Dragon Husband 1141-1150

Chapter 1141

Chen Qinglin got goose bumps all over!


This kid is real!

Really dare to do it!

And the three elders of the Lu family frowned when they saw Lu Yezhen enter the Tianting acupoint.

Tianting acupoint, it’s almost dead!

Could this kid deliberately want to embarrass the North Lu family!

So we must speed up the death of this patient!

When the three elders were wondering, Wiliam’s ten needles moved again!

But this time, his body was standing at the end of the patient’s shoulder, and the sight of the three elders was suddenly blocked.

And they could only see that Wiliam was flying with his hands, dancing like a butterfly through flowers.

Seeing this scene, the three elders shook their heads again.

Doctors usually have a dominant hand when using needles.

For serious illnesses, for the sake of prudence, one is to observe carefully, and the other is to use your dominant hand to ensure that you are safe.

On the other hand, this kid, as soon as he came out just now, he didn’t observe it. Now he shares both hands.

Have committed both taboos!

It seems that this kid is doomed today.

However, Wiliam didn’t care about the three elders and was already immersed in his own world.

Standing across from Wiliam, Chen Qinglin and others, although they could see Wiliam applying the needle, they didn’t know how mysterious he was!

The doctor uses acupuncture, usually one acupuncture needle, one acupuncture point, shift shape and position.

But Wiliam used acupuncture, ten acupuncture acupuncture points, changing several acupoints continuously!

How difficult is this move!

I am afraid that only experienced doctors will understand!

The acupuncture points of the human body are subtle and subtle, and carelessness may kill people.

Even if a doctor takes a lot of work, he can dare to have five needles and one acupuncture point at most.

But Wiliam directly doubled!

And why do we need more needles?

Naturally, it is necessary to forcibly stimulate the acupuncture points with the greatest violence and hold the patient in a sigh of relief.

As for the dominant hand that the three elders thought, to Wiliam, it didn’t even exist.

He doesn’t have a dominant hand, or it is all dominant.

The inability of the three elders can only mean that their realm is weak.

After two minutes, Wiliam stopped the injection.

He stood in place to adjust his breath.

And Lu Xiaoluan rushed over, put Wiliam’s head under his arm, and cursed: “You kid is going to piss me off! Why don’t you always listen to me! Will you die if you listen to me?”

Wiliam has a black line, how can he answer?

He had already observed the diseases of these two patients just now.

It is indeed intentional.

But Wiliam had seen this disease before.

Q City ( Qena City ), Frandick.

The president of the Drug Association.

It’s also a coincidence that the ancient medicine that the elder said just now-Taohong She Niu Recipe, happened to be the one Wiliam sold to Frandick at that time.

The prescription is indeed recorded in his “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

So everything is doomed in the dark.

Chen Qinglin also stepped forward and laughed: “Hahaha, just fooling around twice is the end of the matter! Is there a healer more sloppy than you in the world! Are you worthy of being a healer! I’ll be in public! Come to expose your hypocritical mask!”

With that said, he went to observe the patient.
However, he is not a healer after all, just seeing that the patient is still asleep, no different from before.

He pointed to the patient and smiled: “Look, everyone, the patient can no longer move, maybe he is dead, but you remember, this kid put him to death! I said, today this kid needs Carry a life! I, Chen Qinglin, have never said anything! North Lu Family, what else can you say!”

The third elder immediately reacted, and the previous instinct as a doctor suddenly disappeared.

This is not what he waited for.

The next step is to divert attention.

He immediately shouted: “Wiliam! What crime should you take to put the patient to death in public! We in the Lu family don’t have you as a handsome disciple! You will get out of the Lu family immediately!”

As soon as the third elder spoke, some of the flatterers also criticized Wiliam in unison: “Yes! Get out now! Do you really consider yourself to be a genius doctor again? Anyone dare to do it?”

“For those of us who can’t be cured by our elders, you dare to start casually? In the world, who can be better than our elders in medical skills?”

“The patient is motionless, obviously he is dying. This is not the case.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face flushed red as he heard the scolding around him.

She didn’t know where the courage came from, she shouted: “Shut up all of you!”

The atmosphere on the scene stagnated.

Lu Xiaoluan ignored Lu’s family at all, and cursed at Lu’s family: “Are you still Lu’s family! Are you still a healer! People are bullying you, what about you, what are you doing?”

“You don’t think of a way to wash away the shame you have brought, but you are doing everything you can to shirk the responsibility! Is this everyone’s style? This is a famous family? It’s ridiculous!”

“You didn’t dare to do it. Now that Wiliam does it for you, you are biting Wiliam? Do you really think this can be a distraction? I tell you, even if Wiliam puts people to death, I still admire him. Courage! On the contrary, it is you, which makes me look down on!”

Lu Xiaoluan swore fiercely, cursing, and suddenly burst into tears.

She felt that she had shed tears for a lifetime in the past few days when she met Wiliam.

This brat!

It’s not worrying when I was young, but it will be even more amazing when I grow up!

It’s broken my heart!

Did my mother plan your ancestral grave in her last life?

Let you bully!

At this time, a gentle body gently hugged Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan looked up, and it turned out to be Feliicity.

Feliicity smiled and said to Lu Xiaoluan, “Sister, don’t cry, trust Wiliam. I have been with him for ten years. He is a miracle in my heart.”

Lu Xiaoluan cried angrily: “I believe in a shit! You don’t know how powerful the Lu Family’s medical skills are. If the Lu Family can heal them, they can endure it until now? Wiliam was scammed by them!”

However, Feliicity looked at Wiliam, who was calm and brisk, and said with a smile: “Sister, maybe there is something you should learn from me.”

“What to study?” Lu Xiaoluan was taken aback.

Feliicity smiled even more breathtakingly, “Study, if you are a standard Wiliam brain fan.”

“Trust him, that’s it!”

As Feliicity said, she glared at Wiliam, “My husband, beat you!”

Wiliam looked helpless, and suddenly reached out to the patient’s hand and pinched hard.

“Cough cough cough!” The patient who had been moving before, actually coughed out in front of everyone under this pinch, and even sat up directly because of the cough!

Everyone on the scene was dumbfounded!

This is considered!

Come back to life!

Chapter 1142

The Lu Family’s mocking expression froze.

The cold smiles of the three elders also solidified.

Chen Qinglin was dumbfounded.

At the scene, the patient was only heard coughing constantly.

With a sound, they coughed in their hearts.

Lu Xiaoluan looked at the patient in disbelief.

There are only four words in my head!

How can it be!

When it was delivered before, the patient had only one breath left.

According to the practice of the first ten months, the patient will die in one hour.

In the past ten months, there has never been a patient who can wake up under the treatment of the Lu family!

Wiliam did it!


How can it be!

Could it be that Wiliam’s medical skills are more powerful than the elders of the Lu Family!

This is even more impossible!

How did Wiliam do it!

At this time, Feliicity’s voice came from her ear again, “Did you see it? On how important the quality of a brain fan is.”

Remnant fan…

Lu Xiaoluan listened to this word and looked at Feliicity again.

Feliicity still smiled, not at all surprised by the shocking scene before her.

It seems that she has long been used to it.

The husband who was used to her turned defeat into victory.

The husband who was used to her tried to turn the tide.

With thousands of scoldings, her husband always has a way to cover the sky with one hand!

It’s too easy to be a fan of this brainless fan!

Really, don’t care about anything, just trust Wiliam?

Lu Xiaoluan thought about worrying about Wiliam just now, and suddenly felt that it was not worth it.

There was a fierce pain in her face.

Could it be that Wiliam has really had any adventures in the past ten years?

The medical skills become more powerful than the three elders?

Do you want to try to believe him?

Lu Xiaoluan thought so, and suddenly sensibly pulled her back.

It must be a coincidence…

She still believes that in life, experience is the most important thing.

What experience does Wiliam have.

The third elder woke up first, rushed forward in disbelief, and grabbed the patient’s hand pulse.

He was even more shocked.

Originally wanted to watch the show, but also wanted to take this opportunity to drive this kid out!

Unexpectedly, he actually had a way to save the patient!

Then what I said just now, isn’t it the same as farting?

Let everyone see the joke?


This kid must have used something evil!

He gave the patient’s pulse carefully, this number made his heart sigh!

The pulse is more complicated than before!

He also pulsed the patient at the time two months ago.

The pulse condition is chaotic, and there is no way to start.

But now, although the pulse condition has become a little more orderly, there is something very scary!

In the pulse, there is a mania in order, it seems that this mania can swallow the patient’s life at any time!

This is definitely not a sign that the patient is cured!

He looked at the Great Elder, “Great Elder, come and take a look!”

Seeing that the three elders were still helpless, the great elder was puzzled, so he hurried up and signaled the pulse again.

At this number, he was also stunned.

It took a full five minutes before he put down the patient’s hand and said in a deep voice: “The patient’s root cause is not removed!”

The eyes of the people at the scene were wide.

This twists and turns!

Why didn’t the patient wake up?

The root of the disease is still not removed?

Chen Qinglin seemed to have caught the handle, and sternly shouted at Wiliam: “I’ll just say it! You kid is still playing mystery! You still don’t cure the patient if you have it!”

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart was raised again.

Sure enough, everything is just a coincidence.

Wiliam, Wiliam, you are still careless.

What can I do now, let people hold the handle.

However, Wiliam met the hostile gazes of the crowd and smiled slightly, “Two levels. First, the Lu Family and Chen Qinglin, you just said let me do it, even if the things two days ago are over, right? Yes? Do you want to get rid of the root cause? And I did it, right?”

The Lu family and Chen Qinglin were dumbfounded.

It seems that it was said before.

However, this has a premise!

Everyone before, including Chen Qinglin, had only one determined idea.

As long as this kid dares to do something, he will definitely put the patient to death!

Even if he does not die, the patient will die in an hour, and then the blame can be attributed to this kid.

But how could they think that not only did Wiliam not put the patient to death, but he rescued the patient!

So the words that told Wiliam to do things before and just let them go, now they are slapped in the face.

They couldn’t find words to refute!

Wiliam continued, “On the second level, I really don’t remove the root of the patient’s disease. I just hang on him, and he can live for two days.”

That said, the hearts of the people on the scene beat fiercely!

Continue your life for two days!


If what this kid said is true, it would be a miracle!

After all, the Great Elder couldn’t do this!

Otherwise, in the past ten months, every patient will die in an hour!

How did this kid do it!

“Huh! I think you are talking nonsense! You can’t get it in an hour! Who knows if he will die!” The three elders suppressed the shock in his heart and shouted sharply.

Wiliam smiled faintly, looked at the time and said, “There is still half an hour left.”

After speaking, he stood beside Feliicity without speaking.

Obviously, it has to be proved by time.

Everyone stopped talking immediately.

This half an hour, for them, is definitely a kind of agonizing suffering!

The atmosphere at the scene was extremely depressing, and no one dared to speak anymore.

The three elders and Chen Qinglin were staring at the patient.

After twenty minutes passed, the faces of the three elders and Chen Qinglin turned pale!

Because there are two patients, there is a comparison.

And the contrast is obvious.

The patient who was given the needle by Wiliam’s face turned better and better over time.

And the other one who hadn’t been treated, his face became darker and darker, and even his body began to exude lifelessness, apparently he was dead soon.

This comparison can be seen by ordinary people that the patients who have been treated cannot die in a short time.

This objectively proves that what Wiliam said just now was correct!

Wiliam smiled slightly when he saw the shocked expressions of the crowd, pulling Feliicity and turning around and walking inside.

He has no need to wait any longer.

At this time, someone noticed Wiliam’s footsteps and suddenly said weakly, “Wiliam, there is another one here. It’s about to die, won’t you?”

Wiliam didn’t even turn his head back, and said lightly, “Didn’t you reach a consensus before? Only one of these two people belongs to me, and the other belongs to the Lu family. What belongs to me, I have fulfilled my promise. As for the other one belongs to. People from the Lu family, isn’t the Lu family very good? I believe the Lu family can handle it.”

The Lu family at the scene are crazy!

Chapter 1143

They looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and never expected that he would be waiting here!

The people of the Lu family in North thought that it was impossible for Wiliam to rescue the patient, so they wanted to take him into the water together, wanting to say that he was going to carry half the charge.

it’s good now.

Wiliam actually saved the patient.

The remaining one is not the responsibility of the North Lu family.

Not only did the North Lu family not get half a point from Wiliam, it was even worse now!

Let me ask, if there were no difficulties for Wiliam before, the Lu family in North would have been humiliated. Anyway, it had been like this for the past ten months, not bad for this month.

But now, it was impossible to humiliate Wiliam, but instead made Wiliam grow face in front of Fengcheng.

This is in sharp contrast to the inability of the North Lu family.

Everyone will only feel even more that the Lu Family in North is rubbish.

Even the hundreds of people in the North Lu family can’t do anything that even a young kid can do.

The people watching at the scene had already pointed and pointed at the people of the Lu family, and their faces were pale.

However, I’ve said that one person is one person before. Do you still have the face to beg Wiliam to take action?

Isn’t this more slaps?

Everyone just watched Wiliam and Feliicity walk away with their hands.

They even heard a close conversation between the two.

“Where is North Lu’s family better? Why don’t I know? It’s great for making popcorn?” Feliicity.

“I think they are also very slippery, at least slippery than medical skills.” Wiliam.

The blood of the North Lu family was about to vomit.

Don’t bring such harm!

Chen Qinglin behind him opened his mouth and finally did not speak.

He has nothing to say.

I thought that bringing an extra patient over could calm this kid and make this kid shame.

Unexpectedly, it was this kid that made the limelight.

With a hot stomach, he glanced at the North Lu family and said viciously: “Ho ho, it’s almost an hour, why? Are you still not doing it? Are you better than that kid? ?”

The Lu family’s complexion became even more ugly after Chen Qinglin fell into trouble.

Someone didn’t care about the face, and immediately said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, you are also from our Lu family anyway, so you are so out of the way to see you die?”

“Yes, the Lu family is ashamed, that is, you are ashamed!”

“I think he is a white-eyed wolf at all. I don’t know if he is lucky or has used some crooked ways. Now he dare not do it again for fear of revealing his stuff.”

Wiliam turned around and looked at these Lu family members, just wanting to laugh.

What a Lu family!

What a super medical family with benevolent doctors!

At this time, the crowds onlookers could not see through, and immediately took up the injustice for Wiliam, “Hey, are you talking in the Lu family? How did you humiliate this kid when he didn’t make a move? Think of it as the Lu family?”

“I just wished to draw a line with him and splash him with dirty water. Now that I’m fine, I’m a great moral man again. It’s amazing. Where can you blame him?”

“This young man is wrong. Since you want him to share one, he did it, and the other is nothing to do with him. You don’t have the ability to say this to others. It’s really disappointing.
The faces of the three elders turned pale.

I shouldn’t have said this to Wiliam just now, but now it has caused the group to resent.

The Lu Family’s face was even worse.

The elder saw that the patient’s face was getting worse, and finally sighed, stood up, and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, we were wrong just now. We looked down on you. But after all, this is a life. It depends on my face…”

“Don’t look at it.” Feliicity was straightforward and answered directly for Wiliam.

At this moment, her heart was also unsettling for Wiliam.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there is nausea.

The disgusting look of the North Lu family was exactly the same as the Bai family she was in before.

Feliicity is no longer what she used to be, what is she afraid of.

The Great Elder wants face?

Don’t give, don’t watch!

The Great Elder was stunned by Feliicity, his face full of anger.

However, he didn’t dare to sneer at Feliicity at will.

At this moment, a person suddenly rushed out from the crowd of onlookers, and knelt in front of Wiliam with one step, tearfully said: “My lord, do it well, save my husband, we are all from the Chen family. Our son is seriously ill and needs a lot of money to treat the illness. The Chen family used this to deceive my husband and tell me what kind of experiment he should be. He didn’t expect that he would suddenly be like this when he was always healthy. If my husband dies, This home is over…”

Wiliam looked down.

This is a middle-aged woman dressed very plain, even a little unkempt.

With tears on her face, she looked at Wiliam for a while, begging in her eyes, and looked at the man lying on the stretcher again, very sad.

And the words in her mouth suddenly made everyone in an uproar!

Everyone did not think that the patient was created by the Chen family of Liehan.

A family of dignified and powerful families, even so to their own people.

Everyone just felt chilled.

Sure enough, it is as deep as the sea into the rich.

Chen Qinglin’s face changed suddenly, he shouted sharply: “Hurry up and take this bitch down to me, something shameful!”

There was a wave of fear on the woman’s face, but the protection of her family made her overcome this fear, and she looked at Wiliam with more tears.

When the two rushed out, they had to drag the woman down.

However, Feliicity suddenly stood up and said faintly: “I see who dares to move her today!”

Chen Qinglin was taken aback for a moment, and when she saw that this beautiful woman actually took the initiative to speak, she immediately became interested.

He looked at Feliicity with a smile on his face, and said, “Oh, beauty, is this moving compassion? Want me to let her go? Okay, then you accompany me tonight and I will let this woman go. , What do you think hahahaha, you should know who I am now? Follow me, it is better to follow this guy who hates ghosts, right?”

Feliicity was stunned for a moment, and then the corners of her mouth suddenly twitched, and a faint breath suddenly appeared on her body.

The people of the Lu family fought a cold war together.

This reckless Chen Qinglin does not know the identity of Feliicity?

How dare you to molest her?

Want to take the initiative to find death?

Putting aside the weird breath of Feliicity, Feliicity is a member of the medicine knife family!

Liehan Chen family, how can they afford to offend!

Sure enough, the smile on Chen Qinglin’s face froze in the next second.

Feliicity suddenly stretched out her finger towards him, and then the five-sweeping cold light touched Chen Qinglin’s face!

Feliicity’s voice was like a fairy.

“Little friend, I think you made a mistake. They didn’t want you to let her go. They said…”

“Try touching her!”

Chapter 1144

The people at the scene were scared to breathe by Feliicity’s sudden attack.

Wasn’t this woman still gentle and gentle just now like a Xiaojiabiyu?

Why is the killing intent suddenly so strong!

But the words that are said are kind of soft and charming that makes people’s bones numb.

The beauty of this collision is vividly shown in Feliicity.

Is she a fairy or a demon?

Everyone really remembered what Feliicity said.

Let her go, this is a lowly pleading.

And if you dare to move her to try, it’s a kind of superb look!

There is a huge difference between the two!

Did Chen Qinglin get his brain hit by a pig?

Take it as a dog?

While Feliicity spoke, the five fingers were slowly shrinking.

The red demon’s red claws also shrank with her hand.

Five blood stains appeared on Chen Qinglin’s face.

Nail, cut his face!

But unexpectedly, Chen Qinglin didn’t even have the strength to dodge.

The body seemed to be frozen.

If this continues, Feliicity will catch him to death with no effort.

However, Feliicity did not do this.

After leaving five scars on Chen Qinglin’s face, she put away the red claws, swept away the weird and feminine aura on her body.

But Chen Qinglin’s body suddenly softened and he sat directly on the ground.

His cold sweat has already wetted his clothes.

A woman who originally thought she could give and ask, suddenly transformed into a monster that frightened him!

The cold tingling sensation that felt like walking through the gate of a ghost just now, the oppression brought to him is even more terrifying than the power of the elder of the North Lu family!

Who is this harmless woman!

“You! Do you dare to treat me like this!” Chen Qinglin said viciously, unable to look down.

At this time, the great elder stood up, sighed and said, “Chen Qinglin, you are so self-contained. Let me tell you this. Don’t say you can’t offend her. It’s your entire Chen family, plus our Lu family. Dare to offend her rashly.”

Chen Qinglin’s eyes were round, and she looked at Feliicity in horror.

Unexpectedly, this woman is so scary?

Strength or background?

If this were the case, wouldn’t Wiliam be a little white face?

Relying on his wife?

For a while, Chen Qinglin was very jealous of Wiliam. Why does his wife have the background and strength, and look good!

What is the reason of heaven!

At this time, Feliicity helped the woman who was already sluggish on the ground, and she didn’t even dislike her being messy and messy.

Wiliam naturally knew what Feliicity meant.

He strode towards the dying patient, did the same again, and continued his life for the patient.

The Lu family, especially the elder, looked extremely embarrassed.

He just pulled his nose to let Wiliam take action, but the couple refused directly.

Now it is for a woman who has never known each other, even for a stranger, to save people.

The face of a bad person is bigger than the elder?

Embarrassed or not?

Feliicity patted the woman on the shoulder before entering the door with Wiliam
The people at the scene were stunned, not knowing what to say.

Another person was saved in the blink of an eye, as if saving someone was a breeze for Wiliam.

But the Lu family’s strength was also helpless.

You say this is not irritating?

Chen Qinglin was so angry that he threw the fire on the Lu family again.

He said bitterly: “Okay, I still don’t believe it! I will leave this patient here for two days! Anyway, they will die sooner or later, and their lives will be counted on your Lu family sooner or later!”

With that said, he left a few people guarding the two patients and left angrily.

The people around ridiculed the Lu family and left one after another.

“A meeting! A meeting now!” The Great Elder had already endured it to the extreme, and it broke out completely.

Everyone followed the great elder to the meeting hall, and the scene was silent.

Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin have been excluded from the list of meeting participants.

“What do you think of the matter just now?” The third elders were obviously out of anger and asked directly.

“I think that Wiliam is totally uneasy and kind! He wants to humiliate our Lu family. Wherever they are from the Lu family, they seem to be with Chen Qinglin!” someone said viciously.

He does not mean that.

When the third elder was reminded by these words, a flash of light flashed in his head, and suddenly he slapped the table in a rage and shouted: “I understand! I completely understand what this is all about!”

Everyone looked at the three elders.

The third elder asked with a jealous look: “Everyone can believe that the kid can save the two people outside with his peak medical skills?”

At this time, everyone shook their heads in unison.

“How is it possible! How can that kid do something that even our entire Lu family can’t do?”

“He didn’t even have a diagnosis just now. I think he was just fooling people!”

“Want me to believe that a twenty-something-year-old boy has better medical skills than the elder? Unless I believe that shit is fragrant!”

The third elder nodded and said, “I don’t believe it either, then there is only one possibility left.”

He continued: “The kid has no diagnosis, he is not good at medicine, but he can do things that our family can’t do. There is only one truth, that is, he knew how to treat those two people early in the morning?”

“And the patient was brought by the Chen family. The woman who was kneeling just now accidentally revealed that the illness was also caused by the Chen family, so I can safely conclude that Wiliam has already united with the Chen family and prepared to humiliate our Lu family! He already knew the cure!”

After being said by the three elders, everyone suddenly realized that even the elder nodded.

This is indeed the most reasonable conjecture, otherwise it can’t explain why this kid can survive so quickly.

“What a treacherous kid, who actually worked with the Chen family to deal with us, is like a white-eyed wolf!” Someone suddenly cursed.

But someone asked weakly: “But I don’t understand. What is the deep hatred between our Lu family and Wiliam, he wants to deal with us again and again?”

At this time, the three elders’ faces became stiff.

What deep hatred?

The senior Lu family humiliated his grandfather severely, is this a deep hatred?

Of course forget it.

But the three elders couldn’t explain the shameful reason to everyone.

“Anyway, the reality is like this now. We absolutely can’t let that kid go arrogantly! We can’t let the Chen family dictate forever! We still have two days to find a way to fight back! Let this kid and the Chen family Stomped to death!” The third elder changed the subject.

Chapter 1145

Everyone is in the same hatred and hatred, “Yes! The reputation of the Lu family can no longer be damaged! In the past year, our reputation has plummeted, and many families with whom we have business dealings have gradually lost confidence in us, and we can’t just sit back and wait.”

Speaking of this, everyone’s faces became helpless.

Originally, the Lu family was well-known in the arena, and there were an endless stream of people seeking medical treatment every day.

But since this happened, the number of people seeking medical treatment has decreased significantly.

The Lu family is not short of medical expenses.

But this is obviously a distrust of the Lu family, which makes it difficult for everyone to accept.

Someone suddenly asked at this moment: “The Great Elder said before, what is the name of the prescription that can treat those two patients?”

“Taohong Shooting Niu Recipe.” The elder said, “I have seen this ancient medicine in the “Wuchang Medical Classic” before. But since Lu Lingfeng’s suspended animation disappeared, this “Wuchang Medical Classic” also disappeared with him. .”

Yes, the people of the Lu family in North knew that Lu Lingfeng was missing, not that he died.

Before Wiliam broke through after the battle of Lingyue Villa, for the first time, his aura shook the sky.

At that time, the Lu family in Fengcheng also felt it.

At that time, the three elders thought that there were only two people in the whole world who could provoke the Qi to the sky.

One is Lu Lingfeng, and the other is Wiliam’s father.

It’s just that Wiliam’s father had been to that unattainable place very early, and it was impossible to come back.

So it can only be Lu Lingfeng.

At that time, he immediately ordered the other elders to take people to open the coffin for an autopsy.

As a result, Lu Lingfeng’s coffin was really empty.

This also proved that Lu Lingfeng was dead.

Afterwards, the three elders all said that Lu Lingfeng had done something to sorry the Lu family and absconded in fear of sin.

Therefore, Lu Lingfeng is a sinner through the ages in the hearts of the Lu family in North.

He had stolen the “Impermanent Medical Classics” on which the North Lu family became famous.

Mentioning the “Impermanent Medical Classics” now makes everyone feel resentful.

“Since it is a Valley Recipe, it is likely that it is not only recorded in our “Impermanence Medical Classics”, right? I don’t know if it can be found elsewhere?” someone asked again.

At this moment, the elder also frowned, “It is indeed possible! After all, “Impermanence Medical Classics” is only a collection of wonders from the world, not the real source of the prescription.”

The three elders were energetic and immediately ordered: “Quick! Use all your forces, no matter what method is used, to search for the whereabouts of Taohong Sheniu Fang across the country! This is the only opportunity for us to come back!”

Everyone saw a glimmer of hope, they dispersed, and immediately began to act.

And at the moment, in the room.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam and asked, “Wiliam, I think the people in the Lu family have made it clear that they are targeting you. What are you going to do?”

Wiliam frowned and said to Feliicity: “They deal with me? I’m afraid they still don’t have that kind of ability. The people of the North Lu family are already rotten to their bones, and even the three elders don’t have a bit of air. I am now. What I was thinking about was another problem, Liehan Chen’s family.”

“The Chen family? What happened to the Chen family?” Feliicity asked.

Chapter 1146

The third elders don’t care what the person’s name is, as long as there is Taohong She Niu Fang.

“Quick! Go and bring this person here! He is our only hope!” The Third Elder said eagerly, their eyes full of desire for revenge.

“Is it brought over by force or…” the man asked.

After all, they are people in the world, in the eyes of the North Lu family, they are not worth mentioning.

But the elder said: “At all costs, invite that person over. We have no time to interrogate and torture. I believe that money is the best lubricant. Hurry up.”

The man nodded and walked out for the first time.

And then, everyone began to think about what method they would use to throw out this amazing bargaining chip that they had so hard to get.

Of course, it cannot be treated casually.

To maximize this effect.

Not only had to completely regain the face of the Lu family, but at the same time had to step on that Wiliam and Chen family severely.

The third elder reacted first, he slapped his head, and said in surprise: “Did we forget one thing?”

“What’s the matter?” everyone asked in confusion.

“That kid, isn’t he going to be the elder of our North Lu family? We also promised to give him a formal coronation ceremony these days.” said the third elder.

Everyone reacted now, as if there was indeed such a thing.

That was because the Lu family was jealous of Yu Qing’s might, so I said this that day.

But in the past two days, no one in the Lu family took this matter seriously.

I even forgot directly.

Now that the three elders talked about it, everyone remembered one after another.

“Doesn’t that kid really want to become an elder? Okay, then we will give him a highly anticipated opportunity! Then we will step on him fiercely! The higher he stands, the more he will fall!” Unspeakable resentment was hidden in the elder’s eyes.

When everyone heard this, they felt like a cloud.

The third elder couldn’t help explaining: “We owe the medicine knife family, and the people who participated in the Youth Medical Association before, say that the kid will become the elder of our North Lu family. Therefore, we only have to hold a ceremony That kid is just finished, and this just proves that our North Lu family believes in what they say, doesn’t it?”

“Then, at the meeting, we held up the kid, made him float, and finally shot the bull with pink, so that he could not recover!”

“Why are you dead?” someone asked suspiciously.

The third elder said fiercely: “That kid colluded with the Chen family and would save the lives of those two people, but think about it, why didn’t he cure those two people’s diseases directly? Because he won’t cure them either. Ah, only life can be extended! So our rosy shooter will be the key to victory!”

“At that time, we could expose the inside story of the collusion between Wiliam and the Chen family. Just imagine, an elder colluding with a foreign enemy, how could this be a big sin! In front of all the people in the city, how will that kid deal with himself? And after exposing it, We can naturally explain to the whole city that we have always been a healer and have been patient with the Chen family in the spirit of not fighting or grabbing, but now we can no longer bear it, so we have to do our best. So our face will come back, right? ?

Everyone applauded, “Wonderful! In this way, it not only trampled that kid to death, but also suppressed the Chen family, and finally brought our face back. This is not just as simple as pulling back, but The reputation of our Lu family has reached an unprecedented height. The three elders are wonderful!”

Even the great elder agreed with the idea of ​​the three elders.

It is indeed the best to take advantage of a grand event to get rid of this kid when he is most proud.

At this time, the person who had contacted the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association came back and said beamingly: “I have already contacted that Frandick, and he can come to us at 8 o’clock tomorrow night at the latest. Moreover, I have already promised Remuneration, this matter is pretty good.”

When the third elder heard this, he immediately said: “Okay! Then tomorrow night, we will invite all the noble people in the city to come to our house to join in the grand event. In name, it means adding new elders.”

This matter is so settled.

When Wiliam heard that there would be a grand banquet at home tomorrow night, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Things seem to be going well.

The people of the Lu family are not too stupid to be hopeless.

And that night, the audience was in full swing because of the Lu Family’s banquet discussion.

However, all are condemning actions.

There are no other reasons.

Up to now, at the gate of Lu’s family, there are still two patients lying there, whose life or death is uncertain.

It’s fine if the Lu family doesn’t think about themselves.

How about a wedding banquet?

How thick is this face!

Could the people of the Lu family really have no medical ethics, could they just ignore the two lives at the door and have a big wedding banquet?

This kind of condemnation gradually reached the ears of the Lu family.

In this regard, the Three Elders had already thought of it.

He sneered: “What’s a little humiliation? What kind of humiliation do we have in the Lu family? The more people in the city are like this, the more heartily we turn from defeat to victory! So, let’s first Bear it down and let them discuss whatever they want.”

So the people of the Lu family added another charge of shameless face out of thin air.

The next night, the banquet started at seven.

Everyone in the Lu family was beaming, and seemed to be really happy to add a new elder today.

Those precious people in the audience, to be honest, half of them came here to save Lu’s face, and half came to watch a good show.

The Lu family is actually doing a happy event at this juncture, tusk tusk, courage is commendable.

The three elders presided over the meeting, and he said with a false benevolence: “Recently, our Lu family has ushered in a happy event. Through the selection of the Youth Medical Association, we have successfully selected a hero and hero to directly become the elder of our North Lu family! The Lu family is always talking and thirsty. Today, through this banquet, we send a signal to everyone that we, the Lu family, keep their promises, and we will never do anything because of some villains. Slander and abandon medical ethics.”

The words of the three elders were impassioned, there was a lot of laughter inside the house, and the crying outside the house was so miserable, forming a sharp contrast.

Chen Qinglin from the Chen family was naturally there.

He looked at the people in the Lu family jokingly, wondering what kind of medicine the people in the Lu family sold in the gourd.

At this time, the three elders pointed at Wiliam and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, please come next, Wiliam, the youngest elder in the history of the Lu family!”

Chapter 1147


The name caused a moment of confusion among everyone.

Some people don’t know the situation of the Youth Medical Association, but this is the position of the elder of the Lu family.

Actually let such a young guy be taken.

This kid is out of luck!

Wiliam stood up among the crowd, nodded slightly, and then walked onto the stage.

“Hello everyone, I’m Wiliam, thanks for your care.” Wiliam just said briefly and stopped talking.

Because what he said is not the point at all.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with jealousy in their eyes.

This kid is so young as an elder, it seems that the future is limitless.

And the three elders naturally kept everyone’s expressions in their eyes.

He was pleased to see everyone’s attitude towards Wiliam.

He added fuel and jealousy: “Maybe you don’t know about our fourth elder Wiliam. I’m here to give you a brief introduction. It’s also a coincidence that Wiliam himself is also the blood of our Lu family, but it’s just lost out over the years. , It also suffered him. But Wiliam can be described as a genius of the sky. He is young and his medical skills are extremely superb, even far better than the elders of us.”

When the Three Elders said this, the scene caused the first wave of uproar!

Everyone looked at Wiliam even more incredulously.

This kid’s medical skills are even better than the three elders of the Lu family!

You know, the three elders have eaten more salt than Wiliam has eaten.

The third elder was afraid that he was not talking in a dream.

Feliicity also looked at the Third Elder with a look of surprise, she didn’t expect the Third Elder to publicly say that Wiliam’s medical skills were excellent.

Shouldn’t he belittle Wiliam?

Things are getting weird.

Lu Xiaoluan, who was sitting next to Feliicity, also looked worried.

She knows the character of the three elders better than anyone.

The more abnormal the Three Elders were, the more serious the matter was.

At least for Wiliam, this is not good news at all.

What exactly does the three elders want to do while holding Wiliam like this?

The third elder surprised everyone for a while, and then continued: “It’s hard for everyone to imagine, but this is the case. This is also the main reason why he can become the fourth elder of our North Lu family. Maybe some people know it, Yesterday, the four elders demonstrated magical medicine in public and forcibly pulled the two patients outside the gate from Guimenguan.”

The exclamation of everyone was endless.

For a time, Wiliam became silent and unknown, and suddenly became the hottest genius doctor in everyone’s eyes!

The Lu family was also impressed by this, and received the favor of some people.

Now that the Lu family has such a magical doctor, the future rise is not a problem.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with fiery eyes, but Wiliam accepted it calmly.

What does it mean to take it in advance, it must be given first.

What does it mean to not enter the tiger’s den, how can it be a tiger.

What does it mean to stand higher and fall worse.

The three elders came out.

To kill?

Ho ho, there really is a way.

The atmosphere at the scene of the three elders was almost created.

Everyone respected Wiliam as a god.

Then he changed the conversation and said, “It seems that some people still have certain doubts about the medical skills of the Fourth Elders? And the Fourth Elders have already thought about this issue, so they told me before the banquet that they will At this banquet, he showed everyone his magical medical skills in public. He is going to cure the two patients outside on the spot!”

As soon as these words came out, the audience was quiet for an instant.

Everyone’s eyes became feverish.

Everyone heard about the symptoms of those two outsiders when they listened to gossip.

Being able to heal people on the spot is something that the Lu family can’t do.

If this kid can really do it, it will definitely be a real blockbuster.

From then on, even if he did not have the identity of the Lu family elder in Fengcheng, he could walk sideways.

When some people heard this, their expressions changed in an instant.

Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin, and Feliicity.

Lu Xiaoluan finally understood why the three elders had been praising Wiliam, and even praising them a little too much.

So I was waiting here!

What the third elders really said!

Wiliam didn’t even tell him anything like this!

Now that the three elders have been stabbed out in public, everyone’s appetite has been completely lifted.

Wiliam was now riding a tiger and was in a dilemma.

On the one hand, if he argued that he hadn’t said these things before, there would be no evidence for this. Wiliam kept arguing about this, it would only degrade his style when he had just reached the top.

On the other hand, it would be bad if he was forced to really do something to the two outsiders and couldn’t heal.

How high the three elders gave him just now, how miserable he will fall later!

And does Wiliam really have a cure?

Lu Xiaoluan had no confidence at all.

She knows Wiliam’s character.

If Wiliam had been confident of healing before, he would have done it long ago.

Why just keep your life for two days.

It was his best effort to continue his life clearly for two days.

It’s over, now Wiliam is over.

The audience burst into crazy applause, wanting to witness this miracle with their own eyes.

The applause was a compliment, an encouragement, and an invitation to Wiliam.

Under the instigation of the Lu Family, the applause never stopped.

As if Wiliam didn’t make a move, the applause kept ringing.

At this point, the three elders showed a smile.

This was the first step. Wiliam was already a vain person in everyone’s heart if he couldn’t heal those two people.

Looking at the time, it was not far from the person named Frandick coming over.

The Three Elders were not afraid of Wiliam coming out to argue.

He just captured Wiliam’s arrogant character.

Wiliam argued, it will only leave a worse impression on everyone.

So this move forced the Liangshan Mountain, and the third elders decided Wiliam.

“Listen to me! It’s not like this! Wiliam, it’s the fourth elder. The fourth elder never told the third elder about this. The third elder wants to lose the face of the fourth elder in public.” A voice eagerly Rang.

It was Lu Xiaoluan who couldn’t bear it.

Seeing the continuous applause, Lu Xiaoluan felt distressed. She knew that Wiliam would be forced to take action sooner or later.

So she stood up again, she felt that Wiliam needed a sister to stand up for him.

The applause at the scene suddenly stopped.

Everyone looked at Lu Xiaoluan questioningly.

The Third Elder knew that Lu Xiaoluan would stand up.

He also had a word to respond.

He smiled and said, “Lu Xiaoluan, what do you mean by this? Are you saying that my three elders are talking about something that is completely groundless? You are questioning my character and character as an elder. Ethics? Also, as you all heard just now, I respect and like the Fourth Elder very much. Otherwise, why should I say those things to praise the Fourth Elder?”

The first elder and the second elder glanced at each other and said in unison: “We have also heard the words of the fourth elder just now.”

Chapter 1148

At this moment, the three elders stood up together.

In everyone’s hearts, there was a bottom.

The three elders of the Lu family dignified, no matter how bad they are, it is impossible for the three to unite and open their eyes and tell lies.

And still oppress a hairy boy.

This is too bad for your identity, right?

There is another reason why it is impossible to make everyone so sure.

Assuming that the three elders have an enmity with the fourth elder, then if there is an enmity, why hold this cocktail party tonight and announce that this kid is the fourth elder?

Isn’t this taking off your pants and farting?

Everyone doesn’t understand the relationship between Wiliam and the Lu family, so you can only see the superficial reasons.

Lu Xiaoluan was trembling with anger.

She never imagined that the three elders were so depressed!

Don’t they feel ashamed to join forces to bully a junior!

“Lu Xiaoluan, if you dare to talk nonsense here, I will not forgive you next time and sit down for me!” Seeing that everyone had a choice in their hearts, the third elder said sharply to Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan sat down extremely depressed.

The third elder looked at Wiliam again, still smiling and said: “Four elders, you have to prove to us that our relationship has always been very good.”

Wiliam smiled and nodded in anticipation of everyone, and said pointedly, “Well, very good.”

The third elder looked at Wiliam with satisfaction and smiled.

He was using these words to test Wiliam.

He was satisfied with the result of the trial.

Wiliam admitted.

Otherwise, Lu Yeda could refute like Lu Xiaoluan.

Very well, this kid is seeking the Lu Family’s noble hand with confession.

But ah, you want to be too beautiful.

The humiliation that you put on our Lu family before, we are now 15 to 10, doubly recover!

The third elder smiled and said: “Yes, the fourth elder is a really capable person. Hey, look at the cry of the patient’s relatives outside who have been crying all night. It is quite noisy. Otherwise, we will go out now. Four elders, will you show everyone a hand?”

The matter is back on this subject.

Everyone at the scene suddenly began to booze again and applauded frantically.

The third elder asked Wiliam again, “What’s the matter with the fourth elder? Isn’t the applause enough?”

As he spoke, he cast a provocative look at Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s not yet time.”

Not yet time?

Everyone was stunned, and the applause stopped.

The three elders were even more proud.


It was obvious that this kid was helpless, so he started to delay time.

How could the third elder give him a chance to delay, he immediately said, “What do you mean, the fourth elder? You just said that you will take the shot tonight. Isn’t something wrong?”

This time, Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

The third elder pretended to be very exaggerated and said: “Did the fourth elder joking with us just now? You simply have no way to completely cure the two patients outside?”

Wiliam still didn’t speak.

When the people on the scene heard the words of the three elders, they all showed suspicious eyes.
Some people even started pouting.

They didn’t really believe that such a young man had excellent medical skills at first.

Only by being fooled by the Third Three Elders, they will be suspicious.

it’s good now.

After this kid was forced to Liangshan, he completely exposed his nature.

It seems that this kid is just a man of reputation.

When you really want to do it, there is no way at all.

The third elder satisfactorily watched the reactions of the people below, and continued to stir up the flames: “Four elders, what do you mean? Did you deceive our Lu family before, deceiving the crowd? You even took the two outside. Are human lives joking? You are like this, I really don’t know what to say about you.”

The third elder was settled for several consecutive charges, and the faces of the people at the scene also became unsightly, as if they were really deceived by Wiliam.

Someone dissatisfied: “I said the fourth elder of the North Lu family, are you okay? Or is your position as an elder just relying on a mouth to talk.”

“North Lu Family, you invited us over, is it just to come to see you playing treasures?”

“The patients outside are going to die, and you have to use them as capital for speculation. You still have a little conscience!”

Chen Qinglin sitting below finally understood what was going on.

It turns out that the people of North Lu’s family are really so insidious.

In order to deal with this kid, he did not hesitate to set up such a big stage to humiliate him.

It’s disgusting.

But this is a good thing for Chen Qinglin.

He wished that Wiliam and the Lu family would bite the dog.

Originally, in order to deal with the situation tonight, Chen Qinglin also specially reserved a hand.

It seems that it is no longer needed.

This kid was young after all, and was eaten to death by the three old foxes of the Lu family.

Seeing Wiliam not speaking, the people below were noisy again, and the Third Elder smiled triumphantly.

He quieted the scene, and then said: “Four elders, if you really don’t have a way to heal the two people outside, you don’t have to make a military order with us, and we won’t blame you for not, you What is this for? Hey, you can see that you are coaxing now. People thought that our Lu family was acting. How could this be good!”

Lu Yezhen spoke and continued to watch the performance of the third elder alone.

The third elder said again, “Forget it, we were too confident in you before. After all, you are still young and the future is still great. It is because we believe you too easily. We are also responsible for this matter. If you can’t solve the two people outside, let our Lu family take the action personally, otherwise this one won’t be accepted.”

Everyone was stunned, and someone immediately asked, “No? Third elder, if I don’t understand it wrong, can your Lu family have a way to cure the diseases of the two people outside?”

The third elder finally waited for the question and nodded confidently, “Of course! Our Lu family is a well-known medical family. How can we be bothered by a small illness?”

The bottom suddenly exploded, “But, for the past 11 months, haven’t you been able to take the patient and have no idea? We can all see it, what is going on?”

The three elders made a look of two-sleeved breeze, and said, “Huh, we were just because of the Chen family’s face, and we have tolerated it again and again, thinking that peace is the most important thing, and don’t want to hurt the harmony. I don’t want to think that the Chen family is aggressive. Finally, I couldn’t bear it, and I had to end this matter with my own hands, so I could prove to everyone, and even to the whole world, that our Lu family is still a family of medicine with a benevolent and generous doctor.”

Chapter 1149

There was an uproar at the scene again.

Unexpectedly, there are so many stories in between.

If what the three elders said was true, then the Lu Family had indeed been forbearing and enduring grievances.

For a while, everyone saw the Lu Family’s eyes all changed, and there was no more mockery and teasing before.

They looked at Chen Qinglin and Wiliam one after another.

In such a comparison, they all felt that the fourth elder shit on stage was not worth mentioning.

And Chen Qinglin was a little fidgety after being reversed by the three elders.

He had no idea.

Does the Lu family really have a way to treat those two people outside?

If there is a way, how could it be delayed until today?

What the hell is the Lu family doing!

The Third Elder glanced at Wiliam jokingly, trying to see some anxiety and shame from him.

But unfortunately, the three elders couldn’t see anything.

The third elder snorted in his heart, pretending, you continue to pretend, and when we show our killer features later, you will cry.

At that time, it is the real time for us to sanction you!

Cherish the good times now, and cherish this short and brilliant position of the Four Elders.

“Lu Family, how on earth are you going to treat the two people outside? What kind of dumb riddles have you been playing? Is it interesting to fool us?” Someone finally couldn’t help but asked loudly below.

The third elder also responded loudly: “In fact, we diagnosed the two people outside from the beginning, and even the roots of the previous patients. It’s just that we always have hope for the Chen family. It’s a prank, I hope they can do it for themselves, but now it seems that it’s not the same thing. I’ll tell you a little bit.”

“Although the symptoms of the previous patients and the two outside are different, the root causes of the disease are the same. To treat them is very simple. As long as one party of Taohong Sheniu prescription can cure the disease.”

“Taohong She Niu Fang? What is this? Does your Lu family have this?” Someone asked puzzledly.

The third elder nodded and said confidently: “This is a blind prescription. If you may not believe it, this prescription was originally formulated by our Lu family, and it is a prescription exclusively for our Lu family.”


There was a complete uproar at the scene!

The faces of Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin also showed surprise!

Pink shooting bull side?

What the hell!

This is the first time they heard this word tonight!

They hadn’t even heard of it before, let alone the Lu family.

The three elders are too shameless!

To shamelessly take the masterpieces of the sages as his own!

This is the strength of the dignified medical family?

Although Lu Xiaoluan had doubts, there was no evidence, so she could only stare below.

The audience was completely stunned.

“No! You mean that your Lu family originally had this prescription to treat the roots of the disease of those outside?”

“If that’s the case, then the Chen family is really too compelling, and the Lu family’s character is really kind.”

“If it weren’t for the Lu family’s sake, they wouldn’t have announced this in public, Chen family, you should reflect on yourself!”
The third elder had been observing Wiliam’s face, and at this time Wiliam’s expression finally changed.

But what the third elder didn’t know was that the change in Wiliam’s expression was completely surprised by the shamelessness of the Lu Family.

Ho ho, when did the ancient medicine become their masterpiece?


“Four elders? Why has your face changed? Is there something uncomfortable?” The third elders took the initiative to lead the topic to Wiliam.

Now everyone looked at Wiliam, all mocking.

“Ho ho, I guess the so-called Fourth Elder didn’t even think that the Lu family could treat people outside, so he wanted to pretend to be a force in front of the Lu family.”

“Hahaha, but I didn’t think about it, pretending to be flashy, his face is slapped, can his face remain unchanged?”

“Just like this, you deserve to be an elder? Get off the stage quickly!”

Wiliam didn’t move at all. He looked at the third elders and asked with a smile, “The third elders, Taohong She Niu Fang, is it really from the Lu family?”

The three elders were heartbroken.

This is the biggest lie that the Lu family told tonight.

But so what?

Does anyone in the world know what is Taohong She Niu Fang?

And none of the people sitting in the audience is a healer, let alone know.

It is not easy to deceive them.

Therefore, the third elder nodded decisively, and once again confessed in front of everyone: “That is still false? How can our Lu family lie in front of the entire city?”

The great elder on the side actually changed a little.

There was always some panic in his heart.

He knows that lying is easy and difficult to lie.

Tell a lie, and I don’t know how many lies will be used to make up for the past.

Tonight like this, the arrow is already on the line.

I hope that nothing will happen and everything will be safe.

God bless the North Lu family.

“Okay, I see.” Wiliam nodded with a smile when seeing the third elder admit.

“Three elders, you have said so much, you always want to show us the truth? Otherwise, everything is just talking, it’s hard to be convincing.” someone below shouted loudly.

The third elder nodded immediately, “This is natural, please let me go out.”

Five minutes ago, the third elders had received a text message saying that Frandick had arrived at North Lu’s house and was waiting outside now.

And Tao Hong She Niu Fang was also written on a piece of paper, in Frandick’s hands, waiting to be delivered to North Lu’s family.

So the three elders are confident and can go out immediately.

After the third elder finished speaking, he deliberately walked to Wiliam, patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and said sincerely: “Four elders, I don’t know how long I can call you like this, but since you are still the Lu family now Elder, let’s go out with us. It’s a long experience to see the world and learn more. It’s always wrong.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Thank you three elders for your kindness, then.”

Disdainful sneers broke out again at the scene.

Everyone moved to the gate with Lu’s family.

At this moment, a person is standing at the gate.

It is Frandick.

Frandick received a call from North Lu’s family yesterday, and his whole body was in a daze.

He knows how powerful this worldly healer is.

He didn’t expect to be personally received by such a noble family, so he rushed over without stopping, just to learn more in front of this family.

As for the Taohong Sheniu prescription, he also has no idea of ​​hiding selfishness. After all, the prescription is used to cure diseases and save people. If it can be carried forward in the hands of a large family, wouldn’t it be a blessing to the common people?

At this time, when Frandick saw a large number of people approaching, he became even more excited.

He was about to go forward to say hello, but suddenly his eyes drenched, and the whole person was stunned.

He saw a familiar figure!

Benefactor, Wiliam!

Chapter 1150

At this moment, Wiliam, as if being arched by the stars, arched in the center and walked out.

Frandick was completely stunned, why did he see Wiliam here?

A few days ago, Frandick knew that Wiliam had returned to Q City ( Qena City ).

They also had a meal that night. At that time, Frandick just knew that Wiliam was going to a far door, and he might have little chance to come back in the future.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam’s so-called far gate actually refers to this!

In other words, Wiliam has also come to this world!

Thinking of this, Frandick’s body trembled slightly.

He was full of emotion.

He was watching, Wiliam grew up all the way from Q City ( Qena City ), a notorious waste son-in-law.

Now, he has grown to a point where he is beyond reach.

But Frandick still respected Wiliam very much in his heart.

As a result, his life was given by Wiliam!

Next, it was Wiliam who took over his post as the president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Medicine Association, which was tantamount to giving him another life.

Therefore, in Frandick’s mind, Wiliam is his master.

As long as Wiliam gave orders, Frandick absolutely said nothing.

Wiliam naturally also saw Frandick.

Wiliam, this is the star Gongyue.

It is clear that Lu’s civil air defense Wiliam didn’t dare to come out or escape, so he put him in the center to better become the focus of attention.

Frandick was about to step forward to greet Wiliam, but Wiliam gave him a glance.

Frandick’s footsteps suddenly stopped in place.

At this time, he received a message of confidence, which Wiliam took the time to send.

Four words.

“Watch the changes.”

Frandick’s heart was startled, and he looked at Wiliam blankly.

Is there any mystery here?

Frandick immediately looked at him.

Outside the door, several people cried loudly.

Inside the door, there are lights and festoons, obviously not of a world.

This is weird.

Frandick immediately made up his mind. Since Wiliam asked him to watch the changes, he absolutely did.

A person from the Lu family walked a few steps quickly, and when he reached Frandick, his eyes were a bit arrogant, “Are you Frandick?”

Frandick nodded quickly.

The man said again: “Our elder is coming soon. You will listen to him later, and just follow what he says. If you dare to offend our Lu Family, you won’t have enough lives to pay.”

Frandick felt very harsh when he heard this.

Originally, he thought that a person from a super medical family should have a small breast, right?

Don’t think you look down on people so much?

Is it great to be aloof?

Yesterday, I looked thirsty on the phone. Why did you change your face today?

Frandick had another idea in his mind.

If the Lu family had such a personality, then how could Wiliam go with them?

Frandick knew Wiliam’s character.

Integrity is incomparable, and he has the world in his heart.

That being said, Wiliam’s previous observation of the four words that changed, really had a mystery.

Frandick first promised the man imaginarily, and the man left with satisfaction.

Immediately, a bunch of people came to Frandick.

The third elder stood at the forefront, just glanced at Frandick, the disdain in his eyes naturally did not hide.
He turned his head and looked at the patient over there, and said briefly with arrogance.

With the words of the three elders, Frandick immediately understood what was going on.

It turned out that the Lu family was going to save the two people in front of him with his pink shooting cow.

This was originally a good thing for healing and saving lives, Frandick agreed with both hands and feet.

But the fact that the Lu family looks like Laozi is number one in the world is very uncomfortable.

The third elder continued: “So, as long as we immediately prepare our Lu family’s secret medicine Taohong She Niu Recipe, we can save these two people.”

When Frandick heard this, his head buzzed.

Lu Family’s Secret Recipe?

How did Taohong Sheniu Recipe become Lu’s secret medicine?

Where are their faces so skilful?

Frandick suddenly felt that he was deceived!

The anger in his heart also burned, but still endured a sigh of relief and followed Wiliam’s words to watch the change.

The patient’s family members heard the third elders say that they could be saved, and they knelt down in front of the third elders, and kept kowtowing and saying: “I beg you, elder doctor, please save our family. We will be cattle in the next life. Repay you by being a horse.”

The three elders simply dismissed the life of this ant.

He continued: “Next, I am going to dispense them, Fourth Elder?”

The third elder shifted the topic to Wiliam again.

Everyone looked at Wiliam.

“Does the third elder have any more words?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

But when Frandick heard this, his hands and feet were cold!

Wiliam, turned out to be the fourth elder of the Lu family?


What an honorable status this is!

But the shock in his heart was not over yet, and he heard the third elder continue to say: “Hey, the fourth elder, it’s not that I said you, you really shouldn’t have deceived us before, deceived everyone. You can’t save them, and we won’t let them go. In my heart, you see you are coaxing now…”

Wiliam interrupted the hypocritical words of the third elder and asked, “Oh? What does the third elder want to do?”

The third elder said triumphantly: “Four elders, we thought you were an authentic healer with a kind heart and superb medical skills, but we didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. So we doubted your character. At the same time, we also You must carefully consider whether you are suitable to become the elder of our Lu family. After we save people, we will judge you. Can you be convinced?”

These words made the scene again noisy.

Everyone looked at Wiliam mockingly, and shouted: “Hahaha, appointed tonight, dismissed tonight, one hour before and after.”

“This is the youngest elder in history, and the shortest-lived elder in history, hahaha, to blame him for being so ugly.”

“I think the people of the Lu family are doing the right thing. People who don’t know how to be an elder are not qualified to be elders! Don’t depose the elders, just expel them and deprive them of medical qualifications.”

Frandick was aside, his lungs exploded!

People who dared to love the Lu family were so enthusiastic and deliberate to invite themselves over in order to deceive the prescription, or to harm Wiliam!

Take Wiliam’s prescription to harm Wiliam!

How could Frandick do this!

At this time, the third elder strode towards Frandick, with an arrogant expression on his face, and whispered: “Give me the prescription, and then you can go to receive the reward. It’s your business.”

However, Frandick smiled suddenly.

He laughed very angry!

He pretended to be very exaggerated and said loudly: “What is the reward? What is the prescription? What are you talking about, the third elder? I’m just a passing by to watch the show. Did you find the wrong person?”


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