Dragon Husband 1356-1360

Chapter 1356 Annals of History! The three plagues gather together!
When I saw the people, some people were confused, and some people were instantly excited!
As for Huang Lingqing and others, their expressions have changed drastically and become extremely ugly!
Isn’t the person who came the other two thorns in his heart!
Supreme Golden Dragon King Liu Lang!
And Lin Jiang, the supreme Suzaku!
Unexpectedly, these two people came together!
Huang Lingqing stared at Wiliam and Lin Jiang closely, very angry.
It goes without saying that Liu Lang has always opposed their defenders of humanitarian order.
Known as half-human and half-god, he is one of the most powerful warriors among this humanity. He has stayed in the half-step innate realm for many years.
And Huang Lingqing had a faint feeling.
According to Liu Lang’s talent, he shouldn’t have stayed in the half-step innate realm for so long.
Therefore, Huang Lingqing felt that Liu Lang had been suppressing his realm.
After all, in this mundane world, the upper limit of martial arts is half a step innate.
If someone breaks through half a step between innate and innate secret realm in this mortal world, then there are only two ways left to go.
One way is to go to the world outside the Canglang Tianmo.
On the other hand, if you insist on staying in the mortal world, you will be killed by the strange sword at any cost.
This guy has been suppressing his realm, what is he waiting for?
Is it to wait for these other two bloodline warriors to grow together?
When Huang Lingqing thought of this, his whole body was agitated!
If you think about it this way, there seems to be a great possibility!
The two boys, Wiliam and Lin Jiang, are younger than Liu Lang, but their talents are not inferior to Liu Lang.
From the centuries-old ceremony of the Evil Fist to the present, in a short period of time, these two boys have made breakthroughs from Huajin Xiaocheng all the way to Huajin Consummation!
This kind of speed is simply unimaginable for the world.
More now!
The last thing Huang Lingqing didn’t want to happen still happened.
Three plagues!
Get together!
In his impression, this is the first time that the Three Humanitarian Plagues have gathered together grandiosely in front of the world!
Even more blatantly colluding with each other!
One Wiliam is already a big head, if two more…
Huang Lingqing’s forehead hurt for a while.
“Liu Lang! What do you want to do? Are you thinking about it?” Huang Lingqing shouted at Liu Lang.
Without even looking at Huang Lingqing, Liu Lang followed Lin Jiang step by step towards Wiliam.
Although Liu Lang’s image is good, he always looks lazy and dangling.
Lin Jiang is really eye-catching.
With long silver hair and that handsome face, people can’t help but take a few more glances.
“What am I doing? You deserve to ask too?” Liu Lang said lightly, standing in front of Wiliam.
Wiliam looked at Liu Lang and Lin Jiang with a smile.
The three of them looked at each other and laughed in unison.
“You are here.” Wiliam said.
“Here we are.” Liu Lang and Lin Jiang nodded.
This fateful meeting!
This is enough for the three plagues to be recorded in the annals of history!
Just among the two words here, it’s glorious understatement!
“Wiliam, you really did not disappoint me. Not only did you restore your cultivation base and memory, but you also improved your realm. The three of us finally met.” Liu Lang said with a smile, ignoring Huang Lingqing’s intention to kill. Look in the eyes.
Lin Jiang also watched Wiliam, “Wiliam, we met again, do you remember the bet between us?”
Wiliam nodded naturally. On the eve of the Evil Fist’s Centennial Ceremony, he and Lin Jiang drank on the moon, and talked about the Tao in the moonlight, and the realm became loose.
At that time, they made an appointment on the road of refining blood to see who walked longer.
Now it seems that they are evenly matched.
During this period of time, Lin Jiang also broke through to the perfection of chemistry.
Seeing the auspicious illusion of dragons and phoenixes in the sky, Wiliam felt extremely proud.
“The three of you! Do you really think that you can do whatever you want with the three humane plagues gathered together! Don’t look at it, how many people are on our side! Do you think you can beat us? Do you think you can fight against my strange sword? “Huang Lingqing’s face is even more ugly.
However, Liu Lang twitched the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “I came here, naturally I made perfect preparations.”
A move with his hand.
In the sky, the illusion of auspicious dragon and phoenix broke a hole.
Countless sounds of breaking the wind, rustling strikes!
Headed by a few women who look like fairies.
Wiliam looked intently, isn’t it just Liu Lang’s confidantes?
Among them, he knows He Tiantian, Qing sister, and Lin Xian’er who is one-sided.
But there are a few others, Wiliam doesn’t know him.
Lin Jiang pointed at several other beautiful women, and said, “You know sister Tian Tian, ​​sister Qing, and sister Xian’er. The one in red clothes who owes her five million is Su Xiaoxuan. The woman who needs to look like a fox is called Lin Sichun, and the woman who looks like a small wild cat is called Fan Bingxue.”
Liu Lang didn’t even finish the introduction, and the two women stared at Liu Lang together, as if they were going to cut him a thousand times.
Liu Lang shrank his neck, and quickly pointed at another woman who was alluring the country and the city and said, “Well, that woman’s name is Gu Xinyu, Lin Jiang’s wife.”
Lin Jiang followed up with a sentence, “No, I’m just this one.”
Old Liu Lang blushed and patted Lin Jiang directly.
Is it okay to dismantle the platform and dig pits in person?
Huang Lingqing looked at these women, and his whole body was shaking slightly!
He naturally saw that these women not only looked beautiful, but their realm was even more extraordinary.
Among them, the one named He Tiantian, and the one known as Qing Sister, is even more of a half-step innate warrior!
As a result, if this humanitarian order wanted to move Wiliam, it really had to weigh it carefully.
After all, a half-step congenital warrior can sling a lot of energizing consummation warriors.
not to mention……
Huang Lingqing looked behind the women again.
Behind them, there are crowds of people standing.
Liu Lang casually said: “My medicine knife family has been in such a big fight for so many years, and today I have counted out to see this human world. In addition, the Hanyimen and the Phoenix Forest that Lin Jiang called The three great families of Ye Hesu and Leng Crocodile Qin, as well as his Red Sword Sect, oh, Wiliam, your apprentice Daguan master is also here.”
Wiliam followed Liu Lang’s direction and looked. Although he didn’t know the three great families of Phoenix Forest, Ye Hesu, and Leng Crocodile Qin, he had met the people of the Hongchen Sword School.
Naturally, Wiliam also saw the figure of the main hall owner.
For a time, Wiliam was full of pride!
Today’s battle has touched the humanitarian order, and how many super martial arts families have been dispatched!
When these people came out, Huang Lingqing’s face turned green!
Calculating this way, Huang Lingqing has no chance of victory at all!
As soon as the battle begins, the disciples of Qijian Zhetian present will be completely strangled to death!
A smile hung on the corner of Wiliam’s mouth, and the bloodline of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn burst into life!
A phantom of a 100-meter unicorn, soaring into the sky!
Liu Lang and Lin Jiang are shaking together!
The sky, reappearing the wonders of the world!
The unicorn phantom quickly merged into the wonderland of dragon and phoenix!
In a short while, an incomparably weird and majestic behemoth illusion appeared in front of everyone!
Golden Dragon Giant, Weiwei Haoran!
The unicorn body is indomitable!
Suzaku’s huge wings cover the sky and the sun!
Eudemons of the top three bloodlines!
Chapter 1357
Everyone looked at this behemoth several hundred meters long so above the sky, and felt a burst of dizziness!
What a special thing!
Is it a human thing?
What the hell is this thing in the sky!
Dragon head, lin body, phoenix wings!
Never seen before!
Unheard of!
Just seeing his image is enough to scare people!
Wiliam, Lin Jiang, and Liu Lang also glanced at each other, feeling an incredible in their eyes.
Even they themselves had no idea that such a scene would appear in the sky.
It was even more unexpected that their blood illusion would merge into such a thing.
Originally, Wiliam summoned the illusion of a unicorn for the sake of being strong.
But by mistake, this horrible scene was created.
It seems that when I have time, I need to study this bloodline with the two of them.
Lin Jiang looked at the scene with a slight momentum, and was full of emotion in his heart.
When he took people to the Phoenix Forest to save his father before, some people also came.
But compared with the current battles of this kid Wiliam, it was really not enough.
Today’s extraordinary scene is enough to make everyone present remember for a lifetime.
Huang Lingqing saw this, his eyes were cracked!
The coercion of this terrifying fantasy beast made his heart palpitations extremely.
Damn it!
Together, these three people still have such power.
What can I do now!
Liu Lang smiled slightly and looked at Huang Lingqing, his eyes staring, “So, you have two paths now. First…”
Lin Jiang stretched out a finger and said, “Hold up and return to Wiliam.”
Wiliam also stretched out his second finger at the right time, “Secondly, one thousand people will fight, and there will be no difference between life and death.”
These three people are extremely smart people. Among them, Wiliam and Lin Jiang are close to monsters, and they naturally know what Liu Lang wants to say.
Huang Lingqing’s lips trembled, and ten thousand alpacas rushed past in his heart.
There are two roads!
There is only one at all!
Choosing a thousand people to fight is tantamount to seeking a dead end!
Damn three humanitarian plagues!
They are so powerful in this mortal world!
Together, it is really enough to completely destroy this humanity!
The name of the three plagues, now it seems to be worthy of the name!
“Okay! Liu Lang! Lin Jiang! Wiliam! The three of you, remember it! You openly challenged my strange sword to cover the sky. I will report this matter truthfully! When the time comes, you will be waiting for death. Come on!” Huang Lingqing is also a savvy person, knowing that it is impossible to do anything with them today, so he simply gave up.
But he still has to put it down.
But these words made Liu Lang sneer, “A strange sword covering the sky? A group of mobs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for your report to send someone over, we will naturally look for your strange sword to cover the sky.”
Huang Lingqing’s eyes stagnated.
What does Liu Lang mean?
It’s impossible!
Could it be that after today, the three humane plagues will meet to go to the Cangbo Tianmo!
Then cross the moat!
Welcome to the new world!
When Huang Lingqing thought about it this way, he felt even more possible!
Liu Lang has been suppressing his own realm, just to wait for the time to come.
And the so-called timing is not exactly the growth of Wiliam and Lin Jiang?
Now that the three plagues are taking shape, the kid named Lin Jiang is already long-cherished, and only Wiliam remains.
After today, this kid will also cut off Hong Chen’s concerns.
The time is right.
However, where does Liu Lang have the courage.
Even if the three of them managed to survive the crisis-ridden anaconda, and came to the other side of the world.
Even if Liu Lang no longer suppresses the realm in that Fang Tiandi, he can’t survive the Innate Secret Realm.
How did the three fight the strange sword to cover the sky?
Huang Lingqing thought of this, as if a flash of lightning flashed across his head!
He thought of a possibility, and also thought of a person!
Miss Su!
At the Centennial Ceremony of Evil Fist before, Lin Jiang Luye could have been killed by Huang Lingqing on the spot.
Ms. Su, who was in charge of the world, came out and saved them.
It shows that they also have contact with Miss Su.
Could it be possible that Liu Lang and the others went to the Cangbo Tianmo, where they had already rushed to, so they were so emboldened to challenge the Qi Sword head-on.
After all, Ms. Su’s imperial family, compared with Qijian Zhetian, was only strong but not weak.
It turns out that they had already made up their minds!
Thinking of this, Huang Lingqing seemed even more afraid and unwilling.
Qijian Zhetian is the organizer behind the scenes of the extremely evil fist in this world.
Originally, Qi Jian Zhetian wanted to get the moon first by approaching the water and platform in this way, and to pick out some truly talented people and win them as soon as possible.
But now it seems that the Evil Fist has become a tasteless one.
And he knew that between this humanity, there was only one person, breaking all the rules of the world, and wandering in the vast land.
This person is Miss Su.
The humanity half-step is inherently high limit for Miss Su at all.
Not to mention that woman is a maverick in this world, in the world outside the Anaconda Heaven and Earth.
So far this woman hasn’t shown up yet.
Will you also stand in the dark and watch this game?
Thinking of this, Huang Lingqing no longer hesitated, and shouted: “Retreat!”
As he said, he took the lead, and went away.
The people behind him also left together.
Just before leaving, Huang Lingqing quietly let out a vigor, wanting to explore the power of the terrifying phantom beast in the sky.
However, just a breath of energy, the Eudemons seemed to be provoked and roared wildly!
Turning back on the spot with vigour, Huang Lingqing who was caught off guard was directly injured.
He spit out a mouthful of blood, stared at the three Wiliam and left without stopping.
After they left, Wiliam looked around.
Full of people.
This humanity, it is not too much to say that it is three people in charge.
Wiliam and Lin Jiang looked at each other and looked at Liu Lang.
They were extremely clever and naturally guessed the implication of Liu Lang’s previous remarks.
“What are you looking at? What can’t you say directly? I don’t think you two are perverted and smart?” Liu Lang was stared horribly, as if he was seen completely.
“So, will you take us away from this humanity?” Wiliam asked slowly.
Liu Lang nodded without hiding, “You have seen that we have a more important mission to do on the one hand, and I will tell you this later. On the other hand, if we want to make up for our regrets, if we want to pursue the highest I only have one word for you.”
“The most important thing is that the world cannot keep it.”
“it’s time.”
Wiliam and Lin Jiang glanced at each other, which obviously resonated.
Make up for regrets?
Both have regrets and need to go to that place.
Pursue the highest.
The two even had an agreement to refine their blood.
No matter how you look at it, this road is destined to go.
Lin Jiang’s world is consummated, and now, only Wiliam is left.
Liu Lang and Lin Jiang gathered their blood together, and the phantom of the giant beast in the sky turned into a unicorn again.
The place, return it to Wiliam.
This is his final destiny in humanity.
Wiliam stared deeply at Lu Lingfeng who seemed to be in a daze not far away, with red eyes.
Fight Hongchen!
Cut love!
“I’m here!” Wiliam shouted violently, the sky suddenly brightened!
Lu Lingfeng’s body shook slightly, lowered his head, and muttered vaguely.
No one heard what he said.
“Well, here comes…”
Chapter 1358
The gluttonous phantom behind Lu Lingfeng roared to the sky.
A hundred meters long, he rushed straight to Wiliam!
Wiliam’s eyes were neither sad nor happy, and the Qilin Vision also slammed into Lu Lingfeng!
This belated final blow!
This damned grandson’s fate!
bring it on!
Liu Lang, Lin Jiang and others formed a barrier with vigour, covering everyone present.
At this moment, everyone no longer needs to worry about being affected by half-step innate energy.
Their eyes were fixed on Wiliam.
Not only for worry, but also for this grandfather and grandson’s love.
The moment when two Eudemons hit!
The pavilions and pavilions of Guhuo Valley instantly turned into powder!
The ground also shattered directly, and the water of the bitter sea churned up, as if being angered.
Rarely there was a barrier from Liu Lang and others blocking it. Everyone still felt extremely palpitations as they watched the scene collapse.
Wiliam had no distractions at this moment, and no more worries.
The unicorn phantom is him, and he is also the unicorn phantom.
Link to the same air, live and die together!
After the two giants of heaven and earth slammed into each other suddenly, they didn’t even dissipate.
Their vision faded a bit, but they still maintained a deep love and hatred.
After all, Wiliam’s realm was a little worse.
The corner of his mouth slowly spilled blood.
It’s like boiling a frog in warm water, only bleeding slowly, and the capillaries of the body are slowly breaking.
In the mid-air, the battle between the heaven and the earth Eudemons is endless.
Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng’s bodies seemed to have been pressed with the slow button, and they were so gentle that they were not fighting.
With blood overflowing from the corner of Wiliam’s mouth, he stared directly at Lu Lingfeng and made a move.
The Long Live Demon Lotus that was dormant in his body burst out in an instant.
The blood of these long live demon lotus soaked in Wiliam suddenly magnified!
I saw a hundred long live demon lotus, which grows in the wind!
In a short while, everyone only felt that they were surrounded by Optimus Prime.
Every long live demon lotus is tens of meters high.
Just facing Lu Lingfeng straight.
Everyone couldn’t tell for a while, these Optimus Primes in front of them were the body of Long Live Demon Lotus, or the illusion of Long Live Demon Lotus.
Wiliam’s hand made another move.
These Optimus Primes all headed towards the air!
The battle of Eudemons in the midair continued.
Originally, the unicorn illusion was at a disadvantage.
However, after Long Live Demon Lotus was in the air, Qi Qi attached to Qilin Illusion.
The unicorn illusion seemed to have received great assistance, and roared up to the sky, and his aura became stronger.
The gluttonous phantom on the opposite side seemed to feel threatened, and also roared as hard as possible.
At this moment, the battle between the two illusions finally appeared evenly matched.
Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng just stared at each other quietly, letting the sky continue to be chaotic, and the sky and the earth were full of snowflakes.
The world has no sound in their eyes.
Everyone was silly for a while.
Said it was the last blow, everyone thought it would be unparalleled.
But why is this now?
Although fighting endlessly in the sky, Wiliam and Lu Lingfeng were not glaring at them at all.
Instead, there was a strange feeling in it.
With the passage of time, the bodies of the two finally appeared a little strange.
Maintaining the battle of Eudemons requires a huge amount of energy and blood.
The blood in the corner of Wiliam’s mouth was still not dry.
The opposite Lu Lingfeng gradually began to bleed.
When Wiliam saw this scene, his heart suddenly stunned.
From the previous point of view, Grandpa’s body was like a thousand-year-old tree, as if there was no blood at all.
But why now, there is blood in Grandpa’s body again.
Where is the change?
Wiliam couldn’t understand this for a while.
But he knew another thing.
As he became the owner of Long Live Demon Lotus again, he could describe himself as a tiger with wings.
Now, the battle between the unicorn and the gluttonous glutton, with the addition of the Long Live Demon Lotus, although on the surface it has maintained a evenly matched state.
However, it was very beneficial to Wiliam.
Because Wiliamzhiqi is endless.
Wiliam’s metaplasia was originally an inner strength profound energy of the open-hanging level.
Can promote the continuity of internal forces.
But Lu Lingfeng is different.
On the one hand, his inner strength cannot be as endless as Wiliam.
On the other hand, his age is there.
How can a dying old man compare with a young man in terms of endurance.
Therefore, grandpa will lose if he has a long time.
Li Chunfeng on the long side was finally relieved to see this scene.
She sighed, “Dust, finally settled.”
In her opinion, Lu Lingfeng will get weaker and weaker, while Wiliam will get stronger and stronger.
The outcome has been determined.
However, Liu Lang and Lin Jiang shook their heads together.
Li Chunfeng was taken aback, and asked, “Am I wrong?”
Liu Lang’s eyes were uncertain, obviously hiding something in his mind.
Lin Jiang slightly arched his hand towards Li Chunfeng, frowned and said, “The Wiliam authorities are crazy…”
“What do you mean?” Li Chunfeng’s heart trembled. Could there be any uncertainties in it?
Lin Jiang continued: “Lu Lingfeng’s body has changed, look at it.”
Li Chunfeng asked more intentionally, but Lin Jiang refused to say how.
“He will survive this disaster after all, I believe him.” Finally, Liu Lang added.
This relieved the people around a little bit.
On the field, the situation is still at a stalemate, but it is gradually becoming clear.
Wiliam’s body was not only bubbling blood.
However, he continued to metamorphose and healed his injuries.
And Lu Lingfeng completely became a blood man.
The body that was straight before, buckled down again.
However, his head is still trying hard to lift forward.
Stared at Wiliam.
As if to carve the image of Wiliam into his bones.
In the sky, the gluttonous phantom was obviously hit hard.
It was roaring unwillingly, but it gradually became weak.
And the unicorn phantom and the long live demon lotus, the more they fought, the more bravery they fought, and for a time, they looked at the world!
Until, the Qilin phantom trampled the gluttonous phantom under its feet!
Until, Lu Lingfeng tried to lift the head that wanted to see Wiliam’s face clearly, and slowly dropped because of his weakness.
The gluttonous phantom, completely shattered!
Lu Lingfeng’s body burst into a thick blood mist.
The so-called dust settled.
Wiliam slowly walked towards Lu Lingfeng, who was struggling to raise his head on the ground, feeling sad.
Grandpa is now completely a monster.
Sorry grandpa.
I’m just…
Give you a ride.
Wiliam watched Lu Lingfeng condescendingly.
And Lu Lingfeng tried to raise his head, and finally held it up for a second.
I happened to see Wiliam’s face.
A grim and loving smile appeared on Lu Lingfeng’s face.
“Finally see clearly…”
“My grandson, when you grow up, you are a talented person who is as outstanding as your father. Grandpa is so happy…”
Chapter 1359
How hard Lu Lingfeng tried to raise his head and see clearly the grandson he had been looking for for ten years and caring for ten years.
However, his efforts lasted only one second, and his head drooped weakly again.
The trauma on his body is too serious.
It can be said that it is already dead.
However, he was still unwilling.
Grandson Wiliam…
See you in ten years, how are you doing?
Wiliam stood there as if struck by lightning!
this is!
This is the first time he has heard his grandfather speak normally in ten years!
How could Wiliam feel the affection contained in these two words!
Wake up!
Since when did I wake up!
Wiliam had no time to concentrate on this issue.
He knelt down all of a sudden, and gently hugged his grandfather’s body in his arms.
The metamorphosis on his body wrapped around his grandfather without hesitation.
However, metaplasia is not useful for Grandpa at all.
As a result, Grandpa’s body has been transformed to be different from others, and he has already transcended the laws of nature.
Secondly, the grandfather had already run out of oil and the lamp was dead, and he dangled this breath forcibly, just to see his grandson’s face clearly.
“Grandpa! Grandpa! Can you hear me! I am Wiliam!” Wiliam shouted loudly.
Lu Lingfeng’s head was now facing Wiliam.
However, his vision has gradually blurred.
His head stretched hard towards Wiliam’s face.
How sad would you feel the hard work of an old man?
Wiliam leaned close and said with red eyes, “Grandpa, I’m here, I’m here.”
Lu Lingfeng looked at Wiliam who was close at hand, and finally smiled comfortedly again.
Although in the past ten years, I have been sober, confused, and confused.
But only this short stay is the most worthy of my nostalgia.
Although I can only see my grandson for a few seconds, even if I can only say a few words.
It’s enough for ten years of absurd persistence.
Lu Lingfeng’s mouth moved, but it was overflowing with blood.
I can’t speak anymore.
How much Lu Lingfeng wanted to talk.
After all, for ten years, there are too many things in my heart that I want to say to Wiliam.
He wanted to tell Wiliam about his persistence over the years.
He wanted to tell Wiliam the reasons for his calculations over the years.
He wanted to tell Wiliam about that extraordinary son.
He even wanted to tell Wiliam how he came over these years as a grandfather.
Even if the parents are short, they are gentle.
However, he could not tell.
A word, a sigh, can’t be sent out.
This kind of regret and grievance caused Lu Lingfeng’s turbid tears to flow down his cheeks.
Why finally meet again, but there is no answer…
Wiliam saw his grandfather cry, as if empathizing, hugged his grandfather, tears also fell.
Why did Grandpa wake up until this last moment!
The time left for the grandfather and grandson is so short!
Wiliam already knew that Grandpa was awake, and that Grandpa was speechless.
Daluo god, it is difficult to save grandpa.
Wiliam said with tears in his mouth, “Grandpa, I miss you so much. You know that these years, I miss you so much.”
When Lu Lingfeng heard this, his tears were even worse.
He tried to use his hand, but he grasped Wiliam’s hand tightly, making Wiliam feel that he missed it so much.
However, he just tightened his fingers and couldn’t hold Wiliam’s hand, and he couldn’t make him feel the pain and longing.
Lu Lingfeng’s mouth opened, and there was bleeding in his mouth again.
Wiliam gently wiped the blood on his grandpa’s face, and finally reluctantly accepted the reality that grandpa couldn’t speak now.
He also knew that Grandpa’s time was running out.
Since Grandpa can’t say.
Grandpa would definitely like to listen.
Grandpa, would you like to hear how your grandson came here in the past ten years?
Wiliam was thinking, his grandpa’s eyes darkened a bit again, as if he would let go at any time.
Wiliam was anxious and hugged his grandfather tightly. He said with tears in his eyes: “Grandpa, do you know? I have had a good time these years. After I left the Lu family that year, I joined the Q City ( Qena City ) Bai family.”
“By the way, I also married a wife who is very good to me, she is really good to me! In this world, besides grandpa, she is my closest person.”
“Feliicity, come here quickly and see Grandpa.”
Wiliam shouted behind him.
Everyone can hear it, this is a helpless and sad cry from children and grandchildren.
The scene was filled with unspeakable aggrieved and unwillingness.
Everyone knew that Wiliam was anxious and wronged.
But no one can help.
When Feliicity walked to Wiliam’s side, she was already crying.
No one knew better than her how Wiliam came over these years.
No one knows better than her, Wiliam’s whole person’s transformation after hearing the news of his grandfather’s death.
For the reunion of his grandparents, Wiliam did too much effort.
But in the end, can’t it be exchanged for a warm dialogue between grandfather and grandson?
Feliicity’s hand held Lu Lingfeng’s hand and whispered in a choked voice, “Grandpa, my name is Feliicity. I will definitely treat Wiliam better in the future. He is a fool! Grandpa, I will do it for you.” Take care of him, don’t worry.”
Lu Lingfeng’s tears were surging violently.
At this moment, for an old man who cannot speak or move.
What else can you do to express your feelings?
Perhaps tears are his only language now.
With tears, he thanked Feliicity and the grandson-in-law.
“Grandpa, I will have a good time in the future! You have also seen that, I have so many brothers and friends, they are all my relatives.” Wiliam saw that Grandpa’s eyes were gloomy again, and he thought of a light. The last gleam of dim light.
Wiliam knew that Grandpa’s deadline was approaching.
“By the way, grandpa, the people of the Qilinshi are here. The Qilinshi you created at the beginning are my most loyal brothers and sisters, Mu Xiaolou, Wenren Qingxin, Angry Horse, God of Wealth, do you remember? “Wiliam got more and more excited as he spoke, as if he was racing against time.
Wen Ren Qingxin that they have come to Lu Lingfeng’s body.
Only Mu Xiaolou was replaced by Mulan.
Lu Lingfeng turned his head hard, and fell in love with Wenren.
But, where is he still visible.
Before his eyes, there was a blur.
But he knows that his grandson is doing well now and has a very good wife.
He also knew that his old ministry was also doing well, and he was loyal to Wiliam.
That’s enough.
What else can I miss?
This humanity, these ten years, is worth it.
Lu Lingfeng’s head desperately wanted to nod, giving these last relatives in the world an affirmative answer.
Signaling them, I heard it, and I have no regrets.
Moreover, he did it.
His head is heavier.
But I can’t lift it up anymore…
Lu Lingfeng, the cold place is absolutely breathless…
Chapter 1360
Before Lu Lingfeng died, he saw it.
His eyes then recovered for a short time or two.
The moment I nodded and lowered my head, I saw…
He saw Wiliam’s handsome but sad face, and he lived up to his expectations and achieved success in his studies.
He saw a heartbreaking scene even more.
All the unicorn powers, Wenren Qingxin, Mulan, Angry Horse, and God of Wealth.
Their bodies stand extremely tall and straight.
They made a very strange move.
The right fist is held high, the left fist is akimbo!
This is the gesture of Qilinshi to enshrine the master.
First belonged to him.
Later belonged to Wiliam.
Now it belongs to him and Wiliam.
This deep loyalty.
This righteous fist…
I saw it, thank you, and send me a ride with this most heartwarming gesture at the beginning…
And Wiliam saw his grandfather’s head heavier, with a smile on his mouth, and there was no sound anymore.
His heart trembled!
Tears fell on the spot!
He knew that Grandpa was gone.
This human world is here, all the calculations, all the realms, what are the calculations!
Wiliam’s heartache was too painful for him.
He knows that grandpa is gone, he doesn’t believe that grandpa is gone.
Wiliam hugged his grandfather’s corpse tightly, crying heartbreakingly.
Knowing this is the ending, but still unacceptable.
He shouted loudly: “Grandpa, I still have a lot to say to you…”
“In the past ten years, do you know how I came here?”
“The long live safflower you gave me, I have always kept it safe…”
“Do you know how excited I was when I learned that you were not dead?”
“Why? Why can’t we meet earlier?”
“Why can’t we sit down and say something?”
“Why do you have to stay full of regrets at this moment?”
“Grandpa, you still haven’t answered me…”
“When you were a kid, you said you wanted to teach me the art of medicine yourself, and you finally threw me a book. What’s the matter with a hundred long live safflower…”
“You also said that you want to take me to find my father and beat him for me, why did you leave home…”
“I still remember this punch…”
“You promised me so many and so many, why can’t you do one thing…”
“Your words don’t count…”
Wiliam shouted heartbreakingly, the Feliicity all over the sky were recurring, as if seeing off this painstaking old man…
Sadness fills everyone’s heart.
No one had ever told Wiliam the fact that his grandfather was dead.
Wiliam needs such a vent.
Everyone looked at Wiliam in silence, letting the thick snow cling to everyone’s body.
Wiliam shouted until the end, and his voice gradually became low.
He held his gradually icy grandfather, but he thought about the warmth of his childhood.
Grandpa would let Wiliam ride on his shoulders and show off his power everywhere.
Grandpa would let Wiliam sit on his feet as a seesaw.
Grandpa would scream for death when other friends bullied Wiliam.
In order to let Wiliam learn medicine, Grandpa would beat Wiliam so hard that his skin was broken.
But he would quietly apply medicine to Wiliam when he was asleep late at night.
Then he wiped his tears sadly under the dim light.
Is there only one Wiliam in Grandpa’s heart?
No, in his heart, his family and country are all under the sky.
But he was willing to give up everything for Wiliam.
Over the years, Wiliam has become a dragon and phoenix among people.
But he is willing to be infamous for thousands of years.
The painstaking efforts of the elderly can be learned from heaven and earth.
Wiliam suddenly shook his whole body and thought of something.
A question he didn’t have time to think about before.
Why, there was blood in my grandpa’s body before, but blood came out later?
Why, grandpa’s gluttonous bloodline almost did not exert any power in the end?
When did it start…
Probably from the emergence of defenders of humanitarian order, and when Liu Lang and Lin Jiang came to help strongly…
There is only one answer.
At that time, Grandpa briefly recovered his sanity.
Wiliam trembled all over when he thought of this.
So, the grandpa at that time recognized himself…
But why didn’t Grandpa say it?
In order to make this fate complete.
In order to make it happen to yourself?
Grandpa also knows that only if he is dead today can everything be consummated.
The love of all people in the world will be completely cut off.
But why…
Could it be that Grandpa’s ultimate goal is to attract the defenders of humanitarian order and Liu Lang Lin Jiang and others.
Is it also to allow yourself to set foot on the other side of the world…
Grandpa’s approach seemed to have worked so hard to cultivate Wiliam into an adult.
Then, in front of the strongest warrior in the world, he pushed Wiliam in front of everyone, saying, “This is my most beloved grandson, look at him, isn’t it amazing…”
For this step, Grandpa took great pains.
However, Wiliam thought that during the war just now, his grandfather obviously recovered his sanity and his men were merciful, but he didn’t spare any effort and completely defeated him.
This kind of sorrow of the fans of the authorities made Wiliam’s throat sweet!
A mouthful of blood came out directly from the sky.
After all, he couldn’t accept that he committed suicide by himself when his grandfather was regaining consciousness.
“Wiliam!” Seeing Wiliam vomiting blood, Feliicity stepped forward.
However, Wiliam had completely fallen into a coma.
Liu Lang and Lin Jiang also stepped forward.
Both are genius doctors of heaven and earth. Liu Lang grabbed Wiliam’s hand, and he was relieved after a diagnosis. He said helplessly, “Wiliam has a deep affection for his grandfather. He has figured out some things before, so he felt The frustration was difficult, and I fainted in excitement, but there was no danger in it.”
Feliicity looked at Wiliam distressedly, tears falling down rustlingly.
“Take Wiliam home first.” Liu Lang said lightly.
He turned around, bent over and bowed slightly towards everyone on the scene.
It seems to be representing Wiliam, thanking everyone who came to help today.
Everyone respectfully responded to Liu Lang.
After all, the first person in the innate half-step, or even the breakthrough martial artist who may reach the innate secret realm, who dare not respect.
“Please drive my medicine knife family, I, Liu Lang, please have a glass of wine.” Liu Lang said lightly.
Everyone claimed to be.
Today’s grand occasion is rare in a century.
Why not drink!
Why not pay a memorial service!
Liu Lang motioned to He Tiantian and the other women to carry the spring breeze and snow together.
However, Feliicity’s eyes were always on Wiliam’s body.
At this time, she suddenly saw Liu Xunren lifting Lu Lingfeng’s body.
Feliicity was taken aback and looked at Liu Lang.
Liu Lang seemed to know Feliicity’s thoughts, shook his head, and said, “I owe Wiliam, so I will leave a chance for Wiliam. As for the fate of Grandpa Wiliam, it depends on how Wiliam goes in the future. Up.”
“With this motivation, he will grow up desperately.”


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