Dragon Husband 1131-1140

Chapter 1131


Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Wiliam in amazement. They were afraid that the words just now were not true?

I didn’t choose Feliicity, the great beauty, to be his wife, and then he became famous in the medicine knife family.

And choose to mess with these idiots at Beiluolu’s house, is this really fun?

Isn’t the big beautiful girl’s quilt fragrant?

In everyone’s heads, there are only three words constantly circling!



Why would this kid make such a choice?

The scumbag!

The Grand Elder couldn’t help asking: “What did you just say?”

In the expectation of everyone, Wiliam answered naturally: “Is there a problem choosing to be the elder of the North Lu family? With this score, it is a pity to give up being an elder, isn’t it?”

Everyone felt a pain in their heads.

It’s wrong to say that.

The score of three percent is definitely a groundbreaking score.

But how about giving up for the beauty?

Is this a peerless beauty, in your heart still no better than an elder?

What’s more, the medicine knife family is much better than the North Lu family.

Everyone stared at Wiliam strangely, and they didn’t dare to ask.

You guy is afraid that you are really sick, right?

Not interested in big beauties?

Everyone looked at Feliicity pitifully.

Of course Feliicity knew what Wiliam would choose.

But how can we fail everyone’s expectations?

So she pretended to be aggrieved and asked weakly: “No. 13, have you really made a choice?”

Wiliam saw that Feliicity was about to do something, and said with a black line: “Don’t be foolish.”

What everyone saw was trance again.

Are the current scumbags so awesome?

Do you dare to speak directly to the big beauty?


Lu Xiaobin didn’t know it, and saw Feliicity like this, he walked over and opened his hands with a distressed expression, “Feliicity, don’t be sad, that guy is a scumbag! You see, he still has children, maybe he will get married long ago. Come, brother comforts you and hugs lovingly.”

But when he walked to Feliicity’s side, he once again felt the trace of killing intent that seemed like nothing, and put his hands down quickly, the whole person was a little at a loss.

“Do you really want me? I’m so sad.” Feliicity’s mouth slumped, with a rhythm of crying to show you.

Wiliam has a black line, please don’t mess up.

“Huh! I really looked at this kid wrong! I didn’t think he was such a person!”

“I don’t like him anymore! I thought he would live up to the beauties, but I didn’t expect the benefits to be so cruel to the beauties.”

“Feliicity, if you don’t dislike it, we can also choose.”

Everyone had supported Wiliam from the beginning, but now it turned into a crusade against Wiliam.

Listening to the scolding at the scene, Sister Qing, who has always been cold, had her stomach aches.

It is also a pleasure to see this kid deflated.

“Are you married? Can I make a kid for you, okay? I really love to love you, there is no one that I can’t live with. You forgot the first night, we both…” Bai The Feliicity’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally lowered his head slowly, with a shy look.
But Sister Qing heard it, Feliicity lowered her head, she was shy, she was obviously smiling.

Everyone heard goose bumps all over!

Is this a peerless beauty, is it a ghost?

You can even make a statement for others!


How many sins did this kid do to let down such a beautiful woman!

The eyes of everyone watching Wiliam burst into flames!

“My wife, don’t coax.” Wiliam finally couldn’t help it, and said with a tearless expression on his face.

This wife once again made everyone confused.


Don’t you want it?

Why are you calling someone’s wife again?

Are you afraid of being a peerless scumbag?

“Hmph, you don’t want people anymore, and you call them your wife.” Feliicity said aggrievedly.

Wiliam walked towards Feliicity, and hugged her into his arms.

There was a burst of exclamation on the scene.

“Presumptuous! The brat, take your dirty hands away! Don’t defile my goddess!”

“Boy get out! Let me come!”

“Feliicity, wake up! There is a scumbag in front of you!”

The messy sound at the scene made Wiliam’s brain more and more painful.

He couldn’t help but knocked Feliicity on the head, “You tell them clearly.”

Feliicity let out a cry, and slowly said to Wiliam in Wiliam’s arms, “Aren’t you afraid that your wife will be unhappy if you hold me like this?”

Wiliam stiffened, experiencing a social embarrassment.

He roared angrily: “Don’t make any noise! ​​Feliicity was originally my wife, and the Ming media is marrying the one with a certificate.”

The audience, dumb!

Ming Media is getting married!

Have a certificate!

Are the two of them married?

This sentence made the audience crazy!

what’s the situation!

At this time, Xiao Wangqing also made a strong assist, and said to Feliicity with an open hand: “Mom, hug.”

Everyone looked at the family of three, completely at a loss.

After doing it for a long time, it hurts my heart to scold this scumbag, but as a result, he was originally a husband and wife relationship?


Play with us!

But this answer convinced everyone.

If it weren’t for husband and wife, how could this kid give up such a big beauty and switch to the Lu family in North?

It can only be said that this kid stepped on shit in his previous life and married a beautiful woman like Feliicity in this life.

Seeing Wiliam holding Feliicity, Lu Xiaobin on the side is really going crazy!

He finally understood that he had been tricked by this kid from the beginning!

What kind of tricks are there!

How come to strike up a conversation!

It is clear that the young couple are coaxing and playing!

He went forward like a stupid brain, but he was embarrassed for a long time.

He looked at Wiliam’s eyes, full of anger!

Find time to fix this kid!

When the three elders of the Lu family in North heard about Wiliam’s relationship with Feliicity, they frowned.

They were more certain that Wiliam must have a close relationship with the medicine knife family.

That’s it. Now Wiliam becomes the elder of the Lu family in North, which is a matter of course.

The great elder coughed and thought of a slowing strategy.

He said: “Since the 13th has chosen to be the elder of our Lu family in North, we naturally can’t break our promise. However, the rules of the Lu family in North clearly stipulate that elders need to be held by people of our Lu family’s blood. Now our Patriarch It’s still in retreat. This matter will be determined by our Patriarch after he leaves the gate.”

The audience was stunned, this North Lu family’s slow strategy is so hard!

You can tell any shit!

Isn’t this clearly causing No. 13 to die?

How disgusting!

However, Wiliam smiled slightly, “It’s really just because of the bloodline of the Lu family. Is there any other problem?”

The great elder almost slapped his chest, could this kid still have the ability to become the blood of their North Lu family out of thin air?

“Well, I swear to God that there is no other problem, this bloodline problem…”

Wiliam interrupted the elder’s words directly, “Since there are no other problems, the bloodline problem is just not a problem. I happen to be Lu!”

Chapter 1132

The people of North Lu’s family are going crazy.

Does this kid even point his face!

In order to be the elder of the North Lu family, even the surname left by the ancestor can be changed at will?

Simply shameless!

The elder coughed and said faintly: “Sorry, I’m talking about the blood of our Lu family. It’s not the so-called change of a surname. It disappoints you.”

But Wiliam smiled slightly, “Why don’t I change my name or my surname, I just happen to be Lu.”

The third elder couldn’t help but jumped up and shouted: “What if you happen to be named Lu? There are too many people surnamed Lu in the world! Don’t mess around here, our elder said, long-term planning means long-term planning!”

At this time, Lu Xiaoluan, who was sluggish by the side, woke up, she hurried to the back room and brought a locked box.

She opened the box directly in front of everyone.

Inside is the information sheet of the personnel who signed up for this competition.

She quickly turned to Wiliam’s form and said loudly, “Elders, his surname is indeed Lu, look!”

The third elder sneered, “Didn’t I say it? What about the surname Lu?”

Lu Xiaoluan forcibly suppressed the excitement in his heart, and said loudly: “His surname is Lu! His first name is Ye! Wiliam! You guys, have you forgotten this name?”


Everyone’s heads were confused at first.

Then someone suddenly reacted, his face was as earthy!

“Wiliam! You mean, he is Wiliam! Wiliam who died ten years ago!”

This voice caused everyone to get goose bumps!


Resurrection is impossible!

The unworldly genius who stood before them turned out to be Wiliam ten years ago!

Lu Lingfeng’s grandson!


What a coincidence?

However, these people wanted to find holes in Wiliam, but the more they looked at Wiliam, the more familiar they became.

Ten years ago, the amazing little genius of the North Lu family completely overlapped with the handsome young man in front of him.

He is really Wiliam, the authentic blood of the Lu Family in North!

This kid, the three elders panicked, as if thinking of something terrible!

Why is Wiliam back!

But what is directly in front of them is an unquestionable fact!

Since Wiliam is the authentic bloodline of the Lu Family in North, he has no problems at all when he becomes an elder!

At this moment, the elder was so hated that he wanted to slap himself severely!

He also experienced the pain of the three elders slapped themselves in public!

So dead, why did you find an excuse for this bloodline!

He also said that there were no other problems and blocked all the back roads!

Now that this kid has proved his identity, is there any way to stop him from becoming the elder of the North Lu family?

And everyone on the scene is also messed up.

Before finally accepting that this kid and the big beauty are married, now this kid has become a member of the North Lu family?

The good things in the world are all let this kid take possession of?


“So, he is from the Lu family in North, and when he becomes an elder, there is no problem at all.” Lu Xiaoluan said with confidence now.
Lu Xiaobin reacted and rushed to the front of Wiliam in disbelief, grabbing Wiliam’s hand and shouting: “You are really Wiliam! Are you really Wiliam! Don’t think I’m so deceived!”

Wiliam looked at this Lu Xiaobin, who made his cross-cock eyes into a right-angled triangle amused, and said angrily: “Otherwise? You stinky boy, your temper hasn’t changed at all.”

“Damn! I think you are familiar! I asked you before and you deliberately didn’t tell me! Brother Wiliam, you are dead, you are dead! That’s great!” Lu Xiaobin said, crying because of excitement. Full of face.

Although he is the son of the Patriarch in the Lu family, he is also the Young Master in name.

But he understood that everyone looked down on him.

Because he was useless, neither medicine nor martial arts, he was just a second-generation ancestor who was a fool.

Since childhood, Wiliam has really been able to play with him.

At that time, Wiliam died of illness, and Lu Xiaobin was still sad for a while.

Now that Wiliam appeared in front of him again, could he not get excited?

As Lu Xiaobin said, he hugged Wiliam and cried hysterically.

Wiliam Yihan, this kid is still so naive.

Lu Xiaoluan also had tears in her eyes. She knew that Wiliam had come back and accepted the fact, but she was still deeply moved.

Just come back!

This is your home!

“Wiliam! Why are you dead! What is the so-called when you come back now!” The third elders suppressed the fear of the past and shouted sharply.

Since this kid is Wiliam, he is also a member of the Lu family.

Just now every move was aimed at the North Lu family, and even the North Lu family’s face was crushed!

Everyone can see that he hates the Lu Family deeply!

And what could make him hate Wiliam so much!

Only that thing happened at that time.

He was afraid he knew about Lu Lingfeng!

Thinking of this, the three elders had a guilty conscience for a while, and I don’t know why they were afraid that a hairy boy would come back and ask the crime!

Wiliam loosened Lu Xiaobin, gave him crying like a dog to Lu Xiaoluan, and then looked at the Third Elder.

Ho ho!

Finally I can face it head-on!

Finally, I can face the entire Lu family head-on as Wiliam!

What you owe me, what you owe my grandpa!

I will get everything back one by one!

He said coldly: “I’m back, I’m looking for someone to answer!”

“I’ll give you three months! During this time, I will live in the Lu family and wait for you to confess to me!” Wiliam’s voice was icy cold, and his eyes were shining with cold, making it impossible to look directly!

The three elders shook their hearts together and confirmed again that he was Wiliam’s fault, and he came back because of Lu Lingfeng’s business!

The three elders were full of killing intent, and their first thought was to kill this kid in public!

If the events of the year were exposed, it would be even more discredited than today!

If the people on the rivers and lakes knew that they had done a lot of bitterness to their own people for a book of “Impermanence Medical Classics”, what would they think of the North Lu family in the future?

The third elder stepped forward to Wiliam, and his body exploded!

But at this time, a chuckle suddenly sounded.

“Tsk tusk tusk, I thought it was a moving scene of family reunion, North Lu Family, are you trying to kill this kid in public? Is there a ghost in your heart?” A woman stood up again.

Sister Qing!

Sister Qing’s cold energy suddenly emerged, and the tables and chairs on the scene were all shattered!

Some people with low skill actually knelt on the ground with a thump under this vigor, making it difficult to get up!

Sister Qing walked to Wiliam’s side step by step, and said to the three elders: “What? The three elders are interested in discussing with me?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Chapter 1133

The third elder was stared at by Sister Qing, and only felt like he had been pierced with a needle.

The grandmother in front of me is a half-step congenital powerhouse!

The third elder is the perfection, where is her opponent?

Based on this situation, Sister Qing really wants to protect Wiliam!


“Ms. Wu Qing, please calm down your anger. Since Wiliam is of the blood of our North Lu family, how could we attack our own people, right? Third Elder, don’t come back soon!” The Grand Elder said loudly at this time.

But Wiliam smiled jokingly when he heard these words, “Oh? Wouldn’t it be against his own people? Okay, three months, I am waiting for your answer!”

Sister Qing also said at the right time: “Well, three months, I will spend it again in three months and take Wiliam away.”

This sentence is straightforward. Whoever dares to attack Wiliam is the enemy of the medicine knife family!

The people of North Lu’s family shivered together, feeling aggrieved!

It seems that in a short period of time, he can’t deal with this kid.

If you can’t protect him, or else three months later, Sister Qing comes to ask for someone, and North Lu’s family can’t make it.

“Let’s go, I’ve watched enough of this drama.” Sister Qing put away her momentum and said lightly.

The three-day Youth Medical Association was originally to select some outstanding doctors.

But under the intrigue of the North Lu family, only Wiliam was left.

Others hated the North Lu family.

They choked a few times, and then left North Lu’s home in strides.

The faces of the North Lu family were extremely ugly.

This time the Youth Medical Association not only made everyone look down on the North Lu Family, but even the most important elder position was handed over.

Even more frightening is that the people who should have died ten years ago have returned!

Those who know the inside story have enough reasons to believe that he is a demon, come back and kill him!

Three months, what will happen in these three months?

North Lu’s family is afraid it will be completely chaotic.

The elder elder looked at Wiliam in a complicated manner and said, “Wiliam, you are welcome to go home. You will settle down first. I will arrange for you to take over as the elder. In a few days, you will hold a succession ceremony. “

Wiliam nodded, and said faintly, “I’m working hard.”

The conversation between the two was indescribably cold.

And the people of the Lu family turned around and left, obviously they were going to discuss some things.

Wiliam and Feliicity returned to the room again.

This time, there are two more people.

Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin.

Although Lu Xiaobin was a man, he was mortal when he cried.

Still smoking in the room.

Lu Xiaoluan looked at this younger brother angrily, and couldn’t help knocking him, “Are you a man? You can cry more than me!”

Only then did Lu Xiaobin gradually stop crying, seeing Wiliam’s eyes full of love, and no longer seeing the anger that was deceived by Wiliam before.

With this look, Wiliam saw goose bumps all over his body, and those cross-crossing eyes were too glaring.

Sister Qing and Feliicity went aside to tease Xiao Wangqing. Sister Qing also wanted to check Xiao Wangqing’s blood and strength.

The three of Wiliam talked to each other about the past for more than an hour.

The Lu family brothers and sisters finally accepted the fact that Wiliam returned.

At this time, Lu Xiaoluan asked in a low voice: “Wiliam, why did you pretend to be dead back then? And what are you going to do when you come back this time?”

Wiliam couldn’t deceive them, and said directly: “Back then, I was very talented in the family. My grandfather knew that someone wanted to plot against me, so he sent me away in advance as an excuse for my death.”

Lu Xiaobin was taken aback, “Who wants to attack you?”

Wiliam stared at Lu Xiaobin with complicated eyes, but shook his head, “What is it, what is the meaning of this.”

However, the clever Lu Xiaoluan saw something.

Who wants to attack Wiliam?

It must be Wiliam’s talent that threatened someone’s interests, right?

After thinking about it, Lu Xiaoluan thought of someone.

That is her father.

If Wiliam’s talent continues to be used, then he is definitely capable of becoming the next Patriarch of the North Lu Family.

In this way, it will directly threaten Lu Xiaobin’s young master status.

Therefore, in order to eliminate this potential threat…

No wonder Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaobin’s eyes so complicated.

Although Lu Xiaoluan wanted to understand this matter, he felt uncomfortable.

She knew that Wiliam’s character was wronged and owed, and it would not be counted on their siblings.

But one day, when Wiliam and his father became hostile, what would they do?

Who do you help?

Lu Xiaoluan’s head is big.

Lu Xiaoluan was born upright, and she didn’t want to think about things that she didn’t understand. She asked again: “What do you mean by answering one person for the three months you just said?”

Wiliam asked back: “Sister, do you know about my grandpa?”

Called the eldest sister, Lu Xiaoluan’s head stiffened instinctively and wanted to beat Wiliam.

But she endured it and said suspiciously: “Your grandfather? I only know that your grandfather passed away almost a year ago, and the family gave him a burial. Is there any problem?”

When Wiliam heard this, he smiled, “No problem, wait, someone will confess to me.”

Looking at Wiliam, Lu Xiaoluan faintly guessed that there was something hidden inside.

The atmosphere at the scene became a bit blunt.

Wiliam broke this bluntness and said with a smile: “We can say that we have met again in ten years, shouldn’t we be happy? I have a treat tonight, please have dinner together, and introduce my friends to you by the way.”

“Eating? Is it delicious, Dad!” About eating, someone will always answer the first time.

A black shadow swishes into Wiliam’s arms, his mouth sparkling.

Wiliam touched Xiao Wangqing’s head, and said with a smile: “Yes, it’s delicious, thank you for helping Dad win the game today.”

“Okay!” Xiao Wangqing applauded frantically, and kissed Wiliam’s face.

Feliicity also came over.

Wiliam took Feliicity’s hand and introduced them to their brothers and sisters: “I will introduce you to my wife Feliicity. I have lived in my wife’s house for the past ten years. I live like a little white face. My wife supports me.”

Seeing Feliicity, Lu Xiaobin was depressed, obviously thinking of what Wiliam had deceived before.

On the contrary, Lu Xiaoluan stretched out her hand to embrace Feliicity generously, “Oh, brother and sister, I thought you were molesting Wiliam before, but I didn’t think you were a husband and wife, because of fate.”

Feliicity also said obediently: “Sister Xiaoluan, I was playing before. Let my sister laugh.”

The cross-eyed eyes on the side suddenly sighed, and there was a kind of unspeakable loneliness, “Hey, I really want to be such a little white face, raised by a fairy-like wife…”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaobin amusedly, and suddenly said: “You still have a target, right? I will introduce you to a lady with a leg length of 1.8 meters and who likes to wear a JK uniform.

Chapter 1134

When Lu Xiaobin heard this, his eyes lit up, “Really!”

Wiliam nodded, “Really, do you like it?”

Lu Xiaobin wanted to nod, but looked at the old sister Lu Xiaoluan next to him with a little fear.

He narrowed his neck weakly, “Look, see tonight.”

When Wiliam saw this scene, he said to Lu Xiaoluan amusedly: “Big sister, you are too strict with Xiaobin, right? He is a man anyway, and he has grown up.”

Lu Xiaoluan looked at the unsatisfactory Lu Xiaobin angrily and said: “If I leave him alone, he will have gone bad all these years. But now that you are back, you can help me take care of it if you are willing.”

Lu Yejing gave her three points.

Lu Xiaobin was ecstatic and said, “Really! Hahaha, that’s okay, from now on, Wiliam will take care of me.”

Speaking of this, he lowered his voice a little bit, and asked in a humble manner: “Is it really a one-meter-eight long leg?”

Wiliam was taken aback, obviously he was just joking.

Mulan Nannizi was so arrogant and arrogant that not everyone could be in the sight of her.

“Then, it depends on your ability, I can’t be the master either.” Wiliam said helplessly.

At this time, Feliicity smiled so coquettishly, touching Wiliam’s face coquettishly, and said, “Oh, my husband likes one-meter-eight long legs and a JK uniform. Excuse me, my leg. Not long enough…”

Seeing that Feliicity was doing things again, Wiliam quickly admitted, “It doesn’t matter if it’s not long enough, just enough, just enough, enough!”

Feliicity flushed slightly, knocked Wiliam on the head, and ran aside.

In the evening, Wiliam took Lu’s sisters, Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing, to the rich restaurant.

The wealthy restaurant is the most advanced restaurant on their side.

Two days ago, Mulan had already contacted Wiliam, and all the people of Qilin Power came here.

Wiliam naturally needed a time to meet them.

Originally, Wiliam also invited Sister Qing to come with him, but Sister Qing said that their group of children should go on their own, and she would not mix up.

Anyone who dares to love her is considered a child as long as she does not reach her level.

The box was set by Lu Xiaobin. He finally showed what a second generation ancestor should have. These restaurants are still very familiar with them, and he directly ordered the most luxurious box.

Several people arrived in the box and found that Mulan was still not here.

When they waited, only Lu Xiaobin was a little fidgety, his eyes kept aiming at the door of the box.

Wiliam said amusedly: “You kid, don’t you need to be so impatient?”

Lu Xiaobin was embarrassed by Wiliam’s mind, and smiled awkwardly, “Brother Wiliam, you laughed. Under my sister’s control, I haven’t touched a girl’s hand for many years. I don’t know how soft a girl’s hand is. Still hard.”

This sentence made the scene embarrassed.

But this time, a voice broke the embarrassment.

“Oh, I thought it was you who booked the rich feast box for tonight.”

Everyone looked up at the door of the box.

I saw a man with a glossy face, standing in front of the box in a neat suit.

Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin frowned when they saw this man.

Lu Xiaobin stood up and shouted to the man: “Chen Qinglin, I have a distinguished guest today. I don’t want to fight with you, just get out of here!”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan. Lu Xiaoluan was obviously also very upset. He whispered to Wiliam: “This guy is called Chen Qinglin. He is the enemy of our North Lu family, the eldest son of the Liehan Chen family. This guy is disgusting to death. Shit, we all see him very upset.”

This man named Chen Qinglin came uninvited and stepped directly into the box.

He just glanced at the box at random, and finally fixed his eyes on Feliicity’s body.

Obviously, she was deeply attracted by Feliicity’s beauty.

His throat also swallowed, and this scene made Feliicity frowned.

“Chen Qinglin, this is the box I ordered, why are you coming in! Hurry up and get out of me!” Seeing Chen Qinglin staring at his sister-in-law, Lu Xiaobin suddenly became angry.

But Chen Qinglin smiled and said: “You booked the box? Boy, you too value yourself? This box is my Chen family all the year round. If I don’t come in one day, you will take advantage of it? Believe it or not. , Can you get out of this box?”

When he said this, he was still watching Feliicity.

He was obviously showing off his family background to Feliicity.

“You! Don’t go too far! Don’t think I’m afraid of you!” Lu Xiaobin shouted sharply.

Chen Qinglin glanced at Lu Xiaobin disdainfully, “You little boy who can’t even touch a woman’s hand, I don’t bother to talk to you, this beauty, enjoy a drink in a bar?”

“No reward.” Wiliam said lightly.

Chen Qinglin obviously didn’t have Wiliam in his eyes, and continued to say to Feliicity: “Beauty, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is…”

“Not allowed.” Feliicity also directly replied.

Chen Qinglin was so stunned that he was immediately trapped.

Are you all so direct?

Does this man and woman know who they are?

When Lu Xiaobin and Lu Xiaoluan saw Chen Qinglin collapsed, they laughed out loud.

Too much relief.

Wiliam and Feliicity are a perfect match, their mouths are more poisonous than Chen Qinglin.

Sing and make a draw, double the attack.

“You guys! You are looking for death!” Chen Qinglin couldn’t help but furious.

At this time, two more gorgeously dressed women walked in, hooking Chen Qinglin’s arm to the left and the other.

One of them said coquettishly: “Brother Chen, our guest is here.”

Chen Qinglin was taken aback, and immediately said: “Well, well, we will go over immediately.”

The Chen family has spent a lot of time inviting a distinguished guest to the door. Chen Qinglin will host a banquet in this restaurant tonight. He doesn’t want to make things happen at this moment and make the distinguished guest angry.

When Chen Qinglin left, he gave Lu Xiaobin a vicious look, “Boy, I will let you go for a while, but I will finish receiving guests later, ho ho, this place, I will definitely find it back! Don’t leave if there is a kind !”

Lu Xiaobin didn’t bother to pay attention to him and gave him a pair of cross-eyed eyes.

After Chen Qinglin left, Lu Xiaoluan said, “Wiliam, I’ll show you a joke as soon as you come here, but I’m serious. If Chen Qinglin comes to pick things up later, let’s settle down and don’t conflict with him.”

This kind of dude, in Wiliam’s view, is simply an ant.

Wiliam asked indifferently, “What’s the matter? Is the North Lu family still afraid that their Liehan Chen family will fail?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face was a little stiff, she hesitated, and said: “In the beginning, our Lu family was never afraid of their Chen family, but in the past year, something strange has happened…”

Chapter 1135

“What’s the strange thing?” Wiliam was interested.

But Lu Xiaoluan refused to go on. She said, “Oh, don’t ask. Anyway, you’ll see it in two days. The family banned us from conflicting with the Chen family. Let us meet them. Hide a little. So you can see that the more we hide, the more arrogant Chen Qinglin. He is a warrior who has turned into a stamina, and I didn’t have any eyes on him, but he couldn’t fight to death and was so angry. Me.”

Wiliam nodded, without speaking.

At this time, Wiliam’s phone rang, and it was Mulan who called.

They got downstairs.

Hearing that a beauty with a length of one meter and eight legs was coming, Lu Xiaobin immediately put aside his unhappiness and continued to stare at the door eagerly.

After a while, there was a sound of footsteps at the door.

Had it not been for Lu Xiaoluan’s pressing, Lu Xiaobin would have rushed out.

Without seeing his person, seeing his leg first.

I saw a pair of slender and straight legs, and stepped into the box door in one step.

Seeing these legs, Lu Xiaobin was amazed.

Really one meter eight?


Two meters are there!

It’s so beautiful!

He rushed forward with blood and rushed up in one step.

At this time, he looked up along the legs, and at this look, the whole person was dizzy.

It’s too beautiful!

It is even more beautiful than Feliicity!

Under the world, is there such a perfect woman!

Fairy sister!

I’m coming!

Lu Xiaobin rushed in front of the woman, nodded and bowed, becoming extremely dog-legged, “Miss Sister, my name is Lu Xiaobin, and I am twenty-five years old this year! Wiliam said he wants to introduce you to me! Do you think I can still make it?”

When he said this, he couldn’t help turning his head back and gave Wiliam a deep compliment!

Brother Wiliam is so interesting!

Such a beautiful and perfect woman than Feliicity is willing to introduce it to herself!

Brother, don’t explain!

But when Wiliam saw this woman, he immediately waved his hand at Lu Xiaobin with a black line, and compared three words with his mouth!

The hook is wrong!

Of course there is only one woman who appears here tonight who can be more beautiful than Feliicity.

Wenren loved.

This cross-eyed is splitting.

Wiliam also blamed himself, because he had just mentioned the characteristics of long legs.

Wen Renqin’s height is a bit taller than Mulan, and his legs are longer than Mulan.

This is not the wrong person.

Lu Xiaobin was still wondering what Wiliam meant. Suddenly a figure stopped in front of him, “Where are you from the cross-eyed! Sister Wenrenqingxin is mine! Go away!”

It’s not that Guo Wuji, who is sticking to Wenren’s heart like a brown candy, is the one who said this.

Guo Wuji’s round body was in front of Lu Xiaobin, his eyes full of vigilance.

Wen Renqin experienced the initial shock, and immediately understood what was going on.

She likes to watch Renhong, covering her mouth and smiling.

In the end, Wiliam stood up helplessly, “Bring me back, I will introduce you one by one.”

The few people outside walked in all at once.
Five people.

Mulan, Wenren Qingxin, God of Wealth, Numa and Guo Wuji.

Wiliam pressed them all on the chair.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little weird.

The faces of Wen Ren’s heart were so stunning that Feliicity and Lu Xiaoluan both saw them.

She is simply a perfect woman.

Wiliam knew such a woman?

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with an unhappy expression on her face, and the word jealous was written all over her face.

Although he knew that Wiliam would not have anything to do with this woman, but which man didn’t think about this kind of woman?

And Mulan and the others are also watching Feliicity.

It was the first time they saw Feliicity.

Especially Mulan, I have always heard that Wiliam has a wife who only takes one scoop of three thousand weak water, and she is also very beautiful.

Now when she saw it, Mulan felt that there were fireworks in her head, which was about to explode.

Although Feliicity’s appearance was a bit inferior to Wen Renqing, his temperament was much gentler than Wen Renqing.

The appearance of a little daughter’s house, unlike Wen Ren’s heart, is extremely arrogant.

In this world, probably only such a woman is worthy of Wiliam.

Guo Wuji and Lu Xiaobin have been staring at each other since they sat down.

But it was obvious that Guo Wuji couldn’t stare at Lu Xiaobin, who had cross-eyed eyes, and he was quickly defeated.

Wiliam had a black face and introduced each other to everyone at the scene.

Feliicity suddenly understood that the people present were the leaders of the unicorn power that Wiliam had been talking about.

When the five of them heard Feliicity’s identity, they also stood up politely and called the young master’s wife.

Although Lu Xiaoluan didn’t know what Qilinshi was, the two words Qilin in his name were obviously related to Wiliam.

It seems that Wiliam has not been idle these years, he has already collected a large number of his men.

When introducing Wenren’s love, Guo Wuji immediately stood up and said righteously: “He is my person! Don’t hit her idea!”

Lu Xiaobin didn’t believe it a hundred.

Such a beautiful woman, there is probably only Wiliam who can be worthy of it, and there is no turn of a fat man.

“A flower is stuck on the cow dung!” Lu Xiaobin said strangely.

“Want to single out? Come on!” Guo Wuji’s violent temper came straight up.

However, he was immediately knocked on his head by Wenren, “Is it wrong to say that a flower is inserted on the cow dung?”

Guo Bukit’s attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees, and he immediately smiled flatteringly, “My sister said, I’m just a toad eating swan meat! A flower is planted on the cow dung, and it’s great! Someone is upset, and look for it. Go for a flower.”

This made Lu Xiaobin angry.

But he can understand it, even if the fairy sister and the fat man are not lovers, there is something between them.

This made him jealous.

He turned to look at the other pair of long legs in the audience, and continued to smile and said, “Hello, sister Mulan, my name is Lu Xiaobin, and Brother Wiliam said he wants to introduce you to me, please advise!”

Although Mulan’s appearance is not as good as Wenren’s love, but her figure is also bursting, especially her long legs.

Mulan glared at Wiliam with a black line.

Wiliam pretended not to know and looked around, scolding Lu Xiaobin thousands of times in his heart.

Will this kid strike up a conversation?

Is it okay to force a beautiful woman?

Seeing Mulan’s silence, Lu Xiaobin had an idea, thinking Mulan was embarrassed.

So he quickly thought of a topic to ease the embarrassment.

“Why doesn’t Sister Mulan speak? Don’t you feel uncomfortable without wearing a JK uniform? There is a toilet in this box. Sister, go and change it!”

Chapter 1136

The atmosphere at the scene is about to freeze.

Everyone looked at Lu Xiaobin with sympathetic eyes.

This cross-eyed, I’m afraid it didn’t come out of the ancient tomb. The method of teasing women is very cruel!

What is this saying!

Mulan’s face was completely black.

At this time, Lu Xiaoluan banged Lu Xiaobin on the head severely, and cursed: “What’s wrong with you! You can’t speak, go home and learn pinyin!”

After finishing speaking, she quickly said to Mulan: “I’m sorry, the family is unfortunate. It made you laugh. Let’s eat first. You must be hungry.”

After being interrupted by Lu Xiaoluan so, the atmosphere on the scene eased a little.

However, Mulan always stared at Wiliam with angry eyes.

JK’s uniform still can’t get through?

I’m wearing it for you now, but you have the courage to see it?

“Serve wine!” Mulan patted the table.

Lu Xiaobin smiled with joy, “Okay! I like it!”

How can she presumptuously refuse to agree if a beauty wants to drink?

Where is the chance if the beauty is not drunk?

It seemed that Sister Mulan was overwhelmed by her humor, and she was about to devote herself to her gracefully so soon.

Others knew the amount of Mulan’s alcohol, and they were angry now, afraid that they would not die on this wine table.

Guo Wuji had long seen that Lu Xiaobin was upset, so he jumped out, carrying a bottle of wine in his hand, “Let’s drink it! Do it on the front!”

Everyone looked at them together.

Lu Xiaobin is a natural counselor.

He said weakly: “I won’t sniff out Sister Qiongxin with you anymore. What’s the fun with you? I want to chase Sister Mulan, one for you, one for me, one for each person, how good.”

Guo Wuji was trembling with anger, “Damn! Mulan is my old sister! You said it has nothing to do with me!”

Lu Xiaobin was dumbfounded on the spot.

Didn’t think that Mulan turned out to be Guo Wuji’s old sister!

Where does it look like!

A leg is 1.8 meters long, a fat man!

For an instant, Lu Xiaobin suddenly envied Guo Wuji, and the relationship with the two long-legged beauties was so close.

A winner in life than Wiliam.

He immediately showed the temperament of being able to bend and stretch, and immediately became flattering, took a bottle of wine and said with a smile: “It turns out to be my brother-in-law, disrespect and disrespect! Come on, this bottle is dry!”

Guo Bukit is almost going to be mad.

So there are people in the world who are more shameless than yourself?

Wiliam watched with amusement at these two dudes fighting for wine. In his eyes, these two were the second generals.

Running around Ba? Babolben?

Let them go.

Wiliam turned his head to Wen Ren and said, “Where are our other brothers?”

Wen Ren’s heart is not too big, he glanced at Wiliam softly, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t treat them badly. We packed the lobby downstairs, and we all ate downstairs. Ten tables.”

Only then did Wiliam feel relieved, and quickly turned his head away from Wenren’s heart.

This woman is poisonous.

Mulan also carried the wine, squeezed Wiliam away, and sat beside Feliicity.

She looked at Feliicity, and the more she looked, the more she sighed.

Finally, she raised her glass and said to Feliicity: “Madam Young Master…”

“Sister Mulan, you should call me Feliicity…” Feliicity was younger than Mulan, and felt uncomfortable being called so.
Mulan was not hypocritical, and said with a smile: “Sister Feliicity, I finally saw you today. A while ago, I went to Q City ( Qena City ) with Wiliam. Those little fairies told me everything about you and Wiliam. Envy you, find a wishful man.”

Feliicity smiled, “Sister Mulan joked. To Sister Mulan, can you tell me about Wiliam’s arrival in Lingcheng? I asked him, but he never told me.”

Mulan was taken aback, and immediately thought why Wiliam didn’t tell Feliicity.

It’s not that she is worried.

After all, Wiliam was not born to death.

However, Wiliam didn’t say anything, but Mulan wanted to say.

So Mulan told what happened in Lingcheng, especially the things about guarding the mountain forbidden land.

The point is that Wiliam was in a madness at the time, it was Feliicity’s name, and he recalled his mind.

Speaking of this, Feliicity burst into tears.

This silly husband had experienced so many dangers.

And she again firmly believed that she and Wiliam would never be separated in this life.

After Mulan finished speaking, she raised her glass to Feliicity again, “You must cherish each other well, if you are not good, I will be shattered with three views, after all, I still long for love.”

This joking made Feliicity drink all the wine in his hand for the first time, “It will definitely!”

Her tone is very firm!

Most definitely!

It is said that the white head will not be separated, and it is said that I hope you will find it!

After drinking in the midfield, Wiliam was about to take everyone downstairs to gather with the brothers.

At this time, the door suddenly slammed and was kicked open.

The kicker was Chen Qinglin who had gone and returned.

Chen Qinglin’s face was drunk and flushed at the moment, apparently drinking too much.

He hooked two coquettish women to the left and right, and barked in, “Little virgin, I’m here again! Would you like me to reward you a woman hahaha.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the box.

At this glance, his eyes went round!

When did there be two more beautiful women in the box!

Especially one of them is simply beautiful!

Is this a mortal!

This is a fairy!

He looked at the two women he was holding again, and suddenly felt that what was going on with their hateful faces!

He directly pushed away the two women, walked towards Wenren with a big stride, and laughed: “Beauty, do you want to go out to play with brother tonight, do you know who the brother is?”

“Go!” A figure yelled directly in front of Chen Qinglin.

It is Guo Wuji, who is so stubbornly furious.

Guo Wuji was controlled by his family since he was a child, and he didn’t know how to drink.

Where is Lu Xiaobin’s opponent?

He was depressed at the moment.

Today is really evil, so many people want to hook up their women.

He suddenly thought that if Wen Renqinxin’s sister and sister had become a child grandmother, it would be fine, and no one would hook up.

But at this thought, he was full of spirits, not good, not good at all.

When Chen Qinglin saw a fat man standing in front of him, he sternly shouted, “Are you looking for death? Believe it or not, I won’t let you get out of this restaurant tonight!”

Wiliam was the most interested in talking harshly.

He rubbed his head and said, “Clear him out, look annoying.”

Lu Xiaoluan trembled, and whispered to Wiliam: “Wiliam, have you forgotten what I told you just now? We can’t offend this kid. Besides, you are still in the Lu family’s house now, so you can’t leave anything to the three. An elder…”

But she didn’t finish her words, and a small figure rushed out, grabbing Chen Qinglin who was caught off guard, spinning a skillfully, and then “hey ha”!

Chen Qinglin’s body directly smashed a hole in the ceiling of the restaurant, and the person had disappeared from sight.

Everyone has a black line.

Xiao Wangqing returned to Wiliam’s arms triumphantly, and said, “Daddy, the baby has cleaned up for you, please praise the baby!”

Chapter 1137

Several people present, especially Lu Xiaoluan, are going crazy!

She hasn’t finished talking before her mouth, so there is no one else?

Why is this little girl so irritable?

Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t help but think of the fear of being dominated by the little girl during the day with that eagle hook nose!

Throwing two people out in one day, how cruel is this girl?

The other few people who had seen Xiao Wangqing’s strange power loli attribute almost fell to the ground.

Mulan and Guo Wuji shivered together.

They shared their sorrows with Xiao Wangqing in the forbidden mountain.

But I didn’t even realize that this girl was so scary.

Now they think about it, fortunately, they were polite to the little girl at the time, otherwise Chen Qinglin, who didn’t know where they were missing, was their fate.

Wiliam broke the deadlock and insincerely encouraged: “The baby is awesome.”

He just said to clear this Chen Qinglin out, but he didn’t say to throw him away.

But for a child over three years old, you can count on how strong her understanding is.

Xiao Wangqing patted Wiliam on the face triumphantly, and then went on to deal with the food.

Lu Xiaoluan said to Wiliam with a look of lovelessness, “Can you control your daughter?”

Wiliam stretched his hands and said that he could do nothing.

Lu Xiaoluan became very sad, “It’s over, now it’s completely over, and the elders will definitely get tortured by the handle.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “One step counts as one step, those few people are not to be afraid.”

Lu Xiaoluan glared at Wiliam with a gloomy look, “Of course you shouldn’t be afraid, but you are backed by a family of medicine knives, and it is us. I don’t want to, drink and drink.”

With that, Lu Xiaoluan took the initiative to pick up the wine bottle and poured it into his throat, obviously in a very unhappy mood.

Think about it, there are two days left.

Two days later, how would the Liehan Chen family humiliate the Lu family?

Lu Xiaoluan’s brain hurts.

A few minutes later, Wiliam and everyone came to the first floor to meet with the brothers.

Good guy, there are thirty tables on the edge of the lobby on the first floor. At this moment, they are already arguing, and many brothers are blushing.

Wiliam toasted each table with them, and it took more than half an hour.

After toasting the wine, Wiliam asked the brothers to continue drinking, and then he was about to go back to the box with Mulan and the others.

However, as soon as I walked to the elevator entrance, there was a loud roar outside, “Good boy! I want you all to die tonight!”

Everyone followed the prestige, and saw more than 30 people approaching aggressively outside.

These thirty-odd people were like wolves and tigers, with clubs in their hands, and the headed one had a blue nose and a swollen face, but everyone recognized him. It was Chen Qinglin who had been lost by Xiao Wangqing just now.

This girl is probably on the ground, otherwise he wouldn’t make his face so miserable.

But he was okay, he could still get up, and gathered so many people in a short time to come and seek revenge.

In an instant, Chen Qinglin and the others were already standing in front of Wiliam.

Lu Xiaoluan didn’t dare to reproduce any moths. He quickly stopped between them and said in a huff: “Shao Chen, I was really sorry just now, it was completely an accident. I apologize to you here.”
Chen Qinglin was furious, “Apologize? You humiliated Lao Tzu so much. Now telling me it’s an accident? Can you just apologize?”

He has never suffered this shame!

He didn’t even see how he was thrown out, by whom.

Xiao Wangqing’s goal is really small, and her sense of presence is extremely low.

Lu Xiaoluan looked helpless, it was indeed their fault.

According to Chen Qinglin’s must-have personality, he wouldn’t just leave it alone.

She quickly stabbed Wiliam and motioned to Wiliam to come over to apologize.

Wiliam took a step forward and said faintly, “We made a heavy shot just now, sorry.”

For Wiliam, a small punishment for Chen Qinglin is enough, there is indeed no need to throw people out of the clouds.

But Chen Qinglin smiled sorrowfully, “Is the shot too heavy?”

Wiliam nodded, and said straightforwardly: “Well, it’s just a good fight, you don’t have to lose that far.”

These words shocked the scene.

How arrogant and arrogant!

Chen Qinglin laughed directly with anger, attracting the attention of countless people around him.

He looked at Wiliam and nodded, “Okay! It seems that your kid has no idea who I am! I don’t know how many eyes the Lord Ma has! Brothers!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s scalp was numb, so Wiliam shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

She has seen this kid’s arrogance.

I can’t bear it!

Don’t speak too cheap!

“Chen Shao, you have something to say. This time it’s our fault. You want to calm down, just say it.” Lu Xiaoluan whispered.

Chen Qinglin nodded arrogantly.

Wiliam’s lips curled up slightly.

It seems that Chen Qinglin doesn’t want to do it at all.

Bringing so many people is here to bluff.

His final goal–

Chen Qinglin said directly to Lu Xiaoluan: “Seeing that your attitude of apologizing is okay, I won’t embarrass you Lu Family in North. Okay, I have two conditions. You can do it, and this will be the case tonight.”

Lu Xiaoluan was overjoyed, “Chen Shao you said, we are willing to pay no matter what the price is.”

Chen Qinglin pointed directly at Wen Renqin, Feliicity and Mulan, and said: “The first condition is that the three of them accompany me tonight. I still don’t have enough wine.”

As soon as these words came out, Wiliam and the three women were quite calm, but Lu Xiaoluan’s expression changed drastically!

She knew that it was totally impossible!

Chen Qinglin stretched out a second finger, pointed at Wiliam, and said fiercely: “This stinky boy who doesn’t know where he is, is so rude to me. I want him to kneel down three times and call me a hundred grandpa!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face was completely dark.

Neither of these two conditions is possible!

“Chen Shao, don’t go too far.” Lu Xiaoluan suppressed the anger in his heart and said lightly.

But Chen Qinglin looked like he was holding the winning ticket, pointing to the men behind him, and said fiercely, “Huh! Don’t agree! Okay, today you promised to agree too. If you don’t agree, I will fight until you agree! Don’t blame me. Today there are too many people and fewer bullies!”

Speaking of more bullies than others, the faces of the people at the scene became very strange.

Lu Xiaoluan suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

I am afraid that this product will be ominous in his later years.

Sure enough, Mulan stepped forward and smiled: “We don’t blame you, then don’t blame us when you wait.”

Chen Qinglin burst into laughter suddenly, “With you few stinky shrimps and rotten fishes, we have more than thirty full…”

Mulan interrupted him directly and shouted behind him: “Brothers, let this guy see what is the real bully and less.”

Chapter 1138

Chen Qinglin’s head buzzed, what’s the situation?

What does this beauty shout?

And as Mulan’s words fell, the 30 tables in the hall behind him suddenly stood up!

They walked towards Chen Qinglin in sonorous steps.

Martial artist, the weapon does not leave the body.

One by one, they slowly pulled out their weapons.

With a long knife, the tip of the knife hangs down, and the sound of Jin Ge is endless.

Great, screaming in his hands.

In the blink of an eye, more than three hundred people surrounded Chen Qinglin and the others.

Chen Qinglin looked at these people who suddenly appeared, and got goose bumps all over his body.

The 30 or so subordinates he called were not from their Liehan Chen family, but his group of brothers.

There is no fighting power at all.

Even Chen Qinglin was just a warrior who could not even beat Lu Xiaoluan.

Originally, he thought that thirty or so people were more than enough, enough to fool this group of buns.

What did it think? Suddenly, a group of black and oppressive people appeared, one by one still menacing, and at first glance they were martial artists.

He asked blankly: “You guys, I have nothing against you…”

“Dude, you want to bully our boss with too many people.” Wiliam’s brothers shouted jokingly.


Chen Qinglin was all over!

Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Could it be that this mob gathered here today?

Then he broke into the tiger’s den with a dazed look?

To these more than 300 people, he said that he planned to bully fewer people with more people?

Thinking of this, Chen Qinglin wanted to slap herself a few times.

He regretted it.

Now that the opponent has more people and less people, what reason do you have to argue?

Mulan looked at Chen Qinglin who was stunned, and said with a smile: “What? Bully it?”

Chen Qinglin’s cold sweat came down.

So many people can break him into pieces.

He hurriedly said: “You guys, you can’t win! There is a single challenge!”

Everyone was convinced by his shameless look.

“One-on-one? Okay, I will practice with you?” Mulan said with a smile.

Chen Qinglin said heads-up, it was just a scene, but she didn’t think that this long-legged beauty would really dare to respond.

There must be something extraordinary!

Chen Qinglin suddenly looked at Lu Xiaoluan, “Lu Xiaoluan, are you really going to have trouble with me! Don’t you want to think about the consequences?”

Lu Xiaoluan finally sighed, and said to Mulan and the others: “I think it’s better to forget it. It’s better not to offend this person.”

Wiliam didn’t bother to care about this kind of people. He kept trying to hit the gun.

Mulan looked at Chen Qinglin, “Hurry up!”

Chen Qinglin looked at these people bitterly, and then left dingyly.

Mulan once again greeted the brothers to go back and drink.

Lu Xiaoluan took Chen Qinglin’s last look in his eyes, and said helplessly: “This kid will never let us go.”

“Why are you afraid of him?” Wiliam didn’t care, and went straight to the elevator.

Lu Xiaoluan shook his head helplessly. What will happen in two days?

Will Liehan Chen’s revenge be more violent!
Will the three elders anger Wiliam?

For a moment, she was a little at a loss.

I don’t know if Wiliam came back with a high profile this time, whether it was right or wrong.

Two days later.

Early in the morning, Wiliam heard a rush of footsteps outside.

Someone shouted outside: “It’s not good, the people of the Chen family of Liehan are here again, this time two people are brought here!”

Wiliam frowned slightly, and went out with Feliicity to see what happened.

Sister Qing had left North Lu’s house yesterday.

When I got outside, I saw people from North Lu’s family hurriedly walking towards the gate.

Wiliam and Feliicity also followed.

As soon as he reached the gate, Wiliam heard an extremely arrogant laugh.

He heard that it was Chen Qinglin’s voice.

Wiliam went over and saw that it was Chen Qinglin.

At this moment, the gate of North Lu’s family is already crowded.

The elders of the North Lu family are all here.

Opposite is Chen Qinglin, and some people from the Han Chen family.

In the back, there are all onlookers.

Opposite the Chen family and Lu family, there are two stretchers.

On the stretcher, there were two people lying on the stretcher.

The faces of the North Lu family were extremely ugly. If it weren’t for outsiders, or to maintain everyone’s demeanor, they would have exploded long ago.

Chen Qinglin looked at the Lu family sarcastically, and seemed to enjoy the Lu family’s expression at the moment.

“You are here.” Lu Xiaoluan, who had been on the scene a long time ago, saw Wiliam approaching, and hurriedly pulled Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaoluan sighed and said, “Didn’t I tell you before? A weird thing has happened in the past year, which is what you see now.”

“I’ll tell you one hundred and fifty, but don’t make trouble, don’t you know? Chen Qinglin seems to be determined to find our troubles. It’s better for us to stay aside, otherwise it would be bad if we caught fire.” Lu Xiaoluan said.

Wiliam nodded, “You speak first.”

He didn’t bother to care about North Lu’s family.

Lu Xiaoluan told Wiliam about this in a low voice.

It turned out that there were two super families in Fengcheng.

One is from North Lu family, and the other is from Liehan Chen family.

The Chen family of Liehan is far inferior to the Lu family of North.

But a year ago, something happened that completely reversed this situation.

At that time, the Chen family of Liehan also carried a patient in public, just like today, and placed it at the door of the North Lu family, hoping to find someone from the North Lu family for treatment.

The Lu family of North was well-known, and there were many people onlookers at that time. So the Lu family’s self-healing and benevolent people patted their breasts in front of the entire Fengcheng people and said that they would be cured.

As a result, the whole city witnessed that the Lu Family in North was helpless with an ordinary patient.

In the beginning, they sent a junior, because everyone could see that the popularity that was brought over was okay, it wouldn’t be a big problem, so let the junior try.

Then, the junior can’t do it, and the elder is replaced.

Finally, even the three elders went on.

But they are helpless with a seemingly ordinary patient.

The entire Fengcheng was a sensation.

At that moment, North Lu’s family became the object of ridicule in the whole city, and it was not as good as a small hospital outside.

In order to save face, the North Lu family, who couldn’t hold their face, promised to treat the illnesses of Liehan and Chen family free of charge in the future.

However, how did the North Lu family know that this seemingly saving promise was simply the beginning of their nightmare!

Every next month today, the Liehan Chen family will bring a patient over on time at this point in time.

So grandiose, people from the whole city are invited to watch the medical skills of North Lu Family.

Dignified super medical family, once again all members are incompetent!

Chapter 1139

Strangely speaking, every time the patients brought by the Liehan Lu family did not seem to be very seriously ill.

And they all seem to be very common diseases.

But the North Lu family exhausted everyone’s cultivation and experience, and it just couldn’t be cured!

Even more desperately, the patients were treated to death on the spot.

And every month, those patients who have not received treatment will die directly on the stretcher in one hour, at the gate of North Lu’s house.

So far, the North Lu family has suffered ten lives.

In fact, the North Lu family had already seen that there was a ghost in the beginning.

If it were an ordinary patient, how could the illness make the whole Lu family helpless!

And this disease that made the Lu family incompetent in the world must have been deliberately caused by someone.

However, the North Lu family had already fallen into the trap set by the Liehan Chen family when they agreed to come down to see a doctor for free for the sake of face.

Every time, he brought people in front of the whole city, which made it clear that he would humiliate North Lu’s family.

For the sake of face, the Luo Lu family in the north was getting deeper and deeper, and they did not dare to confront the Liehan Chen family in front of everyone.

Therefore, they can only tolerate repeatedly, and even let the doorman meet the people of the Lihan Chen family to hide.

In the past, they brought one patient over every month.

But this month, they brought two people over.

It was made clear that he wanted to further humiliate North Lu’s family.

After Lu Xiaoluan said this, she cursed dejectedly: “I really don’t know where so many weird patients come from the Chen family. They can change every time. It’s too disgusting. It can make the whole Lu family helpless. I suspect Chen. There is an expert behind the house who is playing tricks.”

Wiliam nodded, without any comments.

This matter has nothing to do with him.

Moreover, if someone could help him humiliate these disgusting people and make them feel wronged, Wiliam would be happy to see it.

“The third elder, this time you will send the expert to treat the disease? I am looking forward to it.” Chen Qinglin broke the silence and said to the third elder with a smile.

The three elders were stunned, “Chen Qinglin, don’t go too far! There is a private solution!”

Chen Qinglin smiled slyly: “Why do you want to solve it in private? What? Are you still afraid of being embarrassed in front of the whole city? Strange, it’s been ten months, you should have shameless, or already Get used to it.”

“You!” The three elders mentioned all over.

Chen Qinglin suddenly said exaggeratedly: “Oh, did you feed the dogs as promised by the Chen family before? If you can’t cure the disease, do you want to come and beat us? Okay, you do.”

The onlookers from behind also suddenly booed.

The lungs of the three elders are going to explode!

This year is simply shit!

First, I was pressed on my head by this disgusting Liehan Chen family, and humiliated at a fixed time every month. Aunt Weiyuan was still on time!

Then a few days ago, he was humiliated by that bastard named Wiliam!

The face of North Lu’s family is really lost!

“Three elders, you can withdraw. Let me have a look.” The big elder stopped the anger of the three elders and took a step forward.

The medical skills of the Great Elder are the best in the Lu Family.
He walked up to the two patients, sighed, and began to check their pulse.

During the pulse diagnosis, Chen Qinglin remained silent and smiled.

Obviously full of confidence.

Ten minutes later, the great elder let go and sighed again.

He felt that in the past ten months, he almost sighed all his life.

Again helpless!

Under the world, there are still diseases that he can’t see.

The elders are a little suspicious of life.

However, this time he finally saw the clue and confirmed his previous guess.

He slowly said to the people of the Liehan Chen family: “I can see that, although the symptoms of the patients in the past ten months are different, the root of the disease is the same, but the root of the disease is too deep and too deep. , Ordinary doctors can’t see it at all. Chen Family, what are your intentions?”

Chen Qinglin said jokingly: “We don’t have any intentions, but we just want to save people’s lives and build a seventh-level float. I think you are too. After all, you are a medical family. You can say whether you can cure it.”

The elder shook his head and said, “Although I found the root cause of the disease, I found that there are other toxins in these people’s bodies. These toxins caused the patient to die in an hour. The composition of the toxins, even I have analyzed Won’t come out.”

Chen Qinglin laughed and said, “If you don’t do it, you can’t do it. What are you talking about here, and we all don’t understand it. Isn’t it okay to recognize it as before?”

There was a laughter at the scene.

“Elder, do you really see something?” the third elder asked in a low voice.

The people of the Lu family gathered together, waiting for the elder’s training.

The elder nodded, his face a little ugly, he said: “I see the root cause of the disease, this is a very rare virus.”

“Can’t that be treated?” The Third Elder asked eagerly.

The Grand Elder groaned for a moment, and said depressedly: “If it was a year ago, it could be treated, but now, I have no way.”

“Why! Does it have anything to do with this time?” The Third Elder frowned.

If the elder’s eyes glanced at Wiliam, who was on the side, he said lightly, “Because Lu Lingfeng was still dead a year ago.”

As soon as these words came out, the third elder’s face instantly stiffened, and he glanced at Wiliam with a guilty conscience.

Although Wiliam’s heart was turbulent, he still maintained his calmness.

Grandpa, finally heard your name again.

“What does it have to do with him!” The Third Elder lowered his voice.

The elder said lightly: “Because he knows the things that follow the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, and none of us.

“I talked to him about the root cause of this disease a year ago, and I also know that there is an ancient prescription in the supplemented “Impermanent Medical Classics” that can be completely cured.”

The third elder’s eyes lit up, “What kind of prescription! Maybe someone can know.”

The elder shook his head, and said: “That old medicine is called Taohong She Niu Fang.”

“Taohong Shooting Niu Fang? What is this? Why haven’t I heard of it?” The Third Elder was stunned.

The elder said helplessly: “I have only heard the name of the prescription, but I don’t know the exact formula.”

“Does the Lu family want to humiliate this disgusting Chen family again today!” said the third elder with a reconciled look.

At this time, Chen Qinglin noticed Wiliam who was indifferent, and suddenly smiled: “Lu Family, do you know why I sent two people? Because one of the patients was dedicated to a kid in your Lu family. !”

As he said, Chen Qinglin stretched out his hand to Wiliam, “Boy, you have to bear your life today!”

Chapter 1140

The eyes of everyone were attracted by Chen Qinglin to Wiliam.

Lu Xiaoluan was heartbroken on the sidelines, and sure enough, the ones that should come will come.

She hurriedly pulled Wiliam and signaled him to keep a low profile. Anyhow, she could be a little better now and admit a mistake to Chen Qinglin.

After all, this matter of the Lu Family had nothing to do with Wiliam.

Can not be involved in this storm.

Chen Qinglin looked at Wiliam jokingly, and said, “Why, wasn’t it arrogant the last two days? How come you don’t even have the courage to stand up now? I tell you, you have to recite this life, or you have to recite it. Back!”

Wiliam looked at Chen Qinglin amused, and said, “I said you are sick? Why am I not doing anything to see your doctor? I don’t promise you anything like them?”

With a word of Wiliam, Chen Qinglin was immediately stunned.

His head buzzed suddenly.

Yes, the people from the Lu family in North were those who had promised to see the doctor for free before.

But this kid never agreed.

Why do people?

For a while, Chen Qinglin was a little bit clueless.

When Lu Xiaoluan heard this, he suddenly slapped his head and laughed.

Wiliam was right, and hit the nail on the head.

This Chen Qinglin wanted to pull Wiliam into the water, but he didn’t think that he would be blackened by Wiliam.


“Lu Xiaoluan, what the hell is going on!” Seeing Lu Xiaoluan laugh, the elder asked sharply.

Lu Xiaoluan suddenly reduced her smile, glanced at Wiliam, and finally reported to the Great Elder what had happened two days ago.

Finally, Lu Xiaoluan said: “Elder, Wiliam is not bad for this. This guy has been provoking us and has always humiliated Xiaobin.”

The third elder was furious, “Lu Xiaoluan, what did I say to you before! Did you take my words to your ears! Did I let you offend them? Now it’s fine, they put the bill on us. !”

As he said, he glared at Wiliam, “And you! You are simply a broom star! As soon as we come to our Lu family, we will cause trouble for us! I don’t care, you are half responsible for this matter today! You immediately report to Chen Qinglin Apologize! Otherwise, the Lu family will not finish with you!”

Chen Qinglin was still aggrieved, but after hearing the words of the three elders, he suddenly laughed.

Good guy, it turns out that this guy is also a disgusting stuff in the Lu family!

It just happened that I didn’t think of a way to deal with him, and I didn’t think that the people of the Lu family would turn back and help myself deal with this kid.


Chen Qinglin was immediately happy, and watched the play.

Lu Xiaoluan was furious!

These three elders seem to be deliberate!

Forget about the Lu Family’s shame, now they want to cause trouble, and put the blame on Wiliam!

Sure enough, the three elders said again: “Originally, they only pulled one person at a time, but today they pulled two people. Isn’t it your fault?”

Wiliam looked at the third elder coldly, and asked, “Oh? Then tell the third elder, what should I do?”

“Kneel down and apologize to Chen Qinglin, beg him to forgive you, and then take everyone away. This is your sin!” The third elder said without thinking.

But Wiliam laughed, “Kneeling down to apologize is impossible. But, you said that one of them is my responsibility, right?”
The third elder was taken aback, nodded, “Nonsense!”

Wiliam walked slowly towards the two lying patients, and then said to Lu Xiaoluan: “Sister, give me ten silver needles.”

He didn’t want to expose the existence of Long live Gulian.

Lu Xiaoluan got goose bumps all over her body.

She rushed to Wiliam in one step and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, are you crazy! Just now the elders have diagnosed them, and even the entire Lu family has no way to deal with patients, how could you have a way to go? Heal! With your hands, you will settle the muddy water!”

Speaking of this, she lowered her voice and said, “You didn’t know that the third elder deliberately wanted to pull you into the water!”

Wiliam nodded and said, “I know.”

Seeing his indifferent appearance, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t get angry. “You also know the medical status of our North Lu family among the rivers and lakes. Looking at the world, the people of our North Lu family who can’t heal, the world is really bad. A few can be cured. Chen Qinglin intentionally wanted to see our jokes. Do you want him to succeed?”

The third elder interrupted Lu Xiaoluan at this time and said with a smile: “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, are they? Okay, you start, we are here to watch, and by the way, learn from your younger generation! If you dare to do it, If you offend Chen Qinglin, our Lu family will not pursue your fault.”

He was joking when he said this.

What Lu Xiaoluan said was wrong, the whole Lu family was at a loss, what can a brat do?

It’s ridiculous.

Isn’t the whole Lu family inferior to his medical skills alone?

The three elders are ready to watch the show.

He even winked at the other two elders.

He signaled that if this kid cures the patient to death later, he will be driven out of the Lu family directly by this pretence. He wants to be the elder in his heart, so don’t even think about it!

The other two elders understood the understanding, and they were silent, and the three elders presided over the overall situation.

Chen Qinglin also joined the Three Elders for the first time, and said with a smile: “Yes, if you really make a move, I won’t pursue the matter two days ago.”

Seeing that Wiliam was still calm and breezy, Lu Xiaoluan was really anxious, “Wiliam! What’s the matter with you! Can’t you see that they, they deliberately forced you. I know you were green before. The medical conference performed very well! But what? What the young medical conference showed was just the basic skills of a doctor. Don’t you think that if you have a solid basic skills, you can cure the world’s strange diseases, right? I don’t You are allowed to go!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s words hit the nail on the head.

At the Youth Medical Association, whether it is searching for him in the first pass or a hundred secrets in the second pass, all of the investigations are the basic skills of the martial artist.

Although Wiliam’s basic skills have been recognized by everyone, it takes years of experience to treat illnesses and save people. How old is Wiliam?

The three elders are over two hundred years old in total, and they all have no solution. How could Wiliam have a solution?

However, the third elder said at this moment, “Come here, get a needle for Wiliam! Lu Xiaoluan, if you dare to make trouble, I will punish you!”

Lu Xiaoluan was stomped with anger, and finally turned away depressed, not looking at Wiliam.

When Wiliam got the needle, he really went to the two patients.

Chen Qing Lin Xin became excited.

As long as this kid cures the patient, he can make a fuss.

Wiliam clicked the corner of his mouth and asked, “So, which one do you need me to treat?”

Chen Qinglin was taken aback, looked at the two patients, and suddenly pointed to one of them and said, “He!”

Chen Qinglin still understands the conditions of these two patients. He deliberately selected a more complicated patient for Wiliam.

Wiliam actually nodded and said hello, and then the silver needle in his hand directly pierced the patient’s Tianting acupoint without thinking about it!

Ten needles and one hole!


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