Dragon Husband 1071-1075

Chapter 1071 Ceremony!

How could Wiliam’s silver needle become black!

Isn’t it a monster red!

What’s the matter!

Everyone took a breath and looked at the black silver needle in disbelief!

The color of the silver needle is different from before, and now, even the breath is different!

When the monster was red, tyrannical mania!

Now it becomes black, but it is another cold and evil atmosphere, which is chilling!

And Wiliam took a step, and the silver needle moved with him.

A huge and cold coercion slammed the Gu Yuehu family!

“Go! Go! Do you all want to die!” Hu Bing sternly shouted, but his body trembled slightly.

Those people had no choice but to rush towards Wiliam again!

This time, the situation is very different from the last time!

Wiliam’s eyes were pitch black and his body was motionless!

But the black silver needle in front of him suddenly danced!

The scene seemed to be a dark night meteor!

A cold black line constantly shuttles through the field!

Everyone is bloodthirsty, see the blood seal the throat!

A group of warriors can’t reach the silver needle sealing throat!

The silver needle becomes invincible!

Even if they resist it sharply!

Even if they try to dodge!

The silver needle is like a gangrene attached to bones, like a shadow!

Every silver needle pierced into a person’s body, like a stream, like a sea, silent.

But after a while, those with silver needles in their bodies seemed to be discouraged!

Dry up at a speed visible to the naked eye!

In the end, he became skinny, as if the blood all over his body disappeared out of thin air!

The silver needle flew out silently!

People fall!

The silver needle became even darker!


This scene, how many people watched burst into anger!

There really is such a terrible weapon in the world!

I don’t know how many times more vicious than the red look!

You can’t touch it, you die!

And the evil spirit on Wiliam radiated continuously, directing the black needles in the sky to fly.

The people of Gu Yuehu’s family looked terrified.

Several people died at once!

Caused serious losses to the Gu Yue Hu family.

Obviously, Master Hu Bing also had fear in his heart, but he was the owner of the family after all, so he had to bite the bullet and brainwash everyone: “Don’t be afraid! This kid is obviously commanding the silver needle with internal force, but this is very physical. I believe it will not take long. , He will have strength! We have to hold on! Victory is here!”

Everyone gritted their teeth when Master Hu Bing said!

They are in the front!

It is them who face life and death!

Only at the forefront can I feel the powerlessness of Wiliam’s evil spirit!

But they were a member of the Gu Yuehu family after all, and they could only stand it hard.

After a while, Wiliam’s body suddenly trembled slightly.

The black needles flying in the sky also stopped.

Master Hu Bing was overjoyed in his heart and couldn’t help but sternly shouted: “Look, everyone! This kid is out of power! Go on! Take this opportunity to kill him!”

The first reaction of everyone was not to go forward and kill this kid.

But Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief, feeling walking through the ghost gate.
And just when they wanted to step forward and kill Wiliam, their goose bumps were up again!

Wiliam’s dark eyes suddenly closed gradually.

But Xiao Wangqing, who had been standing on Wiliam’s shoulders with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

Eyes are like ink!

It’s black as if it’s about to drip out!

After Xiao Wangqing opened his eyes, Xiao Shou’er suddenly patted Wiliam on the head three times.

Her actions are very strange, like a mysterious ritual.

Then, Xiao Wangqing put his finger into Wiliam’s hand again.

The disaster of blood and light is recurring!

After a few breaths, Wiliam opened his eyes and Xiao Wangqing closed his eyes!

The evil spirit on Wiliam’s body has revived!

The black needle danced more frantically!

The people of Gu Yuehu’s family are crazy to see!

This is so sick!

Are you hanging up!

Do you bring your own nanny to fights now?

Obviously it has already lost its strength and quickly replenishes it. This is not scientific!

However, Wiliam did not give them any time to think.

He moved!

This time, like a ghost!

Xiao Wangqing stood steadily on Wiliam’s shoulders, as if dozing off.

“Ah!” The screaming cry rang again.

Master Hu Bing’s eye canthus is cracked!

If this continues, the entire Gu Yuehu family’s elite will be ruined in this kid’s hands!

It absolutely cannot go on like this!

At this time, Master Hu Bing’s eyes drenched, and he looked at the Forgetting Blood Clan who was standing sluggishly behind Wiliam!

He thought of a good way!

Since you are going to die, let’s die together!

I will pull you into the water if I die!

Hu Bingshi suddenly yelled: “Quick! Disperse! Flee behind those humble people! This kid is in a bit wrong state, looks like he has lost his mind! Give me trouble!”

Those of the Gu Yuehu family were really scared by Wiliam!

They immediately made birds and beasts scattered, and ran towards the people of the Forgetting Blood from different directions.

Mulan and Xiao Haitang were taken aback, this Master Hu Bing was absolutely heinous!

If he couldn’t beat Wiliam, he planned to let everyone die together!


Mulan made a decisive decision and immediately shouted: “Everyone, back away! Hurry up!”

Because she wasn’t sure, Wiliam still had some consciousness.

And Lan Feng’er followed Mulan and shouted: “Quickly retreat! Quickly retreat!”

Those people who have forgotten the blood are waking up from a dream, looking at Wiliam in awe.

The aura on Wiliam’s body was really terrifying.

An instinct to survive makes them instantly stand up, pull their feet up, and run behind them.

However, their speed, how can they beat Wiliam!

Lu Yezhen arrived!

People arrive!

Mulan looked at Wiliam in amazement, would he really kill the people of the Forgetting Blood!

The answer is yes!

Wiliam’s world has become extremely dark.

He can’t see anyone!

The only thing he can perceive is the qi in a person!

He just felt that a puff of air came towards him.

He didn’t even think about it, just one move!


One person died!

And Mulan’s tears collapsed instantly!

She watched, a person from the Forgetting Blood wanted to attack Wiliam from the side!

Wiliam broke his neck in an instant!

Wiliam was really unconscious.

This thought completely disturbed her heart.

Wiliam, can’t you really be saved?

Did he really become a killing machine?

In the blink of an eye, Wiliam had already rushed to the front of the Wangxue clan.

The black needle in front of him is about to move!

At this time, Mulan stood up again!

She stood at the forefront of the Forgetting Blood!

He also stood directly in front of Wiliam.

She closed her eyes with tears in her eyes.

Open your hands.

It seemed to protect the people of this group behind him.

Didn’t you say it?

believe him!

When his knife hangs on our forehead, I believe he will stop!

That’s it!

Give it a try!

Chapter 1072 Demon Road!

“Mulan! Don’t!” Xiao Haitang yelled out loudly, seeing Mulan as he was dead!

To say that Wiliam is crazy, this is something everyone can see!

But in Xiao Haitang’s eyes, Mulan’s madness is no less than that of Wiliam!

Is this woman crazy today!

Again and again!

Use your own life to verify what!

First, the moths rushed towards the violent red light before Wiliam!

Now he was blocked in front of Wiliam again!

Is fate not fate?

“Come on! Wiliam!” Mulan closed her eyes and suddenly shouted!

And Wiliam’s black needle moved at the same time!

Qi Qi flew towards Mulan!

Little Begonia’s eyes are cracked!

Her head buzzed, and she also thought of the words Mulan had said to her before.

Believe this kid?


If you still have a little awareness!

Just open your eyes and take a look!

How much do you trust your friend!

How can you live up to such trust!

Everyone looked at this scene in a daze.

Where can Mulan survive when the black needle falls?

Hu Bingshi’s face showed a sinister smile.

This is exactly what he wants to see.

Provoked civil strife between them.

You know, it is also terrible for the people of the Forget-Blood Clan to go crazy.

As long as they fight internally, there is a complete opportunity to wipe them out in one fell swoop!

The black needle fell quickly towards Mulan.

Mulan closed her eyes, tears slowly falling.

Mom, I did this, right…

But the next second, everyone suddenly uttered incredible exclamations!

The black needle stopped one centimeter from Mulan’s forehead!


Everyone looked at Wiliam!

One of Wiliam’s eyes suddenly closed.

Xiao Wangqing opened a pair of eyes.

One person at a glance!

As if to see the world transparently.

Closing one eye, Wiliam felt it.

He could not see anything.

He didn’t even know that it was Mulan who stopped in front of him.

However, when the black needle was about to fall, a deep sadness suddenly appeared in his heart.

This emotion directly dominates Wiliam.

Can’t start…

I will regret it…

The black needle stopped.

He realized that the person in front of him was his friend.

Wiliam’s dark eyes dropped a tear.

Even if you are a demon, you must be a demon who deserves no shame…

Mulan was awakened by bursts of exclamation, and slowly opened her eyes.

Looking at the black needle close at hand, the icy breath on the black needle, like a poisonous snake, swallowed in front of my eyes.

She burst into tears, her legs softened and she sat directly on the ground.

She hugged her knees and cried, crying like a child.

Bet, yes.

Wiliam’s needle stopped.

Even though he is a wicked tiger, he is still willing to sniff the rose.

Wiliam just opened one eye and looked at Mulan on the ground in pain.

He seemed to be fighting with something.

Finally, he roared up to the sky and suddenly folded his body!

Rushed towards Hu Bingshi!

Master Hu Bing’s heart is about to jump out!


Obviously just a little bit!

This kid can kill his own friend!


What went wrong!

Is this kid’s consciousness back!

But it’s not right, the aura on his body is still vicious, he doesn’t look like a person at all!

How did he do it!

In the blink of an eye, Wiliam was in front of Master Hu Bing!

Hu Bingshi regrets that his intestines are all green.

Originally, Gu Yuehu’s family was in front of him, which was his last line of defense.

But he just let these people scatter away, and now he is empty in front of him, facing Wiliam!

He has no way out!

But Master Hu Bing is the head of the family after all, and he still has blood!

He glared wide and sternly said: “I’m fighting against you monster! Everyone, kill the people who forget the blood!”

With that said, he took the initiative to meet Wiliam!

His realm has reached the middle of Huajin, and he is almost able to break through to the latter.

It can be said that he is the strongest person in the field.

Moreover, his strength has been stored just now, without any damage.

Facing Shang Wiliam, he has the power to fight!

Wiliam barely regained his sanity just now.

He wanted to use the black needle again.

But suddenly his heart moved.

Black needle…

Why would Long live Gulian turn into a black needle?

For the first time he noticed something wrong with Long live Guren.

However, he also has no time to think about this issue.

He had a thought in his heart but it was extremely deep.

Long live red lotus can no longer be used.

Just now, Wiliam had completely fallen into the Devil’s Dao. A large part of it was because Wiliam felt that his sanity was taken away by this blackened Long live Honglian.

What Xiao Wangqing gave him was the secret blood dependence of the Forgetting Blood clan, which would only excite people, and forcibly improve his skills for a short time.

Not so crazy.

It was Long live Honglian that really made Wiliam feel dominated.

It seems that there is a terrible magic in Long Live Red Lotus.

Wiliam had felt this kind of magic before.

In Lantern Village, Long Live Honglian drank blood for the first time in a blood pond and was full.

At that time, Wiliam felt a touch of mania and insidiousness.

Only later, Wiliam suppressed this feeling.

Thinking about it now, Long live Guren is even more mysterious.

Grandpa Grandpa, what the hell is the long live Honglian you left me!

Wiliam made up his mind that he could no longer use Long Live Honglian!

However, with this determination, the black Long live Honglian seemed to feel it, and a wave of unwillingness instantly stirred in Wiliam’s heart!

“Puff!” Lu Yeren was so excited that he vomited a mouthful of blood even when he was in front of Master Hu Bing!

This bite is black blood!

However, after the blood was spit out, Wiliam’s eyes unexpectedly recovered a trace of clarity.

Can’t go on like this!

Thinking of this, Wiliam forced Long live Honglian into the ground with his mind!

Then, with his bare hands, he slammed into Hu Bingshi with both fists!

Hu Bingshi also double-fisted, and there was a confrontation with Wiliam!

The strong one fights, the situation changes!

This punch shook the ground slightly.

Around the two people, a cloud of blood exploded!

However, neither of them stopped!

Wiliam relied on this forcibly improved skill, and unexpectedly drew a tie with the peak warrior in the middle of Huajin.

However, Hu Bingshi seemed to have discovered something, and while fisting against Wiliam, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha! Why didn’t you dare to use your mysterious silver needle? Is there any side effect? ​​If you don’t use the silver needle, , Do you still want to be my opponent? Does your internal strength have my vigor!”

Lu Yezhe spoke, but Dou Da’s cold sweat broke out.

He is no longer dominated by the blackened silver needles, and his body has suffered severe injuries before. Obviously this pair of punches is not a long-term solution.

In a few seconds, he will be suppressed by Master Hu Bing!

But just as Hu Bingshi laughed, he suddenly saw the corner of Wiliam’s mouth, and a wicked smile appeared.

Chapter 1073 Four Arms!

“You, what are you laughing at! You can still laugh when you die!” Hu Bing sternly shouted.

He knew that this kid Wiliam had too many methods.

However, now that Wiliam was held back by his fists, it was obviously impossible to pull away directly!

If he pulls away forcibly, it is his own internal strength that will be absorbed into his body.

Obviously he is helpless, but why is he smiling!

Wiliam’s dark eyes slowly closed again, and a cold word made Hu Bingshi like an ice cellar!

“Master Hu Bing, you look good, I, Wiliam, have four hands…”

Four hands!

Hu Bingshi felt a chill and ran up his forehead from the soles of his feet!

Four hands, is he crazy!

How could there be four hands!

But when he was puzzled, both hands suddenly stretched out towards Master Hu Bing!

Master Hu Bing saw these two hands clearly, and the whole person was about to collapse!

On Wiliam’s shoulder, there was always a person standing!

Even a child, at this moment, is a terrible existence!

At this moment, Xiao Wangqing was on Wiliam’s shoulder, opening his eyes again.

She seemed to have just woke up, her dark eyes blinked.

Then, her body fell slowly in the direction of Master Hu Bing!

Leaning on one side, he stretched out both hands innocently.

No, to be precise, two index fingers.

She stretched out her two index fingers very slowly.

Slowly toward Hu Bingshi’s wide-eyed anger!

Obviously, it’s going to be eye-catching!

Master Hu Bing was so angry that he burst into swear words, “Damn! Don’t come over! Don’t come over!”

Master Hu Bing was right just now!

He and Wiliam are now in evenly matched fists. Wiliam can’t pull away forcibly, and naturally neither can Master Hu Bing.

The two were in a tug of war, and their bodies were tight to the extreme.

Not to mention that a little girl stretched out her hand, even if a flower and a leaf fell on Master Hu Bing’s body, it would be a distracting ordeal!

Wiliam, the bastard!

That’s it!

You can even call this little girl!

The four hands he said, the other two are the hands of this little girl!


Don’t be so shameless!

Xiao Wangqing seemed to have not heard Master Hu Bing’s words. She continued to fall backwards, her hands continued to stretch, getting closer and closer to Master Hu Bing.

Strangely enough, almost all of Xiao Wangqing’s body fell parallel to the ground.

He just didn’t fall off.

She stretched out her hand very slowly.

But the slower, the greater the pressure on Hu Bingshi’s heart.

As if he was going to watch two venomous snakes and swallow him!

“Come here! Come! Come and save me! What are you guys doing!” Master Hu Bing suddenly yelled.


But is it useful to ask for help!

Only about seven or eight defeated generals of the Gu Yue Hu family remained.

The people who are forgotten blood have a reputation for warfare, but it is more than enough to trap these people.

Don’t forget, there is a ghostly figure in the field.

Lan Fenger.

There is no problem at all to contain these frightened remnants and defeated generals.

“Take them to death!” Lan Fenger knew what Hu Bing was thinking, and immediately ordered.
She was so happy!

This is a catastrophe belonging to the Forgetting Blood, but it is also a new born of the Forgetting Blood!

As long as Hu Bing dies, the elite of the Gu Yue Hu family will be destroyed.

Then the opportunity for the rebirth of the Forget-Blood Clan has come!

How could she easily let go of this opportunity!

Master Hu Bing saw that his subordinates could not make it at all, and Xiao Wangqing’s hand was already in front of him.

There was a helpless sadness in his heart!

He couldn’t even think of it until his death that things would become like this.

If you don’t retreat, your eyes will be interrupted by this little girl, you will definitely be distracted instantly.

At that time, it is not only the violent internal forces within oneself that have to face.

Also faced with Wiliam’s weird internal force!

If you retreat, although there will be short-term damage, it can reduce a little loss!

Thinking of this, Master Hu Bing stopped hesitating, and yelled: “I won’t let you go!”

As he said, he twitched fiercely, trying to pull out his hands!

However, Wiliam laughed again!


How could it be that easy!

Wiliam’s hands, like iron tongs, grasped Master Hu Bing’s wrist tightly in an instant!

Hu Bingshi caught off guard!

He used all his power and wanted to withdraw his hand!

Wiliam caught it so hard!

This force is still backward!

“Ah!” He suddenly burst out a stern wailing!

His body retreated!

But his two hands remained in Wiliam’s hands forever!

Broken arm!

And both arms are broken!

Hu Bingshi’s shoulders were bloody!

His face also became extremely pale!

He miscalculated.

Totally underestimated Wiliam!

Every one of his back paths was estimated by Wiliam, and all of them were cut off!

Now that he loses his arms, even if he does not die, he is not far from death.

He mobilized all his strength and wanted to run back.

However, because he has no arms, he can’t adapt to the balance without arms.

With a plop, he fell to the ground.

And Wiliam opened his eyes again, his eyes were violent, but his clarity was restored.

Those Gu Yuehu family members saw that the head of the Patriarch was directly torn off his hands by Wiliam, and for a while, they had no intention of fighting.

Death appeared on everyone’s face!

Taking advantage of their lack of fighting spirit, Lan Fenger quickly killed all these people!

At this point, all the elites of the Gu Yue Hu family were destroyed.

They came over with a fighting spirit, but under the devil’s way of a kid, they didn’t have a lifetime!

When Master Hu Bing saw all his people died, he was so vicious that he couldn’t help tears in his eyes.

He had thought that coming here this time was to restore the great cause of the Yue Hu family.

But he didn’t think that he would instantly become the ancient sinner of the Gu Yuehu family!

All the elite died, this is the accumulation they have accumulated over many years.

From then on, even if the Gu Yue Hu family can survive, it will be completely depressed and completely withdraw from the queue of the four major families in Lingcheng.

All this is because of a kid!

Master Hu Bing watched Wiliam slowly walk over, feeling extremely sad!

He was still triumphant about letting this kid in secretly, thinking it was the most correct move he had made.

Now, with this move, he will directly checkmate his Gu Yuehu family!

This kid is a man or a devil!

In Hu Bingshi’s eyes, there was already the slightest idea of ​​wanting to escape.

Even if he escaped, he would have no face to face his ancestors.

To die here, to die under this kid’s hands, may be the best relief.

He thought of this and slowly closed his eyes.

And Wiliam was already standing in front of him.

Clear eyes, but murderous!

He is about to step on Hu Bingshi’s head with one foot!

At this time, a faint red light suddenly lit up not far away.

An old voice rang with infinite sadness.

“Little Wawa, let him go…”

“For the sake of my acquaintance with your grandpa…”

Chapter 1074 Too great!

Chapter 1074 Too great!

Everyone followed the prestige.

Not far away, a red lantern was dangling.

After a while, a figure appeared in front of everyone.

He is a bad old man.

However, this bad old man is very weird.

He held a lantern in his left hand and a hip flask in his right.

Eyes are tightly closed, and walking is swaying.

Looks drunk.

When Xiao Haitang saw this man, he couldn’t help shouting, “Old Hu, why are you here?”

In Gu Yuehu’s house, Old Hu was the only person Xiao Haitang didn’t hate.

Because everyone bullied her mother, even her.

Only the old Hutou will not.

In Xiao Haitang’s eyes, the old Hu was just a bad old man who liked to drink, and his speech was very funny.

He watched Xiao Haitang grow up.

Therefore, Xiao Haitang understands the temper of the old man very well, and will give him some wine at every turn to please him.

Xiao Haitang didn’t think that the old Hu Tou would be here tonight.

And Master Hu Bing, who was rescued by this sentence, saw the old Hu’s face, his face turned paler, and he muttered to himself: “You, finally came.”

“Ho ho, do you think I want to come over? I want to watch you die more than anyone else. It’s a pity that I am a member of this sinful Gu Yue Hu family after all. I sin, I sin…” Old Hu He can hear very well, he smiled sadly, and closed his eyes tighter.

When Master Hu Bing heard this, he slowly closed his eyes.

Tonight, life and death have no meaning to him.

“Old Hu, how did you come here?” Xiao Haitang was not afraid of Old Hu, and shouted directly at him.

Old Hu’s head turned towards Xiao Haitang.

Although he closed his eyes, Wiliam had heard Xiao Haitang talk about this old man’s weirdness before. He closed his eyes just watching people.

“I, with a few bottles of wine, I came to this fate.” The old Hu said with a smile.

“Cut, you are a bad old man, what can you do…” Xiao Haitang suddenly curled his lips.

However, Lan Feng’er grabbed Xiao Haitang and looked at Old Hu in awe, “Little Haitang, don’t be rude! Do you know who he is!”

Xiao Haitang looked puzzled, “He’s an old Hu, who else? A terrible old man at the door.”

Lan Feng’er’s expression was even more wrong. She stared at Old Hu’s head, as if holding down the fear in her heart, and said, “Did you know that there is a Supreme Elder in Gu Yue Hu’s house?”

Xiao Haitang was taken aback, nodded, and said, “I know, he is the strongest person in the Gu Yue Hu family, who seems to be a martial artist in the late stage of Huajin. But I have not seen him since I was born, and I heard that he and the family I don’t deal with it, so I’ve been in retreat.”

After Xiao Haitang finished speaking, she realized that Lan Feng’er’s expression was even more weird. She suddenly slapped her head and looked at the bad old man before her in disbelief, “Mom, are you saying that! The old head is from Gu Yuehu’s family Isn’t it a great elder? How could this be possible! I looked at him…”

Xiao Haitang just wanted to say that I watched him grow up, and realized that it was wrong, and shut up again.

Lan Feng’er nodded and said, “Wrong, the old Hu, it is the great elder of the Gu Yuehu family! Do you know why he is guarding the mountain forbidden area? And do you know why he and Gu Yuehu family Do you not deal with the people?”

Xiao Haitang shook his head dumbfounded, “I don’t know.”

Lan Fenger explained: “Because the old Hu knows the grievances between the Gu Yuehu family and the Wangxue clan, he has always opposed the killing of the Wangxue clan. Also, he is the only one in the clan to treat you, and to I’m a very polite person. He didn’t look down on me because of my humble status, but helped me everywhere. I was able to enter here because of his help. He voluntarily stayed at the forbidden mountain to be a janitor in order to Guard me, there are people from the Forgetting Blood.”

Lan Fenger’s words actually made the people present awe at this old beard.

In the misty Gu Yue Hu’s house, this old man seemed to be a clear stream.

Even Wiliam looked highly at Old Hu.

The old Hu smiled and said to Lan Feng’er, “Little girl, don’t say that I am so noble. The reason why you can enter here this time is because the people of Gu Yuehu’s family can follow here. It is also me. Sin. So, I am not a good person.”

Xiao Haitang’s expression of gratitude suddenly froze, and she couldn’t help asking: “Old Hu, why are you doing this? Are you helping us or hurting us?”

A complicated smile appeared on Old Hu’s face, “I want to help you, but I can’t erase the Gu Yuehu’s imprint on me, Xiao Haitang, I will live you seventy years longer, but you’re worse You must have the courage to come.”

Wiliam looked deeply at Old Hu, was he another person who was fettered by family fate?

Looking at this old man, Wiliam didn’t hate him.

It can be said that this is a flesh-and-blood man with justice in his heart and responsibility on his shoulders.

“Is Wiliam? You are a very nice child. Isn’t it okay to let this guy go? After all, he is also for the sake of the family. And I can’t just watch him die in front of me.” The old Hu said to Lu again. Ye said.

Wiliam stared at the old Hu’s head and suddenly asked, “You just said that you met my grandfather?”

The old man laughed loudly, “Hahaha, you are still thinking about this. Wrong, your grandfather should be Lu Lingfeng, right? I did meet him once, and we are considered old friends.”

Wiliam couldn’t help but warm up when he heard Grandpa’s message, and asked, “How did you recognize me?”

Wiliam’s identity can be said to be very confidential.

The old Hu said with a smile: “I have been watching in the dark just now. I would never take action at all. It would be simple if I said to recognize your identity. The Needles of Red Flower on your body before, I have seen, Is this explanation possible?”

Wiliam nodded.

Everyone knew that the silver needle in Wiliam’s hand was weird, but no one knew what the name of the silver needle was.

The old Hu Tou can easily say that the silver needle is called Needles of Ruby Flower, which is enough to prove this point.

“Why should I let him go? Give me a reason.” Wiliam said again.

The old Hu was stunned for a moment, and a wry smile appeared, “Really a difficult kid, exactly the same character as your grandfather. Okay, well, since I have all appeared, I do want you, naturally There is a price to pay.”

Wiliam did not speak, waiting for the old Hu to continue.

Old Hu shook his head and said, “You have the same gloomy eyes as your grandfather. Forget it, I’ll tell you a secret about your grandfather, and let him live. How about?”

Grandpa’s secret?

Wiliam nodded immediately with a hot heart.

Old Hu looked at Wiliam strangely, and uttered a word.

“Old Lu, it’s not dead.”

Chapter 1075 Convert!

“What! What did you say!” Wiliam’s expression changed on the spot!

Become extremely complicated, faintly excited!

The head of Lao Hu had known that Wiliam would have such an expression for a long time, and he smiled and said, “Lao Lu, he was indeed dead a year ago, but I don’t know exactly what happened, so you really want to know. , You still have to go to your family to ask for clarity. They should know a lot.”

Wiliam opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak.

This message, to Wiliam, was simply shocking!

It can even be said that it subverted all Wiliam’s persistence over the past year!

All his efforts and struggles are for revenge against the North Lu family and hatred for grandpa!

However, now I accidentally learned that Grandpa is dead!

For Wiliam, this is certainly an ecstatic message!

He has always dreamed of living with his grandpa, and finally has the possibility to continue!

His eye sockets turned red all of a sudden, “Grandpa, you are dead, it’s really great, great!”

When Mulan heard this message, she seemed to know that it was extremely important to Wiliam.

She happily said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, congratulations!”

Wiliam nodded, but thought in his heart, it seems that North Lu’s family still wants to go!

Go find Grandpa’s whereabouts!

And this feeling of going to Lujia in North is stronger than ever!

“Wiliam, can you let him go now?” The old Hutou confirmed again.

With a kick from Wiliam, he kicked the unresistible Hu Bingshi in front of Old Hu.

Old Hu didn’t even look at Hu Bingshi. Instead, he stepped over him and took a step closer to Wiliam.

He drank the wine in one sip and threw the bottle away, suddenly a fierce arrogance came out of his body.

He just smiled to Wiliam and said, “Originally, I shouldn’t have told this secret. After all, this is the secret of your family and shouldn’t be out of my mouth. If you let your family know that I leaked it out, My Gu Yue Hu family still can’t bear the anger of North Lu family.”

“Do you know why I still want to say it?”

Wiliam stared at Old Hu’s head deeply.

“Because, I’m sure I can’t let you go out of this place, so that Gu Yuehu’s house will be worry-free.” The old Hu said, his face stern, and his anger surged!

Xiao Haitang immediately shouted, “Old Hutou! What do you want to do to Brother Wiliam! Are you crazy!”

Lan Fenger grabbed Xiao Haitang who wanted to rush up, and said anxiously: “Little Haitang, you can’t stop it. Old Hutou’s greatest advantage is his upright temperament. The greatest shortcoming is guarding on his shoulders. The obsession of the family. This obsession is enough to make him go through fire and water.”

Xiao Haitang said angrily: “Old Hutou! You are a master in the late stage of Huajin, are you embarrassed to attack a late-stage internal force Wiliam! You are bullying the small! You can’t win!”

Old Hu said with a faint smile: “For a warrior who can wipe out my Gu Yuehu family’s elite, I really don’t have a way to treat him as a warrior who only has inner strength, do you think? “

Xiao Haitang’s expression became even more angry when she choked.

“Come on, Wiliam, it’s been a long time since I was interested in war. You are the first time I have raised interest in these years. Hope, don’t let me down.” The old Hu said as he moved the lantern in his hand to the side. Throwing, he rushed towards Wiliam with his bare hands.

Chapter 1075 Convert!
The majesty of energizing, suffocating!

A huge coercion suddenly rushed towards Wiliam!

Wiliam threw Xiao Wangqing off at Mulan, but he took the initiative to meet the old Hu’s head!

This is the first time he has faced the late Huajin warriors head-on!

Although there is an incomparable gap between the two of them, Wiliam is also heartbroken!

Try it, where is the gap!

“Boom!” Punch against boom!

Wiliam’s body suddenly flew upside down and hit the ground fiercely.

There is nothing to fight back!

With this punch, Wiliam knew that some gaps could not be made up!

Wiliam had previously fought against the warriors in the early and middle stages of Huajin, mostly through tricks, such as the clever use of a few qi on his body, and the surprise of Long live Honglian.

But Wiliam is still far from enough.

What’s more, the old Hu Tou is the old demon in the late stage of Huajin!

The punch that Old Hu had just now, the mastery of strength and vigor, was so wonderful!

This kind of technique is beyond Wiliam’s reach.

After blasting Wiliam with a fist, Old Hutou shook his head and sighed: “Wiliam, it’s still not enough, not enough.”

The arrogance in Wiliam’s heart was born!

Far from enough!

That’s because I am far from doing my best!

Come again!

Wiliam rushed up again in an instant!

The ending is still the same.

The scene repeats this picture.

Rush out and be blown away!

The old Hu murmured to himself: “There are some things that you dare not use. It’s really meaningless. Didn’t you get the spring water for refuge? Have you thought about how to use it?”

The seemingly unintentional words of Old Hu had caused an uproar in Wiliam’s heart!


Xiao Wangqing’s blood is dependent on the secret blood, and it is also a refuge in spring water!

The biggest purpose of my coming this time is not to find a way to blend the body’s breath!

When Wiliam was fighting the God of Wealth in the fantasy world before, he tried to forcibly merge the two auras.

At that time, the power was huge, but the damage it caused to itself was also huge.

What now?

When Wiliam thought of this, his heart was full!

He sat up on the spot and closed his eyes.

Old Hu didn’t take the initiative to attack, instead he nodded slightly.

The audience just looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam closed his eyes, but fell into a mysterious state.

He felt several breaths in his body.

Crimson Lin Qi, Qing Bi Lin Qi, Ice Vein, Yan Vein, Internal Force, now there is a little bit more of Xiao Wangqing’s body with a faint black aura.

Is this just taking refuge in spring water?

Wiliam tried to mobilize this black energy, and for an instant, he suddenly felt a kind of coolness wandering in his body.

Wiliam immediately tried to get a trace of ice veins closer to the black energy.

Almost instantly, the ice veins melted into the black energy.

Wiliam was overjoyed immediately.

This refuge spring fruit is mysterious and can accept other auras.

He also moved the Yan Mai closer.

It is also immediately integrated.

However, when Wiliam approached the third breath, he suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood!

The body seems to be exploded!

How many people watch this scene worry!

After vomiting blood, Wiliam slowly got up.

He probably knew it.

The fusion of the two breaths is something he can now master!

It’s a little dangerous going up.

Now that you know, let’s try again!

Thinking of this, Wiliam rushed towards the old head again!

Frost on the left hand!

Chi Yan on the right hand!

Ice fire!



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