Dragon Husband 1366-1370

Chapter 1366
As soon as this sound came out, all the people on the scene were stunned.
what’s the situation?
Is there a big battle inside?
But why did the cry start from Wiliam first?
Shouldn’t it be Wiliam who ate the thing, and then Feliicity yelled for it when she wanted to refuse?
What happened inside?
“I have to go and see! What the hell are the two of them!” He Tiantian jumped out one step at a time, going to see what happened.
But Sister Qing pulled her over, and Sister Qing said, “Slow down! Let’s watch the changes first.”
He Tiantian looked sullen and still watching him turn into a dog.
Time goes back a few minutes ago.
Feliicity and Wiliam drank the water and chatted with each other.
The more I talk about Feliicity, the colder my heart becomes.
What a broken Xiaoyao pill!
There is no use at all.
No wonder Wiliam didn’t react at all.
It seems that tonight is a silly show.
Just as Feliicity looked like she wanted to retreat from gold, her heart trembled.
A weird feeling rushed into the forehead along the heart and liver.
This is a feeling of restlessness, a feeling of desire.
Feliicity felt something was wrong instinctively.
She was just going to study why this feeling occurred.
But it was too late.
This feeling of scratching the heart with a hundred claws has already rushed in like a mountain and a sea.
Almost completely swallowed her consciousness in an instant!
Feliicity was dripping with sweat for a while, and the whole person was panting, blushing as if feverish.
“Feliicity, what’s the matter with you?” Wiliam asked worriedly as Feliicity’s state suddenly changed.
He gently hugged Feliicity, but he felt that the person in his arms was like a stove, terribly hot.
Feliicity’s consciousness was already blurred, she instinctively sensed a masculine breath, and she immediately hugged Wiliam as if she was grasping a life-saving straw.
the man.
She needs men.
So she instinctively went to pick up Wiliam’s clothes.
Wiliam was stunned on the spot.
When was Feliicity so bold?
Is this still your own cute little wife?
How to be like a 30-like hunger demon?
Wiliam was still in shock, the clothes on his upper body had been forcibly stripped off by Feliicity.
Wiliam was frightened and couldn’t help shouting loudly, “You, don’t come over! Don’t pick my clothes! What’s the matter with you?”
Feliicity couldn’t hear it at all.
In her consciousness, there is only a man’s body.
Wiliam saw that Feliicity was still doing its own way, and his heart was stubborn, reaching out his hand and pressing hard on Feliicity’s Fengfu Cave!
Feliicity pierced his head and suddenly shouted out in pain.
Taking advantage of this rare gap, Wiliam quickly asked, “Feliicity, what’s wrong with you? Why are you going crazy?”
Feliicity’s body was temporarily restrained by Wiliam, and his head became sober in an instant.
She saw her face clearly and saw what she was doing to Wiliam, she felt embarrassed to smash her head and grab the ground.
Feliicity was ashamed and embarrassed, and was buried directly in Wiliam’s arms.
However, the body’s eagerness to move like a turbulent wave hit her brain again and again, accepting the blow of fanaticism.
She thought of it suddenly.
This must be the thing that Sister Tian Tian gave to show its effect.
This effect is too cheating!
So tough!
This is too much for anyone to stand up!
I felt like I was going crazy.
If this made Wiliam appear effective, he would definitely die on this white bed sheet tonight.
But why?
Wiliamming drank it too.
Why does he have nothing to do?
This question entangled Feliicity like a nightmare.
When Feliicity thinks about it, she hates to die.
I was really cheap just now, why should I try this stuff?
it’s good now.
Originally, Wiliam went crazy, half-pushing half-heartedly.
Now that he became mad, Wiliam seemed to have seen a ghost.
“Feliicity? Is it better?” Wiliam asked with concern, hugging Feliicity tightly.
His hand is already resting on Feliicity’s pulse.
With this ride, Wiliamxin shuddered and exclaimed, “Feliicity! Who have you had a drink or drink with tonight! Someone put something in your drink!”
Feliicity burst into tears and fell.
Where is someone?
Obviously do it yourself!
“Who is it!” Wiliam said as he was about to walk outside, obviously furious, and wanted to find the murderer out.
Feliicity really had no idea.
She burst into tears.
The face was completely gone at this time.
She pulled the landing leaf, tears in her nose and told the cause and effect of the matter.
When she talked about how a group of sisters gave her a staff advisor to Wiliam, and said that she didn’t believe in evil and tried the law, which caused her to look like this, she couldn’t lift her head anymore.
After Wiliam listened, his whole body was stunned.
He didn’t even dream of thinking that such a weird thing happened to himself and Feliicity tonight.
He was even crying stupidly by Feliicity.
This silly girl, what medicine has expired and doesn’t exist, please?
Wiliam knows his body very well.
After re-forging blood and body with Luoxia growing flowers and reborn green lotus some time ago, Wiliam’s current body can be said to be invincible.
Ordinary poison can’t enter Wiliam’s body at all, unless it is a strange poison.
How could Wiliam pay attention to Xiaoyao pills in this small area?
But Feliicity didn’t know all this.
So she foolishly thought it was out of date, so she tried one herself.
The results are good.
This one almost killed Feliicity.
Seeing Feliicity’s medicinal effect hit again, he stretched out his hand to take off Wiliam’s clothes again.
Wiliam was so angry and funny, he was worried that Feliicity would not be able to hold it under such effects.
So he lighted Feliicity, took out the Long Live Demon Lotus, and helped Feliicity get rid of the effects of the medicine.
Long live the demon lotus thing has been very easy to use now.
This ordinary medicinal effect can be absorbed directly by Long Live Demon Lotus.
After five minutes, Feliicity’s body gradually stopped shaking violently.
Her body seemed to be fished out of the water, and her clothes were completely drenched.
The first sentence she was rescued by Wiliam, she cried, “Wiliam, I was wrong, and I will never dare anymore.”
Wiliam knocked Feliicity’s head amusedly, “Let you mess it up in the future, now you know the consequences.”
Feliicity nodded without tears, this time, enough to cause a lifetime of psychological shadow.
Forget it, just be an old woman for a lifetime.
At least the heart can hold it.
Just as Feliicity was frustrated and wanted to leave, suddenly Wiliam next to her took her into her arms.
Feliicity was taken aback and looked at Wiliam suspiciously, “What are you doing?”
“What do you do?” Wiliam showed a warm and evil smile, “As you wish, adult beauty…”
“Come on! I’m ready now, take possession of me to your heart’s content!”
Chapter 1367
Feliicity was taken aback and looked at Wiliam in disbelief.
With a warm smile on Wiliam’s face, he looked at Feliicity with a fondly look, and said softly: “In order to be a couple tonight, I have made my wife take great pains and let this medicine knife family be broken up and down. If I don’t express my heart, will I fail everyone’s good intentions?”
Feliicity’s face turned red suddenly, with an unexpected look.
She really couldn’t think of it.
Tonight, I almost took my own life into it, and there was no shame in front of Wiliam.
I thought Wiliam would laugh at himself.
He didn’t think that Wiliam’s mind was exquisite, and he was not like wood at this moment.
In a few words now, not only has it rounded the stage for myself, but also pushed the boat along the way, the beauty of an adult…
Thinking of this, Feliicity felt sweet in her heart.
This wave is not a loss.
“Come on, turn off the light if you are shy.” Wiliam lay on the bed, smiling at Feliicity.
What Feliicity did for him just now didn’t make Wiliam feel how hungry she was to choose food or to use any means.
On the contrary, it made Wiliam feel that his wife was so cute and lovely that she could hardly bear it.
The moonlight is just right tonight, and the stars are all over the sky.
Yi night talk, Yi Xiangsi.
Should be turned into a red wave, and drunk the beauty…
And at the moment, on the roof outside.
A group of people are about to stretch their necks.
“Sister Qing, what’s going on! Why is there no movement at all?” Lin Sichun patted her neck and couldn’t help asking.
“Calm, calm!” Sister Qing couldn’t say anything for a while, so she could only force her to calm down.
Everyone lost a big eye to Sister Chao Qing.
This is one night.
Until the next day, when the sun rose, everyone stayed up all night, and because of their high concentration, all of them raised their ears, and now they were showing fatigue.
Just when everyone couldn’t help but want to find out, the door of Wiliam’s room suddenly opened.
Everyone stared and came out?
What happened all night, came out?
Did it happen?
He Tiantian glared at Sister Qing, and she slid and fell directly in front of Wiliam.
Everyone also followed out, and a large group of people instantly surrounded Wiliam.
Wiliam was refreshed all night, and when he came out, he was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of people, really startled.
He Tiantian grabbed Wiliam’s hand, looked up and down, his face was depressed.
“Sister Tian Tian, ​​what’s the matter?” Wiliam looked at everyone suspiciously.
“Last night, were you so quiet?” He Tiantian asked sharply.
Wiliam understood something instantly.
He looked at He Tiantian amused, “What do you want to hear?”
He Tiantian’s face blushed slightly and hesitated.
On the contrary, Liu Lang grinned and said, “I asked you if you were successful last night?”
With this reminder, Wiliam actually closed the door that had just opened neatly back.
He Tiantian glanced inside and saw Feliicity still sleeping on the bed, and the house was in a mess.
With a thought, she asked excitedly: “It’s done?”
Wiliam nodded, “Thank you for your troubles. Our husband and wife’s affairs have made you do everything possible to make them complete.
Sister Qing was puzzled, “It’s done? Why is there nothing happening overnight?”
Wiliam’s face turned dark, and he asked, “You won’t be squatting outside all night to monitor it, do you?”
A few women suddenly hesitated and dared not speak.
Wiliam glanced at him, and suddenly froze in a corner of the yard, “What’s the matter with the God of Wealth? Why do you sleep in the corner?”
Liu Lang smirked, and said, “Oh, I guess I drank too much last night and I can’t find my room anymore.”
Wiliam seemed to understand what was going on, and he bowed his hands to everyone, “Thank you.”
Liu Lang shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s just do this. Everyone will wash up and gather in the lobby in an hour. I will tell you about some things.”
Everyone nodded and dispersed.
Sister Qing couldn’t help but glared at Wiliam again before leaving unwillingly.
She never understood why there was nothing happening all night.
Logically speaking, it should be the kind of thunder that shook the ground, and screamed into the sky.
But why is it surprisingly calm, what happened last night?
Wiliam is a soft-footed shrimp, and the battle is over before it starts?
With this full of doubts, Sister Qing was very angry.
An hour later, everyone gathered in the lobby of the Medicine Knife Family.
The convener is naturally Liu Lang.
Liu Lang patrolled around and asked, “Where is the Feliicity?”
Wiliam said calmly, “It’s not convenient to walk today, and I’m still asleep.”
Everyone’s breathing was stagnant, dare you to be true last night?
Liu Lang smirked, “It’s okay, then let’s officially start. We have initially decided to go to the outer world of Cangmang Tiandi a month later, and now we have initially set a list of personnel to go to this outer world.”
Said it was a preliminary decision, in fact Liu Lang already knew it well.
“We stay in this mortal world for a long time, and we will only encounter even more crazy counterattacks from the strange sword, so we will tentatively divide it into two batches.” Liu Lang looked at the crowd and said.
“The first batch, I, Lin Jiang, Wiliam, and the craftsmen of the Hongchen Sword School, let’s explore the way first.” Liu Lang took out a list.
“Artisan?” Wiliam asked suspiciously.
He was very impressed by this craftsman.
At the Centennial Ceremony of the Evil Fist, the craftsman fought Lin Jiang, and the whole person was like a Transformer. It changed and changed, and it was novel.
It’s just that the craftsmen also followed the first batch?
“Hahahaha, boy, don’t you understand? Although this humanity, martial art is rampant, and artisanship and artisanship are declining, but in the outer world, artisanism and artisanship are so powerful and unbelievable. The rise of artisanship started from crossing the Anaconda Tianmo, so it is very necessary for the artisans to follow us. She is the necessary guarantee for us to easily pass the Anaconda Tianmo.” Liu Lang said with a smile.
These words were extremely novel to Wiliam.
Are Shu Dao and Artisan Dao really so popular over there?
“Well, let’s get back to the topic, the second batch of candidates, the medicine knife family is naturally my wives. For Lin Jiang, Gu Xinyu, Ye Hongchen, and the other personnel Lin Jiang decide by himself. Wiliam, Feliicity, Li Chunfeng, Wenren admired, and Xiao Wangqing, Wiliam, what’s your opinion?” Liu Lang asked.
Wiliam frowned, “Will Wen Ren Qingxin want to go too?”
Liu Lang smiled weirdly, “That’s natural. Wen Renqin’s heart has returned to its roots, and I will say later that Wen Renqin’s family is exactly where one of the three of us is going.”
Wiliam’s heart was stunned.
He always knew that Wen Renqin had a mysterious background, but he didn’t expect her family to be in the outer world!
Wiliam wanted to ask more. Liu Lang suddenly stared at Wiliam and said, “Do you know where your grandfather learned his ability to transform the human body?”
Wiliamfu was in the heart and couldn’t get through: “Does my grandfather learn it from a family that hears people’s hearts?”
Liu Lang nodded, and then threw a blockbuster, “Wiliam, I want to tell you one thing, don’t be too excited, your grandpa…”
“I’m not exhausted!”
Chapter 1368
“What!” Wiliam stood up from the chair on the spot, shocked with a face!
He watched his grandpa pass away with his own eyes!
Now Liu Lang tells himself that his grandpa is not exhausted!
What’s the matter!
Liu Lang said with a look of guilt: “It is true. This is a deal your grandpa made with me in the early years, but the details are not suitable for you to tell you now, but what I can tell you is that only you can save your grandpa. “
“How to save it! How can I save it!” A flame ignited in Wiliam’s heart instantly!
Grandpa, it is his last regret to stay in this world!
If he could return to the happiness of family, Wiliam would be willing to pay any price!
“Do you still remember your “Impermanent Medical Classics”? You should have practiced to the sixth chapter of Buju, right? Tell me, what is the effect of Buju?” Liu Lang suddenly asked.
Wiliam looked at Liu Lang deeply, he actually knew his secret!
Grandpa must have told him!
Now, Wiliam was even more convinced that Liu Lang was not saying nothing.
He calmed his mind and said, “Bu Ju’s effect is probably to be able to see a person’s past.”
From the beginning of Bu Ju, he has surpassed the previous medical skills, but used the yin-yang and five-element divination to practice the mystery of the heavens and the earth.
Liu Lang nodded, and said, “Then you have thought, do the remaining chapters have any effect?”
Wiliam frowned and said, “I don’t know yet. The magic of “Impermanence Medical Classics” is that if I am in a bad state, I will feel dizzy when I see it, and I can’t even read the words clearly.”
Liu Lang nodded and said, “Then I’ll tell you first, Chapter 6 Buju can be regarded as the past. Chapter 7 is called the ridicule, and it can be regarded as the future for a short time.”
Wiliam’s scalp numb!
Counting people’s past is enough, but also people’s future!
This is too scary, right?
However, he thought about it carefully, and it made sense.
With the past, there must be a future.
“The eighth chapter is called soul-calling. As long as a person has just died and his soul is not dispersed, he can force the soul-calling.” Liu Lang said astonishingly again.
“Is this how I saved my grandfather!” Wiliam asked excitedly.
But Liu Lang shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Your grandpa’s soul has long been gone, and the effect of soul-calling is within an hour after death. Do you think soul-calling is still useful for your grandpa?”
Wiliam’s excitement suddenly fell to the bottom.
Liu Lang said, “But, do you know what Chapter 9 is? Chapter 9 is called Fate Change!”
“Change your fate!” Wiliam’s heart trembled.
“Yes! Change your fate against the sky!” Liu Lang stared at Wiliam closely, “but you can’t change your fate casually. You have to abide by this law of heaven and earth, otherwise your ability will be against the sky. Up.”
“What rules?” Wiliam asked eagerly.
“To change your life first requires you to pay a great price, and then your grandpa’s body also needs to have a certain amount of breath. I will tell you this later, but you can rest assured that your grandpa made an agreement with me back then and has already taken it in advance. After taking some medicine, I will keep his aura for him, so you only need to cultivate to Chapter 9 to change your life, and I guarantee that your grandpa will appear in front of you again.” Liu Lang finished in a breath.
The flame of hope ignited in Wiliam’s heart again.
Where there is only a glimmer of hope, Wiliam can do everything for it!
“One year, you only have one year to cultivate to Chapter 9. This is why I insist on asking you to go to the outer world. Only when you practice in the world where the strong man is like a cloud can you maintain an enterprising mind.” Liu Lang said.
Wiliam finally understood.
What a grandpa.
It’s been a long time ago. There is this life and death.
So he used his life to continue to spur himself to keep moving forward.
“Okay! I understand!” Wiliam took a deep breath, already knowing his future missions.
The first of course is to save Grandpa’s life.
Then I found my father and punched him!
Finally, for Li Chunfeng to escape the damn Emperor Wang’s merciless suffering.
“Okay, let’s talk about where we are going. The three of us will be divided into three paths when we get there, and we will practice separately.” Liu Lang said astonishingly again.
“Why is it divided into three paths?” Wiliam asked.
Liu Lang smiled and said, “Because the three of us have different bloodlines, but we are all at the pinnacle of supremacy. If we are together, we will definitely be calculated. And our chances of practicing are different. Well, I will go to a mysterious place. For Lin Jiang, she will go to imperial court. Miss Su saved Lin Jiang’s confidante Su Emei before. Lin Jiang went there, but he had a bad fate. As for the result, it depends on Lin Jiang himself. .”
Lin Jiang and Gu Xinyu looked at each other.
The woman Su Emei has a special status in each other’s hearts.
Lin Jiang was originally looking for Su Emei for this purpose.
This was also a promise he made to Su Emei at that time.
“Lin Jiang, come soon!”
This rhetoric is now practiced!
And Wiliam looked at Wenren’s heart, “So, am I going to your family?”
He is very smart, and Liu Lang has already guessed some clues since he asked him to bring Wenren Qingxin.
Wen Ren smiled heartily, and said softly: “Well, Wiliam, the secret of my life experience has never been able to tell you, because your realm is not enough. Now that you are going to that place, I can tell you.”
Wen Ren said softly and softly: “The family I belong to is indeed in the outer world, and the family name is Xianghua Lixue.”
“Fragrant flowers and blood? What kind of weird name?” Wiliam had a black line.
Does the family or sect in that place have any obsession with choosing names?
The strange sword covers the sky?
Fragrant flowers and blood?
What the hell is this?
Fragrant flowers and blood, are you not a mother?
“Well, Xianghua Lixue is actually similar to the name of Qijian Zhetian. In the name of Qijian Zhetian, there are two unique skills of their sects, Qijian and Zhetianzhang. Our Xianghua Lixue also contains two kinds of unique skills. One is the fragrant flower medical divination, which means that our clan is good at divination with one flower to see the world and is good at art. As for the blood, it is another way of cultivation, which fits well with your current blood refining.” Wenren talked with heart and soul.
Her family, although not the strongest existence, but it is the most peculiar existence.
Fragrant flowers ask right and wrong, Yiye invites heaven and earth.
“We fragrant flowers, we have the same strength as the Qijian Zhetian and the imperial system, Wiliam, you have good and bad points in the past. You should have seen some clues, your grandfather’s ability to transform the body, There are some differences with me.” Wen Ren said in love.
Wiliam nodded.
Wen Renqinxin’s ability is quite weird, as if his bones can grow freely, and although his grandfather can also reshape his body, he has something in common with Wenrenqin, but there are essential differences.
That is, Grandpa’s transformation is irreversible.
And Wen Ren Qingxin does not have this side effect.
It means that Grandpa only learned a little bit of their fragrant fur.
But it is still in this humanity.
It is enough to prove the formidable strength of Xianghua Lexue.
“Of course, the main reason why you went to our place was because my family had great opportunities with you, your father, and your grandfather.” Wen Ren Qingxin suddenly said astonishing.
Chapter 1369
“What! Why is your family related to my father and my grandfather?” Wiliam’s eyes widened in disbelief.
However, he reacted immediately after being astonished.
My grandfather can learn the details of the fragrance of the flowers, which shows that grandpa and the fragrance of the flowers have a connection.
As for his father, he had been in the outer world of Cangmang’s moat for many years, and it was understandable that he had something to do with Xianghua.
He immediately asked: “Is there any contact?”
But Wen Renqin shook his head with a wry smile, and said: “I am not very clear about the specifics. You can only explore it yourself.”
Wenren has been away from his family for many years, and the information he can get from the family is all fragmented information.
“I left the family and met your grandfather by chance. The transformation skills your grandpa learned were also learned from me. Unfortunately, my skills are not good, and he can learn even less.” Wen Ren said simply with heartfelt heart. Some early things.
Wiliam became silent.
Now he knew that no matter whether his grandfather was alive or dead, his path seemed to be doomed.
Is it really fate?
Wiliam felt a sense of powerlessness towards fate for a while.
He turned to look at Wenren and said, “Since it is related to your family, then you should go with us first.”
Wenren was taken aback for a moment, and seemed to hesitate.
But she nodded, and said to Wiliam: “But with the Young Master’s orders.”
“Liu Lang, should you tell us the specifics now, right?” Wiliam looked at Liu Lang again.
Liu Lang had been prepared long ago and asked one of his servants to bring a large piece of paper.
He spread the paper and motioned everyone to look up.
Wiliam looked over and saw this humane map for the first time.
Others also reacted immediately, “Isn’t this our humanitarian map?”
But Lin Jiang and Wiliam suddenly looked at each other together.
Is it a humanitarian map?
The humanitarian map is just one piece of this map.
The terrain on this map is like a yin and yang Tai Chi.
Wiliam and the others are on the left, which is the cathode.
On the opposite side of Humanity, there is a terrain similar to Humanity.
Regardless of the terrain, Wiliam and Lin Jiang’s eyes fell between the humane terrain and this unfamiliar terrain.
A thing that looks like a giant dragon completely separates the two terrains.
Liu Lang looked at Wiliam and Lin Jiang deeply, and said, “Have you noticed that too?”
He pointed at the long dragon, and said, “This long dragon is the chrysanthemum moat.”
Wiliam and Lin Jiang’s heart shuddered, their eyes were full of shock.
What is this.
On the map, it looks like a long dragon, but in reality, it must be very shocking.
The magical nature of nature has such a magical sky that separates the two worlds.
Liu Lang seemed to understand their thoughts. His vision was far-reaching, encompassing the heavens and the earth, “This sacred python cuts our humanity and the outer world into two worlds. What we have to do next is to cross the
“But don’t you think that it is easy to cross the Anaconda Skyscraper. Do you know how this Anaconda Skyscraper is recorded in ancient history? It is said that the Anaconda Skyscraper is a living python.” Liu Lang said jokingly. .
With this, the people on the scene exclaimed in unison!
This python skygrass is a living python!
how can that be!
Is there such a terrible python in the world?
What should this be like!
Yeah, the length is comparable to a humane terrain!
What is that mortal in front of this giant python!
Even if it is a god, it is not the opponent of this python!
too frightening.
Seeing that everyone was shocked, Liu Lang continued: “Of course, this is just a wild legend. No one has ever proved it to be true. Moreover, the current Anaconda Tianma has become a big river comparable to the sea.”
“The danger I mentioned is that, on the one hand, the weather in the moat is weird, and the moat is turbulent. On the other hand, there are many ancient beasts in the moat that you have never seen before. There are often people who want to cross the moat, but 90% of people want to cross the moat. All died under the claws of ancient beasts.”
“According to the rumors, there is a terrifying ancient beast sleeping in the depths of the Anaconda Sky. Even if I pass by, it will only give people a head.” Liu Lang made a comparison with himself.
Everyone was horrified at hearing, “So dangerous? You are not an opponent, so don’t we have more hope?”
Liu Lang shook his head and said, “I’m only talking about the depths, so there is a very important principle for crossing the Anaconda Skygrass, that is, low-key, low-key and then low-key, and don’t make any big disturbances that are earth-shattering.”
“The reason why I chose to choose one month later is also valid. Clouds and mists from the Cangmang sky grab the river and the turbulent water all the year round. Only two days after one month are the days of the full moon, and the visibility has reached the best of the year. Therefore, the two days after a month each year, it has become a customary opportunity to cross the sky. Then you will be able to see it in the past. Crossing each year is also a kind of humanitarian wonder.” Liu Lang said with a smile.
Lin Jiang and Wiliam frowned and were silent.
Lin Jiang suddenly asked, “Liu Lang, I have a question for you.”
Wiliam naturally followed Lin Jiang’s words and asked, “You just said that crossing the sky pythons is extremely dangerous, the waves are rough and so on, and then there are ancient beasts in the sky. If that’s the case, why don’t you just fly over?”
Wiliam’s question is quite cruel.
The technology is so advanced now that airplanes are flying all over the sky.
Even if there were no planes, relying on the realm of the three of Wiliam and the others, it would not be impossible for the Silver Needle to fly across.
Why is Liu Lang obsessed with crossing the moat on the river?
Liu Lang patted Wiliam on the shoulder and said with a smile: “I knew you would ask this question, but think about it, there must be a reason why I said this.”
“So, the sky is more dangerous?” Lin Jiang asked.
“It’s dangerous. It’s a very strange feature. The sky of the Cang Python’s sky seems to have a law of heaven and earth. Everything in the world can’t fly across. If you fly across it forcibly, it will be directly crushed into powder. So You can only cross by the river, not by flying.” Liu Lang said.
“Okay, we understand.” Wiliam nodded, it is not surprising that there is such a restriction.
“Okay, if you have any questions, let’s go back and rest first. There is still a month left. You can ask me anytime if you have any questions,” Liu Lang said at last.
Wiliam bid farewell to Liu Lang and returned to his room.
He opened the door and found Feliicity still lying on the bed.
He walked towards Feliicity, but suddenly saw Feliicity’s body trembling slightly behind his back.
Wiliam was taken aback, is this awake?
Started to pretend to sleep when I heard myself coming in?
What is Feliicity going to do?
In order not to repeat the same mistakes, Wiliam decisively broke Feliicity and asked, “Feliicity, you woke up a long time ago, didn’t you?”
Sure enough, Feliicity opened her eyes.
The eyes are full of fear and grievance.
She suddenly cried out and almost knelt to Wiliam.
“Husband, okay if I call your husband? I almost died here last night. You spared me a dog. It’s daytime. Don’t ask me too much…”
Chapter 1370
Wiliam almost knelt to Feliicity.
What the hell!
What to ask for…
He looked at Feliicity carefully, and saw that Feliicity’s face was full of grievances.
Wiliam changed his mind and smiled bitterly.
It turned out that it was the first time for both of them last night, and neither had any experience.
So that Wiliam didn’t think about Feliicity’s body and endurance.
But Feliicity didn’t say anything to complete Wiliam last night.
I was scared today.
Thinking of this, Wiliam smiled and rubbed Feliicity’s head, and said, “Am I that kind of person? I just came here to care about you, what are you thinking?”
However, Feliicity covered her body with a vigilant look, “I don’t believe it, Sister Qing said, men are all people who eat the meat and know the taste…”
Speaking of this BaiFeliicity, there is a feeling of escaping from the dead.
Imagine that both of them were fine last night, and she was going to be tortured to death.
If Wiliam Xiaoyao Pills worked last night, she would definitely die.
“That’s not enough, what the hell, am I the kind of person who doesn’t choose food? Alright, alright, let’s get up first.” Wiliam said helplessly.
“Can’t get up…” Feliicity said aggrievedly, “It hurts…”
Wiliam had a black line, what else could he say.
Where does it hurt?
Obviously not.
“Okay, then you continue to rest. After you rest, I will tell you something.” Wiliam was helpless.
“Yeah.” Feliicity murmured while covering her head with a quilt.
A month has passed in a blink of an eye.
Feliicity also accepted Wiliam’s suggestion, and the second group set off for the outer world with He Tiantian and the others.
But today, Wiliam and the others are about to set off for the Cangmang Tianmo.
After some farewells, a few people set off.
It took more than a day and everyone arrived at their destination under the leadership of Liu Lang.
Before he got even closer, he heard a roar from the front.
Wiliam raised his eyes and saw the steaming river roaring in front of him, making the sound extremely loud.
And not far in front of them, many people were already standing.
Wiliam knew that these people were also going to cross the Anaconda Tianmo.
According to Liu Lang’s statement, before the strength has reached the consummation of energization, don’t even think about crossing the turkey sky, you don’t know how to die.
These people in front of them are obviously confident.
But depending on their age, these people are also gray-haired old men.
Wiliamchen thought that there are still many strange people and strangers in the world.
These people are obviously people who concentrate on practicing and don’t care about world affairs, just to go to a larger stage to show another deed.
Wiliam and the others continued to walk forward.
In a short while, Wiliam saw a huge boulder standing in front of them. On the stone, a dozen characters were written in vigorous and powerful cursive: Crossing the turkey sky at present, and Xiaolang has forgotten it since then.
“This is the best crossing point for the Anaconda Skygrass.” Liu Lang explained.
Wiliam looked up and couldn’t help but be speechless.
This is said to be big rivers and great moats.
But you can’t see the side at a glance.
How wide is this python sky moat?
Sure enough, Liu Lang didn’t fool himself, and it took two days to cross.
However, tomorrow is the best day of the year to cross, what is the meaning of the roar in front of you?
Liu Lang patted Lin Jiang and Wiliam on the shoulders, and said, “You guys will be content. The danger of the moat is already minimized.”
Wiliam and Lin Jiang couldn’t imagine how terrifying this python sky moat would normally be?
Wiliam and his group quickly attracted the attention of people around them.
The reason is too simple.
Wiliam and the group of people, although they all wear sunglasses and masks, still can’t hide their youthful appearance.
Not to mention there is a fairy-like woman in this crowd.
No matter how she concealed her, she wore loose clothes, but at the moment the gust of wind was hunting, her clothes were blown around her body, and her graceful body curve could not be covered at all.
Seeing everyone’s weird eyes, Liu Lang smiled and said in a low voice, “Do you know why they look at us?”
“Didn’t you see Qingxin?” Wiliam said.
Liu Lang’s face darkened, “Nonsense, wherever you look like you’re in love with people, it’s amazing. Can you see, what’s the difference between us and them?”
Wiliam thought for a while, and said, “Ninety percent of the people in front of him are old men and women, and their cultivation level is very unusual. If you look at the team, there is at least one old man in each team.”
Liu Lang clapped his hands, “Yes, this is the biggest difference between us and them.”
Lin Jiang had already understood.
There were also a dozen young people like them on the scene.
But there must be some old people behind the young people to escort them.
But Liu Lang did not have them.
Crossed the Cang python moat, and from then on became his hometown.
Many elders will bring their children to go with them, hoping to take root in the outer world and continue the incense.
You know, if you stand in the outer world, you are a master of the world.
So for the sake of future generations, they will fight for it.
Soon, a young man with oily noodles came to Wen Renqin’s heart.
He looked up and down at this Wenren’s heart, although he didn’t see his face, but his figure and temperament were already incomparably attractive.
He bowed his hands to Wen Ren, and said politely: “Hello girl, my name is Qian Changhu.”
Wenren couldn’t even take a look at him, let alone answer.
The young man named Qian Changhu didn’t get annoyed, and continued to proudly say, “Girl, I’m from Miaojiang. , I think the girls are young and energetic. Are you trying to cross the sky?”
Liu Lang had the best temper. He smiled lazily: “Yes, come out and meet the world.”
Qian Changhu glanced at Liu Lang, and continued to say to Wen Ren intently: “Girl, I don’t know if I should say something wrong?”
No one cares about him.
He continued to insist: “You guys, it seems that you don’t understand the dangers here. I advise the girl to cherish life and stay away from the moat. But, if the girl really wants to cross, why not come with us?”
Liu Lang spoke up: “Oh? Are you sure to cross the moat?”
This was in the middle of Qian Changhu’s embrace. He pointed to a group of people wearing Miaojiang costumes behind him and said: “You see? We have a large group of masters who swept the battlefield. My grandfather is even one step short of a half-step innate warrior. They escort them to get through this turkey moat. I dare not say that it is difficult. I think it’s a pity that the girl lost her life at her young age. It’s better to be with us so that we can take care of you.”
He was all girls when he talked, obviously he didn’t put Wiliam and others in his eyes at all.
But at this time, Wen Renqin smiled suddenly.
She stretched out her slender hand, leaned against Wiliam, hooked Wiliam’s arm, and said in an orange tone, “Oh, then you can ask my husband if she agrees…”


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