Dragon Husband 1346-1350

Chapter 1346 Three Strikes!
Guo Yulin’s words surprised everyone at the scene.
People from the Southern Ban Li family and Wangxue clan almost vomited an old blood on the spot!
What the hell!
Obviously this powerful and invincible illusion was summoned by the Jackdaw family.
Why can’t even they control this illusion now?
Wiliam shouted loudly: “Guo Yulin! What the hell is going on!”
Guo Yulin shouted with a look of lovelessness: “I don’t know! The ancestors have the training, until the crisis of extinction, you must never use this Jackdaw Crescent Pendant! I didn’t expect it would be like this when summoned!”
Guo Yulin really wanted to die.
He originally thought that the ancestor’s precept said that it should not be used at will, because he was afraid of using it once.
I didn’t expect it to be more than just one use.
It’s just one use that even the Jackdaw family will lose!
Who can hold this game that kills a thousand enemies and hurts 800!
He clearly remembered that in the genealogy it was written that the Jackdaw fairy phantom summoned by Jackdaw Crescent Pei could send out a devastating attack.
Three times in total.
Better than every time!
They have seen it just now.
Only this time, the people present vomited blood.
Then there will be two more powerful attacks next, how can this be done!
“Escape! Hurry up!” Guo Yulin can no longer care about the face.
He shouted loudly.
However, it is too late!
The phantom of Miss Su, who is huge and huge, her second blow has come.
She folded her hands together and formed a semicircular shield on the scene!
This transparent shield directly enveloped the Jackdaw family and the people of Guhuo Valley.
Originally, the people of Guhuo Valley and the Jackdaw family wanted to flee outside.
But Qi Qi “bang” hit the transparent shield, and each one was hit and dizzy!
Those frenzied people in Gu Huo Valley wanted to use their best to break this shield.
However, no matter how strong the brute force is, only a slight ripple can be seen on the shield.
The shield is not damaged at all!
This scene completely chilled Guo Yulin.
This is so alive to close the door and hit the dog!
Old ancestor, don’t you want to nod?
At this time, the shield suddenly rolled down directly from the midair!
Those who are in the shield can’t escape, so they can only work hard and raise their hands together.
Want to withstand the pressure from this pouring.
There was a roar of shaking mountains.
The shield had completely collapsed.
Fortunately, this shield is an invisible and colorless vigor, otherwise, if it is true, these people will be crushed into meat sauce!
But this is the case, everyone in the court knelt on their knees, shooting blood lines out of their bodies!
Miss Su’s phantom hit the second!
This second blow directly killed Guhuu Valley and the Jackdaw family!
The eyes of Wiliam and the others were about to fall off.
This shield just covered the Gu Huo Valley and the Jackdaw family, and there were no people from the Southern Forbidden Li family and Wangxue family, as well as Wiliam.
It seems that this phantom can automatically recognize the enemy.
It is indeed the treasure of the Jackdaw family. This chapter is not finished,
If anyone is here to attack the Jackdaw family, at the last moment, it will definitely be burned!
Guo Yulin knelt on the ground, his entire face turned green!
He looked around, wailing.
The children of his own Jackdaw family have suffered countless deaths and injuries!
A deep sadness, born spontaneously!
Is it true that the Jackdaw family really wants to die here today!
He raised his head and looked at the unattainable phantom of Miss Su, but his whole person was agitated!
The Jackdaw family must not die!
Killed by something that he summoned!
Wouldn’t it be laughable and generous to spread it out!
And Miss Su’s illusion is not half-conscious at all.
Her third blow, the last strongest blow, is ready to go!
With her hands close together, an overwhelming vigor breeds on her body!
Everyone looked at the vision of Miss Su in shock!
What about the final blow!
Could it be that the Guhuu Valley and the Jackdaw family are going to die here today!
Wiliam stood up without rubbing himself.
However, Guo Yulin roared on the ground: “Don’t come here! This is the fate of my Jackdaw family! The Jackdaw family will not die in your own hands!”
So faith!
Through the sky!
Guo Yulin’s entire face turned hideously, and his whole body was violent!
In his heart, only this last obsession was left!
Won’t die!
Will never die!
At this time, Miss Su’s vision changed again!
This tall illusion was slowly shattering as her hands grew vigorously!
From head to toe!
Wiliam’s eyes stunned, yelling badly!
This last blow was actually inspired by this Miss Su phantom!
Detonate the illusion directly!
The formation of Qi Jin is not destroying the heavens and the earth!
It’s too late to say, then soon!
Miss Su’s vision gave out a dazzling light!
The sea of ​​bitterness that has never been turbulent, is actually under this blow, set off a stormy sea!
The blood fog at the scene directly dyed half of the sky red!
Under this blow, can anyone live!
Even Wiliam has no confidence!
After waiting for the blow, Wiliam shouted, “Guo Yulin! Guo Yulin!”
The blood mist gradually dissipated.
Wiliam saw the scene clearly, and his whole body got goose bumps.
The scene has become a purgatory on earth!
Guo Yulin looked like he was fished out of a sea of ​​blood!
He was lying on the ground, motionless.
Only the slight ups and downs on his chest means that he still has a breath.
All the children of the Jackdaw family are dying.
Apparently he was seriously injured.
However, when Wiliam looked at the Guhuugu people again, he frowned tightly!
Damn it!
After the transformation, the people in Guhuugu are far more powerful than ordinary people can compare.
Under this final blow, their physical condition was actually better than that of the Jackdaw family!
At a glance, you can still see many Gu Huo Gu children crawling on the ground!
There are even more people who make Wiliam puzzled!
It turned out that there was a group of people, and they ran under that small attic!
And this group of people seemed to have received some kind of shelter, and the injuries were much less severe than the others.
There is even a battle!
What is even more bizarre is that this small attic is also shrouded in vigor!
There are no tiles on site, only the small attic is intact!
Those people who were less injured were obviously completely aroused by animalism!
They were roaring, they were about to kill Wiliam and the others!
Li Chunfeng’s eyes are cracked!
Damn it!
At this time they can fight again!
Although the combat effectiveness has been weakened a lot, Wiliam’s healing has reached the most important moment!
Is it going to fall short of success!
And the people on Wiliam’s side have all lost their combat effectiveness!
If there were any more reinforcements!
Even a little bit!
Li Chunfeng was thinking about it, and suddenly a voice pierced through Changhong not far behind him!
“Huh! Wiliam kid! Lao Gou! I’m pooh! The old man is here to help you!”
Chapter 1347 Chen Laogou!
On the scene, it has reached the final moment!
This shout, like the rain falling from the sky, made everyone on Wiliam look in that direction.
I saw the wind and heavy snow, and one person came out of the sky in the snow!
He fell in front of Wiliam, and people kept falling behind him.
This person is not exactly the Patriarch of the Chen Family of Liehan, Chen Duobao, who is known as the most ugly man in history!
Chen Duobao’s round body, in the eyes of many people at this moment, turned out to be a brave man!
Chen Duobao first ordered his men to quickly deal with the defeated soldiers, and then turned to look at Wiliam, and said sincerely: “Lu family boy, see if the old man is too late! The old man is here to help. With your help, you can always offset your life-saving grace to the old man!”
This remark was impassioned, quite the chivalrous spirit of Guo Yulin before giving up his life.
Because Wiliam saved this Chen Duobao’s life before, Chen Duobao voted for Qiong Yao and rewarded him with nectar.
The people at the scene admired Chen Duobao for being so righteous and respectful.
However, Wiliam rolled his eyes directly.
Can he not understand these things?
The prudent nature of this girl is deeply rooted, will he come with his family and leave no way behind?
Seeing Wiliam’s suspicious eyes, Chen Duobao’s face was slightly stiff, and his eyes were sincere again, “Little baby, I’m giving charcoal in the snow, don’t you know good or bad, how sincere are you looking at the old man?”
Wiliam pierced him directly and asked, “Are you really here with your family? You swear?”
Chen Laogou’s face was embarrassed, and he hesitated for a long time.
Everyone at the scene looked at Chen Duobao, is there something hidden in it?
Chen Duobao was found to have no way, and finally lowered his voice and stared at Wiliam and said, “Of course the old man must leave his family at home, and I don’t understand! If the old man sacrifices, the Chen family can’t be broken. Incense!”
Wiliam looked at Chen Duobao with a strange expression, “Do you really only keep your family?”
Chen Duobao’s face blushed.
He glanced around sneakily, still a group of suspicious and cute eyes.
“Damn! Don’t overdo it!” Chen Duobao shouted like an irritated lion, “Come out! You are exposed!”
Under this order, a burst of breaking wind sounded again in the Feliicity.
More than forty reinforcements came on the scene.
These people are dressed in the clothes of the Chen family of Lihan, and they are obviously also members of the Chen family.
It’s just that everyone is even more puzzled. They are all here, and they are still in batches, and they are hidden?
What is this operation?
Only some people who understand Chen Laogou have a black line.
This old thing!
Bringing so many people over and hiding half of it is really bad!
Chen Duobao looked at Wiliam depressedly, and whispered: “You are going to be shameless! Look at the opposite side, there are only 20 or 30 players who can fight. I have more than half of them, and of course some have to be kept. , Just in case! You dog! Do you want to tear my face like this?”
Just in case!
This is in line with Chen Laogou’s prudent nature.
However, Wiliam squinted at him, and while healed, he smiled and asked, “Well, you have also observed the people left by the other party and can make careful arrangements. So, you didn’t come in time, you came long ago. ?
Chen Duobao’s eyes widened, and he felt that he had been beeped countless times by dogs!
This kid!
It’s too cheap!
Was he caught the handle by accidentally letting out one’s mouth?
Chen Duobao smiled and said awkwardly: “Well, didn’t you guys fight fiercely before? I’m a little scared.”
Tangtang Huajin perfected the peak martial artist, a little scared.
There are good reasons for this.
Seeing Wiliam still squinting and smiling, Chen Duobao added, “The illusion will come out later, and I am even more afraid.”
You are Chen Laogou, you are right.
“Damn! Look at my sincere look again! Don’t let me help, I withdrew people! I will feel sorry for hurting a child for a long time!” Chen Duobao finally couldn’t help it.
This girl always dismantles his teammate’s desk for a few meanings.
Wiliam smiled casually, and said, “Just kidding, thank you Mr. Chen for this timely rain.”
Chen Duobao’s expression looked better now.
Everyone turned their attention to the battlefield again.
With the strong joining of the Chen family of Liehan, the only remaining twenty or so Guhuogu disciples on the opposite side were knocked to the ground as if they had been chopped off melons and vegetables.
Moreover, Gu Huo Gu’s beliefs all collapsed.
Their valley owner was imprisoned in the small attic.
The deputy valley master was killed forcefully, leaving no bones.
Now, the opponent’s reinforcements are reappearing.
What can they expect?
And Wiliam also watched the blood flowing from the corpses on the ground, feeling sad.
Especially when he saw the people of the Lu Family in North, Lu Guangsha, and the elders all falling in a pool of blood, he felt even more vicissitudes of life.
The North Lu family has since been removed from this arena.
There is no North Luolu in the world!
Until there was no more wailing on the court.
Until no one on the court waved an arm.
There was a quiet silence at the scene.
There were so many casualties in today’s battle.
Gu Huo Gu strangled in an all-round way.
The North Lu family was destroyed.
The Jackdaw family, the Southern Forbidden Li family, the Wangxue family, and the unicorns all lost their combat power.
Li Chunfeng couldn’t even stand up.
This battle is enough to be recorded in the annals of Jianghu history.
Wiliam turned into an optimistic weather pillar and went straight to the sky.
His body slowly stood up.
He watched as his fellow robe sacrificed his life for him, charged into the battle, and could not move.
Every drop of blood left on them is engraved with Wiliam’s guilt!
At this moment, he was healed.
In front of him, corpses were everywhere.
Behind him, Yin Yin looked forward to it.
Wiliam’s eye sockets gradually turned red, and he muttered to himself: “In this world, all sentient beings are counted in the sands of the Ganges River, which are rare in history. People who practice martial arts, some are to let the world remember, some are to make the world quiet, In order to make the world peaceful. I have never met many of you, but you have shed moral blood for me. You have lost too much, and you have given too much.”
When he said this, he knelt down and kowtow heavily to the wounded brothers who died in the battle.
To respect the sky.
Give thanks.
The unnamed brother who died in suicide.
“Next, leave it to me.” Wiliam stood up and looked at the small attic ahead.
At this time, a shocking and sad scene appeared.
Headed by Feliicity!
The unicorn knelt down!
Wang Xue clan knelt down!
Li Family Kneeled Down!
The Jackdaw family bent over!
Liehan Chen’s first place!
The Emperor of Hope handed over!
Dead in battle! Injured!
Standing! local!
From in front of Wiliam, it spread to the small attic.
Wiliam’s fellow robe lived up to his promise and drove such a bloody road to death to the destination of Wiliam’s trip!
Take this blood path as a lesson!
No one can stop the land!
Feliicity’s tears fell, but she was determined and generous, and shouted to Wiliam!
Chapter 1348 Rong!
This call!
Contains too many feelings!
With tears in their eyes, everyone roared together: “Please!”
They did it.
He fulfilled his promise extremely tragically!
Wiliam has only one opponent!
And everyone else, leave it to them!
Such a bloody road leading to the small attic was paved with so many bloody lives!
The scene was sad and compassionate.
Wiliam lifted his steps and walked towards this bloody road.
Every step made him heavy.
But he still embarked on this road without hesitation.
The same robe does not bear him, and he will not bear the same!
Grandpa, here I am!
Please take a look at it. Is the bloody square created by your many years of layout worth it?
Wiliam stepped into the small attic.
Outside, the wind stays in the snow.
All the brothers watched Wiliam upstairs, their eyes fixed for a long time.
Ascending this building, Wiliam was unsure of his life or death.
And Wiliam stepped up to the top of the attic.
At every step, his mood was extremely disturbed.
Goodbye grandpa, this is really the last meeting.
No matter who dies.
Before reaching the top floor, Wiliam heard a low roar from the top floor.
With a thought, he quickened his pace.
Until he opened the door on the top floor of the attic, Wiliam saw a person as soon as he caught his eye.
An old man with a rickety figure all over the body in black.
However, Wiliam could no longer see his grandfather’s face.
His body was bent ninety degrees, the entire spine was folded, and a large part of it protruded outward.
Wiliam’s tears fell on the spot.
What a pitiful grandpa now!
He was actually imprisoned in a black iron cage.
Treated like a beast!
And grandpa’s body is even more shocking!
His hands and feet were locked by thick chains, and his waist was also locked.
On each of these iron chain links, there are iron thorns glowing with cold light!
Especially the iron chain link around his waist, the iron thorns are sharper!
With the twisting of his grandfather’s body, these iron thorns tortured his grandfather all the time!
Look at that iron thorn, bloody roots!
Grandpa’s body, arms and ankles are already bloody!
Just such an old man, thrown in the street, is enough to make people feel infinite pity!
In Wiliam’s eyes, his feelings for his grandfather were carved into his bones. How could he not be moved when he saw this scene!
With tears in his eyes, he walked towards the iron cage.
Shouted loudly: “Grandpa, grandpa!”
However, Grandpa didn’t even raise his head, as if he could not hear Wiliam’s call.
He just snarled with his head down, and his words were vague.
Wiliam’s heart sank to the valley.
Is Grandpa really unable to wake up?
He continued to walk forward until he stood in front of the iron cage.
He tried hard to hear exactly what Grandpa was yelling at.
After listening so carefully, Wiliam’s tears burst even more violently.
I only heard two words in Grandpa’s vague voice.
“Wiliam, Wiliam…”
“Grandpa!” Wiliamqing couldn’t help but yelled again.
He thought Grandpa recognized himself.
However, his grandfather did not look up after all.
The body was twitching constantly, and his mouth was still muttering “Wiliam, Wiliam…”
It seems that the two words Wiliam have been engraved on his grandfather’s heart for many years.
It became an instinctive obsession.
Wiliam’s heart completely cooled.
His hand was on the iron cage, and the cold touch of the iron cage made people feel more chilling.
Wiliam knew what he was going to do.
He put his hand on the cage, and suddenly a fierce metamorphosis burst out of his body!
This metamorphic energy, warm and heal before sweeping away.
Become full of evil spirits!
This metamorphic energy quickly spread to the iron cage!
“Open!” Wiliam shouted violently!
The metaplasia on the iron cage exploded quickly!
The iron cage was blown to pieces on the spot.
And Lu Lingfeng, who had lost the chain imprisonment, collapsed directly to the ground.
His body was still trembling and twitching.
Wiliam walked towards his grandfather, holding the iron chain around his waist with both hands.
He did the same, breaking the hoops on Grandpa’s waist, hands and feet.
Even if there was a life-and-death battle with Grandpa, Wiliam was not willing to carry such a torturous yoke on his body.
And after grandfather got off all the chains, he seemed to have fallen into a coma, and the tremor of his body gradually subsided.
Wiliam couldn’t bear it, and with tears in his heart, he mobilized metaplasia again to treat his trauma for his grandfather.
After five minutes, Wiliam gradually stopped metaplasia.
What he has to do now is to wait for Grandpa to wake up.
Wiliam didn’t know whether he was waiting for a warm and peaceful grandfather or a brutal beast.
Finally, with a low roar, Wiliam finally saw his grandpa move his head.
Wiliam was about to stretch out his hand to hold Grandpa’s hand.
But suddenly!
Lu Lingfeng opened his eyes!
Two horrifying cold lights bloomed in his eyes!
Wiliam’s heart trembled when he saw this look.
His hand froze in the air.
And Lu Lingfeng’s body suddenly burst into an extremely powerful black energy!
All these black qi rushed towards Wiliam, who was close at hand!
Fortunately, Wiliam kept an eye on it.
When his grandfather opened his eyes, his body was already moving.
Between the electric light and flint, Wiliam escaped the attack of this black energy.
Lu Lingfeng slowly stood up from the ground.
He still looked like a beast, crouching, grumbling on his mouth, but staring at Wiliam with his eyes.
It seemed to treat Wiliam as his prey.
His footsteps hit the ground and struck towards Wiliam!
It’s fast like a bolt of lightning!
Wiliam was still immersed in the sorrow he had experienced before, and he still didn’t react, his body was already smashed!
He directly hit the wall of the attic, and that wall cracked on the spot!
Half a step innate!
Lu Lingfeng is the truly complete half-step innate!
Lu Renjie was born half a step, but his body was as weak as the end of a strong crossbow.
Wu Guzhu half-step innate, but relying on madness forcibly promoted.
Only Lu Lingfeng is the real half-step innate!
The first blow gave Wiliam a feeling of lack of resistance.
At this time, Wiliam’s eyes stunned!
I saw the black spirit lingering on my grandfather’s body, and suddenly there was another coquettish red light!
Wiliam couldn’t be more familiar with these red lights!
Isn’t it his long live demon lotus!
Wiliam’s Long Live Demon Lotus was taken away by his grandfather before, and he didn’t expect that his grandfather was just like himself, serving needles!
Lu Lingfeng roared lowly, an unbelievable scene of Wiliam appeared!
Long live the demon lotus appeared in front of Lu Lingfeng!
And what followed was the black flower silver needle that Lu Lingfeng had been using all these years!
The two silver needles merged at a speed visible to the naked eye!
A powerful force spreads from the power of this fusion!
The whole loft, instantly turned into powder!
Chapter 1349 There is blood in the heart! Flowing endlessly!
Feliicity and others were waiting anxiously for Wiliam’s message in the attic below.
Because a long time has passed, the attic is quiet.
Just when Li Chunfeng couldn’t help but want to go up and find out, everyone saw a terrible scene.
The whole attic seemed to be crushed by an invisible force!
In front of everyone, directly crushed into powder!
Everyone screamed in unison, their eyes fixed on the dust in the sky.
In the dust, the bodies of the two people fell directly on the ground.
It was Wiliam and his grandfather.
Wiliam looked at his grandfather in disbelief.
He Wanwanwan thought that Long Live Demon Lotus is already an existence against the sky.
Now it can still be combined with Grandpa’s Black Flower and Silver Needle.
Isn’t this fusion more powerful!
Then he still has the power to fight?
And Wiliam had a very ominous premonition in his heart.
Did Grandpa forged Needles of Ruby Flower and Black Flower Silver Needle in the first place, he was already ready to merge these two silver needles!
In this case, it is too terrible.
However, Wiliam felt unwilling to give up after all.
Needles of Ruby Flower has been with him for a long time.
From the earliest Long live safflower, it evolved to Long live red lotus, and then to the current long live demon lotus.
Which evolution is not Wiliam fighting bloody and growing with him.
Now the Long Live Demon Lotus can’t be stored anymore, becoming one-half of this newly grown silver needle, and it is no longer complete.
The fusion on Lu Lingfeng’s side continued.
A long live demon lotus was facing a black flower silver needle, just forming a hundred pairs.
The needles of the two silver needles merged violently against the needles.
After a while, Wiliam saw that every silver needle had changed.
At the tip of the silver needle, the demon red color that Wiliam was familiar with appeared.
The tail of the silver needle is not silver anymore, but completely black.
So red and black, seemingly distinct, but blended together.
An even more surging power surged out along the hundred red, black and silver needles.
It was the simple coercion that had already made everyone in the distance feel palpitations.
They looked at the silver needle that exuded cold light, and they were terrified in their hearts.
What kind of monster is this!
Finally, the fusion of the silver needle is over.
The red, black and silver needles in the sky are completely formed!
Half black and half red, shining with a strange light.
Lu Lingfeng smirked smirkly, and suddenly stared at Wiliam again.
Wiliam’s heart stunned!
He saw the hundred red, black and silver needles swiftly attacking him!
The speed has increased again than before!
It’s like a flash of electric light, so fast that you almost can’t see it!
If the ordinary Huajin Consummation martial artist is before this red and black silver needle, I am afraid that there is no power to fight at all!
The metamorphosis burst on Wiliam’s body, almost trying his best, and his body moved quickly on the ground to be able to avoid these silver needles.
However, Wiliam’s situation looked precarious!
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Wiliam is at an absolute disadvantage!
“Wiliam! Be careful!” Mulan couldn’t help shouting as she watched the red and black silver needle attack Wiliam again.
But this sound made Wiliam frown.
as predicted!
When Wiliam avoided the Silver Needle, Lu Lingfeng suddenly turned his head and looked at Mulan and others in the distance.
Wiliam secretly shouted badly!
The grandfather now is not sane at all.
He is like a killing machine, wherever there are creatures, his murderous aura will spread.
Just now, Grandpa was the only one in his eyes, and he didn’t notice the others.
Now that Mulan speaks out, Grandpa will definitely notice them.
Lu Lingfeng smiled, the red, black and silver needles in the air turned in an instant, aiming at the brothers of Wiliam.
The people of those forces, seeing the silver needle turn its direction, felt that there was a kind of majestic coercion from the mountains!
The weak person lay directly on the ground.
“No!” Wiliam shouted violently.
However, how could Lu Lingfeng, who had lost his sense of autonomy, listened to what Wiliam said.
The red, black and silver needles violently violently went on to kill the people of those forces!
Wiliam’s eyes were cracked, and he drank, his body as fast as lightning, and he headed towards the opposite side of the red and black silver needle!
He had been avoiding these red, black and silver needles just now.
On the one hand, he didn’t have absolute confidence that he could fight against these newly fused red, black and silver needles, so he chose to dodge more safely.
On the other hand, in Wiliam’s heart, he had absolute affection for Long Live Demon Lotus.
The current red, black and silver needles, but half of Long Live Demon Lotus’s blood was flowing.
Wiliam didn’t want to confront Red Black Silver Needle head-on.
But now, the situation is different.
The Red Black Silver Needle headed towards his brothers!
Before, in order for Wiliam to store his strength, the brothers were born to death, where is the strength to resist the red and black silver needles now?
Besides, Wiliam said just now, and then leave it to him.
If he violated Wiliam’s bottom line like this, Wiliam would not care about it anymore!
The metamorphosis on him rose to the sky!
Accompanied by a violent roar, the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn was completely agitated!
The green and blue energy, when Wiliam was still facing the red and black silver needles, he had already wrapped the red and black silver needles first.
In an instant, the red and black silver needles burst into a fierce roar!
The sound of “buzzing” resounded throughout the Guhuo Valley!
And Wiliam’s metaplasia qi and the Qi Jin of the eternal Qilin bloodline seemed to have felt Wiliam’s unswerving determination, and the entanglement became even more violent!
However, Wiliam’s realm was a step behind his grandfather after all.
The red and black silver needles were only entangled for a few seconds, and then turned into a cloud of mist, dissipating between the world and the earth.
With this blow that Wiliam exploded, he was confident enough to be able to slay the Huajin consummation pinnacle warrior!
However, in front of Grandpa’s red, black and silver needles, it was so vulnerable.
All the people at the scene had their hearts fallen to the bottom, waiting in silence.
Waiting for the red, black and silver needle to swallow them!
And at this moment, there is no coming!
With these few seconds of stopping, it was enough for Wiliam to stand in front of a hundred red, black and silver needles.
As for Wiliam’s body, there is not much energy lingering on him!
Feliicity’s pupils shrank, and shouted: “Wiliam! No!”
She saw it.
After Wiliam exploded with a powerful blow just now, it was difficult to continue immediately.
So Wiliam was going to use his physical body to fight against this extremely powerful red, black and silver needle!
Qi Jin is still unable to resist, and the flesh can block it!
Wiliam is looking for death!
It’s not just the people at the scene who think so, even Wiliam thinks so.
However, Wiliam has been driven to a dead end.
The brethren can fight for him to death on the battlefield.
He can’t break his promise and get fat!
So come on!
Wiliam’s body!
It is his last faith!
The red black silver needle whizzed and shot towards Wiliam’s body!
Wiliam’s eyes were crimson, facing the terrible silver needle, he let out a hysterical roar!
“Come on! I have blood in my heart! It flows endlessly! What if I feed you again!”
“Long live the demon lotus!”
Chapter 1350 Swallow!
Wiliam’s arms were wide open, facing the red, black and silver needles that were whizzing!
His eyes were red, and his whole body was trembling slightly because of the blood.
The red, black and silver needles, there was a slight tremor at this time!
Wiliam caught this scene in an instant.
The red, black and silver needles just now have been killing the fruit.
It can be described as adhering to Lu Lingfeng’s fierceness.
But why just…
Wiliam’s heart suddenly became excited!
He thought of a possibility!
Since Needles of Ruby Flower evolved into Long Live Demon Lotus, it seemed to have its own consciousness.
Could it be that Grandpa’s two needles merged just now, and there is no consciousness of erasing the long live demon lotus!
Therefore, Long Live Demon Lotus will have a bit of intolerance because of what she said, because of the sadness that she now uses as a shield?
if it is like this!
The belief in Wiliam’s heart is even stronger!
“Long live the demon lotus!” He roared again, and the needle was already present!
If there is no other way, only this little blood is left…
Whether it can be awakened, in a single thought.
“Roar!” Wiliam let out a painful roar.
Hundreds of red, black and silver needles penetrated Wiliam’s body in an instant, splashing handfuls of blood mist on his body!
“No!” Feliicity’s eyes were cracked not far behind Wiliam!
She didn’t know the relationship between Wiliam and Long Live Demon Lotus.
But she knew Wiliam’s beliefs and perseverance.
If this continues, Wiliam will die!
However, after Wiliam gritted his teeth and said nothing!
A face becomes extremely hideous!
“Hmm, ho ho ho…” Lu Lingfeng let out a horrible laugh when he saw this scene.
He seems very fond of torturing people with such methods.
Lu Lingfeng waved his hand, and the red and black silver needle turned over from behind Wiliam.
Go to the landing leaf again.
Wiliam turned around and saw the red and black silver needle trembling slightly during the flight.
Every red, black and silver needle was stained with the blood of Wiliam.
Is Lu Lingfeng planning to use these 100 red, black and silver needles to delay Wiliam?
No one knows the answer.
Wiliam’s body was pierced again, and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.
It’s just that the face remains unchanged and the faith remains the same!
He saw it.
The red and black silver needles were feeding on his blood.
And the more full the food, the heavier the tremor of the red and black silver needles.
It seemed that something was awakened by Wiliam’s blood.
Finally, after the fifth time such a puncture, Lu Lingfeng’s face showed a look of confusion.
Because he felt it.
The traction between the red, black and silver needles is getting smaller and smaller.
In Lu Lingfeng’s eyes, this was a very incredible thing.
The red and black silver needles whistling in the air suddenly seemed to have lost consciousness. After this strange sound, they all fell to the ground.
Lu Lingfeng looked at the red and black silver needles on the ground in surprise, and stretched out his hand to beckon several times, but the red and black silver needles remained silent and lay quietly on the ground.
Although Wiliam was severely injured, he was extremely excited to see this scene.
He also tried to establish contact with the red, black and silver needles on the ground.
Unfortunately, just like Lu Lingfeng, the red and black silver needles on the ground didn’t react at all.
Wiliam sighed, only to recognize this matter.
After all, this is beneficial to him.
Lu Lingfeng had lost a major weapon.
After beckoning to no avail several times, Lu Lingfeng roared lowly, as if angry, and rushed towards Wiliam.
Wiliam cheered up forcibly.
Because the battle he thought was just beginning now.
You come!
I will go!
Wiliam also rushed towards Lu Lingfeng.
The metamorphosis on his body suddenly burst, on the one hand healed his injuries, on the other hand, it also turned into a tens of thousands of swords, and rushed towards Lu Lingfeng!
At this time, a faint black energy appeared on Lu Lingfeng’s body.
These black air even blackened the snow on the ground.
Wiliam’s metaplasia hit this black energy, as if swallowed.
Wiliam’s brows suddenly frowned deeply.
Grandma Lu Lingyun told Wiliam before that Lu Lingfeng had also awakened the Qilin bloodline.
However, Lu Lingfeng’s unicorn bloodline is so strange that even Lu Lingyun’s grandma can’t guess it.
Now it seems that this black energy is the Qi of Lu Lingfeng’s Qilin bloodline, and it can also be called the inner strength profound energy.
It’s just that, why can the Qi of Qilin’s blood swallow the energy of others?
Wiliam was in a daze for a while.
Because of this kind of thing, it was not the first time Wiliam saw it.
He had seen similar inner strength profound energy at the Centenary Ceremony of Extreme Evil Fist before.
That is in the body of the genius Lin Jiang.
Lin Jiang’s inner strength profound energy is called nothingness.
It is also able to swallow everything in the world.
Nothingness, metaplasia.
The two are just in a relationship of mutual growth and mutual restraint.
Now, is Grandpa the same?
Wiliam didn’t believe in evil, and once again catalyzed metaplasia, and went away surging.
Although the two of them were not directly facing each other, the dispute between the profound energy and profound energy had already reached a feverish stage!
This time, Wiliam was finally shocked.
He discovered that his grandfather’s inner strength was similar to Lin Jiang, but there was a big difference.
Lin Jiang’s emptiness can swallow the energy of others, and part of it can be turned into his own use.
But what Grandpa’s inner strength profound energy can swallow is not only Qi Jin, because Wiliam saw that the snow on the ground was swollen and swallowed in.
Moreover, after being swallowed, there is no trace!
It seems that Grandpa’s inner strength is a black hole in time and space.
After being sucked in, there is no scum left.
This is terrible.
Fortunately, Wiliam also discovered that the energy that Grandpa swallowed would not be used for himself.
It really disappeared.
This scene made Wiliam feel a sense of familiarity.
Is it the Qilin bloodline that Grandpa awakened?
It doesn’t look like it at all.
On the contrary, it seems to be another even stranger species.
The appearance of a prehistoric monster appeared in Wiliam’s head.
This wild behemoth looks like a huge sheep, but has a human face.
This human face has a mouth that is extremely exaggerated, and the mouth is full of sharp teeth shining with cold light.
But there are no eyes on the face.
The eyes are under the armpits.
Ancient Warcraft, gluttonous!
Isn’t it more like a gluttonous grandfather who devours the blood of all things like this?
But this is only Wiliam’s guess after all.
He couldn’t believe that, as a grandfather of Qilin bloodline, he would awaken other bloodlines.
The fight between Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng made Lu Lingfeng feel extremely boring.
Lu Lingfeng suddenly stopped, and the black air in the air suddenly disappeared.
Wiliam’s eyes stunned!
He saw Lu Lingfeng rushing towards him directly.
His body was bent at ninety degrees, like an ancient corpse walking in the night, looking panicked.
Wiliam waited, staring closely at Lu Lingfeng.
It’s near!
Just as Wiliam was about to dodge, a shocking scene happened!
Lu Lingfeng suddenly raised his head!
He opened his mouth in front of Wiliam for the first time!
Big mouth of blood!


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