Dragon Husband 1171-1200

Chapter 1171

Everyone thought there was an auditory hallucination, you look at me, I look at you, they are all looking for the person who just spoke.

However, Huang Qiushan standing next to him could hear clearly.

He looked at Wiliam beside Feliicity in disbelief.

Was it the poor boy who yelled the price just now?

Twenty million!


Jump directly from 13 million to 20 million?

What a special thing!


Huang Qiushan’s anger came up directly, “Oh, kid, you finally dare to speak? Everyone still remember, you just said you want to buy something, you really made us wait too long.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Wiliam. It turned out that this kid called him.

Good boy, bold.

Actually fucked with Huang Qiushan who was crazy.

Huang Qiushan was feeling fire at the moment, and he wished to vent it all on this kid, “Boy, did you bear it all night and couldn’t hold it anymore? Hahaha, it’s a pity that you held back in the wrong direction. Just now other things, I still I believe you can buy it with a bite of your teeth, but this villa, I’m afraid you can’t afford it even if you sell yourself.”

He ridiculed the landing leaves to his heart’s content, and finally felt relieved.

And several people who knew Wiliam at the scene, Lu Xiaoluan, Wen Renqing and the God of Wealth, showed inexplicable smiles.

Good guy, finally got it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Wiliam smiled and said to Huang Qiushan: “I didn’t buy it just now because I didn’t have a good eye. Now I am good.”

Huang Qiushan couldn’t help but laughed, “Haha, don’t you mean, did you like this villa?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Yes, after all, my wife has spoken. If she doesn’t buy it, she will probably run away.”

Huang Qiushan laughed, “Hahaha, it turns out that you are making trouble with vanity, and you can’t live up to your face.”

Wiliam nodded solemnly, “Forget it, men always have a face, right wife.”

Feliicity smiled, “Yes, yes, you want the most face, you are the most handsome.”

Huang Qiushan was given a sip of dog food in public and couldn’t help saying: “Boy, it seems I want to talk to you about the rules of the auction. On the one hand, today’s auction, on the one hand, the payment must be paid immediately after the auction is taken. Credit and installment payments.”

“Well, I know, the hand that saw you swiping the card just shook.” Wiliam said lightly.

“You!” Huang Qiushan was ridiculed for no reason, and became even more annoyed. “But do you know! If someone can’t give out money in public, they will be regarded as disturbing the order and even liable for breach of contract. Prisoner! Blood Moon Group, don’t you think?”

The God of Wealth stood up, smiled and nodded, “That’s wrong.”

Huang Qiushan was even more proud to see God of Wealth standing on his side.

But Wiliam still looked like a mountain, “I know too.”

“Then you pay it back!” Huang Qiushan frowned, “You can get the money?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “If you give up, I can still get together.”

Seeing Wiliam’s expression indifferent, Huang Qiushan suddenly felt uneasy.


No way!

This kid is really rich!

Underestimate him?

By the way, this kid said just now that he was worth tens of billions of dollars before he knew Feliicity. Is it possible that he was bragging?

Even if it is exaggerated, it is a bit rich, right?

Still not cleaned up by misfortune?

But it’s not right!

Huang Qiushan thought of another thing.

At this time, someone happened to ask curiously: “Where did this kid come from? It doesn’t seem like we are from Fengcheng? I have been very low-key just now, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?”

Huang Qiushan laughed, “Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, if he is really capable. Unfortunately, he is not. To tell you the truth, just now, this kid asked me to help him find a job. I used my relationship with the God of Wealth. Helped him find a job in the Blood Moon Group, Lord Fortuna, right?”

The God of Wealth smiled again, as if he was a good old man, “Well, it’s not wrong.”

Huang Qiushan felt even more happy.

This is what he just thought was wrong.

If this kid still has money, why can he still look at the work of the Blood Moon Group?

Huang Qiushan only thought of one possibility!

This kid is so faceless, he is arguing!


You underestimated me too!

I don’t care about the money tonight.

What I care about is the face!

Since your kid is going to work with me head-on, and you are still careful, I will do you well!

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan nodded and said with a smile: “Since you know the rules, it seems that you are asking me for a price?”

Wiliam smiled, “I don’t even ask you for a price.”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback.

Wiliam followed up with the next sentence, “I’m asking for a price with everyone in the room, you just happen to be one of them.”

The audience was in an uproar!

What a kid!

Just export it!

One outlet offends the audience!

Crazy enough!

Just put it out and ask the audience?

This card surface, in one sentence, killed the vigorous Huang Qiushan in front of it!

And Huang Qiushan was so angry that he almost came up.

This kid is deliberately disgusting himself!


If you don’t want your life, I will do you well!

“Very good! You succeeded in attracting my attention, we will speak with strength!”

Huang Qiushan sat down, but his face was as deep as water, and he directly shouted: “Twenty-one million!”

He was already emptying his family, but he didn’t care about it.

Huang Qiuyu probably still has about 10 million dollars in his hands.

Almost before Huang Qiushan could take a break, Wiliam shouted, “Twenty-five million.”

The audience was a sensation!

This kid, regardless of whether he is rich or not.

This kind of arrogance of bidding is not something ordinary people can have.

Huang Qiushan was pretty good just now, and he only increased the price little by little.

This kid is shouting the price to death.

“You! Try screaming again!” Huang Qiushan shouted at Wiliam after being broken by Wiliam.

Wiliam spread his hands, “I’m sorry, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, so I call it an integer, which is more comfortable.”

Everyone laughed.

Shente is called an integer.

Twenty million, twenty-five million, really neat.

This is how rich can be willful.

Huang Qiushan was trembling all over.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Wiliam viciously.

Threw all one bet.

Add up the old sister’s money, that is!

“thirty million!”

He was taken into the ditch by Wiliam, and it was a whole number, neat and tidy.

The whole audience looked at Huang Qiushan like a lunatic.

They thought that the kid Wiliam should let go, after all, raising the price to this level is already an outstanding leverage.

But I don’t know, Wiliam shook his head and said directly to the President Jiang of Xiushan First Product: “Jiang always? I don’t think you can increase the price by millions or millions, which is not exciting. In this way, you sell the entire property Me, ten billion is enough? If it is not enough, I will increase it?”

Chapter 1172 Ten Billions

There was deathly silence in the audience.

Everyone looked at this unbelievable kid in shock.

Unsurprisingly, but repeatedly said astonishing.

Now it has reached an unthinkable point!

Ten billion!

The opening is ten billion!

Is this what people say?

Moreover, everyone usually says to buy a house to buy a house, but what you buy is a house!

In the eyes of this guy, buying a house to buy a house is just buying real estate!

Everyone only felt that the Three Views were broken into one place.

Ten billion is like a big mountain, pressing in everyone’s heart.

Huang Qiushan’s face paled even more by this sentence.

What did he hear.

Let’s not say that ten billion is a foolish dream.

The first half sentence is scary enough.

It’s not exciting to raise the price by several million all at once?

In the eyes of this kid, does he know how arrogant a sum of money is?

He was afraid that he knew nothing about the power of money!

Huang Qiushan laughed first, and joked: “There is no doctor here, can you help this kid see if there is a problem with his head? It really doesn’t work, I can help him with some money and send it to a mental hospital for a look. Here Everyone is powerful, millions of minutes per minute, no time is wasting time with this kid.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

What this kid said was so amazing, everyone’s heart was about to jump out.

If you don’t smile, you won’t be able to get off the stage.

But at this time, Mr. Jiang glanced at the phone, then his face was overjoyed.

He also thought that this kid casually said ten billion, he was playing around with everyone in the room.

However, he received a message.

This information was sent by God of Wealth.

The information is very brief, only three words.

believe him!

If these three words were issued by ordinary people, Mr. Jiang could laugh it off.

However, it was sent by the God of Wealth.

It also proves that the boy with a mouth open in front of him is ten billion, and he has enough capital to buy his entire estate!

Can Jiang always not be happy!

For the Xiushan Yipin real estate, from the price of the land, plus various expenses, the entire real estate cost less than 5 billion.

Now someone bids 10 billion, which means that Mr. Jiang made 5 billion without any effort!

It also directly saves a large amount of later marketing costs, and there is no worries about the future.

President Jiang couldn’t restrain his excitement on stage, and laughed: “Mr., is what you said is true?”

Wiliam nodded calmly in the audience, “Well, it’s true.”

When Wiliam bought the Xiushan product, he naturally had his own thinking.

Not entirely to give Feliicity this breath.

As a result, Wiliam is not short of money now.

Secondly, if the Blood Moon Group needs to stand firm here, it needs a arrogant act that sensationalizes the whole city. It is not enough to hold a charity auction.

Thirdly, Wiliam has so many brothers who still live in no fixed place, and Wiliam wants to give them a stable home.

Xiushan Yipin is the most suitable choice right now.

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the environment is quiet and free from disturbance.

As the headquarters of the Blood Moon Group and even the Kylin Power, it should be good.

“Okay, okay! Thank you for the boss’s support!” Mr. Jiang was so grateful that he almost knelt to Wiliam.

Now, the whole audience is dumbfounded?

what’s the situation?

Are you kidding me?

How did it become real in Mr. Jiang’s eyes?

Isn’t Jiang always stupid?

Believe that a poor boy can put out 10 billion, why believe that the sun comes out from the west?

Huang Qiushan even jumped out like a chicken blood, and shouted at President Jiang: “Mr. Jiang, is he sick or are you sick?”

With this sound, the scene became quiet.

Mr. Jiang’s face suddenly became cold.

Huang Qiushan knew he had made a mistake, and quickly apologized: “Mr. Jiang, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I mean, this poor boy doesn’t have that much money at all, let alone ten billion, one million he I dare to call him grandpa if I can take it out! He is obviously playing around, especially playing you. Don’t believe him.”

President Jiang sneered directly, “Poor boy? You dare to look down on him, don’t you?”

Huang Qiushan is righteous, “A person who needs me to introduce him to work, do you expect me to be worthy of him? Don’t be kidding, a poor ghost is a poor ghost, and it is impossible to get rich overnight.”

President Jiang was too lazy to pay attention to Huang Qiushan, and said: “If you have money, you can’t pay in public. This is also the rule tonight.”

Huang Qiushan couldn’t swallow this breath, and immediately turned his head and shouted to Wiliam: “Okay, you kid is courageous! Dare to play with the audience. Now it’s fine, the gods can’t save you! You ask for more blessings. “

At this time, Wiliam slowly stood up and walked towards a place specializing in processing payments.

When Huang Qiushan saw this scene, he sneered directly, “It’s really serious, it looks quite alike, I have to go over and see for myself what he is doing.”

With that said, Huang Qiushan also followed.

Wiliam took out a card and handed it to a waiter.

Xiushan Yipin’s account is naturally registered here.

Huang Qiushan sees that this kid hasn’t changed his face until now, and he is inexplicably uneasy.

This kid is too capable of pretending, right?

Are you really afraid of death?

Some people who were not hot enough also ran over to watch this unprecedented scene together.

Isn’t it unprecedented? I bought a real estate directly with my heart. Is this considered impulse consumption?

The scene was silent, only waiting for an answer from the waiter.

The waiter’s hands were also shaking, after all, he had never done such an exciting thing in his life.

After a while, the waiter was relieved and smiled again.

“Say it! Laugh at the wool!” Huang Qiushan’s heart was about to jump out.

Everyone stared at the waiter with scorching eyes.

The waiter still kept smiling, and said to Wiliam: “Hello, sir, we have confirmed it, and I can’t brush it temporarily.”

With this sound, Huang Qiushan let out a sigh of relief, and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, I knew it, I knew this kid was lying to everyone! You are not stupid, you were all fooled by him! Now! Okay, let’s be embarrassed! I think, I’d better grab this kid and shut it up.”

Everyone at the scene also glared at Wiliam!

President Jiang’s face also turned pale in an instant.

He couldn’t help looking at the God of Wealth in the audience.

The God of Wealth was not moving like a mountain, and nodded to President Jiang, indicating that Jiang was calm.

Sure enough, the waiter continued: “Everyone, listen to me, because it’s impossible to successfully transfer 10 billion at a time. It involves the bank’s most advanced confirmation program, so it can’t be done at once. “

When the waiter said this, he smiled admiringly again, “But I have confirmed that the money in this card, sir, is enough to pay!”

Chapter 1173

Now, the whole audience exploded.

Everyone stared at the waiter who was gasping and shouted sharply: “What are you talking about! You tell us more clearly!”

The waiter shivered long ago when he faced the anger of so many bosses.

But she bit the bullet and said: “I have confirmed that the money in this gentleman’s card exceeds 10 billion, which is enough to pay. However, how much money is involved here, and I am not convenient to disclose.”

Everyone looked at Wiliam in amazement, as if looking at a god!

This kid is really big!

From the beginning, it was unknown, and now it is 10 billion.

Is there a bigger king bomb in the world!

Just now Huang Qiushan was right.

Play pig eat tiger!

This kid typically pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger!

But some people think that this description is incorrect.

Because this kid didn’t take the initiative to pretend to be a pig from the beginning, everyone was led by Huang Qiushan.

These little clauses are all true, although they sound arrogant, even absurd.

But now all has become a reality.

With money, you can really do whatever you want!

Ten billion, weighed heavily on everyone’s heart.

Someone immediately reacted and asked in a low voice, “Who is this kid? One shot is 10 billion. It’s impossible to be anonymous!”

“Yes, go and find out who this kid is? I heard that his surname is Lu?”

“You said it’s impossible, he belongs to the Lu family of North…”

Thinking of this, everyone’s hearts were instantly lifted.

The North Lu family is not at the same level as the rich people present.

The Lu family no longer pursues gold and silver money.

Because they are not lacking, even if they are lacking, it is not a problem to make a lot of money between raising their hands.

If this kid belongs to the North Lu family, then appearing here would be a dimensionality reduction blow.

Mr. Jiang didn’t feel relieved until the waiter confirmed twice.

This big deal is done!

He looked at Wiliam with extremely complicated eyes.

Obviously so young, almost like the stupid son in his own family.

But the silly son can only chew the old, but this young man has tens of billions of property.

No, it’s more than tens of billions, because he just shot tens of billions.

People are more angry than people.

At the same time, Mr. Jiang felt very lucky.

When the God of Wealth visited the house the day before yesterday, Mr. Jiang didn’t take this matter to heart.

He just wanted to come over to see Hot Hoo before he showed up.

Unexpectedly, this mischievous thought made him earn a huge sum of money that he couldn’t make in the first half of his life combined!

Can you not thank God of Wealth!

Thinking of this, he cast a grateful look at the God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth accepted it indifferently.

Although I don’t know why the young master wants to buy the entire Xiushan Yipin real estate, as long as the young master makes a decision, God of Wealth will absolutely support it.

Lu Xiaoluan, who was not far away, was not calm at all.

She has been watching this drama with the heart of watching it.

Wiliam said that she would buy a real estate for 10 billion yuan, but she just thought she was joking.

After all, Wiliam is a member of the Blood Moon Group. As the organizer, there is too much room for manipulation
However, the more she heard it, the more confused she became.

Are things getting real?


Does this kid really want to buy Xiushan first product?

Ten billion!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoluan had a tingling scalp!

Stinky boy, you are more beautiful than Xiushan first product?

I haven’t heard him mention it before.

I bought it on a whim?

The world of the rich, so headstrong?

“Feliicity, please persuade your person, he is crazy! Rich is not so defeated!” Lu Xiaoluan was anxious.

Feliicity smiled and said to Lu Xiaoluan: “Sister, you are like Huang Qiuyu. Don’t worry, he has money. If he doesn’t buy it, I can afford it.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s head buzzed, and the whole person almost collapsed on the spot.

I wanted to persuade Feliicity to stop Wiliam.

The result was another local tyrant who accidentally exploded?

Isn’t it a rich person who doesn’t enter a house?

“You, you, impulse is the devil!” In the end, Lu Xiaoluan could only say this nonsense.

The worst at the scene was Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan always thought this kid was a poor ghost, and even a woman couldn’t afford to run away with him.

What a dream, ten billion!

It was so explosive that he still couldn’t accept this fact!

You know, the assets of their entire Huang family add up to only one billion yuan in real estate.

Just now, the previous pass was smashed, and it took him tens of millions to draw him with distress.

He didn’t think of the poor boy in his eyes, but he didn’t make a move. Once he made a move, Wang exploded!

Thinking about it now, the tens of millions that I had thrown before are like joking.

There is no splash.

Huang Qiushan was like an irritated rooster. He blushed and grabbed Wiliam’s clothes roughly, and shouted sharply: “You kid! Where did you get the money! Tell me, where did you get so much money! Are you here? What a shame!”

The audience looked at Huang Qiushan as if they were watching a fool.

This kid is too pitiful.

Before, I had to dig the foot of the super rich.

So arrogant after spending tens of millions?

Are you slapped in the face now?

It’s no wonder that this young boy has such a flowery and jade-like woman.

I saw that the beauty was a prodigal girl before, but she was not afraid of defeat at all because her family was rich!

Wiliam got rid of Huang Qiushan’s entanglement casually, and said lightly: “Where do I get the money, do I need to tell you?”

Huang Qiushan is not well.

Everything is like dreaming.

An ant he looked down upon suddenly became a giant behemoth!

And it completely crushed him!

Let him become a joke of the audience!

The money was invested, I felt distressed, and people were stupid.

The moment of sex tonight is completely empty.

He even thought of many scenes before.

The kid said he wanted to buy something, so he just bought it if he saw it.

That Miss Bai also said before that this kid paid to show it, but the kid’s answer was to write it down and count it together later.

All kinds of things are pointing to one thing, this kid is actually rich.

Huang Qiushan suddenly thought of another thing, and couldn’t help but shout again: “You kid, if you are so rich! Why did you lie to me before that you don’t have a job! You are lying to me! You are deceiving my feelings!”

Wiliam suddenly wanted to laugh when he saw this shameful pen.

He wants to be a scumbag all his life, and the woman says you cheated on my feelings.

I didn’t think that for the first time in my life someone said this to him, he was still a man.

Good luck tricks people.

Wiliam looked at Huang Qiushan who was anxious and frustrated, and said: “Yes, I told you that I don’t have a job, but I didn’t lie to you, okay?”

“I am so rich, do I still need work?”

Chapter 1174

Huang Qiusheng was said to be almost out of breath.

There is too much money, so no work is needed.

It makes sense.

Unable to refute.

Do people like this kind of casually spending 10 billion as pocket money really need work?

Afraid to tarnish the word work?

At this time, Feliicity also walked over, took Wiliam’s arm, and said affectionately: “Lu Lu, you really bought a house for someone, and finally you don’t pick and search. That person belongs tonight. you.”

The people at the scene were numbed by the show again.

It takes 10 billion to be considered not to pick and search.

I’m afraid that ordinary people can’t afford this girl?

But Feliicity is not over yet, she suddenly looked at Huang Qiushan with expectant expression, and said: “Mr. Huang? Actually, I don’t like Lu Lu at all. There is no way. He is too rich. I was used by him. I was fainted. Mr. Huang, people think you are rich, you are so mighty in front of you, why are you scared out of it after you missed it? I really hope you can buy Xiushan first product, do you want to buy it again? Fight for it? People made up their minds after hard work. You bid up the price again? Lu Lu can’t hold it, trust me.”

Feliicity’s sentence was like a knife, piercing Huang Qiushan’s heart and liver fiercely.

Before he was just slapped in the face by himself, now Feliicity has made a move.

One shot directly killed people.

What is this saying!

Ten billion, do you want me to bid up?

I can’t afford to sell my whole family.

Huang Qiushan stared deeply at Feliicity, feeling for the first time that a woman is really bad for a man when she is cruel.

The most poisonous woman’s heart.

When everyone heard Feliicity’s words, they burst into laughter.

The front is so mighty, it only cost tens of millions.

Mr. Lu just used it, and he beat Huang Qiushan to death.

It won’t work without counseling.

“Mr. Huang?” Feliicity looked at Huang Qiushan silently, and asked again.

Being ridiculed in front of so many people, Huang Qiushan’s face flushed again, “I, I don’t engage in this kind of arrogance!”

He finally gave himself a step.

It’s just that this step is too ridiculous to everyone.

There must also be capital in the struggle of spirit.

“Oh oh oh, yes, what Mr. Huang said is very reasonable. After all, Mr. Huang said before, it doesn’t matter what you buy a house. The most important thing is to make a contribution to the nursing home. Just do it. It’s OK if it’s in place, why do you spend money indiscriminately?” Feliicity patted her little hand and looked at Huang Qiushan in admiration.

And Huang Qiushan almost spit out blood.

This woman is too poisonous!

Huang Qiushan had said this just to pretend to be coercive, and this woman could not forget it.

Speaking out now, Huang Qiushan couldn’t hold back anymore!

The people at the scene laughed again, and their eyes looked at Feliicity all changed.

This is a silly white sweet.

She is simply an invincible woman with a black belly.

Don’t offend her easily!

Otherwise, turning over the old accounts will make people feel unhappy.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity amusedly, this girl completely treated the scene as a game.
Not to mention, a man like Huang Qiushan cannot survive one episode in the hands of Feliicity now.

Huang Qiushan blushed and shouted like crazy: “It’s great to have money! Money can hurt people so much! I make my own money. I don’t know where some people’s money comes from. ! It must be a bit of old age, this kind of person has the face to show me a five-star youth show? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

In Huang Qiushan’s heart, Wiliam was so young, how could he have so much money at once.

It must be the money of the elders.

As long as it wasn’t for this kid’s money, Huang Qiushan felt that he still had a breath and could live for three episodes.

The people at the scene were stunned. Oh, this kid, his head is so clever, he can find a flaw in an instant, forming a step for himself.

Although Huang Qiushan’s words still have big loopholes.

For example, most of Huang Qiushan’s own money is also the company’s money, but he didn’t earn it himself, but just named a general manager, barely calling it a young talent.

Another example is that although Wiliam is rich in the enemy’s country, who knows how his money came from is entirely wishful thinking of Huang Qiushan.

And even if Wiliam’s money is the money of his elders, what about it?

Are you going to find a dad who can give you tens of billions of assets?

Is this also capable?

However, out of a hatred of wealth, everyone chose to believe Huang Qiushan’s words.

After all, Wiliam looked too young.

It was exactly like a young man just out of society.

It is impossible to make enough money without a certain amount of experience and experience, and a certain amount of capital.

Huang Qiushan was relieved to see everyone nodding their heads.

It’s too tormented.

After a misstep, he almost died in the hands of this kid’s money!

Fortunately, this kid is just a second-generation ancestor and dare not argue in public.

Otherwise, I really won’t be able to get off the stage today.

At this time, the host on the stage got the hint from God of Wealth and continued to walk through the process.

She stood on the stage and smiled and said, “Well, although there was an accident just now, I am very grateful to this gentleman for his generosity. I don’t know if there is anyone calling up?”

Although the host didn’t look at Huang Qiushan, Huang Qiushan had a guilty conscience and quickly lowered his head.

The host was silent while watching the scene, and smiled again: “If there is any, our auction process has ended successfully now. Thank you to everyone for your kindness tonight. Special thanks to Mr. Lu, oh, yes, and this Mr. Huang.”

Huang Qiushan buried his head even lower, and kept scolding this host for intentions!

Put him and Wiliam together on purpose!

Sure enough, laughter sounded at the scene.

“Finally, there are two more processes. One is to ask the philanthropist representative to come to the stage to speak a few words. According to the rules, Mr. Huang photographed the most things tonight. If you ask Mr. Huang to speak on stage, everyone is welcome.” The host said again. .

Huang Qiushan felt it in his heart, so he couldn’t make it with himself!

It was an infinitely glorious thing to be able to act as a representative in the end, and it was impossible to fight for it.

Now in Huang Qiushan’s heart, this is a hot potato. Although he bought the most, he was the last one to compare with Wiliam, it was the baby!

Oh, by the way, after spending so much money, I almost emptied the company, but the beauty didn’t get it, and I had to go back home and the company in the evening.

Thinking of this Huang Qiushan is big.

He was heartbroken and stood up, thinking that he must save himself some face.

“The money I spent tonight is earned by me, and I have a clear conscience! I am Huang Qiushan, the general manager of Feitian Construction Company, and I am proud of myself!” Huang Qiushan said this sentence, but the point of referring to Sang Huai is self-evident. Metaphor.

Obviously, it’s not easy to catch Wiliam’s elders’ money.

There was sparse applause.

Huang Qiushan only eased a little in his heart.

At this time, the host took the card and said again: “Okay, for the last agenda, I have to invite the actual person in charge behind the Blood Moon Group, Mr. Lu, to speak on stage! Applause welcome!”

Chapter 1175

The actual person in power behind the Blood Moon Group?

Everyone was stunned.

And this thing?

Isn’t Mulan and Wenren the head of the Blood Moon Group?

One more person?

Mr. Lu?

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, I have been looking for Mr. Lu everywhere.

Apart from Mr. Lu, who spent tens of billions just now, are there other men with the surname Lu?

When everyone was puzzled, Wiliam stood up again and walked toward the stage.

Now, there was a “boom” from the audience!

Everyone was shocked!

The actual person in power behind the Blood Moon Group is him!

It’s really him!


Just throwing tens of billions of dollars just now showed his extremely generous side.

Now, standing behind the Blood Moon Group has shown his supreme and noble status!

Everyone has the feeling of staring at Venus, being dizzy by this scene.

Huang Qiushan was even more dumbfounded!

This kid, how is it possible!

how come!

This is the Blood Moon Group, it has half a dime relationship with him!

Why did he stand up!

Huang Qiushan was puzzled, so he rushed up and said angrily: “Do you want to die? Come down for me!”

However, the God of Wealth stood up at this time with an angry expression, “Huang Qiushan! Do you know who you are talking to! Get out of here!”

Huang Qiushan’s heart shuddered, the first time he saw God of Wealth angry!

His legs were so frightened that he quickly got off the stage.

And Wiliam stood on the stage, met the shocked gazes of everyone, smiled slightly, and said: “I made all the money I spent tonight. I have a clear conscience! I am Wiliam of the Blood Moon Group, and I do it for myself. Proud! So be it.”


There was a burst of laughter in the audience.

This sounds so familiar, isn’t it what Huang Qiushan said just now!

Just now, Huang Qiushan thought that he had seized the weakness of this young guy, and the money he kept on attacking him came from his elders.

Now it was unexpectedly returned by Wiliam.

And it’s bloodied!

This contrast, this gap!

In terms of money, Huang Qiushan was killed by a spike.

In terms of status, Huang Qiushan couldn’t even match Wiliam’s toes!

You said that the money belongs to the elders?

Now that he has transformed himself into the actual head of the Blood Moon Group, it is really possible that he made this money himself!

Huang Qiushan, doesn’t your face hurt?

Huang Qiushan almost came up with a breath of breath, and he was totally lost and sat down on the chair.

He stared at the shining Wiliam on the stage blankly, feeling as uncomfortable as eating shit.

No matter what the ratio, he was suppressed to the point of no counterattack.

Where did this kid come from!

He simply redefines the four words of youthfulness!

And Huang Qiushan finally understood that he was a big joke!

At first, he still pretended to be forced in front of this kid and that beauty.

It turns out that they all regard themselves as fools!

Which woman doesn’t like such a man who combines money, status, and looks?

Huang Qiushan even glanced at his sister beside him.

Huang Qiuyu was also shocked.

However, her eyes suddenly emitted a strange light, as if she felt immense admiration and longing for this young man on the stage.

The audience looked at Wiliam as if they were watching a rising star.

A young magnate turned out here today!

Fengcheng’s business community is afraid that the sky will change.

The charity auction ended in Wiliam’s strong appearance, and everyone slowly left the scene.

And Wiliam naturally stayed with the people of the Blood Moon Group.

It was really hard for Huang Qiushan to swallow this breath. He rushed to Wiliam and asked with red eyes, “Why are you from the Blood Moon Group! You are lying to me again!”

Wiliam was speechless.

This guy is like a woman?

The God of Wealth really couldn’t stand it anymore and said coldly, “Huang Qiushan, didn’t you let me introduce him to work? Now that I have introduced, you have opinions again? Do you have any opinions on my arrangements?”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback, his head buzzing.

He asked the god of wealth to introduce the kid to work.

It’s not that I didn’t know that this kid is rich and enemy country!

Besides, I just introduced the job, isn’t it a joke?

The God of Wealth said to introduce this kid to the position of the president of the Blood Moon Group.

This is so serious!

Isn’t Wiliam the boss of the Blood Moon Group now?

This arrangement made Huang Qiushan burst into tears!

Do you want to fuck me like this?

If this is the case, then arrange me to join the Blood Moon Group as well.

I don’t want a president, I just need a department manager.

Huang Qiushan had ten thousand complaints in his heart, but he never dared to say that Wiliam deceived him.

Look at the picture before me.

Wiliam stood at the center of a group of big men, obviously the most noble status.

These senior officials of the Blood Moon Group, who made him look up to him, were respectful and respectful to Wiliam.

Therefore, this identity is real!

Huang Qiushan was extremely frustrated.

At this time, Huang Qiuyu, who had been silent for a long time, showed a charming smile, “Mr. Lu, we just missed it. I am embarrassed to think that your identity is so proud.”

Huang Qiuyu had his nostrils up to the sky for Wiliam, and he couldn’t wait to step him under his feet.

Now, that arrogance is gone, all that is left is flattery.

In fact, Huang Qiuyu felt extremely sad.

She thought that she used to rant in the car before, saying that men should be capable and rich.

Didn’t you say it went into the arms of others?

Her face was so hot.

She suddenly felt that the young and precious young man in front of her was much better than her husband.

Wiliam looked at Huang Qiuyu and He Gong before and after He Gong, and smiled lightly, “It’s okay.”

Huang Qiuyu belongs to the kind of snake and stick, and she smiled again: “Mr. Lu, can I invite you to dinner tonight and express my apologies?”

The faces of Mulan and the others went cold.

Is this digging the foot of the wall in front of Feliicity?

What’s the origin of this woman?

Wiliam’s face gradually turned cold, he was about to speak, but Feliicity held him back.

Feliicity looked at Huang Qiuyu with a smile, “Sister Huang wants to invite my family Lu Lu to dinner? Can I have a meal?”

Huang Qiuyu glanced at Feliicity, and said directly: “I want to invite him alone. Ms. Bai won’t mind?”

Huang Qiuyu is also confident about her appearance.

And there is always an idea in her heart that there is no such thing as a man who does not steal fishy.

No matter how fragrant home flowers are, how can there be wild flowers?

Like this kind of promising young man, there must be beautiful women around him, and there is absolutely no way there is only one woman.

Maybe this Mulan and Wen Renqing are also his women.

But at this time, Wiliam slowly said, “I mind.”

Huang Qiuyu’s face became stiff, “Huh?”

Wiliam walked towards a lounge without looking back, and dropped the three words directly.

Three words that can destroy confidence.

“You are too ugly!”

Chapter 1176

She didn’t react until there was no one in front of Huang Qiuyu!

Humiliated by this kid?


Huang Qiuyu was angry all over!

Her appearance is also famous in Fengcheng.

Although it is not as beautiful as Feliicity, it shouldn’t be reduced to the point of ugliness!

This kid is clearly humiliating himself!

Huang Qiuyu’s eyes were suddenly full of resentment, “Only by him, dare to humiliate me! He is afraid that he doesn’t know who I am!”

Huang Qiushan’s face was also ugly, and he said angrily: “Sister, we are so kind to help them, let them get a ride, and even I spent so much money! I didn’t think they turned out to be white-eyed wolves, it was just playing us. Yeah! I can’t bear this tone!”

Huang Qiuyu slowly calmed down, but it was like a vicious snake!

“I wanted to have a relationship with him, but in return it was humiliation! Isn’t it a bit of money? Isn’t it the boss of the Blood Moon Group? Am I afraid? Hoho, he doesn’t even know, in Fengcheng What is the most powerful thing!” Huang Qiuyu said lightly.

In Huang Qiuyu’s heart, she felt that she was completely different from the people present today.

All of you here are just business dignitaries.

Some only have money.

As for money, it is the second class in Fengcheng.

Feng Chenggui is a master, there is always only one thing, that is the fist!

No matter how rich, they can only bow their heads to the wealthy families of Shangfeng City and live under the people.

Huang Qiuyu’s husband is a warrior, and there is enough power behind him!

She just saw that the kid’s skin was good, and she became greedy for a while.

It doesn’t matter if he thinks that this kid doesn’t know how to promote him, and he makes a word to hurt others.

No wonder you did the first year of junior high school, and I did the fifteenth!

If you want to gain a foothold in Fengcheng, just ask me if Huang Qiuyu agrees!

Huang Qiuyu quickly took out the phone, her voice became coquettish, “husband, where are you? I was bullied.”

It was noisy on the other end of the phone, and a man’s voice came out, “What! Are you bullied? You didn’t give me my name?”

Huang Qiuyu said dizzyingly: “People don’t care who you are.”

“Who?” the man continued.

“It’s the Blood Moon Group that swept the screen these past two days.” Huang Qiuyu said.

“Cut, a small business, dare to bully you! They don’t want to hang out in Fengcheng? Who is bullying you?” the man on the phone asked disdainfully.

“Their boss, a defiant guy! Oh, you can’t help me out!” Huang Qiuyu said spoiledly.

The man on the phone groaned for two seconds and said, “I’m drinking with Brother Chen and the brothers. Then, I’ll ask him immediately. All the brothers are there. If possible, I will take you to the town. .”

“Hmm, husband, you are great!” Huang Qiuyu complimented.

“By the way, this Blood Moon Group is a pure enterprise, isn’t it?” The man on the phone was more cautious and asked carefully.

“Of course it is! A group of dogs who only use money to hit people with things!” Huang Qiuyu said vowedly.
She knew what her husband feared.

Although her husband is in a super martial arts family, his identity is still rather awkward.

So he will not make fun of the future of this martial arts family.

And Huang Qiuyu just took a look at the Blood Moon Group, and none of them looked like martial arts practitioners.

And from the point of view of that stinky boy’s lavish shots, he is simply used to being lavish. How can there be any self-discipline of a martial artist?

“Okay, I understand, wait two minutes for me, and I will ask for instructions immediately.” The man on the phone said.

At this moment, in a club.

A man in a shirt with his head raised, stood in front of a young man.

This man is Chen Shuiyuan, a collateral relative of the Liehan family.

Chen Shuiyuan pleasedly said to the young man in front of him: “Brother Chen? There is something, can you give me face?”

Brother Chen was flushed with the drink, and put his arms around Chen Shuiyuan’s shoulders, and said bluntly: “If you have anything to say, you are all brothers, brothers cover you!”

Chen Shuiyuan looked happy, and immediately told about the humiliation of his daughter-in-law in front of the Blood Moon Group, “So Brother Chen, can you let me take some brothers over to support my daughter-in-law?”

Brother Chen was taken aback, and immediately dropped a wine bottle, and shouted as if he was piercing his brother’s ribs: “Grass! Someone dare to bully his younger siblings? Or are they being bullied by secular people? This is not giving you face! It doesn’t give us Chen family face!”

“What does Brother Chen mean?” Chen Shuiyuan was overjoyed.

“Forget it, the wine is almost drunk tonight, and it’s time to go back. Recently, the house is strictly controlled. In this way, you will pull all the brothers over tonight, and I will not get out of the car with me. Squint for a while, and you will go back together after you finish the work.” Chen Ge said.

“Thank you Brother Chen! Thank you Brother Chen!” Chen Shuiyuan felt a lot of face for a while.

In normal times, where would Brother Chen be so enthusiastic?

In the past two days, Brother Chen had something in his heart and has been looking for a drink with his brothers.

And only after drinking, Brother Chen will take care of him like this.

Really looking for a good opportunity.

Blood Moon Group, Blood Moon Group, blame you for bullying my daughter-in-law, and I was favored by Brother Chen!

Chen Shuiyuan’s thoughts moved, and Chen couldn’t bear it in vain.

He whispered in Brother Chen’s ear: “Brother Chen, I just saw you like a little girl here, I will do it soon, let this girl accompany you in the car to relieve boredom, you see… …”

Brother Chen glanced at Chen Shuiyuan in surprise, and immediately smiled and said, “You guys are going to have trouble, so you can count on you.”

Chen Shuiyuan felt that this flattering was just right, and he was about to turn around to do it.

At this time, Brother Chen stopped Chen Shuiyuan again, “Um, let me explain one thing.”

This Brother Chen is not Chen Qinglin from the Chen family of Liehan.

Chen Qinglin was really depressed in these two days.

She was embarrassed in front of the people in the city, and lost the assassin that held the North Lu family.

The family was very dissatisfied with him and made him refrain from reflection.

He ran out secretly.

Although he drank a little, he still remembered the things his father had told him repeatedly.

After all, when his father started a fire, Fengcheng would tremble three times.

He said to Chen Shuiyuan: “You can take your brother, but don’t let things go too far. You know? The family gave me two orders, one is not to mess with the North Lu family, especially their newly promoted fourth elder. Wiliam, the other is to prevent me from leaving home. If things are too big and the family knows about it, then I will have a hard time.”

Chapter 1177

When she said this, Chen Qinglin looked depressed.

He thought of the shame two days ago.

That Wiliam!

The four elders!

After the family’s suggestion, he finally understood that he was united by the Lu family and Wiliam!

The Lu Family and Wiliam pretended to be contradictory, and acted in front of him in a play, making the Chen Family’s ten-month history vanish.

Now the Chen family has lost what restrained the Lu family, and their strength is not as good as that of the Lu family, so his father has made repeated orders, and this time he has to keep a low profile.

Don’t mess with North Lu’s family.

His father specifically named the four elders.

Until the four elders have been fully understood, they should not retaliate against the four elders, so as not to cause greater hidden dangers.

Although Chen Qinglin’s family is beautiful, but which wealthy family is not deep?

The other young people in the family are all staring at his position.

The events of the previous two days have put his position in a precarious position, and many people in the family have quite big opinions on him.

Fortunately, his father suppressed the scene and gave him another chance.

There can be no more trouble.

Chen Shuiyuan nodded immediately after hearing what Chen Qinglin said.

Naturally, his focus is not on the four elders. He has never heard of any ghost Wiliam.

His concern is not to make things big.

He smiled and said to Chen Qinglin: “Brother Chen, don’t worry! A secular enterprise, what is there to coax you. When they see us and hear the name of our Chen family, they are scared enough to tremble. .”

Chen Qinglin thought about it, too.

Those entrepreneurs are domineering in Fengcheng because the people of the super family do not bother to care about these worldly things and concentrate on martial arts.

But if you really started, even the largest company in Fengcheng, in front of the family is respectful and afraid to disobey.

“Well, I’ve been a bit unreasonably worried these days, let’s go to work.” Chen Qinglin waved and said to Chen Shuiyuan.

And Chen Shuiyuan went to do it immediately.

Huang Qiuyu received a call from Chen Shuiyuan, and was overjoyed, “My husband brought a group of strong men over here, let’s go to the intersection immediately and wait!”

Huang Qiushan was also happy, “That’s great, brother-in-law has a way! I want that kid to kneel in front of me to repent!”

With this belief in revenge, the two left the scene together.

In the lounge, God of Wealth was still confirming with Wiliam, “Young Master, do you really want to buy the entire Xiushan Yipin property?”

Wiliam nodded, and said his thoughts.

Now he is not short of money, and money is useless to him.

But why not make the brothers feel better?

The God of Wealth and Mulan were immediately moved when they heard this.

The young master is still far-sighted.

Although Qilinshi’s men followed Wiliam piously, they didn’t ask for anything in return.

But the young master takes the initiative to sympathize with his subordinates, but it is also very valuable.

“Then we will thank the young master for the brothers. By the way, the young master is the best show tonight. It should not be a problem to establish a foothold in Fengcheng as an entrepreneur, and we have reached our expected goal. What are we going to do next?” Mulan asked.

Wiliam thought for a while, and didn’t care about Lu Xiaoluan who was on the court, and said directly: “Let’s take a break for a while. I will sort out some martial arts outlines, and see if the brothers are interested in practicing.”
Wiliam pointed out that the martial arts outline is exactly the nine impermanence types in the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

Of course, Wiliam would not directly use the name impermanence nine styles, nor would he grant them all.

He will modify it slightly, and only pass the first five formulas.

This should be a lot of help to the brothers who have been groping forward on their own.

Lu Xiaoluan looked embarrassed when she heard this.

Wiliam really didn’t avoid her at all.

But she felt Wiliam’s magic more and more.

Even the martial arts outline can be compiled, this is what the martial arts master can do.

Where is his lower limit?

Mulan and others were even more grateful when they heard what Wiliam said.

A group of people chatted casually for a while, and Wiliam looked at the time and said, “We’ll go back first. We will work harder for the Xiushan first-grade things, and let the brothers move in as soon as possible. It’s relatively quiet over there. It should be good to concentrate on martial arts .”

The God of Wealth nodded, and a group of people got up and sent Wiliam out.

Because Wiliam had walked over the road before, everyone also accompany Wiliam out.

Just when the intersection was approaching, a familiar and arrogant voice suddenly sounded in front of him, “Hahaha, son of a turtle, you finally dare to come out! Take it to death!”

In the dark place in front, the lights suddenly appeared everywhere, but there were rows of car lights.

Standing at the forefront was the Huang family’s sister and brother, with an inch.

And behind them, standing densely without knowing how many people.

These people are full of alcohol and murderous aura.

Obviously all of them are martial arts practitioners.

The faces of Caishen and others froze.

Lu Xiaoluan also said with an ugly expression: “Wiliam, it’s from the Huang family, and I’ve seen that inch in the Chen family before. It should be from the Chen family.”

Wiliam nodded. He heard Huang Qiuyu in the car before that her husband was working at Chen’s house.

That inch should be her husband.

“If you don’t get me, you will destroy me, woman, your name is Greed.” Wiliam smiled helplessly and said.

This made people on both sides stunned.

This buddy wants a face?

Donate it if you don’t want it?

Mulan and others are also a black line.

I have seen this girl shameless, never seen this girl so shameless!

Young master, please be respectful!

When Chen Shuiyuan heard this sentence suddenly, his brows wrinkled slightly.

Obviously the young man was talking to his wife.

What’s the secret in this?

He looked at Huang Qiuyu.

Huang Qiuyu immediately slashed, “Husband, don’t listen to his nonsense! He is the boss of the Blood Moon Group. He covets my beauty and wants to possess me. If I refuse, he will humiliate me and call me ugly!”

A group of people over Wiliam smiled directly when they heard this.

Ugliness brings trouble?

Especially Mulan, had seen the Yingying Yanyan around Wiliam.

Whichever one is brought out, you can sling this ugly monster.

Where did she come from the confidence that Wiliam coveted her beauty?

Is Wiliam blind, or thirsty?

Seeing the other party laughing, Huang Qiuyu said to Chen Shuiyuan, “Look, they laughed at me again!”

How could Chen Shuiyuan see his daughter-in-law being humiliated by so many people.

He stood up, with the vigor of a martial artist!

Suddenly, the surrounding dust moved violently, fascinated people’s eyes!

He looked at the powerful aura he had created with satisfaction, and said coldly to the group of people opposite: “You young children, I’m afraid I don’t know who is standing in front of you!”

“The time left for you is running out. I will give you five minutes…”

“Listen to your confession and last words!”

Chapter 1178

Chen Shuiyuan said this, still very proud.

Ordinary people do not have to be respectful when they see martial arts practitioners.

Now he is even more direct and exasperated. These people are probably scared a long time ago?

But he looked intently and his face was surprised.

The people on the opposite side showed strange smiles one by one.

As if not afraid of it?

Could it be that these guys don’t even know what a warrior is?

That’s right, these people are all from outsiders, maybe they have never seen a martial artist in this life.

However, if you don’t know the martial artist, you must know what the Liehan Chen family is?

Thinking of this, Chen Shuiyuan smiled and said, “Do you know the Chen family of Liehan?”

The God of Wealth smiled slightly and said, “I know.”

“Since I know my Liehan Chen family, why not kneel!” Chen Shuiyuan said in a sharp voice.

However, this voice drew greater laughter instead.

Everyone can see clearly that this Chen Shuiyuan’s strength is only the latter stage of his inner strength.

The strength of everyone behind him is also the realm of inner strength.

What is this level of realm in the eyes of everyone in the current unicorn power?

After all, the four leaders of Qilinshi are all Huajin fighters.

Not to mention the existence of Young Master, the enchanting evil who cross-steps and beat others.

It seems that these people are just some peripheral members of the Chen family of Liehan, not the core tribe at all.

Moreover, even if the core tribe of the Chen family of Liehan came over, what about it?

Is the Kirin potential fearful?

The young master’s current identity is completely above these people.

They still dare not do anything with the four elders of the North Lu family?

Will the Liehan Chen family offend the North Lu family for these peripheral people?


“You! Okay! Are you looking for death? Then I want your Blood Moon Group to disappear completely in Fengcheng tonight!” Chen Shuiyuan was laughed in public, and the smile on his face couldn’t help.

“Come on! Come on! Kill these people!” Chen Shuiyuan gave an order.

However, his brothers hesitated, and none of them rushed over.

Chen Shuiyuan’s expression worsened, turning around and cursing, “What are you doing! Do you need to be afraid to deal with these people?”

A brawny man behind him whispered: “Shuiyuan, have you forgotten that Brother Chen repeatedly explained before that he just came here to support the scene, not to make things too big. If you start, look at the other party. It is said that there are dozens of lives, which will surely be known to the elders of the Chen family.”

Chen Shuiyuan was really angry, “It’s wrong to say that, but these people are obviously deceiving people too much, and they don’t put us in the eyes of the Chen family. Can you bear this tone? Some laymen pointed their noses and laughed, your heart It’s so big!”

Those people were stared at each other by what Chen Shuiyuan said.

They couldn’t help but look not far behind them.

There was a black motorhome parked there.

Chen Qinglin was resting with a little beauty inside.

“Don’t worry! I’ll take care of anything!” Chen Shuiyuan said again.

Those people sighed and bit their heads and said: “Okay, I will bully the small today, but this matter must be kept secret, and it will be embarrassing to say it.”

With that, five people rushed out.

In their opinion, five people are more than enough to deal with some laymen.

Seeing the other party rushing over, there was still some distance away, and at this time, the Blood Moon Group suddenly became unrest.

“Huh, overwhelming kid, I will meet them!” The angry horse rushed out first.

But he was immediately pulled down by the God of Wealth, “Ho ho, this is my home court today, and I am in charge of the scene, so naturally I will take the lead.”

Mulan also grabbed the God of Wealth and said lightly: “I am your leader. It is my duty to lead the way!”

Wen Renqingxin smiled on the side, “Bullying the small with the big? I like doing this the most, why don’t you let me come?”

When Guo Wuji heard what the goddess said, he directly shouted: “I have no shirk to charge for the goddess!”

This quarrel naturally fell in the eyes of Chen Shuiyuan’s group of people.

They exploded instantly!

This group of people are actually vying for a shot?

One by one, I am afraid that my life is too long!

However, this scene is too despised after all!

“Get me to death!” Chen Shuiyuan shouted sharply.

The five people who rushed out were also angry!

I have never been so despised by mundane people!

Really think we are soft persimmons?

Too much deception!

At this time, Mulan gave full play to her shameless style and rushed out directly.

“It’s just right! Take it to death!”

“Don’t say we don’t pity Xiangxiyu! I blame you for having eyes and no beads!”

“Looking at the consequences of our Liehan Chen family, there is only one dead end!”

One of them is the highest and the fastest!

He made a horizontal split and chopped off at Mulan’s head in a disorganized manner!


With a muffled sound, the footsteps of the four people behind him stopped!

There is only one reason!

They watched, the person in front was swept out by the woman in front of them!

with no doubt!

The woman in front of me had extremely slender thighs. With this sweep, the person retreated, vomiting blood directly on the ground, and fainted!

This scene scared the Chen family silly.

what’s the situation!

This woman turned out to be a warrior!

And she actually ended this martial artist in the late stage of inner strength with one kick!

It shows that her realm is far better than this person!

The four people suddenly felt a tingling scalp and their eyes were shocked!

Mulan curled her lips after sweeping the kick, “Is there anyone who can fight better? It’s also a bit heroic and tragic to lead the way?”

The God of Wealth and the angry horse behind him shouted in unison: “Shameless! Get down if you don’t want to fight, I will play!”

Started to compete again.

Now the people of the Liehan Chen family were buzzing.

Everyone stared at Chen Shuiyuan and shouted sternly: “Shuiyuan, didn’t you say that the people of the Blood Moon Group are ordinary people! Why are there martial artists!”

Chen Shuiyuan’s heart twitched, and he immediately felt that he was in trouble.

He quickly explained: “Maybe this woman is their foreign aid! I underestimated the enemy!”

Some people immediately yelled: “Foreign aid shit! Don’t you see them rushing to shoot one by one? It means that those people are also warriors! The Blood Moon Group has this kind of ability, and can invite Huajin warriors as foreign aid! You play with us! “

Chen Shuiyuan also felt unreasonable, and suddenly looked at his daughter-in-law, “Qiu Yu, what the hell is going on! Didn’t you say that they are all ordinary people?”

And Huang Qiuyu was dumbfounded when she saw her being kicked and passed out.

What kind of woman is this!

What kind of violence is this!

She was awakened by Chen Shuiyuan, still in despair.

She muttered to herself: “Impossible, this woman looks weak and weak…”

Chapter 1179 Set Fire!

“It’s impossible for your sister! Are you trying to kill me?” Chen Shuiyuan was directly angry.

He finally invited so many people to the town, and the risk is still great.

Especially Chen Qinglin ordered Wushen not to make things big.

Now that there is a warrior on the other side, things are definitely not small.

This woman with particularly long legs is clearly above her realm.

Stronger than the Chen family present.

Although there are dozens of older members of the Chen family, it is obviously a painful price to win this woman.

Chen Shuiyuan suddenly became a little bit confused.

But at this time, Huang Qiuyu woke up and said to Chen Shuiyuan: “Husband, aren’t you very good? You have brought so many people, can’t it be that you can’t beat a woman? Fortunately, you usually brag about your Chen family. How powerful are the people. It’s a bit embarrassing to be unable to beat even women.”

This sentence instantly annoyed the brothers of the Chen family.

They stared at Huang Qiuyu fiercely one by one, “Please keep your mouth clean!”

Huang Qiuyu relied on having her husband there, and was not afraid.

She glared back and said, “Are you still men? You can’t beat a woman. If one person doesn’t work, just a group of people. Are so many of you here to watch the show?”

This is heartbreaking.

They did come to the town to watch the show.

What if I can’t beat it now?

It’s fine to be ridiculed by the other person, and ridiculed by your own.

Chen Shuiyuan was heartbroken and said to his brothers: “Brothers, my wife is right. Think about it, if we let them go so easily, they will definitely preach in Fengcheng that they have defeated us. In this way, it is really making things worse. Now we have no choice. Only when all these people at the scene get down, our Chen family’s face will not be lost!”

These people in the Chen family are all wine and meat brothers, and there are few clever ones.

Under Chen Shuiyuan’s fanfare, they all nodded and agreed.

Face is the most important when walking in the arena.

“You don’t want the shame of being on your head by a woman on your back in this life! Let’s go together! I don’t believe it and can’t take a woman!” Chen Shuiyuan saw that this trick worked, and continued to incite everyone.

But someone asked in a low voice, “Are you sure they only have one chemist? Just now many of them are vying to come out.”

This sentence struck again.

Chen Shuiyuan broke the boat and broke the boat to the end.

“Hmph, you don’t want to think about the unattainable character of Huajinwu. How many Huajinwu players in our entire Fengcheng? They must have just checked out a play just to humiliate us. This woman must be It is the most powerful among them. We should not be afraid of the others!” Chen Shuiyuan said.

“That’s it.” Everyone nodded stupidly.

“Brothers! Come with me! Another day, I will have a good wine, meat, and a good woman please!” Chen Shuiyuan said, rushing out immediately.

The other people were instigated and rushed out.


Looking at the people rolling over from the opposite side, Fury was overjoyed.

It’s been a long time since there has been a happy fight.

He shouted to the men behind him: “Don’t you guys, we’ll be enough. Have fun!”

“That’s what I meant!” God of Fortune also rushed out.

Chen Shuiyuan was delighted to see that only four people from the other side appeared.

It seems that everyone else is soy sauce.

Only these four people are truly threatened.

Four people match up to seventy or eighty people, and you don’t need to watch the ending.

“Boom boom!”

Chen Shuiyuan didn’t even finish thinking about it, and he heard a sound of meat ahead!

It was suddenly dark in front of him, and he hurried to hide away.

When he looked around in shock, he was suddenly speechless!

The one who flew back just now is surprisingly one of his own brothers!

He looked forward again, and suddenly he felt a tingling scalp!

What kind of evil are these people!

I saw a middle-aged man with both hands from his shoulders, pulling out two bones?

There is still golden light on the bones?

What the hell is this!

Then the chubby fat man, the abacus in his hand suddenly turned into two sharp thorns, the abacus beads were flying in the sky, and no one was allowed to get close!

What made Chen Shuiyuan’s heart palpitating even more was that a beautiful woman, as the battle progressed, a fascinating red flower tattoo gradually appeared on her eyebrows!

This red flower tattoo slowly spread along her eyebrows toward her cheeks and collarbone. After a while, her arm was also wrapped in a monster tattoo!

What’s this all about!

Are the three of them human!

In the field, on the contrary, it was the long-legged woman who took the first shot and was considered by Chen Shuiyuan to be the strongest.

But she is too strong!

My brothers rushed up, and there was no one who could get close.

As soon as she got close, she was bombarded by her long legs so that she no longer knew her!

In just a few minutes, his brothers lost more than a dozen!

No way!

Can’t go on like this!

Chen Shuiyuan hid behind, carefully observing the situation.

He is already riding a tiger.

These people were incited by him.

Seventy to eighty people beat four people. If they still couldn’t beat them, it would be even more embarrassing to spread.

Brother Chen will never let him go!

Thinking of Brother Chen, Chen Shui could not help but feel lucky, but fortunately he found him a woman.

Otherwise, Brother Chen must have heard such a big movement in the car.

We must find the flaws, I don’t believe they have no flaws!

Chen Shuiyuan resisted the panic in his heart and observed it carefully.

The long-legged woman is still the highest combat power, I am afraid I can’t find her to start.

The woman who looks like a fairy with tattoos all over her body is obviously not a good stubble, and her strength seems to be close to that of a long-legged woman, and the tattoos are too weird to break through easily.

Fatty’s golden abacus and beads were flying all over the sky, and he could no longer get close.

As for the middle-aged man with two wooden bones in his hand, he seems to be very irritable and the most ruthless one…

Chen Shuiyuan felt a little depressed when he thought about this.

In particular, none of the four can make a breakthrough!

How to fight this!

When he was anxious, his eyes suddenly swept across the back of the battlefield.

A flash of light suddenly crossed his head!

He was excited all over!

I almost went astray!

These four people can’t break through, but there are more than four opponents!

Others can do whatever they want!

Suddenly his eyes fixed on the person opposite, and he shouted sternly: “Listen to me! These four people should not be in direct confrontation! We will keep some people to hold them, and others will listen to my orders!”

“Catch the thieves first! Have you seen the young man standing in front behind them? He is a member of the Blood Moon Group. He didn’t make any moves, which means he can’t use martial arts!”

“Everyone gathers the fire together with me and takes him away! This game will be stable!”

Chapter 1180

In Chen Shuiyuan’s view, this trick of his own was absolutely perfect.

Live towards death, turn defeat into victory!

He knew from his wife that the young man who humiliated his wife was the boss behind the Blood Moon Group.

Now I saw that the boss had been behind and dared not come closer, and decisively concluded that the boss was not capable of martial arts.

So catch the thief first and catch the king.

As long as this young man is taken down, the four enchanting evildoers who are killing the Quartet will definitely be caught!

With Chen Shuiyuan’s shout, there was a brief silence at the scene.

Not only the brothers from the Chen family were stunned, but even Mulan was stunned.

The two sides paused briefly.

The members of the Chen family were stunned, naturally because Chen Shuiyuan’s unexpected move was unexpected, and they were a bit unable to turn it around.

But Mulan was stunned, which was meaningful.

Ho Ho, this idiot’s eyes are really venomous.

At a glance, the person with the strongest combat power in the audience will be matched, and the fire will be concentrated?

Interesting, interesting!

Mulan was anxious that Wiliam, the little bastard, would do anything. She exchanged glances with the other three.

I found that each other’s eyes were exactly the same…

As a result, the four people made a way out of the way in a tacit understanding.

It feels like asking you to enter the urn.

When Chen Shuiyuan saw that the four of them gave way directly, his heart shook!

Did you guess wrong?

Was there an ambush in the past?

“Wait!” Chen Shuiyuan shouted decisively.

The brothers are dumbfounded again.

What is going on?

The fire will be gathered for a while, and then will be stopped?

Up or not?

Chen Shuiyuan stared straight at the four people, wanting to see what they were doing.

Mulan was anxious. Seeing that she had given way and the other party could not make it, she shouted: “Hey! Will you gather the fire? If you don’t gather the fire, we’ll beat you up! The old lady who doesn’t count is the most despised!”

Chen Shuiyuan’s head buzzed again.

Blame me for this?

There is a doubt in his heart that he still does not understand.

That young man is obviously the boss of the Blood Moon Group. Isn’t it wrong?

And the four people in front of them are also high-level members of the Blood Moon Group, is this also wrong?

Then the four of Mao wanted to focus on their boss when they heard that they were more excited than their own?

As if wishing this kind of thing happened immediately?

Are they messy inside?

Four people want to usurp the throne?

Chen Shuiyuan felt that his head was a little big, and he didn’t know what to do to decide.

“Damn! Don’t set the fire, let’s set the fire, you!” Mulan got up with a violent temper and was about to rush towards Chen Shuiyuan.

This made Chen Shuiyuan’s whole person bad.

His head was stunned, and he shouted directly: “Catch the thief first, capture the king!”

What an international joke!

Set fire to yourself!

Afraid to have no love for this world?

After the brothers of the Chen family had cleared their mission, they instantly rushed towards Wiliam’s direction.

A weird smile appeared on Mulan’s face suddenly, “This is good.”

As they spoke, the four of them gave up another way.

At the end of the road is Wiliam.

Wiliam looked helplessly at the Chen family’s brothers rushing over, and couldn’t help but complain to Feliicity: “Inadvertently making friends really kills people. Who are the people I know? One by one, they let me go. In the eyes?”

Feliicity chuckled, but secretly tricked him and pushed Wiliam hard.

Wiliam was immediately arched out.

His whole person is not good.

It’s okay to make friends carelessly, how can you break a wife carelessly? Wait online!

However, since he was arched out, Wiliam also faced the problem squarely.

Wiliam had seen it just now, these people couldn’t even beat Mulan, their strength was only under the energies.

This amount of skill was no threat to Wiliam now.

The brothers of the Chen family were overjoyed when he saw Wiliam slowly walk over, with no one to help him.

Take him down!

But Chen Shuiyuan fell in the end, still observing the situation.

He saw that Wiliam was pushed out as a scumbag for the dead ghost, he laughed loudly, “Hahaha! As the saying goes! The one who wins the way is more help! The one who loses the way is few! Boy, today you ended up betrayed by everyone. You take the blame! You can’t blame us!”

Wiliam raised his brows and smiled faintly: “You have a good literary talent.”

As he spoke, his footsteps suddenly stomped on the ground.


Suddenly a slight tremor came from the ground. The person rushing to the front, as if being overturned by a silent wave, fell directly to the ground.

The others were obviously uncomfortable, and they covered their hearts one by one, looking at the young man in disbelief.

What happened to the tremor just now!

Why is there a palpitating feeling!

They didn’t think that this was something the young man could do.

Chen Shuiyuan’s eyes widened, and he wanted to search around to see if someone was secretly helping this kid.

However, the four people headed by Mulan, with their hands behind their backs, were obviously watching a good show.

They did not do it.

Who would it be?

At this time, Wiliam stepped out again!


Like the pulsation of the earth!

A powerful wave of air swept over everyone again.

At this moment, everyone saw it clearly and felt it!

A terrifying coercion is slowly emerging from the young man in front of him!

The trembling sound of the rumbling ground just now was obviously caused by this kid.

Chen Shuiyuan’s eyes became round!

A thought came out quickly in his heart!

This kid turned out to be a martial artist!

He is hiding too deep!

“Quick! Quickly kill him!” Chen Shuiyuan felt deceived and was very upset.

Those people rushed towards Wiliam again.

This time, close at hand!

However, only when you are close at hand can you feel more truly, the closer you are to him, the closer you are to death!

“Boom!” Wiliam stomped on the ground!

He was close to a dozen people, couldn’t even stand firmly, and fell directly to the ground.

At this moment, Chen Shuiyuan was finally not calm!

This young man, just walking, is so coercive!

Let everyone even have the power to fight back!

It can be said that with one person, everyone in the audience was suppressed!

His strength is even higher than the previous four!

This thought scared Chen Shuiyuan!

The thought of capturing the thief and the king just now was like a ridiculous joke circling in his head!


I thought this kid was a soft persimmon, so he could handle it at will!

As a result, the strength of this kid is even stronger than the others!

This is a soft persimmon?

This is hard stubble!

Judging from the hand he just revealed, I am afraid that he alone is enough to destroy everyone in the audience!

Chen Shuiyuan’s face was extremely pale. He looked at Wiliam who was walking with a strange rhythm, bumping and asking: “You, who are you!”

At this time, Lu Xiaoluan also stood up and said with a smile: “Well, it is the boss behind the Blood Moon Group who made the mistake. But he has another identity.”

“The fourth elder of the North Lu family, Wiliam is exactly!”

Chapter 1181

The fourth elder of the North Lu family!


These words, like a thunderstorm, blasted into everyone’s ears.

One by one, they were dumbfounded!

Lu Xiaoluan smiled bitterly when he saw this scene.

Wiliam, Wiliam, you brat!

Why do you avoid me in everything!

Even, you deliberately showed the strength of your four leading officers in front of me.

What are you going to do!

Lu Xiaoluan felt extremely sad.

But what shocked her most was not the strength of those four people.

With the strength of the four, only Mulan and Wen Renqin could compete with her.

What shocked her most was the strength that Wiliam showed right now.

He doesn’t do anything at all.

It’s just that between walking, it can transfer the inner strength to the ground!

Cause the ground to vibrate slightly!

To be honest, if Lu Xiaoluan is to achieve this level, she can also do it.

But it will definitely not be such an understatement like Wiliam!

Wiliam’s skills in controlling his vigor were too strong.

It seems that he is Qi Jin himself!


Lu Xiaoluan recalled the feeling that Xia Wiliam had just controlled his energy.

Internal strength Xuanjin!

In this world, I am afraid that only inner strength Xuanjin can do such practice makes perfect!

Lu Xiaoluan was shocked by his own guess!

This kid won’t also awaken the inner strength profound energy, right?

Damn it!

He is hiding too deep!

Lu Xiaoluan had only fought against Wiliam once before.

That time, Lu Xiaoluan’s unfavorable internal strength, Bing Binglin, had no use in front of Wiliam.

There was even an illusion of surrendering to Wiliam.

At that time, there was no way to detect the depth and true strength of this kid.

And today, it is so again!

He just showed the strength that seemed to be the tip of the iceberg, and these inner strength martial artists couldn’t hold it.

What is his strength!

What is his inner strength profound energy!

What does he want to do!

For a time, Wiliam became more and more mysterious in Lu Xiaoluan’s heart.

This kind of mystery made Lu Xiaoluan want to attack Wiliam immediately, so as to continue to test the height of this kid!

At the scene, what was more shocking than Lu Xiaoluan was naturally Chen Shuiyuan and his group.

Their heads are buzzing with only a few words.

The fourth elder of the North Lu family, Wiliam.

Every word!

These are their taboos and nightmares these days!

In the past two days, they have heard of this title, this name from Chen Qinglin’s mouth more than once!

They are unforgettable!

Now in this suburban area, they have heard nightmarish names again. How are they not shocked!

They couldn’t help but look at this person whom Chen Qinglin regarded as a great enemy.

Really young!

Before, Chen Qinglin only said that his medical skills were so strong, but he was so strong in martial arts!

Doctor and martial artist, is this kid a human?

And the medical martial arts have been cultivated to the point where people can stand up to their feet, which is even more shocking!

But they still have an emotion, more than shock!

That is regret!

Even fear!

Since Chen Qinglin’s three orders and five Shens are not allowed to offend the Fourth Elder, what is their action tonight?

Conflicted directly with the Four Elders?

Chen Qinglin is afraid to kill them!

Thinking of this, these rough men looked at Chen Shuiyuan together!

There are ten thousand reasons in his eyes that cannot be said!

Chen Shuiyuan was shaking.

He had no idea that this young man who was seriously underestimated by him would be the fourth elder of the North Lu family.

How could they provoke this man who made Chen Qinglin gritted his teeth but was helpless?

Chen Shuiyuan was terrified!

He was only here to help his wife stand up.

When I left, I promised Chen Qinglin that I wouldn’t mess up the matter.

Is it okay now?

He directly offended King Yama directly.

If Chen Qinglin knows this, he still doesn’t know how to die!

Chen Shuiyuan saw that everyone was blaming himself, and immediately lost all his opinions.

He couldn’t help but look at Huang Qiuyu, “Qiuyu! Tell me what is going on! How could he be the fourth elder of the North Lu family!”

Huang Qiuyu was also dumbfounded.

How many identities does this young man have?

An extremely arrogant landlord?

The president of Blood Moon Group?

Now he has become the Fourth Elder of the North Lu Family!

This identity made her completely desperate!

If Wiliam was just a mortal person before, she wouldn’t be afraid of anything!

It’s different now!

Wiliam belongs to the Lu family in North, and she can’t afford to offend her.

What’s more, he is still an elder!

The elders of the Lu family are so young!

Faced with Chen Shuiyuan’s doubts, Huang Qiuyu was completely lost, “I, I don’t know…

“I don’t know! I don’t know! Why are you going to kill me!” Chen Shuiyuan couldn’t help but slapped Huang Qiuyu’s face with a slap!

Huang Qiushan immediately stood up and shouted: “Brother-in-law! What are you doing!”

Chen Shuiyuan kicked it directly, and yelled angrily: “It’s all because of you! I still don’t ask you for a crime! Get out of me! I’ll clean up you later!”

Huang Qiuyu covered her face, tears rolling in her eyes, “Husband! You hit me for another man!”

Lu Yeyihan, is this family sick?

What is said is always imaginative?

“Do you know who he is? We can provoke him! Believe it or not, he can pinch us to death with just one finger!” Chen Shuiyuan was almost mad at Huang Qiuyu!

He doesn’t worry about whether he will die here tonight.

After all, he also realized with hindsight that the group of opponents had no intention of killing at all.

The group of people hitting oneself is like coaxing.

What Chen Shuiyuan is afraid of now is what Chen Qinglin would think if he knew about this tonight!

How can I explain to these brothers!

“Chen Shuiyuan, you quickly resolve this matter for us! We don’t want to endure Brother Chen’s anger!” Someone immediately shouted at Chen Shuiyuan.

Chen Shuiyuan knew that this disaster could not be avoided.

He bit his scalp and walked towards Wiliam with a flattering smile on his face, “Well, hello, fourth elder! It was really the flood that washed down the Dragon King Temple, I don’t know you are here tonight In the town, isn’t this a complete split? A misunderstanding is all a misunderstanding.”

Wiliam looked at the man in front of him amused, “You can bend and stretch.”

When Chen Shuiyuan heard that there was a play, he immediately shouted to the Huang family sister and brother: “You two don’t hurry over! Kneel down and apologize to the Fourth Elder! It’s all you did!”

The faces of Huang Qiuyu and Huang Qiushan are green!

This kid humiliated them!

Now I want them to kneel and kowtow!

There are no doors!

The stubborn temper of the two came up, and they would rather die than follow!

Chen Shuiyuan was about to arrest the two of them, when a bewildered voice came not far behind him.

“Is there an earthquake just now? Is it an earthquake?”

A man walked over while lifting his pants.

Chapter 1182 Nightmare

The visitor was Chen Qinglin.

Chen Qinglin was working in the car just now, and she felt a little trembling in a daze, and the car was shaking.

This is an RV.

Chen Qinglin thought he was so powerful, he was still there.

The beauty in the car shouted, “It’s an earthquake! It’s an earthquake! Get out!”

Chen Qinglin Jiujin woke up all at once and rushed out directly.

After I went out, I saw so many people outside, my brothers were still here.

He ran over.

When Chen Shuiyuan saw Chen Qinglin coming, his face instantly paled!

That’s it!

I was seen by Brother Chen!

How can I explain to Brother Chen that the ground shaking was not because of the earthquake, but because of Wiliam.

Seeing Chen Shuiyuan’s face guilty, Chen Qinglin immediately looked forward.

At this look, his pants almost fell off.

Isn’t it his nightmare Wiliam standing not far in front of him?

How could he appear here!

“Oh, Chen Qinglin, it’s been a long time since I saw you, I thought you didn’t dare to see us in hiding.” Lu Xiaoluan said jokingly when he saw Chen Qinglin’s dull face.

Chen Qinglin’s face became even more ugly.

Isn’t he hiding from North Lu’s family, especially Wiliam!

“I, I, I…” Chen Qinglin choked for a while.

He suddenly looked at Chen Shuiyuan, “Chen Shuiyuan, what the hell is going on!”

Chen Shuiyuan looked terrified, but under Chen Qinglin’s attention, he could only tell the story.

When Chen Qinglin heard that, the whole person was not good.

“What’s so special about you telling me that you won’t mess up things, and won’t provoke the Lu family? Are you looking for death!” Chen Qinglin slapped Chen Shuiyuan’s face.

Chen Shuiyuan held his face, suffocated.

But he didn’t dare to argue.

“Who provoked them, stand up for me!” Chen Qinglin shouted again.

At this moment, he had only one thought in his mind, and that was not to provoke Wiliam completely.

Chen Shuiyuan didn’t care about anything anymore, and took Huang Qiuyu and Huang Qiushan out with one hand and threw them in front of Wiliam.

“Huang Qiuyu, apologize to me!” Chen Shuiyuan said with a cold face.

Huang Qiuyu has never seen Chen Shuiyuan’s face like this.

She was suddenly scared in her heart.

She knew who Chen Qinglin was.

Unexpectedly, the young master of the dignified Chen family would be so in awe of this kid for three points.

The fear in her heart for Wiliam grew a bit deeper.

She is also upset, why is there nothing to do!

This kid is like a dragon, how can his own kind of insects climb high!

She also knew now that her husband was completely angry.

This matter has not been handled properly, it is entirely possible that one’s own backer will fall apart!

Thinking of this, she no longer hesitated, and knelt down directly to Wiliam, and started to apologize, “Four elders, I’m sorry, we had no eyes and offended you before, please forgive me…”

Huang Qiushan was also extremely scared at the moment.

He was just a small second-generation ancestor, and in front of Chen Qinglin and especially this Wiliam, he couldn’t even count as a bug.

He followed suit and began to apologize.
Lu Yezhen answered, just looking at Chen Qinglin.

Chen Qinglin stabs his back and smirks: “Four elders, we are rude today. Your lord has a large number, so please spare me these ineffective brothers, or you see, what compensation do you need…”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “It’s not difficult to be kind to this matter today, you just need to tell me one thing honestly.”

Chen Qinglin bit his scalp and said, “Four elders, please say, I must know that everything is endless!”

Wiliam waved and called Chen Qinglin closer.

Chen Qinglin was a little frightened, but he could only pass.

Standing among the group of people headed by Wiliam, he suddenly felt like sheep had entered the wolves, shivering.

Wiliam asked, “What happened to the patients you created before?”

Chen Qinglin’s pupils shrank, “This…”

Wiliam replied directly for him: “Is it the medicine given to you by the people from Gu Huogu, the patient made?”

Chen Qinglin immediately shouted out, “How do you know!”

You know, this matter is also a very secret matter to the Chen family of Liehan.

After all, Gu Huo Gu’s reputation is very bad, it is the evil way in the eyes of everyone.

The Chen family of Liehan was really disrespectful to befriend them.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam knew it!

“So, where are the people from Guhuugu?” Wiliam asked directly the question in his mind.

At this moment, Chen Qinglin also got up altogether. He said: “Since the Fourth Elder already knows the existence of Guhuo Valley, and also knows that our Chen family has contacts with Guhuo Valley, then I will tell the truth and it is not against the family. Meaning. Wrong, the people from Gu Huo Valley are now at my house.”

Wiliam didn’t change his expression on the surface, but there was a slight wave in his heart.

The person who thought of Guhuo Valley was in Chen’s house at this moment.

The reason why he asked where the people from Gu Huo Valley were was because the whole matter was suspicious.

Eleven months ago, Guhuugu’s people got in touch with the Chen family. The sour period happened to be the time when his grandfather escaped from the Lu family.

Wiliam had also experienced numerous Guhuugu incidents before, and he had enough reason to believe that there was some kind of inseparable connection between Guhuugu and him.

Even Wiliam could say that along the way, he grew up with the help of Gu Huo Valley’s secret efforts.

Now that he has come here and knowing that his grandfather is dead, Wiliam has also formally begun to pay attention to the problem of Gu Huo Valley.

Maybe you can know the whereabouts of your grandfather from Guhuogu.

Seeing Wiliam’s expression indifferent, Chen Qinglin thought all this was within Wiliam’s expectations.

He sighed and continued: “Because of your appearance this time, our plan for the past ten months has been declared bankrupt. We reported this matter to Gu Huo Valley, which took it seriously and immediately sent it. A hall master comes down and is now in my house.”

Wiliam frowned slightly, and there was only one hall master.

Wiliam still knows about Guhuugu’s hall master.

When he was in Lingcheng before, he also met a hall master during the Southern Forbidden Li family battle.

One word…

“Okay, I see.” Wiliam said to Chen Qinglin lightly.

After he finished speaking, he walked forward.

But everyone in the audience looked at Wiliam in amazement, not knowing what he was going to do.

At this time, Chen Qinglin’s heart froze, this kid shouldn’t be thinking!

Sure enough, Wiliam walked halfway, suddenly turned his head and looked at Chen Qinglin.

Chen Qinglin’s scalp was numb.

Wiliam said lightly, “At this point, your family should still be asleep, right?”

Chen Qinglin set off a stormy sea in his heart.

And Wiliam suddenly smiled again, muttering to himself: “There is nothing wrong with sleeping, I will wake up.”

Chapter 1183

After this sentence, even the people of Qilinshi’s eyes widened.

The young master probably wanted to kill Liehan Chen’s family directly!


This is a super family!

Although the current Kirin momentum can compete with the Liehan Chen family, the win is still very small.

When did the young master become so impulsive.

Don’t even understand this simple calculation?

Chen Qinglin’s mouth opened, but he didn’t know what to say.

Mulan and the others rushed to Wiliam’s front and stopped Wiliam, “Young Master, do you really want to take us to Liehan Chen’s house? Think twice!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, knowing that these people in front of him were caring about him.

He said lightly: “I don’t want to take you to the Liehan Chen’s house, I want to kill the Liehan Chen’s house alone.”


Now, the audience is speechless!

Was shocked by Wiliam’s arrogant words!

He is too arrogant!

Go to Liehan Chen’s house alone!

Isn’t this looking for death!

He still has the power to overthrow the entire Liehan Chen family!

Mulan was excited, “Young Master, what on earth are you going to do! Didn’t you go to death like this!”

Instead, Wiliam smiled and said, “I’ll take you there to find death. But if I go by myself, it will be very safe.”

Mulan and others’ heads buzzed.

What the hell is this?

If there are too many people, it is a dead end, but he is safe alone?

Wiliam explained with a smile: “Judging from the performance of the Chen family just now, they were very taboo against the Lu Family, or the Fourth Elders of me. They kept avoiding me and didn’t conflict with me. So I went by alone. If it is, it can represent the identity of the four elders. They dare not directly attack me. After all, they have to consider the big backstage of the Lu family. But with your words, the meaning has changed. Not only can it not represent the Lu family, but so many people have passed. It will inevitably cause intense struggles in the Chen family, so if I go alone, it will be safe, understand?”

Everyone was at a loss.

There seems to be such a point.

Seeing that everyone was still ignorant, Wiliam said with a smile: “Moreover, I used to find the Gu Huo Valley’s hall master, not to conflict with the Chen family. If I infer the relationship between Gu Huo Gu and the Chen family, it is also wrong. It’s very subtle. The Chen family would rather sit on the hill and watch the tiger fight. We lose both and they are most happy to see the result. Therefore, I was safe in the past.”

Everyone now understood.

Lu Xiaoluan stared at the landing leaf deeply, already completely unable to complain.

This kid has counted all factors into account.

The subtle relationship between the Lu family and the Chen family, the subtle relationship between the Chen family and Gu Huogu.

He was dealing with these relationships, but he was able to get the most out of them.

Over the past ten years, Wiliam has become more intelligent and close to the demon.

“Well, young master, then you must pay attention to safety when you go.” Mulan was helpless in the end, she knew that the decision Wiliam made would normally not change.

And Mulan was even more convinced that the decisions Wiliam made were generally correct.
Just as Wiliam was about to move forward, he suddenly fixed his gaze on a place, pondered, and said, “Feliicity, do you want to go with me?”

What he hopes is his love of this life, Feliicity.

Feliicity was originally standing behind the crowd, her head drooping a little.

Until she heard Wiliam’s words, she lifted her head up, her eyes seemed to flicker.

She looked at Wiliam in surprise, “Is it really possible?”

Feliicity’s mood at the moment was extremely excited.

She has always existed beside Wiliam as a weak person.

It used to be like this, Wiliam sheltered her from wind and rain.

This is still the case now, even if she now has a strange bloodline, Wiliam still has an insurmountable sense of powerlessness in her heart.

Therefore, when Wiliam said that he wanted to go to Chen’s house alone, Feliicity felt very sad.

Everything can only be the same as before. You can only watch Wiliam charge for the battle. Is there nothing he can do?

Until Wiliam asked these words, the sadness in her heart was completely removed.

Wiliam walked over, took Feliicity’s hand gently, and said, “I think you want to be with me in the world, right? We want to be together.”

Feliicity’s eyes turned red when she heard this.

She nodded heavily, “Hmm!”

Yes it is!

I want to travel the world together!

Want to share joys and sorrows together!

I don’t want all the weight to be burdened by this stupid husband!

I don’t want all the blood and tears to be shed by the silly husband alone!

I want to stay together forever!

“Let’s go.”

Wiliam just took Feliicity’s hand and walked forward.

Mulan and others were speechless for a while.

People stand on the side, dog food is coming from the sky?

What about a good person?

Just like that, Wiliam walked slowly holding Feliicity’s hand under everyone’s eyes.

No one stopped, no one talked.

It seems that the whole world is witnessing the birth of a pair of knights.

Until Wiliam stopped in front of a person.

Huang Qiushan.

Huang Qiushan didn’t know why Wiliam stopped in front of him.

He shivered a little.

The boy in front of him was the poor boy in his eyes when he came here.

What else would he dare to say?

On the contrary, Wiliam said to Huang Qiushan, “Do you know how the Liehan Chen family left?”

Huang Qiushan was taken aback, but nodded.

What does this mean?

Wiliam continued, “Do you mind, let’s rub your car again?”

“Huh?” Huang Qiushan was completely confused.

Wiliam smiled and said, “After all, what you said was wrong. The car you just bought is really comfortable to sit in.”

These words embarrassed Huang Qiushan.

Before, he deliberately said that his million-dollar Mercedes was sitting comfortably in order to show off his wealth in front of Wiliam.

But now that the kid brought up the topic again, he was so ashamed that he was buried in the ground.

Ten billionaires, or the four elders of a wealthy family, what glory and wealth have you ever enjoyed?

Didn’t you say this to kill him…

“Go drive,” Wiliam said.

Huang Qiushan had no idea how he got to the car.

He didn’t react until Wiliam and Feliicity got into his car.

The world has changed.

The same car was on the road coming and going, and the identities of the three people in the front and back of the car had undergone earth-shaking changes.

He drove the car blankly and drove Wiliam to the door of Liehan Chen’s house.

Wiliam got out of the car and said with a smile: “Then it’s hard for you to wait here for a while, it won’t be long.”

Huang Qiushan felt that he had become a shivering and adorable new driver.

Wiliam just took Feliicity’s hand and stood at the closed door of the Chen family of Liehan.

Suddenly he lifted his foot, and the heavy door crashed!

“Wiliam, come to ask questions!”

“Auntie goes to the meeting, idlers avoid!”

Chapter 1184

In the chamber of the Chen family of Liehan, a dozen people are sitting right now.

Chen Duobao, the head of the Chen family, stared sternly at a young man in black.

This young man is exactly Zhao Qirui, the newly promoted hall master of Guhuugu.

Still waiting for Chen Duobao to speak, he heard a loud noise outside.

Then a vague voice came.

The Chen family’s complexion tightened, and they all looked at Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao frowned, his body rushing towards the door like an emergency!

Others also set off.

For a time, the sound of breaking the wind was endless.

Only Zhao Qirui was still sitting in the chair, drinking tea leisurely.

When Chen Duobao reached the gate, many people were already standing in the courtyard.

These people are the elite of the Liehan Chen family.

The Chen family is also one of the best in Fengcheng.

Now that someone kicks the door, can you bear it?

And everyone can see clearly that the one who kicked the door was a young man with a flowery woman standing beside him.


The two young men dared to break into the house of Liehan Chen!

Afraid of a newborn calf, not a tiger!

Some people are not so popular, so I have to rush forward and teach these two people again.

But at this time, Chen Duobao called out, “Stop!”

Everyone looked at Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao stared straight at Wiliam and Feliicity, his heart turned back and forth.

“Patriarch! These two dogs, who don’t know good or bad, kicked our door flying. Can you bear this?”

“It’s just two hairy boys. Are we still afraid of the Chen family?”

Everyone said to Chen Duobao.

However, Chen Duobao whispered to the surrounding elders: “Look, according to my observation, these two people are young, no matter how high their martial arts is! And there are only two of them, just Dare to break into our Chen family, what does this show?”

Several elders said one after another: “It shows that they are seeking their own death!”

But Chen Duobao shook his head and said, “You are young, poor in martial arts, and have no helpers. This is a complete disadvantage! But the lives are greater than the sky, are they fools?”

“Patriarch, what do you want to say?” The elders had an ominous premonition in their hearts.

Chen Duobao said with a serious face: “You are stupid! It means that they must be extraordinary! Otherwise, how could they break into us directly! How I usually teach you! Don’t act rashly!”

Several elders of the Chen family cried directly.

Sure enough!

Patriarch’s problem is committed again!

One of the elders said bitterly: “Patriarch, can you change your cautious problem? You are too cautious!”

In their hearts, Patriarch Chen Duobao is a rather contradictory person.

He is a genius, and his martial arts has reached the perfection!

Logically speaking, looking at the entire Fengcheng, except for the old monsters of the North Lu family, almost no one is Chen Duobao’s opponent.

Coupled with the identity of his Patriarch, he can walk sideways in Fengcheng.

Even to say something cruel, he can be a dead man!

However, there are two fatal problems with such a talented person!
One of the most criticized faults is that they are too ambitious!

To put it nicely, it’s called thinking and acting carefully!

But the awkward thing is that you are afraid of wolves and tigers.

It is enough to be a master of Huajin Consummation, just like a grandson!

Just like now, it was obvious that two hairy boys broke in to make a mess, and they just had to teach them casually.

The owner of the family was so aggressive that he frightened the Mao Tou boy.

After listening to the elders, Chen Duobao said with an unpleasant expression: “How many times have I taught you? Why don’t you know how to grow! If our martial arts practitioners are not calm, how can we live until now! Just like me, If you don’t act cautiously, how can you develop your skills now!”

The people of the Chen family seemed to have a stone in their hearts.

They really want to say, Patriarch, if you are meticulous, it will not end at your current state!

But they dare not say.

Because they knew that Chen Duobao was too obsessed, and his obsession was too deep to be reversed.

“You listen to me.” Chen Duobao confessed, and stepped forward, arching his hands towards Wiliam and said, “I am Chen Duobao, the head of the Chen family. I don’t know who the little brother is?

Wiliam naturally listened to what Chen Duobao said just now.

He was funny.

Unexpectedly, the Patriarch of the Chen family has such a rigorous personality.

This was beyond Wiliam’s expectation.

Only if this is the case, it further verified Wiliam’s previous guess.

The Chen family dared not do anything casually.

Wiliam said lightly: “Wiliam.”

Chen Duobao frowned slightly, “Wiliam? Is this name a bit familiar?”

The elder behind was almost crying!

“Patriarch, Wiliam! It’s Wiliam! Isn’t it the Wiliam you’ve been thinking about these past two days, the newly promoted Fourth Elder of the Lu Family in North!”

This elder is complaining in his heart, just go ahead, dare to have a better memory!

Just your memory, how did you come over so many years!

“Fuck!” Chen Duobao was reminded and shouted directly.

After shouting, he felt disrespectful, and quickly said with a smile: “So you are the fourth elder of the North Lu family! These two days have been a sensation in the city! I don’t know the fourth elder came to our Chen family late at night, what is the so-called? Is it to ask us sin?”

The Chen family lowered their heads again.

Patriarch, you are the Patriarch of the Chen Family. In theory, you are higher than others!

Why don’t we lower our stance and make our Chen family embarrassed like a dog!

Wiliam said indifferently: “I have no grievances and no grudges against you, the Chen family of Han Chen. Naturally, I didn’t come to you to seek revenge. I have also investigated the matter of sending patients to you before. I came here just to find someone. The Guhuo Valley Hall Master in your house!”

Everyone’s breathing is stagnant!

Good boy, it turned out to be the one who came to provoke Guhuugu!

It’s so bold.

However, Chen Duobao came out in ecstasy, “It’s not good to come to us to seek revenge. We have been reflecting on ourselves in the past two days, and learned from the pain…”

“I don’t know where the hall master is now?” Wiliam didn’t want to listen to Chen Duobao’s trash talk.

“He is in our lobby now! I’ll invite you over here!” Chen Duobao said almost without thinking.

He was too excited, not to trouble him and the Chen family, that’s it.

Fully in line with his temperament.

“Four elders, please wait a moment.” He said, and the soldiers walked back, preparing to invite Zhao Qirui in person.

The Chen family were simply speechless.

Patriarch, you are too humble to do so.

But Chen Duobao didn’t realize anything wrong.

He walked two steps, then suddenly turned around, his face was complicated, as if he was full of thoughts.

“I don’t know what else Patriarch Chen has to ask?” Wiliam asked actively.

Chen Duobao pondered for a moment, and finally summoned the courage to ask, “I don’t know what the honorable status of the woman next to you is? She can come with you, she must be exceptional, right?”

Chapter 1185

The Chen family is really going to cry.

It’s too much, Gouda can’t stand it anymore.

Even the woman next to Wiliam didn’t let it go!

The femininity is soft and weak, and she looks like a small vase.

It was just the female family that Wiliam brought over.

What is there to ask!

Isn’t it shameful?

Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao amused, and said lightly: “She is my wife.”

When everyone heard it, they all looked at Chen Duobao, with only one sentence in their eyes!

Look, it is so!

But the next second, Wiliam said casually: “As for other identities, she is still a member of the medicine knife family.”

All of a sudden, the audience took a breath!

People from the medicine knife family!

This small vase turned out to belong to the medicine knife family!

So scared!

Chen Duobao was even more excited now, and couldn’t help but give the Chen family a look back!

Look, it is so!

If it weren’t for Laozi’s thoughtful and steady question, do you know this secret?

Isn’t it good to be cautious?

Everyone gave a thumbs up to Chen Duobao, indicating that the Patriarch is mighty, and the luck is extraordinary!

“It turns out to be the clerk of the medicine knife family, Chen is disrespectful and disrespectful! You guys, don’t worry, I’ll go and ask the hall master of Guhuogu!” Chen Duobao said, walking backwards faster.

Several elders followed one after another, with a look of confusion and said: “Patriarch, are you afraid to offend the people of Guhuogu by doing this! You know, you are by them…”

Chen Duobao glared at the elders and whispered: “You are getting better and better. How come you become an elder?”

The elders looked at each other and wanted to say that we wanted to know how you became the head of the family.

“The two people in front of us are very clear that we can’t afford to provoke them!” Chen Duobao said.

The cheeks of the elders twitched.

Actually, I can’t afford it…

It’s you who keep…

“As for Gu Huogu, you have seen that Zhao Qirui just now. It is very arrogant. Do you hate him?” Chen Duobao asked.

Several elders all said, “It’s disgusting!”

Chen Duobao smiled and said: “This is not right, I hate him too, but unfortunately he has a backing, and we can’t move. Isn’t it the best opportunity now? Let’s just take Zhao Qirui out and let the two groups go. Fighting for life and death, we just sit on the sidelines and watch the tiger fight. Are you unhappy?”

Several elders have black lines. The reason is such a reason, and it is also in line with the temperament of the Patriarch Gouligou.

But to do so, after all, is decent.

After all, the people in Guhuo Valley are guests. Have they pushed the guests directly to block guns?

“Also, just now we didn’t know how to explain to Zhao Qirui that the patient’s treatment plan failed. Isn’t it a good opportunity now? The four elders are the biggest factor that caused our plan to fail, so let’s take the four elders out. They are definitely jealous when their enemies meet each other.” Chen Duobao added.

Several elders almost knelt to the Patriarch.

What a thoughtful one!

What a trick to kill with a knife!

“You’ll still listen to me later!” Chen Duobao confessed again, and then led them into the discussion hall.
In the discussion hall, Zhao Qirui was still drinking tea, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Seeing Chen Duobao coming in, he asked arrogantly: “Patriarch Chen, why? It’s late in the night when someone comes to kick the pavilion? Is there someone from your Chen family who comes to provoke you?”

Chen Duobao was not ashamed but proud, and said with a smile: “Yes, two people came outside, but this matter has something to do with our Chen family, but it has something to do with you.”

Zhao Qirui raised his eyebrows, “Oh? It has something to do with me?”

Chen Duobao respectfully said: “Didn’t you ask about the main reason for the failure of this plan? I can tell you now. It is because a newly promoted fourth elder of the Lu family is making trouble. In order to explain it to you personally, I The four elders were brought here specially, you can ask them yourself.”

These words made the faces of the elders behind them all pale.

The main face of the family?

I’m afraid I won’t.

They obviously came to provoke them, but now they are brought over by something like you?

I really put gold on my face.

Chen Duobao seemed to feel the grievances of the elders behind him, and turned around and whispered, “Why don’t you have to face it? It’s not easy to be natural!”

The faces of several elders moved with blue veins, so you know that the owner of the family also knows you.

“Really! Okay, I will personally see what is sacred and can break the strange poison of my sacred valley!” Zhao Qirui said disdainfully, standing up and walking outside.

As he walked, he threw a sentence, “Lehan Chen Family, you guys, shameful things, nothing can be done well, a bunch of waste.”

The expressions of several elders in the Chen family changed drastically. Can you tolerate humiliation in person?

Chen Duobao told several elders with facts, he can bear it!

He grabbed the shoulders of several elders and motioned everyone not to act rashly, “I’ll say this is annoying! Don’t act rashly! Let me do it!”

Several elders have been tempered by listening to me so many times.

Well, I listen to Lord Gou!

Zhao Qirui walked ahead, disdainful in her heart.

Zhao Qirui is only in his thirties this year.

His realm was at the peak of Huajin Xiaocheng, and he was one step closer to the realm of Huajin Dacheng.

Gu Huo Gu Li is also a master of the younger generation.

From an early age, it has been smooth and smooth, which has created his arrogant character.

A while ago, there was a hall master who died on Ling Cheng’s side just now.

Zhao Qirui took advantage of this rare opportunity to fly and became the youngest hall master in Guhuo Valley.

Being in an important position at a young age gave him a sense of heroism that he looked at the world as a slave.

One of his most important tasks at this time was to follow the arrangements of the Valley Master and approach the Chen family of Liehan to deal with the Lu family of North.

Unexpectedly, the Liehan Chen family was embarrassed and used it so much that he directly aborted his plan.

Now Zhao Qirui wants to see for himself, what does the person who can decipher Guhugu’s poison look like?

He walked into the courtyard and moved away from the Chen family at will.

Then, looking around, there was only one man and one woman standing not far in front of him.

The man is very young and looks like a fledgling man.

However, seeing the awe of the people around him, he couldn’t help laughing.

In his heart, the person who can be the elder of Beiluolu must be a man with a big beard, is it the kid in front of him?

Zhao Qirui pointed to Wiliam, looked at the Liehan Chen family mockingly, and said, “Are you trying to tell me that the young silly boy in front of me is the fourth elder of the North Lu family?”

Chapter 1186

Everyone at the scene nodded in unison.

Zhao Qirui smiled more presumptuously.


Liehan Chen family, you are so self-willed to fall.

Even a stinky hairy kid makes you so in awe, what kind of climate can you become!

He looked at Wiliam and asked, “Boy, it’s you, what happened to my Gu Huo Valley?”

Lu Yezhen answered this question, but instead asked, “Who is the Valley Master of Guhuu Valley? Where are you now?”

Zhao Qirui’s face became cold, “Want to know the whereabouts of our Valley Lord? You are afraid that you will die! If you defeat me, I will tell you!”

With that, Zhao Qirui flew up like a long eagle, heading straight towards Wiliam!

He stretched out his claws, and the sound of breaking the wind was harsh!

When the Chen family saw this scene, they took a breath.

Zhao Qirui’s strength is really not covered.

To achieve this level of cultivation at this age, I am afraid that only strange places like Guhuo Valley can produce freaks!

Although they had heard that the four elders also had some martial arts, after all, they had not seen it with their own eyes.

What’s more, Wiliam’s fame is entirely based on medical skills.

Now that Zhao Qirui took it directly, everyone couldn’t help but worry about Wiliam.

Chen Duobao couldn’t help sighing quietly behind him: “What a powerful young man! Let me just say, we shouldn’t do something with him.”

At this time, the elders beside him couldn’t help but said directly: “Patriarch, this skill is nothing in your eyes? It is not a problem if you kill directly. On the contrary, you have been too cautious and are not afraid of raising A tiger is in trouble, this person will have a higher realm in the future, and even more prestige?”

Chen Duobao choked for a while, but he couldn’t find a point of refutation.

He immediately changed the subject, “Look! The fourth elders are bad!”

Sure enough, when everyone looked around, they saw that Wiliam didn’t avoid Zhao Qirui’s claw.

It wasn’t until Zhao Qirui’s claws got close that Wiliam stretched out his fist. He actually fisted the claws, planning to have a head-on!


There was a sound of meat, and a fierce vigor swept the audience instantly!

Wiliam’s body took three steps back, but Zhao Qirui’s body was clearly rushing forward, and it was logically stronger.

But under Wiliam’s punch, he was actually beaten back by two steps.

In this first fight, even Zhao Qirui himself was stunned.

He has always been pretentious, wanting to say that at his current age, he can reach the level of Huajin Xiaocheng Consummation, and he is no one in a million, a wizard of heaven.

And this kid is younger than him!

If you die, you just set foot on it!

At this level of difference, although Zhao Qirui hadn’t tried his best, he was confident enough to kill one.

Unexpectedly, they are evenly matched!

This greatly exceeded Zhao Qirui’s expectations.

The expression he looked at Wiliam instantly turned into a gloomy bird!

Zhao Qirui absolutely doesn’t allow it, there are people with higher martial arts talents in the world!

If it exists, destroy it yourself!

In Zhao Qirui’s heart, killing intent had already been committed.

When Chen Duobao saw this pair of fists, his eyes were full of surprise.

He thought to himself that the four elders were not only a master of medical skills, but the martial arts strength displayed now was amazing!
Even in Chen Duobao’s heart, the martial arts talents of the four elders were even more terrifying.

If you grow up like this and reach the state of Huajin Consummation, it is estimated that you don’t have to be forty years old!

Gee tut!

Nearly ten years younger than I reached this state at the beginning!


However, Chen Duobao couldn’t help but sighed.

Upon seeing this, several elders hurriedly asked: “Patriarch, what’s the matter with you? Why are you sighing?”

Chen Duobao said with a distressed look: “Seeing that the four elders have no repairs? He should have just stepped into the realm of Huajin Xiaocheng. At this age, his talent is a bit better than Zhao Qirui! But! ,what a pity!”

All the elders asked together: “What a pity?”

“Unfortunately, with such a talent for martial arts, you should learn from me, calm down, and be cautious! Why are so many amazing young people not emerging? It is because they were too impulsive and died prematurely. Think about it, The pair of punches just now fully exposed the characteristics of the four elders and was too impulsive. This kind of person has something to say, showing his strength and dying fast.” Chen Duobao couldn’t help pointing.

Several elders heard a black line.

This is the bloody nature of young people, can you even say that the bloody nature of men is good!

This is normal!

You are the greatest humiliation to a man!

Please don’t be ashamed but proud!

I’m afraid you will bring the whole young people in the family!

“I hope that next, the four elders will do their own thing.” Chen Duobao added another sentence, and the elders were speechless.

On the other side, Zhao Qirui had a murderous heart, and when he squeezed his fist, there was an explosion.

He blasted towards Wiliam again.

This time, Wiliam took it seriously.

He let Feliicity go aside first, and then rushed towards Zhao Qirui.

“Impulsive! I told the dog just now.” Chen Duobao could not help but sighed again below.

In an instant, the two had already fought together.

Zhao Qirui used it, Wiliam returned it!

Zhao Qirui went fast, Wiliam returned fast!

No matter what method Zhao Qirui wants to use to suppress Wiliam, Wiliam is like a bottomless cold pool, always able to give Zhao Qirui the heaviest counterattack on the corresponding routine!

In just one minute, the exclamation of everyone on the scene has been endless.

These exclamations were all given to Wiliam!

It’s really amazing.

Although Zhao Qirui is very powerful, compared with Wiliam, there is no more scum left by his talent.

And the Chen family hated Zhao Qirui’s arrogance.

Now that this villain was crushed to death by Wiliam, the bad breath in the hearts of the Chen family was severely relieved.

They even yelled out deliberately for disgusting Zhao Qirui, complimenting the magic of each movement of Dalu Ye.

This made Zhao Qirui’s whole person angry!

It’s already a shame to not attack a kid for a long time.

Now it is even taunted by a group of fools!

This is bearable!

He has lived for more than 30 years, and no one has dared to laugh at him like this!

This kid must die!

These people will be insulted!

Thinking of this, Zhao Qirui gave a long roar, and suddenly rushed towards the meeting hall.

Wiliam stopped in place, staring at the direction of the discussion hall.

Within ten seconds, Zhao Qirui had reappeared in the yard.

However, everyone exclaimed again, this time it was dedicated to Zhao Qirui.

There is no other reason!

Zhao Qirui actually ran into the conference hall just now to get his weapon!

Now in his two hands, each is carrying two huge meteor hammers shining with cold light!

The members of the Chen family were all shocked. If this man becomes shameless, seven or eight Chen Duobao is so embarrassing!

Chapter 1188 Hong Hong Is So Beautiful

If it was because of this demolition battle tonight, Patriarch Gou’s male bloodliness could be inspired, even if only a little bit.

The Chen family are willing to kneel down to thank God!

I saw Chen Duobao’s figure resembling electricity, and he appeared between the two at once.

How many people look up at this speed!

He suddenly grabbed Wiliam with one hand and Zhao Qirui with the other!

Everyone’s heart is stunned!

Patriarch, this is a double kill!

But in the next second, they burst into tears!

After Chen Duobao grabbed the hands of the two, the hatred on his face was swept away and he became flattering.

“Both of them are tired? Why don’t we go down for a cup of tea first, I have a good collection of tea…”

The Chen family is really going crazy.

Gou goes to the depths and licks naturally. Is this the natural law of the avenue on earth?

The hope is as great as the disappointment.

Zhao Qirui was panting at this moment, and his hands were a little trembling.

He glared at him, “Get out of here! Or even fight with you!”

“Okay!” Chen Duobao was like a second stunned child, simply incomparably, his body flew back directly, giving the space to two people to continue doing whatever they wanted.

He stepped back into the crowd, suddenly pressed his heart, took a deep breath, and muttered to himself: “Oh my god scared me to death! Fortunately, I retreated so decisively, otherwise I would get into trouble!”

The Chen family is so uncomfortable to eat shit!

Chen Duobao continued: “Anyway, the small attic has been demolished by them, just let them go. If they do, they will be retributed sooner or later, trust me!”

As he said, he handed an incomparable look at everyone, “It is the so-called cycle of heaven, and retribution is unhappy…”

“You can shut up!” An elder who was older than Chen Duobao finally couldn’t help it, and directly interrupted Chen Duobao.

Even if you don’t live up to it, you still count on Heaven to repay them?

Are you righteous?

Chen Duobao curled his lips, “You guys, it’s just too impulsive.”

At this moment, not far away, Wiliam stared at the panting Zhao Qirui, “What? Are you tired?”

Looking at Wiliam, Zhao Qirui felt even more angry!

He did a killer!

The destructive power depends on how messy the scene is!

However, this kid is like a loach, how can he not fight!

What’s more weird is that after the hoarse chase just now, Zhao Qirui himself was panting, feeling a little out of strength.

This kid feels more and more energetic, and he doesn’t breathe for a while. What’s the point of this!

In fact, Zhao Qirui had lost his sense of measure in his heart and became anxious.

And Wiliam looked indifferent.

This scene was already within his expectations.

Although Zhao Qirui took out the Meteor Hammer, it seemed majestic and destructive.

But the more majestic and prestigious, it means that Zhao Qirui has to spend more energy.

The two heavy meteor hammers are not as light as usual swords.

Sure enough, the current Zhao Qirui was even weaker than he thought.

So next…

“Huh! You kid! Wait!” Zhao Qirui suddenly turned away and went directly in the opposite direction of Wiliam!
This scene surprised everyone.

Zhao Qirui gave up Wiliam, stopped fighting, and ran away?

But in the next second, everyone knew why Zhao Qirui did this!

A person stood in the direction Zhao Qirui rushed.

A person who has been forgotten by everyone since the demolition.


Feliicity stood there independently from the beginning, and never moved.

He never showed anxious expression because Wiliam fell in the wind.

She just looked at Wiliam quietly.

In her heart, Wiliam was invincible.

There is no need to be afraid of accidents.

When everyone saw Zhao Qirui rush to Feliicity, they suddenly shouted out one by one.

“Fuck! Shameless! If you can’t beat the fourth elder, go and beat his woman! This is a man?”

“Woman, run! Don’t let this bastard succeed!”

“He is definitely someone I have seen in my life who is not a man than Chen Duobao!”

Zhao Qirui turned deaf ears at this moment.

For him, what are the rules and what is morality?

He only knows that the winner is king!

He only knows that by all means!

As long as he can suppress this damn Wiliam, he is willing to pay no matter what the price is!

The only blame is that this kid is overpowered, and he brought a woman here!

If you can catch this woman and force the kid to dictate himself, it would not be a way to save effort and worry.

Chen Duobao shouted: “No! This woman is from the medicine knife family!”

Zhao Qirui’s body stiffened slightly in mid-air.

A member of the medicine knife family?

In an instant, he weighed in his heart.

The medicine knife family is a super medical martial family, standing on the pinnacle of all the family!

In the eyes of the medicine knife family, Gu Huo Gu was nothing at all.

Gu Huogu would never dare to provoke anyone from the medicine knife family without authorization.

So, can’t you do something with this woman?

Thinking of this, Zhao Qirui felt a strong unwillingness!


Great opportunities should be wasted like this!

No matter what!

After killing these two people, the audience will be banned!

This matter must not be spread out!

Thinking of this, his body speeded up a bit, and he headed towards Feliicity!

Chen Duobao’s face turned pale!

And Wiliam behind him has been chasing after him.

However, he apparently did not do his best.

But as if waiting for some time.

Zhao Qirui stared closely at Feliicity, and suddenly sneered.

It looks like a beautiful country, but it’s a pity that it’s about to die today.

Seeing that she was so frightened that she didn’t even dare to move, her face couldn’t change.

Ho ho!

Thinking of this, Zhao Qirui shouted: “Die me!”

As he said, the meteor hammer in his hand danced again, but both iron balls smashed into Feliicity!

There was another exclamation at the scene, shouting to let Feliicity run away!

However, Feliicity has no escape.

She just stayed where she was.

No one noticed that Feliicity at this moment seemed to be a different person from her before.

The corner of her mouth suddenly showed a penetrating smile.

The beauty is breathtaking.

“What a big ball, I really like…” she muttered to herself.

Then both hands actually grabbed the flying iron ball.

Everyone was scared to numb scalp!

This woman was so young that she couldn’t tell that she was a fool!

This is looking for death!

Even the four elders did not dare to face the iron ball, so she wanted to grab it with her hands?

But the next second, everyone collapsed again.

A horrible scene appeared!

A red light suddenly flashed from Feliicity’s hand!

Then, everyone only saw Feliicity’s nails grow in the wind, and ten long and mysterious red nails grew!

Her red nails just pierced directly towards the iron ball!

Then, two iron balls were pierced by five nails!

Feliicity tried hard again, and the iron ball shattered directly!

She showed a more permeating smile, “Red, so beautiful…”

Chapter 1189

The scene, deathly silence!

Everyone just felt that their breathing would stop!

The scene just now was so incredible and shocking!

This woman who seemed the weakest in the audience destroyed Zhao Qirui’s strongest weapon with a single move!

This woman hides so deep!

Could she be the strongest in the audience?

Only Chen Duobao said triumphantly: “You see, you can never underestimate people, so you have to be cautious about doing things wrong.”

For the first time everyone felt that Patriarch Gou was too good!

Zhao Qirui watched as his Meteor Hammer was destroyed by one move, and his whole body was cracked!

He admitted that he completely underestimated the enemy!

He thought this woman didn’t know martial arts at all, just a vase!

So when he swung the two meteor hammers at Feliicity just now, he didn’t have any effort at all!

He wanted to tie up Feliicity with a meteor hammer to threaten Feliicity.

If you accidentally lose the game, you lose!

“You! You! You! How could it be!” Zhao Qirui was still in shock.

But Feliicity retracted the red nails, and said with a smile, “I like the baby who can stretch and shrink the most.”


Everyone at the scene felt like they were run over their heads by a speeding car?

This woman, the old driver is driving?

What she said about being able to stretch and shrink should refer to the meteor hammer and her nails, right?

We must be impure!

After all, she looks so innocent, it’s not like driving!

But there are a few weird people thinking that the more they grow up like this, the most exciting and deadly when driving a car!

Everyone stared at the seductive white Feliicity at the moment, and they only felt a flurry of hair in their hearts.

Feliicity with such a smile in his eyes is really terrifying!

“It turns out that my little Feliicity likes red, and also likes that can stretch and shrink, do you like this?” A calm voice sounded at the scene.

Everyone heard the reputation, but goose bumps came out again!


They were frightened by Feliicity’s claw just now, and they forgot that there was still Wiliam at the scene!

Judging from the performance just now, Wiliam was quite comfortable against Zhao Qirui.

Although he has been chased all the time, his breath is uniform and not messy.

And it’s not like his strongest strength, after all, can’t everyone’s strongest strength be surviving?

Hey, I forgot that there is such a strange existence as Chen Duobao.

In short, this kid must still have something at the bottom of the box.

Now they see it!

Under the gaze of everyone in the room, Wiliam’s body showed a thin red light.

Then, silver needles protruded from his body, forming a magical red lotus in front of him!

Chen’s scalp is numb!

What the hell is this!

Can stretch and shrink!


Feliicity smiled more coquettishly when she saw Long live Honglian, “I like it! I like it!”

Wiliam thought, this monster Long live Honglian shot towards Zhao Qirui!

Zhao Qirui almost has no time to react!

His body is about to move!

That long live red lotus seemed to bloom in the air, turning into delicate petals!

The petals plunged directly into Zhao Qirui’s body, nailing him to the ground!

Zhao Qirui suffered great pain and couldn’t help but wailed.

There was a feeling of fear in his heart suddenly.

Why does the breath of these red silver needles feel so familiar!

Like a person!

The people at the scene were dumbfounded.

The wife destroys the weapon with one move.

Husband one move to stop the gangster?

Have you all played like this?

It’s too exciting!

When everyone looked at Long Live Honglian, who was still shining red on the ground, they felt chills.

The four elders are super god!

If this thing were taken out earlier, what would happen to Zhao Qirui!

But everyone changed their minds again.

If you take it out earlier, the garbage in the small attic will continue to be disgusting.

The ending is pretty good now.

Chen Duobao kept lingering fear and said: “Look! I said these two people can’t move! I thought Zhao Qirui could frustrate the spirit of the four elders, but didn’t think that the realm of the four elders would defeat the strong with the weak, so brave. what!”

Everyone sneered at Chen Duobao’s words.

Seeing Zhao Qirui could not move, Wiliam walked towards Feliicity, “Little fool, are you tired?”

Feliicity plunged into Wiliam’s arms like a swallow returning home, and muttered, “Well, I’m tired, but so comfortable.”

What she meant was that she used her strength to fight the enemy for the first time. This trick seemed casual, but it actually consumed all her strength.

So she is so tired.

But after this battle, Feliicity felt extremely comfortable in her heart.

She found that she could protect herself, and sometimes she could even help Wiliam a little bit.

So comfortable.

But when everyone looked at the pair of mandarin ducks, they only felt that they were crushed by an old driver’s car again.

Wiliam used his avatar to give Feng Xuedu some breath to help her regain her energy, while looking at Zhao Qirui on the ground.

“You kid! Just let me go! If you dare to do something to me, Gu Huo Gu will not let you go!” Zhao Qirui shouted frantically on the ground.

But the more he moved, the deeper Long live Guren would pierce, and the more painful he would be.

Wiliam looked at Zhao Qirui condescendingly, and said coldly: “Do it with me, I can play with you, but if you move my woman, there is only a dead end!”

These words are extremely cold!

As the voice fell, Long live Honglian pierced deeper, Zhao Qirui wailed like a pig.

The members of the Chen family couldn’t help but fought a cold war, thinking silently in their hearts, dare not move, dare not move!

Even if we don’t have you, we don’t want to touch your woman!

She can stretch and shrink, which is terrible.

Men least like things that can stretch and shrink.

“I’ll ask you a few questions. If you answer me honestly, I can let you go.” Wiliam said again.

Zhao Qirui’s face became stiff and asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I said before, who is your Valley Master? Where is it now?” Wiliam asked.

Zhao Qirui directly shook his head, “I don’t know, the whereabouts of the Lord Gu is elusive, how do I know where he is. What’s more, his identity is mysterious. It is estimated that only the Deputy Gu Master can know who he is…”

Wiliam nodded, this answer was within his expectation.

He asked again: “Where is the location of your Guhuo Valley?”

Zhao Qirui’s face was flushed, and he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

It’s a bit of backbone.

Wiliam asked again, “Do you know someone named Lu Lingfeng!”

Zhao Qirui looked blank and still did not speak.

Seeing his clenched look, Lu Yezhen’s eyes showed a hint of killing intent.

But at this time, Feliicity said with a smile: “Husband, leave it to me to torture people, okay? People prefer to listen to ecstatic men calling…”

Chapter 1190 Black Gold Symbol

The people of Liehan Chen’s scalp numb at hearing, and I don’t know if this enchanting woman is telling the truth or joke.

And Zhao Qirui flushed even more, and shouted angrily: “Skills can be killed but not insulted! You kill me!”

Feliicity pursed her lips, and said, “Kill you? It’s too cheap for you.”

As she said, she was about to act on Zhao Qirui.

At this time, Wiliam stopped Feliicity.

He also has a black line.

Such Feliicity is even a little scared.

What is the name of ecstasy and dying, one day I will not fall to this point?

Wiliam was hairy when he thought of this.

Don’t encourage the unhealthy Feliicity!

He said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, no need. Although this guy has an arrogant personality, he is arrogant in his bones. If he doesn’t say it now, it is even more unlikely that a woman will be forced to say it.”

Feliicity was taken aback.

Wiliam knocked her head lightly and whispered: “Hurry up and restore me to my original appearance.”

Feliicity’s eyes were suddenly confused, and her body trembled slightly.

Then his eyes regained his clarity.

She leaned against Wiliam’s arms and looked at the scene in front of her with some surprise.

Wiliam sighed, and said to Zhao Qirui: “Today we are in a state of endless dying. You are doomed to die for my family Feliicity. Seeing that you are still a little arrogant, let you die quickly.”

With that, Wiliam was about to do it.

But at this time, a coquettish red light flashed.

Zhao Qirui’s eyebrows burst into blood, his eyes widened, but there was no sound anymore.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity in surprise.

It was Feliicity who killed someone just now!

Isn’t she still recovering?

However, with Feliicity’s eyes facing each other, Wiliam seemed to understand something.

Feliicity has returned to its original appearance.

His face was a little pale, but his eyes were extremely determined.

She gently said to Wiliam: “Let me come, I always have to be as sinful as you to be together, right?”

Wiliam rubbed this silly girl distressedly, not knowing what to say.

In order to be with herself, this girl didn’t know how much she could do that seemed impossible before.

She was so wronged.

“I’m not wronged, husband.” Feliicity said softly as if she understood Wiliam’s thoughts.

Wiliam nodded, “I understand.”

He bent down, touched the dead Zhao Qirui, and took out something from his pocket.

This is a black gold talisman, starting with a heavy hand.

On the front of the black gold talisman, there are three words Gu Huogu written, and on the back, there are also three words: Wudutang.

Wiliam thought, this black gold charm should represent Zhao Qirui’s identity as the hall master in Guhuo Valley.

He put away the black gold talisman at will, and then looked around.

There was no sound around, everyone was staring at Wiliam and talking.

Chen Duobao’s eyes flickered, and his heart was extremely shocked.

Originally, Chen Duobao printed Zhao Qirui to make them hurt each other.

Under his plan, it should be said that Zhao Qirui’s chances of winning will be much greater.

After all, Zhao Qirui’s realm is higher than Wiliam, and Guhuugu’s sign is louder than North Lu’s.

But it didn’t happen that Zhao Qirui was dead.

And died easily.

This made it difficult for Chen Duobao to sustain himself for a while.

Wiliam asked faintly: “Whose hands did this Zhao Qirui die?”

The people of Liehan Chen’s family were taken aback, only one thought in their heads.

Are you stupid?

Didn’t he die in your wife’s hands?

But Chen Duobao had instantly understood what Wiliam was talking about in his whole life.

He pretended to be confused and said, “What Zhao Qirui? Who is Zhao Qirui? Have you seen Zhao Qirui?”

After a brief astonishment, the Chen family suddenly slapped their heads.

In the part of begging to pretend to be deaf and dumb, they can’t keep up with Chen Duobao’s realm!

Wiliam clearly told everyone to shut up and was not allowed to publicize the affairs of tonight.

Unexpectedly, Chen Duobao was more determined, so he said that he didn’t know Zhao Qirui.

In this way, Zhao Qirui had never been to Liehan Chen’s house.

Naturally, the people in Guhuugu wouldn’t pursue Wiliam and the Chen family of Liehan.

Everyone gave Chen Duobao a thumbs up.

Gou is too witty!

“Okay, count me Wiliam owes you a favor. If you need anything in the future, just ask me.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Chen Duobao hurriedly smiled, “It’s easy to talk. Fourth elders, do you want to have a cup of tea together to suppress your surprise?”

When Chen Duobao said this, he was completely polite.

I think he will become a master with dignity, and more importantly, he is very cautious in this life, how could he leave the opportunity to help Wiliam.

Although Wiliam’s martial arts were good, he was far behind him after all.

Wiliam just said, “No need, too much happened tonight, my wife and I will go back first.”

As Wiliam spoke, he took Feliicity’s hand and walked slowly towards the door.

Chen Duobao was relieved to see that they were leaving.

He said to his opponents: “I don’t want to dispose of this person’s body yet, you guys, shut up all the things that happened tonight, you know?”

At this time, an elder’s expression became very strange, and he quietly approached Chen Duobao, and whispered: “Patriarch, this Zhao Qirui is dead.”

Chen Duobao raised his eyebrows, “Nonsense, I have eyes, and I want you to talk!”

The elder didn’t give up and continued: “I mean, he really died. Are there any problems?”

Chen Duobao said with a grin: “As long as we conceal this matter from the sky, even if the people in Guhuogu want to ask us that there is no evidence for our sins, what are the consequences?”

The elder said again: “Yes, but for you, does his death really have any consequences? I mean, he is really dead.”

Chen Duobao looked at the elder strangely, and asked directly: “What on earth do you want to say! If you have something to say, you can let it go! I have to see how much my darlings have been damaged! Sangkong and you Fight a puzzle!”

The elder’s face became stiff, and he murmured, Patriarch, your poor memory, why can’t it be cured?

He whispered: “Patriarch, you have forgotten that Zhao Qirui actually has another purpose in coming here…”

Chen Duobao was mentioned by these words, and suddenly his face became pale.

Indeed, Zhao Qirui came to question what happened before for a purpose.

But there is a more important purpose.

This purpose is very important to Chen Duobao!

Now, Zhao Qirui is dead!

He suddenly screamed like a pig, and directly yelled at the corpse of Zhao Qirui who was about to be carried away on the ground: “Zhao Qirui! You can’t die! What should I do if you die!”

Chapter 1191

Chen Duobao’s voice was so loud that even Wiliam, who was about to leave Chen’s house, was attracted back.

Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao curiously.

What’s the matter with this guy?

Does the house owner have any morals?

Forefoot just said that he didn’t know Zhao Qirui, and wanted to put this matter clear.

He didn’t leave Chen’s house on his hind feet, so he began to cry.

Dare to love that Zhao Qirui is your father Chen Duobao, crying so heartbreakingly!

Chen Duobao really didn’t care about anything. He hugged Zhao Qirui’s body and shook frantically, shouting: “Wake up, Zhao Qirui, what can I do if you die? I can’t live anymore!”

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at each other, and suddenly they felt goose bumps all over their bodies.

Could it be that Chen Duobao’s orientation is a bit abnormal, he has a leg with Zhao Qirui?

Otherwise, why is this so affectionate?

The faces of the Chen family also turned dark.

Although the Patriarch is talking about such a rationale, it always feels strange when he shouts out.

Wiliam folded his body and asked, “Patriarch Chen, what are you doing?”

Chen Duobao still hugged Zhao Qirui’s body and wept bitterly, as if he could not hear Wiliam’s questioning.

At this time, someone explained to Wiliam in awe: “Four elders, in fact, this is the case. Don’t think about it, let me tell you.”

After some explanation, Wiliam was instantly relieved, anyhow Chen Duobao was a normal person.

Wiliam had never understood before that the Chen family of Liehan was also a super family of martial arts, and Chen Duobao, as the head of the family, was such an old fox.

It didn’t give people a chance at all, so the Chen family was controlled by the Guhuugu people for no reason.

It turned out that eleven months ago, the Guhuugu people disguised as a businessman and came to Chen Duobao to offer a very rare thing.

Chen Duobao is a hobbyist, and when he sees that stuff, he can’t hold it at all.

Just grab the baby and appreciate it.

This is also the way of Gu Huo Valley.

It turned out that the baby was smeared with poison, and Chen Duobao loved Bao eagerly, and he was very poisoned by accident.

Gu Huogu threatened Chen Duobao to do that for them.

And Chen Duobao’s body has to be treated by Gu Huo Gu’s people every other month.

This time Zhao Qirui came here to question what happened before and why the plan failed.

On the other hand, he also came to treat Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao was extremely poisoned and regretted it. He didn’t want to be controlled by others, so he was working hard secretly.

He invited the master of the main hall to see if he could cure the sickness of the patients, but secretly he asked the master of the big hall to see if he could heal the poison on his own body.

However, it occurred to him that the poison on his body was several times more vicious than those of the patients, and the main hall owner was a little helpless.

Now that Zhao Qirui is dead, Chen Duobao’s poison is completely unsolvable.

That’s why Chen Duobao burst into tears.

After Wiliam understood this, he looked at Chen Duobao amused, “Okay, what is there to cry, a big man, or the Patriarch of the dignified Chen family, is he crying like this?”
Chen Duobao was crying, and said miserably: “You know what a fart! I was cautious all my life, but he was accidentally poisoned. This is an indelible stain on my body! Now that Zhao Qirui is dead, what can I do! You are not the person who was poisoned, so don’t talk cold words here!”

The Chen family are dumbfounded!

This is definitely the hardest thing Chen Duobao has said in these years!

Sheng Wiliam!

And Wiliam didn’t get angry, and smiled at Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao cried even more sadly when he saw that this kid was heartbroken.

At this time, someone suddenly slapped his head and said loudly: “Patriarch, these four elders are not the unparalleled medical skills among the rumored ones, can they even destroy the poison of Guhuo Valley before? Why don’t you let him take a look?”


Chen Duobao’s tears disappeared all at once.

He raised his head and stared at Wiliam.


Why have you forgotten such an important thing!

Recently this memory is really hopeless!

Isn’t there a peerless genius doctor in front of you?

Is he still crying in front of him and talking about the drug solution?

Are you stupid?

Thinking of this, Chen Duobao directly dropped the dead and thorough Zhao Qirui and walked directly towards Wiliam.

With a tear in his eyes, he put on the most respectful smile, “I’m so stupid! What do you do if you stay close and farther away! Isn’t there a famous doctor in front of me! The fourth elder is still the master of the master, I am blind and forget this. Four. Elder, you just said that you owe me a favor, can you pay me back now…”

When he said this, Chen Duobao’s heart broke down.

A few minutes ago, he still thought in his heart how he would give this kid a chance to pay back his favor.

It’s a good thing now, in less than five minutes, the favor will be withdrawn.

And Chen Duobao felt embarrassed.

After all, what Wiliam owed was petty favor, and he wanted Wiliam to help him, which was a great kindness.

How can it be compared.

Wiliam smiled disapprovingly: “So, I told you not to cry. You still don’t believe me. Come and see.”

Chen Duobao was immediately overjoyed, “Thank you four elders! As long as you can save me, I won’t wrinkle my brows in the future!”

Wiliam sneered, “Forget about it, I know your personality.”

Chen Duobao blushed, “It’s so obvious.”

Now the members of the Chen family all nodded, so obvious!

Wiliam signaled the audience to be quiet, and he concentrated on giving Chen Duobao a pulse.

The audience suddenly became quiet.

How can I know Wiliam’s pulse, it’s a full number for ten minutes.

The cold sweat on Chen Duobao’s head came out.

Before, the master of the large hall gave him a pulse, and it only took about five minutes, and then he said no.

Now Wiliam’s medical skills are better, but the time is longer.

Does this mean that there is no cure for the disease in your body?

Thinking of this, his body trembled slightly.

Wiliam seemed to know what was on his mind, and said lightly: “Take a deep breath, don’t disturb your mind, otherwise I won’t care about the diagnosis.”

Chen Duobao’s head stiffened and he quickly forced himself to calm down.

After another five minutes, Wiliam put down his hand and said, “The poison on your body looks strange, but it can still be solved.”

Chen Duobao came out in ecstasy right now, this is great news!

He laughed loudly, and began to bow to Wiliam, “Thank you four elders! Thank you four elders for saving lives!”

Wiliam Yihan said, “I can’t help yet.”

Chen Duobao happily said, “Thank you first, you can’t go wrong!”

Wiliam was speechless. Is there anyone more shameless than Chen Duobao?

At this time, Chen Duobao suddenly asked in a low voice: “The four elders, do you have one that can cure me with one stitch?”

Chapter 1192 Young People Must Know Temperance

Wiliam frowned and said unceremoniously, “Chen Patriarch, should you play a house or make a movie when you are treating an illness?”

Chen Duobao’s face stiffened slightly, and he said awkwardly: “What, I’m joking, joking.”

But Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao strangely, “Dare to love, are you guarding me?”

Chen Duobao’s thoughts were broken, his expression changed drastically, but his words were astonishing, “I have heard that the four elders are extremely intelligent, and I really can’t hide anything from you! My admiration for you…”

“You can shut up!” Lu Yezhen said angrily.

Chen Duobao touched the cold sweat on his forehead and smirked.

The reason why he proposed to let Wiliam be cured with a single needle was not to test Wiliam’s medical skills, but to prevent Wiliam.

If Wiliam were to prick a needle on him, then his life would be in Wiliam’s hands.

He is the Patriarch of the dignified Liehan Chen family, how can his body be handed over to a strange man casually?

Hey, this is a bit strange…

In short, this truth of truth, Chen Duobaogou will never be so careless in his whole life.

But after being spotted by Wiliam, he became more open. Since Wiliam knew it, he shouldn’t harm him, let alone so many people watching.

Thinking of this, Chen Duobao apologized again, “I’m sorry, the fourth elders, you also know my rigorous personality, I’m used to it carefully, don’t mind.”

Lu Yezhen said angrily: “It is a good thing to be cautious, but you are not cautious anymore, are you useless?”

All the members of the Chen family show their faces!

What they didn’t dare to say was spoken by Wiliam, so how cool is it!

Chen Duobao nodded awkwardly, “What the Fourth Elder said is that I must study hard in the future, then you see, how do I deal with my poison?”

Wiliam said faintly: “I have probably figured out the poison on your body. It is a mixture of several strange poisons, but the ratio of the poison is very clever. It takes some time. I will help you suppress the poison. Then I will give you the prescription for the first course of treatment. You will take the medicine according to the prescription. After another month, I will give you the prescription for the second course of treatment for another month, and you should be cured.”

Chen Duobao heard that although the poison would last for two months, it was a blessing in misfortune to be able to cure it.

“Thank you four elders! I am not unforgettable for your great kindness to me!” Chen Duobao thanked him cautiously.

Lu Yezheng answered, took out Long live Honglian and put a needle on Chen Duobao’s body.

Ten minutes later, Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s okay.”

Feliicity came over sensibly and gently wiped the sweat on his forehead for Wiliam.

When Chen Duobao saw Wiliam sweat, he was deeply moved.

Wiliam and Zhao Qirui were fighting just now, without breathing for a while.

He is now treating his illness, but he is sweating directly.

It can be seen that his illness is much harder than Zhao Qirui.

This kindness can’t make up for it.

Chen Duobao bowed to Wiliam again.

Wiliam waved his hand and said, “I said you remember the prescription.”

He casually said the names of some medicinal materials, and after finishing speaking, he and Feliicity moved again, “Go.”

“Send the Fourth Elders!” Chen Duobao said respectfully.

At this moment, not far from the gate of Chen’s house, a car was parked.

Huang Qiushan’s entire face was earthy, and his body was trembling.

He knew that Wiliam had entered the door of Chen’s house.

Then soon after, the Chen family was like an explosion, with roar everywhere.

It was dusty and visible to the naked eye.

Even the iconic small attic of the Chen family collapsed.

Huang Qiushan vaguely knew the importance of the small attic to the Chen family.

He thought to himself that it was Wiliam who fought a battle inside and demolished all the landmark buildings.

Can this kid come out alive?

I’m afraid I can’t?

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan felt a little excited.

He hated this kid deeply, wishing him to die in Chen’s house.

But he dare not leave now.

After all, such a loud noise was enough to prove Wiliam’s extraordinary strength.

What if Wiliam came back alive?

He remembered that when Wiliam left, he told him to wait, it wouldn’t be long.

If he leaves and provokes such a evildoer again, it is really a dead end.

Just as he was struggling, a voice suddenly came out, “Let’s go, it’s hard work.”

When he looked up, he got goose bumps all over his body.

Wiliam and Feliicity were not the ones standing in front of him.

After the earth-shattering battle just now, this kid was unscathed and even his clothes were clean!

This makes Huang Qiushan’s hair creepy!

You know, this kid broke into Chen’s house as a gun.

To coax such a big thing, to demolish people’s small attic.

Now he retreats all over!

What a tyrannical strength this should be!

He is stronger than the Chen family’s legendary Patriarch who is perfected!

Thinking of this, Huang Qiushan was even more shocked.

He wanted to find a chance to be this kid.

Thinking about it now, I’m looking for death!

It’s better to be a grandson in front of him.

Huang Qiushan quickly opened the door of the car and respectfully invited Wiliam up.

When Wiliam got home, he went straight to the room with Feliicity.

After the battle tonight, Feliicity was tired.

Wiliam was very cautious in treating Chen Duobao just now and spent a lot of energy.

He also needs rest.

When the two of them slept until dawn, they heard Lu Xiaoluan’s voice from the door, “Wiliam, Feliicity, are you up?”

Wiliam went to open the door in a daze, Lu Xiaoluan put his head in, and saw Feliicity still confused on the bed, and immediately knocked on Wiliam with a black line, “You kid, pay attention to your body! Young people must know how to control!”

Wiliam Yihan, obviously Lu Xiaoluan misunderstood.

But he refuted, just asking: “What’s wrong with the big sister, early in the morning.”

Lu Xiaoluan looked at the high-hanging sun, and forbeared the complaints in his heart, and said, “The three elders are looking for you, and all of them are in the conference hall. They want to say that you take over the affairs of the Medical Martial Palace.”

Wiliam frowned slightly, “So fast?”

Lu Xiaoluan looked upset, “The sooner, it means they have already figured out a way to deal with you! You have to be more careful in a while.”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, I will.”

He talked to Feliicity, and followed Lu Xiaoluan to the discussion hall.

At this time, Lu Xiaoluan seemed to be thinking of something, and mysteriously said to Wiliam: “By the way, did you see any strange things when you went to the Chen’s house last night?”

Wiliam was taken aback, “What’s the strange thing?”

Lu Xiaoluan lowered her voice and leaned into Wiliam’s ears and said, “I heard that in the middle of the night last night, a mysterious master went to the Chen family and fought against the Chen family for three hundred rounds. The attic is demolished! Do you see who it is?”

Chapter 1193

Wiliam had a black line and raised his eyebrows, “Who do you listen to?”

Lu Xiaoluan said with a surprised look: “You don’t know this?”

Just as Wiliam was about to speak, Lu Xiaoluan had another expression that I knew, and said, “So young people must know how to control, and don’t be locked in the room all day long.”

Wiliam was speechless on the spot.

Lu Xiaoluan continued to say as he walked: “Fengcheng had been spread in the morning. It was said that in the middle of the night, a black-clad master killed Liehan Chen’s house, slaughtered the Quartet, and collapsed the building. But touch the dragon’s scales. Although Patriarch Chen is an old dog, his strength lies there. The rabbit bites people when he is anxious. It is said that Patriarch Chen is very grumpy now.”

Wiliam just wanted to laugh when he heard it, but that Gou Shi was very grumpy?

However, Wiliam seemed to understand Chen Duobao’s intention to release this message.

Chen Duobao deliberately said that the time was later in the night, which was tantamount to directly passing away the matter of Wiliam going to Chen’s house.

Moreover, he deliberately magnified the small attic to prevent anyone from staring at places that shouldn’t be.

Worthy of being an old fox.

“What did you do last night?” Lu Xiaoluan looked at Wiliam curiously.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You blow up the small attic, don’t you know it?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned dark, and he knocked on Wiliam’s head directly, and muttered: “Don’t talk nonsense, how could it be you? It’s so beautiful.”

Wiliam sweated, “Why is it stinky?”

Lu Xiaoluan analyzed wittily: “You came back more than 11 o’clock last night, but it happened over there in the middle of the night. First of all, the time was wrong. And more importantly, Patriarch Chen is also a master of consummation, how could you possibly It will be his opponent, even if you blow up the small attic, you will never have a chance to escape when the Chen family’s Patriarch initiates a fire, but I heard that the mysterious master escaped last night. You said my analysis was correct?”

Wiliam looked strangely at Lu Xiaoluan, who thought he was very smart, what else could he say, “You breasts. Say everything right!”

Lu Xiaoluan glared at Wiliam, “I’ll play tricks! Fuck you!”

Wiliam stopped talking immediately.

When approaching the conference hall, Lu Xiaoluan pulled Wiliam back again, and said with a little worry: “They hurriedly said early in the morning that they were discussing your taking over the medical martial arts palace. There must be fraud in it. You are so smart. Can’t think of anything? Let’s take precautions in advance?”

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan with a strange look, “We?”

Lu Xiaoluan suddenly became embarrassed, a little afraid to look at Wiliam.

She didn’t know when she started, she consciously entered Wiliam’s camp and considered everything for him.

Obviously his dad is the head of the Lu family in North, and Wiliam must have come back this time because he wanted to be detrimental to the Lu family. Would this be regarded as eating outside?

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan with satisfaction, thinking that this elder sister was always righteous, she knew who was right and who was wrong, and she also knew who to stand in subconsciously.

It’s just that she will suffer a catastrophe after all.

“Let’s go, what are the tricks of those people? Let’s just follow it. It’s useless to think. Besides, the door is right here, we have no way out.” Wiliam said, pulling Lu Xiaoluan’s hand. , Strode towards the door of the discussion hall.
Lu Xiaoluan was pulled by Wiliam, his face flushed slightly, but he followed firmly.

In the deliberative hall, the three elders of the Lu family are above it, and the upper level of the Lu family is below.

When the third elder saw Wiliam coming in, his expression became joking.

It seems that today I have prepared a good show, to invite you to enter the urn.

“Four elders, you are finally here.” The elder said to Wiliam quite politely.

Although they are all elders, the great elder is obviously higher than the other elders.

Wiliam nodded, and said lightly: “Yeah.”

The elder personally invited Wiliam to a chair.

This chair sits on an equal footing with the other elders, but higher than the others.

At this point, the four elders of the Lu Family have all arrived.

But everyone’s eyes looked at Wiliam a little wrong.

Obviously he didn’t really put him in the eye.

“Four elders, two days ago, you helped our Lu family break the Chen family’s conspiracy and tricks. It can be said that you have done a great job for our Lu family. I also publicly promised that you will take over the medical martial arts palace. Our Lu family did what we said. Today is to discuss this matter with you.” The elder said kindly.

But Wiliam smiled jokingly, “Since I was asked to take over, how can I discuss it?”

Everyone’s breathing was stagnant.

Although the words are very reasonable, but publicly disobey the great elder’s kindness, but they don’t know how to praise!

The smile on the face of the elder froze instantly.

The third elder said angrily: “Four elders, please pay attention to the tone of your speech! The elder is talking to you, what is your attitude!”

The great elder stopped the third elder and said, “Third elder, don’t talk nonsense. The fourth elder has great power, and whoever has great power has a bit of personality and normal.”

Wiliam was too lazy to confuse them, and asked directly: “What to discuss, just say it.”

The third elder snorted coldly, and said: “Our North Lu family has always had a rule. Anyone who wants to take over our three halls must have great virtue and power and undergo a pre-term test. If the test fails, then I’m so sorry to prove that you are not qualified to take over the Palace of Medical Martial Arts.”

Wiliam had long known that they would try to stop him, he looked at Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart chuckles, and immediately lowered his head, as if saying that he was not looking at me or looking at me.

A guilty conscience.

But when she quietly raised her head to look at Wiliam again, her eyes met again.

Lu Xiaoluan’s whole person is not good.

She knew that Wiliam was asking herself to verify whether this rule was true or false, whether it had always been there before or was it imposed by this group of people on a whim.

But look at my old lady drying woolen yarn!

I am not yours!

In the presence of so many people, does everyone think that we are embarrassed?

The old lady is a member of the Lu family, she also wants to face!

Following Wiliam’s look, everyone looked at Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan collapsed even more.

She looked like a smashed jar, glared at Wiliam before saying, “There is indeed such a rule, but…”

When Lu Xiaoluan said this, his voice was obviously lowered, and he said with some guilty conscience: “When the elders took over the three halls, the test was generally simple, just a formality.”

The three elders immediately said in a weird manner: “Lu Xiaoluan, what you said is wrong. What kind of people are tested, our three elders are mediocre people, and the test is naturally simple.”

“But the fourth elders are people with different talents. How can they be like us, surrender their talents and seek stability, are you right, the fourth elders?”

Chapter 1194

Lu Xiaoluan blushed at the words of the third elders.


This was forcing Wiliam to wear a high hat, even at the expense of himself.

Wiliam’s talent is indeed better than others, but this cannot be the basis for him to accept more severe tests!

“You are arguing! Is Wiliam’s talented person worthy of being more guilty than others? What kind of misconception! Is there something wrong with the talent? I think you are basically a hatred of wealth mentality!” Lu Xiaoluan thought anyway. They were already regarded as Wiliam’s comrades, so he drank it directly.

After drinking, she felt very comfortable in her heart.

This is what she really wants to say and what she wants to do.

However, the third elder sneered and said: “The truth is not such a truth. The four elders have both ability and political integrity, and can do everything they can. This is a good opportunity to show off his talent.”

Lu Xiaoluan still wanted to talk, but was pulled down by Wiliam.

Wiliam said faintly: “You can’t stop talking all day long, isn’t it too noisy? Your mouth is so neat, why not turn the popcorn? Just talk about the test.”

Everyone was so angry with such a sentence!

Isn’t it true that it’s dry with lick and popcorn?

I only have these two tags in my North Lu family?

The third elder didn’t get angry anymore. He smiled and said to Wiliam: “That’s right. Those who know the current affairs are outstanding. Our test of you is also well thought out. Listen carefully. It is not difficult to say this test. , As long as you can get something in front of us, it means your test has passed.”

“Oh? What?” Wiliam asked lightly.

The third elder smiled and said: “A piece of jade called Baiye Guijingshan. We don’t mean that you can take the ownership of this jade. As long as you can get the jade and show it to us, you will win. How about, It’s not difficult.”

Wiliam was so innocent, he asked, “How long is the time limit?”

The third elder stretched out a finger, “One hour.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s heart twitched, only one hour!

This is so hot, it seems that it is possible to go straight to the subject.

But why does this name sound so familiar?

She couldn’t help asking, “If it’s only an hour, do you know where the jade of the White Night Ghost Mountain is?”

The third elder said calmly: “It’s a coincidence that there is such a piece in Fengcheng. As far as I know, there is one piece in the Patriarch of the Chen family of Liehan.”

Lu Xiaoluan trembled as soon as she said this, her scalp numb with anger!

“Three Elders, do you dare to be more shameless! You clearly want Wiliam to die!” Lu Xiaoluan shouted angrily.

The third elder smiled and said: “How is this possible? How could we do such a thing to the fourth elder, I just said that I happen to know the whereabouts of the White Night Ghost Mountain, whether to go or not, it is completely up to him.”

Lu Xiaoluan covered her heart, dizzy with anger.

She gritted her teeth and said: “I finally understand your sinister intentions! No wonder you are so anxious to convene this shit meeting temporarily, you just heard about what happened in the Chen family of Liehan in the morning! The small attic of the Chen family was destroyed at this moment. The Patriarch of the Chen family is in a rage, and now he wants Wiliam to come and ask him to take some White Night Ghost to shock the mountain, not to give the Patriarch of the Chen family a head!”

Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t stop at all when she said it.

She continued: “Furthermore, Wiliam helped us the Lu family before and stirred up the Chen family’s treacherous tricks. The Chen family’s head must have hated Wiliam long ago. This is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire!”

“And even without these factors, Wiliam has no way to get Baiye Guijingshan! The Chen family owner has a collector’s addiction, and there has never been a precedent for borrowing the things he took in!”

“And what makes me most disgusting is that this is already impossible in itself. You also asked Wiliam to do it within an hour! Our home is how many kilometers away from Liehan Chen’s house, and it takes more than one back and forth. When you are young, do you still have to point your face! This is what you call grateful for Wiliam’s lifting of the family crisis? I think you not only don’t want Wiliam to take over the medical martial arts palace, but also want to avenge him to death! Are you all white-eyed wolves!” Lu Xiaoluan A violent scolding, but also completely unable to vent the resentment in my heart!

Lu Family, disgusting!

But the third elders said without rushing: “Lu Xiaoluan, you are talking nonsense, and I won’t care about you. This test was made by our three elders after careful consideration. Now the four elders have only two choices. Either accept the test, and formally take over the Medical Martial Palace after the test, or give up the test and be a leisurely elder with peace of mind.”

“You guys!” Lu Xiaoluan stamped his feet with anger. The third elder smiled on his face, but he laughed in his heart.

The so-called godsend!

Just when the three elders were so devastated that they couldn’t find a way to set a threshold for Wiliam, the things that Liehan Chen’s family posted made them find their way of thinking!

The Patriarch of the Chen family hated Wiliam, and then the small attic was messed up with a grumpy temper.

Why not look for a chance on him, come and kill someone with a knife, and vent the anger of the Chen Family Patriarch to Wiliam?

The true strength of the Chen Family Patriarch, even the Great Elder, must be afraid of it.

To Shang Wiliam, it’s not yet easy to catch!

Therefore, the three elders met together early in the morning to discuss such a matter.

Bai Ye Gui Jing Shan had also known for a long time that it was the treasure that the head of the Chen family got some time ago, and it was the kind that could not put it down.

Legend has it that there are experts who wandered here and wanted to see the true face of Baiye Guijing Mountain, but they were rejected by the Chen Family Patriarch, showing how much the Chen Family Patriarch cherished it.

What’s this?

The one-hour setting is definitely a dead end. As long as this kid agrees to this test and leaves for the Chen family of Liehan, he can be sentenced directly.

He can win unless the violent Patriarch of the Liehan Chen family loses his heart.


Perfectly perfect!

“Wiliam, don’t agree! They are obviously cheating you!” Lu Xiaoluan said, grabbing Wiliam’s arm.

But Wiliam smiled and said: “The Three Elders are sincere not to deceive me. This test is indeed difficult for me. It is really touching that the Three Elders are honest.”

The third elders were extremely proud, and Wiliam didn’t use any mockery.

“Are you ready to accept the test?” the third elder asked directly.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Of course I accept.”

“Okay! Start timing!” The Third Elder didn’t give Wiliam a chance to breathe at all, and started timing directly.

Lu Xiaoluan was so angry that his teeth broke.

However, Wiliam sat back down, took out his mobile phone in his spare time, and made a call in full view.

“Old Chen, can you let me take a look at that White Night Ghost Terror Mountain?”

Chapter 1195 Gou Lin

Old Chen?

Who is this?

When everyone heard Wiliam call, their ears were pricked up.

Someone seemed to be talking on the phone.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Come here in person, don’t worry, there will be no explosions on the road, and there will be no traps and ambushes here.”

Everyone heard it in the mist.

What is the origin of this old Chen? There are a lot of worries?

Is Qingtian Bairi worried about an explosion on the road?

Is it a normal person?

“Hang up, hurry up, I’ll be there within an hour.” Wiliam hung up after speaking.

Everyone continued to be confused.

What’s the matter with this sudden call?

Called Yama King?

At this time, the third elder suddenly laughed, “Old Chen? Fourth elder, the old Chen in your mouth happens to be Chen Duobao, the head of the Chen family, right?”

Everyone’s breathing was stagnant, and they looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

No way?

Wiliam also smiled and replied, “Yes, you say that sometimes it’s just such a coincidence, and I’m so helpless.”

The third elder smiled more confidently.

This kid is just talking about it!

What is the identity of the Chen Family Patriarch?

What is Wiliam?

As far as the three elders know, the Patriarch of the Chen family has been surviving for a lifetime, not to mention Fengcheng, it is very rare to leave the house.

Wiliam returned to Fengcheng for the first time in ten years, and it was impossible to know the head of the Chen family.

What’s more, the Chen Family Patriarch is a master of Huajin Consummation, and his identity is there.

The age is also there.

Wiliam was young, his status was not as good as others, his strength was not as good as others, and his age was not as good as others.

How can He De call the Patriarch of the Chen Family Old Chen?

Are you looking for death?

Thinking of this, the three elders were even more sure that Wiliam was just bluffing nonsense.

As for why Wiliam was talking nonsense, he couldn’t figure it out all at once.

“It is really disrespectful to think that the four elders still know the Patriarch of the Chen family. It seems that the four elders have won the game safely. Congratulations.” The third elders falsely congratulated.

Wiliam also arched his hands towards the third elders, “Polite and polite, mainly because you are willing to let the water go, I really can’t get it. It’s just that it’s really kind of kind, hey.”

The three elders endured for a long time before not laughing.

He just wanted to mock this kid.

Don’t think he is really addicted?

This is a dead end at all, he even said that it was water release, he was almost laughing.

Obviously, except for Lu Xiaoluan, everyone present did not believe Wiliam’s nonsense.

Some people laughed a long time ago.

What this kid said was so ridiculous that no one believed it at all.

Even if Wiliam was lucky enough to know the Patriarch of the Chen family, it would be impossible to say a word about Old Chen.

Lu Xiaoluan flushed red, and pulled Wiliam’s hand to the side, and whispered: “Wiliam, don’t talk anymore. I feel ashamed for you. What do you say about this nonsense?”

Wiliam was serious, “Where am I talking nonsense?”

“Who are you calling?” Lu Xiaoluan confirmed.

Wiliam said: “Chen Duobao.”

“Don’t mess!”

“No boo!” Wiliam said with a black line, “I really know Chen Duobao.”

“Even if you know it? Do you really think that everyone will believe that you can get the treasure he cherishes? What’s more, you said that Chen Duobao would send it personally? When did you lie so good?” Lu Xiaoluan was angry It said without dispute.

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and sighed, telling the truth is always unbelievable, which is really helpless.

Seeing that Wiliam was not talking, Lu Xiaoluan pushed Wiliam again and said, “Okay, I said too much just now. Don’t take it seriously, okay? Sorry. Are you really not going to fight for it? Just keep staying. Are you laughed at here?”

Wiliam was crying without tears, what else could he say?

Seeing that Wiliam never walked out of this discussion hall, the people at the scene smiled even more proudly.

Only the elder frowned slightly.

Although it’s impossible to know this, this kid is too calm.

Calmness makes others very anxious.

The great elder has a psychological shadow on this kid’s calmness.

Is it possible that he really has some hole cards?

Thinking of this, the elder took out his phone, turned his back and sent a few messages.

The messages were all sent to the secret agents of North Lu Family hiding in the dark.

“Pay attention to the movements of the Chen family, especially the movements of Chen Duobao.”

As soon as the great elder’s message was sent, the phone vibrated.

Seconds back!

It turned out to be seconds!

It’s weird.

He clicked on the information, and his scalp was numb!

The information read: Chen Duobao has not been out at home.

The elder was almost scared of a heart attack.

This spy is poisonous!

However, after receiving the exact information, the great elder relaxed.

My god was almost bluffed by this kid again.

He handed the phone screen to the two elders.

After reading them, the two of them showed joyful expressions.


“Four elders, I’m sorry, the old Chen in your mouth is still at home and he is not going out, is he not sleeping ah ha ha ha? The time left for you is running out.” The third elders couldn’t help but directly. Smiled.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Really? There is no way, Old Chen always does this.”

The third elder burst into laughter immediately, “Hahaha! Pretend! You continue to pretend! Let me tell you the truth, some of us are staring at the gate of Chen’s house, and we didn’t even see Chen Duobao going out, the fourth elder, I am afraid you are going to miscalculate this time.”

Wiliam shrugged and sighed, “Popcorn is the best match for broken mouth.”

The three elders looked stiff!


Popcorn provokes you!

As time was lost bit by bit, only the last ten minutes were left in a blink of an eye.

During this period, stalking people came in and out at the door at all times, reporting to several elders that there were no people visiting North Lu’s house.

The third elder deliberately looked at the time and smiled: “Four elders, there are only ten minutes left. Now, even if Chen Duobao flies from home, it’s too late. Hahaha, it seems that you are nothing in my medical martial arts palace. After Fuxiao has received it, hahaha, you should be a good elder, and you should keep a low profile.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Really? But I feel that Old Chen has already arrived.”

The people at the scene were taken aback, Lao Chen came?

What the hell?

The people who followed Chen’s house didn’t even see Chen Duobao going out!

At this time, a loud laugh sound suddenly sounded at the scene.

“Hahaha, the four elders are still amazing! Even I know that I have already come.”

Everyone followed the prestige.

I saw the guy who had been running in and out to deliver the message laughed, and then he wiped his face.

Exposed a shocking face!

Liehan Chen Family Patriarch!

Chen Duobao!

Gou Lin Bei Luo Lu Family!

Chapter 1196

When everyone saw Chen Duobao, their faces were shocked!

This is even more incredible than seeing a dinosaur appear!

Who is he!

He is the most arduous Chen Duobao in Fengcheng!

For the sake of being cautious on weekdays, the kind that can never go out without going out, and can lie down and never sit down!

Now he appeared silently at North Lu’s house!

We must know that the North Lu family had an antagonism with the Liehan Chen family recently, and he is even more unlikely to appear!

However, the hearty laughter in the ear made them have to believe that a miracle had occurred!

The three elders are even more complicated!

what happened!

No one who was clearly stalking the Chen family saw Chen Duobao go out!

Is this the hell?

The third elders can’t wait to rush up to tear Chen Duobao’s face to see if this face is true or not!

“Hahaha, great elder, hello, I haven’t seen you for several years, it’s really nostalgic.” Chen Duobao greeted the great elder with a smile.

Everyone is a person with a face and a face in Fengcheng. It stands to reason that Chen Duobao didn’t look up and saw him. Chen Duobao just met for several years, which shows how much he has a house.

The elder looked solemn and couldn’t help asking: “Patriarch Chen, didn’t you go out at home? Why are you here?”

Chen Duobao looked straight and said educationally: “You think you can see me going out if you send someone to stare at my door, then you are too underestimating me.”

“We who practice martial arts, the whole world is an enemy, how can we expose our whereabouts to others casually, right? Of course we have to be surprised.”

Everyone’s ears blushed.

What is this…

The dignified and consummate martial artist, even going out of the door has to be sneaky, it really makes people feel nervous!

Fortunately, he still speaks with confidence.

The great elder felt that he had sent someone to follow this trick, which was stupid as the three elders.

Chen Duobao’s lower limit is unfathomable!

“Then which one did you make when you disguise just now?” The Third Elder couldn’t help asking.

But after asking, I regretted it.

Chen Duobao said righteously: “I’m coming to your North Lu home. Who doesn’t know that we have enemies recently. If you come here casually and be besieged by you, then I’m too cautious? I am naturally I had to come in to inquire about the situation. I just saw a messenger at the door, so I changed my identity.”

Everyone almost burst into tears.

You also know that you have an antagonism with the North Lu family, then you have a woolen yarn!

Isn’t it okay to stay at home?

When Chen Duobao saw the faces of the Lu Family in North with grief and indignation, he laughed and said, “Well, the four elders, what happened some time ago is really beyond my wish. What offends you? Please forgive me, I am also controlled by others.”

The three elders looked at each other.

Just apologize for the past?

Well said to be cautious?

Isn’t this too rigorous?

But the past has passed after all.

Now everyone’s focus is not on this.

The third elder couldn’t help asking: “Patriarch Chen! Since you know how many festivals we had before, and you have been living in the house, why did you appear on our side today?”

The hearts of all people were lifted up at once.

Chen Duobao smiled, looked at Wiliam, and said, “Don’t you four elders call me and ask me to come over, I’m here.”

Everyone seemed to have been blown by the wind, with a messy expression.

Four elders!


The phone number of the four elders just now is real!

Old Chen turned out to be Chen Duobao?

This name is too familiar, right?

Don’t they know each other?

What’s more shocking is that Chen Duobao can be called casually?

Looking at the entire Lu family, even if the head of the Lu family comes forward, it depends on whether Chen Duobao gives face.

After all, he regarded his fate as bigger than the sky.

What’s the matter!

Lu Xiaoluan was stupid.

Really silly.

Do you worry about feeding the dog?

How many cards does this kid have?

Isn’t Chen Duobao supposed to hate Wiliam for ruining their plan?

What is the situation where the relationship is so good now?

Isn’t it rumored that he should be very irritable these two days?

Now it seems to be in a good mood.

Is the affection for the small attic fake?

Don’t fall in love with empathy?

Doubts hovered in everyone’s minds, but couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

“You, do you really know the Patriarch of the Chen family?” Lu Xiaoluan asked Wiliam cheeky.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan amusedly, “Didn’t I answer you just now, but you didn’t believe me and said that my level of lying has dropped.”

Lu Xiaoluan blushed, wasn’t she too young and ignorant just now.

“How did you know him?” Lu Xiaoluan asked again in a low voice, “Did you really demolish that small attic?”

Wiliam counseled his shoulders and whispered, “Do you believe it?”

Lu Xiaoluan hesitated.

She had no idea whether she believed it or not.

The world was so crazy that she couldn’t breathe.

The third elder asked tentatively at this time: “Patriarch Chen, I heard that a mysterious person came to your house last night and put your small attic…”

When he said this, he saw Chen Duobao’s expression instantly change, and he became extremely sorry.

He was overjoyed, it seemed that what happened last night was true.

Sure enough, Chen Duobao almost cried, “My little attic! My dear baby! I couldn’t sleep all night last night, and I couldn’t breathe with heartache.”

The people at the scene saw Chen Duobao like this, and they didn’t seem to be making fakes.

The three elders were sure that Chen Duobao would not mess around in Lu’s house, and continued: “Then the treasures in your small attic, are they really destroyed?”

Chen Duobao nodded decisively, “Destroyed! Nothing! Nothing! Pity my life savings, ruined!”

The three elders almost laughed on the spot!


Well destroyed!

Well destroyed!

If everything in the small attic is destroyed, the White Night Ghost Terror Mountain must also be destroyed hahaha!

I accidentally created a dead end for that kid Wiliam!

Now even if Chen Duobao is here, so what!

It’s not for any birds!

This kid is doomed to fail!

The Chen family obviously thought of this too, and they all smiled.

The three elders pretended to be empathetic and comforted: “Clan Master Chen is sorrowful. It seems that we have to learn a lesson in the future. The baby can’t be placed in the same place. We deplore this very much! That mysterious man deserves death! When will we let us? Encountered, we helped you to smash him into pieces!”

But this sentence wiped out Chen Duobao’s sadness!

What a joke!

That is the four elders!


Thousands of corpses!

Dare you!

Chen Duobao looked lingering again, and said: “The third elders are indeed the same people as me. If I think I’m cautious all my life, how can my baby be put in the same basket? I have a secret base to keep the baby .So the White Night Ghost Mountain that the four elders said is safe and sound, I also brought it, thank you for the blessings of the three elders, find some time in the future, let us communicate and exchange the importance of acting carefully, we have a common language to say! “

Chapter 1197


Eh eh eh?

The people of North Lu’s collective were stupid.

This reversal was caught off guard!

Flashed to the waist!

Chen Duobao’s words stunned them like thunder.

From great joy to great compassion, only one basket away?

When they reacted, there was only one word in their hearts for Chen Duobao!


Send another word!


This girl has no bottom line!

How can you even guard against releasing the baby?

Did he expect that one day, the small attic would explode?

The three elders were even said to be in a trance?

The fellow?

Good common language?

The old man is meticulous!

I disdain to have a common language with you, okay!

The three elders were just pretending to comfort him, but he was stunned on the spot when he thought of being covered with an angry hat.

And the reversal of the situation made Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t help but laugh!

It’s so funny!

This Chen Family Patriarch is too awesome, right?

In one sentence, the three elders were so harsh that they just spit out a mouthful of old blood!

Gou Dehao, Gou Demiao!

Goude life is great!

Regardless of everyone’s reaction, Chen Duobao carefully took out a small white jade relief from his arms, handed it to Wiliam, and said, “Four elders, this is the Baiye Ghost Mountain you want to see, how about it? Fine? Fortunately, Lao Tzu put this baby under his bed. If it is really ruined, I will lose half my life.”

Wiliam took the Baiye Guijingshan casually and admired it with interest.

Chen Duobao kept watching Wiliam’s hand from the side.

Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao amusedly, “Are you enough! Will I tremble and throw this thing off? He looks heavily guarded.”

Chen Duobao chuckled, “Well, safety first, don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.”

At this time, Wiliam looked at the three elders who were hard to say, “So what I just said, your water release is too serious, it gave me such a simple test.”

The three elders turned pale as if they had eaten shit.

Is it easy?

This is simply a dead end!

From the preciousness of the baby, to the urgency of time, to Chen Duobao’s two dog-like characters, they have designed one link after another!

But are you a plug-in?

Mortals don’t want to talk to plug-ins!

Lu Xiaoluan swept away the previous grievances, and said in a strange way: “Wiliam, this is the care of the three elders. You must accept all this kindness, or you will not give them face. ?”

Wiliam nodded, “That can only be difficult.”

When the two sang together, they made the Lu family’s noses irritated.

It’s too much!

Killing but nodding!

What’s wrong with words!

Chen Duobao heard the clouds and mist, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaoluan briefly told Chen Duobao about the test.

When Chen Duobao of the old fox heard it, he knew that the Lu family wanted to make things difficult for Wiliam.

It’s worth it!

He owes Wiliam a great favor!

Not at the moment, when?

After all, it’s only once in a few years!

Thinking of this, Chen Duobao said to Wiliam vigorously: “Four elders, since this thing is your test, then I will give you this thing for adult beauty.”

The momentum is like a tiger, but the eyes are like a dog.

Obviously, he was so distressed that he drew it away, making people cry when seeing it.

Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao who was insincere amused, and threw the White Night Ghost Jingshan to Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao was agitated, and quickly caught his beloved baby, cold sweat broke out, “Four elders, you are cautious! Baby, don’t be so casual!”

Wiliam said casually, “Don’t worry, I don’t like Wiliam, and I don’t like this thing, and it’s useless to keep it. This test is also clearly stated, just borrow it and take a look. Keep it.”

Chen Duobao hurriedly nodded, and then quickly put the Baiye Guijingshan away carefully, and finally said to Wiliam: “Then I won’t force it, hahaha.”

This series of actions was completed in one go, fully demonstrating the strength of a consummate martial artist!

The people of the Lu family are completely speechless!

They know Chen Duobao’s character, and they also know that Chen Duobao is a brave, and the baby never goes out.

Was it an illusion just now!

Chen Duobao actually wants to give the baby to Wiliam?

Although it was insincere, it was enough to shock everyone!

How good is the relationship between Wiliam and Chen Duobao?

So good that Chen Duobao broke the rules of this life!

Seeing the embarrassment of the Lu family’s face, Lu Xiaoluan went straight to the ground, “Now that Wiliam has passed the test, do you have anything else to say?”

The three elders hesitated and said: “Passed is passed, but…”

He thought for a long time and couldn’t hold back a fart.

He is upset!

Why did you come up with such a trick!

Give the head to Wiliam directly!

In the end, not only did Wiliam complete the test, but also Lu Xiaoluan and Chen Duobao could not say a word!

At the same time, he was extremely depressed!

Is the world all this kid’s friend!

The person who can’t fight with each other is the boy’s life and death friend!

There is still no king’s law!

At this time, Chen Duobao suddenly interjected: “Are you going to have a conversation within the family?”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face became stiff, and she nodded blankly, “It seems, it’s so…”

She had no idea what to do with this wonderful Chen Duobao.

Chen Duobao turned his face straight, and said, “Then I think I’d better leave.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned black, and he muttered directly: “No one can drive you away.”

Chen Duobao looked like a gentleman and said, “Hey, my little girl, you are so wrong! We walk the rivers and lakes, and the more secrets we know, the more likely we are to be dangerous. So there are some things that we rarely get confused and would rather not I know, it won’t lead to killings, do you understand now? This is a safety tip I gave you for free.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s head buzzed.

Did you get in class?

And was it taught by the Patriarch of Liehan Chen’s family?

What an honor it seems.

But why does it sound so weird?

Chen Duobao walked over and patted Lu Xiaoluan on the shoulder, and said deeply: “Little girl, I just told you that you are a friend of the fourth elders, so if you are an ordinary person, I would disdain to give directions. You are still young and you don’t know the dangers of the rivers and lakes. You will know in the future that my little safety knowledge will be useful to you for life!

After he finished speaking, he bowed his hand to Wiliam, “Four elders, have a chance to come to my house for tea! I will leave first.”

With that said, he stood tall and flew out, never seen again.

Lu Xiaoluan was so confused as to watch Chen Duobao leave, and he was a little admired in his heart.

Patriarch of the Chen family, so mature to say…

Chapter 1198

Seeing Lu Xiaoluan’s dazed look, Wiliam couldn’t help but patted her on the shoulder, and said angrily, “You can be more sober, that’s an old dog.”

Lu Xiaoluan woke up in an instant, recalling that little thought just now, he was a little bit ashamed.

too frightening!

The Chen Family Patriarch’s brainwashing ability is unique in the world.

A careless one, actually began to worship a dog?

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan and said with a smile, “You too have such a day.”

Lu Xiaoluan was angry, and said angrily: “Don’t talk about me. I’m surprised, you and the Chen Family Patriarch are completely two extremes, how come together!”

Wiliam was taken aback, “What two extremes?”

Lu Xiaoluan said plausibly: “One, the whole world is his enemy, and the other is his friend. The one who is not to be wanted, the other who is mad and lawless. What do you think?”

Wiliam thought about it carefully, it seemed that what the eldest sister said really made sense.

No, no, you can’t think about it, it’s easy to get up.

Lu Xiaoluan saw that Wiliam was deflated, but it was enough.

She helped Wiliam and said, “Why? Now that Wiliam has completed the test, do you regret it again? Okay, let’s release any tricks. Anyway, the Chen Family Patriarch has already witnessed that Wiliam’s test was successful. You are not afraid of him. If the mouth says that our Chen family has nothing to believe in, then you can do a few more tests, and I will help Lu Yedu continue.”

The audience sweated all together.

Including Wiliam.

Wiliam couldn’t help but whispered: “You can have a snack, don’t take everything for me, this time is pure coincidence.”

Lu Xiaoluan cares about coincidences, are there so many coincidences in the world?

Before, Frandick in Q City ( Qena City ) was your subordinate, and then the master of the hall was your apprentice.

Now even the Huajin Consummation Martial Artist, the Chen Family Patriarch, who is pleased to move out, is called by you like a summoned beast.

Do you have the face to say this is a coincidence?

Lu Xiaoluan said: “Anyway, you have many coincidences, don’t be afraid.”

Wiliam was speechless on the spot, not knowing which side Lu Xiaoluan was on.

The position is very erratic.

As if determined, the elder said: “Okay! Since the four elders have this ability, we have also witnessed the great virtues of the four elders on the spot. We have done what we said, and I now declare that the four elders are taking over as the doctor. The head of the Wuying Hall, in charge of the Medical Wuying Hall. If you come, you will immediately gather the whole family, as well as the members of the outside of the three halls.”

The next person will do it right away.

Wiliam frowned slightly, and asked in a low voice, “What peripheral members?”

Lu Xiaoluan explained in a low voice, “Don’t you know? Oh yes, there was nothing like this when you left home.”

“We now have a lot of people in the three major halls. Among them, the elite are members of our Lu family, but after all, our Lu family is just a family, and there are still few people. So a few years ago, the three elders discussed with my dad to expand The staff of the main hall recruited many, many peripheral members. However, the strength is average, and many of them are just energizing warriors. There are more than 200 people in total.”

Wiliam nodded, he understood.

It seems that the North Lu family’s ambition is not small, it is to develop in the direction of the sect, so it recruited outside members.
No matter what, Lu Xiaoluan pulled Wiliam’s hand and said with a smile, “They finally gave up.”

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s still not. These few of them are like snakes with a hundred feet. They are neither dead nor stiff. Just watch.”

Lu Xiaoluan was taken aback for a moment, “Could they have any tricks?”

Wiliam said, “It’s the same sentence. Soldiers will stop you, and water will cover you.”

Lu Xiaoluan felt uneasy again, and couldn’t help knocking Wiliam on the head.

“Why are you hitting me?” Wiliam asked depressedly.

“I can’t let the anger come out, you can’t use me to beat it!” Lu Xiaoluan said strongly.

Wiliam Yihan said, “Yes! Who makes you the eldest sister!”

Lu Xiaoluan looked at Wiliam, who was obedient to her, for a while, she really didn’t know what to say.

Today she was completely torn from the Lu family and stood on Wiliam’s side.

Until now, she was still worried. She didn’t know how dad would hang herself after he knew his affairs.

It’s good for this kid, for a while to make himself fearful, and for a while to make himself ecstatic.

This kind of wonderful feeling was not enough, and he threw out another inexplicable remark to disturb his heart again.

How about being a man!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoluan was furious, and knocked Wiliam on the head again.

Wiliam is almost done!

Wiliam and Lu Xiaoluan went back to look for Feliicity with the help of the people around to gather the people.

Once back in the room, Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing were sitting on the bed, watching TV.

Wiliam walked over, and Xiao Wangqing immediately occupied Wiliam’s shoulders.

He touched Xiao Wangqing’s head, then touched Feliicity’s head, and said with a smile, “What TV are you watching?”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam with a grimace, “Oh, with a lover in my previous life, I’ll be back, right?”

Wiliam Yihan, he was like a scumbag.

What are you jealous of with a little girl?

Lu Xiaoluan was extremely supportive of Feliicity, and said viciously: “Yes, this dog is owed to clean up! I will help you clean up!”

When she said that, she rolled up her sleeves and walked towards Wiliam.

But Feliicity said quietly, “My husband, I can only clean him up.”

Lu Xiaoluan was caught off guard by vomiting after eating a bite of dog food, and the whole person was ill.

She put down her sleeves whisperingly, “You two, it’s enough! It’s great to get married!”

Feliicity spit out her tongue, “Yes, marrying Wiliam is the greatest achievement in my life!”

Wiliam said solemnly, “Hey, what you said is wrong. I married you back then…”

Lu Xiaoluan was in a mess.

Is it okay to forcibly show affection?

She was so angry that she wanted to smash the TV.

But she caught a glimpse of the TV inadvertently, and she was taken aback, “Hey, these are not from the Blood Moon Group, are you under them? Why are they on TV?”

Wiliam glanced at the TV and said, “Oh, didn’t it hold the biggest charity auction in the history of the city last night, and then it also raised the highest charity money in history? To thank the Blood Moon Group for its charity, Fengcheng TV station today A live interview was arranged for this time period. The God of Fortune told me last night that I was too lazy to participate in this kind of round, so I let them go.”

Lu Xiaoluan nodded, and couldn’t help but give Wiliam a thumbs up, “You are the first in the world!”

Feliicity murmured, “Fuck me the last one…”

Chapter 1199 Thunder and Fire

Lu Xiaoluan’s head exploded on the spot!

Feliicity, an extremely pure chick, is it okay to drive in public?

She stared at Feliicity, “What did you just say!”

A righteous voice came from the side, “My mother said, make me the last one!”

Several people stared at Xiao Wangqing.

Xiao Wangqing nodded, “You’re welcome.”

Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t bear it anymore, “Feliicity, I didn’t think you were such a person!”

Feliicity returned to her usual appearance, and said lightly: “You got it wrong.”

Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned black, just open his mouth and talk nonsense?

“Am I wrong?” Lu Xiaoluan confirmed.

Feliicity said proudly, “I’m talking about getting me the last one, so you must have heard it wrong.”

Lu Xiaoluan was speechless.

This pair of dogs. Men and women are not good things!

Wiliam was also given to Leide by Feliicity. He looked at Feliicity strangely.

This wife has been hoping to eat my grandson a great recently.

As a man, can this be tolerated?

He pretended to be nonchalant and said to Lu Xiaoluan: “I think you are also quite angry, otherwise Xiao Wangqing will sleep with you these few days and let you cultivate the glory of motherhood?”

Lu Xiaoluan stomped his feet with anger, “I don’t know your Xiao Jiujiu! You just want to kick Xiao Wangqing away, so that the two of you can be stunned by the thunder in the air, right? I won’t let it. You succeeded!”

Wiliam and Feliicity’s faces changed at the same time, and this eldest sister was sober at the critical moment.

“Baby won’t let you succeed, you guys can do it for yourself!” Xiao Wangqing said while watching TV.

The scene fell silent.

Fortunately, after a while, someone knocked on the door.

Lu Xiaoluan went to open the door, and Lu Xiaobin stood at the door.

Lu Xiaobin looked anxious and said to them: “It’s not good, it’s not good! The big thing is not good!”

Lu Xiaoluan asked Lu Xiaobin to come in and asked, “What is so flustered? Is that group of people doing things again?”

Lu Xiaobin nodded, and shook his head again, his cross-eyed eyes were almost erected, “I don’t know if they are a ghost, but it’s messy outside now!”

“Say it!” Lu Xiaoluan came up with a violent temper and knocked Lu Xiaobin on the head to make his cross-eyed eyes return to normal.

“I was just gathering all the disciples and peripheral disciples. Originally, there were more than two hundred people in the Medical Martial Palace, but when these people heard that they wanted to give the Medical Martial Palace to Brother Wiliam, they rioted!” Lu Xiaobin quickly To say.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “In short, they don’t accept me, right?”

Lu Xiaobin slapped his head, “Yes, yes, that’s what it means! They are all clamoring to leave the medical martial arts palace and switch to the other two palaces.”

Lu Xiaoluan was furious, “It must have been secretly instructed by the three elders! Otherwise, they have the courage to rely on those ineffective people? Wiliam, what are we going to do now?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Let’s go out and have a look, Feliicity, Xiao Wangqing, let’s go together.”

Feliicity nodded, and hugged Xiao Wangqing from Wiliam.

Xiao Wangqing was also very sensible, knowing that Wiliam was about to do something big, and obediently nestled in Feliicity’s arms.

Several people came to the courtyard.

I saw that the entire courtyard was densely packed with people, and there were as many as 500 people in total.

These people stand clearly in three squares.

The first few rows of the three phalanxes are from the Lu family, and behind are the peripheral disciples recruited by the Lu family in recent years.

One of the phalanx has the most people, and the most verbal abuse and booing.

Wiliam knew that this should be the person from the Yingdian of Medical Martial Arts.

When they saw Wiliam coming, they suddenly shouted in disdain.

The three elders looked at each other, and the elder elder came over and said to Wiliam: “Four elders, you are here, sorry, things seem to be out of control. I don’t think the people in the Medical Martial Palace have such big opinions, they don’t. Be willing to be led by you.”

Wiliam said lightly: “Oh? Any opinions, I would like to hear?”

The elder seemed to have known that Wiliam would ask this a long time ago, and said to the people in the Medical Martial Arts Hall: “You can choose a few representatives to talk about it, stop arguing, and peace is the most important thing!”

The five people suddenly appeared more and more.

The elder introduced: “These people are all elites in the medical martial arts palace. You should also know the first one. It is Lu Zhi. You played together when you were young. He is now the young hero of our Lu family and a doctor. The mainstay of Wuying Hall.”

The man named Lu Zhi nodded arrogantly, looking at Wiliam’s eyes full of dark birds.

Wiliam also looked at Lu Zhi, and the past appeared like flowing water.

Lu Zhi did know Wiliam, but he had never played together.

When he was young, Wiliam Tianzong was a genius and was squeezed out. Among them, a few people headed by Lu Zhi tried every means to tease him.

On one occasion, Wiliam was forced to lick the sputum that Lu Zhi vomited by a few people.

Had it not been for Lu Xiaoluan’s help, Wiliam wouldn’t know what he was going to be bullied into!

Over the past ten years, Lu Zhi’s eyes have not changed at all.

A look of eating everyone to death.

Seeing Lu Zhi, Feliicity whispered, “Wiliam, he has pursued me in public before.”

These words were like adding fuel to the fire, and Wiliam’s face became cold.

And Lu Zhi looked at Wiliam, very upset!

This kid in front of him is obviously just a little rubbish.

In his Lu Zhi’s heart, it is always the rubbish that he has stepped on and cannot turn over!

However, ten years have passed.

When this kid came back, he became directly the elder of the Lu family.

Riding on his head!

Originally, he could endure this tone, but he didn’t expect Wiliam to take over the Medical Martial Palace again!

The Palace of Medical Martial Arts is Lu Zhi’s one-third of acres!

He is second to none in the hall of medical martial arts and has long been used to domineering.

Now that Wiliam is here, is he directly in charge?

Lu Zhi couldn’t bear it anymore!

Ants also want to climb higher!


Today’s staff riots in the Medical Martial Palace were partly instructed by the three elders, but on a larger level, it was Lu Zhi who secretly lifted the bar, and this kid is definitely not allowed to take over easily!

“Lu Zhi, it’s been a long time since I saw you. I don’t know if you have any comments on me taking over the Medical Martial Arts Hall?” Wiliam walked towards Lu Zhi.

Lu Zhi sneered: “I can’t talk about opinions, but there is one sentence I don’t know if it is inappropriate to say it?”

“Speak directly.” Wiliam continued walking.

Lu Zhi said in a majestic manner: “The Lord of the Palace of Medical Martial Arts, you are not worthy!”

Lu Zhi’s direct words made the audience dumb!

In the next second, everyone shouted out in shock!

Wiliam had already arrived in front of Lu Zhi, slapped him, slapped him fiercely on Lu Zhi’s face, slapped him into the air, and vomited a mouthful of blood!

Wiliam closed his hand and looked around indifferently, “Who else has an opinion? Next!”

Chapter 1200

Lu Zhi was completely unprepared, he couldn’t think of a little trash ten years ago, a person who was bullied by him and kept silent!

After ten years, the methods are so cruel!

There was a disagreement, and he slapped him directly in front of hundreds of people!

He became furious and rushed towards Wiliam, “You bastard! I will kill you!”

However, his impulse was immediately stopped by the second elder, “Lu Zhi! Don’t move the elder arbitrarily!”

Lu Zhi’s whole person is not good!

And everyone in the audience is still in shock!

This is the fourth elder of their Lu family?

This is the man who is about to take over the Palace of Medical Martial Arts!

Ming and next year are gentle, but not humble and low-key at all!

Beating people on the spot is unreasonable!

And he is still the leader of the younger generation of Lu family!

All of a sudden, Wiliam’s image in the hearts of everyone became extremely unbearable!

“Wiliam! Why are you hitting me!” Lu Zhi was held down by the second elder, and shouted at Wiliam.

Wiliam was still indifferent, and once again shocked everyone, “I need a reason to beat him?”

Do you need a reason for beating?

Don’t need it?

Lu Zhi’s face was flushed with shock, and his whole body was shaking!

“You! You! You are looking for death!” Lu Zhi said furiously.

“I’m an elder, I need a reason to beat you?” Wiliam said astonishing again!

Elder, bully the small with the big!

“Four elders, it seems a bit wrong for you to do this?” The second elders couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Wiliam.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I’m up, he’s down, I’m up, slap him, he will have to bear it! If he has the ability, he will be the elder!” Wiliam said coldly.

Everyone’s eyes looked at Wiliam changed.

Barbarian elder!


Where does his morality come from to be the elder and master of the Palace of Medical Martial Arts!

Lu Zhi was so angry that he almost spat out another mouthful of blood!

Although he is known as the strongest healer of the young generation of North Lu family, he is slightly inferior in martial arts, but at any rate he is also a young martial artist!

Just now, the one who was defensive, actually followed this kid’s way!

It’s good now, this kid doesn’t mean to repent at all!

It’s bullying!

And listening to what Wiliam said, he felt even more aggrieved!

This is clearly the words he said when he bullied Wiliam when he was a child.

At that time, there was only one grandfather’s relative beside Wiliam.

Lu Zhi’s father was in a high position in the Lu family in North.

That was what Lu Zhi said when Lu Xiaoluan and others questioned Lu Zhi why they bullied Wiliam.

To the effect that his father is so-and-so, and if I hit you, I will hit you. If you are unhappy, you can also be so-and-so.

Now the old saying is true!

Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don’t bully the young and poor!

The three elders are watching the show.

His heart is full of joy.

Originally thought that in order to take over the Medical Martial Palace, Wiliam would forbear a little bit, at least comfort everyone on the face.

But I never thought that this kid should have such a grudge, that little trivial matter when he was a child has been thinking about today.

Remember to vent on such a big occasion today.
After all, it is young and vigorous.

It’s alright now, this kid’s status in everyone’s hearts must have plummeted.

Imagine that there is a palace lord who beats people when he is upset, and his character is still so caressing and hatred, who dares to do things in his hands.

Didn’t this give everyone an excellent opportunity to leave the Palace of Medical Martial Arts.

The third elder did not think the matter was too big, and continued to stir up the flames: “Four elders, you and Lu know what hatred you have, and you can resolve it privately. Everyone is here today and discussing business matters. If you avenge your private revenge like this, I am afraid it will be cold. It’s everyone’s heart.”

Numerous crowded voices suddenly sounded at the scene.

“Yes, at this level, what qualifications do you have to be the master of our Medical Martial Palace!”

“I’m afraid that his eyes can’t tolerate people who have a feast with him, and he won’t be able to be a man with his tail caught in the future. What’s the meaning of staying in the Medical Martial Palace like this!”

“Four elders, if you want to take over the Palace of Medical Martial Arts, you must explain the matter to everyone clearly! Otherwise, we absolutely disagree!”

The sentiment was exciting, and Lu Xiaoluan’s scalp was numb.

She couldn’t wait to grab this kid on the spot and beat him up.

It’s so annoying!

You can’t say anything about it, you have to make things big to be reconciled!

You are so natural to stir up shit!

She hurriedly pulled on Wiliam’s clothes, and whispered to Wiliam: “Wiliam, I know you feel good about revenge, but now it’s not a time to stick to the small section, so you have to focus on the overall situation!”

Wiliam laughed loudly and said, “The overall situation is important? What is the overall situation? I will tell you, what is the overall situation!”

He looked around, especially the people staring at the Medical Martial Arts Hall and said: “I am Wiliam, the overall situation! I am here, you have to obey! If I fight, you have to lie on your stomach!”

The eyes of everyone in the audience went wide.

It is getting more and more unreasonable!

The third elder was so happy that his mouth was crooked, so he almost went forward to hold Wiliam and let him continue to brag.

The more you blow, the hotter the people below!

As the chaos below turned into a pot of porridge, Lu Xiaoluan’s heart also became anxious, “You are crazy! Say anything! Do you know how difficult it is for us to attract talents over the years! If all of you in the Palace of Medical Martial Arts run away, Just be a polished commander!”

Lu Zhi shouted loudly at this moment: “Everyone has seen it, what kind of virtue is the upcoming head of our Medical Martial Arts Hall! Is this kind of person worthy to be our leader!”

“Not worthy!” everyone below shouted.

“If you just hit people casually, and even say bad things, can we swear allegiance to this kind of person?” Lu Zhi said again.

“No!” roared below.

The atmosphere at the scene immediately heated up.

The elder frowned and said to Wiliam: “Four elders, originally we wanted to help you persuade these people, but we don’t know that you are getting bigger and bigger, and now you can’t end it at all. It’s up to you to find a way to solve this situation. Right.”

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “I don’t know, when did the elders of the North Lu family become so kind and wealthy? I don’t know, when did the disciples in the outskirts dare to be so arrogant?”

The elder’s face became stiff and he couldn’t speak.

Because Wiliam was right, this scene was obviously done deliberately by the elders, and the peripheral disciples would dare to be so aggressive.

Seeing that the elder did not speak, Wiliam said with a smile: “Okay, if I want to solve it, then I will solve it for you.”

Wiliam said, his eyes swept over the restless people on the scene, the voice mentioned, and he said loudly: “I am now giving the first order as the fourth elder of the North Lu family and the master of the Medical Martial Palace! People listen!”

“Immediately, dismiss all of your positions in the Palace of Medical Martial Arts! Get me out of North Lu’s house!”


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