Dragon Husband 1151-1160

Chapter 1151 Exclusive Wiliam

When everyone at the scene heard Frandick’s words, all their eyes were cast over.

The third elder was stunned on the spot, and immediately looked at the person who was in charge of contacting Frandick before.

That person was so scared that his hairs stood up, and he thought of a worldly child who would dare to be presumptuous in front of the three elders!

And didn’t you just say it’s good!

The man rushed in front of Frandick, lowered his voice, and cursed: “You kid wants to die! Why don’t you hand over the pink shooter!”

Frandick completely ignored his life and death.

Insulting the benefactor, the benefactor can bear this tone, but Frandick can’t bear it!

He said loudly again: “What kind of pink shooter? Why are you killing me?”

At this moment, everyone at the scene was lost.

The three elders were so angry that they clenched their fists, and wanted to kill the ants in public!

There were too many people at the scene helplessly, and the prescription was indeed in the hands of Frandick, and he couldn’t kill it yet!

The third elder said with a cold face, “What do you want? Get your bargaining chip! I don’t have time to spend money with you here asking for money!”

The third elders thought that Frandick was using the prescription to blackmail the Lu family.

However, Frandick still looked dazed and said, “Does Taohong shoot the bull? Are you talking about Taohong shoot the bull?”

The people at the scene also asked in confusion: “Three Elders, who is this person? Why do you know Taohong She Niu Fang? Is he also from your Lu family?”

This question made the Lu family embarrassed.

The third elder even stared at the person who was in charge of the contact with murderous eyes.

The man trembled and whispered: “What are you going to do! No matter what you want! Our Lu family will satisfy you!”

Frandick finally laughed again at this time.

He raised his head and looked forward.

Facing Wiliam’s four eyes.

Wiliam’s eyes were still calm.

Frandick knew what to do.

In front of everyone, he said, “I’m not from the Lu family in North, I’m just an ordinary person. Didn’t you just say the Taohong Sheniu Recipe? Is it your Lu family’s secret recipe? Why do your things belong to me? Shouldn’t they belong to you?”

The people at the scene suddenly said: “Yeah, I was confused.”

“Since this person is not from the Lu family, why did the Lu family ask him for prescriptions? Is it possible that what the third elder said just now was lying to everyone?”

“I think it’s possible, otherwise the faces of the Lu family are so ugly?”

At this moment, the great elder raised his throat with a heart!

The thing he worries most still happened!

A lie, the consequences are endless!

Now I don’t know how to get back!

It’s just that the elder never understood.

Why does a worldly child dare to lose the face of the Lu family in public!

Does money tempt him?

Power can’t tempt him?

What does he want!

Feliicity had already laughed aside so that he was pumping.

She never thought that Frandick would appear here.

And the moment she saw Frandick, she finally understood what Wiliam said yesterday.
Wiliam told her yesterday that she had also seen Tao Hong She Niu Fang.

At that time Feliicity didn’t understand what it meant.

Now she remembered.

In Q City ( Qena City ), Wiliam helped Feliicity become the vice chairman of Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association with ten ancient prescriptions!

Feliicity still clearly remembers that at the coronation banquet, Wiliam said to her pettingly, “You will wear the crown.”

Things are fun now.

When Lu Xiaoluan saw Feliicity smiling heartily, suddenly she didn’t worry about Wiliam at all, so she asked in a low voice what was going on?

Feliicity whispered to Lu Xiaoluan, “Hehe, do you know who the man from this world is?”

Lu Xiaoluan shook his head blankly, and said, “I don’t know, but listening to what I said just now, it seems that the old man has some pink shooting cows on his body.”

Feliicity smiled and said, “That person is Frandick, the chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, and Wiliam and I have lived in Q City ( Qena City ) for the past ten years.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes widened, “It wouldn’t be a coincidence! Is it your fellow? Don’t you know him?”

Feliicity continued to smile, “More than knowing, I will tell my sister, my other identity before, but the vice president of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart trembled, “I rely on! Then your relationship must be very good! No wonder this old man changed his mind, he seems to be helping you!”

But Feliicity shook her head and continued to sell her, “No, sister, let me tell you again, my husband helped me get the position of my vice chairman, do you know how to get it?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned black, “Sister, don’t play with me. I’m going to be hanged by you.”

Feliicity smiled slyly, “My husband is Frandick’s lifesaver. It can be said that Frandick is a loyal subordinate of my husband. And oh, Taohong Shooting Niufang, hehe, my husband gave him.”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoluan yelled out in a lie.

People all around looked at her.

Lu Xiaoluan blushed, and hurriedly pulled Feliicity to the crowded place, but could no longer restrain the excitement in his heart.

“Good sister! If I heard you wrong, you mean, Lu’s family painstakingly sought to turn defeat into victory, and even used it to humiliate Wiliam’s boy. It was actually from Wiliam’s hands?”

Feliicity nodded, “So you know, what will happen next, right?”

Lu Xiaoluan also laughed so much that his whole body twitched, and a feeling of incomparable hatred came to his heart, “It’s so cool! That’s great! Lu Family, Lu Family! If you knew that your killer was actually in Wiliam’s hands, you would be surprised. What’s it like! I can’t wait to see the scene of the Lu family being brutally killed! It’s so cool!”

However, Lu Xiaoluan was also secretly shocked.

What happened today, including Frandick, is a coincidence, but it is also another demonstration of Wiliam’s strength and connections.

If there is a coincidence today, there will be another coincidence tomorrow. Coincidence is also strength.

Who knows how many forces like Frandick have been deployed by Wiliam in this world!

“Hey, people of the Lu family, wouldn’t you call us out to let us blow the cold wind? You all said that the prescription is yours. Someone always knows what the prescription is? Don’t even your elders know, then Did you say that you have seen it before, or that it is a secret store? Now depending on the situation, this medicine is actually in the hands of an earthly person. Are you lying to all of us in the city?” Someone said suddenly dissatisfied.

The expressions of the Lu family changed.

At this time, Frandick spoke again, but he said something shocking.

“No, the prescription is indeed in the hands of the Lu family, and the Lu family also knows the content of the prescription.”

Everyone was taken aback.

The people of the Lu family were suddenly ecstatic. The old man seemed to be aware of the current affairs and was ready to help the Lu family save the situation.

Unexpectedly, Frandick turned around and said again: “Taohong shoots the bull side, it belongs to Wiliam!”

Chapter 1152 Slap on the face!

Exclusive Wiliam, Exclusive Wiliam!

These four words resounded like a magic sound in the ears of every Lu family!

They were in a trance!

How can it be!

Didn’t Taohong Sheniu Fang appear in the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association?

You can’t fight with Lu Yeba.

Why does Frandick say that Taohong She Niu Fang is exclusively for Wiliam!

This fierce slap slapped the Lu family.

They even forgot to refute Frandick’s words immediately.

After hearing this, all the audience exclaimed in unison!

There is nothing wrong with what Frandick said just now.

Tao Hong She Niu Fang appeared in the Lu family and was also owned by the Lu family.

But no matter which Lu family appeared in the hands, everyone would not be shocked!

Only Wiliam!

Wiliam was targeted by the Lu family tonight!

Didn’t you say that he was selling his reputation?

Didn’t he say that he was boasting about going to Haikou?

Did he even say that he has no way to treat these two patients?

Now, Tao Hong shoots the bull in his hands!

Is the Lu family hitting themselves in the face?


Suddenly someone reacted!

From the beginning, Wiliam hadn’t said that he had no way to treat this matter.

He just said a word, the time has not come.

And this sentence was misinterpreted by the Lu family as Wiliam is delaying time!

The problem is here!

So the situation at the scene was that the Lu family lied in front of the entire city.

Then Frandick exposed it in public.

Even in the end, Wiliam was the only unattainable figure in this event!

Such a reversal makes everyone unable to accept it at all!

Everyone first turned their gazes at the Lu family and filled them with outrage: “Okay! What a super medical family! Who just kept slapped his chest and said that he would not deceive the people of the city? Now? I think you are just a mess of rotten bones. Rubbish! Have all the medical ethics in your mouth been eaten by dogs? Seeing that you lie without changing your face, you are obviously used to fooling everyone.”

“Yes, we are so kind to come over to join you! Can’t you think of us as fools?”

“Huh, what the third elder said just now is full of loopholes, and now it has been exposed. I think they have anything else to say! Lu Family, give us an explanation!”

The people of the Lu family have cold sweat on their faces.

They couldn’t think of killing them, and Frandick would be able to plunge them into a dead end with a word.

With this sentence, he stomped them severely, and then lifted Wiliam!

They had been dreaming about a picture before.

That is to hold Wiliam to the highest point, and then slam him down.

Now this kind of picture actually affects them themselves!

Isn’t this shooting yourself in the foot!

It’s over, what can I do now!

How to deal with this situation?

The great elder looked at the three elders with hatred, only one signal in his eyes.

The mess you caused yourself must be cleaned up by me today.
The three elders felt aggrieved and went crazy.

This matter was indeed brought up by him, but it was agreed by everyone.

Why is it exploding now, should he carry the pot?

This is not scientific!

But due to the prestige of the great elder, the three elders can only do everything possible to deal with it.

He looked at Frandick and said sternly: “Don’t make a noise! ​​Listen to me! This guy doesn’t know where he came from, so he is talking nonsense here! What he said is nothing but decent people. , How can I just believe the words of an earthly ant!”

The voices of the people discussing and condemning were suddenly suppressed.

Everyone looked at the three elders and motioned him to continue talking.

After the third elder calmed down the situation, he thought about it and said, “We pay attention to evidence in everything we do. Don’t believe anything without evidence.”

But Frandick sneered, “Oh? Really? It’s not your Lu family who called me, and at the beginning you said all the good things, saying that you need this Taohong Sheniu Fang to cure the disease and save people, did you trick me? Then? As soon as I came over, the prescription became your private prescription? You are a super medical family, right? You can also do this kind of trickery that takes the results of others as your own? This is in the medical world, but A serious stain, right?”

After hearing what Frandick said, everyone knew that this was the case.

“You fart! I don’t even know you!” The Third Elder shouted angrily.

However, his defense became pale and weak.

The great elders sounded big, and the more they talked, the more passive they became.

Sure enough, Frandick directly took out his mobile phone and showed it to everyone, “You can see it too, this is the call log, and the text message, this phone number, I will call you.”

He spoke and dialed, and then the phone of the person in charge of the Lu family rang.

Everyone sneered, “Lu Family, do you continue to argue? Are you very eloquent?”

Frandick simply said to the end, “Family Lu, didn’t you say that the prescription is your exclusive secret? Then you write it out for us to see.”

With a knowing blow, the Lu family was shocked and temperless.

Seeing that the reputation of the Lu family was almost destroyed, the third elder gritted his teeth and prepared to abandon the car to take care of him!

He said: “Okay! I really lied to you just now. This pink shooting bull is really not unique to our Lu family. We did not do this properly. Here I apologize to everyone. But I want to explain. Although we deceived everyone, we really wanted to treat these two people sincerely. Otherwise, why would we spend great efforts to search for Taohong Sheniu Fang across the country?”

Everyone didn’t understand the grudge between the Lu Family and Wiliam, and was a bit at a loss when the third elder said so.

After all, it makes a little sense.

“It’s just that our kindness was taken advantage of by some shameless people! Humph! Just angry! An earthly ant actually used our kindness to threaten us in turn! I can guarantee that what he said Wiliam Exclusive, just casually said, the purpose is to sit on the ground and raise the price, want us to pay a greater bargaining chip! Even I dare say, he and the four elders don’t even know each other! It’s just to embarrass us by this name. People with bad intentions should be expelled!”

Everyone looked at Frandick again.

This time, Feliicity stood up without waiting for Frandick’s defense.

As she walked towards Frandick, she smiled and said hello to Frandick: “Hey, old man Hu, let’s meet again.”

“Does the Lu family lie like this? Old man Hu is my leader.”

1153 Chapter 1153

When everyone saw Feliicity actually stand up and greet Frandick, they were even more stunned.

Feliicity actually knew Frandick?

Is this a bit weird?

What is Feliicity’s identity?

What is Frandick’s identity?

It’s even more difficult to go together, right?

And Feliicity’s words make people think about it!

What is Frandick and Feliicity’s leader?

Isn’t Frandick an ant from the world?

The three elders were trembling with anger, he thought it was a scene.

But he didn’t dare to be wild in front of Feliicity, so he could only say tolerantly: “Miss Bai, this matter is our Lu family’s business, you still don’t interfere?

Feliicity said with a grin, “What? What people say is true. If you don’t believe me, take out your phone and Baidu, the members of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association’s leadership team are surprised.”

After hearing this, everyone quickly took out their mobile phones and got up to Baidu.

With this Baidu, everyone uttered incredible exclamations!

“Let me go! Frandick is the chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, and Feliicity is the vice chairman of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association? They really have this level of relationship!”

“Look at the middle column, everyone, Wiliam’s name is here too! Permanent Honorary President! Wiliam is the Permanent Honorary President of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association! With that said, the three of them would have known each other a long time ago.”

When Feliicity saw this scene, the corner of her mouth twitched, and her mood was obviously extremely happy.

And the Lu family looked at the phone, and their hearts were completely refreshed!

The three elders were so regretful that they slapped themselves on the spot!

He thought to himself that an ant had been found out of the vast sea of ​​people. As a result, the ant knew Wiliam and Feliicity, and there was such a relationship!

When he heard about the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, he didn’t care about it at all, and he didn’t even go to dig deep into who they were.

Unexpectedly, this carelessness turned out to be a terrible result!

If he noticed that Feliicity and Wiliam were also members of the Q City ( Qena City ) Drug Association, how could he be so reckless to invite Frandick!

Even the third elder hated him again, not paying enough attention to Wiliam and Feliicity.

If you pay more attention to it, send someone to investigate Wiliam’s past years, you should be able to find out that he has lived in Q City ( Qena City )!

It’s just that he thought Wiliam was a small person and couldn’t make any waves. Would the Lu family still use him?

Now think about it, accidentally! Lose all the game!

At this time, Frandick also stepped forward and respectfully said to Feliicity and Wiliam: “Wiliam, Feliicity, it’s been a long time.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “It won’t take long, I just drank Practicing Wine a while ago.”

At this moment, the Lu family had nothing to say.

And everyone felt fooled by the three elders again.

“Ho ho, what a third elder! It seems that he really treats us as fools!”

“Running the train with my mouth full, I won’t believe a word of what he said next! I think that’s the case with the Lu family.”

“Thank you Lu Family for inviting people in the city personally to see their true colors. This banquet is really eye-opening.”

The people of the Lu family bowed their heads. This is definitely the most embarrassing time they have ever seen!
Not enough medical skills can be said to continue to study hard.

But if the medicine and character are not good, it is really hopeless in the eyes of everyone.

Especially tonight they committed the two major crimes of occupying the fruits of others and deceiving the whole city. They couldn’t get rid of them.

The three elders were completely sluggish in place, and didn’t know what to say.

The elder sighed, took the mess of the three elders, and asked Wiliam, “Do you really have a pink shooting bull in your hand?”

Everyone lifted their spirits and looked at Wiliam.

This time, they hoped that Wiliam would humiliate the Lu family severely.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “I’m sorry, it’s such a coincidence. The pink shot Niu Fang in Frandick’s previous hand was passed from me.”

The great elder shook his heart, thinking of a terrifying guess.

He had seen Taohong She Niu Fang before in “The Classic of Wuchang Medicine”.

Now that this kid has the Taohong She Niu Fang in his hand, can he think that he holds the “Impermanent Medical Classics” lost by Lu’s family in his hand!

Thinking of this, a trace of killing intent flashed deep in his eyes!

If this kid really has the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” and it is still a supplementary version, then he really deserves a million to death!

You know, since the Lu Family lost the “Impermanence Medical Classic”, it is equivalent to directly cutting off their legs on the path of medicine!

It’s just that the elder still can’t figure out how his “Impermanent Medical Classics” came from?

This is an unsolved mystery.

At this time, Wiliam said indifferently: “I have traveled in the rivers and lakes in the past few years and found an ancient book in an ancient place, which recorded Taohong She Niu Fang.”

The elder was taken aback. Didn’t Wiliam see it from the “Medical Classic of Impermanence”?

Seen from an ancient book?

Taohong Sheniu Recipe is indeed called a prescription wrong, but…

Is he telling the truth or lies?

At this time, the person responsible for contacting Frandick came over and whispered to the elder: “What this kid should say is true. When I searched Taohong She Niu Fang before, it was related to a movie. That is. The film is about the discovery of a prescription in ancient land.”

The elder immediately ordered the man to search for the movie, which seemed to have something to do with Wiliam.

This investigation revealed the truth.

In the company that produced the movie, Wiliam’s name was the highest.

This inadvertent mistake made Wiliam a perfect cover.

The murderous intention of the elder gradually subsided.

However, he gave birth to a jealous heart.

Where’s the good luck of this kid, he can find the ancient prescription!

What kind of prescriptions are in his hands!

“Lu Family, what else do you have to explain!” someone shouted.

This time, including the great elder, there was no sound.

On the contrary, Chen Qinglin, who had been watching the show, suddenly laughed.

He said loudly: “Don’t be anxious, everyone. Give the Lu family a few minutes to sort out your ideas. I believe they will have a better argument, right?”

As he said, he cast a look at the Great Elder.

The elder was taken aback, and understood the meaning of Chen Qinglin’s eyes.

Private chat?

The two walked aside, and the elder asked with a cold face: “Chen Qinglin, what are you going to do? Isn’t it enough for us to be embarrassed!”

But Chen Qinglin shook his head and said, “Although it’s great to see you embarrassed, we have been cool for ten months. I don’t feel anymore. Originally, I wanted to see that kid ashamed. I didn’t expect you to be the big one. The family has no way to deal with him. Forget it, I will do you a favor. Originally, this trick was used to deal with you.”

Chen Qinglin’s assassin is finally going to come in handy.

Chapter 1154 One disease cures one hundred!

The great elder was stunned on the spot.

He wasn’t because Chen Qinglin said there was a way to help the Lu family turn defeat into victory.

But for another reason.

He stared at Chen Qinglin, “What do you mean by this? Isn’t that Wiliam teaming up with your Chen family to deal with our Lu family?”

Today the Lu Family has done so many ridiculous things and spread so many lies, all because of one premise!

That was the previous inference of the Three Elders, saying that Wiliam and the Chen Family would join forces to deal with the Lu Family!

Now Chen Qinglin’s words make the great elder bad.

Chen Qinglin looked at the elder blankly, “Who told you! How could I join forces with that brat? Didn’t I tell you before, I have a grudge against that brat, and he humiliated me severely. Fan, I can’t wait to smash him into pieces!”

Seeing Chen Qinglin’s gritted teeth, the elder banged his head and started to set off fireworks.

His anger didn’t come out, and he shouted: “The third child! Come here for me!”

The third elder was depressed, but was suddenly called by the big elder, and immediately went over and asked, “Boss, what do you call me?”

The great elder saw that the third elder was still dumbfounded, and he was even more angry, and directly slapped the third elder on the face!

The audience is quiet!

Everyone stared at the Great Elder and the Third Elder not far away, wondering what happened over there.

And the third elder was even more dazed, “Boss, why are you hitting me! So many outsiders are here!”

“Are you so special! You want to kill us! Wiliam and the Chen family have never joined forces! What kind of shit your reasoning! You completely misled us!” The elder was so angry that he almost spewed blood.

The third elder was also dizzy.

Chen Qinglin hurriedly said the previous words again.

The so-called enemy of the enemy is a friend.

Now Chen Qinglin and the Lu family have a common enemy, and that is Wiliam.

So Chen Qinglin decided to join forces with them.

More importantly, Chen Qinglin felt that if this time was missed, it would no longer be there.

As a result, Chen Qinglin now knows that Wiliam has a prescription to treat patients, so it will become impractical to send patients over in the future. He must rush to throw out his assassin today, or he won’t use it in the future.

Secondly, he really hated Wiliam and couldn’t wait for a moment.

Three years later, he was reminded by Frandick’s behavior, why not take advantage of this opportunity to squeeze the Lu family severely!

So Chen Qinglin was very proud, and he did a beautiful job!

“Chen Qinglin, what is the last trick you just said? Also, why are you helping us?” The elder looked at Chen Qinglin suspiciously.

After all, it was the Chen family who started this matter, and the elder did not believe that the Chen family would be so kind to help.

Chen Qinglin directly ignored the first question and answered the second question, “I can’t understand that kid, the head office? Anyway, the choice is now in your hands. Either you are completely infamous after today, or you choose Join me and I will help you. No more patients will be sent in the future.”

The great elder looked at Chen Qinglin suspiciously and started thinking.

Indeed, the current situation is too unfavorable for the Lu family.

And the key is that Lu Jia has a trick.

If Wiliam was allowed to completely show off tonight, then this kid would sit firmly in the position of the Lu family elder, and the Lu family would have to lose their reputation.

The more the elder thought, the more angry, and couldn’t help kicking the third elder.

They were all bad ideas from this girl, otherwise, how could Wiliam become an elder so smoothly?

“You talk about your method first, so I can answer you.” The Great Elder is much more reliable than the Third Elder.

And Chen Qinglin didn’t hesitate, and said directly: “Now there is only one way to save your reputation, and that is to cure those two people, right?”

The elder raised his eyebrows, “Isn’t Taohong She Niu Fang the way to cure them? Or does your Chen family have a way to heal them?”

Chen Qinglin shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter to tell you the truth. Our Chen family will only produce patients, but there is no way to cure the disease.”

The grand elder’s expression turned bad, and he felt that he was fooled by Chen Qinglin.

“Don’t worry, listen to me!” Chen Qinglin continued, “I really don’t understand what you are talking about. It may be able to save people, but obviously you can’t get the prescription. The kid kowtowed his head to admit his mistake, but then, do you still have a face?”

The great elder was silent.

Knocking your head and admitting your mistake is absolutely impossible.

“So, you can only use my method. Although I don’t have a Taohong She Niu prescription, our Chen family has found a peerless genius doctor who can treat these patients!” Chen Qinglin finally threw out this explosive point.

Sure enough, the great elder was overwhelmed with surprise, “Really! Really someone can…”

“Ho ho, although I don’t know what medical techniques, but I know that there is more than one way to treat a person, right? You can’t cure all diseases at the same time, but there are solutions to one disease. And don’t be too self-righteous, thinking that the Lu family cannot cure it There is no way around the world.” Chen Qinglin said confidently now.

“You’re right! Keep talking!” The Great Elder couldn’t restrain his excitement.

“In order to prevent you from being able to treat patients, our Chen family made a first move and searched for a genius doctor across the country. We really found a genius doctor, and we asked the genius doctor to take action in person two days ago and experimented at home. Sure enough, it can be treated and healed! I dare to swear to heaven on this!” Chen Qinglin said.

He invited the genius doctor, who happened to be in the rich restaurant on the night of the conflict with Wiliam.

“Anyway, the genius doctor is very old, his hair and beard are white, so I can make the genius doctor pretend to be a person in your Lu family’s hidden world, and let him act in public. This way, the situation you are facing will be solved. “Chen Qinglin finally concluded.

The elder was so excited that his whole body was trembling, “It’s really not dead, my Lu family! Is this reliable!”

Chen Qinglin nodded, “Swear to God, believe it or not. Anyway, if you don’t kill that kid tonight, I’m afraid there will be no chance in the future. Think about it for yourself.”

The great elder is still more cautious about the problem, he has a psychological shadow over the incident of Frandick just now.

He couldn’t help asking, “What is the name of the genius doctor you found? I don’t know if I know it?”

Chen Qinglin said confidently this time: “The genius doctor actually I don’t know his name.”

The grand elder’s face froze.

Chen Qinglin continued: “But I know he has a very famous name in your medical field, called…”

“Master of the Great Hall!”

Chapter 1155

Hearing the name of the main hall owner, the elder was taken aback and said in amazement: “Are you talking about the big hall owner who gained fame a while ago because of his silver needle technique?”

Chen Qinglin nodded confidently, “Exactly. How about it? Trust me now!”

The great elder suddenly smiled.

He has indeed heard the name of the owner of this large museum.

The medical skills are very good, and the reputation is very good.

If he agreed to Chen Qinglin’s help, he would definitely help to the end.

This also put an end to the scene where Frandick turned back and forth just now.

However, the great elder still kept an eye on him, and he asked the third elder to immediately check whether the master of the great hall had been in Q City ( Qena City ).

After a while, the third elder immediately replied, saying that the main hall owner had never been to Q City ( Qena City ).

The heart of the great elder was completely relaxed, and the North Lu family came back from desperation!

“Okay! Thank you then!” The Great Elder said with a smile.

This time, Chen Qinglin laughed instead.

The elder looked at Chen Qinglin, “What? You don’t want to help anymore?”

Chen Qinglin smiled and said, “Elder, you have lived for most of your life. Do you believe that free pies fall from the sky?”

The elder’s face became stiff, “What do you mean!”

Now everyone can hear that Chen Qinglin is about to make a condition!

The Grand Elder groaned for a moment and said, “Tell me your conditions. We won’t let you help in vain.”

In fact, his heart is still very aggrieved.

Obviously the Chen family stabbed this incident from the beginning.

It’s better now, but also benefit the Chen family.

Blame that Wiliam!

The great elder instantly blamed Wiliam’s sorrow.

Chen Qinglin seemed to have thought about it a long time ago and said: “The conditions are very simple. From now on, half of the annual income of the Lu family will be handed over to us for a period of five years.”

The great elder is not well, “Chen Qinglin! Do you dare to speak loudly!”

The North Lu family’s medical name in the arena is very big.

There is an endless stream of people who come to seek medical treatment every year.

And these people seeking medical treatment are either rich or expensive, and they are not comparable to those of the world.

What they gave is not gold and silver money.

But all kinds of rare and exotic treasures.

Now Chen Qinglin wants to pay half of the annual income of the North Lu family, and it will be five years!

This is equivalent to removing half of Lu’s arm directly.

What makes people even more unbearable is that this feeling is as if the Lu family is bowing to the Chen family, making peace with supply and demand!

The status of the Lu family is never lower than that of the Chen family!

Chen Qinglin said confidently: “I just offered my terms. It’s your business to agree or not. But you have to think about it. I will only want half of your five-year income, which is not too much. If things are not handled well today, ho ho, the reputation of your North Lu family will plummet, so don’t mention any benefits in the future.”

Chen Qinglin’s words directly hit the most vulnerable place of the Great Elder.

He was right.

Things are not handled well today, and the cost is definitely heavier than half of the five-year benefits.

“Time is running out, everyone is impatient to wait, please think about it.” Chen Qinglin pointed to everyone who had already begun to laugh loudly not far away, and said to the Lu Family.
Finally, the elder took a deep breath and said angrily: “Okay! I promise you! But you must promise me that this matter must be done without leaks!”

Chen Qinglin nodded in satisfaction, “Of course. The owner of the main hall has personally tried it, and it can be cured 100%.”

“Okay, I will remember your Chen family’s hand.” The Great Elder gave Chen Qinglin a vicious look, and strode towards the crowd.

In the heart of the great elder, in fact, today’s banquet was already a disastrous defeat.

He wanted to expel Wiliam without success, but because of Frandick’s appearance, that kid was cast over a layer of mysterious master.

He wanted to humiliate the Chen family, but he was not successful, but he was blackmailed by the Chen family.

Up to now, the only thing the great elder thought in his heart was how to try his best to minimize the loss.

In the next few years, although the Lu family will be a little sad, given time, the Lu family will eventually rise again.

At that time, the Chen family and Wiliam will look good!

Chen Qinglin glanced contemptuously at the back of the great elder before following him again.

“When can the main hall master come?” The elder accepted the reality and asked in a low voice.

“I sent him a text message. It only takes about ten minutes to come from my house.” Chen Qinglin said.

The elder nodded, thinking how to explain to everyone on the scene what would happen next.

When the Great Elder stood in front of everyone, everyone looked at him with burning eyes, wanting an explanation.

The Great Elder and the Three Elders have already discussed the remarks, and the Three Elders come forward to explain.

The third elder gave Wiliam a vicious look before he said, “I won’t explain what happened before. Just now, our elder also apologized to you. Please forgive us for our eagerness to save others. Doing things recklessly. Now what I want to say is what to do next.”

Everyone obviously didn’t believe the three elders anymore, and they cut straight to each other.

“Is the apology apologizing like that? I feel right and confident, and I don’t have an attitude of admitting mistakes at all.”

“I want to see what tricks they can do, and what flowers they can tell.”

“I advise the Lu family, don’t talk too full in the next words, so as not to be slapped on the spot by the four elders.”

“Speaking of the four elders, I feel that the four elders are the real hidden bosses. Although they have not talked much so far, people are really cruel! They belong to the type of people who don’t talk too much?”

Everyone looked at Wiliam with an indifferent expression.

When the Third Elder saw everyone’s eyes on Wiliam, he was just right.

He coughed and said: “Everyone, Taohong Sheniu Fang is only one direction we have investigated. Whether it can treat the diseases of these two patients is not proven in practice. I hope you don’t have too much hope. .and!”

“As everyone knows, even if the medicine formulated by Taohong Sheniu Recipe can treat their disease, there is always a long course of treatment with the medicine, and there is no effect at all tonight. So I advise everyone not to lock their eyes on Taohong. Shooting the bull is on the side, it doesn’t work at all.”

Everyone laughed directly at the words of the three elders.

Wasn’t it your Lu family who had been holding on to Tao Hong and shooting the cow to talk about?

What? Now that the prescription appeared in Wiliam’s hand, you just said that the prescription didn’t work?

Where is the face?

“Then you guys are talking about how it is useful! What is useful?” Someone interrupted the third elder directly.

But the third elder was not angry. At this moment, he said confidently: “Naturally, it is for you to see on the spot that our Lu family has cured the two of them!”

Chapter 1156

Everyone was stunned.

What the Lu family said is getting more and more mysterious!

From the beginning, he was helpless with the patient, until the evening said that Taohong She Niu can be cured.

Up to now, I just said that there is a way to heal on the spot!

Is the cowhide blowing bigger and bigger and more unbelievable?

Seeing everyone’s unbelief, the third elder said with sorrow, “Do you really think that our Lu family has a little background? Even if the prescription is useful, it is dead after all. I tell you that the real cure is human , It’s not a prescription! And our Lu family’s greatest heritage is people!”

Everyone was directly in the cloud, and the three elders did not pass on. Born?

Fooling people up is one set after another.

“Hey, there is no way, I can only show you a showdown.” The third elders were reluctant to show their identity, and said, “Although everyone knows that our Lu family has a Patriarch, there are also three of our elders, but it is estimated to be very Few people know that there are some hidden people in the Lu family. They are so absorbed in medical skills that they have long been ignorant of world affairs.”

“If it weren’t for our Lu family’s reputation to be damaged today, and we don’t want the traitor to succeed, how could we dare to disturb those old people’s old age?

“Fuck! Lu Family, what do you want to say! Can you tell me directly? What kind of riddles are playing here!” Someone said suddenly.

The three elders saw that the ground was almost ready, and then said: “I’ll just say it clearly. We just invited a family of Lu parents who have long been ignorant of the world, and prepared to take action personally to treat the patient and heal, so as to restore our Lu family’s reputation , By the way, let everyone see, our Lu family, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse.”

Everyone immediately understood.

The hidden senior of the Lu Family?

Everyone really didn’t know what other hidden masters in the Lu family.

But they all know that there are some old monsters in all super families.

These old monsters were either the elders of the clan when they were young, and then abdicated when they were old.

Either see through the world, or enthralled in martial arts, not asking the world.

These old monsters are the real strength of a super family.

Is there really many old monsters in the Lu family?

Everyone could not help but believe a little bit when the three elders looked ironclad.

After all, the Lu family had just told a big lie and was beaten in public.

Dissatisfied with the nobles in the city.

Do they dare to lie again at this point?

Are you afraid that you have the guts?

Is this going to kill the whole city?

So everyone could not help but believe the words of the three elders.

“I have already asked the old man for instructions. He will be here in a few minutes, so please stay calm and restless.” Seeing that everyone fell silent, the third elder felt very satisfied.

Everything is under his control.

At this time, someone asked in a low voice, “Which elder master did your Lu family invite?”

The third elder seized this opportunity and began to put gold on the Lu Family’s face, ready to make a strong wave of revenge.

“Ho ho, the elder we invited, although he is about the same age as us, is two generations older than us! We also call him uncle master.” The third elder said with a pious face.

Everyone was stunned by his expression.

The three elders are over 70 years old, and the seniority is considered very high.

Now pop out an uncle of the three elders!

This is simply the existence of the old monster.

Isn’t this the most respected person in the Lu family?

However, the bragging of the three elders is not over yet, and he continued to respectfully say: “Our uncle master did not come into the world for a long time. But he walked the rivers and lakes in his early years, and his medical skills reached the pinnacle, and he was better than those of us in the Lu family. I don’t know how many times. Looking at the world, I dare to confidently say that our uncle’s medical skills are the most powerful! There is no one!”

The three elders are confident that no one at the scene will know the master of that big hall.

No one knows the old monsters of the Lu family.

So he brags to death.

Prepare to make the master of the big hall an unattainable medical saint

Then the medical sage shot to save the people, and gave the Lu family a strong face.

All this bragging made Lu Xiaoluan stunned.

She even began to wonder, is she still the Lu family?

So unworthy!

Feliicity also asked Lu Xiaoluan blankly, “When did your Lu family have such a powerful character? It feels like heaven and earth are omnipotent. Did we really anger the Lu family to kick the iron plate this time?”

Lu Xiaoluan also had the same expression, and said dazedly: “I don’t know, but I know that there are a few old monsters in the house who can’t get out all year round, but I don’t know. Did the elder really invite the old monsters out?”

At this moment, even Feliicity’s heart was lost.

She didn’t expect a banquet to develop into what it is now.

The Lu family seemed to be immortal.

But Wiliam still looked good and leisurely, and Feliicity was shocked to see Feliicity, “Wiliam, don’t you worry about the appearance of this old monster at all?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Soldiers come to block, water comes to cover, what are you afraid of.”

In Wiliam’s heart, what can the old monster do?

The dispute between medical practice depends on medical skills, not age.

Wiliam was confident that he could cure the diseases of those two people, and that was enough.

“As soon as the three elders said, I was a little bit looking forward to it, is this witnessing history tonight?” someone suddenly said nervously.

“Is it because I’m too young to have heard of such a magical character?”

“Why do you care about so many? The mobile phone is ready, ready to welcome the big guy’s debut. Uncle Shi, tusk tusk, this generation is five generations higher than us, we must be called the ancestors of others?”

At this time, Chen Qinglin suddenly made a look at the third elder and signaled that the main hall is coming soon.

The third elder understood, immediately looked in one direction, and said excitedly: “My uncle master is coming out!”

As soon as the voice fell, an old man with white beard and hair and a fairy style slowly appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

When the third elder had an idea, he suddenly knelt down on one knee and shouted: “Greetings to the uncle master!”

With this shout, the people of the Lu family all knelt down on one knee, and even the unidentified crowds knelt down.

Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaoluan were also in this turbulent ranks, and they were all dumbfounded.

Only Wiliam, Feliicity and Frandick stood and kneeled.

The third elder triumphantly looked at the grand scene of hundreds of people kneeling down on one knee. He was extremely proud, and praised his inspiration!

Only in this way is it worthy of the grand appearance of the master and uncle, and then we can better establish the unattainable image of the Lu family!

The person with the immortal wind and bones quickly appeared in front of everyone.

Chapter 1157 Meet the Master!

The third elder raised his head and quietly glanced at the old man with a fairy style.

It should be the main hall owner.

Chen Qinglin didn’t make a mistake, this old man really looked a little like a fairy with kind eyebrows and kind eyes.

Just in line with the appearance of the uncle master I created before!

Now it’s stable!

Although kneeling down toward the master of the hall is decent to lose the Lu family, who knows the real identity of the master at the scene?

As long as we can better help the Lu family, all costs can be paid.

The Great Elder was also in the ranks of kneeling.

He was about to cut the Three Elders thousands of times.

What’s wrong with this moth again?

Let all the Lu family members kneel as a healer?

If this is known to people, wouldn’t it be laughable and generous?

This is playing with fire!

I hope nothing goes wrong.

The three elders compared the eyes with the big elder with everything under control, just about to speak out again.

At this time, the main hall owner in front of him spoke.



With this sound, the master directly screamed the three elders.

What master?

its not right!

The main hall owner should now be the uncle with the highest seniority in the audience, and even the ancestor-like figure to the other juniors.

Call Master casually, who is this to scare to death?

The third elder suddenly raised his head and looked at the main hall owner.

At this moment, the owner of the big hall, eyes flashed with endless surprises.

The owner of the main hall was indeed invited by the Chen family a few days ago and came to Fengcheng.

He was obsessed with medicine, especially after getting advice from Wiliam and the young man named Lin Jiang before, he became even more fascinated.

He is obsessed with intractable diseases.

He came here when he heard that the Chen family said that there was an age-old disease.

As a result, the symptoms turned out to be very strange, and it took him a long time to find a cure.

This is a good practice for him.

In the heart of the doctor, he heard that there were still two patients here, so he came to treat them together.

As soon as I thought of coming over, I saw countless people kneeling down at him, and still yelling at what Master Uncle?

I’m afraid this is not admitting the wrong person?

The master of the hall was about to come over to explain clearly, suddenly his eyes drenched, and he saw three people who were not kneeling in front of him.

One of them is the one who takes a closer look, but he is not his master!


When Wiliam was in Lingcheng before, he gave great advice to the master of Daguan, who worshipped him as a teacher.

As the so-called master is a teacher, since he has been a teacher, the master of the hall is a person who values ​​etiquette very much.

Once Ling Cheng left, he never saw Master’s trace again.

Unexpectedly, I encountered it here.

Is this a dream?

The main hall owner rubbed his eyes specially for this, trying to see if his old eyes were dim.

In the end, it was Wiliam!

So he called out the master.

Wiliam was also slightly taken aback when seeing the main hall owner.

Could things be more clever?

Isn’t this afraid of the death of the Lu family?

The Lu family tried every possible way to get the Taohong Shooting Niu Fang, but Frandick came over.

Now I have painstakingly created the image of an expert in the Lu family, but is it my apprentice master?

Wiliam wanted to raise his hands in the street to show that he was innocent. He really didn’t arrange it.

When the main hall master saw Wiliam, he suddenly forgot about so many people kneeling and calling him Uncle Master.

He walked quickly to the front of Wiliam, respectfully knelt down on one knee, and greeted Wiliam, “Master is here, please be respected by the disciple!”

Now, the whole audience is blown up!

what’s the situation!

What the hell!

God, are you sleepy?

Look at the scene!

Hundreds of people, respectfully, dare not breathe, kneel down, and respectfully call an old man with a sturdy look.

What now?

This uncle Master, regardless of the people in the audience, instead kneeled on one knee towards someone who is too young to be younger, calling him Master?



The world is in chaos!

Isn’t this old man the uncle of the Lu family?

Why did you kneel to Wiliam and call Wiliam a master?

If in terms of seniority, Uncle Master sent five generations of young people on the scene, then he called Master Wiliam.

Wiliam is the 18th generation ancestor of these people at the scene?


This weird scene at the scene lasted a full ten seconds.

Even Wiliam was a little stunned.

Finally, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Get up, I didn’t expect to see you here again.”

The main hall owner then slowly got up and smiled at Wiliam: “Master, what are you doing here?”

At this time, a figure rushed over and pulled the main hall owner aside.

It was Chen Qinglin with a bewildered look.

Chen Qinglin was full of confidence and wanted to watch the show.

As a result, the big pavilion owner he invited has his own assassin!

Just call your enemy, Master?

Isn’t this doing something?

“Master, what are you doing! I asked you to come and help! But you may have gotten the wrong person. The person you want to help is from the Lu family, not the kid! That kid is my enemy, you have to help Let me deal with him together!”

Chen Qinglin instinctively thought that the main hall owner was on the wrong team, and he could not see the situation clearly.

But when the main hall owner heard this, his face went cold.

On the one hand, he was angry at this Chen Qinglin, and let himself deal with his master?

Wiliam’s personality is extremely upright, but the master of the hall would not know?

This Chen Qinglin wants to be a master?

On the other hand, the main hall owner was even more angry at Chen Qinglin’s deception.

The master of the pavilion came here, originally just to cure illnesses and save people.

Where can Chen Qinglin be promised to act and who to deal with?

Doesn’t this hurt his medical name?

The owner of the hall looked around, and everyone around slowly stood up.

They all looked dumbfounded.

Especially the Lu family headed by the three elders, cold sweat broke out directly.

They feel that something is wrong!

It’s definitely not going in a good direction!

The owner of the main hall is also an old world, and he sees too much intrigue.

He immediately realized what happened to the uncle master just now.

He sneered: “I think you all made a mistake. Where am I from the Lu family’s uncle? When will I change my name and my surname?”

This sound made the audience completely boiling!

Everyone looked at the three elders.

This old man is not the Lu Family’s uncle at all?

in other words!

Just now, the three elders were dignified and deceived the big guy again!

Forget it!

Why not let everyone kneel at this person!

In the presence, many people are the face of Fengcheng!

They were just given the rhythm by the three elders, and they knelt down inexplicably.

But thinking about it now, it’s a shame!

Lu family, Lu family!

It seems that you haven’t learned any lessons at all, and you don’t really care about the face of the city’s dignitaries?

Everyone had fire in their hearts, but now, it completely exploded!

Chapter 1158

“Ho ho, I have seen the Lu family thoroughly, and I declare that from now on, we will cut off all contact with the Lu family!” The popularity, however, said directly.

This voice immediately responded.

“So are we! When you get sick to see a doctor, there are so many people in the world, why choose a family who has no medical supplies?”

“We will stop the supply of medicinal materials to the Lu family indefinitely!”

“Ho ho, I think the four elders are pretty good, he has the ability to do things calmly and low-key, unlike the Lu family, who has the ability to bluff and deceive people, so let him cooperate in the future.”

The words of the crowd directly pushed the Lu family to the forefront.

The faces of the Lu family were really pale this time!

They never thought that things would turn around again!

Where is this evildoer from Wiliam!

It’s fine for Frandick to know him before!

Now even the master of the main hall knows him, and he always respects him as a master!

Why is he!

The two coincidences completely defeated the face and heart of the Lu family.

They couldn’t help but give birth to a strange thought.

Could it be that all the people in the world are acquaintances of this kid?

How good is he.

The three elders felt like they had completely collapsed.

He didn’t even dare to look at the great elder.

Lies came out from him one after another. It is expected that even if nothing happens to the Lu Family, his personal reputation will be completely tarnished.

Especially when he had an idea just now, and brought the whole audience to kneel down to the main hall owner.

I was very proud of it, but now it is simply a decisive step to push him into the abyss!

Everything is under control, he had promised.

Now I feel that this word is very suitable for Wiliam.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t do anything.

But all the luck in the world went to him.

Isn’t he the chosen son of heaven?


Absolutely impossible!

There must be some misunderstanding inside!

The three elders saw that the big elder was about to attack him, and suddenly he was excited and wanted to restore the situation.

He rushed to the front of the main hall owner and Chen Qinglin one step at a time, and sternly shouted: “Did you make a mistake? This kid is just a kid of our Lu family!”

Wiliam looked at the third elder jokingly, “Oh? Really? Then, what do you think is correct?”

The third elder’s face became stiff, and he was obviously confused, and he didn’t know what to do next.

Wiliam said in a leisurely manner: “I’ll talk about it for you. Listen, everyone, this old gentleman next to me is the Lu family’s uncle.”

When the third elder heard this, he was wrong, this kid was so kind to help the Lu Family speak?

However, the people at the scene laughed instead after hearing this.

Many people began to respond to Wiliam, “The Fourth Elder is wrong, he is the ancestor of the Lu Family!”

This scene made the three elders even more confused.

The great elder’s entire popularity is going crazy.

He also came over.

The third elder was puzzled and asked quickly: “Elder, why is this kid…”

The elder was so angry that he slapped the third elder and said angrily: “Are you a fucking pig! You can’t even hear this! I’m going to be pissed off by you!”
The third elder was humiliated in public for the second time, and his whole body was shaking.

He watched the people around him cast mocking eyes at him, his heart moved, and he suddenly understood what Wiliam said just now!


If the master of the main hall is the master of the Lu family, then the master of the main hall is called Wiliam, master, isn’t Wiliam’s identity above all the Lu family!

The Lu family want to call Wiliam ancestor?

This kid is taking advantage of the Lu family, he is disgusting the Lu family!

Just say that he was so kind!

No wonder these onlookers responded so happily, because they wanted to humiliate the Lu family!

Good, you Wiliam, you dare to ride on our Lu family as an ancestor!

“Wiliam! Keep your mouth clean! Do you still want to ride on us?” The three elders were frustrated and roared directly at Wiliam.

The people around laughed and said, “You still have a face to say? It’s obviously your uncle who shouted at the main hall. Now we will ask you, is he your uncle?”

The three elders were choked and couldn’t speak.

If he said yes, he was panicking because he regarded this kid Wiliam as an ancestor!

Saying no, the lie once again slapped himself and offended the whole city.

No answer is wrong!

This kid is too insidious. Although he doesn’t talk much, he is in a dilemma!

Everyone actually knew the answer in their hearts, they just wanted to see Lu’s jokes.

At this time, Feliicity couldn’t help but ask Wiliam, “Wiliam, is this old man really your apprentice?”

Feliicity had never seen the master of the main hall, so naturally he didn’t know the relationship between them.

Wiliam nodded, and said to the main hall owner: “This is my wife, Feliicity.”

The host of the hall immediately bowed to greet him, “Hi, Master.”

Feliicity has a black thread, and was called a teacher by a seven-year-old man, this is so sour…

Everyone also looked at Wiliam curiously.

Wiliam slowly explained: “The master of the hall is polite. Rather than saying that he is my apprentice, I would rather treat him as a good friend of the Taoist theory.”

But the master of the hall immediately said, “No master, I am an old antique, and I respect etiquette and dare not want to be presumptuous. If you have a teacher, you will be a teacher.”

This conversation between the old and the young also made everyone understand.

It’s really a master.

Not acting.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes looked at Wiliam changed again.

The old man in front of him was invited by the Lu family painstakingly.

Moreover, the Lu family vowed that the old man can cure the patient, which shows that his medical skills are at least not under the Lu family.

And it was such a highly respected healer who actually treated Wiliam so respectfully, calling him his master.

This doesn’t mean that Wiliam is far above the master of the main hall, not to mention the Lu Family in North, whether it is medical skills or medical products.

The North Lu family was once again slapped in the face.

This Wiliam is probably only over 20 years old, right?

To be able to surpass the Lu family, is simply a medical genius of the past!

The king does not say, his own civil servants and generals are angry.

The Lu Family wanted to humiliate Wiliam, but as a result, Wiliam didn’t even take any action. The Lu Family was beaten with blood and blood.

It’s too embarrassing!

The scene fell into a brief silence because of the shock of Wiliam’s strength.

The Lu Family couldn’t even speak, as if they could only passively be beaten.

At this time, Wiliam smiled slightly, and said to the main hall owner: “The main hall owner, it’s not easy for you to come once, so you can help the Lu family and treat these two people.”

Speaking of this, Wiliam sighed with pity in his eyes, “This North Lu Family, it’s really too difficult. In order to raise my status and image, I did everything possible to give me people away. I was embarrassed.”

“Gao Feng Liang Festival! Gao Feng Liang Festival!”

Wiliam gave the Lu family a thumbs up!

Chapter 1159

People from North Lu’s family’s faces are all green!

Killing but nodding!

What’s wrong with Zhu Xin now!

This kid, his mouth is too poisonous!

Is this giving alms to the Lu family?

The Lu family did everything possible tonight, and all the tactics for Shang Wiliam were arranged clearly, which was indeed pitiful.

But these words are well known to everyone and no one can say them.

But when the kid said it, he gave the Lu Family a slap in the face again.

Who is credited for treating the disease in Daguan now?

Count the Lu family?

Do they have the face to accept it?

Are you really willing to be a beggar?

Not accepting, watching those two people die, and then being verbally criticized again?

It’s another proposition.

The more people looked at Wiliam, the more pleasing they were.

This kid has talent, strength and background, and he is a blockbuster!

At this banquet tonight, the Lu family wanted to humiliate him, and at first they lifted him to the sky.

Now people really can’t get down in the sky. How can the Lu family stand him?

He is the protagonist of the banquet, there is nothing wrong with him.

Upon hearing this, the master of the hall immediately walked over and treated the two people.

Wiliam believes that the master’s medical talents should not be a problem to treat these two people.

The people at the scene watched curiously as the master of the Daguan gave the needle there.

Sure enough, the masters appeared, and the pictures were different.

The silver needles floating around the main hall are almost overwhelming.

After more than ten minutes, the owner of the hall took a deep breath and told the patient’s family members: “I have almost removed the root of their disease, but they are still very weak. Later I will prescribe a prescription and you will take the medicine. , After three courses of treatment, it should be able to restore the previous state.”

The family members of the patient were so grateful that they could not cry.

Seeing this pitiful scene, Feliicity gently took Wiliam’s hand and squeezed Wiliam’s palm.

She knew that Wiliam would definitely treat these two patients.

After all, in Wiliam’s heart, the patient’s illness is greater than the sky, and he will not care whether the patient’s status is expensive or cheap.

This is good now, and it is finally a relief for the patient.

And the people of the Lu family didn’t believe the main hall master’s words, and the third elder ran over to verify it personally.

After a few minutes, he put down the patient’s wrist and nodded to the elder with a pale face, indicating that the patient’s illness was really cured.

Now everyone is watching Lu’s jokingly, wanting to know how they are going to end in a gorgeous way.

The Grand Elder suddenly looked at Chen Qinglin.

If there was no such thing as Chen Qinglin’s sudden emergence before, how could he give birth to another more turbulent face slap?

“Chen Qinglin! What do you say about this! You have to give us an explanation!” The elder shouted to Chen Qinglin.

Knowing that the patient’s illness is solvable now means that the Chen family’s policy of recruiting patients has been broken.

Why North Lu’s family is afraid of him now!

Chen Qinglin looked aggrieved, not inferior to the Lu family.

He whispered: “I don’t know how things turned out like this, and I don’t even know that the relationship between the master and Wiliam turned out to be a master and apprentice. If it didn’t happen right now, even if I told you beforehand, you can Believe it?”

The great elder was taken aback.

Yes, even if it was said beforehand that the master of the main hall was Wiliam’s apprentice, who would dare to believe such a ridiculous thing?

“We are all victims, and I can’t live up to it.” Chen Qinglin added.

But at this time, the three elders suddenly thought, and said directly: “No! No! No! Not like this!”

Everyone looked at the three elders.

The third elder looked excited, his face flushed, and pointed at Chen Qinglin and said, “You and that kid are in the same group! We were all deceived by you!”

Without waiting for Chen Qinglin’s defense, the three elders said again: “I said at the beginning that you don’t believe that they said the group! You see, Chen Qinglin was in the worst when we were most alone and helpless. If this The guy and Wiliam are not in the same group, I twist my head off!”

Chen Qinglin was trembling with anger, “You fart!”

However, the great elder and others thought about it carefully, and it was really possible.

In the current situation, it looked like Chen Qinglin was assisting Wiliam.

The third elder was aggrieved and poured out to the elder, “I’ll just say, boss, if you still don’t believe me, you still beat me, I was beaten by you for nothing.”

Those who hear this are sad and cry.

“I have a grudge against this guy, you can ask him if you don’t believe me!” Chen Qinglin pointed to Wiliam and said.

However, Wiliam nodded to Chen Qinglin in his spare time, “Well, there is grudge.”

The content is correct, but it sounds weird no matter how you hear it.

It seems to be talking irony?

And this made the Lu family more sure.

“Okay, Chen Qinglin! We believe you so much! We want to cooperate with you regardless of previous misfortunes! I don’t expect that you dare to do this! I hereby announce that our Lu family and the Chen family have completely broken, and we will not contact each other!” the elder said furiously .

Chen Qinglin’s teeth are about to break.

He knew that Wiliam slapped him severely.

Both sides are not pleased now!

“Okay! Wait for me! This place, I will find it back sooner or later!” Chen Qinglin said, and left angrily.

After only walking a few steps, he turned back and stared at Wiliam fiercely, “You kid, don’t be too proud! Do you know what has been ruined today! You have ruined a super-powerful situation! You will meet sooner or later? They are watching!”

Everyone was stunned.

Super power?

Could it be that everything the Chen family did was controlled by big forces?

Wiliam’s brows tightened, and he guessed the matter.

There really is someone behind the Chen family.

The Lu family breathed a sigh of relief, and the situation was finally a little better when Dasha Chen Qinglin was the target of talking nonsense.

The great elder thought for a while, and saw that he was about to speak, and suddenly his heart fell!

Take a gamble!

I bet that this kid wouldn’t dare to completely tear his face with the Lu family!

Therefore, the elder said to the people around: “Let you laugh. We will give you a reasonable explanation for what happened today. You have also seen that everything that can happen is the Chen family. The Chen family started. It’s so cruel to us, Lu Jiaxuan, deliberately creating patients, and other methods!”

“So, in order to give the Chen family a head-on blow, we set this round. Everything that happened just now was played by us in the act for the Chen family. The grievances we suffered were also to make the Chen family paralyzed , Showing their feet. The truth is also true. The Chen family exposed the fact that there was someone behind them.”

“So all the things just now can’t be taken seriously. We really didn’t intend to deceive you. We always have respect for everyone. It is offensive. Please Haihan.”

Everyone heard the scalp tingling.

Lu Family Good Fortune Zhong Shenxiu?

Can it be so beautiful?

“You mean, your Lu family is united with Wiliam?” someone asked directly.

The great elder bit his head and nodded yes.

Victory or defeat in one fell swoop!

Someone even looked at Wiliam directly, “Four elders, is this the case? Why do I not believe it so much?”

Chapter 1160 Is it Wang Chen?

Everyone’s eyes focused on Wiliam.

The people of the Lu family mentioned their throats.

Wiliam’s words were enough to determine their life and death.

If it were before, how could they dare to believe that a little boy could decide the fate of the Lu family?

But now, they can’t believe it.

This kid is so hard to do!

There is so much mystery on the body!

Wiliam met everyone’s gazes, smiled slightly, and said, “The Great Elder and the Third Elder are wronged.”

He didn’t admit it or denied it.

But when everyone heard it, they immediately became upset.

“Fuck it! Isn’t it? The Lu family really directed and acted this thing, just to suppress the Chen family?”

“Madan, I feel so wronged, I feel cheated and I still have to count the money for others!”

“But I think there is a bit of truth. Otherwise, why the four elders of the two consecutive offensive waves do not even need to be resolved. It is such a coincidence, it is clearly arranged.”

This reason has convinced many people.

One coincidence is good, but two coincidences test the probability.

Dare to love to the end, only the Chen family and the people who eat melons are hurt?

Kneeled somehow?

Are you all excited and angry all the way?

Do woolen yarn!

However, it is better to be angry to be angry than to be deceived and humiliated by the Lu family before.

Everyone accepted this fact helplessly.

But when the elder heard Wiliam’s words, his heart burst out.

It’s so exciting!

Sure enough, he expected it!

Wiliam still wouldn’t completely tear his face with the Lu family!

So Wiliam still grabbed the Lu family at the crucial moment!

The elder held back his excitement and said, “Everyone has heard it and saw it at the same time. I am here to clarify one thing. Many things tonight are acting. However, the appointment of the fourth elder of our Lu family is true. Well deserved! Everyone has seen his outstanding qualities! He is the four elders of our Lu family, he is the four elders of our Lu family, and he is well-received! At the same time, I announce that we will be the doctor of the Lu family in North. Let him take charge of the temple! I hope everyone will care more about him in the future!”

Wiliam held the Lu family in a sigh, and the elder could only reluctantly say this to please Wiliam.

But when the third elder heard this, his face changed slightly, “Grand Elder!”

The Palace of Medical Martial Arts is a hall of the Lu Family in North.

It is also the one with the largest number of people.

This big cake was originally in charge of the Three Elders.

But now it is directly cut to Wiliam!

Can the three elders feel better?

The elder glared at him and motioned to him to shut up.

The faces of the North Lu family were very ugly.

Wiliam smiled casually, arched his hands and said, “Thank you, Grand Elder, then.”

The great elder smiled politely, “The four elders are polite, you are radiant tonight, our Lu family has high hopes for you, and we will continue to work hard in the future.”

“As for everyone at the scene, we really don’t have anything tonight. I promise that within one year, everyone present and their family members can come to our Lu family for free medical treatment, as a token of gratitude.” The elder added.

Everyone still has grievances, but what can be done.
Who makes them stupid?

Everyone also dispersed.

Lu Xiaoluan watched the curtain call tonight’s humorous drama slowly, and then looked at Wiliam, who was as plain as water next to him, but there was a wave in his heart.

Regardless of the appearance of Frandick or the appearance of the master of the main hall, it was all arranged by the Lu family.

If it is an ordinary person, it can be cured to the death with any trick.

It’s a pity that I ran into the evildoer Wiliam!

She is pregnant with a pink shooter, and is the master of the main hall.

In response to her previous thought.

Coincidence and luck are also part of strength.

She looked at Wiliam, who was constantly responding to changes, and another sentence came to her mind.

Under the whole world, could it be Wangtu!

Could it be Wang Chen, the shore of the soil!

This sentence used to describe this scene tonight, and it couldn’t be more suitable.

At a young age, he was able to subdue such outstanding figures as the master of the museum as an apprentice.

What happened to Wiliam in the past ten years?

For him, the martial arts realm is stronger than hers, and he is a must in the Lu family!

Medical skills are unique and unfathomable!

But the most terrifying thing is Wiliam’s resourcefulness, as if he can discern all the evil spirits and break the world’s adversity!

Around him, there is a powerful unicorn hero who cannot be underestimated for him!

Later, famous doctors like Daguanzhu worshipped him as a teacher.

And this is just the edge he showed.

Believe that his pressure box bottom is much more than that!

I am afraid that the current North Lu family is not his opponent at all.

Just like tonight, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t believe in the nonsense of the Lu family at all, and he said something about joining with Wiliam to suppress the Chen family.

It’s simply their words of respect.

The Lu Family and Chen Qinglin worked hard, what did they get in the end?

The Chen family returned in embarrassment and was notorious.

Although the Lu Family saved a bit of face at the last moment, it also left a stigma on everyone’s heart.

Especially the Three Elders, the more they targeted Wiliam, the more ruined they were!

The only winner, Wiliam!

He didn’t do anything, he didn’t even have a shot.

As a result, he not only made a blockbuster in front of all the dignitaries in the city, but also earned a wave of eyeballs and goodwill.

He took into his arms the position of the elder that the Lu family had long refused to surrender, and even at the last moment asked the elder to surrender the palace of medical martial arts in order to stabilize the situation.

Fame and fortune, accept it!

Thinking about the result, Lu Xiaoluan’s scalp was numb by the show.

When everyone was almost gone, the Grand Elder looked at Wiliam with an extremely complicated expression.

In this round, the Lu family lost too badly.

“Thanks to you tonight, tomorrow morning, we will take you to the Medical Martial Palace.” After the elder said, he turned and left.

This was what he promised to Wiliam in front of all the dignitaries in the city, and if he went back, it would make the Lu family’s reputation worse.

The third elder gave Wiliam a vicious look in his eyes.

Want to eat this piece of fat from my mouth, you will look good tomorrow!

Thinking of this, he also walked away.

The Lu family looked at Wiliam with complicated eyes, and went back one after another.

Wiliam greeted sisters Lu Xiaoluan, and the rare reunion master, Frandick, and said, “Let’s go out for a meal together. Just now, a group of people were talking about it. I didn’t eat a bite.”

Lu Xiaoluan was once again looked at by Lu Yexiu.

The Lu family is always deliberate, and in his eyes it is just babbling?

Lu Xiaoluan knew that he couldn’t walk too close to Wiliam, but because of a ghost and a stranger, he still went with Wiliam.

Lu Xiaobin is heart and lung, and treats Wiliam as a god. From Lu Xiaoluan’s point of view tonight, it is simply Wiliam who beat the pack of wolves alone.

How many girls can remember such a beautiful scenery?

Feliicity and Wiliam walked in front, and she asked in a low voice, “Wiliam, why did you choose to stand with the Lu family at the last moment?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, but his eyes were cold, “This is the bottom line of the Lu family. If they go down, they will dare to bite anyone when they get crazy. Moreover, I don’t plan to kill them all at once, because they inflict pain on my grandpa. I have to pay back thousands of times! It would be too cheap for them to kill them like this.”

Feliicity was taken aback, and he clearly felt the chill on Wiliam!

Wiliam continued to walk forward, without turning his head back, but dropped a sigh of relief!

“My wife, what you said was wrong just now, remember! It was not that I chose to stand with the Lu family, but that they chose—”

“Surrender to me!”


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