he deserved it.

But in the end, at the cost of sacrificing one’s own life, he perfected everyone, no, it should be Guo Wuji.

This woman who has been in love for a lifetime and has no love for her life, wouldn’t it be true that she was enamored with that fat man?


Have you really played with a woman’s heart!

Let her love this life and die if she is emotional.

Mulan touched the tears on her face, but her footsteps became firmer and she followed Wiliam.

When everyone came to the gate, Wiliam’s footsteps stopped slightly.

He looked at Mulan.

But Mulan crossed Wiliam’s position.

The first one opened the door.

At this moment, she really wants to know!

What a damn fate!

Let the wine and wealth be so sad!

As the leader of wine and wealth, then, come!

Take a good look!

This disgusting fate!

Wiliam sighed, and suddenly cut his palm lightly.

A burst of bright blood came out.

Then, he strode into the door.

As if switching at the same time, as soon as they entered this door, everyone smelled a strong aroma of wine.

It seems that this world is full of wine.

But no one has to explore these first.

They all looked at Guo Wuji behind Wiliam.

Guo Wu Ji’s body has returned to its previous appearance.

Even the previous clothes were torn because of the swelling of the body, and now they are restored to their original condition.

He seemed to be sleeping behind Wiliam, still snoring.

Mulan was angry, and rushed over and knocked Guo Wuji’s pig’s head severely.

Guo Wuji suddenly woke up from his sleep, jumped off Wiliam’s back, looked left and right, and looked nervous, “The enemy attack! There is an enemy attack! Who beat me!”

Lu Yezheng took Guo Wuji’s attention, and he spread his hands.

I found that the hand I had scratched just now has also recovered.

There was a strange feeling in his heart.

“The enemy attacked your uncle!” Mulan couldn’t help cursing.

Now Mulan doesn’t know what to think of Guo Wuji.

Say he is a hero. If there is no Guo Wuji in the last valley, then everyone will face a dead end.

And to call him a trash, he directly killed Wen Ren Qingxin.

After Guo Wuji was scolded, he looked at the world and suddenly asked, “Huh, I’m not dead? Did we get through?”

Mulan gave him a fierce look!

Guo Buji immediately patted his chest and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, I said I am a lucky star! You said, if there is no me in the last valley, would you be helpless? Hahaha, I am It’s the most powerful, this time you believe it!”

Mulan watched this guy regain her previous wretched appearance, and she stopped getting angry.

“Hey, but I’m not as good as you think. In fact, I’m still very afraid. I’m so afraid that I really died at that time. If I die, I will really regret my death. But it’s okay. , Now everyone is happy haha.” Guo Wuji was still dancing there.

Xiao Haitang said abruptly, “Wen Ren Qingxin, died to save you.”

Guo Wuji’s body suddenly stiffened.

But just for a moment, he regained his hippie smile, “Hahaha, I like her, so what? That beauty looks good, but there are too many men. Who is Guo Wuji? Of course I need to find a wife. Look for someone who is innocent. But it’s also considered that the beauty has the eyes to see, and there is no way to do it to me, I am so likable, let’s go!”

After speaking, he took the initiative to walk forward, not paying attention to everyone behind him.

Mulan sighed, looked at the hippie smiling fat man, caught up a step, and asked behind him: “Dead fat man, I will ask you one sentence, you said so much, which one is true and which one is false? “

Guo Wuji stayed for a while, and still said in a frivolous tone: “Ahhahaha, old sister, you are quite smart, you can see through it, okay, okay, I can only tell you the truth.”

“All the words just now were false, only…”

“I like her, it’s true…”

Kwok Bukit’s voice became sad, tearful!

Chapter 1048

“Don’t follow me.” Guo Wuji dropped this sentence and quickened his pace.

As soon as Mulan was about to ask questions, Wiliam stopped him, “Let him be alone for a while. He needs time.”

Mulan stared at Wiliam in a daze, not knowing what to say.

Wiliam couldn’t bear to see Guo Wuji’s chubby body staggering forward.

In this journey, Guo Bukit can be said to be forced to grow up.

It seems that the growth pressure of more than 30 years has all poured down during this period of time.

Love is a fatal blow to him.

From liking someone to being willing to die for that person.

Then the person I like dies to save him.

How perfect this should have been.

It ended with such a tragic ending.

And the time span is only a few minutes.

It seems ridiculous, but moving.

I don’t know what will happen to Guo Wuji in the future?

“Hey, I found a question suddenly, and no one can ask.” Mulan on the side suddenly poked Wiliam’s waist with a twist.

“What’s the problem?” Wiliam asked.

“Isn’t this level of wine? I thought the boss of this level would be me, but now it doesn’t seem to be…” Mulan hesitated and said.

This is her biggest worry.

I was afraid that as soon as he came in, he would be killed after chasing Wiliam.

But it’s been a while since I came in, and it doesn’t seem to happen.

So Mulan was a little puzzled.

“Ho ho, do you think too much of yourself, you are the same as the second one?” Wiliam replied lightly.

Mulan’s tears were about to come out.

OK! Give you a face, right? Doesn’t you go to bed for a day?

He just had a bad mouth when talking to this guy?

“Speak clearly for me! Otherwise, I will be here today to walk for the sky!” Mulan stopped Wiliam all at once.

Wiliam said frowningly: “Now it can be basically confirmed that you are not an important person in this valley, let’s go.”

After hearing these words, Mulan became rejoiced, and she kept slapped her heart, and said with lingering fear: “Haha, it’s not good, it’s not good, I’m really afraid it’s me, wanting me to be self-sufficient to my friends I really can’t kill each other. After all, I am not Guo Wuji the second.”

Wiliam looked at Mulan deeply, without speaking.

Mulan glared at Wiliam, “Look at a woolen thread! Would you like to have a wife to respect yourself! Isn’t it good to be like this now?”

Wiliam was too lazy to say something, “If you are happy, let’s go.”

Wiliam never said a word in his heart.

If this level were not for Mulan, the situation would have become even worse.

I hope Mulan can hold on.

A group of people caught up with Guo Wuji. Guo Wuji turned away and said with a smile, “Look, it smells so good, I’m hungry.”

Guo Buji returned to his previous wretched appearance, but his eyes were extremely red.

Everyone didn’t want to break Guo Wuji, they just looked at the surrounding environment.

In this valley, the wine is wrong.

Hutianhudi, it’s all wine.
At this time, everyone saw a lot of things flying in front of them suddenly!

“Fuck! What’s that!” Guo Wuji’s entire expression changed, “I can’t do this at this level, but I can’t let me charge into battle anymore. Lao Tzu thinks it’s OK to keep it safe!”

Wiliam lifted his eyes and saw that the black wine jars that were flying here turned out to be dark.

These wine jars, like jackdaws overwhelming the sky, suddenly flew over everyone’s heads.

Then some of the wine jars fell, and some were still floating in the air.

Enclosed everyone in a small area of ​​one kilometer.

Guo Wuji suddenly became nervous, “I wiped, why are there so many bottles of wine! Is this level of wine fighting? I can’t do it. Let me start by saying, my mother has never let me drink since I was young, and now it’s too late to hug the Buddha.”

Wiliam didn’t speak, but just looked around.

These wine bottles show a regular arrangement one by one.

Basically, they are imprisoned in the shape of a cube.

“Check your current realm first.” Wiliam said.

Several people nodded one after another, closed their eyes and immersed themselves in their own world.

After Wiliam was the first to check, he still dropped an order.

When he opened his eyes, he happened to see a strange scene.

Seeing Guo Wuji’s eyes closed tightly, he seemed to be mobilizing his body’s breath.

However, with this transfer of him, a faint red color suddenly appeared on his forehead!

Then this faint red color spread like vines on Guo Wuji’s face.

Obviously, Guo Wuji also felt the changes in his body.

He suddenly opened his eyes!

However, after opening his eyes, his strange tattoos faded quickly.

Finally disappeared without a trace.

Seeing Wiliam looking at himself, Guo Wuji immediately grabbed Wiliam’s shoulder, and asked with excitement, “Wiliam! What did you see! Tell me! Tell me!”

Wiliam told Guo Wuji what he saw lightly.

To be honest, Wiliam also felt incredible when he saw this scene.

It’s not something from the previous level, can’t it be brought to the next level?

He proved this with wood bones and golden blood.

But what is going on with Guo Wuji now?

His tattoos grew out of the great water given by Wenren Qingxin.

Now it can be brought down here.

Kind of weird.

When Guo Wuji heard Wiliam’s explanation, his eyes suddenly turned red.

He seemed to have his soul drawn away, and he laughed bitterly, “Okay, okay, after all, it left me a little thought, ho ho, contented, contented…”

He was a big man, so tears fell.

And Mulan, who woke up on the side, looked at Guo Wuji like a fool, “Aren’t you? You are numb if you fell a step? Why are you crying? The more you live, the more you look like a lady. “

Guo Wuji hurriedly wiped the tears from his cheeks, and said with a big grin: “It’s not too comfortable to play in the first level, and now it’s a scumbag. The gap in my heart is too big and I can’t accept it. It’s all right now, haha.”

“Idiot!” Mulan cursed unceremoniously.

“Wiliam, what are we going to do now?” Mulan asked Wiliam again.

Wiliam looked straight ahead, as if seeing something.

He said faintly: “Someone is coming, Mulan, let me say a word first. In this valley, sometimes I can lend you my shoulder…”

Mulan sneered, “My old lady is rare? I know that you have a passion for my old lady.”

While talking, a figure slowly walked in from outside the wine jar matrix.

And seeing this person, Mulan’s face changed in an instant!

“mom, Mom, Mom……”

Chapter 1049 Man, Have Some Wine

Come here, all dressed in plain clothes and commoner Jingchai.

Her hair was randomly tied behind her back with a red rope, and her body was a little rickety.

However, her appearance is extremely young, like Mulan.

The only flaw is that her face is very pale.

When walking, there was a slight coughing sound.

Moreover, she was carrying a jar of wine impressively in her hand, while walking, pouring the wine.

A woman who looks so weak and gentle on the outside just drinks so boldly.

This conflicting scene is indescribably shocking.

And this woman was not exactly what Wiliam had seen before at Mulan’s house, Mulan’s biological mother, Mu Xiaolou!

When Wiliam saw Mu Xiaolou, his anxiety was magnified infinitely.

He had guessed it a long time ago, but he didn’t dare to be sure.

This level is wine.

If the master is not Mulan, who else?

Only Mulan is a rib.

The master of Guan could only be the previous master of the Qilin Gate, Mu Xiaolou.

After all, Mulan took over her mother’s position, so it was normal for her mother to appear here.

But Mulan was dumbfounded when she saw her mother walking like this.

Her head was hit by a heavy hammer, and she couldn’t believe what she saw before her!

Own mother!

It turned out to be here!

Still drinking!

Mother looks younger than when she was at home, but her pale appearance was even worse.

It’s just that when my mother is at home, she never drinks.

Why now…

And looking at her drinking, she was obviously very skilled, like an old alcoholic.

Mulan’s heart was completely messed up.

In an instant, she thought a lot!

She thought about the death of the first three friends.

I thought of how fate my mother should be in this level!

As long as she thinks that her mother might die, her heart will be as uncomfortable as a needle stick!

“Mom! Mom!” Mulan’s eyes reddened again.

She didn’t know how many times she had cried since she came to this ghost place!

And she finally understood what Wiliam’s last words meant.

This kid was afraid that he could not hold the blow, so he said he was willing to borrow a shoulder.

Therefore, she should have guessed it a long time ago.

Hearing Mulan’s call, Mu Xiaolou slowly approached.

She is a gentle woman to the extreme.

Suddenly she put down the wine in her hand and walked to Mulan, “Mulan, mother is here.”

“Mom! Why are you here!” Mulan was on the verge of collapse.

Mulan’s mother showed a bitter smile, “I can’t help myself, Mulan, my mother also has a lot of helplessness.”

Mulan was so uncomfortable that she just wanted to yell at her, you can’t help it!

God, you played me so badly!

“Would you like to drink?” Mu Xiaolou asked suddenly.

Mulan’s tears fell directly.

“Don’t you like to drink, after thinking about it, it should be my inheritance, ho ho. It’s a pity that you don’t drink well.” Mu Xiaolou said with a smile.
Mulan’s tears grew fiercer.

Before, she thought that she loves to drink and drink, because of her inheritance from Guo Yulin.

Unexpectedly, it’s mother!

Mu Xiaolou suddenly stretched out his hand.

The wine jar above my head just flew down two jars.

However, soon there will be new wine jars to fill the gaps in these two jars.

Mu Xiaolou caught the two jars of wine, threw a jar of wine to Mulan, then looked at Wiliam behind Mulan, smiled and said, “Master, I’m sorry, I’m just saying hello now, let’s not say anything else, and have a drink together at the bar. I haven’t been drinking for a long time, since I gave birth to this girl.”

Mulan’s expression became even more uncomfortable.

Wiliam took the wine and sat down.

Mu Xiaolou looked at Guo Wuji, Xiao Haitang, and Xiao Wangqing again.

First, Guo Wuji, she was taken aback, her expression was a bit bitter, “Your name is Guo Wuji, isn’t it? It’s Guo Yulin’s son, ho ho, he looks very happy.”

Guo Wuji also didn’t know how to face this woman at all.

He heard Wu Bili said that Guo Yulin liked a woman named Mu Xiaolou.

It stands to reason that Guo Wuji should call Mu Xiaolou a mother.

However, because of Wu Bili’s education, he hated Mu Xiaolou in his heart.

Now, after experiencing so many things, he hesitated to look at the gentle temperament of this Mu Xiaolou.

I don’t know how to face it.

Mu Xiaolou seemed to see through Guo Wuji’s thoughts, and she took a step forward and embraced Guo Wuji generously.

Even Mulan could see that her eyes were about to fall.

Guo Wu Ji was hugged by this, and the whole person was stupid.

He froze in place, afraid to move at all.

And Mu Xiaolou just hugged him like this, and suddenly said softly: “Silly boy, I hug you, not because of our embarrassing relationship. I hug you because I love you.”


Guo Wuji looked puzzled.

But in the next second, his eyes were also red.

Because Mu Xiaolou said emotionally: “I don’t think that Wen Ren is in love with that silly girl, who will be so romantic for a lifetime, and finally lose to a man who wants to look good and has no ability, it is her fate.”

“I always thought that the last level was a completely unfeeling level. No one can come here. I didn’t think that Wenren’s heart was defeated by you, ho ho, you kid, stupid, stupid. . Bless you. Also, remember what Auntie said, since you like it, go and persevere. God will pay off.”

Guo Bukit burst into tears.

Persist, now, is there still a chance to persist?

Wenrenqingxin has…

No matter how much regret, can time and space be reversed?

When Wiliam on the side heard Mu Xiaolou’s words, his heart suddenly moved.

Mu Xiaolou makes Wenren fall in love with a silly girl…

Also, say stick to what you like…

The information in it is huge.

Mu Xiaolou patted Guo Wuji on the shoulder before letting him go, “Drinking?”

Guo Wuji’s face became twisted and pinched, “I, I’m not very…”

“Man, I want to drink some wine.” Mu Xiaolou said involuntarily, and once again brought a jug of wine and handed it to Guo Wuji, with a gentle smile, “Otherwise, my heart is bitter, what can I do…”

Guo Wu Ji looked at the extremely gentle woman in front of him, and suddenly understood.

My father, why would he love this woman like his life!

Then Mu Xiaolou looked at Xiao Wangqing and Xiao Haitang.

The look in her eyes suddenly became very strange.

She smiled bitterly at Wiliam, “Master Young Master, I really convinced you. Although everything is in the dark, the Young Master did not deliberately act, but this seems to be the fact. I finally believe After that sentence, the dragon and tiger knelt in front of the emperor’s gate.”

“The two people next to you, one by one is amazing!”

Chapter 1050

Xiao Haitang and Xiao Wangqing looked at Mu Xiaolou blankly.


How awesome is it?

Especially Xiao Haitang, she looked at her body carefully, and she was unremarkable, and she was flat-chested and bad.

What’s so amazing?

Even Wiliam looked at Mu Xiaolou and asked, “What happened to them?”

Mu Xiaolou hesitated to speak, and finally sighed and said, “Next Valley, if you have the ability to get to the next valley, you will understand.”

Mulan’s heart became restless again.

Have the ability to move to the next level…

“Mom, don’t lie to me! Tell me, at this level, will you die?” Mulan cried loudly as if she was in a collapsed mood.

Facing Mulan’s sudden collapse, Mu Xiaolou felt distressedly on Mulan’s face and said softly: “Silly girl, it won’t be what you think.”

Mulan was taken aback and looked up at Mu Xiaolou.

Mu Xiaolou showed a bitter smile, and continued: “It’s not just me, maybe, we will all die here.”

Everyone’s eyes narrowed.

Mu Xiaolou picked up the jar of wine and took a sip, “Drink the bar first, at least until the jar of wine is finished, we can get along gently.”

This is a gentle and compassionate woman from the bone.

Everyone drank the wine in silence, only Mulan, as if cherishing the last time, fell into mother’s arms and cried and said: “Mom, I have so many things to tell you, I really regret it. I regret it, I didn’t treat you well before…”

Mu Xiaolou gently touched Mulan’s head, “Stupid boy, knowing daughter Mo Ruo mother, mother knows that if there is a chance, we have a chance.”

“Mom! Don’t lie to me! Do you know what I have gone through these past few days! Angry horse! God of Wealth, and Tongmao, they died in front of me one by one! They are really right in front of me! As for me, there is nothing I can do, I can only watch them die, watch them keep dying for the so-called fate, do you know how uncomfortable I feel? I’m so scared, I’m so scared of mother, you too…” Mulan couldn’t cry.

However, Mu Xiaolou just touched her head and stopped talking.

And Guo Wuji was obviously touched by what Mu Xiaolou said just now.

He was pouring wine bit by bit.

Obviously he didn’t know how to drink before.

While being choked by the wine, his eyes were flushed, but he drank stubbornly and refused to give up.

Wiliam was the only person who remained sober. He asked, “Mu Xiaolou, I want to know, what are the conditions for passing this level? I don’t believe it, there really is a dead end.”

Mu Xiaolou looked at Wiliam and smiled and said, “Young Master Wisdom Wushuang, I knew you would ask that way. There is only one condition for passing this level, that is, someone sees it through.”

“See through?” Xiao Haitang asked in surprise.

Mu Xiaolou nodded, “Um, I can see it through, but I can’t tell you the details. I will tell you all the secrets after you pass the level.”

Wiliam was lost in thought.

Seeing through, what is seeing through?

After a while, Mu Xiaolou suddenly asked, “Have you finished all your wine?”

Everyone nodded, feeling a little unbearable.

This woman, she really cares about people in every possible way, and she also asked her if she finished drinking?

If it’s this wine, can’t you drink it in a lifetime?

Mu Xiaolou showed a sorrowful smile, and suddenly threw the wine jar in his hand high, and smiled: “Then, time is here, let’s start.”

As her wine jar was thrown into the sky, the wine jar instantly ran into other wine jars.


There was a sharp crash.



Another small voice came.

Everyone looked up and their pupils dilated instantly!

I saw the dense wine jars in the sky suddenly crackling.

Then everyone saw a spark.

In other words, it is a trace of electric flowers.

This trace of electric flowers, like a snake, walked around the wine jars instantly.

All the wine jars seemed to be awakened.

Ever since, the entire sky was shining with light blue electric flowers.

this is!

Mulan looked up, her eyes were pale blue, and it was obviously another beautiful scene.

Xiao Haitang couldn’t help picking up the camera and took the picture.

Mu Xiaolou was still sitting on the ground and stopped drinking. “See? These beautiful little flowers. These little electric flowers will grow bigger and bigger until, in the world we live in, All blooming gorgeous blue flowers, um, my favorite blue flowers. At that time, if we have any regrets, let’s go to netherworld together.”

Mu Xiaolou spread his obsession, as if he was fascinated by the countless and soulful blue electric flowers in the sky and the surroundings.

And everyone heard it terribly.

The electric flower will become bigger and bigger?

Now that everyone is trapped here, isn’t it going to be electrocuted alive!

“Also, I won’t take action at this level, and even if you kill me, I can’t pass the level. So, go find a way. In order to meet the people you like again.” Mu Xiaolou continued Smiling, then closed his eyes.

This sentence directly made Guo Wuji anxious.

Although he yearns for freedom most, he is also present and fears death the most.

He looked at these electric sparks and couldn’t help thinking that the electric sparks magnified the tragic appearance of being electrocuted, and he was impatient!

Not enough to live!

Freedom finally gained!

The likes that are finally born!

How can you drink a jar of wine and die here without regret!

I can’t die!

I don’t want to die!

He suddenly attacked the surrounding wine jar!

“Wiliam! Tell me, if you destroy these wine jars, you can rush out of this cage!” Guo Wuji never saw his previous wretchedness again.

Wiliam said lightly: “It should be.”

Kwok Bukit got this answer and moved faster!

He suddenly punched and slammed into the nearest wine jar!


That wine jar broke!

Kwok Bukit was still overjoyed in the future, and suddenly saw that it was not wine that burst out of the wine jar!

It’s a blue lightning with stout arms!

This blue lightning, like a mad snake, struck Guo Wuji instantly!

Guo Wu Ji let out a tragic scream, and then fell directly to the ground.

Everyone could even smell a hint of barbecue.

Everyone’s heart is refreshing in an instant.

How powerful is this jar of wine?

Almost electrocuted Guo Wuji?


It is simply impossible to use this method to brutally break the game!


If it is that simple, is this still the eighth valley!

“What’s the name of this valley?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Mu Xiaolou opened his eyes and slowly spit out a few words, “Burning body flame. Wine is burning body flame.”


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