Dragon Husband 1086-1090

Chapter 1085 Enshrine!

How magnificent this scene is!

Dozens of people at the scene were kneeling with their hands raised so high.

Then, the five bodies cast the ground!

In Xiang Luye, the most noble courtesy!

In this scene, Xiao Haitang and Mulan looked silly!

Are these people who forget the blood crazy?

He looked lifeless before, but now he bows to Wiliam like this!

What happened to the call just now?

People from the Forget-Blood Clan cast their five bodies on the ground and burst into tears.

How can everyone think of it!

Before, they thought that Wiliam just knew another wave of their tribe.

But it’s just cognition.

Until the phone call, the village chief of Lantern Village choked out Wiliam’s life-saving and village saving grace.

They were instantly moved, ashamed of all five bodies, throwing to the ground!

Wiliam not only saved them, but also the people in Lantern Village!

In other words, Wiliam is a veritable savior of the Forgotten Blood!

Wiliam made great contributions to the existence of the Forgetting Blood!

Therefore, they bowed to Wiliam to express their most lofty respect!

Respect the incense lamp! Fragrant celebrities! Good harvest! Forever and forever!

Respect people! Incense generations! Open branches and loose leaves! Hundreds of thousands of families Lu!

They also made a decision instantly in their hearts!

Like the clansmen in Lantern Village, take Lu as the surname!

From then on, their surname is Lu!

From then on, they were born again!

In this world, there is no one who forgets blood!

There is no such thing as a natural slave anymore!

Yes, it is just a group of Lu family living in seclusion in the mountains and forests for a long life.

“Wiliam, they are…” Mulan was frightened by this scene and asked blankly.

But Wiliam watched the group of people throwing their bodies to the ground, but their bodies did not evade.

Wiliam deserved this great gift.

“Get up, let’s go back to Lingcheng first. Tomorrow, I will take you to find the clansmen in Lantern Village.” Wiliam said lightly.

This time, no one refuted it anymore. They looked forward to Wiliam’s horse.

Lan Feng’er and Wiliam walked in front, looking very worried.

She has completely separated from the people of the Forgetting Blood clan, and she no longer has to shoulder the responsibility of any leader.

Facing her is also a new life.

“If you have anything, just say it.” Wiliam said lightly.

Lan Feng’er seemed to have made up his mind, and said to Wiliam: “You come with me.”

After that, she took Wiliam a few steps quickly, and then said, “Wiliam, no matter what you did to Lantern Village, the Forgetting Blood, or even me and Xiao Haitang, I will never repay you. So , Let me tell you a message.”

She looked at Xiao Wangqing, who was drowsy on Wiliam’s shoulder, and whispered, “I know, you have a very good relationship with Xiao Wangqing. You will definitely help Xiao Wangqing find her in the future. My grandma, what I want to tell you is something about Xiao Wangqing’s grandma.”

Wiliam frowned slightly and said, “Do you know the whereabouts of Grandma Xiao Wangqing?”

Lan Feng’er shook his head and said with a wry smile: “Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother, wandering around the world, how could I know it, but maybe someone knows.”
“Who?” Wiliam asked.

Lan Fenger’s mouth slowly spit out four words.

“The Jackdaw Family!”

“You mean, people in the Jackdaw family will know the whereabouts of Xiao Wangqing’s grandma? What the hell is going on!” Wiliam got serious about Xiao Wangqing.

Lan Feng’er said, “Well, but there is no guarantee. You can go back and ask the head of the Jackdaw family and ask about the origin of their family. Maybe there will be some clues.”

The origin of the Jackdaw family…

Wiliam was lost in thought.

Obviously, this was something he had never thought of.

But he thought of one thing.

When Wiliam met Liu Lang before, Liu Lang vaguely said that the Jackdaw family still had some secrets of death.

Is it related to Xiao Wangqing’s grandma?

Who is Xiao Wangqing’s grandma!

Created this terrifying illusion of guarding the mountain forbidden land, and now it has something to do with the Jackdaw family.

“Wiliam, the next road, you can only go on your own. I decided to take Xiao Haitang and go to your hometown to live in seclusion with people from the Forgetting Blood. I will live with the Forgetting People. Things are going on.” Lan Fenger said finally.

Wiliam nodded, and said nothing more.

When it was dark, a group of people returned to Lingcheng.

The Jackdaw family is naturally a sensation!

Unexpectedly, Wiliam and the others really had this life back!

Moreover, he even went straight to the last valley and rescued the people there.

Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam and regarded him as a legend.

“Hurry up and take a break first. At eight o’clock in the evening, I will set a table for you to celebrate! Wiliam, you must have made a lot of diligence this time! Your future is very promising!” Guo Yulin is completely unable Treat Wiliam as a junior.

Wiliam didn’t object to Guo Yulin’s celebration banquet. He said, “Come with me, I have something to ask you.”

What Wiliam wanted to ask was naturally Xiao Wangqing’s grandma.

Guo Yulin nodded, and asked people to immediately organize the celebration banquet.

Then he returned to the inner hall with Wiliam.

Wiliam was not polite, and asked directly, “Master Guo, what is the origin of your Jackdaw family?”

Guo Yulin was taken aback, not expecting Wiliam to be interested in the origin of the Jackdaw family.

He hesitated for a moment and said to Wiliam: “This matter originally belonged to our Jackdaw family, but Wiliam, you are kind to my Jackdaw family, and I will tell you.”

With that, he went to his room, and when he returned, there was a long scroll in his hand.

He spread out the yellowed scroll and said to Wiliam: “Look, this is the origin of our Jackdaw family. But I don’t know the details.”

As soon as the picture scroll was unfolded, Wiliam was suddenly surprised!

I saw a woman in the picture scroll.

A woman with a somewhat old face but a graceful figure.

The strange thing is that this woman has a big crow stepped on her feet and a crow on her shoulder.

It seems that the crow is her mount and pet.

“The legend says that the woman in this painting is the founder of our Jackdaw family, but this has been passed down for many years, and generations of us have no idea what this woman is called, let alone her origin. Wiliam, the question you want to ask has something to do with this woman?” Guo Yulin asked.

At this time, Wiliam noticed a mystery in Guo Yulin’s words, and he asked in horror: “If this woman has been alive, she should be several hundred years old by now?”

Chapter 1086 Grandma!

Guo Yulin felt his scalp numb when asked by Wiliam. He couldn’t help but said, “How is this possible! Isn’t that an old monster?”

Wiliam also felt a little unrealistic in his heart.

Those warriors who are at the peak of transformation have a life span of only a hundred years.

As Guo Yulin said just now, their Jackdaw family has also gone through several generations, showing a history of hundreds of years.

The woman in the painting should have long ceased to exist.

But Wiliam still shook Xiao Wangqing who was sleeping on his shoulder, and asked, “Xiao Wangqing, do you know this person?”

Xiao Wangqing opened her confused eyes and looked in the direction of Wiliam’s fingers.

At this look, she immediately cheered up, her face flushed.

“Grandma! Grandma! Hug!” She stretched out her hands and was about to hug the person in the painting.

And Wiliam’s hair on the spot stood up, “Xiao Wangqing, have you seen it clearly? Don’t scare me!”

Xiao Wangqing ignored it, and looked at the person in the painting for a hug with a look of aegyo.

It seems to be true.

The person in the painting is Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother!

Wiliam originally wanted to wonder if Xiao Wangqing was too young to distinguish characters at all.

But thinking of what Lan Fenger said before, Xiao Wangqing suddenly said that she had a grandma in the world, so Xiao Wangqing should not mistake her grandma.

However, the scene before him made Wiliam’s hands and feet cold.

If the person in this painting really is Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother, he is even hundreds of years old!


Is this special animal refined?

Lu Yezi looked through the painting carefully, and finally found that there was nothing special about it.

Only in the lower left corner of the painting, a stamp was dropped.

There are four characters written on the seal with Li.

“Imperial control of people.”

Wiliam asked Guo Yulin, “What does this imperial ruler mean?”

But Guo Yulin shrugged, “How do I know?”

Said confidently.

Wiliam pondered.

Now I know that Xiao Wangqing’s grandma is very wicked.

But the clue is also broken.

It seems that the four words “imperial ruler” are a breakthrough in the future.

After Wiliam bid farewell to Guo Yulin, he went out to find Mulan and the others.

At this moment, Mulan was in a room, crying with Tongma, Numa and God of Wealth.

Mulan also gradually accepted the fact that her mother died in the fantasy world.

And this matter, Mulan’s biggest feeling is to cherish the person in front of her.

Whether it’s a relative or a friend.

Because in a dream, someone will leave him forever.

Seeing Wiliam pushing the door in, Mulan wiped her tears embarrassedly, and said depressed, “Well, the ruthless people are here.”

Wiliam staggered, and he started to be stunned before he stepped in.

But Wiliam didn’t bother to care about Mulan’s loss of mother.

The other three bowed respectfully to Wiliam, “Master Young Master.”

Seeing them like this, Wiliam pulled them to sit on the chair and said with a smile, “It seems that you can perceive what happened in the fantasy world?”

The angry horse nodded and said: “It’s wrong, although the three of us don’t have a past in our bodies, but the magic is that we have a clear picture of what happened in the illusion.”
The God of Wealth also continued: “In other words, in the fantasy world, except for having no body, all the actions are made by us.”

Wiliam pondered, and said, “Now that the forbidden area of ​​guarding the mountain has been completely annihilated, will you still be led by the illusion?”

Grandma Tong showed a look of excitement, and said: “Thanks to the young master’s gift, and the forbidden land does not exist, we have gained true freedom!”

Seeing Grandma Tong talking, Wiliam suddenly stared at Grandma Tong strangely, and asked curiously: “Should I tell you to be attracted by people, or Grandma? Are you really a few dozen years older, or 20 or 30 years old? Are you looking like an old man or a beauty?”

Wiliam asked these three questions in one breath.

Mainly because this girl is too enchanting.

Had it not been for another appearance of Tong Tong in the illusion, Wiliam would not have thought that this dwarf-like old woman would be breathtakingly beautiful.

Grandma Tong showed a relieved smile, and said: “Young Master, you think I am beautiful, I am beautiful, you think I am a girl, I am a girl, you think I am attracted by people, and I am attracted by people. “

After a good answer, it was like farting, there was no dry goods at all, and he fudged Wiliam.

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and didn’t care. After all, this was Tong’s own sex.

But Wiliam still asked a question, “By the way, what about Guo Wuji’s second goods? You wouldn’t really…”

Tong Grandma looked at Wiliam amusedly, “Young Master, do you think I am like this from the bottom of my heart? He likes it, but it’s a good-looking skin. That’s a real dream, so you don’t have to worry about it. “

Wiliam looked at such a relieved child grandmother, but couldn’t help but remember that in the valley of the scraper, Wen Ren Qingxin finally gave up his life in exchange for Guo Wuji’s life.

But the Wenren in the game world can’t pretend to be so emotional.

How true or false are these words of the current Tongma?

“Well, we will go out to have a bar together in a while.” Wiliam left the room first after he finished speaking.

After drinking this wine, he will go back to Q City ( Qena City ), and then—

Set foot on the Lujia in North!

At this moment, in another room.

Guo Wuji stood in front of Wu Bili.

Wu Bili was obviously angry, and asked angrily: “Bukit, why didn’t you kill Wiliam with your hands! Why did you let them come back? Do you know what it means for them to come back? It means the pressure of your competition at home. It’s huge! You didn’t see the little bitch just now, did her attitude towards your father obviously improve a lot?”

Guo Wuji was silent, without speaking.

Mulan’s attitude towards Guo Yuling became better, naturally because Mulan lost her mother and cherished her family more.

And this relative, including Guo Wuji.

After this period of birth and death, how could Guo Wuji still kill Wiliam.

Even in his heart, he was extremely grateful to Wiliam.

Wiliam taught him a lot.

It also gave him a feeling of rebirth from Nirvana.

From a caged bird, knows freedom and knows how to like.

Thinking of this, Guo Wuji couldn’t help but a graceful figure emerged in his heart.

This woman is the first person Guo Wuji likes in his life.

Guo Wuji already knew that this woman was dead, and that it was Wiliam’s subordinate.

I should be able to see her again tonight.

When Guo Wuji thought of the beautiful figure, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth unconsciously.

He greeted Wu Bili’s question and said with a smile: “I don’t plan to kill Wiliam and Mulan. I am now and I will be from now on!”

Chapter 1087: Making Sins!

“What are you talking about!” Wu Bili’s face suddenly became ugly.

She even stared at Guo Wuji in front of her, with an incredible feeling!

As soon as Guo Wuji came back, Wu Bili felt that this child was different from before.

There seems to be a mysterious temperament in him.

This kind of temperament made Wu Bili very worried.

And since childhood, this child has never disobeyed himself.

Now, he actually directly refuted what he said!


“You tell me clearly! What do you want to do!” Wu Bili asked angrily.

If his mother was so angry in normal times, Guo Wuji would have shivered.

But now, Guo Wuji looked calm and calm, and continued: “Mom, I just came back and I am a little tired. If there is nothing wrong, I will go back to my room and rest, and see you at the banquet later.”

With that said, Guo Wuji stepped out of Wu Bili’s room with no sorrow.

This scene even made Wu Bili tremble all over.


This kid, what’s wrong now!

He rebelled against his orders again and again!

Was he broken by Wiliam’s group of people!

Thinking of this, Wu Bili suddenly felt cruel!


It seems that Guo Wuji has grown up with hardened wings.

Then, that matter should also be on the agenda.

Just announce it at the reception tonight.

And Guo Wuji stepped out of Wu Bili’s room, breathing the fresh air outside, suddenly feeling like a world away.

Freedom, freedom!

This is the freedom he wants!

freedom of speech!

Freedom of movement!

He can finally do it and refute his mother’s unreasonable request.

Thinking of the cocktail party tonight, Guo Wuji’s heart couldn’t help beating a bit faster when he could see the woman who was as beautiful as a fairy in the illusion.

At that time, what kind of language should I use to impress my beloved?

When Guo Bukit thought of this, he felt as if he was bubbling pink bubbles.

Such a beautiful woman, appearing in the venue tonight, will definitely be the focus of the audience.

And only the attention from the audience is worthy of her alluring face.

Guo Wuji hurriedly returned to the room, and began to carefully pick up the situation for himself.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the celebration banquet went on as scheduled.

The banquet was full of a hundred tables.

Those who participated in the banquet included the Jackdaw family, the Qilinshi, and the Forgetful Blood.

The Forgetting Blood clan is cowardly after all. They sat in the most corner, looking like they were indisputable.

The Qilinshi sat on the other side, and Wiliam naturally sat with them.

Xiao Wangqing also loves to join in the heat, and sits in Wiliam’s arms.

Wiliam looked at the grandmother beside him amused at this time.

This girl usually travels with many beautiful men.

At such a grand celebration tonight, this guy came here alone, nothing like her usual exaggerated style.

Did she change her style?

Wiliam looked at Tong Grandma.

Grandma Tong seemed to understand Wiliam’s thoughts, and smiled: “The young master is worrying a lot. I’m just a little tired. Come over and ask for a drink.”

Wiliam didn’t nod, nodded, and turned to look at Mulan on his left.
The table is full of wine.

Mulan looked at these wines, her eyes became more bitter.

Seeing wine, she thought of Mu Xiaolou.

Wiliam directly opened a bottle of wine, handed it to Mulan, and said, “Come on, to sue your mother to the Spirit of Heaven.”

Mulan took the wine and took a sip, crying, and bitter.

What else is sweet.

Probably only…

She couldn’t help feeling towards her pocket, but found that the last candy that her mother gave her before she died was gone.

She was melancholy, when suddenly a hand reached out in front of her.

Open the palm, there is a milky white candy hidden inside.

“Probably only sugar is sweet.” The owner of this hand is Wiliam.

Mulan looked at the candy, then at Wiliam’s gentle smile, took the candy casually, peeled off the icing, and stuffed the sugar into her mouth.

Her eyes were a little red, and finally she smiled and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, how about I give you a piece of advice?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and asked, “What advice?”

Mulan seemed relieved, and said with a smile: “You, I sometimes really don’t see you clearly. Are you ruthless or passionate? You clearly understand women’s hearts.”

Wiliam was stunned, wondering what Mulan’s words meant.

Mulan chuckled and continued: “My advice to you is, given that you are sometimes like a straight man with a millennium, and sometimes considerate, I suggest you, if you don’t want to open a harem in the future, you should not just give women candy. ,do you know?”

In the second half of the sentence, Mulan could not say anything.

That is–

It’s easy for women to get drunk like you.

Wiliam was a bit at a loss when he was said, “Just give a candy, as for?”

Mulan said righteously, “Well, it’s very good. You don’t know, sometimes a candy can not only kill a person, but also a woman’s heart.”

“Okay, I see.” Wiliam scratched his head. He was purely sympathetic to Mulan, and he did not have any personal affection between men and women.

“Be good to your wife, she is the happiest woman in the world.” Mulan said a little enviously.

Wiliam’s expression became gentle when he thought of the woman in his heart, and his tone was firm, “Well, she will be! I will be too!”

Mulan couldn’t help rolling her eyes from the dog food that was sprinkled in the air.

“Wiliam, I’m here, why don’t you sit there?” A carefree voice rang.

Wiliam looked back and saw that it was Guo Wuji.

Seeing Guo Wuji now, Wiliam and everyone laughed in unison.

Guo Wuji tonight is so cool!

He is round and round, and a little cute.

Tonight he actually put on a pure white slim suit, completely exposing his big belly.

Moreover, his hair was well-groomed and shiny, and it seemed to have taken a lot of effort.

This person-like appearance gave him a sense of funnyness, so can everyone not laugh?

Wiliam also took a meaningful look at the child’s grandmother beside him.

Do you think you committed crimes?

Killed a mentally disabled teenager.

Grandma Tong laughed with everyone, without seeing the slightest joy and sorrow.

Mulan saw Guo Wuji still in a daze, and couldn’t help but came up. She banged Guo Wuji on the head severely, “You are sick and dress like this!”

Guo Wuji covered his head and yelled aggrievedly, “Sister…”

With this elder sister, Mulan’s anger suddenly stopped.

She turned her head, “I don’t care about you.”

Guo Wuji looked at Wiliam expectantly again, “Wiliam, what…”

Wiliam looked at Guo Wuji amusedly, and asked, “You want to ask, where is Wenren’s love?”

What a great thing, this kid.

She even dared to speak to Tong Grandma like that.

If he knows Tongma’s heart is loved by others, can he say this and leave her alone?


But Guo Wuji obviously couldn’t think of this secret at all.

He was about to explode and walked towards the stage in a hurry.

And everyone thought that Guo Wuji was going to take the stage and say some words of thanks.

So he walked all the way, wherever he went with applause.

This made Guo Wuji’s heart more broken.

All he thought was that if Wenren was in a corner of the scene and heard this message, he might turn his head away with anger!

No way!

This is absolutely impossible!

At this moment, Guo Wuji didn’t care about the right family, let alone the benefits of such a strong marriage.

In his heart, there is only the joy, anger, sorrow and joy of a woman.

He went to the stage and snatched the microphone in Wu Bili’s hand.

Before speaking, Wu Bili even glared at him and whispered: “You should pay attention to the occasion when you speak.”

Obviously he was threatening Guo Wuji.

But who is Guo Wuji, he is not afraid of anything.

He blurted out just one sentence.

“I don’t agree with this marriage!”

In a word, the people at the scene were stupid.

what’s the situation?

As soon as the front foot agreed to kiss, the back foot actor said no?

Where did the Jackdaw family coax?

I don’t even talk about things that I have discussed internally?

Fortunately, the Hongyu Chen family is not here tonight. If they were there, they would definitely offend them completely.

Wu Bili was annoyed all over!

This kid!

It’s getting more and more disobedient!

Under such a big crowd, he fell in front of him in public!

The marriage between the Jackdaw family and the Hongyu Chen family was actually proposed by the Hongyu Chen family.

After all, the Jackdaw family is the first of the four great families in Lingcheng, and the Hongyu Chen family is also considered high.

Before that, Wu Bili had been suppressing this matter because she wanted to find a better one with Guo Wuji.

Today, when she saw that Guo Wuji’s wings were stiff, she couldn’t help it, so she simply wanted to clarify the marriage.

Let Guo Wuji completely settle down.

I didn’t think that this kid would dare to regret the marriage in front of so many people!

Guo Yulin in the audience became extremely ugly.

This is their family affair, but it turned into a joke!

He was about to take the stage to stop the drama, when a voice came over.

“Master Guo, keep watching, Guo Wuji’s growth will make you admirable.”

Guo Yulin turned his head and found that Wiliam was standing behind him when he didn’t know.

growing up?

Guo Yulin was taken aback for a moment.

Wiliam continued to smile and said, “You don’t want to think that your own son is useless, right? Then take a good look. After this experience, how far Guo Wuji has grown.”

Guo Yulin still believed in Wiliam very much.

At the same time, he did have an extremely high expectation of Guo Wuji.

Hope the child becomes a dragon.

Now that Wiliam said so, let’s take a look.

“Guo Wuji! Take back what you just said! Believe it or not, I will immediately clean up you!” After all, Wu Bili is a woman, and she was so angry that she was going to pull Guo Wuji’s ears on the spot.

This is her usual method.

But this time, Guo Wuji coldly patted her hand off.

“You!” Wu Bili was trembling with anger.

Guo Wuji’s expression became cold.

He looked around, but never saw the shadow.

Holding the microphone in his hand, he suddenly said: “I repeat, I don’t agree with this marriage! There is someone in my heart, Guo Wuji! And I can only pretend to be the next person! Did you hear that person?”

“This is my confession of love to you!”

Chapter 1089 Love Words!

The atmosphere at the scene seemed to freeze.

Everyone stared at Guo Wuji!

Unexpectedly, Guo Wuji, who has always been as timid as a mouse, is just like eating a bear heart and leopard gall today!

Not only did she disobey her mother in public, but she confessed directly on stage.

Did Liang Jingru give him the courage!

Wu Bili’s face turned pale.

When did Guo Wuji actually have someone he likes in his heart!

This is impossible!

Wu Bili is very confident, since Guo Wuji left home this time, he has never had any contact with women, let alone someone he likes.

At this time, a thought came to Wu Bili’s mind.

Could it be!

It was this time that Guo Wuji fell in love with a certain little vixen when he went to guard the mountain forbidden ground!

Thinking of this, Wu Bili directly cursed.

“Well, you little Haitang! You seduce our family Guo Wuji! Do you want a face!”

In Wu Bili’s view, this time a few of them went to guard the mountain forbidden ground, only two women.

One is Mulan, but they are half-siblings, so it is impossible to have such feelings.

And Mulan, Nizi, would never like Guo Wuji as a trash.

Then only Xiao Haitang is left.

Wu Bili knows that Xiao Haitang is not doing business properly.

Moreover, she and Guo Wuji knew each other very early and they had a good relationship.

Unexpectedly, the rabbit ate the grass on the edge of the nest!

The eyes of the scene, Qi Qi looked at Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang was sitting in the corner and chatting with her mother, but was suddenly caught by CUE, a little confused.

This is so lay gun.

She knew which woman Guo Wuji liked in her heart, so she stood up and said aggrieved: “Guo Wuji doesn’t like me, the little grandpa doesn’t memorize it! And I have someone in my heart. , Guo Wuji has no chance. Guo Wuji, you just say something, don’t embarrass little grandpa.”

After Xiao Haitang came back this time, he resumed his previous carefree character. Under the eyes of everyone, he still took a mouthful of what he claimed to be a little grandfather.

It was just her words that made the people on the scene even more messy.

what’s the situation?

Is there someone in her heart?

This relationship is complicated enough.

When Guo Wuji heard what Xiao Haitang said, he quickly said: “I’m sorry everyone, I don’t like Xiao Haitang, she is my brother.”

Xiao Haitang suddenly got a black line, “Why don’t you explain it! I always feel like I was scolded by you again! Little grandpa sprayed you with blood!”

Wu Bili was also taken aback, isn’t it Xiao Haitang?

Then who is Guo Bukit likes!

Isn’t it really Mulan?

Do evil!

She immediately looked at Mulan.

As if she understood Wu Bili’s thoughts, Mulan curled her lips and took a sip of wine, “It’s beautiful to think, and you dare to think! It’s exciting.”

Wu Bili was ridiculed in public and her face blushed.

She stared at Guo Wuji angrily, “Who the hell is it! Which little bitch do you like! What you just meant was that she was on the court?”

Kwok Bukit looked at her without fear, “What’s going on here! Mom! I’ve grown up, I have the right to pursue the person I like, and I also have the right to decide my own marriage! This matter, you just Don’t worry about me.”
These words were unceremonious, and Wu Bili’s face was torn apart!

Guo Yulin in the audience opened his mouth wide.


Guo Bukit is awesome!

Ever since I was young, I didn’t dare to resist this mother. I thought of going out for a while, but I dared to refute it directly.

This is what Wiliam said, grow up?

However, this kind of growth is really exciting.

Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam, and Wiliam nodded slightly, “Yes, the future head of the Jackdaw family, you can’t be at the mercy of others.”

Guo Yulin nodded heavily and laughed, “Yes! There should be this kind of bone and blood! Great!”

But Wu Bili on the stage, like crazy, snarled at Guo Wuji: “Do you know what you are talking about! Chen Yinuo of the Chen family of Hongyu, looks good, and everyone knows well and can appreciate it.” You, it’s your honor! Our Jackdaw family and Hongyu Chen family have formed the best of Qin and Jin Dynasties. In Lingcheng, who else would dare to challenge us? Do you know the meaning of this marriage!”

But Guo Wuji said in a cold voice, “The meaning? The meaning of my existence, Guo Wuji, is not to be a puppet of others, including you!”

“Well, you Guo Wuji! I want to see today, what kind of woman it is that can fascinate you!” Wu Bili’s face became savage, and she completely ignored the situation today.

Guo Wuji smiled softly at this time, “Ho ho, what kind of woman is she? Okay, I’ll tell you, what kind of woman is she!”

He looked around, his eyes unfixed.

“In my heart, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“In my heart, she is also the most romantic woman in the world.”

“She can die for me! And me! What can I do for her!”

“It’s just this humble liking, this humble resistance, it’s me who climbed up the people, you know!”

Guo Wuji’s voice is loud and his words are deep.

The child grandmother below, on the contrary, smiled more heartily.

Mulan couldn’t help cursing: “You are not dead, do you want to point your face! Are you going to kill Guo Wuji! He will be ruined by you in his entire life!”

Tongma was drinking wine, and her tone suddenly became as soft as that of Wenren before, “Tsk tusk tusk, this little brother is really good.”

Mulan got goosebumps all over her body, “Don’t talk to me in this voice, it’s so disgusting, I have goosebumps.”

“You! You! I’ll settle the account with you later! Off the stage, who is the woman on Guo Wuji’s mouth? Just stand up if you have the kind, I want to see, the future patriarch of my Jackdaw family, yes Nothing is worthy of you!” Wu Bili suddenly shouted at the audience.

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, I don’t even know which is the so-called most beautiful woman in the world.

But Guo Wuji stopped Wu Bili, “You don’t mix up here! I like her, I will pursue her myself! I will put my words here! If today is because of your persecution, let me follow her Feeling uneasy, will I just let it go!”

“You! Dare you!” Wu Bili was so angry that people couldn’t stand still.

Guo Wuji looked down at the stage at this time, his voice softened.

“Did you hear? You don’t need to come out. From now on, I will use my actions to tell you that I like you! I like to bubble up in this world!”

This kind of messy love talk made everyone want to laugh.

But they dare not laugh.



A laugh suddenly sounded.

“Little brother, if you want to chase people, can you practice love words first?”

“Your love words are too magical.”

Chapter 1090 Heartbeat!

This single laugh is so harsh and so eye-catching!

Everyone looked at the laughing man.

But at a loss for a while.

Can’t find anyone?

However, someone pointed out immediately, “It’s her! That old woman?”

Everyone got goose bumps.


No wonder you can’t find it all at once.

This old woman is just a dwarf, hiding in the crowd, how can she be found.

However, she is an old woman who came out to join in the love of young people.

Are you always pretty?

But Wiliam couldn’t help laughing as she watched Grandma Tong slowly coming over.

Finally, can’t help but come out?

It’s just that you came out to laugh at Guo Wuji, or…

With a bottle of wine in her hand, Grandma Tong walked over carelessly.

Mulan, Numa, and God of Wealth glanced at each other, and quickly walked up.

Don’t let Tongmao act alone, otherwise this girl will do things too much.

She said Guo Wuji’s love story was too magical.

Her behavior is the most magical.

With four people playing together, Tongma suddenly looked inconspicuous.

Looking at Tong’s grandmother, Guo Wuji felt angry.

What’s the matter with this old woman!

From the beginning, he was acrimonious and cold words to himself.

Did you offend her somewhere?

Guo Wuji is not in a good mood now, and can’t help but cursed at Tongmao: “You don’t care about your nostalgia! I care about you and what I say in love! It’s not for you! My family likes to listen, you care Got it!”

Tongma laughed happily.

She shook her head, “No, no, no, she doesn’t like to listen to such horrible love stories.”

Guo Bukit was so angry that he wanted to stamp his feet.

I want to rush up to give this girl a slap in the face.

Stir the shit stick!

At this time, Mulan stood up and said to Guo Wuji: “Guo Wuji, I solemnly say a word to you, you should give up that woman, that woman is not as beautiful as you think! You know, hope The disappointment will be as great as it is, and you will regret it. So, give up before you see that woman.”

Guo Wuji couldn’t help but glared at Mulan, “Which side are you on, old sister? What’s wrong with me?”

Wu Bili listened to Guo Wuji’s mouthful of an old sister, and she was so skillful that she was going crazy!

Is their relationship so good?

Mulan sighed and said, “If I wasn’t on your side, I would just watch the show with popcorn directly below, because I was on your side, so I don’t want you to be injured. That woman, I don’t want you to think about it. So good, it can even be said that it will subvert your three views.”

But Guo Wuji thought that Mulan was talking about Wenrenqing’s so many male favorites.

It really ruins the Three Views.

However, Guo Bukit is confident!

Guo Wuji said righteously: “Although she has fallen before, I believe that she will rein in the cliff and I will stay with her.”

Wu Bili heard her eyes falling off!


What kind of woman is this!

How depraved!

This kind of degenerate woman is like a fairy in her son’s heart!

It’s simply too ruined!

No way!

It must not go on like this!

“Guo Wuji, I’ll put the words here today! You don’t have me if you want that woman! You choose it yourself!” Wu Bili almost cried and hung herself.

However, Guo Wuji said in a cold voice: “Take away your little temper, I don’t know your temper? I just like that woman, so what! You guys will listen to me clearly! I like her! No matter what! I like what she looks like! No matter how many mistakes she has made before, I can tolerate it! What I like is her heart, not her skin at all!”

Guo Wuji said this affectionately.

But Mulan was crying.

Are you a dog! I can’t pull it back!

You don’t like her skin!

But when you see her skin, it’s not that you don’t like that simple.

Only Tongmao smiled more brilliantly.

She suddenly asked Guo Wuji, “Do you really like that woman? Even if that woman is so ugly? Even if that woman is wicked?”

Guo Wuji nodded seriously and said, “Well, no matter how ugly she is, she is the most beautiful in my heart! As long as it is her, as long as she is willing to die for me, no matter what she looks like, I like it!”

“Then, if you are not only ugly, but also old enough to be your grandmother? Do you still like it?” Tongma said suddenly wickedly.

Mulan couldn’t help but knocked Tongma.

The more you play, the more enthusiastic you are!

When Guo Wuji heard this, his whole body was not good.

What the hell?

Ugly, old enough to be his grandmother?

What a special thing!

What brain circuit!

This old woman has a big brain.

Guo Wuji couldn’t help but said: “You old lady won’t be a counter-attack, and treat yourself as someone I like? You think too much.”

Grandma Tong suddenly put a smile away and said, “Yeah, didn’t you just say that you were very domineering? Let’s assume that I am the beautiful woman in your mouth. Can you still like it?”

Guo Wuji was dumbfounded.

He even looked at the old woman seriously.

He is about one meter tall, wrinkled, and looks carefree.

Like a witch.

Can this be considered a woman?

Guo Wuji fought a cold war for a while.

A little disgusting.

And Wu Bili saw that this topic was so unbelievable that she was not good at all.


Guo Buji, who do you like!

How heavy is your taste!

Would you like your grandma level woman?

Are you looking for a wife for you or a mother for me!

Guo Buji, the whole person was lost in thought.

At this time, Tongmao’s eyes darkened inexplicably, and her smile became more frantic, “Hahaha! I’ll just say! A man’s mouth, a deceitful ghost! A man, how can you like an ugly monster? How can you marry an ugly monster? , Hahaha, funny, funny!”

This rampant laughter seemed to completely anger Guo Wuji!

He is like a lion who has been mad, his whole temperament has changed!

Under the eyes of everyone, red tattoos suddenly appeared on his face!

The tattoo spreads towards the neck like a vine!

There was a red dot on his eyebrows!

He suddenly punched him, knocking Tongmao to the ground!

The whole person rushed to Tong Grandma’s body, his hands stuck Tong Grandma’s neck, and shouted sharply: “You don’t laugh at men here! I will show you the man’s promise! My Guo Wuji is here to tell you I understand! Even if she looks very ugly! Even if she is very old! So what! As long as she was the one who could die for me! I am Guo Bukit! Live up to this life! Did you hear that! Are you satisfied? !”

The atmosphere of the scene froze!

Guo Wuji, who is crazy, is so terrible!

But at this time, a coquettish voice suddenly came from the throat of the child’s grandmother under Guo Wuji.

“Little brother, you look so handsome.”

“People, my heart suddenly moved, what should I do?”


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