Dragon Husband 1076-1080

Chapter 1076 Three Disasters!


An aura that made everyone at the scene terrified suddenly spread from Wiliam’s hands and attacked the old Hu’s head!

The old Hu closed his eyes and grinned slightly at the corner of his mouth. He muttered to himself, “What a genius, what a pity, what a pity…”

After that, his body did not evade.

Gently raised his left hand.

A gust of wind suddenly emerged!

This gang wind is very weird!

In an instant, Wiliam’s fierce fusion of ice and fire was blown away!

Wiliam was full of anger!

This kind of gang wind is not the gang wind born from inner strength at all!

If the wind brought out by the inner strength, it will disappear once it is released.

And now!

This gang wind just wrapped around the old Hu’s left hand!

As if it can be used by him!

Wiliam had never seen this kind of situation.

But this made Wiliam feel very similar to the other auras in his body.

Wiliam used ice veins and flame veins, and he could do this briefly.

But looking at the old Hu’s head, he is obviously as perfect.

The old Hu’s head was to see the astonishment in Wiliam’s heart, and he shook his head and said: “Wiliam, you still haven’t officially stepped into Huajin, so there are some things that you still haven’t come into contact with. Simply today, I will tell you all .”

The old Hu’s head is like mentioning some younger generations, and he said lightly: “What you said before in the early, middle and late stages of Huajin is just a superficial statement. The legitimate statement should be that Huajin Xiaocheng, Huajin Dacheng, and Huajin Perfection have three levels. And I am Huajin consummating peak strength.”

“As you can see, the lingering and weird wind in my hand is very similar to the ice fire you just used? But to be honest, your little thing is still far away in my opinion. I can’t take it out. Tell you, I am called Inner Power Xuanjin!”

“In this world, there are actually many strong people who have cultivated to above Huajin.”

“However, only some truly talented people can realize the mystery of inner power during the period of turning Jin and activate the unique inner power of mystery!”

“Wiliam, the several auras in your body are like inner strength profound energy, but they are not completely. I don’t know exactly what they are. Only when you truly integrate them and step into Huajin, will you have a chance. Turn on your own inner strength profound energy, understand?”

“Then, let’s give it a try. It belongs to the inner strength of my bad old man.”

“It’s called Wufeng!”

The old Hu said, his hands raised again!

That Wufeng inner strength Xuanjin blew towards Wiliam again!

Wiliam’s heart shuddered, his body bursting back!

However, Wu Feng followed Wiliam closely.

Faster than Wiliam!

Wiliam was swept away in the blink of an eye, his body was like a thousand swords, and he was bleeding!

He struggled to break free, but he couldn’t break free of this invisible dance style.

“It’s not useful, if you can’t think of another way, die in my dancing style.” The old Hu said this, his eyes suddenly opened!

Muddy eyes, like blood and tears!

When everyone looked at Wiliam, his heart also raised his throat!

It is the first time that many people have heard the old Human talk about this.

The inner strength Xuan Jin is so terrible!
It’s almost like bone gangrene, it can’t be thrown away.

Only when Wiliam was in it did he truly feel the envelope of death.

However, the more death came, Wiliam’s heart faintly became more excited!

He heard it!

He saw it too!

Hear these instructive teachings from the old Hu.

I have also seen it, a road of his own!

Internal strength Xuanjin!

He also looks forward to it!

What kind of inner strength mystery is dedicated to me!

But no matter what, it must be stronger than this dance style!

Therefore, how could he easily die here when the inner strength Xuanjin did not appear, leaving the old Hu’s pains to waste!

Wiliam also understood.

From the very beginning, Old Hu had no intention of killing himself at once.

He is full of love for talents, and he keeps mentioning younger generations.

So how can you die!

Thinking of this, Wiliam gritted his teeth!

He closed his eyes again!

This time, he merged Green Bi Lin Qi and Crimson Lin Qi!

The strongest is still these two breaths!

Then take me the strongest and sweep the army!

When he opened his eyes again, he roared suddenly!

In the throat, is a kind of wild beast roar!

In an instant, a blue-red breath came out of him!

This green-red air shredded the dancing wind on his body almost instantly!

Then, go straight to the sky!

It seems that the infinitely high sky is the ultimate destination of the green and red air!

When everyone looked at Wiliam at this moment, they suddenly let out an incredible exclamation!

I saw Wiliam at this moment, with blue eyes on his left!

Right eye is red!

It doesn’t look like a human eye at all!

These green and red eyes seem to contain human dignity!

Don’t let ants trample!

Rao is an old beard who has turned into perfection, his eyes widened after seeing Wiliam’s strange eyes!

Breathing suddenly became hurried!

Moreover, he is also full of excitement and disbelief!

He actually meant Wiliam, and shouted in amazement, “The ancestor of the eternal unicorn! You kid! It turned out to be the bloodline of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn! It’s absolutely against the sky! How do you exist against the sky!”

“If this is for your people to see, what kind of jealousy you should face! I understand! I understand, why did your grandfather send you out of the North Lu family back then!”

The people of North Lu’s family are born with Qilin blood!

The totem of their family is the unicorn.

And what is enshrined in the ancestral shrine of the North Lu family is a very strange unicorn.

The left eye is blue and the right eye is red!

He is the founder of the Lu Family in North-the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn!

How many years of silence!

Unexpectedly, the bloodline of the lord of the eternal unicorn appeared today on a kid who lacked energy!

Lao Lu, Lao Lu, you are so miserable to hide me!

Your grandson must offend the humanitarian order!

For a time, the old Hu had mixed feelings!

In this world, there are three on the top of the bloodline!

There is a supreme golden dragon before!

After the supreme Suzaku!

Now, the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn has appeared again!

Messed up!

Completely messed up!

The humanitarian catastrophe has appeared!

The old Hu suddenly looked towards the sky, as if he wanted to see through something in the sky!

In his heart, killing intent suddenly turned!

No way!

Can’t let this kid continue to grow!

Once he grows up, the three plagues in the world will take shape!

At that time, the creatures were frustrated!

The Humane Society suffered a devastating blow due to the appearance of these three people!

Just now, the old Hu only thought that this kid was an ordinary unicorn bloodline, so he didn’t take it seriously, instead he had a love for talent.

Now it looks like a big mistake!

Then only make up for it before the big mistake is made!

Thinking of this, the aura on Old Hu’s body suddenly hunted wildly!

Dancing wildly with both hands, the inner strength of the dance style is more powerful than before!

“Boy! Blame me! Blame me!”

“Blame me, the damn human morality keeps going away!”

“You shouldn’t live!”

Chapter 1077

The dancing wind on Old Hu’s body pouring toward Wiliam as if desperately!

Suddenly, the whole field was enveloped by this weird wind.

Wiliam was the first to be among them, and was swept again.

But this time, Wiliam seemed to be a unicorn, immovable like a mountain!

His body was still torn with blood.

But the more blood, the more excited him.

As for the old Hu, this time he was really murderous.

It’s okay to say that he is the common people.

It’s okay to say that he is stubborn for the family.

If he couldn’t pass the test in his heart, he couldn’t let Wiliam go.

How terrifying the martial artist who has turned to perfection, is doing his best!

Even if Lan Feng’er and the others wanted to save Wiliam, they were all stopped by Wu Feng by the old head.

The old Hu was fighting against Wiliam alone, stopping everyone, and he still had more power.

One can imagine how tough he is.

“Old Hutou! Are you really going to kill Brother Wiliam! I will hate you like this!” Xiao Haitang shouted not far away, his eyes cracked.

However, the old Hu Tou has turned a deaf ear.

If you want to save Wiliam, just break the obsession in my heart.

Otherwise, don’t talk about it.

“Mom, will you save Brother Wiliam quickly? He was fighting just now for the survival of the Forget-Blood clan, and now he needs help!” Xiao Haitang turned around and cried while pulling Lan Feng’er’s clothes.

Lan Feng’er’s expression changed, and she said helplessly, “Child, you don’t understand. As the leader of the Forgetting Blood Clan, my mother shoulders the heavy responsibility of restoring the Forgetting Blood Clan. Even if Wiliam was kind to the Forgetting Blood Clan just now. , But we still can’t underestimate the old Hu, he is too strong, we can only go up to death, you know?”

Xiao Haitang looked at her mother in surprise, and she felt that her mother suddenly looked so strange.

Even on her mother, Xiao Haitang saw the figure of Hu Bingshi and the figure of Old Hu.

Bear heavy responsibility?

is it!

Each of you adults has a heavy responsibility, right?

Mom is responsible for the recovery of the Forgetting Blood!

Master Hu Bing is responsible for Gu Yuehu’s parents staying!

The old Hu must also be responsible for what shit human morality!

Only we have nothing to do, only we only care about the life and death of our friends?

Only we understand the truth of Entubao’s broken bones!

Xiao Haitang looked at Lan Feng’er with an angry look, and said coldly: “Okay, then you can be your leader! I’ll save my brother Wiliam!”

With that, she was about to rush forward.

However, Lan Fenger was abruptly pulled down.

Lan Feng’er looked at Xiao Haitang guiltily, and sighed and said, “My child, you still haven’t grown up. After all, you don’t understand what the responsibilities on our shoulders mean… If there are no people like us to take care of the younger generation for the family. With these things, how can you grow up with peace of mind…”

Xiao Haitang seemed to understand, she knew these things were too heavy for her, but it was a reality that her mother had to face.

She looked at Wiliam whose blood was flowing in Wufeng, tears bursting into her eyes.

Wiliam was in it, and his head started thinking frantically.

Against the old Hu who was doing his best, Wiliam had no chance of winning by his own ability.

Wiliam counted his strengths and things in a flash.

Inner strength, green bi Lin Qi, red Lin Qi, ice veins, inflammation veins, take refuge in spring water.

For the time being, Wiliam still had no way to completely integrate these kinds of things, so the two-to-two fusion method could not cause any harm to the old Hu at all.

Long live Honglian, whom he has been famous for, can’t do his best at this moment.

What else?

Xiao Wangqing, no!

Don’t let Xiao Wangqing risk his life again.

The heart of Yan Huang has not yet been fully refined, and has no effect.

Falling clouds give birth to flowers?

After Wiliam thought about it, he immediately denied it.

He himself didn’t know what effect this thing had, and could not be used for desperate fights.

At this time, Wiliam’s head suddenly blew, and he couldn’t help but look up at the sky!

If it is here, if it is such a thing…

Will there be a slight turn for the better?

When Wiliam thought of this, his heart went wild!

Even if there is no chance!

Also create opportunities!

The more dead end, the more life to death!

Wiliam suddenly looked up to the sky and roared!

All the green and red aura in him rushed out!

For a time, the dark red sky was illuminated, and it was even more devastating!

And with Wiliam’s frantic blow, the dance style around him was instantly torn apart.

Wiliam’s body broke through!

However, the old Hu head shook his head and said lightly: “Not enough, not enough! Not enough!”

“Isn’t it enough? You can’t use force, then take a trick!” Wiliam’s body suddenly jumped into the air!

While sprinting, he screamed at Mulan not far away: “Mulan! Throw your package here!”

Mulan woke up like a dream. Although she didn’t know what Wiliam was going to do, she still made a decisive decision and threw her package directly towards Wiliam!

Wiliam’s body was suspended in the air, and he took the parcel casually, and pulled hard!

“Wow!” The contents of the package fell to the ground instantly.

With all kinds of fancy underwear and panties, Mulan’s eyes were cracked. She cursed while blushing: “Wiliam, you turtle son! The old lady can’t kill you!”

In the next second, Mulan’s eyes became dull!

A lot of things fell, but some things did not fall!

More than 30 beads hung in front of Wiliam, glowing with white light!

this is!

Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu!

Wiliam looked at the bead in front of him, and made a decision in his heart!

He counted the things on his body, and only thirty-six soul dream quizzes remained that could surprise him at this moment.

Wiliam had heard before that if the thirty-six soul dream kuizhu worked with all his strength, the martial artist who had turned his energies into consummation would be killed in front of them!

Old Hu was taken aback for a moment, and immediately laughed, “I thought what would you do as a little baby? It turned out to be the idea of ​​playing these thirty-six soul dreams.”

“But you are not bad, you can collect all the remaining beads in the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City. It’s a pity, a pity, you underestimated the realm of Huajin Consummation after all.”

“Even if you gather thirty-six, you won’t necessarily be able to kill me. And as far as I know, the first and last beads of the thirty-six soul dream beads have long been lost. You want to kill with this incomplete beads. I am afraid it is wishful thinking!”

Mulan’s heart stunned, wouldn’t the old head be so strong?

However, Wiliam smiled softly.

His body, as if pulling these suspended beads, also glowed with white light.

Almost instantly!

Those beads, with Wiliam as the center, formed a strange pattern!



Wiliam’s laughter sounded at the right time.

“Who told you that Lao Tzu’s beads are incomplete?”

Chapter 1078 Morality!

With Wiliam’s words falling!

The beads spun frantically!

With Wiliam as the center, each orbit, each rotating!

White light, more and more prosperous!

In the end it was actually to illuminate the dark red sky!

A sense of danger suddenly appeared in the old Hu Tou’s heart!

For many years, I have not felt the threat of death!

Today, I felt it on an inner strength kid!

It’s incredible!

And, according to this kid!

Look at this weird scene again!


Shouldn’t it!

Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu is really on this kid’s body!

Did he find both the lost first and last beads?

However, even if you find it, you won’t see him take it out!

Old Hu’s eyes widened, carefully watching the white light in midair, suddenly!

He slapped his head!

It was shocked, “No way! Your kid is crazy enough!”

In the scene, there were indeed thirty-six soul dreams.

However, these beads revolve around the landing leaf!

In other words, the beads are pulled by Wiliam!

The first bead and the tail bead are in Wiliam’s body!

Wiliam is using his body as a guide to display the 36th Soul Dream Kuizhu formation that has never been seen before even the Li family in the south!

Prosperity and prosperity, loss and loss!

If it is an ordinary cast, the caster will be injured at most by backlash.

But if you use it like Wiliam, it can be dangerous!

Although it will greatly enhance the power of the formation, but it counts itself as a part of the formation.

If the formation fails, Wiliam won’t even have any ash left!

That’s why the old Hu said that Wiliam is a lunatic!

In the midair, the white light became more and more prosperous.

Old Hu sighed deeply.

There is no way.

The formation has already begun and can’t stop.

And this piece of heaven and earth will all become the asura field of thirty-six soul dreams.

Even the martial artist who turned his energy into Consummation couldn’t escape.

It depends on whether Lu Yeming’s hard formation is strong or his old bones are hardened.

The old Hu head guarded the dancing wind around his body, his beard and hair were wide.

At this time, Bai Guang suddenly flourished!

This world is as bright as day!

A strong traction, as if to tear the old Hu’s soul to pieces!

The old Hu Tou’s eyes turned red instantly!

He knows that he cannot be led away!

Once drawn into Wiliam’s thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu formation under his own flesh and blood, Wiliam is absolutely invincible within the formation!

Therefore, you cannot enter the illusion!

At the same time, the old Hu Tou felt helpless to Wiliam!

This kid is very tricky!

In this mountain-guarding forbidden land, only one valley and nine valleys are not illusions.

This kid is so opportunistic, under this nine valleys that belong to his illusion.

At the scene, a chill suddenly came out.

Immediately afterwards, a misty mist suddenly filled the crowd.

The Ninth Valley that used to be like Shura Hell, under the smoke, turned out to be ethereal and dreamy, like the Pure Land of Bliss.

In this mist, people were sluggish.

One by one also disappeared.

Old Hu’s muscles and bones swelled up, and his teeth were crushed!

so horrible!

Is this the power that an inner strength warrior can use!

Even he can’t hold it!

However, the old Hu knew that this kid Wiliam had an extraordinary fate, and he couldn’t judge him by his rank.

The old Hu is holding on, waiting!

When Wiliam’s body couldn’t stand the traction of Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu, it collapsed!

The two have become an endless relationship between life and death.

The scene froze for a while.

At this time, Wiliam’s voice suddenly reached Old Hu’s ears.

His voice is as ethereal as xianle, but it sounds like a scream to the old Hutou!

“Old Hu, let me ask you, Wiliam, what did I do wrong?”

What did Wiliam do wrong?

Maybe everyone is innocent and guilty?

He shouldn’t be born with the blood of the eternal Qilin Lord!

Should not grow into the Three Plagues in the future, bringing disasters to humanity!

However, the old Hu knew this in his heart, but couldn’t say it.

As soon as I said it, I fell into ethics.

“Let me ask you again, what is the morality in the world? Are you killing the innocent, are you saving the troubled world, or are you making the troubled world?” Wiliam’s words continued to be heard, and every sentence was like a hammer!

Old Hu’s heart trembled.

Yes, troubled times, but it’s still not coming…

This behavior seems to be saving the common people.

But what if it is because today that killing Wiliam triggers a butterfly effect and accelerates the arrival of troubled times?

And if the appearance of Wiliam was destined by heaven, what should he do?

If you kill one Wiliam today, and thousands of Wiliam will rise in the future, what about that time?

Old Hu was asked two consecutive questions by Wiliam, and he almost lost his mind!

Times make heroes, or heroes make times!

This question, like a curse, entangled the old Hu’s head tightly.

He felt more and more chilled!



This is all this kid’s nonsense!

His intention is to make me fall into disarray!

Then he was completely led into his illusion!

He is using the heart attack technique!

Suddenly, the old Hu Tou felt clear and bright, and forced himself to calm down.

But is it useful?

The persistence and belief of Lao Hu Tou have been loosened and gaped between Wiliam’s few words.

This gap is real.

Even if the old Hu tries his best to cover up, the cracks will slowly grow bigger.

As the old Hu insisted on longer, the more confused he was about his beliefs.

Does this count as if you are giving up food because of choking?

The wheels of history are rolling forward, and the world will change after all.

Sticking to this world, is the so-called human morality really correct?

Or is it that the appearance of Wiliam and the other two disasters represent the true morality in the world?

The old Hu Tou became more and more confused, and in the end, he spurted out a mouthful of blood!

This is his first injury today!

As the blood spurted out, Wiliam’s laughter came over again.

“So, are you shaken?”

“In that case, I will send you the last so-called morality in the world.”

“The wave behind the Yangtze River pushes the wave forward…”

“The death of a senior in the hands of a younger generation is perhaps the cruelest kind of moral inheritance.”

“Thank you, old man.”

Old Hu’s heart collapsed, and blood and tears shed directly in his eyes!

The death of a predecessor in the hands of a younger generation is also a moral inheritance.

It makes sense!

The old man does not die, how can the newcomer stand upright!

This is the cruelest inheritance in nature!

Wiliam’s words directly hit Old Hu’s heart!

He was bleeding and tears, and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, well said! Well said!”

“But Wiliam, you remember! My old beard is not dead in your hands today!”

“I died!”

“This has created a heroic situation!”

After the old Hutou laughed, his body burst into blood mist!

Chapter 1079: Sugar!

Wiliam felt very calm about the death of Old Hu.

At this point, the old Hu’s mind was obsessed with obsession.

He died and was free.

Perhaps, not seeing the troubled times in this life is the best comfort for him.

Thank you, old Hu.

When Wiliam thought of this, he thought to himself, wanting to withdraw the thirty-six soul dreams.

However, he suddenly discovered that the formation was activated and could no longer be undone.

At the scene, the dense fog is getting deeper and deeper.

Wiliam couldn’t tell whether this world was the Pure Land of Bliss or the illusion he created.

No way!

Must stop!

Otherwise all people will die!

Holding this belief, Wiliam urged the aura on his body desperately, trying to resist the automatic formation.

However, his resistance, in front of the powerful formation, seemed so insignificant!

The power of the formation is getting stronger and stronger.

It was so strong that even Wiliam’s mind was about to fall.

Wiliam made a decisive decision, and slammed his heart directly!

This beat is like a bell in the morning and a drum in the evening!

“Boom!” Wiliam burst out a mouthful of blood mist!

Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu formation, like a high-speed machine, was suddenly pulled off the valve.


All the beads burst in an instant!


Wiliam only heard a crisp cracking sound!

I don’t know if the illusion is broken!

Then, countless howls rang out in his ears!

He suddenly opened his eyes!

I was shocked by this scene!

The world in front of him has returned to the Pure Land of Bliss!

However, this pure land of bliss has completely shattered!

The land broke!


The huge roar is constantly impacting the eardrum of the landing lobe!

And the sky, as if torn apart, shed a ray of sunshine!

Wiliam looked up at the sky, and suddenly exclaimed!

The sky was really torn apart by Wiliam!

Not far above his head, a crack appeared.

How to describe it?

It’s like the place where Wiliam is now, like an egg, and the Pure Land of Bliss is the inside of the egg.

Now, the egg was broken by Wiliam!

When the eggshell cracks, the real world of bliss with the sun and temperature is outside!

The inside of the egg is constantly falling apart, like the end of the world!

Wiliam’s first thought was that he had to rush out of the eggshell and escape out of the eggshell!

Just jump on it, and escape shouldn’t be difficult.

However, the horror of the scene lies in it!

Wiliam just forcibly interrupted the 36 Soul Dream Kuizhu formation!

Everyone on the scene was originally pulled into the illusion, but was suddenly thrown out.

Everyone, irrespective of you and me, suffered an extremely serious illusion backlash!

This kind of backlash directly killed them!

People from the Forgetful Blood clan include Lan Feng’er, Mulan and Xiao Haitang.

Everyone’s faces are like golden paper, lying on the ground unconsciously!

Wiliam looked at the gradual collapse of the Pure Land of Bliss, but he didn’t care about it, and rushed towards Mulan!
His hand rested on Mulan’s pulse, and he was suddenly shocked!


Mulan’s pulse is extremely weak!

There is only one breath left, I don’t know when it will die!

Wiliam did not believe in evil, and immediately checked the pulses of Xiao Wangqing, Xiao Haitang and Guo Wuji!


Everyone, there is only one last breath left!

Wiliam’s heart seemed to be smashed by a rock, painful!

Earlier, he was still accusing the old Hu to kill the innocent!

But now, isn’t he also killing the innocent!

In order to compete with the old Hu, so many innocent people were killed!

Inside, there are his good friends!

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red.

How can he save so many people!

What’s more, the world is shattered, and in a while, it is possible to bury everyone in this place of blood and tears!

Wiliam, who was ever wise, was in a rush to face countless innocent lives at this moment of life and death.

He doesn’t know who is the first to save!

He held the dying Mulan tightly and cried out with tears: “Mulan! Can you hear me!”

It is also a miracle.

Mulan gradually opened her eyes when Wiliam shouted, but her breath became weaker.

Lu Yeyixi, “Mulan! You won’t die!”

However, Mulan shook her head, revealing a sad smile.

“No… no need…”

“Don’t you always want to live! Don’t you want to see your mother! So, you can’t die!” Wiliam thought, and the black needle flew out and was about to go towards Mulan.

However, Mulan didn’t know where she was, and she grabbed Wiliam’s hand.

She was still shaking her head, as if death was also a relief for her.

“Mom, mom…” Mulan repeated the word in her mouth, and suddenly made a move that caught Wiliam completely by surprise.

Her hand slowly fumbled in her pocket, and she actually found a candy!

Seeing this candy, Wiliam’s head bounced!

Goose bumps spread all over the body instantly!

Forget such an important thing!

Since Mu Xiaolou’s death, Wiliam and the others have chosen to hide Mulan, because Mulan still has expectations for returning home.

They couldn’t bear to hurt Mulan immediately.

However, they forgot that before Mu Xiaolou died, he handed Mulan a candy.

Mulan, know this candy, in other words, she knows, the dream before her coma was not a dream!

It is real!

Mulan, know her mother is dead!

This thought made Wiliam burst into tears!

“Mulan! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! We didn’t mean to hide from you!” Wiliam apologized loudly.

Mulan’s hand tremblingly took apart the sugar paper, but because of the shaking, the sugar fell to the ground and was stained with blood.

White sugar, red blood.

Sweet love, sticky hate.

Red and white are intertwined, love and hate are intertwined, a candy can sing the marriage and funeral of the world!

“Sugar, sugar, mother’s sugar…” Mulan couldn’t turn her head, she couldn’t reach out to pick up the sugar anymore, she shouted in a low voice.

Wiliam picked up the candy on the ground and handed it to Mulan’s mouth.

Mulan lightly opened her lips and swallowed it in one bite.

Tears, but instantly covered his face.

“Mom is gone, and I will go together.”

“I hope this is a big dream, my mother lied to me, I lied to my mother, wake up we are all here, how nice…”

Mulan’s voice became lower and lower, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became more and more prosperous.

It’s like a magnolia flower blooming in turmoil.

After the prosperous opening, she quietly thanked her for her own scene, and decided to leave alone.

“Sugar, so sweet…” Mulan couldn’t chew candy anymore.

She whispered this sentence, like the last nostalgia for this world.

She trembled slightly, her arm slowly dropped…

Chapter 1080 Ego!

The corner of Mulan’s mouth wore a gentle smile.

It’s like Mu Xiaolou smiled when he died.

It seems to be filled with endless love for this world.

And the whole world seemed to be silent with this gentle smile.

Wiliam couldn’t hear the roar of the mountain and the ground.

I couldn’t hear the cry for help around me eager to survive.

His eyes were completely red.

The body was shaking slightly.

When did you know it?

After knowing it, what kind of sad emotions should this silly girl endure without saying anything?

Wiliam didn’t need to think about it, he knew Mulan’s psychology back then.

He must have touched the candy in his pocket accidentally.

Then I knew the truth of the matter, and I also knew my mother’s departure.

However, in order not to affect herself, Mulan forcibly covered up the pain of losing her mother.

How much endurance does this require?

Wiliam knew what Mu Xiaolou meant to Mulan.

So this kind of patience must be heartbreaking.

At this moment, Wiliam, who had always been wise, became extremely helpless.

Is there any alternative?

Save Mulan, save these innocent suffering people in front of you?

He looked around with tears in his eyes.

On the left hand side, one person is slowly dying.

On the right hand side, a person was trapped in the ground.

Constantly, lives are being lost.

Not at all help.

This feeling is really uncomfortable!

Wiliam held tightly to Mulan, whose vitality was slowly passing away, and his body trembled more and more intense!


A heart-wrenching roar came out of his mouth!

Shock the clouds!


The unicorn screams!

With this cry!

Several waves of different colors suddenly appeared on him!

Qingbilin gas!

Crimson Lin Qi!


Ice veins!

Internal force!

Refuge in spring water!

A few Qi Jin, straight into the sky, forming a few air pillars through the sky!

Amidst his vigor, there is Wiliam’s infinite sadness!

“Turn into life! Turn into life! Give me back! Come back!”

Wiliam roared to the sky, completely venting the unyielding in his heart!


Make a living!


Keep going!

Pray to heaven!

Let the innocent be born!

Pray for netherworld!

Let the good ones return!


Wiliam’s sorrow continues!

And the several air pillars in the sky, following Wiliam’s roar, have undergone earth-shattering changes!

Air column, twist!

A few vigor, suddenly entangled together!


In the sky, it seems that an explosive force that destroys the world is brewing in an instant!

not enough!

not enough!

Wiliam’s sadness continues!

His obsession is still growing!

The air column in the sky is more distorted and merged more intensely!



Let the living survive!

Let the dead come back!

Come back to me!

Wiliam’s eyes burst into tears, and his body seemed to tremble crazily!

If there is still a glimmer of hope!

Even if you abandon your flesh and blood, you must fight back!


Give me integration!

I want this supreme blue bilin spirit!

I want to save this day!

The vigor in the sky has changed from a few strands to one strand!

However, the various colors inside are distinct and circulate wildly.

Power is better than the collapse in front of me!

“Give it to me! Metaplasia!” Wiliam let out a roar again, with a breath of blood in his mouth, spouting wildly!

And with Wiliam’s extremely terrifying thoughts, the color of the air column in the sky gradually changed!


Drive me!


The air column in the sky seemed to freeze instantly!

The wind does not turn, the clouds do not flow!

A fascinating green, suddenly emerged from the air column!

It’s like burning!

From the inside out!

Spread out completely!

In an instant, a blue pillar soared to the sky, standing high!

Above, the circulation is full of vitality!

Let all things live!

Let this world be proud!


Bizhu burst!

The shining green light instantly turned into rain showers, and it fell down.

Green light stained everyone’s body.

Their bodies, like dead trees in spring, are gradually healing.

Everyone looked at the sky in disbelief, shrouding the entire world in front of them!

They looked at their bodies even more incredible!

They were dying, as if they had been breathed into life.

Wounds are healing, internal wounds are being repaired.

In one breath, he was pulled back strongly!

This sky full of Qingbi, with terrifying and gentle power, let them live to death!

People of the Forget-Blood Clan, you look at me, and I look at you, they are shocked!

There really is such a terrifying medical skill in the world!

One move, so many people were saved!

What is this green air?

It’s so magical!

At this time, everyone heard another “boom”!

Everyone is amazed, is there any change?

However, this roar came from Wiliam’s body!

Like the evening drum and the morning bell!

Resound all over the world!

Another extremely strong azure qi rushed into the sky from his body!

With the mighty power, the beasts roared.

Wiliam’s body shook suddenly, and slowly closed his eyes!

Looking at this scene, Lan Feng’er looked at this vision of heaven and earth, she was shocked, “This kid, actually broke through!”

Huajin Xiaocheng!

Because Wiliam was compassionate at the last moment, and wanted to save his friend, he forcibly merged several breaths in his body and turned them into a green qi, thus saving everyone!

This Qingbi Qi is even more terrifying than the previous Qingbi Lin Qi!

Pure and clean!

In a single thought, the power is endless!

This is probably what Old Hu said in his mouth, inner strength Xuanjin.

The healing power is too powerful to describe in words!

Not only healed everyone on the scene, but also pulled them back from the ghost gate.

It also allows the breath in one’s body to continue to grow and flow continuously.

Now, Wiliam’s body is like a cycle that transcends physical theory.

With this kind of inner strength and profound energy, his strength will be endless and continuous.

And now, in Wiliam’s body, a few breaths are of course no longer present, only this kind of green qi that can be called the strongest healing.

In the face of the lives and deaths of all living beings, Wiliam finally achieved the goal he wanted to achieve during this trip to guard the mountain forbidden by relying on deep-rooted obsessions.

The breath merges, and the inner strength is unlocked!

And the activation of inner strength profound energy directly helped Wiliam complete the breakthrough from inner strength to transformation energy!

How many people looked up to this high threshold, Wiliam stepped through it!

Many people, as Wiliam’s Qingbi Qi healed, began to slowly stand up.

Guo Bukit stood up.

Xiao Haitang stood up.

Xiao Wangqing also stood up.

The sky is collapsing, but it continues.

In Wiliam’s eyes, there was only one person.


His eyes were fixed on Mulan in his arms.

Mulan, will she wake up?


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