Dragon Husband 1101-1110

Chapter 1101

All around, deathly silence!

Everyone’s eyes are about to fall to the ground!

What did they hear!

What did they see!

Is this really a fantasy!

They rubbed their eyes vigorously, wanting to see if this scene was an illusion?

Feliicity begged for a hug, stood up like a swallow returning home, and plunged into Wiliam’s arms.

In this scene, bloody tells everyone that this is not an illusion, but a reality!

Lu Xiaobin was about to collapse.

He was the one who forced Wiliam in front of this big beauty.

He was only going to read the jokes, and by the way expose Wiliam’s three-handed lies.

When Wiliam uttered those two sentences according to his request, Lu Xiaobin didn’t mention how refreshed he was.

It seemed that the next scene was the brutal scene of Wiliam being beaten up.

But what happened in the next scene!


You are too good to make people!

What the hell is this buddy!

What the hell is this Feliicity!

Why did they hug them together for the same routine?

Isn’t Feliicity as cruel as the rumors!

Where is this soft and cute look?

Throwing arms and hugs is the greatest cruelty to us audiences, right?

Is it really like what this guy said before, just because he is more handsome?

When Lu Xiaobin thought of this, he shook his head quickly to get rid of this idea.

Does not exist does not exist!

Lao Tzu is also handsome, and a pair of peach blossom eyes is unparalleled.

does not exist!

Where is the problem?

Obviously the two sentences just said are the same.

Lu Xiaobin scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks. Suddenly, his head flashed, and he noticed that Wiliam was different from him!

As soon as Wiliam came over, he stretched out his sinful hand and slapped Feliicity!

What the hell!

Could it be that this first butt slap is the essence and profound meaning of the three tricks!

Good bastard!

Such an important essence is not taught to me!

For a time, Lu Xiaobin regretted that his intestines were all blue.

Now let’s make up Feliicity’s ass, I don’t know if I can have time!

Feliicity was enjoying Wiliam’s long-lost warm embrace. With a dazzling look, he saw that cross-eyed Lu Xiaobin was walking over with his right hand holding his right hand and his face broken.

Feliicity smiled coquettishly, her eyes cold suddenly.

She hugged the finger behind Wiliam, and suddenly stretched out an index finger to point to Lu Xiaobin.

Then, everyone let out a terrifying exclamation!

I saw that Feliicity’s finger suddenly stretched out a faint red light!

The red light went straight to Lu Xiaobin.

Lu Xiaobin didn’t even have time to react. He was already standing there, dumbfounded.

At this time, everyone saw what this red light was!

Obviously, from Feliicity’s index finger, a very long red nail stretched out!

Especially is this a human nail!

It’s so long, flashing red, yet stretchable?

What the hell is Feliicity!

Lu Xiaobin reacted, feeling that he was not his own anymore.

The end of the nail in front of him was only a few centimeters away from his cross-eyed eyes!
This made his cross-eyed eyes more focused.

“Little brother, don’t come here, people are so fierce and fierce when they get angry!” Feliicity’s soft and cute voice suddenly sounded.

This kind of soft and cute voice, coupled with the red nails that are all over the place, is not to mention how strange the scene is.

When Wiliam heard Feliicity’s voice, he looked back and was also surprised.

When did Feliicity become so arrogant.

It seems to be getting cute.

“I’m sorry, my brother is rude, can Miss Bai raise her hands high?” A slightly cold voice suddenly came over.

Then, everyone saw a young woman with short hair slowly approaching.

She wore a blue and white porcelain cheongsam, her figure was graceful and she had no feminine beauty.

Everyone was attracted by the feminine temperament of this woman, their eyes suddenly narrowed!

This woman, walking in front of Lu Xiaobin, suddenly grabbed Lu Xiaobin’s ears, and gritted her teeth and cursed: “I’m busy over there to die and live, so you are here to pick me up girls! Do you want to die? No!”

Lu Xiaobin grinned, his cross-eyed eyes were messy.

He hurriedly shouted: “Sister, I am wrong, I am wrong, can’t I just go over and help you?”

As he said, he ran a short distance away, as if very afraid of this sister.

The cheongsam woman once again recovered her feminine temperament, leaning towards Wiliam and Feliicity slightly, “I’m sorry, I made you laugh.”

Wiliam recognized this woman.

It is Lu Xiaobin’s elder sister, and also the eldest sister Lu Xiaoluan who had a good relationship with Wiliam when she was a child and helped Wiliam many times.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, she could still exercise such a temperament.

Had it not been for her angrily berating Lu Xiaobin just now for looking like a tomboy from when she was a child, Wiliam would probably not recognize her.

Female big eighteen change.

“Husband, it’s not good to hold one in your arms and peek at the other.” Feliicity in his arms suddenly said with a grin.

Her eyes met Wiliam, and she was not as cold as before.

Even being jealous is just a joke.

She believed in Wiliam.

“One of my playmates when I was young has a good relationship with me. Let’s go to an uninhabited place first.” Wiliam whispered.

Then, the two of them walked towards the back hall in a hug and embrace.

In the eyes of everyone, they are a couple of dogs and women.

Less than five minutes after meeting each other, are you anxious to go to an unpopular place?

Gee tut!

The world is getting worse!

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam were almost devouring him.

Feliicity took Wiliam directly to the room where she was resting, and then slammed into Wiliam’s arms again.

He knocked Wiliam back several steps.

“Wiliam, I miss you so much!” Feliicity finally didn’t use any disguise in the crowded place.

This miss comes so surging!

She hugged Wiliam tightly, as if to rub Wiliam into her bones.

Wiliam couldn’t help himself, and was completely released at this moment.

He held Feliicity’s small waist with his backhand.

Then he lowered his head and faced Feliicity’s vermilion lips directly!

For an instant, the two felt an electric shock!

They have never expressed their feelings so fiercely during the years of their marriage.

But now, it doesn’t matter!

No matter what!

If you don’t kiss or hug, you will die!

Only such a violent hug and such a long and affectionate kiss can completely release the emotions in each other’s hearts.

And just as the two people kissed so that the sky thunder shook the ground, a curious voice rang again.

“Mom, is Dad’s big mouth delicious?”

Chapter 1102 How To Sleep Tonight

This sound suddenly sounded, Wiliam and Feliicity’s bodies became stiff, and their scalps were numb.

They separated almost at the same time as if they were burning.

Wiliam has a black line!

Damn it!

Why do I often forget that there is such a foodie on my shoulders!

Strangely enough, Xiao Wangqing likes to sit on Wiliam’s shoulder and snorting to sleep.

Then I don’t know why, her presence is very, very low.

It is easy for people to ignore her existence.

Just like in Q City ( Qena City ) a few days ago, everyone had forgotten the existence of Xiao Wangqing.

Now, repeat the same mistakes.

Feliicity’s face burned into a red glow, and he glared at Wiliam faintly.

Wiliam hurriedly carried Xiao Wangqing off and introduced innocently, “Feliicity, this is what I told you on the phone.”

Because Wiliam told Xiao Wangqing that his wife was called Feliicity.

So Xiao Wangqing naturally called Feliicity his mother.

Poor Feliicity, and Wiliam still have a complete house, so there is only one daughter.

She looked up and down at Xiao Wangqing, who was also looking at her curiously.

“Mom, are you going to grab dad from your baby?” Xiao Wangqing said astonishingly again, making Bai Fengxuelei soft on the inside.

But her innocent appearance also inspired Feliicity’s maternal love very well.

Feliicity hugged her up, gave her a kiss on her fleshy face, and smiled and said, “Is it all yours if you don’t grab or grab it?”

“Mom is so good, and my baby likes the smell on her mother.” Xiao Wangqing said, and kissed Feliicity’s face.

“It’s so cute, Wiliam, I really like this baby.” Feliicity was so excited, his face turned red.

Wiliam Yihan said, “You like it.”

He actually wanted to punch Xiao Wangqing in his heart so that he could not die, so why did he speak at this critical time?

The charming atmosphere is now completely destroyed by Xiao Wangqing.

Because of the existence of children, Wiliam and Feliicity did not dare to continue to be as intimate as before.

Xiao Wangqing fell asleep in Feliicity’s arms.

This stuff, besides eating, is sleeping.

What is the difference with raising a pig.

“Boom boom boom”.

There was a knock on the door outside.

Wiliam’s ears cocked, “Who?”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with an aura, “It must be Sister Qing, who else can there be?”

With that, she got up to open the door, and threw Xiao Wangqing to Wiliam.

As soon as the door opened, a woman with a cold face came in.

As soon as she saw Wiliam sitting on the chair, murderous aura appeared in her eyes, “Feliicity, I just heard people outside say that you just brought a man back to the room, you are going to piss me off! Quickly consolidate your second personality!”

Feliicity was taken aback, as if she was playing a prank, and said with a smile: “Okay, then I will drive this man away.”

However, the clever Sister Qing, seeing Feliicity like this, and seeing Wiliam’s blank face, she instantly understood.

“He is Wiliam? You don’t have the characteristics of a second personality, so he is your husband, right? You guys are all right. Sprinkle dog food in public.” Sister Qing pushed aside Feliicity and walked towards Wiliam .

From Sister Qing, Wiliam felt a strong and irresistible sense of depression.

This woman is so strong.

This was Wiliam’s first feeling for Sister Qing.

He slowly got up and greeted Sister Qing, “Hello Sister Qing, thank you for helping me take care of my Feliicity during this time.”

Sister Qing looked at Wiliam up and down and nodded, “It looks like a dog and is very polite, but don’t sprinkle dog food in front of me. I am a small-minded person.”

Wiliam sweated, and couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Liu Lang.

The wives she married were all very strange.

So far, Wiliam has met Liu Lang’s three wives.

The first is Tian Tian sister, a royal sister who can see the explosion and likes to drink.

The second is sister Xian’er, who brought Feliicity to the medicine knife family at that time.

This sister Xian’er, with a cold personality, seems to be a natural daze.

But the action was so straightforward and refreshing to make people cry.

Sister Qing is the third.

Domineering, mighty, and uncompromising.

She is a queen-level woman.

Can Liu Lang really handle such a woman?

Since I can’t spread dog food, Wiliam started talking about business. “Thank you for helping me sign up this time. By the way, what about my registration number?”

Today I came to confirm and receive the registration number.

Sister Qing flipped it over, and a sign appeared in her hand.

Two numbers are written on the sign: 13.

Sister Qing threw the brand to Wiliam and said faintly: “This is yours. It’s fine to take this brand to the competition tomorrow.”

Wiliam put away the sign, and continued to ask, “What are the rules for this Youth Medical Association?”

Sister Qing sat on the chair gracefully, took out a cigarette, lit herself, and then looked at Wiliam, stretched out the cigarette in her hand, “Come on?”

Wiliam waved his hand quickly, “I can’t afford it.”

Sister Qing is not too difficult for others. She put away her cigarettes, took a sip, and said, “The so-called Youth Medical Association is a selection contest for outstanding doctors jointly organized by our medicine knife family and the North Lu family. This time the home game is at North Lu family , So all the rules are set by the Lu family in North, plus I am not interested in these things, so I don’t know much.”

Lu Yeyihan, this kind of irresponsible remarks is so natural for Sister Qing to say.

Your queen is right in everything you say.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity helplessly.

Feliicity rolled her eyes even more, “I came here to find my husband, what does the game do to me?”

Well, it’s another two.

“I’ll tell you what I know.” Sister Qing squinted and continued, “The game will probably be divided into three levels. I don’t know the last two levels. The first level I heard from the Lu family yesterday. However, it seems that the shorter the time, the better.”

Wiliam nodded, “This rule is simple and rude. Check the doctor’s basic skills, continue.”

“…” Sister Qing glared at Wiliam.

Lu Yexin understood, “Nothing?”

“I can know that one is already very good.” Sister Qing said proudly.

Wiliam beeped the dog in his heart, please keep your arrogance.

“Ho ho, such a simple rule is a piece of cake for my husband.” Feliicity said with a smile from the side.

Wiliam glanced at Feliicity, feeling mixed.

Before, Feliicity had never believed in Wiliam’s medical skills.

Now, just like the brain residue fan, I don’t know what to say about her.

“Liu Lang is optimistic about you, I am looking forward to tomorrow, I hope you won’t let me down. Okay, I’m leaving now, how do you sleep tonight?” Before Sister Qing left, another sentence came out?

How to sleep?

Wiliam was stunned for a moment, and said weakly, “I and Feliicity are not sleepy, can we not sleep?”

Don’t win the newlyweds, sleep in wool!

Hey all night!

Chapter 1103

Feliicity immediately understood the meaning of Wiliam’s words.

There was a blush on her face, and her head was lowered with shame.

This spooky husband speaks without any secret.

However, she is looking forward to it.

If you stay up all night, will you be unable to bear the love of the dead ghost husband?

“The baby doesn’t sleep either.” Xiao Wangqing always brushes his presence on when it’s very inappropriate.

Sister Qing is so cold that she chuckles and laughs, “Young man, pay attention to temperance. Look, there is no oil bottle, don’t forget that there will be a competition tomorrow, you guys. It’s better to hold back a little.”

After speaking, she twisted her waist and went out.

Wiliam and Feliicity faced each other with only one thought in their mind.

Can you give away this cute baby in your arms?

Wiliam also tentatively asked Xiao Wangqing to sleep alone tonight.

However, Xiao Wangqing refused to die, as if he was going to fight between them until dawn.

Finally, Wiliam sighed helplessly, “Feliicity, we will be long in Japan and long in Japan.”

Feliicity’s eyes became even more resentful, this Xiao Wangqing who made people love and hate.

That night, nothing really happened to the two of them, mainly because Xiao Wangqing slept enough during the day and became a night owl at night.

Truly realized Wiliam’s inner line during the day.

Sleep with wool and get up all night.

The next day, Wiliam and Feliicity went to Lu’s large courtyard.

At this time, the yard was full of voices.

Wiliam guessed it, not to mention that more than two hundred people came to this youth medical association.

Wiliam also understood, after all, this is an opportunity that soars into the sky, who doesn’t want to seize this opportunity.

However, when everyone saw Wiliam coming over, their eyes became bad.

After being spread by the caring people, Wiliam struck up Feliicity, and even hooked up Feliicity to a place where people were so embarrassed and impatient. This thing quickly spread throughout the audience.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with envy and hatred in their eyes.

The big beauty is a public resource, so why is it occupied by a brat!

Wiliam Yihan, he was worried about this, so he appeared in front of everyone with Feliicity, but the result was still the same.

Forget it, don’t bother to care about these people.

Wiliam looked up, and found that another gaze was staring at him, as if to stare at a hole in his body.

But it was Lu Xiaobin who was taught by the old sister yesterday.

Lu Xiaobin stood on the stage, with the Lu family.

He watched Wiliam look over, and cast a provocative look at Wiliam.

Obviously he was still lingering about yesterday.

He thought about it all night and figured it out.

If Wiliam can teach him the trick of slapping his butt, then Lu Xiaobin would be the one who was happy last night. There is nothing like this guy.

So he is very Wiliam.

After a while, Lu Xiaoluan stood up and cleared his throat and said, “The time is almost up. Please stand by your number plates in turn. I will announce some rules.”

The people at the scene immediately stood up in order, but the interval around Wiliam was obviously different from the others.

The people around him seemed to disdain to be with the prodigal son like Wiliam, staying far away from him.

In this scene, Feliicity on the stage could see her mouth covered with joy.

My husband seems to be a hatred machine by nature.

Lu Xiaoluan on the stage said again: “Okay, now I will talk about some basic rules. The Youth Medical Association is divided into three levels, and each level will evaluate different content. The scores of the three levels are 100 points each, and the total score is three. Percentage. The top ten people will have the opportunity to enter our North Lu family or a family of medicine knives to become disciples according to their grades.”

“In order to reflect the fairness and justice of the competition, we have sealed up the true information of all the participants in advance, and you will only use the number plates you received to replace your identities. In other words, we have no idea what your name is and where you are from. What’s your ability? These few days, it’s all about your on-site ability.”

“Now I’m here to announce the content of the first level of the game. It is called Seeking Him in the Public. Please look at the left hand side.” Lu Xiaoluan pointed to a direction next to her.

Everyone looked at.

In that place, there were neat rows of neatly standing people standing in a square array, about a hundred.

Lu Xiaoluan continued: “These one hundred people are the content of the assessment for this first level. Later you will draw lots to determine the order of appearance. Everyone will take turns to check these hundred people, and the total time cannot exceed ten minutes.”

At this time, there was an uproar below, and someone couldn’t help shouting: “There are a hundred people, and it can’t exceed ten minutes. That means ten people have to read it in one minute. On average, each person only has about six seconds. How can this be done? !”

Lu Xiaoluan snorted coldly, “If you can’t do it, please leave now. Don’t forget, which family are you going to enter? The medicine knife family and the North Lu family, how can ordinary people join?”

With a word of her, the scene suddenly became quiet.

What I said was wrong. If you want to jump over the dragon gate, you need something beyond ordinary people.

“If there is no objection, I will continue.” Lu Xiaoluan continued, “Out of the hundred people, only two of them have the disease. You must find out all of them within the specified time and make an accurate diagnosis. Illnesses on them. If you find the wrong, find more, find less, or find it, you will be eliminated directly.”

This sentence once again made the faces of the people at the scene unsightly.

Is it so strict?

However, this is not over yet.

“If the disease is incorrectly diagnosed and cannot be diagnosed, it will be eliminated directly.” Lu Xiaoluan added.

Everyone was speechless.

In other words, only if you are ready to find out the diseases of two people and two people within ten very tense minutes, will it be considered as a pass, and nothing else!

I thought the first level was the basic skills, but I thought it was speed and passion.

“How to determine the score?” someone asked again.

Lu Xiaoluan nodded and said, “You have reached the point. If the patient is accurately identified and the cause is diagnosed within the specified time, then the score can be scored. This time the scoring rules are as follows: the completion time is nine to ten minutes. 60 points, eight to nine minutes, 70 points, six to eight minutes, 80 points, four to six minutes, 90 points, and 100 points, within one minute.”

As soon as Lu Xiaoluan’s rule came out, the scene suddenly boiled over.

What a special thing!

It’s too difficult!

Even if you can find it out in ten minutes, it’s amazing, but it can only be considered as passing?

Not to mention that the scores at the back are crazy, there is less than a minute?

How does this look?

It’s not so fast to walk around!

It’s a fantasy!

Lu Xiaoluan seemed to know everyone’s anger and sneered: “I’ll give you a message for free. The higher the score, the higher the score, and the higher the threshold, it’s not just about becoming a disciple. In theory, the highest score is completely May become our North Lu family…”


Chapter 1104

“Boom!” The people at the scene were directly shocked!


Being able to become a disciple of the aristocratic family is already a matter of glory.

Now the people of the Lu family even said that there is still a chance to become the elder of the family!

This is not as simple as reaching the sky in one step!

This is eating the moon in one bite!

Everyone looked at Lu Xiaoluan in disbelief, “Aren’t you fooling us?”

Lu Xiaoluan smiled faintly, “Fuck you, do you also deserve it? I’ll just tell you all the scores, anyway, I don’t like you at all.”

As she said, she stretched out a finger, “The total score is 300 points. Those who can reach 210 or more are eligible to become outer disciples. Those who reach 240 or more can become inner disciples. Those who reach 270 or more can become elite disciples. , And reach 290 points, you can become the elder of the North Lu family.”

The people at the scene were all getting goose bumps.

They finally understand, this elder is just a gimmick.

290 points, close to full marks!

The first level is so perverted, if you want full marks, you must complete it within an impossible minute.

Not to mention the following two levels are definitely more perverted.

People from Beilu Lu’s family use this to mock everyone.

Thinking of the elders, it is better to actually think about other factors.

For example, a score of 210 or more is required to qualify as an outer disciple.

That is, the average score of each level must reach 70 points.

This first level will be completed in eight to nine minutes.


Considering that the following levels may be more abnormal, you must grab points in the first level.

It must be faster, faster!

Thinking of this, everyone has begun to despair.

It seems to be completing an impossible task.

“Probably the rule is like this.” Lu Xiaoluan said lightly.

The reason why she told everyone the general scoring rules is to let these people die.

Don’t think that a wealthy family is easy to make progress, you still have to go down-to-earth step by step, don’t think of reaching the sky step by step.

As for the elder’s 290 points, the North Lu family really planned it.

But as everyone thought, it was just a gimmick.

The North Lu family’s setting of being an elder through this 290 score must release a signal.

It is for the outstanding medical talents, North Lu Family will use them extremely.

It’s just a ploy to buy horse bones.

290 points.

Even if the existing elders of the North Lu family end in person, there is no guarantee that they will get this score.

And these juniors are simply wishful thinking.

Seeing that the momentum at the scene suddenly became depressed, Lu Xiaoluan looked at Sister Qing and Feliicity, “Do you have anything to add?”

Sister Qing shook her head, obviously not interested in this young doctors association at all.

She lighted a cigarette and narrowed her eyes.

Lu Xiaoluan looked at Feliicity again.

To be honest, she didn’t have any affection for Feliicity.

Yesterday her brother was so overwhelmed by this girl that he lost his face in front of everyone.

I heard that this woman also took a man into the room and stayed there overnight.
What if such a casual woman looks good?

Feliicity also understood the disdain in Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes.

She looked like a prank, and showed the soft and cute smile before.

When she laughed, everyone at the scene became confused again.

Don’t laugh too nicely.

Wiliam’s heart was startled, he felt uneasy seeing Feliicity smile like this.

My own wife is going to do something again!

Sure enough, Feliicity’s voice rang out, “The Lu Family’s rules just now sounded so scary to everyone. It’s not difficult for a strong man. Seeing that everyone’s momentum is so low, then I will pay for it out of my pocket and give everyone a benefit. “

As she said, she stood up, but she couldn’t help but glanced at a person, and then said slyly: “I will treat me as a prize. After the three levels, you can marry me for the first place in the total score!”

As soon as these words came out, the audience was boiling!


This is so exciting!

This big beauty is so good at playing!

First place can take her!

what does this mean!

It means that it is not only possible to get a beautiful woman!

More able to become a member of the medicine knife family!

Don’t forget, Feliicity came here on behalf of the medicine knife family.

Her identity in the medicine knife family is self-evident.

And marrying Feliicity is to receive both wealth and fame and fortune, all kinds of double income!

It’s much more tempting than the empty elder check from the Lu family!

What’s more, Feliicity doesn’t have any scores at all, just to say first place.

The difficulty is much lower than that of the Lu family.

Everyone suddenly became excited, and the malaise just now was wiped out, and it seemed that Feliicity had become something in the bag.

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t expect Feliicity to say such a thing, her brows were tightly locked.

This vixen, don’t you feel ashamed to say such things!

However, after all, she didn’t have a stand to refute Feliicity, so she could only give up.

In her heart, Feliicity looked down even more.

And Wiliam’s scalp numb when he heard it, this little fairy will not die if he does not die!

Wiliam suddenly missed the silly wife before.

Now this makes him tickled, but it also makes him two big heads.

Sister Qing couldn’t help cursing in a low voice: “You are crazy! Put yourself in! What would your family like you think!”

Feliicity still smiled, “Huh, he can’t get the first place, so he can save it for dry food.”

Sister Qing glanced at Feliicity strangely, what a strong confidence this guy has in her husband.

The crowd was full of voices, one by one gearing up, shouting to start quickly, don’t delay their good time to marry their wives.

Lu Xiaoluan had no choice but to arrange the drawing order immediately.

As a result, Wiliam was the first one to play!

Wiliam couldn’t help but look at Lu Xiaobin.

Lu Xiaobin was smiling wretchedly.

What he secretly made was to embarrass Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t care, and stood up first.

Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on Wiliam, and they all showed joking smiles.

The woman who had been in love with him last night has now abandoned him in public. Will he be embarrassed? Hahaha, a large face-slapped scene.

With Lu Xiaoluan’s order, the game started timing.

And Wiliam’s body moved at the same time!

At the scene, there was a scream!

I saw that Wiliam’s body was actually flying fast in front of everyone, not staying at all!

He is like a wandering dragon, his body is extremely chic.

What is this going to do!

When everyone was horrified, Wiliam turned back to where he was, took the pen and paper, and wrote two lines of words at random. He smiled and said, “Done.”

Lu Xiaoluan awoke from a dream, pressed the timer blankly, and even reported a number in a cold sweat.

“Thirty seconds…”

Observe and write, thirty seconds!

Chapter 1105

The people at the scene were quiet for more than a minute.

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

This kid, is it true, or is he fooling everyone?

After watching a hundred people, half a minute?

Complete nonsense!

So fast, you can’t even see the human face, right?

Even Sister Qing said to Feliicity with a black line: “What the hell does your family want to do? Are you here to smash it?”

But Feliicity was holding his cheeks, looking obsessively at Wiliam’s standing figure, and whispered: “My husband is so handsome.”

Sister Qing is all ill.

Feliicity couldn’t tell that she was still a nympho.

At this time, Lu Xiaobin burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha, you kid, are you playing with us? It’s surprising to think of the first one today.”

Lu Xiaobin looked at Wiliam and said loudly to everyone: “Everyone has seen it. This kid has made us a very typical negative teaching material.”

“You guys, don’t be excited about what Miss Bai said just now. Just like this 13th, in order to race against time, Jane has reached the point of madness, but this is precisely the most undesirable.” Even Lu Xiaoluan, They all said with disappointment.

The several elders present at the Lu Family also shook their heads, a little angry at Feliicity.

This Feliicity hung everyone at the scene in one sentence, only thinking about the time, and did not care whether the answer was correct or not.

Everyone at the scene was reminded by Lu Xiaoluan so that they realized that this kid had been stimulated.

That’s right, this kid had a spring breeze with the big beautiful woman last night, and today the big beautiful girl turned her face and didn’t recognize anyone. Can this kid be unexcited?

“Fortunately, he was the first one, and I gave everyone a good wake-up call. I hope everyone will take a warning, and the next step is to fight steadily.” Lu Xiaoluan added, completely defining Wiliam’s behavior just now. Negative example.

“Is your husband really confident? How do I feel he is so sloppy?” Sister Qing whispered to the obsessed Feliicity.

Feliicity smiled, “Who knows? Anyway, my husband is invincible and handsome.”

Sister Qing’s face became stiff, and staying away from the brain powder is good for physical and mental health.

And with Wiliam’s typical negative textbook here, everyone was really careful about the next test.

After all, marrying Feliicity is based on being able to enter the competition.

The kid on the thirteenth, a bit put the cart before the horse, is an idiot.

These people, the one with the best grades, also spent six minutes.

But as soon as this individual’s achievements came out, he was immediately touted by people around him.

Because in everyone’s opinion, this result is not only fast, but also reasonable.

Everyone at the scene, like eight immortals crossing the sea, showed their magical powers.

Looking around, hearing and asking, all means greeted the one hundred people.

When Lu Xiaoluan saw this scene, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.

Everyone, it seems to underestimate this first level.

It turned out that in order to improve the difficulty of the game, Lu Xiaoluan had long considered the methods that these people could use.

So among those one hundred people, they either have various makeup spots on their bodies, or they are sprayed with strong other smells.
In short, one purpose is to confuse the audience and make the tester completely intangible.

Sure enough, the game gradually reached the second half.

Half of the people who were on the scene for more than ten minutes had no results, so they were eliminated.

It was so cruel that the people at the scene no longer had the same hippie smiles.

The game lasted well into the evening.

With the last tester writing down the answer, the first stage of the first level finally came to an end.

Only more than ninety people remained at the scene.

Among them, the person who completed the test in more than six minutes was still the best in the field.

Of course, Wiliam’s half a minute was directly ignored by everyone.

“Now, let’s announce the correct answer.” Lu Xiaoluan watched the people at the scene become discouraged again, and felt extremely happy.

She said solemnly: “Among the hundred people, the two people with the disease are people numbered 11 and 78. Number 11 has a bad cold, and number 78 has cold dysentery. Everyone, please answer?”

As soon as this was said, a few people’s faces changed on the spot.

Although diseases are very common diseases, they inevitably make mistakes because of time.

“Let’s start to reveal the answer from the person who spends the most time.” Lu Xiaoluan held a pile of answers in his hand, and started with a person who was nearly ten minutes old.

“No. 11, catch a cold, No. 79, dysentery. The answer is wrong, we are eliminated.” Lu Xiaoluan announced loudly.

The man looked dejected.

But many people still got the correct answer, but most of them got 60-70 points.

Rao is so, they are very satisfied.

This first level is more difficult than they thought.

With the appearance of correct answers one by one, more than 70 people have successfully advanced to the next level.

Finally, Lu Xiaoluan held two pieces of paper in her hand.

One is from Wiliam.

The other one is naturally the young man who took more than six minutes.

This young man, shaking a white paper fan in his hand, looked light and breezy.

However, his eyes are finally with a hint of arrogance and cries.

He is number 80 this time.

Many people at the scene recognized his identity, as if he was also from a certain family.

This time I came out with the goal of making a blockbuster, with the Youth Medical Association as the initial stage.

At this moment, No. 80 smiled confidently and bowed to Lu Xiaoluan, “Please.”

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t hesitate, and took out the piece of paper No. 80, still thinking about it. In fact, she knew it in her heart.

As confident as this young man, it must be the correct answer.

It took six minutes to complete the diagnosis of a hundred people, and there were many interference items in it, which was really remarkable.

Sure enough, the answer was revealed and it was completely correct.

All around, there was thunderous applause.

He is the only person who has scored 80 points so far.

And it suddenly opened up a gap with others, so this No. 80 is definitely the favorite to win this time.

No. 80 smiled slightly, leaned toward the surroundings, and thanked the surrounding applause.

In his heart, this first place has already been earned.

And that big beauty Feliicity also accepted it sooner or later.

There is no suspense at all.

“Miss Lu, what are the specific arrangements for tomorrow?” No.80 asked lightly.

Obviously, he is already preparing for the next level.

However, someone suddenly said weakly: “Isn’t there another one who has not announced the answer?”

The atmosphere at the scene, being said by this sentence, froze again.

The 80th smiled conceited, “Ho ho, a woman who is only impulsive, full of brains, and does not even take the patient to heart, what medical ethics is there? 30 seconds is the biggest disrespect to doctors today. This answer, I don’t think it’s necessary. If I’m interested, just get out of this place.”

Chapter 1106

The number 80 is obviously too heavy!

There was a fierce pain on everyone’s faces.

If it weren’t for the first appearance on the 13th, I made a negative textbook for everyone.

Everyone is also thinking about women, and they are racing against time, and they have nothing to do with medical ethics.

Although this number 80 is very heavy, everyone has no way to refute every word of it.

Everyone looked at No. 13 pitifully. It’s better to be a little bit more interesting and get out of it.

You know, this is the favorite of this year’s Youth Medical Association to win the championship, personally issued an expulsion order.

“Young man, you’d better go away, you can’t afford the 80th. Besides, your performance just now is indeed a bit disgusting.” Someone shouted at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s expression was still indifferent, without speaking.

Does Wiliam need to pay attention to these rumors?

He just needs to follow the rules of the game and wait for the final answer to be announced.

Unexpectedly, Lu Xiaoluan nodded seriously and said, “What you said makes sense. I’m afraid the answer to the paper in my hand is too hot.”

However, despite saying that, she slowly spread out the piece of Wiliam’s paper, and spread it out and said: “But the rules are the rules, I will let that guy give up.”

As she said, her eyes caught the two lines written by Wiliam.

From this look, Lu Xiaoluan’s whole body was sweating like rain!

Everyone just looked at Lu Xiaoluan, who had always been very temperamental on stage, and was suddenly dumbfounded.

The atmosphere at the scene was suppressed for half a minute.

Everyone started talking about each other.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter with the host of the Lu family? Like Zhongxie?”

“Is it really that the answer is too hot, and her head is so hot?”

The elder of the Lu Family frowned slightly and couldn’t help but shout: “Xiaoluan, what’s the matter with you?”

After being drunk, Lu Xiaoluan was so excited that he glanced at the piece of paper in his hand again.

In my eyes, the amazement is even worse!

“No. 11, bad cold, No. 78, cold dysentery.”

“The answer is correct.”

“Get points, one hundred points!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s three consecutive sentences, like a thunderstorm, blasted everyone at the scene stupid!

Those elders who have been as steady as Mount Tai also stood up together!

Their eyes are also full of incredible!

The answer to this guy who was regarded as a negative textbook turned out to be correct!

How terrible this is!

In half a minute, he solved the correct answer in only half a minute!

More than ten times faster than the six-minute man!

This is a serious violation of the secular rules of medical treatment!


How did he do it!

Especially that number 80, his arrogant face turned pale in an instant.

He seemed to be slapped by a big slap, and his whole person was not good.

The first half of his sentence is still in his ears!

Saying that the guy has no medical ethics at all, it doesn’t matter if you don’t read the answer, let the guy be more interested in getting out.

As a result, the answer to number 13 turned out to be correct!

And more than ten times faster than him!

This is too slapped!
“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!” No. 80 lost his elegance, and shouted sharply.

Everyone at the scene also felt completely impossible.

Only Sister Qing looked at Feliicity in astonishment, “This guy is really so against the sky? It’s super supernatural, OK? How did he do it?”

Feliicity shook her head with a petting smile, “Does anyone know how he did it? They only know that he is so capable.”

Sister Qing felt that her breath was going to be disordered.

Shouldn’t care about this brain-disabled girl.

“He must be cheating, yes, cheating!” Seeing someone agreeing to him on the 80th, he said quickly.

“If you say he cheated, you have to show evidence.” Although Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t believe the final result, he said impartially.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan at the right time and asked, “Now, can I pass the level?”

His eyes scanned everyone on the scene, including the 80th.

There was no pause in his eyes.

This makes No. 80 feel as if he has been humiliated, and his fists are clenched!

The villain will be rampant!

He suddenly yelled: “I suddenly remembered something! In the morning, everyone was telling that this kid was with one of the organizers of this event, and that Miss Bai was together all night last night. Isn’t that right? ?”

Everyone looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity’s eyes were smiling like flowers, and she didn’t care about anything, and said, “Yes, they were with him last night. Oh no, there are three people together.”

This sentence made the people on the scene fry.

three people!

Don’t be too crazy!

And No. 80 seemed to grab a life-saving straw, and shouted: “So this No. 13 must have known the answer in advance through Miss Bai. So when he first went up, he just rushed over in a formal way, because he knew it a long time ago. The answer is, everyone said that what I said was unreasonable.”

The people at the scene were actually convinced by the fierce analysis of No. 80.

It seems to make sense to say so.

Otherwise, how to explain this half-minute against the sky!

Is this something human can do?

But if you know the answer in advance, it’s different.

“Cheating! Cheating! Cheating! Strictly investigate cheating!” someone suddenly shouted below.

Those who were eliminated are even more unwilling.

They were eliminated by their ability.

Now some people cheat and are shortlisted, which makes them feel embarrassed.

Suddenly, the voices of rigorous investigation of cheating merged.

Lu Xiaoluan’s head is loud!

In fact, she knew in her heart that the 13th was not cheating.

Because Feliicity didn’t even know what the test question was today, the answer was even more difficult to mention.

Even Sister Qing has a little knowledge.

But even so, Lu Xiaoluan still didn’t know what method was used on the 13th to get the correct answer.

She looked at the elders helplessly, “Elders, what do you think?”

Several elders, look at me and I will look at you.

The last elder said in a deep voice: “After watching a hundred people in half a minute on the 13th, it is incredible. Although he did not get the correct answer through the medicine knife family, I think there must be other cheating methods.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wiliam sneered, “So, is it an unnecessary charge?”

Wiliam’s words suddenly made the elder’s face look ugly!

The kid who doesn’t know good or bad, this is embarrassing the Lu family in public!

The elder was about to scold Wiliam angrily, but his eyes narrowed.

Wiliam’s figure actually moved again!

This time, it was shuttled between more than two hundred contestants!

A minute later, Wiliam returned to its original position, spit out a cold voice.

“No. 23, No. 59, No. 80, I am sick.”

Chapter 1107

When Wiliam said this, he looked directly at the three elders in front of him.

This is the first time Wiliam is facing them!

The three elders of North Lu Family!

Wiliam looked at their eyes, and a trace of monstrous killing disappeared in a flash!

He can deeply remember that Harper said that his grandfather was persecuted by several elders of the Lu family!

The three in front are the culprits!

The enemy is in front of him, can Wiliam not hate it!

However, Wiliam could only endure this breath before he could solve his hole cards!

And the three elders were suddenly stared at by Wiliam, and their bodies trembled together.

As if seeing a very familiar look in the eyes of a wild beast!

They couldn’t help but glance at each other, their eyes full of shock.

But when they wanted to think carefully, the obliterating intent in Wiliam’s eyes had disappeared, and what was left was endless mockery.

Is it an illusion?

The look just now was actually very similar to the look of Lu Family Totem!

“You, what did you do just now! Number 13?” Lu Xiaoluan stepped forward, crossing between Wiliam and the elder.

Wiliam sneered, “Didn’t you suspect that I was cheating? Then I will prove it to you.”

Lu family, ridiculous Lu family!

A family that is full of benevolence and morality, but likes to plant others with unreasonable charges.

It was even more disgusting than the Gu Yue Hu family that Wiliam had seen before.

After all, the despicableness of the Gu Yue Hu family was on the table.

As for the Lu family, he was persecuted when he supplemented the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” from his grandfather.

Until now, Wiliam was framed again after seeing the patient in half a minute.

The inferior nature in the bones of this group has not changed at all.

“Proof? You were…” Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly he thought of a terrifying guess!

She suddenly shouted out loud, “Quick! Everyone stands still! Lu family doctors, check the bodies of these contestants immediately!”

After being called by Lu Xiaoluan, everyone understood instantly as if struck by lightning!


This kid is arrogant to the extreme!

Just now everyone just suspected him of cheating.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t refute a word.

But it is once again doing such a defiant behavior!

He made a circle with the contestants just now, just to follow the rules of seeing a doctor before and treat these contestants present!

There were a total of two hundred people at the scene, including the healers who were eliminated and yet to leave.

Wiliam just spent a minute, half a minute with the 100 people before, it can be said that they are equal in the world!

But this is too crazy!

Everyone is a healer, and this kid doesn’t even care about it!

Especially the doctors whose numbers were reported by Wiliam turned blue with anger, “Nonsense! Nonsense!”

“No. 13! You are openly provoking public outrage!” No. 80 was also named by Wiliam just now, and his face became extremely ugly.

Wiliam stared at No. 80 coldly. Before his eyes, what were the two hundred doctors in front of him?

In his Wiliam’s eyes, what the healers of the world have done!

What you can’t do is easy for me, Wiliam!

What you think is a miracle, I take it for granted, Wiliam!

It’s just the realm, a group of guys who sit and watch the sky.
There was a commotion at the scene, and the doctors from the Lu family in North, under the emergency mobilization of Lu Xiaoluan, immediately took action and rushed towards the contestants in several groups.

Everyone wanted to resist, but was stunned by Lu Xiaoluan again, “Those who dare not to cooperate will be eliminated directly!”

Lu Xiaoluan finished shouting, then looked at Wiliam, “These three numbers you just reported!”

Wiliam naturally knew what Lu Xiaoluan meant. He said lightly: “No. 23, hepatitis, No. 59, flu, and No. 80…”

When Wiliam talked about this, he glanced jokingly at Number 80, who was a little flustered, and slowly spit out two words, “Tianwei.”

These two words, like a thunderstorm, calmed everyone on the scene. Everyone turned their gazes at No. 80, who was still energetic before, and their eyes were extremely complicated!


If this number 13 walks around like this and the diagnosis is wrong, then this number 80 is…

Some people with low points of laughter couldn’t help it directly, and laughed out with a chuckle, “Hahaha, it turns out that No. 80 can’t even be a man. It’s really pitiful hahaha.”

This laugh seemed to be contagious, and everyone burst into laughter.

No. 80’s face was blue, and she wanted to refute Wiliam, but she couldn’t say what she said to her lips!

The hidden illness on his body was discovered by the 13th!

This is his biggest secret!

Where is this number 13 sacred!

Just passing by just now, you can see through his biggest secret!

It’s terrible!

The three elders stared at Wiliam deeply, and suddenly someone whispered: “Second, do you think this kid is a bit familiar?”

When the two elders were reminded like this, they nodded together, “It seems to be a little bit, but I can’t remember it suddenly.”

Feliicity watched the scene, and couldn’t help but praised: “My husband is simply not great. Whether in a small city or in this big family, there is always an inexplicable ability to make things bigger.”

Sister Qing’s face turned black. Is this a skill to make things bigger?

Especially your husband and wife are both shit sticks!

It’s a good game, and it’s too blatant to be made by your dead husband.

However, Sister Qing had stronger expectations for the result in her heart.

Sure enough, he is a man who can make Liu Lang admire him, he has some ability.

“Hey, how did you do this!” A voice suddenly sounded beside Wiliam.

Wiliam turned his face to see that it was Lu Xiaoluan with a proud face.

Lu Xiaoluan was obviously curious about Wiliam’s abilities, but he still held the air.

Wiliam smiled slightly, looked at this childhood playmate, smiled and said, “You’ll know later, but thank you.”

Wiliam was referring to Lu Xiaoluan’s decision just now to let the doctors from North Lu’s family directly verify the answer Wiliam gave.

Whether it was said to be selfless or to help Wiliam, Wiliam appreciated it.

Lu Xiaoluan was so angry that he was vomiting blood by Wiliam’s words, saying that he was thankful, so it was only natural that his face was covered with it!

This feeling is too awkward and too familiar.

It’s like, when I was young, there was a kid in the family who had amazing talent but didn’t know good or bad…

Lu Xiaoluan was thinking, but she was suddenly interrupted, “Miss, we have verified all the contestants.”

A person stood in front of Lu Xiaoluan and said.

Lu Xiaoluan temporarily put aside the random thoughts just now, and asked: “What about the result? How? You will announce it!”

The scene fell silent in an instant.

The doctor cleared his throat and said: “After our verification just now, the result is the same as the 13th contestant said. His one minute diagnosis was completely correct.”

Chapter 1108 Full marks!

Now, the audience is boiling again!


It’s really a moment to witness a miracle!

There are people in the world who can diagnose two hundred people in one minute!


Even the elders of their doctors can’t do such a defiant move!

Everyone looked at Wiliam with a fever in their eyes!

This is probably the highest courtesy to worship doctors!

For a while, everyone was so enthusiastic about Wiliam that they even forgot about the 80th day dysfunction.

This made No.80 breathe a sigh of relief, but there was a strong hatred in his heart!

This number 13 is so deceptive that he became famous in one fell swoop on his body!

Lu Xiaoluan also looked at Wiliam in horror. Now she had no opinion on Wiliam.

If this kid has the ability to diagnose quickly, then he can be called a talent!

Talent is always a bit weird, forgivable.

The three elders also looked at me, and I looked at you, and said: “If this kid is really amazing, with just this hand, it is enough to join our North Lu family as a disciple.”

The other two also nodded, agreeing with this view.

“Boy, how did you do it, can you tell me now?” an elder stood up and asked.

If they had doubts about Wiliam before, they suspected him of cheating.

Now, there are no doubts.

Wiliam verified the body of the contestant on the spot.

The contestants shouldn’t collude with Wiliam in advance, and the doubts came from the contestants first.

Wiliam’s counter-verification not only proved his innocence, but also formed the most deadly counterattack against these contestants’ suspicions.

No one else suspected Wiliam cheating anymore.

What they are curious about now is how this kid did this miracle against the sky?

Wiliam smiled slightly and said faintly: “You are all healers, so naturally I don’t have to say much about the principles of practicing medicine. I want to exaggerate this word!”

He looked around and confidently said: “The human body is a very mysterious structure. In normal conditions, the breath is long and the smell is neutral. If you are sick, the smell on your body will change. The so-called sickness. Everyone knows it too?”

The people at the scene nodded one after another, expressing their knowledge.

The location of the diseased qi is also the true essence of the word “smell” in Chinese medicine.

Could it be that this kid…

Wiliam continued: “I just came to a conclusion based on smelling the breath and cooperating to examine the patient’s face.”

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the scene.

Guessing to guessing, when Wiliam really said it, everyone still felt a sense of powerless suffocation.

This kid, everyone sees the speed just now.

In the rapid progress, he was able to smell everyone’s body, and he could see everyone’s face.

At this speed, everyone couldn’t keep up.

“Ho ho, in order to increase the difficulty of this competition, the people of the Lu family have mixed some artificial odors on many people. However, the artificial odors are after all appearances, and the sickness in the bones cannot be covered. Dropped.” When Wiliam said this, he glanced at Lu Xiaoluan.
Lu Xiaoluan is almost going to be pissed off by this guy!

The mouth is poisonous to death!

I still admired him just now, and the next sentence started to pull hatred.

This kind of person was going to be beaten to death when he was a child. How did he live until now?

“You kid, although it makes sense, but this is only theoretically possible. Your speed is too terrifying, and the authenticity is still questionable.” Someone also saw Wiliam upset and couldn’t help but say.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Since you also said that it is a theory, it means you can do it. If you can’t do it, doesn’t it mean that others can’t do it?”

The man choked suddenly, and backed away angrily.

Everyone’s eyes were in a trance.

Theory, it’s all involved in theory.

Traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, and there are many theoretical things, but it is difficult to put in practice.

This kid is just more sophisticated than everyone else.

The three elders shook their heads, “Can you do this?”

They discussed with each other and found that even they couldn’t achieve Wiliam’s speed.

This shows that Wiliam not only has good eyes and good nose, but also has a deep research in Chinese medicine.

Is the North Lu family going to usher in the strongest contestant ever?

This is a good thing for North Lu’s family.

“Boy, how many years have you studied Chinese medicine?” an elder asked.

“Since I was young, I dare not leave it alone.” Wiliam said lightly.

Several elders nodded, it turns out that they have been studying Chinese medicine since they were young.

“However, my behavior just now was also a superficial trick. Fortunately, everyone is suffering from common diseases, and the diagnosis is relatively simple. Oh no, one of them is a bit more serious, which wastes my time.” Wiliam said. Look at the 80.

No. 80 thought that he would be able to escape this disaster, but he didn’t think that he would be called by Wiliam again.

Have you forgotten this thing is going to die!

The people at the scene laughed loudly, “Hahaha, it turns out that No. 80 is really not a man, tusk tusk, it’s so pitiful.”

“Isn’t he pretty good just now? It looks so good now, just like the eggplant that Frost beats.”

“If you want me to choose between Chinese medicine and men, I still choose to be a man, hehehe.”

“You said, he himself is also a Chinese medicine doctor, and just now he boasted that he was superb, and he couldn’t even cure his own diseases. I guess it’s nothing more.”

No. 80 was ridiculed by such a round of ridicule, the whole person was not good, and the look in Wiliam’s eyes became even more agitated.

“Now, can you announce the result?” Wiliam said lightly.

Lu Xiaoluan awoke from a dream, but also itchy with hate.

However, she was always a person with a sense of justice, and she declared: “No. 13 scores 30 seconds, scores 100 points, and it works.”

With this announcement, representative Wiliam successfully advanced to the first level with an unprecedented perfect score.

How many people look at Wiliam with envy, and only a man with real skills can be favored by beautiful women.

Feliicity’s eyes were really poisonous, and he immediately picked one of the most powerful contestants in the field.

Just when Lu Xiaoluan wanted to announce that today’s first round is over and the second round will begin tomorrow.

An elder stood up, interrupted Lu Xiaoluan, looked at Wiliam, and asked: “Boy, since you performed very well in the first level, we unanimously decided that you can directly become the inner door of our North Lu family. Disciple, there is no need to participate in the following competition.”

Chapter 1109

The audience, shocked!

I rely on!

Only by participating in the first level, you can directly become the inner disciple of the North Lu family!

This is the first extraordinary admission in the history of the North Lu family!

How many people came here this time thinking that being able to become the outer disciple of the North Lu family was already a matter of the ancestor’s accumulation of virtue.

This kid can become an inner disciple by directly relying on the high score in the first level.

This kind of luck envy everyone present!

However, everyone is only envious.

They can no longer say the kind of anger that can be replaced.

The magic of this kid in the first level is obvious to all.

With more than ten times the score of the second place, he directly got a full mark.

If other people can do it, naturally they can stand up and argue.

It’s a pity that no one can do this.

Everyone looked at Wiliam enviously, waiting for Wiliam’s answer.

Wiliam smiled coldly, “No, I’ll continue to compete.”

This answer was shocking again!

The elder’s expression froze on the spot!

I don’t know good or bad!

North Lu’s family has offered such a good exemption condition, this kid didn’t even agree!

Continue to participate in the competition!

Could it be that he really thought that his medical skills were unparalleled and could sweep everyone present!

Could it be that he really thought that North Lu’s exam was so simple and could be easily trampled on!

Or, he is not satisfied with the conditions of the inner disciple!

Does he want to be an elite disciple?

Several elders, the veins on their foreheads are beating!

The elite disciples of the Lu Family in North are usually born of their own.

Elite disciples, but shoulder the glorious mission of becoming the mainstay of the next generation of the North Lu family.

It has never been left in the hands of foreigners.

This kid is absolutely defiant.

“I’ll ask you again, you really want to continue participating in the competition!” The elder’s tone became cold.

Without hesitation, Wiliam nodded, “Yes, continue to participate.”

“Okay! I want to see how far you can go! I also put the ugly words on the front, but the following competition will become more and more difficult. There are many heroes in the world. Don’t think that you can win the first place. , Be careful of capsize in the gutter, you can’t even get the qualifications of the inner disciple.” The elder’s words contained a hint of threat.

Wiliam naturally knew the meaning of the elder’s words.

In the next game, he will become the target of public criticism, and he will also become the target of the North Lu family’s deliberate care.

But is Wiliam afraid?

If you don’t disturb the North Lu family, why come here during this trip?

“Thank you for the elder’s reminder, and wait and see.” Wiliam replied without humility.

The elder’s face was full of anger, “You!”

“Fine, the third elder, this little guy is arrogant, let him go, let’s just watch.” The oldest elder stopped the third elder.

And Lu Xiaoluan bumped to announce that today’s game is over.

After the announcement, she found herself in a cold sweat.

She looked at the number 13 in front of her a little annoyed.
There has never been a contestant who can make the elders angry.

This kid is the first one.

Hmph, even if he can get the qualifications next, but offend the Lu family elders, will his life in the Lu family be better in the future?

Putting the cart before the horse, it’s just a fool!

He didn’t know how small the minds of the elders of North Lu’s family were.

As Lu Xiaoluan announced the end of the game, the three elders immediately walked towards Lu Xiaoluan.

But at this time, Sister Qing seemed to be an unknown prophet, and walked over with indifferent expression.

“The elders of the Lu family in North, this time the Youth Medical Association is jointly organized by our two families, so there are some basic rules. I think the Lu family in North will still abide by it? For example, you can’t inspect between games. The true identity of the contestant, right?” Sister Qing said lightly.

The face of the third elder changed and became very unnatural.

When he came over, he was indeed looking for Lu Xiaoluan to get the information on No. 13 who didn’t know good or bad.

Want to see where this kid came from, so defiant.

Unexpectedly, it was blocked in advance by the medicine knife family.

After all, the North Lu family was inferior to the medicine knife family.

Sister Qing said so, and the elder immediately admitted, “Ho ho, Master Qing said and laughed, we will naturally abide by the rules of the game, ho ho.”

“This is the best way.” Sister Qing said, then turned and left.

The elder breathed a sigh of relief.

I am ashamed to say that the three elders have lived for most of their lives, but the realm is not as good as the Qing sir.

Just now Master Qing made a look, and the three elders felt a pain of being burned by the fire, which was too painful.

And he also dispelled the idea of ​​examining the true identity of No. 13 on the spot, after all, the medicine knife family can’t afford to offend.

At this moment, Wiliam returned to the room with Feliicity and Qing sister.

Xiao Wangqing was still sleeping on the snow bed.

As soon as the door closed, Wiliam knocked Feliicity on the head.

“Ouch.” Feliicity was knocked abruptly, and whispered out painfully.

“Let you do things.” Lu Yezheng said to Feliicity kindly.

But Wiliam was immediately knocked by Sister Qing. Sister Qing also learned something, “Let you do things!”

And Sister Qing was suddenly pinched by Feliicity, “Sister Qing, don’t bully my husband.”

Sister Qing’s face was speechless, the feelings of these three people circled down, she has become the lowest end of the food chain?

One of them is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer.

Sister Qing thought of this, she wriggled her butt and left the Baifengxue room, let them mess around.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity, and couldn’t say anything cursively, “My little ancestor, you should stop doing things, OK?”

Feliicity smiled slyly, “I don’t believe you.”

Wiliam was speechless for Feliicity’s blind belief.

“By the way, my husband, didn’t the Lu family agree to let you become an inner disciple. This is the best time for you to enter the Lu family. Didn’t you come here with this purpose? Why didn’t you just agree to it?” Feliicity Asked suddenly.

Because Wiliam’s answer just now obviously offended the elders of the Lu family.

It will be difficult to live in the Lu family in the future.

Feliicity was worried for Wiliam.

At this time, Wiliam flashed a domineering eye, and said coldly: “The Lu family’s door, I naturally want to enter, but I am coming back this time, not simply being an inner disciple. “

Feliicity’s eyes narrowed, “What do you mean!”

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head and said, “A mere inner disciple dismissed me? Lu Family, I really know how to settle the account. Feliicity, let me tell you the truth. I will participate this time. The Youth Medical Association has set the goal.”

“Just take the position of an elder to play around!”

Chapter 1110 Targeting!

Feliicity’s Cautious Liver almost jumped out. She grabbed Wiliam’s hand and exclaimed, “Wiliam, are you serious?”

Wiliam looked at Feliicity amused, “Otherwise?”

Feliicity couldn’t hold back the shock in her heart, and blushed and said, “I touched you, do you have a fever? This is the elder of the Lu family in North. Although the Lu family in the Youth Medical Association has the conditions to throw this elder, but It’s an astronomical figure to reach a score of 290 or more. Besides, you will definitely be targeted by the North Lu family in the future.”

“What? You don’t believe me?” Wiliam asked.

Feliicity shook her head and nodded again, as if she didn’t know what to say.

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head, “You vowed to believe me before, what’s the matter, now you don’t believe it?”

Feliicity rolled his eyes, “Forget it, my husband is either doing things or on the way to do things. Do it whatever you want. I can rest assured as long as you are safe.”

“Well, take one step and count one step, the Youth Medical Association, I’m really looking forward to the next two levels. I don’t know what other levels the North Lu family will come up with.” Wiliam said with a smile.

But that night, in the meeting room of North Lu’s house, everyone’s faces were as sinking as water.

The three elders of North Lu’s family sat high and looked at the people below.

Everyone just felt depressed in their hearts.

The three elders attended the meeting at the same time, and only for a youth medical association.

This is something that has never happened before.

Who can attract the attention of the three elders?

Many people who didn’t watch the Youth Medical Association during the day felt uneasy.

Lu Xiaoluan sat down and sighed helplessly.

Thinking with your toes, you know that the number 13 today is too arrogant, and even provokes the anger of the three elders.

A mere kid, who can offend the elder to this level is amazing.

It’s just that now, it’s hard to harvest the water.

Tomorrow that kid, maybe he will die.

“Today’s first game of the Youth Medical Association, what do you think?” the third elder asked coldly.

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, there is no talk.

I dare not speak.

“Lu Xiaoluan, you can talk about it first.” The Third Elder looked at Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan is the daughter of the Lu family in North.

Her father is the head of the Lu family in North, but he has been in retreat for nearly a year, and all the affairs of the Lu family are managed by the three elders.

Lu Xiaoluan bit his scalp and stood up, but watched and said, “Today’s game, I feel that there are still hidden dragons and tigers in the world. Although our game setting is difficult, there are still many young people with good qualifications. For example, on the 80th, I think many people have recognized him.”

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t dare to talk about the 13th, because that guy was a thunder, a thunder that hid in the hearts of the three elders.

So she deliberately broke the subject and talked about the 80th.

Sure enough, the people on the scene immediately went on to say: “I know I know that the name of the 80th is Li Hantian, the young master of a family. He has studied medicine for many years and is well-known among the rivers and lakes. This time he came to join the Youth Medical Association. , I also created enough atmosphere in advance, I think many people know his identity.”
“Well, looking at his performance today, it is really good. He can diagnose 100 people in six minutes and his basic skills are still very solid.”

“It’s a pity that it’s a fever, so handsome and blind.” A little girl murmured weakly.

Lu Xiaoluan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that everyone’s discussion center was dragged by him to that No. 80 Li Hantian.

However, the Great Elder in the high seat suddenly sneered.

The chattering discussion at the scene stopped in an instant.

Quiet for a while.

The third elder spoke at the right time, but his voice was somewhat yin and yang strange, “Li Hantian’s qualifications are indeed good, and his father said hello to me beforehand. Speaking of good qualifications, will you forget someone?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes narrowed, and the whole person was in trouble.

Damn, they didn’t plan to let go of that number 13 after all.

In fact, Lu Xiaoluan was still quite unhappy with No. 13 in his heart, but she was righteous. Although the kid was arrogant, he did have some real skills.

As a talent, it is not guilty to die.

“The third elder said, that arrogant number 13?” Someone asked for instructions following the words of the third elder.

The atmosphere at the scene became even more depressing.

The three elders suddenly slapped the table and sneered: “Yeah, who else could be the number 13? Hoho, I won full marks in the first level. This is an unprecedented score. This talent makes me even amazed. .”

Said it was amazed, but the murderous intent and jealousy in the eyes of the Third Elder was already gushing out.

“That kid’s talent is good, but it’s a pity that he is too arrogant, and he doesn’t even put our North Lu family in his eyes. How can such a person be a big responsibility? To be honest, this kind of person is our North Lu family. The family can squeeze hundreds of them in a year.” Someone said carefully following the words of the third elders.

The third elder nodded with satisfaction and said, “Yes, that person has talent, but he doesn’t know how to promote it. What’s the use of keeping it? Lu Xiaoluan, how will the game be arranged tomorrow?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart trembled, here it is!

It seems that the three elders are determined to target the 13th.

She did not dare to conceal, and said: “Tomorrow’s competition is called Bai Mi Yi Shu. We will arrange for today’s 100 subjects to continue to be experimenters. This level focuses on the acupuncture level of the participants. Each of them The experimenter designated a few acupuncture points on his body, applied acupuncture in the air, and scored the points accurately. In order to improve the difficulty of the game, we will also specify a few more difficult acupuncture points, of course, the score will be higher.

With that said, she explained some specific rules in detail.

After listening to the third elder, he was dissatisfied and said: “I feel that it is not difficult. Compared with the first level, this second level is a bit perfunctory.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face became stiff, and she slandered. As the old demon of medical science, of course, you think it is simple, but it is not easy for newcomers.

This second level examines the acupuncture technique. First, the needles need to be transported by air, five meters apart, and the contestants have very high requirements for the accuracy, precision, and strength of the silver needles.

Not to mention there are a few more difficult acupuncture points.

According to Lu Xiaoluan’s scoring algorithm, someone who can score 80 points tomorrow is considered very high.

“Three elders, do you have any suggestions, please show me.” Lu Xiaoluan said bitterly.

The three elders seemed to have planned a countermeasure long ago.

He sneered and said, “I have three suggestions. You can remember them and arrange them immediately.”

As he said, he stretched out his first finger, “The first suggestion is to increase the distance of the seed needle from five meters to ten meters!”


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