Dragon Husband 1276-1300

Chapter 1276

When Feliicity said these words, tears flowed down!

Didn’t you already have the answer in your heart?

Hasn’t the dust returned to the dust, everything has returned to the original starting point?

Why, when he blurted it out, it was such silly words!

Feliicity didn’t know why.

But she knew that the original answer was already in her mouth, but she couldn’t say it.

Because he saw Wiliam’s eyes.

From the previous glorious look, he became helpless now.

Feliicity didn’t have a way to face Wiliam’s eyes, and he could say that he was an ordinary Xiao Wiliam.

She will feel sorry for Wiliam.

When Wiliam heard Feliicity’s words, his eyes became even more confused.

For a moment he couldn’t remember who this woman with rain in the pear blossoms was.

However, this woman’s eyes are shining with love and suffering, and she must have a great relationship with herself.

Looking at such eyes, Wiliam suddenly forgot how shocking what this woman said.

He just instinctively reached out to Feliicity and asked softly: “Who are you again?”

Feliicity shed tears, grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and smiled.

Lu Yezhen paid attention to me, but who am I…

It shows that in his heart, I have surpassed thousands of achievements.

The joy of such a little daughter made Feliicity feel much better at once.

“My name is Feliicity, and I am your wife, and a partner you will never leave!” Feliicity grabbed Wiliam’s hand and said loudly.

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, and immediately showed a warm smile, “Hmm!”

Although I can’t remember who she is for a while, although I just think she is very familiar and familiar.

However, the love hidden in her eyes is the kind that will overflow.

Wiliam instinctively chose to believe Feliicity’s words.

“Where is this? Why am I here?” Wiliam asked again.

Feliicity’s face became stiff and said, “This is the North Lu Family. Do you really want to know why you are here?”

Feliicity had decided, and confessed everything to Wiliam.

We are in the same boat, no matter how difficult it is, we must overcome all obstacles!

However, Wiliam suddenly shook his head and said with a smile: “I don’t want to know, this should not be our home.”

Feliicity was stunned, and there was a strange feeling in his heart.

Clever Wiliam, he didn’t understand what he was thinking.

Now, Wiliam, who is stupid and stupid, still doesn’t understand what he is thinking?

commit a sin?

“How do you know?” Feliicity couldn’t help groaning, her expression depressed.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity so cute and cute, and said with a smile: “I think your face is wrong, you ask me why I am here, which explains two things. First, this is definitely not our home. , Otherwise you won’t use this to describe it. Second, something bad must have happened before, at least it will make you feel uncomfortable to say it to you or me, so you will ask for my opinion. If you are not, why make you feel uncomfortable to say that you are my wife, aren’t you? Your mood should come first.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, completely stupefied.

Isn’t his head bad?

Why is thinking so sharp?

Is it exactly the same as before?

In a single sentence, he can analyze so many things in his mind, and they are all special!

Husband, are you really stupid or fake?

Wiliam looked at Feliicity like this, and said with a smile: “I just can’t remember many things. Doesn’t it mean that my IQ is down?”

Feliicity suddenly realized it after being said so.

It seems right too.

He just lost his memory, not a brain damage.

At this time, her heart was still full of emotion.

No matter what kind of Wiliam, he always puts his wife’s feelings first.

Even if the past is extremely important to him, he can still laugh it off.

“Then, what are we going to do next?” Feliicity asked stupidly.

She was turned over by Lu Yegan.

“Although I don’t know what happened, I feel so tired. I want to rest for a while before talking.” Wiliam said calmly.

Feliicity nodded heavily, “Well! Then let’s go home! Go back to the home where we have been living!”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, you can help arrange it.”

“Okay, I’ll go and notify the others that you are awake.” Feliicity squeezed Wiliam’s hand before leaving the room.

After she left, Wiliam checked her body.

He remembered what Feliicity had just said.

I am a strong man on the side of heaven and earth…

Wiliam clenched a fist, but took a breath.

It hurts so much.

Just like that, I’m afraid I can’t even carry a bag of rice.

This is the strong side?

Wiliam shook his head bitterly, and his head started to hurt again.

As long as he wanted to recall the past, it felt like there were hundreds of needles sticking in his head, and the pain was going to pass out.

At this time, the door was pushed open again.

Feliicity brought a few people in.

When those people saw Wiliam wake up, their expressions were all sorts of joy and complexity.

Obviously Feliicity had said everything about Wiliam just now.

Feliicity introduced to Wiliam: “Wiliam, this is Liu Lang, Brother Lang, he is…”

The man named Liu Lang grabbed Wiliam’s hand and smiled heartily: “I am your good friend. I am very happy to see you wake up.”

Feliicity looked at Liu Lang in astonishment.

Liu Langchao Feliicity cast a look. Obviously, he didn’t want Wiliam to continue to get involved in the disputes, so he didn’t tell Wiliam what medicine knife family was.

“This is Mulan.” Feliicity pointed to a woman with red eyes, “She is yours…”

“Don’t be my concubine, right?” Wiliam said with a cold face.

Because he saw Mulan’s eyes with tears, full of true feelings.

Bai Fengxuebai’s eyes turned to the sky, is this girl itchy?

Mulan was even more unceremonious, “You want to be beautiful! I’m yours! Rabbits don’t eat grass on the edge of the nest.”

Wiliam asked for an amusement and shrugged his shoulders, “I think I should be a passionate, infatuated man, not any woman can get me.”

Mulan was itchy with anger, “You said I’m a casual woman?”

“Wiliam, don’t be stubborn. This is Guo Wuji.” Feliicity patted Wiliam on the head and continued the introduction.

Wiliam nodded to the chubby little fat man, “Hello.”

This kind of politeness made the atmosphere at the scene embarrassing, especially Guo Wuji with a cold face.

This ah, so neat to women, is a very polite hello to men?

Are you looking down on me?

My young master of the Jackdaw family, Guo Wuji, is not good enough for you to say the third word?

Chapter 1277 The Last Guardian

“Alright, well, Guo Wuji is also your friend. This is Lu Xiaoluan, your sister.” Feliicity pointed to the last woman and said.

Wiliam looked at Lu Xiaoluan.

Lu Xiaoluan’s eyes were a little dull.

Obviously, he was still immersed in the previous battle and didn’t get out.

She experienced too much in that battle.

Betrayed by his own father.

Then all the tribesmen were taken away.

If Liu Lang hadn’t calmed himself at the last moment, maybe he would have to go with it.

The big North Lu family seemed to be removed overnight.

The world has evaporated in the arena.

Looking at the empty home, Lu Xiaoluan has yet to accept this cruel reality.

She didn’t know how to face Wiliam.

After all, it was his father who was sorry for Wiliam grandson first.

Then it was Grandpa Wiliam who caused the Lu Family’s calamity.

With such a contradiction, Lu Xiaoluan didn’t know whether to love or hate Wiliam.

“Sister, you seem to be working hard.” Wiliam said to Lu Xiaoluan.

Guo Wuji on the side beeped the dog.

Are you so broken to women?

Lu Xiaoluan darkened her eyebrows and said, “If nothing happens, everything will be fine.”

After introducing everyone, Feliicity said to everyone: “Wiliam just said that I want to go home and rest for a while. As for you, go back with us.”

When she said this, she looked at Lu Xiaoluan in particular.

Lu Xiaoluan is the most reassuring person in the Feliicity.

She lost all of her relatives in one day.

Wiliam is Lu Xiaoluan’s only relative now.

Feliicity was also afraid of leaving Lu Xiaoluan here alone, and she would think about doing some silly things.

However, what was unexpected was that Lu Xiaoluan was the first to express his position.

She forced a smile and said: “No, I want to stay here.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Lu Xiaoluan explained: “Don’t worry, I will not do stupid things. This is my real home. There must be someone guarding here, and home is home.”

This sentence caused the scene to fall into silence.

Lu Xiaoluan’s appearance deeply hurt their hearts.

Lu Xiaoluan is the last gatekeeper of the North Lu family.

It seems that as long as she is there, the Lu Family in North will continue to be incense, and the generations will change.

However, the last gatekeeper is too lonely.

Feliicity seemed to understand Lu Xiaoluan’s intentions and pulled Lu Xiaoluan’s hand and said, “Sister Xiaoluan, then you must be well, I bless you, keep the clouds open and see Yueming, you will eventually wait until you want to wait. people.”

“Yeah.” Lu Xiaoluan nodded, and his expression gradually eased.

Tribulation makes people grow.

Lu Xiaoluan never thought that he would guard this home alone.

Now that other family members are gone, she is obliged.

Feliicity looked at Mulan and Guo Wuji again, “Where are you? Go back with us.”

But Mulan and Guo Wuji glanced at each other, and they obviously knew what to do.

Mulan said with a smile: “We don’t need it anymore, we also have a home, we should go home and take a look.”

The Jackdaw family is the home of Guo Wuji.

Mulan also gradually accepted this family.

However, going home is not the last answer in Mulan’s heart.

Now that Wiliam wanted to rest for a while, Mulan would naturally not bother Wiliam.

The brothers of Qilinshi were taken away by Wiliam’s grandfather. Someone must investigate these things and run for the brothers.

Mulan is equally responsible.

Feliicity also understood what Mulan was thinking.

Her eyes were gradually reddening.

Behind everyone’s ease, there is always someone carrying the pressure and burden for this person.

Mulan is now carrying Wiliam’s responsibility that should have been Wiliam.

Feliicity hugged Mulan and said softly in her ear, “Thank you.”

Mulan patted Feliicity’s back, and whispered, “It should be.”

At this moment, Feliicity suddenly felt very selfish.

Hold on.

One day Wiliam will return as the king again!

At that time, I will apologize and thank you seriously!

As for Liu Lang, Feliicity had no questions at all.

There are so many things waiting for him to do for this Xianyun Yehe, a man with common people in his heart.

Being able to stay here for a few days is already his limit.

“I will also go first, but the spring breeze will be out this time, and then I will let her go back to find you.” Liu Lang said actively.

When the spring breeze was about to leave, Feliicity smiled with joy, “Really! It’s so good.”

Feliicity and Li Chunfeng are the same sisters, so they are naturally happy that Li Chunfeng is back again.

“Well, let’s go.” Liu Langzhen, the man, after saying this, disappeared before everyone’s eyes when he was vertical.

Everyone has a black thread, who is this?

In this way, when parting, the soldiers were divided into two ways.

Feliicity brought Wiliam, and the two embarked on their way back to Q City ( Qena City ).

Guo Wuji Mulan returned to the Jackdaw family in Lingcheng.

And Lu Xiaoluan stood alone at the gate of the huge North Lu family, beckoning to everyone lonely, wishing everyone a safe journey.

This lonely scene is moving once again.

Back to Q City ( Qena City ) again, Feliicity looked at the familiar surroundings, and her mood gradually improved.

She pulled Wiliam’s hand and said, “Wiliam, this is where we have always lived, Q City ( Qena City ). We met and fell in love in this small city, and finally got married.”

Wiliam looked at the surrounding scenery and felt very familiar, “Well, there is a very familiar feeling, very kind. Where is our family?”

Feliicity was taken aback, family?

Wiliam’s family is no longer there.

And at home in Q City ( Qena City ), what about the family?

Still no…

Because those people in the Bai family have long been missing.

Seeing Feliicity’s silence, Wiliam said with a smile: “Nothing, I always feel that wherever you are is home, let’s go.”

Feliicity glanced at Wiliam strangely.

This girl’s brain is broken, and it feels like the whole person has opened up the second line of Ren and Du, and he talks about love in different ways.

Compared with the elm bumps before, it feels so much now.

Feliicity called a car and went directly to the Emperor Hua.

That is the home of both of them.

When he arrived at the door of the Emperor Flower, Wiliam looked at this special villa, something faintly flashed in his head.

The emperor…


bride price……


Some shattered memories kept moving in his head.

He was dumbfounded.

Feliicity was a little excited when she saw Wiliam doing this.

Could it be that Wiliam was in love with Jing Jing and wanted to remember the past?

If this is the case, it would be really great.

Wiliam was indeed like this. He felt that he was about to grasp some things, and he was about to remember.

But at this moment–


The door was pushed open from inside.

A sound of crying and robbing the earth, the magic sound enters the brain, it is shocking.

“Brother-in-law, is your brain broken? It’s so pitiful!”

Chapter 1278

The sound was so loud that it directly smashed Wiliam’s head like a hammer.

The fragments that were about to be recalled in his head just now disappeared.

Wiliam and Feliicity looked at the woman emerging from the emperor flower with a silent expression.

Who would it be if it wasn’t Xena?

Xena’s whole person has become thinner than before.

At this moment, his eyes were red, and he looked very pitiful.

After she came out, she grabbed Wiliam’s hand, tears rolling in her eyes, “Brother-in-law, did your head really fall off? Do you remember me? I am your sister-in-law Xena!”

Feliicity patted off Xena’s hand angrily, and then said angrily: “Can you speak! Wiliam’s head hasn’t broken! It’s so amazing!”

However, Xena looked at the bandage wrapped around Wiliam’s head, and then looked at Feliicity’s anger, she already understood something in her heart.

It must be because my sister couldn’t accept the reality that my brother-in-law’s head was falling off, so she was so angry.

Also, whoever changed, his husband’s head Vata couldn’t accept it either.

At this time, several more women walked out slowly.

Feliicity saw that it was Melissa, Janett, and Lydia.

The Zoufen team is back online.

However, Feliicity found that all of them had dark eyes and thin faces, obviously in a bad mood.

Especially Janett, who seemed to have lost two CUPs directly, and those who heard it were sad and tearful.

Feliicity looked at Janett sympathetically. Is this so sad?

It seems that I only told them about Wiliam last night.

Shrinking two CUPs overnight, sister Janett is emotionally moving.

Wiliam looked at the charming women in front of him, and he couldn’t recover for a while.

“Feliicity, where are so many beauties?” Wiliam asked.

Everyone was taken aback.

However, they also accepted the fact that Wiliam had lost part of his memory.

After accepting this fact, listening to Wiliam say such nice words is simply the sound of nature.

Before this girl’s head was broken, her mouth wouldn’t be so sweet.

Now it looks more pleasing to the eye than before.

Feliicity gave Wiliam a glance, and then introduced Wiliam one by one.

After this introduction, Wiliam couldn’t help sighing, “How can I be, there are so many beautiful women around me, tusk tusk, the pinnacle of life.”

These words made the faces of several women blush.

This girl started to play hooligans when his head broke?

Can not be responsible, so unscrupulous?

However, Feliicity had a faint feeling.

The reason why Wiliam said so easily was to make these people less sad.

And indeed, as Feliicity thought, the atmosphere of the scene became alive because of Wiliam’s jokes.

“Walk around, come in quickly, your family will be left to me to take care of, but I don’t dare to care at all, now you check and accept.” Janett said with a smile.

When Wiliam left Q City ( Qena City ), he entrusted the emperor flower to Janett to take care of it.

Instead of leaving it to his sister-in-law Xena.

Because of Xena’s character, too special can be made.

The emperor flower will sooner or later be caused by her.

Janett used to live in a relatively biased home and his personality was relatively calm, so Janett was the best candidate to take care of the emperor’s flowers.

Everyone walked into the emperor flower.

Feliicity looked at the neat and tidy emperor flower, especially satisfied.

The attention of other women was obviously not on the emperor flower, but on Wiliam’s body.

There is only one doubt in their hearts.

Isn’t this wata lost his head?

Why is it still the same as before?

Could it be that this girl’s compulsion has gone deep into his bones, unable to extricate himself?

Tsk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk tusk, head is broken but it still looks like this, will it be beaten when going out?

so poor.

“Feliicity, when Wiliam came back last time, he was still holding a daughter. Where is the daughter now? Lost?” Melissa couldn’t help asking.

Wiliam also asked, “Do we have a daughter?”

Feliicity sweated, and gave Wiliam a blank look. He wanted to spit out that I wanted to have it. Can you work hard too?

It’s just that I am embarrassed to say this in front of everyone after all.

She said lightly: “She is a little girl adopted by Wiliam, named Wangqing. She was fostered in another place a few days ago and will pick her up when she is free.”

Xiao Wangqing was injured with Feliicity before.

But Xiao Wangqing’s blood was completely different from ordinary people, so Wiliam could barely hang Xiao Wangqing’s life.

When Wiliam was still in a coma the next day, because Liu Lang focused his energy on Wiliam, he sent someone to send Xiao Wangqing to the Medicine Knife Family for treatment.

Everyone sat on the sofa and began to chat about the past.

Wiliam listened to the people with a bewildered expression.

There are too many fragments hovering in his head.

It’s a pity that these women twittered like thousands of ducks, making Wiliam’s head unable to calm down.

In the end, Wiliam could only give up and let them go.

But Feliicity had said their energy during this period of time, and everyone was dumbfounded.

As if following Wiliam and Feliicity, I experienced a strange world.

Feliicity deliberately avoided the affairs of Grandpa Wiliam, and changed the subject at the end: “How about you guys, how are you doing? This feeling of covering the sky with only one hand in Q City ( Qena City ) must be very cool, ladies and gentlemen?”

In Feliicity’s consciousness, this is justified.

Almost all of Q City ( Qena City ) is Wiliam’s world.

The Bai Group has already cleared the city, are they not happy and happy one by one?

However, several women looked at each other, a bit of bitterness in their eyes.

These eyes fell in the eyes of Wiliam who was observing silently.

Only Lu Yezheng said it.

Finally, Melissa grinned broadly, and said, “That’s not it? The feeling that the next step of inheriting the sky is in place is not too cool hahaha!”

The other women also laughed.

Feliicity didn’t notice these details, and then became happy.

After all, they are all best friends who have struggled in the same trench. They are doing well now, and Feliicity is also happy for them.

At this time, Janett’s phone rang.

And she was still laughing, noticing that the phone number was a strange number, so she picked it up casually.

“Hello, who?” Janett asked casually.

On the phone, there was a voice from a yin bird, “Ho ho, beautiful Qin, how about it? Three days, but it will be here soon, do you think about it?”

Janett’s face paled instantly, and Dou Da’s cold sweat came out!

Feliicity was closest to Janett, and she could hear the voice on the phone.

As soon as she heard it, her eyes widened!

This voice!

Too familiar!Chapter 1279

Even if the voice deteriorates through the phone, Feliicity can tell the owner of the voice!

Bai Zhensheng!

How could it be him!

Seeing Feliicity’s face changed drastically, Janett quickly hung up the phone.

Feliicity looked at Janett with a serious face, and asked, “Sister Jiang Yue, was it Bai Zhensheng who called you just now!”

At this time, the faces of several women also changed.

Especially Xena.

I can’t even lift my face.

When Feliicity saw them look like this, he was sure that the person who called Janett just now was Bai Zhensheng!

The last time Bai Zhensheng appeared, it should be at the time when the Bai family thought it was the peak.

They thought they could clear the city by hand.

As a result, at that grand banquet, Feliicity’s grandmother Chen Shuyun was killed on the spot.

Feliicity’s biological father Bai Li was also killed in that battle in the hands of Granny He.

As for the other Bai family members, Bai Zhensheng, Rebeca and others, because they were terrified, how dare they stay in Q City ( Qena City ) for a long time.

So after leaving Q City ( Qena City ), there was no news.

Today, Feliicity heard the voice of Bai Zhensheng as soon as he returned to Q City ( Qena City ), how could he not be shocked!

Especially after hearing what Bai Zhensheng said just now, three days will be coming soon.

Obviously they are threatening Janett!

Janett and the others, but they covered the sky in this Q City ( Qena City )!

Can anyone still be threatened?

There must be something weird in this!

Seeing everyone’s expressions weird, Feliicity didn’t say anything. Suddenly, her mouth slumped, “Are you all treating me as an outsider? Didn’t you tell me anything?”

This look immediately made Janett and the others uncomfortable.

They looked at Feliicity guiltily, and stopped talking.

Finally, as a representative, Janett sighed deeply and said: “Wrong, the voice you just heard is Bai Zhensheng, that disgusting kid is back again!”

Feliicity suppressed the shock of his mind and asked, “Why did he come back? How dare he come back? Also, why are you so afraid of him? He is just a rascal!”

“Feliicity, don’t get excited, listen to me slowly.” Janett said while comforting the excited Feliicity.

Wiliam also grabbed Feliicity’s hand and motioned for Feliicity to calm down.

Others understand why Feliicity is so excited.

The Bai family was a nightmare for her.

It’s a topic that makes you sad when you mention it.

After finally getting rid of the nightmare of the Bai family, now the Bai family represented by Bai Zhensheng has appeared again.

That’s why Feliicity was so excited.

“That’s it. Three days ago, Bai Zhensheng came back. Oh, not only Bai Zhensheng, but also Rebeca and others. In a word, just a few people from the Bai family left Q City ( Qena City ) and several people returned to Q City ( Qena City ).” When Janett said this, she glanced at Feliicity.

After all, Rebeca is Feliicity’s biological mother.

But Feliicity motioned her to continue.

“We originally thought that they were going to ask for hardship, but we didn’t expect that Bai Zhensheng turned out to be extremely powerful! According to your words, he became a warrior! And the realm is not low.” Janett said with a wry smile. .

“What’s even more chilling is that he seems to be practicing some evil martial arts, which is very vicious. Five days ago, he single-handedly broke into our Bai Group. All the security guards couldn’t stop him, and he was crushed. Head to death! And he doesn’t care about this earthly law at all.” Janett felt like his hair was standing upright when he talked about this matter.

“He entered my office at that time, and only left me a word. He said that he would give us three days of the Bai Group and that we would give him all the assets of the Bai Group within three days. Otherwise. , The security guards with corpses all over the place are the fate of our senior Bai Group.” Janett said.

Feliicity became angry when she heard it, “Outrageous! How can we kill innocent people indiscriminately! By the way, isn’t Tigger here? Are you looking for him? He has so many men!”

Janett became even more helpless, “Brother Tiger guards our Q City ( Qena City ) underground, we naturally went to him the first time. It is a pity that he is still lying in the hospital now. If Bai Zhensheng wanted to play the tiger Brother, Brother Tiger is dead.”

“And after our two days of secretly inquiring, we got an even more amazing message. Not only did Bai Zhensheng come back stronger, but there seemed to be some more powerful people who came back with him. One of them was Bai Zhensheng’s master! We can’t handle a Bai Zhensheng, let alone there are so many more powerful people.” Janett said with a gloomy expression.

“Originally, you and Wiliam are already martial arts practitioners. We can both find you to settle this matter. However, we heard the message from you and Wiliam that your martial arts have been lost. Let you know about this. The matter is tantamount to pulling you into the water. This is the reason why we unanimously decided not to tell you. I’m sorry for the Feliicity, we didn’t mean it.” Janett finally said sorry.

Feliicity pursed her lips, biting and bleeding!

Damn Bai Zhensheng, as long as he doesn’t die, he will be like a poisonous snake, staring at the Bai Group forever!

It is hateful, because at this point, both himself and Wiliam have lost martial arts.

Should this be a coincidence, or a deliberate act!

What can I do now!

“Feliicity, do you think you don’t know about this matter? It’s a big deal. We will let the Bai Group out, and we will leave Q City ( Qena City ) and find a place to live. It is better than head-to-head with Baizhen!” Melissa also Said worriedly.

But Feliicity shook her head. She knew Bai Zhensheng too well.

The son of Zhongshan wolf is crazy!

As long as Bai Zhensheng gains power, he will retaliate against them!

So this matter is just the beginning.

In fact, Feliicity still has many ways, and that is to ask Wiliam’s friends to go out.

Mulan, the Jackdaw family, the Southern Forbidden Li family, etc., are casual, masters are like clouds.

However, Feliicity thought that Wiliam would take a break, which meant that he didn’t want to touch the previous disputes yet.

Besides, Feliicity was also worried. Wiliam had no power to restrain the chicken now, and Bai Zhensheng couldn’t deal with it. What should he do if he comes into contact with those aristocratic families and causes greater danger?

“Wiliam, what should I do?” Feliicity blurted out when his head was chaotic.

After asking, she was also stunned. She found that she was so dependent on Wiliam subconsciously.

Undecided, asked Wiliam.

However, in this situation, it is obviously not suitable to ask Wiliam.

The other women were also dumbfounded.

“Feliicity, do you ask a hammer or a fool?”

Chapter 1280

Feliicity’s face suddenly became unsightly, but she was also a little angry, but she said depressedly, “Wiliam is not a fool. Don’t say that.”

Several women glanced at each other, there was a trace of shame in their eyes.

They didn’t say that on purpose.

It’s just that Wiliam’s IQ had been crushed before, and this feeling was too awkward.

It’s kind of fun to be able to see a dumb Wiliam now, maybe he can still bully him.

“Sorry Feliicity, we didn’t mean it.” Janett apologized first.

At this time, Wiliam took the initiative to speak, “Who is Bai Zhensheng? The name is a bit familiar.”

The faces of several women also changed.

Unreliable man at the critical moment.

Feliicity quietly told Wiliam what had happened before in Q City ( Qena City ), especially the Bai family.

Wiliam felt unpredictable about these things.

After listening, he smiled and said, “According to you, he is a small person.”

Several women nodded together.

is not that right?

This kind of person cannot survive the third episode in a TV series.

“Today is the third day, isn’t it?” Wiliam asked again.

Janett nodded, “Well, the agreed time is eight o’clock tonight, at the Shuanghua Hotel.”

“Then go straight and meet with him. Anyway, you can’t think of a better way, right?” Wiliam said.

Janett and the others looked at each other, feeling a strange feeling in their hearts.

Why is this girl’s mouth still so poisonous?

Has the appearance of beatings changed at all?

And what made them feel more aggrieved is that what Wiliam said was the truth.

They also have no better way.

Wiliam was there before, so he relied on him to solve everything.

Now Wiliam’s head is not bright, but he still has to listen to him, can’t he be aggrieved?

“But, what should we do if we were in danger in the past? All of us are big girls.” Lydia said a little afraid.

Several women nodded together.

Wiliam said amusedly: “Then I can just go by myself? According to what you said, the Bai Group still belongs to me, and it is only natural for me to go.”

But Feliicity directly denied, “No! You can’t go, it’s too dangerous to be alone.”

Feliicity too knew how Bai Zhensheng hated Wiliam.

If Wiliam were to go, he would definitely be slaughtered on the spot.

In the end they discussed and discussed, and decided that Janett, Feliicity and Wiliam would go.

Feliicity was still worried, and went out and called Harper.

Unfortunately, Harper’s phone was turned off and there was no contact.

The rest of the people in the house looked worried. Wiliam was the only one with a slight smile on his face, as if everything was under control.

This look fell in the eyes of everyone, and they couldn’t help sighing, “The ignorant is fearless. This happiness is so simple.”

At 7:30 in the evening, Wiliam and the three set out to Frost Flower Hotel.

At this moment, in a VIP box in the Frost Flower Hotel, a person had been waiting there long ago.

This person was the voice of Bai Zhensheng who had left Q City ( Qena City ) for a while.
Before Bai Zhensheng’s arm was scrapped by Wiliam, but at this moment, he has a hand of cigar and a hand of red wine.

Moreover, his hair was combed slick and shiny, and he didn’t even look downright in the beginning.

However, deep in his eyes, there was a faint black air.

Bai Zhensheng was extremely proud at the moment.

At first, their Bai family left Q City ( Qena City ) like a mourning dog.

I thought that the world was so big that there was no place for them anymore.

But the sky is endless.

Bai Zhensheng was on the road. By chance, he saved a dying person. Who knows the identity of this person is incredible.

This person accepted Bai Zhensheng as an apprentice, and found that Bai Zhensheng had a bit of martial arts talent. Therefore, for nearly a year, Bai Zhensheng’s strength came abruptly under the teachings of his master and a pile of panacea. To the late stage of inner strength.

This is one of the best in Q City ( Qena City ).

Therefore, Bai Zhensheng asked his master to come to Q City ( Qena City ) together this time, calling it a vacation.

Bai Zhensheng’s real idea was to return to Q City ( Qena City ) and take back all the money he had lost!

While on the road, he also inquired that Wiliam and Feliicity had left Q City ( Qena City ) long ago.

This also made Bai Zhensheng more unscrupulous.

So three days ago he was able to drive straight into the Bai Group and directly threatened Janett to hand over the Bai Group.

The performance of Janett and others also made Bai Zhensheng very satisfied.

Trembling, trembling, afraid to resist.

This feeling of holding the lives of others in your hands and asking for what you want is really cool.

Bai Zhensheng was also deeply immersed in the pride of this martial arts master.

Tonight, it’s time to harvest the fruits.

If Janett dared not come, ho ho, then she would be dead.

And if she comes, but refuses to hand over the Bai Family Group, tut tut, let that big beauty first taste the taste of herself.

Bai Zhensheng was proud, and suddenly his ears moved and he heard a string of footsteps.

The sound of footsteps is coming towards his box.

He cheered up with a smile on his lips.

Janett, this big beauty’s figure is too strong.

Three days ago, I almost couldn’t bear it. I wanted to do things in the public.

Tonight may be a good time.

As he was thinking, the door was pushed open.

It was Janett who came in.


Bai Zhensheng laughed directly in his heart!


Come alone, the sheep will come into the mouth!

It seems that this woman is also ready to show up on her own initiative.


It’s worthy of being an elite in the workplace.

This kind of woman always puts interests first. It seems that she is going to take the initiative to give her arms tonight, and she doesn’t need to use force at all.

It’s another kind of beauty to see such a beautiful woman with a broken body take the initiative to ask for it.

How could Janett fail to see Bai Zhensheng’s wretched eyes.

At the moment, she regrets a bit!

Originally, Wiliam and the three of them came to the Frost Flower Hotel together.

But Janett suddenly said that he wanted to go to the toilet, so Wiliam and the others waited downstairs.

The reason why Janett found such an excuse to act alone was to prevent Wiliam and Feliicity from participating in this matter.

She intends to face all the dangers alone.

But as soon as she entered the door, she felt as if she was being spotted by a poisonous snake.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes were really disgusting.

So Janett was a little scared in her heart, not knowing whether her reckless choice was right or wrong.

Bai Zhensheng was not in a hurry anymore, and began to enjoy watching the little lamb from shivering to being half pushed. He casually pointed to the chair, “Sit down, big beauty.”

Chapter 1281 is still a grandson

Janett bit her head and sat on the chair.

At this moment, her body really trembled slightly.

This detail has long been recognized by Bai Zhensheng.

He smiled and said, “How about it, big beauty, have you thought about it? Bai’s group, do you hand it in or not?”

Janett pursed her lips and said, “If I hand over the Bai Group, will you let us all go?”

Bai Zhensheng clicked the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “Let it go? If you mean let it go, you mean letting go of the lives of you big beauties. I really don’t want to kill you.”

Janett’s face became stiff.

She is smart enough to understand what Bai Zhensheng means!

Damn bastard!

This guy wants to bring Qingmian and the others to misfortune before he is reconciled!

Never let him succeed!

Thinking of this, Janett resolutely said: “It seems that there is nothing to talk about tonight? If you dare to do something with them, I absolutely disagree!”

Bai Zhensheng said in a leisurely manner: “Oh? You can’t do it to them, you can only do it to you, right? Tsk tsk tsk, you are a little greedy, but unfortunately, I am a martial artist now, far from being able to feed yourself. Yes, if you go your own way, I’m afraid you will die in bed…”

“Fart! Please show me respect!” Janett was shaking with anger.

But because of the trembling, his body trembled more severely, which fell into Bai Zhensheng’s eyes, and it was even more beautiful.

Bai Zhensheng gave orders, “Janett, I thought at first that you are a person who knows the current affairs and is a good man, but I didn’t think that you are still so indifferent. Now I am very different from before. You can squeeze everyone in the Bai Group to death, believe it or not? So, follow me and enjoy the glory and wealth from now on, or you can continue to go your own way and be buried with the Bai Group. Such a simple multiple choice question, your workplace Elite, don’t you know how to choose?”

Janett gritted her teeth, how could she choose the first one!

She came over, just wanting to have a showdown with Bai Zhensheng, even if she would lose the Bai Group.

It’s a pity that Bai Zhensheng is determined to attack his sisters now.

This is what Janett cannot tolerate!

She stood up with a chuckle, and said to Bai Zhensheng, “Since there is nothing to talk about, then I will leave first!”

With that said, she was about to walk outside.

But at this time, Bai Zhensheng smiled slightly.

He squeezed two chopsticks and flicked it at will!

The chopsticks split into two lines and hit the open door with two swishes.

With great strength, the two doors were closed again.

Janett’s face became stiff, and she turned her head to look at Bai Zhensheng.

Bai Zhensheng showed a wicked smile, “Why? I want to leave when I’m here? I’ll give you three days, but I won’t show you a face. What’s the matter, you have to stay with me tonight.”

Janett blushed and cursed directly, “You want to be beautiful! Toads also want to eat swan meat! You don’t take soaking urine and take photos of yourself! The whole Q City ( Qena City ) knows that you Baizhensheng is just rubbish. Rubbish under your feet! Do you think you can come back to be domineering after learning a little bit of work? Dreaming! I tell you, even if you can kill everyone, you are still rubbish!”

Janett completely tore her face at this moment!

Before that, she still had some scruples, fearing that her impulse would be a devastating disaster for the Bai Group.

But need to be afraid now?

Regardless of himself, the Bai Group will also face disaster!

It’s not so painful to scold this disgusting person, and feel more comfortable!

Bai Zhensheng was scolded happily by Janett, and his face instantly became ugly!

This is his weakness!

It can be said that he was embarrassed in Q City ( Qena City ) before.

However, that is all over!

Who dares to say that to him now!

This damn little bitch!

He even dared to tear his wound open to his face!

Bai Zhensheng slapped the table, and the heavy table fell apart instantly!

Janett was so frightened that her body trembled suddenly and she looked at Bai Zhensheng in shock!

Bai Zhensheng was completely angry, and he roared: “Okay! Didn’t you say that I am rubbish? Today I will let you see how it feels to be the most prestigious professional beauty in Q City ( Qena City ) surrendering to me! I want to Make this humiliating picture of you into a video so that people in the city can see how slutty you are! Then let the people in the city judge and judge whether you are rubbish or I am rubbish!”

Janett was completely frightened by Bai Zhensheng’s threats.

She bit her scalp, and suddenly took out something from her shoulder bag, directly against her neck, and screamed: “You! Don’t come over! If you come over again, I will kill myself immediately!”

It was a sharp pair of scissors against her neck.

When Janett came, he was mentally prepared to be threatened by this guy, so he brought scissors with him in case of emergency.

When she really needed scissors, she was still terrified.

However, Bai Zhensheng was like a madman, slowly walking towards Janett, and said with a wicked smile: “You committed suicide to show me! I’ll leave it here! You are alive, Lao Tzu I want to subdue you! If you die, I still subdue you! I see how you choose!”

Janett was so angry at these words, her eyes were red.

This person who is not as good as a beast should go down to eighteen levels of hell!

“Why? Afraid? If you’re afraid, put down the scissors for me! If you show me a little harder tonight, maybe I will focus on your mind and let go of those little bitches. It’s best. , You have to make me feel that you can feed me by yourself, so that I will naturally not hit other people’s ideas.” Bai Zhensheng smiled disgustingly.

His words are naturally coaxing Janett.

He returned home this time!

How could he easily let go of those little bitches who had humiliated him before!




Can’t let it go!

Janett actually felt a little loose after hearing this.

There was infinite despair in her eyes.

Is it really necessary to make such a shameful choice!

When she thought of this, tears fell tentatively.

She muttered to herself: “If Wiliam had been there before, would you dare to be so arrogant! You are a grandson! There are no tigers in the mountains! The monkey is the king!”

Bai Zhensheng laughed wildly, “Wiliam! Hahaha! Do you think I don’t know! He now…”

Accompanied by Bai Zhensheng’s laughter, the door was slowly pushed open from the outside.

An indifferent and proud voice came in.

“I am here, he still dare not arrogant, he is still a grandson.”

Chapter 1282 The Devil Returns!

As the sound fell, the door was completely opened.

Two figures slowly appeared at the door.

And hearing this voice, Bai Zhensheng was like a scream!

He will never forget this voice!

Like a nightmare, like a monster!

It was this voice that threw him into the boundless hell again and again!

No matter what you can do, there is a thin piece of paper in front of the voice master!

Master of this voice!


Bai Zhensheng looked at the two men and felt that both feet were shaking.

It’s really Wiliam, and Feliicity!

Originally, Bai Zhensheng was still complacent just now, and wanted to say that Wiliam was not in Q City ( Qena City ) at all.

But now, the face slap is so fast!

Wiliam appeared directly in front of him like a god descending!

This sudden scene completely disrupted Bai Zhensheng’s rhythm.

Bai Zhensheng looked at Wiliam whose face was as indifferently as before, and only felt that his heart was trembling.

His fear of Wiliam was deeply rooted.

Calculate again and again, and get killed again and again!

Bai Zhensheng no longer dared to confront Wiliam at all.

Even though Bai Zhensheng already possessed the strength of the later stage of inner strength, he still did not dare to underestimate Wiliam.

Because when Wiliam left Q City ( Qena City ), Bai Zhensheng had seen Wiliam’s strength.

At that time, he hadn’t stepped into the realm of warriors, and Bai Zhensheng only felt that Wiliam was very powerful.

Now that he stepped into the realm of warriors, Bai Zhensheng felt that Wiliam was like a prehistoric evildoer.

It can’t be shaken!

Not to mention the previous one, he can’t beat Bai Zhensheng now.

It’s been so long now!

According to the terrifying speed of this kid’s cultivation, he is not his opponent at all!

So the moment Bai Zhensheng saw Wiliam, his face was pale and his head turned frantically. How can he save his life today?

After Wiliam and Feliicity walked in, they stood beside the helpless Janett.

Janett saw Wiliam and Feliicity coming, tears falling down.

Once again at the very moment of his death, he was rescued by Wiliam!

Even if Wiliam has nothing now, he is still the omnipotent hero in Janett’s heart!

Feliicity hugged Janett, whose legs were weak, pinched Janett’s arm with some distress, and said, “Sister Qin, are you crazy! Come and see this guy alone! Do you know? What will happen! If Wiliam found out that something was wrong and immediately asked the box, you would really fall into the hands of this guy!”

Janett blushed and murmured guilt: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I thought…”

“Okay, don’t talk about it, you can just watch it from the side.” Wiliam interrupted Janett.

This overbearing appearance gave rise to a sense of security in Janett’s heart.

When Wiliam spoke, Bai Zhensheng was excited again.

Is this demon going to get angry?

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng was very upset!

If I knew this guy had come back to Q City ( Qena City ), how dare he continue to fight him, and how dare he covet the assets of the Bai Group!
More importantly, he still covets these big beauties around him, and I don’t know how they died!

Because Bai Zhensheng was afraid of Wiliam, his lips were a little purple. He didn’t dare to say anything at all, let alone any excuse.

Because he knows that all the excuses in this guy’s eyes will be full of loopholes and will only make himself appear more stupid!

Bai Zhensheng looked like a quail at this moment, and he didn’t dare to look at Wiliam.

Just wait for this demon to speak sanctions.

And Wiliam closed the scene of Bai Zhensheng in his eyes.

He sneered, looked at the mess at the scene, sighed, and said, “Don’t you want to talk to our Bai Group? I just happened to be back. Just talk to me.”

“I, I, I…” Bai Zhensheng’s mouth was trembling, and he felt like a sharp sword on his neck.

“What I am, if you want to talk, just sit down and talk. Feliicity, go call the waiter, change the table, don’t be broken and kind.” Wiliam said lightly.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam suspiciously.

Isn’t this all martial arts lost?

Why are you still so domineering?

And it seems that Bai Zhensheng is still scared to his bones?

At this time, Feliicity’s head stirred, yes!

Bai Zhensheng didn’t know what happened to Wiliam!

So he is still a super master as Wiliam.

And Wiliam was doing a big show.

Thinking of this, Feliicity was secretly proud, and immediately went out to call the waiter.

My husband, even if he has no force, but he is domineering, not everyone can move casually.

But Wiliam’s understatement fell in Bai Zhensheng’s ears, but it had another meaning.

This demon has no direct sanctions against himself.

But with a light cloud and wind, I plan to sit down and talk slowly, what does this show?

It shows that this guy doesn’t put me in his eyes at all!

I am not afraid of resisting myself!

Yes, he is a super martial artist. With his own internal strength in front of him, he is almost as small as an ant. Why should he beware?

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng didn’t dare to act rashly.

The waiter quickly cleaned the scene and replaced it with a new table.

Wiliam looked at the scene with satisfaction and said, “This is only clean.”

After speaking, he watched Bai Zhen not speak.

But Bai Zhensheng thought that Wiliam was about to give orders, and his nerves tightened.

But never thought that Wiliam stopped saying a word at all.

He just watched.

A minute later, Bai Zhensheng only felt that he was being targeted by a giant beast, and his whole person was even worse.

If you want to kill or slash, please have a good time!

Look at it this way, a few meanings!

In the end, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t stand it anymore, lowered his head, and said weakly: “Brother Wiliam, I don’t know when you will come back to Q City ( Qena City )…”

Lu Yezhen answered, but looked at Bai Zhensheng with a meaningful smile.

Seeing this smile, Bai Zhensheng trembled even more.

He was too familiar with Wiliam’s smile.

This smile means that Wiliam is about to officially fight back!

No way!

Never let him slap himself to death!

No matter how bad, we must fight for it!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng’s knees suddenly softened, and he knelt in front of Wiliam, crying and began to sell him miserably!

“Brother Lu! I know that I was wrong. You will do well. For the sake of being a family, let me go! I won’t dare to beat you to the Bai Group and the Bai Group again. The people in the group had an idea! It was me who was obsessed for a while and did a foolish thing! I kowtow to you! Can’t I call you Grandpa!”

Chapter 1283

With that said, Bai Zhensheng really started to knock Wiliam up.

Every time I knock my head, I shout grandpa!

Grandpa and grandpa’s voice reverberated at the scene, and people who didn’t know outside thought that the gourd baby was born.

Feliicity and Janett watched this scene dumbfounded, it was a bit weird!

Wiliam didn’t know how to do anything, but he didn’t know how to get into the topic!

Bai Zhensheng was as scared as a fool, and he knelt down and called grandpa!

How big is the shadow that Wiliam left in this guy’s heart!

Janett looked at Wiliam with a strange expression, and couldn’t complain.

This guy is old and strong…

I’m not right!

Janett’s face suddenly showed a shy flush, feeling that the car was going too fast.

It should be that Yu Wei is still there!

Even if there is no force, but this temperament can crush a person to death.


Convincing in capitals!

Wiliam closed his eyes slightly, and said to Feliicity and Janett, “Come here for tea.”

The two women looked at each other and got goose bumps all over.

Have a woolen tea!

In this situation, shouldn’t this guy quickly withdraw and leave before he discovers the truth!

The longer the delay, the easier it is to expose!

Feliicity glared at Wiliam, but there was no way, Wiliam didn’t even look at her at all.

Feliicity angrily sat down beside Wiliam.

Janett also hurriedly sat down, but felt her body still trembling.

This is playing with fire, boy!

And Wiliam was holding the tea, drinking it leisurely, letting Bai Zhensheng call grandpa again and again.

Bai Zhensheng kowtowed, in fact, while observing the landing leaf.

Seeing that Wiliam was still in the mood to drink tea, he became even more afraid.

How strong is this guy, so calm and relaxed!

The more Wiliam was like this, the more feared Bai Zhensheng’s heart!

He knocked harder.

Until he knocked his head and was dizzy, he finally heard Wiliam’s voice.

“Get up, it’s weird.” Wiliam said lightly.

Bai Zhensheng was overjoyed after hearing this!

There is a play!

It seems that this class of ants is completely in Wiliam’s eyes.

He didn’t even bother to pinch himself to death!

So Bai Zhensheng quickly got up from the ground.

Only when he got up, Wiliam glanced at him.

Wiliam found that there was a strange black pattern carved on the back of Bai Zhensheng’s neck.

Wiliam frowned slightly when he saw this pattern.

Kind of familiar.

Seen somewhere.

However, he didn’t point it out on the spot, and continued to squint his eyes slightly, tapping his fingers lightly on the table.

“What are you doing in Q City ( Qena City )?” Wiliam asked casually.

Bai Zhensheng’s body was bent ninety degrees, how dare to tell the truth.

He respectfully said: “Well, Q City ( Qena City ) is my home after all, I just come back to have a look, and I will leave after a glance, definitely not staying too much!”

Wiliam didn’t pierce Bai Zhensheng’s lies, nodded, and said, “You know it.”

Bai Zhensheng broke out in a cold sweat, feeling like his life was saved.

“Then, Grandpa Lu, since you are back to preside over the overall situation, then I won’t disturb you. I know you are very busy, so I will leave first?” Bai Zhensheng couldn’t wait to escape from this purgatory on earth.

Wiliam said faintly: “Okay, I don’t want to see you again in the future.”

“Understand! Understand! I swear to God that I will never appear under your eyelids again! I will absolutely disappear in the vast sea of ​​people. If I violate this oath, I will be a bad dog!” Bai Zhensheng what oath Dare to post.

Wiliam nodded and said, “All right, I hope you remember your words.”

Bai Zhensheng hurriedly nodded and said yes, then bowed and quickly fled the scene.

After he took out the Frost Flower Hotel, he began to run madly, fearing that the Demon King Wiliam would change his mind in an instant.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that he stopped, gasping for breath.

so close!

Almost died in Q City ( Qena City )!

He is now a force, and he can dominate in a place where there is no such demon king.

You can’t do it against him!

Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng hurried back to the hotel where he was staying, planning to talk to the Bai family and his master, and leave this place of right and wrong together.

After Bai Zhensheng left, Feliicity and Janett breathed a sigh of relief, and they collapsed on their chairs.

It was really exciting just now.

Wiliam, the little bastard, dare to tease Bai Zhensheng so much!

If Bai Zhensheng were a little smarter, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help knocking Wiliam on the head, “You scared us to death! I really dare to play with fire here! You are not afraid…”

Wiliam immediately filled Feliicity with a cup of tea, “Not afraid.”

Feliicity’s eyes turned to the sky.

This guy has the strength to pretend to be strong, he can also pretend to be strong without the strength, is born to be a king?

“Sister Qin, do things in the future, don’t be rash.” Wiliam also poured a cup of tea for Janett.

Janett drank the tea in one sip, and felt 10,000 words in her heart.


You, a person who has no power to bind a chicken, pretends to be a wolf with a big tail in front of the inner strength warrior. Where does the face say that I am reckless?

But Janett just couldn’t make complaints, because the cargo was successfully loaded, and she scared Bai Zhensheng into a dog.

“What shall we do next?” Janett said with lingering fear.

She was afraid that Bai Zhensheng would discover the truth of the matter and continue to stay in Q City ( Qena City ) and harm them.

However, Wiliam’s answer was obviously wrong, “Next, eat.”

Janett raised her little hand, and wanted to break this guy’s head to pieces, to see what’s in it?

Fortunately, Feliicity’s hands are faster, and he knocks more rationally!

“Eat a woolen rice meal! I will cook it for you when I get home! Get out of this ghost place! I can’t stay any longer!” Feliicity knocked on Wiliam, no matter the three or seven twenty-one, grabbed Wiliam’s hand and turned Run outside.

With this catch, Feliicity was even more convinced that Wiliam had no power to bind the chicken.

She almost fell into the mud by her dragging her.

The two women took Wiliam and hurried back to the Emperor Flower in a hurry.

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng was on his way back to his hotel.

He has already thought about it.

Pack up your things as soon as you go back and leave Q City ( Qena City ) immediately!

At this time, his cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hello, who?” Bai Zhensheng asked angrily.

“Hoho, it’s me.” On the phone, a voice came and said a name gently.

When he heard this name, Bai Zhensheng was silly, and exclaimed in the car, “It’s you! Why would you call me!”

On the phone, the voice remained the same, which seemed a little joking.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I’m calling you, just to tell you a very interesting message about Wiliam…”

Chapter 1284

Bai Zhensheng never dreamed that the person on the phone would find him.

And still have to tell him about Wiliam.

It’s like a dream.

Bai Zhensheng still didn’t believe it, and couldn’t help saying: “You are Wiliam’s person, how could you…”

“Ho ho, you still don’t hear what I want to tell you.” The person on the phone said with a smile.

“What message? Does Wiliam really want to kill me and let you help spread the message?” Bai Zhensheng asked in a misty voice.

“Ho ho, that’s not it, and it’s just the opposite of what you think. The message I want to tell you is profitable but harmless to you. Just say you don’t listen, right?” The person on the phone Said.

“Listen! Why don’t you listen!” Bai Zhensheng said bitterly.

He didn’t believe there was any good news about that kid now.

“Ho ho, that kid, he was very good before, but now, all martial arts have been lost, but he is just a useless person, how about it? Is this message good or bad for you?” The person on the phone slowly To say.

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes widened, “What did you say? I didn’t hear clearly just now?”

The person on the phone repeated what had just been said.

Straightforward Bai Zhensheng was stunned!

How can it be!

Wiliam, that kid, lost all martial arts?

It’s totally unreliable!

I saw that guy just now, looking pretentious.

That look of arrogance, there is a realm of transformation, it is impossible to walk out of the steps that the six relatives do not recognize.

“I see, you are fooling me!” Bai Zhensheng suddenly slapped his head.

“Hoho, I can bet on everything, and even swear. It’s just that I am too lazy to do this to you. I just want to tell you this message, it’s as simple as that, do you believe it or not,” the person on the phone said indifferently.

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng was completely crazy.

He felt his heart beating wildly, as if he also had an inexplicable yearning for it.

“But, you are that guy’s person, why are you telling me this! What are you doing!” Bai Zhensheng asked at last.

However, the person on the phone just smiled, “I want to see that guy killed by you. Is this a good reason? If it’s bad, I have no idea, so be it.”

With that, the phone was hung up.

Bai Zhensheng faced the phone, and the whole person was stunned for several minutes.

This message is simply an explosive message.

And it came from that person’s mouth.

Can you believe it?

Intellectually, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t believe it.

Because the relationship between that person and Wiliam is really good.

However, a voice in the subconscious was telling Bai Zhensheng, believe it!

Because that person doesn’t bother to lie.

Do you want to believe it?

Bai Zhensheng’s heart was still beating wildly.

If you don’t believe it, he rolls out of Q City ( Qena City ) in a dingy manner, and lives in the shadow of that guy all his life.

If you believe it, it is a big bet!

The kind of betting on life.

Lost the bet and lost his life in Q City ( Qena City ).

And won the bet?

Since then, the entire Q City ( Qena City ) is in his own control, and more importantly, he can return the humiliation he suffered a hundredfold!
Thinking of this, Bai Zhensheng couldn’t calm down at all.

His face flushed red!


If you are a man of martial arts, and still so suffocated, it’s better to die!

Bai Zhensheng immediately took out the phone and called his master.

“Master, can I discuss something with your old man?”

At this moment, the three of Wiliam returned to the Emperor Flower.

The other women in the emperor flower were walking around nervously in the hall.

I don’t know what will happen to Wiliam.

When they saw Wiliam come back safely, their eyes widened again.

What the hell, this can come back alive?

Feliicity exaggerated what had happened in the Frost Flower Hotel.

The eyes of the women mentioned are about to fall off.

What the hell!

This is also great!

Is this guy on?

Completely out of the empty city plan, relying on a force to scare the enemy to kneel and call Grandpa.

It’s too exaggerated.

However, the shock of everyone was not over, Janett’s phone rang.

Janett frowned when she saw the phone number.

“Bai Zhensheng! He called me?” Janett exclaimed.

Several women immediately looked at Janett together.

Wiliam nodded and motioned to Janett to answer the phone.

“Hello.” Janett listened very much to Wiliam and answered the phone.

Bai Zhensheng’s humble voice came from the phone, “Hello, President Qin, I’m Xiao Bai, I’m really sorry for what happened today…”

Janett looked at Wiliam with a puzzled look.

Wasn’t the apology all over just now?

Also made a special call to continue apologizing?

Do you want the cloud to kowtow?

Wiliam signaled Janett to continue listening.

Sure enough, Bai Zhensheng continued: “So in order to express my apologies to the Bai Group, I hereby invite you very sincerely, as well as several senior members of the Bai Group, especially Wiliam, tomorrow night at 8 o’clock. At the Frost Flower Hotel, I held a banquet and apologized.”

Janett said directly to the phone: “That’s not necessary, you just need to get out of Q City ( Qena City ), we don’t want to see you again.”

However, Bai Zhensheng was as if he had eaten the scales, and said with a grimace: “That’s not good. I have to apologize sincerely if I did something wrong. If you don’t come over tomorrow, then I have to go cheeky. It’s time to visit the Bai Group. If anything happens then I will say sorry again.”

Janett’s scalp was numb.

This word, how does it sound that there is a hint of threat in it.

Janett knew that Bai Zhensheng had visited the Bai Group before and killed many people.

Saying this now, doesn’t it mean that he is going to kill again?

Strange, didn’t Wiliam restrain him!

Why does he dare to speak like this now?

Could it be that guy finally saw through?

Wiliam signaled Janett to agree first.

Janett had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “Then see you at the Shuanghua Hotel tomorrow night at eight.”

With that, she hung up the phone.

Janett immediately asked her doubts, “Wiliam, why is that guy suddenly so tough again? Isn’t he afraid of being beaten to death by you? Why is his attitude changed so much?”

Feliicity also looked puzzled.

Because Bai Zhensheng’s kowtow was called grandpa before, but he was so touched, it didn’t look like a fake.

Wiliam showed a faint smile, seemingly confident.

“What are you laughing at! What are you talking about!” Feliicity couldn’t help but pinch Wiliam, this guy didn’t hit Liang Jiewa for a day.

Wiliam grinned, then looked around, smiled and said, “I guess, there should be a gangster between us.”

Chapter 1285


Several women were dumbfounded!

This vocabulary feels so strange and so lethal!

Janett immediately asked Wiliam: “You can explain it clearly to me! He said that half of his words will cut off children and grandchildren!”

Feliicity has a black line.

Without conviction.

Fortunately, at this moment, everyone’s curiosity was hung up by Wiliam, and Janett’s black belly was no longer pursued.

And Wiliam continued: “You have heard the threat in Bai Zhensheng’s words just now. Why did he suddenly change his attitude? There is only one possibility, that is, he knows my true situation.”

“What! You mean he knows!” Several women covered their mouths, with an unknown premonition in their hearts.

“Well, in other words, he will be suspicious, so the words are so polite, but there is a threat of temptation in the politeness.” Wiliam said lightly.

Several women were numbed by Wiliam’s reasoning.

It makes sense.

Why can’t we hear so much?

“Then what?” Feliicity couldn’t help asking.

“Since I believe in doubts, it is interesting. It shows that he did get the message that my martial arts has been lost, but the reason why he believed in doubts instead of insisting on it, there is only one guess.” Wiliam looked at everyone and said with a smile. “The message comes from our side, so he will doubt it.”

Several women’s heads buzzed.

What a special thing!

How does the head grow?

Isn’t he head Watt anymore?

Why is it so sharp?

However, this reasoning caused the hearts of several women to jump out.

According to what Wiliam said, is there really a rape?

A few women look at me, I look at you, suddenly they all become wary.

Xena jumped out even more carelessly, and said angrily: “Everyone present is good sisters. If we have something, we might as well say it in person! Who is the rape, stand up for yourself, otherwise, if I find out, I will definitely treat her! “

However, none of the women came forward.

Finally, when Xena was about to lose her breath, Feliicity stood up.

Xena’s chin was about to fall to the ground, “Sister, it’s you!”

Feliicity whitened Xena, this idiot.

“Bai Rushuang is wrong. You are all my good girlfriends. We have gone through so many ups and downs together. I believe you! The problem should not arise for us. Wiliam might have guessed wrong, right? “Feliicity said to Wiliam.

And Feliicity’s trust in everyone was exchanged for everyone’s grateful look.

The few women present, to put it harshly, are all fateful friendships.

I won’t say anything about the sisters’ love.

Even ordinary friends, according to their kind character, can’t betray this kind of thing.

When asked by Feliicity, Wiliam shrugged, “Well, it may be that I guessed wrong. After all, I have lost a lot of memory and don’t know your personalities very well, so I made this objective difference. Emotional inference.”

Several women have a black thread.

God is so objective!

God is not emotional!

Chapter 1286

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng was more trembling than Feliicity and others.

He is gambling with his life!

If Lu Yewan succeeded in martial arts, he would fully explain here today.

I really shouldn’t believe that man’s words!

At this time, Bai Zhensheng suddenly regretted.

But at this time, the door has been pushed open.

Bai Zhensheng raised his head, his whole body excited.

It’s not Wiliam who came here!

And beside Wiliam, there were Feliicity, Melissa, Janett, Xena, and Lydia.

The appearance of several big beauties made Bai Zhensheng feel dizzy.

He didn’t dare to watch it anymore, there was only one thought in his heart.

These women are really helpless people.

Didn’t you come here to die?

However, Wiliam even dared to bring them all over. What does this show?

It shows that Wiliam is confident!

However, Feliicity and the others are pretending to be calm, and they can’t be Wiliam’s pig teammates at this time.

They all looked at Bai Zhensheng coldly.

Seeing this scene, Bai Zhensheng felt more confident in his heart.

Even women are so arrogant, it shows that they have backers!

He didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Wiliam looked at Bai Zhensheng and asked, “What? Invite us all over, don’t you think it’s not enough to kowtow?”

Bai Zhensheng’s face stiffened, obviously thinking of being a gourd baby yesterday.

He quickly said politely: “Then what, please sit down, please sit down!”

Wiliam took the lead to sit down.

The other women also settled down with Wiliam.

At this moment, Bai Zhensheng didn’t dare to test Wiliam at all, so he had to establish friendship with Feliicity.

He reluctantly smiled and said: “Feliicity, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Yesterday we didn’t have a good recollection of the old. We are still cousins.”

Feliicity’s face was cold, not wanting to hear Bai Zhensheng.

But Xena refused to comply.

She watched Wiliam calm down the place again, and she became bolder, regaining her formerly carefree character, and said, “What? Only Feliicity cousin is in your eyes, so there is no cousin Ruoshuang?”

The veins in Bai Zhensheng’s forehead are about to burst.

He knows how difficult Xena is.

He hurriedly said hello: “Cousin Ruoshuang, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

“Huh!” Xena rolled his eyes and threw it over.

“By the way, Feliicity, your mother is back this time, do you want to see her, I can arrange arrangements, ho ho…” Bai Zhensheng asked for a topic again.

But every topic he was looking for was embarrassing.

Feliicity had long been disappointed with Rebeca, and only regarded it as having no such mother.

“Bai Zhensheng, what do you want to do, just say it. There is no need to be sloppy here.” Wiliam interrupted Bai Zhensheng directly.

Bai Zhensheng’s face paled.

Damn, this guy guessed everything I thought.

He suddenly became a little hesitating.

And Wiliam smiled contemptuously, “Want to take this opportunity to test me? See how I am different from before?”

Bai Zhensheng immediately broke out in cold sweat, and couldn’t help but said: “How do you know?”
As soon as he spoke, Bai Zhensheng covered his mouth.

Damn, why did you say this.

How can it end now?

Wiliam’s mouth ticked slightly, “Okay, then I will tell you, I have lost all martial arts, what do you want to do?”

When several women heard Wiliam’s words, their faces instantly changed.

Wiliam is crazy!

Why did you tell Bai Zhensheng the truth!

Isn’t this cheating yourself!

It’s over!

It seems that I cannot go back today.

When Bai Zhensheng heard Wiliam’s words, the sea was directly in his heart.

Can he believe what Wiliam said?

Although he had this suspicion, now Wiliam opened his mouth and said it!

And why did Wiliam take the initiative to speak out?

I just want to play with myself!

If he really doesn’t have any martial arts, would he dare to break into this dragon lake and tiger den, or would he dare to expose himself in person?

For a moment, Bai Zhensheng felt like a thorn on his back, and his body was trembling.

“Then what, Lu brother, you are joking, don’t joke with me.” Bai Zhen said weakly.

“Huh!” At this time, the smile on Wiliam’s face suddenly disappeared, and he changed into a cold look.

Bai Zhensheng was snorted, his legs trembled, and he knelt to the ground again.

“Bai Zhensheng, what did you promise me yesterday? Did you forget? Would you like me to remind you again?” Lu Yehan said with an expression of anger.

How dare Bai Zhensheng look at Wiliam.

He even shivered and said: “I said yesterday that if I go back to Q City ( Qena City ) and appear in front of you again, I will be a stray dog…”

“You still remember.” Wiliam said in a deep voice.

Bai Zhensheng was too frightened to gasp on the ground.

The women were completely stunned.


And this one!

Can still play like this!

Completely empty city plan!

This Wiliam directly told the truth, but the effect was also broken.

It was more surging than being tested by Bai Zhensheng time and time again, and finally found out the truth.

If Bai Zhensheng discovers the truth by himself, the consequences will be disastrous.

But Wiliam chose to say it by himself, but Bai Zhensheng was even more clouded.

At this moment, several women cast admiring eyes at Wiliam.

Although Wiliam is no longer in martial arts, he has an excellent IQ. After playing a trick, Bai Zhensheng is simply beaten.

Xena suddenly became courageous again.

Seeing Bai Zhensheng, she didn’t get angry and rushed forward, reaching out to hit Bai Zhensheng in the face.

But Bai Zhensheng is different from before.

He saw Xena’s palm slapped towards him, and his body showed a trace of instinct.

A fierce internal force suddenly spouted from him.

Xena was the first to be among them, and was directly overturned by this energy, and slammed into the wall.

This scene instantly silenced the scene.

Several women all looked at Xena, so angry that they couldn’t wait to burst out from the body, and beat this shit-chucking stick!

Everything was under control. Xena’s capriciousness made the scene completely out of control!

This is really over!

Sure enough, Bai Zhensheng saw that he had overturned Xena smoothly, and he was also stupefied.

He thought that if he acted as Wiliam’s face, Wiliam would definitely be dissatisfied.

And Wiliam was right in front of him now.

If he wanted to save Xena, with his strength, it would be easy!

But Wiliam didn’t save the white frost in front of him.

This does not fit Wiliam’s character at all!

Xena is his sister-in-law!

How can I not help!

There is probably only one reason left!

Wiliam, there is no way to save Xena.

In other words, what Wiliam said just now is true.

Martial arts lost!

Waste one!

Chapter 1287 Arrogant Bai Zhensheng

Thinking of this guess, Bai Zhensheng was shocked!

This unexpected temptation actually allowed him to test out the truth!

He got up from the ground and looked at Wiliam!

And Wiliam still looked calm and calm.

But now this look fell in Bai Zhensheng’s eyes, it was clear that he had been pretending to be calm!

“Damn!” Bai Zhensheng’s courage completely returned, and he cursed directly.

The hearts of several women fell to the bottom!


Xena’s shit-stirring stick completely messed up the situation!

Bai Zhensheng saw that the expressions of these women were completely different from before, and his heart became more determined.

He suddenly slapped the table hard.

The table is torn apart again!

Just the same as yesterday!

But this time, Bai Zhensheng no longer has to worry about going out to get a new table in.

Because he already knew the truth!

Sure enough, the table cracked, and several women completely exposed their fears.

They all curled up behind Wiliam.

Only Wiliam was still sitting in a chair calmly.

Standing in front of Wiliam like this, Bai Zhensheng suddenly felt refreshed!

He said to Wiliam sullenly, “Boy! You are not crazy! Why? Don’t you dare to be crazy now? I just broke the table just like yesterday! If you have the skills, let me make another table. Come here, let me kneel and call Grandpa! Come on!”

At the end, Bai Zhensheng almost roared out, as if to vent all the anger in his heart!

Wiliam just looked at Bai Zhensheng and said lightly: “You will get a new table.”

“Hahahaha! Funny! Wiliam, I think you are so scared that you can’t stand up now, right? You are afraid that when you stand up, your legs will be weak, and you will really be exposed. Hahaha! Funny! I’m so capable now. I was bluffed by you!” Bai Zhensheng said frantically.

He opened his mouth and couldn’t stop.

“You kid! There will be today too! God has eyes, which made you lose martial arts! And God has eyes, let me return the king! Thirty years in Hedong! Thirty years in Hexi! Today, I will take the past The humiliation you have inflicted on me will be returned to you a hundredfold!”

“Very weak! Very angry! Then stand up and fight me dignified, hahaha! Don’t dare! Ok! I’ll put it down today! All of you, surrender to me! Man, me I must be killed on the spot and parade! Women, I want to possess them all so that you can become my slaves! Only in this way can I vent my hatred!”

“Bai Zhensheng, you are so sick!” Xena got up from the ground and suddenly cursed again.

This beast is inferior!

Even the idea of ​​myself and Feliicity!

But Janett covered Xena’s mouth, begging this girl not to irritate Bai Zhensheng any more.

Bai Zhensheng stood on the opposite side alone, laughing wildly, with a kind of heroism that the world is under control.

He stretched out a finger and slowly pointed to Wiliam’s brow!

Everyone knows that Bai Zhensheng is different now.

If his finger touched Wiliam’s eyebrows, his internal strength would be enough to pierce Wiliam’s head!

However, Wiliam looked at Bai Zhensheng so faintly, his body didn’t move at all.

But Bai Zhensheng knew that Wiliam couldn’t move.

He can’t escape, nor can he escape.

The atmosphere at the scene seemed to be freezing.

“Bai Zhensheng! Don’t you just want the Bai Group! Okay! I’ll give it to you!” Feliicity suddenly became heartbroken and said directly.

There is no way.

Now that it is completely exposed, it can only be delayed for a while.

At least to save Wiliam’s life.

At this time Feliicity also began to regret it.

Why didn’t you go to those experts to help?

I have to wonder if Wiliam will fall into the previous vortex again!

it’s good now.

The vortex is still not sinking in, so fate will probably be here first.

Feliicity’s strategy of slowing down did not work in the slightest.

Bai Zhensheng grinned at the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “The Bai Group? Do you think I rarely get the Bai Group? I’ll tell you the truth! I am no longer the me I used to be! This time I come back, I said I want The Bai Group, in fact, just want revenge! However, I just don’t see the Bai Group! Do you know where I am from! Do you know where my future lies? Ants, you don’t even know. !”

Feliicity resisted his nausea and bit his scalp to delay time, “Where do you learn from? Even the Bai Group doesn’t look good at it? I think you are bragging, right?”

Bai Zhensheng’s fingers really stopped, and he laughed: “I’m bragging? I’m afraid you don’t know it at all, and you seem to be even more ignorant! Okay! I will let you rise up! My master, But the people of Guhuugu! Do you know what Guhuugu is!”

Gu Huo Valley!

These words, like a thunderstorm, hit Feliicity severely!

This Guhuo Valley, like a nightmare, unexpectedly appeared in Q City ( Qena City ).

Is everything so coincidental!

Gu Huo Valley is like a bone gangrene, lingering beside Wiliam!

Bai Zhensheng turned out to be a member of Gu Huo Valley!

For a time, Feliicity knew thoroughly.

I was worried that Wiliam would fall into the whirlpool again, it was simply ridiculous!

Wiliam has never escaped from the vortex!

Bai Zhensheng also deliberately measured the pattern on the back of his neck, and said with a big smile: “You see, my master is the deputy master of the sect outside Gu Huo Valley! He is a dignified young martial artist. In time, he will soon You can formally worship Guhuogu and become a deputy hall master! I will also become famous with Master!”

Feliicity was taken aback.

Not Gu Huo Valley?

Is it just the deputy master of the outskirts of Guhuo Valley?

In these days, Feliicity also knew a lot about the things in these rivers and lakes.

If it’s affiliated school, it’s not Gu Huo Gu at all, right?

Even if the master of the outer sect, his position in Guhu Valley is not as good as a deputy master, right?

Just like the previous Green Snake Spring League, it also belongs to the outer sect of Gu Huo Valley, but its strength is average.

Bai Zhensheng is really bragging? And don’t know it?

Feliicity was a little embarrassed.

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to tell you! I’m going to abandon this kid now!” With that, Bai Zhensheng suddenly speeded up his fingers, and pointed to Wiliam’s eyebrows.

Wiliam still didn’t move, just a tick at the corner of his mouth.

Feliicity moved.

She picked up her bag and slammed it at Bai Zhensheng!

Bai Zhensheng sneered, and grabbed at random with his other hand, as if to show off, grabbing Feliicity’s shoulder bag to pieces!



A black gold sign fell to the ground from the bag shattered by the white Feliicity in full view.

Chapter 1288 Hall Master!

This black gold brand hit the marble floor with a crisp sound.

Bai Zhensheng thought that something had fallen out, so he bent down and picked it up.

He carefully examined the black gold sign, and suddenly found that the top of the sign was carved with a pattern exactly like the tattoo on the back of his neck.

There are three characters written in ancient characters in the middle of the front of the sign, and three characters are written on the back.

He couldn’t tell the exact word, he just laughed, “Oh, where is this broken brand of you, it is the same as my tattoo. Why? I thought of using this brand to be close to me? It’s beautiful!”

As he said, he threw the sign on the ground, and stretched out his hand to continue grabbing towards Wiliam!

But at this time, a fierce murderous aura suddenly attacked directly from above his head!

Bai Zhensheng’s heart stunned!

The killing intent is so heavy!


Thinking of this, he twitched his hand in a moment, and jumped back fiercely!

A black figure, as if appearing out of thin air, stood where Bai Zhensheng stood just now!

But seeing this person clearly made Bai Zhensheng dumbfounded.

This person is clearly his own master!

Before, Bai Zhensheng, just in case, begged Master to come forward and let Master hide on the beam of this box.

This is his last life-saving charm.

But Bai Zhensheng never thought that Master wanted to kill himself just now!

That murderous look is not like a pretend!

He couldn’t help asking his master: “Master! What are you doing? You are optimistic, but I was standing here just now!”

And Bai Zhensheng’s master slowly took off the cap of the cloak, revealing his original appearance.

This is a man in his fifties.

The hair is a bit grey and there is a deep scar on the right face!

This man was the deputy head of the Guhuo Valley affiliated sect, and his name was Zhang Heqing.

His strength has reached the realm of Huajin Xiaocheng, but he has stayed in this realm for a long time.

After all, his qualifications are a bit mediocre.

The longer he stays in this state, the more Zhang Heqing has an obsession to break through.

Therefore, being able to formally join Guhuo Valley, get more martial arts resources, or get advice from higher-level people is a top priority for Zhang Heqing.

In recent years, Zhang Heqing has been looking for a relationship, hoping to join Guhuo Valley.

But Gu Huo Gu has a depressing rule.

It means that all people, whether high-level or ordinary disciples, usually wrap themselves up tightly, and they don’t really look good at all.

And Guhu Valley also has a special place.

Many people have undergone physical transformations, and they are no longer humans and ghosts, making communication more difficult.

When he is depressed, Zhang Heqing will agree to come to Q City ( Qena City ) with Bai Zhensheng, which is also a relief.

However, what happened just now shocked Zhang Heqing!

Bai Zhensheng didn’t recognize the black gold charm that Wiliam and the others dropped on the ground.

But Zhang Heqing knows him!

Moreover, it is something he dreams of, how could he not recognize it!

Gu Huo Gu’s pattern!
On the front, it says Gu Huo Valley!

On the back, it says Wudutang!

This is not the status symbol of the head of Gu Huo Valley Wudu Hall!

In other words, among the men and women who came this time, one of them is the hall master of Wudu Hall!

Zhang Heqing didn’t have the chance to come into contact with the people on Guhuo Valley so far. He was thinking about hurriedly down to cheat the hall master, but he never thought that his apprentice had no eyes and could not recognize this thing.

I want to do it directly at them!

This made Zhang Heqing annoyed instantly!

Zhang Heqing stood opposite Wiliam and the others, and didn’t understand what Bai Zhensheng said.

He looked at these people.

Several women panicked under the pressure of Bai Zhensheng just now.

And it doesn’t seem to be pretended.

It’s not like the calmness a hall master should have.

On the contrary, it was Wiliam who had been said by Bai Zhensheng that his martial arts had been lost.

With this aura, even Zhang Heqing sighed.

Therefore, Wiliam is most likely the head of Guhuo Guwudutang!

Zhang Heqing couldn’t help the shock in his heart, first walked over and picked up the piece of black gold talisman carefully.

Then he asked humbly: “Excuse me, who is this black gold charm?”

When Bai Zhensheng heard it, he couldn’t help it. He rushed up and said to Zhang Heqing, “Master, what are you asking about this? Why didn’t you answer me the question I asked just now?”

However, Zhang Heqing slapped Bai Zhensheng’s face with a backhand.

The left half of his face was directly flushed and swollen.

Damn Bai Zhensheng!

I almost broke my big business!

If this incident offends the Gu Huogu headquarters, there will be no way to join in this life.

He still has the face to ask himself why he did this?

And this scene stunned the women present.

what’s the situation?

The situation changed a bit too quickly, and they couldn’t keep up with this rhythm at all.

This person who appeared suddenly felt very powerful, but why did he hit Bai Zhensheng?

Is it Wiliam’s friend?

Feliicity looked at Zhang Heqing and couldn’t help but replied: “This black gold talisman belongs to my family’s Wiliam. He thought it was too heavy on him, so he let me put it in my bag.”

This explanation completely meets Zhang Heqing’s expectations!

Zhang Heqing showed excitement and humility on his face, and he knelt down to Wiliam, and shouted with a trembling voice: “Humble job Zhang Heqing, see the hall master! Please forgive me!”

This is definitely the closest moment in his life to the senior level of Gu Huo Valley, can you not be excited!

And this shout was shocked everywhere!

Master Hall!

Is this calling Wiliam?

Feliicity was even more puzzled. She was too aware of Wiliam’s various identities. When did the identity of the hall master come?

At this moment, she looked at the black gold charm that she had been neglecting before, and suddenly a bright light flashed across her head!


This black gold talisman was not exactly when Wiliam was playing against the man named Zhao Qirui when he was in the Chen family of Liehan.

Then Zhao Qirui hung up, is there this sign on him?

And Zhao Qirui’s identity is exactly one of Guhuogu’s hall masters.

When Wiliam picked up this brand, Feliicity was still disdainful in her heart. He picked up all dead things, which was too bad.

Unexpectedly, because of a brand, a beautiful misunderstanding has been created, which directly saved the lives of everyone present.

What a fluke!

Feliicity couldn’t help but patted her chest, with a lingering fear.

However, it suddenly occurred to her that Wiliam had been given this black gold charm for a while, and he hadn’t always carried it with him.

But it was brought out suddenly today…


Isn’t this a fluke!

Everything is in Wiliam’s control!

Could it be that Wiliam recovered his memory!

Chapter 1289 Unattainable!

Feliicity was extremely shocked at this time!

If Lu Yezhen had regained his memory, how could he suddenly think of bringing out this brand!

But specifically, Feliicity could not guess much.

It’s a pity that Feliicity’s guess is only half right.

Wiliam did bring out this black gold symbol specially.

It’s not because of restoring memory.

But yesterday, I saw the tattoo design on Bai Zhensheng’s neck, and I felt a little familiar.

So I found it out last night and brought it out.

He only had a faint impression on his head when he heard Bai Zhensheng’s mouth talking about Gu Huo Gu.

It turns out that this black gold charm is a status symbol belonging to the Lord Gu Huo Valley.

Looking at Zhang Heqing who was crying for forgiveness on the ground, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Those who don’t know are not guilty, get up.”

Zhang Heqing suddenly felt a sense of gratitude, and hurriedly got up from the ground.

The Bai Zhensheng on the side was completely dumbfounded.

He is incredible!


Why did Wiliam suddenly become the head of Gu Huo Valley!

This change of identity suddenly crushed him out of breath!

He has been fascinated recently, and he knows the obsession in Master’s heart.

Now Wiliam has become the head of Gu Huo Valley again, and the result will be completely reversed!

Bai Zhensheng is not reconciled!

Obviously only a few seconds later, he can pinch this kid to death and vent his resentment!

Now he fell into hell instantly!

He rushed over again and said to Zhang Heqing, “Master! Have you seen it clearly! Is this black gold talisman really the identity of Hall Master Guhuu Valley?”

He was afraid that his master’s eyes would be dim, and he would make mistakes because of his obsession.

However, Zhang Heqing said solemnly: “Are you talking about my dizziness? Is it possible that I’m wrong!”

“That! It’s also possible that it’s fake! This kid knew in advance that we were an affiliated school of Guhuo Valley, so he forged a piece of black gold to fool us!” Bai Zhensheng said unwillingly.

But these words are ridiculous!

It was Bai Zhensheng who explained it just now before everyone knew it.

Even after Bai Zhensheng finished speaking, he felt a little unreasonable.

He hurriedly said again: “Master, this kid has been proved by me that his martial arts have been lost! How could he be the head of Gu Huo Valley! It is impossible! You have to think twice!”

At this moment, Zhang Heqing suddenly got a hand directly on Bai Zhensheng’s throat!

The boy Bai Zhensheng is so insightful!

In the past few seconds, how many times have you questioned the identity of Hall Master Guhuogu?

It’s a capital crime!

Zhang Heqing originally wanted to stop posting, but now he can’t help it!

He grabbed Bai Zhensheng and shouted sternly: “Dog stuff! Until now, don’t you know that death is imminent! Ho ho! You said that the hall master has lost all martial arts, and it has been confirmed by you? Do you have evidence? Can you? Fight against him?”

Bai Zhensheng’s eyes widened, and a bad premonition suddenly emerged in his heart.

It seems, there is no confirmation…

Bai Zhensheng just hit Xena a moment ago, and because Lu Yezhen tried to save him, he thought he was not capable of saving Xena.
Then from start to finish, Wiliam had never taken any action.

“Boy! Listen to me! The Lord Hall Master didn’t make any moves, not because he lost his martial arts! It’s because he was so noble and he didn’t bother to care about your kind of ants! Moreover, even if it’s the Lord Hall Master’s martial arts for a while. Lost, so what! As long as there is this black gold talisman, he is the Hall Master Gu Huo Gu! Hall Master is insulting! Do you want to die!” Zhang Heqing’s eyes revealed a murderous intent.

Bai Zhensheng was completely dumbfounded.

It turned out that the identity of Guhuogu Hall Master was so unattainable!

Even his master has to be so humble!

I’m completely involved in a major event!

Zhang Heqing wanted to kill Bai Zhensheng, but after all he saved his life before thinking about Bai Zhensheng.

So he thought, and hit Bai Zhensheng’s chest with a palm, spitting out blood for three liters.

Then Zhang Heqing pleaded guilty to Wiliam again.

Wiliam signaled that there was no relationship, and then looked at Bai Zhensheng who was still unbelievable on the ground, and said with a smile: “Bai Zhensheng, I won’t argue with you again and again, you really think you have become a phoenix by flying on a branch. ?”

Bai Zhensheng’s heart shuddered.

At this moment, he just thought about how to walk out here alive!

Suddenly he slapped his head towards Wiliam, and then said tremblingly: “Grandpa Lu! I was wrong! I am confused! I will go out and move a new table right away!”

He was still laughing at Wiliam just now.

If you have the skills, let me get another table over, and let me kneel and call Grandpa! come on!

Now, I found myself a big idiot.

The scene of yesterday is in reincarnation.

But, would Wiliam still forgive himself?

Bai Zhensheng had no idea in his heart.

Because he is different from yesterday.

Just now I humiliated all the women present.

But other women are fine to say.

Feliicity is Wiliam’s inverted scale!

Wiliam had done many crazy things for Feliicity’s anger before!

“Master Hall, do you need me to kill him to apologize for you!” Zhang Heqing saw that Wiliam seemed to be reluctant to let off Bai Zhen’s voice, and asked Lu Yedao with a heartbeat.

Bai Zhensheng was so scared that he squatted directly on the ground, “Grandpa Lu, spare your life! Master, spare your life! I really know that I was wrong! I will get out of Q City ( Qena City ) immediately, and I swear I will never set foot in Q City ( Qena City ) in my life!”

It’s a pity that Bai Zhensheng’s oath sounds worthless to everyone.

After all, he had already sworn an oath yesterday, and turned back today.

Zhang Heqing immediately walked towards Bai Zhensheng, intending to personally end this person who did not know how to promote, and apologize to the Lord Hall Master.

However, Wiliam interrupted Zhang Heqing, “Wait and kill him first, I have something to ask him.”

Zhang Heqing immediately stopped and bowed respectfully to Wiliam.

Wiliam just sat on the chair and looked at Bai Zhensheng coldly, and said, “The reason why you called us last night and had an appointment for today’s trial, I think there must be another reason. After all, according to your IQ You can’t do this kind of thing. So, did someone tell you something? And it’s still someone on my side?”

Bai Zhensheng’s face suddenly turned white, his eyes looking at Wiliam were extremely terrified!


How did he know this!

Can you infer so much with a little clue?

When Wiliam saw Bai Zhensheng’s gaze, he felt confident once again.

He smiled and said, “Now, can you tell me who that person is?”

A moment of hesitation flashed in Bai Zhensheng’s heart, and he didn’t answer Wiliam’s words all at once.

However, in the next second, Wiliam suddenly pointed to a person present and said, “If I guess wrong, it should be this person…”

Chapter 1290

Everyone looked at the person Wiliam pointed at.

That person was surprisingly Xena with a dull face.

Feliicity was the first to shout out, “Wiliam, don’t talk nonsense, okay! Ruoshuang is your cousin! She has been so good with us all the time, how could she be a rape!”

Several women also nodded and said yes.

In their hearts, no matter which woman present betrayed the small group, they would feel incredible.

After all, the friendship of the Zufen squadron lies here.

And it’s because they want to wipe out someone’s ancestral grave that everyone is tied together for thousands of miles.

Wiliam is their backbone.

Now you have to dig out the backbone, and the animals can do it.

Sure enough, Xena woke up immediately, showing a panic on his face, and quickly defended: “Brother-in-law! It’s not me! It’s really not me! How could I do this to you!”

However, Wiliam cast a meaningful look in the past and said, “Okay, don’t talk about it anymore, I’m not that stupid.”

And Zhang Heqing on the side seemed to understand something.

No wonder the hall master didn’t take any action when this woman was injured.

It turned out that he had already seen everything and deliberately didn’t save the woman and made her suffer.

The hall master has a deep mind, but others can’t see through it casually.

Wiliam looked at Bai Zhensheng, and continued: “You go out and move a table in.”

Bai Zhensheng was overjoyed when he heard this.

He immediately rushed outside.

But at this moment, the door suddenly slammed!

He was smashed away from the outside!

A large crowd rushed in loudly and peacefully.

Wiliam turned his head and looked.

Standing in the forefront was a gray-haired old man.

When Feliicity saw this old man, they suddenly beamed with joy.

In particular, Melissa rushed over, took the old man’s hand and said, “Grandpa, you are finally here!”

Here comes Harper, one of the two heroes of Q City ( Qena City )!

Harper looked anxious, he didn’t care about Melissa, he came directly to Wiliam, knelt down on one knee, and said in a deep voice, “Young Master! It’s too late to come down! It’s shocking you! What if you do something? Chachi, thousands of subordinates are to blame!”

Wiliam just felt a little familiar with Harper’s face, but he still couldn’t remember the damn memory.

He turned to look at Feliicity.

Feliicity immediately understood, leaning close to Wiliam’s ear and whispering: “This is Harper, your old subordinates are loyal to you.”

Harper explained at this time that he happened to be going abroad these few days. When Melissa was discussing countermeasures last night, they called Harper. Without a word, Harper flew without stopping. He came back and quickly gathered the people to support the young master.

After hearing this explanation, Wiliam smiled and said, “Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Wang.”

Harper breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that something went wrong at the scene.

But the Bai Zhensheng on the side was a little dazed.

Obviously ordinary people like Harper are nothing to him.

But Wiliam’s identity is now here
His throat moved, but after all, there was nothing to say.

Wiliam watched the scene with so many people, and said with a smile: “Old Wang, please pull out Bai Zhensheng’s tongue. This person’s words sound harsh.”

The expression was indifferent, but the words that came out were so sharp.

Bai Zhensheng’s face turned pale instantly!

He opened his mouth to say something.

But Zhang Heqing is faster than him!

He was afraid that Bai Zhensheng would jump over the wall in a hurry, so he directly subdued Bai Zhensheng, and then involuntarily reached out his hand into Bai Zhensheng’s mouth and pulled it suddenly!

Bai Zhensheng let out a stern howl, and blood shot out directly along his mouth!

The faces of several women turned pale.

Too cruel!

However, this is all Bai Zhensheng deserved!

Dare to humiliate them so much before!

Now Wiliam made him never speak, as it should be!

Bai Zhensheng rolled on the ground in pain, and then pointed with his hand indiscriminately, as if he had a grievance.

But I can’t say it anymore.

“Throw him out for me.” Wiliam said casually.

Suddenly several people wanted to lift Bai Zhensheng.

Although Bai Zhensheng was injured, he still had martial arts.

He rose up to resist, and several people were beaten to pieces in an instant.

Zhang Heqing furrowed his brows deeply and stepped forward directly, abolishing Bai Zhensheng’s martial arts.

In this way, other talents stepped forward again and lifted Bai Zhensheng down.

And Wiliam said again: “Elder Wang, imprison Xena first, I will ask her to be clear.”

Harper nodded immediately, “Yes! It’s too dangerous to think that there is such a rebellious bone hidden beside the young master!”

With that said, Harper made people take the dull Xena away.

And Wiliam smiled and watched what was happening now, as if everything was under control.

After doing this, Wiliam said to Zhang Heqing: “You go back first, come to the Bai Group to find me tomorrow, I will naturally explain to you.”

Zhang Heqing raised his eyebrows with joy and immediately retreated.

And Wiliam returned to the emperor flower with other people.

In the emperor flower, Harper once again led Wiliam.

Wiliam waved his hand and said, “Those who don’t know are not guilty.”

Then he motioned to Harper to listen to the training.

Wiliam looked at Feliicity and said, “Feliicity, tell me everything that happened before. I need some information.”

Feliicity was still immersed in the fact that Xena was accusing Wiliam’s traitor.

After being awakened by Wiliam, she reluctantly said, “Okay, I will tell you everything I know.”

Feliicity now had no choice but to tell Wiliam everything.

Because this incident sounded the alarm for Feliicity.

Before Wiliam returned to martial arts, resourcefulness was his greatest support.

And every time he tells him more information, he gets an extra point of insurance.

As a result, Feliicity settled down, and from the time the two met, he said everything from one to five to ten.

The pendulum included Wiliam entering the Zhubai’s house, forbearing for many years, and rising for the Feliicity.

With the supplement of Harper and other women, it also included Qilinshi, Guhuogu, and North Lujia.

Of course, the most important thing, and always unavoidable, is Wiliam’s grandfather, Lu Lingfeng!

It took Feliicity more than an hour to tell Wiliam everything.

When he finished speaking, Feliicity let out a long sigh of relief, as if he had lifted all the shackles and restraints.

After Wiliam listened, the whole figure seemed to be frozen, tears flickering in his eyes, and his fists were slightly clenched.

With a thought, Feliicity quickly asked Wiliam, “Wiliam, has your memory recovered!”

Chapter 1291 Broken Memory

Wiliam Lu directly answered Feliicity’s words.

He just closed his eyes, but his head was spinning frantically.

Feliicity’s words are like needles and threads, stitching together his broken memories bit by bit.

However, this forced stitching brought Wiliam endless pain!

Even if it can be sewn and put together, the cracks will blow up Wiliam’s head.

In the end, he gave up feebly.

Wiliam opened his eyes and smiled bitterly, “There is still no reply, but I forcibly remembered what you told me.”

Feliicity looked at Wiliam, who was bursting out from the big cold sweat, and her heart ached.

She hugged Wiliam into her arms and said distressedly: “Let’s not think hard about it, let’s go with the flow, I don’t want to see you in pain.”

Being held tightly by Feliicity, Wiliam immediately felt refreshed and happy smelling the faint scent of her body.

Even if there is no recovery of memory, it is entirely instinctive.

Feliicity is still worthy of his life guard.

When Wiliam finally recovered, Feliicity dared to ask, “Wiliam, is Ruoshuang really a traitor?”

Wiliam looked around.

All the women, even Harper had a look of doubt.

Wiliam slowly said: “You can’t leave ten, but I won’t talk about the specific reasons for now. I will see her tomorrow and give her a chance to confess, see how she chooses. Before that, all of you Do you know that no one is allowed to approach her?”

Feliicity and others nodded quickly.

After all, Feliicity was softhearted and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, whether Ruoshuang is a traitor or not, if she does something wrong, there must be a reason. It would be better if you can listen to her. Is it okay to leave her alone?”

In Feliicity’s heart, Xena was still a child.

Wiliam nodded, and said, “I have my own opinion, so don’t worry. It’s finally relieved to be able to find the traitor hiding beside us, and everyone no longer has to doubt each other.”

Although I dare not say, but everyone really feels this way.

“Young Master, where is Zhang Heqing just now?” Harper asked for instructions again.

Wiliam glanced at Harper, rubbed his head, and said, “Gu Huo Gu, now I am a fake hall master after all, but as long as Gu Huo Gu’s people don’t recognize me, I’ll be safe in Q City ( Qena City ). Since I promised to give him an explanation tomorrow, I will do it. Let him see me at the Bai Group at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

Harper nodded quickly, “Okay, I will make arrangements now.”

After that, everyone left the emperor flower one after another.

In the room, Wiliam looked at Feliicity frowning, and asked, “Feliicity, what’s wrong?”

Feliicity smiled bitterly, and said, “Wiliam, although you don’t know how you infer that Ruoshuang is a traitor, I completely believe in your wisdom. I just still can’t believe Ruoshuang would betray us. , What is she for?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, hugged Feliicity, and said: “Don’t worry, if Shuang has her problems, maybe she will suffer a lot of grievances this time, and you will understand later.”
Feliicity believed Wiliam very much, and nodded, “Well, I believe you.”

Early the next morning, Wiliam asked Harper to take him to see Xena.

Xena was imprisoned in a room.

Although he was imprisoned, the room facilities were still very good, but there was no abuse.

“Elder Wang, you go out first, I’ll talk to her alone.” Wiliam said to Harper.

Harper nodded, “Yes, I’m waiting outside.”

Wiliam entered the room and sat blankly by the bed when he saw Xena.

It was just a night of work, Xena seemed to suffer a circle.

When Xena saw Wiliam come in, she no longer saw the bluffing before, instead she felt a bit more bitter.

Wiliam sighed, and said as he walked, “Ruoshuang, do you know where you are wrong?”

Xena’s tears fell off.

Wiliam stayed in Xena’s room for an hour.

After he walked out, he saw Harper still waiting outside.

Seeing Wiliam coming out, Harper hurriedly greeted him and asked, “Young Master, how? Did she admit it?”

Wiliam showed a bit of bitterness and said, “She doesn’t directly admit it, but I have already believed that she can’t get rid of her suspicion. Let this matter come to an end. My inference will never go wrong. I’m pretty sure at one point.”

Harper sighed and said, “Well, young master, don’t think too much about it. People’s hearts are unpredictable and things are unpredictable.”

“Well, did you contact Zhang Heqing?” Wiliam asked.

Harper nodded, “Well, I have already contacted. After all, the Bai Group is not a place to talk, and it is not safe. I suggest that it be placed in my house. What do you think of the young master?”

Wiliam rubbed his head and said, “Well, it’s better. You call for more manpower, just in case you are not prepared. I will not let Feliicity and the others play together in the afternoon. After all, they don’t have the power to bind the chicken. What’s wrong is not good.”

Harper nodded and said yes, “Well, the young master thought carefully.”

“Then see you in the afternoon, I’ll go back first. You are optimistic about Ruoshuang, and don’t treat her badly, otherwise I will not be easy to explain to Feliicity.” Wiliam said on her behalf.

Harper said, “Don’t worry, Young Master, I know what to do.”

Wiliam returned to the Emperor’s Flower and told Feliicity and the others that he would arrange to meet Zhang Heqing at Harper’s mansion in the afternoon.

The women were still very worried, after all, Wiliam, the head of the Gu Huo Gu Wudu Hall, was a fake.

“Wiliam, if Zhang Heqing discovers your identity, wouldn’t you be very dangerous? I don’t think we should see that person again.” Feliicity said nervously.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, we have already caught the rape. No one will find out about my identity fraud anymore. Come on, put it in the house of the elder, what the guard It’s better than in the Bai Group.”

When Wiliam said this, Feliicity had nothing to say.

Other women look at me, I look at you, but I can’t think of a better way.

Moreover, Wiliam made it right, it must be foolproof.

At this time, Feliicity’s phone rang suddenly.

When she saw this phone number, a little joy suddenly appeared on her face.

Wiliam looked around, smiled slightly, and then grabbed the phone, “It’s just time.”

As he said, he took the phone and walked towards his room, angering Feliicity!

“The call was made to me! Wiliam, return the call to me!”

Feliicity believed Wiliam very much, and nodded, “Well, I believe you.”

Early the next morning, Wiliam asked Harper to take him to see Xena.

Xena was imprisoned in a room.

Although he was imprisoned, the room facilities were still very good, but there was no abuse.

“Elder Wang, you go out first, I’ll talk to her alone.” Wiliam said to Harper.

Harper nodded, “Yes, I’m waiting outside.”

Wiliam entered the room and sat blankly by the bed when he saw Xena.

It was just a night of work, Xena seemed to suffer a circle.

When Xena saw Wiliam come in, she no longer saw the bluffing before, instead she felt a bit more bitter.

Wiliam sighed, and said as he walked, “Ruoshuang, do you know where you are wrong?”

Xena’s tears fell off.

Wiliam stayed in Xena’s room for an hour.

After he walked out, he saw Harper still waiting outside.

Seeing Wiliam coming out, Harper hurriedly greeted him and asked, “Young Master, how? Did she admit it?”

Wiliam showed a bit of bitterness and said, “She doesn’t directly admit it, but I have already believed that she can’t get rid of her suspicion. Let this matter come to an end. My inference will never go wrong. I’m pretty sure at one point.”

Harper sighed and said, “Well, young master, don’t think too much about it. People’s hearts are unpredictable and things are unpredictable.”

“Well, did you contact Zhang Heqing?” Wiliam asked.

Harper nodded, “Well, I have already contacted. After all, the Bai Group is not a place to talk, and it is not safe. I suggest that it be placed in my house. What do you think of the young master?”

Wiliam rubbed his head and said, “Well, it’s better. You call for more manpower, just in case you are not prepared. I will not let Feliicity and the others play together in the afternoon. After all, they don’t have the power to bind the chicken. What’s wrong is not good.”

Harper nodded and said yes, “Well, the young master thought carefully.”

“Then see you in the afternoon, I’ll go back first. You are optimistic about Ruoshuang, and don’t treat her badly, otherwise I will not be easy to explain to Feliicity.” Wiliam said on her behalf.

Harper said, “Don’t worry, Young Master, I know what to do.”

Wiliam returned to the Emperor’s Flower and told Feliicity and the others that he would arrange to meet Zhang Heqing at Harper’s mansion in the afternoon.

The women were still very worried, after all, Wiliam, the head of the Gu Huo Gu Wudu Hall, was a fake.

“Wiliam, if Zhang Heqing discovers your identity, wouldn’t you be very dangerous? I don’t think we should see that person again.” Feliicity said nervously.

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, we have already caught the rape. No one will find out about my identity fraud anymore. Come on, put it in the house of the elder, what the guard It’s better than in the Bai Group.”

When Wiliam said this, Feliicity had nothing to say.

Other women look at me, I look at you, but I can’t think of a better way.

Moreover, Wiliam made it right, it must be foolproof.

At this time, Feliicity’s phone rang suddenly.

When she saw this phone number, a little joy suddenly appeared on her face.

Wiliam looked around, smiled slightly, and then grabbed the phone, “It’s just time.”

As he said, he took the phone and walked towards his room, angering Feliicity!

“The call was made to me! Wiliam, return the call to me!”

Chapter 1292 Escape!

Lu Yeke, with Feliicity arrogantly, closed the door of the room and locked it.

Feliicity was so angry that he stomped the dog outside.

Wiliam answered the phone in the room and closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

He picked up his cell phone again and made a call.

In the afternoon, Wiliam went to Harper’s house alone.

Even when he arrived at Harper’s house, Wiliam saw that his house was heavily guarded, and he looked heavily guarded.

Harper stood at the gate to greet Wiliam.

Pointing to the guard of his own home, he respectfully asked for instructions: “Young Master, do you think the guard strength is enough? Do you need to add more?”

As Wiliam walked inside, he casually said, “Enough is enough, if you want to go against it, no matter how many people are, it will be too few.”

Harper was taken aback, and hurriedly followed in Wiliam’s footsteps, “Young Master’s words are getting more and more mysterious.”

“Is Zhang Heqing here?” Wiliam asked.

“Here, it is arranged in the hall, and now he is waiting alone.” Harper replied.

Wiliam nodded and went to the hall.

Sure enough, Zhang Heqing was alone, drinking tea and waiting quietly.

Seeing Wiliam coming, Zhang Heqing stood up and respectfully arched his hands: “Subordinate Zhang Heqing, pay a visit to the hall master.”

Wiliam signaled that Zhang Heqing was not polite, and then he sat on the chair beside Zhang Heqing.

Harper immediately offered tea.

And he stood next to Wiliam and obeyed his orders.

Zhang Heqing took a sip of tea, and then went straight to the topic and said: “My lord, you see if you can recommend me. I want to formally pay my respects to Guhougu. I promise to be loyal to Guhougu!”

Wiliam said casually: “Well, from a long-term plan, I still need to examine you. As long as you perform well, I will naturally absorb you.”

Zhang Heqing’s face was slightly stiff, but he said humbly: “Then there will be Hall Master Lao. By the way, Hall Master Lao, I have been fascinated by Gu Huo Gu for a long time, but I still don’t know some of the specific conditions inside. I am also free to drink tea here. I don’t know if the hall master can give me a detailed introduction, so as to prevent me from being blind to the nobles like yesterday.”

His remarks were very polite, and the reasons were so good that people could not refuse even if they wanted to refuse.

However, Wiliam was stunned for a moment, and then said faintly: “You don’t need to know this now. We have more secrets from Gu, and you will naturally know in the future.”

Zhang Heqing’s expression completely changed.

Wiliam was prevarication twice!

I don’t want to let myself join Guhou Valley!

Thinking of this, Zhang Heqing suddenly cold his face, Yin and Yang said to Wiliam strangely: “My Hall Master, you don’t seem to want me to join Guhou Valley.”

Wiliam shook his head, “It’s not what you think.”

“If not, why are your words full of excuses? If it is not for this reason, can I doubt that you are not familiar with Guhuo Valley at all, so you can neither introduce me into Guhuo Valley nor introduce Guhuo in detail. Gu’s situation?” Zhang Heqing said coldly.
These words sounded like a thunder, which exploded in Wiliam’s head.

Wiliam’s face also turned pale.

And Harper shouted directly: “Zhang Heqing! Do you know who you are talking to!”

Zhang Heqing’s face was cold, and some coercion gradually appeared on his body.

Wiliam said at this time: “Zhang Heqing, what do you mean by these words! Are you suspicious of me? What you said just now was testing me?”

Zhang Heqing sneered: “So what! I now suspect that your identity as the head of Gu Huo Gu Wudu Hall is fake!”

“Presumptuous!” Wiliam suddenly slapped the table, furious. “You read the black gold charms of the Hallmaster of the Five Poisons Hall yesterday. You dare to say that my identity is fake. What crime should you take!”

Zhang Heqing said with a cold face, “Hoho, the Black Gold Talisman of Hall of Five Poisons is real, but the original owner of the Black Gold Talisman is not you! I don’t know where to steal this black gold talisman, and dare to fool me! Just now, just to test you at will, you have completely exposed the truth that you are not familiar with Gu Huogu! You dare to quibble here!

Wiliam’s face turned pale now!

His head turned sharply, and suddenly he thought of an extremely shocking thing.

“I’m careless! The former gangster is not Xena at all! And someone else! Otherwise, you would never know about this! Someone must continue to inform you!” Wiliam suddenly said miserably.

But these words undoubtedly further confirmed the fact that Wiliam was the head of Gu Huo Gu Wu Po Hall.

Wiliam glanced at Harper, their eyes were also full of shock and annoyance!

Really careless!

“I always thought that the gangster was Xena, so after catching Xena, I was completely relieved, but I was not on guard! I was still arrogant, saying that the inference I made was definitely not wrong! It’s a brain-dead! Zhang Heqing, if someone had not informed you in advance, according to your IQ, you would definitely not make any temptations to me! Tell me, who is that person! What is hiding beside me? A hungry wolf, I can’t see through it for a while!” Wiliam asked with a pale face.

However, what would Zhang Heqing say.

He just sneered, but his murderous aura grew stronger and stronger.

And at this moment, Wiliam looked extremely annoyed, obviously confused, “I suddenly regretted it. All my previous decisions were based on my confidence and self-confidence. Who ever thought, a lie? , I need to use a hundred lies to make up for it. Sooner or later I will be full of mistakes! I can’t even think of this!”

“Ho ho, if you don’t think of it, then you will die for me today! The brave boy, who deceived me like this! I will let you see and see, my Zhang Heqing’s anger!” Zhang Heqing said, his body violent!

He slammed a hand at Wiliam who was close at hand!

Wiliam looked at this flashing fist, his face instantly dimmed.

Now he can’t escape this blow at all!

But at this moment, a figure suddenly crossed in front of Wiliam and withstood such a blow for Wiliam.

This figure is surprisingly Harper!

Harper withstood such a blow on the spot, and his body flew backward like a rag. In the midair, he was already vomiting blood!

His body fell to the ground fiercely, but he looked extremely anxious, and roared at Wiliam: “Young master, old slave! You go! Go! Go! If you don’t leave, you can’t escape!”

Chapter 1293

“Ho ho! I want to go! I see who can go! Today, you didn’t give me a satisfactory answer, everyone will die here!” Zhang Heqing became completely violent, with an angry expression on his face.

He feels cheated!

Harper saw that all of Wiliam’s escape routes were blocked by Zhang Heqing, and he no longer hesitated anymore, and shouted: “Come here! Come! Protect young master!”

Accompanied by a violent roar from him, he coughed out countless blood, and his face became extremely pale.

Outside the door was a dense swarm of guards.

These guards all went to kill Zhang Heqing.

But these people are just ordinary people after all, and they are simply vulnerable to such a master as Zhang Heqing.

In less than a minute, Zhang Heqing entered the flock like a wolf, and there was no such thing as one.

Everyone fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Harper’s expression became even worse.

“It’s over, it’s over! It’s over! Young master, old slave, sorry for you! I can’t protect you!” Harper shouted bitterly.

And Wiliam was also pale, and said feebly: “It’s not your fault, it’s me! It was me who was careless and overestimated my own wisdom! One step wrong, wrong step!”

Zhang Heqing walked to Wiliam’s side and lifted Wiliam up in one hand.

Wiliam didn’t have the slightest resistance at all.

Zhang Heqing lifted Wiliam in the air and sternly shouted: “Boy! I’ll give you another chance! Who are you! Why are you deceiving me!”

Wiliam had a complicated face at the moment, as if he could not answer Zhang Heqing’s question.

Zhang Heqing was angry from his heart, and suddenly punched Wiliam’s heart.

Wiliam’s body also flew upside down, and fell to the ground, with blushing blood spilling along the corner of his mouth.

Harper climbed up to Wiliam with difficulty, and asked nervously, “Young Master, are you okay?”

Wiliam just opened his mouth to answer, but he wowed and vomited another mouthful of blood.

Zhang Heqing slowly walked up to Wiliam and looked at Wiliam condescendingly, “I will grant you a death right now!”

However, Harper stood in front of Wiliam again, “As long as I am here, I won’t let you hurt Young Master again!”

Zhang Heqing’s face was stern, “I’m also a reasonable person! I’m wronged and indebted! He lied to me, and I only asked him to settle the account! Get out of here!”

With that said, Zhang Heqing picked up Harper and threw it aside.

Then he reached out again to grab Wiliam.

At this time, Harper roared, “No!”

This time, together with Wiliam’s face, they shouted no.

Zhang Heqing’s hand hung a dozen centimeters in front of Wiliam’s forehead.

Wiliam looked at Zhang Heqing nervously, and said, “You killed me! I will definitely regret it! My identity is far from what you can provoke! Although I have lost my martial arts now, the background is still there!”

“Oh? Ho ho ho! You kid, you have a background! Okay! I’m interested, I want to hear you talk about it! If your background is so good that you can calm me down, ho ho ho, me I immediately tore you!”

Wiliam looked at Zhang Heqing deeply, obviously he was going to delay time.
He sorted his thoughts and said, “I am the young master of the North Lu family! Just now you heard Harper calling my young master!”

“North Lu Family?” Zhang Heqing’s face suddenly became slightly solemn.

Wiliam saw that there was a play, and continued: “It’s more than that! I am still the master of Qilinshi! You should know the Qilinshi! It was created by my grandfather, and I have been having a festival with the people of Guhuu Valley over the years. Guhuo Valley affiliated sect, it is impossible not to know. Harper is also a person of Qilin power.”

When Harper heard this, he nodded with difficulty, and said, “Yes, the young master is wrong! Zhang Heqing, you have to think about it!”

However, this seemed to have side effects, and Zhang Heqing was irritated, “Hoho, Qilinshi, of course I know! We still have enemies with Qilinshi! Say it out now and make it clear that you want me to kill you now. !”

“No, no, no! Listen to me!” Wiliam’s face turned pale again, suddenly a little annoyed, and in a hurry, he ignored the enmity and made Zhang Heqing even more angry.

He took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible: “Didn’t you ask me if I was the hall master of Guhuu Valley! I can answer you honestly now. I am indeed not the hall master of Guhuu Valley, and this black gold talisman is not me either. Yes, but—”

Wiliam made a turning point before Zhang Heqing released his anger, and he continued to delay time.

“However, Gu Huogu and I have a great relationship. This relationship is far greater than the power of the hall master! I just said my grandpa, do you know who my grandpa is?”

“Who?” Zhang Heqing asked with a cold face, apparently running out of patience.

“My grandfather is the valley master of Guhuu Valley! Old Black Flower Lu Lingfeng!” Wiliam threw the last bomb. “If my grandpa knew that you dared to kill me, he would kill you when he chased the ends of the world!”

These words immediately shocked Zhang Heqing, “What! You said Old Man Heihua is your grandfather! This!”

“It’s true! I dare to swear to heaven! My surname is Lu, and my grandfather Lu Lingfeng is also Lu! Also, Harper has always been my grandfather’s confidant, and he can testify!” Wiliam said in one breath.

Harper panted hard, and nodded, “The young master is wrong, I will testify!”

Zhang Heqing slumped, the shock in his eyes still lingered.

This kid turned out to be the grandson of Old Man Heihua!

This relationship is of course more noble than the identity of the hall master, I don’t know how many times!


He didn’t kill him all at once!

If you kill him, let alone join Guhuo Valley, this life will have to be accounted for!

For a moment, Zhang Heqing touched his heart, and now he still has lingering fears.

Wiliam got a chance to breathe, panting for breath, and then said: “You better let me go, I can still say something for you in front of my grandpa!”

Zhang Heqing seemed to no longer hesitate, and he was about to release Wiliam on the spot.

Seeing the situation, Harper immediately shouted, “Young Master, take advantage of this time to go!”

Wiliam also quickly got up and walked outside.

However, halfway through, Wiliam suddenly turned around and asked, “What will you do if I am gone!”

Harper said anxiously: “Young Master, you don’t have to worry about me anymore! You go first! Old slaves are fine! No need to worry about Young Master!”

At this time, Wiliam’s face slowly showed a ghostly smile.

He looked at Harper and said jokingly: “Of course it doesn’t matter to you, after all, this is a good show that you dominate.”

Chapter 1294

The atmosphere at the scene was stagnant!

Harper looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and couldn’t help crying sadly: “Young Master! What are you talking about! Go!”

However, Wiliam walked back slowly and stood in front of Harper. He looked at Harper condescendingly, and said with a smile: “Wang, you have worked so hard to direct and act such a big scene by yourself. It’s not easy at such a big age, so I don’t need to act anymore. I have done enough, and I think it’s meaningless.”

Zhang Heqing, who was on the side, seemed to be watching a good show, and suddenly he didn’t do anything. He just put his hands on the side and watched playfully.

But Harper still looked dull, and said blankly: “Young Master, what do you mean by this? Old slave can understand.”

Wiliam seemed to have lost interest, and said, “Okay, Mr. Wang, you probably forgot my calculation skills, you don’t need to pretend, you are the one who told Bai Zhensheng and Zhang Heqing over and over again. “

Harper’s face turned pale, and he shouted: “You are wronged! Young master, you really have wronged the old slave! The old slave is loyal to you, so there is no two-hearted! Besides, the one who betrayed you, isn’t Xena? You? Didn’t you catch her all?”

Wiliam sat down on the sofa and said with a smile: “Xena? You looked at that girl’s IQ too high, right? She is a second fool, if she could do this kind of thing, I would be even higher. Take a look at her, she is nothing but a smoke bomb I launched.”

These words caused the blue veins on Harper’s forehead to jump fiercely!

“Young Master, why on earth did you do this?” Harper was still politely saying.

However, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Oh, sometimes I find that broken memories are also beneficial. For example, I can forget the stereotypes of my deceased, and I can look at the people around me more dialectically.”

“You…” Harper’s pupils shrank.

“Since you don’t admit it, let me analyze it for you.” Wiliam didn’t worry anymore, and said slowly.

“From the first time I suppressed Bai Zhensheng, and then Bai Zhensheng scheduled another round that night, I inferred that there was a rape in the people around me. There is no doubt about this. Because Bai Zhensheng gave Response.”

“And on the court yesterday, I couldn’t tell who the rape was for the time being, because I was so familiar with other people’s personalities that I couldn’t tell, so when Xena had no brains and no brains to beat Bai Zhensheng, I was instead. When Bai Zhensheng grasped the handle and decided that my martial arts had been lost, I had already thought of this trick.”

“I believe that Xena has no brains and will never be a rape, so I took advantage of that opportunity to frame Xena as a rape in order to introduce a person and paralyze the real rape, and this just explains why I did not rescue Xena on the spot. , Kill two birds with one stone.”

“Then, you came out, ho ho, it was really timely. It’s a pity that when you came out, you were completely exposed.” Wiliam paused when he said this.

Harper actually followed Wiliam’s thoughts completely, and couldn’t help asking: “How did I expose? I obviously behaved perfectly!”
After saying this, Harper suddenly felt a failure.

Completely exposed.

However, after knowing that he was exposed, Harper swept away his tense temperament and became calm and solemn.

He also got up from the ground, sat on the sofa, and looked at Wiliam with a smile, “Young Master, since you can see it, I won’t pretend. To be honest, Young Master, you really shocked me. ! I want to know now, what did I do wrong? I think all of this is seamless, and I would like to ask the young master for advice.”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became weird.

Harper completely changed his temperament and stood on the opposite side of Wiliam.

But this betrayal, on the contrary, was downplayed by him, as if it were just a small matter.

The relationship between the two of them has no instantaneous potential.

Harper was still respectful to Wiliam, and Wiliam didn’t get angry because of Harper’s betrayal.

And Zhang Heqing, the strongest, stood by and watched the show coldly.

Wiliam nodded to Harper, smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll tell you again. Do you remember when you appeared?”

Harper was taken aback, and said, “Probably when Bai Zhensheng was suppressed by you.”

“Then you still know our previous conversations on the court? Do you even remember what I said after you appeared?” Wiliam asked.

Harper answered honestly, “I have no way of knowing what I said before I appeared, but every word you said after I appeared, I will keep it in my heart. After all, I have to act seriously in front of the brilliant young master. It’s not easy to be in a scene, and I will be exposed if I don’t pay attention, so I am sincere and fearful.”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth clicked, “That’s right. I’ll tell you, before you came, I didn’t even say anything about rape at the scene.”

When Harper heard this, an unknown premonition suddenly appeared in his heart!

not good!

What’s wrong!

He looked at Wiliam in shock, “Young Master, please keep talking!”

Wiliam nodded, and said with a smile: “Well, I didn’t say anything about rape at the scene, but when you showed up, remember when I asked you to arrest Xena, did you say something?”

Harper drank like a bang, and his whole body was not good.

What he said at the time quickly appeared in his head!

At that time, Harper said something with a look of grief.

“It’s too dangerous to think that the young master has hidden such a bad bone beside him!”

This sentence, at the time, seemed to be a perfect fit.

But now being reminded by the young master is simply self-exposure!

Wiliam smiled and said: “Yes, you said that there is a bone reversal hidden by my side, ho ho, logically speaking, you shouldn’t have raped, but you said this at the scene, and only left One possibility is possible. You are a traitor, so in your subconscious, you have acquiesced to the fact that I caught Feliicity and she is a traitor.”

Harper was completely dull.

And Wiliam’s words continued, “In fact, you are not to blame for this loophole, because subconscious things are not clear at all. The blame is only on the time when you said that sentence, no.”

“So, you saw through me as soon as I came out? What am I! I am really stupid!” Harper seemed to be completely convinced.

He originally thought that his acting skills were good, but he didn’t know that he would end the play as soon as he appeared on the stage.

Because this is really not to blame him, how does he know what was said in it before.

At this time, Harper suddenly thought of the words Wiliam had said before, and made a cold sweat on his face.

He asked in disbelief: “Young Master, you didn’t say anything casually when you asked me to catch Xena, you were testing me on purpose!”

Chapter 1295

When Harper said this, he couldn’t believe it!

After all, he just played at the time, and he didn’t even say a few words.

Feliicity helped introduce her identity.

At that time, it was impossible for Wiliam to doubt his head.

However, Wiliam just said a word.

“Sometimes I find that broken memories are also beneficial, for example, being able to forget the stereotypes of the deceased and be able to look at the people around me more dialectically.

What did this sentence sound like just now, now it’s extremely scary to think carefully!

Sure enough, Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Yes, if my memory is complete, I will definitely not doubt an old subordinate who is loyal to me, let alone try to test you. It’s a pity, I remember Incomplete, and my loyalty to you is not very clear, and I know that Xena is a smoke bomb I launched, and I must be wary of people around me. So I tried you casually, and I didn’t expect you to do it. What happened, I didn’t think that the time point was a bit interesting, and it directly exposed you without knowing it.”

Harper collapsed on the sofa.

He couldn’t even think of it. He acted on thin ice in a cautious manner. He thought it would be foolproof, but he lost at a coincident time.

At that point in time, I said something that seemed reasonable but shouldn’t appear.

The thoughts and thoughts of Young Master are simply terrible!

A detail that is so precise is a fatal blow!

“So, I’m so stupid. I exposed so early and acted so hard. What am I doing?” Harper gave a wry smile.

Wiliam nodded and continued: “At that time, I couldn’t make a complete conclusion. I just left this doubt. When I went back, I checked your nearest flight by some means and found that you didn’t go abroad at all, oh. Hey, you told Qingmian that you were going abroad. This low-level lie is too bad, Mr. Wang.”

Harper’s face suddenly became embarrassed, and he didn’t think there would be another knowing blow.

He said ashamed: “This is what I said to Qing Mian casually. I didn’t think you would keep it in my heart and I went to verify it. I was really too careless.”

“Well, so you have been hiding in the dark to observe, until you are afraid that Bai Zhensheng will reveal your identity later, you have to appear on the scene, right?” Wiliam asked.

Harper bit his scalp and nodded and said yes. He suddenly reacted and immediately asked: “So, before you asked me to pull out Bai Zhensheng’s tongue, wasn’t it because his words were disrespectful to your wife and others?”

Wiliam nodded, “Yeah, that person’s mouth has always been very cheap, so I can’t pull my tongue. But the reason I want to pull my tongue is to block Bai Zhensheng’s mouth before he tells you that you are the rape. That way, you can sit back and relax, right?”

Harper was really in a cold sweat.

Every thing Young Master does, there is such a profound connotation in it!

And he was completely defeated by the young master’s plan!

Harper was indeed afraid of being touched by Bai Zhensheng yesterday, but Wiliam just pulled out Bai Zhensheng’s tongue.

At that time, Harper felt that the young master was simply assisting himself.

Now think about it, it’s me who is always assisting the young master!

This ability to turn your hands on the clouds and rain your hands is frightening!

Harper smiled bitterly: “So, you will use my information asymmetry later to consolidate in my consciousness that the rape has been caught. I can breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t need to guard against this concept, right? ?”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, that’s wrong, I seem to be talking to Feliicity and others, but in fact, I am talking to you. Only when you put your guard down, will you proceed with the following plan? In order to make you smooth I had no choice but to implement your plan.”

“The young master, you went to see Xena during the day, and why? Are you acting?” Harper asked.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Half and half, mainly to comfort Ruoshuang in the past. She was put under a hat by me for no reason. She must be sad, so I have to go to comfort her. Well, you should know it now. , Why did I choose Xena as a smoke bomb, right?”

Harper also sighed, “Of those women, only Xena is the stupid, simplest and most reckless. Not only that, she is very loyal to you. Even if she is wronged, she will not turn her face with you immediately, and she will be the best afterwards. Huh. The key is that she hit Bai Zhensheng on the spot, which is a good introduction. As for other women, some are too smart to control the direction of things.”

The young master’s control over people’s hearts is also absolutely absent.

Wiliam smiled and said: “Yes, so I am very sorry Ruoshuang, for betraying her trust in me, I went to apologize in the morning and explained the reason to her. She is very sensible, forgive me, and is willing to continue to cooperate with me. “

“Since the young master knows that I am a traitor, why do you agree to my suggestion and are willing to come to my house alone? Are you not afraid of danger?” Harper asked in confusion.

This is where he is most confused now.

Go ahead to dangers?

I’m afraid this is Guwazi.

Even when Wiliam agreed to arrange a meeting with Zhang Heqing, he kept talking about guards. This just right warning completely dispelled Harper’s doubts.

Otherwise, he still wondered why Wiliam would agree to this matter.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Sooner or later, if there are casualties, it is better to put them in your house than to put them in the Bai Group to scare those women?”

This reason is simple and unpretentious.

The simplicity made Harper cry.

In other words, is the dead dao friend not the poor dao chant?

Don’t you feel sorry for me that the sacrifices are my people now?

“So the sentence you wanted to say when you first entered the door, no matter how many people think that few people are telling me?” Harper felt weak.

Such a meaningful word, I didn’t realize it until now.

If you reacted earlier, things might be quite different.

“So the situation just now is that I am acting, you know I am acting, I don’t know you know I am acting. You are acting, I don’t know you are acting…” Harper felt a sense of unaccompanied frustration. .

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Harper was still unwilling!

He immediately asked: “Young Master, since you know that I am a gangster, why don’t you expose it, you have to wait until now, even if you get hurt! I think this is definitely not a random time point! Tell me why Is it at this time that you exposed my lie?”

Lu Yehan smiled and said, “Of course it’s not a random time point. The reason why I have only pierced it now is because I have been waiting for you to take the initiative to say something.”

Chapter 1296

“Wait for me to say something? What’s the matter?” Harper was stunned on the spot.

His head crazily recalled, did he say anything just now?

There seems to be no, right?

What I just said was concerned about the safety of the young master, there was nothing else.

Harper asked Wiliam intentionally, but Wiliam stopped abruptly at this moment, smiling without saying a word.

“Young Master, would you please tell me? What did I just say?” Harper continued to ask not reconciled.

At this time, Wiliam smiled and said, “Well, you will know about it later. Let’s stop here.”

Harper looked at Wiliam suspiciously, convinced that Wiliam would not go any further.

He also laughed, and sighed faithfully: “Young Master, I don’t think you have lost your memory, but you are still superior in wisdom, and the old slave admires him so much.”

Wiliam took a paper towel, wiped the blood on his body carefully, and then asked casually: “Old Wang, now it’s my turn to ask you.”

“Young Master, please speak.” Harper said sincerely.

“I don’t know why you betrayed me?” Wiliam cut directly into the subject.

A trace of suffering and suffering flashed across Harper’s face, but he still said the truth: “This is your grandfather’s account. The old slave dare not refuse.

“My grandpa?” Wiliam’s expression finally changed at this time.

Lu Yezhen has a way to pretend to be calm when it comes to things involving his grandfather.

“Well, your grandfather explained it, but he explained it a long time ago, saying that as long as you return to Q City ( Qena City ), you must do everything possible to punish you.” Harper said helplessly.

“Oh? I told you a long time ago, how early? Why did he explain this?” Wiliam asked again.

Harper said depressedly: “About half a month ago, he asked someone to pass a letter and confessed such a thing. I was shocked and puzzled at the time. The shock is that your grandfather is not dead, he is even me. This most loyal servant kept the secret. And the doubt lies in the fact that you have such a good relationship with your grandfather, why should he be cruel to you?”

“So, I specifically found your grandfather, and I am sure that the old man Heihua is your grandfather. At that time, his mind was relatively sober, but he did not tell me the reason, but I must do this and say everything. It’s all for your own good.” Harper added again.

Obviously he still can’t figure out what’s going on here, but he can only follow orders.

“When I heard you return to Q City ( Qena City ) a few days ago, my heart touched my throat. When I thought of killing you, I couldn’t sleep at night. The young master and the old slave are also loyal to you. But if you want to kill you Parting one or two with your grandfather, I think, your grandfather is the first person I want to be loyal to, please don’t blame it.” Harper said with a wry smile.

Wiliam didn’t mean to blame Harper at all.

At this moment, his head was thinking quickly.


Grandpa, it was his own grandpa who stirred in again.

From this point of view, Grandpa had everything arranged.

He went to North Lu’s family, took the North Lu family away in public, and beat himself like this again.

And his return to Q City ( Qena City ) was also within his calculations.

Grandpa, grandpa, how terrible are you when you are sober?

Can count this far.

And why is this?

What do you say for my good, kill me for my good?

Wiliam suddenly smiled bitterly, “Finally, everything will come to light.”

He rubbed his temples, apparently using his brain for a while and was very reluctant to his brain.

“I’ll go first.” He breathed a sigh of relief and slowly stood up and said to Harper.

But at this time, Harper smiled bitterly again, “Young Master, you can’t go.”

“Huh?” Wiliam looked at Harper.

Harper smiled reluctantly, “The old slave told you just now that your grandfather told me to kill you. You are not dead, how can the old slave stop halfway?”

Wiliam looked at Harper deeply.

Harper gradually calmed down when he said such rebellious words, “Don’t worry, young master, if you die here today, the old slave will definitely not live alone. I will accompany you on the road.”

Wiliam asked Harper, “That’s it, but how do you want to kill me?”

Harper pointed to Zhang Heqing, who was watching the show, and said: “You didn’t say anything just now, Zhang Heqing was broken up by me a long time ago. I was just playing a bitter trick. Although I can’t kill you personally, but, If he is on the united front with me, he will naturally kill you for me. And I have already promised him.”

Zhang Heqing also slowly walked over now, and nodded to Harper, “I hope you believe it.”

Harper also bowed his hands politely, “That’s natural.”

Zhang Heqing has no reason not to kill Wiliam.

And if it wasn’t for watching this good show just now, Zhang Heqing would have already started it.

Wiliam looked at Harper deeply, “Elder Wang, are you sure you want to kill me?”

Harper’s face was bitter, but he still nodded steadfastly, “Yes, I can’t violate your grandfather’s order. Young master, blame you for returning to this Q City ( Qena City )? I didn’t want to do it myself before. I just told Bai Zhensheng to use his hand to kill you. I didn’t think that Bai Zhensheng was so useless. I couldn’t deal with you before, but I still can’t deal with it. I can only leak the secret again, and even stand opposite you personally. It was also extremely uncomfortable in my heart.”

Wiliam breathed out slowly, as if relieved, and said, “Okay, I see, you can do it.”

Harper looked at Zhang Heqing and said to Zhang Heqing, “Do it, I beg you to be tougher, so that the young master will suffer less.”

With that said, Harper closed his eyes, his expression extremely painful.

Two lines of turbid tears slid down his cheeks.

Being unfaithful to a slave is worthy of death!

But what can I do?

On the one hand is the old master who swears this will take effect!

On one side is the little young master who has no master or follower on himself!

It’s better to die on the spot for yourself in the middle!

Harper was already holding a dagger in his hand.

Just waiting for the young master to die, he immediately followed him.

Go to another world so that you can concentrate on continuing to atone for the young master.

Even if the young master sees through everything, what can he do?

Now, no one can save the young master.


However, after a long time.

Harper still didn’t hear any noise.

He opened his eyes suspiciously and asked: “Zhang Heqing? Why are you still not doing it?”

However, when his eyes were fully opened, it was completely shocked!

Zhang Heqing, who was supposed to kill Wiliam, stood beside Wiliam at this moment!

Hear the order!

Chapter 1297: Smoke Bomb

When Harper saw this scene, he felt a chill out of his feet and went straight to his forehead!

Especially when he saw Wiliam, he also smiled like nothing, as if everything was still under his control.

Harper’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Zhang Heqing! Why didn’t you kill Young Master! What are you doing! We have agreed before! If you kill Young Master, I promise you can join Guhuo Valley. of!”

However, Zhang Heqing still looks at the theater, no different from just now.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and he smiled and said, “Mr. Wang, I’m really embarrassed. I can’t make this hand.”

“What do you mean! Don’t you want to go back and forth! Don’t you always want to join Guhou Valley!” Harper shouted loudly again.

Zhang Heqing shrugged and said, “I always wanted to join Guhuo Valley, but I don’t want to lose my life in Guhuo Valley, right? Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Why do you think so! Who told you that you would lose your life in Guhuo Valley!” Harper said angrily.

Zhang Heqing curled his lips, “This young master Wiliam is the grandson of Old Man Heihua.”

“So what! Didn’t I just say! This order was given by his grandfather himself!” Harper said puzzledly.

Zhang Heqing sneered: “I also heard that Young Master Wiliam has a very complicated relationship with his grandfather. His grandfather gave this order and said it was good to him. Then how can I kill him? What if I go to Guhuo? Gu, his grandfather is sane again, I’m afraid I will be the first to be slaughtered.”

Harper was dumbfounded!

He never thought that Zhang Heqing was waiting here!

Damn people, they didn’t believe it!

However, Harper understood when he thought about it.

Zhang Heqing is not a gentleman.

Talking about credit with him is simply a joke.

As long as it is beneficial to him, he absolutely does it.

As long as it is harmful to him, he runs faster than anyone else.

At this time, Harper noticed Wiliam’s faint smile again, and suddenly he was full of spirits!

“Young Master! Could it be that you even expected Zhang Heqing to fight against the enemy? So you didn’t worry about your own life and death just now?”

Harper’s scalp was numb when he said this.

Are they all human?

Grandpa is abnormal, so is grandson.

It’s so painful to be caught in it!

Fight your wits, don’t put me in the middle to be like a fool, OK?

But Wiliam smiled, “That’s not true.”

Harper heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Lu Yewan expected Zhang Heqing to rebel.

Fortunately, the young master is still a person.

But in the next second, Harper’s face turned green!

“I already contacted Zhang Heqing in the morning, but I didn’t think of it now.” Wiliam added.

Harper’s whole person is not well.


Young Master, will it hurt if you touch your conscience?

No, do you have a conscience?

Will you die in place if you don’t speak too much?

Harper was dizzy again by Wiliam’s resourcefulness.

In the morning, the young master had already instigated Zhang Heqing?

In other words, the young master already knew that he would let Zhang Heqing do something?

Damn it, this is a special card to fight the landlord!

The young master can guess any way to go!

Harper asked depressedly: “Young Master, you can explain it to me! Otherwise I am afraid I will vomit blood and die!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Fine.”

In the morning, he first received a call, and after thinking about it, Wiliam decided to call Zhang Heqing.

Because at that time, Wiliam already knew that Harper was a traitor, and seemed to want to kill someone with a knife.

If Bai Zhensheng didn’t succeed, Harper would definitely borrow someone else’s hand.

And the most suitable one is Zhang Heqing.

After all, Zhang Heqing has an obsession, and this obsession is not difficult for Harper.

Therefore, in order to get Harper to buy Zhang Heqing’s chess piece as soon as possible, Wiliam deliberately spread the smoke bomb that caught the insider in front of Harper.

Otherwise, according to Harper’s cautious character, I don’t know when it will be delayed.

So in the morning, Wiliam contacted Zhang Heqing.

“Why would Zhang Heqing listen to you! How could he believe you!” Harper was puzzled.

Harper felt that this was a wise approach to the demon in one step.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Because, I told him that I am the grandson of Old Man Heihua, the master of Guhuo Valley. This background is much more prestigious than some hall master.”

“But what I don’t understand is that your hall master can be a fake, and your grandson can also be a fake. You lied to him once, why can he still believe in the relationship between your grandfather and grandson? Shouldn’t he be more skeptical Is it!” Harper said with a grin.

Wiliam snapped his fingers, “Yes, he is seriously suspicious, so at this time, you are in handy. Remember what I said just now, I have been waiting for you to say something?”

After Harper’s spine became cold, his whole body was sluggish, “Couldn’t you mean it!”

“Well, Zhang Heqing doubted what I said, but I told him that I would rather believe it or not. And I made an agreement with him, that is, here today, he will act in a play with me and let you prove it in person. The fact that the old man Hua is my grandfather. This matter has no effect on him, so he immediately agreed.” Wiliam said casually.

Harper’s head is setting off fireworks.

Therefore, the young master deliberately pretended to be very afraid of death just now, madly shaking out his identity.

What a young master of unicorn power!

What people from North Lu family!

These are all smoke bombs!

What was hidden under the smoke bomb was exactly what Wiliam wanted to prove!

His relationship with the old man Heihua!

Wiliam asked Harper to verify this relationship, and Harper also admitted it himself!

In this case, how could Zhang Heqing not believe it!

The young master said that he was waiting for one thing, that is, waiting for himself to verify the relationship between him and his grandfather.

Harper’s legs were soft, and he felt like he was pinched by the young master!

However, Harper suddenly slapped his head, jumped up, and shouted hysterically: “No! No! You are lying to me! Even if Zhang Heqing believes you now! Then he is definitely not standing with you! He just said that the relationship between you and your grandfather is very complicated now. It is impossible to help me kill you, or to kill me for you! Because I also listen to your grandfather’s orders! The current Zhang Heqing is simply in a situation where the two are not helping each other. This is why he has been sitting on the sidelines! Young Master, you lied to me!”

When Harper talked about this, the old tears ran!

too difficult!

Life is not easy for a lot of age, and still have to actively think about problems with this young man!

Wiliam watched Harper’s ups and downs, and couldn’t help but said, “Well, you guessed it, a little clever, I didn’t fool him, Zhang Heqing really didn’t help each other.”

Harper was affirmed, and cried with joy as if he was beaten up with chicken blood, “Now the problem is coming again! Young Master, this is my place! Zhang Heqing is not helping each other, and you have no power to bind the chicken!”

Wiliam smiled and asked, “Take a sigh of relief first. I’m afraid you will carry it by. What do you want to say?”

Harper exclaimed excitedly: “I am in charge of my site! I still have a large number of killers! Come out for me! I’m too difficult!”

Chapter 1298 Great Scorching Hell

Harper really had a feeling at this time.

As his name is!

The vicissitudes of life in my heart!

It was too uncomfortable to fight with the young master or something.

However, fortunately, at a critical moment, he saw through the conspiracy of the young master and turned the situation around.

With a violent roar from him, there was a sound of breaking wind outside his house.

Then, a figure quickly appeared in the hall.

These people are true martial artists.

It seems that Harper’s background is very good.

When these people were in place, Harper laughed loudly, “Young Master, now you see it, you have fallen short in the end.”

Wiliam looked at these people and asked with a smile, “Where did you get these people?”

Harper said truthfully: “This was also temporarily sent by the people from Guhuo Valley. Although it is not comparable to the people from Guhuo Valley, it is more than enough for ordinary people, especially for the present. For you, it’s hard to fly with your wings.”

Wiliam nodded and said, “Yeah, I admit that it is difficult to fly with wings, but you have thought about it. Maybe, I don’t want to fly out at all?”

“Huh?” This sentence is like a big drink!

Harper was stunned.

Don’t want to fly out?

Don’t want to go out after being besieged?

Young Master doesn’t want to survive?

Or maybe, Young Master has other conspiracies?

What the hell is it!

Harper was fidgeting now.

Obviously he is alone now.

And if it hadn’t been for the insight into this loophole, the young master could get out of it.


The young master must be flicking!

Harper’s face became very stiff, and he reluctantly smiled and said, “Young Master, you don’t want to be strong anymore, okay? Are we all okay?”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Harper was sitting on pins and needles, thinking that he could not delay any longer.

Otherwise, something will really happen.

So, he shouted to his men: “You must catch the young master alive!”

The group of people immediately nodded and said yes, and then a group of figures galloped towards Wiliam.

Wiliam was sitting on the sofa, motionless.

It’s simply indifferent.

And just when those people wanted to reach out and grab Wiliam, a sudden change occurred!

The person at the front suddenly grabbed his hand in pain and wailed.

This unexpected change shocked everyone!

Their bodies slammed the brakes one by one, and then stared at the wailing man in pain!

At this look, those people were dumbfounded!

I saw that person’s right hand, which seemed to be burnt at the moment, with very obvious blisters on his hand!

Not just on hand!

These blisters seem to be alive, even running along the back of the hand and spreading towards the arm!

Harper was also stunned on the spot.

what’s going on!

Why is there such a weird scene!

The young master simply has no martial arts strength!

It’s impossible!

The young master really has a helper!

Thinking of this, Harper’s whole person is not good.
His tears were about to burst out again.


One ring and one ring!

Young Master, you still have a little bottom line!

Can I leave a way for my old man to survive?

At this time, someone suddenly shouted: “Damn! You have no feelings, the surrounding temperature does not know when it started to rise!”

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, their faces are all shocked.

Sure enough, like what this person said!

Originally, this season was autumnal.

But I don’t know when it became a bit hot.

Harper only noticed this detail when he was reminded.

He was blushing just now, and thought it was a turbulent mood.

But no one else has this!

At this moment, on their foreheads one by one, there were dense beads of sweat.

The temperature is really rising!

What is going on again!

Harper looked at Wiliam, Wiliam’s face was indifferent, but he didn’t sweat at all.

“Young Master! What kind of tricks did you play! Just say it, OK? I kneel for you.” Harper wanted to cry without tears.

After all the organs were exhausted, I found that I was still powerless. This feeling was too sad.

Wiliam smiled and said to Harper: “If you take people down, we can still speak well.”

Harper’s heart shuddered.

Remove people?

The young master thinks beautifully!

Wouldn’t the young master sit back and relax by removing people?

I believe you a ghost!

The words of the young master cannot be believed now!

The young master must be bluffing right now, and I don’t know what method he used to calm a person and let us all think wildly.

And then achieve the purpose of wanting us to retreat!

It must be so!

“No! I won’t retreat! I want to see, Young Master, what do you want to make out!” Harper decided to bet on this!

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and smiled without saying a word.

Harper let his subordinates stand still, but surrounded Wiliam.

Then, everyone started to look around, to see if there was any suspicious person coming in.

But, where are there any suspicious characters.

Only suspicious things.

That is, the temperature is really getting higher and higher.

The scene seemed to have become a sauna.

The sweat on everyone’s heads increased, and finally their faces were covered with sweat.

His clothes were also soaked.

After a while, there was faint heat rising in this hall!

Harper cursed secretly, hell!

This hall is open!

Ventilation on all sides, how hot this season!

Is the young master doing magic!

“I can’t stand it anymore! My lord, what should I do now!” someone was too hot to stand it, shouting to Harper.

Harper was also sweaty. He stared at Wiliam and asked, “Young Master, what’s going on! Why does the scene become so hot?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “It’s probably the scorching hell.”

Scorching hell?

Harper was taken aback.

What the hell!

At this time, someone really couldn’t hold it anymore, and shouted: “I’m too hot, I’ll go out to cool off first!”

With that said, this person rushed directly outside!

However, when he rushed out, the man let out an incredible exclamation at the door!

“What’s the situation!” Harper shouted and rushed outside.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Harper was stupid!

Outside, it was like a hot hell.

And on the roof opposite their door, a person is sitting leisurely at this moment!

This person has a peach-faced face!

With a smile like spring breeze.

Holding a packet of snacks in her left hand, she was still eating with her mouth, looking very leisurely, like a pure girl next door.

However, this person’s body seems to be surging with majestic heat at all times!

Her whole person is like a round of scorching sun in these nine heavens and ten earth!

Chapter 1299 A River of Spring Water Feeds The Dog

“Na na na… na na na na na…”

The scene was silent.

Everyone stared at the woman who didn’t know when she appeared.

While eating snacks, she hummed softly in her mouth, as if she didn’t put these people in front of her eyes.

But her singing voice is very beautiful, like a sea monster with incomparable beauty, making a charming voice.

There is a question in everyone’s mind.

Who is this woman?

It looks so good, but like a blazing sun, it makes it difficult to approach.

When Harper saw this person, he was sweating even more, and he could only squeeze three words out of his mouth.

“Li Chunfeng!”

The woman sitting on the roof eating snacks is not just Li Chunfeng, who has been gone for a long time.

At this time, Wiliam also walked out.

He raised his head and looked at Li Chunfeng not far away, with an admiring look in his eyes.

The temperament of this woman is okay.

Li Chunfeng glanced at Wiliam.

There was a trace of joy in her eyes, and her body was vertical, and she jumped out of the roof and appeared in front of Wiliam.


The people standing next to Wiliam only felt like they had been burned by the scorching sun, and some had their hair curled up!

Everyone was as far away from Li Chunfeng as if they had seen a ghost.

Only Wiliam stood where he was, but his body didn’t seem to be burnt at all.

“Hi! Little Wang Bayou.” Li Chunfeng greeted Wiliam happily.

This is the first time Li Chunfeng has seen Wiliam in so long.

Wiliam’s eyes were still shining with wisdom, and his temperament was exactly the same as before.

Originally, Li Chunfeng was affectionate to Wiliam, but he couldn’t really give.

After this period of training, Li Chunfeng also wanted to open up.

As long as you silently bless this little bastard in your heart, that’s it.

So when meeting Wiliam goodbye, Li Chunfeng felt very calm.

Wiliam is no longer a lover, but a confidant and a close friend.

Wiliam looked at the cheerful and gentle woman in front of him and couldn’t help but smile, “You are Li Chunfeng, right?”

Li Chunfeng turned black when he mentioned this.

What the hell!

What do you call Li Chunfeng?

The old lady said that he was feeding the dog?

Although Li Chunfeng knew that Wiliam’s memory was broken, now Wiliam was really polite, and Li Chunfeng couldn’t adapt.

Li Chunfeng couldn’t help but knocked on Wiliam’s head, and said angrily, “I don’t even know who I am. Do you have the face to ask me to help? Your conscience is on the tree?”

Wiliam rubbed his head and said with a gentle smile: “Yes, Li Chunfeng. Brother Lang and Feliicity have told me about you before, saying that you are my good friend, so why should I meet you? Isn’t it outside?”

Li Chunfeng’s eyes widened, and he didn’t know where to start refuting.

Obviously this guy looks shameless!

Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng, who was extremely depressed but didn’t know how to vent, and his heart felt gentle.

He did know Li Chunfeng from the mouth of Brother Lang and Feliicity.

Wiliam also felt familiar with this name in his mind.

So when Li Chunfeng called Feliicity, Wiliam would not hesitate to grab Feliicity’s call.

Wiliam knew from Brother Lang that Li Chunfeng was in retreat, and recently he will leave the customs and return to Q City ( Qena City ) to help himself.

It just happened that Wiliam needed a strong helper to stabilize the place.

So Wiliam let the flow go and decided Li Chunfeng as the finale of his play.

Now that Li Chunfeng came out, he knew that there was something.

The people who have been in retreat from the Medicine Knife Family have their magical blood, and now they return to Q City ( Qena City ), it is not like a tiger going down the mountain and invincible.

Watching Wiliam and Feliicity play each other, Harper’s head was like 10,000 bombs.

The roaring sound has never stopped.

Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng!

In Harper’s heart, the name Li Chunfeng would never appear.

He looked at this granddaughter of Li Muhe, feeling both familiar and strange.

Obviously, this girl was just like her grandson, Qingmian, just an ordinary woman.

Now, his granddaughter is still an ordinary woman.

But Li Chunfeng has become the girl of heaven.

Her current strength is unfathomable!

Not at all comparable to these people present.

Looking at Li Chunfeng, Harper gradually felt a sense of powerlessness.

With the appearance of Li Chunfeng, Harper also gave up completely.

The bet just now was still lost.

Master Young Master, almost counted every step.

From the moment he saw that he was a traitor, he had made all preparations.

Including this guarantee.

As long as Li Chunfeng is there, everything is in vain.

How could the young master leave such a big loophole for himself, ridiculous.

Harper laughed weakly, “Young Master, you can’t even think of an old slave to kill this trick.”

Li Chunfeng looked at Harper at this time, and said with a clever smile: “Grandpa Wang, hello, it’s been a long time.”

The blue veins on Harper’s face were beating, he smiled reluctantly: “Chunfeng girl, you are so angry, what’s the matter?”

Li Chunfeng stuck out his tongue with a smile, and said with a smile: “Oh, I forgot to collect it temporarily.”

With that said, he didn’t see how Li Chunfeng moved.

Everyone at the scene only felt that the temperature was dropping sharply.

A cool wind blew, and everyone fought a cold war, feeling very comfortable.

This is the most reasonable temperature.

Harper touched the sweat on his face and asked awkwardly: “Chunfeng girl, how strong are you now? You can change the temperature of the scene.”

Li Chunfeng replied casually: “I don’t know how strong I am now. But I feel that even if so many people on the scene add up, I can roast them into charcoal-roasted pigs with one finger, hehe. “

Li Chunfeng’s words left everyone speechless.

Harper’s whole person is not good.

Fortunately, just gave up in time, and there was no direct conflict with Li Chunfeng or Wiliam.

Fortunately, the young master had deliberately not ordered Li Chunfeng to take action, otherwise the scene would really become a charcoal hell.

“Well, this round, I completely surrendered, young master.” Harper finally sighed.

Wiliam nodded and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you can’t help it, and I won’t embarrass you. Now that you give up, there must be something to tell me. It should be a message for customs clearance. Right.”

At this time, Harper couldn’t help but pat his thigh, “I’ve made a sea! You know it again!”

Wiliam smiled and nodded, “Well, let’s talk.”

Harper suddenly became extremely serious, and his first sentence threw an explosive message.

“The old monsters from North Lu’s family will come to you soon!”

are all out of the barrier and are coming to trouble you.”

Wiliam still didn’t say anything, Li Chunfeng curled his lips first, “The old monster has a way to go to Wiliam. How many things do you want to find Wiliam?”

Harper looked embarrassed, “It’s not that I can’t beat the old man, so if the old bully can’t be bullied, he will bully the younger one.”

Li Chunfeng spurned, “The Lu family don’t have a good thing.”

After speaking, she realized that Wiliam had also been scolded.

But when she looked at Wiliam, she found that Wiliam was in a daze.

“Wiliam?” Li Chunfeng nodded Wiliam’s arm lightly.

Only then did Wiliam come back to his senses and said to Harper, “Old Wang, you continue.”

Wiliam didn’t have any feelings about this old monster who was born out of nowhere.

He just thought that his cousin Lu Xiaoluan was still in the Lu family.

I wonder what she would do when she saw the old monster of the Lu family born?

Think about it, the situation was also bleak at the time, plus the old Lu family monsters were closed all year round, everyone had forgotten them.

Harper said to Wiliam: “Young Master, this is the message I heard. Every super martial arts family always has some hidden old monsters. These old monsters are fascinated by martial arts and will not compete with the world. When you’re born, you’ll be more competitive than anyone else. What do you plan to do, Young Master?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Let’s go with the flow. You just said that this is only the first message, what about the other messages?”

Harper looked unlovable.

Isn’t this first message exciting enough?

Young master, are you so cold?

Then the message I’m going to say next is not worth mentioning, will you just spit on me?

Harper said with a look of embarrassment: “There is another message, that is, the old man told me when he was sober, if I tried my best to kill you, but you were completely suppressed by you. When I gave up, I was relieved from this command of the old man, and from then on I will concentrate on listening to you.”

Speaking of this, Harper really felt his face fever.

I just betrayed the young master, and now I can say that I can submit myself again.

Where to put an old face.

“I don’t know if the young master dare not believe the old slave…” Harper said furiously.

He is mentally prepared.
Young Master will definitely be grudged, after all, he is going to kill Young Master.

However, Wiliam showed a happy smile, and his expression was much more vivid than when he heard the message just now.

He hugged Harper gently, and said with a smile: “This is really a good message. You can finally get out of it, and you will be fine in the future.”

Harper was held by Wiliam, and he was stunned when he saw Wiliam’s smile from the bottom of his heart.

Then, there was an extremely moving feeling.

The young master did not have any warning, but seemed to trust himself more.

“Young Master, why do you still trust the old slave…” Harper’s voice was choked.

Wiliam smiled and said, “You are mixed between my grandfather and me to live like years. I feel uneasy inside. I am fine now. Whether you continue to be loyal to my grandpa or return to my camp, I have no complaints.”

Harper immediately knelt down to Wiliam on one knee, “The gift of the young master’s knowledge! The old slave will never forget it! The old slave swears that if the young master’s wishes are violated in the future, the sky will thunder!”

“Get up. Actually, I probably know why Grandpa did this.” Wiliam’s eyes darkened.

Li Chunfeng asked curiously: “Why? What do you think of your little brain? Quickly talk about it and relieve the boredom.”

Wiliam said lightly: “The reason why my grandfather wants to make such an agreement with Mr. Wang is probably already calculated and Mr. Wang will definitely lose.”

Blue veins on Harper’s face were jumping.

The old slave didn’t think so at the time!

The old slave naively thought that it would not be too easy to deal with a weak chicken who lost his power…

Who knows, he was really stupid and naive, and was beaten up by reality.

But Harper didn’t dare to say these words.

“And this message, saying that it was an agreement between my grandfather and you, is actually sending a signal to me through your mouth. More importantly, the two messages my grandfather told you are actually you. The order was wrong.” Wiliam said with a smile.

Harper’s scalp numb, “Do you know what’s so special? At that time, the old man really said that I can return to you again, and then said the message of the old monsters. But I thought, just tell you No, I didn’t expect that there is a particular order? And what signal did you say about this message?”

Wiliam nodded and said, “Well, you can be very particular about the front and back. Through the first message, my grandfather gave me the signal that I am alive in his calculations, and then added the second message. The complete signal released is that I am alive and the old Lu family monster came to make trouble for me. All of this is under his control, and I still don’t get out of his plan.”

Harper’s back was chilly, “Is this so…”

Harper is simply unable to complain!

This grandpa and grandson!

What a secret code!

Can you read the secret code in just two sentences?

It’s a sea!

Ordinary people said they wanted to commit suicide on the spot!

However, Wiliam’s eyes began to blur, “I haven’t finished talking yet. My grandfather knows my current situation, but he is sure that I am dead, and I have to deal with the old monsters of the Lu family, so this will definitely not It’s a dead end, then it’s very interesting…”

“The information my grandpa really wants to convey to me is!”

“He left a way for me to survive. When I discovered this way, I should be able to restore my previous memories and still have strength. Tsk tsk tsk tsk, grandpa, how can I, you really believe that at this moment both amnesia and powerless And me……”

Speaking of this, the corners of Wiliam’s mouth suddenly twitched.

“Fortunately, I live up to it, I am really, I saw the road you left!”


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