Dragon Husband 1111-1120

Chapter 1111

The first condition of the third elder changed Lu Xiaoluan’s expression.

She said blankly: “Three elders, the difficulty has been raised from five meters to ten meters at once. The difficulty is not as simple as doubling. Is this…”

“Huh! What my North Lu family wants to collect, is it a mediocre person! If you want to collect, you must collect talents! Ten meters, not very far.” The third elder snorted coldly.

Then his eyes became more gloomy, “Since that No. 13 has been a doctor since he was a child, he will naturally dabble in acupuncture. You don’t want that kid to continue to get high scores tomorrow, right? Everyone knows now, North The Lu family is going to target him. If he continues to get high scores tomorrow, doesn’t it appear that our North Lu family has nothing to do with him? Doesn’t this make us even more faceless?”

The people at the scene were too embarrassed to know what to say.

Lu Xiaoluan flushed even more.

What the third elder said was a bit shameless.

What does it mean that everyone knows that North Lu’s family is targeting No. 13?

It’s amazing to be able to speak such a despicable thing so grandly.

But the third elder was not at all embarrassed. He continued: “So we must increase the difficulty so that the kid will not come to Taiwan tomorrow, so that our North Lu family will have face.”

Lu Xiaoluan slandered and said that it was embarrassing for the whole North Lu to use such a tricky method for a little boy.

“My second suggestion is to change the more difficult acupoints you just mentioned to acupuncture points.” The third elder said again.

Lu Xiaoluan’s expression completely changed at this time, “Don’t do it, three elders! Doesn’t this make all the contestants face a desperate situation!”

You know, there are countless acupuncture points in the human body, and four acupuncture points are the most difficult to find.

That is the point in the point.

The superimposition of the two acupuncture points further tests the skill of the athlete’s needles. A little carelessness may cause a mess.

“Why not? This can only show that our North Lu family has high requirements for disciples.” The third elder said naturally.

Everyone nodded quickly, “The three elders are right.”

Anyway, that’s the end of the matter, everyone knows that the third elder is determined to deal with the number 13, and they can only do it according to the thinking of the third elder.

“Also, we can also add another condition to this acupoint. For example, the acupuncture point can be set to grab a sub-acupuncture point. Once a contestant enters the acupuncture point, other people will It is forbidden to search for this acupuncture point.” The third elder continued.

Originally, according to the rules, all players were free to find acupuncture points. Now that the three elders set a threshold like this, it will inevitably cause everyone to flock to them, and they are afraid that others will take the lead and others will directly lose the points of this point.

Lu Xiaoluan was already completely powerless to fight, and simply broke the jar and said, “Are there still three elders?”

The third elder stretched out the last finger, his eyes became weird, “The last condition, we set a hidden score. This hidden score is specially given to the number 13 ho-ho. The more you know your stitches The more confident you are, the easier it is to die under this hidden condition, ho ho.”
As he said, the three elders lowered their voice, slowly speaking out the hidden score condition.

The people at the scene got goosebumps all over after listening.

Lu Xiaoluan was even more speechless.

Good calculation!

Really good calculation!

If this condition is established, the more confident the player No. 13 is, the worse his death will be!

It’s impossible to guard against!

This trick of the Three Elders is absolutely impossible!

“Okay, that’s it. The rest of you have no better opinions and suggestions, you can say them together.” The third elder asked everyone for their opinions again.

However, everyone at the scene shook their heads.

The third elders have already set all the conditions, and it is clear that they are deliberately targeting the 13th, where it is the turn to get other people to point their fingers.

Now they are sympathetic to the number 13 coming.

At a young age, why don’t you know how to be a low-key person?

Wiliam, who knew nothing, looked at Xiao Wangqing in the room with an expression of impotence.

This girl, who sleeps during the day and is full of energy at night, looks like you are paralyzed by sleep.

He was determined not to let him stay with Feliicity.

One night passed, and early the next morning, everyone gathered in the courtyard of North Lu’s house.

At this moment, there were only 70 players left.

Everyone’s fighting spirit is also very low.

On the contrary, it was the people of North Lu’s family, all of them arrogantly looking at Wiliam with strange eyes.

When Sister Qing saw this scene, her heart moved, she clearly knew that Wiliam had been targeted.

She said to Lu Xiaoluan, who presided over the competition: “Lu Xiaoluan, give me a copy of the rules of this competition.”

Seeing that Sister Qing, who had always been indifferent to the game, took the initiative to care about the game, Lu Xiaolu was heartbroken, but quickly handed Qing sister a copy of the rules of the game.

I don’t know why, Lu Xiaoluan hopes that Sister Qing can see something from the rules of the game, so that she can correct the game and move towards fairness and justice.

However, after Qing Jie got the rules of the game, she became less interested.

I don’t know what she is thinking.

“Well, today the name of the second level is Baimi Yishu. Everyone knows that our North Lu family is a family of medicine, and it is the silver needle skill that we are famous for, so I want to worship me North Lu. The family’s sect must study the method of silver needles. For this test, the test is the method of needles.” Lu Xiaoluan saw that Sister Qing had no more words, so he reluctantly announced the start of the competition.

The people below obviously know the silver needle method of the North Lu Family, and they have no opinion on this second level.

“Next, I will announce the specific rules of the game, please look at the left hand side.” Lu Xiaoluan pointed to the left hand side again.

Everyone looked again, but found that they were still the same batch of people diagnosed yesterday.

Lu Xiaoluan continued: “This is the one hundred people yesterday. Look at where they stood. They are lined up. Look at the white line ten meters away from them. This is where you will stand later. Need to be spaced to seed the needle.”

“Ten meters! Crazy! This is too far! Besides, in real life, where do I need any spacer needles? This level is also too formal, and deliberately doing this in order to show skills, is it a bit wrong? ?” Someone questioned on the spot.

However, Lu Xiaoluan interrupted coldly, “If you don’t want to compare, you can withdraw now.”

Everyone was shocked again.

“In a moment, each of them will turn their backs to you and remove their shirts. What you have to do is to accurately pierce the silver needles into the acupuncture points behind them within an hour, and then write down which acupuncture point you planted in turn.

“Now, I am going to announce the scoring rules, you guys listen carefully.” Lu Xiaoluan suddenly took a deep breath, and the main event came.

Chapter 1112

Everyone hurriedly put their ears up to listen, afraid that something was missing.

Lu Xiaoluan looked around, and finally fixed his gaze on the indifferent Wiliam, and said: “The acupuncture points you inserted are accurate, and if they match the acupuncture points you write down later, you can score. Everyone can and only can. Put a needle on a person who was diagnosed. This needle is one point, and the score is 0.5.”

0.5 points!

The people at the scene fry the pan instantly!

Their faces became extremely angry, and their distance was about ten meters away. Now they need to accurately insert the needle and write the acupuncture points. The last person’s score is only 0.5!

Even so, there are only one hundred diagnosed persons present, and the total score is only 50 points!

Isn’t this cheating!

Someone immediately expressed his doubts.

Lu Xiaoluan knew that everyone would ask such questions a long time ago, and she said indifferently: “Give me quiet, I still haven’t finished.”

Everyone was quiet now.

“Ordinary acupuncture points, the score is indeed 0.5, but we also set up three acupoints this time, namely Ziwei, Yingchang and Tanlang points. These three acupuncture points, once the acupuncture is correctly planted, get 1 point. “Lu Xiaoluan said.

Someone immediately calculated it. If the acupoints in the acupoints were found in every needle, the total score would be exactly one hundred points.

It’s just that special!

“North Lu Family! You are playing with us! This is acupuncture points! There are only four acupuncture points in the human body. It is hard to find, even if the patient is standing in front of us, we have to explore It’s been a long time before I dared to get the needle, and now it’s ten meters away, you clearly don’t want us to continue the game!” Someone shouted angrily.

There was a boo in the audience.

Boo dedicated to North Lu family.

However, Wiliam and No.80 watched with cold eyes, and did not express any opinions.

Especially Wiliam, even with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

He was a little interested in the rules of the game.

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t care about the boos of the sky, and continued: “These three acupoints are for grabbing points. For example, if someone successfully planted a needle for the wolf-hole on a diagnosed person, then others cannot The acupuncture points continue to be planted. The acupuncture needles in the acupoints are unique.

Everyone’s faces are as earthy!

Grab points, this is forcing everyone to find acupuncture points.

Once someone is robbed, other people can only be left behind.

“That’s probably the rule. Oh, yes. There are a lot of hidden points in the game, but whether it can be triggered depends on you. Now the representatives of the medicine knife family also know about the trigger conditions of the hidden points, everyone. Don’t worry, we will not deliberately target anyone.” Lu Xiaoluan became more and more aggrieved as he said, and finally said with words.

These words made the Third Elder snorted coldly, obviously dissatisfied with Lu Xiaoluan.

“There is also, during the game, if someone accidentally planted needles and caused the death of the diagnosed person, he will be eliminated directly, and the murder must be held accountable.” Lu Xiaoluan added at last.

Obviously, this sentence is the most important and it is very lethal.

Many people were originally trying to take a chance, but this sentence made them even more nervous.
At this level, there is plenty of time, one hour.

However, the inner doorway is too deep.

Everyone felt a headache when listening to this rule.

“Is there any objections? If there are any, we will start.” Lu Xiaoluan didn’t give everyone time to object, because she knew that there was no objection.

“The game begins.” Lu Xiaoluan shouted directly.

At this time, the contestants moved together.

They have been allocated a hundred silver needles matching their numbers.

Now they are trying to grab time.

They don’t want the acupuncture point to be found in advance.

Seeing the black and crushing person rushing towards the white line, Wiliam’s mouth slightly hooked, but his body was not moving.

The Lu family looked at Wiliam together, puzzled.

Why didn’t this kid leave?

Is he scared?

Or, he doesn’t know how to make silver needles?

In this case, the layout of the Lu family last night seemed a bit like a rival.

“Ho ho, why don’t you move anymore? Don’t you know the silver needle method?” A sneer rang beside Wiliam.

This question was also the doubt in the Lu family’s hearts, so the Lu family continued to stare at Wiliam.

Wiliam turned his head and looked, it was actually No. 80 Li Hantian.

Li Hantian deliberately walked up to Wiliam’s face and played casually. The silver needles were flying among his fingers obediently.

This dance of stitches immediately caused the Lu family to applaud.

Just looking at this hand, you know that Li Hantian has a lot of knowledge in silver needles, and it is estimated that he will be better than the quick diagnosis of the first test.

It seems that Li Hantian will be ashamed before this test.

And Wiliam just smiled, “I don’t like talking to men who are not men.”

This sentence made Li Hantian almost runaway on the spot!

This thing can’t get through!

Not far away, Feliicity chuckled, not to mention how beautiful it was.

“Please pay attention to the occasion, don’t look like a nympho.” Sister Qing has a black line.

However, Feliicity smiled and whispered to Sister Qing: “It’s not that people laughed. They laughed. Someone would dare to say that my husband doesn’t know the silver needle.”

Sister Qing frowned, “Is your husband very good at Silver Needle?”

Feliicity was full of confidence now, “If I don’t know what the second level compares, I might still worry about Wiliam, but if it’s Silver Needle, oh oh, I dare say that in the world, no one can compare. Pass Wiliam.”

Sister Qing asked in a daze: “Your husband’s silver needle technique is so powerful? How powerful is it?”

Feliicity was full of stars, “It’s more powerful than the undefeated East.”

Sister Qing is completely speechless, what do you mean?

“Be careful that he capsizes in the gutter.” Sister Qing glanced at the rules of the game just now and noticed the condition of hiding the score.

The more confident you are, the more likely it will be to capsize.

But Feliicity still looked full of confidence, “Hey, you’ll know when you look at it.”

“Why don’t you go there!” Li Hantian was obviously angry.

Wiliam actually sat down cross-legged, “Too many people, too crowded, I’ll wait.”

The people at the scene were utterly stupefied. Everyone was rushing to grab acupuncture points. This kid thought there were too many people?

Don’t be too exaggerated about this excuse?

And Li Hantian was obviously stimulated even deeper.

He was very confident in this level and wanted to go forward.

But Wiliam’s words were clearly a silent provocation.

It seems to be saying that there is enough time, and sit down and watch the jumping clowns.

Thinking of this, Li Hantian also sat down opposite Wiliam, and said proudly: “I also have this intention. I can’t squeeze a bunch of ants with those ants. Let me wait.”

Chapter 1113

Everyone on the scene looked at these two most talented people, and they sat down together, and their hearts were almost full.

Obviously, the competition conditions are harsh.

But these two people completely ignored it, as if the harshest conditions were nothing but tricks in their eyes.

And Li Hantian was obviously determined to compete with Wiliam.

He is ready, the enemy will not move, I will not move.

See who can’t hold back first.

As a result, a strange scene appeared on the scene.

On one side, everyone was bustling with sweat and flying the silver needle, on the other side, two people sat opposite each other, not saying a word, looking calm and calm.

It’s like two worlds.

Those contestants, at the beginning, went to the hole in the hole.

But when it came time to apply the needle, someone suddenly collapsed.

Because one person can only give one needle to one diagnosed person.

So those who wanted to find the acupoint in the acupoint were all defeated.

Not even the most basic 0.5 points.

After a while, the brain fever of everyone gradually cooled down.

So far, there is not one person who hit the middle point.

Instead, the diagnosed person was tied up with blood all over the back.

In this case, it is better to go down to earth to find the acupuncture points that they are better at and easier to find. It is more appropriate to play firmly.

So, after a while, everyone started to fight steadily.

On the other hand, Li Hantian, although he was sitting, his eyes were always on the side of the game.

He watched, his brows were tightly furrowed.

It seems right to grab time.

Because people who get the needle first are easier to find acupuncture points, which has an advantage.

However, the latecomers are faced with a diagnosed person whose back is full of blood.

Some acupuncture points were messed up by blood and there was no way to start.

The farther to the back, the fewer acupuncture points can be found with the naked eye.

Thinking of this, Li Hantian suddenly became a little restless.

He remembered to buy time, but couldn’t bear it.

It’s hard to ride a tiger.

As for Wiliam, he closed his eyes, and began to close his eyes to rest his mind, still looking indifferent.

Li Han’s heart is full!


I want to see when you can pretend!

I have known for a long time that you don’t know how to make silver needles, but you are bluffing here and don’t want to be ashamed!

I just sit here and wait until the moment you make a fool of yourself!

Thinking about it, Li Hantian forcibly held down the anxiety in his heart and continued to sit opposite Wiliam.

The three elders on the stage shook their heads after seeing this scene.

“This Li Hantian is still too young, young and energetic, so he can’t guilty of ignoring the competition in order to compete for this tone.”

“Yeah, it’s a bit of a cart before the horse. If time is too late, he will cry.”

“He had a great hope for the highest score in this level, but now it seems that he is a bit immature.”

When everyone was talking about it, they suddenly saw Feliicity move.

Feliicity sat on the stage, boring to death.

Seeing that Wiliam didn’t move underneath, he couldn’t help but ran directly towards Wiliam.

Everyone just watched the most beautiful woman in the audience ran towards Wiliam and Li Hantian, not knowing what she was going to do.
Lu Xiaoluan originally wanted to stop it, but then he didn’t interfere with the game anyway, so he stopped talking.

And Li Hantian also noticed that Feliicity ran over. Although he was suffering from dysfunction, it did not hinder his pursuit of beautiful women.

He was excited, could it be that the beauty came for himself?

“Hi.” When Feliicity ran closer, Li Hantian showed the most elegant smile and waved to Feliicity.

“Hi.” Feliicity even smiled at Li Hantian and said hello softly.

Li Hantian was even more excited, and Feliicity really came to him!

He was about to speak, but in the next scene, he almost ran in tears!

After Feliicity said hello, she actually sat down beside Wiliam and patted Wiliam on the shoulder, “What are you doing? Close your eyes thinking about me?”

This natural coquettish tone made everyone in the audience crazy.

what’s the situation!

Are you old or good?

Why did Feliicity rush to Wiliam?

Still acting like a baby to him?

Referee, foul!

This beauty fouls, please take her down!

The blue veins on Lu Xiaoluan’s forehead were beating, and he was obviously taken aback by this scene.

But Feliicity is the identity of a family of medicine knives after all, so Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t say anything more.

“Yes, miss you.” Wiliam opened his eyes and smiled at Feliicity.

“Why don’t you go to the game?” Feliicity pointed to the scene of the game in full swing.

Wiliam rubbed Feliicity’s head habitually, and said indulgently: “Don’t go over and squeeze it, anyway, there is more than enough time, and just those people are not qualified to grab something from me.”

This statement was so wild that it didn’t even put all the contestants in the eyes.

But, even more wild than this, it was Wiliam’s just a touch of murder!

Originally, Wiliam was just used to his actions, but in the eyes of everyone, this is simply a shocking dog food!


Touch your head in public!

The beauty who was touched still looks like a little milk dog that he enjoys!



Bring it along, OK!

Lu Xiaobin not far away really had tears coming down.

He hates Wiliam.

If Wiliam taught him the ultimate secrets yesterday, he would be the one who tried to kill the beautiful woman!

Thinking of this, his hand touched in the void, as if touching Feliicity’s head, looking pitiful.

“You guys, pay attention to the occasion!” Lu Xiaoluan finally couldn’t help it, and whispered.

Only then did Wiliam realize that the eyes around him trying to kill him were overwhelming.

He also reacted, just touching his head to kill was really big.

In the eyes of everyone, his relationship with Feliicity was just an overnight joy.

Feliicity wrinkled her nose cutely at Lu Xiaoluan, and then said to Wiliam: “Then I can sit here with you, OK?”

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, I’m bored.”

Feliicity smiled, and suddenly thought of something, and said to Wiliam: “Hey, wait a minute.”

Having said that, she trot for a while and ran towards the position where she was sitting.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The dog food just now came so aggressively that they couldn’t swallow it at all.

Fortunately, Feliicity is still ashamed and knows to go back.

But in the next scene, they completely collapsed again.

Feliicity unexpectedly ran back, grabbed something on the table, and grabbed something.

Then eagerly ran back to Wiliam’s side and sat down, stuffing the thing into Wiliam’s arms.

“Eating popcorn is quite crunchy. Don’t look at North Lu’s family for nothing and nothing is good, but the popcorn is so impressive that I’m pretty good at it, so I’ll just change my name to Popcorn Family. Now, you taste it.” Feliicity said, she grabbed a bunch of popcorn and stuffed it into Wiliam’s mouth, with a look of love.

This shocking dog food completely messed up the audience!

Chapter 1114: Popcorn

Everyone glared at Feliicity, with fire breathing in their eyes!

At this moment, Feliicity feeds Wiliam, is it popcorn!

It’s lively dog ​​food!

The people of North Lu’s family almost ran away on the spot!

This white Feliicity, his mouth is more poisonous than Wiliam!

What is North Lu family worthless!

The medicine of North Lu family is well-known in the world, no one knows who does not know!

In the eyes of this little Nizi, this shocking medical skill is not better than popcorn?

Damn it!

If it weren’t for Feliicity’s family of medicine knives, everyone would want to divide Feliicity into five horses on the spot!

Those contestants obviously also noticed this scene. Seeing this dog food came out, the silver needles in their hands were all messed up!

Those who were diagnosed screamed loudly.

Too cruel!

This big beauty is too much!

It’s fine if you go to chat and watch the theater with that number 13!

Watching the show with popcorn, this is too much!

There is no way to put everyone present in the eyes!

Everyone is working hard in front, but someone is showing affection in the back!

Thinking of this, their hands began to tremble, and they had no idea how to fly the needle.

And Li Hantian, who ate dog food first near the water tower, almost spit out old blood!

Feliicity didn’t come to him, it’s fine!

What’s going on now!

Sitting opposite him, eating popcorn with Wiliam Qingqing and me?

Li Hantian, whose head was completely chaotic, suddenly remembered an inexplicable melody.

“I should be under the car, not in the car, seeing how sweet you are…”

He felt that sitting next to Wiliam was like a thousand cuts!

Watching Feliicity feed Wiliam a mouthful of popcorn, his mouth opened, but all he ate was full of love crits.

He suddenly felt so tired, and it’s good to be a dementia.

He also wanted to walk away and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Fortunately, Wiliam also noticed the surrounding situation at this time.

He looked at Feliicity with a black line, “You’re getting more and more involved, and you can offend several waves of people in the audience.”

Feliicity looked around and found that it was exactly what Wiliam had said.

The Lu family gritted their teeth!

Fire in the eyes of the contestants!

Opposite Li Hantian is sitting on pins and needles!

Even Sister Qing has no love.

She smacked her tongue and said coquettishly: “People don’t want it either.”

Wiliam’s bones are crisp, and Feliicity is really getting more and more troublesome.

Don’t know if it is good or bad.

Wiliam said mentally not to not, but physically he felt very honest, and liked the soft white Feliicity.

He bit his head and said: “You better go back first, and if this continues, the game will be incomparable.”

Participants dared not get the needle anymore, because they were very angry and their hands shook badly.

Feliicity looked regretful, “Okay, okay, these straight guys who have never been in love before are really scary.”

The people at the scene were all breathing stagnant, and again received 10,000 critical hits.

When Feliicity returned to his seat, the atmosphere on the scene eased slightly.

Sister Qing directly knocked on Feliicity’s head, and whispered: “Just you will do things!”
Feliicity’s face was aggrieved, and she squatted and said in a low voice, “I’m thinking of my husband.”

“You will die if you talk an hour late!” Sister Qing was not angry, and knocked Feliicity again.

Feliicity did not dare to speak, and in front of the violent Queen Qing, she still confessed to be safe.

Order on the scene also gradually recovered.

However, Li Hantian, who was opposite Wiliam, felt his mentality completely collapsed.

I can’t find the light and windy feeling just now.

Seeing Li Hantian looking at him, Wiliam hesitated, grabbed a hand of popcorn and handed it to Li Hantian, “Eat it, the only thing that the Lu family in North can get, it’s a pity not to eat it.”

North Lu’s family and Li Hantian were hit hard again.

This pair of dog men and women have the same poisonous mouth!

Li Hantian’s body was trembling, is this popcorn!

I want to continue feeding dog food!

I don’t want to eat it!

He simply closed his eyes, but the sound of “哢嚓哢哓” quickly rang in his ears.

Not to mention, this popcorn is really crunchy.

I don’t know how long it took, Li Hantian finally calmed down.

He glanced at the time, and suddenly his body shook!


Only ten minutes left!

It took me so long to calm my mind, how severe the damage I just suffered!

He couldn’t help but look at Wiliam, “You kid, don’t give the needle yet!”

Wiliam smiled faintly, “It’s still early.”

Early your sister!

Li Hantian almost scolded it!

There are only ten minutes left!

It’s early for you to go to the west!

Li Hantian did not get up, nor did he continue to sit.

He remembered another sentence.

“The time left for the XX team is running out.”

He was going to compare patience with Wiliam, to see who couldn’t sit still first.

The audience also knew that he was competing with Wiliam.

But now, I buried myself in the pit.

With ten minutes left to watch the game, Li Hantian finally couldn’t sit still, and he really would lose if he sat down again.


Shame on it!

He got up from the ground with a butt, and then quickly ran towards the scene of the game.

There was also a burst of laughter at the scene.

The proper villain of Li Hantian, he had to be patient with others, but he couldn’t sit still.

Isn’t this slap yourself in the face?

Li Hantian didn’t care about being ashamed.

He squeezed the silver needle in his hand and looked at the number 1 diagnosed.

The back is bloody, even bloody.

Imagine being pierced by the sixty-eight people in front of you, and you will get confused no matter what.

Li Hantian calmed his mind, and the silver needle in his hand flew, drawing a cold light in the air!

This excellent arc alone made the elders of the North Lu family nod their heads in praise.

“This kid doesn’t seem to lose his mind yet, he is recovering well.”

“It seems that Li Hantian is already proficient in the silver needle method. It depends on whether he can grasp the opportunity.”

Li Hantian took a precise needle into the acupuncture point, and his confidence gradually recovered.

He also noticed that none of the people before him had found the acupoint in the acupoint, and it could even be said that they didn’t dare to find the acupoint in the acupoint.

That’s right!

Leave it to him!

Thinking of this, Li Hantian calmed down again and concentrated on looking for the three acupoints.

After a while, the audience rang out in exclamation!

Li Hantian actually found a lot of the right acupoints!

Sure enough, there is a hand!

It seems that this game must be won by him!

And Li Hantian’s confidence gradually reached a peak.

His mind is constantly calculating the score.

He is confident that he can get ** points in this level!

This is a high score!

Thinking of this, the silver needle in his hand rose again and flew towards the diagnosed person in front of him.

This time, it was acupuncture point again.

He is 100% sure.

You know there is or not as soon as you shoot.

But just when he was full of confidence and ready to gain points, his eyes suddenly stunned!

One thing suddenly appeared!

He knocked the silver needle he was holding to the ground in midair!

When everyone looked at what suddenly appeared, they were collectively lost!

It was a plain popcorn that knocked down Li Hantian’s silver needle!

Chapter 1115

Li Hantian looked at the popcorn on the ground and his silver needle, his whole body was in a daze.

What’s the situation!

Why is popcorn here?

When he reacted, he suddenly stared at Wiliam, his eyes were breathing fire!

“No. 13! You are sick! Lao Tzu has provoke you!”

And Wiliam slowly stood up after eating the last popcorn.

Li Han’s weather, however, rushed over at once, trying to pull Wiliam’s collar and question him.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “Do you still have enough time?”

Li Hantian was so excited that he couldn’t help shouting to Lu Xiaoluan: “Referee! This guy fouled! He should be expelled from the field!”

However, Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes were full of shock and complexity, and she couldn’t hear Li Hantian at all.

Just now, was the number 13 intentional?

If it was intentional, it would be really scary.

Lu Xiaoluan looked at the three elders, and the expressions of the three elders became extremely exciting because of the appearance of this popcorn.

Seeing that the referee was silent, Li Hantian cursed unfavorably before turning around and heading towards the match scene again.

This time, Wiliam followed behind him.

Because of Wiliam’s interruption, Li Hantian’s state became unstable.

In the next forty stitches, he got a suboptimal score.

He stopped after flying the last stitch, calculated the score in his mind, and probably got around eighty points.

Another eighty minutes.

Originally, he could get 80 points in this level, which is already a very good score for Li Hantian.

But the existence of Wiliam made Li Hantian angrily frustrated.

He checked the time, there were two minutes left.

And Wiliam didn’t even start to do anything.

The others also gradually stopped, and only Wiliam was left standing at the front.

In an instant, Wiliam once again became the focus of the crowd.

Li Hantian snorted coldly, “There are only two minutes left, I want to see how you kid turn your hands for the clouds and cover your hands for the rain!”

Wiliam didn’t speak, he already took his own silver needle in his hand.

In full view, Wiliam shook his hand casually.

The silver needle made a cold light in the air, and with a “swish”, it plunged into the body of the No. 1 diagnosed person.

With this single, everyone’s expressions became serious from the mockery of watching the show!

The hole in the hole!

Wiliam found an acupoint in the acupuncture point accurately with the first needle.

And this acupuncture point in the middle of the point is on the ear of the head.

Greedy wolf den.

This acupuncture point is the most difficult to find among the three acupoints.

But Wiliam found it easily, and the injection was accurate.

“Why did he look for this most difficult greedy wolf den? Is it to show off?” Someone on the side whispered.

However, someone who understood immediately yelled, “No, he was not trying to show off. Look, all acupuncture points today, as well as the designated acupuncture points, are on the back of the person, only the Greed Lang acupoint is in the head. On. The Greedy Wolf Point is the hardest to find, and because it is on the head, once the needle is mistaken, it is likely to kill people. However, it seems that this point is the most dangerous, but it seems to be the clearest now. Because The backs of these people are all bloody and bloody, and the other acupoints are hard to distinguish.”
This explanation awakened everyone.

It turned out that this kid had no choice but to choose this wolf lair.

However, being able to find the right and confidently able to pierce the right means that his needle technique is not inferior to Li Hantian.

Li Hantian’s face became stiff, and he couldn’t help but sneered: “Cut, it’s just luck. I don’t believe he can find it next time.”

However, these words made the three elders on the stage shook their heads secretly.

They already looked at the kid 13 high, but they didn’t think about the upper limit of this kid.

Said this kid was luck in the first stitch?


Just because that kid could accurately hit the silver needle shot by Li Hantian with a popcorn, this hand was already amazing enough to be stunning.

The silver needle is flying in mid-air.

Being able to hit it means that this kid is extremely accurate in predicting the silver needle’s flight trajectory.

It seems that this kid is going to perform a miracle again today.

The face of the three elders was particularly ugly.

He stared at a spot in the court.

There is the only treasure that North Lu’s family bet.

It is estimated that this guy will be able to pull this kid off his horse today.

With a move, Wiliam came to the opposite of the number 2 diagnosed.

He will come out again!


Greedy wolf den!

It’s greedy wolf den again!

The people at the scene had their eyes widened.

No way?

So accurate?

They wanted to rush directly to the side of those diagnosed and check it carefully to see if the kid got it right.

The third stitch!

Greedy wolf den!

Wiliam moved extremely fast!

He almost didn’t have any stays.

In the eyes of everyone, this is terrifying.


Did he observe?

Just now everyone observed and gestured for a long time before the needle was placed.

I even simulated it silently in my heart, testing the weight of the hands and so on.

But this kid just didn’t even think about it, didn’t even look at it, and the silver needle flew out directly.

Then, Teme was hit!

Is this a human thing?

Everyone wanted to know, was this kid eating popcorn or Hercules water just now, so amazing?

The next fourth needle, the fifth needle and the sixth needle, Wiliam did the same.

In just a few seconds, he even got six stitches in a row, and each stitch was stuck in the gorge of the wolf.

Everyone felt that their breathing was about to stagnate.

Are they witnessing miracles?

No one is like this!

It’s unreasonable!

What’s more suffocating everyone is that this kid seems to be fucking with Greedy Wolf Den.

Just look for the greedy wolf den, and ignore the others.

One point, two points, three points…

The score, as Wiliam took out the needle again and again, also climbed steadily.

Li Hantian, who was on the side, was still stiff, but wanted to see this kid’s joke.

But now, his face was earthy, completely speechless.

Instead, the whole body was wet with cold sweat.

Judging from the current situation, this kid has made no mistakes and can accurately score a point for each stitch!

According to this situation, it is really possible for this kid to score 100 points in just two minutes!

That’s a perfect score!

Don’t forget, this kid has already got a full score before.

If you get a full score again in this level, you will be unprecedented!

The Lu Family’s complexion also became more solemn, and they found that they had far underestimated this arrogant kid.

The people at the scene were almost numb with time.

Unconsciously, someone was counting the points Wiliam got.

Chapter 1116 Achievement!

Soon, this counting gradually converged into a neat voice.

As soon as Wiliam’s silver needle flew out and hit the Greedy Wolf’s Lair, there was a sound of accumulated scores.

“Thirty points, thirty-one points, thirty-two points…”

In the end, the crowd really became a ruthless counting machine.

To the back, as Wiliam flicked his hand, as soon as the silver needle came out, everyone’s report rang.

There is no need to look at whether the silver needle is hit or not.

Regardless of whether you look at it or not, the score is added.

This is a blind worship of Wiliam’s miracles.

“Your husband’s silver needle technique is really serious, and it’s a fight with Liu Lang.” Even Sister Qing, who has always been above the top, can’t help but stun when she sees Wiliam harvesting points so fiercely.

Feliicity smiled, “My husband is number one in the world.”

Sister Qing looked at Wiliam and threw the silver needle somewhat mechanically, and suddenly a trace of worry was born.

I wonder if Wiliam will be proud of the current smooth wind?

I don’t know if he is as smart as him, can he see through the thunder that North Lu’s family hid in this competition?

If Wiliam couldn’t see it, today’s god-level performance would have fallen short.

In the end, Sister Qing’s heart shuddered and came!

At this moment, Wiliam stood opposite a diagnosed person.

Sister Qing couldn’t help but look at the elders of North Lu’s family.

Sure enough, the faces of the elders also became serious.

As if the heart also mentioned his throat.

Victory or failure depends on Wiliam’s needle.

He should have swelled long ago, right?

And now that time is so tight, no one is allowed to think about it anymore, right?

At this moment, the place where Wiliam is standing is exactly where he interrupted Li Hantian’s shot before.

It was the diagnosed person who faced him.

Li Hantian held his breath. It was this needle that Wiliam humiliated him and humiliated him with a popcorn.

Wiliam seemed to have no thoughts at all, still slinging a needle mechanically.

And as the needle came out, the three elders on the scene shouted out at the same time: “Pause timing!”

When they shouted, the silver needle was still in the air.

They can’t wait to stop timing!

Because they saw that Wiliam’s move was no different from before.

Even the gestures are exactly the same.

So this shot is done!

They couldn’t wait for the kid to continue flying the needle down.

If you can get this kid into the ground with this shot, why wait any longer!

Even if there are only more than 20 people left, they are not waiting!

Lu Xiaoluan seemed to have known the minds of the three elders a long time ago. The moment Wiliam Yinzhen flew out, he pressed the stop button of the timer in his hand.

Time, just half a minute left.

The third elder laughed out loud immediately after almost shouting.

I want to give this kid who doesn’t know the height of the sky the most acute sarcasm at the first time.

But the next second!


Silver needle, into the body!

This time the silver needle entered the body, and there were almost neat exclamations on the scene!

But among the exclamation, there was a sudden burst of laughter, and the laughter suddenly stopped.
Wiliam’s needle, not like the more than seventy needles before, plunged into the greedy wolf cave!

Instead, it stuck in the neck of the sick patient.

This was the first time Wiliam made a mistake in the entire game.

To be precise, it is not a mistake.

Because Wiliam’s needle was stuck on an ordinary acupuncture point of the diagnosed person.

But seeing Wiliam’s more than seventy needles just now, the miracle of needles greedy wolves, everyone’s appetites have been tempted.

As long as Wiliam is not stuck in the greedy wolf cave, even if he is stuck in other acupoints, it is a mistake!

Therefore, everyone was shocked!

And that suddenly ridiculed sound was Li Hantian.

Li Hantian was suffocated to the extreme.

He felt that yesterday reappeared, today he was once again hanged by this kid.

More than seventy stitches!

Each stitch is like a boulder, pressing on Li Hantian’s heart, pressing him completely out of breath!

Wiliam’s score was about to surpass Li Hantian, even saying that it was only a matter of time before it exceeded.

Just when Li Hantian wanted to abandon himself, he suddenly saw that Wiliam made a mistake.

All the haze in his heart was swept away, so he laughed out loud!

Even if this kid is a genius, then again!

It’s not time for mistakes!

Fight against people, this kid has won!

But fighting against himself, he lost!


“You kid, there are also times when you make mistakes hahaha! You deserve it! You can see clearly! It’s the diagnosed person, you just interrupted my flying needle to this diagnosed person, is it true? The demon appeared, did the retribution come, hahahaha!” Li Hantian’s sharp laughter seemed so harsh among everyone’s exclaims.

However, in sharp contrast with Li Hantian, the smiles of the three elders stopped abruptly.

Especially the three elders, who were also laughing, all of a sudden, his face was as earthy!

The expressions of the three elders, as well as many Lu family members who knew the inside story, changed in an instant.

They only felt that a thunderstorm struck their heads severely.

It made their heads hum.

How can it be!

how so!

This kid!

Is it intentional or unintentional?

Is it a mistake or an achievement?

Obviously he didn’t even think about it just now!

Obviously his gesture just now did not hesitate.

Why, the silver needle didn’t fall on the greedy wolf den!

It falls in this place!

What is wrong!

At this time, another laughter gradually sounded.

But it is Qing sister who has always been cold and domineering.

Sister Qing had also mentioned her throat in her heart, but now that she sees Wiliam like this, all her worries are wiped out!

Sure enough, he is the man who can give Liu Lang a high look!

Worrying about him is a bit redundant.

Feliicity didn’t know the inside story. Seeing that Sister Qing, who had always been incapable of emotions and anger, actually laughed in public, she couldn’t help asking: “Sister Qing, what are you laughing at? Are you the same as that number 80? Are you laughing at my husband?”

Sister Qing said to Feliicity with a satisfied smile: “Silly girl, I am not laughing, I am laughing happily, your husband is really a god, I have never dared to say that he won this game. . But if this stitch goes on, he will really win. Congratulations.”

Feliicity looked dumbfounded. Whatever the situation, everyone looked weird. Everyone in the Lu family was like eating shit.

When the Lu family’s face was ugly, Li Hantian had only Wiliam in his eyes.

In order to mock Wiliam, he rushed directly, and while rushing, he smiled and said: “Boy, what else do you have to say now? Even if your score is high in this round, this shot is simply yours. Frustration, hahaha! People of the Lu Family, am I right?”

Chapter 1117 Hidden Trap!

Li Hantian clearly wanted to please the elders of the Lu family.

However, the more he said this, the more ugly expressions on the Lu family’s faces became!

Especially the Three Elders, his original mentality was about to collapse.

After being ridiculed by Li Hantian’s seemingly flattering ridicule, his whole person was not well.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, a fierce palm wind directly directed at Li Hantian!


Li Han Tianren was in the middle of the road, and he was directly drawn upside down!

This incident awakened everyone again.

What’s wrong with the elder of the Lu family, he actually shot the contestants directly?

For a while, the atmosphere fell into a weird depression.

Li Hantian was going to celebrate with the Lu family happily.

Celebrate that there is finally a chance to ridicule this kid together.

Suddenly, he was slapped and slapped, and he was stunned.

With blood on the corner of his mouth, he ran from the ground and shouted with a dull face: “Three elders, what are you doing! Did I say something wrong?”

The third elder was about to beat Li Hantian again, but was pulled down by the big elder.

The second elder said to Li Hantian with an ugly expression: “You kid, blinded your dog’s eyes! Take a closer look, what’s the number of the diagnosed person!”

The people at the scene were taken aback, what was the number of the diagnosed?

What does it have to do with this?

Li Hantian also looked at the number on the arm of the diagnosed person with a dazed expression.

No. 78.

“No. 78, what’s the matter?” Li Hantian still didn’t react.

“No. 78! Yes! It’s No. 78. Think about it seriously, what did you try yesterday?” The second elder almost laughed with anger.


What was the game yesterday?

Li Hantian couldn’t help but show the scene of yesterday’s competition.

Quickly judge the two patients hidden among a hundred people.

The two patients at the time, one was number 11, and the other seemed to be…

Number 78!

Thinking of this, Li Hantian’s body seemed to be shocked, and his pupils shrank instantly!


Yesterday’s patient was also number 78!

And as I said today, this is the same number for the same person!

In other words, this number 78 has a disease on his body. His disease is…

Cold diarrhea!

As soon as the disease was named, Li Hantian’s head was completely blown up.

A series of thoughts poured into his head instantly, and his legs were soft and he sat directly on the ground.

Li Hantian looked at Wiliam in disbelief, his eyes were full of shock!

Some people, like Li Hantian, wanted to understand the key points of the matter.

Those who wanted to understand suddenly felt cold in their hands and feet.

Kind of scary!

This number 13!

For those who want to understand, they scratch their heads and are too anxious to know what to say.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoluan’s voice rang in due course, “Yes, this number 78 is the patient number 78 yesterday. I have already given you this condition from the beginning, but unfortunately, the person who noticed ,not much.”

Those who noticed were dizzy after hearing this!


On the one hand, because of the time issue, on the other hand, the silver needle focused on the injection problem, and the initial problem of scoring points, their heads were completely messed up just now.
Where can I pay attention to such a trivial little detail!

Only gods will notice this!

“You have already diagnosed this number 78 yesterday, and the disease you suffer from is cold dysentery. Since it is cold dysentery, let me ask you, which acupuncture points on the body of cold dysentery can’t be moved?” Lu Xiaoluan said coldly.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoluan’s heart was no less shocked than everyone else.

Even, because she knew the inside story, she was even more shocked by Wiliam’s magic than everyone else.

This is exactly a hidden trap set by the North Lu family!

Everyone present, either because of time, or because of scoring points, has no time to pay attention to this detail.

Especially for this number 13, there are only two minutes left to shoot.

It stands to reason that he has less time to pay attention to this detail than everyone else.

But he just noticed.

He completely broke the trap that North Lu family painstakingly set for him.

“If you suffer from cold dysentery, the four central acupoints of the human body are immobile. Once the acupuncture points are pierced, the patient will immediately die of frustration.” Someone immediately answered.

After all, this is the common sense of Yixie Chinese medicine.

But after the answer, the scene was deadly silent!

In everyone’s hearts, there was a weird heart with lingering fears!

It’s even the feeling of aftermath.

They are rejoicing!

Fortunately they are not good at their own skills and can’t find acupuncture points!

And if one of them can find the acupoint in the acupuncture point, then not only will he not get points on the 78th person, but he will directly stab the 78th to death!

The consequence of the death is to be eliminated directly and the North Lu family will be held accountable for the murder!

After all, this sentence was also what Lu Xiaoluan told everyone from the beginning.

Everyone thinks about it now, it’s really a cold sweat.

How much information is hidden in Lu Xiaoluan’s few words!

In other words, since the North Lu family told everyone this before, this trap was buried deliberately.

Everyone escaped this trap because of their lack of ability.

And the more capable, or the more confident the person who finds the acupuncture point, the easier it is to die on this trap!

The North Lu’s family is so scheming.

Everyone turned their gazes at Wiliam again. They knew who this trap was specifically aimed at.

However, the trap was completely seen through by Lu Yegi.

“What you said is wrong, so the three three acupoints on the patient’s body of No. 78 are immobile, and they will be eliminated as soon as they move. Think about it again, cold dysentery needs to be acupunctured at that acupuncture point. ?” Lu Xiaoluan asked again.

Someone immediately said, “I know, it is Fengfu Cave, the Fengfu Cave on the back of the neck.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone inhaled again.

Was the needle that Wiliam just stuck on Fengfu Point?

In other words, did Wiliam really understand this, because of the injection?

Being able to be so targeted by the North Lu family in the face of such a great pressure, he can still be as careful as a leisurely stroll, breaking the traps of the North Lu family.

This kid, where did the evildoer pop up!

“So, you all understand now, the meaning of the 13th needle.” Lu Xiaoluan looked at Li Hantian, who was sluggish.

Li Hantian fought a cold war fiercely.

He looked at the popcorn before it on the ground, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

Just now because of time constraints, he didn’t even think about this issue.

Even when he thinks back now, if No. 13 shoots down his flying needle, now I am afraid…

“So, on the 13th, did you save my life with this popcorn just now…”

Chapter 1118 Breakthrough!

When Li Hantian said these words, don’t mention how uncomfortable he was.

Before, he thought that Wiliam was deliberately making trouble, so that he would not get a score for that shot.

It seems that it is not like that at all.

If there was no such needle, he would have already had a life on his back and would have been directly eliminated.

This evildoer actually saved his life.

And I mocked him just now.

Thinking about it, it feels ridiculous.

Like a clown, he was embarrassed in public.

However, Wiliam looked at Li Hantian at this time and smiled softly, “Help you, do you think too much of yourself?”

Li Hantian was taken aback for a moment, and his whole body was not well.

“You, you didn’t save me, why did you get my injection just now?” Li Hantian gritted his teeth and said.

Wiliam said indifferently, “I think, you think too much, I’m not in the mood to save you, even in my opinion, your life is not as good as the life of No. 78. I killed you. A needle, purely because if you kill No. 78 with a single needle, I won’t be able to get ten points from him. I’m thankful.


Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Isn’t there only one point on a person?

How could it be ten?

Is this kid’s head broken?

However, Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan, who was suffering, and smiled: “Right, this hidden score, and this one hundred secrets, is on No. 78, right?”

Everyone, stunned!

Hide the score!


At the beginning, Lu Xiaoluan said that there was a hidden score, and the score was 10 points.

But at that time Lu Xiaoluan didn’t say how to get this score!

Now that Wiliam broke a little, everyone reacted.

In No. 78, the three acupoints can not be drilled, but only Fengfu acupoint.

This is the hidden score of this game!

Lu Xiaoluan stared at Wiliam deeply, sighed, and looked at the three elders again.

The faces of the three elders were extremely ugly.

They want to deny it.

It’s a pity that Sister Qing kept a hand beforehand and took away some of the rules of the game.

In other words, the North Lu Family has no way to deny it.

Lu Xiaoluan finally said: “Yes, No. 13 is wrong. The hidden score is on No. 78, which was obtained by No. 13. Do you remember the name of this game? One hundred secrets and one sparse. One hundred secrets refers to The hundred people who were diagnosed at the scene. But Yishu points to No. 78.”

Everyone was completely dumb.

What a special thing!

The North Lu Family is simply too!

Hidden organs everywhere.

Not only is there a hidden mystery in every rule commentary, but even the name of this level hides the biggest secret of the audience.

I can’t think of it!

Although Li Hantian was so shocked by Wiliam’s words that he couldn’t find Bei, he was extremely sad and angry.

Because this kid actually said that his life was worse than that of a diagnosed person.

But no matter what Wiliam’s needle was for, there was nothing wrong with saving his life.

He sighed, he had already given up in this round.

“The game, ready to continue.” Lu Xiaoluan saw that the people around him were still in shock, and all the things were already exhausted, so he had to continue.
In thirty seconds, what kind of miracle can this kid create?

“For the first time, I feel that people who play mind games are very dirty.” Feliicity whispered to Sister Qing.

Obviously it was the despicable method of digging holes everywhere in the Lu family.

Sister Qing smiled slightly and said, “But it seems that your husband is the deepest person in the city, isn’t he? Is he dirty?”

Feliicity curled his lips, “No, my husband was just forced to open business. Although I knew that the Lu family would target Wiliam, I didn’t expect that they were really embarrassed. It was a deadly target, and it was too disgraceful. “

Sister Qing shook her head, but said nothing.

She did understand the North Lu family a bit.

A dignified family of super martial arts students, who was so stunned by a fledgling boy, there is absolutely no way to deal with him.

The North Lu family didn’t send someone to assassinate Wiliam, which was considered very good.

The big family’s temperament is sometimes not as good as ordinary people, because they have too many scruples.

Following Lu Xiaoluan’s order, the timing that was temporarily suspended just now started again.

Everyone cheered up and continued to look at Wiliam.

There is no doubt about the outcome now.

What they all want to witness is an unprecedented miracle!

Before the 77 people, Wiliam had scored 77 points, and on No. 78, Wiliam had scored 10 points, and the total score has come to 87 points.

At the scene, there were 22 people left and 22 points left.

If Wiliam gets all of these 22 points, his score will exceed 100 points to 109 points!

The North Lu family guessed that they would not have thought of killing them. In a game that originally had a full score of only 100 points, someone unexpectedly made additional questions and scored 109 points.

This is truly the one who has never been before!

Seeing Wiliam regaining that indifferent gesture, every stitch was accurate.

Everyone had every reason to believe that it was easy for Wiliam to break 100 points.

Two levels, 209 points.

In this case, as long as you get points in the third level, Lu Yebai enters North Lu’s house, and there is no problem at all.

Everyone is fighting to die and alive, this kid is like playing, this gap makes everyone cry.

Seeing that Wiliam’s score was rising little by little, he was about to exceed 100 points.

People from North Lu’s complexion became even more ugly.

When they calculated everything before, they simply forgot to calculate the final score.

Let this level directly become a BUG, ​​with 109 points.

If this kid gets all the scores today, it will definitely be a fatal blow to the reputation of North Lu’s family!

However, they had no way to stop Wiliam from scoring.

Everyone stared at the needle in Wiliam’s hand.

“95 points, 96 points, 97 points…” Everyone’s counting continues.

The closer to 100 points, the more excited the hearts of everyone, as if it was them who enjoyed the glory.

“98 points, 99 points…”

The three elders of North Lu’s family were sweating for an unprecedented time.

They also became nervous.

“100 points!” As Wiliam’s needle accurately plunged into No.91’s wolf lair, there was a strong roar on the scene!

Already one hundred!

For the next nine points, every point was a miracle, and they were all hitting North Lu’s face!

Ask them to calculate Wiliam, but the cleverness turned out to be mistaken for cleverness, and it gave others a head!

The people of North Lu’s face were burning with pain.

For them, the next nine points were really Chi Guoguo’s Ling Chi!

But just as the North Lu family was suffering, Wiliam suddenly chuckled softly.

He held the remaining nine needles in his hand with his fist facing down.

Then, amidst the exclamation of everyone, the fists opened slowly.

The nine needles just fell to the ground so gently!

Chapter 1119 Alms!

At the scene, there was a full sky of exclamations!

Both the contestants and the people from North Lu’s family have their eyes wider than a copper bell!

Everyone thought that Wiliam would hold these nine needles and humiliate North Lu’s family severely.

After all, North Lu’s family has too many eyes, and the blame is on their own.

Wiliam shot the last nine needles, completely in line with the rules.

However, he actually gave up!

He even threw the remaining nine needles on the ground!

In other words, he does not intend to continue the game, but intends to leave the last face to the North Lu family?

When everyone thought of this, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

This kid seems to be a man.

Wiliam’s impression of everyone before was defiant, even North Lu’s family didn’t care about it.

So everyone knows that the elders of the Lu Family in North are very unwelcome to this genius who turned out to be born.

If Wiliam had all the next nine needles out, although he could get the score against the sky, he would definitely offend the North Lu family even more.

It was meaningless to join the North Lu family at that time.

It now appears that this kid intends to give up the last nine needles to please the North Lu family, not only to help the North Lu family keep their face, but also to ease the rigid relationship between the two sides.

Shishi is a social man.

When everyone breathed a sigh of relief, they secretly glanced at North Lu’s family.

I thought that the expressions of the three elders of the North Lu family would ease a lot.

But as expected, Wiliam’s nine needles fell, and the expressions of the three elders changed drastically!

It turned out to be even more angry than before!

Even the great elder, who has always been the most able to sit still, has a surge of internal strength in his body at this moment, setting off a wild hunt on the scene!

“Presumptuous!” The Great Elder drank out directly!

However, Wiliam was not afraid.

He looked at the people of North Lu’s family coldly, without speaking.

The people at the scene were dumbfounded.

Which one is this acting again!

Isn’t Wiliam asking for peace?

Why do people from North Lu’s family feel like they are completely angered?

Only Sister Qing could see the clues inside, she actually knocked Feliicity on the head with a wry smile, “Your family, you really have brought the arrogance to the extreme! He is mocking the North Lu family to death. !”

Feliicity was in pain, and said aggrievedly: “Then you go knock him, why do you knock me! Why do you say that, sister Qing.”

Sister Qing stared at Wiliam, who was light and breezy at the moment, and said with a wry smile: “Wiliam’s hand seems to be protecting the face of the North Lu family, but it is actually completely humiliating the North Lu family.”

“If you think about it, North Lu’s family is actually ready to get 109 points by Wiliam. But he just didn’t take it and stopped at 100 points. It’s like saying, these last nine stitches, I can’t get it. Now, just treat your North Lu family as a charity. Hohhhhh, the dignified North Lu family was treated like a beggar by a kid. Can you say that the elders are not angry?”

Feliicity was taken aback for a moment, my dear, this is really the case!

My husband is really overbearing!

Seeing that the elder’s anger was about to be overwhelmed, Lu Xiaoluan’s heart touched his throat.

She didn’t know where the courage came from, and she shouted directly: “No. 13 scored 100 points. Today’s game ends here. The final level will be played tomorrow. Please leave the venue immediately.”
The people at the scene were also completely shocked by the anger of the great elder.

Hearing Lu Xiaoluan’s words, everyone evacuated the scene for the first time, fearing being affected by the great elder’s energy.

Sister Qing thought, her body was already flying up and down, and she fell in front of Wiliam. She patted Wiliam on the shoulder and said, “Little guy, good performance.”

Sister You Qing stood in front of Wiliam, how dare she make a move easily even if the elder was full of anger.

The great elder brushed his sleeves and left the scene directly.

All the Lu family members gave Wiliam a fierce look before they left.

Lu Xiaoluan was the last to leave. She looked at Wiliam up and down. The more she looked at Wiliam, the more familiar she felt.

This kind of fearlessness and fearlessness, knowing that she would be killed on the spot by the great elder, but she still looked like a clank, she really felt familiar.

“Where did we meet?” Lu Xiaoluan finally asked Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the eldest sister who had guarded her since she was a child, and smiled, “I think you are familiar, too. It should be fate.”

Lu Xiaoluan curled his lips, saying this like the prodigal son of Dengtu.

She shook her head and left the scene.

And Wiliam went back to the room with Sister Qing and the others.

Sister Qing looked at Wiliam and asked, “What on earth do you want to do, kid? Since you want to join the North Lu family, you should have a good relationship with them and bear with them a little bit, but you just acted the opposite way. The North Lu Family has a foothold?”

A fierce stern flashed in Wiliam’s eyes, and he said lightly: “North Lu Family, I want to go in, but I will no longer be the same as when I was a child, begging for everything and be patient!”

The consequence of forbearance was that Wiliam’s grandfather risked his death to send him out.

The consequence of forbearance was that Wiliam’s grandfather was indirectly persecuted by these people from the Lu family in North!

Wiliam has been completely certain that this group of people in the Lu Family of North, especially the three elders, will not change their deaths, they will still be reported!

“Hey, you are like this. I really don’t know how to say you are good. Are you really afraid of entering North Lu’s house and being killed by them?” Sister Qing asked helplessly.

Wiliam asked, “Now, aren’t you and Feliicity here?”

Sister Qing was taken aback, and immediately reacted, “Damn! Didn’t you just hit our medicine knife family with your idea?”

Wiliam was not polite at all, “Otherwise? I have a thigh hug, why don’t I hug?”

Feliicity immediately became interested, “Okay, okay, you can hug my thigh! You can also hug sister Qing’s thigh.”

Sister Qing has a black line.

She understood.

This kid is sure that the people of the North Lu family dare not treat the medicine knife family.

So by then, he estimated that he would let the people of North Lu family know that he had some kind of close contact with the medicine knife family.

At that time, even if the people of North Lu’s family hate Wiliam again, they will not dare to directly attack Wiliam.

Sister Qing deliberately refused to let Wiliam hug her thigh, but after thinking about it, she looked unlovable again.

Her husband, Liu Lang, had already settled everything before she came.

This step is also being calculated by Liu Lang.

In other words, this idea of ​​Wiliam fits Liu Lang.

In this case, what can Qing sister say.

When she looked at Liu Lang, she was so angry that she couldn’t help but knocked Wiliam on the head fiercely, and said angrily, “Sister Feliicity is wrong, she is very dirty! You and Liu Begging like waves!”

“Look at it, tomorrow’s third level will definitely be you and North Lu’s family, never dying!”

Chapter 1120 Betrayal!

At this moment, in the discussion hall of North Lu’s family.

The hall was originally neat and clean, but now it’s a mess!

The Great Elder is going crazy!

“Damn it! How dare to humiliate our North Lu family like this! This number 13! Can’t keep it!” The Great Elder finished his vent and said viciously while standing there.

The others were silent.

There are only three elders, as always, the shady bird of prey.

A cold light flashed in his eyes and said: “Yes, this kid has been with us North Lu family forever, don’t say worshiping under our door, tomorrow I will let him leave the martial arts field!”

“Elder, that kid is really hateful, otherwise we will send someone to do him directly tonight!” Someone was angry and said viciously.

However, he was scolded by the second elder immediately.

“Huh! You really want our North Lu family to be infamous! That kid humiliated our North Lu family so much, but it’s all within the scope of the rules. If we really do secretly, our faces will really be completely free Now? That kid is going to die, he can only die on the stage tomorrow! Only in this way, our last face can be stored!” The second elder said coldly.

“Lu Xiaoluan, what will be the third test tomorrow?” the third elder asked Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan saw that the three elders had lost their minds, and said helplessly: “Tomorrow, the third level will actually test the players’ hearts of doctors. We plan to…”

However, she didn’t finish her words, and was interrupted by the three elders.

“Hoho, the heart of the healer! Test a fart! Can such a sly test kill him! Change it, immediately change it for me!” the third elder said angrily.

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart trembled, and the whole person was depressed.

“Three elders, our game has been studied in advance. Even today’s second level, we temporarily changed the rules, it is already very…”

“Lu Xiaoluan! Did you hear what I said! Do you want me to say it a second time!” The Third Elder said to Lu Xiaoluan unceremoniously.

Lu Xiaoluan opened her mouth, and finally said helplessly: “Well, do you have any suggestions, elders?”

The third elder said directly: “Huh! I want to kill that kid on stage! The most direct way is to arrange a fight! In this way, he can be killed in a justified way!”

The pupils of the people at the scene shrank.


The dignified North Lu family, the medicine is handed down to the world, and there is a competition link.

No matter how you look at it, it seems to be doing nothing.

And the temporary arrangement is more obvious than the fight, isn’t it aimed at that number 13?

“As long as I can kill that kid on stage, no matter what method I have, I have no opinion.” The elder also spoke in support of the opinions of the three elders.

Everyone dared not speak.

Lu Xiaoluan is the host of the competition. She has more things to consider than others, and she can’t help but speak.

So she bit her head and said: “But, if you are fighting, how do we compare? Let those players compare by themselves? In this case, how can we be sure that the strength of No. 13 and the strength of other players…”

Everyone nodded secretly.

Those players are all healers.
It is unreasonable to ask them to give up medicine and participate in competitions temporarily.

How much strength can those people have?

The more important thing is that No. 13, no one knows his strength.

If No. 13 has some little skills and cuts down other players, then this will be a joke completely.

The third elder sneered and said: “Those contestants, one by one are rubbish! Expect them to kill the 13th? I have no hope at all! Lu Xiaoluan, remember one sentence, opportunity, always be our own In hand.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes froze, “Three Elders, what do you mean…”

“Huh! Of course, our North Lu family master will personally appear on the stage and kill that kid, so that’s enough to relieve the hatred!” The third elder said sharply.

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart was almost lost.

The three elders are completely crazy!

It turned out to send the masters of the Lu family to bully those novices.

If this spreads…

North Lu family, North Lu family, how far are you going to degenerate!

“Three elders, but there will be a lot of players tomorrow. If we send masters one by one, I am afraid…” Lu Xiaoluan objected a little tactfully.

However, the three elders have completely disregarded their face, “Ho ho, many players? Through previous games, we have already seen that except for Li Hantian, everything else is rubbish! Didn’t they all scored more than 50 points in their games today? Except for Li Hantian and that kid, in the first level, only 70 points was the highest. In other words, after two rounds, the scores of the other players were only 120 points. In the third round, even if they get full marks, It’s not even qualified to join us, right! So, there is no need for them to participate in the third round of the competition, and they are eliminated directly! In the third round, just leave Li Hantian and the number 13 on it.”

The words of the three elders completely broke Lu Xiaoluan.


“Three elders! If you do this, it will arouse the whole world of discussion! Besides, we temporarily changed to the competition, how should the rules be set? How to get points?” Lu Xiaoluan tried to stop.

The three elders said grimly: “The discussion is just for a moment! However, the humiliation that the boy gave us to the North Lu family is unforgettable! The rules are set, I don’t bother to think about it! Just two points! First, the two People compete with the masters of our North Lu family. The winner gets full points and the loser gets zero points! Second, in the game, life and death are alive and well!”

The words of the three elders shocked everyone!

Either zero points or full points, it is really a big gamble!

“Three elders, forgive me to say something, it’s totally wrong to change to Bidou tomorrow!” The upright Lu Xiaoluan finally couldn’t help it, so he straightened out the words.

The atmosphere was stagnant.

Lu Xiaobin was so scared that his scalp was numb, he hurried up to pull Lu Xiaoluan, and whispered: “Sister, are you crazy! Dare to talk to the Third Elder like this!”

However, Lu Xiaoluan had completely ignored it.

She can’t make her continue to be ignorant of her conscience!

“Ho ho…” The third elder’s sneer suddenly sounded in the quiet scene.

Everyone could tell that the Third Elder was really angry.

“Lu Xiaoluan, Lu Xiaoluan, I have always wanted to ask you. From yesterday to today, many of your actions have been secretly helping the number 13? Could it be that you have colluded with the number 13 and wanted to humiliate our Lu family. !”

When this apostasy was deducted, Lu Xiaoluan was dumbfounded on the spot, “I! I don’t have one! I am loyal to the Lu family! Three elders, you can’t talk nonsense!”

A trace of sinisterness flashed in the eyes of the Third Elder, “Okay, since you said you are loyal to the Lu Family, then you will prove it to us tomorrow! Tomorrow, we will send you to compete with that number 13.”

“Win, cut off his head! Lose! You apologize on the stage!”


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