Dragon Husband 1341-1345

Chapter 1341
Can the head of Lantern Village and Lan Feng’er not get excited?
They couldn’t believe the chance they saw!
That is a record that only exists in the ancient books of the Wangxue clan!
Reproduce the world!
Seeing Lan Feng’er’s expression, Wiliam frowned and asked, “Lan Feng’er, what’s going on? What happened to the spring breeze?”
Lan Feng’er excitedly said to Wiliam: “There is nothing in the spring breeze, but something good will happen! Wiliam, do you know about our blood-forgotten family?”
Wiliam nodded and said, “Know some.”
Lan Feng’er talked to Wiliam when he was guarding the mountain forbidden land.
The Blood Forgetting Clan was once a very terrifying and powerful existence in ancient times.
At the beginning, it was not called the Wangxue clan, but the Wangxue clan!
The name comes from a line of poem, Wang Dichun cares the cuckoo in his heart.
The biggest characteristic of the Wangxue clan is that their clan has secret blood technique and secret blood dependence.
With the blood secret technique, the blood-seeking race was rampant in the world at the beginning!
And Wiliam also knew that the secret blood dependence of the new generation of Wangxue clan was his little cute little Wangqing.
Wiliam only knew these.
Could there be other secrets of the Forgetting Blood?
“All the people of the Forget Blood Clan listen to orders! Today! Emperor Wang Chunxin planted! So the emperor is in the world! It is the King of Blood Wang! Offering blood!” Lan Fenger suddenly shouted.
All the people of the Forget-Blood Clan have a look of excitement on their faces.
Wiliam’s face changed slightly when he heard Feliicity.
Because he knew that the people of the Forget-Blood Clan had this weird habit.
The people in Lantern Village before, just because they have been offering blood, they have turned themselves into human beings and ghosts.
Now Lan Feng’er is going to make a moth again.
Lan Feng’er seemed to know Wiliam’s guess, and smiled: “Young Master Wiliam, don’t worry, this time offering blood is completely different from before! Just watch it! Because the next scene says It may not happen again for thousands of years! And you can rest assured that this is good for Chunfeng and harmless!”
When Wiliam heard Lan Feng’er say this, he relaxed a little bit. He asked in confusion, “What are you going to do with Chunfeng? Tell me every time.”
Lan Feng’er nodded and said: “Okay, I will naturally tell you clearly.”
While talking, the people of the Forget-Blood Clan, with lanterns in their hands, suddenly sang the song that Wiliam was very familiar with before.
“Ah mile… Ah mile…”
“Holding your hand in the breeze, kissing your face in the drizzle…”
“On this bridge and flowing water filled with flowers and snow…”
“In the legend, you and I will never be separated, in the singing, you and I love to death…”
“The Jade Dragon, the Third Kingdom, flying in the wind and strolling in the sea of ​​clouds…”
“Oh… I love you until the jade dragon flies to the sky…”
“Oh… I love me, it stops flowing when I love Lishui…”
“Trust me, follow me, I will let the snow lotus on the mountain drive for you…”
“Let’s fly, let’s float, we are in the third country of Yulong…”
Such a generous tragic song!
The man in the world is crying!
This singing was a reflection of what Wiliam had heard before.
There is no sadness or desolation, no joy and encouragement, no meticulous lingering.
Rather, it is full of a kind of devotion to worship and worship heaven as the king!
This scene confuses Wiliam even more.
Lan Feng’er immediately explained: “I told you before that the Forgotten Blood Clan was originally called the Wangxue Clan, and I also told you that this special group comes from a poem.”
“Emperor Wangchun cares for the cuckoo?” Wiliam said casually.
Lan Feng’er nodded, “That’s wrong. But do you know that this poem was not created by a casual poet. This poem is about a fact that existed in ancient times.”
Wiliam had heard a little allusion about Emperor Wang Chun’s heart for a cuckoo.
According to legend, the monarch of Shu in the last years of the Zhou Dynasty was named Du Yu and was named “Wang Di”.
Later, there was a water disaster in Shu, and a minister who was good at controlling the water disaster gave up the throne to the minister and attributed it to the mountains and forests.
However, I did not expect that after the minister became an emperor, he would not treat the people well.
After the death of Emperor Wang, he turned into a cuckoo, screaming all day long, and his voice was sad and miserable, touching the heart.
Even the red color on the azaleas is the result of the birds’ crying.
Emperor Wang hoped that his former officials would be sympathetic to the people.
But Lan Feng’er smiled and shook his head, and said, “This allusion that we all know is half true. The Emperor Wang is true, but Chun Xin is false. The real story is like this.”
According to legend, Emperor Wang was a great power in ancient times, and his cultivation level was unfathomable.
The Wangxue clan is the clan where Emperor Wang belongs, and Wangxue can be regarded as the ancestor of the Wangxue clan.
Later, Emperor Wang saw a woman who was overwhelmed by the country and was kind to that woman in every possible way.
It is strange to say that the woman herself is an ordinary mortal, and she is indifferent to such a powerful pursuit.
On the contrary, the woman directly confessed to Emperor Wang that she already had a husband, and hoped that Emperor Wang would not be too obsessed with her.
This woman lived an incomparably transparent life, and she spoke sincerely and honestly, but after Emperor Wang was rejected, there was no complaint, but she loved this woman even more.
Year after year, Emperor Wang’s spring heart increased day by day, and his realm has reached an unprecedented level because of this obsession.
But he still didn’t escape the change of age. Before he died, he did one thing.
He ordered future generations to smash his spring heart, drain his painful heart, and distribute it to every member of the blood-watching clan.
Since then, Wangxue family has the most bizarre blood secret technique and the inheritance of the emperor’s heart.
The art of secret blood corresponds to the painstaking effort of Emperor Wang.
And the inheritance of the emperor’s heart, only saw the record, everyone has never seen it.
“You mean, Chunfeng she…” Wiliam had vaguely guessed something when he heard this.
“Ho ho, Wiliam, girl Chunfeng, this spring heart is so similar to the emperor of our clan. I can’t ask for it, but I am willing to be adult. Did you feel that breath just now? Desperate and gentle. Desperate is what she left for herself She left you with tenderness, and the kindness she left for everyone in this world.” Lan Fenger’s voice became choked as she spoke.
“So, in the midst of her awakening, watching Emperor Chunxin! Originally, the old man in our clan today divination, said that we need to wait for a gust of wind if the major event of our day is to happen. I thought that we should play the role of our bloodless clan The blood secret technique requires waiting for the direction of the wind to change. I didn’t expect that the gust of wind the old man was talking about actually meant the girl Chunfeng.” Lan Feng’er continued.
“The girl Chunfeng is magnanimous in her heart, she is bright and gentle like Emperor Wang, and today she awakens the heart of Emperor Wang Chunxin in front of our blood-forgetting clan. This is the destiny of God to compensate this poor and lovely girl, and we want people from the blood-forgetting clan to open up the inheritance of the emperor’s heart. So! How can you fail this providence! Look! The inheritance of the emperor’s heart has begun!” Lan Feng’er suddenly pointed to the front.
Wiliam got goose bumps all over his body when he saw the changes in the people of the Forget-Blood Clan!
Unforgettable forever!
Chapter 1342 Emperor’s Heart Inheritance!
I saw people from the Forgetting Blood clan chanting that song loudly, and suddenly held the red lantern with both hands together.
“Boom!” Red light circulated on them one by one.
These red lights were like lightning, and quickly flowed onto the red lantern.
Then, hundreds of lanterns exploded at the same time!
And from the lantern after the explosion, something flew out together.
Fire red!
Red Fire Cuckoo!
These red fire cuckoos are not big, only the size of a palm.
And this is not a real cuckoo.
They flashed red all over, showing the shape of a bird.
It is more like the blood cuckoo formed by every member of the Forget Blood clan who condensed the essence and blood on their bodies.
Wiliam had never seen such an unprecedented cuckoo cuckoo blood!
The hundreds of red fire cuckoos flew in one direction.
This scene also attracted the attention of everyone present.
They even couldn’t help but stop the fight and watched the grand scene.
Even Master Wu Gu’s eyes widened, looking at these Scarlet Fire Cuckoos in disbelief!
He doesn’t even know what these red fire cuckoos are going to do?
He had the previous lesson that the Li family was born in the South forbidden, and he thought that these bloodless people also used some assassin.
So he watched vigilantly, and was fully on guard.
These red fire cuckoos have only one goal!
In the midair, Li Chunfeng was burning with a raging fire!
Li Chunfeng watched these red-fired cuckoos fly over, originally wanting to dodge.
However, she suddenly felt a strange breath.
This kind of breath came from these red fire cuckoos.
Desperate, like the sadness that a passionate person can’t ask for.
Gentle and gentle, like a self-consistent with a clear conscience.
This kind of breath made Li Chunfeng’s nose sour, and he couldn’t help but shed tears.
With such empathy, what are these red fire cuckoos?
He can resonate so much with himself!
And deep down in Li Chunfeng’s heart, he also regarded these red fire cuckoos as blood flowing from his body.
She just watched the hundreds of scarlet cuckoos fly into her body.
The first Cuckoo Cuckoo slammed into Li Chunfeng’s body, causing a wave of anger on the scene!
And Li Chunfeng’s body trembled suddenly, his eyes widened instantly!
The second one!
The third one!
Every Red Fire Rhododendron has set off a strong storm!
I saw the Feliicity all over the sky, all turned into a crimson color!
It’s terrible!
And Li Chunfeng’s body, from the slight tremor before it, turned into a violent tremor!
In her eyes, there is incredible!
Earth-shaking changes are happening in her body!
She doesn’t even know what happened to her body and what changes will happen!
Everyone is staring at Li Chunfeng!
But they can no longer see Li Chunfeng’s appearance!
Li Chunfeng was completely wrapped in this crimson color!
A huge red ball of light was formed in the air!
Lan Feng’er looked at the red ball of light with tears, folded his hands together, and sang the previous song loudly again.
All the people of the Forgetting Blood tribe, put their hands together and sing a tragic song of generosity!
Wiliam was wrong in thinking before, that the Scarlet Fire Rhododendrons were the essence and blood of the Forget-Blood Clan!
After they offered the blood, they had no more power to fight.
There are many people who are very weak and cannot even stand up after the blood is given.
But they were already kneeling on the ground, praying and sorrowing in Li Chunfeng’s direction.
This is a ceremony!
A ritual that belongs only to the family of forgetting blood.
In this ceremony, Wangxue no longer exists, and Wangxue is reborn.
And their king, who looked at the blood, came back to this vast land.
The scene once again haunted the sorrow of the cuckoo cuckolding blood.
Accompanied by the red Feliicity in the sky, it seems to be a big world, full of this sad red.
Lord Wu Gu looked at this ball of red light, and the whole person was not good.
He didn’t even know what to do next for a while?
He deliberately wanted to smash the red ball of light, to see what the hell these people were doing.
But there was a trace of majestic aura from the red ball of light, which made him hesitate.
Guo Yulin did not hesitate.
Li Chunfeng is inside, and whatever he becomes is his own!
Take advantage of your illness!
Kill you!
“Kill!” Guo Yulin sternly shouted with blood.
While the people in Guhuo Valley were still shaking their gods, the Jackdaw family all violently smashed them once again!
For a while, the screams sounded again.
Lord Wu Gu recovered, his eyes were cracked, “The Jackdaw family!”
He gritted his teeth and rushed towards Guo Yulin, his eyes filled with bloodshot eyes and reddened even more.
There was a fight again at the scene.
And only people from the Forgetting Blood clan, as well as people from Wiliam and Qilinshi, were staring at the red ball of light where Li Chunfeng was.
The sphere of light seemed to have been stationary forever, with only red light flowing on it, and there was no extra movement.
There is no sound, no sound.
“Lan Feng’er, what’s the matter? Why is there no movement?” Wiliam couldn’t help asking.
Lan Feng’er also looked suspicious and nervous, and said to Wiliam: “I don’t know the specifics either. After all, this imperial heart inheritance only exists in the legend of the Forgotten Blood clan, and no one has really experienced the imperial heart inheritance. We can only pray silently for the spring breeze.”
Wiliam had no choice but to accept it.
According to Lan Feng’er, the legendary Emperor Wang, Chunxin turned into the inheritance of the emperor’s heart, and the effort turned into the art of secret blood.
The blood secret technique has been verified to exist, and I hope that there will be no other faults in this emperor heart inheritance.
If there is something unexpected about Spring Breeze because of the inheritance of the emperor’s heart, Wiliam can’t shirk the blame.
In the field, the battle has become increasingly fierce.
The members of the Li family in the south were closely watched by a group of people, and there was no suitable time to take action for the time being.
Although the Jackdaw family had blood and courage, they were far from Guhuu Valley’s opponents in terms of numbers.
After a brief loss of troops, Gu Huo Gu quickly occupied the advantage on the scene.
Especially Wu Guzhu, there is no one to beat the Quartet!
Even Guo Yulin and Qinghu King are already covered in blood.
However, Guo Yulin can’t withdraw!
As soon as he withdrew, Master Wu Gu will face the sons of the Jackdaw family.
They are not the opponent of Wu Guzhu at all!
Guo Yulin’s face was getting ugly after being repulsed!
He looked at Master Wu Gu, who swept through the army, his teeth mattered!
Do you really want to use the things at the bottom of the Jackdaw family?
But just as Guo Yulin was about to make a desperate bet, there was a “哢嚓” in the field!
Although the voice was weak, it spread to everyone’s ears clearly.
Everyone raised their heads and looked at the red ball of light in the air!
It’s another sound!
The red ball of light split a seam!
Chapter 1343 There is no blood!
The sound of “哢嚓” was like an idiotic heartbreak.
In this crack, there was a loud cry of blood suddenly!
The voice pierced the clouds and shattered jade, and went straight to the sky for ninety thousand miles!
Everyone stopped the fight and looked at the red ball of light that was about to shatter.
The ball of light was completely shattered into fragments of red light as everyone watched.
Then, everyone felt that the surrounding temperature had risen sharply, and the ice and snow melted into a spot of red ice water.
The world is red, red like blood!
An incomparable illusion of a cuckoo rose into the sky from this broken light.
The phantom of this cuckoo is red all over, spreading its wings and flying. This spread of wings is like an ancient roc, which is hundreds of meters long!
Covering the sky and the sun, it is spectacular!
The Blue Tiger King, who was originally a huge figure, turned out to be as small as Chongmao under this cuckoo illusion.
Amidst the screams, the illusion of Cuckoo disappeared completely in the sky, leaving everyone with only a primitive soul shock!
It’s for Zigui’s blood!
This scene shocked even Wiliam.
Wiliam didn’t have seen the phantom of blood.
When he awakened the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, there was a unicorn illusion.
Especially in the final battle between him and Lin Jiang at the Centennial Ceremony of the Evil Fist, the illusion of a unicorn and a Vermillion bird appeared in the hundreds of meters.
I thought that this is the ultimate in the world!
Now, Li Chunfeng has also appeared the phantom of this hundreds of meters of sub-regulation.
It seems that Li Chunfeng really got a great opportunity!
But, where is she now?
While everyone was still in a daze, Wiliam cast his gaze again to the place where the red ball of light had shattered.
There, stood a fairy on earth with a red flame.
Li Chunfeng’s eyes were closed tightly, and his hair had completely turned into fiery red without knowing when he started!
It makes her whole person less tender and more domineering.
Especially her eyebrows are shining constantly.
Upon closer inspection, a small azalea blossomed out of her eyebrows.
Li Chunfeng gradually opened his eyes.
When Wiliam saw these eyes, his heart trembled!
What kind of eyes are these!
Crystal clear, without any contamination.
There is the supreme love in the world hidden in the eyes, and it also carries the fulfillment and relief that cannot be desired!
Under this look, everyone can’t help feeling a sense of guilt for no reason.
It seems that people under the world bear this fairy, but this fairy repays this world with a song.
Everyone was stunned. Only the sound of wind dance and Xuerong were heard at the scene.
There is also the sound of pounding heart.
Li Chunfeng looked at his body and suddenly smiled.
Like spring flowers in full bloom, melting and icy.
She looked at her hand and muttered to herself: “If the heart can be transformed into a spring, the mountain has no children and no blood…”
The voice was clear and determined.
Change the gentleness before.
This sound blasted in everyone’s ears, and everyone looked at Li Chunfeng again, they were no longer looking at Fairy.
But looking at a female emperor who has been watching forever!
Li Chunfeng people stepped out in midair!
Strange to say!
After her left foot stepped out, a scorching azalea phantom suddenly appeared in front of her.
Her feet are on the illusion of rhododendrons.
One flower per step, one flower fades away.
She just stepped on the cuckoo, and came to the front of the Forget-Blood clan.
The people of the Forget-Blood clan suddenly woke up and wept with joy.
Headed by Lan Feng’er and the mayor of Lantern Village, everyone knelt down and shouted: “The blood-watching clan! Kneel and welcome my emperor!”
Li Chunfeng did not refuse, but nodded naturally and said: “Wang Emperor’s painstaking efforts, I am Li Chunfeng…”
Sonorous and powerful, let me give it to me!
She is the real empress here!
No one knows what happened to Li Chunfeng in the red ball of light just now.
Li Chunfeng was in the ball of light, his consciousness gradually blurred.
But in this blur, she saw more things.
She saw how infatuated the ancient emperor Wang did not change.
She also saw the hard work and spring heart of Emperor Wangwang before his death turned into the secret treasure of the blood-wanging clan.
Wang Xue was changed to forget blood.
It is that Emperor Wang does not want future generations to be like him, who loves but cannot but is still generous and gentle.
So wronged oneself, why do you think that the emperor.
Therefore, it is not mutually satisfying.
It is better to forget each other but not know each other…
Later, Li Chunfeng saw a scene of getting along with Wiliam.
It seems that God is helping Li Chunfeng sort out this undesirable relationship.
It is also helping Li Chunfeng get rid of it.
Li Chunfeng gave an initiation, but he felt love.
Li Chunfeng now is no longer the gentle little woman before.
She is the emperor of blood, she bears the faith of a family!
If she wants to love, it will be boundless love!
If she hates, it is the hatred of heaven and earth!
I will have no self and live up to the world…
This is the spring breeze, this is the emperor!
Wiliam seemed to understand the changes that had taken place in Li Chunfeng.
Because the current Li Chunfeng, although smiling, it is completely the same kind of emotion.
Not like before.
This feeling of shame for the beautiful woman made Wiliam feel bitter.
This gentle woman, she deserves someone to love…
She deserves to enjoy the love of love in the world.
But to this day, she cut off her emotions and inherited the emperor’s heart.
Such guilt prevented Wiliam from continuing to look at Li Chunfeng.
Feliicity gently hugged Wiliam’s shoulders, and whispered, “Wiliam, don’t you feel guilty? I believe this is Sister Chunfeng’s own choice. This may be another relief for her.”
Wiliam understood this truth, but he couldn’t let go of it at the moment.
Feliicity suddenly attached to Wiliam’s ear, and said softly: “I know you don’t want Chunfeng to bear these fate and make her involuntarily. Do you want her to be free from this damn selfless love and hatred?”
Wiliamqing couldn’t help but nodded, he naturally hoped that Chunfeng would not have such a sad burden.
Feliicity said softly: “Then take her and become stronger! Think about it, in this mundane world, Li Chunfeng will naturally bear this fate, but when it comes to a higher world, we can get rid of it. This kind of fate, start again, and return her a real Li Chunfeng, right, Wiliam?”
Wiliam’s eyes were stagnant, as if he had been empowered by the Feliicity.
The authorities are fans!
In this world, Chunfeng is now an inexperienced powerhouse and naturally has his own responsibility.
But what if it is elsewhere?
For example, Liu Lang and Miss Su mentioned before, the place where their fathers and mothers stayed-outside the Canglang Tianmo!
The strong man in that place is like a cloud, and when the spring breeze reaches there, he will naturally become one of the many beings, and he can break the destiny of this guardian god.
Wiliam’s eyes gradually cleared, he nodded heavily, and returned Feliicity’s words, “Hmm!”
At this moment, beside Yu Feliicity, Wiliam swept away the confusion and saw the way he was going in the future!
At this time, Li Chunfeng turned around and looked at the Shura Field where the blood was flowing in front of him.
She stretched out a finger, pointed at the dull-looking Wu Gu, and said coldly and arrogantly: “That person, leave it to me, other people, you guys…”
Chapter 1344 Flowers are born every step!
When Li Chunfeng said this, his body was full of anger, and there was obviously a deliberate divergence, but he still gave people a sense of lofty height!
Moreover, these words can be overbearing!
Wu Guzhu half-step innate warrior, Li Chunfeng lightly gave it to her.
It shows that her current realm is at least able to defeat the master Wu Gu!
It seems that this time the emperor’s heart inheritance, Li Chunfeng’s strength has soared, and it is already half a step in the innate realm!
When Lord Wu Gu heard this, his teeth broke!
A small daughter’s house, so arrogant!
Then try it!
“Give it to me!” Master Wu Gu shouted, and the on-site Shura field started again!
And after Li Chunfeng said this, the Jackdaw family members were all invigorated!
With such strong support, they are so afraid!
Lord Wu Gu took the lead to kill Li Chunfeng.
Li Chunfeng does not dodge or dodge, he still steps out one step at a time, one flower at a time!
She twisted a finger, and a blast of flame struck Lord Wu Gu!
Lord Wu Gu was also hard-spirited, and directly directed at this flame!
Dark energy lingers around him, pouring out at this moment!
The black and red spirit suddenly swept together.
In the middle of the sky, it seemed like a black hole was about to be opened. That scene was really scary!
Fortunately, their battlefield was chosen in the middle of the air, otherwise the people below would be killed by this energy alone!
Lord Wu Gu felt a horrible heart at this moment of violent blast!
Damn it!
This woman was completely inferior to him before.
But after an inexplicable operation, this first confrontation completely blocked his offensive!
Lord Wu Gu looked at Li Chunfeng again.
I saw Li Chunfeng hunting in clothes, his hair was swept like a fairy by the wind, but his eyes were indifferent and playful.
She stretched out a finger towards Master Wu Gu, as if to say lightly, “Go on.”
The anger in Lord Wu Gu suddenly burned!
He knows what kind of tragedy he will face after this time!
He chose to be mad!
Guhuo Valley’s madness is irreversible!
Although he can still maintain his sanity now, he will pay an extremely heavy price after this battle!
Even so, he can’t be the first person in this one!
Can’t you call the wind and call the rain!
What’s the use of this madness!
“I want you to die!” Master Wu Gu’s eyes became even more red, and it was obvious that this trace of reason was slowly being eroded by his angry flames!
He originally wanted to suppress this frenzied power as much as possible.
But now, he felt the blood boil in his body!
He punched Li Chunfeng again!
This punch, half a step of innate might!
The wind and the clouds are crazy, and the power of the first punch has been doubled!
When Li Chunfeng took this punch again, he was already calm and confident.
The fists banged against each other, and the ground beneath them suddenly collapsed!
More than a dozen people on this ground were too late to even scream!
Their bodies seemed to be severely beaten by a giant hammer that fell from the sky!
It was directly pressed into meat sauce!
But Li Chunfeng shook his body under this fist, and a splash of blood came from the corners of his mouth!
Master Wu Gu was obviously also traumatized.
But after he became frenzied, his body’s toughness was much stronger than Li Chunfeng.
He didn’t care about the pain at all, instead he laughed frantically.
He tried it out!
What is the strength of this little Nizi!
Although it is also a half-step innate realm.
But obviously she still can’t fully adapt to the realm of this sudden rise!
and so!
There is a high probability that she can be killed!
“Isn’t it great! Come again!” Obviously, Master Wu Gu didn’t plan to give Li Chunfeng a little time to breathe.
He rushed towards Li Chunfeng again, obviously intending to burn the jade and stone, and kill Li Chunfeng before his sanity was completely swallowed.
Wiliam was shocked and wanted to stand up.
However, Li Chunfeng, who was in the air, actually noticed Wiliam’s movement!
She turned around, her eyes became extremely sharp!
She shouted to Wiliam: “You sit down for me! You said that your opponent is only your grandfather! Other people, we will clean up for you!”
She had never used such sharp words to talk to Wiliam!
At this moment, it is extremely overbearing, and there is no room for questioning!
After she finished speaking, she had already rushed towards Master Wu Gu!
The two fought vigorously in the air.
And below, it is even more eye-catching.
This bitter cold land has been completely immersed in blood, and the scene is endless!
Li Chunfeng and Wu Guzhu in the air also completely ignored them!
They fist to fist, fighting each other desperately!
However, Li Chunfeng is clearly at a disadvantage.
Because Lord Wu Gu became more and more mad as he fought, his whole person was completely unconscious!
Only one word, kill!
In the end, Li Chunfeng made a desperate bet!
She and Wu Guzhu separated with a punch, and she began to mobilize her vigor crazily!
Obviously, this is the final blow!
Wiliam and Feliicity’s eyes were fixed on the spring breeze.
The people of the blood-watching clan put their hands together again, praying for their king!
The energy in Li Chunfeng and Wu Guzhu has reached a very crazy point!
As if not to destroy this world, vowed not to give up!
Wu Gu took the initiative!
He roared into the sky, completely becoming a beast!
The situation is rolling again!
Li Chunfeng also screamed, and the phantom of a hundred-meter cuckoo appeared again!
The illusion condensed by such a powerful energy, screamed towards the master Wu Gu!
Two waves of wild hunting energy swept together!
The whole world became extremely dark in an instant!
In this dark day, something seems to be swallowing frantically!
Li Chunfeng and Wu Guzhu have already come together!
this time!
Who retire!
Who died!
Lord Wu Gu laughed wildly!
Because he has felt that Li Chunfeng’s life is constantly passing by!
Although he himself was going to die, he definitely died after this little girl!
And when Wu Guzhu laughed, the laughter suddenly stopped!
A purple light suddenly burst out of his eyeballs!
The sky is bright!
Wiliam looked in one direction!
I don’t know when, the Southern Forbidden Li Family, led by Li Nanfeng, has once again formed an illusion array!
The faint purple light just now was the illusionist that Li Nanfeng had planted on Lord Wu Gu before!
Li Nanfeng said before that he would wait for the opportunity again!
Unexpectedly, this time is here!
Li Chunfeng and Wu Guzhu were in a stalemate, but when Li Nanfeng kicked them sideways, Wu Guzhu’s body was relieved!
Less than half a second!
But for Li Chunfeng, it was enough!
The power of Li Chunfeng’s imperial heart pierced Wu Gu’s body fiercely!
Master Wu Gu was in the air, even humming, his body burst into a cloud of blood!
Half-step congenital warrior!
Beheaded here!
Lessons from this world!
Lessons from this life!
Chapter 1345 Old Ancestor
All the people in Guhuogu were dumbfounded!
The change that happened just now was only a moment, it was too fast.
So fast some people don’t even have time to look over there!
And their most tyrannical Master Wu Gu!
Half-step congenital, almost ascendant character!
He was beheaded and killed in just a few minutes, and there was not even scum left!
The people from Guhuo Valley looked towards Li Nanfeng, who had banned Li’s family to the south, and their eyes were full of fear!
What kind of people is this!
You can look down on them!
But you can never ignore them!
The dead Lord Wu Gu is the biggest lesson!
Take advantage of the situation, a fatal blow!
In killing Wu Guzhu, the role played by the South Ban Li Family is very important!
From then on, the merits of the Li family in the south will be recorded again!
Kill half a step!
However, it is obvious that the Li family in the south is not good for them!
They used illusion to attack the innate for half a step!
Half a step before the innate dying, even if there is a slight mental resistance, it will make their souls shattered!
Fortunately, they were both honored and lost, and all the staff took on a half-step innate resistance.
But because of this, the people who banned the Li family from the south also collapsed to the ground one by one, obviously not having the strength to fight again.
But Li Chunfeng is even more miserable.
After she killed Wu Guzhu, the whole person was completely relieved.
She didn’t even have extra strength to keep her body in the air.
So her body fell down violently.
Fortunately, Lan Feng’er was watching Li Chunfeng all the time.
Seeing Li Chunfeng let go, she caught Li Chunfeng between the flint and light, and led her to Wiliam.
Looking at Wiliam and Feliicity, Li Chunfeng swept away the indifference on his face, smiled, and said in a faint voice: “Fortunately, insult to life.”
Feliicity’s heart is like being pierced by a needle!
This silly sister!
She hugged Li Chunfeng, and said distressedly: “Sister Chunfeng, if you fight like this, I will break with you!”
Li Chunfeng nodded silently, then slowly closed his eyes.
Because Wiliam had spread the metamorphic energy to her body and healed her injuries.
There was no change in the situation on the court due to the withdrawal of Li Chunfeng and Li’s family in the South.
There was even the death of Lord Wu Gu, which caused everyone in Gu Huo Valley to fall apart.
The people in Guhuu Valley seemed to be stimulated.
Seeing Lord Wu Gu died, some of them instantly became violent.
For an instant, the roar was endless!
This group of them can already predict their end.
Rather than being killed, it is better to have a life and death!
I have to say that the people of Guhuu Valley can get together, more or less have a kind of crazy gene.
Some people were violent, and suddenly, like dominoes, formed a cascading effect.
They were originally more numerous than the Jackdaw family, but now they are all violent.
The pressure on the Jackdaw family increased instantly!
However, Guo Yulin looked around, helpless!
Wiliam’s strength must be retained till the end!
The people of Qilinshi were seriously injured and have not recovered their vitality so far.
The blood-watching clan can no longer fight after the blood is offered!
The people who had banned the Li family in the south were beaten back, unable to even stand.
Li Chunfeng, the most powerful emperor of blood watching, was also severely weakened.
It can be said that there are no reinforcements present!
The presence can only rely on the Jackdaw family!
In Guo Yulin’s heart, there was a kind of heroism and sadness!
So give me away!
The Jackdaw family do their part!
If you can’t carry this last flag!
How to teach the imperial family to watch!
Guo Yulin jumped onto the Green Tiger King one step at a time, and roared sadly: “Children of the Jackdaw family follow the orders! Please, the Jackdaw fairy!”
All the sons of the Jackdaw family gave a solemn expression, obviously not believing that Guo Yulin would make such a decision.
However, Guo Yulin has already pulled out a symbol of the Jackdaw family!
Jackdaw with crescent moon!
Seeing this piece of talisman, Wiliam’s eyes dazzled!
Isn’t this exactly the match he and Mulan brought back to the Jackdaw family?
Is this jackdaw crescent moon match not only a status symbol, but also has other uses?
At this time, Wiliam saw that other Jackdaw family children also pulled out such a match.
These matches, they hold high in the sky!
Suddenly, a majestic light radiated from the jackdaw crooked moon in Guo Yulin’s hand and went straight to the sky!
The talisman in the hands of the children of the other Jackdaw family also emits a misty light, as if responding to Guo Yulin, what are they calling?
“Who asks? Who asks?” A chaotic voice suddenly rang in the sky.
It seems that if you want something, you will have it!
“The Jackdaw family is not filial, please Guo Yulin!” Guo Yulin knelt on the ground and said loudly.
“Wish.” The chaotic voice sounded again.
Then, a humanoid phantom with a height of several hundred meters fell from the sky!
Mighty and majestic, just like a great immortal!
And seeing the image of this person, Wiliam was also stunned.
Isn’t this phantom like Miss Su who is imperial court?
She’s here?
However, Wiliam immediately realized that Miss Su did not come over.
This is nothing more than the illusion of Miss Su summoned by Guo Yulin through the Jackdaw Crescent.
However, this illusion is clearly the last killer of the Jackdaw family.
This illusion alone can become a killer. How strong is this illusion?
In other words, the illusions are so strong, how strong is Miss Su herself!
Miss Su had an illusion from the sky, and she suddenly spoke.
“If you want to reign in the world, you must preemptively…”
Then, she took a pair of hands, a force that was so vigorous and heart-pounding, pouring out of her body!
There was a sudden turbulent wave of air!
Everyone in Guhuo Valley, including the sons of the Jackdaw family, vomited blood in this vigorous muffled sound!
Guo Yulin’s own body also felt very badly wounded.
He looked at Miss Su’s phantom in disbelief. He never thought of Miss Su’s phantom attack, and even if the enemy was not the enemy, a full-screen attack came.
Guo Yulin’s family of jackdaws is indeed not as simple as it seems.
Wiliam had heard Liu Lang say a word before, and every family has its own heritage.
Taming the beast is the housekeeping skill of the Jackdaw family, but it is definitely not the treasure of the Jackdaw family.
The treasure of the house of the Jackdaw family is the jackdaw meniscus left by the ancestors of the Jackdaw family.
This jackdaw crooked moon is worthy to summon an illusion of the ancestor.
The ancestor left a word.
Unless there is a crisis of extinction, the Jackdaw Crescent is not allowed.
So Guo Yulin has never used this thing, and he didn’t even know that this thing kills a thousand enemies and hurts 800!
However, the effect is also very obvious!
No one can stop the phantom blow!
Miss Su’s vision is too strong to imagine!
At this time, Guo Yulin trembled and suddenly shouted: “No! Everyone! Run away!


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