Dragon Husband 1336-1340

Chapter 1336 Illusion!
Everyone once again followed the sound to look at the boundless place not far away.
Master Wu Gu had the foreshadowing in front of him, and couldn’t help but sneered, “What? Anyone who doesn’t open his eyes is coming over?”
But just as his voice fell, he suddenly felt a short burst of light before his eyes, and his head completely froze for a while!
Wherever he looked, there was a sea of ​​corpse mountains and blood!
The body is full of purgatory on earth!
However, this short loss caused Wu Guzhu to bite the base of his tongue immediately.
A stream of red blood spilled down the corner of his mouth.
Master Wu Gu gradually recovered before his eyes, seeing the world clearly, it was still snowing!
The scene just now was!
Master Wu Gu’s pupils suddenly shrank!
Who is coming!
It’s so capable!
Before everyone was caught off guard, set up such an illusion!
Lord Wu Gu couldn’t help looking around.
Only Lu Guangsha and others woke up immediately after a brief loss of consciousness.
The others were still in the illusion, their eyes dull.
“Wake up!” Wu Gu master roared fiercely, mixed with vigorous internal power!
The sound was like a thunderstorm, and the people in Gu Huogu shook together, and instantly awoke.
After they woke up, they felt a deep chill.
They know that they were confused by the illusion just now!
It seems that even Lord Wu Gu was lost for a second or two!
Although only a second or two.
But what if it is in a stalemate!
This lost one or two seconds is enough to determine the life and death of a person!
Who has great power!
The illusion is all over the audience!
Everyone looked in one direction at once!
There are footsteps in this direction.
very slow.
The footsteps are scattered and scattered, and there is a strange sense of rhythm!
And the more people listened to the rhythm of the footsteps, the more people felt distracted.
“Don’t listen.” Wu Guzhu coldly shouted.
Everyone shook their heads, trying not to listen to the weird footsteps.
Wiliam also turned his head and looked in that direction.
He knows who it is.
But I don’t know, it was so much during this period of absence!
The footsteps are getting closer, more than fifty people.
Standing at the front are two people.
A man, with his eyes closed, walked slowly with the help of another woman.
The man stood still slightly, and said lightly: “South Ban Li Family, Li Nanfeng, bring all the members of the South Ban Li Family to help out!”
The last spine of the Li family in South Ban! Li Nanfeng!
Cheng Suyi!
And Li Chengfeng, whom Wiliam knew!
Li Nanfeng couldn’t look at it, but he could still feel the majestic aura from Gu Huo Valley on the opposite side.
However, he didn’t change his face, he was calm and indifferent.
Li Nanfeng’s life was completely changed by Wiliam.
But this change is exactly what Li Nanfeng wants.
He was unruly and rebellious all his life.
Only Wiliam taught him how to stand upright and how to stand upright!
Wiliam originally handed over the position of the Patriarch of the Southern Forbidden Li Family to Li Nanfeng, who only had the realm of inner strength. This was absurd, but arrogant!
Li Nanfeng accepts it, and naturally fulfills it!
In the early years, the Li family of the southern ban, together with the Lu family of North, said that the family background is still extremely rich.
During this period of time, with the help of his family, Li Nanfeng started the last forbidden trial of the Li family in the south.
And benefited a lot from it.
The stunt of Li Jiaan’s life is this unique illusion.
Although all the thirty-six quizhu of the treasure soul dream of the town family had been lost, Li Nanfeng occasionally got another strange book left by his ancestors in the family forbidden area.
This wonderful book not only made Li Nanfeng’s realm progress by leaps and bounds, but also gave hope to family rejuvenation.
Because this strange book records a very peculiar combination technique.
That is, the blood of the Li family together gave birth to the illusion.
This is a bit like the thirty-six Kuizhu from the previous soul dream.
It’s just that now in the Li family, everyone is turning into a pearl, and every one is prosperous, and every one is damaged.
This also greatly improved the family cohesion of the Li family in Nanban.
The sound of their footsteps just now used the sound as the rhyme, which drew people’s distraction and fatigue.
Of course, the Li family’s ability to create illusions is not only based on sound as a medium.
A look in each other’s eyes, a hint of a word, a little fragrance and elegance, may be the medium for the Li Family to launch the illusion.
Eyes, noses, tongues, body, mind, freedom and impermanence!
Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng and couldn’t help feeling.
This girl really hasn’t changed at all.
Always be so stern.
But never change the belief in the heart, cold outside and hot inside.
“Thanks.” Wiliam said with a smile.
Li Nanfeng nodded, then stopped talking.
Lord Wu Gu is opposite, but his face is not very good.
He could see that there were more than fifty people in front of him, and although the realms were uneven, the strange combination of illusions made Master Wu Gu unpredictable.
“Southern Li Family!” He stared at Li Nanfeng with dark eyes.
Lu Guangsha’s face was even more ugly.
Since ancient times, the south has been banned from the north and the north has kept pace.
However, the Li family forbidden in the south has already declined, and it is not worth mentioning in front of the Lu family in North.
Now it is!
Hedong for thirty years! Hexi for thirty years!
North Lu’s family became a vassal of Guhuo Valley, life and death were involuntary!
But the Li family in the south was reborn again. This weird illusion made people dare not underestimate it!
Damn it!
“Master Wu Gu, the unique skill of the Li family in the south is illusion. However, it is rumored that their Treasure Soul Dream of the town’s 36 quizhu has been lost. It should not be feared. Moreover, their shortcomings are also obvious, that is, although illusion is powerful, But the force is insufficient…” Lu Guangsha said in a deep voice.
“I want you to say it too!” Wu Gu interrupted Lu Guangsha directly.
He naturally had consideration in mind.
Now, he had to put away his thoughts on the game and re-examine the boy Wiliam.
This kid, He De, how can he have so many people to help him.
Although they are a group of incompetent people, but now the Li family in Nanban cannot be underestimated.
After all, it is a super martial arts family.
It’s just that, this kid miscalculated after all. Ho Ho.
“Boy, I think it’s ridiculous that you can call so many people! Look at who you are calling? Even in the last Lantern Village, there are also Li’s family in Nanban, they only It’s just that you can provide assistance on the court. The orthodox martial arts masters can’t tolerate these children’s illusions and bloody incense to arrogantly! This bloody fragrance is not as powerful as my uncle Huogu’s blood madness. I’ll be your kind words. , There is no one who can play!” Wu Guzhu still has the chance to win.
Because as long as you are careful with illusion, the opponent is not to be afraid!
Not to mention the bloody fragrance, although it can inspire people, but in the face of blood frenzy, it is purely a trick.
The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, and he smiled confidently for the first time after being injured, “Really?”
Because, Wiliam heard it!
Wiliam heard the voice of Master Wu Gu’s guilty conscience.
Wiliam heard it even more!
not far away!
A beast roar that shook the earth and wreaks havoc on the world!
Chapter 1337 Blood Debt Pays! Fight back!
The roar of the beast was like a thunder on the ground.
Then, on the snowy ground in the distance, a burst of white mist appeared in the sky.
It was the heavy snow that was trampled on and made it even more flying.
Accompanied by tremors on the ground.
The ground is full of ice in the bitter cold land.
Now, between the shaking and swaying mountains, the ice is shattering, and the Feliicity are getting wilder.
The whole world was cracking.
Then, more beasts roared endlessly.
Suddenly, Master Wu Gu and other Gu Huo Gu’s faces completely changed.
Lord Wu Gu looked at Bai Wu in the distance and couldn’t help asking: “What the hell is going on! Did today’s fight awaken the hibernating beasts in the bitter cold land?”
There are many rare wild animals in the bitter cold land, such as snow bears and snow leopards.
The people around you look at me, I look at you, one by one said: “I don’t know, even if you wake up the beast, there won’t be so many. Listening to the sound, it seems like a horse is running, it is amazing! “
The corners of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, and he shook his head gently.
These people.
Why do you want to blend in…
“Young Master! Here we are!” The beast roared closer and closer, and finally, a clear voice suddenly sounded.
Then suddenly there were bursts of incredible exclamations!
I saw that a huge monster suddenly broke into the Feliicity in the sky!
This behemoth seemed to be tearing apart time and space, and it suddenly appeared in front of everyone!
When everyone saw this behemoth clearly, they had already screamed constantly.
This mad beast is more than ten meters tall!
The extremities swelled and the muscles became more explosive!
Its eyes are extremely red, like two huge red lanterns!
And its body was filled with a blue aura.
This blue aura is mixed with the Feliicity, and it looks like a dream!
It is the Jackdaw family!
The Green Tiger King is here!
And on the back of the Blue Tiger King, there were three people sitting!
A woman with a graceful figure and long legs is exactly Mulan who has been away for many days!
A little fat guy, Guo Wuji!
Another one is the head of the Jackdaw family, Guo Yulin!
I thought Mulan would be the most angry of the three people who came here.
I never thought that Guo Wuji suddenly looked up to the sky and roared, and a crimson flower totem appeared on his forehead!
The whole person’s body quickly swelled up and turned into a beast!
Kwok Bukit has a terrible anger hidden in his heart!
At a glance, he could see Wen Renqinxin’s body was covered with scars.
This goddess, who is crazy about him, is so traumatized here!
As a man, how could he bear it!
Behind these three people, countless beasts continued to rush.
The Jackdaw family has tamed the beasts for generations, and today they will use all their force to smash them!
Just for the first battle!
Mulan slid and fell beside Wiliam.
She looked at Wiliam, her heart was extremely painful.
What can make an outstanding genius be so hurt!
People from Gu Huo Valley, all damn it!
There were more than two hundred people in the Jackdaw family, and more than two hundred wild beasts.
One person riding a beast, it is an iron horse charging forward! This chapter is not finished,
And seeing so many masters and wild beasts, Wu Guzhu’s face was finally not calm at all!
He was still ranting just now!
It is said that all the people coming from Wiliam are assisted, and there is no one who can fight!
Now, the words are still in my ears, there are more than 400 people and beasts on the opposite side!
With such an outburst, Ziguhuugu will now be weighed carefully!
Damn Wiliam!
Unexpectedly, he would have so much help!
And these families!
How dare to offend Gu Huogu grandly!
Still twisted into a rope in this kid’s hands!
If Gu Huo Gu is one-on-one, you will definitely not be afraid!
But if it is encircled and suppressed, the situation will not be optimistic at all!
Now that he is full of calculations, the strength of Wiliam’s side is already evenly matched with that of his Guhuugu side!
And Lord Wu Gu is very worried now that this kid’s reinforcements are endless, I don’t know if there are other reinforcements next!
If there is another wave of reinforcements like the iron cavalry in front of you, Gu Huogu will explain today in this bitter cold land.
Mulan looked at Wiliam in front of her and couldn’t help but said, “Young Master! It’s all this time, do you plan to face the entire Guhu Valley alone! If Feliicity hadn’t called us, we wouldn’t know yet, you Do such a dangerous thing!”
Wiliam looked at the Feliicity beside him.
Feliicity was worried, nodded, and said, “Well, I have notified these people. If you want to scold me, please scold me.”
Very wronged.
Wiliam felt warmth in his heart, knowing that the Feliicity was for his own good, so he was not willing to scold her.
He barely stretched out a hand, rubbed Feliicity’s head, and said softly, “Silly Feliicity.”
Feliicity’s mouth slumped, and all the grievances in his heart poured out at this moment, “It’s all to you! It’s all to you! What kind of hero is a person! What do you say this is your grandfather’s business! Okay, this is you and you I have no objection to the grandfather’s matter! But, leave it to us for everyone except your grandfather! You concentrate on discussing something with your grandfather.”
Mulan also nodded deeply. She was murderous for a while, looked at the guy on the opposite side of Guhuugu, and said sharply, “Have you heard it! We won’t interfere with Wiliam and his grandfather! But, if anyone dares to stop, she said. On Wiliam’s way to find his grandfather! Whoever will be a cold corpse in the field today!”
“Roar!” Accompanied by Mulan’s angry rebuke, all the beasts behind her roared in awe!
Lord Wu Gu no longer had the arrogance he had before.
He is now turning his head frantically, thinking about any way to stop this earth-shattering battle today!
It is not easy for Wu Guzhu to get to this step.
Finally, the old man Lu Lingfeng was delirious, and he finally became the first person in this Guhuo Valley!
But because of a moment of negligence, this unprecedented catastrophe has ushered in!
This is how to do ah!
“Everyone, if you have something to say! Wiliam, don’t you want to find your grandfather, yes! I can let you find your grandfather! It’s not as good as today’s matter, I think that’s it. Otherwise, there will be more deaths and injuries. It will be no good for you or me. You are right!” Wu Guzhu finally was forced to say to Wiliam.
However, Wiliam sneered.
Lord Wu Gu cried secretly in his heart, and suddenly he said: “I know, a lot of people beat you just now, you must be unhappy in your heart! In this way, I will let the hundred people stand up, and no matter how you punish them, there will be no problems. how is it!”
With that said, Lu Guangsha and others’ faces changed on the spot!
Damn it!
Almost all the people who shot just now were from North Lu’s family!
Now this Lord Wu Gu is good, he kicked them out after he finished using them!
Beasts are not as good!
However, Wiliam shook his head and said with a smile: “I care about it, not the injury on my body! I care about it!”
“Every drop of blood on my brother! Every injury! You have to get the money! The blood is paid for!”
“The Jackdaw family! The Li family is forbidden in the south! Everyone in Lantern Village listens to me, Wiliamling!”
Chapter 1338 Aiding in life and death!
Master Wu Gu’s face turned pale in an instant!
I only saw the Jackdaw family, the Southern Forbidden Li family, and the people from Lantern Village, raising their fists in full, and shouting deafeningly: “Follow the order!”
Even the Blue Tiger King yelled from the sky, and all the wild beasts roared in unison!
The violent wind and proud snow at the scene also became more turbulent!
“Wiliam! You can think about it! You really want to fight with my Gu Huo Gu Zhendao Zhenqiang! There will be countless deaths and injuries, can you bear such consequences!” Wu Guzhu shouted at Wiliam again.
However, Wiliam no longer went to see Lord Wu Gu.
He looked at the deep attic in the sky.
Grandpa, you are waiting for me.
After cooking these offal, I will go to you!
Guo Wuji took the lead, stepping onto a black cheetah and roaring towards Guhuogu!
The Jackdaw family is close behind!
The Blue Tiger King even roared, calling the world tremble!
This momentum alone is enough to scare people!
And the people who banned the Li family in the south, after Li Nanfeng’s order, they scattered and ran around!
Moreover, the angle at which they ran was extremely strange, everyone wanted to see the clues, but they couldn’t see it at all.
The people in Lantern Village were not moving. They looked at the snowflakes flying in the wind in mid-air, not knowing what they were waiting for.
“Really! I’m fighting with you! Brothers! Give it to me!” Master Wu Gu was trembling all over, and ordered again and again.
However, how could Gu Huogu’s morale be on the same level as that of Wiliam on the other side!
On Wiliam’s side, let him die and live afterwards!
Anger is not exhausted!
Most of the people in Guhuo Valley are threatened by the mighty Lord Wu Gu. What morale can there be?
Besides, people in Guhuo Valley, it is estimated that they have never seen such a scene of wild beasts in this life!
People are born fearful of beasts. Seeing so many beasts, all they think about is how to escape for their lives.
One by one, they just bite the bullet and stepped forward in helplessness!
“Catch the thief first! Catch the king! Cyan Tiger King! Follow me to catch people!” Guo Yulin shouted while sitting on the Cyan Tiger King.
The Green Tiger King understands human nature and immediately rises up!
In the Feliicity, the Blue Tiger King is even more mighty!
Master Wu Gu saw that King Qinghu was clearly coming towards him, and he wanted to hide.
But where can he hide?
In any direction, you can only let your brothers be poisoned by the Blue Tiger King!
He also really had no idea, and went up to meet the Blue Tiger King!
Although the strength of Wu Guzhu is the strongest in the audience.
But Guo Yulin’s strength is not weak, and there is an absolute BUG-level beast, the Azure Tiger King.
For a time, Lord Wu Gu was completely overwhelmed by the tacit cooperation between Guo Yulin and King Qinghu!
Wiliam and the Qilin-like people, seeing the start of the war, they were still sitting on the ground.
He turned into a vomit and engulfed all the people of the unicorn power.
Wiliam was restoring his bodily functions and strength without any extra effort.
Because next is his destiny.
And Wiliam glanced at Grandma Lu Lingyun who was in the air, and said to Li Chunfeng beside him: “Chunfeng, save me Grandma Lingyun.”
Li Chunfeng nodded and led his orders. He stretched his body and stepped on countless people’s heads. With a little bit of force, his whole person was like a swallow, and he rushed over.
Her body ignited in mid-air and headed towards Lu Lingyun.
The rope on Lu Lingyun’s body was instantly burned, and Li Chunfeng grabbed Lu Lingyun and sent her to Wiliam.
The metamorphosis on Wiliam’s body suddenly surged towards Lu Lingyun.
Lu Lingyun snorted and opened his eyes with difficulty.
Seeing Wiliam, her turbid tears fell rustlingly, “Hey, here you are…”
Seeing that she could still speak, Wiliam finally breathed a sigh of relief.
He asked, “How is my grandfather’s situation now?”
Lu Lingyun shook his head and said, “The situation is terrible. Your grandfather seems to have completely forgotten his memory. The whole figure is like a conscious beast, who chooses someone and eats it, even I don’t recognize it.”
Wiliam’s brows were tightly locked.
No matter what, I’ll talk to Grandpa first.
“Wiliam! Look! Li Nanfeng and the others!” At this time, Feliicity suddenly interrupted Wiliam’s contemplation, pointing to the middle of the air and said.
Wiliam raised his head and suddenly saw an incredible scene.
I saw the people of Li’s family in the south, they were heading in all directions before.
Now, the people from the Li family in the south were stalking into the air tentatively.
Everyone’s body was actually emitting a faint purple light.
These lights all headed towards Li Nanfeng in the middle!
The location of Li Nanfeng is exactly the center of the following battle.
Li Nanfeng also exudes purple rays of light, these rays of light are emitted into a line in an instant, and they are connected with all the members of the Li family in the south.
The sky over the entire Guhuo Valley, under the traction of these faint purple lines, seemed even more weird.
As for the Li family in the south, it seems like a Qitian formation has been laid over Guhuo Valley!
Seeing this scene, Wiliam couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: “Sure enough, Li Nanfeng has found a new way out.”
Wiliam was sure that Li Nanfeng was setting up the battlefield.
The previous Nanban Li family was based on the thirty-six kueizhu of the soul dream.
Now it’s hiring!
This is the same as Wiliam’s previous illusion formation with his body as the head at the bottom of the forbidden mountain guarding the ground.
But what Wiliam is certain is that the magical array now laid down by the Li family of the Southern Forbidden Family is definitely more powerful than the thirty-six Kuaizhu in the soul dream!
Because there are more people participating, and they are even more attracted by their own vivid realm of strength!
I am afraid that the half-step innate martial artist will not be able to get the slightest benefit in this new phantom formation!
The purple light in the mid-air is getting stronger and stronger, penetrating the Feliicity, making everyone feel shocked!
At this time, purple light suddenly bloomed, like a sword that pierced the world!
Purple light fell to the ground, shrouded everyone’s body!
Strange to say!
This purple light seems to be able to pick people, and everyone in Gu Huo Valley, under the shining of this purple light, is completely sluggish for a moment!
The people who belonged to Wiliam were intact!
How can the Jackdaw family let go of this great opportunity!
For a time, the wailing in the field kept on!
In this short period of one or two seconds, more than one hundred people from Guhuo Valley were killed by the Jackdaw family!
And Lord Wu Gu was also severely scratched by the Azure Tiger King during this brief absence, and his body was heavily smashed to the ground!
Master Wu Gu’s whole eyes are cracked!
Just now, he was still laughing at the people in the Li family in Nanban who would only be assisting!
What now!
Help determine life and death!
You know, the people from the Li family in the south have no chance of winning facing Shanggu Huogu.
However, with the Jackdaw family in front, the Li family from the South forbidden suddenly played a role in determining life and death!
right now!
Who dares to despise Li’s family in South Ban!
Who dares to speak again!
South Ban Li’s family is in danger!
Today’s Nanban Li Family is going to stand in the whole arena and say one thing!
“Southern Li Family! Nirvana rebirth!”
Chapter 1339 Purple Qi is coming from the east!
Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng, who was in mid-air with a purple air lingering on his body, and felt a lot of emotion in his heart.
The acquaintance with Li Nanfeng appeared like a tide in his mind.
When he first met him, he was just a stubborn kid who guarded a small home and refused to leave.
Wiliam and Yifan fight, it can be said that they do not know each other.
Later, Li Nanfeng had his own eyes, although he couldn’t see the beauty of the world for a while.
But let him open another heart door.
Since then, Li Nanfeng, although he has been extremely stubborn, but the flame in his heart has gradually burned.
Until everyone went to the Nanjin Li’s house, until Li Nanfeng spurned the Nanjin Li’s house in public and stood on Wiliam’s side.
In the end, Li Nanfeng was energetic and accepted Wiliam’s entrustment to become the head of Li’s family in the south.
This unforgettable Nirvana finally allowed Li Nanfeng to grow into the resolute and unyielding appearance he is today.
Just persistence!
Injustice will sound!
He brought the South Ban Li family to today, to the whole rivers and lakes.
From then on, who would dare to despise the Li family in the south forbidden!
This is definitely an unprecedented height.
Although there is no peerless power in the Li family in the South!
But the entire Nanban Li family is a super family!
Only with unity and strength can we have this shocking blow today!
Huanshu Wushuang, judge life and death!
The Lord Wu Gu below looked at his brother, who suffered heavy casualties in one breath, and his entire eyes were cracked!
He looked at the Nanjin Li family scattered in the air and shouted: “Knock them down first!”
In the mind of the current Lord Wu Gu, the threat of the Li family in the south is far greater than that of the Jackdaw family.
After all, the Jackdaw family can fight hard, but the Southern Forbidden Li family is in the air, and the strange purple lights are threatening. If they are not eradicated in time, the loss of Guhu Valley will be even more serious!
The people in Guhuuguo heard the order of Master Wu Gu and swished into the air one by one!
However, how can the Jackdaw family do as they wish!
After all, the people who banned the Li family in the South just now helped them a lot!
Guo Yulin rode the Green Tiger King and shouted: “Pull me down!”
There is no need to tell Guo Yulin, the Jackdaw family has already done so!
All the children of the Jackdaw family moved almost when the people in Guhuo Valley rushed into the air!
Seeing the people in Guhuu Valley being sniped halfway, Lord Wu Gu’s teeth were about to be broken, “It’s all very rubbish! I’m here!”
With that said, Master Wu Gu stood up and headed into the air!
While Guo Yulin and King Qinghu were going to stop them, they were stopped by Lu Guangsha and others from the Lu Family in North.
Lord Wu Gu looked at Li Nanfeng who was close at hand, and shouted fiercely: “Fate!”
Feliicity suddenly shouted nervously below: “Li Nanfeng! Be careful!”
After all, she was worried that Li Nanfeng would be blind and could not see Lord Wu Gu!
However, Wiliam smiled and said, “Li Nanfeng, his eyes are brighter than anyone else.”
Feliicity suddenly looked at the landing leaf in doubt.
Wiliam motioned Feliicity to look into the sky.
I saw Li Nanfeng, who had always had a stern face in the air. After hearing the voice of Lord Wu Gu, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.
As if to say, it was just right!
At the moment when Lord Wu Gu was about to approach Li Nanfeng, Li Nanfeng’s body once again exploded with a strong purple air!
This purple qi rushed towards Master Wu Gu almost head-on!
Wu Guzhu and Li Nanfeng are close at hand, and there is no time to dodge!
There was a thump in his heart!
An ominous premonition came to my heart!
not good!
In the count!
Damn it!
This Li Nanfeng seems to be waiting for him to come over!
The illusion that shocked the audience just now was just a bluff!
His real ultimate move is the purple energy in front of him!
This kid, from the beginning, planned to lure himself up!
Master Wu Gu, who is in the air, has been shrouded in purple energy!
He suddenly felt a strong sense of dizziness!
However, Lord Wu Gu’s hatred at this time was also completely aroused!
Damn this group of people!
Lord Wu Gu has always been an arrogant man!
Today, in this case, there is Wiliam first, who humiliates himself several times!
Now, even Li Nanfeng, the little-known Nanban Li family, can calculate himself!
Is it true that the first person in the world is the first person in the world to be dignified, and can be humiliated by being a younger generation!
Since there is no refund!
Then head on!
Holding such a vitality, Gu Zhu’s body will not retreat but advance in this purple aura!
The two were already close at hand!
Lord Wu Gu couldn’t escape Li Nanfeng’s ultimate move, and Li Nanfeng couldn’t escape this sudden secret move by Wu Gu Lord at all!
“Not good!” Wiliam suddenly shouted when he saw this scene.
He didn’t expect Wu Guzhu to have such a determined mentality!
“Boom!” Li Nanfeng’s body was hit by Master Wu Gu with a punch!
He looked up to the sky and spit out a mouthful of blood, and his body hit the ground heavily!
And Lord Wu Gu was completely haunted by Li Nanfeng’s purple air, and he was in the air, not knowing his life or death!
“Li Nanfeng!” Wiliam hurriedly shouted to Li Nanfeng not far away.
Li Nanfeng was hit hard by this, so he staggered and got up from the ground.
His body is bloody!
However, he still had a proud smile.
“It is worth it in this life to be able to severely injure Huajin and complete the peak warrior!” Li Nanfeng laughed wildly.
Wiliam was taken aback, and immediately figured it out.
This kid is really good enough!
After calculating the Master Wu’s meeting to go to him to settle the accounts, and also calculating the trick to let the Master Wu eat him, he also has to bear the impact of Huajin Consummation peak strength!
in this way!
Life is a bet!
Really crazy!
I wanted to come to Li Nanfeng in advance, so although he was seriously injured now, he would not be fatal.
Wiliam saw that Li Nanfeng’s life was in danger, so he raised his head to look at Master Wu Gu in the sky.
Master Wu Gu was still in the purple qi, as if struggling violently.
No one knows what this strange purple qi is.
However, being able to trap Lord Wu Gu is already very remarkable.
Just as Wiliam guessed, the purple qi seemed to be torn apart by a mad beast!
The purple energy collapsed instantly!
A loud roar came from midair!
Wiliam’s expression changed on the spot, “Not good! Lord Wu Gu is also crazy!”
Lord Wu Gu himself is the peak warrior of Huajin Consummation!
Now that the hatred is added to the body, and then being so imprisoned, the blood is completely agitated!
He didn’t care about it, and gave birth to a body of animal blood, completely turning into a demon!
The purple gas is gone!
Seeing Lord Wu Gu in the sky, everyone couldn’t help but fought a cold war!
Even the awe-inspiring Blue Tiger King couldn’t help taking a step back!
Master Wu Gu in the air is no longer human-like!
Bruise and soaring!
In his eyes, the purple qi that Li Nanfeng had just flowed impressively!
Half a step innate!
Chapter 1340 Lantern to burn blood!
“I want you! Broken corpses!” In the midair, Master Wu Gu, who was completely frenzied, roared like a wild beast, his body was constantly vomiting and he looked terrifying!
And his eyes fixed on the Li family’s child in the air!
Li Nanfeng on the ground seemed to be able to perceive this scene, and he shouted in a deep voice: “South forbid Li family son, take it down!”
The people from the Southern Ban Li family immediately obeyed the order, and their bodies “swoosh” went down, and immediately hid in the battlefield below.
Lord Wu Gu lost his goal, so he fixed his eyes on the Jackdaw family.
He roared and hit the ground heavily!
With this smash, with half a step of innate power, the surface trembled suddenly!
Half a step in the innate realm is enough to slap everyone on the spot!
The people from the Li family in the south gathered quietly in the crowd and returned to Li Nanfeng’s back.
Li Nanfeng’s head turned to Wiliam’s direction, and said lightly, “Wiliam, I’m sorry, there is only this I can do. Rather than let the children of the Li family charge in the battle, they are more suitable to stand behind and choose the right time. Regroup and deal a fatal blow to the people of Guhuo Valley. So I chose to let them retreat.”
When Li Nanfeng said this, his expression was calm and he didn’t feel guilty at all for his strategic retreat.
Does Wiliam blame Li Nanfeng in his heart?
How can it be?
On the contrary, Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng with an indifferent expression admiringly, feeling very satisfied.
in this way!
Only then can I be regarded as the Patriarch of the Li Family of Nanban!
The Patriarch of the Li family of Nanban naturally considers the lives of the children of the Li family of Nanban first, and then the rest.
And Li Nanfeng said nothing wrong.
The power displayed by the Southern Forbidden Li Family is to hide behind others and come out at the right time.
Instead of rushing forward.
The current Li Nanfeng not only has the responsibility of the head of the Nanban Li family, but also has the wisdom and composure as the head of the family.
If the former Li Nanfeng was the last backbone of the Nanban Li family, then the current Li Nanfeng is the strength of the Nanban Li family’s Nirvana rebirth!
“Li Nanfeng, doing a good job, just watch the changes.” Wiliam said to Li Nanfeng.
Li Nanfeng nodded and was silent.
The situation in the field is undergoing shocking changes!
Originally, under the Southern Forbidden Li family’s illusion tricks, the Jackdaw family was victorious every day.
However, after Wu Guzhu became mad, it was completely different.
He alone is enough to be a thousand!
Lord Wu Gu is like an invincible wild beast, tearing everybody!
Anyone who died in his hands died in a terrible state, and almost no corpses were left behind!
Watching the Jackdaw family members were torn apart by Master Wu Gu, Guo Yulin’s eyes were all red!
He yelled: “I’m coming!”
The voice falls!
The green tiger king rises!
Towards the frenzied Wu Gu master!
Lord Wu Gu sneered when he saw King Blue Tiger coming, “It’s just right!”
With a punch, he hit the Azure Tiger King’s head fiercely!
The Green Tiger King’s body shook, and a whole piece of it was sunken on his head!
Blood is flowing like a shot!
However, the Blue Tiger King is the Beast King!
The more bloodshed, the more ferocious!
It did not retreat but moved forward, and bit the arm of Master Wu Gu in one bite!
Strange to say.
If the arm of an ordinary person is bitten by the blood basin of the Blue Tiger King, it must be broken on the spot!
However, the Blue Tiger King’s teeth bit on the arm of Wu Guzhu, and he even made the sound of “Qiangqiang” of gold and iron!
Lord Wu Gu’s arm waved upwards in the mouth of the Azure Tiger King, bringing the huge body of the Azure Tiger King into the air fiercely!
And Master Wu Gu stood on the spot, showing his arm.
That arm is black all over, as if forged from a special material!
Wiliam’s eyes were deep, naturally he recognized that Lord Wu’s arm was not forged and spliced ​​up.
Instead, Lord Wu Gu used his half-step innate aura to linger on his arm, making his arm invincible!
Half a step of innate ability, it is so powerful!
Wiliam had also fought against Innate Martial Artists for half a step before.
It is the outstanding Lu Renjie of the Lu family in North.
However, at that time, Lu Renjie’s body was on the verge of collapse, and there was no way to use his full strength.
That’s why Wiliam was lucky enough to win.
Now that he saw the real half-step innate power, even Wiliam was shocked.
How difficult this battle is!
Wiliam moved, but was suddenly held down by Li Chunfeng.
Li Chunfeng is ice and snow smart, and naturally knows that Wiliam wants to play in person.
However, Wiliam’s injury was not completely healed.
“You heal first, let me go. Don’t forget, you said yourself, your opponent is only your grandfather. Leave the rest to us.” Li Chunfeng smiled and said to Wiliam.
Wiliam was taken aback.
Li Chunfeng’s body has drifted away.
She was in the air, she smiled back and said, “Wiliam, look, your relatives and friends in the field, who has not always believed in you, believes that you will move mountains to fill the sea, and you can turn the clouds and the rain. Now, Do you dare to believe us once? Those of us will also carry lamps and burn blood for you! Go through fire and water! Until you, blood and bravery clear the way, and remove the thorny thorns in the world!”
Wiliam’s heart trembled fiercely!
Li Chunfeng, this silly girl!
At the same time, his heart was filled with immense touch and gratitude.
Who can stand in front of him and fight for him today, who is not his benefactor!
This kindness and this affection, Wiliam should be engraved in his heart!
Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng who had left after saying this, and said in his heart that he treasured everything!
Pray that this silly girl can save her life today.
So that one day, she will see the prosperity of the world, and her heart will be blooming…
Li Chunfeng’s body was in the air, already igniting a raging fire!
This fire is particularly eye-catching in the violent storm and snow!
She stretched out a punch and blasted forward!
A long red fire dragon roared towards Master Wu Gu!
It is strange to say that this long scarlet fire dragon looks very majestic.
However, as the long red fire dragon appeared, the scene was enveloped in a bleak and gentle atmosphere.
It seems to be Li Chunfeng’s heart, crumpled between this blood field, which is extremely pitiful.
Wiliam felt the incomparable determination during this period, and his eyes dimmed.
Feliicity obviously felt a heart-wrenching colic, and her tears fell on the spot.
But there was a group of people on the scene, smelling this bleak and gentle breath, they all cheered up!
Villagers of Lantern Village!
Forget the blood!
The head of Lantern Village and Lan Feng’er looked at each other, their eyes filled with disbelief.
Lan Feng’er looked at Li Chunfeng who was like a fairy in the air, tears streaming down his face!
“It’s Chunxin! It’s Chunxin!”
“Tread through the iron shoes, there is nowhere to find it, and it takes no effort to get it!”
“It’s a mistake to wait for another chance, if that’s the case! Then…”
“Forget the blood and seal the ancients!”
“Emperor Wang is reborn!”


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