Dragon Husband 1361-1365

Chapter 1361
Feliicity’s heart trembled and looked at Liu Lang incredulously, “Brother Lang, what do you mean…”
Liu Lang looked at the corpse of Lu Lingfeng who had been carried away, shook his head, and said, “This is a secret, not to be said, not to be said.”
Feliicity’s eyes were confused.
What Liu Lang said just now has a lot of meaning.
Why did he owe Wiliam?
Did he do anything to apologize to Wiliam?
And isn’t Grandpa Lu already dead?
Why does the meaning of Liu Lang’s words seem to be saved?
It’s a pity that Liu Lang said it was a secret secret, so he definitely wouldn’t continue to talk about it.
However, Feliicity looked at Liu Lang with certainty in her heart.
That is Liu Lang, who has the world in mind, is righteous and kind, and will not treat Wiliam badly.
Moreover, as long as Wiliam’s grandfather has a chance to live, it will be a great motivation for Wiliam.
She regained her spirit and looked at the ruins of today’s scene.
Too many people lost their lives here, and corpses were everywhere.
Guhu Valley became Death Valley.
From now on, the world is righteous, and there will be no more North Lu family, and no more entitlements.
Wiliam’s destiny finally had a cruel explanation.
So be it……
Liu Lang left last. He looked at Lu Lingfeng’s body and muttered to himself: “Old man, what you told me many years ago, I have done it now. It is obviously a fair deal, but why do I feel that I owe you so much? Where’s Wiliam, you have a big deal this time.”
He shook his head, his melancholy expression disappeared in an instant, and he put on the lazy smile that he had always been smiling.
It took everyone a full day to arrive at the medicine knife family.
The family of medicine knives had already waited ceremoniously and set up a banquet.
Xiaofeng, the master of the medicine knife family.
She was full of silver hair, but she was full of energy.
No one in the audience treats her respectfully.
After all, she single-handedly brought the medicine knife family to the point where it is now rampant and famous.
Liu Lang, the half-human and half-god evildoer, was also brought out by her personally.
Everyone was seated and the banquet began.
Liu Lang, Wiliam and Lin Jiang sat at the main table.
Wiliam had regained consciousness in the middle of the way.
He seemed to have accepted this reality and kept the humble smile that he had always kept.
Feliicity sat next door to Wiliam, looking at Wiliam like this, with mixed feelings in her heart.
She thought for a long time, and she didn’t even tell Wiliam the inexplicable words that Liu Lang had said before.
Because she knew that when she reached the realm of Wiliam and Liu Lang, she did many things for a reason.
Since Liu Lang said this was a secret opportunity, he would naturally have a good exchange with Wiliam.
Now, she only hopes that Wiliam can get through the grief of losing his grandfather as soon as possible.
She was thinking, what can be done to make Wiliam happy as soon as possible.
After much deliberation, I can’t think of any ideas.
After drinking for three rounds, Wiliam and Liu Lang were also drunk.
The women looked at each other.
Except for Sister Tian Tian and Sister Qing who are addicted to alcohol, none of them drink.
“Feliicity, what are you thinking about? I just saw you frowning, still worrying about Wiliam?” He Tiantian came to Feliicity with a slight redness.
Feliicity hesitated for a moment, nodded, and whispered: “I don’t want to see my Wiliam like this. I’m thinking about how to make Wiliam cheer up again, even if he is a little bit happy.”
He Tiantian froze for a moment, and suddenly grabbed Feliicity’s shoulders, and said strangely: “Of course my good sisters are trying to figure out a solution together! Wait, I’ll bring you the head cobbler who is pulling a cart.”
With that, she walked to the woman’s pile and muttered a lot.
He Tiantian, Sister Qing, Li Chunfeng, Su Xiaoxuan, Xian’er, Lin Sichun, Fan Bingxue and Gu Xinyu all stood in front of Feliicity.
Feliicity’s eyes were dizzy.
Standing in front of her were all the beauties at the level of the country and the city.
Eight people.
“Let’s go, boudoir, of course, I’m going to talk in the boudoir.” He Tiantian hooked Feliicity’s shoulder, and could not help pulling Feliicity into the back room.
The other women laughed and laughed, and naturally followed.
Feliicity has a dazed face, doing such a big battle?
Wiliam and the others continued to drink, but after a while, Liu Lang came over to hook Wiliam and Lin Jiang’s shoulders, smiled and said, “Go, let’s go back and chat.”
The three of them walked towards the back hall drunkly.
When he arrived in a small courtyard in the back hall, Lin Jiang looked at the layout of the courtyard in surprise, and asked: “Your courtyard is very unique, it is in a circle.”
Liu Lang smiled shamelessly: “Who makes my wives more, one person, one room, one by one to wait on the past.”
Lin Jiang and Wiliam’s faces turned dark, and they dared not talk any more.
Shameless Liu Lang.
Liu Lang squatted on the ground in an unimaginative manner, motioning for the two of them to squat down too.
So the three of them squatted into a small circle, Liu Lang took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it to Lin Jiang and Wiliam very easily, “Come on?”
Lin Jiang, Lu and Ye Qi shook his head, they were all non-smokers.
“Take it, I haven’t smoked for a long time, don’t you smoke one while the wives are not here?” Liu Lang insisted on passing the cigarette.
This familiar gesture makes it hard to believe that he hasn’t smoked for a long time.
“What do you look at? Isn’t the wife’s strict control? Have you ever tried to be miserable one by one? You will not be allowed to go to bed if you smoke.” Liu Lang looked unlovable.
It’s just that in Lin Jiang and Wiliam’s eyes.
Shameless Liu Lang.
The two had no choice but to pick it up, and Liu Lang was very familiar with them.
The three of them squatted on the ground smoking cigarettes just like the dumplings.
“Give you one month’s rest.” Liu Lang suddenly jumped out.
Lin Jiang seemed to have known it a long time ago and nodded.
His business here is over, and everything is settled.
Wiliam was stunned, pondered for a moment, and nodded silently.
One month should be enough.
“Tomorrow, I will talk to you two about the turkey moat. It’s not easy to get there. Wiliam, didn’t you want to know before?” Liu Lang looked at Wiliam.
Wiliam’s eyes were flushed with the smoke choking.
There was confusion in his eyes.
Cang Anaconda, and the other world…
I wanted to know before, but now.
Do you want to know?
Perhaps there are only two reasons left to support him to go there.
One is to take Li Chunfeng over, breaking the ruthless shackles inherited from the emperor’s heart.
The other one, Wiliam thought silently.
Instead of grandpa, go to that place to find father and punch him.
Grandpa didn’t believe his words, but he wanted to do what he didn’t do.
In the end, Wiliam nodded.
He was about to say something when he heard an incredible scream from the room behind him, only half of the voice, and he was chopped off behind him.
The voice is familiar, from Feliicity.
“What! You said this is a little blue medicine…”
Chapter 1362
Time goes back a few minutes ago.
After Feliicity was dragged into the room by a few women, they surrounded the Feliicity.
Feliicity was a little scared by them, and asked weakly: “Sisters, what do you want to do to me?”
He Tiantian laughed out loud, “You shouldn’t use this state to us! And you need this sentence now.”
Feliicity heard more in the mist, “What do you mean?”
“You just said that you want to make Wiliam happy? No matter what you do?” He Tiantian confirmed again.
Feliicity nodded and said yes without hesitation.
“On this, you should ask our sister Qing, she is very experienced.” He Tiantian said bitterly.
Sister Qing’s face turned dark, and a small knife suddenly appeared in her hand.
“Alright, okay, don’t quarrel here, don’t you see Sister Feliicity getting depressed?” In the end, Lin Sichun stood up and made a round.
What can Feliicity do?
Only weakly nodded.
Now a few women became serious.
They surrounded Feliicity and began to look again. He Tiantian asked abruptly, “Feliicity, how many years have you known Wiliam? How many years have you been married?”
Feliicity was taken aback, and honestly replied, “I have known each other for more than eleven years and have been married for more than four years. What’s wrong?”
“What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed to ask what’s the matter? Is your Wiliam made of wood?” He Tiantian’s voice became louder, full of anger.
“Ah? What do you mean?” Feliicity looked dumbfounded.
“Don’t think I can’t see it, you are still a big girl now?” He Tiantian went straight in.
Feliicity’s face turned red all of a sudden, and he couldn’t answer.
“Yeah, you can see when we look at it, what’s the use of hiding this from us?” Su Xiaoxuan also said from the side.
As she said this, she gave Gu Xinyu beside her with a still intent.
Gu Xinyu is Lin Jiang’s wife.
She was looking at her hairy, with a thick-skinned face, and said, “I didn’t have a complete house for a few years back then, what’s wrong? My old lady is now round!”
Feliicity suddenly looked at Gu Xinyu in surprise, feeling that a common language was suddenly established.
“Your Wiliam likes men? Or your Wiliam is not good? So there is always a round house?” He Tiantian asked Feliicity again.
Feliicity immediately shook his head decisively, “No, he loves me very much, I know this. As for that, there shouldn’t be a problem…”
Said it, Feliicity felt aggrieved, “In the first three years, it was because of my family that Wiliam was looked down upon, and I was wrong too. I didn’t find Wiliam’s shining point, so the two of them didn’t go there. When I think about it, I always sleep under the quilt…”
“Tsk tusk tusk, isn’t your guy too special for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right? With such a beautiful lady who doesn’t enjoy the blessings and cannons every night? Unlike my guy, it’s just a little Teddy. To the air.” He Tiantian grinned.
Feliicity’s face turned redder, and said weakly: “Later, our heart knot was untied, and there were several opportunities in the middle, but all due to blunders, there was no success…
Several women shook their heads together.
What a perverted reasoning.
What do you want, there is nothing wrong with it.
There is no opportunity to create opportunities but also to go up.
Wiliam and Feliicity are so simple.
“You ask me what I do? Is it possible to laugh at me?” Feliicity became even more depressed.
Think of a way to be happy together?
Why are you messing with shit sticks?
“Ahem, silly sister, don’t you understand what we mean? Don’t you want to make Wiliam happy? Dedicating yourself to him, I’m sure that the bastard is happy to blossom, and he is reluctant to think of Shu Ye Ye Ye Sheng Song The kind.” He Tiantian, as a person who came over, spoke very boldly.
“Ah? What do you mean…” Feliicity looked at everyone in astonishment.
Several women nodded together and said in unison: “Fuck him!”
Feliicity’s face flushed to the base of her ears.
These women looked like fairies, and how could their words be more cruel.
“But…but…” Feliicity blushed, and some shameful images appeared in her head. Although she yearned for it, she had concerns in her heart.
“But what? What else is there?” He Tiantian asked.
“But that guy is just a piece of wood according to what you said. I rushed about it. On the one hand, he didn’t know if he would not understand the style, on the other hand, would he look down on me…” Feliicity thought The worries were spoken out.
Gu Xinyu chuckled, “Silly sister, my Lin Jiang was not a wood before, but now I know the taste of the marrow, and the wood has become a golden hoop.”
Feliicity was so embarrassed that she was about to bury her face on the ground.
How can you talk like that.
“It’s easy to handle. Since you are worried that you are too proactive, let him take the initiative!” He Tiantian said with a smile.
“He won’t…” Feliicity murmured, apparently in her heart that she wanted to complain about Wiliam’s incomprehensible amorous feelings.
“I have a way to make him know!” He Tiantian smiled strangely.
Then she folded her body, turned over at the head of the bed, and walked in front of Feliicity again.
She opened her hand, and there was a bottle of small blue balls in her hand.
Feliicity didn’t react, and heard He Tiantian smile, “If you love him, go up. He, give him balls! Then he will take the initiative?”
Feliicity’s pupils shrank!
She was also in the medical business before, how can she not understand now!
She exclaimed, “What! You said this is the little blue medicine…”
It’s just that He Tiantian covered her mouth after she finished speaking!
He Tiantian looked at Feliicity with a black line, “Shut down, okay? Do you think the whole world knows that you are going to attack your Wiliam?”
Feliicity also knew that she was too loud just now, and she was so wronged that she would cry.
I don’t think of these women, like wolves and tigers.
How can this dog method be used?
He Tiantian looked at Feliicity angrily, and said, “Don’t think that this method is very tricky. Please ask Sister Qing in this regard. She is always experienced.”
Speaking of this, He Tiantian still feels resentful.
At the beginning, Qing sister was still bent.
Sister Qing asked Liu Lang to administer Sister Tian Tian…
Sister Qing also acted on herself later, and drugged herself.
So Sister Qing is really an expert in this regard.
Sister Qing didn’t change her face, and said faintly: “If you don’t get his heart, you have to get him. Anyway, you have to get the same to not lose. Besides, you have already got his heart, medicine him, and make money without losing money. . Remember one sentence, this thing cannot be carried by a man before it is used, and a woman cannot be carried after it is used.”
Feliicity was so shocked that her chin was about to fall, and she did not think that Sister Qing was such a sister Qing.
However, it makes sense, I really want to give it a try.
But Feliicity still had concerns on her face.
He Tiantian couldn’t help but patted Feliicity’s head and became angry, “What are you hesitating about!”
Feliicity couldn’t stretch herself anymore, and almost cried.
“I’m afraid he will be killed if he eats this thing…”
“It’s shameful to sacrifice on the bed at a young age…”
Chapter 1363
The muscles on the faces of the women present twitched fiercely, but they didn’t know what to say.
Feliicity’s worries, how should I put it…
It’s really…
He Tiantian bit his scalp and said, “That’s not enough. I believe your livestock is more pitiful.”
She herself didn’t believe this.
After all, men in the world are the same.
At that point, it is for the purpose of letting people die.
He Tiantian couldn’t help but remember the first time he had with Liu Lang, it was really a life-threatening death.
Several women look at me and I look at you, all with lingering fears.
But they dare not say.
It’s shameful to say it.
“Anyway, don’t you say that you are willing to do everything, even if you don’t want your life, what are you afraid of? The decision is in your hands, we can only help here.” He Tiantian said at last.
Several women nodded together.
Feliicity’s eyebrows were about to be knotted.
She has been looking forward to having a complete romance with Wiliam for the first time.
But the first time like this was delayed, let alone a complete romance.
If it drags on, I don’t know when it will happen.
Don’t need any unconventional means, I’m afraid I will be an old woman in my life.
Moreover, Wiliam will have a more dangerous adventure next, and no one knows what the fate awaits them in the future.
So Feliicity thought, at least the two of them couldn’t leave any regrets.
At best, it can continue the incense for Wiliam.
She thought for a few minutes, and finally nodded, and then asked, “Is this something oral?”
He Tiantian chuckled and said, “You can still feed him directly? Of course, you can secretly put it in the water and drink it for him, and then wait for about half an hour, he will be beastly… …”
“Okay, I know, I know.” Feliicity’s face flushed again, and quickly interrupted He Tiantian’s description.
What kind of words are these tigers and wolves?
“However, there is another problem.” Sister Qing suddenly asked a question.
“What’s the problem?” All the women looked at Sister Qing together.
As an experienced person, Sister Qing said indifferently: “That kid Wiliam’s medical skills can be regarded as the best, so no matter where you put this thing, he must smell it.”
“Fuck, I really didn’t think about this question. It’s too important.” He Tiantian slapped his head and gave Sister Qing a thumbs up, “Sure enough, experienced.”
Feliicity couldn’t help being speechless, if he let Wiliam smell it, he would be ashamed.
Would Wiliam think he was such a hungry woman…
Thinking of this, her face started to have a fever.
Not at all.
Everyone was also worried about the matter of Feliicity’s Round House, but Wiliam’s medical skills were there, he would find out no matter what.
At this time, Sister Qing sneered, “You are all too superficial. I have to do this kind of thing.”
Everyone looked at Sister Qing with the eyes of seniors, asking for advice.
“Hmph, that kid He De, how can it be his blessing to make us people worry so much. My solution is to just abolish his sense of taste, so that he can smell it.” Sister Qing said coldly. Said.
Everyone got goose bumps all over.
It’s too special to be straightforward.
Plan the roots directly.
Feliicity couldn’t help but said, “No, no! How could we ruin Wiliam’s medical skills for this matter, absolutely not.”
“What are you thinking about? I just tried to seal his sense of smell, and I will unblock it later.” Sister Qing looked at Feliicity with a sneer, and motioned her to worry about eating radish.
“Oh, that’s better, then do you think of any way to seal it?” Feliicity patted his chest and smacked his tongue.
“Well, I thought of it. I caught him and sealed it up,” Sister Qing said naturally.
The scene was struck by lightning.
As expected of Sister Qing!
It’s all about the queen!
Never beep if you can do it!
“Sister Qing, you are too direct…” Feliicity said weakly.
“Then do you have a better way?” Sister Qing asked directly.
Everyone shook their heads, and then quietly gave Sister Qing a thumbs up.
Sister Qing’s character, I love it.
“I’ll just ask you, do you want to get along with Wiliam?” Sister Qing asked Feliicity again.
At this moment, Feliicity’s eyes were resolute, “Then you should be brutal, don’t let him see the clues, or I will die of shame.”
Everyone applauded Feliicity.
This woman who pitted her husband to dedicate her life is not easy to find in the world.
“Okay, that’s it.” Sister Qing finally made a final decision.
And Wiliam, who was outside, didn’t even notice that he had been quietly staring at him.
The three of them are still a bit drunk.
As Wiliam was choked by the smoke, he recalled the words that came out of the room just now.
It seems to be auditory hallucinations.
Then I couldn’t hear clearly, what kind of blue happy?
Is blue so easy?
“You said, why did Feliicity from my family run into that room?” Wiliam asked unclearly.
The three of them squatted, their heads close to each other.
Liu Lang spit out a deep smoke, and said: “Women are talking a lot, what’s so strange? That room belongs to my sister Tian Tian. The conversation at my daughter’s house will definitely not end for a while. It’s nothing.”
As soon as the voice fell, the door of the room opened with a swipe.
Liu Lang’s face turned green on the spot!
He easily pushed the cigarette in his hand to Wiliam, then stood up and looked back.
Lin Jiang reacted quickly. With a flick of his finger, the cigarette in his hand flew out.
Only Wiliam squatted on the ground with a blank face, how could it be hell?
Lin Jiang saw that Gu Xinyu from his own house was at the door.
And Liu Lang even saw that his harem was standing beautifully.
“Oh, the three brothers are still smoking? Where can’t you avoid us, have to come to my door to smoke? What is it, itchy?” He Tiantian said with a smile.
Liu Lang’s face turned pale, and the half-man and half-god’s strength was fully displayed in an instant!
“My stomach hurts, go to the bathroom first! Goodbye!” In a flash, his body had disappeared.
But Lin Jiang did not give too much help, his body was already volleyed, and he dropped a sentence, “Heart Yu, I’ll go out and get you some fruit to digest.”
Wiliam reacted with two cigarettes in his hand, and Feliicity was looking at him with strange eyes.
He secretly yelled badly, and immediately learned something, ready to urinate.
However, it was too late.
As soon as his body flew up, he was trampled down by a person from the sky.
Sister Qing held Liu Lang’s still-smoked cigarette in her mouth. Like a queen, she faintly said to Wiliam under her, “Wiliam, let’s practice?”
Chapter 1364 Da Lang Takes Medicine
Sister Qing was wearing a blue and white porcelain cheongsam with high split ends, and she didn’t care if Wiliam, who was stepped on by her, could see anything.
Wiliam’s whole body is not good.
How did he know that Sister Qing’s so-called practice is for another purpose.
He only thought that Sister Qing was angry, and she would cast her anger on him.
But is it okay not to practice?
Forget it, learn from each other, who is afraid of whom?
Wiliam bit his scalp and said, “Okay.”
Sister Qing’s feet moved lightly, and Wiliam jumped up.
He slightly arched his hand at Sister Qing, just about to speak and ask Sister Qing for advice.
Seeing that Sister Qing had no rules, she rushed over.
Wiliam was caught off guard, kicked by her, and smashed to the ground.
Several women covered their eyes.
Sister Qing is too cruel.
Wiliam covered her heart and looked at Sister Qing in disbelief.
Is this really real?
Feliicity said nervously to He Tiantian, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​please let Sister Qing be lighter, don’t beat Wiliam so hard to take care of yourself, what else will you do at night…”
He Tiantian’s face turned black, as if he had this reason.
Beating Wiliam was cool for a while, beating Wiliam all the time made Feliicity lonely at night.
She hurriedly said to Sister Qing: “Sister Qing, please be careful and give him some strength.”
Sister Qing looked at He Tiantian faintly, “You have more experience than me on this?”
He Tiantian instantly shut up and said nothing.
Better than, goodbye.
Several women made a gesture of please continue.
Wiliam looked dumbfounded by him?
Did you plan the ancestral graves of these women?
What kind of grudge?
One by one must kill my eyes.
Wiliam was still thinking, sister Qing continued to rush over.
She is also amazing.
Obviously he was wearing a cheongsam, but his movements were so chic that he was not afraid of running out.
Wiliam thought that Sister Qing was Liu Lang’s wife and her own sister-in-law.
Besides, just to learn from each other, you can’t burst your blood and fight hard with others.
So Wiliam tied his hands and feet, but was violently beaten by Sister Qing.
The people at the scene were shocked, but they had a dark and refreshing feeling.
They seem to be making injustices for Feliicity!
Let this wood do not get rid of it!
Beat him up today.
Finally, Sister Qing punched Wiliam on the forehead.
Wiliam let out a muffled snort, fell directly to the ground and fainted.
Feliicity ran over first and said anxiously: “Sister Qing, you won’t kill Wiliam, will you?”
Regardless of Feliicity, Sister Qing used one hand to darken an acupuncture point on Wiliam’s body, and a fierce internal force appeared.
Then she clapped her hands and said, “Okay, it’s done, it’s up to you next.”
“What’s done?” Feliicity was taken aback.
He Tiantian also walked over with a shocked look, and said, “Sister Qing, you didn’t seal the acupuncture point just now in your slapstick fight?”
Sister Qing looked at He Tiantian solemnly and said, “How did I start just now? This kid is very clever. If I close the acupoint when he is awake, he must have noticed something wrong.”
Sister Qing nodded naturally, “Is there a problem?”
Everyone waved their hands, “There is no problem, no problem.”
In the end, she underestimated Qing sister’s honesty.
Her methods are too cruel.
Several women gathered around Feliicity, and only after an explanation, did Wiliam return to a guest room.
Feliicity felt very nervous in the guest room.
It seemed that he was going to do something damaging to Wiliam.
She thought about it, feeling as if she had become Pan Jinlian?
Are you going to give your husband medicine?
However, she finally made up her mind.
This has to be done sooner or later.
If I didn’t do it today, I failed the sisters’ hard work.
The point is that Wiliam’s beating was for nothing.
So, she found a cup, put the things He Tiantian gave into the cup, and melted it with water.
This thing melted in the water at once, and a glass of water was the same as before, and there was nothing weird about it.
Next, it depends on Wiliam’s performance.
She was anxiously waiting for Wiliam to wake up.
Until the stars light up outside, Wiliam finally snorted and woke up leisurely.
Until now, Wiliam’s head was groggy, and he didn’t know what animosity he had with Sister Qing.
Didn’t you just smoke a cigarette?
And it was Liu Lang who divided it, so he knocked himself out?
How miserable is Liu Lang at home?
As he was thinking, he heard a gentle voice saying in his ear: “Da Lang, I pooh, Wiliam, are you awake? Drink some water.”
Da Lang?
Wiliam was taken aback.
Looking up, isn’t it Feliicity who is beside him?
Feliicity looked nervous, holding a glass of water in his hand.
Is Feliicity nervous because he fainted?
Wiliam hurriedly said to Feliicity: “Feliicity, I have nothing to do, you don’t have to worry about me, Sister Qing is still keeping your hands.”
Feliicity secretly said in her heart, of course Sister Qing kept her hands.
I’m lonely tonight if I don’t keep my hands.
She handed the water in her hand to Wiliam in a state of anxiety, her eyes a little afraid to meet Wiliam.
Wiliam didn’t doubt Feliicity at all, thinking that Feliicity was caring about him.
He took the glass of water and drank it in one breath.
Feliicity saw that Wiliam was suspicious, and his nervousness was slightly relieved.
However, Wiliam suddenly said after drinking the water, “Hey, why do I feel something is wrong with my body?”
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Feliicity’s heart raised again.
Wiliam smashed his mouth, then said, “How come I can’t smell it?”
As a doctor, Wiliam has a very sharp nose.
Feliicity’s heart thumped wildly, and she quickly slopped her sloppy eyes and said, “What? What does a glass of water taste like, don’t think too much about it. I guess I was beaten by Sister Qing just now.”
“Oh, that makes sense.” Wiliam nodded blankly.
Next, Wiliam chatted with Feliicity casually.
And Feliicity always looked absent-minded, and answered Wiliam’s chat with one step at a time.
She has been watching the time secretly.
According to He Tiantian, the effect of this medicine will come out within half an hour.
And Sister Qing also kindly said what the signs of the effect of this medicine would be.
So that Feliicity can master the rhythm by himself.
It’s just that this half an hour has passed.
There is nothing wrong with Wiliam?
There is no reaction at all, is this medicine expired?
“Feliicity, what’s wrong with you? I feel like you have something on your mind?” Wiliam couldn’t help asking.
Feliicity finally couldn’t stand it anymore, she plucked up the courage and blushed and asked, “Wiliam, do you feel that your body reacts differently? For example, your body is so hot and hot? Want to take off your clothes?”
Chapter 1365
Wiliam was stunned for a moment, thinking Feliicity was concerned about his body, so he thought for a while and said, “There is no such thing.”
Feliicity looked blank.
Can’t it?
Didn’t Qing sister say that if you eat this thing, you will get angry?
The kind of monkey anxious monkeys.
Why doesn’t Wiliam have it?
Feliicity was not reconciled, and continued to ask, “Is there any feeling that the heart is beating so fast? The kind that is about to jump out?”
Wiliam continued to shake his head, “There is no such thing.”
Feliicity didn’t believe it, and put her hand on Wiliam’s heart.
Sure enough, Wiliam’s heartbeat was steady.
There is no such thing as a deer crashing at all.
Feliicity is about to collapse, what the hell is this!
Why didn’t Wiliam have any effect after taking it?
Is it really expired?
“Feliicity, do you have something you want to tell me? It seemed strange to you just now?” Wiliam asked Feliicity strangely.
“Uh, uh, no, then you lie down again, I’ll pour you a glass of water.” Feliicity had no choice but to sloppy eyes.
Wiliam was confused and didn’t even know what was going on inside.
Feliicity turned his back to Wiliam and poured him a glass of water.
Then she hesitated, then secretly took out a pill.
She frowned and looked at this thing, wondering if the effect of the medicine really expired?
She didn’t believe in this evil, so she threw one into her cup, trying to see if it worked.
So she held two glasses of water, one for Wiliam and one for herself.
The two chatted while drinking water, and soon they drank the water.
And at this moment, in the courtyard outside.
On the opposite roof of the room where Wiliam lived, several heads popped silently.
These heads are not just Sister He Tian Tian Qing and the others.
A few of them cats, only dared to show one head.
After observing for a long time, Gu Xinyu couldn’t help but ask: “Sister Qing, it’s been half an hour, why is there no movement inside?”
These women are here, naturally, not because of any weird hobbies.
Instead, they came to escort.
It turned out that these women were joking before.
They were really worried that Feliicity could not hold her body.
So they negotiated and came here secretly to eavesdrop. On the one hand, they confirmed that this matter was done today, and on the other hand, they also avoided Wiliam’s madness and letting Feliicity die.
Sister Qing glanced at Gu Xinyu and said, “What do you want?”
Gu Xinyu’s face blushed.
What else can happen.
Naturally, it is the kind of movement that screams and screams terribly.
But she was embarrassed to speak out directly.
Even a few other women felt wrong and asked, “Yes, it stands to reason. This is the first time in the Feliicity. I definitely can’t hold it, let alone make a sound? It’s too quiet now. Isn’t that your thing not working well?”
“Will it work? Have you ever experienced it?” Sister Qing asked seriously.
Several women stretched their tongues, their necks shrank, and they dared not speak.
That experience was terrible.
“Someone is coming.” Gu Xinyu suddenly said.
Everyone looked in the direction that Gu Xinyu pointed.
Sure enough, a man staggered towards Wiliam’s room.
“It seems to be Wiliam’s subordinate, called the God of Wealth.” Li Chunfeng said.
He Tiantian frowned, “Get him away! It’s a terrible sight! No one can come here today! People come to kill people, ghosts come to kill ghosts! I just want to see who can break this good thing! “
After He Tiantian finished speaking, Lin Xian’er had disappeared from the roof.
Everyone only saw a group of dark shadows attacking the drunk God of Wealth.
The God of Wealth had just finished drinking with the brothers outside, thinking that it was still early, so he wanted to come to Wiliam and report to Wiliam about the brothers.
But I didn’t even think of going to the door of Wiliam’s room.
I felt that my neck was chopped with a knife!
He instinctively thought this was a master!
Unexpectedly, there are so many masters in the medicine knife family tonight, and there will be enemy attacks!
He was about to make a sound when his neck was attacked for the second time.
So he snorted and fell down.
He was still not falling to the ground, so he was picked up by the black shadow and threw it towards a corner of the yard.
Several women looked shockingly above!
Miss Lin Xian’er, there are not many people who are ruthless.
Don’t look at her usually taciturn, she really wants to start, maybe even more ruthless than Qing sister.
Everyone felt a little pity for this fat man for a while.
It’s hard to die, so I have to come to the door of Wiliam’s room at this time.
Isn’t this looking for murder.
The black shadow moved back to the middle of the women on the roof.
He Tiantian couldn’t help asking: “Xian’er, why cut twice?”
Lin Xian’er frowned, “It’s too fat, it’s all meat.”
Everyone felt even more sympathy for the God of Wealth.
They were praying in their hearts at the same time, hoping that no one would come here tonight.
Otherwise, according to the tempers of Sister Qing and He Tiantian, one will kill one, and two will kill one pair.
Feliicity’s room is finalized tonight!
It was the heavenly king Laozi who came to look for Wiliam, and he had to wait until dawn for them!
I have to say that several women are also broken for Feliicity.
Soon, two more figures appeared sneakily in this courtyard.
Apparently, he went to Wiliam’s room.
He Tiantian’s murderous intent was in his eyes, “I finally believe that Sister Feliicity said that every time there is a damn person to disrupt the situation, come here and kill these two girls!”
Lin Sichun immediately pulled He Tiantian’s clothes and whispered: “Sister Tian Tian, ​​these two can’t be killed, it’s our husband and Xinyu husband.”
He Tiantian took a closer look!
But it’s Liu Lang and Lin Jiang.
It turned out that the two had escaped under various excuses before hiding for a long time.
But I found that my wife was not moving.
So they came up again, wanting to see what happened to Wiliam.
Don’t let Wiliam carry the pot all by himself.
The two were walking sneakily, when suddenly several figures fell in front of them.
Liu Lang was about to shout for an enemy attack, and he fixed his eyes to see that it was his harem group and Lin Jiang’s wife.
Liu Lang felt sad!
When are these ladies so smart!
Can anyone tell if the prophet is squatting here?
The ones that should come will come.
Liu Lang was about to pretend to be sympathetic to Lian Bo, so He Tiantian covered his mouth, carried him into the air, and landed on the small courtyard roof.
Lin Jiang was followed by Gu Xinyu and arrested him.
“You guys, what are you doing?” Liu Lang couldn’t help asking.
Lin Sichun was afraid that Liu Lang and Lin Jiang might be bad, so she explained in a low voice.
Lin Jiang was extremely clever, and immediately turned from Liu Lang’s side, “Sisters, I understand! I have Lin Jiang guarding here! Don’t say a person tonight! I won’t let a mosquito want to enter Wiliam’s door. Over!”
Several women gave Lin Jiang a thumbs up together. This kid is too witty, too insightful to see, unlike his own cattle.
When Liu Lang reacted, he was about to follow Lin Jiang’s words to make a statement when he heard a fearful voice from Wiliam’s room.
“You, don’t come here! Don’t pick my clothes! What’s wrong with you?”
Everyone’s scalp numb.
Wiliam actually made this indecent voice?


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