Dragon Husband 1091-1095

Chapter 1091 A Kiss!

This sound made Guo Wuji’s whole person like a headshot!

What a familiar voice!

Isn’t it the voice he thought about in his dream?

Wenren loved!

she was!


When Guo Wuji reacted and realized that the sound came from the ugly monster under him, his whole body trembled.

His voice was unbelievable, “You, you just hear people’s hearts!”

As his hand loosened, Tongma slowly stood up.

She was obviously only one meter tall, but at this moment Guo Wuji felt that she had a condescending feeling of being a queen.

The coquettish voice still came out of her throat.

“Yeah, I am the Wenren Qingxin you like. Do you still like me like this? Little brother.”

A man of seven and eighty years, with such a soft voice, he called Guo Wuji his little brother!

The goose bumps of the people at the scene all fell to the ground!


It’s disgusting!

Even Guo Yulin couldn’t help but stand up.

However, he was held down by Wiliam, “Keep watching, now is Guo Wuji’s Nirvana.”

Guo Yulin mentioned his throat with a heart!


My son actually fell in love with an old woman who was seven old and eighty!

This is simply!

I can’t even think about it!

Too top!

And Wu Bili on the side was also dumbfounded!

Her eyes are about to fall.

It was this dwarf-like old woman who was fascinated by her son!

Ah ah ah ah ah!

She wanted to shout out to vent on the spot!

What a shame!

Guo Buji, do you know what you are doing!

You will be the laughing stock of the whole city!

Grandma Tong just looked at Guo Wuji, who was kneeling on the ground, her smile still heartbroken.

But the look in his eyes is a lot more complicated.

She came forward just to tease Guo Wu Ji.

Don’t want to reveal identity at all.

Because she is too aware of the inferior nature of men.

Which man does not like beautiful women?

He said affectionately, but in his heart he was thinking about being beautiful as a flower.

Who cares about the heart of an ugly woman, who cares about the past experience of an ugly woman?

Being ugly is the original sin.

However, she miscalculated a bit.

She probably miscalculated once in her life.

She really underestimated Guo Wuji.

Underestimated the madness of a man who had a new love.

Tongmao was punched by Guo Wuji, and when she heard Guo Wuji’s heartfelt words, she felt as if something had been torn apart in her heart.

Therefore, the identity was revealed.

She actually regretted it now.

What a little guy!

I even shaken my mind.

This is a gamble!

I bet that people love this life.

Little guy, are you ready?

“You, I really love people.” Guo Wuji was completely stunned, only these words remained in his mouth.

Grandma Tong stopped talking, just looked at Guo Wuji.

Watch him disappointed and sad, watch him repent in pain, watch the death of the last man in this world.

Guo Wuji’s heart is really messed up.

He thought of many, many things.

Thinking of Mulan repeatedly and repeatedly admonishing herself, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

Thinking of the two lines of tears that Wen Renqin shed before sacrifice for himself.

Thinking of Wenren’s deep hatred for men before he fell in love.

It’s how you want to be hurt by a man to hate men so much.

It must have suffered a lot to grow up like this.

Therefore, she hates men for only looking at her face.

Thinking of this, Guo Wuji’s heart was full of distress.

He stretched out his hand to Tongma.

He wanted to touch Tongma’s face.

Tongma instinctively wanted to avoid.

But, the next second, she just held back.

Since it’s a gambling, buy it and leave it without regrets.

Also willing to bet and lose!

Until Guo Wuji held Tongmao’s old face in his hand, and the touch in his hand awakened him, all of this was true.

Guo Bukit only found it ridiculous.

I really fell in love with an ugly old woman.


The great jealousy of sliding the world!


Guo Wuji once imagined that he must go to a woman who is like a flower and sings every night.

But in the end, I fell in love with an old woman.

Too much face.

However, to like is to like.

What is there?

Looking at Tong Grandma’s complicated eyes, Guo Wu Ji was touched again in his heart.

What a poor woman who distrusts men in her heart, but delights in men with revenge.

She wants to stretch her hand out, she instinctively wants to avoid it.

But endured it.

This trust should be her last expectation.

How could her last expectation be shattered.

Guo Wuji’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“It’s great to see you again. I’m really happy. I didn’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, touch my heart.” Guo Wuji held his grandmother’s hand with tears on his face. Put it in his heart.

Heart, beating fast!

Every click is very powerful!

Like a man’s perseverance, like a man’s promise!

Grandma Tong looked at Guo Wuji in amazement, wondering if Guo Wuji had come for real.

Does he really mind?

Is there really a man in the world who doesn’t mind his looks and age?

Tongma suddenly smiled.

Yes, from the moment I saw this kid, I knew he was an apostate.

At that time, if you didn’t believe in him, if you didn’t expect him, why die for him at that time.

Now, I was just proving that I did not misunderstand anyone.

The people at the scene were completely dumbfounded.

No one can react.

“Have you heard it? The voice in my heart, since you are so fascinated by people, it is you that I like!” Guo Wuji continued.

This time, it was the child’s grandmother in the game world that was timid.

She was really scared.

A man, really play with her!

She has never tried, and never thought about it!

She instinctively wanted to pull her hand away, to escape.

However, he was held tightly by Guo Wuji!

Regardless of three or seventy-one, Guo Wuji shouted loudly: “You believe me! I really like you! No matter which one of you! I like it! If none of these words prove my true heart, then so be it!”

With that said, Guo Wuji actually kissed the panicked Tongma under all eyes!

There was a burst of screams at the scene!

Guo Bukit is really crazy!

It’s really a mouthful!

And Tongmao, the whole person is also dumbfounded.

The people at the scene just looked at the two people like this, and the kiss seemed to be in agreement, more like in the heart.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Guo Wuji and Tongma didn’t realize it, but the scene broke out incredible exclamations again!

“Look at that old woman! God!”

The child’s grandmother in the kiss suddenly “cracked” his body, and his bones continued to stretch.

In a short while, an extremely ugly old woman suddenly became a young imperial sister with a height of 1.8 meters, a graceful figure and an unparalleled face!

Chapter 1092 Sin!

The appearance of this woman astounded everyone present.

She is like a goddess, illuminating the entire night sky.

There really is such a beautiful woman in the world!

This height, this appearance, this figure, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is unparalleled in the world!

But what is even more shocking to everyone is why an ugly old woman suddenly becomes such a beauty!

There is simply one in the sky and one on the ground.

What kind of sorcery did this enchantress use!

Even Wiliam was slightly stunned when he saw Wen Ren’s adoration.

It was not the first time that he saw Wenren’s love, and his mind was extremely firm.

But when I look again, I still feel amazing!

Gee tut, this woman, is she finally letting go?

It’s a good thing.

The screams of everyone thunderous, but Guo Wuji didn’t know what was going on.

He only thought that the screams of these people were dedicated to the absurd act of kissing an old woman.

He kissed halfway, closed his eyes and hugged Wenrenqing.

He knocked his head on Wenrenqinxin’s shoulder, and suddenly burst into tears!

He didn’t know yet, that he was holding the most beautiful woman in the world.

He wailed and cried: “Damn! Damn! I really can’t get a mouth! I’m going to die! Can I prove my true heart now? If I can’t prove it again, I really can’t do anything. Nothing! Ahhhhh!”

But Wenren fell in love, suddenly hugged Guo Wuji with one hand, and gently patted Guo Wuji’s head with the other hand, like a loving mother, comforting a child.

She didn’t say a word.

However, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.


What an enemy, a fate!

Guo Yulin was so scared that his hands and feet were cold. He couldn’t help but ask Wiliam, “Wiliam, tell me what is going on! What the hell is that woman! Don’t hurt Bukit! Others are stupid! How can I be worthy of this big beauty!”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “This is Guo Wuji’s fate, let him go.”

Guo Wuji was still crying and crying, and his mood was extremely turbulent, making him completely unable to find the beauty in his arms.

“Okay, don’t cry, don’t get cheap and sell well!” Wiliam couldn’t help but cursed at Guo Wuji angrily.

Guo Buji was full of tears, but his hands refused to let go.

He closed his eyes and shouted at Wiliam: “You are not the one who dares to love! What is cheap and good! It is Wenren’s heart that is cheap and good! I am such a strong young man, how many beautiful girls are thinking about it! Who made me I fell in love with Wenren’s heart, and I accepted my fate!”

“You just opened your dog’s eyes and have a look at the woman in your arms!” Wiliam had a black line.

This Guo Wuji, said he was horrible, he did such an absurd thing in public!

Saying he was just right, he cried as a dog as soon as the thing was done, and it made people want to kick him a few times.

Where does Wen Renqingxin favor him?

Is this cowardly temperament?

When Wiliam said this, Guo Wuji opened his eyes angrily and glanced at the woman he was hugging.
This look!


He feels his head is about to explode!

The whole person’s eyes are about to fall off!

The woman holding in front of me is the ugly old woman before!

Obviously it is the beautiful girl who amazed the sentient beings in the dream!

Wenren loved!

She is beautiful again!

“You, you…” Guo Wuji stared at Wen Ren Qingxin blankly, saying that it was uncomfortable.

At this time, Wen Ren Qingxin gently pushed Guo Wuji away and walked slowly towards Wiliam.

She bowed slightly in front of Wiliam, smiled and said, “Hello Young Master, now, are you satisfied?”

There was an intoxicating blush on her face.

But it is even more confusing.

Wiliam calmed his mind, and said angrily: “You can cover what you should cover!”

Mulan had taken a long dress long ago and put it directly on Wen Renqing’s body.

She was soaring, and the clothes on her body had long been stretched out.

Those big long legs, slender arms, white waist and abdomen were all exposed to everyone’s vision.

Wenren thanked Mulan with all his heart and wrapped her clothes tightly, but sighed for no reason.

At this time, Guo Wuji rushed over, looking excited: “Wen Ren Qingxin, don’t you love me? I am here!”

Seeing this bunny open his mouth, it was love and love, and Wiliam had a black line.

Dare to be a little more elegant!

Wenren loves you, and he is really blinded by lard!

Obviously Wen Renqin was also depressed, and turned his head away from Guo Wuji.

Guo Wuji is so anxious that he has to scratch his head!

“Baby! My baby! Then you at least tell me, which one is the real you, how old are you?” Guo Wuji looked expectantly at Wen Renqing.

Although he kept saying that he didn’t care about his looks, he didn’t care about Wenren’s looks and age, but now that he is so adored, Guo Wuji is looking forward to it.

And he took a bite of a baby, and the blue veins on his cheeks were beating.

This soil bun!

In the end, she couldn’t bear it and asked, “Which one do you want me to be?”

“Of course it is like this, so beautiful!” Guo Wuji thought without thinking.

What a straight man for a thousand years, the answer is so straightforward.

Wen Renqing asked again: “Then you will be disappointed. I am like this and can only last a few hours a day. Then do you want me to be like this during the day, or…”

“Evening! Evening!” Guo Wuji was confident again.

This embarrassed Wenren’s heart, and he rolled Guo Wuji’s eyes.

Guo Wuji also knew that he was a bit too straightforward, and she was shy when she said it.

He is the little prince who lives in fairy tales. How many fairy tales have been seen.

He thought of a very similar fairy tale, and immediately said: “Isn’t I answering you to be like what you like, then you can keep that way?”

Another look of expectation.

Wen Ren’s heart-warming voice said, “You continue to show your brain damage to others.”

Kwok Bukit immediately persuaded, it seems that fairy tales are not so beautiful.

“Then how old are you?” Guo Wuji asked weakly.

At this moment, Wenren was so hesitated and said, “Thirty-four years old.”

At this age, Wiliam and the others were also surprised.

Really a royal sister!

Then she looked like a child grandmother before, but they were all fake.

When Guo Wuji heard it, his whole person turned around happily like he had eaten honey.

Then he knelt in front of Wenrenqing with a plop, and shouted shamelessly: “Then I call your sister, OK!”

“Sister Wenrenqingxin! I’m so cute to you.”

Chapter 1093

Sometimes, no matter how experienced men and women are, they cannot resist the enthusiasm of a fool.

Just like now, Guo Wuji was in love at first, and he dared to jump out of anything.

Also jumped righteously.

As long as he is not embarrassed, everyone present is embarrassed.

“Okay, okay, Guo Wuji, don’t coax it.” Wiliam finally came out to make a round.

He looked at Guo Yulin again, “Master Guo, Guo Wuji’s marriage, look at…”

Guo Yulin felt extremely complicated for a while.

I am not only pleased to see Guo Wuji’s growth, but also a little embarrassing.

He finally sighed and said in a deep voice: “Bi Li, I have not yet decided on the marriage with Hongyu Chen’s family. What are you going to decide here? Bukit grows up, let him go.”

When Guo Wuji heard this, he was overjoyed, and immediately kowtow to Guo Yulin, “Thank you Dad! Thank you Dad!”

A pair of doglegs are exposed.

Wu Bili looked at Wiliam with sinister eyes, but in the end she could only give up.

Everyone returned to the table and continued to celebrate the feast.

Now Guo Wuji is like a brown candy, clinging to Wen Renqing’s side, unable to drive away.

When everyone saw this scene, they had mixed feelings.

Is this so stupid?

I was still laughing at him for loving an old woman.

Unexpectedly, the old woman changed her body and turned into a flowery jade.

Is it so special that Guo Bukit has found a treasure!

A flower was inserted on the cow dung.

“Wen Ren Qingxin, now you can tell me what is going on with you, right?” Wiliam asked.

Wen Renqing sighed and said, “I have practiced a more evil martial arts since I was a child. This kind of martial arts can make people ugly, which is the way you saw me before.”

“There is such a martial arts in the world?” Wiliam was surprised.

But he also knows that there are no wonders in the world.

In martial arts novels, isn’t there such a monster like Tianshan Tongmao?

It’s just that Wenren’s love is the opposite, from a young beauty to an old woman.

It seems that in the past few years, people have suffered little because of this.

She hates men, it makes sense.

“When will you be able to achieve great success?” Wiliam asked again.

Wenren pondered for a moment, and said, “As long as I can break through to the realm of Huajin, I should be able to completely restore my current appearance.”

Wiliam nodded, “That’s okay, it’s just the last step.”

At this time, Guo Wuji stretched out his head weakly beside him, and asked aggrievedly, “Sister Wenrenqingxin, then you were following so many men before, did they follow you…”

Wen Renqing showed a wicked smile, as if he was teasing Guo Wuji, “What do you think?”

Kwok Bukit is all ill.

Fortunately, Wiliam said in time: “Guo Wuji, don’t think about it. Wenren’s cultivating this kind of evil kung fu, picking yang and replenishing yin, shouldn’t be based on your nasty thoughts. I think, Wenren’s love is still It’s perfect.”

Guo Wuji grinned instantly, “Wiliam is right! Right! My sister Wenrenqingxin is the perfect one!”

Wen Ren glared at Wiliam, dissatisfied: “Just you talk a lot!”

Wiliam was right.

Although Wen Renqin has a lot of male favorites, he still maintains a perfect body.

“Sister, what are your plans next? Will you stay at our house? I’ll have a delicious meal with you.” Guo Wuji asked expectantly.

Wen Ren said in a heartwarming voice, “Little brother, if you want to chase me, I am afraid it will take a long way. Come on, I am optimistic about you. I am Wiliam’s subordinate, so naturally I want to follow Wiliam to finish him. duty of.”

Guo Wuji immediately stared at Wiliam, as if Wiliam were the little three who lay between them.

“Why did I provoke someone? I don’t have the ability to blame me?” Wiliam kicked Guo Wuji directly.

However, Guo Wuji made up his mind to follow wherever Wenren wanted to go.

He has no love experience and can only rely on stalking.

The banquet was over, and Guo Wuji also told Guo Yulin what he thought.

And Guo Yulin is obviously still a little worried about Guo Wuji.

But in the end, under Wiliam’s eyes, he agreed.

Guo Buji needs experience, and Wiliam is a great opportunity.

The next day, Wiliam took a group of people on the road back to Q City ( Qena City ).

On the plane, Wiliam was full of emotion.

From the time he left Q City ( Qena City ) to the present, although the time is short, he feels like a world away.

The Lu Family in the Northern Forest, the Li Family forbidden in the South, the Jackdaw Family, the Gu Yue Hu Family and the Forbidden Mountain.

The experience in these places has made him grow a lot.

This time settled down with the others, it was time to go to Beiluolu’s house.

Find the whereabouts of grandpa.

Wiliam called Tigger in advance and asked him to wait in Lantern Village.

In the evening, a group of people appeared in Lantern Village.

Looking at this ruin and rebuilding a new home, Wiliam was a little moved.

In the village, red lights were everywhere, but the previous fragrance of blood was gone.

The villagers had already waited at the entrance of the village to welcome their tribe and their benefactor Wiliam.

When a group of people meet again, naturally they hold their heads and cry to relieve love.

They have given up the identity of the Forget-Blood Clan and just want to be ordinary people here.

And Lan Feng’er and Xiao Haitang also stayed here.

That night, it was a bonfire and wine, but there was no song of eternal life.

The next day, Wiliam took the remaining people and returned to Q City ( Qena City ) City while driving Tigger .

On the way, Wiliam asked Tigger about the recent Q City ( Qena City ) situation.

Tigger didn’t conceal his excitement and said, “Wiliam, now Q City ( Qena City ), but you have the world.”

Tigger controls all the underground forces and is a well-deserved king of the underground.

And Wiliam’s Bai family group, holding half of Q City ( Qena City ), no one can rival.

Baishi Group has a full bloom in the film and television industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, relying on the monopoly of Qiqing Hay and Liugencao, Hongyan ointment has swept the national pharmaceutical market.

The market price of the Baishi Group has also reached 100 billion.

The other half of Q City ( Qena City ) was controlled by Harper and Li Muhe.

Therefore, Wiliam is worthy of the name when he controls Q City ( Qena City ) in one hand.

But Wiliam was already surprised by this.

He thought to himself that the assets of hundreds of billions have been reached.

But this time I broke through to the realm of Huajin Xiaocheng, and the fifth chapter of “Impermanent Medical Classics” can already be practiced.

Therefore, the two conditions that Grandpa left him at the time were all fulfilled.

North Lu’s family was in front of him.

When he arrived in Q City ( Qena City ), Wiliam Lu had a rest, so he took someone directly to the Bai Group.

The Bai family has now been destroyed, and the Feliicity are not in Q City ( Qena City ). Only the Bai Group can go to Wiliam.

There, a few big beauties were waiting for landing leaves.

Chapter 1094 Sea King

At the moment, at the gate of the first floor of the Bais Group.

Melissa, Janett, Lydia, Gu Zhiling, and Xena all looked anxious and kept looking towards the door.

They had been separated from Wiliam for a long time, and they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

As for the previous Zongzufen team, because Feliicity and Li Chunfeng stopped speaking, the group also fell into the cold.

They seem to have lost something.

Can they not feel excited when they finally learn that Wiliam is coming back?

After a while, a car slowly stopped at the gate of their group.

Xena’s eyes were sharp, and he saw Tigger at a glance.

She shouted excitedly: “Hey, it’s my godfather! Wiliam is back!”

Several women were shocked and greeted them immediately.

Jiaofu was trembling slightly.

At this time, the car door opened.

A pair of big long legs just stepped down.


Long legs?

A beautiful woman in a JK uniform walked out with a grin.

Isn’t it Mulan?

When Mulan got out of the car, she saw five super beautiful women approaching.

She is going to be blinded by flashes!


Where is this!

Where are so many beauties?

What’s wrong in this world?

The beauties appear in groups?

But when Melissa and the others saw a beautiful lady with long legs, you also looked at me, and I looked at you, they were stunned.

what’s the situation?

At this time, their eyes narrowed!

Another pair of long white legs came out!

This time, it is more elegant, more graceful and slender than the previous pair!

A beautiful woman full of coquettish air just appeared in front of Melissa and the others.

At this look, Melissa suddenly felt that they had a feeling of eclipse!

The five of them also claim to be famous beauties in Q City ( Qena City ).

But in front of this woman, there is a feeling of being turned into a scum!

And they feel that this woman is actually more beautiful than the snow and spring breeze!

Dizzy, dizzy!

What the hell is this car!

Wiliam didn’t get down until they were dizzy.

Sitting on his shoulders, Xiao Wangqing, who was dozing off, greeted Melissa and the others happily, “Hi, five beauties, long time no see.”

Although I was surprised to see Wiliam.

But now the thoughts of the five women are no longer on Wiliam.

And in Mulan and Wenren’s heart.

Between women, there is an inexplicable feeling.

Especially Mulan, as soon as she came out, she was stared at by these beautiful beauties, and she felt the hot hatred in her eyes, and her anger suddenly rose.


Wiliam came back this time to see the old friend!

Gee tut!


Five stunning beauties were hidden all at once!

Ho ho, man!

Big trotters!

“What’s the matter with you? With big eyes and small eyes?” Wiliam asked in confusion as they watched Mulan and Melissa staring at each other.

At this time, Melissa, as well as Mulan, cursed at Wiliam almost in unison: “Are you worthy of your wife!”

This simultaneous scolding made all of them dumbfounded.

Chapter 1095

The eyes of Melissa and others are about to fall off!

They stared at Wiliam desperately, unable to believe the word they had just heard!


They were too happy to be reunited with Wiliam just now, and they were bothered by Mulan and Wenren’s heart.

I ignored the little girl who had been sleeping on Wiliam’s shoulder for a while.

Now, this milky voice made them focus on the little girl!

Melissa shouted directly, “Wiliam! How long have we seen each other! You even have children!”

Xena jumped directly in front of Wiliam and cursed with an angry expression: “Brother-in-law, you are not as good as a beast! Are you worthy of my sister! You disappointed me too much!”

Several women immediately surrounded Wiliam Tuantuan, and scolded him for several minutes.

Wiliam can be regarded as eloquent, unable to find a gap to interject.

In the end, he could only pat the table and roar, “Be quiet!”

The world suddenly became quiet.

However, the eyes of several women were red, and they were crying.

Wiliam’s brain was hurt.

“Mulan, please explain to me, my heart is so tired.” Wiliam said depressedly.

It is rare for Mulan to see that Wiliam, who has always been wise, was defeated in front of a few women who had no power to bind the chicken.

In the end, Wenren fell in love with Wiliam’s pity, and told him about Xiao Wangqing’s origins.

Finally, Wiliam concluded: “So you have heard clearly, Xiao Wangqing is the baby I picked up, don’t talk nonsense to me!”

However, although several women believed in Wiliam, they still looked at Wiliam with weird eyes.

Seeing that Wiliam was defeated, “Forget it, you guys don’t care about it, as long as my family doesn’t care about it, it doesn’t matter.”

He casually found an excuse and threw a few women out.

I was looking forward to coming back to spend a good time with them for two days.

Women are really not annoying.

Although Wiliam was quiet for a while.

But in another room, several women exploded.

“You said, was Wiliam’s expression unnatural just now?” Xena.

“Hmm! I think he just has a ghost in his heart!” Lydia.

“Could that little girl really be Wiliam’s long-lost daughter? Do you see how dependent that little girl depends on Wiliam? Is this a feeling that can be cultivated in just ten days?” Janett.

“The most bitter thing is my sister Feliicity. She is still kept in the dark. I can’t think that Wiliam is a big pig’s hoof!” Gu Zhiling.

“Why don’t we try to contact Sister Feliicity? I’m definitely a sister about this matter!”

Several people nodded together and reached an unprecedented agreement.

Then, they took out their phones together and opened a group.

Plan the ancestral grave team and re-emerge.

Melissa was okay. He made a call, but there was no answer from Feliicity.

So she can only join the army of small reports.

In the group, they forgot to send a message, slamming Wiliam.

Originally, they had no hope of Feliicity’s answer.
But after a while, a reply appeared.


Everyone saw that it was Li Chunfeng!

Liu Chunfeng is with Feliicity, she has appeared now!


Everyone abandoned the conquest of Wiliam, and quickly threw themselves into the yearning for the spring breeze.

After a good talk, Li Chunfeng finally returned to the subject, “You just said that Wiliam has a daughter outside? Is this such a big deal?”

Several women had sex in the group.

Li Chunfeng replied, “You wait, Feliicity went out yesterday, and she has another call, I will find her right away!”

Then, five minutes later, Feliicity really appeared in the group.

As soon as she appeared, she swiped a row of black-faced emoticons to show that she was shocked by the message.

“Feliicity, listen to me, things shouldn’t be what everyone said, I believe Wiliam is still a bit of integrity.” Li Chunfeng is always the most sober.

“You guys wait!” Feliicity put on a sentence and said nothing.


What are you waiting for?

Is Feliicity going to train her husband?

The faces of several people all showed smiles, this scene is very exciting.

They glanced at each other, and their hearts burst out again.

They tiptoedly walked towards the office where Wiliam was located, and then folded their heads from top to bottom like building blocks, with their ears lying at the door.

At this moment, Wiliam was enjoying the rare silence when he suddenly received a strange call.

He picked it up, “Who?”

There was a sweet voice on the phone, “Little brother, do you need some special services? We have everything here.”

Wiliam was taken aback, and said casually: “Okay, where are you, I’ll look for you right away.”

The phone was instantly dumbfounded.

Then, a Hedong lion roared and almost smashed Wiliam’s eardrums, “Wiliam! Did I give you a face? I didn’t expect your guts to really get fat! No wonder Melissa and the others would complain to me! I thought it was. They were talking nonsense, and they didn’t expect it to be groundless now!”

Wiliam had a look of love.

“Feliicity, I’ve heard your voice a long time ago, okay? You are still pretending to be there, what nonsense did those bastards talk to you just now?” Wiliam said depressed.

Originally received Feliicity’s call, he was both surprised and pleasantly surprised!

Feliicity just recorded a video before and made Wiliam happy for several days.

Now that Feliicity can take the initiative to call, can Wiliam not be excited?

It’s just that, this first call, how could it become Hedong Lion Roar.

“They said which wild fox you gave birth to a daughter! Humph! They also said that you are following two foxes right now!” Feliicity’s angrily voice came from the phone.

The veins of Wiliam’s forehead began to beat again.

These bastards!

Did you explain everything just now?

Are they without ears or brains!

Wiliam took a lot of effort again to explain the actual situation.

Then he swore a swear to make Feliicity believe it.

Finally, Wiliam was paralyzed, which was so tiring.

Those bastards, find them afterwards.

“Wiliam, do you miss me?” Feliicity asked softly with a sudden turn.

Wiliam lost his mind, right, this is the rhythm they should have.

“Yes! I really want to!” Wiliam answered honestly.

“Oh, where are you going next?” When Feliicity didn’t follow Wiliam, she changed the subject, which made Wiliam a little weird.

“I will go to North Lu’s house in two days.” Wiliam finally said.

But Feliicity on the other side of the phone suddenly chuckled, “Ah, Brother Lang really made a mistake.”

“Wiliam, then I will give you a surprise! Don’t be too happy then!”


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