Dragon Husband 1096-1100

Chapter 1096


This time it was Wiliam’s turn to scream, returning to that topic, “Feliicity, do you miss me?”

Feliicity on the other end of the phone was stunned, but fortunately she still replied, “Well, I can’t think of it.”

Then, the two became silent.

“Otherwise, do this first?” Feliicity said blankly.

Wiliam was also in a daze, “Oh oh oh.”

The two of them just hung up.

Wiliam held his mobile phone with an unbelievable expression.

What the hell?

What rhythm?

Finally, Feliicity made a call, but what the hell did they talk about?

When he was depressed, the phone rang again.


Wiliam answered in seconds, “Feliicity!”

On the other side of the phone, Feliicity’s roar rang, “Wiliam, you bastard! I told you to give you a surprise! You won’t follow along and ask me what the surprise is! Just ask me what the surprise is! I can’t hold it anymore!”

Listening to Feliicity’s stubborn voice, Wiliam chuckles for a while.

That’s right.

This is his lovely wife.

“What’s the surprise, my dear wife?” Wiliam quickly followed Feliicity’s words.

It’s not good to suffocate your wife.

“Hey, this is right, aren’t you going to North Lu’s house, then guess where I am now?” Feliicity gave a sly smile.

Wiliam’s head stirred, “Don’t tell me, you also want to go to Lu’s house in North?”

“Wrong.” Feliicity smiled happily.

Wiliam’s nervous heart just now relaxed.

To Wiliam, the North Lu family was a tiger’s lair in Longtan.

How could Wiliam feel relieved when the Feliicity passed.

Fortunately, it was wrong.

“I’m already at Lu’s house in North now, are you surprised or surprised?” Feliicity added.

This sentence almost made Wiliam fall off his chair!

“What! You are already at the Lu’s house in North? Feliicity, this is not for fun! Listen to me!” Wiliam suddenly became anxious.

However, Feliicity on the other end of the phone said leisurely: “Okay, okay, don’t lie to you, don’t worry, I am indeed at North Lu’s house, but I’m safe now, don’t forget Now, where did I go by.”

Wiliam changed his mind.

Feliicity was in the medicine knife family where Sister Tian Tian belonged before.

Could it be that she is a family of medicine knives in the past this time?

“A family of medicine knives?” Wiliam asked tentatively.

For Feliicity, he was cautious.

“Yeah! You guessed it! I came from the medicine knife family, and it represents the medicine knife family. The medicine knife family is one point better than the North Lu family. They only flatter me, basically Don’t dare to do anything to me, let’s talk about it, Sister Qing accompanied me over here, she started the fire by herself, and can hang up most of the North Lu family.” Feliicity said delicately.

Wiliam was relieved now.

Sister Qing should also be Liu Lang’s wife.

After Feliicity explained it, Wiliam realized why she appeared at Lu’s house in North.

It turned out that both the North Lu family and the medicine knife family belonged to the medical family.
The two have a long-term relationship.

Moreover, the two will jointly organize a Youth Medical Association every few years.

This Youth Medical Association is to recruit young talented doctors for the whole arena to supplement their own blood.

Moreover, this Youth Medical Association is very large, and both families attach great importance to it.

So the medicine knife family sent Qing sister over this time.

Feliicity, who had just left Guan Youcheng, heard that it was from North Lu’s family, and suddenly thought it was Wiliam’s family.

So she begged Sister Qing to take her to meet the world.

But Sister Qing refused, so Liu Lang finally came forward and asked Sister Qing to bring Feliicity with her.

Liu Lang said, Counting time, that kid should almost pass by.

So Feliicity just said that Liu Lang was right.

“Young Doctor Association…” Wiliam muttered the word. He originally wanted to kill the Lu family in North directly.

But I didn’t think that the Lu Family in North happened to be hosting a grand event.

“Hey! Are you listening to others!” Feliicity said fiercely when she saw her, her second husband remembered the three words for the Youth Medical Association, and was immediately angry.

Wiliam hurriedly comforted and said, “I listened to and listened to. You continue talking.”

Feliicity curled his lips and said depressedly on the phone: “Hmph, a young doctor’s association is more important than your wife! Go find your young doctor’s association!”

But she was stunned for only three seconds, mainly because she missed Wiliam too much.

She returned to the subject and said aggrieved: “Brother Lang gave a special confession when I left. If you go there, let you not rush to conflict with North Lu’s family. This young doctor will be a good opportunity. You should take it . I don’t understand what it means.”

Feliicity did not understand, but Wiliam did.

Liu Lang would not say this for no reason.

Although Wiliam couldn’t guess the specific reason, Wiliam decided to grasp this young doctor’s association and talk about it.

“What are the conditions for the Youth Medical Association to sign up?” Wiliam asked.

Feliicity’s face was cold, “Is he really straight! Forget it, the young doctor will have wool conditions! Sister Qing has reported for you! Three days later, I will be at Lu’s house in North.”

Wiliam was taken aback, and it seemed that all this was indeed what Liu Lang had expected.

“Okay, thank Sister Qing and Brother Lang for me.” Wiliam said.

“Humph!” Feliicity snorted coldly.

At this time, Wiliam heard someone calling Feliicity’s name on the phone.

It’s a man’s voice.

“Who!” Wiliam couldn’t help asking.

But Feliicity’s voice suddenly became coquettish, “Oh, I’m so annoying, it’s one of your Lu family who claims to be the strongest healer. He seems to have a crush on me, so he asked me to show his affection. “

Wiliam was taken aback, and his heart became sore, “My wife still attracts bees and butterflies so much, I really should find a pocket to keep you in my pocket all the time.”

However, Feliicity still smiled coquettishly, and then caught off guard and said, “Well, I’m going to deal with that stinky man, bye.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

This makes Wiliam angry!

What the strongest healer!

He wished to kill the North Lu family now and chop off the people who coveted his wife.

However, Wiliam had a faint feeling in his heart.

Although Feliicity is still that Feliicity, his attitude is still so dependent.

But Wiliam felt that Feliicity’s temperament seemed to have changed.

If before, how could she be so coquettish to other men?

It must be a ruthless rejection.

Feliicity, Feliicity, what have you gained this time when you left the customs?

I really look forward to the reunion of each other more and more.

Well, three days!

Three days later!

I come to see you!

And at this moment, at Lu’s house in North.

Feliicity wore a red dress, like a blooming otheran flower.

Opposite her came a young man who was about 30 years old, with a smile on his face and said: “Sister Feliicity, I finally found you. Are you free now? How many clothes shall I take you to buy?”

Chapter 1097

Feliicity’s face suddenly put a soft smile on her face, and she said softly: “Oh, it’s Brother Lu Zhi, do you want to take someone out to buy clothes?”

This coquettish look suddenly made the heart of this man named Lu Zhi almost adorable.

He resisted the eagerness in his heart, and said with a smile: “Yes, I think you came from a long way, so you can do your best as a landlord.”

“Okay, okay…” Feliicity’s voice became softer and cute.

However, Lu Zhi suddenly fought a cold war out of thin air.

He had a strange feeling, as if the air around his body had frozen.

But he looked around and found that there was nothing unusual.


Seeing Feliicity’s agreement, he was about to pretend to be casual to pull Feliicity’s hand.

At this time, a cold voice came from behind him.

“Oh? The Lu family’s hospitality is quite thorough. I am also a guest. How about taking me to buy a piece of clothing?”

Lu Zhi really fought a cold war!

He doesn’t need to look back, he knows who is coming!

Medicine knife family!

Wu Qing!

A woman with a graceful figure and a beautiful face was coming step by step.

The sound of walking made Lu Zhiman stabbing his back!

Wu Qing!

Sister Qing!

The famous ice beauty of the medicine knife family!

Her martial arts realm is even more bizarre!

And I heard that she was not interested in men, but she just married Liu Lang.

Such a beauty who can’t beat and beat, and can’t get soaked is a hard bump in the eyes of the whole Lu family.

Who dares to provoke her!

Lu Zhi felt as if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake, and cold sweat broke out.

He quickly turned around and smiled respectfully: “It’s Sister Qing, haha, please peace of mind, I have something to do, I’ll go ahead.”

With that, he just ran away.

Feliicity smiled charmingly, “What are you running? Don’t you want to go shopping for clothes, I don’t have any energy.”

Sister Qing stood in front of Feliicity.

She lit a cigarette for herself, and a puff of the cigarette was spit on Feliicity’s face.

Feliicity was so choked, and suddenly coughed.

Then the previous charming disappeared without a trace, and complained to Sister Qing: “Sister Qing, what are you doing, it’s so stinking.”

Sister Qing sighed and said, “You little Nizi, you are doing evil.”

When Feliicity was taken to the family of medicine knives, she couldn’t say anything, she had a charming look.

But I don’t know, this girl is hiding a demon in her heart.

Because of her forcibly awakening her blood, she had serious sequelae.

That is dual personality.

The kind of personality she hides is bloodthirsty.

The medicine knife family is so powerful, and it can’t completely remove Feliicity’s style.

So this time Feliicity retreats, with the help of the medicine knife family, it only completely integrated this personality.

Although her realm has risen to an incredible realm because of integration.

But it also leaves a headache.

For example, this little Nizi has a very normal personality to her husband and other women.
But when confronted with men, especially those who make her mind, she will become as charming as before.

But the more delicate she is, the more intense her hidden killing intent.

“You talked about you. It’s not that you can’t control it. Why didn’t you converge? Fortunately, I came in time. Otherwise, I don’t know how the guy died. You are too big for you. Oh, fortunately, your livestock It’s coming soon too, hurry up and take you away, otherwise my head hurts.” Sister Qing said helplessly.

Feliicity can control that personality at will, but she just doesn’t want to control it.

And this sentence of Sister Qing will surely shock the outsiders to three points!

Before Feliicity retreats, he still hasn’t stepped into the realm of warriors!

She didn’t even know what a warrior was.

But after the retreat, it was so powerful!

The man named Lu Zhi is known as the strongest healer in the Lu family of North.

Although he is not an orthodox martial artist, the martial arts realm is also becoming less powerful.

And Sister Qing actually said that this Xiaocheng warrior in this state didn’t even know how to die in front of Feliicity in this state!

It’s terrible!

Sister Qing said this, but it was not unreasonable.

She really hurt her head to Feliicity.

Obviously he looks soft and cute, but kind of likes to plant demons.

If she switches to a bloodthirsty personality, plus the ice veins that have been completely turned into her own.

In the case of Lu Zhi not paying attention, it is normal to kill with one blow.

“People are just having fun, why are you so nervous.” Feliicity stuck out her tongue and said charmingly.

Sister Qing is getting goose bumps all over her body, “Don’t look at me like this, my heart is fluffy. Those stinky men are really reckless and don’t know your horror at all. Damn! Give me your red claws. I would not give you a red claw before I knew it! I was panicked to see it!”

Sister Qing’s eyes fixed on Feliicity’s hands.

Feliicity’s hands were white and tender.

But I don’t know when, on her nails, there were ten long nails that were extremely sharp and gleaming red.

This long nail is ten centimeters long and is as sharp as a blade!

This long nail is just the gift that Qing sister gave to Feliicity before-red flower ten claws.

This was made by Sister Qing for many years, and it could be regarded as a treasure in the entire family of medicine knives.

They affectionately call it Red Claw.

After giving this red claw to Feliicity, it was just like growing in Feliicity’s body, and everyone had to sigh that there are really amazing soldiers in this world who choose their masters.

When Feliicity thought, the red claws disappeared without a trace.

Sister Qing’s head grew bigger.

I don’t know if it is right or wrong to bring this little Nizi here.

There is always a feeling of letting the tiger go back to the mountain.

After Wiliam hung up the phone, he stared at Long live Honglian on the table in a daze.

When he was in the Pure Land of Bliss, Long live Honglian became extremely dark because of Wiliam’s demon nature.

Wiliam clearly sensed the tyrannical atmosphere in it.

But at this moment, Long live Honglian on the table, quietly, restored to its previous appearance.

There is no trace of violence.

He sighed, grandpa ah grandpa, what did you leave me.

Long live Honglian, is it a doctor or a killer?

What will it look like in the future?

The answer, come and tell me yourself.

Wiliam grew up thinking of this!

In the office, he practiced “Impermanence Medical Classics”, and in the evening, he took a few women and had a meal with Harper.

Clearly explained the affairs of Q City ( Qena City ).

Two days later, Wiliam took Xiao Wangqing and set foot on the road to Lu’s house in North!

North Lujia!

My Wiliam!

Ten years away!

Ask you for someone!

Collect two debts!

Chapter 1098

Wiliam went to Lu’s house in North, full of fighting spirit.

People with Qilin power will set off tomorrow and take root in the city where the Lu family of North is located.

In the evening, Wiliam arrived at the door of North Lu’s house.

Looking at this majestic and quaint big family home, Wiliam couldn’t help but feel trendy.

Ten years!

At this time, he had to forget what Beiluolu’s parents looked like!

Maybe people in the family can’t recognize who they are now.

I want to give you a surprise.

At the moment, the Lu Family in North is crowded with people.

Many people in white plain clothes enter and exit at the gate.

They should all come to join the Youth Medical Association.

If it is the same age group to compete in martial arts, Wiliam dare not say that the world is number one.

But if he compares his medical skills, Wiliam is unparalleled in the world and can be said to be doing his part.

Therefore, Wiliam didn’t care about this Youth Medical Association.

He stepped into North Lu’s house, facing a very open courtyard.

Tomorrow’s Youth Medical Association will be held here.

Those who came here today came to confirm their qualifications.

And Wiliam is going to find Feliicity now.

As he walked, he looked at the surrounding environment.

“Oh, who doesn’t have such eyesight? Didn’t you see this young master standing here!” Lu Yezhan noticed and bumped into someone sideways.

“Sorry.” Wiliam said quickly.

But the next second, he was stunned.

Although the person he hit was not very old, he had a pair of distinctive cross-eyed eyes.

It seems that the whole person has become funny.

These cross-eyed eyes completely opened Wiliam’s thoughts.

When he was a child, he also saw such a pair of cross-eyed eyes.

Lu Xiaobin?

Wiliam had a little cousin who was born with such a pair of cross-eyed eyes.

When Wiliam was young, because he was too talented in the family, he was excluded from his elders and peers.

But there are two people, and they have a good relationship with Wiliam.

One is Lu Xiaobin.

The good relationship between Lu Xiaobin and Wiliam was mainly due to the fact that this kid Lu Xiaobin had an extremely poor talent, so that his outstanding qualities were not a threat to him.

But on the other hand, although Lu Xiaobin’s character is very wretched, he is still relatively pure.

There is another sister of Lu Xiaobin who is better than Wiliam, Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan is a young girl who has grown up on chicken blood since she was a child. She has very passionate blood and loves to fight against injustice.

Every time Wiliam was squeezed out, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t stand out for Wiliam.

So Wiliam was very impressed with her.

I just don’t know if I will see Lu Xiaoluan when I come back this time.

“Hey, who are you? Just apologize?” The cross-eyed man stared at Wiliam in dissatisfaction.

Because cross-cock eyes were too evil, even Wiliam didn’t dare to look directly at him for a while.

“Wipe, brother, you look familiar, did I see you somewhere?” Crossing eyes looked at Wiliam up and down, and suddenly asked.

After asking this question, Wiliam was even more sure that these two things were Lu Xiaobin.

After ten years of reunion, Lu Xiaobin is still the character of the second ha.
Wiliam smiled slightly and said jokingly: “Brother, I guess you were paying attention to the beauty, and you accidentally hit me?”

This was completely nonsense by Lu Yexin.

Because the biggest feature of this Erha is lust.

When Lu Xiaobin was young, he showed completely different characteristics from other children.

When everyone is addicted to games or martial arts, this guy is addicted to seeing beautiful women.

Look at the same age, and look at the elders.

So I was beaten by my family all the way to grow up.

But although he is lustful, he is the kind of lustful heart and courageous.

Satisfied with watching, he is very happy.

Wiliam’s casual words shocked Lu Xiaobin on the spot.

His cock-fighting eyes are about to get to Wiliam’s face, “Fuck you! Brother, brother! You can see this!”

Wiliam Yihan, should you guess so accurately?

The dog still can’t change the shit.

“Hey, brother, I think you’re pretty good, you must be a fellow in the same way, so just tell me honestly, are you also secretly watching Feliicity from the medicine knife family?” Lu Xiaobin whispered.

Wiliam was taken aback.


Following the direction Lu Xiaobin was pointing, Wiliam’s gaze crossed the sea of ​​people, and finally settled on a woman not far away.

Dressed in red, very coquettish.

Long hair like waterfall adds soft beauty.

Who would it be if it wasn’t Feliicity?

Feliicity was sitting on a chair at the moment, bracing his head with his hands somewhat bored.

I don’t know what I’m thinking.

Beside her, there are many men watching her secretly.

But the strange thing is that no one dared to come forward and talk to her.

When Wiliam saw the Feliicity, a heart burst out.

He has never been so excited.

Little don’t beat newly married, this little don’t, it’s too long.

Seeing that Wiliam was so excited, Lu Xiaobin suddenly knocked on Wiliam and said dissatisfied: “Damn, no, you just found Feliicity? Then who did you see?”

Wiliam smiled, “Nothing, just take a look, take a look.”

“However, you are too weird, watching the beauty still bring her own daughter out?” Lu Xiaobin asked Wiliam curiously, seeming to be doing nothing.

Obviously he noticed Xiao Wangqing, who was looking curiously on Wiliam’s shoulder, using Wiliam’s phone.

Xiao Wangqing looked angry at this time, and said to Lu Xiaobin milkily: “My father is so good-looking aunt, he is not rare to see beautiful women.”

Wiliam’s forehead blacked out, isn’t this Xiao Wangqing professional cheating?

What is called a lot of aunts.

If Feliicity heard this, it would be fine.

But Lu Xiaobin was terrible immediately. He looked at Xiao Wangqing in surprise, “Fuck, brother, you can do it, and Limei is still carrying a small wingman? Have you really had a lot of girls?”

Wiliam still didn’t answer, Xiao Wangqing suddenly put the phone in front of Lu Xiaobin, “Look for yourself, are there many beautiful aunts.”

“Fuck! God!” When Lu Xiaobin looked at the photo, he exploded on the spot, and his eyes were full of admiration for Wiliam!

What Xiao Wangqing showed him was the photo of Wiliam with Melissa and the other women before leaving Q City ( Qena City ).

Well, after leaving Feliicity and Li Chunfeng, they added Mulan and Wen Renqing.

The combination of beautiful gourd dolls always came into being and passed down in the same vein.

Lu Xiaobin’s eyes were straight. He had never seen so many beautiful women in his life.

In the photo, Wiliam is standing in position c, surrounded by seven beauties and stars, how chic and happy.

Isn’t this his life dream?

Now that the life mentor appears before my eyes, what are you waiting for!

He suddenly pulled Wiliam to an uninviting corner, and then with a plop, he hugged Wiliam’s thigh, and said sincerely, “Great God, I beg you to accept me as a disciple, OK? I’m going to soak. That white Feliicity.”

Chapter 1099

Wiliam was taken aback, this product was too direct!

Without any scheming?

If someone else tells Wiliam that he wants to soak in the Feliicity, that’s a dead word.

But when this cross-eyed dude said it, there was an inexplicable sense of comicality.

Wiliam understands this guy’s thoughts too well, he is a second fool, he is simply guilty and courageous.

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s reply, Lu Xiaobin turned cold and turned cold, “It seems that you don’t know who I am, brother? I tell you, I am the young master Lu Xiaobin of the Lu family in North! I think you are too. Are you here to join the Youth Medical Association? Since you want to mix in my turf, you don’t want to think about it, you want to stutter the young master of the North Lu family?”

Wiliam couldn’t help laughing, this guy was so blunt and absolutely threatening.

“Oh? What do you want me to do?” Wiliam asked with interest.

Seeing that his threat was useful, Lu Xiaobin suddenly got a smile on his face, and stood up from the ground, leaning back against Wiliam, “Hey, brother, we will be good brothers in the future. I think there are many beautiful women around you, you The methods must be very rich, so you can teach me a few tricks. I will go to tease Feliicity, but that woman is not easy to tease, you can’t fool me, you have to teach the true skill!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth ticked, “Oh? Why not tease?”

Lu Xiaobin showed a helpless smile, and said: “Don’t look at that girl who is beautiful and has a pure smile on her face. Let me tell you, all the young people in the Lu family in North are fascinated by her. Yes. But do you know why no one around her dared to strike up a conversation?”

“Why?” Wiliam asked shamelessly.

Lu Xiaobin lowered his voice, and said quietly, “Hey, because someone has suffered a loss. That girl just got a lot of money on the outside, and how good she smiles, how sinister the small tricks are. Don’t ask how I knew it. , I can only tell you that my sixth sense is very strong.”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity who was playing with her hair not far away, and smiled.

Indeed, the blizzard now looks the same as before.

They are all soft and weak.

It seems that anyone can strike up a conversation.

However, Wiliam had ice veins like Feliicity before.

Therefore, Wiliam could feel a dangerous chill radiating from Feliicity’s body across this distance.

This kind of chill is probably not felt by others.

It’s amazing to think that Lu Xiaobin, a second person with a strange talent, can perceive this with the sixth sense.

“Look, I’m telling you a heart-wrenching talk, so quickly teach me a few tricks.” Lu Xiaobin returned to the subject, reluctantly.

Wiliam smiled bitterly at this time, “I don’t have any tricks, I’m a three-pronged trick. The first step is to walk over to say hello to the beauty, and the second step is to ask if the beauty can be my woman. Forget it if you succeed. It’s that simple.

Lu Xiaobin was stunned when he heard the whole person, “You won’t! Brother, your method is cruel! I don’t believe that you can get so many super beautiful women like this, you are just fooling me!”

“Probably, it’s because I’m more handsome.” Wiliam said melancholy.
He almost choked Lu Xiaobin to death.

Lu Xiaobin looked like he was about to eat Wiliam, “You are too shameless. Do you dare to swear to heaven? What you just said was the truth?”

Wiliam didn’t dare, anyway, Feliicity was his woman.

So he immediately swore that Lu Xiaobin was in a trance.

“Really with this simple and rude three-handed approach, you can get beautiful women? Don’t bully me for studying less?” Lu Xiaobin was still dubious.

Wiliam said earnestly: “Sometimes you can deal with big beauties. The simpler and rude you are, the more effective you are. Think about it, there must be a lot of people chasing after the big beauties, so you haven’t seen it by any means? I’ve long been immune. It is this kind of simple and rude, the more it makes the beautiful women have a sense of admiration, and is simple and rude not good? It can also reflect the manliness. What do men want so many bowels for?”

Wiliam admired himself as he finished speaking. This was to fool Lu Xiaobin to death.

Lu Xiaobin was originally a simple and rude Erha.

Wiliam’s words directly hit his heart, making him feel that simple and rude also have spring.

He introduced Wiliam as a confidant, grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and said excitedly: “Listening to the Lord’s words is better than reading for ten years! Brother, you are my life mentor! I’m just like me. How come a straight boy is so popular, it turns out that a beautiful woman is waiting for me! I will try it!”

As he said, he turned around and ran towards Feliicity vigorously.

But there is a sense of resoluteness and resoluteness.

Wiliam stood in the same place, watching with interest how this second man would fight in front of the Feliicity.

At this moment, Lu Xiaobin was full of confidence.

Wiliam opened the door to a new world for him.

He walked in front of Feliicity with high morale under the eyes of all the people, and his cross-eyed eyes were very lively.

Feliicity was boringly fiddled with her hair, saw a shadow in front of her, and looked up.

At this look, she almost saw the psychological shadow.

A pair of peerless cross-eyed eyes, too scary.

Careful liver was almost scared out.

“Hi beauty, hello, I’m Lu Xiaobin from the Lu Family in North.” Lu Xiaobin said confidently in what he thought was the most cool gesture.

Soon, many people surrounded Lu Xiaobin.

Many people have noticed Feliicity’s beauty just now, but none of them dared to step forward, that is, when they were about to step forward, they felt a feeling of furry in their hearts.

This cross-eyed can overcome the hair in my heart and come forward to strike up a conversation. It is a role model for my generation.

When Feliicity heard it, he realized that this was Lu Xiaobin, the most wretched and incompetent young master of the North Lu family.

Sure enough, the bones are fine and cheap.

A faint red light flashed in her eyes.

Then the whole person’s aura changed in an instant, became coquettish, and his voice was tender.

“Hello, what’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaobin’s heart tickled when she heard that the super beauty was talking to herself in such a delicate voice.

It seems that what the brother said just now was wrong. This trick is too useful.

He forcibly resisted the excitement in his heart, the first axe was very beautiful, and the next one was the second.

He asked Feliicity with the most magnetic voice in his life: “Beauty, would you like to be my woman?”

With this question, all around was excited with a thud.

It’s so amazing!

This man is a dragon and a phoenix!

Lu Xiaobin suddenly felt a little fluttering when he was booed by the people around him.

Look, the super beauty has such a nice smile again, and her voice is soft.

“Not willing.”

Chapter 1100

This “unwilling” sounded beyond what Lu Xiaobin expected!

Feliicity laughed so beautifully.

How sweet the sound is.

But why do you say you don’t want to!

This expression is obviously the happiness of my hands and feet agreeing.


He was stunned.

The surrounding laughter burst out louder.

Knowing that coming to strike up a conversation with beautiful women will definitely not end well.

People from the Lu family, especially young people, looked at Lu Xiaobin more like jokes.

They knew better than Lu Xiaobin how terrifying and difficult Feliicity was.

When Lu Xiaobin grew up like this, he still dared to talk to him. Isn’t he insulting himself?

After Feliicity laughed, she continued to lower her head, playing with her nails, and ignored Lu Xiaobin.

Because Sister Qing told her yesterday that she must control that personality, so Feliicity didn’t do anything extraordinary.

Lu Xiaobin was in a trance while laughing.

Not willing.

The magic sound filled the brain.

He hates himself!

I was too confident just now, so why didn’t I ask that brother, if the other person answered that he was unwilling, what should I do next?

Is it too late to copy the answer now?

Amidst a burst of laughter, Lu Xiaobin angrily walked towards Wiliam in the corner.

When Wiliam saw Lu Xiaobin’s face, he couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

These two ha, so upright.

Feliicity just gave some face, and replied a few words.

“You smile! Brother, I treat you with my sincere heart, you fudge me with chicken feathers! Are you a human! It made me very embarrassed in front of everyone! And I will not be able to lift my head in front of Feliicity in the future You are responsible for this!” Lu Xiaobin said angrily.

Wiliam spread his hands, his face was innocent, “But that’s what I did. As I just said, I guess I’m more handsome.”

When Lu Xiaobin’s IQ went online, he immediately said: “I believe you a ghost! I was careless just now! I believe your nonsense! I don’t believe it is your simple, rude and technically content thing, and it’s still super big. Beautiful girl, you must be lying to me!”

Wiliam looked helpless, “If you don’t believe me, there is no way.”

“No, no! I can’t just let you go! Didn’t you say that you were lying! Okay, I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself! You go to Feliicity right now to strike up a conversation! And you are not allowed to say anything else, just According to the two sentences I just said! Don’t you dare!” Lu Xiaobin was reluctant, and it was too uncomfortable to be fooled.

Wiliam frowned, “Is this bad?”

“Damn! I knew you didn’t dare! I beat you!” Lu Xiaobin was furious.

But Wiliam next said, almost not giving Lu Xiaobin to Dagou.

“Is this bad? I am a little embarrassed to show affection in the public.”

Lu Xiaobin was furious directly, “Showing your face of affection! People still don’t touch up, you just want to show affection! Do you want a face? Do you just rely on your own shame to break into the world? I have never met in my life. I’ve been to a man with a thicker skin than me! I’m in a posture today!”

Wiliam sighed.

I’m telling the truth.
It’s somewhat embarrassing to go down in the public to talk to Feliicity’s wife, and let everyone watch.

“Quick! Give me over! Do what I just said! I can’t be ashamed of myself! If you don’t go, I’ll kill you! You won’t be able to join the Youth Medical Association!” Lu Xiaobin said angrily.

“Okay, okay, can’t I go? Sometimes it’s too difficult for me, and I can’t believe it when I tell the truth.” Wiliam took a step forward slowly.

But Lu Xiaobin couldn’t stand it, “I’m afraid you will run away, I will take you over! It’s numb!”

As he said, he grabbed Wiliam’s hand and ran directly towards Feliicity.

Because of the movement of people at the scene, and it is the home of martial arts, they ran without attracting anyone’s attention.

And Lu Xiaobin clung to Wiliam’s hand, feeling extremely proud.

Can’t eat it alone!

This guy will embarrass him!

Feliicity, it’s up to you!

Next, please play with your ruthlessness to me just now!

Don’t take pity on this arrogant kid, and ravage him as much as you want!

Lu Xiaobin stopped a few meters away from Feliicity. They were facing the Feliicity, and Feliicity did not notice.

Lu Xiaobin pushed Wiliam a hand and motioned to Wiliam to go over.

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and walked towards Feliicity.

Lu Xiaobin immediately called his friends around without saying a word. He pointed to Wiliam with sign language, and signaled everyone to see that another fool was going to come and strike up a conversation.


Why is another fool?

Behind Feliicity, a lot of people gathered immediately. They looked at Wiliam jokingly, and couldn’t wait to see Wiliam’s embarrassment.

Wiliam walked very slowly.

But the heart beat fast.

He thought about the many possibilities of meeting Feliicity.

For example, in a no-man’s land, come to a big hug and talk about your thoughts.

Or fall from the sky under the eyes of the public, and give her a big surprise.

And never thought of meeting like this, after a long time, but to meet in a way of striking up a conversation.

This is considered to be included in the love history of the two.

Forget it, since it is destined to meet like this, so be it.

Wiliam smiled slightly, walked behind Feliicity, and then stretched out his hand to pat.

In full view, Wiliam actually slapped Feliicity’s ass!

This hand scared the people at the scene as earthy!


This is so bold!

Can you shoot this place directly for the first time?

Didn’t he directly nail the four characters “Dengtuo, the prodigal son” on his forehead!

The people around held their mouths tightly for fear of making a noise.

They were divided into two groups, and one group wanted to see Feliicity turn around, how to beat this salty. The smelly man of pigsty!

Another group of people admired Wiliam and went to the ground. This is a peony flower and a ghost!

Wiliam could clearly feel that Feliicity was full of murderous intent at the moment when he was touched by him!

She turned back quickly, but the moment she saw Wiliam, she was stunned.

The man thinking day and night just appeared behind him silently.

The emotion in her heart surging instantly, unable to be herself.

Wiliam looked at the charming and charming wife in front of him, laughed, and said, “Hello, beautiful.”

Feliicity was taken aback, but when she saw that many people not far behind Wiliam were looking at herself and Wiliam with the eyes of the theater, she immediately understood.

She suddenly showed a sweet smile that was so cute and bursting.

Wiliam asked another sentence, “Beauty, would you like to be my woman?”

Still waiting for everyone to react, Feliicity directly replied softly, “Yes, yes! Please hug!”


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