Dragon Husband 1321-1325

Chapter 1321 Vulcan
The ominous premonition in Lu Renjie’s heart just now spewed out at this moment!
He finally got it!
He knows everything about this kid!
very scary!
This kid deliberately did so much to let himself relax his vigilance!
When Wiliam applied needles before, he was always watching Wiliam and observing his body.
If Wiliam dared to break up, his life would be hard to save.
But yesterday was completely different.
This kid tolerated for ten days and laid out such a big picture!
Killing Lu Renxiong with a knife!
Then he moved his hands and feet!
The only one that was not calculated by Wiliam was probably Tie Hanhan Lu Renlong, right?
Lu Renlong was also calculated by Wiliam.
Lu Renjie looked at Lu Renlong!
One of his hands was directly interrupted by Lu Renxiong!
It should also be one of the layouts of this kid!
This kid, before discussing a good show of suspended animation!
However, the time of suspended animation is completely controlled by him!
Just right!
When Lu Renlong was interrupted with a hand and his combat effectiveness was severely damaged, his state of suspended animation gradually broke away!
Card at this time!
In other words, the three elders of the Lu family!
The three big men who are struggling with each other are all counted by this kid!
If you don’t think about it in depth, you can’t think of this at all!
Lu Renjie looked at Wiliam with an extremely ugly expression, “What did you do to my body!”
The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, and he smiled: “You can feel it for yourself, you should be able to feel it now.”
Lu Renjie trembled, and quickly immersed himself in his body and observed carefully.
This observation made him sweat!
In his body, that violent poison ran around in his body like a poisonous snake at this moment!
Toxicity is eroding his internal organs at a very fast rate!
“Impossible! Impossible! How did you do it! Haven’t my poison been removed by you! How can there be poison in my body!” Lu Renjie shouted.
Wiliam explained with a smile: “Yes, a few days ago, I helped you pull out the poison, but in the past two days, I helped you pull out the poison and planted it back.”
Lu Renjie trembled, feeling dizzy.
Pull it out, plant it back again!
What do you think of my body!
You pull out radishes and grow radishes!
“Impossible! If you planted the poison, I would find out no matter what!” Lu Renjie still couldn’t believe the scene in his body.
“Lu Renxiong can rely on his superficial medical skills to dormant and accumulate poison in your body for forty years. I dormant for a short period of time, what’s the difficulty?” Wiliam said with a smile.
Lu Renjie’s whole body is about to collapse!
Lu Renxiong has managed to accumulate toxicity in his body for forty years!
But he couldn’t control the toxicity even afterwards!
But this kid, not only controls the toxicity!
And judging from what he said just now, he can accurately calculate the toxicity and let the toxicity explode at this time!
This kind of ability to hide if you want to hide is now present, I’m afraid this whole humanity, no one can match it!
Lu Renjie felt completely humiliated!
He was full of arrogance all his life, but in the hands of this kid, he lived like a joke!
It’s better to be tortured by Lu Renxiong for forty years!
“Boy! Get out of my poison! Or I will kill you immediately!” Lu Renjie roared hysterically as if he was crazy.
“I prepared a prescription. After taking this prescription for three years, your illness will be cured. Now you have only one choice. Leave first, and I will send you the prescription later.” Wiliam said lightly.
Lu Renjie’s whole body is shameless!
Good guys!
I have been waiting here!
In this way, this kid can sit back and relax!
And I don’t want to worry about the past three years!
How could Lu Renjie endure such humiliation!
He is a dignified and half-step congenital warrior!
It was turned around by a young man without the power to bind a chicken!
Lu Renjie’s eyes suddenly turned red, and his head buzzed!
No matter what!
Will you live humiliatingly for another three years!
Can’t do it!
To die!
Die today!
“Today, even if I die with you, I will smash your corpses into pieces!” Lu Renjie screamed and screamed!
He was like a goshawk fighting a rabbit, and he flew towards Wiliam.
Wiliam frowned slightly.
He didn’t expect Lu Renjie to make such an extreme choice!
Killing himself, Lu Renjie can’t live at all.
He screamed inwardly.
This is his only miscalculation in the past few days.
He underestimated the self-esteem of Lu Renjie!
This guy’s self-esteem is even stronger than his life!
With a “swish” of a figure, it appeared in front of Wiliam!
Wiliam only felt the surrounding temperature rise sharply!
A blast sounded right in front of Wiliam!
The fire is soaring into the sky!
A Vulcan God descended from the sky, just in front of Wiliam, unstoppable!
At the critical moment, Li Chunfeng stepped forward again!
Her body was wrapped in fire, she couldn’t see the facial features at all, only the fuzzy outline of her figure could be seen.
Lu Renjie stared at Li Chunfeng, even more angry.
He didn’t try his best just now, and he didn’t expect to be blocked by this little girl.
There is no respect in this world!
He roared, and struck Li Chunfeng again!
Li Chunfeng’s body renewed its flames and went straight to the sky, looking magnificent!
The entire emperor flower is completely shrouded in this flame!
With a dull sound, Li Chunfeng lost to this time and was directly beaten out.
But her body was a little on the ground and immediately jumped up again.
Wiliam was anxious.
He knew that Li Chunfeng was not Lu Renjie’s opponent at all.
And Lu Renjie was in a terrifying state at the moment.
The corners of his mouth are overflowing with black blood.
The facial features are completely distorted, like an evil spirit.
Toxicity has raged in his body.
The more he mobilizes his internal forces in this way, the faster the toxicity will erode!
He is racing against time.
It seems that his fate died first!
The lives of these three people should be killed first!
Lu Renjie punched Li Chunfeng again.
But this time Li Chunfeng could not stand up again.
She vomited a big mouthful of blood on the ground, and the flames on her body were gradually dissipating.
“Wiliam! Feliicity! Run away!” Li Chunfeng shouted tearfully on the ground.
However, where did they escape.
Lu Renjie was already standing in front of Wiliam and Feliicity.
No one can help them anymore.
“Boy! Suffer to death!” Lu Renjie roared and smashed Wiliam with a fierce punch!
Wiliam’s canthus is completely split!
Is it true that the emperor flower is really to be killed today!
But at this time, Feliicity didn’t know where his strength came from!
She was hiding behind Wiliam, but now she turned around, holding Wiliam tightly in her arms!
Her entire back was exposed to Lu Renjie’s punch!
A mouthful of steaming blood gushed out of Feliicity’s mouth.
Burning Wiliam’s entire face!
Chapter 1322
Feliicity used her body to bear the blow for Wiliam abruptly!
She was beaten up to fly.
The landing leaf was also in midair.
At this moment, Wiliam’s head was completely confused.
In his eyes, only Feliicity.
Feliicity’s blood was sprayed all over Wiliam’s face.
So warm, so blazing!
It was so hot that Wiliam felt the blood all over his body burn.
But his eyes were so big that they turned red.
Feliicity willingly withstood such a blow in order to save herself!
“Bang!” The bodies of the two people slammed heavily on the ground.
Feliicity was lying on Wiliam’s body like this, looking like her whole body was wilted.
Wiliam was stunned for several seconds before shouting heartbreakingly: “No!”
He quickly got up and grabbed Feliicity’s pulse.
Feliicity’s pulse at this moment is already chaotic.
But fortunately, because the physique before Feliicity was very special, her body was much tougher than ordinary people!
Lu Renjie’s attack only beat Feliicity to vomiting blood, but her life was not deprived yet.
But even so, can Wiliam rely on it in his heart?
Feliicity, but his woman!
Her own woman gave her life to death to save herself!
Wiliam feels calm!
The blood is constantly boiling!
Wiliam’s entire face flushed red!
He felt his heart beating wildly, almost jumping out of his body!
“Lu Renjie!” Wiliam gritted his teeth and stared at Lu Renjie!
And Lu Renjie smiled after a brief period of surprise.
He had never thought that the women around Wiliam were so chaste and loyal to him.
This makes him envious.
But so what?
Lu Renjie grabbed Wiliam and punched him in the stomach with a punch.
Wiliam also vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot.
“Hand over “Impermanence Medical Classics”! You may be able to suffer less.” Lu Renjie said yinly.
He does not intend to kill Wiliam for the time being.
So when I hit Wiliam before, there were no killers.
Now there are also no killers.
He even wanted to torture Wiliam.
However, Wiliam gritted his teeth and his face became even redder.
“Did you make friends?” Lu Renjie didn’t care about this, he once again hit Wiliam in the stomach.
This punch is heavier than the one just now.
Lu Renjie slowly increased the strength in his hand.
He didn’t believe that Wiliam could endure this kind of torture.
“No, don’t…” The white Feliicity on the ground had already burst into tears at this moment.
She watched feebly as her most beloved man was in the hands of others.
This feeling is more uncomfortable than killing her.
“Let me ask you one more sentence! To pay or not to pay!” Lu Renjie’s face looked a little ugly.
Wiliam suddenly snorted, and directly vomited blood on Lu Renjie’s face.
“Looking for death!” Lu Renjie’s anger came from his heart, and he hit Wiliam’s heart with a heavy punch!
“Ah!” Wiliam let out a painful roar, hitting the ground.
This punch would not kill Wiliam. This chapter is not finished
But with this punch, an extremely subtle reaction occurred.
Wiliam’s body had been forcibly suppressing the violent breath.
With this punch now, all of Wiliam’s suppression was turned into fly ash.
The violence in Wiliam’s body is making a comeback!
And the coming is fierce, more brutal than any previous time!
“Ah!” Wiliam let out a sky-shaking wailing, curled up on the ground with pain, shaking constantly.
When Lu Renjie saw this scene, he laughed loudly, “Boy! I knew you were sick too! Now, your illness is coming back? I want to see if I die first or you die first!”
As he said, he walked towards Wiliam, “Such a pain, plus I tortured you so hard, I think you can bear it, how long?”
“No!” An extremely painful shout rang.
Feliicity didn’t know where her strength was, but in a dying struggle, she stepped forward and stood in front of Wiliam.
The body, but weakly knelt down towards Lu Renjie.
Feliicity, tears raining down!
She said helplessly to Lu Renjie: “My lord, I beg you, okay, can you leave Wiliam a way out? My family, Wiliam, it’s too hard to walk this way…”
It was too bitter along the way.
Said this sentence, Feliicity’s heart could not be said with pain.
I didn’t understand Wiliam before, and felt that everything he did was reasonable.
Because he is omnipotent.
Now I understand Wiliam.
Knowing Wiliam’s life experience, knowing about Wiliam and his grandfather.
Know how much hardship Wiliam has suffered in order to force him to grow up?
How many times did he even wander on the edge of death?
Didn’t Wiliam get bruised all over his body?
Didn’t Wiliam escape from death?
Today, Wiliam has really suffered too much.
It’s really not easy for Wiliam to survive…
Feliicity would never kneel down for Wiliam in her life.
Today, she has no hesitation.
She really didn’t want to, Wiliam, who had been suffering all the way, had his life lost in front of her eyes today.
It’s enough to taste this kind of suffering by yourself.
“Ho ho, do you want me to let Wiliam go? Okay, I’ll think about it if you knock me a hundred heads?” Lu Renjie said jokingly, deliberately humiliating Feliicity.
Feliicity didn’t even think about it for a while.
She resisted the pain in her body and knocked her head down hard.
One click, two clicks, three clicks…
Every time I am sincere, and every time I have no regrets.
Liu Chunfeng watched from the side with tears in his eyes.
How can it not be loved in such a storm?
She could not even lose her self-esteem for the sake of Wiliam.
Who can do this?
And Wiliam was completely caught in the tearing of his body.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Feliicity doing this for him.
With a thump of head!
The whole figure seemed to explode.
His heart was beating wildly.
The blood is burning frantically!
The shattered memories in his head hovered fast!
“Hahahaha! You kid, really interesting! It seems that you have deep roots in that kid, okay, as long as you sleep with me now, I will let that kid go right away!” Lu Renjie shouted. Laughing wildly.
This way, looking down on everyone and doing whatever he wants, should be his posture!
Those who follow me prosper!
Whoever goes against me perishes!
When Feliicity heard these words, her whole body trembled fiercely!
That’s what Lu Renjie wanted to humiliate this woman!
The more loyal!
The more affectionate!
The more Lu Renjiewan arrowed through his heart!
Why, I was betrayed by my brother!
And this kid has no virtue and incompetence, but so many people have paid for him so far?
You fools, I will completely crush this hypocritical loyalty today!
“Take my clothes off.” Lu Renjie smiled grimly again.
Chapter 1323 Second Awakening!
Feliicity’s tears were torrential.
She didn’t expect this Lu Renjie to be so evil!
And when she was crying, Wiliam on the side suddenly let out a terrifying roar!
He fell to the ground, but his head was raised frantically, roaring at the sky!
It seems to be fighting against all the evils and evils in this human world!
The burning emperor flower, in the midst of Wiliam’s violent roar, the flames suddenly swayed frantically.
“Not good!” Lu Renjie also shouted out suddenly, and quickly backed away, pulling away from Wiliam.
Lu Renjie is a dignified innate warrior!
In Wiliam’s roar, there was a shudder of soul unexpectedly.
He felt a hint of fear instinctively.
This kid doesn’t have a little bit of force, and with just a roar, he makes himself back!
How did he do it!
Lu Renjie stared at Wiliam closely.
And Feliicity turned his head in disbelief to look at Wiliam.
Wiliam was shaking frantically, his body swelled and contracted.
It swelled to the extreme, and it was about to burst and die.
A powerful force suppressed the expansion of the body fiercely!
So it goes round and round!
Blood came out of Wiliam’s whole body.
The whole person is like a blood man crawling out of hell!
Feliicity’s tears were even worse.
Wiliam, suffered again.
When did Wiliam die like this?
Wiliam, sorry…
I seem to worry you again…
No one knew that something happened in Wiliam’s body.
The flesh and blood of his body was nearly collapsed under the blow of Lu Renjie just now.
Then the violent air in his body took the opportunity to raging.
With such a double blow, even Wiliam felt that it was impossible to live anymore.
However, the appearance of Feliicity completely changed Wiliam.
In other words, Wiliam’s will to survive has changed again.
Can’t die!
You can’t die!
If I die, what will happen to the Feliicity?
How can you let your own woman live alone in the world?
How can you let your own woman charge for yourself?
A man’s romance, isn’t it about taking a clear life to protect his family?
How can you die!
The damn memory is broken!
Damn martial arts lost!
Damn violent power!
If you want me to die, then look at my Wiliam’s soul!
“Ah!” Wiliam continued to roar up to the sky!
The flames swayed frantically, and a wild aura slowly bred out of Wiliam’s body.
In Wiliam’s head, the memory fragments were circling and dancing more frantically!
Until the end, these fragments were fiercely fused together by an obsession that transcended the world!
A series of memories suddenly became clear in Wiliam’s head!
When I was young, I depended on my grandfather.
More than ten years ago, he left Lu’s home in North with suspended animation and ran into snow and wind in Q City ( Qena City ).
Once the Feliicity show up, I hope you will feel sorry for each other.
Wiliam and Feliicity got married.
I heard the news that my grandfather was killed by the North Lu family four years ago.
Wiliam worked hard and began to study “Impermanence Medical Classics”.
Began to emerge in Q City ( Qena City ).
Battle of Lingyue Villa!
Battle of the Lu Family in Beilin!
Until the end, return to North Lu’s home!
Kill him and not stay at North’s Lu Family!
Met Grandpa again, but couldn’t recognize each other.
This injury, thanks to Grandpa!
All the memories!
At this moment, all of them poured into Wiliam’s head!
The memory is extremely cold!
The only thing that made Wiliam feel warm.
She is a woman who has never left behind along the way.
It turns out that the love is already deep, so why bother to say more.
At this moment, Wiliam strengthened his belief in Feliicity’s life and death!
And accompanied by the return of memory.
The violence seemed to be scared.
He quickly wanted to pull away Wiliam’s body.
However, it is too late!
Wiliam’s body suddenly gave birth to a wild aura.
This wild aura quickly nourished and repaired Wiliam’s blood veins scattered in his blood.
Even the violent aura was completely integrated and became a part of nourishing Wiliam’s bloodline.
The blood veins gradually formed in Wiliam’s body.
Until the end, between Wiliam’s eyebrows, a blue light flashed suddenly!
A unicorn totem was deeply engraved between Wiliam’s eyebrows!
And if Liu Lang was present, he would be shocked!
this is!
Blood cohesion!
The unicorn bloodline that had been shattered before, unexpectedly reunited in Wiliam’s body!
This can be regarded as a second awakening!
There has never been such a second awakening in this human avenue!
Wiliam is the number one person in the world!
After the unicorn totem was deeply engraved on Wiliam’s eyebrows, a blue light suddenly rose into the sky!
Lin Qi shocked the sky!
Back out of the arena!
When Lu Renjie saw this aura, he suddenly felt his feet soft!
He actually knelt down directly to Wiliam!
His face is ugly to the extreme!
Can suppress all the people of his realm, although it was only a momentary carelessness!
However, this is enough to show that Wiliam’s blood is extremely powerful!
As the Lu family, there is only one possibility for this kid’s unicorn blood!
The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn!
Thinking of this, Lu Renjie’s heart broke!
And this Lin Qi shocked the sky, and this avenue of the world had once again set off a big wave.
A man wearing a toad mirror looked up at Tiandi Lin Qi, and exclaimed, “I know what this kid can do, but I just wondered how long it will take? The three plagues in the world have completely taken shape, hahahaha! I have to find another kid to come out of the mountain again!”
And in a cold place, an old man with a stature of ninety degrees trembled fiercely, and turbid tears flowed directly through his eye sockets.
He is happy, he is angry.
He screamed: “Come here, go and kill him, go and kill him!”
Farther away, in a quaint building complex, a group of people frowned and looked at this Lin Qi, “I thought that this kid was not enough to be afraid, but I thought he was fate! Humane order, how can it be tolerated? Trample! Come and arrest this kid!”
And in a thatched house, an old man and an old woman with a graceful figure and an old face were sitting and drinking tea.
The old woman suddenly raised her head and said with a smile: “Ho ho ho, it’s fun, that kid actually awakened a second time, and the things that awakened this time would be even more terrifying. The three humanitarian plagues, raging! From now on, this world is all you The stage.”
Wiliam’s body gradually returned to calm after this Lin Qi shocked the sky.
His closed eyes suddenly opened!
Cold eyes are swallowing!
In his eyes, there is only one person!
Lu Renjie!
His right arm suddenly stretched out sideways!
On a whole right arm, crimson rays of light flowed like electricity!
Looks furious!
And Wiliam’s mouth was even more arrogant.
“Dare to move my woman? You try…”
Chapter 1324 Long Live Demon Lotus!
The second awakening of the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn!
Accompanied by the restoration of his strength!
And, it’s not just a renewal!
Before that, Wiliam used his body as a tripod, and forcibly subdued Luoxiashenghua and Reborn Qinglian.
Although these two drugs continued to wreak havoc in his body, they were also constantly repairing Wiliam’s strength.
Now, the strength is not only restored, but also to a higher level!
The previous Wiliam had reached the realm of Huajin Dacheng, and now he has directly rushed to the realm of Huajin Consummation!
Inside, I have to say that it is extremely thrilling.
If it weren’t for Feliicity to wait for the tiger at the last moment!
Where’s Wiliam’s faith, defeated the violence in his body!
His woman, always holding it in the palm of her hand, can’t bear to let her feel wronged!
How can you let people fish at this time!
Feliicity is Wiliam’s last insistence!
On his right arm, red light ran!
In a short while, a coquettish red light was densely wrapped around his right arm!
Take a closer look, isn’t this red light just long live red lotus!
Long live Honglian was dormant in his body before, and could not get out because he could not use internal force to urge him.
Now that the realm of Wiliam has taken a step further, it is natural to reappear to mobilize Long live Honglian!
Wiliam was even more surprised by this transfer!
Reborn Qinglian is a treasure for forging magic weapons.
Long live Honglian was actually re-forged in his body!
The current Long Live Red Lotus is more powerful than before!
Long live red lotus roots are all powerful and powerful killers!
And each root seems to have been given an independent life.
Long live Honglian in the past needed Wiliam to be motivated by his thoughts all the time.
He needs to spend a lot of energy to precisely control each long live red lotus.
But now, the long live red lotus roots are like little fairies, clinging to Wiliam’s body tightly.
There is no need to separate a trace of energy to control one by one as before.
They seem to be able to move freely.
The current Long Live Red Lotus can be called Long Live Demon Lotus!
Wiliam thought of this with mixed feelings in his heart!
From the original Needles of Ruby Flower to Long Live Red Lotus.
To the present Long Live Demon Lotus!
These one hundred weird silver needles accompanied him from birth to death.
They have grown up, and they have also grown up.
But this re-awakening, he got too many benefits.
The blood is reunited, and it is even more powerful than before!
The realm is restored, and to a higher level, to reach Huajin Consummation!
Long live the red lotus once again evolved into the long live demon lotus!
Three advantages, which one cannot shock the world!
This was a blessing in disguise, it was too difficult, and the final result was too pleasant!
Grandpa, is this all you want!
It’s a pity, I’m tired of it.
I am tired of you constantly forcing me to grow in this way.
I am tired of you making me ruthless at the expense of my lover and my friend.
This time, I will come to you personally.
I personally send you a ride.
You may have had enough of this kind of suffering.
Wiliam re-awakened this time, and even his mood seemed completely reborn.
His whole person became calm.
Lu Renjie, who was on the opposite side, looked at Wiliam who had returned in this way and was shocked.
He was not only shocked at the renewed recovery of Wiliam’s bloodline.
And even more shocked by the horror of Wiliam’s strength.
He vaguely knew that Wiliam’s bloodline was the pinnacle of bloodline.
But if it was abolished, it was abolished, and Lu Renjie didn’t have to worry about it anymore.
It’s just Wan Wanren’s thought that the pinnacle of blood will reappear in the world!
And what is the thing in this kid’s hand?
The silver needles look so terrible!
Lu Renjie had been in hiding for forty years, naturally he didn’t know the existence of Long live safflower in the Lu family in North.
Looking at Wiliam’s arm now, he only felt trembling all over.
In the end, Lu Renlong on the side couldn’t help it.
He was suppressed by the coercion of this unicorn, and his whole body became bloody.
He roared irritably: “Boy! I think you have a good deal of skill! You will die for me!”
Lu Renlong had only one arm left.
But the strength of Huajin Consummation is still there.
He quickly slammed down at Wiliam’s head!
However, Wiliam just raised the arm that was wrapped around the Long Live Demon Lotus and gently blocked it.
A sound of gold and iron suddenly sounded.
The perfect blow of Huajin was easily blocked by Wiliam’s punch!
Lu Renlong’s face changed suddenly!
Something is wrong!
At first glance, this kid is a newcomer to Huajin Consummation!
And he has been immersed in this state for more than ten years!
How could he be his opponent!
It’s nothing more than an opponent!
There are several meanings to easily block it!
Lu Renlong felt something was wrong instinctively, and then he wanted to withdraw!
However, it is too late!
The moment Lu Renlong punched Wiliam’s arm!
Red lights suddenly lit up!
Lu Renlong saw what was happening on Wiliam’s arm, and he took a deep breath!
I saw the red needles, as if they had a soul!
At the moment the two arms touched, the red needle looked like a poisonous snake and quickly wrapped around Lu Renlong’s arm!
Lu Renlong wanted to use internal force to force these red needles to leave his arm.
However, these red needles have made even more weird changes!
They were evading the internal force of Lu Renlong in different poses and different levels.
In the blink of an eye, Lu Renlong’s arm was already covered with red needles!
These red needles were like little bugs, and they got directly into Lu Renlong’s arm!
Lu Renlong wailed like a pig!
Because the red needle entered the body, the immortal Daluo couldn’t move.
Not only that!
After these red needles entered the body, Shun Lu Renlong’s blood began to crazily erode Lu Renlong’s internal organs!
This kind of attack from the body, Lu Renlong just wanted to stop it with powerlessness.
He wailed on the ground in pain.
Suddenly, the whole body seemed to be petrified, and it was instantly frozen!
Lu Renjie secretly shouted badly, just about to go over to help Lu Renlong!
But in an instant, he felt a sharp danger!
He quickly pulled away again and went back!
Lu Renlong’s body was full of red light!
His whole body seemed to be torn apart, blood sprinkled on the sky!
The whole person can’t even find a whole piece of flesh and blood!
Turn into powder!
And a hundred long live demon lotus returned to Wiliam’s arm, shining with a deep red light.
Who would have thought of a martial artist who turned to perfection!
He couldn’t survive a round under these hundred silver needles!
If this were to spread out, how terrifying it would be!
Lu Renjie was dumbfounded!
He looked at Wiliam with endless fear in his eyes!
And Wiliam finally stepped out.
Walk towards Lu Renjie!
“Now it is your turn……”
Chapter 1325
Lu Renjie’s footsteps couldn’t help taking a step back.
He didn’t even think that his brother would not be able to do a trick in the hands of this kid!
How terrible is this kid to wake up!
And what is the weird silver needle in his hand!
Does this look like a human thing!
Accompanied by Wiliam’s faint voice, Lu Renjie yelled and cursed: “Boy! Don’t be too proud! I’ll take care of you now!”
With that said, Lu Renjie stood up and attacked Wiliam extremely fast!
However, Wiliam didn’t even move!
The Long Live Demon Lotus in his hand suddenly burst into red light!
A hundred silver needles reflected the flames on the scene!
Like a hundred blood-red eyes, staring at Lu Renjie.
Lu Renjie punched out!
It happened to be pounded on a long live demon lotus.
A strong blood of evil spirits instantly flooded the scene.
Lu Renjie’s eyes widened again!
This silver needle was shot out of blood by him!
how can that be!
Wiliam was shocked when he saw this scene.
For a long time, Needles of Ruby Flower Rumao has been drinking blood, and he has no idea how much blood he has on his body!
Now, blood for blood!
Lu Renjie rushed out again!
The remaining silver needles instantly locked onto Lu Renjie, forming a weird barrier in front of Wiliam!
“Boom boom boom!”
Lu Renjie blasted several punches in a row!
However, these fists are sinking into the sea!
Despite the blood on the ground, the Long Live Demon Lotus still exists!
Lu Renjie, a half-step congenital warrior, couldn’t even break through Wiliam’s barrier!
How many people should be stupefied by this spread!
As for such a result, Wiliam had already expected it in his heart.
Now his realm broke through again, and he came to Huajin Consummation.
In normal times, he is enough to fight higher.
Not to mention that Lu Renjie’s body is also the blood of a unicorn.
The blood of Wiliam’s ancestor of the Qilin can suppress the tribe even more.
And more importantly, Lu Renjie’s body is poisonous now, and he has reached the end of the crossbow.
Under the circumstances, Wiliam has a good chance of winning against Lu Renjie!
After several strong attacks, Lu Renjie had already revealed a dejected look.
He stepped back two steps, gasping for breath, couldn’t understand what the material of the silver needle was, it was so tough.
Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “What? Tired? Otherwise, change me?”
Wiliam said a word, and the Long Live Demon Lotus in front of him bloomed red again.
They galloped in the direction of Lu Renjie!
Lu Renjie secretly shouted badly!
He still remembered how Lu Renlong died just now.
You must not face these weird silver needles!
Thinking of this, he got up and wanted to escape the scene.
However, Long live Honglian turned out to be faster than Lu Renjie!
They actually blocked all Lu Renjie’s retreat!
The long live red lotus in the sky is slowly shrinking.
Until he shrank Lu Renjie in a circle.
Lu Renjie looked at these silver needles surrounding him, and he suddenly felt regret in his heart!
Why did he listen to Lu Renxiong’s nonsense this time and come out of the mountain again!
Moreover, he also found this kid!
And this kid obviously looked like a mermaid before, but now he is just like a Dapeng spreading his wings, so powerful that he doesn’t dare to fight directly!
Even Lu Renjie regretted it even more.
Originally, he and Wiliam had a perfect chance of reconciliation.
As long as Wiliam helped him find out the traitor Lu Renxiong, and let him leave safely, it would be quite profitable for him.
However, hate only hate myself for being greedy!
After the illness was cured, he even coveted others’ “Impermanence Medical Classics”!
Now the retribution is coming!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly said to Wiliam: “Boy! I am considered a blessing! In this way, you can spare my life, I can do nothing, and promised that I will never trouble you again in this life.”
However, these words made Wiliam smile directly.
He smiled and smiled, his face still like frost.
Leave him alone, and don’t want anything?
“Lu Renjie, you still can’t see clearly, who is in the hands of the initiative right now? Do you think you are qualified to negotiate terms with me now?” Wiliam asked indifferently.
Lu Renjie’s old face stiffened and became extremely ugly.
He loves face all his life, and he doesn’t want to be so humiliated by a young man when he grows old!
“You, what do you want to do! Okay! As long as you promise to let me go! I can promise you any condition!” Lu Renjie finally put down this resentment and said to Wiliam angrily.
“What I want, you can’t give it! And don’t forget that the poison on your body has completely erupted, even if I let you go, you can’t live anymore.” Wiliam said calmly.
These words immediately hit Lu Renjie’s heart.
He had forgotten that the poison on his body was already erupting!
Today, I have no way to go back alive.
Thinking of this, Lu Renjie’s whole body went down.
The arrogance on his body is also slowly disappearing.
This disappearance meant that Lu Renjie had given up resistance.
The poison on his body broke out, and for a while, Lu Renjie directly vomited a mouthful of blood.
And Wiliam’s Long Live Demon Lotus was still shrinking.
As if to completely penetrate Lu Renjie in this small circle.
Lu Renjie was also expecting his fate, and suddenly sat cross-legged on the ground.
He didn’t adjust his interest rate, nor did he struggle.
He looked at Wiliam, feeling helpless.
He suddenly sensed what kind of unworldly genius he was fighting against.
I’m afraid the people who fought with him would have no bones a long time ago, right?
He suddenly smiled bitterly and said, “Wiliam, to be honest, I have never convinced anyone in my life, because you know, I am proud and face-loving. But before I die, I really want to say, You are too powerful, I am defeated in your hands and I am completely convinced.”
These words can be regarded as people’s death and their words are also good.
Wiliam nodded, but the killing intent in his heart was not diminished at all.
Lu Renjie watched as the silver needles around him continued to shrink, and he was about to plunge into his body.
He looked at Wiliam again, and said, “It’s fine! It’s enough to live this year. You also helped me with a feud. Wiliam, I can die, but can you agree to my last request? ?”
“You said.” Wiliam replied lightly.
“Promise me, let me die more decently, it can be regarded as giving me Lu Renjie this strong life, draw a full stop.” Lu Renjie said, has slowly closed his eyes.
Wiliam replied in a low voice, “Okay. I will fulfill you.”
Silver Needle, take it all back!
But at the moment he took it back, Lu Renjie’s head was already lightly nodded.
He wants decentness, not to be defeated by a virus, or pierced by a silver needle.
But self-decision…
“Let’s go.” Wiliam embraced Feliicity with one hand, and with one hand he passed Li Chunfeng, who was unable to walk on his own.
“Where to go?” Li Chunfeng asked in confusion.
Wiliam’s gaze was long, seemingly cold.
“Go to my grandfather, for this damn fate!”


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