Dragon Husband 1300 – 1307

Chapter 1301: Little Harm, But Very Insulting

Harper was dizzy at the moment.

Judging from what Wiliam said just now, these two very simple messages actually contained two messages.

Moreover, it is necessary to crack the first message before the second message can be cracked?

Dare to love the message now with two layers of password added?

If this is an ordinary person, can you guess it?

I’m afraid you can’t guess if you smash your head on the floor, right?

Harper was also deeply shocked by Wiliam and the old man.

Such spreading can only happen to these two enchanting grandparents, right?

How much does Elder Lu trust Wiliam?

You know they have been separated for ten years!

Wouldn’t it be bad for me to convey it directly?

I have to go around like this.

Not much harm, but extremely insulting!

Harper couldn’t help asking: “Young Master, what is the way? What are you playing? Can’t you finish it in one breath?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “I need to go home to verify this path to finalize it. However, I should not leave it alone.”

Harper knew Wiliam’s character, so he would say it directly if he wanted to.

Now obviously I don’t want to say.

But Harper still had a puzzle in his heart. He asked, “Young Master, I’m surprised. You said, since the old man caused you to lose his memory and lost his martial arts, he also killed me. Ling, but now I have left you with a way to recover, isn’t this going back to the original point? Why go around a big circle?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Yeah, I went around in a big circle, so I didn’t go back to the original point. I swear, this life is definitely a cruel shortcut! As long as I can survive this life , My strength should be able to rise to a higher level, and this is my grandfather’s true intention for so many rounds, he is still constantly sharpening me.

Harper heard his heart beating.


Grinding your grandson’s life?

Is this loving his grandson too much, or not taking the young master’s life at all?

A bit cruel, right?

And Wiliam also showed a trace of confusion at this time, “So, why? I always thought that my grandfather used Guhuo Valley to sharpen me, just to let me grow up quickly and avenge him. But now it seems that my grandfather is not Death, he is fully capable of revenge, and I have reached the previous state, and I can get revenge. It stands to reason that Grandpa’s tempering should have stopped. But there is no such thing, I can guess, North Lu Family It is not the risk I have to face at all. The risk I have to face is much more terrifying than the North Lu family, so my grandfather can’t wait to let me grow up quickly.”

Now, even Harper didn’t know what to say.

After all, he is just a mayfly in the world, and he doesn’t know much about the world above.

“Well, that’s it for today. I have to go back and verify the path of life in my heart just now.” Wiliam said, standing up and going outside.

Li Chunfeng naturally followed Wiliam.

But Harper looked at the back of the young master’s departure, and his heart was always aggrieved.
He couldn’t help but ask Wiliam’s back: “Young Master, you have always done things so seamlessly, do you have any loopholes left?”

Harper was not reconciled, this feeling of being crushed from head to toe was too weak.

After asking this, Harper himself felt stupid.

Isn’t this putting your face up and getting beaten again?

I never thought that Wiliam really turned around and looked at Harper jokingly, “No, I left a big mistake, but it’s a pity that you didn’t see it.”

“A big mistake?” Harper was stunned.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Yes, Xena is still in your hands. If you use her to threaten me, I really can’t handle it.”

Harper seemed to be struck by thunder, and his whole body became confused.


It really is so!

If he used Xena to threaten Wiliam just now, maybe things would have changed completely!

It’s just that Harper thought about it seriously, and laughed weakly again.

Just now, I was completely suppressed by Wiliam’s momentum, and I only thought of how to quickly expose this matter, and how could I think of such a small and subtle figure as Xena.

And even if you think about it, what can you do?

Can I really use the life of an innocent woman in Xena to blackmail the young master?

I am afraid that the reputation of this life will be destroyed by this.

The reason why the young master left this loophole is probably to prove his character again.

When Harper looked at Wiliam again, Wiliam had disappeared from sight.

He grew in awe of Wiliam’s resourcefulness.

He immediately ordered Xena to be put back.

But Li Chunfeng followed Wiliam all the way, and became more and more curious about Wiliam.

This kid, how good is his head?

It looks so good.

“Hey, don’t you thank others for it? So ruthless? They helped you a lot.” Li Chunfeng asked Wiliam with his mouth curled.

Wiliam smiled slightly, really polite, “Well, thank you.”

Li Chunfeng was even more unhappy.

This is worse than no thanks.

Forget it, no matter what, go back to find Feliicity Tucao.

“What is your current level of strength?” Wiliam suddenly asked again.

Li Chunfeng was taken aback, and immediately reacted, “Do you still want to continue to let me work for free? Can you really do it if you let a woman charge?”

Wiliam shrugged, “That’s right, I don’t count on you.”

Li Chunfeng received another 10,000 crit.

This guy’s brain is so strange, there is no way to complain, okay?

The two returned to the Emperor Flower all the way, and Li Chunfeng was deeply moved about this place.

After entering the house, the few people who had been waiting inside immediately stood up with joy.

Feliicity rushed in front of Wiliam and excitedly pulled Wiliam’s hand and shouted, “Wiliam, are you wrong? Are there any injuries?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, there is a spring breeze, I am so easily injured.”

At this time, several women noticed that Chunfeng was standing behind Wiliam.

The Zaozufen squad gathered again, and they were even more excited. They surrounded Li Chunfeng and asked questions, and Li Chunfeng’s brain hurt.

At this time, Melissa suddenly sighed, “Hey, if Ruoshuang were there, it would really be complete. It’s a pity that she betrayed us…”

How upright Li Chunfeng is, he immediately said: “What, if Shuang is not a traitor, it is Wiliam who is lying to us in order not to be afraid. You don’t know it yet?

“Huh?” The eyes of several women cast all their eyes on Wiliam.

Wiliam felt the anger of being deceived in their eyes. Suddenly he went cold and rushed back to the room. “You talk, I will go back to the room to verify one thing.”

Chapter 1302 Bu Ju!

Feliicity wanted to catch Wiliam, but Wiliam had already slipped away.

Now that Wiliam was fine at this moment, what she cared about most naturally became Ruoshuang.

She hurriedly asked: “Chunfeng, you just said Ruoshuang is not a traitor? What’s the matter?”

Li Chunfeng triumphantly said: “That stupid girl, Ruoshuang, is there such a noble profession as a rape. From the beginning to the end, Wiliam pushed Ruoshuang as a substitute for the dead, paralyzing the real rape.”

Several women almost all breathed fire in their eyes.


Do you lie to yourself?

That little bastard, who said so swearly before, can’t believe that few of us can’t succeed!

Feliicity collapsed even more.

I personally asked Wiliam about this matter.

He even lied to the person next to his pillow, wouldn’t his conscience hurt?

No, this matter must be finished with him later!

Melissa suddenly asked: “Then since Xena is not a rape, who is the real rape? Are there any rapes on our side?”

Everyone’s appetites were hung up.

Li Chunfeng looked at Melissa strangely, “Speaking out, I’m afraid you hurt your self-esteem, and the rape is your grandfather.”

Melissa’s face turned black on the spot, “My grandfather! How could it be possible! My grandfather is the most loyal dogleg of that little bastard!”

Li Chunfeng was speechless.

Do you say that about your grandfather?

However, she explained: “It’s actually not what you think it is. I will tell you a lot and you will be clear.”

With that said, Li Chunfeng began to explain.

When Wiliam returned to the room, he opened the small box before.

There are three more things in the box.

Feliicity told him about these three things.

A coquettish red flower called Luoxiashenghua.

I got it from Li Nanfeng’s grandmother at the time.

A green lotus called Reborn Qinglian was the last reward I got when I participated in the Centennial Ceremony of Evil Fist.

Wiliam just scanned these two things at will, and then fixed his gaze on the last thing.

An quaint book.

“Impermanence Medical Classic”!

The way of life is in the “Impermanence Medical Classics”!

With excitement, Wiliam slowly opened the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

Just after a few glances, Wiliam’s heart was faintly excited.

There are doors!

Feliicity said to herself before that when she read this “Medical Scripture of Impermanence” before, she couldn’t see clearly what was written behind because of her lack of strength.

But now, although the strength is no longer there, you can still see the content written in the front of this book clearly.

In other words, once you have reached a certain state, you can still study a certain chapter.

The limitation of “Impermanent Medical Classics” on people is not the strength, but the state they have reached.

Wiliam flipped through the “Impermanent Medical Classics” page by page.

The first five chapters are Rejuvenation, Hanging Pot, Martyrdom, Jai Sui, Centenary…

These five chapters correspond to different realms.

Rejuvenation corresponds to the realm of external power.

The hanging pot corresponds to the initial state of inner strength.

Martyrdom corresponds to the mid-level of internal strength.

Jai Xu corresponds to the later stage of Inner Strength.
Hundred-year-old corresponds to the state of Huajin Xiaocheng.

These five chapters are basically based on medical records, supplemented by some martial arts essentials.

Wiliam felt familiar with these five chapters.

Come to think of it, before losing his memory, I have studied these five chapters to the point of being thoroughly familiar.

Wiliam’s hand hesitated for a moment, and turned to the next page.

The sixth chapter!


Seeing these two words clearly, Wiliam’s heart burst into ecstasy!

You can see it, you can read it!

It shows that before losing martial arts, he has reached the realm of transformation of strength!


Feliicity and Liu Lang both said before that they broke through to the realm of Huajin Dacheng at the Evil Fist Centennial Festival.

Just because I rushed back to the North Lu family to rescue the Qilin-like people as soon as I broke through, I didn’t have time to read the sixth chapter of the “Impermanence Medical Classic”.

It now appears that the way of life is in this sixth chapter.

Wiliam suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, and began to study this chapter that he had never read before.

He even refused to let go of any word easily.

Study word by word, try to figure out every sentence.

We must achieve internalization and externalization, and will not give up.

From this look, when he came back to his senses, the stars were already scarce.

Wiliam rubbed his aching head, but he was shocked.

This sixth chapter is completely different from the previous five chapters!

It seems to be another world!

And Wiliam finally fully understood the main reason why his life is in the sixth chapter!

Because of this chapter, it is no longer a general medical technique!

But another more mysterious ability!

Buju Buju!

The emphasis is on one word!

Starting from this sixth chapter, it is actually learning the art of medical divination!

Wiliam wanted to laugh when he thought about it.


Since ancient times, medical divination has not separated families.

In ancient times, medical divination could be said to have the same root and the same origin, and it was basically one thing.

It was only after developing into this world that medical divination was forcibly divided.

The secular people only recognize medical skills but not divination, and think that this is a crooked way, or simply a way of trying to gain reputation. It is not practical at all, it is just a deceptive trick.

But is this really the case?

To give a very simple example, in medicine, one can directly help people diagnose diseases by seeing, hearing, and asking.

The diseases treated by the doctor are the diseases produced by the **.

The so-called how can people not get sick if they eat whole grains, they need to seek a doctor if they are sick.

Nowadays, those swindlers who claim to be fortune-telling, and those who know 500 years before they know it, are they really capable?

Not really.

Their ability is to make the most reasonable inferences keenly through dialogue with each other, and then keenly make the most reasonable inferences. This is called divination by the world.

Of course, this is not scientific, it should be cast aside.

The diviner treats some mental and hidden things that are not visible. Most people don’t know it well, but it is also very important and is also the foundation of healing and saving people.

The medical divination is to further deepen the sense of sight, hearing, and inquiry, integrate it into the five elements and gossip of Zhouyi, and directly point to the spiritual level of people.

Tang Chaoxun Simiao said: “I don’t know Yi, it’s not enough to speak of an imperial doctor.”

Therefore, learning medicine without learning divination and learning divination without learning medicine are one-sided and insufficient.

Those who study medicine but not divination must have narrow thinking and cannot grasp the nature and laws of human life from the natural path.

Those who only know the divination and do not know the medicine must be satisfied with metaphysical talk and cannot solve specific problems. Because they cannot have physical evidence, they must not have a deep and comprehensive grasp of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Only by unifying medical divination can we complement each other and make up for their own shortcomings.

This chapter is the beginning of the combination of medicine and divination!

Wiliam was shocked when he saw the end!

If you fully learn this chapter, you can count as the past, endless!

As for the past, this is what Wiliam needs most now!

Wiliam suppressed the ecstasy and shock of his mind, intending to study in one go!

But at this time, there was a crackling knock on the door!

A sad voice shouted outside: “Brother-in-law! You open the door for me! You have the ability to wrong me, you have the ability to open the door!”

Chapter 1303 Three Treasures

Wiliam’s face turned black, and Xena came back.

Didn’t you say everything well before?

Isn’t it a big picture?

Why did she look like a grudge when she came back.

Lu Yeyou didn’t want to bother Xena.

But this girl has been bombarding outside, making Wiliam like a guilty man.

Wiliam was really quarrelsome, so he got up and opened the door.

Outside the door, Xena was not the only one standing.

Several women stood behind Xena, as if being brave by Xena.

Xena looked at Wiliam, reaching out to scratch him.

This damn brother-in-law!

I misunderstood myself at the beginning and made myself uncomfortable for being locked up for so long.

In the end, he said that he was throwing himself out as a smoke bomb.

I, Xena, is also a woman of water and spirit. In your Wiliam’s eyes, I am a man of the pot?

Xena actually came back early, but was dragged by the Feliicity to disturb Wiliam.

But the longer she was, the more angry she became.

Finally couldn’t help it, rushing up to prepare to punish the little bastard face to face.

Xena was about to scold Wiliam when she suddenly saw Wiliam stretch out a finger and point it on her neck!

Xena’s eyes turned black and he fainted.

Wiliam took it casually and pushed her into Feliicity’s arms.

The women were scared and silly.

What is this operation?

This little bastard hurt the little girl so deeply.

It’s better now, don’t let people say a word, just make people faint?

Resolute and resolute action makes people cry!

But Li Chunfeng asked alertly: “Wiliam, haven’t you lost your martial arts? Why can you still…”

Wiliam said casually: “It’s nothing more than a bit of superficial medical skills, just click her sleeping point, otherwise it will be too noisy.”

Several women felt aggrieved for Xena, and it was sad enough to put on such a ruthless brother-in-law.

But they didn’t dare to speak, because they were afraid that Wiliam would stretch a finger again.

“Wiliam, do you still remember medical skills?” Li Chunfeng pointed to the point again.

Wiliam smiled slightly, without a direct answer.

Medical skills are an instinct integrated into Wiliam’s bones.

It is as if a person still knows how to eat and sleep even after his memory is broken.

When he didn’t read the “Medical Classics of Wuchang” just now, his body’s instinct still knew acupuncture points.

After reading the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, these instincts of his turned into a system, deeply ingrained in his mind.

“I’m going to continue studying, go play, don’t disturb me at night.” Wiliam said the last half of this sentence to Feliicity.

Feliicity’s eyes turned white, and the attributes of a thousand-year-old straight man did not change with his amnesia.

After Wiliam finished speaking, he closed the door.

There are still some thoughts in his heart that have not been completely sorted out.

For example, Wiliam did not know that there were records in the “Medical Scriptures of Wuchang” that there were records in the “Medical Classics of Wuchang” that they gave birth to flowers and green lotuses.

But that was because Wiliam couldn’t read the following chapters.

Now in the sixth chapter, two miraculous medicinal herbs are recorded impressively.

Luoxiashenghua used a paragraph to describe it, but Wiliam’s gaze was fixed on the last sentence.
“Burning blood, nine deaths a lifetime.”

Wiliam’s bones are very sensitive to blood.

Seeing this sentence, his heart was lifted.

From Feliicity’s mouth, Wiliam knew that his several breakthroughs were on the verge of life and death.

And all breakthroughs were made because of blood refining.

Doesn’t this last sentence fit Wiliam’s direction of martial arts?

And Wiliam also faintly knew that the old lady He who gave him this Luoxia flowers at the beginning seemed to have a great connection with Gu Huo Valley.

So, it’s not all accidental that this Fallen Flower fell into your own hands, right?

Is this also a pawn laid by grandpa who takes one step and counts a hundred moves?

That’s too scary, right?

Wiliam suppressed the shock, and continued to find the lines that recorded the rebirth of Qinglian.

Reborn Qinglian is a supplementary material added when refining.

Its greatest effect is to remove the roughness and extract the essence and quench the soul.

Similarly, the last sentence also attracted Wiliam’s attention.

But it is different from the last sentence of Luoxia Shenghua.

The last sentence of Reborn Qinglian is a taboo.

“A good refining product, do not take it orally, there is no life or death.”

Why is it important to avoid oral administration?

Wiliam frowned deeply.

This is also very mysterious.

To put it another way, this may be true for ordinary people. Do not take it orally. There is no life or death.

But for Wiliam, it is questionable.

Wiliam knew that he had always had a hundred long live red lotus.

This Rebirth Qinglian should also be used to forge Long Live Honglian.

However, as Wiliam lost his martial arts, all a hundred long live red lotuses were dormant in his body, unable to recall them at all.

More importantly, Wiliam had always waited for needles by himself, and he had already reached the realm of the unity of needles and needles.

Therefore, the needle is Wiliam’s body, and Wiliam’s body is also a needle.

That being the case, taking the rebirth green lotus by mouth was equivalent to Wiliam’s use of the human body, melting the body.

It is also equivalent to refining needles.

However, this kind of thinking of refining needles with the body is really absurd.

Wiliam believes that since the rebirth Qinglian was excavated, no one had dared to speak directly.

Now, do you dare to be the first person in this world?

Wiliam was lost in thought.

It now appears that the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” is the greatest treasure to awaken memory.

And because Wiliam has never been exposed to the public in “The Classic of Impermanence”, this is Wiliam’s biggest check and balance against the old monsters of the North Lu family.

As for the dying green lotus, if it is used properly, it can just repair the broken blood in his body and further condense the long live red lotus.

Luoxia blooming flowers can be further refined by burning blood.

My own life is actually hidden in these three things, and one should be indispensable.

Wiliam thought for a long time, until the sky was shining brightly before he had a decision in his heart.

Since you are in a race against time, do your best.

When Wiliam came out the next day, several women were already having breakfast.

Xena was among them.

When she saw Wiliam, she jumped up from the chair and gritted her teeth.

But he didn’t dare to pounce.

Wiliam smiled, “It’s all here, let’s have breakfast together. After eating, I have one thing to announce to you. I hope you can cooperate.”

These words raised the hearts of several women.

Breakfast is not fragrant anymore.

This little bastard, can’t you just talk directly if you have something, can you still eat breakfast with an appetite?

Several women drew the meal quickly, and finished the meal in a blink of an eye.

Then, Qi Qi watched Wiliam slowly eating soy milk fritters.

Finally, when everyone was about to hold back, Wiliam put down the bowl in his hand and said, “After breakfast, you all leave Q City ( Qena City ).”

Chapter 1304 A Woman Is A Poem


Leaving Q City ( Qena City )?

After eating breakfast?

The women were suddenly confused.

This is their hometown where they have lived for 20 or 30 years. A cheap meal of soy milk and fried dough sticks can kill everyone?

Are you sure you are a man, Xiao Wang Bayou?

Feliicity directly asked Wiliam: “Wiliam, are you crazy? Are you going to drive us out of Q City ( Qena City )? Our home and foundation are in Q City ( Qena City ). Where can we go out of Q City ( Qena City )?”

Wiliam seemed to have thought about it a long time ago, and said, “Go to Lantern Village. The environment there should be pretty good now.”

Lantern Village is relatively remote and few people can find it.

Moreover, the folk customs there are simple, and now there are Xiao Haitang and others over there, which can be considered a little self-protection.

Feliicity was obviously dissatisfied with the answer, and said dejectedly: “Why are we going to Lantern Village for nothing?”

At this time, Li Chunfeng said softly, “Feliicity, Wiliam did this for your good.”

“Huh?” Feliicity looked at Li Chunfeng.

Li Chunfeng repeated the message he heard yesterday about the old monsters of the North Lu family going out to find Wiliam.

When we got together yesterday, everyone was in a better mood. Li Chunfeng couldn’t bear to be upset, so this matter was not mentioned.

When the women heard this, their faces were suddenly sad.

I thought that after the matter of Bai Zhensheng and Harper was resolved, everyone would be happy in Q City ( Qena City ).

Unexpectedly, one wave of unsettled waves will rise again, and even greater danger will come.

That’s an old monster.

Just hearing this name feels extremely dangerous.

Wiliam’s expression also became serious, “Their arrival is about to be the biggest threat we have ever faced. I don’t know when they will come, so I hope you leave early.”

Feliicity immediately refused to comply, “But, what do you do if we leave? Or else, will you go with us?”

Wiliam smiled, “Don’t you understand? I am their goal. Disaster will be brought wherever I go.”

“No! I won’t leave! Wiliam, dare you to drive me away and try!” Feliicity’s eyes suddenly became red, and his eyes became stubborn.

Wiliam stretched out his hand and rubbed Feliicity’s head.

This scene made several women dumbfounded.

I have no memory, but this posture of rubbing his head is not forgotten.

Wiliam said to Feliicity: “I know you won’t leave, and we also agreed not to leave life and death together. So these words are mainly for them.”

Feliicity immediately nodded happily, “Well! You know it! If you dare to drive me away, I will give you up!”

But the faces of several women turned black.

Dare to love them as a family, are we all outsiders?

Li Chunfeng took the lead and said: “I can’t go either. Brother Lang asked me to come out this time, mainly to help Wiliam. Now I am great.”

Melissa and the others immediately looked at Li Chunfeng with envy. They really have the confidence to have martial arts.

Wiliam also nodded, “Well, the spring breeze stays, I have other arrangements.”

Melissa hesitated, and said, “My grandpa won’t go, I won’t go.”
It was clearly an expression ready to play a rogue.

Janett immediately hit the snake and went with the stick, “Well, I am from Mr. Wang, and I will not go if Mr. Wang.”

The remaining Lydia and Xena looked at Janett and the others entangledly.

Because they can’t find a scientific reason.

“Don’t say so much, the Feliicity and spring breeze stayed behind, and everyone else went to Lantern Village. I called Tigger when I was out just now, and he will pick you up when he comes out of the hospital.” Wiliam said decisively.

A woman is a poem.

You cannot reason with a poem.

In the end, helpless, the others had to reluctantly agreed.

When Tigger picked them up, only Lu Yefengxue and Chunfeng were left in the emperor flower.

The atmosphere is so embarrassing.

Li Chunfeng suddenly felt that he was living like a light bulb.

She gave a dry cough and said, “Wiliam, have you thought of a way to deal with it?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “In the face of absolute strength, no matter how many methods are available, let’s go with the flow. Let’s eat and drink and have fun these days.”

Feliicity and Li Chunfeng looked at each other, Xiao Wangbazi’s mentality is really good.

In the past few days, Wiliam really did what he said. He did what Feliicity Chunfeng needed him to do.

He did not need to study the sixth chapter of “Impermanence Medical Classics” in the room.

During this period, he risked his death to subdue the reborn Qinglian and Luoxiashenghua.

Only after taking it, the situation left Wiliam very confused.

It stands to reason that the reborn Qinglian should not be taken by mouth. Lu Yeren combines acupuncture into one. Even if the whole body is regarded as Long Live Honglian, there should be some reaction after taking it.

However, after taking the deceased Qinglian, like a stone entering a quagmire, there is no reaction at all.

Wiliam must seriously suspect that he had taken fake Reborn Qinglian.

And the situation of Luoxia growing flowers is exactly the same as the former Qinglian. The blood should be burned, but there is no feeling of burning.

Wiliam collapsed after eating.

He thought carefully and could only draw one conclusion.

There is a period of validity for taking medicine.

Are these two things still showing medicinal effects in the body?

In this case, didn’t he plant two bombs in his body?

When will it detonate?

Damn it!

If Wiliam knew that this was the result of taking it, he wouldn’t dare to take it on this joint.

But now it is too late to regret.

Wiliam held anxious heart in this way and waited until the third day.

But finally there is good news.

Wiliam has made significant breakthroughs in the study of the divination chapters of “The Classic of Wuchang Medicine”.

He has taken the first step in the path of combining medicine with divinity.

Only this first step shocked Wiliam.

It’s totally another world.

The power of metaphysics is so powerful!

Early in the morning on the third day, Wiliam was still meditating, and suddenly his eyes opened!

not good!

Wiliam keenly noticed that his body had the first reaction!

His blood is roaring frantically, as if against something!

And this also gave Wiliam a dizzy feeling of ruining the world!

It hurts too much!

Wiliam’s cold sweat made a face instantly.

He reluctantly grabbed the phone, trying to call Feliicity downstairs.

However, the phone rang first.

It is Harper.

Wiliam answered the phone and asked with difficulty: “What’s wrong with Mr. Wang?”

On the phone, Harper’s voice was terrified.

He only said a word, which made Wiliam feel a sense of powerlessness in the rain!

“Young Master! After receiving the latest news, the three old monsters from North Lu’s family can reach Q City ( Qena City ) within an hour!”

Chapter 1305 Five Elements

When Wiliam heard Harper’s words, his whole body trembled even more severely.

Damn it!

My worries have really become a reality.

Now his body is obviously showing a drug effect.

It is already extremely dangerous, and whether it can survive has become a problem.

The old monster from the Luo Lu family in the north appeared on this knot.

God you are playing with me!

He hung up the phone with difficulty, and then called Feliicity and Li Chunfeng over.

The two women saw Wiliam’s body trembling constantly, and their faces were extremely pale. They asked nervously, “Wiliam, what’s wrong with you! Don’t scare us!”

Wiliam panted loudly, and said, “The old monster of the North Lu family is coming soon, do you want to hide first?”

But since the two women decided to stay here, naturally they would not leave again.

Li Chunfeng was even more resolute. She said, “I think they should have found our location long ago. In this way, I will guard at the door and Feliicity will stay and take care of Wiliam. By the way, what happened to Wiliam? Can I help?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “You can’t help for the time being. Just as you said, go and guard at the door, but I guess you are not the opponent of the three monsters. If you lose, don’t Fight hard, you know?”

Li Chunfeng nodded, “Well, I have my own measures. Then you must be careful and you must get better. I will go down in the snow!”

With that said, Li Chunfeng slid and walked towards the door.

Feliicity looked at Wiliam nervously, “Wiliam, what’s the matter with you? Why is there a problem at this juncture.”

“Don’t talk first, watch me.” Wiliam gasped and said, then closed his eyes.

He has to feel his body carefully.

Wiliam could clearly feel that the blood in his body was roaring, and deep in his body, a violent force was constantly pouring out.

This power seemed to swallow all the blood in his body!

After just a while, Wiliam could feel that the blood in his body was reduced by one-tenth!

And it disappeared out of thin air!

The body is getting hotter!

No, if you continue like this, you will die!

Wiliam didn’t dare to be careless.

At this moment, because of the loss of martial arts, he has no way to mobilize the energy in his body to resist this violent force like before.

He can only make a desperate bet and put all his treasures on the “Impermanent Medical Classics”!

The “Wuchang Medical Scriptures” recorded some methods for adjusting the breath. Wiliam immediately followed these methods and immersed himself in the internal confrontation.

Wiliam didn’t see it, but Feliicity saw an extremely strange scene beside Wiliam!

I saw Wiliam’s body shrinking and expanding one by one.

Every time it swelled, Wiliam’s complexion became a little rosy!

But this is definitely not healthy rosy.

It’s a scorching red!

Even in the end, Wiliam’s body was faintly glowing red.

And the extent of this one is getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster.

In the end, Feliicity felt that Wiliam had swelled twice as much as usual! The clothes on his body were even burst, revealing his muscles!

On the surface of this muscle, the veins are exposed!

Feliicity can see red lines on the muscles that shuttle like meteors!

this is!

blood circulation!

What happened in Wiliam’s body!

Now he can see the path of his blood circulation with the naked eye!

Feliicity suppressed the shock in her heart, and could only put her hands together at this moment, silently praying for Wiliam to overcome this difficulty.

Wiliam clenched the matte, resisting the heart-piercing pain.

Gradually, he was completely immersed in his body.

The yin and yang are the ways of heaven and earth, the discipline of all things, the parents of change, the beginning of life and death, and the house of gods.

What if you treat your body as one of the five elements?

Mu said straight!

Mainly grow, rise, maintain and relax!

In the human body, it is the liver.

Jin Yue Congge!

The Lord settles, kills, and converges!

In the human body, it is the lung.

The water says run down!

The Lord moisturizes, descends, cools, and hides!

In the human body, it is the kidney.

Soil 爰 Jia樯!

Main biochemistry, bearing and acceptance!

In the human body, it is the spleen.

The fire is on!

Lord warm and upward!

In the human body it is the heart.

The five elements of yin and yang grow and restrain each other.

In this way, the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney are all five elements.

So you can use Buju.

Wiliam felt that his consciousness was gradually diminishing.

Until the end, his head buzzed and there was no sound.

And Li Chunfeng, who was standing at the door, stood straight at the moment.

She knows better than other women, the dangers that she will face today.

This matter had nothing to do with her.

However, he couldn’t convince the heart to leave Wiliam and Feliicity at this moment.

There is only one battle!

Although Li Chunfeng promised Wiliam would not force it.

But the real danger came, and Li Chunfeng was not dead. How could he watch the enemy look for Wiliam from his eyes!


Fight to the death!

I don’t know how long it took.

Li Chunfeng’s eyes dazzled!


Three huge coercion, from far to near!

Li Chunfeng was locked in an instant!

Li Chunfeng felt as if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake, and his body trembled slightly.

She reluctantly emphasized the inflammation in her body, and resisted these three pressures!

The coercion came extremely fast!

Almost a few seconds later, Li Chunfeng saw three figures wherever he could see!

Three old men in white and simple Tang suits, fluttering in their robes, are coming from the wind!

Their goal is very precise, that is, towards the emperor flower.

In the blink of an eye, the three old men had fallen in front of Li Chunfeng.

These three old men have all white hair and beard, and they are obviously all ten years old.

However, except for one person who was a little pale, the other two were all young and healthy.

Moreover, these three people looked a little alike, which made Li Chunfeng a little bit unable to tell who was who for a while.

The three old men fought in front of Li Chunfeng with an arrogant look.

One of them stood up and shouted contemptuously: “There are such warriors in the world who can resist the pressure of the three of us. Little girl, where do you come from?”

Dense beads of sweat appeared on Li Chunfeng’s forehead.

She gritted her teeth and asked, “I don’t know what happened to the three old men who came to our world?”

For a while, the old man in front was a little confused about where the little girl came from, and said coldly: “Little girl, we are here today to find Wiliam. We don’t want to kill for no reason. If you know, please get out of here. We can also give you a way out.”

However, Li Chunfeng was already prepared for a deadly battle, how could she leave?

Not only do not go!

Li Chunfeng’s body suddenly violent, and he took the initiative to attack the three old men!

Chapter 1306

These three elders are the hidden old monsters of the Lu Family in North.

Perhaps, in Beiluolu’s home, only some elderly people know the existence of these three monsters.

The three old men are three brothers.

The boss is the pale one, named Lu Renjie.

The second child was the one standing with Lu Renjie, with a big black mole on his face. He was called Lu Renxiong.

The third child was the one who stood up and clamored with Li Chunfeng now, with a dark red on his beard, and his name was Lu Renlong.

The three brothers are all ninety years old this year.

The three elders of the Lu family were obsessed with martial arts, and they met together forty years ago and lived in a cave in the back mountain of the Lu family in North.

Usually they don’t interact with people from the Lu family at all, let alone other people from the outside world.

This is their first collective outing in 40 years.

Lu Renlong looked at a little girl, who was so irritable that he dared to rush over.

He couldn’t help but sneered, “Are the young people so disrespectful of their elders for so many years in seclusion? They start to fight if they don’t agree with each other, and don’t weigh their own weight! Do you really think this world belongs to your young people?”

As he said, he patted Li Chunfeng with a palm.

Li Chunfeng only felt a stern energy hitting his body.

She reluctantly stretched out her hand to take a palm.

But this palm directly shot her whole person flying, and fell to the ground fiercely!

“Wow!” Li Chunfeng spit out a mouthful of blood under the blow.

Her eyes at the moment were extremely cold, but her heart was extremely shocking.

Li Chunfeng has a vague concept of his own strength.

When he came out of the medicine knife family, Li Chunfeng probably had a round with the strong in the family.

She has a 100% chance of winning against Huajin Xiaocheng’s warriors.

The warrior’s win rate against Huajin Dacheng is five to five.

Therefore, Li Chunfeng’s positioning of his own strength is roughly between Huajin and Dacheng.

But now, the old man on the opposite side only shot once, and he has no power to fight back!

It shows that the opponent’s strength is far above himself, at least it is the realm of Huajin Consummation!

And this person who shot is obviously the lower one among the three.

The other two might be stronger than the first one!

It really is the old monster of the North Lu family!

One is three warriors above the level of Huajin Consummation!

Li Chunfeng’s arrogance was obviously aroused.

Lu Renlong also showed a dumbfounded expression when he saw that Li Chunfeng took a palm of his own.

He couldn’t help but muttered: “It’s weird! What’s wrong with this world now? A young girl who took a palm of my full strength and died, just vomiting blood. It seems that we are These old men still underestimated the world today.”

Li Chunfeng gritted his teeth without speaking, but once again raised his breath and rushed towards Lu Renlong!

this time!

A red flame burst out of her body!

The temperature around is rising sharply!

Lu Renlong took a look, and was surprised again, “Damn! He is also a born person of different blood! Or Yanwei! Is it so easy to open blood in the world now?”
While speaking, he met Li Chunfeng again.

However, there was no one punching Li Chunfeng away like before.

He was obviously playing games.

It’s not easy to get out of the mountain. This is the first battle in 40 years.

The opponent of the battle is still a beautiful woman with a lot of charm, and her strength is so strange.

Lu Renlong was naturally reluctant to beat her to death at once.

Only hearing the two constantly fighting, Lu Renlong’s exaggerated and arrogant voice continued to come out.

“Oh, it’s really hot. It seems that I can’t slap you directly, Little Beauty, I wanted to touch your little hand.”

“Tsk tusk tusk, this figure, the speed is so fast, are you not afraid to flash your waistline? Grandpa, I will feel distressed.”

“This little face, this little temperature, if you come to warm the bed, I don’t know how comfortable it is hahaha.”

Li Chunfeng’s lungs were exploding while fighting!

She was never an easy person to get angry.

But today I am really angry.

For the old and disrespectful, this is the old monster!

They are all a lot of age, and they are so shameless!

It should be dragged out to pieces!

And Li Chunfeng clearly felt that the other party was playing with him!

However, Li Chunfeng is now feeling extremely suffering!

Obviously I was so humiliated, I should have sacrificed my life to fight a bloody battle!

But thinking of Wiliam’s physical condition just now, Li Chunfeng could only choose to endure it!

As long as you can buy more time for Wiliam, it will be worth it!

When Li Chunfeng thought of this, his heart was bleeding!

I don’t know why, but made this choice.

Lu Renlong is not respectful of the old, but he is deliberately stimulating Li Chunfeng.

He clearly felt that Li Chunfeng was about to explode just now, but didn’t know why, the little girl abruptly resisted the humiliation.

“It’s really interesting, little girl, you can bear this kind of humiliation? I don’t know what calculations you are making?” Lu Renlong spit out Li Chunfeng again with a palm, then said with a smile.

Standing not far away, Jie from the old mainland saw through with a glance, and said indifferently: “The third child, this woman can endure such a humiliation and has to delay time with you. She is buying time for that Wiliam boy. Wiliam’s relationship is extraordinary, so you should stop playing with her and make a quick decision without delay. Don’t delay major events.”

When Lu Renlong heard what the boss said, he nodded immediately, but smiled to Li Chunfeng sullenly: “Little beautiful girl, I’m so sorry, grandpa really doesn’t want to kill you, but wants to catch you and go back to warm the bed. It’s a pity , The boss is very hard-working, but there is no way. You can only kill you on the spot. Don’t worry, I will leave you a whole body. After all, the whole body looks beautiful, right? Hahahaha!”

With these extremely pathological words, Li Chunfeng was getting goose bumps all over his body!

Her body suddenly burst into flames, and the temperature around her rose again!

The whole person is like the reincarnation of Vulcan, terrifying!

Li Chunfeng, really made up his mind!

Now that the other party is determined to make a quick decision.

Then, on your own side, you must also show your determination.

Since you can’t delay time, you must die.

It would be worthwhile to hit the opponent hard and eliminate some threats for Wiliam!

Thinking of this, Li Chunfeng tears in his eyes!

Blow your blood.

Burn all the dirt in the world!

Or be selfish and blow up the old monster that humiliates you!

But when Li Chunfeng decided to die, a gentle voice came from the door Li Chunfeng had been guarding.

“Come back, you can’t do stupid things anymore, it doesn’t matter if I am there.”

Chapter 1307

Li Chunfeng couldn’t help but look back when he heard this voice.

I saw Wiliam standing at the door.

Feliicity followed Wiliam.

Wiliam’s face was extremely pale at the moment, but compared to the one in the room just now, it was much better.

The moment Li Chunfeng saw Wiliam, tears couldn’t help but slip down.

The flame on her body gradually subsided.

In her heart, she believed in Wiliam.

Regardless of whether Wiliam’s martial arts were outstanding or he had nothing, Li Chunfeng would unconditionally believe in Wiliam.

Since Wiliam said it was handed over to him, it would definitely be possible.

Li Chunfeng, who had taken off his defenses, immediately returned to Wiliam’s side.

Wiliam couldn’t bear to look at Li Chunfeng, whose body was stained with blood.

This silly girl.

Isn’t your own fate?

In this world, why are there so many gamblers?

I am, Feliicity is, and Li Chunfeng is now.

Just now Wiliam was in the room and something happened.

He was immersed in his body and found that the normal aura movement couldn’t suppress the violent force in his body.

Therefore, Wiliam thought of using the Buju he had just learned.

Use the five elements of yin and yang to treat the body as an altar of the five elements.

This was originally Wiliam’s helpless move, but he didn’t know why, but he suppressed the violence for a while.

However, it was only a temporary suppression, and it was uncertain when this violent atmosphere would come back again.

Wiliam heard the sound of fighting outside since he woke up.

I also heard Li Chunfeng being constantly molested by an old voice.

The nameless anger in Wiliam’s heart instantly burned.

He looked at the Feliicity on the side, his face was also ugly to the extreme.

Obviously Feliicity was also angry.

It’s just that Feliicity didn’t dare to throw it out on the spot considering the situation on Wiliam’s side.

So Wiliam immediately brought Feliicity down and stopped Li Chunfeng’s foolish behavior.

Seeing Wiliam coming out, the third elders of the Lu family felt a familiar aura in Wiliam’s body, and immediately determined that the weak man in front of them was the Wiliam they had been looking for.

Lu Renlong looked at Wiliam arrogantly, and said, “You are Wiliam, a child of the Lu family? What? You don’t kneel and kowtow after seeing your ancestors? Are you convicted?”

This superb arrogance made Wiliam feel even more unhappy.

Dare to be unreasonable to the people around me, now you want me to kowtow to you?


Although Wiliam’s face was pale, he still said without arrogance, “I am no longer a member of the Lu family, so why should I confess my mistakes to you? I want to ask you, where is the nasty old man, arrogant at my door?”

When Lu Renlong heard this, his anger rose.

He wanted to go forward to give Wiliam a severe lesson, but was pulled down by Lu Renjie.

Lu Renjie looked at Wiliam coldly.

Wiliam also looked at Lu Renjie.

But looking at it, Wiliam suddenly thought about it!

He stared at Lu Renjie’s spiritual platform closely and concentrated.

At this time, a magical scene suddenly appeared in Wiliam’s mind!

Suddenly, caught off guard!
Wiliam was shocked when he saw the scene that appeared out of thin air, but he was also extremely happy!


The effect of the combination of medicine and divination is so amazing!

He suppressed the excitement in his heart and pretended to be calm and impermanent.

Lu Renjie spoke at this time.

He looked at Wiliam condescendingly, and said, “Well, we haven’t been in this world for too long, let alone the world. Even the people of the Lu family don’t know us. It’s natural. I’ll introduce it to you.”

Lu Renjie referred to Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong and said: “Our names are Lu Renjie, Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong respectively. Fifty years ago, we were already serving as the elders of the Lu family in North, but then our three brothers were fascinated by martial arts. , I decided to hide together forty years ago. It is normal for you not to know us without asking questions, but I’m sure your grandfather, Lu Lingfeng, definitely knows us.”

Lu Renjie said while observing Wiliam’s expression.

But he was disappointed, and Wiliam’s expression was calm.

Lu Renjie and the others were the elders of the Lu family in North when they were not yet hidden.

At that time, Lu Lingfeng was only 30 years old, more than 20 years away from them.

In Lu Renjie’s view, Lu Lingfeng at the time was nothing but a brat, with no talent at all.

However, when they came out of the mountain this time, they discovered an extremely shocking fact.

Lu Lingfeng is already terrifyingly strong!

This made the Lu family elders become extremely jealous.

Originally only their juniors, martial arts talent is mediocre.

However, they had been in seclusion for forty years, and they did not widen the gap with Lu Lingfeng. Instead, they were caught up by Lu Lingfeng, even surpassed!

How could they bear this tone.

However, this is just a small reason for their emergence.

There is another very crucial reason for their emergence.

That’s because they inquired that Lu Lingfeng actually supplemented the “Impermanent Medical Classics” handed down from the North Lu family!

This is like a bolt from the blue to them!

It’s like rain falling from the sky!

The third elders of the Lu family, the reason for leaving this time, had nothing to do with the catastrophe of Lu Lingfeng in North’s family.

They have long been hidden, and the life and death of the Lu Family is not worth mentioning to them.

The reason for coming out is that I have to come out.

Because Lu Renjie’s life is at stake!

Forty years ago, Lu Renjie was known as the strongest fighter of the Lu family.

Haughty and arrogant, he challenged the strong, but he was finally defeated by one person and was seriously injured.

Lu Renjie didn’t want people to know this information, so as not to lose face, so in desperation, he pulled Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong into retreat together.

I thought that through hard practice after retreat, the wounds of the body can be repaired.

But something unexpected happened.

Lu Renjie suffered no ordinary injuries at all.

Instead, someone used a trick and planted strange poison.

Originally, the North Lu family was also a medical civilization, but the three of them couldn’t solve the poison.

Lu Renjie finally had no choice but to practice a kind of evil skill.

This kind of evil skill can hang his life to the greatest extent.

This tune is forty years, which is already very remarkable.

But now, Lu Renjie’s deadline is approaching!

He knows that if he continues to hide, he can only wait for death.

Not reconciled, he took his brother out again.

Who knew that he heard the news of Lu Family’s catastrophe as soon as he came out of the mountain.

Through some means, he learned that Lu Lingfeng had even supplemented the “Impermanent Medical Classics.”

This made him ecstatic.

Because according to the genealogy records, the legendary complete version of “Medical Sutra of Wuchang” can cure all kinds of poisons and can last a short life!

However, they also heard that Lu Lingfeng’s current strength was extremely abnormal.

Originally, Lu Renjie at his peak had the confidence to fight, but now it seems that he has no power to fight.

So the three brothers of the Lu family thought of this method now!

Capture Lu Lingfeng’s grandson alive and threaten Lu Lingfeng!

Chapter 1308 the most terrifying military division

The third elder of the Lu family found out that Lu Lingfeng had a grandson who had just been injured some time ago and fled back to Q City ( Qena City ).

So they rushed to Q City ( Qena City ).

Seeing Wiliam, the Lu family sneered together.

Lu Lingfeng was unremarkable at first, but he has accumulated a lot of hair behind him, not as strong as an individual.

But Lu Lingfeng’s grandson now looks like a sick child.

You need a woman’s support to walk.

This genetic inheritance is simply embarrassing.

The three of them are very conceited, especially Lu Renjie.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t hide for forty years for the sake of face.

It’s really shameful to have the three masters deal with a sick seedling now.

“I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you, I just pick up the words directly, I hope you will come with us obediently, otherwise, I will guarantee your life will not be saved.” Lu Renlong said to Wiliam proudly.

This tone did not allow Wiliam to refute the slightest.

However, Wiliam laughed out, “You guys, dare to kill me?”

Lu Renjie’s face became angry and sneered, “A person who has no power to bind a chicken, how dare to say this! My second brother and I are martial artists! My elder brother is a half-step innate power! We want to kill you, we can kill you with one breath without doing anything!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, obviously because of what he saw and heard just now, something connected in series.

He smiled and said: “I admit that I have no power to bind a chicken, and I also admit that you kill me without any effort. It’s just that there is a problem with your ears? What I asked is, do you dare to kill me? “

These words, like a blast of thunder, blasted the faces of the opposite elders, and even blasted Li Chunfeng and Feliicity to shock!

Wiliam is crazy!

Does he know how powerful the strong man in front of him is!

Does he know what a half-step innate powerhouse is!

Is his head really bad?

Do you want to spread it to him!

However, the outspoken Lu Renlong asked in a cold voice: “Boy! You really think we dare not kill you! What do you mean by this!”

Wiliam leaned on his body and still said indifferently, “What do you mean, you can’t kill me, you dare not kill me, because I am a matter of life and death for you.”

At this moment, the old Lu Family’s expressions were all stiff.

They glanced at each other, their eyes filled with doubts!


Why did this kid suddenly say such inexplicable words!

They didn’t even tell anyone the reason for the Lu Family’s emergence this time!

But this kid seems to have something to say to them!

What does he know!

How did he know!

“Boy! You don’t give me a pleasant answer today. Believe it or not, I don’t need anything. I’ll kill you immediately!” Lu Renlong asked Lu Renjie’s consent and shouted violently.

Feliicity and Li Chunfeng also looked at Wiliam in perplexity, obviously they didn’t know what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “You come here, I’m afraid you didn’t avenge the Lu family at all? You want to catch me, pick me up and threaten my grandpa?”

“You! You!” Lu Renlong was choked out by Wiliam!

All right!

Lu Renjie laughed at this time, “Interesting kid, can you tell me why you know this? Has anyone confided you?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Why do you need someone to report such a low-level inference.”

“Inference? Did we say anything else to you just now? We seem to have just introduced ourselves.” Lu Renjie smiled calmly.

Wiliam was happy to continue dealing with them because of his health.

So Wiliam said lightly: “It’s very simple. The three of you don’t seem to have a sense of family honor at all. Otherwise, you should have felt the Lu Family catastrophe some time ago, and you can come out directly. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have a sense of family honor. Yes, but wait until now.”

Wiliam had enough confidence in this.

Because he knew from Harper that there were a few old monsters in the Lu family who lived in Houshan.

And at the station that day, Wiliam drew the coercion of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn, enough to make them aware.

They should also be able to perceive it when the killing sound shook the sky.

They did not show up, indicating that they were indifferent to the life and death of the Lu Family.

“Therefore, there must be other reasons for your coming out this time. And if you came to me, not to avenge the Lu family, I lost my martial arts and even my memory was confused. To you, there is no value at all, unless I am. …”

“I’m Lu Lingfeng’s grandson. This is very important, right? It’s when you just mentioned my grandfather when you were testing me just now, that’s what I thought. Then following this line of thought, it is natural to infer, You guys want to deal with my grandpa.”

“If you think so, it means that you still don’t have the ability to deal with my grandfather, so you can only coerce my grandfather into submission by arresting me, right?”

The faces of the three people who were opposite Wiliam’s words became harder to look!

Lu Renjie just mentioned Lu Lingfeng.

A name that leaked so much information?

Or in other words, the pale and sick seed in front of him has a terribly high IQ!

A few simple pieces of information can be completely connected, producing incredible and extremely accurate inferences!

“Go on!” Lu Renjie said with a cold face.

Wiliam rubbed his head and said, “Well, since I said you weren’t trying to avenge the Lu Family’s catastrophe, you didn’t have any rebuttals. It should be acquiescence. Then I can proceed smoothly. “

The three elders of the Lu family were taken aback.

I’m going!

This kid!

It is a temporary inference!

How terrible is this quick wit!

“Then why are you looking for my grandfather? Revenge is not, nor is it to learn martial arts, after all, you said just now, Lu Renjie is still half-step innate, in the same realm as my grandfather. Then there is only one possibility left. Seek medical attention.” Wiliam said methodically.

These were indeed connected by Wiliam just now after listening to Lu Renjie’s words.

But these can only be inferences!

What allowed Wiliam to conclude that this was the most confident thing was the magical scene that Wiliam had just seen while spying on Lu Renjie Lingtai.

And the third elders of the Lu family didn’t know that Wiliam had another miracle, and they were shocked by Wiliam’s words!

What kind of evil did the Lu family have!

Just now I said that Lu Lingfeng’s grandson was nothing extraordinary. Now it seems that even if Wiliam has no martial arts cultivation skills, based on this enchanting wisdom alone, he will surely become the most terrifying military commander in the world in time!

“If you seek medical advice, it becomes extremely simple. You should have found information that everyone knows.” Wiliam looked at the other three, their faces changed wildly, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

“You are here to make up the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, right?”

“Then if you find me, it’s really…”

“Find the right person!”


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