Dragon Husband 1061-1065

Chapter 1061

However, Xiao Haitang was not Hu Bingshi’s opponent at all.

Hu Bingshi stepped down mercilessly and kicked Xiao Haitang back directly.

Lan Fenger’s heart ached, and she hugged Xiao Haitang tightly and checked her lovingly to see if there was any kicking pain.

Hu Bingshi looked at the poor mother and daughter condescendingly, with hatred in his eyes.

“Little Haitang! Just now, but you made your own choice! Now, you killed this bitch woman for me!” Hu Bingshi said proudly.

Xiao Haitang’s head buzzed!

She only realized it now that her seemingly compassionate choice just now was so terrifying!

She looked at Hu Bingshi in disbelief, “Are you still a human! You want me to kill my mother yourself! You are simply a beast! No! You are not as good as a beast!”

Lan Feng’er’s eyes became a bit dull.

She seems to have long been used to the cruelty that Master Hu Bing treated her.

“I’ll give you five minutes, don’t do it anymore! I will slaughter everyone!” Hu Bingshi made the final announcement!

He really hates Lan Feng’er!

Back then, he was obsessed with his heart for a while, and fell in love with someone.

She is Lan Fenger.

He forcibly took Lan Feng’er.

But what he didn’t think was that this servant was so humble and secretly concealed from him that he gave birth to the evil seed!

This matter soon became known to the family.

Because at that time, Master Hu Bing was assessing the head of the family, so in order not to leave a dark history, Master Hu Bing chose to marry Lan Feng’er as his wife.

He thought this matter would be over.

Who knows, this is the beginning of a nightmare!

Because he took a servant as his wife, he was constantly pointed out by some caring people.

Therefore, Hu Bingshi hates Lan Fenger even more!

It was this woman who brought him eternal shame!

He also hates Xiao Haitang!

In his opinion, Xiao Haitang is a kind of evil, although it is his flesh and blood.

But Master Hu Bing has no way. He has been unable to give birth to a second child all these years.

So he can only regard Xiao Haitang as the family heir.

But this bastard daughter, with a very strange personality, just refuses to practice martial arts!

Still pondering over a camera every day.

So once, Master Hu Bing directly dropped the camera.

But at the beginning, Hu Bingshi was just like the clansman, despising Lan Feng’er.

But with the passage of time, coupled with the fact that Hu Bingshi has been stuck in his realm over the years and there is no way to break through, he hates Lan Fenger more and more in his heart.

He believes that it is this servant who has brought him this kind of stagnation.

So Hu Bingshi was murderous towards Lan Feng’er.

But Lan Feng’er, seemingly weak, is actually very smart.

After she realized Hu Bingshi’s killing intent, she reluctantly left Xiao Haitang and left the Hu family.

She accidentally came to this forbidden mountain guarding area.

And used her wisdom to help these people who were in the crisis of extermination through the difficulties.

She has also successfully become the leader of this group of people.

So in a strict sense, this servant and the villagers in this place are not of the same blood.

“I can’t do it!” Xiao Haitang burst into tears again.

As if he knew Xiao Haitang’s answer for a long time, Master Hu Bing suddenly sneered: “Hoho, little bitch, now you see it! How are you fighting with me! I’ll give you another chance! With this bitch in front of you! People break! Then return to Gu Yuehu’s house obediently, and in the future, follow my method to practice martial arts obediently!”
“No matter how clingy you are, then I can only use my power to completely destroy all the things you cherish!”

Hu Bingshi’s words were like a knife, deeply pierced into Xiao Haitang’s heart.

Guo Bukit is full of anger!

Although he has been under Wu Bili’s control all the time, he is not so frantic like Master Hu Bing!

It’s absolutely barbaric!

Xiao Haitang’s life, her existence, is a tool in Hu Bingshi’s eyes!

Little Haitang slowly lowered his head with tears flowing.

Master Hu Bing saw this scene and said with satisfaction: “Now you know the pain? Now you know, if you don’t listen to me, if you just go your own way, what kind of disaster will it bring to the people around you? You will remember it! You are Gu Yue Heir of the Hu family, your future should be brilliant! Being in the Hu family of Gu Yue, you should be proud and honored! The imprint of the ancient moon on your clothes is your lifetime glory and luck!”

The atmosphere at the scene was almost suffocating.

Hu Bingshi’s rampant madness made everyone on the scene out of breath.

Everyone looked at Xiao Haitang with pity.

Being the daughter of this madman is an unforgettable sadness.

But what can be done?

Hu Bingshi now, who can resist, and who dares to resist?

Acknowledging your mistakes and being soft is the best choice.

It is good for Xiao Haitang, and good for everyone present.

However, suddenly, a discordant laughter came out.

The sound of tears breaking into laughter.

The one who laughed out loud turned out to be a very pitiful little Haitang with his head down.

Xiao Haitang wiped the tears from his face and suddenly stood up slowly.

She laughed, sad.

She stood straight in front of the tall Hu Bingshi and raised her head to look at Hu Bingshi.

“I think, did you make a mistake?” Xiao Haitang wiped away the tears on his face, his eyes sharpened in an instant.

“What I want is never a good meal or martial arts! It is not the glory and luck set by you!”

“Besides, don’t get me wrong. The reason why I can grow up is not to become the heir of the Gu Yuehu family!”

Xiao Haitang suddenly said these words, which made everyone on the scene stare.

This little girl, have you eaten Xiongxinbaozi?

Don’t you know Hu Bingshi is getting angry now!

Only Lan Feng’er, after listening to these words, tears were falling down.

Both gratified and distressed.

“Pop!” The muscles on Master Hu Bing’s face were shaking, and he couldn’t help but slap Xiao Haitang directly!

He is angry!

Never dare anyone, dare to be so presumptuous in front of him!

Including Xiao Haitang!

This little bitch is getting bolder and bolder!

It actually trampled on the dignity of the Gu Yuehu family!

court death!

How great is Hu Bingshi’s strength.

Xiao Haitang’s face was hot and painful, and the corners of her mouth also overflowed with blood.

However, Xiao Haitang smiled more relievedly.

“Let’s make it clearer, my little Haitang’s life, my luck, is not given by you as a father. It was given by my mother! It was given by my friend! Even, it was myself. Yes! His name is Wiliam! His name is Guo Wuji! Her name is Mulan! And Xiao Wangqing!”

“I know them by my ability!”

“So, I’m going my way! Is it the mark of Gu Yuehu’s family?”

Xiao Haitang suddenly smiled coldly, tugging with both hands!

He actually tore the coat with the mark of Gu Yuehu’s family on his body, tore it in half and threw it to the ground!


“I and Gu Yuehu family, and you, let’s have a complete break!”

Chapter 1062 Crazy Sword!

At the scene, there was no sound!

Everyone stared blankly at the angry little Haitang!

She was obviously the lowest strength, but at this moment she forced herself to suppress the audience and suppressed Hu Bingshi!

Suppressed the entire Gu Yue Hu family!

She said the cruelest thing!

She tore off her coat and destroyed the mark representing Gu Yuehu’s family!

She is only wearing a pink underwear!

Her infinitely beautiful figure is exposed in front of everyone, but it makes people feel less obscene.

Everyone only felt that now this little girl who was not ashamed of being exposed, stood upright, grew up in an instant.

It’s so beautiful that it exudes a dazzling light, which makes people feel ashamed!



A complete break!

Without any regret and unwillingness!

Obviously just a low-powered little girl, in front of the big Gu Yuehu’s family, what’s the deal?

But by the way, she stood opposed to Master Hu Bing, but it made people feel that the two were sitting on the same level, and even the momentum of Xiao Haitang firmly suppressed Master Hu Bing!

Hu Bingshi’s entire face was flushed with anger, and he opened his hand to hit Xiao Haitang, “You! You! Are you going to be pissed off, am I! Fiddle with your rags all day long! What’s your future?

“Come on! Kill me! If you don’t kill me, you’re a scam! If I’m not welcome, what kind of hero are you? You are not even a hero! In my mother’s story, you won’t survive three episodes! “Little Haitang raised his head and looked at Master Hu Bing coldly!

Hu Bingshi’s body was trembling.

The raised hand finally fell down fiercely!

The corner of Xiao Haitang’s mouth was overflowing with blood again, and everyone watching was anxious.

And she laughed again.

“Now tell you, what’s my future? Maybe what I like is trivial to you, and it is even more insignificant compared to the so-called martial arts, but like it is like it. In my opinion, it is bigger than the sky. .”

“From now on, I have to go my way. I am no longer the Xiao Haitang of Gu Yuehu’s family. I am the Xiao Haitang belonging to my mother, and I am the Xiao Haitang belonging to my friend.”

“Is there a high or low in human life? Well, if it does, this time, I will choose to be with the humble in your eyes, and live forever! Never look back!”

Xiao Haitang said, turned around and walked towards Wiliam.

Suddenly he picked up Guo Wuji’s machete from the ground, turned around and pointed towards Hu Bingshi, “You dare to try my mother! Do you dare to try my friend!”

The scene where Xiao Haitang pointed at Hu Bingshi with a knife was permanently imprinted in everyone’s heart!

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at such a small Begonia.

This girl, I guess she has never taken a knife in her life, right?

Because she doesn’t like it.

And for the first time in this life to take a knife, the first time to resist!

It was aimed at her biological father!



The atmosphere at the scene seemed to freeze.

Even Hu Bingshi was completely dumbfounded.

After Xiao Haitang finished this movement, she gently lifted Lan Feng’er from the ground.

Her tears came out again.

It was a tear of joy.

Twenty years!

For the first time, she tore the cage and shackles in her heart with her bare hands!

She heard the crying in her heart, crying so piercingly!

She also heard the laughter in her heart, laughing hysterically!

She plunged into Lan Feng’er’s arms and cried and said, “Mom, mom forgive me for being capricious this time.”

“Although I know that it will bring you even greater disasters, I still want to do so.”

Lan Feng’er hugged her daughter tightly, almost choking with distress.

This silly daughter.

Stupidly heartbreaking!

“Mom, you will be the same as when I was a kid, and told me, do what you like, and like the people you like? Right? Mom!” Xiao Haitang looked up at Lan Feng’er, eyes It is full of expectations.

She broke the boat, tore the mark of the Hu family all over the floor, and smashed the glory and wealth of the rest of her life. Now she is so pitiful that she only needs one person’s affirmation——

Go live!

“Um! Um! The child did the right thing! The child did a great job!” Lan Feng’er was crying even more, holding Xiao Haitang in tears.

Mulan reluctantly stood up and put her coat on Xiao Haitang’s body, her expression distressed.

“Xiao Haitang, you behaved very well, and your relationship with your mother is really good…” Mulan said softly with red eyes.

And Xiao Haitang suddenly thought of Mulan’s mother.

A heart-wrenching pain surged.

She looked at Mulan stupidly, this stupid woman, I still don’t know that her mother has…

Thinking of this, Xiao Haitang turned around and hugged Mulan, crying even harder.

“Damn! Damn! Damn you all!” The Hu Bingshi who reacted, as if completely mad, shouted sternly, “Elder Wang! You come over to me and screw off the heads of this pair of sluts. !”

An old man with all white hair and beard and eyes gloomy came out!

His footsteps are fast, like a dragon, rushing towards Xiao Haitang and the others.

And everyone at the scene, because they were poisoned, had no power to fight back.

Not to mention Xiao Haitang.

Her own strength is low, and she just stood in front of Master Hu Bing with her blood and courage.

The poor mother and daughter seemed to have anticipated what would happen next.

But ah, they have no scruples.

It’s a big deal.

Rather than being alive, it is better to just die like this at the happiest and most caring moment.

Everyone looked at the elder rushing, their eyes moved, full of helplessness.

Today, is it really going to be mermaid?

Today, is their clan really going to be here to destroy the clan?

The elder, with a joke on his face, said with a smile: “Ho ho, a pair of little bitches! You deserve it today! Even if you regret it, it’s too late!”

As he spoke, with a palm, he slashed at the mother and daughter who had no counterattack.

Everyone closed their eyes together, and didn’t dare to look at this terrible situation on earth.

However, the screams they imagined, and even the frantic laughter of the elders, did not even come.

Everyone opened their eyes and suddenly exclaimed in unison!

I saw a figure, I don’t know when it has appeared in front of the elder!

He looks like a ghost!

Actually in one second!

Single hand over the machete in Xiao Haitang’s hand!

On the elder who was completely stunned, he split several times!

The elder’s body was cut so terribly!

In the end, this person leaped high, clutching the elder, and the knife in his hand penetrated into the heart!

After he landed, he just stepped on this elder who didn’t know what happened to his death.

He laughed like a devil, it was chilling!

“Suddenly I feel that this world has become more beautiful…”

“Scent of blood, so beautiful…”

Chapter 1063 Fierce Blood!

Everyone rubbed their eyes vigorously, and they couldn’t believe what happened before them!

And seeing this demon-like man clearly, everyone was even more stunned!

It’s Wiliam!

How could it be him!

Moreover, even him!

How did he do it!

You know, the strength of the elders of the Gu Yue Hu family is above the kinetic energy!

The elder Wang just now is obviously also a strong man who is about to break through the mid-term in the early stage of energization!

And Wiliam and the others came out of the illusion.

Although the illusion is lifted, this is the Ninth Valley, and the restraints on them are still there!

Then how could he kill Elder Wang? He did it in a flash!

And don’t forget, everyone present now, except for the Gu Yuehu family, everyone is poisoned!

Especially Wiliam and the others!

Not only was it poisoned by the drunken blood of the villagers, but also the soft tendons of the Gu Yuehu family.

This is even more impossible!

They rubbed their eyes vigorously, trying to see if this was an illusion.

However, the bloody facts are right in front of them.

Master Hu Bing’s eyes are about to fall off!

He never thought that the elder of their Gu Yuehu family would die in the hands of a kid in a flash!

Even when he was triumphant just now, he didn’t even see what happened!

Just now!

Wiliam was like a demon, stepping on the elder’s body, looking at the sky coldly.

This weird scene is chilling.

Is this person a man or a ghost?

Killing single-handedly, as if enjoying the delicacy of the world.

Xiao Haitang looked at Wiliam now, and suddenly thought…

Wiliam’s hostility broke out completely!

Before, Xiao Haitang felt that something was wrong with Wiliam.

It was when Mulan’s mother Mu Xiaolou died, Wiliam started to have something wrong.

What has been suppressing.

Re-experiencing severely suppressed by Hu Bingshi just now.

Now it was the matter between himself and his mother that touched Wiliam again?

Therefore, Wiliam couldn’t suppress the hostility in his heart completely.

He became like a demon!

It’s just that Wiliam like this really looks terrible.

Will there be any trouble?

Xiao Haitang was no longer worried about his life or death, but began to feel anxious about Wiliam’s state.

Mulan was also puzzled, but suddenly she slapped her head and shouted in surprise: “Fuck! Wiliam! You are not poisoned! And! Your skill is back!”

Wiliam seemed to have fallen into a strange situation.

Barely heard what Mulan said.

There was a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth.


Ho ho…


Who is Wiliam?

To put it bluntly, the unworldly genius doctor will do my part!

Wiliam’s nose is very sharp, he actually smelled loose tendons when he came over.

It’s just that he didn’t know what Hu Bing was going to do at the time, so he just kept an eye on him, but he couldn’t remind others to pay attention.

As for the fragrance of drunken blood, ho ho, it’s even more ridiculous.

Wiliam had smelled this smell a long time ago and was already familiar with it.

When he was in Lantern Village, he took the blood jade from the head of Lantern Village.
Although the blood jade was gone, Wiliam had long been immune to this drunken fragrance.

Everyone was poisoned, only Lu Yezhen had it.

Wiliam was not eager to show it just now, but just pretended to be like everyone else, just to get a closer look at what Master Hu Bing was going to do.

Just seeing the story of Xiao Haitang and her mother, and seeing Xiao Haitang tearing his clothes apart, Wiliam’s heart seemed to be broken.

How could he not know the hostility in his heart before?

This hostile spirit was derived from the red Qilin Qi that he had lost and recovered.

Because of Mu Xiaolou’s death, it shocked Wiliam greatly.

Wiliam’s heart was surging, and his body was completely crazy!

Since this illusion is a seal!

There must be a solution!

One by one, the reincarnation of heaven.

Wiliam was in the midst of the turmoil in his mind, and by chance, he broke the seal of the realm and returned the breath of the body.

And his realm naturally came back.

In his body, the red Qilin Qi suppressed all the breath.

Even he felt that consciousness was about to be swallowed.

At that time, Wiliam will become a human killer who only knows how to kill.

But well…

Ho ho…

How fast is it to kill a few more sinful people while the power is still there!

Wiliam thought of this, and suddenly raised his voice to the sky!

With a roar of the wild beast, he rushed to the sky from his throat!

This roar actually made everyone’s heart palpitations!

He seems to have become a beast!

His body rushed out directly!

Master Hu Bing’s eyes changed suddenly and he roared wildly: “Damn! I still underestimated this kid, so let me go with you! Kill him! He is lower than you, more than enough to besie him!”

The person next to Hu Bingshi stiffened and rushed over!

Lan Feng’er stared at Wiliam, who was like a madman, and asked in a low voice, “My child, is this man really your friend?”

Xiao Haitang stared at Wiliam closely, but replied very firmly: “Hmm! My good friend!”

Lan Feng’er’s eyes changed, and she whispered: “It’s terrible! The murderous intent on him is so serious, he probably can’t distinguish between us…”

Xiao Haitang replied decisively: “Yes! Brother Wiliam is a man of love and sex, and he also values ​​love and righteousness! When his knife hangs on our foreheads, I believe he will stop, yes. Mulan.”

Mulan was suddenly asked, her eyes dodge slightly, and finally she said firmly: “Well! I believe him again!”

Before, Wiliam had a killer on his hands and feet!

However, I am willing to bet on my life and trust him again!

When his knife hangs on our forehead, he will stop!

Lan Feng’er looked at the two girls so convinced of this crazy man, and suddenly sighed slightly.

Her eyes also became unnatural.

“Mom, are you afraid of death?” Xiao Haitang asked suddenly.

Lan Fenger gently touched Xiao Haitang’s cheek, and said softly: “Mom used to be better than death, so I am not afraid of death. But now, my mother is so happy, and my mother is suddenly afraid of death, and even more afraid of you dying, baby…”

Xiao Haitang’s eyes were taken aback, although she didn’t know why her mother thought so, she still held her mother’s hand tightly.

Mother, trust me…

I also believe in Wiliam!

He has a beloved person in his heart, such a heart will not be enchanted.

And Wiliam was surrounded by many people in an instant.

These people are all elites of the Gu Yue Hu family, and their average strength has a realm of transformation.

Everyone is better than Wiliam’s realm!

However, the moment they surrounded Wiliam, they suddenly burst out miserable wailing!

A series of mysterious red lights, redder than this world!

More intense than this blood!

More crazy than this killing!

Chapter 1064: Evil Coming!

These people are masters of Huajin anyway.

They immediately noticed the crisis from Wiliam.

So I chose to dodge the first time!

But this is the case, many people are still recruited.

Rays of light like blood meteors agitated in these people’s bodies!

Bring out a lot of blood!

Heaven and earth are all dyed with this demon red!

Everyone stepped back, staring at Wiliam with fear.

What was the red light just now!

Why did it suddenly burst out of this kid’s body!

Pity these Gu Yuehu family members, even though they knew that Wiliam was gifted.

However, each of them had high self-esteem, thinking that Wiliam was a warrior in the late period of Inner Strength, and had never studied Wiliam seriously.

If you have studied Wiliam, you can know from previous youth martial arts competitions that the red light on Wiliam is his biggest killer!

Long live Guren!

Wiliam was prepared to respond, and immediately caught these people by surprise.

And everyone looked at Wiliam with anger.

In the next scene, they were too shocked to breathe!

I saw that red light with blood, suddenly and slowly flew towards Wiliam’s two hands.

Wiliam, left the machete just now.

Then, the red light seemed to condense.

Gradually, in Wiliam’s left and right hands, two long swords glowing with blood appeared!

They see clearly now!

Those red lights are silver needles!

And now!

The silver needles, unexpectedly gathered in Wiliam’s hands, turned into two long swords!

Use needles as swords!

Really incredible!

What is this silver needle, it is so mysterious!

As for Mulan and the others, it was the first time that they saw Wiliam’s hand using a needle as a sword, and their eyes were dull.

Wiliam just carried two red swords in his hand, and the tip of the red sword was hanging on the ground, still bleeding.

He took the two swords and moved.

Step by step, slowly walked towards Master Hu Bing and the others.

Master Hu Bing turned pale, and hurriedly shouted: “Hurry up! This is just one of his methods, you will be able to avoid it if you pay more attention!”

Wiliam smiled like a devil.

Can you avoid it?



If it was normal, how could Wiliam use this bluffing hand?

He can control the silver needle at will and make the silver needle unexpected. This effect is even stronger.

But now, Wiliam is murdering!

He just wanted a silver needle as a sword!

He just happened!

It is necessary to use this tangible sword!

Kill this crazy world!

Killing this ant is chilling!

In this way, it’s fun!

It’s dripping!

Everyone rushed towards Wiliam again.

Wiliam Hongjian is extremely tough!

A knife breaks a knife!


After only a while, some people were completely shivered!

It’s not that they can’t beat Wiliam!

But Wiliam’s use of needles as a sword is really impossible to guard against!

This kid is crazy!

It’s obviously a sword!

A thorn should be used!

He doesn’t!

He wants to chop!

Split the flesh and blood!

Cut a broken limb!
The scene is simply bloody!

This kid is tainted with evil blood, and the methods are even more weird!

Obviously someone saw him hacking, so he quickly raised his knife to guard!

However, the long sword in his hand, the moment he touched the opponent’s long sword!

Suddenly separated!

Pass the long knife cleverly and cleverly.

Then quickly closed again.

The sword body directly hits the human body!

This completely unthinkable fighting method is the main reason that makes everyone afraid!

What a special thing!

How to prevent it!

The long sword is made of silver needles, which can combine natural energy.

So there is no way to defend it physically.

Unless you are covered with iron.

For a time, more than 20 people couldn’t hold down a Wiliam!

Everyone was anxious and angry!

What a shame!

Twenty Huajin warriors can’t beat one inner strength warrior!

Everyone will laugh out loud if it spreads out!

“Kill me! No matter how much you pay, you must kill me!” Hu Bingshi is an extremely face-saving person, how could he let such things spread out!

So beheading Wiliam is the best ending!

And the people of Gu Yuehu’s family were also beaten bloody by Wiliam!

They started besieging Wiliam desperately!

The ant killed the elephant.

The life-for-life style of play immediately suppressed Wiliam.

At this moment, although Wiliam was covered in blood, he was at a loss.


It seems that I cannot support it anymore.

I wanted to retain a sense of consciousness.

This red Qilin Qi is really terrifying.

Or, lose consciousness and become a demon.

Or, exhaust all power and suppress the scarlet aura.

However, the result was that the body broke apart and completely lost the ability to fight.

Another choice…

Do you want to finish all the choices of your life here?

How to choose…


Wiliam suddenly burst into a bloody mist.

His body trembled.

Master Hu Bing saw in his eyes and exclaimed: “Quick! He can’t support it anymore! I’ll just say how good this kid is! It must have been a secret technique for forcibly improving the technique! Keep besieging him!”

As for Mulan and others, they all mentioned their throats.

Especially Mulan, she knew the entanglement of several auras in Wiliam.

This scene seemed to let her see the scene of Wiliam’s escape from Li’s family in the south.

“No! No! Wiliam, stop! You don’t want to become a demon!” Mulan suddenly shouted, tears bursting into her eyes.


Wiliam vaguely heard this voice.

Devil, it seems pretty good too…

Better than…

Just be a devil.

Bloody fragrance, overflowing.

It’s hard to hold on…

so be it……

Wiliam closed his eyes suddenly, as if giving up the resistance of his body.

In his body, the scarlet Lin Qi suddenly burst out violently!

This breath directly knocked the people around to the ground!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement!

They felt this breath!



Pick someone and eat!

Is there any secret technique for this kid!

Wiliam’s whole person was shrouded in this red light!

Mulan’s heart is getting more and more anxious!

She seemed to know that Wiliam gave up resistance.

She was full of tears, and she did not know where the strength rushed up!

However, Crimson Lin Qi directly overturned Mulan!

She coughed up a mouthful of blood and felt a heart beating.


Don’t go on like this!


Let me believe it again!

Believe you, the magic way is ahead, you can still stop!

Believe you, the evil spirit is present, you can still be kind!

Let me believe this!

I wish!

Call you with life!

Mulan was really desperate, she got up and rushed to the murderous red light again!

I am not sure if I can wake you up.

However, there is one person, for sure!

It certainly can!

Mulan rushed towards Wiliam like a flying meteor.

Scream in your mouth!

“Wiliam! Do you have someone you like! What’s that person’s name!”

Chapter 1065 Frost Shou!

“No! Mulan!” Xiao Haitang screamed violently behind him, tears falling.

In the scene, as long as it is a normal person, you can clearly see how violent the red light on Wiliam is now!

Mulan rushed over so desperately, she would definitely be torn apart by this red light!

At this moment, Wiliam was completely in a state of madness.

My heart is full of infinite desire for blood.

His spiritual consciousness was gradually drowned in this tyranny.


Are you confused…

Wiliam barely guarded the last trace of spiritual consciousness, but a kind of depression and powerlessness appeared in his heart.

Perhaps it was this trip to guard the mountains and nine valleys that made Wiliam feel too much love and hatred.

I also felt too much helplessness and sadness.

This negative emotion caused Wiliam’s will to loosen.

He gradually felt that he couldn’t bear it anymore.


Don’t guard it…

Just when Wiliam wanted to give up completely.

Suddenly a vague voice seemed to pierce his head!

the person I like!

What is your name!

This sound, like a needle, plunged into Wiliam’s head fiercely!

In his mind, a figure appeared…

A graceful woman with tearful eyes.

A kind of attachment to him, a kind of yearning for the white head…

the person I like……

Who else!


The figure in his mind suddenly became clear, as if it was about to explode spiritual wisdom!

At this moment!

Wiliam didn’t know where the power came from, and all his spiritual consciousness returned!

No way!

Can’t die!

I still have a loved one waiting for me to find her!

Say that this life will live up to it!

You must not die here!

Sorry, Feliicity!

I don’t want to die!

I also want to accompany you a long, long way.

Then leave my life to the unknown…

Green Zijin, Youyouwoxin……

But for the sake of the king, I still ponder it!

Mulan held the belief that she would die, thinking she would be torn apart by the red light.

But the moment she leaned against the red light!

The red light seemed to be frozen by something!

No more light!

Wiliam suddenly burst into a breath of ice!

This icy breath seems to carry the belief in survival of the true love of the world!

The Crimson Lin Qi was frozen instantly!

Mulan’s body was fiercely in this piece of ice.

Then it hit the ground hard.

Her first reaction was bursting into tears!


If he is dead, it means that Wiliam regained consciousness at the moment of his death!

“Wiliam!” Mulan shouted at Wiliam.

However, Wiliam’s body had already formed a layer of frost.

Like a gentle woman, guarding the conscience of Wiliam.

Ice veins!

It was Feliicity’s faint veins of ice remaining in Wiliam’s body. At the last moment, with faith, it grew into a powerful air that could suppress the scarlet aura!

Lu Yeren could not move in the frost.

Frost froze his whole body, so that his body no longer bursts, and he no longer bleeds.
But Wiliam couldn’t feel the slightest cold.

His eyes were open and his eyes were flushed.

Mulan hugged the stiff Wiliam and burst into tears!

In her heart, she was surprised!

But also with great emotion.

Sure enough, in this world, it was that woman who could make Wiliam feel gentle.

Although Mulan had never seen the love in Wiliam’s heart.

But the woman who can make Wiliam give up all the choices to return to spiritual wisdom at the last moment must be gentle as water.

The scene fell into a brief silence.

The Gu Yue Hu family was shocked by Wiliam’s momentum just now.

Even if Wiliam was unable to move with frost on his body, they still did not dare to go forward.

I am afraid that something will happen to this kid again.

This kid’s ultimate move is so endless that it makes people fearful.

Mulan wanted to break the frost on Wiliam, but found that she couldn’t break it at all.

She just watched Wiliam who was in the frost red eyes, and her heart was mixed.

This kid, wouldn’t he be frozen to death in it?

“Patriarch, what shall we do now?” Someone weakly asked Master Hu Bing for instructions.

Hu Bingshi looked at Wiliam with a little fear, and said: “Observe for another five minutes. After five minutes, there is still nothing about this kid, we’ll kill it! Hmph, this kid has a lot of tricks, I’m afraid this is his empty city.”

Those subordinates nodded suddenly and repeatedly agreed.

They had gone through that just now, and they didn’t want to fight this scary kid anymore.

“Hurry up! Collect all the silver needles from that kid! I guess it is a good baby! The good baby will naturally be used by me.” Hu Bingshi suddenly said.

Several people rushed over, and there was a silver needle lying on the ground where Wiliam had been before.

These silver needles were glowing red before.

But now they can only lie quietly on the ground, losing all their luster.

Mulan watched them go to pick up the silver needle, and did not stop.

She knew that Wiliam’s silver needle was very strange and belonged to him alone.

It is simply impossible to use this method to take advantage of it.

But, how should the current situation be broken?

“That, auntie, what are we going to do now? You know this better.” Mulan bit her scalp and asked Lan Feng’er next to her.

Lan Feng’er had recovered from the previous rickets at this moment.

Her waist was bent at ninety degrees, just to make it easier for Xiao Wangqing on her back to fall asleep.

Lan Feng’er’s eyes were very complicated, as if there was something unspeakable.

She looked behind her.

There were more than one hundred villagers, some lying on the ground, some sitting on the ground.

But their eyes were clearly filled with an incomparable despair.

Lan Fenger’s heart ached.

These silly people.

How come you are born with such a cowardly character!

Who else can make them change their faces!

Lan Feng’er became the leader of this group, but it took several years to change the character of these people.

She can find a way to continue these people’s lives, but she has no way to continue their ambitions!

Is that really the only thing possible?

Are you desperate?

Lan Feng’er felt the responsibility on her shoulders for a while, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Child, are you afraid of death? Do you want to die?” Lan Fenger suddenly asked Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang also hesitated at this moment.

The reunion with her mother and the break with Gu Yue Hu’s family gave Xiao Haitang a feeling of new life.

She naturally did not want to die immediately after a short rebirth.

Lan Feng’er seemed to understand Xiao Haitang’s eyes, and was cruel!

She suddenly lifted her back and stood up!


An unpleasant bone stretching sound rang slightly on her body.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, she looked at Xiao Haitang tenderly, her eyes flushed.

“Xiao Haitang, forgive mom, mom doesn’t want you to die, and mom doesn’t want the poor people behind to die, so…”

“As a last resort, mom will do a bad thing in front of you, very bad, very bad thing, don’t blame mom…”


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