Dragon Husband 1326-1330

Chapter 1326
Li Chunfeng’s face became stiff, and he suddenly asked seriously: “Wiliam, are you serious?”
Li Chunfeng also knew the importance of Lu Lingfeng in Wiliam’s heart.
Wiliam’s growth over the years has all been brought up by her grandfather.
Is his grandpa a man or a devil?
Did he hurt his grandson into the bone, or into the demon?
And now, Wiliam actually wanted to find his grandfather to settle this sinful debt.
Li Chunfeng was very afraid that Wiliam would be dizzy for a while.
However, Wiliam nodded seriously and said, “It’s time. If this is the effect my grandfather wants me to achieve, then it would be wrong.”
The blue veins on Li Chunfeng’s forehead jumped, not wanting to understand the deep meaning of Wiliam’s words.
This pair of grandparents fought back and forth, only to turn others into fools.
“Then at least you have to wait for Feliicity to wake up? She is still alive and dead now.” Li Chunfeng could only come up with such an excuse after thinking about it.
Wiliam didn’t comment, and said, “Let’s go to Mrs. Wang’s house first.”
Wiliam took them to Harper Wang’s house.
Who knows that Harper Wang has been standing at the door all the time, looking forward to it.
Seeing Wiliam appear, Harper Wang burst into tears, grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and said excitedly: “Young Master, you have nothing to do! The old slave knows that your lucky people have a chance to meet each other! All right!”
Wiliam thanked Harper Wang for his concern, and then asked for a room to treat Feliicity’s injuries.
The more healed, the more Wiliam’s heart hurts.
As his memory recovered, he became more and more aware of the deep love that Feliicity had for him.
This can’t be hidden.
And the more Wiliam understood this, the more guilty he was to Feliicity.
What a beautiful woman Feliicity is, she should be safe and happy all her life.
But after following myself, it was doomed to leave and be scarred.
How long has it been since Feliicity’s injuries have almost stopped.
And every time, it is also struggling to wander in front of the ghost gate.
When Wiliam thought about this, he couldn’t help but kissed Feliicity’s forehead lightly, and he had already made a decision in his heart.
Going to Guhou Valley, life and death are unpredictable.
If there is expectation, it is not impossible to continue in the next life.
After he cured Feliicity, Wiliam went to check Li Chunfeng’s body again.
Li Chunfeng’s body is different from ordinary people, and the injury this time is okay, as long as he adjusts his interest for a few days, he can recover.
In front of Harper Wang, Li Chunfeng asked again: “Wiliam, when do you plan to go to Guhuo Valley? Let’s go with you.”
When Harper Wang heard this, his face suddenly changed, and he asked with concern: “Young Master, are you planning to go to Guhuo Valley to find your grandfather?”
Wiliam nodded faintly, and said, “Well, I have to go. This matter should also be explained.”
“But, your body, and your memory…” Harper Wang said worriedly.
“My strength has been restored, and my memory has been restored, there is no major problem.” Wiliam said.
Harper Wang looked happy, and he was naturally happy that the young master had returned to the top.
But his expression dimmed immediately again.
After all, Wiliam was going to find his grandfather, and the fetters between the grandfather and grandson must be completely clear.
“Young Master, I’ll go with you! I’m going to gather people and horses right away.” Harper Wang finally made up his mind.
However, Wiliam refused, “Forget it, you all stay here, I will go alone.”
“You go alone? Wiliam, are you crazy! Don’t you know how strong Guhuo Valley is?” Li Chunfeng raised his eyebrows.
Wiliam looked bleak, and said, “I naturally know how strong Guhuo Valley is, and I also know that this is extremely dangerous, so I don’t want you to get involved. You remember, this is my grandfather’s business, and you Nothing to do!”
He said this in a very firm tone, as if he had already thought about it.
Li Chunfeng still wanted to say something, but was stunned by Wiliam!
Wiliam never looked at Li Chunfeng with such a stern look.
Li Chunfeng’s throat moved, and finally he could not speak.
She naturally understood Wiliam’s character very well.
The decision he made cannot be influenced by a few words.
It seemed that Wiliam was betting his life and death in this business.
He went to Guhuo Valley with the belief that he would die.
“I’ll leave in the afternoon. Feliicity has to trouble you to take care of it.” Wiliam’s eyes gradually softened, and he said to Li Chunfeng.
Li Chunfeng looked aggrieved, “But, Feliicity wakes up, how should I explain to her? She will kill me.”
“Say sorry to her for me. I’ll say it again. This is a matter between me and my grandpa. No one can get along. I don’t want grandpa to work so hard anymore. I go over and want to say something to grandpa. I grow up. No need for him to sacrifice like this.” Wiliam said sadly.
He estimated the time.
Then I went to Guhuo Valley to face my grandfather.
Life and death can be said in an instant.
And Feliicity’s body, it will take several days to wake up.
At that time, all the dust has settled.
If the fate in this life is not exhausted, it can naturally be continued.
After Wiliam said this, he found Harper Wang to get Gu Huo Valley’s address, and went back to Feliicity’s room.
Even if he could stay with Feliicity for a while, it was worthy of Wiliam’s love for it.
In the afternoon, Wiliam quietly left Harper Wang’s villa.
He had no choice to say goodbye to Li Chunfeng and the others, and set foot on the road to Guhuo Valley alone.
The headquarters of Guhuo Valley is in the cold area.
By the time Wiliam arrived in the cold area, it was already Q City ( Qena City ) the next day.
The cold place is cool and unpopulated.
In the center of the cold land, there is a quiet ocean.
Wiliam learned from Harper Wang that this vast ocean had a name called Bitter Sea.
The sea of ​​bitterness is boundless, and turning back is the shore.
This name is very appropriate to Wiliam’s expectation of Grandpa.
Walking along the edge of the sea of ​​bitterness, it took Wiliam for a long time to finally see a building that was as dark as ink.
The cold land is white, the buildings are like ink, and the contradictory tension between black and white is vividly displayed here.
Standing in front of this building, Wiliam took a deep breath.
Then he went forward and knocked on this heavy bronze door.
A majestic voice soon sounded inside the door, “Who dares to trespass into my Guhuo Valley and seek death!”
Accompanied by this sound, the bronze door was slowly opened.
A dozen people in black robes walked out slowly from the door.
The left arm of the person who took the lead swelled in an unusually exaggerated manner, but his eyes were disrespectful to the world.
Others also have their own peculiarities, and their bodies have been transformed more or less.
Wiliam glanced at these people, then his eyes were deep, straight behind the bronze gate.
Behind the bronze gate, there is also a deep darkness, like an abyss, which makes people afraid to stare.
Wiliam asked loudly: “Unfilial Sun Wiliam! Come and see Grandpa!”
Chapter 1327
“Wiliam? You are Wiliam!” The man who took the lead gave a sharp look and shouted.
Wiliam nodded, “Exactly.”
Who knows that the person’s face became fierce, and he said, “The Lord Gu has an order, Wiliam come, kill Wushe! Please leave quickly!”
However, how could Wiliam return empty-handed.
He had prepared for the worst.
His tone became indifferent, and said: “If I don’t answer! So what! It depends on you?”
The person who took the lead suddenly laughed jokingly, “You don’t pretend to be here, but we all know that Gu Huo Gu Shangxia, you were severely injured by our Valley Master some time ago, and you already have a whole body of martial arts. We spare you not to die!”
Wiliam didn’t even bother to talk nonsense now.
He took a step forward to prove his determination.
The leader suddenly said fiercely: “Toast and not eat or drink fine wine! Come here, kill him!”
Several people suddenly rushed towards Wiliam.
Wiliam didn’t even look at these people, his body was already walking slowly.
Those people approached Wiliam and wanted to reach out to grab Wiliam.
At this time, Wiliam’s body was shining red.
Those people suddenly wailed horribly.
Their hands are all planted with Long Live Demon Lotus!
After Long Live Demon Lotus evolved, the bloody fierceness became more obvious.
In just a moment of effort, all the blood on those people was sucked by Long Live Demon Lotus.
One by one, they slumped feebly on the ground.
After drinking the blood, the Long Live Demon Lotus was even more red, as if he was asking for a fight.
When the leader saw this scene, his face instantly paled.
He had difficulty setting the channel: “Your martial arts has been restored! How is this possible!”
“Get out of the way, I will spare you not to die.” Wiliam returned what the guy had said before.
“Boy! Do you know the fate of trespassing in my Guhuu Valley! Even if you regain your strength! You only have one person, but we Guhuu Valley, there are more than a thousand people! Among them, there are more than 600 Huajin warriors! Come in! It’s tantamount to a sheep’s mouth!” The leader was unwilling and continued to shout sharply.
When Wiliam heard this, he was also slightly surprised.
More than six hundred chemical fighters?
This is simply horrible!
Even in the family of medicine knives, there are not so many martial artists!
The family of medicine knives is known as the first super family, but there are only more than a hundred chemists.
Gu Huo Valley’s Hua Jin martial artist turned out to be more than six times that of the medicine knife family!
And these more than six hundred Jinwu fighters, it is estimated that they can compete with the whole arena of Jinwu fighters, right?
Is Gu Huo Gu strong so far?
However, Wiliam who thought about it a second time, vaguely knew some of the reasons.
These people have been transformed by grandpa’s weird methods.
Their realm should be forcibly improved with drugs or other things.
There should still be a gap with the general orthodox Huajin warrior.
Wiliam had also seen a transformed warrior before.
When Li’s house was in Nanban, a hall master appeared.
His body has been transformed, and this transformation is irreversible.
The trauma to the body is very big, and the consequences are endless.
Grandpa Grandpa, what do you want to do?
Created so many terrifying monsters out!
However, the more Grandpa is like this, the stronger Wiliam’s desire to confront Grandpa is!
He stretched out his hand!
The leader couldn’t even move, he was directly stuck in his neck by Wiliam!
“Get out!” Wiliam yelled, and threw it out.
The man was thrown directly to the ground, vomiting blood.
“You kid! Good! Let you see the true strength of my Guhuu Valley today! Since the establishment of my Guhuu Valley, no one has dared to break into Guhuu Valley alone!” The man said harshly on the ground. Suddenly took out something.
Something similar to a horn.
He used his internal force to activate the horn, and suddenly a powerful and strange horn sounded all over the sky.
Wiliam knew that this guy was sending out a distress signal.
But Wiliam was not afraid.
This time, it is impossible to sneak in quietly.
The sound of breaking the wind came galloping from not far away.
In a blink of an eye, dozens of masters had fallen around Wiliam’s body.
Wiliam looked intently, and the person who came this time was not from the Lu family in North!
These people from North Lu’s family were taken away by grandpa before, and they didn’t expect all of them to become grandpa’s subordinates.
These people’s eyes are dull, and their bodies have become very different from before.
Even the aura on them has become extremely vicious.
Obviously, their strength has gone up to a new level compared to before.
The person who took the lead was Lu Guangsha, the head of the North Lu family!
Lu Guangsha seemed to be more sober.
When he saw Wiliam, he immediately sneered: “You kid, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, hell has no way to break in! I still don’t want to settle your account with you, I don’t even think that you would send them by yourself!”
Looking at Lu Guangsha, Wiliam kept thinking about it.
Lu Guangsha’s previous realm was already complete.
Unexpectedly, in less than a month, he had forcibly promoted to the peak of Huajin Consummation!
Grandpa’s methods are really terrible!
However, Wiliam just changed his mind.
The peak of Huajin Consummation should be the peak of Lu Guangsha.
Because Grandpa’s promotion method is equivalent to drinking poison to quench thirst.
Similarly, now Wiliam can even fight with Lu Renjie in a half-step, so why be afraid of this dynamism reaching the peak of consummation.
When Lu Guangsha saw that Wiliam didn’t speak, his eyes kept burning with jealousy.
He knew that Wiliam’s previous martial arts had been completely abolished, and he didn’t think that this kid would be able to recover after taking a shit.
“Lu Guangsha, are you really willing to be my grandfather’s dog?” Wiliam asked lightly.
Lu Guangsha sneered, “Being a dog? It’s ridiculous, it seems that you don’t know the terrible thing about Grandpa! However, I believe you have only two endings today! One was killed in battle, and the other was. Will surrender willingly to your grandfather. After all, normal people can’t refuse the temptation given by your grandfather.”
What Lu Guangsha said was of course Lu Lingfeng’s method of forcibly raising his realm.
Lu Guangsha’s martial arts qualifications are not high.
I thought I could only stay in the realm of Huajin Dacheng in this life.
Unexpectedly, some time ago, due to a coincidence, he was drawn by the blood of Wiliam’s ancestor of the Kylin, and accidentally stepped into the realm of Huajin Consummation.
This time he stepped into it, he was even more itchy, and his pursuit of a higher realm had reached the point of crazy thinking.
And Lu Lingfeng directly mentioned him to the peak of Huajin Consummation.
He was only one step away from the half-step innate realm he dreamed of.
How could he not thank Lu Lingfeng!
And in his heart, what should Wiliam do even if he regains his strength?
However, the only difference is that it becomes a martial artist.
Even if he still has the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, it is far from being able to reach the peak state of his own energies.
Therefore, in Lu Guangsha’s eyes, the appearance of Wiliam is equivalent to throwing himself into the net!
Chapter 1328
“Patriarch, let me teach this kid! Otherwise, I will feel sick in my heart!” A person suddenly jumped out and said to Lu Guangsha.
Wiliamxun’s reputation is exactly the Lu Zhi from the Lu family.
Lu Zhi was severely injured by Wiliam in front of everyone at the Lu family last time. How could he give up this humiliation!
And afterwards, he even heard that, Wiliam replaced him and went to participate in the Centennial Ceremony of the Evil Fist!
And unexpectedly won the first place in the Centennial Ceremony, which is enough to be famous!
Lu Zhi’s jealousy exploded at the time.
He even thought, if it wasn’t for his own injury, he would be the one who took the first place!
Where’s the turn to get this kid?
Therefore, Lu Zhi has a deep resentment towards Wiliam!
Now that he has an opportunity to vent his anger, how can he not cherish it!
Lu Guangsha naturally knew that Lu Zhi hated Wiliam in his heart.
He also happened to take this opportunity to get rid of Wiliam, so Lu Guangsha nodded and said, “Okay, he will leave it to you. Let me do things more beautifully. Don’t lose the face of our North Lu family. .”
When Wiliam heard this, he just wanted to laugh.
Return the face of the Lu family?
Are you willing to be a dog for people, but still remember Lu’s face in your heart?
Really want to be a bitch and set up an archway.
Lu Zhi stood up and stared at Wiliam angrily, “Boy, you took away the honor that should belong to me, and today I will let you die without a place to bury you!”
“Your honor?” Wiliam didn’t react at once.
Lu Zhi immediately yelled: “If you didn’t use conspiracy and tricks on me and severely wounded me, it was your turn to participate in the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony? It was your turn to take first place! You should be famous in the first battle. People, it’s me, Lu Zhi! You stole my honor! Don’t you dare to make sophistry!”
Wiliam immediately laughed.
It turns out that he was struggling with this?
That really doesn’t require sophistry, no, it should be too lazy to argue.
When Lu Zhi saw that Wiliamzhen was talking, he thought he was guilty.
Lu Zhi rushed towards Wiliam immediately and blasted towards Wiliam’s forehead with a punch.
During this period of time, Lu Zhi, as the most promising person of the young generation of the Lu family in North, was naturally taken care of by Lu Lingfeng.
Therefore, Lu Zhi’s realm has also come to the peak of Huajin Dacheng.
In his opinion, Wiliam could only step into the transformation of strength before he lost his martial arts.
It’s not his current opponent at all!
So he was full of confidence!
This punch entrained wind and thunder, and even caused snowflakes around.
For a time, the sky and the earth danced wildly, and the momentum was amazing.
But Wiliam just sneered.
Is it still necessary to deal with this kid?
Wiliam’s eternal unicorn bloodline suddenly rises!
A vigorous and vast aura, rolling away towards Lu Zhi!
Lu Zhi’s heart sighed!
His body fell to the ground fiercely in the air, and directly smashed the ground out of a big hole!
Lu Zhi looked at Wiliam on the ground in disbelief, “You! You even recovered your blood! Impossible!”
All the Lu family members looked at Wiliam in amazement.
They knew that Wiliam’s blood was shattered by Lu Lingfeng.
And they also thought that what Wiliam had recovered was only strength.
I have never heard of blood being broken, and I can awaken for the second time!
How strong is this kid’s talent!
And what is restored now is surprisingly the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn!
The breath is more vigorous and surging than before!
Compared with the previous bloodline suppression, it has taken a big step!
Lu Guangsha looked at the elders around him.
The three elders look at me, and I look at you. Obviously, they are also surprised by this scene.
However, Lu Guangsha still sneered, “Even if this kid recovers his bloodline? With his Huajin Dacheng strength, even with the bloodline blessing, he can only fight against the Huajin Consummation Martial Artist, and reach the peak with us. Compared to warriors, it is still unbearable, so don’t be afraid.”
The three elders nodded, obviously thinking the same as Lu Guangsha.
And Lu Zhi on the ground was about to collapse.
He has accumulated a lot of grievances, just waiting to vent today!
But now!
I can’t even move my hands.
Can only be firmly suppressed on the ground!
Although he knew that Wiliam’s bloodline of the ancestor of the ancient unicorn had less force to suppress people at higher levels.
But the suppression of the same level is very crushing!
Damn it!
Lu Zhi cracked his eyes on the ground and said, “Boy! Don’t use unicorn blood! There is a kind of fight with me! Don’t you dare!”
Will this low-energy stimulus be useful to Wiliam?
Wiliam just smiled casually, and said indifferently: “You are not my opponent just by the way you are now.”
Lu Zhi sternly shouted: “Don’t look down on people! Isn’t it just luck awakening our Qilin’s bloodline! What else do you have besides this!”
But these words made Lu Guangsha and the others cried out ominously in their hearts.
This kid, is it really a fluke to awaken the blood?
If awakening for the first time is a fluke, it still makes sense.
After all, luck is something everyone has.
But this second awakening!
That is truly unprecedented!
Can this be considered a fluke!
Lu Zhi, this kid, has talent, but he doesn’t have any in his mind.
Lu Zhi saw the small smile hanging from the corner of Wiliam’s mouth, and the anger in his heart burned to the extreme at this moment.
His head buzzed, and a thick blood mist suddenly burst out of his body!
Seeing this scene, Lu Guangsha sternly shouted: “Lu Zhi! Stop!”
However, Lu Zhi has been dazzled by hatred.
What he used was Gu Huogu’s unique skill.
Wiliam had seen this stunt before.
Guhuogu’s body has been transformed, so it will instantly become frenzied.
Or animalization.
This change is irreversible, and once you enter this state, you can never go back.
I can only be a half-orc in my life.
Lu Zhi, who became frenzied, instantly rose to Huajin Consummation!
The coercion of the unicorn on him was swept away!
“Roar!” Lu Zhi yelled at the sky, his body was already extremely swollen, twice as much as before!
He roared and rushed towards Wiliam, incredibly fast.
However, Wiliam smiled indifferently.
That’s it?
Wiliam didn’t even have a hand at all.
Thoughts moved.
Long live the demon lotus is here!
The speed is faster than Lu Zhi, I don’t know how much!
In an instant, Lu Zhi’s body was covered with Long Live Demon Lotus, and his swollen body dried up at a speed visible to the naked eye, obviously not alive.
The scene, deathly silence!
Lu Zhi, who has become mad, should have reached the realm of Huajin Consummation, right?
In the hands of this kid, he can’t survive the second trick!
Even this kid hasn’t even raised his hand!
How terrible he is now!
When everyone was horrified, Wiliam looked at Lu Guangsha and said lightly: “I don’t have time to play Jiajia with you, Lu Guangsha, and your elders. Forget it, all of you go together.”
Chapter 1329
Wiliam really didn’t have time to spend time with these people.
In his eyes, these people are nothing to him now.
Wiliam came here just to see Grandpa and fulfill his long-cherished wish.
The most powerful of these North Lu family members in front of them should be the consummation martial artist.
However, in the eyes of Wiliam, the Huajin Consummation Warrior was no longer a threat.
As for other warriors, they are even more vulnerable.
But these words were like a thunder explosion around North Lu’s family.
All people have scalp numbness.
They looked at Wiliam in disbelief.
This kid!
Is it swollen!
Is it too bloated?
This kid has always been so bloated!
A martial artist who had turned his strength in a mere literary form, now he didn’t even put the Lu family in his eyes, let alone the elders and the Patriarch.
court death!
Lu Guangxia was shaking with anger.
He felt that he was killed by this kid in a moment!
Obviously this kid is only alone!
But why is there such a arrogant aura!
“Come here! Kill this kid for me! Whoever brought him up to the top level, I have many rewards!” Lu Guangsha shouted out with a cold face.
He and the elders naturally stood behind everyone with their hands together.
Because they all feel that they have a high authority, if they attack a kid with other people at this time, it will be even more shameless.
Besides, there are so many experts from the North Lu family on the scene. Isn’t it enough to deal with a kid!
Inspired by Lu Guangsha, all the Lu family members shouted and killed in Wiliam’s direction.
Shi can be killed, not insulted!
Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Just you…
Also worthy?
He took the initiative to walk towards these people step by step, and the Long Live Demon Lotus on his body was once again prosperous!
“Swish swish!”
The sound of breaking the wind struck in the direction of North Lu’s family!
“I don’t believe it! This kid can do everything with one heart! He has no way to control so many silver needles. This is just a bluff! Brothers, follow me!” Someone immediately noticed this and shouted.
Suddenly, the North Lu family’s momentum rose, and it was really bluffing.
However, Wiliam sneered inwardly.
I don’t have a way to do everything with one heart?
Yes, you are right.
But does Laozi need to focus on everything?
Wiliam’s heart moved!
The long live demon lotus in the sky seemed to bloom in an instant of a flourishing red lotus.
A hundred long live demon lotus scattered in the air!
Every long live demon lotus stared at a person from North Lu’s family.
In an instant, there was a cry of exclamation from North Lu’s house.
I saw all the Long Live Demon Lotus attacking the people of North Lu Family from different angles and attitudes.
There is no nuanced control, and it can’t be controlled at all!
However, does Wiliam seem to be controlling these silver needles?
It’s not like it at all!
Because this kid is still walking forward, with his hands behind his back, he feels relaxed.
Lu Guangsha and the elders suddenly looked at each other.
Because they didn’t even think that Wiliam still had this kind of single-minded and more than minded ability.
The people of North Lu’s family wanted to fight against the silver target.
However, everyone who reached out to grab the silver needle was directly attached to the silver needle and then entered the body!
And those who want to overturn the silver needle with vigor, will be shocked to find that the silver needle is extremely mysterious, as if it is the magic of this world!
It can’t be overturned at all!
This can only prove one thing!
The people who control the silver needle have a higher realm than all of them!
The silver needle carries the master’s superior aura, so they can’t overturn it!
This is already jaw-dropping!
Because in the presence, there are also two people who have just reached the realm of Huajin Consummation.
There is no way for them to get the silver needle!
Almost a minute later, the scene was already wailing!
The people of North Lu’s family are dead and wounded!
The rest are already running around!
Because some Long Live Demon Lotus continues to move towards the next goal after killing people!
The situation on the North Lu family’s side is getting worse and worse.
Lu Guangsha saw his teeth crunching!
What kind of demon technique this kid has come up with!
He has only recovered his strength, why does he seem to be so much stronger than before!
When he was at the Lu family in North, although this kid was arrogant, his strength was on the table.
Any elder shot can kill this kid.
But now!
There are dozens of people at the scene!
Among them, there are many warriors who have just entered the realm of Huajin Consummation.
But it can’t help this kid at all!
Even this kid didn’t even move his hands just like before playing Lu Zhi!
With this silver needle alone, he defeated the people on his side.
Lu Guangsha couldn’t help thinking, isn’t this kid’s words just a lie!
Can he really hang all the people in North Lu’s family alone!
Is this kid getting through the two lines of Ren and Du!
It’s almost like changing someone!
The combat power is directly open and hang!
At this time, the great elder said with an extremely ugly expression: “Mystery, it appears on his Needles of Ruby Flower!”
Lu Guangsha’s eyes dazzled and asked, “What do you say?”
“The current long live safflower is very different from the long live safflower seen before! The old long live safflower still needs him to control it, but now you see, he doesn’t need to control it at all! This one hundred long live safflower will follow. Life is the same, so we are not beating him alone, we are beating a hundred people!” The elder said with a horrified expression.
Lu Guangsha looked at the long live safflower that was killing all over the sky seriously, and his whole body was shocked.
It seems to be like what the great elder said.
“This Needles of Ruby Flower has evolved!” Lu Guangsha muttered to himself, as if he had lost his soul.
At this time, Wiliam had already arrived in front of Lu Guangsha and the others.
He walked this way, and he was completely blocked.
He gave it a go.
The long live demon lotus all over the sky appeared behind him.
These long live demon lotus radiated a faint red light behind him, setting off Wiliam’s whole body like a demon coming out of the bloody light!
Long live the demon lotus seems to have bought a blood-red robe for Wiliam!
The scholar kills, the blood buddha robes!
Looking at Wiliam like this, Lu Guangsha couldn’t help taking a step back.
He didn’t dare to confront Wiliam.
And Wiliam just looked at the Patriarch and the elders in front of him, and continued to smile like nothing.
“I told you a long time ago, let’s go together. You don’t believe it.” Wiliam said slowly.
The blood buddha robes on his body burst into strong blood in an instant!
The blood light was like a sharp sword, and it instantly hit Lu Guangsha in front of you!
But at this moment, a muddled voice came over.
“Well, my baby, my baby. It’s been a long time, come back, come back…”
With this sound, the blood Buddha robes soared to the sky!
Chapter 1330
Everyone’s gaze stagnated, and they looked towards the sky one after another.
I saw the Long Live Demon Lotus on Wiliam’s body, as if he had been summoned by something, “swishing” towards a direction in the air.
Looking in that direction, it was the highest loft in Guhuo Valley.
That attic was tall and majestic, and extremely deep.
The muddled voice just came from this weird attic.
After Wiliam’s Long Live Demon Lotus entered this attic, it burst into an unprecedented red light, and then gradually returned to peace.
Wiliam’s brows were already deeply locked.
Long live the demon lotus leaving his body is naturally not caused by his thoughts.
And the voice just now, isn’t it the voice of his grandfather Lu Lingfeng?
With a cry from Grandpa, he was able to deprive himself of the Long Live Demon Lotus?
Wiliam felt terrible about this!
But after another thought, he felt a sense of helplessness.
Long live safflower was originally forged by grandpa, but now that grandpa can control them, it is not surprising at all.
Grandpa had already demonstrated this the last time he was at Lu’s house in North.
Grandpa, what do you want to do?
Are you awake or still muddled?
And those people from North Lu’s family, seeing this scene, were suddenly overjoyed!
This kid’s silver needle was actually taken away by Lu Lingfeng!
This kid was so majestic just now, isn’t it because of this weird Needles of Ruby Flower!
Now his support has been taken away, see how arrogant he is!
Next is his death date!
Lu Guangsha thought of this with a grinning smile on his face.
“Boy! Now you wait to die!” He said, taking the lead and rushing towards Wiliam.
The elder behind him also followed.
It seemed that they were planning to go to the bottom of the well, taking advantage of Wiliamzhen’s strongest support, and directly slay Wiliam.
But Wiliam showed a singular smile after a brief astonishment.
Is my biggest support, Long live the demon lotus?
You underestimate my Wiliam…
If you don’t have a stunning power, how can you dare to fight against the group alone!
Do you want to go head-to-head!
The pride in Wiliam’s heart gradually rose.
He saw Lu Guangsha hit him with a fist, the fist screamed, apparently doing his best!
Wiliam didn’t evade this time.
It is also the first official shot today!
He also stretched out a punch and blasted directly at Lu Guangsha’s fist!
Right boom!
Lu Guangsha laughed when he saw that Wiliam wanted to confront him face-to-face without knowing it!
Isn’t it ridiculous that the worm shakes the tree?
“Hahahaha! Kid! You are really looking for death!”
He was laughing, his fists had already smashed together!
A loud noise rang between the two!
Wiliam and Lu Guangsha didn’t spare any effort.
It is their strongest energy wrapped in their fists!
With a punch, there was a gust of wind on all sides, and the surrounding people could not even stand steady!
And Lu Guangsha desperately wanted to see the moment when Wiliam’s hand was broken by himself!
You are an instant, he suddenly felt a heart-wrenching pain!
He still didn’t understand what was going on.
I felt a vast and majestic force again, and the hand that was extending along with me was raging to my heart’s content!
“Ah!” Lu Guangsha couldn’t help but shouted out the pain.
Then, his body was like a kite with a broken wire, and he flew out directly!
In this scene, the elder who was rushing over, as well as other people, were shaking their jaws!
what’s the situation!
Lu Guangsha fist-to-fist, but lost to Wiliam!
Instead, he was blown away by Wiliam’s punch!
How can this kid do this!
Everyone’s eyes widened, and they looked at Wiliam in disbelief.
“Impossible!” A loud roar came from not far away.
It was Lu Guangsha who came back again!
Lu Guangsha at this moment is in a panic!
His beard and hair, which had been neatly combed before, were messy at the moment, like a beggar.
The Chinese clothes on his body were also torn to ragged by the energy just now.
Especially with the hand he had just blasted against Wiliam, the entire sleeve had disappeared.
His arms were black and blue, as if he had been severely injured.
And it was still shaking uncontrollably.
This scene is even more shocking!
On the other hand, Wiliam after facing the fist.
The clouds are light and the wind is light, and the white clothes on his body are not stained with dust, nothing different from before!
This superiority came out all at once.
“Patriarch, what’s going on! Why can this kid punch…” the elder asked with a cold face.
Lu Guangsha’s face was unnatural, and he said angrily: “This kid must have used some insidious trick! I’m not wary of it all of a sudden! Great elder, you’re on me! You are the most powerful among us.”
The great elder is not well.
What insidious trick to use?
Then I don’t feel good about using this insidious trick on me!
Patriarch, are you hurt?
However, being forced by Lu Guangsha, the Great Elder could no longer go back.
He yelled, “I’m going to go, I’m going to go!”
Then quickly rushed towards Wiliam!
However, there was another loud noise!
Compared with Lu Guangsha, the Great Elder is not much better!
He is even worse!
Directly hit by Wiliam, he vomited blood!
Now, everyone is not calm anymore!
How can Wiliam have any tricks!
What everyone saw was clearly Wiliam fighting against each other!
It’s so fierce!
After the elder spit out a mouthful of blood, his whole face was like golden paper.
He pointed to Wiliam and shouted in shock: “You, you are not a martial artist! What realm are you!”
The Great Elder is not stupid.
The coercion he felt with that punch just now is no longer what the Huajin Dacheng martial artist can achieve!
This kind of pressure made him completely out of breath for a moment!
The body is like being pressed by the mountains, unable to move at all!
Wiliam didn’t stop for the slightest, and his body moved forward again.
Taking advantage of the great elder’s strength to counterattack, he directly stuck the great elder’s neck with one hand.
“Stop! You can’t kill him!” Lu Guangsha looked at him and raised his throat.
If this claw is caught on my neck, what can I do!
This kid, is it going to kill the elder in full view of everyone!
Wiliam’s eyes were sharp, and he looked at Lu Guangsha as if to say.
Between this world, there is something that Wiliam can’t kill, I dare not kill!
Violent aura spewed out of Wiliam’s body!
But at this moment, there was a dark voice not far away, “Boy, you will kill me! If you kill him! I will slaughter all this group of people!”
Wiliam followed the prestige.
Inside the gate, a large number of people appeared.
But the few people walking in the front let Wiliam only take a look, his eyes red!
Damn it!
you guys!
All are going to die!


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