Dragon Husband 1121-1130

Chapter 1121

To be honest, during the previous two rounds of competition, Lu Xiaoluan did give a little bit of protection to Wiliam.

In Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes, although this Wiliam looked arrogant, it was very annoying.

But Lu Xiaoluan just felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, which made her dislike it.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoluan’s so-called childishness was just changing the subject in time, causing the anger of the North Lu family to burst out on the spot.

This is also for the Lu family’s sake.

Do you really want the North Lu family to attack a kid in front of so many people?

Does the Lu family still have a face?

Unexpectedly, in the eyes of the third elders, his painstaking effort turned into collusion with Wiliam!

Now, the three elders pushed her to the cusp of the storm, asking her to play tomorrow!

Still the kind of endless death!

Lu Xiaoluan only felt a surge in his heart, disgusting!

North Lu Family, do you dare to be more disgusting!

“Why? Default?” The Third Elder said with a sneer, seeing Lu Xiaoluan not answering.

The atmosphere at the scene is about to freeze.

Who knows, Lu Xiaoluan even laughed, “Okay! I promised you!”

Lu Xiaoluan looked around, her eyes became indifferent, “But listen carefully, I am playing, not to prove anything to you! I, Lu Xiaoluan, do things with a clear conscience! I am going to fight, purely for the North Lu family! I won After that kid, I will not kill him because I think he is not going to die!”

“After the disgusting behavior, let you come!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s words once again caused a big wave.

She is openly challenging the three elders!

The third elder was furious, “Lu Xiaoluan! Say it again and give me a try!”

Lu Xiaoluan seemed to be determined to work hard to the end. She sneered: “A dignified super medical family. It is already a shame to change the rules to deal with a worldly boy. Kill him, sorry, I can’t do it. Here. Whoever gets it, whoever gets it. It’s that simple!”

She finished speaking and walked away directly.

The third elder was angry again and was about to make a move, but was held back by the big elder.

The Great Elder is obviously much deeper than the Three Elders.

He had calmed down his anger at this moment, and said to the third elder: “It’s up to Lu Xiaoluan to take the action tomorrow, and you don’t have to pursue anything. After all, Lu Xiaoluan is the daughter of the Patriarch, so don’t be too embarrassed about the affairs of the family.

Lu Xiaoluan’s father is the head of the Lu family in North.

Although the Patriarch has been in seclusion for nearly a year, the elders must be wary of this relationship.

“Huh! I’ll teach this little bitch who knows nothing about life and death sooner or later! By the way, elder, can you see the martial arts realm on the 13th?” the third elder asked.

The elder shook his head, and said helplessly: “It’s strange to say that if an ordinary warrior is in front of me, I can see him as close as possible. But this kid is in front of me, like a cloud of doubt, I I can’t see through.”

“Can’t see through? Isn’t this kid very good?” The third elder frowned and asked.

He asked this purely to be safer tomorrow.
The elder shook his head again and said: “It shouldn’t be. His highest realm is no more than Huajin Xiaocheng. And you think about it, this kid has such a high level of attainments in medicine at a young age. To be honest, his I am afraid that medical skills are not much better than those of our old guys. Such a attainment at such a young age shows that all his energy is invested in medical skills, so martial arts must be weak. There is no doubt about this.”

After being analyzed by the elder, everyone nodded, “Yes, or is this kid still a human?”

Someone wondered: “Elder, do you say that his medical knowledge is really so advanced? Our North Lu family is a super medical family. Many of us have also studied medicine since childhood, but none of them can reach him. Such a realm. Then where does he come from? How terrifying is his master?”

This question plunged the scene into contemplation again.

It is indeed incredible.

The elder groaned for a moment and said: “Under the world, our North Lu family medicine is quite famous. Above us, only the medicine knife family has the ability to cultivate such horrible young people. As for others such as Guhuo Valley, There is also the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, who are good at wicked medicine. I can feel that this kid’s medicine is orthodox medicine. It shouldn’t come from these two schools. Therefore, there is only one answer…”

Medicine knife family!

Everyone was speechless by the elder’s reasoning.


Judging from the previous situation, this kid’s registration was registered by Qing sister from the medicine knife family.

It shows that he must have contact with the medicine knife family.

Furthermore, Sister Qing and Feliicity were both closely related to this kid before.

Who believes that this kid has not contacted the medicine knife family?

“But, since he comes from a family of medicine knives, why should he join this Youth Medical Association and join us? This is totally unexplainable.” Someone immediately questioned.

Being in the medicine knife family, why come to North Lu’s family? This in itself does not make sense.

The elder sneered and said, “I guess this kid is a rookie from the Medicine Knife Family who is preparing to launch with heavy blows. Therefore, the Medicine Knife Family intends to use this Youth Doctor Association to make this kid famous. Luo Lu’s family, I guess it’s a scene at all. Didn’t hear that Feliicity gave a seductive offer before? To marry the first place in this competition, it seems to be tempting everyone, now I think I think it is specifically for the 13th, and it is also for the 13th to leave a statement in advance. At that time, the 13th will not only become famous, but also not enter our North Lu home, which will kill two birds with one stone.

Everyone was shown off by the elder’s reasoning, and there was no flaw.

“But, now there is another problem. We know that this kid is from the Medicine Knife family, so will we still dare to kill him tomorrow? If he died on the stage, how would the Medicine Knife family members give up? “Someone asked again.

Everyone was at a loss again.

This seems to be an infinite loop.

Could it be that this kid really has a gold medal for avoiding death, and the North Lu family can’t deal with a stinky kid?

However, the third elder smiled grimly: “Funny! What are you thinking about! All this is just our guess! Even if the kid is from the medicine knife family, what about it!”

“Since the medicine knife family has not taken the initiative to disclose the identity of this kid, and is ready to use our stage to help him become famous, then we will follow the flow of the boat and treat it as if we don’t know.”

“At that time, you can kill this kid, and you can kill the knife family! Can the medicine knife family not actively disclose his identity, can you blame us?”

“This dumb loss, they are sure!”

Chapter 1122

Everyone was stunned by what the three elders said.

It seems to be such a truth.

“So, as long as the medicine knife family does not take the initiative to say the identity of this kid, we can kill two birds with one stone. And if they take the initiative to say the identity of the kid, we can even use the topic to question the medicine knife family’s bad intentions. For!” The third elder added another sentence.

“Then can Lu Xiaoluan really defeat that kid tomorrow?” someone asked again.

The three elders calmed down for an unprecedented time, and smiled sinisterly: “Do you really think that I just said that with no brains? Ridiculous! I have lived for most of my life, I have never seen any scene! Tell you the truth, I’m not afraid that the little bitch knows! I deliberately angered the little bitch. Everyone knows her character. It sounds good to say that it is upright, and it is bad to be honest! If she makes a decision, she will definitely say it. Going to the bottom, so she will definitely go all out tomorrow.”

“Also, although this little bitch is a little bit stretched on the path of medicine, but fortunately she has a high martial arts talent, which can be regarded as the leader of the younger generation. She has reached the peak of Huajin Xiaocheng and will soon break through. Huajin Dacheng. So she went to deal with a warrior who might only have Huajin Xiaocheng at the highest level, didn’t she get it right?”

Everyone looked at the three elders stupidly, and a chill came from their hearts.

This old man is too treacherous!

He actually performed a good show in front of everyone, who knew that there were so many bad thoughts in his stomach.

And that night, Lu Xiaoluan was drunk in her room.

On the second day, many people gathered in the square again.

Many people who have been eliminated are still reluctant to leave because they feel that coming over today will witness a miracle.

The number 13 actually got full marks in the first two rounds, and now has 200 points.

If you get a full score in the third round, it will be 300 points!

According to the regulations given by the Lu family in North, as long as the score is above 290, you can directly become the elder of the Lu family!

Everyone knows that North Lu’s previous offer of this condition was a gimmick that attracted attention.

It is impossible for participants to meet this condition.

The second round also confirmed the intention of the North Lu family.

They attacked the 13th in various ways, but they were severely humiliated by the 13th.

Therefore, in the third round, it is very likely that this kind of shocking inversion will happen again.

Everyone is watching the show, and it doesn’t matter who advances and who doesn’t.

Wiliam was standing on the stage now, with Xiao Wangqing sitting on his shoulders again.

Xiao Wangqing didn’t go to bed today, arguing that she wanted to come with Wiliam to join in the heat.

Wiliam’s eyes were on Lu Xiaoluan on the stage.

Today’s Lu Xiaoluan’s temperament is completely different from before.

Before, she was irritable, but she had true temperament.

Today she has become extremely cold, as if endless anger is suppressed in her heart.

Wiliam thought, it seemed that Lu Xiaoluan had been bullied by the Lu family in North.

Thinking of this, Wiliam felt a little uncomfortable.

From childhood to adulthood, this elder sister has been protecting herself.
Now, the eldest sister was actually bullied.

Does that mean that I have to return all the grace of the former eldest sister to her.

It’s nine o’clock, time is up.

Lu Xiaoluan cleared his throat and cut directly to the topic: “The first two rounds, everyone’s results have been released. The highest score is No. 13, 200 points, the second is No. 80, 169 points, and the third is No. 22. 118 points. According to the rules we set before, if you want to visit our North Lu family, the minimum score is 220 points, which means that from the third place, including the third place, all the people behind have already lost I have qualified for the third round of competition, do you have any objections?”

When Lu Xiaoluan said this, her tone was extremely cold.

This immediately set off a big wave at the scene.

“North Lu Family, are you deceiving too much!”

“You planned to deal with the 13th from the beginning. We were just being hurt by you. Now you tell me temporarily that we don’t even have to participate in the third round. Do you want to be so disgusting?”

“I seriously suspect that your motive for running this Youth Medical Association is not pure! Such a North Lu family is extremely disgusting!”

“Ho ho, in order to deal with a kid, with the help of the whole family, I was given a slap in the face. Now we have to figure out what moths come, we have to take a look, where is your lower limit!”

“Okay! I won’t participate if I don’t participate! I suddenly felt that visiting North Lu’s family is simply a humiliation to the medical science! Such North Lu’s family, not to join! It is the destruction of the holy land in my heart!”

“Come on on the 13th! Let’s cheer you off the stage! Give us this breath! Let this disgusting family face lost!”

The people at the scene ridiculed, because of this temporary rule, they became angry.

And Wiliam himself didn’t even think that the North Lu family could still do this, and directly helped him bring a wave of popularity.

This is not the initiative to give the head.

“The third round of the competition is very simple. Although our North Lu family is a medical family, we have been practicing medical and martial arts. Medication alone is not enough to become the disciple of our North Lu family. So in this round, we Fighting against each other!” Lu Xiaoluan didn’t even care about the grievances below, and even bothered.

As soon as this word came out, everyone was stunned again.

Then came bursts of ridicule.

“Hahaha! What did I hear! Obviously, when recruiting players at the beginning, they said that they were trying medical skills, but now it’s better, it’s changed to martial arts?”

“Let us a group of doctors compete with people with real swords and guns? Then why don’t we join those martial arts families? North Lu family, can you also speak for this test?”

“Obviously it was deliberately aimed at No. 13 and wanted to intercept it halfway, because they were scared. If No. 13 directly became the elder of the North Lu family by virtue of their unparalleled medical skills, that would be an extraordinary story. Where is the old face of the North Lu family? Isn’t it?”

People from North Lu’s family were surprisingly calm.

Obviously they were ready to be sprayed.

Even Li Hantian laughed. He shook his head, “It’s ridiculous, I want to join in. Is this a family? I count Li Hantian as blind! Although I got 160 points, I have great hope to join. North Lu family, but I also put my words here, such a North Lu family, I disdain! I quit the game.”

Li Hantian’s words pushed the atmosphere of the scene to the top.

Someone couldn’t help applauding Li Hantian: “Li Hantian! I didn’t think you were so mighty! Even if you don’t lift up in this life, I still respect you as a man!”

Li Hantian’s face turned black!

Is this human?

Chapter 1123

For a while, Li Hantian was completely unclear about whether these people were praising him or hurting him.

In short, his mood is very unbeautiful.


A loud noise suddenly sounded at the scene.

I saw the chair and table in front of the three elders suddenly shattering.

Obviously the three elders are planning to knock the mountain and shake the tiger.

“Whoever dares to speak arrogantly will end up like this!” The Third Elder said coldly.

Everyone’s necks shrank, and they dared not speak any more.

After all, this is the territory of the North Lu family.

It seems that today the North Lu family is going to carry out shamelessly to the end.

Sister Qing squinted her eyes, but she didn’t speak.

However, she was crazy with joy.

North Lujia.

You can also be regarded as the wild geese being pecked all day long.

Do you really think that Wiliam’s strongest is his medical skills, but he is useless in martial arts?

It’s ridiculous.

The most amazing thing about Wiliam is martial arts!

“Well, since the 80th has abstained, there is only one match left for today’s competition, which is the 13th. This time our North Lu family will send someone to compete with the 13th.” Lu Xiaoluan is still on business. Said the way.

But everyone had long expected that if the people from the North Lu family hadn’t come off the court personally, who could stop the 13th.

Now it depends on how shameless the North Lu family can be, and whether it will send the elders to participate directly.

In this case, it would really laugh and be generous.

Seeing everyone’s sarcasm, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t get angry, and continued coldly: “In this competition, if you win on the 13th, you will be promoted with a full score. If you lose, you will get zero points. The rules of the game are also very simple. , Life and death have nothing to do with people.”

Everyone was waiting for Lu Xiaoluan to tell who the North Lu family ended up.

Catering to everyone’s expectations, Lu Xiaoluan said indifferently: “I will play the battle at North’s Lu Family. I am the Huajin Xiaocheng Peak Warrior.”

This was unexpectedly unexpected.

Everyone didn’t know how disgusting Lu Xiaoluan was to go to the stage, but they felt that Lu’s family in North had a lot of shame and no elder was sent.

On the other hand, Wiliam finally understood why Lu Xiaoluan looked cold.

It turned out that she was forced to fight to death with herself.

Naturally, Wiliam would not kill Lu Xiaoluan.

And he also believed that Lu Xiaoluan would not kill him because of his justice.

“No. 13, show your weapon.” Lu Xiaoluan suddenly walked aside, took a weapon in his hand, and then said to Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at the weapon in Lu Xiaoluan’s hand in surprise.

Lu Xiaoluan should not be a weapon, but a physical weapon.

But now she is holding a weapon, clearly bluffing.

And this weapon gave Wiliam a funny feeling.

Like a long sword.

But this long sword is clearly a thermometer that magnifies countless times?

The sword of this thermometer is transparent and has enlarged scales on it.

Do you want to be so funny?

“Take out your weapon, don’t say I bully you.” Lu Xiaoluan repeated.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “My weapon is already on me, let’s start.”
Lu Xiaoluan and everyone were taken aback, this kid’s weapon was already on him?


can not see it?

Could it be a hidden weapon?

Lu Xiaoluan nodded and rushed towards Wiliam without saying a word.

Wiliam quickly threw Xiao Wangqing on his shoulder towards Feliicity, and then dodged aside, avoiding Lu Xiaoluan’s blow.

Although hiding behind, Wiliam had a strange feeling.

Lu Xiaoluan’s thermometer is really mysterious.

When it cut through the air, it turned out to be a kind of bone-cutting chill.

It’s a bit like Feliicity’s ice vein profound energy.

It seems that this is a wonderful sword?

Afterwards, everyone saw Wiliam dodge on the court.

This chic figure is beyond everyone’s expectations.

“This number 13 is fine! Looking at this posture, he can escape the attack of Huajin Xiaocheng Peak Martial Artist, he is also a Huajin Xiaocheng Martial Artist!”

“Damn! People are more popular than others. I am older than him. As a result, Yi Dao was killed in seconds, and Martial Dao was also killed in seconds.”

“It seems that there is a play today, this kid, I hope he can win! Three hundred points, I am angry with North Lu family.”

However, the people of North Lu’s family all looked calm.

They knew too much about Lu Xiaoluan’s temper, and belonged to the category of the warrior goddess of war. This was just the beginning, and Lu Xiaoluan was still crazy.

And Wiliam dodged for a while, and already probably knew Lu Xiaoluan’s true strength.

According to the current situation, even though Wiliam was just a little energized, he was still close to Lu Xiaoluan.

But Wiliam had a hundred ways to defeat Lu Xiaoluan.

His long live Honglian is still not shot.

“Boy, why do you keep dodge?” Lu Xiaoluan said coldly.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to withstand my sister once I make a move.”

It was normal for Wiliam to call her sister. They were the relationship between cousin and brother.

But when Lu Xiaoluan heard this, he was in a daze.

A familiar name, a familiar expression…

But in the next second, she reacted immediately, it was impossible, it could not be that turtle son.

He died ten years ago.

“Dengtu, the prodigal son, dare to speak harshly to me! Looking for death!” Lu Xiaoluan’s expression became more indifferent, and the thermometer in his hand rushed towards Wiliam like a storm.

After all, Wiliam was unarmed, unable to block or fight back.

He was suppressed by Lu Xiaoluan for a while and forced into the corner.

“You are forcing me to take action, sister.” Wiliam said helplessly.

“Dare to call my sister again! I will kill you!” Lu Xiaoluan was in a bad mood, and the killing intent in his eyes suddenly appeared!

But at this time, she suddenly saw the corner of Wiliam’s mouth hooked.


Her eyes were in a trance, Wiliam in front of her disappeared out of thin air!

But everyone on the scene saw this scene clearly.

Where did Wiliam disappear suddenly.

He only exploded for a moment, and his body jumped high.

Then, when Lu Xiaoluan still couldn’t react, Wiliam had fallen behind Lu Xiaoluan.

This sudden eruption made even the three elders’ eyes widened!

They didn’t expect that this kid was so explosive!

After all, Lu Xiaoluan underestimated the enemy a bit.

No, it should be said that the entire North Lu family has underestimated the enemy!

“Be careful!” The Third Elder couldn’t help but drank out.

“Despicable!” Lu Xiaoluan reacted immediately and was hit by this kid’s aggressive strategy!

She turned around in anger, but suddenly felt something on her neck!

Wiliam’s claws with one hand just got stuck on Lu Xiaoluan’s neck when he turned around.

With a playful face on Wiliam’s face, he said lightly: “Three hundred points, get it.”

Chapter 1124 Bing Lin!

In Wiliam’s view, Lu Xiaoluan is not yet his opponent.

However, Wiliam would not underestimate Lu Xiaoluan.

After all, Lu Xiaoluan had a power that made Wiliam feel heart palpitations, and Wiliam still couldn’t see through it.

Seeing Wiliam grabbing Lu Xiaoluan’s throat with one hand, the scene was dead silent!

This is the last killer of the North Lu family, how easy it is!

Compared with the previous two levels, Wiliam’s victory in this round was really too easy.

Three hundred points, is it really that way?

When the three elders heard Wiliam’s words, Qi Qi showed a joking smile.

Lu Xiaoluan is underestimating the enemy, so what about this number 13?

It just so happened that Lu Xiaoluan needed this kind of stimulation.

As long as the strongest Lu Xiaoluan is stimulated, today’s game will be interesting enough.

Sure enough, when Lu Xiaoluan heard Wiliam’s jokes, her whole body trembled.

She suddenly twisted her body forcibly, ignoring her own life and death, and waved the thermometer in her hand at Wiliam.

Wiliam frowned, and at the moment of his death, he had no choice to break Lu Xiaoluan’s neck directly.

Instead, he chose to let go, and then his body flashed aside.

There was a scream at the scene.

If Wiliam was cruel enough just now, he would kill Lu Xiaoluan with one move.

And when Lu Xiaoluan was dying, that thermometer was enough to penetrate Wiliam’s heart!

Lu Xiaoluan shot down and looked at Wiliam coldly, “Why didn’t you kill me!”

She knew that Wiliam was capable of killing her at a certain price just now.

But Wiliam didn’t know how to start.

Is it because you don’t want to get hurt?

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan who was gradually walking away, sighed, and said, “It’s not necessary.”

Wiliam couldn’t make him kill his eldest sister when he was a child.

“There is no need, we must be fully aware of being counterattacked by me.” Lu Xiaoluan said, her body suddenly rose into the air!

At the highest point, Wiliam’s heart suddenly tightened!

A dangerous and familiar feeling came to my heart instantly!

To say that it is dangerous, this breath is enough to threaten his life.

As for familiarity, this breath is pulling the metamorphic air in the landing leaf!

This is a feeling of the same blood!

Could it be!

Wiliam suddenly looked at Lu Xiaoluan in the air!

I saw Lu Xiaoluan in the air. I don’t know when to start. The thermometer in his hand is shining with a dazzling cold light!

The temperature at the scene seemed to drop below freezing!

Wiliam’s heart trembled, and he shouted out in surprise, “Inner strength profound energy!”

Yes it is!

Wiliam sensed that this was an inner strength profound energy belonging to Lu Xiaoluan!

According to the knowledge that Wiliam had learned before, inner strength profound energy was a very rare aura.

Among the hundred Huajin martial artists, it would be great to be able to activate the inner strength profound energy by one.

Unexpectedly, Lu Xiaoluan’s martial arts talent is so high.

And Wiliam even felt that this inner strength profound energy also carried a mighty and mighty spirit!

Lu Xiaoluan is an authentic descendant of a unicorn!

If Wiliam wanted to understand this, he was naturally happy for Lu Xiaoluan.
However, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t know Wiliam’s thoughts. She was in the air and her voice was like the Nine You Devil, “Bing Lin!”

Drink it!

The thermometer in her hand swung directly towards Wiliam on the ground!

A frost hit Wiliam directly from her thermometer at the speed of lightning and flint!

In this scene, the people who watched the scene were surprised again!

After so far, I can still feel this deep chill.

The three elders finally laughed when they saw this.

The strongest Lu Xiaoluan was forced out.

The Lu family of North are descendants of unicorns.

The family’s totem is the green and red blood unicorn.

Every Lu family has the blood of unicorns.

Every Lu family has the opportunity to awaken the bloodline Xuanjin that belongs to the Lu family.

And Lu Xiaoluan, as the only person among the younger generation who has awakened bloodline profound energy, she is invincible among the younger generation in this state!

Bing Lin is her biggest ultimate move!

Now, let’s see that the death of No. 13 is approaching.

Sister Qing’s eyes widened when she saw Lu Xiaoluan actually awakening Binglin Xuanjin.

Feliicity also gave birth to a strange feeling, she asked in a low voice: “Sister Qing, the frosty internal force in her seems a bit like me.”

Sister Qing nodded and said, “Well, it’s a bit like, you are Frost Xuanjin, she is Binglin Xuanjin, do you want to say anything different? Your Frost Xuanjin belongs to the incomparable evil family, and her ice Lin Xuanjin is an orthodox avenue.”

Feliicity’s face was cold when she heard it, “Am I so evil?”

Sister Qing glared at Feliicity, “What do you think? People who have unusual personalities at every turn, how about self-respect?”

Feliicity shut up immediately, with nothing to say.

Seeing Bing Lin Xuanjin attacking him, Wiliam’s heart trembled, and for a moment there was an urge to take it hard.

Because Wiliam had already sensed it, even if it was Binglin Xuanjin, what about it?

Wiliam has the blood of the ancient unicorn!

All Qilin Xuanjin must be suppressed by him!

However, Wiliam didn’t want to expose his killer so quickly.

He reluctantly hid away.

Lu Xiaoluan in midair saw Wiliam dodge, waving the thermometer in his hand as if he didn’t need money.

Suddenly, the entire field seemed like winter had come!

Frost is spreading, and the chill is deep!

Wiliam saw that he was forced to a blind spot, and the three elders smiled even more.

Now, let’s see where he hides.

The heart of the people at the scene seemed to be picked up, and Feliicity also stood up directly from the position.

But at this moment, everyone only heard Wiliam sigh slightly.

Then, Wiliam body rushed directly towards Lu Xiaoluan in the air!

“No!” The people at the scene worried for Wiliam and shouted directly.

When a person is in the air, he has completely become a target, and he is not going to be frozen to death by this terrible frost!

Lu Xiaoluan also showed a trace of cruelty, with Binglin profound energy on his body, and vented towards Wiliam desperately!

However, a weird scene appeared!

Those Binglin Xuanjin who rushed towards Wiliam seemed to have been subjected to some terrible suppression when they were about to approach Wiliam.

It melted directly out of thin air!

This scene shocked everyone present!

The smiles of the three elders froze instantly!

At this time, Wiliam came to Lu Xiaoluan’s body again.

Lu Xiaoluan, still in a daze.

Why is Binglin Xuanjin, who has never been disadvantaged, seems to be running away from this kid?

What’s the problem!

Wiliam’s hand lightly patted Lu Xiaoluan’s head again.

Lu Xiaoluan was shocked all over, just about to be forced to death like before.

At this time, Wiliam shook his head and sighed softly: “Sister, you are still so irritable, you really forgot, who am I?”

Chapter 1125

This sentence is like a brain of magic sound.

Lu Xiaoluan was completely stunned.

She stared blankly at Wiliam, who put her hand on her head.

Wiliam didn’t have any strength in his hands, and he didn’t even have the slightest murderous intent.

It doesn’t seem to be fighting at all.

But what he said caused a great wave in Lu Xiaoluan’s heart.

Big sister head!

This familiar name made Lu Xiaoluan dream about ten years ago!

At that time, there was a kid at home who was talented but was always bullied.

When he was bullied, there was always a little grumpy girl who stood up to support him.

At that time, this kid always called this little girl the big sister.

However, the little girl didn’t like this title at all, because it was too small.

So every time this kid called the little girl the head of the eldest sister, it was unavoidable that it would be another fat beating.

But the boy just keeps his temper, calling every day, and the little girl beats every day.

This has become a habit between the two of them.

It wasn’t until one day ten years ago when the little girl woke up and was going to play with this kid.

The family told the little girl that the kid had a sudden illness and died.

This message makes it difficult for the little girl to be confident like a thunderstorm.

She even ran to find the kid’s grandfather, but the answer was the same.

The little girl was depressed for several years, unable to get out of this shadow.

She even blamed her family.

Said it is a super medical family.

But why can’t even my family be saved?

It is simply a vain name.

Since then, the little girl hated studying medicine, but became interested in martial arts.

Because she is deceiving herself.

I thought that after learning martial arts well, that kid would come back to this house one day.

At that time, the little girl can continue to protect this kid who is always jealous.

Past events, scenes.

It appeared in Lu Xiaoluan’s head like running water.

A big sister’s head has completely confirmed the identity of the guy in front of him.

Because since childhood, no one dared to call her that.

No wonder!

It’s no wonder that from the first side of this kid, I felt that this kid was very familiar.

Not only this face is familiar.

Even the talent of this kid who is envied and hated by others, as well as the character of this kid who is arrogant and unyielding, are all so familiar.

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t dare to match the person in front of him with his childhood friend, after all, the friend was dead.

Now, the facts tell her that her little friend when she was young is not dead!

The guy in front of him who was still amazing and brilliant was his little cousin, Wiliam!

In an instant, Lu Xiaoluan’s tears flowed down like the Yellow River bursting its dyke!

She grabbed Wiliam’s hand on her head with one hand, and suddenly burst into tears.

This scene made everyone at the scene bewildered.

what’s the situation?

Was Lu Xiaoluan beaten and cry directly?

Is this too miserable?

And it’s a bit embarrassing, right?

The player sent by the North Lu family was beaten up by a young man and burst into tears on the spot. How unpleasant it was to spread out.
The faces of the North Lu family gradually became ugly.

Especially Lu Xiaobin, his eyes are about to fall off.

He knows Lu Xiaoluan’s character better than anyone.

She has always been upright and stubborn, how could she burst into tears like this.

Shouldn’t she be more brave and not bow her head?

The crying in front of me seemed to have been wronged so much, tears would drown the scene.

Sister Qing sees this scene, and if she looks at Feliicity, “Your husband is quite good at doing things.”

Who knew that Feliicity’s eyes were red, as if he felt the same way as Wiliam and Lu Xiaoluan.

“This is Wiliam’s family, this is the first family Wiliam has seen.” Feliicity muttered to herself.

Well, this is the first family member Wiliam saw when he came back.

The blood is in the same clan, the flesh is connected.

Wiliam stared at Lu Xiaoluan who was crying with a black line.

He knew that Lu Xiaoluan would be very happy, but he didn’t expect it to be like this.

It’s too much, right?

Don’t forget that the two are still in a state of competition, how can this end!

“Sister, do you want this…” Wiliam whispered to Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan suddenly grabbed Wiliam’s head and clamped Wiliam’s head directly under his armpit.

Then, while crying bitterly, he used his other hand to knock Wiliam on the head frantically.

All this is like ten years ago.

Every time Wiliam called her eldest sister the head, she was always caught in her armpit by Lu Xiaoluan and gave her a crazy head.

It seems that time has not changed, location has not changed, and they have not changed.

The people at the scene were dumbfounded again.

What the hell!

Why suddenly Lu Xiaoluan counterattacked again?

And why in an instant, Wiliam became unable to fight back?

What the hell is it today!

Wiliam was caught by Lu Xiaoluan’s head, which was also a black line.

All grown up, come back?

However, Wiliam knew that Lu Xiaoluan was very excited now, and he did not dare to resist any resistance, let her vent it.

So the situation at the scene changed. Lu Xiaoluan suddenly exploded in power and directly slammed Wiliam.

Wiliam had no way to fight back.

Seeing this, the ugly faces of the North Lu family before gradually eased.

This is like Lu Xiaoluan’s style, and this is like the rhythm that the game should have.

It shouldn’t be long before Lu Xiaoluan can win.

The number 13 was really bluffed by him just now.

Lu Xiaoluan beat Wiliam desperately, but when she saw that Wiliam didn’t resist, her heart suddenly softened.

She took advantage of the gap to look around, don’t look at her carelessly, in fact, her mind is very delicate.

How would the three elders react if they knew that Wiliam, who should have died ten years ago, went home?

Those three are not good people.

So, she lowered her voice and said, “Why are you back? Aren’t you dead?”

As Wiliam was beaten, he whispered: “It’s a long story. We are still playing now.”

Lu Xiaoluan was taken aback for a moment, and then asked again: “Then how did you avoid my Binglin Profound Energy just now? You know, my Binglin Profound Energy is very powerful, but just now it seemed to be afraid of you, so you told me Say.”

Wiliam still had a black line, “Big sister, can you stop beating me while asking? This thing is hard to say…”

“I rely on your uncle for a long story! It’s hard to say a word!” Lu Xiaoluan was so angry that Wiliam was going to run away on the spot.

Everyone obviously felt that Lu Xiaoluan’s momentum had become violent.

To win! Lu Xiaoluan is about to show his power and win the game directly!

People from North Lu’s family are all excited!

But the next second, everyone was dumbfounded.

Lu Xiaoluan’s imposing manner was arrogant, but he let go of Wiliam, and then shouted: “I admit defeat.”

After she shouted, she whispered: “You can always talk now!”

Chapter 1126

“Damn!” Qi Qi cursed at the scene.

They can’t understand today’s game at all.

It was obvious that Wiliam had an advantage at the beginning, and then Lu Xiaoluan used a woman’s killer trick-crying.

Then Wiliam was stunned, and then he was hanged and beaten by Lu Xiaoluan.

Seeing that Lu Xiaoluan was about to succeed, suddenly Lu Xiaoluan gave in.

There is no sign, there is no notice at all!

The three elders of the Lu family turned pale on the spot.

The third elder scolded sharply: “Lu Xiaoluan! Do you know what you are talking about! You obviously have a leading advantage, and suddenly you admit defeat. You also said that you did not collude with this kid!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s head hurt for a while.

She looked at Wiliam helplessly. Originally, what Wiliam said was too long and hard to say. Lu Xiaoluan instinctively felt that when the game was over, wouldn’t there be time to talk about it?

So Lu Xiaoluan was very bachelor and gave in.

But she didn’t realize that it seemed that it was only after surrendering that troubles came, making her even less time to listen to Wiliam.

However, Lu Xiaoluan still has a clear conscience for the so-called collusion mentioned by the three elders.

She gave up in this round and was also frank.

From the moment that Wiliam can decipher her Binglin Profound Energy ingeniously, he arrived in front of her.

Lu Xiaoluan knew that he couldn’t match Wiliam.

Just now the scene was dominant, it was purely because Wiliam took into account his own mood, so that he could vent happily.

Really want to fight, it is not Wiliam’s opponent at all.

So Lu Xiaoluan said coldly: “I am not the opponent of No. 13, I give up and have a clear conscience.”

Lu Xiaoluan did not directly tell Wiliam’s true identity.

“You! Do you remember what you promised last night! If you lose this game, you have to apologize!” The third elder roared sharply, and his body was shaking.

However, after Lu Xiaoluan and Wiliam reunited, they seemed to have opened the door to a new world, regardless of everything.

She still said coldly: “First of all, I didn’t have a clear promise to your request of a shameless dog! Then, even if I promised your request of a dog, so what! My old lady regrets it now, you bit me what!”

The atmosphere on the scene froze instantly.

Everyone just felt the wind blowing in their hearts, completely messed up.

what’s the situation!

Is this Lu Xiaoluan crazy?

Haven’t you been upright and impartial before?

Now why is it like eating explosives, it’s just like seeing people!

What a supreme status of the Three Elders.

In her mouth, turned into a despicable dog thing?

And isn’t she always the most principled?

How dare to say unbelievable things like repentance?

What happened today?

The three elders have been pampering themselves at home, and the people on the rivers and lakes are also polite to him.

Has he ever suffered such a shame!

The third elder was furious in an instant, “I want to kill you!”

However, the three elders were held back by the big elder again.

The grand elder’s expression also became somber, “Lu Xiaoluan, do you really want to admit defeat? Really want to treachery!”

Lu Xiaoluan still has a clear conscience, “I am not the opponent of No. 13, and the people on the scene can’t see it. Can the three of you still see it? So I give up, what can’t you do? Do you really want me to be on stage? Are you willing to go to the same place as the 13th?”
Lu Xiaoluan’s remarks were very skillful and pushed the three elders to the moral high ground at once.

Could the three elders publicly admit their sinister intentions?

And the key is that Lu Xiaoluan was right.

Originally the three elders were confused by the situation just now, thinking that Lu Xiaoluan was going to win.

But they were reminded by Lu Xiaoluan for a while.

In the second half of the game, it is no longer a game.

When Lu Xiaoluan beat Wiliam, he was playing a rogue style.

Only the first half is the real competition.

But at that time, Lu Xiaoluan was suppressed and cracked, and there was no way to use this kid.

Is this guy really is a kind of romantic, can not see a woman cry, so just give up resistance, so that LU Xiao Luan meal fat beat?

Regardless of these messy factors, Lu Xiaoluan might not be the No. 13 opponent.

This thought lingered in the heads of the three elders, and the three elders shouted, “The game is suspended, we need to discuss it.”

“Cut!” Hiss once again sounded on the scene.

At first, if he won the game on the 13th, he would score 100 points, totaling 300 points, and he was more than enough to be the elder of the North Lu family.

Now that Lu Xiaoluan admits defeat, it means that No. 13 has won.

Even if Lu Xiaoluan had any agreement with the family, and repented, what does it have to do with the game?

What does it have to do with Wiliam winning?

The Lu family clearly wanted to find a way to deny it.

This public shame is really disgusting.

Regardless of any boos, the three elders and the Lu family dropped a sentence, “give us ten minutes to discuss.”

Then Qi Qi withdrew from the venue.

Lu Xiaoluan stood there, originally wanting to chat with Wiliam further.

But I found that the eyes of the audience were on both of them.

Lu Xiaoluan also wanted to face, she blushed at the thought of crying like that dog.

Wiliam cast a fierce look at the opposite, and whispered, “It’s all on you! When the game is over, I have to ask you to settle the account!”

Wiliam has a black line. This is a lying spear.

It’s obviously that you cry so passionately and unrestrainedly, what is it to me?

“Hey, I don’t know what moths the three old immortals will come up with, but they will definitely be detrimental to you. You have to be psychologically prepared.” Lu Xiaoluan said with some worry.

Wiliam nodded, “I naturally know that when I come back this time, I am ready to accept the ugliest side of the North Lu Family. What’s the matter with this.”

Lu Xiaoluan glanced at Wiliam in surprise, without saying anything.

At this time, a milky voice sounded, “Dad, I’m here.”

Before Wiliam had time to react, he felt that his shoulders sank slightly, and Xiao Wangqing ran up quite skillfully.

“Unexpectedly, your daughter is so old.” Lu Xiaoluan looked at Wiliam with a strange expression.

Wiliam Yihan said, “No, it’s even longer.”

“Fuck your sister!” Lu Xiaoluan was overwhelmed by the long story.

At this moment, in the North Lu family chamber, the third elder cursed, “I knew that little bitch was uneasy and kind. This was meant to make us ugly! She is the sinner of our Lu family!”

The Grand Elder stopped the third elder’s bitch from cursing the street, and said: “The most urgent thing now is to think of a way to invalidate the score of that kid just now! Otherwise, we will really lose face!”

Chapter 1127

The people of North Lu’s family discussed it for a while, and it turned out that there was really no good way.

Because this game is the same as the previous one, and it is reasonable.

The agreement between North Lu’s family and Lu Xiaoluan has nothing to do with the 13th dime.

It has no effect on the outcome of the game.

Therefore, this group of them is embarrassing to find a way.

Finally, seeing that the time was approaching, someone said weakly: “Otherwise, you can only shamelessly in public?”

Everyone’s complexion became stiff, it was already shameless, okay?

How can you be shameless?

The man continued to say weakly in the murderous eyes of everyone: “I can only forcefully say that the match between the two people just now was not like a match, but rather like a humor, and it was obvious that Lu Xiaoluan had the advantage, and Lu Xiaoluan conceded defeat. It shows that there is a problem with the game, and we have to try again.”

At this remark, everyone was speechless.

It’s really shameless, it’s a forced explanation.

However, the three elders clapped their hands and said: “Okay! This is the end of the matter, we have no retreat! Are you really willing to let a lawless kid be the elder? This is a shame!”

There was no way for everyone, but someone asked: “Since the game is not counted, if you want to try again, who will play?”

The third elder pondered for a moment, and suddenly his eyes were fierce. “Anyway, he has torn his face. Since that kid’s skill can’t be seen clearly, and the secret of Binglin Xuanjin cannot be solved yet, we simply won’t let that The kid is out.”

Everyone was stunned, what the three elders were talking about?

How can you re-play if that kid is not allowed to play?

“Just find a reason and say that he is not suitable for the game. It is enough to ask him to appoint someone to play for him. Okay, the time is almost up. Let’s go out now.” The third elder was obviously playing a hooligan on the spot.

The people of North Lu’s family suddenly felt a little embarrassing.

When they arrived at the venue, the three elders said in a deep voice: “We just discussed it, and you all have seen that the match between these two people is not like a match at the end, it is more like paddling each other. And the match is obviously Lu Xiaoluan dominates. She gave up, which in itself is unreasonable. So our final decision is that the result of this game is invalid.”

There were boos from the sky, and everyone’s eyes were full of mockery.

They had expected this result long ago.

This explanation was unexpected to them.

Could it be paler and weaker than this?

It is simply to forcibly find out the reason from the deception.

The third elders were cheeky and continued: “But our North Lu family cherishes talents after all and is unwilling to trample on the rules, so we decided to play another extra game and give No. 13 a chance.”

“Oh, so magnanimous, so cherish talents.”

“It sounds like my heart hurts, North Lu’s family is great!”

“I don’t want to trample on the rules. This makes my master laugh, and he is a family of five good people who obey the rules and disciplines.”

Regardless of everyone’s ridicule, the three elders continued: “At the same time, we also considered that in the last game on the 13th, everything was damaged in body and stamina, maybe there was internal injury, and we could not recover to the best condition in a short time. Allow the No. 13 kid to find someone in the audience to play for you. As our North Lu family shows our sincerity, let’s announce the candidates first.”
With that said, the three elders stretched out his hand, and the middle-aged man slowly stepped onto the stage.

This man looks unremarkable, but what is memorable is that he has a hooked nose.

At first glance, the kind of hook nose that is not a good thing.

“Ho ho, I know this person, he is a great martial artist, North Lu family, you really abiding by discipline and law.”

“On the one hand, I prevented the 13th from playing, and on the other hand, I strengthened my own fighting force. It is still great. Today is another shameless day.”

“It’s so good to think about No. 13, and it’s very considerate. Nothing hurts No. 13 at all? Is it possible to recover from internal injuries for a short time. It really is the heart of the doctor’s parents.”

“Hoho, think about it, let the strongest No. 13 play, but let him choose one of our LOW forces to play for him, who dare to go out and play for him? North Lu family is determined not to Oh face.”

When Wiliam heard this rule, he also laughed with anger.

Shameless, I don’t know where the lower limit is.

My own game, I can’t actually play.

Really, thank you for your concern!

Lu Xiaoluan shrugged her shoulders and blinked helplessly at Wiliam, as if she was saying, “Let’s see, how fragile the morals of this group of people are, and what shame is said.”

The three elders suddenly let out a violent roar, shaking the voice of the audience.

He said with a cold face: “Since this is the last game, we naturally have to be very cautious. And this may determine whether our North Lu family will produce a new elder, so we need to be more cautious.”

“On the 13th, now you have ten minutes to choose the person who will play for you in the audience. People at the scene, if you feel resentful in your heart, or call for injustice on the 13th, you can take the initiative to invite you, we Beiluolu Home gives you a chance to vent your anger.”

Everyone laughed ho ho ho ho.

Who doesn’t know that this opportunity has become so precious now.

Who dares to make a mess at this time, isn’t this adding to the chaos on the 13th?

The North Lu family has a good idea. They actually want to stimulate some brainless people to directly occupy the opportunity of number 13.

“On the 13th, we won’t take the initiative to say anything, and then we will quiet down, you think seriously.” Someone shouted to Wiliam.

Others echoed: “Yes, you think, don’t be influenced by us, let alone be influenced by some disgusting people.”

Wiliam thanked everyone for their kindness, and then looked at the Third Elder, “You mean the person on the court?”

The third elder nodded, “Yes.”

“This competition won’t count for a while, right?” Wiliam asked again.

The third elder said coldly: “Is the North Lu family the kind of person who doesn’t believe in words?”

Everyone obviously didn’t believe it.

Before all sorts of hitting the three elders in the face.

How powerful is his heart to continue speaking these words shamelessly.

However, Wiliam nodded, “I understand, it won’t take ten minutes anymore. I have chosen my candidate. I hope you, North Lu Family, will hold on this time!”

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, “No. 13, be careful! No joke this time!”

However, Wiliam looked at a place with a flash of ice in his eyes.

A person, facing Wiliam’s four eyes.

With a look of lovelessness, she slowly stood up, “My old mother is congenital consummation, go to bully a Jinjin Xiaocheng, isn’t this bullying a child…”

“However, bullying occasionally is good for physical and mental health…”

Chapter 1128 Sister Qing!

Everyone looked at the woman who stood up and was dumbfounded!

Sister Qing!

The woman with the most aura in the audience stood up directly under Wiliam’s eyes.

The words in her mouth are even more straightforward!

Half a step innate!

This is a realm above Huajin Consummation!

Even the entire North Lu family can have a few and a half steps innate!

Earlier, Lu Lingfeng was born half a step ago, but it has disappeared.

The current North Lu family, it is estimated that only Lu Xiaoluan’s father, who has been in retreat, can reach this state!

Such a strong person appeared on the stage, he was going to replace Wiliam!

Everyone thinks about this, they feel crazy!

The people of North Lu’s family turned pale when they saw Sister Qing stand up.

They never thought that Sister Qing would stand up and fight for Wiliam!

This is a fart!

In total, half of the people from the North Lu family are not the opponent of this half-step innate powerhouse!

The three elders felt that his face was slapped!

He just said on the front foot, and the people on the scene chose whatever they wanted.

Unexpectedly, I chose Wu Qing as a monster!

But what’s wrong with Wu Qing!

Why do you play for Wiliam in an imperial place!

This is a showdown, don’t play anymore?

As soon as Sister Qing stood up, the resolution of the game was set.

However, the North Lu family was willing to give up so much.

Do you hand over the position of the elder to that kid?

Don’t even think about it!

The three elders bit their heads and said to Sister Qing under the eyes of the elders: “Hahaha, what, Comrade Wu Qing, you must be joking with us hahaha, sit down and sit down.”

Everyone was completely convinced by the shamelessness of the three elders.

But Sister Qing was as indifferent as before. She looked at the third elders and said: “I didn’t say what you said just now, did the people at the scene pick the 13th? Now that he has chosen me, I am willing to play for him, why not The North Lu family, are you trying to say nothing, or do you look down on our medicine knife family?”

The two hats were buttoned down, and the third elders sweated out.

It’s okay to say that I didn’t believe the previous statement, anyway, it’s just a shame.

But the latter looked down on the medicine knife family, and they couldn’t bear this charge.

The third elder’s head turned sharply for a moment, and he could only say in embarrassment, “Comrade Wu Qing, you are a half-step innate strong. With this shot, I am afraid that the entire scene will be ruined by you. Look at so many people…”

“Oh? I can control my strength and ensure that the killing is accurate and does not hurt the innocent. Would you like to try it?” Sister Qing said lightly.

Everyone just felt that they could not hold back, and they laughed wildly.

North Lu family, North Lu family, are you so bullying and afraid of hardship?

No. 13 is still being pressed in front of him. Why do you now become dogs when your opponent has changed?

It’s really an eye-opener.

“Comrade Wu Qing, both of us are the organizers of this competition. How can the organizer personally end the competition? Isn’t this unfair?” The three elders thought of such an excuse.
But Sister Qing immediately replied: “Really? The organizer can’t get off the court in person, right? What happened to Lu Xiaoluan just now? What is the matter with the great martial artist on this stage now?”


It was another ruthless face slap.

Sanxing Lao felt his face was about to be swollen.

There are loopholes everywhere in his words.

The people at the scene directly applauded Qing sister’s wit.

Too much relief.

This is pressing the entire North Lu family’s face to the ground and rubbing hard.

Make them arrogant!

Let them bully the small!

Now there is a bigger one, and they immediately become dogs.

At this time, the great elder couldn’t help it, and stood up and said to Sister Qing: “Comrade Wu Qing, you can just let our North Lu family go. We will thank you afterwards.”

Sister Qing glanced at Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded slightly.

Sister Qing said: “Okay, then I’ll take a look afterwards, what are your thanks.”

After speaking, she sat back slowly.

The hearts of the people of North Lu’s family were relieved.

Sister Qing stood up just now, it was too scary.

Kill the suspense of the game directly.

Wiliam looked at North Lu’s family jokingly.

Sister Qing stood up, it was indeed Wiliam instructed.

But the purpose is not to play for him.

Because Wiliam knew that Sister Qing was too strong, North Lu’s family said nothing would let Sister Qing go off in person.

After all, there is a family of medicine knives behind Sister Qing. If the conflict between the two families is caused because of the rash battle, Sister Qing will not be able to go back and explain.

So Wiliam made sister Qing stand up for the other two.

One of them was to humiliate North Lu’s family severely under the name of Sister Qing.

Make them faceless.

As for another purpose…

But Sister Qing told Feliicity.

Seeing Sister Qing sitting down, Feliicity couldn’t help but ask: “Sister Qing, why are you sitting down again? Don’t you stand for my Wiliam?”

Sister Qing smiled slightly, and whispered to Feliicity: “You little girl, care is messy. Your guy is too evil. He asked me to stand up, not for me to fight, he knew it. This is impractical, but it will make the current situation even more chaotic.”

“Then what were you doing just now?” Feliicity looked puzzled.

Sister Qing smiled in admiration, and whispered: “So, this man in your family is really evil. He made me stand up to mislead everyone. Let everyone, especially the people from North Lu family, He thought he was close to our medicine knife family, and even directly misunderstood that they belonged to our medicine knife family. If there is such a suspicion, Wiliam will be in Beiluolu’s family in the future, and others will not be able to blatantly deal with him. The sign is hanging behind him.”

“However, from the beginning to the end of this suspicion, Wiliam and I have never spoken. Afterwards, if someone finds out that Wiliam is not a member of our medicine knife family, it has nothing to do with our medicine knife family and wants to question Wiliam. , And there is no way to say anything, because we don’t even say that they have ghosts in their hearts who are guessing. Do you think your husband is good?”

When Feliicity heard this, she felt her head buzzing.

Her husband’s world is really not something she can enter casually.

If Sister Yuyouqing said this kind of tactics, I would never have thought about it at all.

A small move is so profound.

Tsk tut, luckily it’s my husband, if this is someone else’s, it would be really scary.

“No. 13, now you can choose again.” The Third Elder said to Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly, and suddenly said, “Are you sure, or choose it on the spot?”

Chapter 1129 Must Kill!

This sentence directly stunned the three elders!

The fear of being dominated by Qing sister just now came to mind again.

A dignified elder, he dared not answer Wiliam’s question for a while.

Seeing that Wiliam was so dark, the elders were speechless and laughed wildly again.

North Lu’s family, does your face hurt?

Dare to answer again?

Before answering, the three elders looked guilty and looked at the people in this venue seriously.

Well, besides Sister Qing who is a crushing threat, there is also a white Feliicity.

This Feliicity, although the strength is far inferior to Qing sister.

But there is always an inexplicable evil in her.

It makes people shudder.

The key is that Feliicity seems to have a good relationship with No. 13.

Can’t let this white Feliicity end.

As for the others.

Apart from the people from North Lu’s family, these are the contestants.

The contestant North Lu’s family is not afraid at all.

From the North Lu family, the third elders were not afraid of traitors among them.

He thought about these things carefully and felt that he was foolproof, and he dared to say, “Except for the people of the medicine knife family, Ms. Feliicity, you can choose anyone else. After all, our North Lu family has had a good relationship with the medicine knife family for generations. You can’t ruin your friendship because of a match.”

There was a boo in the scene.

At this time, a milky voice rang, “Dad, baby!”

Everyone was taken aback, and it was the little girl who had been sitting on Wiliam’s shoulders.

Seeing this little girl, everyone was in a trance again.

The presence of this little girl is too low.

Obviously, he had been on Wiliam’s shoulder since just now, but everyone just ignored it.

As if this person never existed.

This feeling is very strange.

Even the third elders only noticed this little girl after hearing this.

He was agitated and looked at the little girl seriously.

He was only three or four years old, and he looked very cute.

But if she insists on saying that she is different from a normal baby girl, it is her eyes.

As if there were no whites in his eyes, his eyes were so dark that he looked very crippled.

This kid, the people around him are all weird.

Wiliam didn’t even think that Xiao Wangqing would take the initiative to say this. He couldn’t help asking: “Xiao Wangqing, don’t coax, Dad is playing.”

But Xiao Wangqing said plausibly: “These people want to bully Dad, but the baby disagrees. Those who want to bully Dad will be beaten up by the baby!”

Wiliam Yihan, when did this girl learn to be so violent?

Wiliam had no idea about Xiao Wangqing’s strength.

Wiliam had vaguely guessed that Xiao Wangqing was good at being in the forbidden mountain guarding land.

After all, she was alone, barefoot, and able to travel freely through illusions, which even Wiliam didn’t have.

Looking more intuitively, this girl is obviously faster than a normal adult.

Don’t forget, this girl is the secret blood dependence of the Forgetting Blood.

Wiliam still couldn’t see what she was capable of.

After all, since she followed Wiliam, she hasn’t shown anything except eating and sleeping.

Now that Xiao Wangqing offered to go to war, Wiliam felt a little nervous.

“Xiao Wangqing, can you really beat that person?” Wiliam pointed to the Ying Hook nose of the Lu Family.

Xiao Wangqing’s small fist shook in front of Wiliam, and barked his teeth and said, “The baby’s fist is so powerful!”

Wiliam smiled, he had always believed in chance.

I also believe that there will be no unprovoked things.

Xiao Wangqing could take the initiative to bring it up at this time, there should be her reasons.

Therefore, Wiliam actually hugged Xiao Wangqing and put it on the ground in full view, and then said to the third elders: “The person who will fight for me is selected, it is her.”

When everyone saw that Wiliam had actually let a little girl go to the fight, they exclaimed.

are you crazy!

Let a child compete with a person who has become more powerful, is this self-giving up, or blind ignorance?

The three elders’ faces also became cloudy.

He couldn’t help looking at the great elder.

After the face-slapped just now, the current three elders appeared cautious.

The elder said in a low voice, “Strange, this little girl should not know martial arts at all, she doesn’t have a bit of energy, but there is always a reason for this kid to send her out, right?”

Dignified North Lu family, talented.

At this moment, she was frightened by a three-year-old girl.

The whole audience was shocked by this scene.

How sacred this little girl is, she was scared when she appeared.

Wiliam also looked at North Lu’s family amused, not thinking that this family was really hopeless.

“North Lu family, can my daughter go to war? If it doesn’t work, just say, I’ll change another person.” Wiliam shouted directly to the other side.

The people from North Lu’s family across from him were shouted and his face was hot and painful.

Sister Qing said no before, but now that a three-year-old child is sent, does the North Lu family still have the face to say no?

Too strong, not too small?

Then North Lu’s family simply appointed a person for Wiliam.

The third elder looked at each other with the senior elder, and he said, “Okay! As long as you are not afraid of your daughter’s accident on the court, the game will start in one minute!”

After he finished speaking, he made a look at the hook nose, indicating that he would go all out later, and a little girl should not carelessly underestimate the enemy.

And Wiliam said to Xiao Wangqing: “Baby, you have to pay attention to safety later, do you know? Sometimes you call father or mother, and then you call sister Qing.”

Xiao Wangqing nodded seriously, “Don’t worry, dad, the baby’s fists are really powerful.”

Wiliam smiled and stepped off the stage first.

Game start.

The eagle hook nose rushed towards Xiao Wangqing at the speed of lightning and flint.

Xiao Wangqing was an ordinary child in the eyes of everyone at this moment, and she didn’t have the slightest energy in her body.

However, she made a pair of hands with claws, as if prey was preying.

Her eyes were fixed on the hooked nose that quickly came forward!

The nose of the eagle hook has the virtue of respecting the old and loving the young. With a punch, he directly slammed Xiao Wangqing down.

When Xiao Wangqing’s eagle hook nose fist arrived, her body suddenly flashed to the side!

Then in the horror of everyone, Xiao Wangqing’s clawed hand actually grabbed the arm of the hook nose.

“Drink!” Xiao Wangqing yelled milkily, then grabbed the hook nose and turned directly.

In this posture, everyone is in a trance?

Is this dumping something?

Then in the next second, Xiao Wangqing’s nose was directly thrown out by Xiao Wangqing in this way!

With this flick, the hook nose passed through the crowd, directly flicked into the sky, and disappeared from everyone’s vision!

one strike!

Must kill!

Chapter 1130

After Xiao Wangqing threw her hooked nose, she sat on the ground with a butt because of inertia.

“Oh, it hurts my baby.” Xiao Wangqing sat up from the ground and rubbed her ass, looking aggrieved.

However, the deathly silence at the scene made Xiao Wangqing no longer watching.

They are all looking at the sky.

In the sky, where is there a figure with a hook nose?

How powerful was Xiao Wangqing’s swing just now!

Countless people have substituted themselves in, even if they have grown up to the realm of transformation, they have the ability to throw an adult away even if they are not visible!

Eagle hook nose flew away just now, like a shooting star, across the sky, and then never seen again.

Until now, I don’t know where I was dumped.

Wiliam also opened his mouth wide.

It was the first time he saw Xiao Wangqing take action.

Obviously, there is no internal blessing on the body.

But she didn’t know where this brute force came from!

He just achieved this miracle that even Wiliam couldn’t do!

This is considered a miracle vigorously?

Many people in the Lu family are rubbing their eyes.

I can’t believe that this scene just happened!

Some of them even took out their mobile phones with a blank face, wanting to call Ying Hou Noi.

Mosimosi? Where have you been left? Is there a signal?

There was no answer to the phone, and the fate of Ying Hook nose was unclear. It should be impossible to return in a short time.

It’s just that, how do you judge the outcome now?

The problem returned to the elders of Beiluolu.

The three elders looked at each other, almost mad.

Who could have imagined that a three-year-old baby with a little internal strength could not find a martial artist who had become a powerful warrior with a strange power?

Who can believe this?

The result came out in one second, and this result almost depressed the people of North Lu’s family.

How about letting Qing sister go off the stage just now!

Anyway, Sister Qing is also a half-step congenital warrior, and she is forgiven for losing under her hands.

But what’s going on now!

North Lu’s family was tossed to shame by a little-known three-year-old baby…

At this time, Wiliam had already stepped onto the stage.

Xiao Wangqing quickly climbed onto Wiliam’s shoulders again and waved a small fist at Wiliam, as if he was inviting credit, “Daddy sees it? The baby has a lot of energy!”

Wiliam looked at Xiao Wangqing amused, “Well, I will reward you for eating delicious food tonight.”

Xiao Wangqing’s eyes gleamed, “Okay, okay! My baby likes Dad the most, and he likes Dad who is delicious.”

The scene remained silent.

Feliicity blankly asked Sister Qing: “Sister Qing, what the hell is my daughter? Is this a human?”

Sister Qing was also dumbfounded, “I don’t know, but I can feel that this little girl has been very inconspicuous before, not because of her low sense of presence, but because her breath seems to be very natural The surroundings merge into one, which makes people think that she is a part of this world, so people will ignore her. The strange breath alone is enough to conclude that this little girl is extraordinary.”

The Snowman White Wind is still in a trance, “My husband picked up a daughter casually, but he still picked up a treasure?”
“I am afraid it is a super treasure.” Sister Qing said with lingering fear.

No one at the scene knew the secrets of Xiao Wangqing, including Wiliam, who was closest to him.

Xiao Wangqing is a secret blood dependent, but she is so weird, but it is entirely due to her grandma…

“Elders of the Lu Family in North, I want to ask, does this match still count?” Wiliam broke the silence on the scene.

This question is very sharp.

There is no one in the North Lu family who wants to admit this result.

However, they have no face to shame.

Do everything possible, and finally became a tool for self-slaps.

From the beginning, they denied the effectiveness of Wiliam and Lu Xiaoluan’s match, and then denied the effectiveness of Sister Qing’s next match.

What face do they have to repent over and over again?

People from the medicine knife family can watch from the sidelines. Sister Qing is about to end just now, maybe there is this hidden anger in it.

Repent now?

Wouldn’t you be angry if you are a family of medicine knives?

The grand elder’s expression was extremely ugly, and finally let out a cold snort, “Naturally count.”


Countless applause broke out at the scene.

This result is really not easy.

The applause is dedicated to the indomitable No. 13 and also to the blockbuster No. 13 daughter.

“Three hundred points! Three hundred points!”

“Elder! Elder!”

Someone at the scene kept shouting, and finally the voice gradually merged.

Three hundred points, enough to become the elder of the North Lu family.

The gimmick that North Lu Family deliberately threw in order to create an atmosphere of love for talents once again became a slap on them.

The brilliance that I have blown will be honored with tears.

The North Lu family couldn’t even lift their heads.

The highest score in history, the youngest elder in history.

Each record was completely broken and occupied by this number 13.

He stepped on the face of North Lu’s family to achieve prosperity.

At this time, the elder said again: “According to the rules before the competition, the 13th is indeed qualified to be the elder of our Beiluolu family. Because this competition is jointly organized by the medicine knife family and the North Lu family, for the first place, medicine The knife family also gave promises before. Now, on the 13th, what choice do you have to make?”

Everyone was taken aback, and immediately reacted.


Didn’t Feliicity say that she can marry her first.

Everyone was excited by this thought.

This kid sent it!

One way is to be an elder in Beiluolu.

One way is to marry Bai Fumei, and from then on to the pinnacle of life.

As for these two roads, everyone knows which one to choose.

On the 13th, the Lu family was completely offended. Although being an elder was a majestic one, he would definitely be excluded.

But marrying Feliicity is different, both power and color, isn’t the medicine knife family popular? Isn’t the beauty not fragrant?

Choose the second way!

The Third Elder also looked at Wiliam with dark eyes.

Before, Sister Qing stood up to stand up for Wiliam, which happened to confirm their guess last night that the 13th was a member of the medicine knife family, but it was only through this one battle that she became famous.

And that promise left by Feliicity was a way to go.

This kid would definitely choose to return to the family of medicine knives, after all, joining the North Lu family would be of no use to this kid.

Instead, there is a risk of life.

If you think about it this way, the talk of the elders of the North Lu family can be regarded as escaped.

The elder is still thinking, in the future, you must not throw out the temptation of the elder at will for the sake of a temporary name.

Maybe it’s like this time, the dark horse killed by Hengkong is overcast!

Fortunately, this kid won’t join the Lu family this time, there is a better choice…

At this time, Wiliam smiled and replied directly: “Of course I chose to become the elder of the Lu family in North.”


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