Dragon Husband 1161-1170

Chapter 1161: Missing Your Virtue

Feliicity looked at Wiliam who was so confident in front of him, as if he could shine.

Her eyes became gentle, and she nodded hard, “Well, you are the best!”

With that, she took the initiative to hold Wiliam’s hand and continued to walk forward.

No matter how difficult the road is.

As long as Wiliam goes, he must work hard to keep up.

Although the group found a restaurant, they ordered a few dishes.

But when Lu Xiaoluan is in the mood to eat, she has been watching Wiliam quietly.

Wiliam knew what Lu Xiaoluan was thinking, and he didn’t break it.

He thought of a question and asked the master of the hall: “Master of the hall, you have been in contact with the Chen family, do you know who is behind them?”

The master of the hall frowned slightly and sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I was completely deceived by them before. I don’t know there is such a mystery in it, and I don’t care too much.”

Wiliam nodded, and said, “Nothing, this will come to light sooner or later.”

The owner of the pavilion thought carefully, and suddenly he patted his forehead and said, “By the way, I heard them talk about a place. Every time they talk about this place, the Chen family’s expressions always turn a little weird. I don’t know if Has something to do with this place?”

Wiliam asked, “Where?”

The owner of the large hall throws out three words, “Gu Huo Gu!”

The corners of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly.

It really was Gu Huo Valley.

If it is Gu Huo Valley, then things become interesting.

Wiliam stroked the timeline of this incident.

It was eleven months ago.

And eleven months ago, what happened?

At that time, Wiliam had just obtained the “Medical Scripture of Impermanence” from Harper, and officially embarked on this road of revenge.

If you change the concept, it is –

Grandpa just passed away!

Guhuugu, grandpa…

Things seem to be getting clearer.

“Master, did you think of something?” The master of Daguan asked when Wiliam’s expression was different.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “What’s the matter? By the way, Big Sister, have you ever heard of Guhuugu?”

Lu Xiaoluan was taken aback, and shook his head, “It seems that there is no impression.”

Wiliam pondered, and said, “There is something wrong, let’s eat.”

However, this Guhou Valley formally left an impression in Lu Xiaoluan’s heart.

Halfway through the meal, Wiliam received a call from God of Wealth.

He glanced at Lu Xiaoluan and directly turned on the voice.

Lu Xiaoluan felt like he knew something.

Wiliam is testing himself.


Lu Xiaoluan has a big head.

This younger brother has returned ten years ago and has become too powerful.

Don’t know if it is good or not.

“Young Master, I have officially established the Blood Moon Group here in accordance with your instructions. Mulan and Tongmao will preside over the work. Then the day after tomorrow, we will hold a grand charity party in Nanhe Nursing Home.” On the phone, God of Wealth The voice came over.

After listening to Wiliam, he said, “Well, let you continue to do this. Just send me the specific time and location, I believe you.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone.

The people at the scene were confused.

Blood Moon Group?

The name is so scary, it’s panic.

What is Wiliam doing in Fengcheng?

Especially Lu Xiaoluan, the anxiety in her heart was even worse. She bit her head and said, “Wiliam, what are you going to do? Why set up a group?”

Wiliam smiled and explained patiently: “You have seen it before. I also have some forces that belong to me. I will bring them all here. I have to reset them?”

Lu Xiaoluan looked at Wiliam strangely, “I’m afraid it’s not that simple, right?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Of course it’s not that simple. I will bring them here, so I always help them stand firm here, right?”

Lu Xiaoluan complained in his heart, my old lady believed you a ghost.

You are clearly like a big sword hanging in Fengcheng, so that everyone can’t underestimate you.

“So you set up a group, then why do you hold an auction?” Lu Xiaoluan asked again.

Wiliam explained: “There are two ways to gain a firm foothold here. The first way is to rely on supreme strength to gain a strong foothold. However, we still have no way to do this for the time being. After all, this is a city of martial arts and talents. Isn’t it all? So we can only take the second step and choose the second method.”

“What way?” Lu Xiaoluan asked very cooperatively.

“The reason why a city can develop is not only by strength, but also by economy. In Fengcheng, there are two factions that can stand up, one is the martial arts family, and the other is the various enterprises that maintain the development of the city. , They provide necessities for this city, so I choose the second one and set up a business.” Wiliam said.

But Lu Xiaoluan obviously still has some doubts, “Wiliam, it is wrong to say that, but if you think about it, companies that can gain a foothold in Fengcheng either have someone behind them or they are particularly rich. Most importantly, a The city’s cake is so big. If you forcibly squeeze in, I’m afraid you will offend many forces. I’m afraid you’re overwhelming.”

But Wiliam obviously thought about it a long time ago, “Well, we belong to the very rich kind. Either become famous in the first battle, or spend money like a lot of money, there is always an unconventional way to make my group quickly attract attention here. Stay strong.”

Lu Xiaoluan seemed to understand a little bit, “So, you want to hold a charity auction, invite people from all over the city, and then spend money at the auction?”

Wiliam nodded.

Lu Xiaoluan really wanted to make a comment.

The companies and the rich who can live here are at least billionaires. How much can you have if Wiliam is rich?

A dozen or two billion is worth the sky.

At that time, I am afraid that you will spend money like soil and fail to make it.

“Wiliam, you have to cherish your feathers. You finally won some reputation here tonight. If you squander it, you can’t do it.” Lu Xiaoluan didn’t know why, so he spoke to Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled, “Thank you, elder sister, you are so worried for me, then it is better to be like this. At that time, you will come and participate with me. If you are there, you can introduce some rules for me.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s head stiffened. Damn, this girl is waiting here!

This kid deliberately turned on the phone just now to let himself know that this happened.

Then he deliberately explained it very clearly, making himself afraid of him.

Then just to pull yourself out of this muddy water?

Your virtue is missing!

Lu Xiaoluan’s anger came from her heart, and she tucked Wiliam’s head under her armpit, and said angrily: “My old lady is worried about you half-dead, you just cheated your old lady!”

Chapter 1162

Wiliam didn’t feel wronged, still smiling with his head clamped, “Thank you, eldest sister, then.”

Lu Xiaoluan was going crazy.

The stall of such a thing, it is the grave of his family’s ancestors in the last life!


His ancestral grave seems to be his own ancestral grave…

Lu Xiaoluan suddenly lost his temper, and let go of Wiliam, “I will be pissed off by you!”

Wiliam glanced at Lu Xiaoluan.

Four eyes face each other.

Smart people know each other in their hearts.

Just now the two of them completed a trial of each other.

Lu Xiaoluan chose to stand on Wiliam’s side after all.

“Then what are you going to do with the Medical Martial Arts Hall tomorrow? The Third Elder will definitely make things difficult for you.” Lu Xiaoluan asked again.

After asking, I felt very aggrieved.

Why worry about him again.

“You can tell me about this medical martial arts palace first. After all, I have been away for so long and the situation is not very familiar.” Wiliam asked back.

Lu Xiaoluan felt that he had taken the initiative to jump into the pit again.

She said depressedly: “Actually, it is almost the same as when you were a child. The Lu family still has three halls, one is the Palace of Heavenly Medicine, which is filled with the best doctors of our Lu Family, and this is also the strongest of our Lu Family. The entrance is controlled by the great elder. The second is the Changwu Hall, where people who practice martial arts from the Lu family stay. For example, I am in the Changwu Hall. This hall is controlled by the second elder. The third hall is the doctor The hall of Wuying is here. Although this hall sounds the most prestigious, it is both a doctor and a martial artist, but to put it bluntly, it is a chicken rib. Some people in the Lu family who are not good at doctors are all swept to this hall. The most unwelcome in the hall.”

“The entrance to the hall was originally controlled by the third elders, but you also know the urination of the third elders. The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. He brought the misty air in the Medical Martial Hall. Many people inside are rubbish and the team is not good. band.”

“But this is ultimately the power of the Three Elders. If you take it away at once, he will definitely set up numerous obstacles for you.”

Lu Xiaoluan finished speaking in one breath, then stared at Wiliam, “What are you going to do?”

Lu Yezheng answered directly, and pondered.

The Lu family of North is a family of medical martial arts, but after all, it still focuses on medicine.

The three halls are very distinct, and it seems that it is really not that easy to take over the medical martial arts hall.

But Wiliam was not worried, after all, the IQ of the Three Elders was really worrying.

“Don’t worry about me. They said that they will take over tomorrow. I guess they will find a new excuse again, not so quickly.” Wiliam finally replied.

Lu Xiaoluan was choked and didn’t know what to say.

Sure enough, Lu Xiaoluan received a call from home in a while, saying that it would take two or three days to rectify the internal affairs of the Medical Martial Arts Hall. In order to better let the four elders take over, it was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but now it has been changed to three days later.

Lu Xiaoluan was once again shocked by Wiliam’s information.

Is there anything he can’t think of?

After a meal, the owner of the hall was accustomed to the life of idle clouds and wild cranes, and Frandick was also hard to come by. To see the owner of the hall as such a magical doctor, he yearned for it.

With Wiliam’s consent, the owner of the main hall took Frandick and left Fengcheng together for a medical trip.

Two days later, Wiliam took Feliicity and Lu Xiaoluan to Nanhe Nursing Home for a charity dinner.
God of Wealth deserves to be a good hand in business.

Under the operation of his crazy money-pouring, in just two days, the name of the Blood Moon Group was in Fengcheng.

In particular, the two super beauties of Xueyu Group, Mulan and Wenren, have aroused the appetite of all men.

Now in the impression of Fengcheng’s business community, this newly emerging Blood Moon Group is a rich and handsome company, and it is worth paying for.

Therefore, the God of Wealth also naturally invited most of Fengcheng’s companies.

This charity dinner has become the most grand corporate gathering in Fengcheng in recent years.

Whether it is for the beauty or curiosity, many people go there.

Nanhe Nursing Home is in a relatively quiet place on the outskirts of the city.

When I arrived at the nursing home, the road started to get blocked.

Lu Xiaoluan had the foresight, so he parked the car directly on the side of the road and walked over with Wiliam and Feliicity.

It’s definitely faster than driving.

However, when they were halfway there, a horn suddenly came from behind Wiliam and the others, and then a loud voice came over, “Lu Xiaoluan? I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

Lu Xiaoluan turned around and took a look, then frowned.

A white big Ben stopped behind them.

In the driver’s seat, a young man with long hair shouted Lu Xiaoluan’s name in surprise.

In the passenger seat, there was also a woman who seemed to be proud of herself.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan suspiciously.

Lu Xiaoluan explained in annoyance: “I am a high school classmate named Huang Qiushan, and his family runs a construction company in Fengcheng. He has a small amount of money. He has been chasing me and he is so annoying.”

“A little money?” Wiliam asked back.

Lu Xiaoluan nodded, “Well, there is one thing that is completely incomparable with the Lu family. But he doesn’t know that I am from the Lu family in North, so he likes all kinds of shows off in front of me. Just like a fool, let’s ignore him. .”

When she said that, she pulled Feliicity to move on.

However, there is only one road, it is too blocked.

Huang Qiushan moved the car in front of Lu Xiaoluan and didn’t leave. He poked his head out and smiled at Lu Xiaoluan: “Xiaoluan, it’s been a long time since I saw you. You won’t even pick you up when I call you. What a coincidence, you too Attend the charity dinner tonight?”

Lu Xiaoluan concealed his boredom, and said lightly: “Yes.”

Huang Qiushan exaggeratedly honked the horn, which attracted the attention of people around him.

He said loudly: “That’s right, we also want to participate, don’t you guys drive? Get in my car and go together.”

“No need.” Lu Xiaoluan refused directly.

With so many people, a small Mercedes Benz just honked the horn to attract attention. It was too shameful.

Huang Qiushan refused to give up, “Xiaoluan, come on up. This is the car I just bought a while ago. It costs more than one million yuan. It is very comfortable to sit on. If you experience it, you will never forget it. Refreshing.”

Lu Xiaoluan sweated, “It’s really unnecessary, we’re leaving.”

Huang Qiushan thought Lu Xiaoluan was embarrassed.

They were high school classmates wrong, but Lu Xiaoluan’s performance has always been low-key, and what he wears is very simple. Huang Qiushan always thought that Lu Xiaoluan’s family background was not very good.

He saw that Lu Xiaoluan refused to get in the car, and suddenly honked the horn again, which caused great dissatisfaction with the surrounding, especially the car owner who was blocked behind.

Regardless of what Huang Qiushan did, his expression became wicked and arrogant. Fan Er, a copycat presidential president, leaked out. He said coldly to Lu Xiaoluan in a commanding tone: “Woman, get in the car!”

“If you don’t get in the car, I won’t drive, this road will be blocked for you.”

Chapter 1163: No One Can Fight

When Lu Xiaoluan heard this, looking at Huang Qiushan’s arrogant expression, his face turned black.

What do these two guys want to do!

And as Huang Qiushan stopped the car, the car behind suddenly started honking its horn frantically, and the order of the scene became chaotic.

“The one in front, will you go or not! If you don’t go, get out as early as possible!”

“You have a sense of ethics, stop here, don’t you see how many cars are waiting behind?”

“Security! Security! Is there anyone in charge?”

Listening to the messy sounds at the scene, Lu Xiaoluan was so depressed that he vomited blood.

She glared at Huang Qiushan, “I will find you to settle the account later!”

With that said, she took Feliicity’s hand and got into Huang Qiushan’s car.

Wiliam was helpless, and got into the back of the vehicle together.

Seeing that this overbearing CEO’s routine really worked, Huang Qiushan smiled.

To deal with Cinderella, you should be strong and domineering.

To be honest, the construction company of Huang Qiushan’s family is not at all visible in Fengcheng. The family has only a few hundred million in assets at most.

But in his opinion, these assets are already super rich to Lu Xiaoluan.

He originally wanted to come to meet the world this time and get to know some bosses more.

But when he met Lu Xiaoluan, he suddenly thought, for a while to see if he could shoot one or two things on the spot, and show off his family’s strength in front of Lu Xiaoluan.

He drove the car slowly, turning around, and wanted to say a few words to Lu Xiaoluan.

But this time around, he suddenly felt a sense of surprise that the car was glowing.

Before, all the attention was on Lu Xiaoluan, Huang Qiushan now suddenly saw the woman next to Lu Xiaoluan, it was a suffocating beauty.

For an instant, there was still Lu Xiaoluan’s figure in his head.

The woman who is all over the country and the city is full of eyes.

“Cough, cough, cough.” The arrogant woman sitting on the edge of Huang Qiushan coughed and signaled Huang Qiushan not to be embarrassed.

Only then did Huang Qiushan wake up, smiled at Lu Xiaoluan, and introduced: “Xiaoluan, this is my sister Huang Qiuyu. Wouldn’t you introduce me to the beauties around you, ho ho.”

Lu Xiaoluan was even more disgusted when he saw him look confused.

She still didn’t know that Huang Qiushan was attracted by the white Feliicity?

Lu Xiaoluan also had no jealousy of being robbed of the limelight by Feliicity, but said indifferently: “This is Miss Bai, this is Mr. Lu, they are a couple.”

She didn’t even bother to tell her name.

When Huang Qiushan heard that they were a pair, his expression instantly solidified.

The beauty actually has a part in her heart?

He couldn’t help but look at the young man behind him.

The dress is ordinary, without any extravagance.

How can this kid be worthy of the Allure?

He couldn’t help smiling and said, “The last name is Lu? Puppet Lu?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face sank directly.

Instead, Wiliam smiled slightly and asked Lu Xiaoluan: “What is a pseudo-lu?”

Lu Xiaoluan whispered: “It’s just some people who cling to the Lu family in North, who will change their surnames to Lu to gain glory.”

Wiliam was stunned for a while, is there such an operation?

Lost your face?
Huang Qiushan looked at Wiliam in amazement, thinking that he had broken the truth by himself, so he was embarrassed there.

He cast a look at his sister Huang Qiuyu.

This pair of siblings is obviously very perceptive.

Huang Qiuyu changed her previous arrogant look and looked at Feliicity.

The eyes are full of jealousy.

“Miss Bai, meeting for the first time, hello.” Huang Qiuyu said politely.

Feliicity nodded, “Hello.”

Huang Qiuyu was very upset when Feliicity was so cold, what pretend to be here!

However, for the sake of her younger brother, Huang Qiuyu still suppressed her anger, and said with a smile: “You may not know my younger brother. He drove empty. Let me introduce you. Our company is Fengcheng’s famous Feitian Construction Co., Ltd. The company, my brother had inherited the family property last year and became the company’s general manager, which is considered a young man.”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan suspiciously, and motioned that Feitian Construction Co., Ltd. was famous?

Lu Xiaoluan gave Wiliam a blank look, and answered with his eyes, shit is not.

“By the way, you should always know about the Xiushan First Grade?” Huang Qiuyu saw a few people still calmly, thinking they were ignorant, and said.

Now Lu Xiaoluan frowned slightly, “Xiushan First Grade is your industry?”

Xiushan Yipin is the hottest real estate development in Fengcheng this time. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the illusion is elegant, which everyone knows.

Huang Qiuyu said triumphantly, “Almost.”

“Almost?” Lu Xiaoluan looked confused.

Huang Qiuyu explained: “Our house is responsible for the construction of the building.”

Wiliam almost laughed on the spot.

Responsible for construction, isn’t that a contractor?

If the contractor is responsible for the construction, the real estate becomes theirs?

Is this almost the same?

Is it much worse?

Lu Xiaoluan was so embarrassed that he couldn’t lift his head anymore. It was a misfortune to know such an ignorant and shameless person.

Huang Qiuyu showed off his brother’s brilliant wealth, and looked at Wiliam, “Mr. Lu, isn’t it? Seeing that Mr. Lu has a good temperament, I don’t know where it is high? What is the monthly salary?”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said honestly: “I don’t have a job at the moment, just laughed.”

Wiliam naturally has no job.

This sentence was in Huang Qiuyu’s arms, and the disdain in her eyes was even worse.

“No, brother, at a young age, why did you fall? I think your girlfriend is also very beautiful. It takes a lot of money to raise a woman. You don’t have a job. Could it be that your girlfriend can’t raise you…” Huang Qiushan seized the opportunity and started to die.

He and Wiliam had no grievances and no grudges, and the only blame was that this kid was useless for licking the beauty.

“Huang Qiushan, how do you talk!” Lu Xiaoluan was directly angry.

Instead, Wiliam smiled and said, “Yes, she raised me.”

All of Wiliam’s industries are under Feliicity’s name, so there is nothing wrong with that.

Huang Qiushan accepted it as soon as he saw it, and said: “Just kidding, just kidding, don’t be angry.”

It’s just that he obviously disdains Wiliam even more in his heart.

Ho ho, there is no one who can fight.

Lu Xiaoluan gave up angrily.

And Huang Qiushan was quiet for two minutes, and then began to say: “Mr. Lu, I think you are a good match. Would you like me to introduce you to a chance?”

“What chance?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

Huang Qiushan pointed to the destination he was about to arrive in the car.

There is a magnificent screen in front with a bright red moon printed on the screen.

“Do you know the Blood Moon Group? The Internet celebrity group that has been popular in the city these past few days, the kind of stupid people with a lot of money.” Huang Qiushan said triumphantly.

Lu Xiaoluan’s head buzzed, these two things shouldn’t be thinking…

Huang Qiushan confidently said, “Do you want to work for the Blood Moon Group? I know their seniors very well!”

Chapter 1164

Lu Xiaoluan was stupid on the spot.

Isn’t this Huang Qiushan the real second?

Actually thinking of introducing Wiliam to work, or introducing to the Blood Moon Group to work?

Is the entire Blood Moon Group Wiliam’s?

Wiliam didn’t change his face, smiled and said nothing.

Huang Qiushan thought that Wiliam was a hillbilly, even the Blood Moon Group didn’t know it.

He explained proudly: “You don’t even know about the Blood Moon Group, do you? The Blood Moon Group is a local tyrant group that has blasted the city in the past two days. It has been recruiting people on a large scale in these two days. The benefits are very good. If you squeeze your head, you want to go in. If you have no skill and experience like you, if I introduce you in, I will have that number if I have less monthly salary.”

Huang Qiushan said, holding out a finger.

“Ten thousand?” Wiliam asked cooperatively.

Huang Qiushan nodded, “Well, in terms of my face, there will be this number. This number should be very impressive to you.”

Wiliam asked curiously, “You said you are very familiar with the senior officials of the Blood Moon Group? Who?”

“Could it be Wenren’s love? Or Mulan?” Feliicity rarely interjected.

She just treated it as a game.

Seeing that Feliicity finally took the initiative to speak, Huang Qiushan became more excited.

The beauty can’t stand her hands and eyes open to the sky.

In this comparison, the gap between this kid and himself is obvious, and smart people know what choice to make.

Huang Qiushan shook his head and said, “Those two are the real bosses of the Blood Moon Group. I don’t know how lucky they are. Don’t mention me, the best entrepreneurs in Fengcheng now. They don’t necessarily know me. I’m talking about one of their vice presidents, whose nickname is God of Wealth. I know him well.”

Wiliam glanced at Huang Qiushan in surprise, “You actually know the God of Wealth?”

Huang Qiushan put on an arrogant look and nodded.

In fact, he is not familiar with God of Wealth at all.

It was only yesterday that the God of Fortune personally invited entrepreneurs to participate in today’s charity auction, and Huang Qiushan saw the God of Fortune and exchanged business cards with him.

But these details, why not tell these two people.

They only need to know that I am Huang Qiushan, super god, and that’s it.

Lu Xiaoluan was suffocating behind and his stomach hurts.

She wanted to laugh.

The previous depression and anger were wiped out.

She also deliberately didn’t click it, so she wanted to see the God of Wealth in Huang Qiushan’s eyes, and what Wen Renqing would look like when they saw Wiliam.

Then Huang Qiushan would look at this scene.

“It’s amazing. Then I will work hard for you, help my Mr. Lu find a good job, otherwise they will be very hard.” Feliicity is obviously also playful and said deliberately.

Seeing that the white Feliicity finally softened, Huang Qiushan felt even more proud.

He gave Huang Qiuyu another look, and motioned to the old lady to dig the foot of the wall hard at this moment.

Huang Qiuyu understood, and said with a smile: “Miss Bai is polite, this is a trivial matter for my brother. Even if my brother refuses to come forward, we are all women, and I will help you.”

Feliicity exclaimed exaggeratedly: “Wow, is it that Sister Huang is also very worthy? I am envious.”
Huang Qiuyu smiled arrogantly, and said, “How can I be worth a woman? It’s just that I am married to a good husband, and he is doing things for the Chen family. You should always know about the Chen family, right?”

“Wow! It’s not Liehan Chen’s family, right?” Feliicity exclaimed again.

Wiliam has a black line, can this second-class wife behave well?

Huang Qiuyu naturally led out what she wanted to say, “So, sister Bai, we women, we must find a good husband to marry. You should also keep your eyes brighter. Don’t think it’s singular to work hard for love because of your youth. Praise. I’ll know when my sister reaches my age. A man can’t just look at whether he is handsome or not, but more importantly, he must be rich and powerful, and be able to protect his woman from the wind and rain. At this point, you Xiaolu Still have to work hard.”

Wiliam, known as Xiao Lu, smiled and nodded, “I will work hard.”

Feliicity grabbed Wiliam’s hand and said affectionately, “Lu Lu, don’t be sad, I will work hard with you!”

Is Lu Lu OK?

Wiliam was speechless.

As a soy sauce party, Lu Xiaoluan was forcibly fed a mouthful of dog food, and he also looked unlovable.

However, Huang Qiushan’s face turned pale on the spot, and infinite acidity appeared in his heart.

Is this beauty who looks beautiful as a fairy, but is blind?

She doesn’t know how to cherish such a good man in front of her.

Are you willing to live a hard life with a poor boy with a little white face, and want to work hard together?

Is someone else’s love sweet?

Is your heart sour?

Huang Qiuyu immediately helped Huang Qiushan speak, “Sister White, it’s not what I said about you. A woman’s best age is only a few years, so we must fully seize the opportunity. We have missed the best years, and we will become yellowish in the future. But there is no capital.”

She looked at Wiliam again, “Xiao Lu, do you know how much Xiushan Yipin’s house is?”

Wiliam shook his head.

Huang Qiuyu stretched out five fingers, “Five thousand.”

“Okay.” Wiliam smiled.

Huang Qiuyu almost spit out blood.

What the hell is it!

I mean you a poor man can’t afford it!

Will you give me back?

Huang Qiuyu didn’t know if this kid was really stupid or fake.

Suddenly she had a plan and said to Huang Qiushan, “Brother, didn’t you come here this time to buy a house? It just so happens that the money from Xiushan Yipin will always come in person. Tonight, I will take out several Xiushan Yipin houses in Here is the right shot, do you want to get a set?”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback, and immediately reacted, and then said: “Ho ho ho, I had this plan originally, but in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you buy a house. The most important thing is to give love to nursing homes. Do it well.”

After Huang Qiushan finished speaking, he directly scored himself 100 points in his heart.

This pretense is totally natural!

Definitely the pinnacle of his life!

The understatement inadvertently reveals his lavishness that he can buy a house anytime, anywhere, and also shows that he is not tired of money.

What’s more important is that the supernatural personality of oneself has been raised to a height in silence.

Can a woman not love a man like himself who spends money like dirt and treats money like dirt?

Afraid of blindness?

A charity auction will be held here tonight, and the auctioned amount will be directly donated to the nursing home in a certain proportion.

This is also a gimmick for the Blood Moon Group to make a name for social charity.

Huang Qiushan observed Feliicity’s face.

Sure enough, she saw Feliicity’s envious face.

He even saw Feliicity pulling Wiliam’s sleeve directly, with a pleading expression on his face.

“Lu Lu, I also want a Xiushan first-class house, can you buy it for someone else?”

Chapter 1165 The Vanity Little Fairy?

Huang Qiushan almost laughed when he heard this.

He was extremely proud of his move to kill someone with a knife!

It’s all right now, hooked up the vanity of this little fairy.

For a house in Xiushan First Grade, it costs 50,000 yuan per flat.

Can a kid eating soft rice take it out?

In such a comparison, the brilliance and brilliance of buying a house in the blink of an eye.

Huang Qiushan has always felt that there is no perfect woman.

As long as a woman has a weakness, he can win it.

Just like now, the weakness of the little fairy was discovered by him, that is vanity.

And this is what Huang Qiushan fears most.

Because he has a lot of money.


Wiliam looked helplessly at Feliicity, who was addicted to playing games, and whispered, “Don’t be fooled.”

What he said was that Feliicity stopped playing.

But when Huang’s sisters and brothers heard, don’t coax Feliicity’s desire to buy a house because he has no money.

Feliicity was reluctant and unforgiving, and she didn’t want to stop her words. “I don’t want it. I just want to be nice to the person who bought the house tonight. Whether it’s you or not, you can figure it out.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned red.

I am afraid that only Feliicity in this world can control Wiliam and crush him to death.

Look at Wiliam now looking desperate, not to mention more comfortable.

And Wiliam really lost to Feliicity.

The previous Feliicity was gentle and gentle, with an amazing stubbornness in his bones.

But now, after awakening the Frost Bloodline, with the assistance of the second personality, she has become much more charming and weird.

To be honest, Wiliam likes to fry.

But it really kneeled.

A wife who I marry must love her with tears.

And Huang Qiushan was all excited.

An absolute surprise.

Didn’t think of this innocent and lovely beauty, so hot inside?

I don’t know if this sentence is meant to stimulate the poor, or it is from the bottom of my heart.

If it is from the bottom of your heart, then tonight…

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan wailed infinitely and showed another wave of IQ, “Ho ho, Miss Bai is right to think about her future. Men, you can’t let women down. Miss Bai, look good tonight. Come on, let you see what a real man is.”

He backed up into the garage in a cool manner, and then invited everyone to get off together.

After getting off the car, Wiliam and Feliicity looked at Huang Qiushan in amazement.

I didn’t pay attention when I was in the car just now, but now I am standing and realizing that Huang Qiushan is so short?

1.6 is okay?

Even Feliicity is taller than him.

However, Huang Qiushan has no sense of inferiority in the slightest, and still has the heroic sense of the world in my hands. He stretched out his hand in front to guide Feliicity gentlemanly, “Here, here, here I know well, I often do charity .”

Wiliam and the three of them walked behind, and Wiliam couldn’t help but ask Lu Xiaoluan, “Didn’t you say that this guy likes you? Why are you so courteous all the way to my family?”

Lu Xiaoluan glared at Wiliam angrily, “Who made your family too wicked? Doesn’t Meicheng violate the rules?”

Feliicity stretched out her tongue, “People are also innocent.”

Lu Xiaoluan was even more speechless.

Five people came to the door, and two courtesy ladies were in charge of checking the invitation letter.

As if thinking of something, Huang Qiushan slapped his forehead and said to Lu Xiaoluan and the others: “Do you have any invitation letters?”

Lu Xiaoluan was taken aback.

This time it was really stunned.

She came with Wiliam to make soy sauce.

What invitation letter does the Soy Sauce Party need?

She looked at Wiliam with a puzzled look.

Wiliam took out his mobile phone and said, “Let me make a call.”

However, Huang Qiushan suddenly held down the phone, and gave Wiliam a weird smile.

He smiled and said: “I guess you really came to see the hot cocks. But our upper class has our rules, which are different from your usual shopping in the supermarket. For example, we are now attending this charity dinner, which requires invitation Letter. Only if the status is distinguished enough, will you be invited, just like us.”

Huang Qiushan said, took out two light blue invitation letters and showed them to Lu Xiaoluan and the others.

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned black.

The three of them are the same as soil buns.

“So, if there is an invitation letter, it is not useful to make a phone call, unless you can get to know the senior officials of the Blood Moon Group, but, ho ho ho…” Huang Qiushan said so far, naturally not wanting them to be embarrassed.

In his opinion, is it possible for these three people to recognize that kind of rich person?


Lu Xiaoluan laughed back and asked: “Then I don’t know if you have any way to let us in?”

Huang Qiushan looked very social and said, “Look at me.”

As he said, he took the two invitations and walked to the lady of etiquette over there.

Wiliam and the others followed.

Huang Qiushan was under Wiliam’s eyelids, and suddenly the thief whizzed out a hand, holding a stack of money in his hand, and was about to stuff it into one of the courtesy ladies.

When Lu Xiaoluan saw this scene, he was really embarrassed to bury his head under the ground.

What a shame!

This is the real nouveau riche, and the ignorant are fearless.

Can you bribe others in full view?

Sure enough, the lady’s face became stiff, but she immediately regained her smile and shook her head at Huang Qiushan, leaving him with enough face.

Huang Qiushan slumped all of a sudden and turned to another lady of manners.

This time, he added another stack of money.

But suffered the same ending.

Huang Qiushan was so embarrassed that he threw the money in his hand on the table casually, and then came back griefly.

Lu Xiaoluan looked at Huang Qiushan jokingly, “What? Your method doesn’t seem to work very well.”

Huang Qiushan obviously didn’t realize that it was his thinking problem. He said angrily: “Those two things that don’t know good or bad! I don’t even know who I am!”

“Sister, what can you do here?” Huang Qiushan asked Huang Qiuyu for help again, after all, he finally got the lower limit of the beautiful white woman, but he couldn’t give it up halfway.

Huang Qiuyu thought for a while, then took her brother to the side and called her husband.

Wiliam didn’t bother to wait for them, and walked towards the door.

He told the God of Wealth through information.

The God of Wealth had clearly explained to the front, and the two courtesy ladies welcomed Wiliam and the others in very politely.

However, the scene where Wiliam walked in happened to be seen by Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan chased in with a healthy step and laughed: “I’ll say my method is useful! Those two bitches are still pretending to be there! Let them know each other! Otherwise, I will use my true power. !”

Lu Xiaoluan continued to be embarrassed.

And Wiliam casually pointed to a chubby middle-aged man who was walking in front of him, and asked, “Your real power, isn’t it the God of Wealth who is walking toward you?”

Chapter 1166

Huang Qiushan looked up and saw a chubby man walking towards him.

Isn’t that the Lord of Wealth!

Seeing the God of Wealth, Huang Qiushan was excited.

The gap between him and the God of Wealth is like a chasm.

How lucky it was before to exchange business cards with God of Wealth.

Now seeing the God of Wealth come over, Huang Qiushan is extremely honored.

The God of Wealth manages everything every day, but he still remembers himself as a small person.

However, Huang Qiushan would naturally tell Wiliam and the others.

He resisted the excitement in his heart, pretended to be taken for granted, and said, “Of course, the old friends are not here to say hello.”

Although he pretended to be calm, his tone had already betrayed him.


Huang Qiuyu on the side was also terrified.

She never thought of when her brother had become so handsome.

Still waiting for the God of Wealth to come over, Huang Qiushan had already taken the initiative to welcome him.

He bent over, with a flattering smile, stretched out his hands to hold the hand of God of Wealth, and said, “Hello, God of Wealth, how dare you come to meet in person? I am really embarrassed.”

But at this time, the God of Wealth was stunned, looked at Huang Qiushan suspiciously, and issued two words that hit the soul directly, “Who?”

Which one of them sprayed out a smile on Lu Xiaoluan behind him.

She waited for this scene for too long!

Too much relief.

I just don’t know how Huang Qiushan is going to make the move.

Huang Qiushan was stupid.

Didn’t the God of Wealth walk toward him?

Isn’t he going to say hello to himself?

Don’t you save face?

But, who is this?

Huang Qiushan seemed to feel the playful gaze of Feliicity and others behind him, with a fiery pain on his face.

In order to cover up his anxiety, he whispered to the God of Fortune: “The God of Fortune, didn’t you come to find me? Don’t you even know me?”

The God of Wealth was taken aback, but he really looked at Huang Qiushan carefully for more than ten seconds.

After all, the Blood Moon Group had just established a foothold in Fengcheng, and could not offend a powerful person casually.

Seeing that Huang Qiushan is so upright and confident, God of Wealth really thought he was a big man.

After looking closely, God of Wealth was convinced that there seemed to be no such person in his impression.

He immediately became interested and said directly: “I’m sorry, I’m not here to find you, you can help me.”

Huang Qiushan only felt his face hurt more.

Actually, I didn’t come to find myself.

Are you self-sufficient?

Feliicity couldn’t help it behind her, and let out a chuckle.

This laughter directly stimulated Huang Qiushan.

He seemed to be able to read the expression on Feliicity’s face without looking back.

You must be laughing at yourself?

Just now, I was blowing up in front of her, saying how well I knew the God of Wealth.

Now he is ignored by the God of Wealth, even the other party doesn’t even know who he is.

Isn’t this embarrassing?

In order to redeem the heroic image that was finally created, Huang Qiushan bit the scalp once again to hold the God of Fortune, and said flatly: “The God of Fortune, it’s me, my name is Huang Qiushan, the general manager of Feitian Construction Co., Ltd., yesterday. We also exchanged business cards. You are such an honorable person. What a forgotten thing.”

The God of Wealth slapped his forehead immediately, “It turned out to be you, but I felt a little familiar, but I’m sorry I didn’t recognize it all at once.”

But God of Wealth’s words are purely polite.

He really remembered who the other party was, and knew that the other party was just the general manager of a small construction company, which was not worth mentioning.

But at any rate, the visitor is a guest, and the God of Wealth will not say anything bad.

Huang Qiushan breathed a sigh of relief when Hearing God of Fortune said so, and felt that he had made a lot of face.

He even looked back and winked at Wiliam and the others, as if saying that it was just a misunderstanding and that this was his friendship with the God of Wealth.

Lu Xiaoluan would not let Huang Qiushan succeed in this way.

She was sickened all the way just now.

If I don’t take revenge, I am sorry for the nausea along the way.

She walked directly in front of the God of Wealth, as if she did not know the God of Wealth, showing pious and envy, “You are the God of Wealth, right? Long Yang Yang. Are you a good friend of Huang Qiushan?”

The God of Wealth was stunned again.

He knew Lu Xiaoluan, and he knew that Wiliam and the others were behind.

But Lu Xiaoluan’s sudden move made him bewildered.

Should this be a good friend, or should it not be a good friend?

Lu Xiaoluan winked at the God of Wealth, the God of Wealth seemed to understand something, and followed Lu Xiaoluan’s words and said, “Yes, a good friend.”

Huang Qiushan blushed when he heard it. He was so generous!

God of Wealth actually helped him assist.

Lu Xiaoluan nodded in satisfaction, and continued: “Huang Qiushan, didn’t you just introduce Xiaolu to work? Now speak up quickly, otherwise the God of Wealth will be empty if he gets busy for a while.”

The topic touched on Wiliam, and God of Wealth finally paid attention.

He was a little confused.


Is it his master Wiliam?

Also, what is to help the young master introduce work?

Can anyone tell me what happened?

After Huang Qiushan heard Lu Xiaoluan’s words, his whole body was not well.

He was just pretending to be coercive, showing his status in front of them.

I don’t know, Lu Xiaoluan would say this unfavorable thing to his face!

Damn it!

Huang Qiushan was very afraid that the God of Fortune would be furious.

After all, the God of Wealth had just given him enough face.

Individuals will be angry with such bluffing.

The position of himself and God of Wealth is too far apart.

Therefore, Huang Qiushan hurriedly said to Lu Xiaoluan: “Xiaoluan, I have my own arrangements for this matter. I will not treat Xiao Lu badly. We will talk about it later.”

This time, the God of Wealth took the initiative to ask: “No, I don’t understand what you meant just now. Did Xiao Lu in your mouth mean him?”

The God of Wealth pointed to Wiliam not far away.

Huang Qiushan thought it was what Lu Xiaoluan had just said, and nodded, “That’s wrong, it’s that poor boy.”

“Poor boy? What the hell is going on?” God of Wealth was completely dumbfounded.

When was the young master of this rich and enemy country a poor boy?

Lu Xiaoluan suppressed his smile and briefly told the God of Wealth what had happened just now.

At this time, God of Wealth was not well, and the look in Huang Qiushan’s eyes became strange.

He asked Huang Qiushan, “So, if I don’t understand it wrong, you are going to introduce the work to this so-called Xiaolu, and you want to introduce me to the Blood Moon Group?”

Huang Qiushan saw that God of Wealth’s tone was wrong, and instinctively felt that this matter was worse!

My own cowhide was punctured in public!

But at this time, the God of Wealth made Huang Qiushan confused again.

“Yes. What kind of position do you want him to hold in our group? Do you think it’s okay for the president? Isn’t it dignified? Doesn’t it give you a long face?”

Chapter 1167 Pay, Show!

President of Blood Moon Group!

Huang Qiushan was so scared that his legs were soft!

He didn’t know if God of Fortune was joking!

If it is a joke, the joke is too big.

Huang Qiushan showed an awkward smile and reluctantly said, “God of Wealth, don’t make a joke. I can’t bear this joke. How can I have this face.”

The God of Wealth looked at Huang Qiushan jokingly, “Oh? What do you think should be arranged?”

Huang Qiushan leaned up and whispered to the God of Wealth: “Just arrange a miscellaneous job casually, so I can do business.”

The God of Wealth turned a straight face, “How can you do it! Didn’t you say that it is my friend? How can you arrange it casually? Just the president, who will take office immediately. Okay, I have something to do, let’s go. “

The God of Wealth knew that Lu Xiaoluan and the others seemed to be doing things, and they didn’t get involved.

Watching God of Wealth go, Huang Qiushan let out a heavy breath.

It’s too scary!

Lu Xiaoluan asked jokingly behind him: “What’s going on? Has Comrade Xiaolu’s affairs been settled?”

Huang Qiushan is still trembling slightly now, he knows that the president is just joking.

However, he remembered one sentence.

Just now God of Wealth really seemed to regard him as a friend.

That’s it!

He said very confidently: “There is no problem, I told him just now, Xiao Lu, you owe me a big favor this time.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Really? Thank you very much, then.”

Huang Qiushan looked at Feliicity again.

But Feliicity just smiled, and didn’t thank him.

Huang Qiushan is not in a hurry, anyway, the highlight of the evening is that he wants to buy a Xiushan first-class house, and then this big beauty…

His heart tickled at the thought of this.

Huang Qiushan and the others randomly found a place to sit.

Wiliam looked around too.

To be honest, these entrepreneurs in Fengcheng really didn’t come into contact with them.

The God of Wealth can be regarded as capable, and in two days, all the entrepreneurs with good looks are gathered here.

It seems that after tonight, the Blood Moon Group will have a firm foothold in Fengcheng without any problems.

The charity auction began soon.

A graceful host stood on the stage and first explained some basic information about the charity auction tonight.

It focuses on the background of the Blood Moon Group.

Then, as the senior executive of the Blood Moon Group, God of Wealth appeared first.

Next is Mulan and Wenren’s love.

There was nothing left of Mulan. When Wen Ren Qingxin appeared, the audience was instantly detonated.

After all, the world can see this stunning beauty, it is simply a long time to see.

Everyone was shocked looking at this extremely beautiful woman on the stage, and their saliva was about to flow out.

Especially Huang Qiushan, the whole person is dull.

This Wenren’s love is even more beautiful than Feliicity.

However, Huang Qiushan immediately woke up.

He made a balance in his heart.

Wen Renqin is a big beauty like this, or an executive of the Blood Moon Group. How can he casually climb up to such an identity?

Totally impossible.

Therefore, Huang Qiushan gave up immediately, after all, he still has a goal to secure a victory.


This woman, who seems to be from a poor family, is easier to succeed.

Being able to engage such a woman is an eye-opener.

The auction went directly to the subject.

As soon as the show opened, the host took out a Tang Sancai and introduced it to everyone.

The lowest auction price is 500,000.

Huang Qiushan was a little bit ready to move.

He knew it was important to make a first impression and make a first impression.

So when the host said the start, Huang Qiushan shouted: “600,000!”

The people at the scene immediately looked at Huang Qiushan together.

This turtle!

Lu Xiaoluan’s head was about to be buried on the ground.

At the auction, everyone has a sign in their hands, so just raise the sign directly.

Why is it necessary to shout out so carelessly.

Sure enough, people around him cast silent glances at Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan ignored them, and even stood up, bowed his hands to the people around him, and said loudly, “Everyone at the scene, I am Huang Qiushan, the general manager of Feitian Construction Co., Ltd. I am good friends with the God of Wealth of the Blood Moon Group. I am determined to win this Tang Sancai, please give me a face.”

When this was said, the audience was in an uproar.

God of wealth!

You know, the God of Fortune became famous in Fengcheng in just two days.

I haven’t heard of whom he is a good friend.

This soil bun who didn’t know where he was, actually said in public that he was a friend of the God of Wealth.

This card is sharp enough.

In peacetime, who wants to give this face.

Which of the people present is lower than Huang Qiushan’s net worth?

However, there are two Gods of Wealth sheltering here, and everyone can’t help but weigh.

Many people also looked at the God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth sat down, but smiled without speaking.

He still didn’t know what Lu Xiaoluan and Feliicity were doing, so if he could not speak, he would not speak.

Ever since, everyone believed that it was true, but they really didn’t want to compete with Huang Qiushan.

The first collection was successfully acquired by Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan laughed proudly.

Really show off tonight.

It’s so cool not to have a relationship with the God of Wealth.

Just like now, all the rich have to give themselves a face.

This is also a great opportunity to advertise for home businesses.

Because he can hear it now, people around him are whispering, asking which Feitian construction company is and what background it has.

Because it was a charity shoot, the card was swiped at the scene, and Huang Qiushan held the Tang Sancai in his hand after swiping the card.

He came directly to Feliicity, and regardless of whether Wiliam didn’t care, he directly said to Feliicity: “Miss Bai, I think you like this Tang Sancai very much, so I decided to buy it for you. You are beautiful. His face complements this Tang Sancai, and give it to you. If you have anything you like later, just tell me.”

The eyes of the scene suddenly focused on Feliicity’s body.

After hearing the shock of Wenren’s heart just now, the people at the scene were in an uproar again.

Yet another big beauty appeared.

When is Fengcheng rich in beautiful women?

Just now, this person named Huang Qiushan bought Tang Sancai as soon as he sold it, so he actually wanted to please the beauties?

This cost is enough.

Huang Qiushan was once again in the limelight, and he was extremely proud.

This is just a small test for him.

The big beauty should know her strength now.

Feliicity really showed a beautiful smile.

She lightly poked Tang Sancai with her hand, and smiled: “You really do it yourself. Tang Sancai didn’t like it at all, it’s ugly. But you bought it again, so upset, what should I do? “

After speaking, she looked at Wiliam, “There is no way, Lu Lu, pay and show it.”

Chapter 1168

Huang Qiushan’s face became stiff.

Ugly dead?

Tang Sancai, which he bought for 600,000 yuan, received an ugly three-character evaluation in this woman’s heart!

This is six hundred thousand!

No matter how ugly, there are 600,000 people here, which is also pretty.

Woman, don’t be too headstrong!

You will lose me!

Huang Qiushan looked at Wiliam again, and said to Feliicity jokingly: “Miss Bai, even if you don’t like it, don’t embarrass this Mr. Lu. Can he take out 600,000 at once? This is not for him. Embarrassed in public?”

But Feliicity looked at Huang Qiushan deeply, “Isn’t this as you wished?”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback.

Then I got excited instantly.


This big beauty is making things difficult for her boyfriend in public, doesn’t it mean that she is looking for a chance to dump this poor kid?

She was playing with herself and deliberately said that this thing was not good-looking, so that this poor boy would pay the bill!

Woman, your name is Cunning!

Huang Qiushan immediately said to Wiliam: “Boy, did you hear that? Your woman asked you to pay the bill, do you want to buy it or not? If you buy this thing, it’s yours. If you don’t buy it, your woman will have to accept my love. People ran with me, don’t cry.”

When he said this, his tone was relaxed, as if he was joking.

But it was completely laying the groundwork for the smooth removal of Feliicity afterwards.

Boy, don’t say I don’t remind you.

As long as you spend money like I do, you will do your best to win the hearts of beautiful women.

People at the scene also looked at Wiliam and talked a lot.

“It looks like this man named Huang Qiushan is chasing someone else’s girlfriend? Daring enough.”

“The world is going downhill, what’s the matter with it, now the second generation ancestor, who has a little money, has long been used to using money to smash a woman’s thighs apart.”

“Isn’t this a little handsome man a little pitiful right now? He is wearing a hat in public?”

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Mulan and others sitting in the first row grinned slightly.

The loneliest thing is to laugh but not.

The few of them knew that Feliicity’s current personality was a bit strange, and they didn’t expect to come up with such a one.

Wiliam must have a headache now, right?

That’s so cool.

A few people, wishing to see their young master do what they want, so happy in their hearts.

Wiliam met everyone’s gaze, but smiled: “Well, write it down first, and count it together later.”

But Huang Qiushan laughed directly, “Yo yo yo, write it down first, and count together later. Listen to what you mean, are you planning to shoot something tonight?”

Wiliam smiled casually, “I just bought it if I like it.”

Huang Qiushan smiled more happily, “Hahaha, then I have to wait and see, Mr. Lu is also a hidden local tyrant if he can’t see it! Everyone remembers, this kid is going to take action tonight, I will forget later , Remember to remind you.”

Huang Qiushan grasped the loopholes in Wiliam’s words, and instantly pushed him to the forefront.

He knew that the kid’s words were just forcing himself down.

But how can Huang Qiushan easily give steps?

Decisively help him arch up.

Seeing the face of God of Wealth, everyone was polite to Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan was very satisfied with this scene, and continued to say to Wiliam: “Boy, I will give you a free reminder of love now. Tonight’s auction, the price of the collection is from low to high, that is, you want Do it early, otherwise you will really be unable to afford it.”

Wiliam smiled, “Thank you for reminding me.”

Huang Qiushan looked towards Feliicity.

Feliicity smiled at Huang Qiushan, “Mr. Huang, your mouth is so cheap.”

Huang Qiushan regarded this as a compliment from the beautiful woman, and said with a smile: “Miss Bai has passed the prize, what do you like later, even if you say to me, there is no reason to dissatisfy the request of a beautiful woman.”

Feliicity showed envy, and stared at the stars, “Really! Then I thank Mr. Huang in advance.”

When Huang Qiushan heard the love from the beautiful woman, he became even more proud.

There are things that money can’t do in the world. If there is, then double the money!

The second collection is a well-known ink painting, which is very beautiful.

Huang Qiushan had already made the limelight in the first Tang Sancai, achieving the desired goal in his heart.

So he intends to hide his strength and wait until the final auction of the house to make a blockbuster.

In this way, before and after an auction, I was rounded up by myself, and I am the most beautiful boy in the audience!

“The base price of this “Mo Mei Tu” is 550,000 yuan, and the auction is now starting.” The beauty host said.

The people at the scene first glanced at Huang Qiushan.

Seeing there was no movement from Huang Qiushan, everyone started to raise their placards.

Huang Qiushan is very satisfied with this scene. It seems that everyone values ​​their cards very much now, knowing that they have to ask themselves before starting.

Not bad.

The price of this “Mo Mei Tu” was quickly raised to more than 700,000 yuan.

After all, the price must go up if a famous artist buys it and collects it for a few years and then sells it.

“750,000, is there any higher?” The beautiful host continued to question according to the process.

Huang Qiushan smiled and scolded these people for being full.

A painting costs more than 700,000 yuan, can I buy it as a meal?

A group of arty pens.

But at this moment, Feliicity suddenly said with a look of envy: “This painting is so beautiful, I really like it.”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback, the lady likes it?

Damn it!

She actually likes this kind of stuff?

Huang Qiushan couldn’t help asking: “Do you like it?”

Feliicity nodded, and said seriously: “Like it, it’s beautiful.”

“Then you didn’t say it earlier?” Huang Qiushan looked dumbfounded.

If you say it earlier, the price is five hundred and fifty thousand yuan, and it can be taken off a little higher.

Why waste so much time and money?

Feliicity said, “I was just admiring it, this painting has someone’s name.”

When Huang Qiushan heard it, he patted his forehead, this beauty was suggesting!

Can the relationship go further?

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan shot directly, “800,000.”

At this moment, the people at the scene looked at Huang Qiushan again.

Huang Qiushan stood up again and arched his hands to the people around him, “I have made the transfer. Give me a face.”

The old man who had bid 750,000 before was out of anger.

Isn’t it clear to do something?

Play it!

How great is your face!

However, he finally endured it and gave the painting to Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan has won two items in a row, and has already gone to 1.4 million.

Before that, he had never thought that he could have such a moment of spending money.

But Huang Qiuyu on the side couldn’t help frowning, and whispered to Huang Qiushan, “Qiushan, you’re a bit overwhelmed, our family is rich, and it’s not such a lavish!”

Chapter 1169 Buy, Buy, Buy!

Huang Qiushan didn’t take it seriously, and said, “It’s only over one million, which is trivial.”

In his heart, being able to win this big beauty is the top priority.

And he also left an eye on it.

The things that are photographed are all written on his name.

Even if one day I get tired of playing with this woman, it’s not just abandoning her casually.

Things are still their own.

Not much is lost.

It may even appreciate.

In this way, wouldn’t it be that she played this woman in vain and made a lot of money.

He is really shrewd with this little abacus.

He swiped the card again, took the picture, and then sent it to Feliicity.

Feliicity smiled, “Let it go first, thank you.”

Huang Qiushan nodded gracefully, “Well, look at what you like, even though I am not bad for money.”

Then in the next few minutes, Huang Qiushan was about to vomit blood!

Feliicity liked everything next!

And the reasons to like are very tricky!

For example, the shape of this thing is very strange, I like it very much.

This thing looks like Tie Hanhan, I really like it.

I can’t tell you this thing, but I just like it.

Moreover, Feliicity suddenly fell in love with it every time when the price was the highest and people wanted to continue bidding.

Huang Qiushan was almost depressed.

In the end, he forcibly took down these things.

Then he looked at Feliicity and said tactfully: “Miss Bai, if you like it, can you say it earlier…”

If you say it earlier, the price will not be raised so high.

Feliicity smiled, “I am admiring it.”

Huang Qiushan’s belly slander, appreciate a woolen thread!

You are silly and sweet, you admire it!

Around this time, Huang Qiushan spent more than four million yuan.

He hurts.

However, those who were forcibly cut off by him began to feel unhappy in their hearts.

I have never seen such a shameless person.

So next, Huang Qiushan became a target of public criticism.

The people at the auction seemed to understand one thing.

That is, no matter what, in the end the beautiful woman always says she likes it.

Then Huang Qiushan will definitely buy it.

In this way, it will be easier to handle.

I can’t get it, you still feel sick?

Next, three more collections came out.

At this moment, everyone started to bid frantically.

Anyway, there is an evil pen in the pocket.

The price was directly raised above one million.

Then after frantically raising the price, everyone looked at Feliicity.

Feliicity lived up to expectations and nodded, “Well, I like it very much.”

The scene burst into warm applause!

Then everyone looked at Huang Qiushan again, “Mr. Huang, Miss Bai said he likes it, don’t you make a move? Not enough cards? Or not enough money? Can I lend you?”

Huang Qiushan was about to collapse.

Do things these people!

Even knowing that I want to buy it so high the price!

And what’s the matter with this beauty!

Why always say like at the last moment?

Seems to assist everyone?

Faced with the ridicule of everyone, Huang Qiushan’s vitality rose
I’m not bad for money!

It took so much anyway.

If you give up halfway, wouldn’t it make beautiful women look down upon.

Wasn’t all the money spent before going to waste?

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and bought them all.

He spent nearly 10 million in these rounds of shots.

It completely exceeded his expectations.

Huang Qiushan’s own pocket money is so much, and above it is the company’s money.

Huang Qiuyu obviously felt that something was wrong, and whispered to Huang Qiushan: “Qiushan, do you know if you are overcast! Will this woman be the one who will sell it tonight?”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback, and it made sense.

There are wine trays in the bar, and housing trusts for buying a house. Is this woman really a trustee for the auction?

Otherwise, why do you always stimulate yourself to buy it?

Are you a fool?

But Huang Qiushan changed his mind, not right.

This woman is so good-looking, she has a lot of money at random, and she has a lot more prospects than Dangtuo.

This unscientific.

And this woman doesn’t even know so many people at the scene, how can such a tacit cooperation be formed?

It should be a coincidence.

Is this woman really so vain?

Huang Qiushan suddenly thought of this question, so he turned around and asked Wiliam, who was smiling beside him, “Hey, tell me honestly, Miss Bai really likes these things? Or is it right to only buy expensive ones?”

Wiliam was almost amused by Huang Qiushan.

Only ten million came out in a cold sweat.

Wiliam pretended to be helpless, and said, “I’ll just tell you that. Before talking to her, I’m worth tens of billions.”

As soon as he said this, Huang Qiushan was stunned.

Net worth ten billion?

Then was defeated by this woman?


Prodigal girl!

However, Huang Qiushan felt that this kid must be exaggerated. He has a fortune worth tens of billions.

But this girl who worships money seems to have gone away.

Really, I was really taken advantage of tonight.

“Mr. Huang, are you still calling?” At this time, someone asked.

It turned out that Feliicity had another thing.

This time, everyone started to help Feliicity booze.

“Mr. Huang, continue to shoot! Isn’t it no money?”

“If you want to chase a girl, you have to pay a lot of money. Such a beautiful girl, just 10 million, can’t handle it. Otherwise, you let me chase it?”

“Just now, it seems that someone said at the beginning that there is no reason for the beauty’s request to be dissatisfied? Persuaded?”

Huang Qiushan’s eyes turned red after hearing these words.

It’s not Feliicity’s problem anymore.

Instead, the whole audience was offering him.

He was hard to get off.

“Damn! Buy! Buy! Buy! I’ll buy it now! Don’t underestimate me!” Huang Qiushan was completely annoyed, and directly embezzled the company’s money.

Feliicity lost no time in showing her admiration, “So awesome! So rich! You are the most bold man I have ever seen! Unlike my family, Lu Lu, buckle search!”

Wiliam was shot while lying down, with a look of lovelessness.

Feliicity still gave Huang Qiushan a sigh of relief and gave up a few things.

And these few things are undoubtedly unsuccessful, because no one is fighting with Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan offended the organizer in an instant, and the God of Fortune stood up and said, “Mr. Huang, if you don’t buy it, don’t do anything. You think there are no people asking for it now. Can we do charity?”

Huang Qiushan’s eyes really went dark and he almost fainted.

The whole audience was targeting him, and now even the God of Wealth is talking.

But it seems to be right. He just bought it randomly, and now several things are sold out continuously.


God of Wealth is angry, the problem is serious!

It’s hard to get a relationship with the God of Wealth, and it can’t just be broken!

In order to maintain the friendship with the God of Wealth, Huang Qiushan completely gave up!

“Buy, buy, buy! As much as there are, I buy as much! I don’t believe it!”

Chapter 1170

The audience laughed and watched Huang Qiushan auction like a madman.

And then, Huang Qiushan really kept buying and buying as he said.

Before Feliicity said he liked it.

Because Miss Bai is too stable!

It was only said at the last moment!

In order to save a little money, Huang Qiushan just shot it.

But it can’t hold the people at the scene to lift up.

Three things, he spent a full 15 million!

He took one-third of the company’s working capital.

And when he was eager to hold the thing he had just received, he gave it to Feliicity like a treasure.

Feliicity sighed, “Hey, I don’t like it, Mr. Huang, you are too impulsive.”

Huang Qiushan’s face became stiff, and his eyes were really black, and he fell directly to the ground.

Qi Qi laughed suddenly on the scene.

This Miss Bai is really good at doing things.

She said she liked everything before, but now that Huang Qiushan took the initiative, she said she didn’t like it anymore.

It’s obviously playing Huang Qiushan!

Huang Qiushan got up from the ground, and became furious, “You! You! Why don’t you like it! Tell me, why don’t you like it!”

Feliicity pretended to be shivering, “You are so fierce, people are so scared. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Do you need a reason?”

Huang Qiushan almost knelt down again.

God doesn’t like it or doesn’t like it!

Dare to feel like I was busy just now!

Throw out fifteen million!

Huang Qiushan has been framed in front of everyone, thinking that if Feliicity is disgusted because of this now, that would be a waste of all his previous work!

He bit his sleeves and returned to his seat.

And Huang Qiuyu angrily said: “Qiu Shan! Are you crazy! Do you know that the money at home is going to ruin you! Do you want the company!”

Huang Qiushan has completely ignored Huang Qiuyu, “Don’t worry about Laozi’s affairs! If you have a good husband by yourself, you are not allowed to marry a good wife!”

Huang Qiuyu’s face flushed, “You’re going to be pissed off, don’t you? Good, good! Do whatever you want! Anyway, if something goes wrong, don’t call me!”

Only then did Huang Qiushan wake up a bit, he carefully calculated the money he could still use.

In the company’s current assets, there are about 20 million left.

Fortunately, only Xiushan Yipin’s house is left.

Finally came to the end.

And this Xiushan Yipin house is the key to win Feliicity.

For this reason, Huang Qiushan again confirmed with Feliicity, “Miss Bai, you just said, are the houses that like Xiushan Yipin real or fake?”

Feliicity suddenly looked serious, “Of course it is true. No matter how she says it, she is also a little girl. She wants to have a home of her own, but it’s not too much? Anyway, I can’t count on this product. I will see who will buy it later. Just talk to someone when you get off the house, hum.”

Huang Qiushan received an affirmative answer, and immediately became confident, “Ho ho, then wait and see, Miss Bai.”

While talking, the beautiful host on the stage said excitedly: “Well, the next step is the highlight of our charity auction tonight, a Linjiang villa of Xiushan Yipin. For this reason, we also specially invited Xiushan Yipin. Developer, Mr. Jiang.”

At this time, a man with a big belly stood up.

Huang Qiushan’s eyes lit up, and it was Mr. Jiang from Xiushan First Grade.

The construction of Xiushan Yipin’s house was done by Huang Qiushan’s company, so he also knew Mr. Jiang.

It’s easier now, and Jiang is finally his own.

Mr. Jiang introduced on the stage: “Thank the Blood Moon Group for its care and support for our Xiushan Yipin. In order to repay our love, we specially brought out one of the best villas in Xiushan Yipin. This villa is no matter how light it is. The decoration is the top class. Originally, the price of this villa on the market was more than 15 million yuan, but today is a charity auction, and our Xiushan product can’t be compromised, so the price dropped to 1,000 Million.”

Mr. Jiang’s words immediately drew applause.

And Huang Qiushan’s head was a little buzzing at this time.

I heard that the villa was auctioned off before.

According to Huang Qiushan’s budget, if it is an ordinary commercial house, the price is about 5 million yuan.

Then he pays a premium, and it’s safe to win six million.

I didn’t think it was a villa this time, or the best villa.

This budget suddenly embarrassed Huang Qiushan.

Mr. Jiang also named Huang Qiushan on the stage at this time, “I also know Mr. Huang, who spent a lot of money just now. I don’t think that Mr. Huang is so enthusiastic and enthusiastic about charity. I am really impressed. Mr. Huang, please next. Be sure to support our Xiushan Yipin house. After all, you built it, and you have a contribution to it.”

What this said, the audience cast doubtful glances at Huang Qiushan again.

However, Huang Qiushan didn’t feel the honor of being watched at this time.

He only felt that another knife was resting on his neck.

What a good Mr. Jiang, there are needles in his words!

It sounds like a compliment, but it’s a threat!

I just bought most of the things on the scene, and now it’s really my turn to have something to do with me, even things I participated in.

If he didn’t buy it, wouldn’t Mr. Jiang look down on them because it was?

You know, the wages are still not settled clearly.

Huang Qiushan’s heart was stunned, anyway, he was only close to the door. Whether he can hold the beautiful woman back tonight, it depends on now.

The big deal will be paid by the wages!

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan stood up and smiled: “That is necessary, Mr. Jiang has had a pleasant cooperation with us, I must support.”

“Well, then I wish Mr. Huang a success first. Don’t talk nonsense, let’s start the auction now. The starting price is ten million.” Mr. Jiang said with a smile.

Huang Qiushan took the lead, “10 and fifty thousand.”

This bid made the people at the scene almost laugh.

It’s the finale of the show, so you can add an extra 50,000 yuan to deduction and search. Can this be seen?

The people at the scene deliberately disgusted Huang Qiushan and increased the price one after another.

In a blink of an eye, the price has been increased to twelve million.

“Damn! Thirteen million! I see who would dare to call me! Lao Tzu will give it up!” Huang Qiushan blushed and shouted loudly.

Now, it really stopped the place.

Huang Qiushan was finally relieved.

Really, tonight is a big loss.

I don’t want so much anymore. Get this beauty first, and think about how to deal with these things tomorrow.

Looking at the scene, Huang Qiushan was going to swipe his card soon, and even when he was about to go up, he smiled and said to Feliicity: “Miss Bai, now you see, I got the house, so tonight…”

“Twenty million.”

A faint voice interrupted Huang Qiushan’s words.

A word shocked the audience!


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