Dragon Husband 1315-1320

Chapter 1316
Lu Renjie said slowly: “The kid told me that he has a supplemented version of “The Medical Classics of Wuchang”.”
When Lu Renjie said this, he felt helpless.
He had no idea what Wiliam was saying for.
Because Wiliam had the “Impermanent Medical Classics” in his hand, the Lu family had guessed it a long time ago.
Wiliam didn’t make sense to say it.
It couldn’t distract Lu Renxiong’s attention at all.
However, unexpectedly, Lu Renxiong was stunned when he heard this.
Lu Renxiong asked Lu Renjie in surprise, “That kid really said that?”
Lu Renjie also looked at Lu Renxiong suspiciously, “Yes, but we already knew about it. It’s just that the kid didn’t know about it, we knew it, so I guess he planned to tell me privately and show me his courtesy in exchange for them. The life of the three of them is nothing.”
However, Lu Renxiong smiled and shook his head, and said: “Wrong, a big mistake, that kid is so clever, how can he just say this in such a simple meaning?”
Lu Renjie couldn’t turn his head, “What else does it mean?”
“It’s a big idea. You are wrong. We guessed this in advance. But he chose to expose himself at this time, and he knew that we were coveting the supplemented version of “The Sutra of Medicine”. He would not be ignorant of the reason that Piff was innocent and guilty. So he can only prove one thing, that is, he will do something on the “Impermanence Medical Classics” given to us!” Lu Renxiong slowly analyzed.
Lu Renjie’s eyes widened, “There is such a deep meaning? Then what are we going to do?”
Lu Renxiong said confidently: “It seems that the kid is treating the three of us as fools, right? Thinking that the three of us can fool around at will?”
When Lu Renjie heard this, he was silent.
Wiliam had already confessed to him, saying that he saw that Lu Renxiong was the most terrifying of the three.
But now Lu Renxiong still doesn’t know anything.
Naturally, Lu Renjie would not say this at this time.
On the contrary, he was shocked that Wiliam’s words which seemed to him to be nonsense, came to Lu Renxiong’s side but were interpreted as a different meaning.
Moreover, it was logical that Lu Renxiong no longer doubted what secrets Lu Renjie was hiding.
And this completely confirmed that Wiliam’s words had achieved the intended purpose.
“Let’s not rush to play the idea of ​​”Impermanence Medical Classics”. During this time, I will see what tricks he wants to play? Playing games with smart people is really interesting.” Lu Renxiong said this. He walked towards his room.
Lu Renjie finally breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart became even more depressed.
He stared at the door of Lu Renxiong’s room and fell into thought again.
In the next few days, Wiliam still treated Lu Renjie day by day, looking very responsible.
Lu Renjie also obviously felt that his body functions recovered quickly.
Lu Renlong was very happy about this, but Lu Renxiong became more silent every day.
The eyes that he stared at Lu Renjie became more and more gloomy.
On the ninth day.
Wiliam still walked upstairs silently after puncturing Lu Renjie as usual.
Except for the words that Wiliam said to Lu Renjie on the first day, Wiliam barely said a word on the other days.
Lu Renjie was also very worried, and the two of them had no communication at all.
On this day, Lu Renjie stopped Wiliam for an unprecedented time, “Boy, come here.”
Wiliam turned his head and looked at Lu Renjie.
Lu Renjie sighed.
After careful observation over the past few days, Lu Renjie completely believed what Wiliam said.
Lu Renxiong stared at him like a poisonous snake playing with his prey.
The better the prey is, the more insidious the viper’s eyes will be.
Lu Renjie couldn’t bear this look anymore.
He knew that tomorrow was the last injection, and his body would be better.
But then…
Lu Renjie hesitated, he needed a tangible evidence to convince himself.
So he called to Wiliam.
“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked, standing in front of Lu Renjie.
Lu Renjie’s mouth moved.
The two exchanged for half an hour before Wiliam left the hall.
When Wiliam returned to the room, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.
Tomorrow, but your death date.
Cherish it.
On the tenth day, Wiliam gave Lu Renjie a needle again.
This was the last time, so Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong were both present, wanting to witness this medical miracle.
As Wiliam finished his acupuncture treatment, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Well, your root cause has been removed. I will prescribe you the medicine next. As long as you take it according to the doctor’s instructions, it will last half a year. You can recover your body within a short time.”
“Okay! Hahaha!” Lu Renjie looked particularly good.
Wiliam’s mouth moved, but he stopped talking.
Lu Renjie noticed this and said jokingly, “Boy, don’t hesitate to say anything if you have anything to say. Don’t let me get caught up here.”
Wiliam nodded and said, “I have kept my promise and healed you, so now I also ask you to keep your promise and let the three of us go.”
Lu Renjie was stunned for a moment, he first met Lu Renxiong.
Because they were still thinking about seizing Wiliam’s “Impermanent Medical Classics” before.
However, Lu Renxiong didn’t know why, so he nodded to Lu Renjie at this moment.
Lu Renjie had no choice but to say: “Okay, I am also a person who believes in my words. I will let you go because you have cured my injury.”
Wiliam nodded without saying a word.
He immediately went upstairs and pulled Feliicity and Li Chunfeng down.
The two didn’t even know why Wiliam was so anxious.
Until the two of them were pulled out of the emperor flower by Wiliam, Feliicity still asked, “Wiliam, why are you walking in such a hurry?”
Wiliam’s face was a bit anxious, and he said, “Hurry up, it will be too late if you don’t leave!”
He couldn’t help but started to run with the two women.
And when Wiliam and the others started running, Lu Renjie, who was standing in the emperor’s flower, was still observing his body triumphantly.
Suddenly, his face became stiff!
A mouthful of black blood spurted directly from his mouth!
He didn’t even have time to say a word, so he fell into a coma on the ground.
Lu Renxiong’s face changed, and he grabbed Lu Renjie’s hand and gave him a pulse!
At this number, Lu Ren was furious!
Lu Renjie’s pulse is chaotic, and there is no law to follow!
And it is gradually fading down at a perceivable speed!
General Order!
Dead end!
Lu Renjie snarled loudly at Lu Renlong: “That kid! There is no cure for my eldest brother’s illness in these ten days! Go get him back to me! I will break his body into pieces!”
Chapter 1317
At this moment, Feliicity and the others hadn’t noticed this huge change in the emperor flower.
After they ran a certain distance, Li Chunfeng couldn’t help asking, “Wiliam, what’s going on? Can you tell us now?”
Wiliam kept walking, but said with a serious face: “I haven’t cured Lu Renjie’s illness these days, and even his health is even worse now. He is on the verge of collapse, and he may die at some point. Once he dies, the other two people will definitely come to us for guilt, so we can only run quickly!”
Feliicity’s face turned pale when she heard this, “What! Why! Wiliam, aren’t your medical skills very good? Is there any disease in the world that you can’t cure?”
Feliicity has a blind confidence in Wiliam.
Wiliam smiled miserably: “What are you talking about? This avenue of the world, birth, old age, sickness and death, is the reincarnation of heaven, I can’t go against the sky, right? That Lu Renjie’s body function has been seriously damaged, even if I have the monstrous ability to save I can’t get up.”
Li Chunfeng nodded, and said helplessly: “It seems to be the truth.”
“But in the past few days, didn’t that Lu Renjie say that his body obviously feels better?” Feliicity asked again.
Wiliam smiled even more helplessly and said, “Can I tell them that I can’t cure their disease? If I say that, we will be killed on the spot. And I have to get some treatment these days. Come out, right? Otherwise, it will also arouse their suspicion, so I used a silver needle to forcibly stimulate Lu Renjie’s heart, which is equivalent to overdrawing his potential to make him look better. But this method is too dangerous. It will explode sometime.”
Feliicity looked at Wiliam bitterly, she knew that Wiliam could not be blamed for all this.
It was Wiliam’s greatest effort to be able to delay these ten days and still run out.
“Wiliam, where are we going next?” Feliicity asked again.
“Don’t worry about where you go, let’s talk about it if you can escape from Q City ( Qena City ), I hope that Lu Renjie can hold back today, and we will be completely safe.” Wiliamxin said with lingering fear.
But at this moment, two figures suddenly fell from the sky, directly in front of Wiliam and the three of them.
“Boy! Where to escape!” A furious voice sounded.
It was Lu Renxiong and Lu Renlong who rushed over.
As clever as Lu Renxiong, he would never have imagined this result.
He had already determined that Wiliam had a supplementary version of the “Impermanent Medical Classics”, so he could diagnose Lu Renjie’s condition.
But after Wiliam’s self-exposure a few days ago, Lu Renxiong became a little suspicious.
Unexpectedly, today I have completely verified that this kid is telling a big lie!
If he had a supplemented version of “The Medical Classic of Impermanence”, how could he not be able to cure Lu Renjie’s illness!
It seems that although this kid has a very high level of medical skills, he is still just a mundane person, and he is totally embarrassed.
Now that Lu Renjie’s life is dying, Lu Renxiong has completely lost his patience to play this game.
He was going to kill Wiliam himself and end the game.
But just when he wanted to kill Wiliam, Lu Renlong suddenly jumped out, grabbed Lu Renxiong’s body, and said nervously, “Second brother, now this kid can’t die! Big brother still has a sigh of relief. He takes it back! Let him treat the eldest brother again!”
Originally, Lu Renlong was the most brainless, but at this time he actually woke up for an unprecedented time, knowing that Wiliam could not kill him.
Lu Renxiong had just said that he could not save Lu Renjie, so all hope lies in this kid.
Lu Renxiong stared deeply at Lu Renlong, “You won’t let me kill them?”
Lu Renlong didn’t care about Lu Renxiong’s eyes.
He nodded firmly, “Well, don’t kill first! Take them back!”
Lu Renxiong stared at Lu Renlong, and suddenly showed a crippling smile.
As if he had found a new toy again.
Wiliam and the three of them looked miserable.
“I didn’t expect things to be exposed so quickly…” Feliicity said bitterly.
“It seems that I can’t escape. Take a step and take a step. Don’t talk later, you know?” Wiliam took a deep breath and said to the two of them.
Feliicity and Li Chunfeng nodded immediately, praying silently in their hearts that they would survive today’s disaster.
The three were quickly brought back to the Empress Flower by Lu Renlong.
Lu Renlong pushed Wiliam in front of Lu Renjie on the ground and shouted sharply: “Boy! I knew you were uneasy and kind! Now how can my big brother become like this! You should heal him quickly! Otherwise, I will kill him. about you!”
Wiliam shook his head helplessly at this time, repeating what he had said to Feliicity and the others.
Of course, he didn’t say anything about using silver needles to overdraw Lu Renjie’s physical potential.
You will die if you say it.
Lu Renlong heard it all, “What! You said you have no way to save him! Then you have an egg these days!”
Wiliam was silent.
Both women huddled behind Wiliam and didn’t speak.
Lu Renlong jumped into thunder, “Okay! You can’t save my elder brother, I will kill you now, take revenge with my eldest brother, and let you bury my eldest brother!”
With that said, Lu Renlong was about to do it.
But at this time, Wiliam hurriedly called out, “Wait! Don’t kill me first, I have something to say!”
“What else do you want to say!” Lu Renlong stared at Wiliam and shouted.
“Actually, I am not the culprit for your eldest brother. You shouldn’t kill me! Otherwise, I’m really wronged!” Wiliam said immediately.
“You or he can’t cure my elder brother’s disease, so I’m still arguing here!” Lu Renlong’s temper became even greater.
Wiliam hurriedly said: “You don’t want to think about why your eldest brother ended up in this way? Do you know who is the one who killed him? The one who killed him is among the few of us!”
“Hurry up and finish it to me! I don’t bother to think about it!” Lu Renlong shouted straightforwardly.
Wiliam stretched out his hand and pointed at Lu Renxiong, and said, “In fact, he is the one who has harmed your elder brother over the years! Over the years, he has been drugging your eldest brother, and the poison in his body has become deeper and deeper. Now it has been completely overwhelmed. All these were diagnosed by me these days, and I also told Lu Renjie, and he believed it.”
Lu Renxiong’s eyes suddenly turned dark.
And Lu Renlong cursed, “Do you still dare to instigate discord here! How many years of our brotherhood! Can you instigate it! Now my eldest brother can’t speak, his life is dying, so you can naturally say anything. Now! My eldest brother will believe that your nonsense is the hell!”
“I swear to heaven! Or you can ask Lu Renxiong! See if he dares to admit it!” Wiliam said anxiously.
Lu Renlong sneered, he didn’t even want to ask Lu Renxiong.
However, Lu Renxiong suddenly showed a weird smile and said, “It seems that my eldest brother really believed what you said.”
Lu Renlong’s face stiffened, and he was about to question.
Lu Renxiong said lightly, “Well, I was the one who killed my eldest brother, so what?”
Chapter 1318
“What!” Lu Renlong’s face changed completely.
He looked at Lu Renlong in disbelief.
And Lu Renlong continued to maintain that weird smile, and said, “Third brother, I said, the real murderer of the eldest brother should be me, can you hear me clearly now?”
At this moment, he was not afraid of Lu Renlong knowing the truth of this matter.
Originally, he also wanted to play this cat-and-mouse game.
Unfortunately, the mouse is dead, and the game should be over.
Lu Renjie even wanted Wiliam to save the mouse.
After all, the supernatural powers that Wiliam had shown before made Lu Renxiong look at him with admiration.
It’s a pity that this kid can’t save Lu Renjie after the thunder and rain.
Always overestimating this kid, meaningless.
The expression on Lu Renlong’s face changed frantically, and he almost roared: “Why! How could it be! Second brother, how could it be you! How could you do such a thing! What’s the matter?”
Lu Renxiong said with a regretful look: “Why is it impossible? Third brother, are you underestimating my calculations. Hoho. Forty years ago, I encouraged my eldest brother to compete with that person. And in order to get that. The field is more fun than the fight. I secretly gave that person a prescription for poison. As I expected, my eldest brother was poisoned.”
“The game really started at that time. After he was poisoned, I immediately persuaded my eldest brother to hide from the world in order to prevent the people of the Lu family from knowing that he was poisoned. My eldest brother wanted to save face and immediately listened to my opinion. And these forty In the years, I never told my eldest brother that he was very poisonous, but pretending that he was injured, I added a little bit of information to the medicine prescribed to him, so that the poison on his body did not break out. This game has been played for forty years. It’s really fun.” Lu Renxiong said at the end with a smile of relief.
Lu Renlong was stupid.
He couldn’t believe it!
The brother by his side who gets along day and night is a poisonous snake!
In the name of playing games like this, I killed my eldest brother for forty years!
“What’s next, don’t you listen? Some time ago, the poisonous force on my eldest brother’s body finally couldn’t be suppressed by me, so he broke out. The reason why I agreed that the three of them would come out together to treat the eldest brother’s injuries, but I don’t care about the fate of my eldest brother. I’m just thinking that this forty-year game can’t just end like that. It’s a shame. Who knows, this kid is also one of the golden jade’s failures, and he doesn’t have any strength, I I overestimated him. Now that the game is over, I don’t have to hide anything from you.” Lu Renxiong said with a smile.
This game is over, but the next game has already started quietly.
“Second brother! Why are you treating your eldest brother like this! Why is he sorry for you!” Lu Renlong seemed to be crazy, his face flushed red!
“Why!” Lu Renxiong laughed suddenly, “I’m just testing my aura. It’s so boring to have an opponent beside me, so I can only play games with my brother, even games. Are you brothers if you refuse to play together?”
Lu Renxiong’s words made Feliicity and Li Chunfeng shudder!
It’s really changed! It’s up!
For what the hell!
Play such a frenzied game!
These forty years!
Lu Renjie was actually fed by his own brother as a guinea pig!
“Second brother! Are you crazy! He is your real brother! Also! Why did you do it to your eldest brother! I would rather you do it to me!” Lu Ren Longmu snarled.
But Lu Renxiong’s eyes were cold, “Do it to you? Are you worthy? You are just a silly and silly boy in my eyes. Playing games with you is not interesting. Oh, I’m sorry, is it right? It’s a bit blunt, did it hurt our previous brotherhood?”
Lu Renlong was completely crazy!
Once he was upright, he grabbed Lu Renxiong!
“Second brother! You trampled on your elder brother’s life like this! Today I will avenge elder brother! Don’t blame me for not thinking about brotherhood! It was you who betrayed first!” Lu Renlong shouted while grabbing.
However, Lu Renxiong shook his head indifferently, and said, “You really are an iron man, why there are so many handicapped people in this world, why can’t there be more clever people playing together? Why do you think I should tell the truth? Come?”
As Lu Renxiong spoke, he dodged Lu Renlong’s attack lightly.
Lu Renlong was in a state of rampage, gritted his teeth and said nothing.
“If you can be my opponent, I won’t tell the truth? If I tell the truth, it means that this game of Big Brother is over, and now the new game has begun.” Lu Renxiong continued.
But his words will only make Lu Renlong more and more angry.
“Second brother! Even if I try my best today, I will die with you!” Lu Renlong suddenly roared, his anger surged!
When Li Chunfeng looked at it, he cried out badly.
She also used all her strength to protect Wiliam and Feliicity behind her.
But this is the case, the three of them still couldn’t even stand up because of the fierce energy.
“Fool.” Lu Renxiong murmured, and suddenly his feet quickened.
Lu Renlong was careless, and he was directly punched to the shoulder by Lu Renxiong.
There was a crisp fracture sound.
Lu Renlong’s entire shoulder was hit and collapsed!
Lu Renlong endured the piercing pain and continued to attack Lu Renxiong desperately.
But Lu Renxiong has always been at ease.
Although both of them were at the peak of Huajin Consummation, Lu Renxiong stayed in this state for longer.
And he knows how to give full play to the power of the realm.
On the other hand, Lu Renlong was not only inferior in strength, but was now in a rage, and his fists were even more unorganized.
Under the circumstances, Lu Renlong is naturally at an absolute disadvantage.
In a short while, Lu Renlong was already covered in blood, and he was wearing coarse clothes.
But Lu Renxiong was still strolling leisurely, his breath was steady and long.
“Will you continue to fight the third brother?” Lu Renxiong opened a distance with Lu Renlong, and said with a smile.
Lu Renlong’s eyes were red and he was dressed roughly and did not speak.
However, a calm voice suddenly came from not far away.
“I think, you don’t have to fight it anymore, right? Don’t tear up my emperor flower. After all, this is a birthday present from me to my wife.”
Lu Renxiong looked in the direction where he was speaking in astonishment.
At this moment, Wiliam swept away the anxiety and anxiety he had had before, and replaced it with his usual calm and self-confidence.
He flicked the dust off his body, and said in the other direction: “Have you heard? You want me to give evidence.”
Chapter 1319 Mortal Wisdom
When Lu Renlong and Lu Renxiong saw Wiliam reappear in their field of vision, they were completely puzzled.
Judging from the boy’s previous performance, isn’t he trembling with trembling?
Even in order to save his life, such a big secret was revealed.
But now what is going on!
Until Wiliam said these words, the two of them looked at the direction Wiliam was looking at.
A person slowly stood up from the ground.
Lu Renjie!
Seeing that Lu Renjie, who was only hanging on his breath, stood up again, Lu Renxiong and Lu Ren’s longyan beads were about to fall to the ground!
Lu Renxiong was even more shocked, exclaiming: “You! How can you stand up! Isn’t your body completely broken! How is this possible!”
Lu Renjie’s eyes were filled with endless resentment!
He walked slowly in the direction of Wiliam and the others, and said as he walked: “If I don’t die this time, how can I hear this truth from your mouth? It’s really shocking! A sickly poisonous snake beside me!”
Lu Renxiong suddenly reacted, “You! You and that kid unite to play me!”
Lu Renjie nodded, “Yes, this kid told me about your various behaviors from the first day! At first I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t expect that all he said was true.”
Lu Renxiong looked at Wiliam immediately, with a sudden killing intent in his eyes, “You kid! How could you know this! Impossible!”
Lu Renjie stood in front of Wiliam, blocking all these killing intentions, and said with a sneer: “Hoho, to be honest, Lu Renxiong, Lu Renxiong, you are smart, but in the end it is the wisdom of mortals, yours. Counting, this kid has long since guessed it! He can do this with some clues and speculations. It is no longer mundane wisdom. Can you compare this to yourself?”
Lu Renxiong was shocked, even more unbelievable.
There are people in the world who have terrible thinking and logic so far!
Lu Renxiong was still thinking that this kid was nothing but Err, completely overestimating him.
Now that the sky is reversing, how can he not be angry!
He felt completely tricked by Wiliam, and he didn’t know it!
Isn’t this feeling like he is playing Lu Renjie?
There are people outside of people, and there are days outside of heaven. After all, I am defeated by self-righteousness and self-esteem.
However, Lu Renxiong still has a question that he does not understand. He sternly asked: “No! I clearly diagnosed you just now, your pulse is disordered, and your body is indeed almost collapsed. You can’t stand up. What are you doing? what the hell?”
At this time, Lu Renjie laughed again and said: “So I kept saying, you underestimated that kid. Not only did you underestimate his wisdom, you underestimated his medical skills. You really believed what he said and thought Is it ridiculous to treat me these days? It’s ridiculous.”
Feliicity and Li Chunfeng on the side were stunned, and then stared at Wiliam fiercely.
Because Wiliam was so sincere in acting just now, and he even lied to himself!
This little bastard, don’t go to bed for a day!
“My physical condition is indeed terrible, but under his treatment, it has been better and better. This is beyond doubt. It’s just that yesterday, I completed a deal with him. He told me that I can’t believe what happened to you, so I agreed with him that he used the silver needle and some herbs to force my body into a state of suspended animation, in order to hide from you, and then take the opportunity to ask you You tell the truth. What I have to do is to let them live after exposing you, the chaos and thief.” Lu Renjie said lightly.
Lu Renxiong’s entire face was slumped!
As smart as he is, it’s been calculated to the point where it’s completely unknown!
He couldn’t see Wiliam’s strategy, let alone that the pulse on Lu Renjie’s body was fake!
Fortunately, he himself has always regarded himself very highly, thinking that medical skills are the only one in the world!
Wiliam’s single hand that caused suspended animation was enough to crush himself!
“It’s ridiculous, I, Lu Renjie, have never been kind to others in my life. I only dig my heart and lungs for my two brothers. In the end, the brothers turned against each other. It’s really funny! Lu Renxiong, this is the end of the brotherhood between you and me today! Now, I am going to end it myself You, in order to avenge my bloody vengeance that you have tortured for 40 years!” Lu Renjie said, heading towards Lu Renxiong quickly!
Lu Renxiong’s pupils shrank, and he suddenly felt a trace of fear!
Lu Renjie’s strength has always been above him!
It’s just these years that Lu Renjie has been tortured by illness and rarely takes action.
Now if the illness on his body is getting better, how could he be his opponent!
And the fact is really like this!
Lu Renjie punched Lu Renxiong hard!
Lu Renxiong was too late to even dodge!
He could only take a sigh of relief, and put his hands horizontally in front of him.
!” Lu Renxiong’s hands broke directly!
And the innate power of half a step is completely revealed at this moment!
Lu Renxiong’s chest collapsed under the pressure!
He “wow” spit out a mouthful of blood, his whole face was like gold paper!
Lu Renxiong was seriously injured by the blow, and he screamed inwardly!
If it is normal, under his thorough calculations, even if Lu Renjie is half-step innate, he can always play him to death!
But the current situation completely caught him off guard. How could he be undefeated if he was so unintentional to you!
He dragged the remains, and was about to fly away!
But Lu Renjie had long expected that he would escape, so he sealed his escape route!
Lu Renxiong’s body was violently kicked to the ground by Lu Renjie in midair.
The floor was directly smashed into a big hole!
However, Lu Renjie didn’t have the slightest amount of hands, and he slammed Lu Renxiong’s neck directly with a few feet!
Lu Renxiong, who was once wise, died in the hands of what he called the prey.
Lu Renlong looked at him shockingly!
The brothers’ civil war just happened, and it was still bloody and unsparing!
For a while, Lu Renlong didn’t know what to say.
After cooking Lu Renxiong, Lu Renjie looked at Wiliam and slightly arched his hand at Wiliam, as if thanking Wiliam for everything he had done today.
Had it not been for Wiliam, Lu Renjie would continue to be constrained by a poisonous snake throughout his life.
Now, he beheaded the poisonous snake, and his body was restored, all of which was the credit of Wiliam.
Wiliam also nodded to Lu Renjie, and said to Feliicity and Li Chunfeng, “Let’s go, we can go now.”
Feliicity and Li Chunfeng’s faces were earthy, and they quickly got up to go outside.
But Lu Renjie suddenly smiled and said, “Go? Yes. Leave the “Impermanent Medical Classics” and I promise you three will leave safely.”
Chapter 1320 Be Careful!
Wiliam’s footsteps stopped suddenly.
He turned his head to look at Lu Renjie.
With a weird smile on Lu Renjie’s face, he smiled and said, “Come on, and the supplemented version of “Impermanence Medical Classics”.”
He was not afraid that Wiliam would not take it out.
Feliicity’s face flushed red, and she didn’t care about anything, she said directly: “Lu Renjie, how can you avenge your revenge in such a despicable and shameless way! Wiliam is your savior! He also risked his life to help you find this out. A venomous snake! Don’t be grateful to him if you don’t want to, and you have to count him when you turn it over! Are you a human being!”
She is indeed anxious.
Never seen such a brazen person!
However, Lu Renjie still smiled, stretched out his hands, and waited for Wiliam to obediently hand over the “Impermanent Medical Classics.”
It is wrong that Wiliam is his savior.
However, Lu Renjie agreed to let the three of them live.
Three lives worth one life, more than enough, right?
And after this battle, Lu Renjie felt the terrifying aspect of Wiliam’s extraordinary medical skills even more.
Lu Renjie knew his body too well and was on the verge of collapse.
And this way, Wiliam was able to rejuvenate his life, which shows how terrifying the supplemented version of “Impermanence Medical Classics” is.
This immediately evoked Lu Renjie’s ambition, and he wanted to take possession of the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.
After all, Lu Renjie knew that his age was already high.
Man cannot fight with the sky, cannot fight with the years.
But when you have problems with your body’s functions, it would be great if you can use this “Impermanent Medical Classics” to continue your life for a few more years.
Therefore, Lu Renjie is determined to win the supplemented version of “Impermanence Medical Classics”.
“Lu Renjie, do you really want to do this?” Wiliam stared at Lu Renjie and asked flatly.
Lu Renjie nodded, “Well, I think you have a life-saving grace for me, hurry up, otherwise I change my mind, none of you want to leave here alive.”
But at this time, Wiliam suddenly laughed.
With this smile, Lu Renjie was a little confused.
This kid can actually laugh.
Is he crazy?
“Boy, what are you laughing at?” Lu Renjie asked suddenly after the smile disappeared on his face.
Wiliam shook his head and said, “Lu Renjie, Lu Renjie, I know I can’t believe you too much.”
Yesterday, Lu Renjie made that agreement with Wiliam. How sincere Lu Renjie’s attitude was at that time.
Now it seems that Lu Renjie’s acting skills are at a certain level.
“It’s a pity, it’s too late to know this now,” Lu Renjie said lightly.
Wiliam shook his head again, “I don’t think it’s too late. Do you know what I did before and why?”
Lu Renjie was taken aback, “What did you do?”
Wiliam smiled and said, “What did you tell you about Lu Renxiong and try your best to cure your disease?”
“Isn’t it to linger and gain my trust?” Lu Renjie said directly.
Wiliam nodded immediately, “Yes, just to gain your trust.”
“What then?” Lu Renjie couldn’t keep up with Wiliam’s thoughts at all.
“Then, I can use your hand to get rid of Lu Renxiong. After all, your health is not good, you may not be able to beat Lu Renxiong, right?” Wiliam said with a smile.


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