Dragon Husband 1351-1355

Chapter 1351 Gourmet!
Wiliam’s heart shuddered!
His guess just now seemed to be completely confirmed!
Grandpa looks like this, really like an insatiable gluttonous beast!
Wiliam rushed to the side quickly, but he couldn’t figure out why the bloodline of grandfather’s awakening was like this!
The unicorn was originally a German beast and a beast, but a sign of auspiciousness.
But Taotie is the complete opposite of Qilin.
When Wiliam was puzzled, Lu Lingfeng had already rushed towards Wiliam again.
This time, punch.
Lu Lingfeng fiercely blasted towards Wiliam with an iron fist.
Wiliam gritted his teeth and couldn’t avoid it anymore.
Because he is standing in front of his brothers.
If he avoids now, Lu Lingfeng will definitely drive straight in and face the seriously injured brothers.
Therefore, there is no refund!
Then come in!
Wiliam punched, and blasted towards Lu Lingfeng!
“Boom!” The strong vigor spread between the two fists.
Snow flies all around, and the world rolls over.
And Wiliam’s strength was not as good as Lu Lingfeng after all.
After his body resisted for a few seconds, he was blown away.
Wiliam hit the ground, bleeding from the corner of his mouth.
The metamorphosis on his body immediately poured out, constantly repairing Wiliam’s body.
Wiliam’s gaze also became resolute.
He immediately jumped up on the ground and headed towards Lu Lingfeng again.
Because Lu Lingfeng noticed Wiliam’s back again.
Lu Lingfeng was entangled by Wiliam and shot again.
In this way, fist-to-fist, without a half-point inner strength and profound energy!
Feliicity saw that Wiliam was blasted back again and again, and his body was already ragged.
Her tears were falling down.
She hates herself.
Everyone at the scene can provide some help for Wiliam.
But only oneself.
Lost everything.
From beginning to end, he couldn’t help Wiliam at all.
Can only shed tears cowardly in place.
This feeling is too familiar.
Isn’t it like before.
Wiliam charged into the battle, she could only watch from a distance behind, worrying for him.
Li Chunfeng seemed to understand Feliicity’s painstaking efforts, and gently hugged Feliicity.
Feliicity no longer dared to look at Wiliam.
Because Wiliam was blasted back again and again, but stubbornly stood up again and again.
Such a determined posture, but it has to pay the price of life.
Wiliam, really can’t retreat.
He got up from the ground again.
I knew it in my heart.
Behind him are the brothers who have accomplished his merits.
So bet on this life.
He roared and headed towards Lu Ling Fengchi again.
Lu Lingfeng seemed tired of fighting like this.
He murmured something and rushed up.
This time, Lu Lingfeng didn’t even leave his hands.
After he slammed Wiliam back with a punch, he didn’t wait for Wiliam to stand up any more.
But chasing away.
Wiliam’s body was on the ground.
Lu Lingfeng bullied himself up.
Falling from the air, he hit Wiliam’s stomach with a punch!
A mouthful of blood came out directly from Wiliam’s mouth.
At this moment, everyone shouted out loud.
Everyone can tell that Lu Lingfeng was half merciful in this punch!
This is a punch of a half-step Congenital Warrior!
In the presence of the heyday, who of them can receive this punch without dying!
Sure enough, Wiliam’s expression instantly faded after this punch.
He seems to have been completely killed, there is no movement in the whole person!
Feliicity was very anxious and was about to rush over.
However, Li Chunfeng held her tightly.
After Lu Lingfeng blasted Wiliam with a fist, he left Wiliam.
His eyes fixed on the large group of people behind Wiliam again.
For Lu Lingfeng, who has lost his self-awareness now.
He himself is a gluttonous beast.
Wiliam was just one of his prey.
Wiliam is one, and there are hundreds of prey hidden behind Wiliam.
More is better, isn’t it?
Lu Lingfeng’s footsteps moved.
He crossed Wiliam and walked towards the crowd at a distance of one hundred meters.
His steps are very slow.
Half-step Xiantian warrior, this hundred meters can be reached in an instant.
But he just walked step by step.
It seems to see the scene of these prey falling apart and running around.
Unfortunately, Lu Lingfeng couldn’t see it.
He was even more surprised.
He clearly felt that the little prey on the opposite side had no fighting power at all.
However, these little prey, none of them escaped.
Strange, strange.
Then play slowly.
The people of the unicorn power, the people who banned the Li family in the south, the people of the blood-watching family, and the people of the Jackdaw family and the Lihan Chen family.
How could they not be afraid of Lu Lingfeng.
They knew Wiliam’s strength.
Even Wiliam didn’t have the slightest power to parry in Lu Lingfeng’s hands.
Now they have lost all their fighting power.
It can only be artificial knife and me as fish.
However, they really can’t retreat.
Wiliam held the supreme position in their hearts.
Like a benefactor, like a close friend.
Seeing Wiliam Gong’s loss, they felt mixed.
No one left.
Even the most prudent Chen Duobao, after seeing Wiliam fell to the ground and unable to get up, the first thing he thought was not to escape from this dangerous place.
Instead, he stared directly at Lu Lingfeng, thinking about what else could be done to stop Lu Lingfeng and rescue Wiliam.
The atmosphere at the scene seemed to freeze.
Feliicity stopped crying, and everyone was silent.
Everyone’s eyes were on Lu Lingfeng who walked slowly over.
Many people have begun to reluctantly emphasize their internal energy.
Prepare for this final battle.
Only the last twenty meters are left.
Feliicity suddenly touched her tears and broke free from Li Chunfeng’s arms.
Li Chunfeng thought she was going to be impulsive again.
Never thought that Feliicity shook her head and signaled that she would not pass.
However, she took a few steps forward.
Absolutely stood at the forefront of this group of brothers.
She turned around, looked at everyone who was stunned, and said softly: “Thank you for your caring about my family Wiliam. Now, Wiliam is still in doubt, I ask everyone to leave quickly.”
However, Feliicity’s words were silent in exchange.
There is still no one left.
Feliicity also seemed to know that her remarks would not affect much, so she smiled gently.
“That’s it, okay. Then if I’m going to die, I should be the first.”
“Unshirkable responsibility!”
She walked a few steps forward again and closed her eyes.
Lu Lingfeng was only a few steps away from her.
Everyone could even see the saliva flowing out of Lu Lingfeng’s big mouth of the blood basin.
They didn’t try to stop the white Feliicity.
Because everyone also knew that Feliicity’s feelings for Wiliam also knew Feliicity’s stubbornness.
This is also her choice. She doesn’t stop everyone, and everyone can’t stop her.
Feliicity sighed, there was only one sentence in her heart.
Wiliam, I’ll accompany you.
Chapter 1352: Born to be King!
I don’t know how many times such scenes have appeared.
Wiliam can be born in the Feliicity, and the Feliicity can also die for Wiliam.
It’s just that every time such a situation occurred in the past, something magical would always happen.
What about today?
Feliicity had no bottom in her heart.
Lu Lingfeng was almost in front of Feliicity.
He didn’t even recognize Feliicity as his granddaughter-in-law.
He only knew that there was a small prey in front of him.
Lu Lingfeng’s hand slowly stretched towards Feliicity.
Feliicity seemed to be able to smell a stench.
She resisted the fear, her body collapsed straight.
The people at the scene couldn’t bear to look at it.
But at this moment, Lu Lingfeng’s hand suddenly froze in the air.
He turned around and looked behind!
This scene was also seen by everyone.
Everyone looked in the direction Lu Lingfeng was looking at.
Suddenly everyone was ecstatic!
A vast energy is emerging from not far away.
It’s not just from Wiliam’s body.
It even emerged from a whole piece of snow behind him.
No one knew what was about to happen.
Wiliam’s body trembled slightly on the ground.
As if breaking free of some restraints.
Wiliam really felt like he was dying just now after Lu Ling scored a punch.
However, he was in the mist and saw Lu Lingfeng walking towards his group of brothers.
Wiliam was anxious.
It’s a pity that he can’t move his body for the time being.
He could only watch Lu Lingfeng walk by.
And then I saw Feliicity standing in the first place.
He instantly understood Feliicity’s determination.
He scolded Feliicity for being stupid in his heart, and tears couldn’t help streaming down his eyes.
Feliicity, grandpa…
These two of his most important relatives.
Now, facing up.
For a long time, Wiliam has a deep love for his grandfather.
But at this moment, Wiliam seemed to have a string broken in his heart.
He knew what choice to make.
Grandpa accompanied his childhood.
Feliicity will be the one who accompanies Wiliam all his life.
Today, if there is one dying between the two of them.
It’s grandpa!
Wiliam made a decision in his heart, and began to think about how to save Feliicity.
However, he was hurt too badly just now.
Seeing Grandpa walk towards Feliicity step by step, Wiliam’s heart became more and more anxious!
What else!
What else can save Feliicity!
Until Grandpa stood in front of Feliicity!
Until Grandpa stretched out that murderous hand!
Wiliam’s head seemed to be struck by lightning!
If there is anything!
Able to save the Feliicity just a few minutes away!
Only them!
An unprecedented decisiveness appeared in Wiliam’s heart!
He believes it!
He believes they are not dead!
He believes they have faith!
They believe that they will have their own right choice!
and so!
stand up!
Wiliam’s body slowly got up from above.
The brothers on the opposite side, watching Wiliam slowly get up, all look excited!
Feliicity was crying with joy.
Wiliam just lowered his head and walked slowly towards Lu Lingfeng.
Lu Lingfeng seemed to feel some danger, and didn’t take any action.
Instead, he stared at the landing leaf.
Wiliamzheng has gone to see anyone again.
He was immersed in a small world.
Can you still hear me talking?
You should hear it all the time.
I, Wiliam, are not reconciled to my life, and I believe you are the same!
After all, we have fought side by side!
Can you hear me?
Help me!
Come back!
I will take you!
Break free with me, this damn fate!
“Get up!”
Wiliam suddenly yelled up to the sky, stunned everyone!
What’s up?
Then, a shocking scene appeared!
Behind Wiliam, there seemed to be some earth pulsating.
Struggling, confused!
But in the end, this struggle became stronger and stronger!
“Get up!”
Wiliam roared again, because it was too agitated, a mouthful of blood spilled out of his mouth again!
Not reconciled!
Don’t give in to others!
Get up!
“Boom!” A powerful wave of air swirled all over the sky behind Wiliam!
A coquettish red light rose to the sky!
Everyone, including Lu Lingfeng, looked at this coquettish red light in shock!
The red light gradually dissipated!
In the sky, there are a hundred red, black and silver needles floating in the sky!
The red, black and silver needles are trembling!
Clang clank!
Everyone’s ears seemed to hear a hallucination.
“I heard it, my master!”
The needles are still red and black, clearly distinguished.
However, the whole body was flashing red.
They are jumping and neighing.
It’s cheering, it’s roaring.
Cheers for their new life.
They are unwilling to roar!
Wiliam’s Long Live Demon Lotus is itself a god forged by Lu Lingfeng with the treasures of heaven and earth.
After evolving into a long live demon lotus, he has already transcended the shackles of this world and opened his ignorant wisdom.
Before, they were summoned by Lu Lingfeng and returned.
Because they have an instinctive sense of belonging to Lu Lingfeng.
Until they were forcibly merged by Lu Lingfeng.
Lu Lingfeng’s black flowers and silver needles are also the treasures of heaven and earth.
The fusion of the two fetishes naturally produced a strong confrontation.
However, the strength of Long Live Demon Lotus is not as good as Black Flower Silver Needle.
Therefore, Heihua Yinzhen immediately took the lead.
All can be used by Lu Lingfeng.
Until Lu Lingfeng used the red and black silver needle to deal with Wiliam.
The moment the silver needle was about to pierce Wiliam, Long Live Demon Lotus instinctively produced a trace of resistance.
But these resistances are too trivial.
He was immediately suppressed by the Black Flower Silver Needle.
Therefore, Long live the demon lotus confessed his fate.
Later, Wiliam used his own blood to feed these red and black silver needles.
Wiliam’s blood completely stirred the spirit of Long Live Demon Lotus.
They had a stronger struggle.
Even for a while, this kind of resistance turned out to be on par with Heihua Yinzhen.
So the red and black silver needles instantly lost their dominance and fell to the ground.
Just now, Long Live Demon Lotus heard it again.
Hearing Wiliam’s grief and anger, he heard Wiliam’s roar.
Not reconciled!
Don’t give in to others!
We are born as needles, and we save and kill!
Even if there is only a trace of spiritual knowledge, one knows how to be loyal and righteous!
Born to be a king, how can you share the master!
Under Wiliam’s strong obsession, Long Live Demon Lotus completely ran away!
They exploded all their spiritual knowledge and swallowed the dominance of Heihua Yinzhen in an instant!
right now!
Red and black silver needles!
Long live the demon lotus!
But stronger than the previous Long Live Demon Lotus!
Not only strong in strength!
It is even more determined in mind!
heard it!
My master!
If you come to fight!
We are here!
This world!
Can’t tolerate one word side by side!
only you!
Wiliam seemed to feel the supreme belief of Long Live Demon Lotus!
His hand stretched back!
Long live the demon lotus, red light reappears!
Fly together to Wiliam’s hands!
At this moment, Wiliam finally raised his head!
In the eyes!
Red glow of hatred!
“You move them, try!”
Chapter 1353 Illusions Reappear!
The atmosphere at the scene seemed to freeze!
Snow does not dance, madness!
It seems that between this world, there is only Wiliam alone, standing upright and not obedient to others!
Long live the demon lotus condensed in Wiliam’s hands, blooming with supreme light!
They merged with Wiliam again!
And this time the fusion is stronger than before!
Long live the demon lotus has experienced life to death!
Wiliam has experienced the tribulation of the heart!
The fit between one person and one thing has reached an unprecedented level!
After this time!
Who can separate the leaves and needles!
Wiliam is a needle!
The needle is Wiliam!
When Wiliam’s brothers saw Wiliam stand up again, and even regained the power of Long Live Demon Lotus with his grandeur, their eyes were all red.
Not to revive Wiliam.
Just for Wiliam’s reluctance to give up!
Wiliam refused to give up Long live the demon lotus!
Not to give up these brothers who were born to death!
The fair battle really begins now!
With the addition of Long Live Demon Lotus, Wiliam’s injury seemed to have been repaired like never before.
His eyes are full of compassion and grandeur!
Grandpa is going to be buried today!
Only I did it myself!
Lu Lingfeng looked at Wiliam blankly.
Angrily appeared on Lu Lingfeng’s face until the silver needle was born.
He instinctively felt that his prey ran away.
He roared in a low voice and stared at Wiliam.
Wiliam changed his previous passiveness, and this time took the initiative to head towards Lu Lingfeng!
Long live the demon lotus one step ahead!
With endless anger, swept towards Lu Lingfeng!
Lu Lingfeng opened his mouth wide, and wanted to swallow all the long live demon lotus!
But how could Long live Demon Lotus allow such sacrifices!
They were shining red, avoiding Lu Lingfeng’s big mouth, and attacking Lu Lingfeng from all directions!
“Boom boom boom!”
Every long live demon lotus plunged into Lu Lingfeng’s body!
The people on the scene looked excited!
They had seen the power of Long Live Demon Lotus before!
Can Lu Lingfeng still live if the silver needle enters the body?
It’s done!
And just as everyone was excited, someone made a suspicious voice again.
“Everyone, look at Lu Lingfeng’s body! There is no blood!”
Everyone looked at Lu Lingfeng together!
as predicted!
Lu Lingfeng’s body was put into the body by a silver needle, and it is logical to say that he would bleed a lot!
However, Lu Lingfeng didn’t have a drop of blood.
It was as if his body had become an ancient tree in the sky, with no blood remaining.
how can that be!
Wiliam also looked at his grandfather in amazement.
What kind of monster grandpa transformed himself into!
He moved at a thought.
All the long live demon lotus in Lu Lingfeng’s body flew out!
However, they seemed to be stuck on Lu Lingfeng’s body.
It took a lot of effort to get out.
After Yinzhen left, Lu Lingfeng looked at Wiliam again.
His eyes were even more angry.
He felt no pain at all.
His body trembled violently suddenly.
Wind blows!
Snow dance!
Everyone felt a kind of coercion to watch the world!
What is he going to do!
And Wiliam stared at Lu Lingfeng, instinctively feeling as if there was something to be broken in his body!
as predicted!
Lu Lingfeng suddenly roared in an unpleasant voice!
His body straightened suddenly!
A burst of black air rushed out of his body quickly!
But the black air did not come to Wiliam!
Rather quickly condense behind him!
This condensation!
The entire sky seems to be as black as ink!
Everyone looked behind Lu Lingfeng in disbelief!
I saw the black energy behind him slowly condensing and taking shape!
As if to condense into something terrifying!
Up to 100 meters!
Wiliam lifted his spirits!
He knows what his grandfather is going to do!
He wants the final blow!
Also the strongest blow!
Wiliam is familiar with this scene!
Suddenly, Wiliam’s eyes were determined!
The energy of metaplasia and the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn were also completely agitated!
Slowly squirming behind his body!
Everyone was so scared that their eyes were about to fall to the ground!
What are the grandparents doing?
Only Li Chunfeng had a clear look in his eyes, as if he had an insight into everything.
She said lightly: “The final blow of the two of them is coming. Be careful, everyone.”
The final blow?
Everyone was shocked!
What kind of horror will this final blow look like!
Can change the color of this world!
After a few seconds, everyone was finally completely lost!
This is Li Chunfeng’s final blow!
Behind Lu Lingfeng, the black air of 100 meters has taken shape!
Standing farther, you can clearly see that what is condensed behind him is a prehistoric behemoth!
This behemoth looks like a huge sheep, but has a human face.
This human face has an extremely exaggerated mouth of the blood basin, and the mouth is full of sharp teeth shining with cold light.
But there are no eyes on the face.
The eyes are under the armpits.
Ancient Warcraft, gluttonous!
Behind Lu Lingfeng turned into a gluttonous illusion of a hundred meters!
On the other hand, Wiliam!
Don’t let it go!
The Qingbi Qi behind him has gradually taken shape!
A strange beast of heaven and earth, slowly appeared!
Lion head!
Tiger’s eye!
Dragon scales!
It turned out to be an ancient unicorn!
It is also a hundred meters long, with anger in his eyes!
With a roar of the unicorn, the situation changes!
When the unicorn stepped on, the mountains and rivers fell apart!
When everyone saw the phantoms of these two ancient giant beasts, they were all numb!
They swear that they are here today and have seen enough horror pictures that they have never seen in their entire lives at a time!
Li Chunfeng has inherited the heart of the emperor, and gave birth to the illusion of cuckoo!
Then the Jackdaw family summoned Miss Su’s illusion!
Now, Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng also have giant beast illusions!
The power of blood is so terrifying!
The previous two illusions were already in the field to kill all quarters.
Now there are two more!
And the illusions of two giant beasts must directly face each other!
If so, can the people at the scene still live!
Li Chunfeng sighed and reluctantly emphasized the inner strength of his body, forming a thick barrier in front of this group of people.
After all, her realm is the highest here.
It depends on this last blow, who can survive!
The gluttonous phantom saw the unicorn phantom on the opposite side, as if it had been greatly provoked, and roared angrily!
This roar, the situation changed again!
And Qilin, with ancient coercion, also shouted!
With the impact of the airwaves, the people around only felt a gust of fishy wind blowing on their faces, and even if there was a barrier to block them, they still felt a while of leg weakness!
Simply shout, there is such a terrifying power!
At this time, the two wild beasts moved!
The final battle!
It’s a pity that when everyone’s heart was palpitating, a violent sound suddenly came from the sky!
“It’s you again! It’s you again!”
“It disturbs the humanitarian order again and again! I thought you were young and ignorant, and someone helped you solve it! But this time! Don’t blame my subordinates for being ruthless!”
Chapter 1354
With this roar, the unicorn phantom and the gluttonous phantom roared at the sky!
For a time, black clouds rolled, blue light danced wildly!
It is like a man in the sky, angering these two great behemoths at the same time!
Everyone looked to the sky!
Who is coming!
And Wiliam frowned as he watched the clouds rolling in the air.
He has an impression of this voice!
When he and Lin Jiang were in the final battle of the Evil Fist Centennial Ceremony, the illusion of Qilin and Suzaku also appeared.
It also aroused the anger of the people in the sky.
It seems that the people in the sky claim to be the defenders of some humanitarian order.
The black clouds and blue light in the sky suddenly seemed to be shot apart by something fiercely.
For a moment, a hole was opened in the sky.
An inky black figure galloped at the speed of electric light and flint.
After this person floats above everyone’s heads, everyone can see what this person looks like.
This is a middle-aged man, dressed in a black robe, his eyes are fierce.
The most striking thing about this man is that he has a weird totem tattooed on his neck.
It’s like a weird sword.
And it was the first time Wiliam saw this person’s true body.
At the time of the Centenary Fist of Evil Fist, this person never showed up at all.
“I am Huang Lingqing, the guardian of humanitarian order! People of mortal dust! See me and kneel!” The man named Huang Lingqing looked at the people below condescendingly, as if watching a group of ants.
He sipped it, and the brothers in Wiliam actually felt a majestic pressure.
Their bodies crawled uncontrollably on the ground.
This Huang Lingqing is so domineering!
In the scene, the only people who could stand were Wiliam, Lu Lingfeng, and Li Chunfeng.
Li Chunfeng’s realm was there, and it was not so easy for the Emperor of Blood Hope to kneel.
Li Chunfeng looked at Huang Lingqing and shouted coldly: “What are you here for?”
Huang Lingqing glanced at Li Chunfeng in amazement, and his eyes were bright, “Okay! Under the three plagues of humanity, a little girl appeared again. She didn’t think that the realm had reached half a step of innateness, but you don’t even know who I am. do not know?”
Li Chunfeng was cold and silent.
Huang Lingqing was extremely domineering and resolute in appearance, but he seemed to be a silly talker.
He looked at Li Chunfeng disdainfully and said, “Well, there are three bloodline inheritors in the scene today. It’s time to let you know, this heaven outside, this outsider!”
Huang Lingqing continued to gushed: “As you know, what is the upper limit of this world?”
There was no answer for Huang Lingqing at all, he had already started asking and answering himself.
“This upper limit of the human world is half-step innate!”
Afterwards, Huang Lingqing began a long talk, and taught everyone on the spot a solid lesson.
The mouths of the people present were wide open, and they did not think that there was another realm and world beyond this mundane world.
In the land where Wiliam and the others now live, there are countless warriors.
The realm of martial arts is external strength, internal strength and transformation strength.
Above Huajin, there is still half a step of innate and innate realm.
And in this mundane world, there can only be half a step of innate.
After all, everyone has seen that half a step is inherently enough to destroy all directions.
If two and a half steps congenitally fought in the city, it would be like Wiliam and his grandfather.
Enough to destroy a city.
So there is the existence of defenders of humanitarian order.
The defender of humanitarian order is actually a sect.
This school is similar to the imperial system that Wiliam knew before.
They are all sects that exist outside this world.
And it’s just outside the Anaconda Skygrass.
This sect was entrusted to maintain this humanitarian order and prevent some particularly powerful warriors from destroying this humanity because of their temporary likes and dislikes.
When Wiliam fought Lin Jiang before, he actually didn’t reach the half-step innate realm at all.
However, their magic is magical, opening the pinnacle of blood.
In the world outside the Anaconda Skygrass, the blood inheritors are the people who call the wind and rain the most.
Therefore, although Wiliam and Lin Jiang have not reached half-step innateness, they opened the bloodline ahead of time and caused the bloodline illusion, which is enough to attract the attention of defenders of humanitarian order.
After they paid attention, they unexpectedly discovered that the blood of the two people was far from comparable to ordinary blood.
But the true pinnacle bloodline.
This kind of blood, even if viewed from the outside world of the Cang Python Heavenly Moat, is very terrifying.
And these two people are so young.
If sanctions are not made in time, given time, the humanitarianism of this party will surely be destroyed.
Huang Lingqing didn’t even think of how long it had been until now.
He let go of the two boys, and they all reached the realm of Huajin Consummation.
The vitality of the pinnacle of blood is perfect, comparable to the half-step innate of an ordinary warrior.
So Huang Lingqing can’t just sit back and wait.
He accepted the entrustment of the sect and must kill these two boys.
It’s just that Lin Jiang has recently died down, seeming to have the intention of living in seclusion, and Huang Lingqing is not easy to start.
And Wiliam kid, who was so fanciful and extinct, just gave Huang Ling a reason to clean up.
This also has to talk about the little abacus of the sects in the outer world of Cangmang Tiandi.
Originally, according to the talents of Wiliam, Lin Jiang, and Liu Lang, it was enough to make those sects go crazy.
In particular, the school where Huang Lingqing belongs, who is entrusted to maintain humanitarian order, has the advantage of getting the first month to come.
But when the people above knew that Wiliam and Lin Jiang were Liu Lang’s friends, they immediately murdered.
Because they know the horror of Liu Lang, and Liu Lang’s heart of a strong man.
Liu Lang couldn’t win, and neither could the other two.
Since they can’t be won, they must be killed before they are fledgling, so as not to be snatched by other sects and contribute to others’ prestige.
Therefore, the people above directly defined Liu Lang, Lin Jiang, and Wiliam as the three disasters of humanity, and they spread in the category of humane powerhouses.
As a result, some people know the concept of the Three Humanitarian Plagues, and avoid them for fear of getting into trouble.
Now, the opportunity has come.
Since this kid is so aggressive, let’s not blame the other world for not allowing him to exist!
And while Huang Lingqing was still talking about how powerful and powerful the outside world was, and the more people listened, the more they felt terrible and completely unprovoked, Wiliam suddenly looked at Huang Lingqing coldly and asked, “Have you finished? “
Huang Lingqing is indeed talking ridiculously, and enjoys the scene of others being stunned by him.
Suddenly interrupted by Wiliam, his face looked slightly ugly.
Could it be that this kid was also scared, so he didn’t dare to listen anymore.
Huang Lingqing felt a lot more comfortable thinking about it.
After all, there is only this one possibility.
“It’s almost done, since you are so acquainted…” Huang Lingqing’s expression became arrogant again.
Wiliam directly interrupted Huang Lingqing’s words again, and said with a cold face, “When you are finished, give it to me!”
Chapter 1355 Strange Sword Covers The Sky!
All the people at the scene were stunned!
What did Wiliam say?
He let the strong outside this world go?
Huang Lingqing is even worse.
I thought this kid was conscious and wanted to be subdued.
Unexpectedly, I would say Kyogen!
“You kid! Dare to say it again!” Huang Lingqing couldn’t hold his face anymore, and his whole body was furious.
Wiliam didn’t even look at Huang Lingqing, “Go away!”
Is Wiliam afraid of the strong outside the sky?
I’m not afraid at all!
In other words, it doesn’t matter at all!
His current opponent is his grandfather alone!
Anyone who stands between him and his grandfather, damn it!
Even if the opponent is a strong outsider!
Huang Lingqing was furious, and said angrily: “Then don’t blame me for walking for the sky, you’re welcome!”
He took a step forward!
Suddenly the situation changed!
He patted Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng fiercely with one hand.
From his hand, suddenly a great hand came out!
This powerfully condensed Great Sky hand whizzed towards Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng!
Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng are surprisingly consistent!
They seemed to reach an agreement in an instant.
The gluttonous phantom and the unicorn phantom, roaring together, slammed into the great hand!
At the moment when the three phantoms collided, the ground shook suddenly!
The people present didn’t even have the opportunity to resist, and they were rushed by the air waves!
Even if Li Chunfeng’s vigorous barrier blocked it, the people present were still severely injured.
Li Chunfeng made a decisive decision and shouted loudly: “Stay back!”
They can’t help anymore here.
Rather than die, it is better to retreat and watch the changes.
The half-step congenital dispute is not something they can intervene in.
In the sky, the moment when the three phantoms collided, they turned into clouds and mists scattered in the sky.
Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng knew that they were definitely not Huang Lingqing’s opponents.
So they joined forces instinctively, and in the previous blow, they appeared evenly matched.
Huang Lingqing’s eyes are cracked!
He is the defender of humanitarian order!
Among this humanity, he is the strongest!
Who would dare not follow him!
Who dares to disobey him!
Now, it’s not just people who disobey!
It can even be tied with him!
Huang Lingqing felt a great humiliation!
“Good! Good! Good!” He said three good times in midair, “You dare to fight back! I really don’t take my identity as a defender of humanitarian order in my eyes! Let alone our whole school. In the eyes!”
“You have to pay the price of your life for this! Do you think that I am the only defender of humanitarian order! Naive!” Huang Lingqing snorted and suddenly pulled out something like a horn.
He screamed loudly!
A heavy and vigorous voice pierced through the heavens, shaking the ears of the people present for a while.
Li Chunfeng looked at Huang Lingqing horn, with an ominous premonition in his heart.
Today was originally a fateful battle between Wiliam and his grandfather.
But now, things seem to have completely changed.
Even the defenders of the humanitarian order are involved.
And looking at this posture, this vortex will get deeper and deeper!
Will Wiliam still be able to withdraw at that time?
One Huang Lingqing caused Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng to join forces to contend.
What about more defenders of humanitarian order?
I am afraid that everyone present will be inevitable!
After the horn sounded, Huang Lingqing’s face showed a hateful smile, “You are so stubborn, I will let you see how humanity is destroyed in your hands! At that time, you will become sinners through the ages!”
In a half-step congenital dispute, the two of them were enough to fight in the dark.
A few more people can really cause humanitarianism to fall apart.
Wiliam looked at Huang Lingqing coldly, as if seeing the world as nothing!
Only two minutes after the horn sounded, there were two more sounds in the sky.
“Who breaks the humanitarian order!”
“Who is the enemy of humanity!”
After the sound, two figures broke through the air!
Both are gray-haired old men.
They wore the same clothes as Huang Lingqing, and they also had strange sword tattoos on their necks.
Obviously it was another defender of humanitarian order in Huang Lingqing’s mouth.
But it’s more than that!
As the two of them fell by Huang Lingqing’s side, the sound of the wind breaking in the sky behind them was endless!
One by one, people dressed in black appeared behind the three of them.
Mulan and the others saw their eyes cracked!
“So many defenders of humanitarian order! Are they all half-step congenital warriors! This is too much! What can Wiliam do?” Mulan gritted her teeth.
But Li Chunfeng looked at the air and said, “No, only those three are half-step congenital warriors, that is, defenders of humane order. The others are in the realm of energization and consummation, and they should be subordinates to their sect.”
The crowd was speechless for a while.
What the hell is this!
Huajin Consummation is just a sect?
How powerful should this school be?
Huang Lingqing watched his senior brothers and his subordinates all come on stage, and couldn’t help laughing wildly, “Boy! See it! This is just the tip of the iceberg of our sect’s strength! Now, even if you want to confess, you are already there. late!”
Huang Lingqing’s school is called Qijian Zhetian.
Zhetian, they are talking about their unique sect.
It was the palm of the sky that Huang Lingqing had just used.
And Qijian is the treasure of their sect.
It’s just that Huang Lingqing and others are not even qualified to come into contact with strange swords.
But so what?
In this mortal world, the palm of the sky is enough to kill these ants and ants!
Even if that Wiliam kid is magical!
What if the gluttonous old man is half-step innate!
Qi Jian covered the sky to maintain the humanitarian order, and under Huang Lingqing’s order, he did his best!
Don’t let this humane mountain collapse!
Don’t call this strange sword cover the sky!
“Boy! Take your life!” Huang Lingqing yelled again, and the two elders around him also reappeared to cover the sky!
However, just at this critical moment, the sky suddenly changed!
The sky was originally chaotic, clouds and mists, and gray invisible.
However, a golden light pierced this chaos directly, and the clouds gave birth to gold!
There is another red light like fire, burning this cloud to ashes!
The entire sky suddenly became extremely clear!
Only this brilliant golden light!
Only this blazing red light!
The golden red was intertwined, and everyone’s eyes couldn’t be opened.
At this moment, when everyone covered their eyes, they suddenly heard two voices.
An ancient dragon roar!
Billowing like thunder!
There is a great phoenix!
Like a sword!
Everyone reluctantly opened their eyes, and their scalp was numbed by the scene in the sky!
The whole sky is surrounded by golden red.
A hundred-meter-long phantom of an ancient golden dragon entwines a king of the wild phoenix who is full of red light and obscures the sky!
Dragon and Phoenix are auspicious!
Two figures walked from the wonder of the auspicious dragon and phoenix.
One of them, with a lazy smile, faced Huang Lingqing and the others.
“You also move my brother, try?”


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