Dragon Husband 1051-1055

Chapter 1051

Burning flame…

Looking at Guo Wuji now, isn’t it just being persuasive.

Wiliam checked Guo Wuji’s body and found that he was seriously injured.

The appearance was almost scorched.

The whole figure seems to have just returned from Africa.

His hair was curly, and there was still smoke in his mouth.

A miserable look of being scorched by high-voltage electric power.

“Not useful, not useful,” Mu Xiaolou said slowly with his eyes closed.

There was unspeakable distress and regret in the tone.

At this moment, Mulan was the most complicated.

She felt extremely guilty.

This bureau is set up, and it is her mother who guards this level!

Could it be that everyone is really going to die here today!

“Wiliam, do you have any ideas?” Mulan asked Wiliam anxiously.

Wiliam shook his head, “Sorry, I can’t break it yet, it’s not good, so a little bit.”

Wiliam’s answer was very honest.

He had a vague guess in his heart, but this kind of guess, like a dragon, Wiliam couldn’t catch it.

It seems that there is only one line.

Be able to connect all his doubts together and explain clearly.

It’s almost a bit.

And Mulan looked at the wine jar that Guo Wuji had broken before, her brows furrowed and tears in her eyes.

“If you are interested, there are still a few jars of wine here. If you want to drink, just drink it. Maybe you won’t be able to drink it in the future.” Mu Xiaolou said with his eyes closed.

Behind her, I don’t know when a few jars of wine appeared.

Xiao Haitang is very anxious, when is it now, still in the mood to drink?

However, Wiliam walked over, grabbed a jar of wine and poured it into his mouth.

Not bad, a little bit.

What is the difference!

Where are the points that I want to catch that I can’t catch?

However, there is one point that Wiliam was thinking clearly.

So he asked: “Mu Xiaolou, you should have only said half of what you just said? What are you hiding from us?”

This time, Mu Xiaolou opened his eyes in amazement and looked at Wiliam.

Everyone’s hearts mentioned their throats.

Mu Xiaolou is hiding from everyone?

Mulan rushed over immediately, “Mom! What are you going to do! Why are you hiding from us! Say it!”

Mu Xiaolou smiled helplessly, “Master Young Master, I have always heard that you are unbelievable, but I didn’t believe it, but now it seems that no matter how much I overestimate, I can’t match you. Yes, I concealed it. one point.”

“What’s the point?” Mulan asked.

Mu Xiaolou sighed and said, “Actually, even if I say this, you can’t do it, so I chose not to say it.”

“Mom! How could we not be able to do it! You know, Wiliam is simply a personal plug-in, he can do anything, he is a miracle! Say it!” Mulan was anxious.

However, Mu Xiaolou looked at Mulan and said softly: “Silly boy, of course my mother knows that Wiliam is very smart, but in this level, the protagonist is not Wiliam.”

Mulan was taken aback, “Not Wiliam? Who is that?”

Seeing Mu Xiaolou looking at herself sadly, Mulan’s heart shuddered, and pointed to herself, “Mom, are you saying that the key to this level is me?”
Mu Xiaolou nodded, and said sadly, “I’m sorry, it’s your mother’s sinful fate that hurts you. Wiliam is a talent, but what about you Mulan?”

Mulan fell silent.

Here, it is indeed a very strange world.

The protagonist of the first two valleys is not Wiliam, but Guo Wuji.

Now that this valley is replaced by Mulan, it is understandable to think about it.

In the end, she seemed to have made up her mind, and said in a deep voice: “Mom, no matter what, I want you to speak out. I have been taken care of too much along the way, and I don’t want to owe favors for the rest of my life.”

Mu Xiaolou felt a pain in his heart, as if he was muttering to himself, “Owed favor, owed favor, ho ho, your mother has been owed favor in her whole life, ah, Mulan, then mother tells you well. .”

Mu Xiaolou’s eyes became fierce, “The key to passing this level is you. You can kill a few people around you, and you can walk out of this world alone.”

Mulan’s heart hurts!

She looked at Mu Xiaolou in disbelief!


Cannibalism again!

It’s exactly the same as the previous level!

Why is this!

“Mom! What are you guys going to do! Why do we have to kill each other! Is it magnanimity! Is it to achieve the magnanimity of our ruthless king? This is absolutely ridiculous!” Mulan was almost crazy, her entire face flushed red Up.

Mu Xiaolou reluctantly smiled and said, “My child, look, I said I don’t have to say it. But if you want to listen, I will tell you the whole story!”

Mu Xiaolou’s voice became a bit higher, and his eyes became sharp, “Mulan! Listen carefully! Whether you accept it or not, since you asked me to say this condition, the destiny has been opened!”

“Do you know? You should be the guardian of this valley! Originally, this valley should have been guarded by you. Mom couldn’t bear it, so…”

“So, there are two ways before you, either, inherit the identity of the master of this level, kill them, and get out of this world.”

“Or, let your mother take care of you, and you and your friends will live and die together!”

“You, regret it! Now, what choice do you make?” Mu Xiaolou rarely saw her flushed, tears in her eyes rolling.

And Mulan tightly covered her mouth and looked at her mother in disbelief!

The guardian of this valley was originally himself!

In other words, it was my mother, worried that she could not bear the pain of brotherhood, so she must endure the torture of bereavement and help herself guard!

Mulan trembled all over.

If it’s not for yourself, I’m not asking!

If not insist on yourself!

How would you know how many invisible blood and tears my mother paid for herself!


What choice!

Mulan thoroughly felt the torment of Guo Wuji in the last valley.

Wiliam suddenly held Mulan, and said lightly: “Sit down first, we have some time.”

Wiliam knew that no matter what Mulan chose, it was all wrong. To her, it was a serious scar.

“But, if I don’t make a choice…” Mulan’s tears fell rustlingly.

Choosing to be the master, she and her friends are destined to never die.

And if she chooses to be with everyone, she is worried about her mother…

How difficult to choose!

“It’s nothing, I’m here.” Wiliam suddenly said softly.

“After all, when it’s a last resort, I have one last way…”

Chapter 1052

“The last way? What way?” Mulan asked Wiliam as if grabbing a straw.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Let’s talk about it later, let me be quiet for a while.”

As he said, Wiliam closed his eyes too.

However, the wine in his hand could not stop.

He needs stimulation.

His head needs to turn frantically.

what exactly is it?

What’s missing?

Obviously I have to figure it out.

Can you be relieved by seeing through this game?

Wiliam was lost in thought.

And as time passed by, everyone watched the sky and the blue light around them, which kept getting bigger.

It continues to spread among them.

It should take another ten minutes before the blue electric sparks will spread to them.

In Wiliam’s head, scenes of incredible scenes flowed slowly.

There seems to be no connection at all.

The first valley, spring four wilds.

Wiliam brought the Snake Grass mother root down to the second valley.

The second valley is the Everlasting River.

The size of a compass, a completely incredible moon.

Alternate day and night, just between the glacial mammoth.

The entire river of perpetual difficulty is felt by the glacial mammoths.

The third valley, Stone Town.

The fourth valley, Ye Fuqiu.

Wind sand, killing the line, the ultimate mental strangulation.

The fifth valley, no fireworks.

The angry horse appeared fatefully.

The realm of everyone soared, which was very strange.

And finally stepped on his body, carrying his wood bones and blood, down to the sixth valley.

The golden blood of the wood bone disappeared without a trace in the Sixth Valley.

The sixth valley, human seedling damage.

Sure enough, he was the god of wealth, he sacrificed immortally and sacrificed his heart.

Seventh Valley, scraper.

Similarly, the golden thorn of the God of Wealth that was brought down disappeared, and everyone’s injuries recovered instantly.

The incarnation of Tongmao is full of love and love.

The tattoo on Guo Wuji’s body has taken him into the next valley.

Now this valley, the eighth valley, burns the body flame.

Mulan was supposed to guard, but was replaced by her mother’s kindness.

Blue electric flower.

Scene after scene, spinning in Wiliam’s mind.

“Wiliam! We! It’s too late.” Xiao Haitang suddenly said.

Wiliam was interrupted and opened his eyes.

When he saw it, his brows frowned.

not good!

This thought just now, I forgot the time.

The blue electric sparks were ringing around them now.

Seeing to swallow them.

Wiliam cried secretly and glanced at Mu Xiaolou.

Mu Xiaolou didn’t know when he had been staring at Wiliam.

She was even more anxious than Wiliam, “Master Young Master, do you see it?”

Wiliam shook his head, and suddenly said, “There is no way, I can only delay time.”

As he said, he suddenly took out a dozen beads from his arms.

Mulan’s eyes shrank, “This is! Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu?”

Wiliam nodded.

This is what Wiliam just said, the last resort.

Use Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu to create an illusion and let everyone hide in.

Wiliam knew before that the illusion created by Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu was very different from the time outside.

Therefore, hiding in the illusion can buy more time.

Although this is the most inferior method, it is also helpless.

As Wiliam thought, he threw these beads up and urged them according to his mind.

However, Wiliam’s face suddenly became earthy in the next second!

After the beads were thrown up, they fell directly.

It didn’t work at all.

At this moment, Wiliam’s cold sweat came out.



not like this!

Just now, it wasn’t that his urging was wrong.

Rather, the beads do not work at all.

Or in other words, in this world, thirty-six soul dreams are invalid!


How could the thirty-six soul dream Kuizhu be invalid!

It’s not…

Wiliam thought instinctively, and suddenly there was a cold war all over!

The nullification of the 30-mile Soul Dream Kuizhu is like a silver thread shining with cold light, connecting all the pictures in Wiliam’s previous head in series!

There is only one guess at the end!

Wiliam looked at Mu Xiaolou in disbelief, and shouted, “I can see it! I really can see it!”

Everyone’s hearts are happy, no way!

At this critical moment, Wiliam actually saw it!

Mu Xiaolou’s eyes turned half sad and half happy, as if muttering to himself, “I saw it, I finally saw it, it’s a pity, a pity…”

“Wiliam, what did you see! Say it!” Mulan yelled out in a hurry.

“Fake, ho ho, fake, all fake! I’m so stupid! I can’t even see this! I can explain it clearly! I understand it!” Wiliam seemed crazy and laughed. Up.

Laughter, infinite sadness.

It seems to be annoying, and self-blaming!

“Wiliam! What are you talking about!” Mulan couldn’t help but patted Wiliam hard.

Wiliam looked at the world, the blue light filled the sky, and said desolately, “It’s fake! This world! It’s all fake!”

“It’s an illusion! This is an illusion! A terrifying illusion that runs through! We have been in the illusion without being aware of it!”

“If it weren’t for me to use the thirty-six soul dream quibs to create illusions, I would have been blinded. In this world, the thirty-six soul dream quizzes can create illusions. One reason is that we are in the illusion, so there is no way to recreate the illusion in the illusion. This is the final answer and the truth that Mu Xiaolou wants me to see through!”

Wiliam couldn’t stop as if being opened up.

“Moreover, the scary thing is that the Spring and Four Wilds of the First Valley are the real world, and the others are all illusions! No wonder, the root of the snake grass in the First Valley can be brought into the next valley, but the wood bones and golden thorns do. Don’t come down! Because each illusion is independent. This also explains why our body will automatically recover when we reach the next valley.”

“We seem to be locked in a game set by gods, and the clearance conditions are set. We will drop the level every valley, and suddenly rise to the level when there is no fireworks. It is the level setting conditions!”

“No wonder, there will be an unbelievably large moon! No wonder, there will be an unbelievable alternation of day and night! No wonder! There will be an unheard of glacier mammoth! And the glacier mammoth perceives a whole river, it is Chi Guoguo’s game setting, and it is A brutal setting that cannot be explained by world rules at all!”

“Everything is incompatible with our real world. This is an illusion! A terrifying and real illusion!”

Wiliam’s words completely shocked everyone!

They are all in the illusion, all of them are illusions!

This is too much!

However, if you don’t use Wiliam’s theory of illusion, many doubts cannot be solved at all!

Mulan was about to continue to ask, but she heard Wiliam laugh sadly.

“It’s a pity, I understood it too late. What to say now…”

“It’s too late!”

“Right…” Wiliam said, suddenly looking at the silent Mu Xiaolou.

“So tell me, you! Who is it!”

Chapter 1053 Inheritance!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

What does this last sentence mean!

Why does it sound so scary?

Wiliam stared at Mu Xiaolou closely, without speaking.

Suddenly, there was a wave of water ripples on Mu Xiaolou’s face, but it returned to its usual appearance.

But this scene is enough to shock people.


What the hell is this!

Mulan felt goose bumps all over her body.

“Ho ho, young master, what do you mean by that? I, naturally, Mu Xiaolou.” Mu Xiaolou said with a smile, still the easygoing look just now.

However, in the hearts of everyone, Mu Xiaolou has become unreliable.

“When can you tell me?” Wiliam gradually recovered his calm, and started to think again.

Mu Xiaolou’s mouth twitched and shook his head, “You will know. Wiliam, although you have seen through this game, it is too late, too late…”

As she said, she looked at the electric flowers getting closer and closer, her eyes filled with tenderness.

“If it were early, once you see through this game, this illusion will disappear directly, but unfortunately, you can’t stop now.” She added.

Wiliam looked at the surrounding electric flowers, frowning.

Mulan pulled Wiliam up, looking at Mu Xiaolou with a little fear, and asked in a low voice, “Wiliam, what is going on? The question you just had was so scary, isn’t she really my mother?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Since it is an illusion, then it means that someone must be presiding over this illusion, and the illusion is still going on, indicating that this person still exists. If we think about it this way, we have reached the eighth valley, the woman in front of her, she Knowing that this is a game, and saying that she likes Guo Wuji before, she insists on it, indicating that she knows that Wenren’s heart is dead, and she also knows that this is a virtual fantasy, which means that she is likely to be the person who presides over the fantasy. Right?”

Mulan couldn’t turn her head for a while, but she felt that what Wiliam said made sense. She was completely confused for a while, “But my mother…”

Wiliam smiled at this moment and said, “Mulan, I actually know that this is an illusion. I was relieved, do you know why?”

Mulan shook her head blankly, “I don’t know, what is it?”

Wiliam slowly said: “Since it is an illusion, then the previous angry horses, the god of wealth, and Wenren’s love, they are not really dead, do you understand what I mean?”

Mulan was taken aback, and immediately reacted, with ecstasy on her face, “Yes! They are all dead! They are all dead in the real world!”

With a smile, her tears fell again, “It’s dead, so good…”

Wiliam and Mulan, the pressure and sins they carried before, were too heavy.

Knowing it is an illusion now is not a relief.

Seeing Mulan’s complete release, Wiliam didn’t even say a word in his heart.

Unfortunately, it is possible that we will truly die in the illusion.

Because Xiao Haitang on the side was not very familiar with other people, he was concerned about the situation.
She couldn’t help asking in horror: “Wiliam, what are we going to do now? Should we just sit and wait for death?”

The electric flowers around are getting closer and closer.

On the contrary, Mu Xiaolou looked more and more anxious when seeing the electric flowers around.

As if she couldn’t help it, she suddenly said to Mulan: “Mulan! You stupid girl! Are you still making a choice? You will die, do you know! Mom doesn’t want you to die!”

This sentence seemed to be taken out of her heart, and Mulan couldn’t help being moved.

Although he doubted Mu Xiaolou’s identity.

But for this concern, Mulan had an intuition in her heart.

This is something no one can imitate.

And Wiliam also said it, just a guess…

“Child! What do you want your mother to do! Mommy doesn’t want to see you die, do you know! You make your decision quickly! As long as you promise to be the guardian of this valley, you will be spared!” Mu Xiao Lou’s tears fell directly in anxious manner.

She was really worried about Mulan’s life and death.

Seeing Mu Xiaolou weeping, Mulan’s heart seemed to be pierced by a needle, very uncomfortable.

“Child, instead of everyone dying, one can live! Don’t you even count this?” Mu Xiaolou said with tears.

However, Mulan’s body froze in place, unresponsive.

Mu Xiaolou looked at Wiliam, “Young Master, what do you say? Can you help me persuade this stupid boy?”

Wiliam really nodded, and said to Mulan, “Mulan, although she doesn’t know who this woman is, but she can’t pretend that she cares about you. Moreover, she is wrong and can live one. Is an.”

Mulan suddenly turned her head, looked at Wiliam, and asked with tears: “Just, do you really want me to survive?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and suddenly smiled mildly, as if he was soothing the trauma in his heart, and said sadly: “Well, live. I don’t want to go through the previous ones. Just take it for the continuation of the Qilin’s blood. Yes, I will do my last loyalty for the Lord of your service. This is my last command to you.”

Looking at Wiliam who was so determined, Mulan smiled and muttered to herself, “For the last loyalty, for the continuation of Qilin’s bloodline? Okay, then I, there is no reason not to agree to you!”

Then, she turned her head and looked at Mu Xiaolou, “I promise you! Become the guardian of this valley.”

Mu Xiaolou’s eyes were full of joy, a tear on his face, “Really! Child, mother is so happy.”

“What are you going to do? And what am I going to do?” Mulan’s expression became extremely cold.

“Ho ho, since this is an illusion, it is of course the only one. What you have to do is to inherit the guardian status and kill them. Sorry, Lord Master, and everyone. Please forgive me, a mother Selfish.” The words behind Mu Xiaolou were addressed to Wiliam and the others, and he bent down.

“I understand.” Mulan said lightly.

Mu Xiaolou nodded, and then suddenly moved.

Mulan’s body suddenly exploded with a fierce aura.

She looked at herself in surprise.

At this moment, her realm went from the lowest point to the late stage of Huajin!

It’s terrible!

Within the illusion, it really was omnipotent.

Mu Xiaolou’s body was soft, and he slowly sat back on the ground, and said to Mulan with a look of relief: “Child, you are already the guardian, go and do what you should do.”

Mulan showed a weird smile and said to Mu Xiaolou on the ground: “Have you always lied to me like this? Mom, I’ll call you Mom! Hope, it won’t be the last…”

On the ground, Mu Xiaolou’s pupils shrank, as if he had a hunch, and shouted in horror: “Child! What are you going to do!”

Chapter 1054 Moth!

“Mom, you let me inherit the identity of the guardian. Are you really going to have trouble? Or, you are just like when you were a child. I asked if the pain on your body hurts. You have to smile and tell me with tears. Doesn’t hurt?” Mulan burst into tears, but her eyes were extremely determined.

Mu Xiaolou on the ground narrowed his eyes and became sad, “Child, you…”

“So, didn’t you ask me to choose? I made a choice, but it is definitely not the identity of the guardian!” Mulan’s momentum has reached the peak at this moment, her hair is windless, and she looks very sassy.

“Then you…” Mu Xiaolou said miserably.

Even Wiliam behind him frowned and said, “Mulan, don’t do stupid things!”

“Ho ho, am I stupid? Everyone tells me not to do stupid things! Okay! You look up to me so much, I really did a stupid thing today!” Mulan suddenly looked up, looking at the dense and powerful in the sky. Blue electric flower!

“Wiliam, I can’t be as ingenious as you! I can’t even kill your relatives like you! I’m just a silly woman! So! How can I kill my relatives or friends by myself? Arrived!”

“Including you!”

“so be it!”

“If you want me to kill the people around me personally, then try my Mulan’s aura!”

“For the last loyalty!”

“For the continuation of the Qilin’s bloodline!”

“Let me see what this damn fate looks like!”

Mulan said, suddenly her body jumped!

It actually rushed towards the dense blue electric flowers in the sky!

Her figure is extremely resolute!

Definitely, like a moth, pounced on the savage fire!



“My choice is!”

“Become a dead bone on Wiliam’s bloody road!”

“No!” everyone yelled out, their eyes cracked!

This Mulan!

I chose such a determined path!

She wants to use her body to break through the sky full of lightning, and kill everyone!

This silly girl!

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red!

Ten thousand bones withered!

Damn it!

Damn fate!

How tragic it must be to force such a kind girl for this kind of sake!

Wiliam also gave birth to hatred for the first time!

Hate the fetters and shackles on yourself!

Hate yourself all the time for influencing your companions!

“Ah!” A heart-piercing voice rang!

In midair!

All the wine jars burst instantly!

Blue electricity is like a mad snake!

Swallowing Mulan’s body in an instant!

Mu Xiaolou’s tears were rustling down.

“This silly girl! This silly girl!” She cried so much!

The blue sky showed a touch of clarity.

Through this light, the sun shines in.

It makes people feel warm and tears in their eyes!


The whole sky!

There are also wine jars around, bursting at this moment!

Blue light soared into the sky, illuminating this world!

One body hit the ground heavily!

Everyone moved towards that body at the fastest speed!

“Mulan!” Wiliam stepped up to Mulan, and hugged Mulan.

Mulan at this moment is covered in blood!

Fortunately, Mulan was promoted to the late stage of transformation in this valley, and her body was extremely tough!

She hung her last breath.

“Mulan! Wake up!” Wiliam shouted sharply, his face full of anxiety.

Mulan reluctantly opened her eyes, her eyes returning to their previous softness again.

Her tears fell down her cheeks.

“Mom, Wiliam, this time, I will take you…”

“Get out!”

Everyone, tears fell all at once.

This fool!

At this time, because the surrounding electric flowers disappeared, everyone only felt that the space was distorted!

“Boom!” A burst of sound resounded throughout the world.

Everyone’s eyes went dark, and immediately lit up again.

Looking at the world before him, Xiao Haitang directly exclaimed, “Here, where is this!”

I saw the surroundings, and the world just now was gone.

It turned into a quaint environment.

The surroundings are crimson, like purgatory on earth.

In the air, a strong smell of blood wafts even more.

Wiliam didn’t have time to observe the world around him. First, he looked at Mulan.

Mulan’s body disappeared from the previous burning and bleeding.

But although her breath is not dead, it is still weak to the extreme.

this is……

“The illusion has been lifted.” A voice rang softly.

Wiliam looked at the speaker.

It’s Mu Xiaolou!

Mu Xiaolou still exists!

This does not mean that Wiliam’s previous guess was correct.

Mu Xiaolou is the one who presides over this illusion.

“Are you the one who presides over this illusion?” Wiliam confirmed again.

Mu Xiaolou shook his head and said sadly: “No, I don’t have this skill, this illusion has been around for a long time. If you really want to know what this illusion is about, go and ask the little girl’s grandmother. .”

Wiliam looked at Xiao Wangqing.

Xiao Wangqing stared at the place in front of him with a dull face, and didn’t even notice Mu Xiaolou.

Her body was trembling a little, and she sank into Wiliam’s arms as if she was afraid.

Xiao Wangqing’s grandma…

Xiao Wangqing said about her grandmother before, but she didn’t know how sacred her grandmother was, she could arrange such a terrifying illusion!

“Never mind this illusion, Mu Xiaolou, how did you come here? Aren’t you in your hometown?” Wiliam asked.

Mu Xiaolou showed a helpless smile, and said: “After you leave, I will leave for here. There is no way, this is my destiny.”

“Now, can you tell me the identity and fate of the four of you?” Wiliam asked lightly.

Mu Xiaolou nodded, “Of course, this is what you should know.”

Mu Xiaolou said as if he was reminiscing about the past, and said: “The three people, such as Angry Horse, God of Wealth, and Wenren Qingxin, come from different mysterious families. Although they have different talents, they are all strangers in the family. Committing a taboo.”

“By chance, they were saved by the little girl’s grandma, but the little girl’s grandma was also a good and evil person. After she saved the three of them, she did not let them be free, but Imprisoned them in this illusion, the little girl’s grandmother, treated this as a game, as you can see.”

“Later, someone broke in and rescued them again. You should have guessed who this person is.” Mu Xiaolou said to Wiliam.

Wiliam took a deep breath and said, “This person should be my grandfather, Lu Lingfeng!”

Mu Xiaolou nodded and said with a smile: “It’s your grandpa! But, do you know the young master? Your grandpa is not a good person!”

Chapter 1055 Magic!

Wiliam frowned!

My grandfather is not a good person!

Mu Xiaolou showed no fear of Wiliam, but continued: “Your grandfather did not rescue us from this illusion out of selflessness. He is selfish like the owner of the little girl. After he rescued us, but It also imposed a ban on us, it is Qilin blood, let us obey him.”

Wiliam sighed, saying nothing.

Grandpa did this to lay the foundation for himself.

For the four of them, Grandpa is not a good person.

But for Wiliam, his grandfather and grandson’s affection is beyond words.

“However, although your grandfather saved us, the little girl’s grandma’s restraint on the four of us has not ended. Because it is as strong as your grandfather, and it is not an opponent of the little girl’s grandma at all.”

“So, although we can walk in this human world, the mission on our shoulders still exists. This is what we have always said, our destiny.”

“We still have to unconditionally surrender to the little girl’s grandmother and unconditionally serve this illusion. Fortunately, we only need one person to guard it. This time, I choose me to come.”

When Mu Xiaolou talked about this, his eyes were full of tears, obviously distressed Mulan.

“What about you, you didn’t mention your life experience just now.” Wiliam asked.

“I, in fact, is an ordinary woman ho ho, just fell in love with a man who shouldn’t fall in love with, I and his identity are worlds apart…” Mu Xiaolou became even more sad.

“After giving birth to Mulan, I knew that Mulan did not belong to our ordinary world after all, and I couldn’t bear to see that when Mulan returned to this world, she fell behind. So I tried every means to ask for medicine for Mulan. Later, I ran into a little girl. ‘S grandma…”

“I made a deal with her, this is the illusion…” Mu Xiaolou said.

At this point, Wiliam fully understood all kinds of tricks.

Their destiny is to serve this illusion until they die.

Now, the biggest doubt in Wiliam’s heart is Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother, who is it!

How can there be such a terrifying strength!

“Who is Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother?” Wiliam asked naturally.

But when it comes to this, Mu Xiaolou seemed to have been evoked in a nightmare, showing fear in his eyes, and said, “Wiliam, you better not ask this! The little girl’s grandma is not a human at all! No, it should be. Say, it doesn’t belong to this world at all! You heard it clearly! It doesn’t belong to this world of martial arts!”

Wiliam’s eyes narrowed!

Wiliam always thought that this martial arts world had reached its peak.

Never thought about it!

There are people who are stronger than this!

Wiliam couldn’t help looking at Xiao Wangqing.

Xiao Wangqing held Wiliam’s arms tightly, his eyes darkened even more.

“But you don’t have to be afraid. Her grandmother is Xianyun Yehe, who hasn’t been in the world for many years. Even, the little girl is now…” Mu Xiaolou said, he stopped talking.

She finally said: “She is a poor person. Since she has a relationship with you, Young Master, if you can help her liberate, please help her liberate.”

Wiliam knew that Mu Xiaolou was unspeakable, and he didn’t force her to say it.
“What’s wrong with Wen Ren Qingxin? After all, Tong Grandma and Wen Ren Qingxin, which one is the real one?” Wiliam asked again.

But Mu Xiaolou smiled and said, “Ho ho, this question is mainly about Wen Ren Qingxin. Who does she want to be, who is she? So, don’t come and ask me, if you have a chance, you go. Who does she want to be?”

“Or, you let the silly boy ask her, who do you want to be?”

Mu Xiaolou looked at Guo Wuji, who was still unconscious.

At this moment, Guo Wuji was also scorched, but he was still unconscious.

“Well, I’m probably clear, the last question.” Wiliam looked at Mu Xiaolou, “Where is this place?”

A nice smile appeared at the corner of Mu Xiaolou’s mouth, “Here is the ninth valley and the last valley, the Pure Land of Bliss.”

Ninth Valley!

The Pure Land of Bliss!

These four words are like heavy thunder!

Wiliam looked at the four directions, it was clear that it was a purgatory on earth, but he was named the Pure Land of Bliss!

It was obviously weird to an incomparable degree.

“Come on, Wiliam, you have already got what you want, go out as best as you can. I think, tell my daughter to each other…” Mu Xiaolou said, and slowly walked towards Mulan.

She squatted down slowly again.

Body, squat very slowly, very slowly!

But at the moment she bent!

Her limbs and torso seemed to burst!

The blood shot out directly!

In the blink of an eye, she has become a blood man!

“Mu Xiaolou! You!” Wiliam shouted sharply.

Mu Xiaolou’s face was bloody, but still with a kind smile, “Don’t forget, I just said that I am the only one of the four guarding here, guarding the illusion, immortal, so you pass the illusion, It also means…”


Her body burst into a thick blood mist again.

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red!

He should have thought of this ending long ago!

But because of a fluke!

The Quartet Qilin Sect Master, the three of them are not there, but exist as illusions, so there will be no problems with their bodies.

But Mu Xiaolou appeared in this fantasy realm as its body.

Fettered by the rules of fantasy, she assumes the task of gatekeeper.

Close it now.

She died!

Of course!

This time, it was a real death, leaving no chance at all!

Wiliam suddenly looked at Mulan, who was in a coma or asleep, and was so distressed that he could hardly breathe!

If Mulan knew, she would fight to death, but in the end it was her mother who died.

She will be even more guilty!

It was she who indirectly killed her mother!

This damn illusion is cruel to the extreme!

For a while, Wiliam was also angry with Xiao Wangqing’s grandma!

Ignore human life at all and play this fratricide!

“Mulan, my child, my mother is back, my mother is back…” Mu Xiaolou’s body was still crumbling every inch.

But her voice was so gentle and kind.

And Mulan, like a sleeping baby was awakened.

She opened her confused eyes, looked at the mother in front of her vaguely, and whispered: “Mom, you are finally back.”

Her voice is delicate, like a child.

And Mulan really couldn’t see clearly. Before her eyes, there was a phantom that had happened countless times.

Mom came back from afar, back…

“Mom, why is your face so dirty…” Mulan said vaguely.

Mu Xiaolou wiped the blood on his face indiscriminately, stroked his hair, and smiled with tears, “What about now?”

“Yeah.” Mulan said weakly.

The little Begonia beside her was already crying!

It’s like going back in time.

Mu Xiaolou was like Mulan when he was a child, still hiding his scars, suddenly grabbed Mulan’s hand, and said lovingly: “Mulan, mother is back, I will bring you delicious food…”

“Mom, mom, you worked hard…” Mulan couldn’t see clearly before her eyes.

And she was even more confused as to whether this scene appeared countless times when she was a child or what happened before her eyes.

I just feel that all overlap, overlap…

Mu Xiaolou’s hands trembled, and he stuffed a sweet candy into Mulan’s hand, “Eat, Mulan, eat…”

“Mom is leaving again, you have to take care of yourself alone, know?”

“Mom, you are leaving again, this time, how long will you go, I miss you so much…”

“Mom, go to another place to find delicious food for you. This time it will take longer. Would you like to get some sleep?”

“Okay, mom, I’ll sleep, you have to come back.”


Mulan closed her eyes slowly.

The moment he closed his eyes, Mu Xiaolou’s body completely shattered, turning into sad blood…

Silly boy, do you know that this scene is what you have experienced…

The cruelest illusion!


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