Dragon Husband 1056-1060

Chapter 1056

Everyone stared blankly at the pool of blood on the ground, without talking for a long time.

Everyone’s tears were falling down.

A sense of eternal sadness and suffocation lingered in everyone’s hearts.

What kind of maternal love is this?

She collapsed without saying a word of pain, but left the last tenderness to her daughter.

They are not Mulan, but they are still moved by this ancient motherly love.

Mulan who was in it, after she woke up, how could she despair if she knew that this dream was real?

In sadness, Wiliam suddenly raised his head!


Roar up to the sky!

This sound contains countless anger and sadness!

Also pin Wiliam’s endless hostility!

This damn world!

The good dies, the evil is happy!

Why, the strong play in the world, and the weak look sorrow and joy!

And this roar, like a flash of lightning, will completely pierce the dark red sky in front of you!

Roar, endless!

And as Wiliam yelled to the sky violently, several different auras suddenly appeared in his body!

These vigor, dancing wildly around his body!

Although it is usually the enemy!

But at this moment, Qi Jin seemed to be in the same hatred of the enemy, angry at the anger in Wiliam’s heart!

They dance wildly, like a dragon, rushing into the sky!

After a long time, these energies subsided.

Around the time, the bloody breath was restored.

Wiliam’s hair gradually recovered as his breath subsided.

His body, although still the original body.

But in Xiao Haitang’s eyes, Wiliam in front of him seemed to be a different person.

Terribly deep!

“Wiliam, are you okay?” Xiao Haitang asked bitterly.

Wiliam shook his head faintly, and said, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Xiao Haitang felt her goose bumps all over her body.

Wiliam in front of him was clearly on the verge of a runaway.

It’s like the peace before the storm.

It’s scary.

“What’s the matter with you?” Wiliam asked Xiao Haitang back.

Xiao Haitang felt as if he was being stared at by a mad beast, and his scalp was numb, “I’m sorry, please.”

The scene resumed its previous silence.

After Xiao Wangqing came here, she also looked like a different person, no longer as lively as before.

She looked at the world with complicated eyes, the red here, the fragrance here, everything is so familiar.

I don’t know how long it has passed, I only know that the blood on the ground has penetrated into this red land, and it blends perfectly with this land.

Mulan finally barely opened her eyes.

When she saw it, she saw everyone sitting beside her, and even Guo Wuji didn’t know when she woke up.

Mulan thought with a thought, recalling the scene in which she rushed into the air and lit all the wine jars with Supreme Determination.

Her face blushed slightly, and she whispered, “Am I dead? Hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Xiao Haitang looked at Mulan with red eyes and wanted to say something, but Wiliam shrank his neck and stopped talking

Mulan suddenly looked at Wiliam and asked, “Has the illusion been lifted?”

Wiliam nodded, and said faintly: “Under your last blow, it was relieved.”

Mulan said, her eyes were hollow and asked: “Then, what about my mother?”

Wiliam’s throat moved, without speaking.

Mulan said self-righteously: “I understand, since it is an illusion, my mother must have disappeared after the illusion is lifted, right? Hoho, but that’s okay, at least I know that she is still in her hometown.”

Xiao Haitang’s eyes turned redder, and she quickly turned her head away, not daring to look at Mulan.

And Wiliam said indifferently: “Well, your mother is a good mother.”

Mulan also nodded, her eyes suddenly becoming confused, “Wiliam, do you know? When I was asleep, I dreamed of a scene that happened countless times when I was a child, strange.”

She pointed her finger in front of her and said, “My mother is just like before, standing in front of me like this, covering up the scars very well, she smiled so beautifully, and then reached out and handed me something delicious.”

“Well, what did you pass this time? It seems, it’s a candy? Strange, why is it a candy?” Mulan’s eyes became even more confused.

Xiao Haitang hid behind Wiliam, tears falling down.

“However, this scene is really profound. It happened countless times as a child.” Mulan continued.

“Okay, if we have a good rest, let’s move on.” Wiliam interrupted Mulan’s memory, but there was also a little choked in his voice.

Even Xiao Haitang, who was next to Wiliam, felt the hostility on Wiliam’s body, about to burst out.

Everyone cleared up their minds and walked forward.

Here is their end point this time, the Ninth Valley, the Pure Land of Bliss.

The danger is definitely greater than before.

The smell of blood wafts in the air all the time.

This kind of smell makes everyone feel very uncomfortable and even a little dizzy.

But Wiliam frowned slightly.

It seems that this taste is familiar.

Where did I smell the same.

This world is huge, and the big people have no direction at all.

Just when everyone was at a loss, Xiao Wangqing suddenly groaned on Wiliam’s shoulder and pointed in a direction ahead, “There.”

Wiliam was taken aback, “Xiao Wangqing, have you been here?”

Xiao Wangqing’s dark eyes were full of helplessness. She said in a daze, “I forgot, but I feel a little familiar.”

Wiliam’s heart moved.

According to what Mu Xiaolou said before, Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother created the illusion before.

That Xiao Wangqing might be the person who has been living here.

So if she knew it, it was normal.

However, Xiao Wangqing seems to have forgotten everything.

As for the point Mu Xiaolou said earlier, Xiao Wangqing was also a poor person and asked Wiliam to help her get rid of it.

Wiliam was still puzzled.

But there is a hunch in the dark that all the answers will be told to him by this pure land of bliss.

“Let’s go as Xiao Wangqing said.” Wiliam finally decided.

Everyone walked in the direction of Xiao Wangqing for about a long time.

During this long time, Xiao Wangqing kept pointing the direction.

As if walking through a maze.

And like Qimen Dunjia, every time they walked in a direction, the smell of blood became stronger.

At the end, they turned around the corner.

The scene in front of me suddenly made several people exclaimed!

They seem to have come to a paradise.

Dense dwellings, a constant stream of people.

It’s just that these people are as thin as wood, like walking corpses, and they are extremely depressing.

But when Wiliam was looking at one place, his heart suddenly beat!

His previous familiarity finally came to mind!

Incense Lantern Village!

Slaves for generations!

Here is another incense lantern village!

Chapter 1057 Gu Yuehu

As Wiliam’s eyes came, he happened to see that in the center of this seemingly village, there was a pool of bloody water.

The water is very viscous and it is constantly tumbling.

And the bloody smell they smelled before came out of this blood pool.

It’s hard not to let Wiliam think of what he had experienced before.

Incense Lantern Village!

Slaves for generations!

The same is true for making lanterns by refining blood, all of them pale.

Wiliam knew before that the villagers in Lantern Village had escaped from a place.

Now Wiliam think about it, did the villagers of Lantern Village escape from here?

Is this their true hometown?

Thinking of this, Wiliam felt a tingling scalp.

This accident came unexpectedly.

The expression in Xiao Wangqing’s eyes became even more frightened.

She hugged Wiliam’s neck tightly and seemed afraid to step forward.

She just whispered: “It seems, this is the place. This is where the baby sleeps all the time.”

Wiliam’s heart ached, and she didn’t know how Xiao Wangqing had contact with this place.

After all, Wiliam had a bloody relationship with Lantern Village, and this place really has something to do with Lantern Village, which is a good thing.

Just when Wiliam wanted to come forward and ask, suddenly there was a sound of breaking wind not far away.

Afterwards, more than twenty figures fell in front of Wiliam and the others.

Neither Wiliam nor Mulan knew these people.

However, the expressions of Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji froze in an instant.

Especially Xiao Haitang, his face was ugly, and his body was trembling slightly.

The leading man with a mustache, walked up to Wiliam with a arrogant expression, and looked at Wiliam with satisfaction.

“You’re Wiliam? Hoho, you really didn’t disappoint me. I heard that you kid, good at creating all kinds of miracles from nothing, this time I let you come to explore the way, and I really chose the right person.” The man with a horoscope smiled. Said.

But what he said made Wiliam frown.

Is it this man, let a few people come in to find the way?

With that said, they are just ready to reap the benefits?

Thinking of this, Wiliam couldn’t help but sneered.

A few of myselves, in this forbidden mountain guarding the mountain, lived and died, and tasted the joys and sorrows of the world!

These few people are not bad, delusional to easily grab the results.

Wiliam was about to speak, Guo Wuji on the side pulled Wiliam’s sleeves, and said with a little fear: “Wiliam, this man is the head of the Gu Yue Hu family, Master Hu Bing, and Xiao Haitang’s father.”

Xiao Haitang looked at Wiliam weakly, apparently very scared of this father.

The corner of Hu Bingshi’s mouth twitched and he smiled and said, “I’ll introduce myself. My name is Hu Bingshi, the owner of the Gu Yuehu family, and the owner of the forbidden mountain. These are the elites of our Gu Yuehu family.”

Master Hu Bing said this, with an incomparable confidence and arrogance in his tone.

But when Wiliam heard it, he sneered.

Master guarding the mountain forbidden land, this guy has a big tone!

Now Wiliam knew that the owner of the forbidden mountain was actually Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother.

And Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother was called by Mu Xiaolou an existence beyond this world.

Hu Bingshi deserves to be compared with him, and he deserves to be the master?

In Wiliam’s eyes, Hu Bingshi was just a warrior in the middle of Huajin.

A Patriarch is in the mid-stage of the kinetic energy, which shows that the strength of the Gu Yue Hu family is actually insignificant, and it is simply vulnerable compared to those real super martial arts families.

It’s just a fox and a fake tiger, and it has become famous by guarding the mountain forbidden.

“Hello, Patriarch Hu, I don’t know what’s the so-called?” Wiliam actually had the answer in his heart, but still pretended to ask without knowing it.

Master Hu Bing glanced at Wiliam contemptuously, and said faintly: “We know that people don’t talk secretly. I also know why you are here this time. So we can make a deal.”

“What deal?” Wiliam asked.

“You are here to guard the mountain forbidden land. I can let you in. It is kind. But for your hard work, I will give you some hard work. I think you are also here for the refuge of the pure land of bliss. Well, if you help me again in the future, I will consider giving you one percent of the refuge spring water.” Master Hu Bing seemed to have thought about it a long time ago.

When Wiliam heard this, he laughed directly, “It’s such a generous hand, Patriarch Hu is really hard for you.”

Everyone could hear the sarcasm in Wiliam’s laughter.

Patriarch of the dignified Gu Yuehu family, that’s how he can be?

Let’s not say that the owner of the forbidden mountain does not belong to the Gu Yue Hu family at all. Even if it is, what about it?

If the Gu Yuehu family can really break into this ninth valley, why wait until now?

It was clear that the people of the Gu Yue Hu family waited for Wiliam and others to completely destroy the illusion before they followed in.

And now, although Wiliam didn’t know what the refuge in the spring was, he knew that it was the purpose of the Hu family’s visit this time.

One percent, is it really the beggar who squeezed from his teeth to give alms?

Obviously the methods are despicable, but they are very high-sounding.

Even Guo Wuji was irritated by Hu Bingshi’s words.

He also came here all the way through nine deaths, but now he is treated like a beggar. Can he feel comfortable?

“Uncle Hu, what you said is a bit too much, but we are…” Guo Wuji said boldly.

But he was interrupted by Hu Bingshi in the middle.

Hu Bingshi looked at the few people in front of him arrogantly, and said unceremoniously: “Wiliam, I am totally willing to give you this sweetness because of your ingenuity. It’s a pity for your talents. Don’t be ignorant. .”

An elder behind Hu Bingshi coldly snorted, even more bluntly, “You don’t take a piss and look in the mirror, who are you? Worthy of bargaining with our Patriarch? After you experience the illusion, how much strength is left? Dare to talk to our Patriarch. Say something disrespectful, I will kill you, believe it or not!”

Guo Bukit’s neck shrank, and he immediately persuaded.

And Xiao Haitang clearly felt the hostility on Wiliam’s body increased!

Since just now, Xiao Haitang has always felt that Wiliam is on the verge of rampaging, and now it is even more terrifying.

She was really afraid that Wiliam would lose her mind, and quickly said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, or else, let’s listen to that person first. After all, our current strength…”

Wiliam sneered and said lightly: “Okay.”

Only then did Hu Bing show a satisfied smile, “A person who knows the current affairs is a good man, yes, count you as acquaintance.”

Then, he looked at Xiao Haitang, his face instantly became cold, “Why, don’t you even call a father? I don’t think you are dumb.”

Chapter 1058

Everyone can hear the indifference in Master Hu Bing’s words.

Is this still a father and daughter?

How poisonous is speaking?

And Xiao Haitang’s face flushed suddenly.

She held the old camera tightly with her hands, but she just wanted to laugh.


It’s obviously a father and daughter!

This father, the first thing he did when he came, was not concerned about whether his daughter was injured or feared during this life and death adventure.

Instead, he talked about the deal with Wiliam first.

It was not until the end of the transaction that I remembered that such a daughter was also present.

It’s ridiculous.

“Forget it, I don’t expect a dumb person to speak, nor disdain a father.” Hu Bingshi directly added, making the atmosphere of the scene even more embarrassing.

Xiao Haitang’s body was trembling slightly, and Mulan grabbed her shoulders.

Mulan was also extremely angry in her heart.

Does this man deserve to be a father?

To my own daughter!

In contrast, Mulan felt that she was lucky.

At least that guy Guo Yulin, who is still a man, just kind of treats himself.

“Let me set up your tasks first, so that you can understand what to do next.” Master Hu Bing said to Wiliam and the others.

Guo Bukit was so angry that he was about to explode in place!

Has this become a servant of Master Hu Bing!

Just be so unscrupulous?

He is also the young master of the Jackdaw family anyway!


I can’t bear it!

Go back and find Dad to participate in this book!

“Our purpose is the refuge spring water hidden under the blood pool. I am not afraid to tell you the effects of the spring water. After drinking the spring water, it can regulate the mind and calm the mind. For me, who is about to break through the late stage of energization, it is great. Magical effect. With this spring water, the strength of our Gu Yue Hu family will rise to the next level.” Master Hu Bing said without hesitation.

“So, these humble slaves are our opponents. Hoho, if in normal times, we would really not dare to do anything with them. But this time, it is also God who helped me. The blood and light disaster disappeared out of thin air during this time. The strength has been severely weakened. It is just our chance to take refuge in the spring water in one fell swoop, and God will help me too!” Hu Bing said, pointing to those who are like walking dead not far away.

Wiliam’s thoughts moved, and he asked faintly: “Who are these people? Have they always lived here?”

Speaking of this, it seemed to hurt Master Hu Bing.

He said angrily: “These damn people! They have been slaves for generations, and they were originally servants of my Gu Yuehu family! But many years ago, by chance, they escaped from our Gu Yuehu family and divided into two soldiers. The way, all the way is missing, but all the way accidentally hid in the ninth valley, sheltered by the illusion! This time, what I said I must cut the grass and roots of these humble people! Let them know that they should be born as a slave. I control it!”

The faces of several people became unsightly.

What Hu Bingshi said was extremely domineering!

Wiliam understood the origins of the villagers in Lantern Village.

The group of people who disappeared should have fled to Q City ( Qena City ) and lived in seclusion.

“Huh! This group of damn people, I don’t know what technique they used. They have improved their realm very quickly in the past few years. Fortunately, their lives are low and they will only shrink a little. Otherwise, it’s hard to say. We will do it this time. Taking advantage of their weakened strength, they are tortured and killed directly!” Hu Bingshi said viciously.
Wiliam glanced at Master Hu Bing in surprise.

It seemed that this guy’s hatred of the villagers had reached a point of madness, and it was not like what he said, it was just a dispute between master and slave.

“What did they make wrong! You have to do this to them! You know, we are the invaders! They are innocent!” Xiao Haitang finally couldn’t help but said.

Wiliam taught her this idea when she was in Yongnanhe.

The poor villagers in front of her were like blue river worms in her heart.

They are free and unfettered.

Just because there is a refuge spring here, should they be slaughtered by the invaders?

This is simply unreasonable!

“Huh, what is an intruder? What is innocent? To my Master Hu Bing, it is only the weak and the strong, and the winner is king! The principle that everyone is innocent and guilty, still use me? Xiao Haitang, if you dare to follow I talk back, don’t blame me for being rude to you!” Hu Bingshi snorted coldly.

Xiao Haitang’s eyes were red.


Ho ho, when he was a father, when was he polite to himself?

“Also! You’d better put your broken camera away for me! Save me annoyance! You are the one who inherits the Gu Yue Hu family, don’t let me say that you are playing things in vain!” Hu Bingshi stared at the camera in Xiao Haitang’s hand Said viciously.

Xiao Haitang gritted his teeth with anger!

“Okay, you all have a rest, we will go in immediately! Wiliam, you guys, let’s take the lead.” Hu Bingshi said savagely.

Mulan was so angry that she spouted trash talk, “You are so sick! You are so many masters! We are so weak, why should we take the lead! You clearly want us to work for you for free and die!”

Master Hu Bing said lightly: “You are fish and I am Dao Cu, what do you think?”

At this time, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Mulan, let’s go first.”

Xiao Haitang clearly noticed the hostility on Wiliam, and raised another point!

It’s extremely cold!

Wiliam, I don’t know how terrifying this hostile spirit should be!

For a while, she unexpectedly felt that she was letting Master Hu Bing do it for herself!

No one who offends Wiliam will have a good end!

Wiliam took a few of them and stepped into this small village.

But at the moment of entering the village!

All the villagers raised their heads together and looked towards Wiliam!

As if there is any perception system in this village, foreign enemies invade, they will be alerted the first time.

“Enemy attack!” The villagers who were walking dead seemed to glow with combat power in an instant!

This village was a little dim!

In an instant, the whole village seemed to be lit up!

A little bit of mysterious red, slowly igniting!

It is clearly a red lantern!

The smell of blood filled the audience instantly!

And countless villagers, carrying lanterns, rushed towards Wiliam!


This familiar smell of blood…

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly drenched.

He noticed that this group of villagers was the one leading.

It’s a woman in a white dress.

Her walking posture is different from everyone else.

He was actually crouching, straight to 90 degrees, and his hands were about to drop to the ground.

The woman wears a black gauze hat on her head.

Between the steps, the wind blew the veil, and a striking scar was vaguely visible on the woman’s forehead!

Chapter 1059: Rickety Woman

This woman, who walked like a reptile, took the lead and stood not far from them.

The villagers behind him also followed, and for a while, the red lanterns glowed and it was extremely eye-catching.

“Who, come to my clan?” the rickety woman asked.

The voice is vague.

At this time, Hu Bingshi, who was standing behind Wiliam, let out a big laugh, “A bunch of lowly slaves! I won’t kneel when you see me!”

Everyone looked at Master Hu Bing together.

Especially the woman, suddenly her body trembled, as if she had seen an evil spirit, she was full of fear.

“Huh! Do you think that I have no way to come here after hiding here? Hoho, today is the death date of your group of lowly slaves! Wiliam, don’t you want to kill them for me soon!” Hu Bingshi had a cruel expression on his face. , Said viciously.

His eyes never left this crooked woman from beginning to end.

The rickety woman gave a sorrowful smile, “I already knew that you would come here. Who made us natural slaves, who made us cheap. However, even slaves have blood and bones!”

With that said, this woman actually beckoned!

The villagers behind her suddenly raised their lanterns!

As if offering blood.

Then these lanterns burst together!

In an instant, a scent of blood that was so fascinating that it rushed towards Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam’s eyes shrank, and he immediately shouted, “Hold your breath!”

Mulan and others quickly held their breath!

However, it was too late.

This strange smell, as if it could not only penetrate through the nose, but also penetrate through the skin of the body.

Mulan and the others suddenly became sore and soft, with a trace of red on their faces.


Wiliam’s brows were locked tightly, and with a thought, he took the lead to sit down, “Meditate, hold onto the spiritual sense!”

Mulan, Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji hurriedly sat down.

However, they couldn’t draw half of their strength.

This weird scent of drunken blood came quickly and dispersed quickly, and disappeared after a while.

The rickety woman looked at Wiliam and these people, her body trembling slightly.

Not far away, Master Hu Bing suddenly laughed: “I knew, you must have a hand! I didn’t expect that this drunken fragrance is really powerful and pervasive! Fortunately, these fools are in front. Now I look at you. What tricks are there!”

The rickety woman sighed as if she was infinitely sad: “Master Hu Bing, you have always been such a despicable person! You don’t hesitate to…”

“Ho ho, don’t hesitate? How many of them are in my eyes? Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial. It is their honor to sacrifice their lives for my great cause!” Hu Bingshi smiled without any mind.

The rickety woman’s body flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam looked at this woman coldly.

The rickety women didn’t seem to have the idea of ​​killing them.

She stretched out her hand, but she hugged Xiao Wangqing directly from Wiliam’s side.

Xiao Wangqing’s current appearance is indescribable.

There was no sign of poisoning on her face.
But her eyelids were constantly fighting.

It seems drowsy.

Being held by a rickety woman, Xiao Wangqing instinctively stretched out her hand to pull Wiliam, and muttered to herself: “Dad, Dad, the baby is so sleepy, I really want to sleep…”

Seeing Xiao Wangqing calling Wiliam’s father, the rickety woman was taken aback, and immediately patted Xiao Wangqing on the shoulder, and said, “My baby, you can sleep if you are sleepy? You are back home.”

With that, she didn’t know where to drew a red rope and tied Xiao Wangqing directly behind her.

Xiao Wangqing just lay on her back like this, becoming more groggy.

When Wiliam and Mulan saw this scene, their eyes were angry!

Xiao Wangqing said before that she seemed to be tied to her body often.

Unexpectedly, this is actually true!

And seeing the posture of this rickety woman tying Xiao Wangqing, she is obviously very skilled!

Such a cute girl!

It’s so tied!

It’s unreasonable!

Especially Wiliam, the hostile spirit on his body is almost unbearable, and it is about to gush out!

The Hu Bingshi on the opposite side seemed not to be anxious, allowing the rickety woman to act.

In his opinion, the rickety woman had just recovered her own clan, and there was nothing abnormal.

After the rickety woman placed Xiao Wangqing, she stretched out her hand again.

The villagers behind her were about to rush out.

But the moment they rushed out, many people’s feet became vain, and some even fell directly to the ground.

The rickety woman’s eyes shrank, and she looked at her villagers in disbelief!

At this time, Master Hu Bing suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, it seems that the effect of the medicine is up, I thought I would have to wait a while.”

The rickety woman immediately glared at Master Hu Bing, her mouth almost gritted her teeth and said: “Despicable!”

Hu Bingshi smiled disapprovingly: “Ho ho, I had a hard time coming down, of course I have to do enough homework. Do you think we have been outside just now? Ho ho, let me tell you, as soon as we came in, There are soft tendons scattered all around, now, do you feel your body is weak, haha!”

The rickety woman herself was unsupported and sat on the ground.

The villagers behind her were even worse, some of them fainted directly on the ground.

Master Hu Bing’s eyes suddenly became cold, “Ho ho, the time for the slaughter seems to have come! You bitch! I want to put you on my humiliation, and count it all on you bitch! You, just stay open! Big eyes, show me a good look! Today is the doomsday that belongs to you group of slaves!”

With that said, he gave an order!

The people behind Hu Bingshi suddenly rushed out, one by one with murderous aura!

However, Xiao Haitang didn’t know where the courage came from, so he grabbed a person’s leg and shouted: “No! No! Why are you doing this! What did they do wrong! Master Hu Bing! How many sins have been committed is enough! Don’t let me look down on you again, okay!”

Hu Bingshi was suddenly furious with Xiao Haitang’s words!

He shouted, “Stop!”

Then, Hu Bingshi stepped forward and picked up the crooked woman directly, and threw it in front of Xiao Haitang, and said sharply: “Okay! I have raised a white-eyed wolf! Eat dog stuff! Okay! You are not. Don’t let me kill them! Okay, I’ll give you a choice! You kill this bitch in front of me! I will let these people go! Can you do it!”

With that said, Master Hu Bing didn’t care about the three-seven-two-one, and lifted the black veil on the head of that rickety woman!

Chapter 1060 Lan Fenger

“Ah!” The woman, caught off guard, lowered her head and covered her face tightly.

Xiao Haitang’s attention is all on Hu Bingshi’s body!

She was trembling with anger!

This is a beast father!

As his daughter, it is an incomparable sin!

“Choose! Aren’t you benevolent and righteous! Don’t say I don’t give you a chance! You can make a choice for me now! Otherwise, I will slaughter all the people here, including your friends!” Hu Bingshi shouted loudly .

Little Haitang’s tears came out directly.

Do you want to be a villain!

There are hundreds of people here!

One person died, or everyone died!

At this moment, Xiao Haitang hated this so-called father!

Hu Bingshi is already counting down loudly, and it doesn’t seem like a chance for Xiao Haitang to consider!

When he counted down to one, Xiao Haitang was really anxious!

She blurted out!

“I’ll kill! I’ll kill! Can’t I kill you!”

However, Wiliam was on the sidelines, suddenly furious!

“Little Haitang! Don’t choose!”

But Xiao Haitang burst into tears in an instant, “What can I do! I want to watch so many people die for my so-called father! I can’t do it! Instead, let them die in the hands of this wicked man!” It’s better for me to be a villain! The big deal, I change my life for another!”

When Hu Bingshi heard Xiao Haitang’s answer, he laughed, as if he was very satisfied.

“Okay! That’s what you said! You will kill this woman for me now! I immediately abide by my promise and let everyone go!” Hu Bingshi snapped.

Xiao Haitang’s heart shuddered, but he could only be cruel.

A sly smile appeared on Master Hu Bing’s face, and suddenly he picked up the rickety woman’s hair!

Directly put her in front of Xiao Haitang!

Even, he made a hard effort!

The face of the rickety woman pointed directly at Xiao Haitang!

Xiao Haitang saw this face of a rickety woman for the first time.

Her first reaction was to be taken aback!

Because this woman is not a complete face!

It’s like being broken by sulfuric acid!

Completely disfigured!

Suddenly, it was like seeing evil spirits crawling out of hell, extremely hideous!

However, Xiao Haitang suddenly saw that this woman’s eyes were unusually bright, and only her eyes were intact on one face.

There is boundless sorrow and pain in these bright eyes.

The rickety woman didn’t seem to dare to look at Xiao Haitang, struggling to get her scalp torn, she just lowered her head.



In an instant, the woman’s emotions seemed to have completely infected Xiao Haitang.

Little Haitang had infinite questions in his heart.

Why, it seems that a look in this woman’s eyes can cut her heart like a knife?

At this time, Xiao Haitang suddenly noticed that there was a very obvious scar on the woman’s lowered head.

And seeing the shape of this scar, Xiao Haitang’s head bounced!

The whole person is like an ice cellar!

She is completely broken!

The shape of this scar is unforgettable, Xiao Haitang will never forget it for a lifetime!

A scene of the past suddenly appeared in her head.

That night when the moon was high.

Outside the window of her room.

It was a woman with a scar of this shape on her forehead, still bleeding.

But brought her the most cherished camera in her life.

That night, Xiao Haitang stupidly made two naive promises to this woman.

Since that night, Xiao Haitang has never seen this woman again!

Xiao Haitang is still committed to these two promises, and persists to this day!

She also went through thousands of hardships to find this woman!

And now!

Caught off guard.

In this wild land, in such a dangerous situation, Xiao Haitang reunited with this woman.

Xiao Haitang’s tears fell in an instant, and he shouted in disbelief: “Mom! Mom! You are a mother, right?”

With this shout, many people present widened their eyes!

Mulan looked at Xiao Haitang in astonishment, and asked silently, “Xiao Haitang, what are you talking about! This woman is your mother!”

Wiliam on the side gave a wry smile.

In the end, it was as he expected.

From Xiao Haitang’s familiarity with the conditions of the grains above, Wiliam inferred that Xiao Haitang’s mother had such a great relationship with this place.

Even, it is very likely to live in this life, that’s why it is so familiar.

At the God of Wealth’s side, I saw Xiao Haitang cherish family affection so much, but spurned family affection. I also guessed that Xiao Haitang’s mother had a great grudge against Hu Bingshi.

Just now I saw Hu Bingshi’s eyes staring at this woman again, and his words were even more hateful than normal.

Wiliam inferred that this woman was probably Xiao Haitang’s mother.

That’s why Wiliam spoke and told Xiao Haitang not to make a choice.

It’s a pity that Xiao Haitang has a simple mind, thinking that choosing one person will save everyone.

But the person who was chosen is the whole world in Xiao Haitang’s heart.

“Mom! Answer me! You look up at me! I’m Xiao Haitang! Mom! You are my mother!” Xiao Haitang suddenly cried with rain, and reached out to touch the face of this rickety woman.

However, Xiao Haitang’s mother seemed to be electrocuted and lowered her head deeper. No matter how hard Xiao Haitang tried, she did not dare to look up.

Xiao Haitang is even more sure, this woman is her mother!

“Mom! Why didn’t you recognize me! You recognized me just now, didn’t you! Mom! Did you know! I miss you so much all these years! Oh!” Xiao Haitang, crying like a heartbreaker Abandoned children are generally.

And her crying finally made this woman feel extremely sorry.

The woman couldn’t help raising her head, reaching out to touch Xiao Haitang’s face, just like she did when she was a child.

Xiao Haitang grabbed her mother’s hand for an instant, but her other hand held her mother’s face.

Xiao Haitang’s mother tried to hide, but she didn’t succeed in the end.

Tears burst into her bright eyes.

She never dared to look at Xiao Haitang, with a deep and deep inferiority hidden in her heart.

Xiao Haitang looked at her mother’s face and was about to faint from the pain in her heart.

Xiao Haitang’s mother is Lan Fenger, a nice name.

In Xiao Haitang’s impression, the face of his mother Lan Feng’er was the best looking face in the world.

Always so young and so beautiful.

But why, it will become the same as nowadays!


What have you experienced over the years!

Who is it, cruel to you!

With a thought, Xiao Haitang suddenly looked at the triumphant Master Hu Bing, and the angry flames in his eyes burst out!

“It’s you, right! It’s you! It made my mother like this, right! You return my mother!”

Xiao Haitang said, and rushed forward!


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