Dragon Husband 1081-1085

Chapter 1081 Two Sins!

In Wiliam’s arms, Mulan let out a low voice.

Wiliam frowned and shouted excitedly: “Mulan! Mulan!”

Mulan slowly opened her eyes, seeing Wiliam in front of her, she didn’t react for a while.

“Wiliam, are you dead too?” She hesitated for a moment, and asked sadly.

Wiliam shook his head excitedly, “You are dead! You are the one! Everyone is dead!”

Mulan turned her head and looked around.

As the sky collapsed, everyone stood up slowly.

Mulan didn’t know what she thought, her eyes were sad, and finally turned into joy, “It’s not dead, that’s really great.”

“You follow me! Everyone also follow me!” Wiliam picked up Mulan on his back, and then shouted loudly.

He observed his surroundings and leaped forward at the place closest to the cliff above.

The two fell steadily on it.

As long as you escape this place, as long as you stand here, you won’t be affected by the collapse of the sky.

“What are you thinking about! Come up soon!” Wiliam yelled at the people below.

Guo Wuji woke up like a dream, picked up Xiao Wangqing on his back, and jumped to where Wiliam was.

However, those people who forget the blood, look at me, and I look at you, their eyes are confused.

This is the Pure Land of Bliss!

But they fled from Gu Yuehu’s house and settled in a corner.

Although the environment here is not good, they can abandon their status as servants and live carefree.

The Pure Land of Bliss is their place of eternal life.

Now, are you leaving your hometown again?

But the world is so big, where can they escape?

For a while, everyone’s footsteps were hesitating.

Fortunately, Lan Feng’er yelled at this time, “Hurry up and listen to Wiliam! Go up! Go up for me!”

As she said, she pushed Xiao Haitang next to her, and said, “You go up first! I’m here to organize them.”

Xiao Haitang woke up, nodded, and said, “Okay, mother, be careful, I’ll wait for you on it.”

As she spoke, she grabbed her luggage, followed a group of people, and jumped in the direction of Wiliam.

And Lan Feng’er watched Xiao Haitang leave, her eyes relieved for a while, and she focused on organizing the evacuation of personnel.

The sky is falling apart, and it continues.

And it is getting worse.

This piece of blissful pure land has been broken into hell.

But fortunately, everyone evacuated in a timely manner, and there were no real casualties.

The Forget-Blood clan by Wiliam’s eyes were full of dismay as they watched the homeland they depended on collapsed every inch.

Lan Fenger sent the last person to Wiliam’s side. Xiao Haitang finally breathed a sigh of relief and called out loudly below: “Okay, Mom, you come up quickly!”

However, unexpectedly, Lan Fenger below showed a gentle smile to Xiao Haitang.

With this smile, the little Haitang who looked at her felt a little bit in his heart!

She couldn’t help shouting: “Mom! Come on here! What are you waiting for!”


There was a roar on the surface, and a large piece of it collapsed directly!

“Mom!” Xiao Haitang’s eyes were completely split, but Guo Wuji held it tightly.
Lan Feng’er looked at Xiao Haitang and said calmly: “My child, you must live a good life in the future, you know? The people you like, the things you like, all my mother supports you!”

“Mom! Why are you talking about this! Come up quickly! It will be too late if you don’t come up again!” Xiao Haitang’s tears fell sternly.

Tears suddenly burst into Lan Feng’er’s eyes.

She looked sadly at the collapse in all directions, looked at the clansmen of the Forgotten Blood Clan, and looked at Wiliam.

Then he covered his eyes, “I’m already, without my face.”

Lan Feng’er has always been a gentle and kind person.

At this moment, her heart is full of debts.

This kind of debt made her breathless.

For her, the heart has two sins!

The first sin, ashamed to Wiliam!

Wiliam had saved his life to save the people of the Forgetting Blood, but when Wiliam was in danger, Lan Feng’er was not thinking about saving Wiliam.

But to protect the people who forget the blood.

Is she wrong?

For a leader, she is correct and sensible.

But for a conscience, she cannot shirk the blame.

Now, it was clear that she didn’t need her leader to protect the Forgetting Blood.

Therefore, this kind of ungratefulness to Wiliam made her breathless.

She wasn’t pretending to be between life and death, she was really embarrassed to see Wiliam.

Especially Wiliam helped Xiao Haitang a lot along the way.

Including Xiao Haitang’s break with Gu Yue Hu’s family, the courage to grow in an instant, was also given by Wiliam.

So, what face is there to meet Wiliam?

And the second crime, ashamed of Xiao Wangqing.

What a cute little girl Xiao Wangqing is.

She can be said to be the person who has had the best relationship with Xiao Wangqing in the past three years.

However, Lan Feng’er was only a request for benefits from her.

Even just now, Xiao Wangqing had to be killed on the spot.

How much Xiao Wangqing relied on her before, now she feels uncomfortable.

In addition to being reluctant to Xiao Haitang, Lan Feng’er really had a little desire for life.

She has been too bitter in her life.

And now, the mission to the Forget-Blood Clan is over, and Xiao Haitang has grown up.

The two boulders pressed in her heart can finally be removed.

This kind of suffering is finally no longer necessary.

It would be better to die on this torn ground and walk cleanly.

“Lan Feng’er, I know what you are thinking! You are not sorry for me and Xiao Wangqing, on the contrary, the meeting between me and Xiao Wangqing is also due to you. You don’t have to feel guilty, come here!” Wiliam Xiang saw through Lan Feng’er’s psychology and shouted loudly.

And as Wiliam yelled, the blood-forgetting clan behind him suddenly shouted together.

“Lan Feng’er, come up!”

“You have always been our leader! Without you, we dull people don’t know where to go…”

“You have to take us to continue searching for a new spiritual home, come up.”

With a cry, Lan Feng’er burst into tears!

However, she seemed to have made up her mind and smiled and said: “My mission is over, I’m really tired. You don’t have a place to go, but I’ve thought that Lan Feng’er has nothing to do with me. It’s better to return to netherworld. …”

“Fart!” Xiao Haitang was suddenly excited!

She broke away from Guo Wuji’s checks and balances in an instant, like a little eagle just learning to fly!

Just like that, under all eyes, opened his arms, moved towards the position of Lan Fenger below, and jumped down!

Little Begonia, tears streaming down her face!

“Mom! You still have me! I am your home, and they are all your home!”

“If you don’t want to live, I will accompany my mother to netherworld!”

Chapter 1082 Red Heart!

“Little Haitang! Don’t!” Wiliam called out first!

He reached out to catch it!

But it caught an empty space.

The posture of Xiao Haitang jumping down is really too determined.

She was still carrying a backpack, as if she jumped down with all her nostalgia!

There was also a cry of exclamation!

When Lan Fenger saw Xiao Haitang being so self-willed, she jumped down and she was dumbfounded!

She felt extremely annoyed!

If she died, she would be so tired that Xiao Haitang would not be able to look down upon her death!

When she reacted and wanted to pick up Xiao Haitang.

Suddenly there was an exclamation in the sky!

“Lan Feng’er! Be careful!”

There was another violent roar!

The place under Lan Feng’er’s feet suddenly collapsed!

Lan Feng’er almost instinctively, jumped towards a flat place, only to take his life back.

However, the result of this is that between her and Xiao Haitang, an invisible gully was instantly separated!

Xiao Haitang landed on the ground, looking at her mother who was close in front of her, but feeling out of reach.

After she jumped down, she realized how terrible it has become!

The ground is shaking violently at all times!

I don’t know where is safe and where is dangerous.

The splashing of rocks in all directions adds infinite danger out of thin air.

In Xiao Haitang’s heart, she suddenly became frightened, opened her arms, and shouted: “Mom, mom!”

Lan Feng’er saw that the environment Xiao Haitang was in was more dangerous than her, and her eyes suddenly cracked!

What is the strength of Xiao Haitang?

How is it possible to survive here!

When she came down, she was really looking for death!

Now, it is impossible for the people above to get down.

Lan Feng’er wanted to go there, but found that he couldn’t do it anymore.

The shaking of the ground made her feel a little unsteady.

Seeing Xiao Haitang crying in tears on the other side, Lan Feng’er felt as uncomfortable as if he had been pricked by a needle.

“Child, hurry up and find a chance! Leave Mom alone!” Lan Fenger shouted loudly.

But Xiao Haitang was like a helpless child, stretching out his hands and crying: “Why don’t you care about mom! I don’t care who cares about mom!”

“I, I really don’t want to live…” Lan Feng’er clutched a tree and burst into tears.

Xiao Haitang seemed to be electrocuted, and his whole body was lost.

Mom doesn’t want to live anymore.

Does mother really have a little nostalgia for this world?

Doesn’t mother still have me?

Don’t I have an agreement with my mother?



As if thinking of something, Xiao Haitang reached out and took out his package, and pulled out a camera from the inside.

That camera with a striking crack!

Xiao Haitang wanted to take even one step closer to her mother.



A huge boulder suddenly smashed towards Xiao Haitang!

“Be careful!” Lan Fenger shouted.

Xiao Haitang had no time to dodge, and she was hit by a rock directly in her leg!

The whole person’s lower body was also crushed under the stone!
The red blood came out instantly, reddening the ground under her again.

“Little Haitang!” Lan Feng’er called out sternly.

However, Xiao Haitang seemed to feel no pain at all.

Holding the camera strenuously forward, she shouted at Lan Feng’er: “Mom! Do you remember our agreement? I said, I have to take a lot of pictures! I have to raise a mother!”

“Now, I have really taken so many beautiful photos! The outside world is so beautiful, take a look!”

“In my photos, there are many stories that you told me.”

“What a beautiful moon, what a beautiful little blue river cub.”

“They also built a dreamy blue bridge for me!”

“There are beautiful leaves, all kinds of strange stones.”

“There is also a nice young lady, a beautiful peach blossom forest.”

“Really, it looks good! Take a look!”

Xiao Haitang shouted in tears, and everyone was moved.

Lan Feng’er’s heart seemed to be hit by a rock, and the pain was almost suffocated.

This silly boy!

Is a promise so important to her!

It’s so important that you don’t even want your own life!

However, Lan Feng’er knew that perhaps in the heart of her silly child, the important thing was not promise at all.

It was the person who made the promise with her.

All of the above, their eyes suddenly turned red.

For the obsession of this sincere child.

However, Wiliam couldn’t help frowning, as if thinking of something bad.

Xiao Haitang looked like a child who was eager for praise. He turned on the camera with trembling hands, still yelling: “Mom! Let me show you!”

But when she turned on the camera and flipped through a few photos, she was stunned.

She seemed to be taken away from her soul for a moment, and her whole person was like an ice cellar!

Looking at Xiao Haitang like this, Lan Feng’er suddenly felt a little uneasy, and hurriedly shouted, “My child, what’s the matter with you?”

Xiao Haitang’s hand suddenly dropped.

The camera hit the ground hard and the crack deepened.

And on Xiao Haitang’s face, the excitement and excitement of wanting to share photos and wanting to make her mother take a look is no longer seen.

The rest was a dull face, even with death.

Seeing this scene, Mulan asked Wiliam anxiously: “Wiliam, what’s wrong with Xiao Haitang!”

Wiliam had a lot of intolerance in his eyes, and finally he choked up and said, “Little Haitang, I have lost the faith to live.”

“Why! Wasn’t she still full of obsession to live with her mother just now?” Mulan flushed.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Xiao Haitang, I did take a lot of photos before. This is a sincere promise she made to her mother, but what if the photos are gone?”

Mulan’s head buzzed, her goose bumps all over her body.

“You, you mean!” She stared at Wiliam with wide eyes.

“A lot of beautiful photos taken by Xiao Haitang are in the illusion. Those things are illusions. Now that the illusion is lifted, the photos in her camera will naturally no longer exist.” Wiliam said helplessly.

Mulan’s tears burst out all at once!

What’s more cruel than this!

Obviously holding the last straw, only to find that there is no such thing as a straw!

This will directly kill Xiao Haitang!

No wonder Xiao Haitang loses the will to survive so much.

“Mom, I’m sorry, it’s all gone, ho ho, it’s all gone. Let’s die together…” Xiao Haitang muttered to herself with tears on her face.

Words cut people’s hearts more than a knife.

However, Lan Feng’er seemed to be crazy, and shouted sharply: “No! No! Don’t be like this, kid! I regret it!”

Chapter 1083Lu Ye frowned even more when he saw this scene.

Perhaps in Lan Fenger’s opinion, this is not hypocritical.

But in Wiliam’s eyes, this is just being a demon.

no Zuo no Die!

There was a great chance of escape.

It’s good for her, a person who feels sorry for herself and plays a hammer with guilt!

Now Xiao Haitang has jumped down!

Even more, Xiao Haitang had no thoughts of living.

Wiliam is not familiar with Lan Fenger, but knows Xiao Haitang well.

He knew what Xiao Haitang’s obsession was.

And Xiao Haitang’s character is like that of a little calf.

Once she had no faith in life, she really gave up everything.

“Xiao Haitang, no, let’s live together, OK! I’ll go over and save you!” Lan Feng’er desperately wanted to jump to Xiao Haitang’s side, but there were too many obstacles, she wanted Powerless.

Xiao Haitang buried her head on the ground and cried lowly, “Mom, don’t lie to me anymore. I know what you are thinking.”

Lan Feng’er was too anxious to know what to do!

She suddenly thought of something, raised her head and looked at where Wiliam was.

Weep in tears!

“Wiliam! Save Xiao Haitang! Save me! OK! I know you are so smart, there must be a way!”

Wiliam hadn’t said anything.

But she was pushed a bit by Mulan’s unsure where she was, and she almost pushed it down.

“Wiliam! You have a way to say it quickly! Do you want to watch Xiao Haitang go to death!” Mulan said with an annoyed look.

Wiliam looked at Mulan with a serious face, “Do you really want me to save them?”

Mulan nodded like garlic, “What are you talking about!”

Wiliam sighed and said nothing.

He jumped and jumped down!

Mulan Soul was about to frighten away, and he shouted directly below: “Damn! You bastard! Are you crazy! Go down and die!”

Wiliam’s voice came over, “Didn’t you want me to save them? What can I do? How can I save them if I don’t come down?”

Mulan was choked directly.

She was so angry that she didn’t fight.

Sometimes this bastard doesn’t know how to save it?

If he knew that Wiliam jumped to save them, how could he let him go down and take this risk!

But now, everything is too late!

When Lan Feng’er and Xiao Haitang saw Wiliam jump down, their eyes widened.

There are people who are crazier and stupid than the two of them!

Why is he coming down?

Can it be done?

Lu Yeren was in the air, but suddenly a strong azure aura appeared from his body!

This is the powerful aura that saved everyone before!

However, Wiliam wrapped his body tightly around this blue and green air.

Then he keenly avoided the surrounding stones, and finally his footsteps gently touched the ground.

But this is the case. When he touched the ground, his body was also shaken.

He walked towards Xiao Haitang, kicked the boulder off Xiao Haitang’s body, and picked up Xiao Haitang with one hand.

The Qingbi Qi on his body also wrapped towards Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang’s thighs kept blood, and the blood stopped all at once.

However, there was still a haze on her face, and she was not excited by Wiliam’s rescue.

Wiliam waited for her and said softly: “The photos I took in the fantasy world before are naturally not. But if you keep this life, you will naturally encounter more beautiful scenery in the future, right? You can’t give up eating because of choking.”

Xiao Haitang raised her head suddenly and looked at Wiliam blankly, “Really? Is it really like this?”

Wiliam nodded firmly and said, “Well, as long as I’m here, you don’t have to worry about having good photos. After all, I’m the best at creating miracles, right?”

As Wiliam said, Xiao Haitang’s eyes gradually became clearer.

It seems to say something reasonable.

Didn’t he witness Wiliam’s miracles when he came down?

This is just a short period of what Wiliam has experienced, and his future is still very long.

However, this feeling of relying on others is always a bit shy.

Xiao Haitang’s face slowly turned red.

“Now we save your mother, only if she survives, your future photos will be meaningful.” Wiliam said lightly.

For a moment, Xiao Haitang was completely dazzled and confused.

She never felt that the man in front of her was so warm!

She had always felt that although Wiliam was righteous, he was very cold in his bones.

No one thought of Wiliam getting warm, and it was killing him.

In just a few words, not only did he dispel the thought of his own death, but also filled him with endless expectations for the future.

What a blessing to be his wife.

Xiao Haitang’s face blushed as if she had a fever.

Wiliam didn’t even notice it.

He just knew what Xiao Haitang needed at this time based on his conscience.

The more determined he was, the stronger the belief he brought to Xiao Haitang.

That’s it.

Wiliam did what he had done and successfully rescued Lan Feng’er.

It was also completely benefited from the internal profound energy that Wiliam’s new fusion gave birth to.

The Qi of Qingbi took the task of the Great Shield well.

As Wiliam finally leaped high, and his body fell on it, the hearts of the people were completely loosened.

“Hurry up! This place is going to collapse too!” Wiliam rushed forward without waiting for everyone to return to their senses.

On the contrary, Xiao Wangqing was as neat as a monkey. When Wiliam passed her, she used her hands and feet together and climbed onto Wiliam’s shoulders.

She seemed to enjoy the feeling of lying on Wiliam’s shoulder.

A group of people rushed with all their strength.

Behind him was a roar of torn heaven and earth.

Wiliam didn’t stop until everyone was running out of breath.

He glanced at the surrounding environment, and unexpectedly ran to the first valley and four fields.

At this moment, the four wilds of spring are full of vitality, and the trees are lush, which is in sharp contrast with the collapse of the earth that everyone experienced just now!

Wiliam couldn’t help sighing, this illusion is simply magical, and it doesn’t seem to be artificial at all.

Either nature is supernatural.

Either Daluo Shenxian acted arbitrarily.

“Take a rest.” Wiliam said to the people behind him.

He handed the Xiao Haitang in his hand to Mulan, and began to adjust his breath.

The other people of the Forget-Blood clan just stood there blankly, somewhat curious, but looked at the world timidly.

It seems that their arrival is a blasphemy of this world.

They are still humbled.

Lan Feng’er was in a state of despair on the road.

No one knew what she was thinking.

After Wiliam adjusted his breath, he walked directly to Lan Feng’er.

Lan Feng’er raised her head and looked at the young man in front of her, her mouth opened, but she didn’t know what to say.

Wiliam’s eyes were as cold as ice, just staring at Lan Feng’er.

Just when everyone thought Wiliam was going to speak, Wiliam directly raised his hand.


A slap in the face, slapped Lan Feng’er’s face!

Chapter 1084 Immortal!

Everyone saw their eyes straight!

What is Wiliam doing!

Lan Feng’er held her face tightly and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Wiliam’s indifferent voice spread throughout the audience, “After this slap, we are both grieving and grieving.”

The voice just fell.


It was another slap in the face.

However, this slap in the face was not as powerful as Wiliam’s shot just now.

But it was Xiao Wangqing, who was sitting on Wiliam’s shoulder, reaching out and slapped Lan Feng’er.

Lan Feng’er also learned from Wiliam’s voice, and said with a voice: “After this slap, we have also cleared up our grievances.”

Lan Feng’er’s tears burst out all at once.

Why didn’t she understand what these two slaps meant to her!

It is not so much that these two slaps are the revenge and humiliation of Wiliam and Xiao Wangqing against her.

It would be better to say that these two slaps were a kind of forgiveness for Lan Feng’er.

It seems to say that both grievances and grievances are cleared.

In fact, it was Wiliam and Xiao Wangqing who were helping Lan Feng’er get rid of the demons.

Only when both grievances and grievances are cleared, Lan Feng’er can raise his head and be a man again.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Lan Fenger said choked with tears.

Even Xiao Haitang, who was on his side, thanked Wiliam repeatedly.

“Don’t thank me, I will live a life with Xiao Haitang in the future, it’s better than anything else.” Wiliam said lightly.

However, when it comes to future life, it obviously touched the softest pain in everyone’s hearts.

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, and fell into a short silence.

At this time, Wiliam laughed instead.

“Don’t know where to go in the future? Then I can point you to a place.” Wiliam said with a smile.

However, Lan Feng’er said sadly: “Wiliam, I am very grateful for your kindness, but as you know, these people live too humble, and it is all for them to live anywhere in this world. It’s a kind of bondage. Their bloodliness has long since disappeared.”

Lan Feng’er has spent the past three years with people from the Forgetting Blood clan day and night, and she understands the sadness of these people better than anyone else.

Sunshine is their shackles.

But Wiliam showed a weird look.

With his mouth open, a soft song slowly spit out from his mouth.

“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”

“Here is the bridge and the flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”

“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”

“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”

“Oh… I love you until the jade dragon flies to the sky…”

“Oh… I love me, it stops flowing when I love Lishui…”

“Trust me, follow me, I will let the snow lotus on the mountain drive for you…”

“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”

At first, everyone didn’t think anything was right.

However, as Wiliam’s voice grew louder, the melody became clearer and clearer.

The people of the Forget-Blood clan have their eyes wide as a copper bell!

this is!

this is!

Everyone, holding their hands on their hearts, as if they couldn’t believe that from Wiliam’s mouth, they would sing such a song!

This song is unforgettable for those who forget the blood!

It is the emotion that is imprinted in the bottom of their hearts, if they dare not touch it, it will hurt when they touch it!

Yulong third country!

This is a song belonging to the Forgetting Blood!

But how could Wiliam know this song!

This is impossible!

Lan Feng’er shouted out first, “Wiliam! How did you know this song! Is it really the first time you have come to us!”

Wiliam stopped, nodded, and said, “It is indeed the first time I have come to you, but it is not the first time I have seen your people.”

“What!” Lan Feng’er really felt that his heart was about to jump out this time!

What Wiliam said!

He had seen people from the Forgetting Blood before!

And in this world there is still a clan who forgets blood, there is only one possibility left!

“So, you met another wave of people who escaped from Gu Yuehu’s house, right? Wiliam, tell me, right!” Lan Feng’er actually grabbed Wiliam’s hand and asked excitedly.

There is nothing more exciting than hearing the news of the survival of other tribesmen after escaping from the dead.

They were all gloomy just now.

But because of Wiliam’s song, they saved their lives!

Their people still live in this world, so what excuses do they have for not living!

Everyone, look at Wiliam with scorching eyes!

Wiliam lived up to the expectations and nodded, and said, “Well, I can tell you with certainty that I have seen your tribe, it should be another wave of people from the last time you fled. I learned this song from them. In fact, as soon as I saw you, I thought of those people, they were so alike.”

Wiliam seemed to be reminiscing about the past, and said faintly: “Blood pool, Eternal Life Pool, Eternal Life Festival, Fragrant Blood Centennial Lamp, it looks so alike, I have no reason to think of it.”

Wiliam’s words completely convinced everyone!

In his words, many of them are secrets that only belong to the Forgetting Blood.

Especially the Eternal Life Festival, that song, and the Fragrant Blood Centennial Lamp.

It is impossible for anyone who has been in contact with the Forget-Blood Clan to know this clearly.

“Quick! Please, tell us where they are!” someone said to Wiliam with tears.

Many families fell apart when they fled. This time, perhaps they may reunite with each other. Who is not excited!

“They lived well. They also experienced a catastrophe and were completely reborn from the ashes.” Wiliam first gave them an affirmation.

There was a burst of cheers on the scene.

This message is so exciting.

“Excuse me, can we go to them?” someone asked excitedly.

Xiao Haitang looked at such an exhilarating tribe, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes became even more intoxicated.

This godlike man can always bring hope to people.

It can always work miracles.

It’s a coincidence that there is an intersection with another group of people from the Wangxue clan.

Wiliam followed their expectations and said, “Of course, I still have a phone number from the village chief. I’ll call, you can talk about it first.”

With that, Wiliam took out his mobile phone from Mulan’s previous package and called the head of Lantern Village.

At this moment, everyone’s expressions became extremely complicated.

There is full of anticipation, but also a kind of fear that is close to hometown.

This feeling is really too arresting.

Isn’t this the beauty of living?

Wiliam threw the phone to Lan Feng’er, and then took Mulan and the others to stand aside. After all, it was inconvenient for Wiliam to listen to some words in the clan.

I don’t know how long it took.

All I knew was that when Wiliam heard a voice behind him, he turned his head and saw Lan Feng’er walking over with his people.

She has tears in her eyes!

Everyone, their eyes are safe!

Lan Feng’er held Wiliam’s phone, held it high, and knelt down!

All the people of the Forgetting Blood clan, kneel down at this moment!

Jing Wiliam!

Lan Feng’er choked and shouted: “Respect the incense lamp! Fragrant celebrities! Plenty of grains! Harmony for generations to come!”

“Respect for the benefactor! Incense for generations! Open branches and leaves! Hundreds of thousands of families!”


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