Dragon Husband 1308-1315

Chapter 1308

The third elder of the Lu family found out that Lu Lingfeng had a grandson who had just been injured some time ago and fled back to  Q City ( Qena City ).

So they rushed to  Q City ( Qena City ).

Seeing Wiliam, the three elders of the Lu family sneered in their hearts.

Lu Lingfeng was unremarkable at the beginning, but he has accumulated a lot of hair in the back, and he is not as strong as an individual.

But Lu Lingfeng’s grandson now looks like a sick child.

You need a woman’s support to walk.

This genetic inheritance is simply embarrassing.

The three of them are very arrogant people, especially Lu Renjie.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t hide for forty years for the sake of face.

It’s really shameful to have the three masters deal with a sick seedling now.

“I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you, I just pick it up straight, I hope you will follow us obediently, otherwise, I can guarantee your life will not be saved.” Lu Renlong said to Wiliam proudly.

This tone did not allow Wiliam to refute the slightest.

However, Wiliam laughed out, “You guys, dare to kill me?”

Lu Renjie’s face was angry, and he sneered, “A man who has no power to bind a chicken, how dare to say this! My second brother and I are martial artists! My elder brother is a half-step innate power! We want to kill you, we can kill you with one breath without having to do it!”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, obviously because of what he saw and heard just now, something connected in series.

He smiled and said: “I admit that I have no power to bind a chicken, and I also admit that you kill me without any effort. It’s just that you have a problem with your ears? What I asked is, do you dare to kill me? “

These words, like a blast of thunder, blasted the faces of the opposite elders, and even blasted Li Chunfeng and Feliicity to shock!

Wiliam is crazy!

Does he know how powerful the strong man in front of him is!

Does he know what a half-step congenital powerhouse is!

Is his head really bad?

Do you want to popularize it for him!

However, the outspoken Lu Renlong asked in a cold voice: “Boy! You really think we dare not kill you! What do you mean by this!”

Wiliam propped up and said lightly, “What do you mean, you can’t kill me, don’t dare to kill me, because I am a matter of life and death for you.”

At this moment, the faces of the Lu Family’s three elders were all stiff.

They glanced at each other, their eyes filled with doubts!


Why did this kid suddenly say such inexplicable words!

They didn’t even tell anyone the reason why the Lu family elders came out this time!

But this kid seemed to have something to say to them!

What does he know!

How did he know!

“Boy! You don’t give me a happy answer today, believe it or not, I don’t want anything, I will kill you right away!” Lu Renlong asked Lu Renjie’s consent and shouted violently.

Feliicity and Li Chunfeng also looked at Wiliam in perplexity, obviously they didn’t know what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam shrugged and said with a smile: “You come here, I’m afraid you didn’t avenge the Lu family at all? You want to catch me, pick me up and threaten my grandfather, right?”

“You! You!” Lu Renlong was choked by Wiliam to speak!

All right!

Lu Renjie laughed at this time, “Interesting kid, can you tell me why you know this? Has anyone told you about it?”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Why do you need someone to report this kind of low-level inference.”

“Inference? Did we say anything else to you just now? We seem to have just introduced ourselves.” Lu Renjie smiled calmly.

Wiliam was happy to continue dealing with them because of his health.

So Wiliam said lightly: “It’s very simple. The three of you don’t seem to have a sense of family honor at all. Otherwise, you should have felt the Lu Family catastrophe some time ago, and you can come out directly. It’s a pity that you don’t have a sense of family honor. Yes, but wait till now.”

Wiliam had enough confidence in this.

Because he knew from Harper Wang that there were a few old monsters in the Lu family who lived in Houshan.

And at the station that day, Wiliam aroused the pressure of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn, enough to make them aware.

They should also be able to perceive it when the killing sound shook the sky.

They didn’t show up, indicating that they were indifferent to the life and death of the Lu Family.

“So you came out this time, there must be other reasons. And you came to me, not to avenge the Lu family, I lost martial arts and even memory confusion, to you, there is no value at all, unless my identity …”

“I am Lu Lingfeng’s grandson. This is very important, isn’t it? It was when you just mentioned my grandfather when you were testing me, I thought so. Then following this line of thought, it is natural to infer, You guys want to deal with my grandfather.”

“If you think so, it means that you still don’t have the ability to deal with my grandfather, so you can only coerce my grandfather into submission by arresting me, right?”

The faces of the three people who were opposite Wiliam’s words became more difficult to look!

Lu Renjie just mentioned Lu Lingfeng.

A name that leaked so much information?

Or in other words, the pale-faced sick seed in front of him has a frighteningly high IQ!

A few simple pieces of information can be completely connected, producing incredible and incomparably correct inferences!

“Go on!” Lu Renjie said with a cold face.

Wiliam rubbed his head and said, “Well, since I said you weren’t trying to take revenge for the Lu Family’s catastrophe, you didn’t have any rebuttals. It should be acquiescence. Then I can go on smoothly. “

The three elders of the Lu family were stunned.

I’m going!

This kid!

It is a temporary inference!

How terrible is this quick wit!

“Then why are you looking for my grandfather? It’s not revenge, nor is it to learn martial arts. After all, you just said that Lu Renjie is still half-step innate, in the same realm as my grandfather. Then there is only one possibility left. Seek medical attention.” Wiliam said methodically.

These were indeed connected by Wiliam just now after listening to Lu Renjie’s words.

But these can only be inferences!

What allowed Wiliam to be confident to conclude that this was true was the magical scene that Wiliam saw when he spied on Lu Renjie Lingtai.

And the third elders of the Lu family didn’t know that Wiliam had something else magical, and was shocked by Wiliam’s words!

What kind of evildoer has happened to the Lu Family!

I said just now that Lu Lingfeng’s grandson was unremarkable, and now it seems that even if Wiliam has no martial arts skills, based on this enchanting wisdom, he will surely become the most terrifying military commander in the world in time!

“If you seek medical advice, it becomes extremely simple. You should have found information that everyone knows.” Wiliam looked at the other three, their faces changed wildly, and the corners of their mouths curled up.

“You are here to make up the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, right?”

“Then if you find me, it’s really…”

“Find the right person!”

Chapter 1309

Wiliam’s words are actually half true.

The truth is that these inferences are indeed made temporarily by him.

What didn’t tell the Lu family elders was that Wiliam had vaguely guessed something earlier.

Wiliam concluded that his grandfather had left a way for him to survive, and this way of life lies in the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

Wiliam had never exposed the “Impermanent Medical Classics” before the world.

Therefore, Wiliam knows that this “Impermanence Medical Classic” is definitely the biggest check and balance point.

When he saw the illusion of Lu Renjie’s spiritual platform, Wiliam was even more sure of this.

The third elders of the Lu family were shocked by what Wiliam said!

They felt more and more terrible about this kid in their hearts.

There are people with such a magical plan in the world!

If he can martial arts, it would be against the sky!

However, Lu Renjie sneered immediately, “Ho ho, what if you guess this?”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Lu Renjie continued: “Even if you are a little clever and you can see through these things, I ask you, what can you do? In the face of absolute force, no amount of conspiracy and tricks are useful. Now that you know us If you want to catch you to check and balance your grandfather, if you don’t want to be obedient, you will be able to get rid of the suffering!

As soon as this word came out, the two women beside Wiliam’s heart shook together.


What’s the point of saying more?

Wiliam was just delaying time.

Now that the trick is seen through, everyone can’t escape if they want to.

And Wiliam still looked indifferent, and said casually: “I think when you came here, you did some homework and got some information? However, you missed the most important piece of information recently, which is a bit wrong. It should be.”

“The most important piece of information?” The Lu Family’s three elders were taken aback.

What else did they miss?

Lu Renlong immediately shouted violently: “Boy! Just say what you have! Don’t go around here!”

Wiliam smiled and said, “Don’t you know what my grandfather is doing? He recently asked people to do everything possible to kill me.”

“Huh?” Now, the heads of all three of them were circled.

Grandpa asked someone to kill his grandson?

Is this a bloody feud with his grandson?

How does this information feel so untrue?

“Are you special! How dare you fool me! I’ll kill you right away!” Lu Renlong’s violent temper came up.

And Wiliam still said faintly: “Okay, come and kill me.”

He didn’t have the slightest struggle, and he didn’t have the slightest hesitation.

“Youngest! Wait a minute!” Lu Renjie stopped Lu Renlong, staring deeply at Wiliam.

Wiliam ticked the corner of his mouth and said, “Since you can inquire so much information, it means that you have the source of the information. Why not inquire now to see if what I said is true or false?”

Lu Renjie frowned, and he gave Lu Renxiong a look.

Lu Renxiong immediately took out a cell phone and started the call.

One minute later.

Lu Renxiong’s face became extremely ugly!

He whispered to Lu Renjie: “Big brother, what this kid said is true! Guhuogu really has an order to kill this kid!”

Now, Lu Renjie was even more puzzled!

What kind of drama are these two grandpa and grandson singing!

what the hell!

Lu Renjie couldn’t help but shouted, “Boy, why did your grandpa kill you! Get it to me!”

But Wiliam saw Lu Renjie gradually lose his previous reason, but his heart became more and more indifferent.

Grandpa, grandpa, you probably didn’t think of this trick, right?

The reason why Lu Lingfeng wanted to kill Wiliam was to constantly spur Wiliam to grow.

This in itself is a contrarian condition.

But in Wiliam’s current hands, it turned out to be a homeopathic condition!

Li Chunfeng also widened his eyes and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

This little bastard is okay!

You can easily turn unfavorable conditions into your own advantages.

How many people in the world can achieve the skill of turning hands for clouds and hands for rain?

“Why did my grandfather kill me? Is the reason important? You just need to know that my grandfather wants to kill me, and you want to blackmail my grandfather by arresting me. It simply doesn’t work. You send me to my grandfather. Earlier, even saying that you killed me directly would be tantamount to helping my grandfather, but I’m sorry, my grandfather won’t feel that you owe you favor because you helped him kill me.” Wiliam said with a smile.

These words hit the weakness of the three!

Lu Renlong’s temper was completely up, and he yelled: “Really! Did we come here for nothing! Damn Lu Lingfeng, what can I do to get him! Let him treat his eldest brother!”

And Lu Renjie also looked miserable.

I thought that by catching Wiliam, he could threaten Lu Lingfeng to treat his injuries.

I didn’t think that it was a waste of water in the bamboo basket in the end!


However, suddenly, Lu Renxiong, who had been a little low-key, slapped his head and shouted, “No! No!”

The other two immediately looked at Lu Renxiong.

Lu Renjie immediately said, “Second, among the three of us, you have the highest IQ. Can you see what’s wrong?”

Today’s situation was dominated by Wiliam from the moment he appeared.

This makes Lu Renjie, who has always been the best-in-class speaker, feel extremely aggrieved.

Now that the second child says there is a flaw, how can he not be excited!

Lu Renxiong pointed to Wiliam and said, “No! What he said is inconsistent! Think about it, since this kid knew from the beginning that he could not hold his grandfather, why did he still say that we dare not kill him! This is not very contradictory. Yes! If he is useless to us, we can kill him at will! He fooled us a lot, but made us forget about it! He just wanted to survive!”

Lu Renxiong’s words made Lu Renjie’s eyes widen, and the hatred in his eyes suddenly grew.


This kid said a lot just to survive today!

If Lu Renxiong could not see through this, they would really be fooled by this kid and return sadly.

“Really! Since you have said that your life is not useful! I will kill you now! I can’t come in vain! I can’t let out such a bad breath!” Lu Renlong got up and walked towards Wiliam.

Lu Renjie also looked gloomy. There was no obstacle this time. “Boy, I blame you for talking too much, and being clever is mistaken by cleverness. You probably don’t think that talking will be inconsistent! Today is your death date!”

However, Wiliam didn’t dodge in the slightest.

He didn’t look at Lu Renlong at all, but stared at Lu Renjie, and said with a smile: “It’s ridiculous! Can’t you hear the true meaning of what I say? I said you can’t kill me, and you don’t dare to kill me. It’s not taking it at all. I’m going to threaten my grandfather with this matter, but your boss’s illness…”

“I can cure it!”

Chapter 1310

“Kill me, I see in this world, who else can cure your boss’ disease?”

After Wiliam said this, half a meter in front of him, the hand of Landing Dragon was hung impressively!

The third elder of the Lu family looked at Wiliam in shock.

Lu Renlong directly stuck Wiliam’s neck and shouted sharply: “What did you say! Say it again!”

Although Wiliam blushed because of the jam, he didn’t speak any more.

“The third child! Let go!” Lu Renjie shouted immediately.

Lu Renlong put Wiliam down directly, and shouted at Wiliam: “You repeat what you just said!”

Wiliam wiped his hand on his neck, and said with a smile: “I said, I can cure your boss’s disease, kill me, who else can I see?”

Now, all three of them heard clearly.

Lu Renjie immediately yelled: “You kid! Do you know the fate of deceiving me! I will let you die without a place to bury you!”

Wiliam shrugged, “If you don’t believe me, you can continue to kill me.”

The third elder Lu family looked at me, and I looked at you, but hesitated.

This kid, that’s it!

It turns out that this big hole was dug from the beginning, waiting for the three of them to jump in!

He said that he did not dare to kill him, it turned out to be the reason!


I thought I could kill this kid to vent my anger, but I thought that everything was still under the control of this kid.

What is his ability!

“Okay! I want to see how you can treat me! Do you know what disease I am suffering from! If you don’t tell me, I will kill you on the spot!” Lu Renjie shouted violently.

What he said was a bit too much.

Because of the doctors, look, smell and ask.

This kid didn’t live with the third elders of the Lu family. It was just a few glances just now that he couldn’t meet the expectations, but it was difficult for him to tell him about his illness immediately.

But Wiliam smiled and said, “If I guess wrong, your initial injury was a poisonous injury, right?”

The three elders of the Lu family were startled, their eyes even more shocked.


Is this something to be seen or guessed?

But if you guess, there are so many diseases in the world, why did he guess the poison!

“Go on!” Lu Renjie’s face was uncertain and weird.

“In the beginning it was a poisonous injury, but you didn’t know it. You only thought it was an internal injury, so you have been forcibly improving your skill. I even suspect that you changed your martial arts halfway through and practiced martial arts that shouldn’t be practiced. That’s why it temporarily suppressed these years. I suffered from the injury, but the poison remains unsolved, and the backlog has remained until now. The current situation is that your poisoning injury is still there, and there are more internal injuries caused by the forcible fusion of two powers. Save.” Wiliam said word by word.

The three of the Lu family shook hard!

It’s all right!

This kid was right about Lu Renjie’s injuries!

This is simply a fantasy!

You know, Lu Renjie is a face-saving person.

He was injured forty years ago, and he mentioned it to everyone with a faceless face. He just found an excuse to be fascinated by martial arts and disappeared.

The world knows very little.

And this kid, he wasn’t even born forty years ago!

Now there is no more careful diagnosis! 

Just for a while, he could accurately see such a concealed injury!


How did he do it!

Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the shocked expressions of these three people.

It’s a bet.

If it was Wiliam before, no matter how high his medical skills were, he still had to follow the medical principles, which could only be inferred after careful diagnosis.

But now it’s different.

Wiliam cultivated the sixth chapter of Buju in the “Impermanence Medical Classics”.

This combination of medicine and divination, the avenue of heaven and man.

Just now, when Wiliam carefully observed Lu Renjie’s spiritual platform, he was exercising the technique of medical divination.

Who knows, this exercise was overjoyed.

He could vaguely see something strange on Lu Renjie’s spiritual stage.

The first thing that appeared on his spiritual stage was a black air.

Wiliam has also seen this smearing qi, which represents poisonous qi attacking the heart.

And then, Wiliam was even more shocked.

The black air was so full of emotions that scenes of scenes were formed in front of Wiliam.

In this picture, there is a vague and vicious picture of Lu Renjie being poisoned.

There are also scenes of Lu Renjie forcibly suppressing internal injuries.

As for what Wiliam said about changing his weapons midway, it was purely his temporary inference.

Because Wiliam had also suffered from several kinds of pains before.

Although it is just a few black pictures, it is enough to make people scared.

This is the first time that Wiliam has used medical divination against a person.

The sixth chapter in the “Impermanent Medical Classics” records that one can use the technique of medical divination to divine the past for a short time.

But I didn’t expect it to appear in such a mysterious picture.


Wiliam felt more and more incredible about the “Medical Classic of Wuchang” in his heart.

Sure enough, it is called the Wonderful Book of the World, not empty words.

The sixth chapter is so amazing, then the seventh, eighth, and even the final sixth chapter!

I am afraid that it can not only predict people’s past, but also their future!

At that time, he was truly a great wise man who knew 500 years before and 500 years later!

Wiliam was suddenly full of endless expectations for the future!

“You! How did you see it!” Now, even Lu Renjie’s tone softened.

Because he knew it was impossible to guess at all.

This kid really has the ability!

“I can’t tell you how you can tell, but what I can tell you is that your life is only ten days left, and no one except me in the whole world can overcame you, including my grandfather!” Wiliam confidently Said.

Because Wiliam knew that his grandfather had suffered along the way since the completion of the “Medical Classics of Impermanence”, and his consciousness was somewhat eroded.

And the most important thing in practicing “Impermanence Medical Classics” is concentration.

So Wiliam vaguely guessed that even if his grandfather knew all the contents of the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, he could no longer practice.

The third elder of the Lu family really didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry at this moment.

What’s happy is that this willow shadows and flowers bloom in another village, and the person who can really heal the boss actually appears in front of them.

And the one who is angry is that this kid is too arrogant, and sick, but he doesn’t put the three big masters in his eyes at all!

Lu Renjie thought about his poisonous injury, and he estimated that there would be problems within ten days, so Wiliam was right again.

At this moment, he no longer hesitated, and sternly shouted: “Okay! Let’s confess, you kid! Then I won’t make it difficult for you, ten days you, you must cure my disease! Or I will kill you before I die!”

Wiliam nodded, “As long as you let us go, I will help you.”

But at this time, Lu Ren said slyly, “Boss, this kid is scheming. In order to avoid being tricked by him again, or he will ruin you indiscriminately, we have to take hostages! Didn’t we find out that this kid has a wife before? We will take her wife as a hostage, and we are not afraid that he will not obey orders!”

Lu Renjie immediately agreed.

And when Wiliam and Feliicity frowned slightly, they suddenly saw Li Chunfeng stand up stubbornly and said: “You guys even inquired about this. I tell you that I am Wiliam’s wife Feliicity and want to catch me. , It’s not that easy!”

Chapter 1311

Feliicity was taken aback, she didn’t expect Li Chunfeng to stand up in this manner.

She was about to stand up soon, but was suddenly held by Wiliam.

Wiliam frowned, watching Li Chunfeng say nothing.

However, Li Chunfeng stared closely at the third elders of the Lu family, with infinite hatred in his eyes.

The three elders of the Lu family glanced at each other, there was no doubt in their eyes.

Because from the situation just now, this woman can be said to have sacrificed her life and wanted to guard the door of this house.

If it weren’t for a good relationship with Wiliam, it would be impossible to do so.

Lu Renlong immediately said: “Little girl, you really treat yourself as a dish! We won’t kill this kid now, but if we want to torture you, you have a few lives!”

Wiliam said lightly: “No, no hostages are needed. Or, the three of us will become your hostages. Is this the head office?”

The third old Lu Family looked at Wiliam in surprise.

And Li Chunfeng glared fiercely, as if he was saying, “You little bastard, are you still reluctant to leave a way out for yourself at this time!”

Li Chunfeng stood up completely voluntarily.

She knew how terrible these three old men were.

Feliicity has no power to restrain the chicken, if it falls into their hands, he will not even struggle, or even have the opportunity to commit suicide.

But Li Chunfeng has a way.

So out of considerations in this regard, Li Chunfeng stepped forward and planned to replace Feliicity as the hostage of the opponent.

How could Wiliam not know her kindness?

But knowing Gui knows, will Wiliam let Li Chunfeng do this?

Judging from the situation just now, these three old men are not good people at all.

If Li Chunfeng was humiliated because of this, Wiliam could not shirk the blame.

“Boy, what do you mean by this?” Lu Renlong stared at Wiliam and asked.

Wiliam pointed to the emperor flower behind him and said, “We will all live in this room for the time being. You have also seen that I don’t have any martial arts, so living in this house can’t escape your palms. And living here is also convenient for treating your boss, isn’t it?”

The third elder of the Lu family glanced at each other again.

Finally, Lu Renjie nodded, “Forgive you, this kid who dare not play any tricks. You go in first.”

Wiliam held Li Chunfeng with his left hand and Feliicity with his right hand, and walked in.

He walked directly to the room upstairs and dropped a word, “The three of us live upstairs, and you can do whatever you like in the room downstairs.”

Lu Renjie sneered and considered this kid acquainted.

This kid did this because he was a wise man, and let the first floor out so that they could guard it.

“Hey, when will you treat me?” Lu Renjie shouted to Wiliam.

Wiliam said without looking back, “Tomorrow morning. Your life will not die for a while.”

Lu Renjie was so angry that his beard was about to fly.

Damn it!

If this kid can’t cure his illness tomorrow, he will definitely get his head off immediately!

Too arrogant!

Wiliam took the two women back to the room, and then locked the door.

Locking the door, Wiliam suddenly gasped for breath, and fell directly to the ground. 

Dou Da’s cold sweat came out along Wiliam’s forehead.

“Wiliam! What’s wrong with you!” Li Chunfeng asked nervously when he saw that Wiliam was doing this, regardless of his injury.

Feliicity also said anxiously: “Wiliam just barely recovered a bit of life, and then went out. I think he has a problem with his body now. Wiliam, can you treat yourself by yourself?”

“Do you need me to give you some internal strength?” Li Chunfeng also asked.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, please be quiet first, and I will adjust your lower body.”

Just now when Wiliam was down there, he had already noticed that violent aura in his body began to move around again.

He felt the blood boil in his body, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

However, he definitely couldn’t let the Lu family see this situation.

Otherwise, the three of them will never escape.

Wiliam had to show enough self-confidence and strong control in front of the third elders of the Lu family, so that he could calm down the third elders of the Lu family for a while.

Now when he returned to the room, he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Fortunately, Wiliam had the previous experience and immediately followed the law, using his body as the five elements to sink into his body again.

This immersion is one morning.

When Wiliam woke up, he found two women standing so tightly in front of him.

Feliicity held a towel in her hand and wiped the forehead of Landing Leaf from time to time.

Wiliam grabbed Feliicity’s hand and smiled reluctantly: “No, nothing is going on for the time being.”

“Wiliam, what’s wrong with your body! Why is it like this!” Li Chunfeng asked quickly.

Wiliam said casually: “I took some drugs accidentally these days, and now the side effects are showing up, but it’s nothing, and I won’t die for a while. It’s you, how are your injuries?”

Li Chunfeng shook his head, and said: “I have suffered injuries, but my bloodline is special. After adjusting the breath just now, nothing has happened.”

“That’s good, Li Chunfeng, don’t be stupid in the future, you know?” Wiliam emphasized again.

Li Chunfeng’s face turned black, this incomprehensible dog thing.

What a silly old mother!

The old lady is arguing for Feliicity’s two ribs, okay!

Don’t be passionate about dogs!

“Wiliam, what do we do next? Can you really heal that Lu Renjie?” Feliicity asked again.

Wiliam whispered: “Well, I don’t do anything with confidence. You have heard it just now. They are looking for a supplementary version of ““The Scripture of Tranquility’”, and this medical script is in my hands. With great concentration and advanced medical skills, treating him shouldn’t be a problem.”

Feliicity was still worried, “Wiliam, I don’t know what you think, I think you must have thought about it too, if the demon is cured, he will definitely kill us!”

Li Chunfeng also took another sentence and said, “But if we die, we won’t escape death.”

The two women glanced at each other. Is this destined to be a dead end?

Wasn’t it a waste of work just now!

Instead of saving the bastard and being killed, it’s better to just wait for death!

Anyhow, they can pull a back and die together!

But Wiliam smiled and said, “You think too much, even if I treat that Lu Renjie well, he still dare not kill me, nor can he kill me!”

Feliicity’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t help asking, “Wiliam, what are you thinking of? Hurry up and let us listen to it. Anyway, I have a bottom in my heart?

But Wiliam smiled and said: “I have a way, but if I say it, it won’t work. Just wait and see. Instead of worrying about this problem, it is better to worry about the more important issue in front of you. There seems to be only this on the second floor. A room, right?”

Chapter 1312

Wiliam’s words made the two women stunned.

It seems to be.

There is only one room on the second floor of the Emperor Flower, which serves as the master bedroom.

It is usually used as the home of Wiliam and Feliicity.

There are four rooms on the first floor. A few days ago, several women lived in the rooms on the first floor.

The problem before Feliicity and Li Chunfeng is that there is only one room on the second floor, and no one can go to the first floor.

The two women glanced at each other, eyes full of embarrassment.

Instead, Wiliam coughed slightly, and said, “Then what, or if I sleep on the floor, you two will squeeze on the bed.”

“No!” At this moment, the two women shouted together.

Feliicity said first: “You are so weak now, how can you sleep on the floor again? No way, no way!”

Li Chunfeng said with a black line: “Let me sleep on the floor, as long as you don’t dislike me as a light bulb, and don’t have too much movement at night, I sleep lightly…”

As she said later, her voice became smaller and smaller.

Obviously thinking of something inappropriate for children.

This time it was Feliicity’s turn to a black line.

What the hell is this sister Chunfeng thinking!

Let’s not say that the three of us are in the same room. Wiliam has the courage to make things happen?

Even if he had the courage, his body wouldn’t allow it—he wasn’t considered a man now.

Feliicity looked at Li Chunfeng distressedly and said, “No, your body is hurt, and I have practiced martial arts, knowing that you just said it lightly and don’t want us to worry. No, I’m the best of the three. , I sleep on the floor.”

This time Wiliam and Li Chunfeng were all black faces.

Wiliam couldn’t help but said, “Wife, you are going to sleep on the floor and let me sleep in the same bed with Chunfeng? You are so handsome and disrespectful!”

Feliicity’s head stiffened, and the whole person was embarrassed.

Emma, ​​is this absolutely not allowed?

“Okay, okay, I slept on the floor and made a floor. I didn’t hit it before. I have rich experience. I won’t be dead. Besides, I might study the “Impermanent Medical Classics” until very late. A little bit further, it won’t disturb you to rest. That’s it.” In the end, Wiliam forced the decision.

It was just these words that made Feliicity depressed, “How do you know that you have been hitting the floor before?”

Wiliamzhen said angrily: “I am not a brain-disabled if I am amnesia. I have an inexplicable sense of familiarity and intimacy when I sit on the floor, can’t it?”

The two women had nothing to say, unable to complain.

And at this moment, in the room downstairs, the three elders of the Lu family gathered together.

“Boss, is that kid’s words really credible? He can really treat you? Why does he treat you?” Lu Renlong asked first.

Lu Renjie looked at Lu Renxiong at this time.

Lu Renxiong is the smartest of the three.

At this time, Lu Renxiong let out a sneer and said, “Ho ho, the reason is very simple, the boss is now suffering from this disease, he can be cured, these methods are not inferior to the sky, you say, what are the other methods in this world? Can you cure Big Brother’s disease?”

Lu Renlong was taken aback, and said in a puzzled way: “Did you say so!”

“Wrong! It is the supplemented version of “The Medical Classics of Wuchang”! Now I have 100% confidence that the “Medical Classics of Wuchang” is on this kid, otherwise he will definitely not be able to do this.” Lu Renxiong swept before. The calm face in front of Wiliam was gloomy.

If Wiliam saw the current Lu Renxiong, he would definitely be surprised.

Lu Renxiong didn’t talk a lot just now, and he even deliberately remained silent sometimes.

But now, Lu Renxiong is sharp in his words!

Obviously Lu Renxiong was hiding himself before!

This is indeed the case!

Not to mention that Lu Renxiong was the smartest of the three. In the former Lu family of North, Lu Renxiong was considered a wise man!

His greatest characteristic is that he is wise but not ostentatious.

He is like a dormant poisonous snake, if it doesn’t come out, it’s deadly!

“Second, what shall we do next?” Lu Renjie also asked Lu Renxiong.

Lu Renxiong smiled slightly and said, “Don’t be in a hurry to make a conclusion. I still need to observe some things, but we can be sure of one thing. That kid can hardly fly with wings.”

“Second brother, what else do you want to observe?” Lu Renlong asked curiously.

Lu Renxiong played with a jade finger on his hand, and said with a smile: “It’s very interesting, don’t you see it? The woman who fought with the third child before is actually not the boy’s wife, but the one who has been standing next to the boy. That beauty is.”

“Huh?” Lu Renjie also looked at Lu Renxiong suspiciously.

Lu Renxiong said casually: “It’s easy to observe. The woman named Feliicity has never left Wiliam in her eyes. If she hadn’t printed Wiliam in her bones, she wouldn’t be able to pretend that kind of affection. There is one more interesting thing, that kid. There is also a weirdness in him. I have been holding back it just now. Does he think we can’t see it? Huh, ridiculous. I want to see, what are they going to perform? It’s been a long time since I saw such an interesting kid. Like this Smart man, I am most interested in torturing him.”

Lu Renjie and Lu Renlong both opened their mouths at this time.

They knew that Lu Renxiong was like this.

He is so wise and close to the demon, and the most interesting thing in his life is torturing smart people.

It seemed that the kid had been spotted by the second child and could not escape.

“Anyway, let’s just follow what I say, eldest brother, do you have any opinions?” Lu Renxiong said with a smile.

Lu Renjie nodded, “Well, you are the master, you have always been the master.”

To outsiders, Lu Renjie is the leader of the three.

But only the three of them know that on weekdays, Lu Renxiong is the mainstay!

That night, the violent aura on Wiliam appeared again, but it was quickly suppressed by Wiliam.

But Wiliam felt worse and worse.

He always felt that something was wrong.

Those three people are probably more terrifying than I thought.

However, Wiliam was still uncertain about what was wrong.

Early the next morning, Lu Renlong’s shout came from downstairs, “Boy, don’t come down to treat our eldest brother!”

Wiliam actually woke up a long time ago.

He told Feliicity and Li Chunfeng not to leave the room, and then went downstairs.

This time, Wiliam stopped rejecting and said, “I need a silver needle.”

Lu Renlong seemed to have expected Wiliam to do this a long time ago, so he directly took out a silver needle and handed it to Wiliam, “Take it.”

Wiliam nodded, looked at Lu Renjie who was sitting in the chair, and said, “Next, I will give you a pulse first to diagnose the condition.”

Lu Renjie had no objection, stretched out his left hand and handed it to Wiliam.

At this time, Wiliam put his hand on Lu Renjie’s pulse.

But as soon as his hands hit, Wiliam’s head seemed to have thousands of pieces of information pouring into his mind. The squeezing at this moment made him let out a painful wailing.

He went into a coma directly!

Chapter 1313

The third elders of the Lu family fainted when they saw Wiliam’s eyes turned, and looked at each other.

What the hell is this kid doing!

Lu Renlong directly pinched Wiliam’s people.

After a minute, Wiliam slowly opened his eyes.

His face was extremely pale.

But Lu Renlong didn’t care about this, and shouted sharply: “What the hell do you kid want to do in front of us!”

But Lu Renxiong showed a faint smile.

He had seen something wrong with this kid’s body a long time ago.

Now, it just further confirmed his guess.

But Wiliam shook his head and said, “Sorry, I will continue.”

Lu Renlong gave Wiliam a fierce look and cursed, “Tell me honestly, don’t play any tricks! Otherwise you will die ugly!”

Wiliam took a deep breath and began to calm himself.

The scene just now really surprised Wiliam.

And this is the magical effect brought by this chapter of Bu Ju.

Before Wiliamguang was looking at Lu Renjie’s spiritual platform, he could vaguely see Lu Renjie’s past.

Now Wiliam is naming the veins for Lu Renjie, and because of more contact, the information Wiliam gets has increased dramatically!

And this information is actually achieved through the brutal way of forcibly squeezing into the brain.

On the one hand, Wiliam didn’t have any precautions at all, so his head couldn’t handle the information correctly at once.

On the other hand, Wiliam’s current body is indeed extremely weak, and the sudden mental burden has suddenly increased his pressure.

At this moment, he almost made him nervous.

He calmed down at this moment, his head quickly digesting the intricate information he had received.

This information is all about Lu Renjie.

They are all fragmented pieces of information, and Wiliam needs to integrate these pieces of information together with extremely fast logical thinking.

He took Lu Renjie’s pulse, pretending to be a pulse, and closed his eyes in thought.

If it had been before, Wiliam could also obtain similar information through observation, hearing, and inquiries.

But it will certainly not be as large as it is now, nor will it be so accurate and correct.

After a full ten minutes, when Lu Renlong couldn’t hold back, Wiliam slowly opened his eyes.

Lu Renjie stared at Wiliam and asked, “How?”

Wiliam said faintly: “Forty years ago, you were injured. After the injury, you didn’t notice that you were poisoned. So later you practiced other martial arts to suppress the injury. After these years of fermentation, you now have three kinds of deaths on your body. Bureau!”

“Three! So many!” Lu Renjie’s eyes widened.

He was shocked by Wiliam’s words, but also terrified that he was in danger.

“The first type of death is naturally that the poison on your body has not been solved, and it has invaded your internal organs. It is difficult to get to the blue sky if you want to remove the poison.” Wiliam said calmly, “the second type of death. It is because you have practiced two kinds of martial arts that have caused two completely incompatible auras in your body to fight for decades. You have reached the end of the crossbow. It can even be said that you are already on the verge of becoming a demon. I don’t know when this kind of entanglement. Fighting will tear your body completely to pieces.”

Lu Renjie took a deep breath, and suddenly felt a little bit cold in his hands and feet

He couldn’t help asking: “What about the third type? What is the third dead end?”

Wiliam stared at Lu Renjie and said, “The third dead end is very interesting. The first two dead ends are for your body, and the third dead end is for your spirit and soul.”

Lu Renjie was confused, “What do you say?”

Wiliam turned his head to look at Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong, and then said to Lu Renjie: “The following things, I can only tell you.”

Lu Renlong’s temper came up, “You want to make a moth again! I will kill you!”

“Stop! Second brother and third brother, you should withdraw first.” Lu Renjie looked at Wiliam deeply, and then said.

“But big brother, this kid has too many conspiracies.” Lu Renlong said angrily.

“What are you afraid of? A person who has no power to bind a chicken, I am afraid that he will not succeed? You go out first.” Lu Renjie said lightly.

Lu Renlong wanted to talk, but he was arrested directly by Lu Renxiong.

Lu Renxiong wore a weird smile from start to finish, as if everything was under his control.

After they both left, Lu Renjie said, “Can I talk now?”

Lu Renjie knows the first two dead ends.

But this so-called third kind, he has never heard of a spiritual level.

Isn’t he familiar enough with his body?

Wiliam smiled and said: “The third kind of death is aimed at your spiritual level. I will just say it directly, Lu Renjie, you are too jealous, you are too jealous, and there is no cure for evil thoughts. You don’t want to kill you all the time. Own brother! This obsession has made your spirit tortured day and night, and it is already the last straw to crush you!”

“Fart! Don’t you dare to try nonsense!” Lu Renjie’s face turned white, and he suddenly became furious, and directly smashed a table in front of him. “You tell me clearly! If you don’t make it clear, I will Kill you now!”

“You have a very good face and a strong vanity. You can’t tolerate people around you who are stronger than you. Am I right?” Wiliam said calmly without being afraid.

“You, you…” Lu Renjie actually choked for a while.

“On the one hand, you are ridiculously jealous that your two brothers are in good health and do not have to suffer from this pain. On the other hand, you are the boss of the three brothers, but I am afraid that the real decision-making is not you, right? That Lu Renlong It looks like a second person, a brave and brave man, which is unbearable, so it seems that Lu Renxiong is the decision maker among the three of you, right?” Wiliam suddenly said astonishing.

Lu Renjie’s entire face changed suddenly!

Become extremely cold!

He was really intent on killing!

“So, with your unwillingness to subdue to others, this forbearance is decades. Your heart has long been filled with killing intent. But this killing intent cannot be realized because of ethics and morals, and it becomes you every night. Nightmare, your spirit is about to collapse, what am I right?” Wiliam said regardless of the killing intent on Lu Renjie’s body.

Lu Renjie stood up quickly!

Damn it!

This kind of thing is a secret that Lu Renjie buries in his heart, and he absolutely never said it to the second person!

But how did this kid know!

He can only be regarded as a healer at best!

How can a healer do such a fantasy thing as prying people’s hearts!

If this secret is known by the second child, at that time, the person who will really die is himself!

This kid must not stay!

Thinking of this, Lu Renjie stared at Wiliam.

But Wiliam is so busy, as if waiting here, “Want to kill someone? It’s kind of interesting.”

Chapter 1314

Lu Renjie stared at Wiliam, “How do you know this! I have never told anyone!”

Wiliam smiled and said, “If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean there is no such thing. I naturally have a way to know.”

“You’re really not afraid that I will kill you now! I’m afraid you guessed it too. This secret is so important that you will let them both back off? Now you dare to tell me, believe it or not, I can fight it. If you don’t cure this disease, I will kill you too!” Lu Renjie shouted coldly.

If the disease is not cured, Lu Renjie can barely suppress it and live a few more days.

But if this secret is stabbed by Wiliam to Lu Renxiong, the consequences will be disastrous!

Although Lu Renxiong’s martial arts is a little lower than Lu Renjie, there are a hundred cruel methods that make people unable to prevent death.

“I naturally know your cares, but you have thought about why I know you will kill people, do I have to tell you this?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

“You, what else do you want to say?” Lu Renjie was suddenly stunned, feeling that this kid is simply too!

One ring is one ring, the whole thing is seamless!

“Because I will tell you a secret next. This secret is enough for you not to kill me.” Wiliam said.

“Huh? What’s the secret? What else do you know?” Lu Renjie suddenly felt a heartfelt fear for the kid in front of him.

In front of this kid, he is like a transparent person, with no secrets at all!

“This secret is about Lu Renxiong. Lu Renxiong has the highest medical skills among the three of you, right?” Wiliamxian asked.

“Yes. He is a master of both medicine and martial arts, and he is inexperienced. My third child and I practice martial arts purely and don’t know much medical skills.” Lu Renjie answered honestly without knowing it.

“In the past few years, he was the one who helped you dispensing and conditioning your body, right?” Wiliam asked again.

“What are you trying to say? That’s not nonsense! He is the only healer among the three of us, can I still not be able to dispense the medicine by myself?” Lu Renjie’s patience was about to wear out.

“Then the problem is here, have you ever thought about it, since you were injured forty years ago, why did he not see that you are poisonous? Can’t he see it?” Wiliam suddenly went straight in.

Lu Renjie’s face became stiff, and an ominous premonition suddenly appeared in his head.

“This, this…maybe because the poison is too deep and weird, he didn’t notice it for a while.” Lu Renjie’s voice was a little trembling.

“Ho ho, now I can tell you clearly, the poison on your body is not weird at all. In North Lu’s family, even if an elite-level healer can’t deal with this kind of poison, he can still see it. What do you think now?” Wiliam said jokingly.

Lu Renjie’s body trembled obviously, and he couldn’t get through: “Do you mean that the second child deliberately pretended not to see the poison on my body!”

“You can think so.” Wiliam said lightly.

Lu Renjie’s eyes were shocked, “But this is unreasonable! My poison has been dormant on my body for decades, and it just broke out recently…”

“Well, you mentioned another key point. Let me spread you a very simple common sense of medicine. Ninety-nine percent of the poisons in the world have an incubation period of no more than three years. During this period, poisoning will occur more or less Symptoms,” Wiliam said in a whisper. 

“Then why can the poison on my body lie dormant for so long?” Lu Renjie’s ominous premonition was even worse.

“That’s the problem, ho ho. What do you think of the medicine that Lu Renxiong has taken for you over the years?” Wiliam said euphemistically.

Lu Renjie had a cold back, “You mean there is a problem with the medicine he gave me! Isn’t it healing me? It’s suppressing toxicity!”

Wiliam shook his head, “Wrong.”

Lu Renjie suddenly felt relieved.


That means it wasn’t the second child.

However, Wiliam immediately said: “You think about him too simple. The medicine he gave you is not suppressing toxicity, but accumulating toxicity. Tsk tusk, it has been accumulated for decades, and then it broke out recently. , He is ruthless enough.”

Lu Renjie felt dizzy, “Impossible! You are talking nonsense! You are simply talking nonsense, you have no evidence!”

Wiliam smiled and said: “Is the prescription he gave you Triangle, Atractylodes, Regenerating Lily, Dipsacus, Rhizoma Drynariae, Trionyx, Dan Ginseng, Safflower, Blood Scorpion, Angelica dahurica, Muxiang, Wulingzhi?”

Lu Renjie said with a solemn expression, “How do you know it again!”

Wiliam smiled.

how do you know?

Not to mention that Wiliam can now divvy up the past, he can smell it even by smelling Wiliam.

Lu Renjie has been soaked in these drugs for decades, and his body smells strong.

“This prescription seems reasonable, but the problem lies in the rejuvenated lily medicine. On the one hand, this medicine can accumulate toxicity, and on the other hand, it can deepen the toxicity, so think about it yourself.” Wiliam points End there.

Lu Renjiehan sat down on a chair like rain, unable to speak for a long time.

Could it be that all of this was really done by Lu Renxiong!

Lu Renjie couldn’t even think about it, his own brother!

He has been deliberately planning to murder himself for so many years!

Lu Renjie wanted to come up with some flaws to refute Wiliam.

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that my back gets cold.

It’s no wonder that Lu Renxiong suggested that as soon as he was injured, he should immediately go into hiding.

This also caused Lu Renxiong’s problems that no other doctors had ever seen.

But why did Lu Renxiong do this!

What good will it do for him!

But at this thought, Lu Renjie felt cold in his hands and feet again.

Why do you do this?

Because Lu Renxiong is simply a distorted change of human nature! State!

The greatest joy of this person’s life is not to practice martial arts, not to study medicine!

It’s torture!

This change! The hobby of attitude has reached the point of madness!

So, I have been a guinea pig tortured by Lu Renxiong over the years, but I don’t know it!

And it’s no wonder that Wiliam just said that this secret is enough to prevent him from killing him…

“So you want to understand, right?” Wiliam asked with a smile.

Lu Renjie didn’t care about Wiliam, and was still in a desperate situation, unable to hold on to himself.

“If you still don’t understand, I still have a secret and let me tell you together.” Wiliam said astonishingly again.

This time, Lu Renjie was almost temperless.

The secret that this kid said is simply amazing!

Now there are even more!

“There are many people who can see this poison, but there are not many people who can prescribe the right medicine. The doctors who can accumulate and increase the toxicity for decades are even rarer. I don’t believe that Lu Renxiong can diagnose you alone. Toxic can do this, unless there is a possibility…” Wiliam said slowly.

“What on earth are you going to say!” Lu Renjie was full of beards and hair, and could not restrain himself completely!

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, “Unless, he already knew it was this poison, or that the poison in your body was also related to him.”

Chapter 1315

At this moment, Lu Renjie was dumbfounded.

He roared in disbelief: “Impossible! How is this possible!”

And Wiliam just nodded his head and motioned to Lu Renjie to think about it.

Lu Renjie recalled it carefully, and suddenly felt a deep chill.

At the beginning, Lu Renjie was domineering and challenged everywhere.

It was Lu Renxiong who encouraged him to challenge the person who hurt him!

Could it be that all of this was really done by Lu Renxiong, as Wiliam said.

Thinking of this, Lu Renjie was frightened.

By his side, there is such a sick brother!

And I have been living for so many years.

It’s terrible!

Wiliamzhen went to disturb Lu Renjie, but watched Lu Renjie quietly.

It wasn’t until five minutes later that Lu Renjie gradually calmed down.

He stared at Wiliam deeply and said, “What evidence do you have for all this?”

Wiliam shook his head, and said, “What evidence can I have? All this is just my inference, but it’s up to you to believe or not, and I believe you already have a care in your heart.”

Lu Renjie did not answer Wiliam’s words directly.

He really believed seven or eight points in his heart.

But he absolutely couldn’t say such words to Wiliam.

He just asked: “How are you going to treat me? Can you cure my disease!”

Wiliam nodded and said, “Yes, there are three dead ends in your body. I can cure you two. The last demon can only be solved by yourself. I will give you the needle first.”

After speaking, Wiliam took out the silver needle and shook it in front of Lu Renjie.

Lu Renjie had no reason to object, he slowly closed his eyes.

He expected that Wiliam wouldn’t dare to attack him. After all, he had reached the point where his martial arts could spread the world. If Wiliam dared to kill him with a silver needle, he would be able to detect it the first time.

After half an hour.

Wiliam just put away the silver needle and said to Lu Renjie: “Heal here today, I believe you can feel the changes in your body.”

Lu Renjie nodded, he did feel a change in his body just now.

Become more light, there is a kind of unprecedented ease.

“I’ll go up first.” Wiliam said, and walked towards the second floor.

Only when he was halfway there, Wiliam turned around and asked, “So, how are you going to explain the matter that I kept you just now?”

Lu Renjie was taken aback, right!

What a terrible thing!

Lu Renlong is easier to fool, but Lu Renxiong is a good individual.

It was extremely difficult for Lu Renjie to fool him.

Seeing Lu Renjie’s distressed look, Wiliam smiled and said, “Do you want me to help you out?”

Lu Renjie became even more suffering.

He felt that he was caught in the middle of the two enchanting heaven and earth, it was really too broken.

He couldn’t help but said: “Just say what you want to say!”

Wiliam smiled and said a word.

This sentence made Lu Renjie dumbfounded on the spot.

This kid!

court death!

However, after Wiliam finished speaking, he continued to walk upstairs.

It seemed that he didn’t care if Lu Renjie listened.

And Lu Renjie was completely lost.

That kid, why did you say this sentence?

What’s more, why should he help himself?

I’m afraid this kid would like to see their three brothers fighting each other!

By the way, he said so much at the beginning, didn’t he just want to divorce their brotherhood?

But why has it been done, now in the last step, he overturned all these previous goals?

Lu Renjie felt dizzy.

After Wiliam left, Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong immediately returned to Lu Renjie’s side.

Lu Renjie had a violent temper. He couldn’t help it. He immediately asked, “Big brother, what did the kid say to you just now? Why can’t we let us listen?”

Lu Renjie closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief slowly, and said, “Nothing to say, he just said that I am under a lot of mental pressure, and I might get into trouble, maybe even I don’t even know my brother.”

Lu Renjie’s statement was well thought out.

He didn’t understand what Wiliam was going to do, so he instinctively refused to obey Wiliam’s statement.

And Lu Renjie knew that if he didn’t say anything, he couldn’t deceive Lu Renxiong at all.

So I can only say half-truths.

And he is leaving a way for himself.

In case he really couldn’t suppress the killing intent someday, there would be a high-sounding reason.

The corner of Lu Renxiong’s mouth suddenly twitched, without speaking.

On the contrary, Lu Renlong was chattering: “What the hell! Boss, how is your body now? Is there any treatment for you?”

Lu Renjie nodded and said, “Well, he gave me an injection just now, that kid’s medical skills are really good.”

“Really! That’s great! By the way, did he say when will he be cured?” Lu Renlong said happily.

“About ten days.” Lu Renjie answered very simply.

“That’s great!” Lu Renlong said immediately.

“You guys step back first, let me rest for a while, I’m a little tired.” Lu Renjie said to the two of them.

Lu Renlong didn’t doubt that he had him, and immediately said, “Well, good, big brother, take a good rest.”

With that, he walked towards his room.

However, Lu Renxiong didn’t move away at all, jokingly stuck with Lu Renjie.

Lu Renjie felt his eyes, opened his eyes and asked, “Why are you still not leaving?”

Lu Renxiong asked with a smile, “So, what did the kid say to you?”

Lu Renjie trembled and said, “Didn’t I just say it?”

“Big brother, brothers, there is no need to cover up, right?” Lu Renxiong continued smiling.

It was just this all-encompassing smile that made Lu Renjie feel even more crippled.

“Second brother, you are so smart, guess what?” Lu Renjie’s head was not enough, and he threw the question to Lu Renxiong.

Lu Renxiong smiled and said, “Big brother, although I am smart, I am not as good as it is. Then the kid is going to tell us something that is bad for our brother’s feelings, right? Looking at your expression, you obviously believe it, right?”

Lu Renjie’s face became even more ugly.

Sure enough, there was nothing to hide from Lu Renxiong!

Do you really want to say what the kid said?

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be more difficult for that kid to succeed again, making it more difficult to figure out his ideas in the future?

“Big brother?” Lu Renxiong suddenly walked to Lu Renjie’s body and patted Lu Renjie’s shoulder lightly.

Lu Renjie felt a little blown up all over his body.

He couldn’t bear this kind of suffering anymore, and bit the bullet and said, “That kid told me one thing.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Lu Renxiong’s mouth twitched again.

Lu Renjie took a deep breath, and finally said the last sentence before Wiliam went upstairs.


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