Dragon Husband 1241-1275

Chapter 1241

Finally when Wiliam was about to run out of anger, he saw the old woman waiting for him in front.

Wiliam naturally had a lot to ask the old woman.

And she just stared at Wiliam and didn’t take the initiative to speak.

Wiliam calmed down for a while, and asked slowly, “Senior, why don’t you wash away the memory of me and Lin Jiang.”

Wiliam clearly remembered that he was fighting Lin Jiang in the last sacred beast phantom battle, and the battle was almost broken.

After the incident, everyone’s memory was obviously gone.

And in his memory, he still remembers the Eternal Suzaku and the Qilin Qilin.

It must be the woman’s hands and feet.

However, it was able to forcibly obliterate the memories of nearly 10,000 people at the scene, and these methods choked Wiliam.

Among the people he saw, there has never been a strong one!

What Wiliam didn’t understand was why she only kept the memory of him and Lin Jiang.

The old woman glanced at Wiliam and said faintly: “I owe you a favor. Moreover, you and that kid, the genius of heaven, I am also very curious how long it will take you to touch our state.”

“Owed me a favor?” Wiliam was taken aback.

The old woman gave a weird smile, “What? Do you still remember who I am? You will disappoint me like this.”

Wiliam’s head buzzed, and suddenly a picture was printed in his mind!

In the Jackdaw family!

Guo Yulin, the head of the Jackdaw family, took out a painting.

In the picture scroll, there is a woman.

A woman with a somewhat old face but a graceful figure.

The woman stepped on a big crow, and a crow fell on her shoulder.

The woman in the painting is the founder of the Jackdaw family, but this has been circulating for many years, and the Jackdaw family has no idea what this woman’s name is, let alone her origin.

In the lower left corner of the painting, a seal was dropped.

There are four characters written on the seal with Li.

“Imperial control of people.”

Wiliam couldn’t help but shouted: “Imperial Commander! You are Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother! The founder of the Jackdaw family!”

The person in the painting is so similar to the old woman in front of me!

Body, face, and iconic jackdaw.

When Wiliam said this, he felt goose bumps all over his body.

According to Wiliam’s previous reasoning, the founders of the Jackdaw family are all over a hundred years old!

Old evildoer!

He had no idea that he would see this woman here.

The woman smiled slightly and said, “You’re right, the Jackdaw family is just a little thing that I casually tinkered with in the world, I don’t think it still exists.”

Wiliam slightly abhors the cold.

litter thing.

A super martial arts family is a gadget in her eyes.

“Are you Xiao Wangqing’s grandmother, that is, the master of the illusion in the forbidden mountain guard?” Wiliam asked again.

“Well, that’s it. Guarding the mountain forbidden land, tsk tsk, it’s such a distant name. I was indeed abandoning blood there back then, so I prefer to call it the land of abandoning blood. That place is actually an incomplete product I refined, To put it bluntly, it is also a toy.” The woman smiled again.
Wiliam’s whole body is not good.

He almost got his life in the forbidden area of ​​guarding the mountain.

The power of the illusion there, he still has lingering fears.

The result is still this woman’s toy.

How strong should she be!

Wiliam couldn’t help but recall the conversation with Guo Yulin before.

This woman is really not this person on earth.

“So the favor you just mentioned was Xiao Wangqing?” Wiliam slowly accepted this shocking fact and asked.

The woman smiled and said, “My name is Xu Ruyun. Of course, you can call me Miss Su, like everyone else. Xiao Wangqing is not my granddaughter in the strict sense. She is just an experiment that I tinkered with. Pin. However, I still have feelings for her. You can free her from it and teach her. I am very pleased and thank you very much.”

Wiliam stared at this Miss Su with wide eyes.

Even the life of Xiao Wangqing was created by her?

I really don’t know if Miss Su is a human or a demon!

A serious violation of human relations!

However, Wiliam didn’t know the world Miss Su lived in, and he didn’t dare to comment.

Miss Su seemed to see through Wiliam’s psychology, and said with a smile: “When you reach my level in the future, you will know that the world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog.”

“Then I will return Xiao Wangqing to you, after all, she is always thinking of you as grandma.” Wiliam said.

But Miss Su shook her head and said, “No, the chance is not here. She will stay with you first. When the time comes, I will naturally go to her. You don’t have to tell her about seeing me. Moreover, she will benefit you a lot by staying with you.”

Wiliam didn’t know how to understand the mystery in Miss Su’s words, but he could only nod his head to agree.

He hesitated for a while, and suddenly asked, “Miss Su, do you know about my grandfather?”

There was a feeling in Wiliam that Miss Su was serving the world, and there was no secret to her in this world.

She is omniscient and omnipotent.

Sure enough, Miss Su smiled, “That little fellow Lu Lingfeng? Interesting, he is so interesting. He ran into my blood-discarded land by mistake and rescued some of my little toys. I did pay attention to him later. Over the years, he has lived a life without a human being and has suffered him.”

Wiliam’s heart ached, his face suddenly changed, “Miss Su, please also tell me the whereabouts of my grandpa!”

He heard that his grandpa was neither human nor ghost, and his heart was mixed.

Grandpa’s suffering is inseparable from Wiliam!

Wiliam wanted to share the pain of grandpa.

However, Miss Su said: “You don’t have to worry about this. He chose this road by himself and has nothing to do with you. Moreover, I can’t tell you too much. After all, you have your order here, and I have already messed up humanity. Order, you can’t go on your own way anymore. But I can tell you that you will see your grandpa soon.”

Wiliam’s eyes were red, as if he was unwilling!

Miss Su shook her head and said, “Wiliam, this is also the catastrophe you are going through. No one can help you. This time you showed up for the first time, and the world has put more high hopes on, and also carries some upcoming missions. , So you have to understand that your next path is extremely difficult and dangerous, and you have no choice.”

Wiliam actually had a word in his heart.

What is the world’s high hope for him!

What mission on earth to him!

Wiliam studied martial arts for the sake of a grandfather!

At this moment, Miss Su suddenly changed her conversation and asked Wiliam, “By the way, you still don’t know your parents’ information, do you?”

Chapter 1242

Wiliam was taken aback.


This word is very far away to Wiliam.

Ever since Wiliam’s record, there has been no concept of parents.

It was his grandfather who pulled him up with one hand.

Wiliam also asked Grandpa why his parents were not there?

But the answer is that they have gone to a distant place and may not necessarily return.

More than two decades later, Wiliam had long forgotten that he still had his parents.

Now when Miss Su mentioned it, Wiliam felt an eager warm current, “Senior, do you know the whereabouts of my parents?”

Miss Su smiled and said, “Your father is nicknamed Nie Lin, and now he lives in a place other than Cangmang Tianmao. It’s okay.

Speaking of this, Miss Su’s expression suddenly became serious, “But what I want to talk about is your mother, tusk tusk, she is the real great person.”

When Wiliam heard the news from his parents for the first time, he couldn’t help but eagerly asked, “Where is the Canglang Tianmo?”

Miss Su said faintly: “The Cangmang Tianmo is actually a chasm. People who live outside the Cangmang Tianmo are powerful people. When you reach a certain level in the future, you can definitely go and find your parents. The reason why I have told you so much is to hope that you will not let down the humanity responsibility, and plant in your heart the hope of constant strengthening.”

Wiliam was a bit regretful, because Miss Su’s words stopped abruptly, obviously she didn’t want to continue.

Cang Python Heaven…

Wiliam wrote down this place silently in his heart, and one day, he would go to find out.

“Well, someone is looking for you, I’ll leave first, and see you by chance.” The jackdaw hanging over Miss Su’s head suddenly uttered a hoarse call. Miss Su looked into the distance and said with a smile.

She waved to Wiliam, put her foot on the jackdaw, and floated away.

Wiliam looked blank.

Who is coming?

He couldn’t even hear it.

But Wiliam also knew that Miss Su was a great talent. She said that someone would come.

Will it be Lin Jiang?

Wiliam simply stood still, waiting for someone to come.

This wait is five minutes.

Five minutes later, a golden light flashed toward the landing leaf like a meteor.

With a sweat, Wiliam forced his injured body to hide.

If this is hit by the head, it won’t be killed.

The person here is definitely not Lin Jiang, because Lin Jiang was also seriously injured.

A cloud of dust passed, Wiliam looked at the person in front of him.

At this sight, he almost scolded.

This is Liu Lang who has been missing for a long time.

Liu Lang’s face was smashed with scum, and he wore a big toad mirror, which made him feel like a vicissitudes of life.

He patted the dust on his body and looked at Wiliam, “You really are here.”

Wiliam asked, “Brother Lang, why are you wearing such big glasses?”

Liu Lang looked bitter, “The wives in the family won’t let my handsome face show up to seduce the ignorant girl, so they ordered me to cover my face. But how do they know that a frog mirror can hide my peerless Fanghua? My face, shit, what am I telling you for!”

Wiliam had a black line, “Are you here to find me?”
Liu Lang nodded, “Well, I really came here to look for you. I can perceive what happened here just now, and I even feel that the blood in my body is about to burn. This is unprecedented. thing.”

Wiliam looked confused, but he still told about the battle with Lin Jiang just now.

After Liu Lang listened, his eyes were about to fall.

He grabbed Wiliam’s shoulder and shook it, and said angrily: “I really don’t know what to say about you two! I’ve told you all before, you have ancient blood, and now you have limited strength. Lord. It’s alright now. You are playing so dimly that you are directly targeted by those who maintain humanitarian order. From now on, you will find it hard to move!”

Wiliam didn’t know what to say.

He played against Lin Jiang, completely unable to control himself.

I believe Lin Jiang is the same.

Where will I manage other things.

Liu Lang sighed and said, “Forget it, you two are madmen, and you probably can’t suppress the fighting spirit in your heart. On the contrary, too much suppression will hinder your growth. Fortunately, there is Miss Su this time. Come out in person, if you don’t, the results will be unimaginable.”

Wiliam couldn’t help asking, “Who is Miss Su?”

“Do you know the imperial ruler?” Liu Lang asked back.

Wiliam nodded and said, “I have heard of it, but I don’t know what it is.”

“Yushizhi said that it is simple, that is, it is a sect, but this sect is completely detached from our earthly martial arts family, and its strength is much stronger than the medicine knife family at the top of the world martial arts, so the one that maintains the humanitarian order The crowd will be afraid of Miss Su, you will know this later.” Liu Lang said simply.

“Then do you know where the Anaconda Tianmo is?” Wiliam asked again.

Liu Lang naturally nodded, “Of course I know, but… Damn! Why do you have so many questions, I ask you or you ask me!”

Wiliam curled his mouth to express disdain.

“Hey, the world has changed, you guys, let me worry about this old bone again. How can I bear it? No matter, I will protect you for a period of time to see the limelight.” Liu Lang said very depressed.

It seemed to protect Wiliam, becoming a shackle to him yearning for freedom.

After all, Liu Lang is a man like wind.

Wiliam said: “No need, right? Now the game is over, I just go straight back, there is nothing dangerous.”

Wiliam was not used to being protected by a man.

Liu Lang glared at Wiliam and scolded, “You know what a shit! The people who maintain the humane order are all bastards, and the methods are dark. You had Miss Su in town before, so they didn’t dare to do it easily, but Miss Su If you are not there, maybe they will kill you directly. After all, it is terrible for you and Lin Jiang to grow up. If I were there, they would be able to protect their lives manually.”

Wiliam had a black line, “Then why don’t you protect Lin Jiang?”

Liu Lang confidently said: “Miss Su is a member of their Red Sword Sect, so I don’t have to worry about Lin Jiang, but you, all enemies in the world, I’ll follow you to watch the situation for a few days.”

Wiliam had no idea, after all, Liu Lang was caring about himself.

“Then we go back?” Wiliam asked.

Liu Lang nodded and asked, “You have a serious injury.”

Wiliam answered yes, and then hoped that Liu Lang, the medical expert, would have something to pay back, such as Longhu Pills, and so on, so that he was immediately energized.

But Liu Lang’s question had no meaning in this regard.

As soon as he heard it, he directly picked up Wiliam’s neck, like a dog, and leaned up into the sky.


Chapter 1243

Wiliam was suddenly lifted up, and his whole body was not well.

A big man can bend and stretch, but can he suffer such humiliation?

Infinitely frustrated, turned into a famous warning saying-“Rely on!”

Time went back to half an hour ago.

When the illusion of a hundred-meter sacred beast appeared behind Wiliam and Lin Jiang, there was also a sudden earth-shattering change in the North Lu family far away!

The Lu Family has completely changed!

The three elders of the Lu Family in North were still drinking tea leisurely, and the three of them had a particularly comfortable life without Wiliam.

However, the tea was still half drunk, and the three of them suddenly shook together.

The blood in the body, like a rushing rush, a mighty to suffocating pressure, all over their bodies!

It’s not just them, all the people who have the blood of the Lu family, all look at the sky together, with shocked faces.

Even some people with a low level of realm had weak legs and squatted on the ground, and a big cold sweat broke out.

This palpitating feeling is so familiar!

Not long ago, they also felt this terrifying coercion.

At that time, they all went to the Lu Family’s ancestral hall, and then saw a scene they will never forget.

The vermilion unicorn stone sculpture enshrined in the Lu family’s ancestral hall has a mysterious red light in its eyes!


Open your eyes!

Moreover, it opened the most domineering blood eye!

This represents the Kylin King, coming to the world!

For a hundred years, Qilin has never opened his eyes!

Why on that day!


At that time, the first reaction of the three elders was that Lu Lingfeng was dead!

After all, Lu Lingfeng could be regarded as the second most talented person in the Lu Family of North.

Only he can awaken the blood of the supreme unicorn and make the unicorn in the Lu Family Ancestral Temple open the most domineering bloody eyes!


This feeling appeared again, could it be that Lu Lingfeng had another terrifying mutation!

The three elders glanced at each other, their eyes were shocked.

The elder yelled, “Go to the ancestral hall!”

The three elders rushed to the ancestral hall.

At this moment, the ancestral hall was overcrowded again, and there were endless screams!

The three elders set aside a path and walked toward the enshrined vermilion unicorn.

At this look, the three elders felt their hairs standing on their bodies!

At this moment, the vermilion unicorn seemed to be alive.

Its closed eyes seemed to be struggling, and the eyelids were trembling slowly.

Everyone stared at Zhu Hong Qilin with scorching eyes.

Will the blood eye bloom again today!

At this time, a faint red light suddenly vented from the right eye of Vermillion Qilin!

The red light seems to tear the world apart and rise to the sky!

The people of North Lu’s family were so scared that they crawled directly on the ground.


The bloody eyes fell on the world again!

The Kylin King is born!

The great elder pressed his chest tightly, almost unable to breathe.

King Kylin really appeared!

It was not an illusion last time!

Could it be that Lu Lingfeng’s old man made a ghost again!

If the North Lu family really had the Qilin King, and it was Lu Lingfeng, the Lu family would definitely perish!

The three elders know the importance of their family blood!

If the Qilin bloodline is opened, it can directly crush those who have not opened the Qilin bloodline in strength!
For example, if a warrior who has become a jinxie opens the Qilin bloodline, then relying solely on the suppression of this bloodline, he can defeat those of the same level who have not opened the Qilin bloodline.

Not to mention the people who can open the blood of the unicorn, will their own strength be weak!

The strength of that old monster Lu Lingfeng is far more than just Huajin Xiaocheng!

By that time, even the retreat Patriarch could not suppress Lu Lingfeng.

No, definitely find an opportunity to eradicate Lu Lingfeng!

The great elder was murderous in his heart.

At this time, he felt like he had been hit hard with a heavy hammer!


Almost everyone present, at the same time, spit out a mouthful of blood!

only because!

The vermilion unicorn in front of them changed again.

The right eye of this unicorn sculpture has been completely glared!

Crimson light shines on the world!

Then, Zhu Hongqilin’s left eye also slowly opened.

This time, what came out was a faint blue light!

The unicorn has been a German beast since ancient times.

And the North Lu family is based on medicine, and has a unique ability to heal mortals.

It is this rich green light that strikes everyone’s heart like a heavy hammer!

Everyone, including the three elders, could not help kneeling down!

“The left eye is blue and the right eye is blood red. This is…”

“The ancestor of the eternal unicorn! The ancestor of the eternal unicorn!”

Someone seemed to be crazy, shouting loudly, their voice trembling.

The ancestor of the eternal unicorn!

These six characters are like a pinnacle that lies in front of all the Lu family members!

The mountains stand up, climb without hope!

The ancestor of the eternal unicorn is a blood that is more supreme than the unicorn king!

According to legend, it is infinitely close to the blood of Qilin’s true body!

There are very few records from the North Lu family about the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn.

But respect and respect!

The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is the top of the blood of the North Lu family, and it can even be said that it is the top of the blood on earth!

They were all wrong just now, so wrong!

Not the king of unicorns, but the clan of eternal unicorns!

Everyone was trembling on the ground with fright, and the North Lu family had never had such a majestic power descended!

They have no idea that the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is now a blessing or a curse for them!

The great elder knelt on the ground, blood and tears gushing out!


It turned out to be the pinnacle of blood!

Lu Lingfeng, when did he become so terrifying!

Originally, the Great Elder was still thinking about finding an opportunity to eradicate Lu Lingfeng, but now, a sense of powerlessness surged into his heart.

But this bloodline is enough to crush all the Lu family members to death!

Not to mention this pinnacle bloodline, you can directly order the Lu family.

The point is that once Lu Lingfeng returns with this supreme bloodline, the things that the Lu Family tortured him will be instantly exposed!

At that time, all the Lu family members will fall back without dispute!

The elder’s eye canthus is cracked!

Some Lu family members have already begun to bow down and bow down religiously.

But at this moment, a violent roar suddenly spread from the depths of the ancestral hall!


Vigorous and violent!

Like a wild beast!

A bluish-red mottled light rose into the sky again!

Everyone was once again enveloped by this weird and violent aura, completely devoid of the sacred devotion they had previously wandered in the green light, and replaced it with shivering.

A figure suddenly pierced through the roof, followed the mottled light, and jumped into everyone’s sight!

And the great elder saw the figure of this person clearly, as if he had directly boarded heaven from hell!

He turned down and worshiped, shouting excitedly: “It’s the Patriarch! The bloodline of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn is actually the Patriarch!”

“The Patriarch has completely awakened the bloodline and left the customs! The opportunity of our Lu family is here! Everyone will follow me and welcome the Patriarch to return!”

Chapter 1244

The great elder was extremely excited at this moment.

I thought it was Lu Lingfeng, but now he is the owner of the family!

The place where the housekeeper retreats is soaring into the sky with blue and red light, but it’s not the light flashing from the eyes of the vermilion unicorn just now.

unambiguous evidence!

It would be great to be the owner of the house.

The Grand Elder took the lead and knelt down to the Patriarch in the air, and shouted: “Welcome Patriarch to leave the customs! Congratulations to Patriarch for successfully awakening the supreme bloodline!”

The Lu Family Patriarch in the air, the mottled green-red light is still there.

But he didn’t hear anything, and the whole person was immersed in a strange state.

The head of the Lu family is called Lu Guangsha, who is the father of Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin.

He single-handedly led the murder of Lu Lingfeng at that time, and he was also the biggest beneficiary of this incident.

He found some of Lu Lingfeng’s notes and experiences in Lu Lingfeng’s room, and he had some insights.

But he did not share his notes with the three elders.

It’s an excuse for the recent bottleneck in the realm and the need to retreat.

This closure is nearly a year!

The notes left by Lu Lingfeng seemed simple, but they were full of mysteries.

Lu Guangsha’s qualifications are actually not very good.

During the retreat, he has been working hard to comprehend, but he has gained little.

Until the last few days, Lu Guangsha felt that his realm had loosened, as if he was really about to break through.

And just now, Lu Guangsha suddenly felt that his body was being held down by a terrifying coercion, and the blood in his body was mobilized for the first time.

Before he could react, he felt that his body didn’t look like his own.

The blood in his body boiled, taking his body directly into the air and rushing into the sky.

And he also fell into a semi-coma.

I don’t know how long it took.

Lu Guangsha gradually recovered a trace of consciousness.

The first thing he does is to check his body quickly.

Because Lu Guangsha has never had blood boiling.

At this inspection, Lu Guangsha was so excited that he was going crazy!

Awakening of blood!

His unicorn bloodline has awakened at this moment!

Although it is not a terrifying and rare bloodline, it is enough for Lu Guangsha to be proud.

After all, being able to awaken the bloodline means that he still has the possibility of diligence in martial arts!

And more importantly, only when the blood is awakened can you be worthy of the name of the Patriarch!

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha burst into laughter when suddenly he was in the air.

Too much relief!

Realm breakthrough!

Arrived directly at Huajin Consummation!

Awakening of blood!

Double happiness is coming.

The great elders and others who were still kneeling down looked at each other.

Because the Patriarch has been hanging in the air for a long time.

At first, he was motionless and couldn’t wake up no matter how he called.

And now he laughed like nobody else.

Is the owner crazy?

“Respectfully welcome Patriarch to leave!” The Great Elder shouted again from below.

At this time, Lu Guangsha finally saw the following situation.

The members of the Lu family knelt down together.

Lu Guangsha fell back to the ground, his face glowing red.

But he had no idea what heaven and earth vision had happened in the ancestral hall just now.

He was still immersed in double happiness.
“Ahaha, the three elders, it’s been a long time since I saw you, how are you doing these days hahaha!” Lu Guangsha laughed.

The Great Elder quickly said yes.

Then, he said loudly: “Congratulations, Patriarch, awakening the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn! This is a rare event in the Lu family! From now on, we can walk sideways in the rivers and lakes of our Lu family!”

The Lu family members at the back also flattered one by one.

But Lu Guangsha was stunned.

The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn?



Lu Guangsha was a little dazed for a while, and even doubted his life.

He is the head of the Lu family and naturally knows the blood of the Lu family well.

He even knows the dignity of the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn.

However, this is not the case.

Lu Guangsha watched everyone staring at him with scorching eyes, and suddenly understood.

The elder seemed to be congratulating himself just now?

I awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn?

Lu Guangsha will check his body again suspiciously.

As a result, it was still an ordinary unicorn bloodline.

In his body, the blue and red aura was so mottled and even appeared chaotic, obviously because the blood had just awakened and the body had not yet fully adapted.

According to Lu Guangsha’s guess, the unicorn bloodline he has now awakened is not even as pure and precious as the Binglin bloodline of his daughter Lu Xiaoluan.

But are these people fools?

Can’t you see it?

Lu Guangsha asked tentatively, “How do you know that I have awakened my blood?”

The elder hurriedly said: “Patriarch, did you have any feelings just now? When your bloodline awakened, this vermilion unicorn sculpture in our Lu family shrine opened its eyes!”

Lu Guangsha trembled all over!

He asked in disbelief, “Really!”

Wouldn’t Lu Guangsha know what it means for Qilin to open his eyes?

The Grand Elder continued to shock Lu Guangsha, “Furthermore, Qilin opened his left and right eyes, his left eye was blue, and his right eye was blood red! In the records of our family history, doesn’t it correspond to the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn! You just didn’t see it personally. Then, the sky is full of sunshine, half green, and usually red, it is really beautiful, it is like auspiciousness from the sky, welcome the Patriarch to leave!”

This rainbow fart took Lu Guangsha in a daze.

In fact, the words of the great elder were wrong, but the order was reversed.

It was not because of Lu Guangsha’s blood awakening that Qilin opened his eyes.

It was because Qilin opened his eyes and spread the Qi of Qilin to Lu Guangsha’s body in the accidental collision, and indirectly helped Lu Guangsha a big favor at the critical moment.

At this time, someone hurried over with a mobile phone.

This person photographed all the visions of heaven and earth just now.

Lu Guangsha looked at it carefully, and it turned out that it was a blue and red light, and auspiciousness fell from the sky.

Wasn’t it also the green light in his body.

Could it be that my understanding of blood has been wrong for many years.

He is not an ordinary bloodline at all, but the bloodline of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn?

Lu Guangsha became more and more convinced that his blood was supreme.

He suddenly laughed: “Okay! Okay! Today is our Lu family’s great day! I successfully awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn. From now on, I will lead our Lu family to the top of the rivers and lakes! Lu! The opportunity for the rise of the home is here!”

He was actually going crazy with excitement at the moment, but in order to maintain the majesty of the Patriarch, he was forcibly suppressed.

He ordered: “The three elders, immediately convene the whole clan for a big banquet tonight! By the way, call the peripheral members of the three halls to join in the grand event.”

With this, the expressions of the three elders suddenly became ugly.

The Grand Elder took a deep breath and said to Lu Guangsha, “Patriarch, during your retreat, many things actually happened. Our Lu family is no longer what it used to be, hey…”

Lu Guangsha frowned, and shouted coldly, “Why, could someone bully our Lu family?”

The Grand Elder and the Third Elder glanced at each other and said in unison, “Grandson of Lu Lingfeng, Wiliam!”

Chapter 1245

Lu Lingfeng!


Lu Guangsha didn’t have a deep impression of Wiliam, but the three words Lu Lingfeng sounded like thunder in his ears!

He seemed to have seen the cruel scene when a group of people surrounded and suppressed Lu Lingfeng.

His face became very unnatural, and he asked in a low voice, “What happened to Lu Lingfeng! Could it be that he…”

The Great Elder also hurriedly lowered his voice and said, “Lu Lingfeng has been confirmed by various parties that he is still dead.”

“What!” Lu Guangsha’s face became extremely ugly.

He thought that Lu Lingfeng was dead, and their previous incidents passed away.

But now, Lu Lingfeng is dead!

This old guy who doesn’t know what shit is gone!

Such fate should not be broken!

At this time, the elder said again: “We will report to you about Lu Lingfeng’s affairs. Now we are going to talk about his grandson, Wiliam, do you remember the Patriarch?”

Lu Guangsha recalled, and said, “Could it be the Wiliam who died ten years ago? What happened to him?”

“He’s also dead, and he’s back this time!” The Great Elder gritted his teeth.

Lu Guangsha is even worse.

So how come all the people who should have died have been resurrected?

Do you go to retreat, or go to time travel?

“What the hell is going on? Tell me more!” Lu Guangsha shouted sharply.

The great elder thought about how to kill Wiliam from the Youth Medical Association, then to grab the position of elder, to crack the conspiracy and tricks of the Chen family of Liehan, and finally to subdue the entire medical martial arts palace. Out!

“What! You mean, he is a small kid, now he not only sits in the position of the four elders of our Lu family, but also becomes the head of the medical martial arts palace!” Lu Guangsha’s eyes suddenly showed strong killing intent.

The elder shrank his neck and said, “Exactly.”

“Huh! During the time I was away, you were going back more and more. If I came out later, wouldn’t the whole Lu family be swallowed up by the kid? What a good thing you did!” Lu Guangsha shouted.

The people of the Lu family shivered together, not daring to refute.

“So Patriarch, your exit this time is just right, and it just guides us…” The Great Elder said slyly.

“Where is the kid now? I would meet him.” Lu Guangsha said.

The Grand Elder also told Wiliam about the Centennial Ceremony of Evil Fist.

Lu Guangsha frowned, “He is going to attend the Centennial Ceremony?”

The three elders took the question and briefly introduced some evildoers in this century-old ceremony, and finally said in a low voice, “So this kid will be embarrassed on the spot, but he will die on the stage.”

“You have done a personnel job!” Lu Guangsha snorted coldly.

The three elders squeezed a cold sweat.

Fortunately, the three elders offered to let Wiliam die. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to explain it today.

“Because the site of the Centennial Ceremony is completely shielded from communication, we still can’t find out what’s going on with that kid. Patriarch, do you want to…” the elder hesitated and said.

Lu Guangsha sneered and said, “What can I ask? With so many masters around, that kid is already considered very good if he doesn’t die. Now that I have come out, I naturally want that kid to impose all these messy things on our Lu family. eradicate.”

“Patriarch, do you mean to do something with that kid’s men?” the elder asked hesitantly.

Lu Guangsha said coldly, “Otherwise? Let the kid bring all cats and dogs to our Lu family? Isn’t this a joke for the world to watch us?”

The elder still wanted to speak, but Lu Guangsha interrupted him directly and said: “I know your concerns. You are trying to say that the decisions you made before were all made in the public, and now you rashly repented, is it even more convincing? Shame?”

The great elder nodded, thinking exactly like this in his heart.

From when Wiliam became the fourth elder to taking over the Doctor Wuying Palace, it was all his right words.

It was also agreed by the Lu family himself.

It is indeed a bit embarrassing to repent and even turn his face.

“That’s the decision you made. You know, I am the head of the Lu family, and I have the final say, don’t I? So, if there is any responsibility, I will carry it.” Lu Guangsha finally set the tone. .

The three elders were overjoyed. If the Patriarch personally came forward, this would be a good excuse to repent.

But the great elder has two worries, “Patriarch, but now there is also a huge force in the Medical Martial Arts Hall. If we directly conflict with them, we are afraid it will hurt our vitality…”

“Huh! Great Elder, when did you become so intimidated? Don’t do it now, can we wait for them to grow stronger in the future, let’s do it again?” Lu Guangsha replied directly.

“What the Patriarch said!” The third elder didn’t care about that much, as long as he could uproot the people in the current medical martial arts palace, he would be most happy to hear.

After all, the Palace of Medical Martial Arts was once his category of influence.

“Patriarch, it’s not that I’m afraid of me, I forgot to say that Wiliam’s wife Feliicity is a member of the medicine knife family, we move their people, maybe the medicine knife family will blame us… “The Great Elder’s face flushed.

Medicine knife family?

This new message made Lu Guangsha hesitate.

But only for a while, Lu Guangsha sneered again: “Huh, before, we naturally have to treat the people of the medicine knife family with respect, but now is different, don’t you forget, I have awakened the blood of the ancient unicorn! Are you afraid of the medicine knife family?”

The great elder was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly patted his head, how could he forget this matter!

Patriarch has now awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn!

This change is enough to subvert everything in the past!

With this kind of bloodline, the identity of the Patriarch has skyrocketed, and he can directly talk to the head of the Medicine Knife Family!

There is indeed no need to fear the medicine knife family anymore.

And the medicine knife family estimated that they would not offend someone with this bloodline for a woman.

If so, that would be great!

“At most, that woman named Feliicity, we can spare her a small life, but other people, ho ho, beheaded! Let the world know that our Lu family is not the same as before, and it’s not someone. They can ride on our heads!” Lu Guangsha has become complacent now because of his bloodline, and he seems to have a sense of heroism as he puts the heroes of the world into the urn.

The crowd was about to cheer and applaud. At this time, an anxious voice came over, “No! Dad, you can’t do this! I won’t agree with you doing this to Wiliam’s men! This is too embarrassing!”

Chapter 1246

One man and one woman, more and more out.

Surprisingly, they are Lu Guangsha’s biological children, Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin.

Lu Xiaoluan was very happy for his father when he saw his father leave the customs and awakened the supreme blood.

But the more you listen, the more wrong.

As soon as his father left the barrier, he was ready to kill Wiliam’s men!

It would be shameful to do so.

It’s not fair to Wiliam!

After all, Wiliam went to the Centennial Ceremony of Evil Fist for the Lu Family this time.

And if others still don’t come back, his father will get rid of his men.

This is not what kind of revenge is!

And there is another important reason why Lu Xiaoluan stood up.

She definitely didn’t want to see her father turn against Wiliam.

This will put her in a dilemma!

She kept thinking about waiting for her father to leave the customs, so she told her father about Wiliam.

But I didn’t expect that as soon as my father came out, he would directly make this decision.

So Lu Xiaoluan stood up and planned to stop this internal fight.

She believed that Wiliam’s nature was kind, and as long as his father explained clearly to Wiliam about his grandfather, Wiliam would not embarrass his father.

Seeing Lu Xiaoluan come out to say this, the third elder sneered directly, “Lu Xiaoluan, do you still have the face to say this? Okay, we still don’t tell your father about the good things you did, but you took the initiative to send it to the door. .”

Lu Guangsha showed a puzzled look, “What happened to my daughter?”

The three elders directly explained Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin’s protection of Wiliam.

At this hearing, Lu Guangxia people are going to explode, “Okay, my own children are going to help an outsider behind my back! I still don’t know how to repent and don’t understand it! Come here, imprison them both for me, this one After the incident, I naturally have to teach them a lesson!”

“Dad! You can’t do this! If you do this, it will be overwhelming! You listen to me once, OK!” Lu Xiaoluan was not reconciled, and shouted.

She didn’t know why in her heart, but still believed in Wiliam.

And she had a feeling that her father and Wiliam would definitely suffer a loss, and it might be a big loss!

“Huh! Covering water is hard to harvest? A little boy, I heard that the realm is only a small achievement, plus more than two hundred stinky fish and shrimps, we will be afraid of him? And according to his defiant character, he might have died long ago. It’s been a century-old ceremony. You don’t have to say any more, come, take her down to me!” Lu Guangsha said directly.

He didn’t put Wiliam in his eyes at all.

I wouldn’t take it seriously before.

Now that he had awakened to the pinnacle of blood, his realm had also broken through to Huajin Consummation, and he didn’t even put Wiliam in his eyes.

Moreover, Lu Guangxia was determined and planned to use this action to send such a signal to the whole arena.

The Patriarch Lu Guangxia of the Lu Family in North has a supreme blood, and the world should not be humiliated!

Humiliation is death!

Lu Xiaobin and Lu Xiaoluan were immediately taken by the Three Elders.

Lu Xiaoluan was very anxious, and secretly called Wiliam while on the road, intending to inform him so that he would be more careful when he returned.
But unexpectedly, Wiliam’s phone kept shutting down.

Lu Xiaoluan naturally did not know that Wiliam’s mobile phone had been turned into a fan in the previous war.

And even if he had a cell phone, Wiliam couldn’t answer the phone at all on the plane he was returning.

Lu Xiaoluan was so anxious that tears rolled in his eyes.

That’s it!

Can’t get in touch with Wiliam, it’s really a big deal now.

Wiliam was in a disaster this time.

Seeing that Lu Xiaoluan was taken away, the third elder felt relieved and quickly asked, “Patriarch, what are you going to do next?”

Lu Guangsha didn’t want to think about it, and said proudly: “Naturally gather these mobs and annihilate them in one fell swoop! In this way, if you pass the order, you will say that I will leave the customs, and we will have a banquet in the clan tomorrow at noon, everyone, including the peripheral disciples. Must not be absent!”

The three elders understood and immediately agreed, “Okay! I understand!”

“This matter must be kept confidential, so as not to be stunned! Everyone listens! Someone who dares to tell the news, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Lu Guangsha said with a cold face and majesty.

The people present were all members of the Lu family, but they all hated Wiliam, how could they do such things as whistleblowing.

They have only one regret now!

That’s why Wiliam was not there, otherwise he would be annihilated by stepping on his feet, how happy!

The cheap guy, he can die outside!

After dismissing the crowd, the three elders stayed and went to a small room with Lu Guangsha.

They naturally wanted to report on Lu Lingfeng.

Knowing the causes and consequences, Lu Guangsha sneered: “That old man was dead! But that’s okay, now that I am awakened to the supreme bloodline, why should I be afraid of him anymore! If he dares to come back again, I will let him try again The taste of killing with my own hands! Including his most beloved grandson, even if he escapes to the end of the world, I will personally punish him!”

Early the next morning, Feliicity received information from the Lujiamen, asking her to attend the celebration banquet for the patron’s departure at noon.

She frowned slightly, not wanting to go.

But immediately received a call from Mulan, and people who knew the Qilin power also received an invitation.

Feliicity felt a sense of unease in her heart.

When Wiliam was leaving, she repeatedly confessed that she should stay here to guard these people who are guarding the Qilin.

She was worried, and simply agreed to the Lujiamen, she would attend the celebration banquet at noon.

At noon, Feliicity first met with Mulan and the others, and then went to the large courtyard of the Lu family.

In the large courtyard, nearly a hundred tables of banquets were put on the table, and it was very hot.

Under the guidance of the servants, Feliicity and the others came to the dozens of tables in the center to sit down.

The people of the Lu family seemed to care about their arrival, and they didn’t even care about it.

Feliicity and Mulan exchanged glances.

By always following Wiliam, even a fool can become a wise man.

They have begun to feel that something is wrong.

It stands to reason that the people in their medical martial arts hall should not sit in the center.

They will never be hospitalized by the Lu family.

So there must be a demon if something goes wrong!

Feliicity immediately stood up and walked towards the great elder.

She is going to resign to the Great Elder.

But at this moment, the third elder suddenly shouted, “Enclose me all!”

It turned out that the Lu family wandering around, as well as the outer disciples of the other two halls, all got up and immediately surrounded the group of people in Qilin power!

However, Feliicity was personally watched by the three elders and cut off contact with the Qilinshi.

Feliicity’s face became cold, and she looked at the elder, “I don’t know what the Lu family meant by doing this!”

Chapter 1246

One man and one woman, more and more out.

Surprisingly, they are Lu Guangsha’s biological children, Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin.

Lu Xiaoluan was very happy for his father when he saw his father leave the customs and awakened the supreme blood.

But the more you listen, the more wrong.

As soon as his father left the barrier, he was ready to kill Wiliam’s men!

It would be shameful to do so.

It’s not fair to Wiliam!

After all, Wiliam went to the Centennial Ceremony of Evil Fist for the Lu Family this time.

And if others still don’t come back, his father will get rid of his men.

This is not what kind of revenge is!

And there is another important reason why Lu Xiaoluan stood up.

She definitely didn’t want to see her father turn against Wiliam.

This will put her in a dilemma!

She kept thinking about waiting for her father to leave the customs, so she told her father about Wiliam.

But I didn’t expect that as soon as my father came out, he would directly make this decision.

So Lu Xiaoluan stood up and planned to stop this internal fight.

She believed that Wiliam’s nature was kind, and as long as his father explained clearly to Wiliam about his grandfather, Wiliam would not embarrass his father.

Seeing Lu Xiaoluan come out to say this, the third elder sneered directly, “Lu Xiaoluan, do you still have the face to say this? Okay, we still don’t tell your father about the good things you did, but you took the initiative to send it to the door. .”

Lu Guangsha showed a puzzled look, “What happened to my daughter?”

The three elders directly explained Lu Xiaoluan and Lu Xiaobin’s protection of Wiliam.

At this hearing, Lu Guangxia people are going to explode, “Okay, my own children are going to help an outsider behind my back! I still don’t know how to repent and don’t understand it! Come here, imprison them both for me, this one After the incident, I naturally have to teach them a lesson!”

“Dad! You can’t do this! If you do this, it will be overwhelming! You listen to me once, OK!” Lu Xiaoluan was not reconciled, and shouted.

She didn’t know why in her heart, but still believed in Wiliam.

And she had a feeling that her father and Wiliam would definitely suffer a loss, and it might be a big loss!

“Huh! Covering water is hard to harvest? A little boy, I heard that the realm is only a small achievement, plus more than two hundred stinky fish and shrimps, we will be afraid of him? And according to his defiant character, he might have died long ago. It’s been a century-old ceremony. You don’t have to say any more, come, take her down to me!” Lu Guangsha said directly.

He didn’t put Wiliam in his eyes at all.

I wouldn’t take it seriously before.

Now that he had awakened to the pinnacle of blood, his realm had also broken through to Huajin Consummation, and he didn’t even put Wiliam in his eyes.

Moreover, Lu Guangxia was determined and planned to use this action to send such a signal to the whole arena.

The Patriarch Lu Guangxia of the Lu Family in North has a supreme blood, and the world should not be humiliated!

Humiliation is death!

Lu Xiaobin and Lu Xiaoluan were immediately taken by the Three Elders.

Lu Xiaoluan was very anxious, and secretly called Wiliam while on the road, intending to inform him so that he would be more careful when he returned.

But unexpectedly, Wiliam’s phone kept shutting down.

Lu Xiaoluan naturally did not know that Wiliam’s mobile phone had been turned into a fan in the previous war.

And even if he had a cell phone, Wiliam couldn’t answer the phone at all on the plane he was returning.

Lu Xiaoluan was so anxious that tears rolled in his eyes.

That’s it!

Can’t get in touch with Wiliam, it’s really a big deal now.

Wiliam was in a disaster this time.

Seeing that Lu Xiaoluan was taken away, the third elder felt relieved and quickly asked, “Patriarch, what are you going to do next?”

Lu Guangsha didn’t want to think about it, and said proudly: “Naturally gather these mobs and annihilate them in one fell swoop! In this way, if you pass the order, you will say that I will leave the customs, and we will have a banquet in the clan tomorrow at noon, everyone, including the peripheral disciples. Must not be absent!”

The three elders understood and immediately agreed, “Okay! I understand!”

“This matter must be kept confidential, so as not to be stunned! Everyone listens! Someone who dares to tell the news, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Lu Guangsha said with a cold face and majesty.

The people present were all members of the Lu family, but they all hated Wiliam, how could they do such things as whistleblowing.

They have only one regret now!

That’s why Wiliam was not there, otherwise he would be annihilated by stepping on his feet, how happy!

The cheap guy, he can die outside!

After dismissing the crowd, the three elders stayed and went to a small room with Lu Guangsha.

They naturally wanted to report on Lu Lingfeng.

Knowing the causes and consequences, Lu Guangsha sneered: “That old man was dead! But that’s okay, now that I am awakened to the supreme bloodline, why should I be afraid of him anymore! If he dares to come back again, I will let him try again The taste of killing with my own hands! Including his most beloved grandson, even if he escapes to the end of the world, I will personally punish him!”

Early the next morning, Feliicity received information from the Lujiamen, asking her to attend the celebration banquet for the patron’s departure at noon.

She frowned slightly, not wanting to go.

But immediately received a call from Mulan, and people who knew the Qilin power also received an invitation.

Feliicity felt a sense of unease in her heart.

When Wiliam was leaving, she repeatedly confessed that she should stay here to guard these people who are guarding the Qilin.

She was worried, and simply agreed to the Lujiamen, she would attend the celebration banquet at noon.

At noon, Feliicity first met with Mulan and the others, and then went to the large courtyard of the Lu family.

In the large courtyard, nearly a hundred tables of banquets were put on the table, and it was very hot.

Under the guidance of the servants, Feliicity and the others came to the dozens of tables in the center to sit down.

The people of the Lu family seemed to care about their arrival, and they didn’t even care about it.

Feliicity and Mulan exchanged glances.

By always following Wiliam, even a fool can become a wise man.

They have begun to feel that something is wrong.

It stands to reason that the people in their medical martial arts hall should not sit in the center.

They will never be hospitalized by the Lu family.

So there must be a demon if something goes wrong!

Feliicity immediately stood up and walked towards the great elder.

She is going to resign to the Great Elder.

But at this moment, the third elder suddenly shouted, “Enclose me all!”

It turned out that the Lu family wandering around, as well as the outer disciples of the other two halls, all got up and immediately surrounded the group of people in Qilin power!

However, Feliicity was personally watched by the three elders and cut off contact with the Qilinshi.

Feliicity’s face became cold, and she looked at the elder, “I don’t know what the Lu family meant by doing this!”

Chapter 1247 Fighting! ! !

The elder still didn’t say anything, and a sneer came from outside, “What do you mean? Let you know what the Lu Family means not to be insulted!”

Feliicity followed the prestige, but saw a serious-faced middle-aged man pushed aside the crowd and walked in slowly.

Feliicity said coldly: “It seems that you are Lu Guangsha, the head of the Lu family, right?”

Lu Guangsha nodded, “Exactly!”

“Patriarch Lu, do you dare to move me?” Feliicity asked back.

Lu Guangsha shook his head and said, “Before, I might be afraid of your identity as a family of medicine knives, but now, it’s different! But I can give you a face, as long as you don’t move, I can keep you Fate. But if you dare to help the evildoer, don’t blame me, don’t even look at the face of the medicine knife family.”

Feliicity’s heart trembled, not knowing Lu Guangsha’s confidence, and said that he was not afraid of the medicine knife family. She turned her head and looked at the situation in front of her.

More than two hundred people were surrounded by Qilin. Except for the children of the Lu family, there were more peripheral disciples in the other two halls.

There are more than four hundred people.

Feliicity evaluated her strength in her heart, and suddenly became a little anxious.

On the whole, the strength of the Lu family’s children is much higher than that of the Qilinshi, and now the number of them still occupies an absolute advantage.

What’s more, they pulled out their weapons from under the table one by one, murderous.

And the people of unicorn power come to the banquet, where will they bring weapons.

If you don’t want to do anything today, the Qilin potential may be completely destroyed here.

Wiliam’s confession to Feliicity still lingered in his ears.

Feliicity was very complicated.

This can be regarded as the first time Wiliam told her to help with something.

If you fail even this first confession, why not tell Wiliam to share the burden with him in the future.

Just as Feliicity was thinking, Lu Guangsha directly slammed the fruit and shouted: “As long as you ignorant renounce the dark, kneel to me in public, and obey the special wine made by our Lu family, loyal to me, and surrender to me, I can consider Leave you alone.”

When these words came out, Feliicity secretly cried out.

Lu Guangsha’s words were nice and gave a way out.

But for these unicorns, it is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

Feliicity really knew the character of these people.

They had experienced abandoning the Lord before.

Later, after a hearty banquet, I realized the true thoughts in my heart.

Therefore, all future betrayals will be a shame to them!

The abandoned master that time was a thunder hidden in their hearts, they couldn’t touch it!

Sure enough, Mulan sneered first, “Ho ho, we want us to give up the young master and be loyal to you. I don’t know where your face is! If you want to fight, fight, stop talking nonsense!”

With that, Mulan rushed over.

The unicorns behind her are all iron-clad and passionate men.

They almost didn’t hesitate, and followed Mulan to rush over.

“Kill!” everyone shouted sharply.

It only took a few seconds for the scene to become a Shura field.

The table, which had been prosperous and beaming, was instantly thrown to pieces
Everyone in Qilinshi knows in their hearts that there is nothing to stop this time!

This time, flesh and blood horizontal knife!

Lu Guangsha, standing not far away, sneered: “The worms shake the tree, it is ridiculous! A group of ants even dare to resist! Then don’t blame me for being ruthless! Give it to me! Kill it!”

Hundreds of people on the periphery rioted in an instant, and Qi Qi killed the people with Qilin power.

For this rush, the judgement was made.

Let these unicorns be brave and fearless of life and death.

However, under the real power gap, he was suddenly defeated.

Especially the Lu family’s children, rushing into the arena, directly avoiding the four sect masters, and rushing towards the others, it is simply a request!

Fortunately, there are not many children in the Lu family.

After the first round of rushing, the Qilin power directly lost more than 20 people.

Feliicity turned pale when she saw Wiliam’s brother died.

In her heart, it seemed that there was something to come out!

No way!

Can’t come out!

Finally suppressed, finally merged.

Can’t let the efforts of Sister Tian Tian and Sister Qing fall short at this time!

Feliicity was very aware of the changes in her body at this time.

However, her eyes slowly turned red.

“Boom!” Feliicity suddenly punched, blasting out the next person in front of her.

Her body was about to vacate, but was directly pressed down by the three elders.

The three elders have been observing Feliicity.

He had long expected that Feliicity would not let it go, so he waited here.

The third elder sneered: “Feliicity, I advise you to cherish your own life! If there is no Patriarch here in front of you, or I will kill you first!”

Lu Guangsha looked at Feliicity coldly and said, “Everyone listens to the order! If Feliicity dared to make another move, let’s just kill him together!”

These words are extremely resolute!

It can be seen the style of an energetic family owner.

Even the medicine knife family could not enter Lu Guangsha’s eyes at this moment.

Feliicity’s body was trembling slowly, and his lips slowly bit a blush.



Just watched his husband’s brother in the bloody battlefield.

I can only help myself!

If Wiliam comes back!

If Wiliam asked!

Where is his brother!

Why would his brother die!

When the time comes, how will I answer?

But no matter how he answers, Wiliam will forgive himself!

I’m afraid I would rather die in this battle than face Wiliam’s forgiving eyes!

Feliicity’s eyes are slowly turning red!

At this time, there was a loud shout in the field, it was Mulan!

While fighting, Mulan stared at Feliicity, shouting loudly: “Sister Feliicity! Don’t move! If something happens to you, we can’t explain it to the young master! So, let us all this in the field! There is nothing we can’t face, and there is nothing we dare not face!”

An ironclad sentence once again caused a violent roar of the unicorn on the scene!

They roared up to the sky, and the smell of blood on their bodies was released at this moment!


How can this be!

Is it possible that with the young master, our group can only be mermaid!

Does Young Master need such a brother!

What he needs is a brother who can stand in front of him, not a coward who always hides behind him and needs protection!


The crowd roared like crazy, rushing toward the surrounding enemies!

No knife!

The enemy sent!

Grab it!

No punches!

Have teeth!

Bite one side to death!

Just give up!

War war war! !

Chapter 1248 With Blood! Life!

Everyone looked at the people like Qilinshi at the scene, suddenly they seemed to be crazy, they exchanged their lives for their lives, and they were a little stunned for a while.

Are these people crazy?

How can anyone fight like this?

In this scene, even Lu Guangsha frowned slightly.

He had no idea that the ants in his eyes could be so bloody!

And this kind of bloodliness was something he couldn’t see in his own children.

For a while, Lu Guangsha was a little regretful.

If this group of people can use it for themselves, it will add much help.

It’s a pity.

Lu Guangsha shouted loudly: “Squeeze it down for me! Just a bunch of bereaved dogs.”

The Lu family’s children also suddenly woke up and went into the battle again.

However, the battle has become more difficult.

But everyone knows that such difficulties will only last for a short period of time.

Everyone can see that these lunatics are consuming themselves crazily.

Although it can be exchanged for a temporary balance of offense and defense, as long as these people’s physical strength is exhausted, they will face the situation of being siege.

Feliicity’s tears fell with a splash.

Since she left the Bai family, she has rarely shed tears for people other than Wiliam.

But now, how can she bear it!

She knew why this group of Qilinshi would go crazy.

It’s to show it to yourself!

Let yourself be able to see that they do not need help from outsiders!

Let yourself look at their indomitable backbone!

Which one is inferior to Wiliam’s!

A violent breath slowly grew in Feliicity’s mind, as if gnawing on her internal organs.

She was almost choked with heartache.

Five minutes passed!

Ten minutes passed!

Because of the madness of these people, the field is still maintaining a delicate balance.

There are more than one hundred and fifty people left in the Qilinshi.

Seventy or eighty of the disciples outside the Lu family also fell.

Flesh and blood flying at the scene is already commonplace.

Everyone was surprised at this time.

Are these lunatics infinitely physically strong?

How come ten minutes passed, these people are still so fierce!

They were all panting, and they were about to fall down.

Why not fall down!

This scene makes many people unthinkable.

What is supporting this group of lunatics, so flesh-and-blood.

Not afraid of pain?


“Hold on to me! One by one, don’t be ashamed!” Lu Guangsha shouted sharply from the side.

He was very dissatisfied.

In the beginning, the Lu family had the upper hand.

But I don’t know why this group of people started going crazy.

Even more than two hundred people balanced the more than four hundred people!

Obviously these people are just earthly ants!

The gap with the Lu Family is not even a little bit.

Obviously I’m tired now and don’t know to stop.


But Lu Guangsha still regarded this as a game in his heart.

Eliminate the enemy and also eliminate the weak within yourself.

After all, none of the real powerhouses of the Lu family had personally end.

Lu Guangsha also took this opportunity to weed out the weak among these peripheral disciples.
Ten minutes passed!

There are only a hundred people left in the Qilinshi.

Almost half was sacrificed.

In the flesh and blood on the ground, it has long been unclear which are brothers and which are enemies.

Even Mulan, Tongmao and others were covered with scars.

They propped themselves up with a knife and gasped for breath.

In the field, who is not tired, who is not painful?

But even if they are about to lose their strength, as long as there are enemies coming, they will continue to stand up and fight like a conditioned reflex.

There are no people who can defeat them in will!

In the end, Lu Guangsha couldn’t stand it anymore.

He shouted coldly: “Third elders, go and help! A bunch of trash!”

The third elder couldn’t stand it for a long time. Hearing Lu Guangsha’s order, he rose up from the sky and headed directly towards Mulan!

Everyone can tell that Mulan is the boss in the field.

In other words, it is the spiritual pillar of the audience.

After all, the Three Elders are great martial artists of Huajin, and they are about to break through to the completion of Huajin!

He waited for work, suddenly appeared behind Mulan, and with a punch, he blasted Mulan into the sky and vomited blood.

Mulan’s body shook.

But no one fell down.

The third elder sneered, “Ho ho, I see how strong you can be! Give me death!”

With that said, the three elders stood up again and grabbed Mulan’s heart with a heart-claw!

With this catch, Mulan absolutely lost her life!

Tongmao and the others have broken eyes, and they are helpless with enemies in front of them, and there is no way to help them.

“Mulan! Be careful!” shouted harshly, her eyes red.

In his hands, wood bones, gold and blood shining endless hostility!

However, Mulan is about to lose strength, there is no chance to get rid of this claw of the Three Elders.

At this moment, a strange red light flashed suddenly.

A cold breath suddenly spread across the scene.

The third elder body was in the air, and when he was about to approach Mulan, he suddenly felt a thorn on his back!

not good!

He made a decisive decision, and his body suddenly collapsed!

A red light passed directly from his position just now!

Everyone took a closer look.

The owner of this red light was the Feliicity who had just stood not far away.

Feliicity held Mulan with tears in her eyes.

She had been watched by the three elders just now, and there was no way to shoot.

Now that the three elders have joined the battlefield, Feliicity took this opportunity to rush over, and at the moment of his death, he rescued Mulan.

Seeing that it was Feliicity, Mulan’s expression became extremely anxious, and said eagerly: “You go! Don’t come over! You can’t have an accident!”

However, Feng Xuehong said with red eyes: “Sister Mulan, you are Wiliam’s brother, and he is the family he guards with death. Naturally, it is also my Feliicity’s brother and family. How can I watch you die! So many have died now. Brother, I feel uneasy, how can I keep watching!”

When she said this, she did not see any hesitation.

Mulan’s eyes were red.

This silly woman!

No wonder the young master can like it so much!

Mulan sighed and said, “Okay! Anyway, I’m going to die today, so I can’t let these people look down! Let’s fight together!”

“War! War! War!”

The Kirin on the scene saw that even Feliicity joined the battlefield without hesitation, and the fighting spirit that was about to burn out came out again!

At this moment, they also fully recognized the identity of Young Master Feliicity!

Lu Guangsha saw Feliicity’s end, and sneered: “Okay! I’ve already put everything here before. Since you are obsessed with understanding, then we are welcome! Come on!”

Feliicity sneered, “That! Leave it to me!”

“Brothers! Kill it!”

“With blood!”

“To die!”


As she spoke, she was the first to rush out, and headed towards the three elders!

Chapter 1249 Dancing wildly!

Violent roar rang out again!

Feliicity has a distinguished status and is still a woman.

She joined the battlefield, instead of picking soft persimmons, she directly found the three elders!

So chivalrous, other men can’t be excited!

That’s it!

To die, prove arrogance!

The third elder saw Feliicity rushing over, and sneered: “It’s just right! The old man has been fed up with your little bitch!”

He has never been able to see Feliicity’s strength. After all, Feliicity’s martial arts practice does not seem to belong to the same system as the world.

But after careful observation these days, he can probably tell that the strength of this little bitch is probably Huajin Xiaocheng.

Barely able to fight with the martial artist who has become a powerful force.

But it was just barely enough, in front of the three elders, it was not worth mentioning!

His iron claw came out again, and grabbed it towards Feliicity!

In Feliicity’s hands, red light is coming again!

The ten murderous red light suddenly moved towards the three elders!

The third elder seemed to have been prepared for a long time, hiding his body, and snorted coldly: “The old man has known that you are pregnant with a strange treasure.

Feliicity was cold and silent, and once again grabbed the three elders with ten red claws.

The three elders were easy to do, after avoiding the red claws, suddenly a palm hit Feliicity’s shoulder!

Feliicity spit out blood.

However, she didn’t have any retreat, and rushed straight up again!

This fierceness and determination is so similar to the Qilin present!

Seeing Feliicity’s injury, the people of Qilinshi continued to fight the three elders, all eyes were red!

“Madam Young Master, we will definitely live up to your passion!”

The first to bear the brunt is Tongma!

Tongma trembled wildly, and her clothes broke almost instantly!

Has become Wenren’s heart-warming appearance!

The flower totem on her face and body flashed and flashed like never before!

And Guo Wuji beside him was also pulled, instantly transformed into a wild beast, roaring up to the sky!

The two men forcibly improved their strength, which was a help in the battlefield.

In addition, all the Qilin powers are resurging at this moment, and the children of the Lu Family are completely suppressed!




In Qilinshi’s eyes, there is only blood!

Lu Guangsha frowned even more when he saw this scene!

Damn it!

What is the origin of this group of people!

All of them are so weird!

“Second elder, you go up again!” Lu Guangsha said.

The second elder took the order and rushed out!

But when he was still halfway there, he was focused on by Wenren!

Wen Ren stepped on Guo Wuji’s body with heart, as if riding a wild beast, heading towards the second elder.

The second elder’s scalp was numb.

But there was no way, he still pushed forward.

In the field, Feliicity’s situation is the most severe.

Even if she tried her best, she was still not the opponent of the Three Elders.

A lot of blood was shed on her body.

After she forced the Third Elder back with one move, her eyes became even redder.

Really, do you want to do that…

What if you can’t control it…

What if I don’t recognize Wiliam’s face anymore…
She thought so unconsciously, the red in her eyes seemed to drip out.

The three elders once again forced them to go up, and Feliicity was not allowed to think again!

Feliicity’s heart seemed to be broken at this moment.

Believe it!

trust yourself!

Believe that my love for Wiliam is better than the monsters in the world!

I will remember!

Just like at Lingyue Villa!

A vast and cold breath rushed out of Feliicity’s body in an instant.

In an instant, she giggled as if she had changed.

Her face was covered with ferociousness.

The three elders were halfway, and their hearts were horrified!

He instinctively sensed a kind of murder!

He was about to retreat, but it was too late!

The ten red claws in Feliicity’s hand, as if completely violent, danced all over the sky!

Actually entangled the three elders!

The three elders secretly screamed badly, as if being entangled by a poisonous snake.

He was about to forcefully break free of the red claws, but suddenly the red claws began to frost!

In just a second, the body of the third elder was covered with frost!

This kind of frost seems to be able to freeze human souls to pieces.

One of the three elders was careless, and he actually followed Feliicity’s way, and he was very anxious!

But this frost is so weird, after freezing, no matter how the three elders break free!

But at this moment, the third elder suddenly discovered that a crack had appeared in his left arm!

This is not as simple as a crack!

The third elder could clearly feel that his entire left hand was cracked!

not good!

If this continues, not just this arm will be frozen and cracked!

My whole person will be torn apart by freezing!

This white Feliicity is terrible!

There are so many evil tricks!

Lu Guangsha, who was standing not far away, changed his expression at this moment.

“No! Great Elder, go and save the third elder!”

The Great Elder immediately flew towards Feliicity.

The surrounding unicorns are always paying attention to Feliicity’s movements and protecting Feliicity.

Seeing the great elder coming over, some people struggled to get injured and knocked back the enemy in front of them!

Then more than twenty people rushed towards the direction of the elder!


But the great elder snorted coldly and flicked, “Go away!”

These twenty-odd people actually lost to the Great Elder!

After all, the great elder is a consummation martial artist!

In the presence, if Lu Guangsha didn’t fight for blood, even Lu Guangsha would not be the opponent of the Great Elder.

It can be said that the audience is the strongest.

“Feliicity! Get out!” Mulan shouted aside.

However, Feliicity turned a deaf ear.

Her eyes were red as if they were about to drip.

She has gradually annihilated her mind.

He gave his body to the demon.

“Bang!” The Great Elder punched behind Feliicity!

I thought that Feliicity would immediately let go of the three elders.

However, Feliicity spit out a mouthful of blood, but grasped the ten red claws tighter!

The three elders were caught screaming!

The crack in his left arm is bigger!

“Grand Elder! Kill her quickly! Quickly!” The third elder wailed in pain and shouted at the senior elder.

The great elder gave a palm just now, just to scare away Feliicity.

After all, there is a family of medicine knives behind Feliicity, and Lu Guangsha is not afraid, but the prudent elder keeps this mindful.

But I didn’t expect Feliicity to be a desperado!

Take a hard hand, and don’t let go!

Seeing that the situation is not good, the elder can only kill him at this time!

“Feliicity, damn you!” As he said, the great elder slapped again and patted Feliicity’s head!

“No!” A loud shout came from all directions!

However, it is too late for the people of the unicorn power to save Feliicity!

Chapter 1250 Elegy!

“Puff!” Feliicity was hit and flew directly.

The ten red claws in her hand were also instantly retracted.

However, when it was retracted, the force involved directly removed the entire left arm of the Third Elder!


The screams of the three elders overwhelmed the fighting in the audience!

He is also a peak warrior of Huajin Dacheng.

Unexpectedly, Feliicity unloaded an arm!

And this arm, after being separated from the body, broke into ice slag directly in the air.

There is no room to connect back!

The eyes of the third elder turned red, and the eyes were full of spite!

“Feliicity!” Wen Ren rushed over and picked up Feliicity.

However, he was pushed away by Feliicity immediately.

The white Feliicity at this moment is very strange.

Her body was seriously injured.

The blood is flowing like a shot.

However, the more blood she shed, the more excited she seemed.

She also giggled, reached out her hand to touch the blood on her body, and squeezed it in her mouth.

Everyone in the audience felt their scalp numb.

Only Wenren fell in love with them, and vaguely knew the secret of Feliicity.

A few of them secretly shouted badly.

If Feliicity is unpredictable because of what happened today, they can’t shirk the blame!

Feliicity didn’t care about this.

She stepped on the ground and struck again towards the elder!

The great elder looked stiff!

Damn it!

This little Nizi actually ignored her injury.

Obviously it is going to fight for life!

He wanted to be merciful, but then he thought about it and didn’t want to be like the Third Elder and follow her way.

I can only go all out!

The war intent on the great elder also rose.

Although he doesn’t have any weapons, his aura surpasses everyone.

And the red claws of Feliicity’s hands appeared again!

This time!

Even more weird!

The red claws are like a dancing snake, and they have become extremely soft!

They all headed towards the great elder.

The great elder hit the red claw with a punch, but the red claw was only shrunk back from the beating, but it greeted him again.

The elder’s face became stiff.

What the hell is this!

Can you fight well?

The red claws stretch out and grow longer, and each one is 20 to 30 meters long!

They formed an encirclement in the air, and once again moved towards the great elder.

Getting longer!

At the end, the color of the red claw is brighter!

Blood was flowing directly to the base of Feliicity’s nails!

Mulan saw this scene, their eyes were cracked!

Feliicity is fighting for her life!

She didn’t know what method she used to mobilize all her blood to support the ten red claws.

In other words, the longer the red claw stretches out, the greater the power, and the heavier the burden on her body!

If this continues, Feliicity’s body will collapse!

“Kill me!” Mulan’s blood was completely agitated, and he attacked the second elder desperately.

However, there are fewer and fewer people in the unicorn power.

Moreover, they are all human after all.

Temporarily bloody, when the body is exhausted, it is exhausted.
Many people have already begun to fall to the ground and can’t even get up.

Until the back, even the four doorkeepers were at risk.

They had no choice but to shrink together for defense.

Seeing this scene, Lu Guangsha laughed sorrowfully, “Ho ho, is it finally over?”

Mulan and others are unwilling!

However, I just hate myself for not being strong enough!

Look at the present, there are only less than a hundred unicorns left in the field.

There is no possibility of fighting again!

And the only person fighting for the Qilin power is Feliicity!

In fact, when the Qilin-like people shrank, some of the Lu family’s children wanted to pursue them.

However, once someone pursued, the red claws in Feliicity’s hands would be like a mad snake, blocking their way.

Some people don’t believe in evil and fight against Red Claws.

However, the red claws follow the metaphysical and directly stabbed people to death on the spot!

After several people died in a row, the Lu family dared not go up again.

And Lu Guangsha also didn’t have a death order to pursue, so they stopped.

The whole audience was watching Feliicity.

She is the only one.

Resist in the negative corner.

In front of her, is the Great Elder!

Being able to hold it in the hands of the Great Elder for so long, and still be distracted to save people, Feliicity’s strength demonstrated today is already jaw-dropping.

Is this the little woman that everyone thinks is weak and weak?

It’s not an exaggeration to call it a goddess of war.

No, it should be a female monster!

The white Feliicity at this moment is red!

The kind that glows red.

Her body is constantly bursting with blood.

Everyone could tell that she was on the verge of collapse.

But she still has the supreme will, holding her body without falling down.

Even the Great Elder couldn’t bear it till the end.

The red claws dancing all over the sky are like a sad song of life and death!

The unicorn-like people looked at Feliicity like this, and all tears fell.

“Feliicity, stop it! You will die!” Mulan shouted her voice hoarse.

However, Feliicity could not hear it anymore.

There was only one thought in her heart.

Wiliam asked me to guard his brother, I must guard!

No one can attack them under my nose!

Strange to say, she should have lost her mind long ago.

But because of this incomparable obsession, she retained a trace of her mind.

The whole audience was moved.

What awaits this woman is her body, let it fall apart.

Feliicity’s body trembled more and more severely.

The blood flow is increasing.

The Great Elder stopped watching, and Feliicity was unable to fight anymore.

At this time, a figure rushed in front of Feliicity and kicked Feliicity to the ground.

It was the three elders who had lost one arm.

The Three Elders were full of resentment, and stepped directly on Feliicity’s head!

He scolded, “You little bitch, ruined one of my hands! I can’t kill you!”

He seemed to vent his anger, his feet stomping on Feliicity’s face.

Feliicity’s eyes were red, and she was still smiling ho ho ho.

She had no idea what she was laughing at.

The eyes of the unicorn-like people are cracked!

The three elders, damn it!

Knowing that Feliicity could no longer fight, he actually humiliated Feliicity so much!


No one can help Feliicity!

Who can save her now!

The three elders stepped on Feliicity and his face was full of blood, only to vent his anger a little.

“Hmph! I’ll send you to the west!” The third elder raised his feet high, obviously trying to crush Feliicity’s head directly.

Feliicity’s red eyes finally closed slowly at this time, and all the red claws came back.

Sorry, Wiliam…

I have more heart but not enough strength…

Betrayed your trust…

Are you coming back?

I miss you so much…

With humble guilt and love…

In the next life, pay…

Chapter 1251 The baby is angry!

Seeing that Feliicity finally gave up resisting, the three elders sneered and stomped fiercely with one foot!

The unicorn-like person, tears flowed down.

They deeply remembered what Feliicity did today.

You are worthy of the sky, and you are worthy of the land!


Excessive heart but insufficient strength!

This word lingers in everyone’s heart.

“Mom!” Just as the third elder’s feet fell, a stern voice suddenly sounded.

The third elders didn’t have time to see what it was, but felt a pain in their stomachs.

The whole person was directly knocked out.

With this collision, the three elders screamed again.

He felt that his internal organs were about to be knocked out of shape, and his ribs were about to break!

This sudden scene gave the people on the scene a look of mixed sadness and joy.

The people of Qilinshi were overjoyed, has someone finally come to rescue Feliicity?

But the people of North Lu’s face looked ugly.

They saw who the rescuer was.

A little girl with a tiger head and a black eye.

Isn’t it Xiao Wangqing!

Xiao Wangqing left a very deep impression on the Lu family at the Youth Medical Association.

She flung it at will, and she was able to fling a martial artist from the Lu Family to a place where she couldn’t see it.

Now, Xiao Wangqing shot again. Although she was a little bit unprepared, she was able to knock the three elders out, which was enough to shock people’s jaw.

Xiao Wangqing is more lethargic, she has been sleeping just now.

She didn’t find it until she was awakened by the noise outside.

And she saw at a glance that Mama Feliicity was about to be trampled to death by a nasty old man.

So Xiao Wangqing was angry.

After she hit the third elder, she was a little unsteady, and she sat down beside Feliicity.

She stretched out her chubby little hand and touched Feliicity’s face, her milky voice called out: “Mom, mom. The baby is here, mom is not afraid, baby protects you.”

These words are extremely immature, but don’t have to bear it.

It’s not like what a three or four-year-old child can say.

However, Feliicity fell into a coma, and could no longer hear Xiao Wangqing’s call.

Xiao Wangqing saw that her mother was not responding, so she burst into tears, “Mom, don’t worry about anything, don’t leave the baby alone…”

Mulan pushed her ruined body to Xiao Wangqing and said, “Xiao Wangqing, don’t cry. Your mother just passed out in a coma.”

Xiao Wangqing shed tears and asked, “Really? Then tell your baby, who bullied my mother?”

Mulan was taken aback, her eyes couldn’t help but looked at the people of the Lu family.

Xiao Wangqing followed Mulan’s gaze and waved her small fist angrily, “Bull my mother! The baby wants revenge for her mother!”

With that, she rushed directly to the Lu family.

Mulan can’t even pull it!

“Xiao Wangqing, don’t!” Mulan shouted.

However, Xiao Wangqing was very angry at the moment, so she would not listen to Mulan.

She just wanted to throw away the people who bullied her mother one by one!

Lu Guangsha frowned slightly and asked the elder next to him: “What’s the matter with this little girl?”
The grand elder looked a little ugly, and said, “This little girl was brought by Wiliam. She seems to be born with supernatural power and cannot be underestimated.”

Lu Guangsha snorted coldly, “Humph! What did you all degenerate into as soon as I was gone! You were bullied by a three or four-year-old girl like this? Do you know what embarrassment is?”

The great elder shrank his neck and dared not reply.

When Xiao Wangqing rushed out, five or six Lu family children had already stepped forward to kill.

These people are Huajin Xiaocheng martial artists.

Xiao Wangqing’s eyes were full of hatred, and her eyes seemed even darker.

She babbled and yelled, like a little calf, without hiding, she rushed over.

The first person wanted to catch Xiao Wangqing, but found that the speed was far worse than her!

Xiao Wangqing didn’t make any move, she rammed the man head on.

Because of her relatively small body, Xiao Wangqing’s head can only reach that person’s stomach.

But even so, the man was hit by Xiao Wangqing’s head and flew out, vomiting blood on the ground!

This scene can be silly for everyone.

Even Lu Guangsha, who had just despised Xiao Wangqing, was dumbfounded.

He clearly couldn’t feel the little girl’s internal strength.

But what about this brute force that came out of thin air?

Directly blasting a chemical warrior?

This is something unheard of.

The elder was shocked seeing Lu Guangsha, and he couldn’t help but feel relaxed.

The old man said that this little girl is born with supernatural power, don’t you believe it?

See it now?

Underestimate her, you will suffer a lot.

The elder was proud, Xiao Wangqing had already rampaged, knocking out the few people in front of him.

Although she has no internal strength, she has great brute strength, and at the moment, she is all headed with hate, and there is no one who is hit by her head who can stand up.

The worst one was hit by the ribs, the entire abdomen felt like it collapsed, and he passed out directly on the ground.

But Xiao Wangqing’s head had nothing to do with it, as if he could use endless strength to continue rushing towards Lu Guangsha.

Lu Guangsha coldly yelled: “Three elders, you can join me. We, the Lu Family in North, are we going to have a little girl overturned in full view?”

The elder’s face turned pale, and his heart was almost ashamed.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for the three elders to besiege a three-year-old girl?

Does it always feel more embarrassing?

However, they dare not violate the Patriarch’s order.

The three elders rushed out together.

Xiao Wangqing is ignorant, where to control the strength of others.

She still draws a gourd like this, wanting to hit the rushing three elders with her head mallet.

But the third elder punched Xiao Wangqing’s head.

There was a burst of exclamation from the people at the scene!

“No!” Mulan and others yelled out.

With this punch, everyone clearly heard a dull sound.

Xiao Wangqing’s body flew back directly, blood was already emerging from his head.

After all, she only had a brute force, and she was far from the strength of the three elders.

It’s just that everyone is also marveling at what kind of evil Xiao Wangqing is.

Ordinary people are hit by the three elders with a punch in their heads.

But Xiao Wangqing only bleeds, and there seems to be nothing in his head.

Isn’t this a special copper head?

Even more frightening was that Xiao Wangqing shook her head on the ground, and the blood flowed down her face and dripped to the ground.

Regardless of the blood, she stood up again and rushed towards the three elders!

While rushing, he exclaimed angrily: “My baby is so mad! The baby is really going to be angry!”

As she spoke, her eyes were suddenly black!

The blood flowing from her on the ground before suddenly rose to the sky, red rays of light!

Chapter 1252 Bloodline!

Xiao Wangqing is dependent on secret blood!

The blood on her body, but after some refining by her grandma, is super powerful.

In the Hu family’s mountain guarding forbidden land before, her blood was enough to make the people of the Forget-Blood clan rejuvenate, and even more so!

Now, her head is bleeding, is it a trivial matter?

The bloody light on the ground suddenly burst into light, like a ray, pouring towards the three elders in front of you!

Where did the three elders have seen such a weird picture, and they were a bit stunned for a while.

A wave of blood, with endless anger and killing, seemed to sweep the entire Lu family through!

The three elders dodged quickly, not daring to confront this seemingly powerful blood.

But when they hid, the light of blood passed through them and directly attacked the Lu family’s children behind them!

Those people, there is no time to dodge!

A wave of blood light, like an indestructible blade!

Directly penetrate the Lu family!

Moreover, it is even more terrifying!

The blood has no substance!

After piercing one person, the blood light continued to advance, piercing the second and third people!

The people of the Lu family are like hawthorns on top of candied haws, directly strung together by blood!

Xiao Wangqing’s sudden attack killed fifty or sixty people!

Of course, most of them are peripheral disciples. They stand at the forefront, first when they are strung right up.

The blood light finally dissipated when it was about to reach Lu Guangsha’s body.

The people in the audience stared at Xiao Wangqing blankly, and then at the dead bodies all of a sudden, they were all bewildered.

This was done by a three or four-year-old girl?

It’s a murderous monster!

Lu Guangsha’s heart was blown up!

I really can’t underestimate this little girl!

I don’t know where there are so many weird attacks!

At this time, Xiao Wangqing’s body was still moving forward!

Her eyes were dark, and only the group of bad guys who injured her mother and beat her out of blood!

She seemed to perceive that her blood was so fierce, so smart she touched the blood on her head with one hand while she was moving, and then shook it forward!

The blood was thrown out by her, suddenly shining in the air!

Blood light is formed again!

“Damn!” The Lu family collapsed!

It’s not finished yet!

What the hell is this girl’s blood!

But fortunately, everyone was already prepared this time. As soon as Xiao Wangqing’s blood appeared, everyone began to hide.

After all the blood came down, only seven or eight unlucky ghosts were killed.

Lu Guangsha’s heart is bleeding!

Because I underestimated this little girl, it caused unpredictable losses!

The previous group of people killed and wounded, but they changed their lives, and they didn’t get anything good.

But this little girl only used some blood, and it damaged so many people in the Lu family!

“The three of you, why are you still there! Want to die, right?” Lu Guangsha shouted to the three elders.

He also lost his composure and was half courteous to the three elders.

The faces of the three elders were so ugly that they could only bite the bullet and step forward.
The blood on Xiao Wangqing’s face couldn’t get out either.

She pursed her small mouth and slammed her head on the three of them again.

The great elder looked at him and shouted loudly: “Don’t beat her blood out! Otherwise, it will be unimaginable!”

He has also learned to be smart, knowing that this girl’s blood is weird, so he dare not rush out of her blood.

But in this way, the three elders were a little aggrieved.

This fight can’t get the blood out. I don’t know if the little girl agrees with Wendou?

They are all a little shackled.

Instead, Xiao Wangqing was ignorant, ignorant and fearless.

She was surrounded by the three elders and stamped her feet with anger.


There is blood!

Xiao Wangqing suddenly gritted her teeth and opened her mouth towards her arm to bite!

A stream of red blood flowed down her arm.

Xiao Wangqing did the same, and once again shed blood!

The eyes of the three elders looked straight!

I directly scolded my mother.

I don’t really bleed her, but I can’t help this little girl to harm herself!

Blood light appeared again.

Xiao Wangqing bit her arm bit by bit, and her brows wrinkled tightly with each bite.

For a little girl, the injury is obviously very painful.

However, Xiao Wangqing didn’t say a word of pain!

She bit herself desperately, her mouth full of blood and her arms full of blood!

The blood light took the lives of the Lu family again and again.

The tears of Mulan and others shed again.

This is just a little girl over three years old!

In order to replace Feliicity, so many brothers have been tightly guarded!

What face do they have to meet the young master!

Seeing Xiao Wangqing’s entire arm covered in blood, Mulan and the others were about to suffocate.

She is Wiliam’s little princess, and she usually stretches out her hands to open her mouth. Wiliam can’t bear to feel wronged by her.

Not to mention the injury.

But today…

Qilin was forcibly suspended by a little girl.

The feeling of moving is flowing in everyone’s heart.

And Xiao Wangqing, at the end of the bite, obviously lost too much blood.

Her narcolepsy came back again.

She was so sleepy that she was fighting.

However, the small body stopped forcibly and refused to give up.

“Red blood, red blood, so beautiful, so beautiful…” A voice that made people feel goose bumps suddenly spread across the court.

Everyone fought a cold war and looked at the master of the voice.

A man covered in blood slowly got up from the ground.

With a sly smile on his face.

A scream suddenly appeared.

This person who climbed up was clearly Feliicity who was unconscious just now.

Her body almost collapsed, why can she still get up.

And after getting up, it seemed like a different person, cold and evil!

Mulan also had a cold war, not right!

This is definitely not the usual white Feliicity!

That’s it!

Did Feliicity really hand over herself completely?

Her heart was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, she didn’t know what to do.

Although Feliicity got up, she obviously didn’t have the ability to fight again.

She seemed to be instinctively following the blood, staggering towards Xiao Wangqing’s direction.

Xiao Wangqing was overjoyed when she saw Feliicity’s mother getting up, and shouted: “Mom!”

However, this distraction immediately gave the three elders a chance!

The great elder kicked out and kicked Xiao Wangqing upside down, hitting Feliicity directly.

The mother and daughter, being hit like this, fell to the ground all together, unable to get up anymore.

Xiao Wangqing’s reluctant breath also disappeared in an instant.

“Hahaha! I see what you can do now!” Seeing that the overall situation was settled, Lu Guangsha suddenly felt better.

Chapter 1253 Annoying World Red Lotus!

The terrible three elders, Xiao Wangqing and Feliicity, have come up with something again.

After all, from just now, Feliicity couldn’t kill him, and Xiao Wangqing was suddenly bloody evil.

It’s exhausting.

So the three elders formed a circle and stepped on the hands and feet of Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing.

However, Feliicity was just a flash in the pan, and now she has no strength anymore.

And Xiao Wangqing was only trembling slightly on the ground with an angry face.

“Huh! Let go of mom and baby, or my father will be angry, and the consequences will be serious!” Although Xiao Wangqing was under control, he could still speak.

However, her words directly made the three elders laugh.

He said triumphantly: “You mean Wiliam’s little rubbish? Hahaha, the consequences of your father getting angry are very serious? Ouch, the old man is so scared? I’m afraid that now, your father has no bones left. “

This sentence, like a bolt from the blue sky, blew in the ears of every unicorn-like person.

Wiliam, no bones?

what’s the problem?

People with Qilin power basically didn’t know that Wiliam’s trip was dangerous.

Participate in a competition, will there be no bones?

However, Xiao Wangqing immediately shouted: “Impossible, my father is a great hero, and he will definitely come back to save us! My father will not die!”

“Won’t die? Are you afraid that you don’t know where the kid went? Okay, I will tell you a good deal, so that you can completely give up before you die.” The third elder was broken, and his anger was hard to calm , I just want to pull more people to bear the suffering.

The third elder laughed and said, “That kid is attending the Centennial Fist Ceremony. I’m afraid you don’t even know what it is, do you?”

The three elders explained the origins of the Evil Fist, and then smiled triumphantly: “This time the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, there are a total of ten ginsengs. As far as I know, there is a perennial leader Doutian and Artisans are here, they are both ruthless people, Wiliam, that kid is not their opponent at all!”

“Besides, I dare to say something bluntly. Those who can participate in the Evil Fist are all geniuses of the younger generation! Even more of a physical background, just like Wiliam’s half-medicine, half-army, and martial bastard How could it be an opponent of authentic physical martial arts? You guys, I’m afraid you don’t know how terrible the outside world is!”

These words wiped out the hope of the unicorn power in an instant.

outside world……

To them, this world is the outside world.

Once self-righteous, nothing in this world.

The same is true for Wiliam. He may be calling for rain in this world, but he has even gone to a larger place when he arrives in this place.

Will it be as magical as always?

Afraid it will be a big discount, right?

As the Three Elders said, according to Lu Yexin’s arrogant personality, it is very possible to burn his life on the stage of that century-old ceremony.

North Lu family, what a cruel heart!

Wiliam made a contribution to the Lu family, and they even dug a hole for Wiliam.

Grace will revenge against the white-eyed wolf!

The three elders were even more proud to see that everyone looked ugly.
“Is there any expectation? Hahaha? Well, even if you still have expectations, that kid can survive the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, can he be intact?” The third elder once again gave everyone a fatal blow.

Even if Wiliam survives by chance, will he be intact?

I’m afraid it’s impossible.

“So, what can he do if he drags his body back from the injury? You are the one he relied on the most. On the contrary, it is our side? We are still very strong, and we are not afraid to tell you that our Patriarch left the customs last night. , The strength not only broke through, but also awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn! The strength of the Lu Family is not something he can shake at all!” The third elder continued.

“I hope he is dead, he can come back here, it is best to come back now. That kid, died in someone else’s hands, I am extremely sorry! He died in my hands! That’s so talented. Have fun!” At this point, the third elder laughed wildly at the sky.

“You nonsense! Dad will not die! Dad tells us to wait at home, and he will definitely come back! Dad goes to the competition and he will definitely get the first place! Dad wants you to die, you must die! “Xiao Wangqing said angrily, holding his stubborn little head high.

However, it was a relentless mockery in exchange.

Is this little girl innocent or really stupid?

These three questions are more ridiculous than the other.

Participate in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, even if you don’t die, can you still get the first place?

Is he dead as a hero in the world?

Even if you were lucky enough to survive, it would be good if you could not count down among ten people.

What’s more ridiculous is, why do you want to let the people of the Lu family die, they have to die?

The child’s ignorance.

However, Feliicity, who had been dying for a long time, suddenly showed a beautiful smile.

She seemed to be using all her strength and nodded.

Go and agree to the trust of an ignorant girl.

Because, a little girl believes that her father is a great hero, why doesn’t a big girl believe that her husband is incomparable!

It’s always been like this, never lacking this time!

Even in desperate situations, even in the abyss, there is always a man who will take her home!

His surname is Lu, and he is the best in the world!

“Young Master, will be back! He will avenge us!” Mulan’s voice suddenly sounded.

She also trusted Wiliam, and she didn’t want to affect her morale because of her distrust at the moment.

Wiliam is their backbone and soul!

How dare they die before the soul returns!

Mulan sat on the ground slowly, giving up resistance.

Seeing all the unicorns, they also sat down on the ground.

Feliicity smiled warmly when she saw this scene.

Believe it.

The king who will return sooner or later!

She closed her eyes.

Xiao Wangqing closed her eyes.

Mulan closed her eyes.

All the unicorns closed their eyes.

Instead of looking at the dirt in this world.

It’s better to wait for someone to come back to save your family.

“Young Master!” Mulan suddenly shouted loudly.

The people of unicorn power also roared together!

“Little Lord!”

“Little Lord!”

The voice, has been shouting, has been continuing.

It was like a futile wait, more like a pile of ignorant stones.

“Kill!” Lu Guangsha was also intrigued. With a slaughter order, all the people violently moved towards the unicorn who gave up resistance!

Three elders were proud, and amid the shouts of the young master, one foot continued to step on Feliicity’s head!

But this time, he never settled anymore.

The air seemed to freeze.

There was a killing, but now it’s silent!

The three elders looked forward suspiciously, but suddenly like an ice cellar!

In front of his forehead, I don’t know when, a red lotus will bloom in the world!

Everyone was silent because of this sudden scene!

Chapter 1254 The beloved returns!


The dazzling red all over the sky!

It seems to render this world into hell!

A red lotus in the angry world suddenly appeared, just hanging on the forehead of the three elders!

Twinkle and twinkle, red light is all over the sky!

As soon as the pupils of the third elder shrank, he felt his body was severely pulled!

This angry world, Gulian rubbed his face and whizzed past!

The three elders who escaped this angry world red lotus still have lingering fears at this moment!

He looked behind him, and it was astonishing that the great elder pulled him away just now at the moment of his death, only to escape the catastrophe!

Thinking of this, the three elders looked at the angry red lotus floating in the air, and suddenly got angry!

This red lotus is surprisingly spelled out by silver needles!

And the red silver needle, they couldn’t be more familiar with it!

Long live safflower!

Could it be that the kid is back!

When Lu Guangsha saw the long live safflower that suddenly appeared, his heart shook.

He naturally recognized what it was.

Then, a desire came to my heart instantly!

Take this extremely powerful long live safflower as your own!

In this way, one’s own strength can be improved!

When people with unicorn look saw this lotus flower, tears fell straight down.

“Young Master! Young Master!”

The shouting continues.

It’s just that the sound now is bigger and more cut!

Before, it was waiting for hopeless infatuation!

Now, it is the crazy cry to meet the king!

Long live the red lotus, can the young master be far away!

Feliicity squinted her eyes and looked at the Needles of Red Flower in the air, with a grin at the corner of her mouth, “It’s red, it’s so beautiful…”

Close your eyes again.

The safflower has appeared, and the beloved has returned.


Put it down…

“Young Master! Young Master!” The shout continued.

As for the people of the Lu family, look at me, and I look at you, and I dare not act rashly for a while.

After all, the three elders almost followed the long live Honglian’s way, and the others acted rashly, and they were dying.

There was only one doubt in their hearts.

That kid Wiliam is so blessed and so fateful that he can live back from the Centennial Fist of the Evil Fist!

The sky has no eyes.

Accompanied by an eager cry, two figures, from far to near, appeared in the eyes of everyone in a flash!

Wiliam had been flying by plane before.

When he got off the plane, he received a text message when he turned on his phone.

I sent it from an unfamiliar phone number.

“Your wife and brother are in trouble, go back to Lu’s home! Don’t ask who I am. People who act so cautiously like me will never reveal their identity.”

The information came from half an hour ago.

When Wiliam saw the connotation of this information, he knew who sent it with his toes.

However, his heart jumped wildly at this moment!

Feliicity is dangerous!

The unicorn is in danger!

Damn Lu Family!

Wiliam still didn’t fully recover, but he pulled out his legs in an instant and rushed towards the Lu Family in North!

Liu Lang, who was following him, asked while running.

Wiliam briefly explained the content of the information.

After Liu Lang heard this, he was also angry from his heart!

“Damn! I finally cultivated a talent, and the Lu family dared misfortune! If there is anything to do with Feliicity, let alone you, I won’t let the Lu family go!” Liu Lang cursed.

Wiliam was taken aback, “Are you talking about me or Feliicity?”

Liu Lang glared at Wiliam, “Of course it’s your wife! She is a rare blood! I want her to do research! Can’t it just die! Why are you so slow? Are you a tortoise? I will take you. One ride!”

Wiliam didn’t have time to react, and his neck was lifted up again, exactly the same as the scene when he left from Huang’s house.

The two rushed wildly, and they didn’t even reach the door of Lu’s house, and they heard bursts of voice inside.

When Wiliam heard it, the shout was clearly calling the young master!

Brother Qilinshi!

He quickened his pace, and suddenly saw a scene not far away.

My beloved woman, and cute baby, was actually trampled by the three elders!

“Boom!” Wiliam only felt his head bang, and all his anger burned completely at this moment!

Three elders!

Must die!

The Long Live Honglian on him seemed to understand Wiliam’s mind, and he didn’t need to mobilize Wiliam at all.

Flying directly out of his body, at the speed of lightning and flint, rescued Feliicity.

Seeing Wiliam appear, everyone in Qilin Power choked up!

I want the young master to appear, because the young master is their backbone!

But I don’t want the young master to appear, because every time, the young master has to fight for them in blood!

In this life, how can the young master be so sheltered!

Mulan and the others didn’t dare to look at Wiliam at all, they were extremely ashamed.

However, Wiliam didn’t watch them either.

Because, in his eyes, there are only two people.

Feliicity, forget Qing.

He came to Feliicity’s side in an instant, holding them up and sitting on the ground with one hand.

Xiao Wangqing opened his eyes with difficulty, and said with a grinning voice: “Dad, the baby knows you will come back. They bully their mother, they bully the baby, and father wants to beat them!”

Wiliam looked at Xiao Wangqing, covered in blood.

Especially her two arms are full of deep tooth marks.

Wiliam knew that Xiao Wangqing’s blood had miraculous effects, and at this moment, he was desperately suffocated.

This silly girl!

He hurriedly said to Xiao Wangqing: “Don’t talk, baby, dad will heal you, and I will clean them up later.”

In the face of full of anger and saving the lives of his relatives, Wiliam still chose to hold back his murder for the time being and save his relatives.

While he was speaking, he glanced at Feliicity again.

He was also wounded all over, dying, and his injuries were much heavier than Xiao Wangqing.

Wiliam felt that his heart was severely cut by the knife!

Ever since the battle of Lingyue Villa, the Feliicity has been so badly injured!

Wiliam took a deep breath and glanced at the Lu family with endlessly violent eyes.

As if watching a group of dead people.

Then, he calmed his mind and concentrated on treating the couple.

“Huh! I didn’t think you had such a big life! You could come back! But it was just right! I just happened to send you to the west together!” The third elder smiled viciously not far away.

He obtained Lu Guangsha’s consent and immediately ordered: “Come here, bring me that kid’s head!”

This kid came back alone, it was basically moths that sent people to the head.

The Lu family’s children took the order and were about to step forward.

At this time, a lazy person wearing sunglasses appeared between Wiliam and the Lu family’s children.

He said lightly: “I have always hated people who take advantage of others the most, so let me put my body down for the time being, and be your opponent, let’s go together.”

The third elder glanced at the person wearing sunglasses, and sneered directly, “Where are you from the rubbish, dare to be presumptuous in front of our North Lu family and our supreme Qilin Patriarch!”

Chapter 1255

Liu Lang has always been a person like a wild crane.

He doesn’t like family relationships and hardly participates in any competitions.

So don’t say that Liu Lang is now wearing a big toad mirror. Even if Liu Lang is standing in front of the people of North Lu’s family, they will not recognize Liu Lang’s identity.

The people of North Lu’s family only saw that Wiliam was a person in his thirties, making a mockery in his heart.

A child who dared to stop the people of North Lu’s family was seeking his own death.

When Liu Lang heard the words of the three elders, he laughed directly, “Oh, what a mighty and supreme Kylin Patriarch, is it so great to be a Patriarch?”

If it weren’t for Liu Lang who didn’t want to be the head of the family, he would have already become the head of the medicine knife family.

So the Patriarch of an ordinary family is like a bug in front of him.

This group of people, interesting, hold chicken feathers as an arrow.

The third elder turned angrily and sternly shouted: “Boy, I think you are Wiliam’s helper? The old man advises you as someone who has come over. Don’t follow the boy’s way, he simply asked you to come and die! You despise Our Patriarch is absolutely reckless!”

Liu Lang glanced at Wiliam behind him.

Wiliam was treating Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing’s injuries, and he didn’t even care about everything that happened at the scene.

Liu Lang shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “Yes, I despised your Patriarch, what’s the matter? Bite me?”

Such rebellious remarks made the people of North Lu’s family angry.

It’s fine before.

Now, their Patriarch has awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn!

He represents the highest glory of North Lu Family!

How can such glory be trampled on by people at will!

However, Lu Guangsha took a deep look at Liu Lang, with strange thoughts in his heart.

This kid is not very old, but he is relaxed, as if he didn’t even put North Lu’s family in his eyes.

If he is not a fool, he is capable.

Lu Guangsha said indifferently: “Little guy, my North Lu family never kills innocent people. I advise you not to interfere with our Lu family. I can make you retreat.”

These words made Liu Lang laugh directly.

He looked at the surroundings.

Never kill innocent people indiscriminately?

At the scene, there were densely packed corpses, and the blood ran into a river, and the smell of blood was almost nauseating.

He looked at Lu Guangsha intently, “You should be Lu Guangsha, the owner of the Lu family in North, right?”

Liu Lang naturally knew who the head of the North Lu family was.

I also know that the Patriarch of the North Lu Family is a man of average talent, and he can be the Patriarch because of luck.

Such a person, thrown into the home of the medicine knife world, can’t make a splash.

Lu Guangsha looked at Liu Lang in surprise, “Do you know me?”

“I know, the talent is average.” Liu Lang said lazily.

These words made the three elders furious, “Just so talented! You are so bold! Do you know that! The Patriarch standing in front of you has awakened forever!”

“Three elders.” Lu Guangsha interrupted the third elder coldly.

From Lu Guangsha’s point of view, the kid in front of him was clearly the same as Wiliam, who belonged to the kind of defiant person.
Since it is this kind of ant, can I care about him so much?

I simply lost my identity.

The three elders looked upset, but they could only endure it.

At this time, the elder’s phone rang suddenly.

He took it casually, his face changed slightly, “Scorpion Huang Family? Huang Patriarch? You said you want to look for our Lu Patriarch? Well, he happened to be by my side, wait a moment.”

As he said, the elder handed the phone to Lu Guangsha and whispered: “The Huang Patriarch of the ruthless Huang family said that he is looking for you to verify one thing.”

Lu Guangsha frowned slightly, and he didn’t even answer the phone, but he asked, “Is the Ruthless Scorpion Huang family the family that hosted the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony?”

The elder hurriedly said yes.

Lu Guangsha looked upset and said, “Could it be that the kid Wiliam played a trick at the Centennial Fist of the Evil Fist and offended the scorpion Huang family? So they want to ask the crime?”

The elder sighed in his heart, and said, “It’s not possible that this is possible! After all, this kid is not an orthodox physical martial arts, and according to his stinking temper, he can leave the stage of the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony alive. I think there must be fraud in the incredible things.”

Lu Guangsha glanced at Wiliam who was sitting on the ground fiercely, and said, “I know this kid has a problem, so we can’t let the Lu family take care of him!”

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha answered the call, and he also had a way to deal with it.

He couldn’t pay attention to Liu Lang in front of him for a while.

Because Lu Guangsha knew some inside stories, he didn’t dare to offend the mysterious family behind Extreme Fist.

Therefore, as the organizer of the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, Lu Guangsha did not dare to offend him easily.

“Hello, Master Huang, I am Lu Guangsha.” Lu Guangsha said politely to the phone.

“Patriarch Lu, you are out, I thought you were still in retreat.” On the phone, Patriarch Huang’s voice was a bit yin and yang.

Lu Guangsha and Huang Ningyu have met twice, and they are not familiar.

But listening to the strange yin and yang tone of the other party, Lu Guangsha was more convinced of his thoughts.

However, Lu Guangsha wanted to be crooked.

Huang Ningyu was strange to Lu Guangsha because of Wiliam’s wrongdoing.

After all, Wiliam took away the deceased Qinglian, the treasure of the Huang Family Town, and the Huang Family still couldn’t find any excuses to refute.

Therefore, it is normal for the Lu family to have this breath.

“Ho ho ho, just left the customs. I don’t know if Patriarch Huang called me, is there something to ask?” Lu Guangsha cut to the point and said.

Sure enough, Huang Ningyu said on the phone: “Ho ho, I am calling you to verify something.”

“But it doesn’t matter if you say it, I know everything is endless.” Lu Guangsha said with a smile.

“Wiliam who participated in the Centennial Fist Ceremony this time, but you are from the Lu family in North?” Huang Ningyu continued to be yin and yang. When it came to the name Wiliam, there was obviously a kind of gnashing power in it.

Lu Guangsha smiled slightly, glanced at Wiliam who was still healing on the ground, and suddenly said directly: “Well, that Wiliam, it was our North Lu family who was wrong, but…”

Speaking of this, a smug look flashed across Lu Guangsha’s face, “Now, he has been expelled from the North Lu family by us!”

“What!” The people on the scene looked at Lu Guangsha in amazement.

Even Huang Ningyu asked awkwardly why on the phone!

Lu Guangsha did not answer why.

Instead, he calmly said: “So, regarding this kid participating in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony in your place, our Lu family will not bear the slightest responsibility for him. All the guilt is borne by himself! “

Chapter 1256

Lu Guangsha was relieved after saying this.

He knew that Wiliam must have been tricky when he came back alive.

Maybe it was cheating on the spot, or cheating broke the rules of the game.

So the Huang family was very angry and came to ask the guilt.

Fortunately, I was clever and took the lead and expelled Wiliam directly from the Lu family in North.

In this case, even if the people of the Ruthless Huang family are angry, there is no way to put this account on the head of the North Lu family.

The third elders couldn’t help clapping their hands and applauded, “The Patriarch is really bold! I’m waiting to admire it!”

The people of North Lu’s family also showed excitement one by one when they heard Lu Guangsha’s words.

They have been bitter for a long time!

Now that this kid is being expelled from the Lu family, isn’t it a delightful thing?

But at this time, Huang Ningyu on the phone continued to be stunned, “What? You said that kid was expelled from the Lu family by you?”

Lu Guangsha said triumphantly: “Yeah, what he did has nothing to do with us! If you are wronged, you have a debt, you can go to him.”

Huang Ningyu on the phone didn’t react until several seconds later.

He said blankly: “No? You guys, are you really willing to let go of everything now?”

Lu Guangsha sneered, what is meant by letting go of everything.

It’s just kicking a rubbish out of North Lu’s house to avoid future troubles.

“Ho ho ho, our Lu family is such a sensible person. By the way, Patriarch Huang, do you know where this kid has offended you? I just want to know.” Lu Guangsha said triumphantly.

Huang Ningyu seemed to be unable to believe it, and continued to struggle with this question, “Did you really kick him out of North Lu’s house?”

Lu Guangsha frowned slightly, Huang Ningyu was stupid or what?

Don’t you know that my move is to escape the golden cicada?

Is it possible that the Huang family is determined to blame us Lu family?

“Of course! Patriarch Huang, if you have something, you might as well speak directly!” Lu Guangsha’s tone also became a little cold.

Huang Ningyu on the phone suddenly sighed, as if he was taking a pity for the Lu family.

He said on the phone: “Then your Lu family has really suffered a great loss! But since the head of the Lu family is so high-minded, then I won’t bother. Let’s do it for now.”

Lu Guangsha frowned.

What do Huang Ningyu’s words mean?

What caused the loss of our Lu family?

We kicked that kid out, not to mention making a profit, it was obviously an act of self-protection.

“Wait! Patriarch Huang, why don’t I understand what you said? You speak directly?” Lu Guangsha stopped Huang Ningyu, not letting him hang up.

Huang Ningyu said enviously, “Patriarch Lu, you should know that this Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony was held by the mysterious family behind us?”

“I know, what happened then?” Lu Guangsha said.

It is precisely because I know that I have been so polite to talk to you for so long.

Put it in the past, what is the Ruthless Huang Family?

“Then, do you know that the winners of the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony will not only be rewarded on the spot, but the family behind the players will also be rewarded by the people above for their merits afterwards?” Huang Ningyu continued to ask.
“Huh? Wait a minute.” When Lu Guangsha heard this, he covered the phone and looked at the elder.

The elder whispered: “Well, there is this rule. Because this Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony is a grand event in the whole arena. Therefore, families who recommend to participate in the competition will eventually receive certain rewards based on the ranking of the players. But I remember being rewarded only for the top five.”

The more Lu Guangsha listened, the more wrong it became.

Is this reward for the first five?

What does Huang Ningyu’s expression of regret in his words just now mean?

Could it be!

Lu Guangsha’s heart suddenly trembled fiercely.

Didn’t Wiliam offend the Huang Family!

But because, won the ranking!


Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha’s whole body is not good.

He hurriedly asked: “Did the kid cheat while participating in the game? You call to ask the crime?”

“Of course not, why do you think Patriarch Lu?” Huang Ningyu denied directly.

Lu Guangsha’s face instantly paled.

Apart from this guess, there is only one possibility.

That kid won the top five rankings in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony!

Therefore, the people of the ruthless Huang family, on behalf of the mysterious Patriarch behind him, came to verify the relationship between Wiliam and the aristocratic family, and then they had to reward the aristocratic family!

Rely on!

Lu Guangsha felt that he was forcibly fed a shit!

I can’t vomit!

The third elder obviously also thought of this possibility.

He looked at Wiliam on the ground very bitterly!

This kid, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t die at the Centennial Fist Ceremony!

Now I got the ranking!

You know, that’s a stage where talents emerge in large numbers.

That stage represents the highest strength of the younger generation!

How can this kid, He De, get a place on such a stage!

It’s a shit luck!

The three elders have a feeling of suffocation of losing his wife and breaking down!

“Patriarch Lu, do you have anything else to ask? I’m still busy verifying other people.” Huang Ningyu asked on the phone.

Lu Guangsha took a deep breath, pretending to be careless, and asked, “That kid seems to have won the place at the Centennial Fist of the Evil Fist, right? Hoho, he won the fifth place, right.”

The fifth place is the limit that Lu Guangsha can think of.

After all, on that stage, there are Doutian and artisans.

These two are perennial evildoers.

The heroes of the world were divided into three, and Lu Yeneng was lucky enough to get the fifth place, which was already extremely amazing.

Although the reward for the fifth place to the aristocratic family was very rich, Lu Guangsha immediately made a measure after the slight pain.

Rewards are only temporary material rewards.

But the existence of this kid is just a lump of shit on top of the Lu family.

It was worth it to be able to use this reward in exchange for this kid’s death in Xitian on the spot today.

“Fifth place? What is the fifth place? It’s wrong, right?” Huang Ningyu denied it directly on the phone, “Don’t you know anything, don’t you have any information?”

When Lu Guangsha heard this, there was a storm in his heart!

Not fifth!

Damn it!

That can only move on?

The signal was completely obscured at the scene of this centennial celebration.

But afterwards, the Great Elder was going to inquire last night, but he easily denied it.

After all, last night, whether that kid could come back alive was a question!

How could I think that he would get the ranking!

Not fifth!

“Is it fourth?” Lu Guangxia’s face was cold, his voice trembling a little.

Every reward is not as simple as doubling!

Huang Ningyu’s weird voice came from the phone, “Fourth? Do you want to stop guessing? Be bolder! Open your mind a little bit! Nothing!”

Chapter 1257 Eternal Miracles!

Lu Guangsha’s head buzzed!

Not fourth yet!


And listening to Huang Ningyu’s last sour voice, he was bolder, and his thinking was broader!

The third is definitely not anymore!

Could it be second place!

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha felt that he couldn’t stand up straight!

Breathtaking ranking!

If Wiliam could get the second place in the Centennial Ceremony, it would be terrifying!

Not to mention what kind of honor he personally can get!

This second place, the reward for the family is more than just a material reward!

Can train a young hero who is the second in the world, who can definitely make a blockbuster in the arena!

The aristocratic family will not only be rewarded with a lot of rare treasures, but this kind of proud glory is the most supreme!

Definitely can be among the ranks of the world’s first-class family in an instant!

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha’s whole body is not good.

He suddenly thought of what the consequences would be if he hadn’t taken the first step just now to drive that kid Wiliam out of the Lu family?

As a result, it will be recommended by the North Lu family, whose reputation spread all over the world!

For the Lu family, whose reputation has been in jeopardy recently, this is not only a charcoal in the snow, but also a leap forward!

After all, the ranking certification issued by that mysterious family is the most authoritative.

What now!

If this kid was expelled from the Lu family in North, then the name he got had nothing to do with the Lu family for half a cent!

The loss is great!

No matter how much Lu Guangsha deceived himself, he couldn’t deceive him.

This is a complete stupid trick!

“Patriarch Lu? If you don’t speak, I’ll hang up.” Huang Ningyu said on the phone.

“Wait! Patriarch Huang, are you kidding me? That kid, really can get the second place? That’s a century-old celebration!” Lu Guangsha asked with a hint of luck.

“What second place? Patriarch Lu, your courage is still not enough, and your thinking is not open enough. First place, that kid Wiliam won the first place. Although it is tied, it is also the first place.” Huang Ningyu Said directly.

Only those close to Lu Guangsha heard this sentence.

Then one pass ten, ten pass a hundred.

“Wiliam won the first place in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony!”

“Damn! This is simply a miracle! How could he be possible!”

“It’s over! Then Patriarch Lu just kicked him out of the Lu family. Does this mean that the Lu family has less than half a dime in welfare?”

Numerous voices of discussion poured over Lu Guangsha.

He trembled and the phone fell directly to the ground.

the first!

Turned out to be the first!

The reward for second place has already made Lu Guangsha’s mood turbulent.

Not to mention the first!

The Lu family, what did you miss because of expelling Wiliam!

I missed a shortcut to revival and Nirvana!

His heart is bleeding!

On the ground, the voice on the phone continued.

“Patriarch Lu? Forget it, let’s not talk about it. The Lu family has such a high profile and abandoning such a blockbuster reward. I will take it. Let’s do this first. Just now, my son has verified the information of other people. I will immediately send a report. , I will post it on this phone in a while.”
Everyone’s heads are buzzing.

They all stared at Wiliam.

No one can believe it!

Wiliam actually won the first place in the Centennial Ceremony!

For the North Lu family, this is simply a miracle forever!

However, the North Lu family voluntarily gave up.

Looking at Lu Guangsha, the elder didn’t know what to say for a while.

He suddenly felt that Lu Guangsha was possessed by the three elders, and he made a wrong move.

What can I do now!

Facing this shortcut, the great elder was naturally unwilling to give up easily because of a momentary dispute.

He looked at Wiliam and suddenly said with a smile: “Hahaha, just now the Patriarch was just joking with Wiliam. He is the fourth elder of our Lu Family and the Lord of the Palace of Medical Martial Arts. The grand ceremony, but has made great contributions to our Lu Family, we will reward the four elders!”

These words also awakened Lu Guangsha.

Although Lu Guangsha was disdainful of Wiliam in his heart, he was even more unwilling to give up these honors.

He also laughed immediately, “Yes, yes, the elder is right, the fourth elder has done a great job! This is our Lu family’s fortune! I just made a joke with the fourth elder, he will always be the glory of our Lu family !”

Wiliam was on the ground, but still immersed in healing, deafening.

On the contrary, Liu Lang laughed directly, “I have seen shameless people, but have you ever seen you shameless?”

The smiling faces of the Lu family at the scene froze.

Is this guy a shit stick?


“You kid, we have tolerated you in every possible way, you dare to speak insultingly!” the third elder shouted sharply.

Liu Lang smiled and said, “Okay, you guys were joking just now, I’ll assume you were joking. Now I will make a decision for Wiliam. Wiliam quit the North Lu family, and there is no discussion.”

The three elders looked angry, “What are you like! Can make decisions for our three elders! Get out!”

In fact, the three elders were also worried.

Today, the people from the Lu family in North not only killed so many brothers, but also severely wounded his wife and daughter, and almost killed them in the end.

This is already an endless hatred.

The third elders only hoped that Wiliam would know each other a little bit, and once again beg to be complacent, put up with this breath, this would be good for the Lu family and Wiliam.

Now that a shit-chucking stick pops out, can the three elders not be angry?

“Tsk tusk, I’m not dead, don’t think I’m afraid of you if I don’t do it, you, I’m going to leave it to Wiliam to settle it personally, so I won’t care about it with you, but Wiliam will make this decision for him Now.” Liu Lang said with a smile.

“You!” The third elder was about to go up to teach the boy a lesson, when suddenly the elder’s cell phone rang again.

The elder saw that it was Huang Ningyu calling again and hurriedly handed it to Lu Guangsha.

Lu Guangsha’s spirits lifted up, is there a turning point in things?

He immediately picked it up, “President Huang, let me explain to you about this matter…”

However, when the words were not finished, Huang Ningyu interrupted Lu Guangsha.

Huang Ningyu said on the phone: “Paradise Master Lu, I have officially sent out the Jianghu notice. I have also posted a copy on this mobile phone. I hung up first. !”

After speaking, Huang Ningyu hung up the phone.

Lu Guangsha was in the cloud, holding his mobile phone, and clicking on a link.

Entering a line of words, Lu Guangsha suddenly collapsed!

“The first place in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, Wiliam (Note: Wiliam’s North family has just expelled him from the house, so all the family rewards and honors belong to Wiliam alone).”

The remarks in parentheses are as disgusting as thousand-year shit!

Chapter 1258 Holy!

After Huang Ningyu sent this information, he was secretly refreshed at home.

He didn’t know that Lu Guangsha was so regretful that his intestines were blue.

Just ask the world, who can give up this easy-to-reach glory and reward?

However, Huang Ningyu wanted to disgust the North Lu family.

Can’t let the Huang family of Ruthless Scorpion feel aggrieved?

It is also great to be able to pull a family into the water together with nausea.

He could even imagine that the current Lu Guangsha looked at this report and wanted to get angry but couldn’t spread it out.

And it was really like Huang Ningyu thought.

Lu Guangsha held the phone in his hand, only feeling dizzy!

This scorpion Huang family is so cheap!

It doesn’t matter if the Lu family has received the honor and reward, just hold himself tightly.

But now, it is too much for the ruthless Huang Family to write so and report to the world.

Especially after it is marked as being just expelled…

Now the whole arena knows that North Lu’s family is a big fool.

Not only did his reputation fail because Wiliam got the first place this time, it became a big joke.


Damn it!

As soon as Lu Guangxia put his hand hard, the phone in his hand suddenly fell apart!

The people around were silent and trembling.

Upon seeing this, the elder hurried over to calm down and said, “Patriarch, please calm down your anger. Now this matter is a foregone conclusion, there is no need to get angry anymore. Besides, we have more good news that shocks the world, which can be completely offset. The adverse effects of this incident.”

Lu Guangsha looked at the Great Elder with a cold face.

Let Wiliam go to the Centennial Grand Ceremony of the Fist of Extreme Evil, this was the work of these three elders!

He had no idea that he could blame him on the direct fuse of expelling Wiliam.

“What good news is there that can be compared with this supreme glory!” Lu Guangsha shouted.

The elder shrank his neck and said: “Patriarch, have you forgotten that you have awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn! This is an eternal event, as long as this information is released, who dares to underestimate our North Lu family in the future? !”

When Lu Guangsha heard it, his mood suddenly improved.


How can you forget this great thing!

In fact, it is not blame Lu Guangsha for forgetting.

Because of the sacred thing of awakening the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, he couldn’t believe it until now.

He always felt that the blood in his body was actually mediocre, and it was a blessing to be able to awaken.

Now being reminded by the elder, Lu Guangsha suddenly became complacent again.

For Lu Guangsha, the first place in the Centennial Ceremony of Extreme Evil Fist is the glory of the family.

But awakening the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is the glory of Lu Guangsha himself!

Which is higher and lower, you will know at the first thought.

Lu Guangsha laughed at this thought.

However, his laughter was immediately interrupted by Liu Lang.

Liu Lang looked at Lu Guangsha with a puzzled look, “If I hadn’t heard it wrong just now, you said you have awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn?”

Lu Guangsha showed a sneer, and his body straightened up.

But the three elders looked at Liu Lang in surprise, “I thought of you as a child, but also knew the blood of the ancestor of our North Lu family? How about? Are you afraid now?”
Liu Lang’s face was joking.

It seems that the misunderstanding is very deep.

Lu Guangsha is too dear to himself, right?

Lu Guangsha laughed inwardly when Liu Lang was unmoved.

Then the qi in his body suddenly went wild!

A mottled green-red air poured out!

Seeing this mottled green-red air, the children of the Lu family in North knelt together, shouting loudly: “Patriarch of the family will last forever! The Lu family will survive forever!”

Lu Guangsha looked even more proud of the people kneeling in front of him.

Did you see it?

Under the blood of my ancestor of the eternal unicorn, all the children of unicorns must be conquered!

However, he was wrong.

The children of North Lu’s family kneeled to Lu Guangsha, but it was not because of bloodline suppression.

But because he is the head of the family, and the people of the Lu family have the preconceived impression that this is the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn, so he will naturally kneel down.

Lu Guangsha looked at Liu Lang again.

With a thought in his mind, he suddenly sent this so-called breath of the blood of the ancestor of the unicorn to Liu Lang.

“Boy, you should feel extremely honored, you are the first person to die under my sacred blood!” Lu Guangsha said coldly.

He was going to kill the chicken and curse the monkey.

This blue-red air hit Liu Lang’s body instantly.

The people in the Lu family around can clearly feel the vast coercion.

Not only because of blood, but also the coercion of Lu Guangsha’s martial arts realm.

But in the next second, these people were stunned.

Liu Lang’s body, under the blue and red air, was actually standing still?

There was not even a sign of shaking.

How is this going?

Is there any magic weapon in this kid?

Lu Guangsha was also a little confused for a while, seeing Liu Lang staying still.

He changed his mind, yes!

This kid is not from the Lu family, he does not have Lu family blood.

Therefore, the blood of the Lu family is not depressing for him.

When Lu Guangsha thought of this, he suddenly had another idea.

This kid is not from the Lu family, but there is still one from the Lu family who has not yet surrendered!

He stared at Wiliam who was healing on the ground!

As a result, Lu Guangsha once again poured the green air toward Wiliam!

Seeing this kid being suppressed by the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn in the crowd, he can also vent his anger!

However, Wiliam on the ground didn’t even look at the red air coming from the sky.

What was even more abnormal was that Liu Lang and the Qilin-like people also stood on the sidelines as they watched Wiliam wrapped in green and red air.

He didn’t even give the slightest reminder, and he didn’t even look worried.

And something that made the Lu family’s children feel horrified happened.

Like Liu Lang before, Wiliam didn’t even feel the slightest feeling behind him.

He still focuses on treating the injuries of the wife and daughter.

This scene almost broke Lu Guangsha!

He instantly thought whether he had awakened the blood of the ancestor of the fake eternal unicorn!

It is clear that Wiliam belongs to the Lu family of North, but why is there no trace of being suppressed by the upper bloodline?

However, the other Lu family children on the scene were all shivering and shivering just now.

Lu Guangsha was immediately confused.

And he felt extremely embarrassed.

Originally, he wanted to show off his unparalleled blood, and severely suppress the opponent’s spirit.

Now, as if fighting with a child, the other party is not frowning and sweating.

Watching this scene, the third elder suddenly slapped his forehead and shouted: “I know! I know what’s going on! There is only one reason! This Wiliam is not of our Lu family blood at all! I don’t know him. Where is the bastard!”

Chapter 1259 The Lu Family’s Disaster!

This speculation was immediately recognized by everyone in the Lu family.

Only this reason could explain why Lu Yezhen was suppressed by the blood of the Patriarch.

Suddenly, the eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam became more agitated.

This kid, dare to fool the whole family!

If this matter spreads out, the Lu Family’s reputation will be really hopeless!

“You kid, who is it!” Lu Guangsha sternly shouted towards Wiliam.

At this time, Wiliam finally glanced at Lu Guangsha.

After the treatment just now, Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing’s fortunes were recovered.

He asked Mulan and others to come over to protect Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing, and then slowly stood up.

At this station, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly fierce!

He has terrible anger!

More murderous intent through the ages!

No one can bully his wife and daughter like this!

There is no one who can treat his brother like this!

At this moment, Wiliam had time to pay attention to the Qilinshi brothers around him.

It was lost in half!

More than a hundred lives!

Damn Lu Family!

I’m not looking for revenge from you, but you have calculated it on my head again!


I want you to pay for it!

Wiliam walked slowly towards Liu Lang’s direction.

With every step taken, the killing intent on his body becomes strong.

Even though they were far away, the children of the Lu family shuddered inexplicably when they saw Wiliam’s violent eyes!

This kid, Patriarch Lu didn’t kill him, so he dared to come over!

Are you planning to rebel?

The audience just watched Wiliam walk towards Liu Lang.

When he stood beside Liu Lang, Liu Lang solemnly asked, “What happened to them?”

Wiliam slowly said, “Fortunately, it was saved in time. If I come a few minutes later, my wife’s life will not be guaranteed!”

These words are said to be very heavy!

Liu Lang knew that Wiliam’s medical skills were unparalleled.

It can give Lu Yedu’s heart a lingering fear, showing that the situation just now is really extremely critical.

“Now, what are you going to do?” Liu Lang asked lightly without taking these things from the North Lu family in his eyes.

“What to do? Ho ho, blood debt is paid!” Wiliam’s eyes seemed to flicker, and he gritted his teeth!

“Blood debt and blood repayment? You have to have this ability! You are just a warrior who has turned into a jinxiaocheng, and now your subordinates are broken and incomplete. And what about us? Not to say that our Patriarch has awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn. …” The third elder looked at Wiliam with a mocking expression.

However, in the middle of the talk, Wiliam coldly interrupted, “Say, just talk about the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, why not say it!”

The third elder’s face became stiff, and he obviously didn’t expect this kid to be so arrogant.

Lu Guangsha’s expression was even more ugly. He thought that Wiliam had deliberately demolished his station!

How does it feel like the ancestor bloodline of the ancient unicorn!

Lu Guangsha felt bitter.

But Lu Guangsha decided to try again!

He once again mobilized the blue and red aura all over his body, filled the sky with pressure, and leaned towards Wiliam!

It seems that the momentum is very huge, after all, it is the coercion used by the Huajin Consummation Warrior!

However, Wiliam sneered, “This is what you call the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn?”

The green-red air still couldn’t make any waves on Wiliam’s body.

An even stranger point appeared.

Because the blood pressure was mixed with Lu Guangsha’s Huajin Consummation.

Even people who are not the children of the Lu family are a little bit unable to lift their heads under the pressure.

For example, the group of people in Qilinshi.

They barely supported themselves to stop, but each of them was already earth-colored, and sweat dripped down.

By the way, there was nothing wrong with Wiliam.

Liu Lang is even more so.

It seems that a separation wall is formed around these two people, which can remove all the pressure.

Lu Guangsha was even more at a loss. He couldn’t understand even if he wanted to break his head, why coercion was useless to this kid!

Lu Guangsha continued to work hard, using all his strength.

However, Wiliam’s eyes instantly became cold.

“The Lu family, indeed, awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn.” Wiliam sounded like a demon, “It’s a pity, it’s not you.”

“What!” All the children of the Lu family were shocked at this moment!

To them, this message is tantamount to a terrifying thunder!

They never doubted this!

After all, last night the Lu Family Totem Vermillion Qilin had eyes wide open, the left eye was blue and the right eye was blood red, it was the bloodline awakening of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn recorded in the history books.

And with the blue and red light, the Lu Family Patriarch broke out!

There was also a burst of blue-red aura on his body, which just matched the blue-red light of the totem.

Now Wiliam said that Lu Guangsha was not the pinnacle of blood, and that the pinnacle of blood was someone else. How can I believe this!

However, one person believed it.

Lu Guangsha!

Lu Guangsha actually didn’t believe in himself from the beginning, but he was touted by the people around him constantly, and his personality was vanity, so he took it seriously.

But now that Wiliam was completely unaffected by the pressure of his bloodline, he already believed it a little.

And he also vaguely knew that other Lu family children were affected by his coercion, mostly because of lack of realm.

Now that Wiliam pointed out, his heart shook, his face turned pale.

The Great Elder saw Lu Guangsha’s face suddenly changed, and suddenly he shouted out in horror: “Impossible! It can’t be him!”

In the heart of the great elder, there is only one candidate.

A person who was determined from the beginning.

Wiliam’s grandfather, Lu Lingfeng!

After all, he is the most talented person in the Lu family.

The grand elder’s expression also became ugly, and he whispered to Lu Guangsha, “There is a great possibility, it is Lu Lingfeng!”

This nightmare-like name made Lu Guangsha even more uncomfortable.

He was furious, “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it all!”

But at this time, Wiliam took a step forward.

He raised his hand casually, and the perplexed green-red air on his body suddenly left him!

As if this green-red air is his coercion!

Or maybe it’s like the green air avoids him!

Everyone’s eyes widened, what is going on!

Lu Guangsha’s forehead was already dripping with sweat.

Wiliam continued to walk forward, his eyes getting colder and colder.

“The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, ho ho, I really don’t know if it is the luck of the Lu family or the disaster of the Lu family!” He said slowly, suddenly a blue-green aura emerged from his body.

This azure breath rose to the sky!

“Boom!” At this moment, all the Lu family children present suddenly felt as if they were being crushed on the top of their heads by a mountain!

Ninety percent of the people kneeled directly to the ground with their knees soft!

Wiliam was like a devil’s voice, faintly.

“Don’t you want to know who is the person who really awakened the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn?”

“Then I…”

“as you wish!”

Chapter 1260 Suddenly!

As Wiliam completely released the aura of blood on his body, the Lu Family in North was instantly confused!

Children of the Lu family, kneel down together!

The three elders originally wanted to struggle, but the next scene made them completely desperate!

In the direction of the Lu Family Ancestral Hall, the blue and red light is transpired again!

More rich and vast than before!

The sky above the Lu family’s head has been illuminated!

Isn’t this exactly what they saw last night, Zhu Hong Qilin opened his eyes!

I thought it was Lu Guangsha before, but now everyone believes it!

It’s Wiliam!

It was Wiliam who released the breath of blood that drew the eyes of Lu Family Totem!

And the blood pulse at such a close distance gave the Lu family the illusion that the earth was shaking!


A loud noise rang in their ears.

“No! The ancestral hall!” The Lu family suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked up!

I saw that the Lu family’s ancestral hall was completely unbearable under the influence of such blood!

Split into two directly from it.

A burst of dust and smoke rose in the sky!

All the Lu family’s eyes were red.

The ancestors of the Lu family are enshrined in the Lu family ancestral hall!

This damn Wiliam destroyed the Lu family’s ancestral hall with a single move!

Simply deceive the master and destroy the ancestor!

“Wiliam! You are looking for death! You are deceiving the master and destroying the ancestor!” Lu Guangsha roared loudly, but his body began to tremble slightly!

Everyone stared at Wiliam with canthus!

However, Wiliam still had a chill on his face, and said coldly, “Deceiving the teacher and destroying the ancestor? Then you will listen to me! From now on! Lao Tzu is your ancestor!”

“I want you!”

“Acknowledge! Zu! Go! Zong!”

After speaking, the blood in his body was completely aroused!

The blue and red light in the sky, as if being stirred, danced frantically.

The knees of the three elders softened and they squatted directly on the ground, without any resistance!

Everyone felt a sense of despair in their hearts!

Do you bully the master and destroy the ancestor?

Wiliam awakened the blood of his ancestors. He said he was the ancestor of the Lu family. What’s wrong with him?

There is no way to refute!

Recognize your ancestors?

Is it really like this?

Thinking of this, the people of North Lu’s family suddenly felt a kind of awe from the heart!

As if standing in front of them, it was no longer Wiliam!

And it is the ancestor of the North Lu family!



Some people reacted, already in a cold sweat!

A fact lies before them.

Let everyone present, including the three elders, lower the coercion of the noble head!

It can make the people of North Lu Family feel the power of trembling in their souls!

This is not what the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is!

It turns out that the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is so terrifying!

Compared with the blood of Lu Guangsha before, one is in the sky and the other is on the ground!

Lu Guangsha’s body was also constantly trembling, as if constantly fighting against something!

He is unwilling!


Why didn’t the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn appear on his body!

Appeared on this kid Wiliam!
Could it be that this kid really deserves his destiny!


Lao Tzu is the head of the Lu Family in North!

Lu Guangsha gritted his teeth and made a cold sweat on his face.

He would never kneel down like Wiliam!

However, the more he resisted, the more pain he was!

It seems that the top of Wiliam’s bloodline, there is a kind of power to watch the world!

Those who follow are safe, those who oppose are plundered!

It is right for the children and grandchildren to surrender forever!

“Ah!” Li Guangsha suddenly roared up to the sky, and the blue veins on his face burst!

But “Plop!”

His knees hit the ground fiercely, and the floor was smashed into two deep pits!

You are the Patriarch of the Lu Family, and in front of this bloodline, there is nothing you can do!

In fact, Wiliam’s bloodline, the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, has a suppressive effect on the Lu family.

But for the high-level Lu family children, the use of suppression is more limited.

Before that, he couldn’t make Lu Guangsha kneel and surrender.

However, Lu Guangsha is a very special existence.

Wiliam made a breakthrough in his own strength during the century-old ceremony of the Evil Fist.

What’s more mysterious is that because Wiliam’s blood line opened the eyes of the Lu family’s Zhuhong Qilin, Lu Guangsha was able to awaken his blood line thanks to the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn.

Therefore, Lu Guangsha’s bloodline is mixed with more respect and gratitude for the bloodline than other Lu family children.

How can he not kneel!

And with this kneeling, everyone was dumbfounded!

In the eyes, there is only one person!

A young man who stands proudly and looks like a sword!

Everyone could not imagine that the pinnacle of blood would appear on Wiliam’s body!

Wiliam had an unusual talent since he was a child, and everyone knew that.

Also because of his talent, he was jealous.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that his talent could be so good.

Unlock the blood of the Lu family that hasn’t existed in a century!

And everyone has only one idea at the moment.

Now that the pinnacle of blood appeared on Wiliam’s body, it is already an indisputable fact, then where should the Lu family go?

It stands to reason that if the pinnacle of blood appears, then this person must be the most supreme person in the North Lu family, whose status and status completely surpasses the Patriarch.

But it happened to be Wiliam, he was the enemy of the Lu family.

The slaughter of the unicorns just now also caused an endless situation for both sides.

Is there room for relaxation?

There is no such thing!

The three elders were still on the ground, still trembling.

Infinite annoyance grew in their hearts.

No matter how talented Wiliam is, what about it?

What if Wiliam has more staff?

The Lu family could trample him to death.

Wiliam is the only one who bears the pinnacle of blood, this is absolutely impossible!

Thinking back to Wiliam since returning to the Lu family in North, every step he took was extremely shocking.

It is completely unimaginable for the Lu family.

Today he is at the top of his blood, and he has fallen through everyone’s glasses!

Lu Guangsha on the ground was still roaring, still unwilling to do so.

But at this time, his body suddenly ejected.

Lu Guangsha was taken aback.

The blood in his body was suppressed and disappeared for a moment.

That’s why he bounced when he was struggling.

With red eyes, he looked at Wiliam!

Wiliam looked at him with a cold face.

However, Lu Guangsha only felt that Wiliam was deeply humiliating himself!

Obviously Wiliam still has the ability to keep on kneeling!

However, he put away his bloodline aura, as if to say, even if there is no bloodline suppression, he is just an ant in front of him!

Damn it!

Lu Guangsha yelled at the sky and suddenly rushed towards Wiliam!

Let him kneel down in full view of the Patriarch, this kind of humiliation, Lu Guangsha hates his corpse!

But at this time, Liu Lang came to Wiliam’s side, looked at Lu Guangsha jokingly, and said indifferently, “I’m all beginning to show blood? Then I’ll have fun too.”

Chapter 1261 Supreme Golden Dragon!

Liu Lang said, suddenly a dazzling golden light burst out of his body!

The golden light pierced the clouds, and it turned out to be an instant shattering of the green and red sky created by Wiliam!

It can be seen that his strength is many times stronger than the current Wiliam!

And the golden light is in the air, like fireworks exploding!

All the people present were shrouded in golden light!

Lu Guangsha, who was in the middle of the air, had almost no resistance, and even fell directly to the ground, prostrate!

The children of the Lu family, like Lu Guangsha, had all five bodies on the ground, only their heads were raised in shock!

Originally, Liu Lang’s bloodline was different from everyone present.

But now, only the members of the Lu family are lying down. Although there are golden lights on their bodies, the people of Qilin Power still stand well.

When Wiliam saw this scene, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Liu Lang’s strength is really strong enough to guard against the sky!

Bloodline suppression can be accurate to everyone!

Wiliam couldn’t keep up with such a perfect control.

And Wiliam always knew that Liu Lang’s bloodline was also a kind of bloodline.

Supreme Golden Dragon bloodline.

But it was also the first time he saw Liu Lang use it.

Gee tut!

Amazing my brother!

Lu Guangsha was on the ground, raising his head unwillingly, his eyes were bleeding!

He screamed frantically: “Why! You are obviously not of our Lu family, why can you suppress our Lu family! Who are you!”

Lu Guangsha also felt that this was a bloodline suppression, not a realm suppression at all.

The reason was puzzled by him!

“Pretending to be coerced? Are you still tender? When I pretended to be coerced at school, you were still playing.” Liu Lang said jokingly.

“Bloodline, bloodline…” the great elder on the ground murmured to himself, his face suddenly changed wildly, as if he had thought of something!

“You! You are the half-human and half-god of the medicine knife family!” The great elder suddenly roared out, trembling all over!

“Half-human and half-god? Well, I have never liked this name, but whatever, I don’t care.” Liu Lang shrugged his shoulders indifferently and took off his sunglasses.

Half-human and half-god, this is the title given to Liu Lang by Jianghu in recent years.

Of course it’s not that Liu Lang is a god, this is completely imaginary.

The title of half-human and half-god is to praise Liu Lang for being too strong, in this humanity, almost invincible!

Only the fairy in the fairy tale can punish him.

“Half-human and half-god…Liu Lang! Liu Lang of the medicine knife family! Why are you here!” The Third Elder also reacted suddenly.

Why is this guy not of the Lu family’s blood, but still able to suppress the Lu family’s children with his blood.

There can only be one reason!

That is, this guy is also the top of the blood, above the blood of the world! Despise everyone!

With that thought, the answer is ready.

In the past few years, there is only one person who can be called the pinnacle of blood!

A family of medicine knives, half human and half god!

Liu Lang!

Thinking of this answer, the three elders were already terrified!
This is even more frightening than he knows the pinnacle of Wiliam’s awakening blood!

Because Liu Lang is tough, not just the blood of the Golden Dragon, which is unique in this world.

And his strength!

He is the only one who has broken the boundary so far!

And what is a Boundless Warrior?

Above Huajin Consummation, there are two more realms.

One is half-step congenital.

Liu Lang’s two wives, He Tiantian and Qing sister, have reached a half-step innate state!

And above the half-step Xiantian, it is the Xiantian Secret Realm!

The congenital secret realm is almost invincible in this mortal world!

As the saying goes, if you break another realm, you will be immortal!

The reason why the medicine knife family is called the strongest family is because of the existence of Liu Lang, a half-human half-god, no one dares to compete with it!

However, it has been rumored that this Liu Lang is uninhibited in the world, and no one knows his specific whereabouts.

Now, a big man standing on the pinnacle of the world!

It just appeared in front of the Lu family’s children.

Can they not be shocked?

Can they not be afraid?

What made them feel more chilled was that this Liu Lang was a friend of Wiliam!

When did Wiliam make such a terrifying friend!

If he had known that Wiliam had such a shocking friend earlier, the Lu family had a hundred courage, and would not dare to offend Wiliam!

Even if he held up Wiliam for offering, he didn’t dare to attack Wiliam!

Among the people present, the most scared person was the three elders.

Facing such a peak in the world, what did the three elders do just now?

He called Liu Lang with a mouthful of stinky little rubbish.

Also ridiculed him in every possible way.

Thinking about it now, the three elders all want to die on the spot!

I guess he is the most powerful person in the world, right?

Humiliated a world-breaking warrior so much.

Fortunately, this terrifying big figure also looks extraordinarily broad-minded, and he doesn’t even care about these ants’ gossip.

Otherwise, his one move would be enough to destroy the entire Lu family!

All the Lu family members now have despair on their faces.

Wiliam was completely offended.

How would Wiliam treat the Lu family next?

Will it be full of copycats!

After all, he just said that the blood debt was paid.

At this time, Liu Lang put the supreme Golden Dragon’s blood pressure away again, and curled his lips, “It’s meaningless, it’s meaningless to bully a group of children.”

As he said, he leaned to Wiliam’s ear again and whispered: “It’s better not to display the top of our blood line easily. It will easily attract the attention of defenders of humanitarian order. And I have long been targeted by people who maintain humanitarian order. You can’t just attack this mortal person casually. Once I do it, they will have more reasons to intervene directly, so what are you going to do?”

Liu Lang is telling the truth.

Only those who reach his level will be exposed to more information.

There are people outside, and there are heaven outside.

The defender of humanitarian order is a special existence.

Although Liu Lang can contend with it, there are too many things he has to protect and cannot affect them.

So in this mundane act, Liu Lang also has to keep a low-key three points.

Wiliam nodded in understanding, and said, “I will solve it myself!”

With that, he walked forward.

The people of the Lu family are standing tremblingly.

As Wiliam walked, he asked coldly: “Who was it just now, hurting my wife and daughter! Stand up by yourself!”

“Lead to death!”

Liu Lang yelled, and everyone trembled.

Then, everyone looked at one person in unison.

This person is surprisingly the three elders!

The third elders had originally looked around and dared not look at Wiliam.

But when everyone saw it like this, his heart was beeping!

The whole person is almost crying!

Say good family, don’t take such fun!

Chapter 1262 A move!

The third elder wanted to cry, it was really bitter.

Obviously it was everyone who worked together to target Feliicity and Wiliam.

Especially Feliicity, the Patriarch personally ordered the killing.

What’s going on now?

Are all the crimes blamed on me?

Laozi worked so hard and even paid for one arm. Isn’t it miserable enough?

Do you people still have a conscience?

The three elders instinctively shrank back.

But it was abruptly arched.

He turned his head and saw that the person holding him was Lu Guangsha.

What a joke, the one standing next to Wiliam, but the Boundless Martial Artist, is even the Supreme Golden Dragon.

Let alone ordinary Lu family children, even Lu Guangsha can only pray in his heart that Liu Lang will not kill him.

So it’s great to have someone go out to divert attention, or even share a little anger.

Even if this person is the elder of the Lu family.

And the three elders are all ill.

He looked at the people around him with indifferent eyes, as if he didn’t know himself.

This feeling made the Three Elders feel extremely chilling.

At this moment, he could finally deeply feel the despair in the hearts of those people when he kicked those people away from the Medical Martial Palace at will.

The feeling of being abandoned is too uncomfortable.

When Lu Guangsha saw that Wiliam was still walking over, he hurriedly said: “It is the third elder, all of this is the idea of ​​the third elder, he is the initiator!”

Lu Guangsha said everything he knew.

“It was the third elder who suggested that you go to the Centennial Fist of the Evil Ceremony at the beginning, saying that you will definitely die on that stage. His heart is really dirty!”

“Also, dealing with your brothers and your wife, this guy also personally ended up beating your wife like he is now, he, he is him!”

The three elders were clamped with one hand, and they couldn’t resist even if they wanted to resist.

What is my idea?

Dare to love that I am the boss of the Lu family, do you all listen to me like this?

When I said before, didn’t you all say good ideas one by one?

Almost praised me as the kind of genius!

Now, when you love me, I am Xiao Tiantian, when you don’t love me, I am stinky?

Turn your face ruthless!

“That’s why you have the wrongdoer and the debtor, Wiliam, you find someone to avenge you, just ask him! We will never help!” Lu Guangsha said, reaching out and pushing the three elders out.

The three elders staggered and stood in front of Wiliam, their eyes incomparably sad and angry.

He didn’t forget to look back and see the people in the Lu family.

But the Lu Family’s attitude towards the Three Elders has completely changed.

See no respect.

Some people are joking, as if saying that you have this day too!

After all, in the Lu family, the Three Elders were used to being arrogant and domineering, and many people saw him not pleasing to their eyes.

Some people are worried.

Thinking about whether a third elder is enough to send out, should we send the first elder and the second elder also?

But the elder and the second elder, who are usually the same as the three elders, dare not look at him at all.

The heart of the three elders shattered into scum at this moment!
He completely believed that he was abandoned by the Lu family.

Now for him, it is the real life and death, wealth and wealth in heaven!

Whether you can survive, you can only fight for it yourself.

The third elders would not want to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Because he knew that what he did to Wiliam and his family and brothers could never be forgiven.

Therefore, there is only one battle!

The third elder was lucky to hear that it seemed that the blood of Wiliam and Liu Lang could not be used too high-profile, which was a very good message for him.

After all, as soon as Wiliam’s blood came out, he directly knelt down, and that was a fart.

With a move, Wiliam grabbed at the Third Elder.

The third elder’s eyes shrank, and his body flung to the side, avoiding a scratch.

But my heart is extremely happy.

Wiliam really couldn’t be suppressed by bleeding veins!

In that case, it couldn’t be easier to face him.

Although the three elders broke an arm, for people of their level, the difference in level is even more important.

The three elders knew that Wiliam could only become a martial artist.

And the three elders themselves are the peak warriors of Huajin Dacheng!

Two realms higher than Wiliam!

With such a big gap, no matter how talented Wiliam is, even if he is invincible at the same level, he still can’t beat him.

So the three elders were full of confidence for a while, and felt a little hope of life.

With red eyes, he shouted at Wiliam: “Wiliam! We don’t have to fight against each other with blood! If it is a man, just do it with me head on! I break an arm, it’s not bullying you! Dare to follow I fight to death!”

He was deliberately stimulating Wiliam, because he knew that Wiliam was arrogant, if he said that, Wiliam would not shamelessly use his blood to suppress it.

However, how could Wiliam know his tricks?

Know how?

What if you don’t know?

Dead, that’s it.

A red light appeared in his hand, long live the red lotus!

The three elders narrowed his eyes, and felt a kind of palpitations instinctively.

I don’t know why, he feels that seeing Needles of Red Flower this time is more crippling than the last time he saw it?

Is it an illusion?

The third elder shook his head, it must be an illusion.

Wiliam couldn’t be afraid of being a young martial artist!

Thinking of this, the three elders summoned their courage and killed Wiliam.

Long live Honglian formed a sharp red arrow in front of Wiliam!

And the three elders were full of vigor, as if swelling up.

The dignified Jin Dacheng becomes a pinnacle warrior, enough to make yourself invulnerable!

He confidently used his qi to protect his body, and then grabbed Wiliam’s heart with one claw!


A clear voice.

The three elders suddenly laughed.

He clearly felt that Wiliam’s long live safflower was stuck on his body!

Then made the sound of gold and iron.

Even if it is Needles of Red Flower, what about it?

Where is the realm gap!

Can’t get in at all, hahaha!

“Boy, why can you defeat me? Where does your confidence come from? Now is your death date!” The elder smiled, and he was only one hand away from Wiliam!

Just give him another half a second!

He can dig out Wiliam’s heart!

But at this moment!


A dull voice sounded.

The excited face of the third elder suddenly turned pale.

He looked down at his body in disbelief.

Long live safflower, pierce his qi!

Seeing his heart, runs straight through!

“This! Impossible!” The Third Elder looked at Wiliam in amazement as if he didn’t know the pain for a while!

And Wiliam, just standing like this, the third elder’s claws hung in front of him, but he couldn’t go down anymore.

Wiliam looked at the three elders, tapped one hand on his head, and his voice was majestic!

“Why? With you now in my eyes, it’s nothing but ants…”

Chapter 1263 A punch!

The eyes of everyone in the audience were straight.

Even the people of Qilinshi were shocked and lost.

What happened just now?

The dignified elder of North Lu’s family, it is also a person who can shake three shocks!

To Shanglu Ye, the heart is penetrated between the electric light and flint!

Among them, there are naturally reasons why the three elders carelessly underestimate the enemy.

But even so, the realm gap is there, no matter how strong Wiliam is, no matter how strong Wiliam can counterattack and kill, he must have a degree, right?

what happened!

The Third Elder looked at Wiliam blankly, his eyes gradually straightened.

“Huajin! Dacheng!” The third elder gritted his teeth and shouted these four words, shocked in his heart.

According to Wiliam’s realm, if it is just a small amount of energy, no matter how strong the talent is, it will not be able to wear the three elders!

And only when Wiliam achieves the transformation of energy, coupled with that unparalleled talent, will this possibility appear!

Moreover, the moment the body of the three elders was penetrated, he clearly felt a strong breath penetrating through the body!

This is the breath of Huajin Dacheng!

The three elders gambled on this life, and absolutely never thought that Wiliam had reached the realm of transformation!

After all, when Wiliam expedition to the Centenary Ceremony of the Fist of Extreme Evil, he was not enough to reduce his strength.

I heard that he has just stepped into the realm of Huajin Xiaocheng.

How many days have passed since this time!

How many days did he stay in the realm of Huajin Xiaocheng!

Definitely an extremely terrifying breakthrough record!

The third elder felt that he was going to die, it really wasn’t in Wiliam’s hands!

He died in his repeated despise of Wiliam.

After he yelled these words, he lay down straight on his back!


The three elders, who were invincible, completely died!

The people at the scene looked at the third elder stupidly, only the words that the third elder yelled before his death.

Looking at Wiliam again, I don’t know how to describe him anymore.

The evildoer is not enough to say his magic.

For the first time, they felt that fighting against Wiliam was simply a stupid decision!

Because the method you made today is no longer able to deal with him tomorrow.

Every day is changing and getting stronger.

How abnormal is this?

Killing the three elders with one move, Wiliam continued to walk forward.

All the people held their breath, wondering who Wiliam would target next?

Especially the other two elders were trembling, and they felt like they wanted to say goodbye.

Because the end is aimed at Feliicity, the two of them also have a share.

Wiliam fixed his eyes on Lu Guangsha, “Tell me, who hurt my brother!”

Wiliam was going to ask the brothers for an explanation.

Lu Guangsha was shocked, a little speechless.

Because if the Three Elders were the instigators, then Lu Guangsha himself would be the real man behind the scenes.

It was the person who directly decided to issue an order to deal with the Qilin Power.

“Tell me! Who is it!” Wiliam raised his voice and asked again.

This time, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Lu Guangsha’s body unconsciously.

Even if this look is not accusing Lu Guangsha, it is also asking Lu Guangsha for help.

After all, he is the head of the North Lu family, and at this time should take the initiative to stand up and preside over the overall situation.
Lu Guangsha beeped the dog in his heart.

These little bastards, don’t they want to rebel!

He couldn’t bear this suffering anymore.

Lu Guangsha jumped out directly and attacked Wiliam.

“Don’t be here to confuse the crowd! I am killing you now!”

With that said, Lu Guangsha was energetic and violent, and vented towards Wiliam frantically!

Wiliam smiled slightly, and dashed!

Actually head-to-head with Lu Guangsha!


With a loud noise, the scene was flying sand and rocks!

This punch used the strongest power of two people!

One is the warrior who has just stepped into Huajin Consummation!

One is the worldless genius who stands at Huajin Dacheng but far surpasses Huajin Dacheng!

With a full blow, the marble floor actually cracked every inch!

Lu Guangsha roared, but his body retreated wildly!

He looked at Wiliam in amazement, feeling like a punch on the cotton!

Why do you say that!

Because Lu Guangsha’s realm is actually a level higher than Wiliam!

And the more you reach the upper level, the bigger the gap.

But after Wiliam punched him, evenly matched Lu Guangsha was still acceptable.

What is going on being directly suppressed!

Wiliam didn’t have any bleeding veins to suppress!

Why is it still suppressed!

God, why are you so unfair to me!

I was suppressed by a kid in all directions!

Lu Guangsha couldn’t understand why this was at all.

Half of the reason is in his blood.

Lu Yezhen was able to suppress the bleeding, but how could Lu Guangsha use it himself!

Lu Guangsha himself just awakened the Qilin bloodline last night!

This bloody breath is completely mixed with his inner strength breath.

He had just awakened and he didn’t know how to use these two kinds of energy separately.

So it can only be typed out in one brain.

As soon as the breath of this bloodline came out, even if Wiliam didn’t need to suppress it, it was enough to make Lu Guangsha’s own blood tremble.

This reason is the same as when Lu Xiaoluan used Binglin to face Wiliam when he was in the Youth Medical Association.

Wiliam also didn’t have the breath of bleeding veins, but he was still able to make Lu Xiaoluan’s Binglin Xuanjin retreat.

And half of the reason for Lu Guangsha’s retreat was in his mentality.

From last night to now, Lu Guangsha has experienced great joy and great compassion.

Now Liu Lang is backing him behind Wiliam.

Therefore, Lu Guangsha couldn’t use all his strength, instinctively felt that both Wiliam and Liu Lang were invincible.

In this way, with this fist, Lu Guangsha retreated and Wiliam remained unmoved.

The people on the scene saw this scene and took a breath!

Damn it!

Could this Wiliam also fail to break the boundary?

After slamming the three elders, even the Patriarch who had just broken through was in front of him, and he was blown away!

Do you want to be like this? This is an opening and is not allowed!

But Wiliam’s eyes were cold, and after he fisted Lu Guangsha into the air, he moved and continued to move forward!

Lu Guangsha is a very arrogant person.

But a very arrogant person will be even more frustrated than ordinary people once their confidence collapses!

He didn’t think he would be Wiliam’s opponent at all now!

Wiliam punched again!

Lu Guangsha was directly beaten into the air, and he vomited blood in the air!

Wiliam didn’t let Lu Guangsha go, nor did he have any softness.

He rises into the air, Long live Gulian again!

The shining red light seems to be able to completely tear Lu Guangsha into pieces in the next second!

But at this time, a stern voice yelled from not far away!


A fierce icy air swept the audience instantly.

And a swift figure, suicidal in an instant, headed towards Wiliam’s Long live Honglian!

“Wiliam! I’m sorry!”

Chapter 1264 Position!

That figure lay between the bodies of Long live Honglian and Lu Guangsha at an extremely fast speed!

Wiliam frowned slightly when he heard the familiar shout, but he waved his hand in an instant.

Long live the red lotus disappeared immediately.

Lu Guangsha, who had closed his eyes and waited for death, suddenly felt the pressure on his body relieved.

He barely opened his eyes, only to see a woman catching his body and falling to the ground.

It’s Lu Xiaoluan!

Lu Guangsha was overjoyed when he saw Lu Xiaoluan, “Xiaoluan, you are here at the right time! Help dad!”

Lu Xiaoluan was originally imprisoned by his father in a small black room next to the Ancestral Temple.

Someone is watching outside.

Then Lu Xiaoluan heard endless killing shouts coming from outside.

The sound continued for nearly an hour.

Lu Xiaoluan was inside, and his heart was about to jump out.

She knew what was happening outside.

Wiliam’s men might be killing them.

Lu Xiaoluan wanted to rush out frantically.

But helplessly, this house is specially made, as long as someone guards it outside, Lu Xiaoluan will never rush out.

Then, something terrible happened.

Lu Xiaoluan feels the world is falling apart!

The Lu family’s ancestral temple collapsed!

Then the shouts of killing from outside gradually disappeared.

After a while, Lu Xiaoluan even felt that the guards outside seemed to have run away.

So Lu Xiaoluan had the opportunity to rush out of this house.

The first thing she did was to save Wiliam’s brother.

Can save one is one!

She rushed towards the courtyard, but at first glance she saw that her father was hanging in the air, seemingly unable to move.

And a dazzling light is about to pierce her father!

Lu Xiaoluan was stunned for a moment before realizing that this red light wasn’t Wiliam’s Needles of Red Flower?

Wiliam is back!

Sure enough, she saw Wiliam’s figure.

But his face was cold and cruel.

At the end of the day, Lu Xiaoluan had no time to react. He just felt that he couldn’t just watch his father die!

So she rushed out and rescued Wiliam.

She was looking at Wiliam with infinite apologies in her eyes.

She originally wanted to help Wiliam, but she didn’t expect to help her father first.

Sure enough, between Wiliam and his father, no matter who was injured, he would not sit back and watch.

Lu Xiaoluan was very tortured.

Has this situation finally begun to face today?

“Big sister! Get out of here!” Wiliam sounded like a frost, but he didn’t know how to start.

After all, no matter how vengeful he was, he couldn’t kill the big sister who took care of him a lot when he was a child.

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes were red.

This strange tone made her feel uncomfortable.

She couldn’t help but looked around.

At this glance, the goose bumps all over his body are about to rise.

There are corpses all over the floor!

People with unicorn power are half dead.

The children of North Lu’s family, as well as peripheral disciples, died more!

What a cruel asura field on earth!

Lu Xiaoluan felt that the surrounding air was so thick that it was disgusting.

As if he was in a sea of ​​dead mountain blood.
Lu Xiaoluan felt even more uncomfortable.

This kind of shocking killing must have been caused by the thought of his father last night.

Now, Wiliam is back.

Lu Xiaoluan was happy for Wiliam’s return, but couldn’t bear to face Wiliam’s cold eyes.

“Wiliam, can’t you just say something? Why do you have to cause such a killing?” Lu Xiaoluan asked painfully.

However, Wiliam did not answer.

Mulan, who was not far away, gritted her teeth and said, “Xiaoluan, I treat you as a friend, so I will also say something rude to you. Is this killing caused by us? It is entirely your father who wants to destroy it. Look at us! Look at Feliicity, and look at Xian Xiaowangqing! The two of them stood in front of us in order to save us. They almost died in the hands of your Lu family! Had it not been for Wiliam Qianjun’s attack After rushing back, they were dead long ago, and we were long gone! It’s good now! Let Wiliam say it, then I’m going to ask you! Our dead brothers, they still have a chance to speak up! You are not You always pretend to speak upright and righteous! You are commenting on this killing!”

Mulan is really angry in her heart, and she doesn’t vomit!

In this killing, she was incapable of returning to the sky, and she was extremely guilty.

Listen to Lu Xiaoluan’s protection of the culprit, can Mulan not be angry?

And Lu Xiaoluan was smashed by Mulan’s head and face, and she was shocked!

She always felt that something was missing today.

It turned out that Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing were missing.

She followed Mulan’s hand and looked at Feliicity and Xiao Wangqing.

At this look, she couldn’t help covering her open mouth, and her tears fell after a brush!

Feliicity’s body was stained with blood, and there was no one intact!

And around her body, there was blood all over the floor.

Fairy in a pool of blood!

Is this Feliicity?

Feliicity, isn’t she always beautiful?

She should be picturesque!

She should always be tender!

She should always be smiling with a pair of talking eyes!

This is Feliicity.

However, why is such a gentle and kind woman so miserable!

Lu Xiaoluan is incredible!

She looked at Xiao Wangqing again, and she burst into tears!

At a young age, his arms were full of blood.

There was also blood on his forehead.

At this age, shouldn’t it be safe, joyful, innocent and innocent?

But today, participate in such a killing.

Adults, how can you bear it!

Is the person who hurt her still a human!

Even if there is no Mulan who described how the mother and daughter guarded the Qilin power.

Lu Xiaoluan’s head was full of images of them giving up their lives with determination!

Who is willing to hurt such a person!

Lu Xiaoluan couldn’t help but look at his father!

It was his own father who personally made such a killing!

Even if he is more eccentric, even his own father, is it really okay to do it this way?

Should I really help him!

For a while, Lu Xiaoluan had taken his stand!

She angrily said: “Dad! Do you do this, aren’t you afraid of becoming a sinner through the ages!”

Lu Guangsha looked at Lu Xiaoluan who was crying, with a trace of guilt on his face. He stretched out his hand to Lu Xiaoluan and explained, “Xiaoluan, listen to me…”

Then, Lu Guangsha, with Lu Xiaoluan completely unprepared, suddenly stuck Lu Xiaoluan’s neck with one hand!

This scene caused the people around to exclaim in unison!

Lu Guangsha actually acted on his own daughter!

What does he want to do!

You know, Lu Guangsha almost died in Wiliam’s hands just now, but her daughter didn’t hesitate to stop him with flesh and blood, and saved him!

Lu Guangsha turned his eyes and did not recognize anyone, and staged a lively farmer and snake?

Chapter 1265 Bottom Line!

For a while, everyone felt extremely chilling towards Lu Guangsha.

This is true for my own daughter, is it for others!

For his own life, Lu Guangsha could not even want his own daughter. What was the whole Lu family in his eyes?

Lu Guangsha completely ignored these.

He was a little crazy.

He withdrew Needles of Ruby Flower just now when Wiliam Qianjun took off, he has already noticed that Wiliam has a good relationship with his daughter.

Lu Guangsha asked Lu Xiaoluan to help him just now, just to test Lu Xiaoluan’s position again.

But I didn’t expect that Lu Xiaoluan would be instigated by the other party in a few words.

Seeing Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes gradually changing, Lu Guangsha finally made up his mind!

Since your daughter can’t be your own helper at this time, then she must not be your own stumbling block!

Therefore, Lu Guangsha pretended to be guilty in order to let his daughter put his guard down.

Now that Lu Xiaoluan is in her own hands, Lu Guangsha’s confidence is enough!

He stuck tightly on Lu Xiaoluan’s neck, and he was not weakened by the love of his father and daughter.

He shouted to Wiliam: “Let me go! Or I will kill her immediately!”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes seemed to fade away.

Among the people present, there was nothing more desperate than Lu Xiaoluan.

She felt that one of her hearts was broken.

His father’s fingers were stuck on his neck, and the force from his hands was so vigorous and powerful!

Is this the power of being a father!


so funny!

I felt my father’s stalwartness when my father wanted to kill himself.

Lu Xiaoluan only felt that he was living like a big joke!

Seeing the light in Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes gradually dimmed, Wiliam’s brows wrinkled tightly.

This Lu Guangsha is simply not a human being.

The more so, the more killing intent in Wiliam’s heart!

“Hurry up and let me go!” The power of Lu Guangsha’s fingers strengthened, and Lu Xiaoluan’s face turned pale.

She was obviously out of breath.

Lu Yexin was stunned. Although he was extremely unwilling, he gave way.

Lu Guangsha couldn’t help laughing when he saw that this trick worked.

Just a few minutes ago, I thought I was going to die here.

Unexpectedly, come from a desperate situation!

My daughter is really my lucky star!

She gave birth for nothing!

He dragged Lu Xiaoluan’s body and walked out.

At this time, he didn’t have any nostalgia for the Lu family, and no longer cared about his position as the head of the house.

He just wants to survive.

And the people of the Lu family were desperate when they saw that they were abandoned by Lu Guangsha without hesitation.

What kind of family is this!

Is betrayal the core of this family?

They had no idea what to do next.

And just when Lu Guangsha was about to leave the Lu family, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Wiliam.

Isn’t this going too smoothly?

Lu Guangsha thought he would have to go through some bargaining before he could escape.

Unexpectedly, Wiliam was so crisp.

Only then did Lu Guangsha slowly react. It should be his daughter who has a pivotal position in this kid’s heart, right?

Otherwise, Wiliam couldn’t have given up this hatred for a woman of average affection.

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha felt very uncomfortable.

Anyway, he used his daughter as a bargaining chip.

The role should always be played out as much as possible, right?

Just like now, without giving full play to Lu Xiaoluan’s role, Lu Guangsha felt that it would be a shame to leave like this.

He also wanted to try, where is Lu Yeren’s bottom line.

Maybe you will get unexpected benefits!

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha turned back again.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, he actually wanted to come back?

Can’t bear the Lu family?

Lu Yehan looked at Lu Guangsha with a face.

Lu Guangsha stared at Wiliam deeply, as if to see him through.

“Boy, if I leave like this, isn’t it cheaper for you? Let me make a request. As long as you meet my requirements, I can spare Lu Xiaoluan after I leave!” Lu Guangxia said grimly.

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, as if she was still immersed in endless sadness.

Wiliam asked coldly, “If you have anything, just say it!”

Lu Guangsha laughed, and it seemed that there was something to be done!

Maybe this kid has an adultery with his daughter!

They were so good when they were young!

Gee tut!

If it is true then it will be fun.

“I want the long live safflower from you! Give me the long live safflower!” Lu Guangsha shocked everyone!

Good guy, this lion has a big mouth!

No one in the room knew that Wiliam’s Needles of Red Flower was the supreme treasure.

What kind of face Lu Guangsha can say such a thing!

However, Wiliam waved Long Live Honglian directly.


A hundred long live red lotus sticks straight into the door wall beside Lu Guangsha.

Everyone let out an exclamation.

But someone immediately reflected, is this Lu Guangsha stupid?

Long live safflower seems to have something to do with Wiliam. Wiliam feeds needles with his body, and no one else can take it away!

On the contrary, holding a needle in your hand is equivalent to holding a thunder in your arms.

As long as Wiliam reads, this Needles of Red Flower can kill Lu Guangsha!

It’s a pity that Lu Guangsha had only left the customs last night, and he didn’t even know that Wiliam was feeding needles with his body.

He thought that Wiliam was just hiding the Needles of Red Flower with him.

People from North Lu’s family thought of this, and some wanted to remind Lu Guangsha.

But immediately shut up again.

But Lu Guangsha betrayed everyone first!

Why go help him!

Damn him!

Everyone was eager to see the refreshing picture of Lu Guangsha being directly pierced in the throat when he took the needle!

As a result, everyone remained silent and watched the play quietly.

And Lu Guangsha really didn’t know the inside story. He trembled when he saw that Wiliam handed over Needles of Red Flower so simply!

The accident came too fast!

He had no idea that Lu Xiaoluan was so important in Wiliam’s heart!

He was willing to take out long live safflower in exchange!

If you get the Needles of Red Flower, you will definitely be able to improve your strength!


This is definitely not Wiliam’s bottom line!

There is still room for squeeze!

As a result, Lu Guangsha looked at Wiliam again, with careful planning in his eyes.

Wiliam looked like Lu Guangsha, tired of writing all over his face.

He asked coldly, “What else do you want? Don’t be too greedy!”

However, Lu Guangsha became more and more proud.

Because the more Wiliam said that, the more it represented his guilty conscience.

So, this time, take a gamble!

Thinking of this, Lu Guangsha licked his dry lips, resisted his excitement, and shouted: “As long as you give me another thing, I will let her go!”

“What is it?” Wiliam asked.

Lu Guangsha stared at Wiliam, then smiled and said, “I want the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn!”

Chapter 1267 Destroyed!

Lu Guangsha, who was in the air, hit the ground severely.

However, he was obviously dead, his eyes widened, and his body was still frozen, unable to move.

After Lu Xiaoluan burst into bleeding fog, he fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

Wiliam stood upright, appeared beside Lu Xiaoluan, and picked her up.

Her body was trembling constantly, and her vitality was gradually losing.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan distressedly, “Big sister, why are you so stupid!”

Wiliam knew that at the last moment, Lu Xiaoluan forcibly beat Lu Guangsha out, which was tantamount to saving Lu Guangsha’s life.

However, she was irretrievable.

What did this silly woman say!

What does it mean that he is not a good father, but he is a good daughter!

Worth it!

Simply hopeless!

But Wiliam also knew that Lu Xiaoluan had an upright nature and could not tolerate any sand in his eyes.

And she herself was upright, with three outlines and five constants silent in her heart.

Such a choice is also something she can make.

Liu Lang also appeared next to Wiliam and said to Wiliam, “Give her to me.”

Wiliam believed Liu Lang, so he gave Lu Xiaoluan to Liu Lang.

The golden light appeared in Liu Lang’s hands, and Lu Xiaoluan’s whole person was enveloped in it.

Wiliam looked at Lu Guangsha, killing intent in his eyes!

A wave of his hand!

Long live Honglian, who had been inserted in the door wall before, flew in front of him with “swish swish”.

He walked towards Lu Guangsha.

Lu Guangsha still fell to the ground, unable to move.

His eyes looked at Wiliam who came over with fear, and he was extremely annoyed!

It’s just a matter of stealing the chicken and losing the rice!

It would have been a good escape!

Blame yourself for lack of human heart!

Must go to test where the bottom line of this kid is!

It’s all right now, nothing can be obtained, and it has fallen into the hands of this kid, and there is no resistance to it!

Wiliam lifted Lu Guangsha up, his eyes fierce!

Lu Guangsha shivered and begged for mercy: “Wiliam, listen to my explanation. Everything was a misunderstanding just now! You have seen it. Xiaoluan doesn’t want me to die, otherwise she won’t let me go at the last moment. You and Xiao Luan’s relationship is so good, so you just obey Xiaoluan’s words and let me go.”

Wiliam was not moved at all.

Lu Guangsha fearfully said, “Otherwise, is this good? I give you the entire North Lu family, OK? From now on, you are the Patriarch of the North Lu family. You can take away the lives of these people at any time! As long as you can calm down your heart, you can do anything to them! By the way, I can also order them, whoever killed your brother just now, I will let them stand up and do whatever you want!”

People from North Lu’s family heard this, their eyes were cracked!

What a Patriarch!

What a Patriarch who got away and pushed everything to the doorman in times of crisis!

What a shame of the Lu family!

Wiliam sneered, and said faintly: “You are wrong. Do you know why Lu Xiaoluan let you go at the last moment? Doesn’t you want you to die? She wants to leave you to me! Don’t want to dirty her hands!”
With that said, Wiliam hit Lu Guangsha’s face with a fist, knocking him half of his teeth into the air!

Wiliam’s punch, not to mention the power of blood, even the internal power!

He used his physical strength to knock Lu Guangsha away!

Just want to vent!

If you kill Lu Guangsha all at once, wouldn’t it be too cheap for him!

The people around saw that Lu Guangsha was beaten by Wiliam with this method, and felt extremely relieved!

Only by killing this guy alive in this way can my heart be relieved!

Wiliam didn’t even have a chance to speak to Lu Guangsha again. With a rush, he lifted Lu Guangsha up again and punched him in the face again, “This punch was for the big sister!”

Lu Guangsha’s cheekbones were all sunken in, and the whole person wailed in pain!

And Wiliam punched again, “This punch was made for Feliicity!”

“This punch was made for Xiao Wangqing!”

“This punch was made for my dead brothers!”

A few consecutive punches, punches to the flesh, punches with hatred!

Lu Guangsha’s entire face was deformed, and he could not tell that it was the head of the Lu family!

At this moment, the long live red lotus beside Wiliam burst into red light, and fiercely penetrated into Lu Guangsha’s body, and a thick blood mist burst out!

Long live Honglian seems to have bloomed a flower in Lu Guangsha’s belly, not so coquettish as a human flower!

It’s shocking to see!

“This shot, I asked for my grandfather!” Wiliam said angrily. Long live Honglian’s red light was even worse. It seemed to have a connection with Wiliam, who was avenging his previous master!

“Those elders didn’t tell you! I gave you a three-month chance at the Lu Family in North, and I want you to tell you what happened before in public! I don’t think that you can’t change eating shit! Now, I will treat you The pain inflicted on my grandfather will be recovered one by one!”

With that said, Long live the red lotus shuttled through Lu Guangsha’s body like a flowing red water.

Lu Guangsha’s body meridians were completely destroyed!

“Back then, you still had three elders who coveted my grandfather’s “Impermanence Medical Sutra” and designed to murder him. Although you now know that grandfather is dead, you cut off his meridians, fed him poison, and tortured him. I spent two days and two nights with him! Now, I want you to have a taste of enduring this inhuman torture!” Wiliam shouted, his body exploded with the power of the ancient Qilin ancestor.

The rich green light immediately wrapped Lu Guangsha.

Wiliam’s metaplasia profound energy can quickly repair the human body.

His Long Live Honglian was in Lu Guangsha’s body, and he cleverly avoided all the key points, just causing Lu Guangsha’s simple physical tingling!

Then, use metaplasia to repair Lu Guangsha’s body functions.

In this way, Needles of Ruby Flower is enough to flow in Lu Guangsha’s body for several days and nights, and it can hold him in a breath!

Everyone at the scene, especially the two remaining elders, saw goose bumps all over their bodies.

They have a kind of empathy!

Imagine that there are dense silver needles flowing in a person’s blood at all times!

As long as the blood is flowing, the body will always suffer the pain of puncture!

This pain will last for days and nights!

Is this something that people can bear!

It’s better to die!

The key is that now, Wiliam is capable of making people immortal!

This torture broke the hearts and souls of the two elders!

Life is better than death!

The other Lu family members were full of terrifying fear of Wiliam!

The method is too ruthless!

They were also suspecting that when Wiliam came back this time, he kept talking about Lu Lingfeng’s things back then. Could it be that Lu Lingfeng was really murdered by a few high-level officials instead of dying of illness?

what is the problem!

And just when everyone’s heart was about to stop, Wiliam’s body suddenly flashed!

A sharp black light appeared from where he stood just now!

The black light hits Lu Guangsha’s forehead!

Wiliam’s heart trembled!

Black Flowers!

Silver Needle!

Chapter 1268 Old Man Black Flower!

The Black Flower Silver Needle appeared here again!

Wiliam turned around and looked towards the sky!

I saw a large black figure falling from the sky!

They rustled and fell in the courtyard of the Lu Family!

There are hundreds of people!

These people, all covered in black robes, are all strangely shaped, as if they have been transformed.

The same is true for the one standing in the front.

But his figure is rickety, and he bends directly to ninety degrees, as if bowing to the sky.

When Wiliam saw this person, his heart shook!

“Old Black Flower!” Wiliam said coldly.

He had seen this weird old man before!

At the end of the Lu Family War in Beilin, the old man Heihua appeared.

This old man is the valley owner of Guhuu Valley, nicknamed Heihua Old Man.

The black flower silver needles are similar to Wiliam.

Wiliam had been pursuing the whereabouts of Gu Huo Valley, and he didn’t expect them to appear here today!

Is there an end to the Lu Family Tribulation today?

Just as Wiliam was about to question, he suddenly saw the old man wave his hand casually.

Countless black snow fell in the sky!

The black snow fell rustlingly, and in a moment, the courtyard of North Lu’s family was dyed black.

And when he smelled the black snow, Wiliam frowned!


He was about to turn around to protect Feliicity and them, but saw that Liu Lang was treating Lu Xiaoluan, and then he took out a hand and shrouded all the Qilin-like people in golden light.

“Wiliam! Be careful, this old man’s realm is very high! It should have reached half a step of innate realm! You are far from his opponent now.” Liu Lang said with a serious face.

He also didn’t expect to meet the old man Heihua here today.

But Liu Lang is a Boundless Warrior, and there is a family of medicine knives behind him to guard, so he can’t intervene too deeply.

“I can only help you save this woman, as well as the family and brothers who protect you. Others, I am afraid you need to face it yourself. I still said that safety first.” Liu Lang said solemnly.

Wiliam nodded, understanding Liu Lang’s difficulties.

At this time, a wailing sound suddenly sounded around.

The people with black snow on their bodies suddenly felt like they were burning up, and their expressions were extremely painful.

Their bodies trembled together, looking terrifying.

Wiliam suddenly looked at Lu Guangsha!

Lu Guangsha was directly inserted into the center of his eyebrows by the black flower and silver needle before, thinking that there was no death!

His eyes suddenly became pitch black, but they were bleak.

He just stood there, letting the black snow fall.

“Old man Heihua! You finally appeared!” Wiliam said coldly to the old man Heihua.

He has too many questions in his mind to ask this old man.

For example, why does Gu Huo Valley exist?

For example, the road that Wiliam has walked over the past few years was arranged by Guhuugu!

Also, why are they here now!

However, the rickety old man heard Wiliam’s voice, but he looked indifferent.

Wiliam could only see the old man Heihua shrouded in black clothes and could not see his face at all.
The old man’s hoarse and confused voice came out, “Old Black Flower, what is it…”

Wiliam’s heart shrank.

This old man, just like the last time he met at Beilin Lu’s family, was like a demented person.

But Wiliam absolutely didn’t believe that a person with dementia would be able to achieve a great situation for nearly ten years!

And every step counts outside Wiliam!

Wiliam is quite confident in his own wisdom, so this old man is acting stupid?

“Guhuugu people, what did you come here for today?” Wiliam no longer asked the weird old man, but asked the old man Xiang behind him.

Behind the old man, there was a man in black who was wearing a veil and hiding himself deeply.

However, his ability to stand behind the old man Heihua means that his identity is also superior in Guhuo Valley.

The person replied: “We Guhuo Gulai is here, you don’t care, little guy, I advise you to leave here early.”

go away?

Wiliam was taken aback.

Originally, according to Wiliam’s thoughts, Gu Huogu people deliberately calculated themselves, and the goal must be themselves.

Now listen to this man, isn’t it?

The Guhuugu people plan to deal with the North Lu family?

At this moment, the old black flower suddenly burst into red and black air.

The red and black air made Heixue dance even more frantic.

There is a force of heaven and earth, like tearing out Wiliam’s soul!

Wiliam was shocked, and immediately calmed his mind, using the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn to resist the tearing force that appeared out of thin air!


This power, this breath is weird!

While Wiliam was still thinking about this, he saw the people of North Lu’s family, one by one let out a more miserable cry!

They all covered their heads, including the two elders.

Their realm is also superior, but they did not expect that under the random trick of the old man Heihua, there is no counterattack!

After a while, Wiliam saw the people of North Lu’s family, and his eyes turned black.

Like puppets, they walked towards Guhuogu in a daze.

Wiliam was shocked!

The expressions and eyes of these people?

Could it be that this old man of Heihua had a trick to confuse his mind and could control the children of the North Lu family at once?

But Wiliam couldn’t believe it in his heart.

If there is such a magic technique, how powerful is it to control so many people at once?

Liu Lang may be able to do it, but if the old man Heihua wants to do it, he definitely won’t just do it easily!


Wiliam suddenly woke up!

He saw some more people on the court, as if in awe, all lying on the ground, trembling.

These people are actually not controlled by the old man black flower!

These people are the only remaining disciples outside the Lu Family!

To be honest, the strength of these people is the lowest in the audience.

But it happened to be controlled by the black flower old man?

Do you look down on it?


There is no way to control it!

Wiliam felt a creepy feeling when he thought of this.

He thought of the answer!

Those who are controlled are people of Qilin blood!

Including the weird feeling of tearing my own soul just now!

If you don’t have the pinnacle bloodline of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, you might have been the same as the Lu family’s children, whose soul has been manipulated!

Wiliam originally thought that his bloodline would be the pinnacle of Qilin bloodline!

But now, there is another person who can control the blood of Qilin!

Heihua old man!

He has an indisputable close relationship with the North Lu family!

Where is he sacred!

Wiliam was thinking about it, and suddenly he saw that the red and black energy that could manipulate the heart or blood was rushing towards the unicorns!

Chapter 1269 Green Red!

The red and black gas invaded the Qilin-like people at the speed of electric light and flint.

Wiliam also heard the old black flower muttering to himself, “Who are they? It feels so familiar…”

In the next second, Wiliam saw that the red and black air had directly penetrated into the golden light arranged by Liu Lang!

This scene made Wiliam dumbfounded!

Liu Lang is a realm-breaking warrior, the existence of innate secret realm!

His golden light can completely resist the black snow of the old black flower.

But now he can’t stop the red and black air of the old man Heihua!

It’s weird!

Wiliam absolutely did not believe that Liu Lang’s strength was not as good as the old man Heihua.

This red and black air is weird!

At this moment, Liu Lang closed his eyes tightly. It was obviously at the critical moment to treat Lu Xiaoluan, and he could not give Wiliam more help and explanation.

Wiliam quickly ran towards the unicorn-like figure!

In an instant, the red and black aura had filled the Qilin-like people.

Wiliam thought to himself, if the red and black aura really only controls the person with Qilin blood, then the person with Qilin power should be safe.

They are not Lu family children.

But in the next second, Wiliam called out in shock!

I only saw people waiting for others, and suddenly they also uttered a painful cry.

They were trembling like the Lu family’s children.


Wiliam’s canthus is cracked!

In an instant, he rushed to the front of the Qilin Shi, no longer caring about other things, bursting out all the metamorphosis on his body!

The azure air slammed into the red and black air that was still coming!

The two breaths fought directly in the air.

There is a situation where there is no distinction between top and bottom!

Wiliam barely blocked the red and black air, and his heart turned a thousand times!

What exactly is going on!

Why would people with unicorn status be eroded by this red and black air!

They are not from the Lu family!


Wiliam suddenly thought that before that, people with unicorn power had unicorn blood on them!

But it was the unicorn blood planted by his grandfather back then to control them.

But these unicorn blood, I have helped them all relieved some time ago!

Impossible to still exist!

At this time, Wiliam heard a shout, “What’s wrong with you? You guys will wake up soon!”

Wiliam turned his head to look, and saw Mulan!

On the contrary, Mulan’s body did not tremble like other unicorns, but she was also shocked!

She kept calling Wenrenqingxin and Anima them, obviously in an extremely anxious heart, but there was nothing she could do!

Mulan is not controlled by this red and black air!

This can explain it!

It is the blood of the unicorn!

Mulan is different from other unicorns. She inherited the position of Mu Xiaolou’s sect master, so she didn’t have any unicorn blood on her body.

So she has nothing to do now!

In other words, some time ago, I didn’t completely remove the unicorn blood from the unicorn status.

Or in other words, there are other factors in their Qilin power that they have not even noticed.

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s scalp became numb.

And there is another thing that shocked Wiliam, that is, the bloodline of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is the pinnacle of bloodline!
But in this situation, it is obvious that the old man Heihua’s red and black energy can also compete with the bloodline!

What kind of blood is he!

Wiliam trembled at this time, and heard the old black flower muttering to himself, “Well, it’s so beautiful, what will happen after eating it?”

As he said, the red and black air of the old man Heihua, like it was endless, attacked more violently towards the green and blue air of Wiliam.

At this moment, the cold sweat on Wiliam’s head came out.

He finally saw some clues.

This red and black energy is probably also a kind of blood, but it is only slightly inferior to his own blood.

However, there are two factors that dominate the current delicate balance.

One is that there is an incomparable evil power in the blood of the old man Heihua.

The other is that the realm of the old man Heihua is much higher than that of Wiliam, and the level of cultivation and understanding of the bloodline is far beyond that Wiliam can catch up!

So even if the old man Heihua’s red and black energy hits Wiliam’s Qingbi energy, although there is some retreat, but the old man Heihua has a high realm, and it faintly suppresses Wiliam!

No way!

If this continues, even oneself will be swallowed by this red and black air!

Wiliam thought of three ways in his heart!

One is that he immediately pulls away and leaves now!

The second is that he protects his body with all the air of blood.

Both of these methods can protect yourself from harm.

And the third way is to die to the end!

This was an extremely dangerous method, because Wiliam had no confidence in defeating the old man Heihua.

And as long as he retreats, the unicorn behind him will definitely be swallowed by the old black flower!

Wiliam made a decision right away and stood firm!

He yelled and exploded with all his energy!

However, the old man Heihua smiled sorrowfully, “Well, a little funny baby.”

The confrontation continues.

The old portrait of Heihua is deliberately playing a crushing game.

He slowly increased the red and black air.

As for Wiliam, from the very beginning, dense beads of sweat flowed out, and finally the pressure grew.

He sprayed a mouthful of blood directly.

You know, the injuries he suffered at the Centenary Fist Ceremony of the Evil Fist have not been completely healed!

This vomiting blood seemed to have opened a mouth.

The wounds on the previous body suddenly burst!

A thick blood mist filled the landing leaves instantly.

The unicorn-like people, while fighting the tearing pain, watched Wiliam stand up for them again, crying bitterly!

How lucky to have such a young master!

Defend them time and time again!

“Wiliam, go! Go! You can’t stop it!” Wen Renqing suddenly shouted at Wiliam.

However, Wiliam could not hear clearly.

This is an unprecedented crushing battle!

No matter how talented Wiliam was, he couldn’t resist it instantly in the hands of Old Man Heihua!

Wiliam also had a clear estimate in his heart. In a few minutes, if he didn’t retreat, his body would burst completely!

But, retreat?

Wiliam’s eagerness to win was completely agitated instead!

Long live the red lotus turned into red light and guarded Wiliam again!

And it was the appearance of Long Live Red Lotus that caused the old man Heihua’s body to suddenly stagnate.

The red and black air in the sky seemed to freeze, no longer releasing the majestic pressure.

But Wiliam finally exhausted his strength, and the blood mist exploded again, unable to support his body at all, and fell to the sky!

However, he has to get up!

He is struggling!

The people at the scene saw Wiliam’s affection and righteousness, and they were all emotional.

At this time, a sad voice suddenly rang.

The man in black who was standing behind the old man Heihua made a sound that made Wiliam very familiar.

“Wiliam, stop! You silly boy! Look at who I am!”

Wiliam looked at this person with dim eyes.

At a glance, the heart is like a wild wave!

The person standing behind the old man Heihua is an old lady!

Lu Lingyun!

Chapter 1270 Shame for the land!

Wiliam felt that his heart burst at the moment he saw the old lady!

He had never imagined that the old lady would appear here, among the group of people in Guhuo Valley!

When the old prince was in the Lu family in Beilin, because of that battle, when the body was about to explode in the end, because Wiliam’s identity was revealed, he chose to dissolve his internal strength in exchange for survival.

She has no martial arts right now, shouldn’t she live in Lanyue Emperor City?

Why is it here!

Wiliam looked at the old lady in shock, and the old lady looked at Wiliam with tears in her eyes, clearly reluctant to give up.

Reluctant to fight Wiliam as an enemy, reluctant to leave Wiliam now all over his body!

After losing Lu Xiaolu, Wiliam has become the only grandson of the old lady!

And the talent that Wiliam showed before had already opened the eyes of the old lady.

See you today, Wiliam has awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal Qilin in the Lu family.

Can this not make the old lady even more ecstatic!

However, it is good fortune to fool people!

If it weren’t for seeing Wiliam’s last breath, he was still barely supporting him.

If it wasn’t for Wiliam to continue, he would soon die.

The old lady did not want to expose his identity at this time!

Wiliam’s eyes were dumbfounded, and all the transformations in his body were gathered, slowly healing his body.

He looked at the old lady in disbelief, and cried out: “Grandma!”

“Why are you here, grandma! Why did you appear in the crowd in Guhuo Valley! What is your relationship with them! Why didn’t you tell me before!” Wiliam had infinite whys in his heart!

The old lady showed a sad smile and walked slowly towards Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t take any precautions against her, and was hugged tightly by the old lady.

The old lady also said emotionally: “Silly boy, I’m sorry, grandma has too many things to hide from you. It’s not that grandma refuses to tell you, but grandma can’t tell you.”

She whispered and said: “At the beginning you suspected that I had something to do with the people in Guhuo Valley, I didn’t admit it, but just made an excuse. Now you can see that I am indeed from Guhuo Valley, and It is the deputy valley owner of Guhuo Valley!”

Wiliam no longer cared about the deputy valley master of the old lady. His last breath, and all his stubbornness, were put down the moment he was hugged by the old lady.

He could feel that the grandma’s affection for him was extremely sincere.

He didn’t believe that the old lady would harm himself.

The old lady was still in tears, but he waved casually.

Another scent of intoxication appeared.

It’s the bloody fragrance that the old lady has always liked.

The person who smelled the scent of blood was instantly shocked.

His eyes were dark and dull again, and they became clear again.

Wiliam looked at the people around him and found that they had temporarily returned to normal.

The reason was temporary, because Wiliam observed that deep in the eyes of those people, a trace of black energy was spitting out like a snake.

The old man of Heihua saw that the old lady had temporarily lifted everyone’s imprisonment without authorization, and he was confused and said: “What are you doing?”
There is no anger in the words, but there is always endless confusion.

As if there were only confusion, blood and tears in his world.

“Lend me a few minutes temporarily.” The old lady said to the old man Heihua.

The old man Heihua regained his silence.

This is completely different from the attitude that the half-step congenital warriors in the world should have.

“Lend me a few minutes to clarify one thing.” The old lady said lightly, and then looked at the group of people in the North Lu family.

The people of the North Lu family came to sober one by one. They looked at the old lady, and suddenly someone shrank and shouted, “Isn’t she Lu Lingyun! Lu Lingyun who was expelled from our North Lu family, she Why are you back!”

When this person was reminded, everyone from North Lu’s family reacted.

After all, Lu Lingyun’s indiscriminate killing of innocents for the heart, liver, spleen, and lungs was too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

What happened to this world!

The people who left the Lu family in North are now back!

Wiliam is like this!

The same is true for Lu Lingyun!

The two elders helped Lu Guangsha and looked at Lu Lingyun with a chill!

After all, Lu Lingyun is Lu Lingfeng’s younger sister!

She came this time and brought the people from Gu Huo Gu, is it just to avenge Lu Lingfeng?

They were worried in their hearts.

“Wiliam, this is what you wanted to tell everyone, but you are too kind to these people. Let me do it.” The old lady smiled and touched Wiliam’s blood-filled face, and then turned around. Go to see the people at Lu’s house.

“I will tell you one thing now, about my brother Lu Lingfeng.” Lu Lingyun said calmly, “My brother is dead, I think you all know it, but you know why my brother is dead. ? And why did my brother die?”

The Lu family shook their heads in confusion.

Lu Lingfeng’s matter seemed to be quite mysterious.

After returning from Wiliam ten years ago, when he won the first place in the Youth Medical Association, he kept saying that he would seek justice for his grandpa.

Even now Lu Lingyun said the same.

What happened that year!

Lu Guangsha and the three of them turned pale in an instant.

The scandal of that year, after all, will not be able to contain it!

Lu Lingyun looked at these three people jokingly, and said lightly: “Back then, my brother Tianzong was a wizard who supplemented the “Impermanence Medical Classics”, but was jealous of Lu Guangsha and the three elders. So, in order to obtain “The Classics”, the four of them united and used tricks to trick my brother, feed my brother poison, and tortured him for two days and two nights!”

The people on the scene heard that their breathing was stagnant!

They all looked at Lu Guangsha and the three of them!

There was such a thing!

It’s not human!

Originally this was an extremely sad and indignant thing, but Lu Lingyun said it calmly, as if everything had gone with the wind, “But my brother endured the terrible torture and he just refused to say it. The four of them went down. Fortunately, my brother successfully deceived everyone by using a secret method in the “Impermanence Medical Classics”. However, my brother also paid an extremely heavy price. His body, brain, and limbs were all affected. It’s terrible torture, it’s impossible to treat with ordinary medical skills. Hoho. So, people from the Lu family in North, do you feel ashamed of my brother? A family of medical skills, Degao as a teacher, but treat your own people like this Vicious hands.”

This secret, as Lu Lingyun talked about it, the faces of the Lu family in North became very ugly!

This is definitely the biggest scandal of the Lu Family!

The surface is glamorous, but behind the scenes it is so indiscriminate!

Still worthy of being a doctor?

Also worthy of being a human!

It’s not as good as a beast!

Those four people are even the lintels of the Lu Family!

All the Lu family members only feel an infinite shame at this moment!

Shame for the Lu family!

Ashamed of Qilin Blood!

Chapter 1271 Good Fortune Makes People!

It’s no wonder that Wiliam came back this time and said that he was going to beg someone, because Wiliam knew about this a long time ago!

Imagine that your grandpa was so viciously framed at home!

Especially Wiliam’s grandfather is still a man of great talent and virtue in the Lu family!

Thinking about it this way, Wiliam’s aim at the Lu Family is what the question should have meant!

He has been kind enough to the Lu family for a while!

All the Lu family members stared at the three Lu Guangsha with red eyes!

Infighting, especially infighting to kill, is an absolute taboo of the Lu Family!

Lu Lingyun was expelled because of killing his own talent!

Now, the same thing happened, even worse and vicious than it was back then!

What kind of ruling should these three people bear!

“Lu Guangsha! Are you really so vicious!” Someone looked at these three with tears in their eyes, couldn’t believe it!

Lu Lingfeng was in the Lu family back then, but he was very prestigious.

Even the prestige is still above Lu Guangsha and the three elders!

After all, Lu Lingfeng has a kind heart and is a very good elder.

When they thought Lu Ling Fengfeng was dead, they cried for several days!

Now that he learned that Lu Lingfeng was killed by his own people, how could the Lu family not be angry!

The three of Lu Guangsha, look at me, and I look at you. They want to open their mouths to argue, but they don’t know where to start.

This is the biggest secret hidden in their hearts and the biggest scandal of the Lu family.

They have been deliberately trying to hide the past.

But now, Wiliam knows, and Lu Lingyun knows too.

The Lu family also knew about it together.

What else can they say?

Murdering Lu Lingfeng, thinking about it now, will do them nothing!

The “Medical Classic of Impermanence” they covet is not available, and so is the Needles of Red Flower!

The Lu Family didn’t get any benefits. Instead, there was a terrifying scandal and a very terrifying enemy he wanted to come to now!

This business has lost money to grandma’s house!

“It seems! What Lu Lingyun said is true! Lu Guangsha! You are so cruel! Even a great good person like Lu Lingfeng is going to murder you! You are simply not human!” He was so popular that he cursed on the spot. !

This scolding immediately resonated with many people.


The elder felt that his face was about to be buried on the ground.

This kind of humiliation referred to by thousands of husbands made him feel ashamed to be a man from aloof!

However, Lu Guangsha was scolded so badly.

“Shut up, you guys!”

“Do you think we want to take the initiative to kill Lu Lingfeng! All we think about is the revitalization of the family lintel!”

“That damn old man! I made up our Lu Family’s “Impermanence Medical Classics”, but I cherish myself! He kept saying that he wanted to keep it, and that he wanted to give it to someone! We asked him, but he didn’t say anything! He clearly wanted to fool you. We! Don’t want to contribute to the “Impermanent Medical Classics”! This kind of people, what is the use of staying in our Lu family!” Lu Guangsha roared like crazy.

However, Wiliam’s heart trembled fiercely.

The person Grandpa said should be himself!

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“I don’t know how to repent! You are simply not worthy of being the head of our Lu family! Even, you are not worthy of being a member of the Lu family!” All the people spoke, screaming at Lu Guangsha.

Lu Guangsha was completely crazy.

He looked at the Lu family in front of him, and shouted directly: “You guys! Do you think it’s righteous? It’s just a bargaining chip for temptation. It’s not enough! When you stand in my position, you will know that How great is the temptation of “The Classics”! I admit that we want to kill Lu Lingfeng! But right now, isn’t he dead! If he’s dead, why accuse me!”

Everyone was about to be shattered by this Lu Guangsha’s Three Views!

Everyone stopped paying attention to Lu Guangsha, who was crazy, and turned around and looked at Wiliam and Lu Lingyun.

They were the only relatives of Lu Lingfeng.

He is also the only person who can accept this late confession.

As if spontaneously, the people of North Lu’s family bend deeply towards Wiliam and Lu Lingyun one after another.

This is the last decent of the North Lu family.

Knowing that today’s North Lu family may be ruined here, and the catastrophe will be lost.

However, as long as you are a member of the Lu family for a day, you should have this kind of knowledge and improve your dignity.

What’s more, how friendly Lu Lingfeng was to the Lu family during his lifetime.

The number of people present grew up under Lu Lingfeng’s selfless teaching.

Now that they knew the truth, the last kindness in their hearts was awakened.

Then let Wiliam and Lu Lingyun, instead of the old man, accept the late and humble confession and apology.

“I’m sorry Wiliam, I’m sorry Lu Lingyun. We mistakenly believed in an adulterous person, and we mistakenly recognized an adulterous person as the owner of the house. We were wrong.”

“We are sorry to the old man Lu Lingfeng. If we knew that the old man had endured so much torture, we would definitely help him the first time.”

“Wiliam, I’m sorry. Now that I think about it, all your actions can be explained. You have such a blood feud, but you are still wronged and indebted, and even in many cases, you indirectly help the Lu family. You are the one of great good and powerful. People, very similar to your grandfather. We blamed you.”

Apologizing weakly one by one.

They are muttering to themselves.

Said to apologize to Wiliam and Lu Lingyun, but more, it makes people feel that they are apologizing to their conscience.

Wiliam looked at this scene of repentance, and his heart was extremely moved.

His eyes were red, and he couldn’t help but look to the sky.

In order not to let the tears fall.

Grandpa, did you see it?

Isn’t all my behavior in these years just to set foot on the Lu family and want an explanation?

Isn’t it just for the people of North Lu’s family, the felonies to die, and the sinners to repent?

Isn’t it the scene that happened right now?

Did you see it?

Wiliam felt dizzy at this moment.

Over the past year, all Wiliam’s efforts and obsessions have been for today’s scene.

Now, the wish has come true.

The bone marrow and soul of Wiliam’s body seemed to be wiped out all at once.

As soon as he softened, he lay on his back.

He looked at the sky with a vague look, as if he had lost his life goal since then.

Empty and weak.

Lu Lingyun looked at Wiliam who was relieved on the ground, feeling distressed that he didn’t know what to say.

This silly boy has so many things on his back!

But boy, do you really think that this is how things are over?

The cruelest thing is just about to begin…

Lu Lingyun felt extremely bitter when he thought of this.

Good luck!

Why is it so!

Lu Lingyun finally sighed, always facing such cruelty.

She looked at the sluggish old man with black flowers and smiled sadly.

“Brother, did you see it? These people are apologizing to you…”

Chapter 1272 Grandpa!


Lu Lingyun’s inexplicable remark made everyone in the audience stunned.

Lu Lingyun’s brother, what does this mean!

It means, Lu Lingfeng!

And who is Lu Lingyun shouting at?

Heihua old man!

Everyone looked at the old man Heihua instantly!

And Wiliam trembled, looking at Lu Lingyun in disbelief, and cried out: “Grandma! What did you call just now!”

Lu Lingyun seemed to be explaining the doubts in Wiliam’s heart, and slowly walked to Wiliam’s front and helped Wiliam up.

She still smiled miserably, pointing at the sluggish old man Heihua, and said: “Perhaps you guessed it a long time ago, but you can’t believe it. He is your grandfather, Lu Lingfeng!”

Wiliam’s head was buzzed by these words!

Old man Heihua is his grandfather!

Wiliam’s thoughts suddenly became chaotic.

He endured the horror in his heart and stroked it from start to finish!

With this stroke, Wiliam gradually became clear.

Sure enough, if the impossible is removed, even if the remaining is impossible, that is the truth!

Let’s start with the appearance of Guhuo Valley and Qilinshi.

Qilinshi was established ten years ago, when Wiliam was sent out of North’s Lu family by his grandfather.

From then on, Grandpa paved a way for Wiliam.

As for Guhuo Valley, Wiliam originally thought that Guhuo Valley was only established in the past two years.

But some time ago, I learned that Guhuo Valley was established at about the same time as Qilin.

In other words, Grandpa established these two forces at once.

One righteous and one evil!

Right, planning to return to Wiliam.

And the evil one is personally in charge by him secretly.

Wiliam had always been suspicious of Guhuugu, because he vaguely knew that he had come along this way under Guhuugu’s secret arrangements.

At that time, he wondered why the people in Guhuugu did this, for no reason, it was impossible for him to set up a ten-year round for him.

So Wiliam began to suspect that Old Man Heihua was probably someone who had a close relationship with him.

And being able to observe oneself secretly for such a decade, forcing oneself to grow continuously.

Only his grandfather can do this kind of thing.

But at the time, Wiliam didn’t know that his grandfather was alive.

So he dispelled the idea.

When the old man Heihua appeared in the Lu family in Beilin, Wiliam once asked this question that he thought was impossible.

At that time, Old Man Heihua didn’t seem to know Lu Lingfeng.

So Wiliam didn’t continue to take it seriously.

Thinking about it now, I was cheated by my grandpa!

All doubts were swept away in Wiliam’s heart at this moment.

However, Wiliam still didn’t understand, why did Grandpa do this?

Even now, it’s fine for Grandpa to deal with the people of North Lu’s family.

He also worked on his former subordinates, the people of the unicorn power.

“Wiliam…” Lu Lingyun awakened Wiliam.

She knew how shock Wiliam would be when she knew this information.

After all, this is the grandpa he hasn’t seen in ten years.
Unfortunately, ten years have passed.

Wiliam is still that talented and arrogant Wiliam.

However, Lu Lingfeng is no longer the kind and respected Lu Lingfeng who valued his medical skills.

“Don’t blame your grandpa, he is now, hey…” Lu Lingyun sighed when he said this, “He can’t remember anything.”

“What!” Wiliam’s eyes widened in an instant, “What the hell happened!”

Lu Lingyun glanced at Lu Lingfeng who was still silent, shook his head, and said, “This matter must be discussed from a very early time.”

Lu Lingyun simply said all those things in the past.

A large part of it confirmed Wiliam’s conjecture.

After Wiliam left the Lu family, Lu Lingfeng created the Qilinshi in order to give Wiliam a place of his own.

However, Lu Lingfeng also knew the character of his grandson.

He knew that Wiliam’s disposition was like sailing against the current.

He made up his mind to force Wiliam to grow.

So he secretly founded Gu Huo Valley, intending to put pressure on Wiliam as a villain.

Originally, Lu Lingfeng had not been able to find a suitable opportunity and forced Wiliam onto the road of warriors.

Later, Lu Lingfeng was persecuted by the Lu family.

It is also helpless.

Lu Lingfeng had never thought that the Lu family would harm him like this.

So in the end, he could only cope with it reluctantly, and escaped with suspended animation.

But the poison that the Lu Family gave him and the torture caused to his body have completely passed the best time for treatment.

He completely relied on his instinct to escape to a secret base in Guhuo Valley in Fengcheng.

Although he was treated, his body and head were left with eternal wounds.

It was at that time that Lu Lingfeng sent a letter to Harper, passing the supplemented “Impermanent Medical Classics” and Needles of Ruby Flower to Wiliam.

Because Lu Lingfeng felt that this was an excellent opportunity to force Wiliam to grow.

Lu Lingyun was later sent by Lu Lingfeng to ask her to come over, so she learned the truth of the matter.

Therefore, Lu Lingyun has been obsessed with refining the heart of Yanhuang for more than a year, and she has a very important purpose, she has always said.

It was Yan Huang’s heart that could heal the madness, and it also had some effects on Lu Lingfeng.

Later, after Lu Lingfeng barely regained his ability to act, he relied on his insight into the Superman of the “Impermanent Medical Classics” and made a thorough transformation of his body.

This kind of travel against the sky, for him, not only restored martial arts, but also accidentally opened up a stranger bloodline.

But going against the sky will eventually cost even more.

His head injury is even more irreversible.

Up to now, Lu Lingfeng has suffered from severe Alzheimer’s disease.

To put it bluntly, it is Alzheimer’s disease.

He has forgotten many, many things, and during this period of time, his illness has become more and more serious. In a month, only one or two hours are awake.

At other times, he was more like a killing machine, not knowing why, full of endless hatred.

He is no longer the benevolent him of the previous doctor.

He has become a big black flower demon with blood on his hands and fearful of the people of the rivers and lakes.

Lu Lingyun is a person that Lu Lingfeng can barely remember.

She suspected that Lu Lingfeng became what he is now, not just because of his head injury and the transformation of his body against the sky.

More importantly, the blood of Lu Lingfeng’s awakening was too strange.

However, Lu Lingyun couldn’t crack the mystery.

Wiliam burst into tears at the end.


He seemed to be pierced by a thousand arrows, and his heart ached!

Grandpa, it’s like this!

But at this moment, the old man Heihua suddenly raised his head and screamed: “My grandson! My grandson! Give it back to my grandson!”

Chapter 1273

Following Lu Lingfeng’s violent shout, the cloak on his body burst open, revealing his original appearance.

Wiliam saw his grandfather’s appearance now, tears streaming down!

Is this my grandfather!

The skinny old man in front of him had an extremely hideous face, a face like dried orange peel, covered with countless scars.

But you can vaguely see what it looked like back then.

His eyes were filled with endless confusion and violence.

Never again will he be kind and gentle.

What moved Wiliam even more was his grandfather’s body.

Grandpa’s body seemed to be broken by the waist, he could only squat like this ninety degrees.

A large part of his back protruded like a spinal puncture out of his body.

If ordinary people were like this, they would have been unable to live long ago!

Moreover, Grandpa’s hands and feet are like four pieces of wood that have been half-burnt in the fire.

Black and dry, no trace of blood is visible!



Wiliam’s heart felt like he was hit by a stone, and he couldn’t yell when the words came to his lips.

The wound on Grandpa’s body seemed to be imprinted on Wiliam’s heart!

He finally took a sigh of relief and ran towards his grandfather, shouting chokedly: “Grandpa! I’m here! I’m here!”

However, Lu Lingfeng didn’t even glance at Wiliam.

The black and red aura on his body was in all directions, and Wiliam was overturned in an instant.

When Wiliam’s body was about to hit the ground, it was picked up by Lu Lingyun.

Lu Lingyun seemed to have known this would happen for a long time, and said with a wry smile: “It’s useless, kid.”

Wiliam’s canthus is cracked!

His grandfather is clearly calling himself this grandson!

Why not use it!

Why is it useless!

He clutched Lu Lingyun’s hand tightly and shouted in grief: “Why! Why is this happening! Isn’t he calling me!”

Lu Lingyun said sadly: “I’ve seen this scene a long time ago. He hasn’t known you long ago…”

“For more than a year, he has been so nervous several times a day, shouting loudly to return my grandson. At the beginning, I thought he thought of you, but later I found out that it was not at all.”

“You have become an incomparable obsession in his heart. He only remembers such a thing, but completely forgot, who you are…”

Lu Lingyun spoke sentence by sentence, and every time he said a sentence, a deep hole was cut in Wiliam’s heart.

He looked at the grandfather not far away with difficulty, and his whole body was about to faint from grief!

This is my grandfather!

Luckily survived the brutal torture of the North Lu family!

However, the first thing that survives is thinking about letting oneself grow faster.

How important I am in Grandpa’s heart!

Wiliam was also secretly traumatized in his heart!

Had it not been for more than a year, I would be eager and strong, in order to avenge my grandpa!

Maybe I will never see Grandpa in my life!

Wiliam fully understood Grandpa’s painstaking efforts!

If you don’t become stronger, maybe, before you see your grandpa, your grandpa passed away…

It’s just that, now I see it, why is Grandpa looking like this again…

The grandson has become his only obsession now, but it can’t be the joy of seeing him again!

This kind of sorrow that a loved one was close to him, but unable to recognize each other, completely destroyed Wiliam.

“Where is my grandson! Where is it!” Lu Lingfeng asked as if he was crazy, grabbing a person from the Lu family in North.

That person had long been scared to death by Lu Lingfeng’s appearance, and he didn’t know what to say.

Lu Lingfeng tore it casually, actually tore the man in half alive!

“My grandson, why can’t I tolerate my grandson, why…” Lu Lingfeng was so dull again, but his words made Wiliam even more uncomfortable!

He couldn’t help but rushed towards Lu Lingfeng again, shouting loudly: “Grandpa! I am your grandson! I am Wiliam! Do you really remember me!”

However, letting him shout loudly and emotionally, Lu Lingfeng didn’t even glance at Wiliam.

Instead, he overturned Wiliam again.

Had it not been for Lu Lingyun, Wiliam might have been the same as the man just now.

Wiliam fell to the ground, and in Lu Lingyun’s arms suddenly wept and cried, “Grandma! Go and tell grandpa, I am Wiliam! I am his grandson! You told him how good it is! He has suffered over the years! Isn’t it because of me that he’s wronged! Now that I’m back, I’ll bear these sins for him, OK?”

Lu Yeyu shouted incoherently, he was no longer the wise him before.

In his heart at the moment, only grandpa is alone.

Can’t see Grandpa doing this for himself!

Grandpa’s pain and grandpa’s sin are all because of me!

Now, I can’t get acquainted!

I want to atone for my sins but incompetent!

This feeling of powerlessness made Wiliam almost collapse!

Lu Lingyun hugged Wiliam with great distress, and she shed muddy tears, “Silly boy! Don’t be like this! You are you, he is him! You have your way, and your grandfather walked on this way, and he was also him. The one he chose, he told me when he was awake, he was willing. So no wonder you. Moreover, your grandfather told me when he was awake, he was very happy to see you growing up all the way! He said, you It is the pride of his life! He has a son like a god and a grandson like a dragon in his life. He is content!”

Lu Lingyun’s words made Wiliam more painful!

Grandson like a dragon!

Any functions!

Enjoy the respect of the world, but in the end it hurts Grandpa!

I’m eating the flesh and blood of Grandpa!

“Have you seen it, a teenage boy who is very clever and clever, but have you seen it…” Lu Lingfeng asked everyone foolishly.

“He likes medical skills very much, but when he was a child he always liked to be lazy, so I hit him, and then he left, I can’t bear to hit him anymore…”

“He is actually very filial, but how filial, why can’t I remember, why can’t I remember…”

Lu Lingfeng yelled loudly, and suddenly covered his head in pain, as if trying to remember the past.

At this moment, Wiliam’s heart defense completely collapsed.

He didn’t know where his strength came from, he suddenly opened from Lu Lingyun’s arms and flew towards Lu Lingfeng with tears in his tears!

“No!” Lu Lingyun’s expression changed drastically, but Lu Lingfeng, who was mad, didn’t recognize it at all!

However, Wiliam was like a moth to a fire, with infinite tenderness, he pounced on his grandpa who had been reading for ten years!

“Grandpa! Don’t you want to hit me?”

“Then this time, give my life and let you fight…” Wiliam closed his eyes, tears streaming down.

Lu Lingfeng immediately stuck Wiliam’s neck sharply, and Wiliam hugged his grandfather tightly with both hands…


Chapter 1274 Liu Lang is angry, the world is a disaster!

A clear and audible voice sounded at the scene!

Lu Lingyun’s tears fell on the spot!

I saw Lu Lingfeng show no mercy to his beloved grandson in this life!

He grabbed Wiliam’s neck with one hand, but with the other hand, he slashed at the center of Wiliam’s brows!

Wiliam’s head suddenly bleeds!

And this is not over!

Lu Lingfeng was completely mad at first, so he stuck Wiliam’s neck like this, and then his fist was like a storm, and he smashed Wiliam’s body frantically!

Wiliam was smashed to blood!

“No!” Lu Lingyun also rushed over as if desperately!



One for my dear grandson, to make himself look like a ghost or a ghost!

One came all the way for the sake of grandpa’s salary!

Now, the two closest people are right in front of them, but they are going to confront each other so bloody!

“Boom!” A golden light appeared in front of Lu Lingfeng at the speed of lightning and flint.

Before Lu Lingfeng’s most domineering palm fell, he stopped the past!

Lu Lingfeng threw away Wiliam, but looked at this golden light!

Liu Lang!

Liu Lang couldn’t help Liu Lang at a critical moment just now, and he was already feeling distressed!

Now that Wiliam was beaten to death, he was furious at this moment!

He no longer cared about the tracking and warnings of defenders of humanitarian order!

The blood of the supreme golden dragon sprayed to the extreme at this moment!

The people at the scene were almost blinded by the golden light!

But the person who was barely able to open his eyes discovered to his astonishment that what he saw was no longer a half-human and half-god Liu Lang!

It is clearly the phantom of a five-clawed golden dragon, covering the sky and the sun! Roar against the sky!

Under this huge coercion, everyone was all on the ground, and there was no room for resistance at all!

Only Lu Lingfeng was still crouching, but his eyes became wary.

He looked at Liu Lang and asked blankly: “Who are you? You are dangerous.”

“Get out!” Liu Lang’s murderous intent was in his heart, wishing to kill Lu Lingfeng on the spot!

Liu Lang was angry, this world is a disaster!

But he knew the relationship between Wiliam and grandpa, so he just forbeared it!

If this old man lingered in front of Liu Lang for a few more seconds and said a few more words, Liu Lang himself could not guarantee that he would cause a humanitarian disaster!

Lu Lingfeng was obviously very afraid of Liu Lang’s strength. Although he lost his memory, he still knew how to advance and retreat.

He suddenly raised his hand!

The black snow began to fall.

The Lu family who had sobered up before, as well as those with Qilin power, all became sluggish at this moment.

Especially those with unicorn status, they suddenly raised their right fists together, with their left fists akimbo their waists.

Towards the landing Lingfeng, respect the highest etiquette exclusive to the unicorn power.

In the beginning, this etiquette belonged to Lu Lingfeng.

Some time ago, the Qilin-like people completely returned to Wiliam, and they dedicated the highest courtesy to Wiliam.

Now he was back on Lu Lingfeng again.

Good luck makes people.

Wiliam was lying on the ground, her eyes completely blurred.

He can only look at the people in front of him roughly, one by one holding his fists high, his body stiff.

Lu Lingfeng walked forward and left the Lu’s house in North directly.

And the people of North Lu’s family and Qilinshi also left with Lu Lingfeng’s footsteps dull.

Wiliam’s consciousness was blurred, and he only felt warm on his face.

He could not tell whether this warmth was blood or tears.

He murmured: “Don’t go, don’t go…”

I don’t know if it means telling his grandfather not to leave, or telling his brother with unicorn power not to leave.

No one heard his muttering.

Lu Lingyun glanced at Wiliam sadly, and said to Liu Lang: “Master, please save this poor child, everything, please! Lu Lingfeng must have me take care of… “

With that said, she could only leave in strides.

After they left, Wiliam’s head suddenly stabbed.

It feels like my head is going to split completely.


He completely lost consciousness.

In a flash, three days passed.

Wiliam was still lying on the bed, unconscious.

In the room at the moment, Feliicity was also wrapped in a thick bandage, but she asked Liu Lang worriedly, “Brother Lang, why is Wiliam still awake? Will something happen to him!”

Liu Lang looked at Feliicity’s worried look, and he stopped talking.

What he thinks is much deeper than Feliicity.

What Feliicity cared about was why Wiliam woke up.

Liu Lang is full of humanity in his heart.

Now Wiliam is like this, hey…

“Brother Lang, please tell me if you have something to say? No matter how bad Wiliam’s condition is, can he be worse than me?” Feliicity’s eyes were red with anxiety.

She has been saved by Liu Lang, but the price is very heavy.

In the previous battle, Feliicity’s heart demon was reborn, and his life was hanging by a thread.

This time Liu Lang was powerless, and could only take the most extreme method, and the strong man broke his wrist.

The frosty bloodline of Feliicity was completely sealed.

Only then did she get her life back.

But it also means that she has become a little woman who has no power to restrain her.

And Liu Lang, isn’t it worse, I am too embarrassed to say it!

Thinking of this, Liu Lang bit his head and said: “Then you first promise me that you are not excited! Don’t do stupid things!”

When Feliicity heard it, his head bounced.

However, she still pressed her lips and nodded firmly, “Well! I promise you! I won’t do stupid things! He still needs me!”

What a bad news, as long as Wiliam has a life left, he must be taken care of until he grows old!

This is the last reason for Feliicity to hold on.

Liu Lang slowly said: “Wiliam was beaten dozens of punches by his grandfather, and all the meridians on his body were broken. Although I have all connected them now, his condition is similar to yours, and his blood is almost abolished. And not only Only the blood, even his martial arts strength, has almost dissipated.”

Feliicity’s face turned pale when she heard this, and she couldn’t help taking a step back.

Upon seeing this, Liu Lang quickly said: “Don’t worry, listen to me first. His current body is like a furnace that has just been recast. The contents are new, but it doesn’t mean that the old things are lost. The old things can also be retrieved, but the probability is a little lower.”

Feliicity bit her lip and asked, “Brother Lang, tell the truth, the chance of Wiliam’s recovery is a little bit small, how small is it?”

Liu Lang touched his pocket and found a cigarette to light it.

His face is a bit unnatural.

Finally, when he finished smoking a cigarette, he slowly said, “It’s about one in a thousand probability…”

Chapter 1275


Feliicity’s head bounced and he was dizzy!

She hurriedly grabbed a chair and barely supported her body!

She looked at Liu Lang in horror, “Are you true!”

Liu Lang avoided Feliicity’s eyes and nodded, “It’s true.”

Feliicity lost her soul.

Liu Lang, has since then really become like himself, a person without the power to hold a chicken?

Feliicity knew Wiliam too well.

Tianzong Wizard, arrogant and unruly!

If he suddenly changes from a strong man to an ordinary person, can he accept such a blow when he is so proud!

Not at all!

Feliicity’s heart tugged fiercely, not knowing what to say.

Looking at Feliicity, Liu Lang couldn’t help but feel helpless.


If there is a one in a thousand chance, then thank goodness.

The blood on Wiliam’s body is like his soul.

Now, the soul and the flesh are all broken up.

The flesh and blood can still go back, but the spirit can only rely on himself.

It’s just that Liu Lang has never seen such a rich person. Someone can awaken their blood twice in their lives.

Unheard of unseen unseen.

So Liu Lang’s definition of the probability of Wiliam returning to the ranks of the strong is a fantasy!

Even if Wiliam could recover his martial arts strength through future hard work, so what.

With the blood of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn, he is just a mediocre passerby.

The three disasters of humanity are finally destroyed today…

Liu Lang sighed, wondering if it was God’s will…

“There is another bad news, do you continue to listen to it?” Liu Lang waited for Feliicity to recover before asking.

Feliicity’s face was pale, but she nodded firmly, “Listen!”

“In fact, what I just said, if you don’t care so much in the second half of your life, you don’t need to take it seriously. However, Grandpa Wiliam hit Wiliam’s most important trick before, but it hit him on the head.” Liu Lang said slowly.

“Head! You mean, Wiliam’s head…” Feliicity covered her mouth tightly, her eyes widening.

“Well, his head is seriously damaged. I spent a lot of time treating his head in the first two days. But now it seems that it is a natural thing after all. His head is seriously frustrated. It is estimated that this period of time, memory There will be confusion,” Liu Lang said.

Memory confusion…

Feliicity was completely stupid.

Wiliam is too pitiful.

The strength of a vertical and horizontal body is weak.

Now even the head is damaged, memory problems.

“He won’t, even I can’t remember it?” Feliicity asked nervously.

“I can’t guarantee, but I believe that as long as he is around a familiar environment and familiar people, his memory will be restored little by little. This is different from his grandfather. His grandfather completely forgets his memory, and Wiliam It’s just that the memory is scattered,” Liu Lang said.

Feliicity sat down on the chair, feeling that the world was hovering.

“Now I have told you everything I know, what are your plans next? Do you want me to take you to our medicine knife family to rest for a while?” Liu Lang asked.
Feliicity shook her head, wondering if she was refusing.

Liu Lang seemed to see through Feliicity’s thoughts, and suddenly said, “Feliicity, Wiliam is a very important helper to me. In the future, he may be a brother who will fight side by side! So for this humanity, I am I very much hope that Wiliam will regain his strength. However, let’s close the door and talk, personally, and personally, I don’t want Wiliam to regain strength, or even his memory.”

Feliicity was taken aback and looked at Liu Lang foolishly.

Liu Lang sighed and said, “Wiliam, his life is too hard. I probably know a little bit about him and his grandfather. Think about it, what should Wiliam do if he recovers his memory? Go find a grandfather who completely forgot him, even almost killed him? Do you still want to see Wiliam locked in the shackles of this family? And if Wiliam regains his strength? He will definitely grow up with me. In the face of another danger, as his woman, surely you don’t want to do this? So losing your memory and strength is not a relief for you and him? From now on, you will live quietly, Isn’t it good to be a pair of ordinary earthly mandarin ducks?”

Feliicity’s brows were tightly locked.

What Liu Lang said makes a lot of sense.

Feliicity is also a little woman.

I only hope that the husband and wife will follow Wiliam.

Isn’t it good to be safe and normal for a lifetime?

“What I said, please think about it. Do you want him to be a strong forward with weights, or do you want him to be an ordinary person? Wiliam will wake up these days, so before that, you give me one Answer it. I also need to arrange future things based on your answer.” Liu Lang sighed deeply and walked out after speaking.

Liu Lang was also very confused.

Damn humane!

He also deeply sympathized with Wiliam.

Because Liu Lang felt the same way.

At the time Liu Lang’s grandfather had been unconscious for a long time, and during that time he was also a helper.

But the ending is good.

As for Wiliam, he was much worse than himself.

Forget it, let this kid be free.

This is a good thing for him.

When will I talk to that Lin Jiang boy?

The irritable Liu Lang smoked another cigarette.

Feliicity was sitting in front of the bed in Wiliam’s room.

She looked at Wiliam carefully, with infinite love and compassion in her heart.

Which woman does not want her man to be peaceful and happy, not to be tired of these messy things.

So, in fact, I already have the answer, right?

This time, what a chance…

Wiliam worked so hard, he needed complete relief this time.

Otherwise, all sins will be in vain.

Gradually, Feliicity had her own answer in her heart, and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

It seems that the ordinary joyful life is right in front of me.

Well, he is Wiliam!

He is the ordinary Xiao Wiliam!

Two days later, Wiliam woke up.

He opened his confused eyes and looked at the strange environment in front of him, his head groggy.

“Where is this?” Wiliam asked blankly.

A beautiful and beautiful woman, sitting in front of Wiliam’s bed happily, said excitedly with tears: “You finally woke up!”

Wiliam looked at this woman, only feeling very familiar, but suddenly she couldn’t call her name.

However, he blurted out and asked: “Who am I…”

This question made the fairy stunned for several seconds.

Just as Wiliam was surprised, she saw tears from the woman’s eyes bursting into her eyes, as if she was about to say something that shouldn’t have been said, and she needed this torrent of tears to wash away her repentance!

“Your name is Wiliam!”

“It’s the powerhouse of this world! It used to be, it is now, the future!”

“Surely too!”


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