Dragon Husband 1331-1335

Chapter 1331 Torture!
A group of people, tied up with five flowers on their bodies, their bodies dripping with blood, apparently suffered a very cruel torture!
Wiliam didn’t know the few people in charge!
Wenren loves people, angry horses, and the god of wealth!
Especially Wen Ren Qingxin, she was covered with blood, almost unable to recognize her!
And they seemed to have only this last breath left to hang, dying.
They almost didn’t even have the strength to look at Wiliam, and their heads hung down. The scene was terrible!
Behind Wenren’s love of them, there are all Qilinshi brothers.
They are also miserable.
Obviously, after being brought back by the grandfather, the people of Qilin power didn’t get the same treatment as the people of North Lu family.
Instead, they were treated as prisoners and suffered this inhuman torment every day!
The person who made the threatening sound just now stands at the forefront.
This is an old man with half hair, with a big cigar hanging in his mouth.
The old man looked at Wiliam jokingly, as if everything was in his grasp.
Seeing this old man appear on the stage, Lu Guangsha’s spirits were shocked. He hurried over and respectfully said: “Master Wu, how dare you bother you to go out in person…”
When Wiliam heard this name, he had a general guess in his heart.
This Master Wu Gu should be Gu Huo Valley’s Deputy Master Gu.
Unexpectedly, his methods were so cruel!
But what Wiliam kept thinking about was that even if his grandpa was unconscious, he didn’t know what Gu Zhu had done.
But isn’t Grandma Lu Lingyun here!
How could she stop Wu Guzhu’s criminal actions!
How could she allow Lord Wu Gu to abuse her brother like this!
I have been here for some time, so it’s fine if Grandpa doesn’t come out.
How could she not come out?
Where is Grandma Lu Lingyun!
“A bunch of rubbish, Lao Lu is really blind when he brings you back. It can’t be used for great use. A family and even a child can’t handle it. At the beginning, you should have been locked up with the group of people behind me!” Sternly said to Lu Guangsha.
Lu Guangsha was also the head of a dignified family anyway, but under the teaching of Wu Gu, he lowered his head and looked like a grandson, showing no signs of resistance.
“Master Wu Gu taught that this kid is really weird. I thought he had lost all martial arts, but I didn’t expect that not only was he recovered now, but he seemed to be even more powerful than before.” Lu Guangsha explained embarrassingly.
“Awesome? How powerful can it be? He will kill someone to show me now.” Wu Gu said with disdain.
There was embarrassment on Lu Guangsha’s face, and he dared not explain any more.
Master Wu Gu looked at Wiliam, “Boy, you are finally here, I have waited for you too long.”
Wiliam stared at Master Wu Gu, “Are you waiting for me?”
Master Wu Gu sneered, “Well, isn’t it? You don’t come again, your brothers are estimated to be tortured to death by me today. Since the first day they came to my Guhuo Valley, I have locked them up, day and night. Torturing them hahahaha, these people are really interesting. The more tortured, the more sober they are. In the end they all broke free of Lao Lu’s control and restored their minds. They woke up and said in unison that you would come to rescue them. .So I played a little game with them to see if they died in my hands before you came, or if you would save them. Today is just the right time, if you don’t come, they won’t be able to endure it. Tomorrow.”
When Wiliam heard this, his eyes turned red!
The murderous aura in his heart was instantly filled!
This damn Lord Wu Gu!
Tortured them from the first day!
And in his heart, there are countless more guilt for no reason!
I don’t even know the suffering they have suffered here!
If you hesitate for a few more days!
If his strength is no longer restored!
Their lives will be completely ruined without their knowledge!
How can they be worthy of their loyalty these days!
Come here today!
Came here at the last minute!
Wiliam’s heart was filled with mixed feelings!
“Why do you treat them this way! I want to know why!” Wiliam asked sharply, finally losing his previous calmness.
“Why? Hoho, we don’t need these inverted bones, we don’t need these inverted bones, so the best way to deal with inverted bones is to get rid of all their burrs. It’s the people of the North Lu family who know each other very well. , He immediately showed loyalty to me when he was awake, and I let them go.” Wu Gu said with a faint smile.
Wiliam glanced at Lu Guangsha, and didn’t think of the big Lu Family in North, he didn’t have any spine at all!
Lu Guangsha glared back at Wiliam, not ashamed at all.
“How could my grandfather allow you to treat his old men like this!” Wiliam asked again.
“Your grandfather? Oh? You say Lao Lu hahaha, that guy, he’s been stunned all day, and his condition has worsened recently. It seems that he has no time to wake up. Where will he know these things? I was irritable, so I locked him in that attic, hey, right there, hey, he is too destructive, and he doesn’t lock his hands and feet well, but it’s not easy to do it.” Master Wu Gu shook his head. , Pointing to the top of the tallest and deepest loft before.
Wiliam’s heart is bleeding!
My grandfather was also imprisoned by Lord Wu Gu!
According to him, even his grandfather’s hands and feet were locked!
“What about Lu Lingyun!” Wiliam was still worried about Lu Lingyun’s grandmother.
“Oh, she. That old lady is really ignorant. Although she is also the deputy chief of the valley, she has been working against me. I suggested that Lao Lu be imprisoned, but she refused. I suggest that you should be imprisoned. These brothers were all killed, and she disagreed. Anyway, the old woman just didn’t agree with what I said, and even openly accused me of not being in front of everyone, which made me very faceless…” Wu Gu talked freely.
And the more Wiliam listened, the more ominous premonition he had in his heart.
“What the hell did you do to her!” Wiliam roared angrily.
“I don’t do anything to her? I, like me, like obedient subordinates, and disobedient people, I will naturally teach her a lesson. Don’t you want to ask her what’s going on, you will know if you look at it yourself “The Lord Wu Gu smiled grimly, and then waved his hand.
Beside the attic not far away, a tall iron pillar suddenly rose from the ground.
This iron column is half a meter thick, and the whole body is shining with silver.
Wiliam saw around Tie Zhu clearly, tears fell all of a sudden!
At the top of Tie Zhu, there was a person still bleeding!
Grandma Lu Lingyun!
Chapter 1332 Use my body to save me into a Buddha!
Grandma Lu Lingyun was tied up high in this way, her head hanging down, she didn’t know that she was still alive.
When Wiliam saw this scene, his eyes were cracked!
“Damn it!” He roared and flew in the direction of Lu Lingyun.
However, Wu Guzhu had already expected it.
He gave an order, and Guhuugu’s people immediately blocked Wiliam’s path.
“Get out of here!” Wiliam roared violently, killing him violently!
The pinnacle of blood is completely boiling at this moment!
A burst of green and green air, soaring into the sky!
Friends are heavier!
Enemy abuse!
Originally, many people stood in front of Wiliam, and he rushed to disperse with a full blow by him.
As for those with unicorn status, the blood on their bodies was slowly drying up under the treatment of Wiliam’s azure aura.
“A bunch of unusable things! Who dares not do my best, I kill someone on the spot!” Wu Gu shouted angrily.
He felt lost on the spot.
There is a young man just across the street.
With so many people on my side, I couldn’t stop it all at once!
“Boy, you dare to shoot at will, believe it or not, I will kill your men now!” Wu Guzhu shouted at Wiliam again.
Wiliam’s body stagnated.
He couldn’t help looking at Grandma Lu Lingyun in the air.
At this look, only Lu Lingyun’s body was trembling slightly.
It means that she still has a trace of breath.
Wiliam’s heart just let go a little now.
Poor grandma Lu Lingyun.
With gray hair, he was hung up in public like this in the dying years!
Wiliam’s heart is bleeding!
Seeing Wiliam’s body stopped, Lord Wu Gu laughed, “That’s right, don’t forget, your lives are in my hands.”
“Master Wu, what do you want!” Wiliam shouted sharply with red eyes.
“How is it? Wu Liqun, I am not a killer, and you don’t seem to be the kind of person who is obediently caught. Let’s play a little game like this. You let each of us slap you. Without fighting back, if you can hold a hundred palms without dying, I will let your brothers, including Lu Lingyun, how about?” Wu Gu said jokingly.
When Lu Guangsha heard this game, he couldn’t help clapping his hands in applause!
One hundred palms hahaha!
Even if this kid’s body is copper-skinned and iron-boned, under these hundred palms, he will be crushed to pieces!
This obviously caused this kid to die!
Master Wu Gu’s idea is really terrible!
On the one hand, he knew that Wiliam wouldn’t be able to catch him, so he was anxious, maybe he just ignored the life and death of these hostages.
At that time, it will cause much damage to the people in Guhuu Valley.
So Wu Gu retreated and sought second place.
But this also captured this kid’s arrogant character with great precision.
His kid is born with a negative attitude and will never take the lead in convincing him.
Maybe he might really agree to it.
At that time, wouldn’t it be possible to vent their anger without a bloody sword!
it is good!
That’s great!
Sure enough, Wiliam’s eyes burst into flames, and his whole body was trembling.
Obviously furious!
However, he has nothing to do!
Wiliam couldn’t help looking at his brothers.
Although after the metaplasia treatment they had just now, they still breathed a sigh of relief for the time being.
But how can one person rescue so many people at once!
There must be casualties by then!
Even if one of these people died, Wiliam would be uneasy!
However, he knew that the master Wu Gu had many tricks!
Really, I’m going to receive this hundred palms out of thin air!
“Don’t…” A slight voice sounded at the scene.
Wiliam looked up.
Unexpectedly, I don’t know when, Wen Ren Qingxin, who has already had the strength to raise his head.
Wenren loves, it can be said that she is the most beautiful woman in this world.
But at this moment, the clothes were ragged and covered in blood.
I can’t see the stunning appearance of the world for a long time.
There was no light in her eyes.
She just looked at Wiliam lightly and shook her head slightly.
Wen Renqing has been tortured like everyone else.
She knew better than anyone that Wiliam, the unworldly lord of the unicorn power, would step through the gate of the Guhuu Valley to rescue them.
But she was also unwilling, Wiliam paid the price of her life for them.
If this is the case, what is the significance of the existence of the unicorn!
Their current obsession, isn’t it that the unicorn has the power for generations to come, and the young master is magnificent!
“Wen Ren’s heart, you have nothing to do!” Wiliam said to Wen Ren’s heart.
Wen Renqing shook his head and said: “I have nothing to do, you go quickly, your mind, we already know, Qilin power, death without regret…”
And Lord Wu Gu laughed loudly when he heard this, “Hahahaha, this little girl is really interesting, it’s a pity to be so loyal to you, the beauty of this little girl makes all of us in Guhuo Valley go crazy. Countless people want to get her on the spot. It happened that Lu Lingyun’s old lady had stopped us so hard that we were not allowed to succeed. Nothing, little beautiful girl, after today, if you don’t die, I will personally pamper you!”
The anger on Wiliam burned even more!
“Kirin power is immortal, not a hundred palms, it can be interrupted! Wenren loves! Angry horse! God of wealth! Including all the Kirin power brothers! Watch it! The fury of the Kirin, today I want to beat this aunt Huogu!” Wiliam’s eyes suddenly became extremely dark.
His voice has gradually become colder.
Wiliam’s body burst out with a coldness that no one should come near!
Wenren fell in love with them, as if he knew that Wiliam had made a choice.
Her tears fell on the spot, and she muttered to herself: “You idiot…”
“Then, please, Master Young Master…”
We Qilinshi, please give your life to you!
We Kylinshi, please entrust the future world to you!
You are born today, we dare not die!
You die today!
We drain the last drop of blood!
“Please, Young Master!” The brothers of Qilinshi, Qi Qi also yelled out following Wenren’s heartfelt voice.
This is all their strength!
This is all their belief!
“You guys, watch it!” Wiliam said, stepping out!
The coat on his body suddenly cracked!
Exposed a strong muscle!
With my body, save me to become a Buddha…
In my soul, immortal forever!
“Come!” Wiliam roared violently, his eyes gleaming!
Lord Wu Gu heard Wiliam agree, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
This kid was hit.
He really thought he could hold a hundred palms?
He looked at a person and said, “You can’t help it anymore. It’s up to you to make this first palm.”
“Hahaha! Then I will be disrespectful and give you a sample! Boy, I hope you can hold on to my hand! Don’t die too fast!”
That person, the more crowds came out.
It is Lu Guangsha, who has endless resentment in his eyes and the outstanding strength in the field!
Chapter 1333
Lu Guangsha didn’t have the slightest pity for himself!
With a palm of his hand, with the wind and thunder in his hand, he slammed into Wiliam’s chest fiercely!
But Wiliam didn’t evade, and with a sigh of relief, he condensed all the metamorphoses on the surface of his body, forming a green shield skin!
A loud noise!
Wiliam’s body flew up into the sky, and slammed to the ground fiercely.
The green shield skin on his body was completely shattered!
After Wiliam stood up, he directly vomited blood on the ground.
Lu Guangsha is now a warrior who has reached the pinnacle of strength.
Wiliam did his best to contend with it.
Now he can only bear it, he can’t make moves, and naturally he won’t be able to get the slightest benefit.
If there was Long Live Demon Lotus before, even if Wiliam was beaten to vomit blood, he would still go to Lu Guangsha for half his life!
Unfortunately, Long Live Demon Lotus was taken away by Lu Lingfeng.
After Wiliam spit out a mouthful of blood, his eyes became sharper.
“Keep on coming!” he roared violently, even more arrogant!
Under his roar, the world seemed to be shocked!
At this time, everyone looked towards the sky.
I don’t know why, this bitter cold place has started to snow.
The snowflakes are very small and thin, but they are freezing cold on the body.
However, Lu Guangsha was extremely frustrated at the moment!
Damn it!
This kid was hit with his full strength, and he couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.
On the contrary, it’s the same as getting blood.
He couldn’t help looking at Lord Wu Gu.
Master Wu Gu was obviously dissatisfied. He glared at Lu Guangsha and cursed: “Isn’t it!”
The metaplasia on Wiliam’s body reappeared, his whole body condensed.
Metamorphosis was quickly repairing his body.
At this moment, the power of metaplasia was completely released.
Metaplasia is essentially endless.
Now, it depends on whether this metamorphosis is strong, or everyone is martial.
Wiliam and Wen Ren not far away made a look in their hearts, and there seemed to be thousands of messages in their eyes.
“Keep giving it to me! I want to see how many palms this kid can get!” Master Wu Gu shouted sharply.
The next player is not as strong as Lu Guangsha.
But hitting Wiliam’s body was enough to cause severe trauma to Wiliam.
In the blink of an eye, ten people passed by.
Wiliam was already dripping with blood and looked extremely miserable.
However, Wiliam just took a sigh of relief and said nothing.
Because Wiliam knew that at this time, the strength of his body was nothing at all.
The other party has a hundred palms.
It was this breath that was able to support him last standing here!
The warrior breathed out!
As long as my last breath of anger is not exhausted, I will stand tall!
Wiliam grasped all the intervening time, constantly repairing his body with metaplasia.
So even though he seemed to be faltering, he always stood firm and refused to bow his head.
After forty or fifty palms, Wiliam was already indistinguishable from a blood man.
All the unicorns have already burst into tears.
The injuries suffered by the young master are all for them.
As a subordinate, but let the young master stand up for them time and time again.
What’s the use of this subordinate!
How loyal is this loyal!
The blood on Qilinshi’s body gradually burned.
Many people are prepared to struggle.
However, Wen Renqin turned his head, gave them a fierce look, and motioned for them to be quiet.
Everyone looked blank.
Is it true that you can bear to see the young master being bullied so much after hearing people’s heart?
And the master Wu Gu in the field finally discovered that this kid was just like cockroach who couldn’t be beaten.
Can ordinary people bear these fifty palms!
Master Wu Gu asked himself that he couldn’t do it a little bit.
Even if I still have a breath, I will never stand still in this situation and not fall down.
“What is the inner strength of this kid! It’s so amazing!” Wu Gu couldn’t help asking Xiang Lu Guangsha.
Lu Guangsha’s face became stiff.
He knew that Wiliam had internal power in his body.
But I don’t know what attribute Wiliam’s inner strength profound energy is.
He had to say embarrassingly: “I don’t know the profound energy of this kid, but I know that he bears the blood of the ancestor of our unicorn family, which can be called the pinnacle of blood. I think his internal strength Xuan Jin should have something to do with healing and repairing one’s body.”
“Trash! A little bit of information is incomplete!” Wu Guzhu was even more dissatisfied with Lu Guangsha.
This kid’s inner strength profound energy can repair his body, so he still needs this guy to say?
The people present are not fools.
Can’t you tell?
The anger in Wu Guzhu’s heart was even worse.
He yelled: “Give me up to speed, don’t give this kid time to repair his body! Today I will shoot this kid into meatloaf!”
The hearts of the people present shook, and hurriedly speeded up, one after another, almost leaving Wiliam with no gap of half a second.
As soon as Wiliam was beaten to his feet, the next person would immediately pick it up and give him a palm.
As a result, Wiliam was like a flat boat in the stormy sea, even more miserable.
No matter how strong the metamorphosis is, it must follow the rules of this avenue on earth.
The speed of metaplasia repair is far behind the frequency of his injuries.
After eighty palms, Wiliam didn’t look like a person anymore.
However, he was struggling on the ground.
Trying hard to get up.
There are still twenty palms!
Take another twenty palms!
Wiliam’s consciousness is a bit vague, but the obsession in his heart is getting deeper and deeper.
Qin into the bone marrow!
The snow is getting heavier and heavier throughout the cold land.
At first it was like salting the air, now it is like a world of goose feathers.
Wiliam’s body was covered with white snow, and the snow was also dyed red, so tragic.
He stood up again.
Metaplasia is still running non-stop.
The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn is also surging completely at this moment.
Burning this turbid world Baixue!
Burning this lofty ambition!
The white snow mixed with blood on his body was dripping down continuously, emitting a slight white mist.
give it to you……
I have given my life, my unfulfilled long-cherished wishes, and my lifelong obsessions to you…
At the pinnacle of blood, protect me again…
Wiliam’s eyes gradually closed.
The body is like an Optimus Prime in this cold place, upright and tragic!
Everyone’s attention was focused on Wiliam.
Everyone felt that Wiliam’s life aura gradually disappeared under such a gaping impact.
Eighty palms!
This kid can actually hold the eighty palms of this mighty world!
It can be regarded as an ancient miracle!
But can he still hold it?
The last twenty palms…
A strange emotion circulated in everyone’s heart.
The snow gets bigger and bigger.
This world is getting colder and colder.
It was so cold that even the peerless warriors present had to fight a cold war.
The weather today is too abnormal.
Is it this world that is holding a well-known condolence ceremony for this kid?
“Continue to me!” Wu Gu screamed sharply.
Chapter 1334
Wiliam was completely immersed in his own world.
His consciousness is getting blurred.
I only feel that the world is in chaos, but there is a trace of warmth that seems like nothing in my body.
His body slowly sat cross-legged on the ground to adjust his breath and meditate.
Let the last twenty people rush towards him like crazy.
The wind is rolling!
Snow Man Dance!
In such a huge human world, it seems that there is only Wiliam as the bright red.
Palm after palm!
It hit Wiliam’s back, and hit his chest!
And a shocking scene appeared!
Wiliam’s body was sitting cross-legged, like a thousand-year-old tree, completely rooting in this cold place!
Palm after palm, he couldn’t even move his body!
It can only leave traces of bone scars on his body.
And Wiliam’s body flashed with coquettish red lights.
These red lights, fresh and green!
It is the blood of Wiliam’s ancestor of the eternal unicorn!
Wiliam sacrificed his blood.
He is arrogant!
How can this bloodline be without arrogance!
The avenue of the world, the great universe!
How many years old can this ancestor of the eternal unicorn choose one person to live in!
Now, when the host sacrifices, the bloodline will open this predominantly domineering!
Even if the blood is shattered into shattered blood!
Also protect this host for a moment!
This is loyalty!
This is faith!
This is righteousness!
This is the silent bond between human and blood!
The sound of fisting meat is endless!
Everyone can’t even count them, whether there are more than a hundred punches!
Everyone just thinks this scene is simply incredible!
This kid, who was dying before, didn’t want to die in one breath.
And now, he seems to have completely integrated into this bitter cold place!
This snow is him!
This wind is him!
This crazy dance comic is him!
This is him!
He is the place of bitter cold!
He is the place of bitter cold!
If the bitter cold ground is not broken, Wiliam should never die!
“Damn it! I’m here!” Wu Guzhu’s face has turned into a pig liver color!
What treacherous tactics did this kid use, so that he can be so calm and unmoved!
He can’t stand it anymore!
Lord Wu Gu himself is also a peak warrior who has turned his strength into perfection.
He stretched out his claws, and wanted to take out Wiliam’s heart and soul under this claw!
Master Wu Gu grabbed Wiliam’s chest with this claw!
Then it felt like hitting a boulder, and the body was directly bounced off!
There was a cry of exclamation at the scene!
At this moment, Wiliam’s body sounded like a firewood burning.
A thick blood mist burst out of his body in an instant!
He vomited blood up to the sky and almost fainted on the spot!
His consciousness gradually recovered.
With this recovery, his body felt pain like a thousand arrows pierced through the heart!
There was a bloodline guarding his body tightly before, and he didn’t feel anything.
Now that the pinnacle of blood was withdrawn, he felt like his body was about to explode.
The arrogance of the martial artist that he had held before, completely collapsed at this moment!
“Hahahaha! I think you are still alive!” Wu Guzhu’s whole figure seemed to have been extremely humiliated. Seeing that Wiliam is now on the verge of death, his beard and hair are full.
With his claws open, he was about to step forward again, preparing to completely kill Wiliam, who had no counterattack at this moment.
But at this moment, a violent roar sounded behind them.
“Who dares to deceive my young master!”
Everyone followed the prestige and was dumbfounded again!
I saw hundreds of unicorns who were still tied up by the Big Five Flowers before, and at this moment, they are no longer shackles!
Before everyone reacted, they shook their bodies!
The sound of breaking the wind!
All the members of Qilinshi fell in front of Wiliam. For this reason, Wiliam, who was helpless at the moment, formed a human shield wall.
And standing at the forefront was an old woman who was like a dwarf and looked like an obnoxious old woman.
The people at the scene were stunned when they saw Tongmao.
There is such an ugly number one person who has not added unicorn power before.
“Who are you!” Master Wu Gu shouted sharply.
Tongmao naturally changed back from Wenrenqingxin.
Ever since Wen Renqing was brought to Guhuo Valley, she has kept an eye on her.
So she has always forcibly maintained the image of Wenren’s heart.
Even if she was tortured no matter how much she was tortured, she still had to hold on to it, leaving a way out for herself and even the Qilin momentum.
And this back road, under the young master’s overcoming obstacles and even surrendering his life, finally formed completely.
When Wiliam received the palm just now, he had already met Wen Renqin’s eyes.
As smart as Wiliam, he naturally thought of Wenren’s back path.
Therefore, he chose to bear the hundred palms and successfully focused everyone’s attention on him.
No one would pay attention to a bunch of people who were tied up to death by the unicorns.
Wenren seized the opportunity and turned his body into a childish grandmother’s appearance.
As soon as she shrank, the shackles on her body couldn’t restrain her immediately.
As a result, she quietly helped the people next to her to untie, so one by one, all the ropes on the Qilin-like personnel were untied.
As for why Wiliam did this?
Are you kidding me?
Can he really believe the words of that Master Wu Gu, after receiving this hundred palms, he will let him go?
Believe him, it is tantamount to looking for a tiger’s skin!
Therefore, this is the tacit understanding between Wiliam and Wen Ren’s eyes!
However, the price under this tacit understanding is too heavy!
Wiliam is now completely incompetent, and can only sit on the ground and constantly use metamorphosis to restore his body’s functions.
However, the advantage is that Wiliam no longer has to be threatened by Wu Guzhu in all possible ways and is powerless.
“Master Wu Gu! She’s just fascinated by people! I’ve seen her look like this!” Lu Guangsha immediately shouted.
Master Wu Gu was also very delicate in his mind, and immediately wanted to understand everything in it.
He couldn’t help but yelled: “Such important information! You didn’t even tell me! Later, let’s see how I can deal with you!”
Lu Guangsha shivered and dared not speak any more.
Lord Wu Gu looked at Tongmao and others, and couldn’t help but sneered: “Even if you all get away, so what? You look at yourself, one by one, like beggars, how many levels of combat power are there? Even if you are in your body Fully restored as before, with you people, also worthy of being our enemies?”
Tongmao and others looked at each other.
Where are they qualified to be Gu Huo Gu’s opponents.
All they have to do is one thing.
It is to use their flesh and blood to fight for a short recovery time for the young master!
So, to fate!
That’s enough!
And just when Master Wu Gu was about to order the massacre, the ground of the bitter cold land suddenly began to tremble slightly.
It’s like something is going to rise from the ground!
Lord Wu Gu couldn’t help but look forward!
At the time!
An anger sounded!
“There are not enough people in Qilinshi! What about hundreds of us!”
Chapter 1335 Lu Yi’s surname, passed down forever!
The vibration of the ground continued.
The wilder the wind, the bigger the snow.
The whole world is vast, killing thousands of miles!
This jewel-like voice was crisp and determined, blowing through the Feliicity.
When the vibration gradually subsided, everyone could see clearly, and in a flash, many dark shadows had appeared in the dark!
The white ones are heaven and the earth, and the black ones are soldiers!
And the head alone, white clothes like snow, red eyes, is not white Feliicity!
Behind Feliicity followed Li Chunfeng with the same anger, as if he wanted to burn the world to death.
Wiliam couldn’t help sighing when he saw these two women.
Silly Feliicity, after all, came.
Feliicity looked at Wiliam with great distress, and tears fell tentatively.
This is not the heaviest injury Wiliam has ever suffered, but it is definitely the most tragic one in his image!
She was blaming herself, why couldn’t she come here earlier.
Even if a little bit of pain is taken away from him…
“Bad! Bad!” Feliicity stretched out her powder fist and beat Wiliam a few times.
But immediately he was reluctant, for fear of hurting Wiliam again.
So angry and reluctant, Feliicity actually cried out and hugged Wiliam.
She didn’t care that Wiliam was covered with blood stains at the moment, she just wanted to push Wiliam into her own bones, and never let him leave casually.
As soon as Feliicity woke up, he asked Li Chunfeng about Wiliam’s whereabouts.
As a woman, Li Chunfeng is naturally facing the Feliicity.
So she immediately told Feliicity about Wiliam’s visit to Guhuo Valley.
When Feliicity heard this, she ran along with Feliicity and rushed over without stopping.
Standing behind Feliicity were Harper Wang, Li Muhe and Tigger Liu.
This group of people are all Wiliam’s old department in Q City ( Qena City ).
“Who is here! Come to find death!” Master Wu Gu shouted sharply.
This time, Lu Guangsha was very acquainted, and immediately said, “Master Gu, this woman is that kid’s wife, called Feliicity. She has some strength before, but her blood is broken, so it’s not enough to be afraid.”
Lord Wu Gu nodded in satisfaction, and he looked at the group of people behind Feliicity again.
Seeing this group of people, Lord Wu Gu couldn’t help laughing.
Naturally, he could easily feel that the group of people behind Feliicity were just a group of punks, not even a martial artist!
Not to mention compare with the many masters of Gu Huo Gu who are present.
Many of them, even a little bit unable to withstand such a bitter cold wind, shivered in the wind.
Lord Wu Gu is confident that he can easily annihilate the opponent by sending anyone on his side.
“Just because of you wild cats and bad dogs, you want to come to my Guhuo Valley to be presumptuous! Ridiculous! Funny! Do you really think that anyone can come to my Guhuo Valley?” Master Wu Gu sneered.
Harper Wang and others did not speak.
On the contrary, it was a sweet drink, which came again from not far away.
“That plus how we are!”
The sound passed through the Feliicity, very clear.
Everyone looked intently, and suddenly felt a little scalp numb!
I saw the vast expanse of the sky and the earth, and the visibility was already extremely low.
But a little red hazy light suddenly lit up in the whiteness.
The lights jumped, getting closer and closer.
It was only when everyone got closer to see that this little red light was not just the red lanterns.
As the lantern approached and the cold wind sent, everyone could only smell a strong fragrance.
Master Wu Gu was vaguely familiar with the smell, frowning and said, “Blood fragrance?”
It is the fragrance of blood!
Those who came were all the villagers in Lantern Village, Q City ( Qena City )!
Everyone also saw clearly that on all the red lanterns, a word was written impressively: Lu!
Wiliam sat on the ground, looking at the words on the lanterns, a warm current gushing out in his heart.
His mind, shuttle memory, freeze frame on a long-lasting picture!
Wiliam and all the villagers in Lantern Village, toast to each other and respect the earth!
Respect the benefactor! Incense for generations! Open branches and loose leaves! Hundreds of thousands of families Lu!
Respect the incense lamp! Fragrant celebrities! Good harvest! Harmony for all generations!
Lantern Village has been slaves for generations. After Wiliam passed, he had a surname and was reborn!
Now, they scrupulously abide by the surname of Lu, and stand up when they need help the most from the benefactor of the incense lamp!
Just to maintain the surname of Lu, which will be passed on forever!
“Lu? Lu Guangsha, these people are also from your North Lu family? Are they trying to rebel!” Wu Gu became dissatisfied with Lu Guangsha again.
Lu Guangsha hurriedly waved his hand and shook his head, “No, no! Your lord, look at this group of people, all of them have yellow and thin faces, how do they deserve to be from my North Lu family! They are definitely not, I dare to swear to God!”
A clear voice rang from the opposite side, “Huh, we are naturally not Lu from North Lu’s family! We are, Wiliam’s Lu!”
Everyone followed the prestige.
I saw three people standing in front of these one hundred people.
A woman with a rickety figure and an abominable face, a shocking scar on her forehead is particularly eye-catching.
A young girl full of vitality but an angry face.
There is also an old man with an old face.
These three people are not Lan Feng’er, Xiao Haitang, and the village head of Lantern Village!
In the forbidden area of ​​Shoushan Mountain, Wiliam rescued the people of the Forgetting Blood with his own efforts, and let Lan Fenger and Xiao Haitang take the people of the Forgetting Blood to Lantern Village, realizing the big reunion of the people.
Lan Feng’er was grateful for her gratitude, and she knew her gratitude, so she rushed over with her family immediately.
She and the head of Lantern Village looked at each other and knelt down towards Wiliam.
All the villagers in Lantern Village, Qi Qi, knelt on one knee towards Wiliam.
“Wiliam, all the villagers in Lantern Village are here!” everyone shouted in unison.
Wiliam’s lips moved, and finally he didn’t speak. He just nodded gently, “Yeah.”
There is no miserable blood-forgotten family in the world, only the reborn incense lantern village.
It’s just that Lantern Village, which has finally calmed down, is once again involved in this catastrophe. Is it really okay?
“Hahaha, I can see it, you hundred people, the few who are in the lead are martial artists, but they are not worth mentioning. You came here, but you are sending people away.” Wu Gu laughed presumptuously again.
This group of people, only Lan Feng’er has the strongest strength, but it is only a small change of energy, what storm can it cause?
Compared to their strength, Lord Wu Gu was more interested in their strange blood lanterns.
After all, Guhuu Valley is closely related to blood, and Lord Wu Gu thought, whether this magical fragrance of blood can be incorporated into their Guhuu Valley’s blood, the strength will surely rise to a higher level.
It’s ridiculous, this kid actually tried to rely on these shrimp soldiers and crabs to make a comeback in the future, it’s ridiculous!
At this time, there was another cold voice not far away, “Wiliam, I have become the head of this family according to the agreement with you, it’s time…”
“Thanks to your grace!”
“It must be reported to this life!”


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