Dragon Husband 1371-1375

Chapter 1371
Wiliam has a black line.
Do something!
Fortunately, the Feliicity are not there, or go home and kneel on the washboard.
But Liu Lang and others almost couldn’t help laughing.
They all know that Wenren is an unworldly queen, and there are so many ways.
Obviously, he wanted to bring trouble to the east and let Wiliamtan a pool of muddy water.
Wiliam was also not good at poking Wenren’s heart to his face, he bit his head and said nothing.
Yeah, this Wenrenqian was a little soft and he was too close.
Wiliam was uncomfortable.
And Qian Changhu suddenly heard that Wen Renqing had a husband, and his face suddenly became ugly.
He stared at Wiliam closely, his eyes burning with jealousy.
A flower is stuck in the cow dung!
He looked at Wiliam up and down, feeling that this kid was unremarkable, and he looked very self-esteem.
So Qian Changhu squeezed out a smile and said, “Hello, what is your name? Where are you from?”
Wiliam smiled slightly, and said casually: “From Shangougou, the name is not worth mentioning.”
Qian Changhu smiled playfully, knowing that this kid must be embarrassed to mention his insignificant origin.
He said lightly: “I think you are young and don’t know what is good or bad. If you really want to see the outside world, you might as well follow us. We will definitely protect you.”
Wiliam said, “No, we have enough.”
“Enough? Hahahaha.” Qian Changhu suddenly laughed.
He even laughed loudly with those who were listening to him.
I’m afraid I don’t know how to die!
Know where it is?
I came here especially, but I don’t know if this is the Tiger’s Den in Longtan?
Which of the teams present is not guarded by a super warrior?
You know, every time you bring a young man with poor strength, the pressure on the super warrior will be a little bit greater.
Fortunately, Qian Changhu has many elders and masters in his family, so he dares to praise Haikou for bringing them together.
How many of their juniors do not know whether they live or die, is enough?
Ridiculous, so ridiculous.
“You guys, do you really come from a remote place? Who do you think you are? Is it the monsters on the top of the bloodline? Or is it the reincarnation of the immortals? It is good for you to recognize the situation.” Qian Changhu said to him. These young people are even more disdainful.
His attention was only on Wenren’s heart, thinking that these guys are people who have never seen the world before, but it’s a pity for this pretty chick.
But Qian Changhu is more confident, and it’s best to cheat a woman who has never seen him before.
As long as she shows more advantages and strengths that people can’t match, this girl still can’t show her brilliance.
Liu Lang laughed and talked to the side: “What did you just say about the monster on the top of the bloodline?”
Wiliam also slandered in his heart, can we still become monsters?
Qian Changhu was just thinking about how to show off his knowledge, and when he saw the other person asking for advice, he immediately said: “It seems that you really don’t understand anything? For the face of this girl, I will tell you. .”
“We ordinary people practice and pay attention to the order of martial arts. At your age, you are already a dragon and phoenix in the realm of Huajin.” When Qian Changhu said this, he was very proud.
He is hinting that he is now a fighter in the dragon and the phoenix.
“But some time ago, it was rumored that there were three humane plagues. It is said that three young people have the bloodline, and the cultivation speed is terrifying, enough to crush all the warriors in the world. Only this kind of bloodline monster can be in yours. At this age, he has enough strength to cross the turbulent sky.” Qian Changhu continued.
“Wow, they are so amazing?” Wen Renqin said abruptly, and the words were orange in orange again.
Wiliam’s heart and liver trembled, sister-in-law and grandma don’t mess up.
When Qian Changhu suddenly heard Wen Ren’s heartfelt words, his heart became even more excited.
This shows off knowledge really useful.
Take a look, isn’t this girl just hooked?
Interest is the beginning of love.
He said complacently: “Of course! It is rumored that the Three Plagues of Humanity have extraordinary powers and violent characters, and they are truly cruel and terrible! Don’t provoke that monster.”
“Is it that scary? Have you seen them?” Wen Renqing asked again.
She was purely idle and bored to pass the time, listening to the image of the so-called three humanitarian plagues in the eyes of others by the way.
Hearing Qian Changhu’s description of the three of them as heinous beasts, Wen Ren Qingxin felt so happy.
“Uh ho ho ho ho, that…” Qian Changhu suddenly became embarrassed and hesitated.
“You haven’t seen it before, have you?” Wen Ren asked intently.
Qian Changhu’s face turned straight, “How could I have seen it before? You know, we are naturally in a small circle of geniuses. Some time ago I even talked to them about drinking and drinking. Although I have seen it, I don’t want them to do it. Pie, I am not at the same level as sin.”
The three Wiliam stared at each other.
Young people nowadays are bragging?
“Oh, I really hope to meet such an extraordinary person. It would be better if they are all unmarried.” Wen Ren expressed his pity heartily.
Qian Changhu immediately said: “Ho ho ho ho, girl, that kind of scum is not worthy of your mind. I just said that they are the only ones in the world who have this kind of ability. Others. Do you understand now?”
“Understood.” Wen Renqing said nothing again.
Boredom hits again, especially empty.
“So, meeting is fate. For the sake of our fate, I can help you.” Qian Changhu repeated his old tune.
“Oh, ask my husband.” Wen Renqing deliberately clung to Wiliam again, repeating the old tune.
“No need.” Wiliam repeated the old tune.
Endless loop.
Qian Changhu’s whole person is not good.
Dare to waste a lot of spitting stars, tell the dog?
He couldn’t hold back for a while, and said with a cold face: “You really think of yourself as an onion? Are you still the three monsters failing? Don’t treat kindness as donkey liver and lungs!”
Liu Lang stretched his waist, but also lacked interest.
Coming early.
What fun can pass the time?
At this time, someone suddenly shouted: “Look, everyone, the cold boater is here!”
Cold boater?
Wiliam was taken aback.
Liu Lang whispered: “The cold boaters are a group of people living on the edge of the python sky, and it can also be called a profession. Everyone who wants to cross the python sky moat must buy a boat from them. The craftsmanship is very good, and the ethnic group has studied the Anaconda Tianmo for generations. The boats they produce can withstand a large part of the wind and waves of the Anaconda Tianmo. And only the night before crossing the river each year, they will sell the boats. At other times, ghosts and shadows will be sold. not see.”
Wiliam was amazed that this is the real three years of not opening, and three years of opening.
“Boy, I’ll give you another chance! You pay to show your sincerity, buy a big boat, we can take you.” Qian Changhu suddenly stared at Wiliam and said.
Chapter 1372
Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Did you hear what I said? No need.”
“You! Life and death!” Qian Changhu’s expression became even more ugly.
At this time, someone suddenly said with a smile: “No need, I see, you just want to eat free food, don’t you have any treasures on your body?”
“Baby?” Wiliam frowned slightly.
Immediately there was an answerer who said, “I rely on it, don’t you know that the boats of the people who bought the cold boat were not bought with money, but with the treasures of heaven and earth in exchange.”
Wiliam looked at Liu Lang.
Liu Lang nodded, indicating that this is true.
Cultivating to their level, money is no longer of any use to them.
What they need is a cultivation resource like Tiancai Dibao.
Seeing that they were silent, Qian Changhu sneered and said, “I really don’t have anything and I want to cross the sky, where is your face?”
“Changhu, let’s go there first. It’s important to do business.” An old man glanced at Wiliam and the others coldly, and said to Qian Changhu.
Qian Changhu nodded and walked in the direction of Hanzhou Zhe.
Liu Lang said to them: “Let’s go, although we don’t have to buy a boat, it’s okay to see the world.”
As he said, he led Wiliam and the others towards that direction.
When he arrived at Hanzhouzhe’s side, Wiliam could see the group of people clearly.
This group of people were dressed in thick robes, with big hats on their heads, and looked like a fisherman.
Behind them, many kinds of boats parked.
There are big and small, simple and luxurious.
The people who wanted to buy the boat stood in front of the cold boat, consciously lining up.
Only Wiliam and the others, who didn’t join the queue, just stood on the sidelines, appearing very maverick.
Qian Changhu’s family has a lot of business, and they are ranked first.
He glanced at Wiliam coldly, and sneered, “Without my baby, will you meet the world by the side? It’s really poor and pitiful.”
With that, he walked towards the cold boat.
There is a leader on the Hanzhouzhe’s side with a beard and a heavy accent. He said loudly, “The boats have been arranged in order. Which boat number do you want? Then take out the baby and put it down if appropriate. Baby, put a mark on the boat. If it doesn’t fit, either add it or give it up.”
The rules are simple and rude.
It seems that the cold boaters are not afraid of someone coming to seize the ship, and even the heaven and earth treasures used for trading are just letting them put on the ground at will, and there is no meaning to protect them.
Qian Changhu was wealthy, carrying a bag, and placing the contents of the bag in front of the Hanzhou Zhe, and said loudly, “We need Ship No. 1.”
Ship No. 1 is the largest and most luxurious ship in it, capable of carrying twenty or thirty people.
The cold boater just glanced at the things on the ground and said, “Not enough.”
Qian Changhu’s face changed slightly, and he winked at the tribe behind him.
The clansmen once again brought a bunch of things and placed them in front of the cold boat.
This time the cold boater said: “Go and put the mark.”
Qian Changhu showed a slight smile, arched his hands triumphantly at the people behind him, and said loudly: “My colleagues are sorry, we want this ship.”
Others bowed their hands to Qian Changhu one after another, indicating that those who can get it were justified.
Everyone is here prepared, and it is extremely difficult to cross the sky of the anaconda, so I don’t hesitate to spare any momentary treasures of heaven and earth.
So every team basically won a boat.
Liu Lang looked at the artisan behind Lin Jiang and asked, “Artisan, what do you think?”
The craftsman was wrapped in black, and she whispered, “Is the craftsmanship okay.”
If these words were heard by the cold boat, he would definitely be furious.
But the craftsman is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, and she continued: “In fact, Qian Changhu and the group are stupid.”
“How to say?” Wiliam asked curiously.
“Crossing the Anaconda Sky, there are countless dangers inside. It’s not that the bigger the ship, the safer it is, but the smaller the ship is more flexible. It is unwise for them to covet the ship to be bigger, not to mention that there are so many fancy decorations on the ship. It’s even more useless, but at a critical time, these messy decorations may kill them.” The craftsman whispered.
Wiliam nodded, the craftsman’s analysis was reasonable.
While talking, all the boats have been bought over there.
The boats brought by the cold boats were basically marked, and only one of the smallest and simplest boats was left unmanned to buy.
The Hanzhou Zhe suddenly looked towards Wiliam and said loudly: “There is still a boat left. It is troublesome to bring it back. Would you like to make it cheaper?”
Everyone looked at Wiliam’s side.
Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Thanks, we don’t need it for the time being, we already have our own plans.”
The cold boat was taken aback.
The others laughed.
Especially Qian Changhu laughed the loudest, “If you have your own plans, don’t put gold on your face at this time. It’s the frog at the bottom of the well who doesn’t know the rules for buying a boat here, and has no money. Are you trying to save face now?”
Wiliamli ignored Qian Changhu, but arched his hands towards the leader of the Hanzhou Zhe, and expressed his gratitude.
After all, Wiliam felt that this bearded man was very real and straightforward, without any domineering posture.
The beard looked at Wiliam curiously, and asked more, “You said you have your own plans, what are your plans? I have been selling boats in this Cang Python Tianqi for more than 30 years, and I have never seen anyone who can cross without buying our boats. of.”
Wiliam pointed to the craftsman behind him, and said, “We also made a boat ourselves.”
As soon as this was said, there was a lot of laughter!
“Hahahahaha! This kid, did you get our earthly ship here? The earthly ship was thrown into the chrysanthemum moat, and I don’t know how to die!”
“I guess I just bought a boat wherever you want to be cheap. It’s too arrogant. I think of the python sky moat.”
“Those who dare to face the cold boat are not their boat, how arrogant this kid is.”
Qian Changhu laughed the loudest.
The guy who doesn’t know good or bad, swollen his face and fills the fat man, now one lie after another, I have to see how you come back tomorrow?
When the time comes, everyone will board the ship together, and they will wait to be upset on the shore!
Don’t know how to praise!
Luyehu also laughed, but it wasn’t the kind of ridicule, it was more amused by Wiliam.
He smiled and said, “Do you think your boat can compare with ours?”
Wiliam shook his head and said, “Naturally, I don’t think our boat can compare to yours.”
The scene burst into laughter again.
However, the laughter suddenly stopped.
Because Wiliam took another sentence.
“Your ship should be comparable to ours. The gap is a bit big.”
Chapter 1373 Four Rings
Everyone looked at Wiliam in horror.
This kid, he doesn’t know how high the sky is!
It is said that the boats of the cold boats are not comparable to the wild boats they built, and the gap is too big!
This is rubbing the face of the cold boater on the ground!
They didn’t dare to breathe for a while, and they looked at the cold boat one after another.
What if the Han Zhouzhe got furious because of Wiliam’s words, and insisted on taking back all the boats sold today!
This kid is simply a sinner through the ages!
“Boy! You are looking for death! I order you! Immediately kneel down and apologize to the cold boater!” Qian Changhu reacted first and shouted sternly.
But Wiliam smiled without saying a word.
Liu Lang said lightly: “It’s just a joke, it’s not enough.”
A bunch of rascals!
Qian Changhu glared at them.
These three men didn’t have a half-favorite opinion in Qian Changhu’s heart.
One is a rogue, one is an ice cube face, and the last one is a frog at the bottom of the well!
Fortunately, the beard didn’t even take Wiliam’s words to his heart. He laughed and said, “It’s strange! How many years have I seen such a crazy little guy. Okay, since you said your boat is better than ours.” Fortunately, I have to wait and see. How about opening my eyes tomorrow?”
Wiliam arched his hands, “It will definitely make you wish.”
The reason why Wiliam uttered wild words was because he believed what the artisan had just said.
The craftsman’s skill Wiliam has seen, and all the warriors who fly to the sky and escape the Transformers armor can get it out. Can a small boat be unable to get it out?
What’s more, the craftsman himself said that the boats of the cold boats were okay.
“Seeing you are so confident, why don’t I make a bet with you?” Hu said with a smile.
“Oh? What bet?” Wiliam asked.
“If tomorrow you can cross this turbulent sky with your own boat, then all the treasures I got tonight will be given to you, as a gift for your successful crossing.” Luo Yanhu said nonchalantly.
“What!” everyone on the scene exclaimed!
Give this kid all the treasure you got tonight!
You know, everyone has contributed countless rare treasures tonight!
Some treasures on the ground made some super warriors jealous!
The cold boater is going to give it all out lightly?
Isn’t this too tricky?
Wiliam smiled and said, “What else?”
Lu Chihu looked at these people on the opposite side with interest.
It’s weird.
These little guys are not very old.
But one is more confident than the other.
And what interests the beard the most is that these people are indifferent to the treasures all over the floor.
It was in sharp contrast with the people around.
Even if he said he was going to send them the baby, the people on the opposite side were still calm, as if they were not in the eye.
This is worth pondering.
Either these little guys have eyes higher than the top, and ordinary babies simply dismissed them.
Either I have never seen it before, and I don’t know what these things are and what’s the use.
But Luojihu would rather believe that it is the former.
Because of intuition.
“The other thing is, if you don’t succeed in crossing the Anaconda Skygrass, or if your ship is destroyed, you will die if you die, but if you are lucky enough to survive, you will come back to the cold boat race with me and serve as the rudder for us free of charge. Husband for three years, how about?” Luo Hu continued.
But everyone was already shocked before.
It is equivalent to sending out all the treasures, and the corresponding conditions are simply too easy.
It’s simply a good deal.
Wiliam glanced at the craftsman.
The craftsman nodded slightly.
Liu Lang also smiled and said, “Okay, adding some color to this trip is also a bit of motivation and pressure, isn’t it? That’s it.
“Okay! Happy! Let’s do it today, everyone, tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock auspicious, I will take the rudderman of the cold boat and go on the road with everyone. See you tomorrow.” Lu Jihu laughed and called people. He picked up the treasures on the ground at will, and slowly disappeared into everyone’s eyes.
The Hanzhou people can be regarded as a very trustworthy and conscientious ethnic group.
When they sell a boat, they will match a helmsman to take the boat and help everyone cross.
But there is a magic rule in it.
The helmsman is in charge of the ship, regardless of the cause, life or death.
They seemed to have reached an agreement between heaven and earth with this python sky moat.
Some ancient beasts in the Anaconda Skygrass will not target the cold boaters.
But if the ship is destroyed or the people on the ship are dead, the steerman will find a way to leave by himself.
They are equivalent to a kind of referee in this game of life and death.
After they left, everyone stared at Wiliam again.
Qian Changhu said loudly, “Boy, did you know that we almost caused trouble just now?”
Wiliam didn’t bother to take care of this kind of people.
A few of them sat on the ground, took out some dry food, and ate for themselves.
Qian Changhu still wanted to come to the theory, but was held back by the old man in the family, “Changhu, these boys have already provoke the Hanzhou people, we better not get too involved with them, so as not to get into trouble.”
Qian Changhu thought for a while and finally gave up.
Now Wiliam and several people look like Plague Gods in everyone’s eyes, and no one is willing to pay attention to them.
They exchanged the information they inquired about in twos and threes, hoping to be more fully prepared.
Wiliam and the others also heard a lot of fragmented information.
Among them, the most mentioned are the Nine Schools, Six Laws and Three Heavens.
But what they said was vague, Wiliam asked, “Brother Lang, what are the nine sects, six methods, and three heavens?”
Liu Lang pointed his nose to Wen Renxin, “Ask your wife.”
Wiliam has a black line.
Can’t get through this hurdle?
You are not afraid of being blown by the Feliicity, I am afraid…
Wen Ren poured his heart out to relieve Wiliam, and said lightly: “Nine Schools, Six Methods and Three Heavens are actually the general term for some forces in Outer Heaven and Earth. Have you seen the map of Outer Heaven and Earth before?”
Everyone nodded.
“Waitiandi is a big place, but it is divided into four circles. According to our side, there are four rings.” Wen Ren said with heart.
“The outermost ring has the most people living, but it can be roughly divided into two kinds of people, one is the warrior, the other is the ordinary indigenous people. And Jiuzong is the nine most powerful sects in these four rings, including our Xianghua The blood was drained, the people were imperial, and the sword was covering the sky. As for the number of sects under nine sects that are scattered and shattered, it is not worth mentioning.”
“As for the third ring, the most powerful force is the six methods and the six methods. These six methods are more powerful than the nine schools. The second ring means the three heavens. The three heavens means that three are about to be touched. The power of heaven.”
“As for the first ring, the clouds and mists linger all the year round. The people in the fourth ring don’t even know the secrets inside, and we can’t inquire about it. We don’t know.” Finally, Wenren said intently, “You don’t have to worry too much anyway. It’s an enhanced version of the world. There are also mobile phones with WIFI, wine and meat.”
At this time, a dark voice came from the side, “Oh, a bunch of buns still know Nine Sects, Six Laws, and Three Heavens.”
Chapter 1374
Wiliam and the others don’t need to look back to know who the speaker is.
Qian Changhu and his group are the closest to Wiliam.
Qian Changhu looked at Wiliam and the others with a mocking expression, “I still do some homework. It’s just that you have done this homework out of reach.”
Everyone laughed again.
“I don’t even know how to cross the sky moat, so I started to understand what’s going on in the future?”
“It’s so lofty, I can’t solve it right now, I want to go to the sky in one step!”
“Nine sects, six methods and three heavens are what people like you can talk about casually?”
Listening to the ridicule around him, Qian Changhu exaggeratedly said: “That might be, maybe someone has already contacted the other side. There have been three days to recruit them.”
“Hahahaha.” The laughter around was even louder.
“By the way, there is little money, which sect do you want to join?” Someone took this opportunity to ask Qian Changhu.
Qian Changhu immediately said arrogantly: “Hahahaha, ashamed and ashamed, we don’t have the ability to join Sandingtian, and even the Nine Schools and Six Laws can’t even reach it. The sect we want to join is called Canglang Zhixiong.”
“The Hero of Canglang!” Someone suddenly exclaimed, apparently knowing this sect.
Wen Renqing couldn’t help but sneer.
Wiliam asked, “Do you also know what Canglang hero this is?”
Wen Renqing shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”
“Then what are you laughing at?” Wiliam had a black line.
“As long as it is not the nine sects, it is the clown jumping beam, at least this Canglang hero is not one of the nine sects.” Wen Ren said lightly.
Only then did Wiliam understand, the name sounds nice, but it’s still scum.
But the people around don’t think so.
They surrounded Qian Changhu enviously, and said flatteringly: “There is less money, I know Canglang Heroes. I have heard that they have developed very well in the past few years. In more than ten or twenty years, they will have the ability to compete with nine platoons That’s it!”
“Yes, yes, little money, I got the message that those sects will organize a grand assessment only after we have crossed the Anaconda Skygrass, and then select the children of the outer sects. How did you do it? Ren Hai has passed by, so he has already booked to join the Canglang Hero?”
Qian Changhu arched his hands towards the people around him, and said with a smile: “No, my grandfather has joined the Canglang Hero ten years ago. He is still a little involved in it, so this time we can successfully join the Canglang Hero.”
The people around were dumbfounded when they heard it, and they thought that Qian Changhu still had this relationship!
Their attitude towards Qian Changhu became more respectful.
“You have little money, you are too modest! You have only a little relationship with you, your hands and eyes are open to the sky!”
“There is little money, so many of us don’t know if we can cross this turbulent moat, let alone if we can be lucky enough to be recruited by those sects after the past. You soared into the sky, I’ll admire you. For the sake of helping each other in the same boat, please take care of us.”
“Yes, I don’t know if Shao Qian can wait for me to say something nice in front of the hero of the waves…”
It’s difficult to cross the sacred moat, but how easy is it to join the sect?
People like them, at the highest level, can reach the realm of perfection.
For the sects of Outer World, Huajin Consummation is just a threshold.
Although they have reached this state, it is very difficult to be attracted to them because of their age.
And if they are allowed to work hard in the outer world, when will they be able to truly gain a foothold, let alone become famous.
So joining the sect is the fastest shortcut.
Although Qian Changhu’s realm is not high, because of his age and background, he has a lot to do in the outer world in the future.
Now if you don’t agree with money and grow up a tiger, when will you agree?
Listening to these compliments, Qian Changhu’s expression became more and more arrogant.
His gaze crossed the crowd and fell on Wen Renqin’s heart.
Qian Changhu can be regarded as showing his card in front of everyone.
Who doesn’t want to flatter him now?
Qian Changhu wanted to see how Wen Renqin reacted.
But it’s a pity that Wen Ren Qingxin didn’t even look at him at all.
Humph, I don’t know any good or bad woman.
Still can’t see the situation clearly yet?
Forget it, you don’t want this opportunity to make it to the sky, and you will regret it in the future.
Qian Changhu had never thought about who Wiliam and the group were.
The sect they are going to is far more powerful than any Canglang Hero.
In a blink of an eye the next day dawned.
It was still seven o’clock, and there was a majestic voice in front of him, “Qi Xi! Qi Xi! Respect the python! Religious! Religious! Cross the sky!”
When everyone heard the sound, they got up one after another and rushed towards the foggy front.
Liu Lang smiled slightly and said, “Let’s go, let’s take a look at the sacrifice ceremony of the cold boat.”
Wiliam and the others walked forward for a while before they saw yesterday’s beard.
They still wore large sashes and heavy hats.
A crimson table was placed on the crossing point of the Canglang Tianmo.
There are six animals on the table, and the incense keeps burning.
Following the roar of the beard holding the nine incense sticks, his men poured baskets of chicken, duck, fish, and livestock blood into the Cang Python ditch.
The Cangmang Tianmo River still roared, swept away the flesh and blood, and took it far away.
In the end, all the cold boaters threw their five bodies toward the blue python sky, shouting loudly some words that outsiders could not understand.
Liu Lang whispered, “This is a special sacrificial ritual for the cold boat people, much like the call sign of the boat.”
Wiliam and others nodded, each ethnic group has its own unique way of life.
When the worship ceremony of the cold boaters was over, the beard shouted loudly: “Enter the ship!”
The ruddermen of the cold boats slid up and floated towards the boats on the crossing point.
When they settled down, Qian Changhu and other talents walked towards their boats.
In the end, everyone on the shore fell into position.
The boats lined up in a row, just waiting for the beard to give an order, and start pulling out.
Luo Jihu personally steered the No. 1 ship, that is, Qian Changhu and their ship.
Everyone stared at the only Wiliam and others on the shore who were still not in place, just waiting to see a joke.
They uttered wild words and bet with the Hanzhou people.
The time for face slaps has come.
“Little guy, can’t you go! If you don’t, let’s go!” Wiliamhu shouted straightforwardly.
Wiliam nodded towards him, “Since it is the best time, why not leave?”
Lin Jiang looked at the craftsman beside him.
The craftsman understood, carrying a big package in his hand and walked to the side of the crowd.
Then in front of everyone, he opened the package.
Everyone looked intently, and inside the package was a square wooden box.
Everyone couldn’t help laughing.
Is this going to hold a box and cross the river?
Or are you ready to learn from Titanic?
And just as everyone was laughing, the craftsman pressed his hand on this big box, and the box suddenly cracked!
In full view, the box transforms!
Chapter 1375
The box, which was originally black and square, began to stretch out rhythmically under the eyes of everyone, accompanied by the sound of screaming.
This scene made the eyes of the beard go wide.
They have built ships for generations and have mastered this craft.
But he didn’t know much about other craftsmanship.
Not to mention having seen the artisan’s superb puppet art.
In just one minute, the craftsman’s box has been stretched out.
What appeared in front of everyone was a seven-eight-meter-long, exquisite and small awning boat.
It’s just that this awning boat is shining with black light, and it is made of materials that no one knows. Everyone is not clear for a while whether this boat is useful?
Huo Hu laughed loudly and said: “Good craftsmanship! Good craftsmanship! The skill of turning this box into a boat is eye-opening, but I don’t know if this boat will work well after it is launched into the water?”
He spoke very straightforwardly, and he was not afraid of whether Wiliam would be angry after hearing it.
Everyone laughed.
Qian Changhu jokingly said: “To be sensational, do you think you will be able to cross the river with some tricks? What’s the joke?”
“Okay, the auspicious time is here, everyone!” Lu Hu interrupted Qian Changhu’s mockery and shouted.
All the helmsmen shouted together, and the boat fell into the water under their control.
These boats looked extremely heavy, and they sank severely when they were launched, but everyone was shocked.
But after the ship entered the water, it showed the exquisite accomplishments of the cold boaters.
Despite the strong wind and waves in the sky, the boats swayed with the wind and waves, but they were steady.
Everyone felt this kind of stability, and couldn’t help clapping their hands in applause.
The cold boat is really not built.
“Let’s enter the water too.” Liu Lang said.
The craftsman nodded, and then, under the gaze of everyone, he lifted the boat with both hands and plunged directly into the moat.
This scene stunned everyone.
This little girl who seems to be lightly thin, isn’t she born with strange power?
But in the next second, the beard laughed, “So this boat is so light? How can it deal with wind and waves on the river when it is so light?”
Everyone realized that it was not the girl who was born with weird power, but the boat was too light.
I don’t know what material is used, but it is less than a hundred catties.
After the boat fell into the water, Wiliam and the others dangled and floated towards the boat.
When they landed on the boat, their bodies swayed with the boat, and everyone laughed again.
“It’s a joke when I look at the boat! Any storm can knock them all over.”
“This is just the beginning of the voyage. Watching them sway like this, they will arrive at the center of the Anaconda Skygrass later, and the wind and waves will be heavier.
“Not to mention that the greatest danger to the python sky moat is not the wind and waves, but the ancient beasts in this sky moat.”
“Okay, don’t care about them, everyone should be up for their spirits! Since you have entered the squat, you should be ready to face the battle at all times.” Luo Jihu shouted to everyone again.
Everyone gradually stopped laughing, but they still regarded the boat as a joke.
Seeing the boats tossing in the wind and waves, they would boo all over the sky.
Wiliam and his party were sitting on the boat, enjoying the unique spectacle of the Canglang Tianmo, and chatting occasionally.
The craftsman sits in the foremost position, manipulating the boat.
But in the end, everyone’s laughter gradually subsided.
Because no matter how big the wind and waves are, no matter how bumpy the boat is, it will capsize several times, but it has been able to hold on.
And there is nothing left behind.
Just as Qian Changhu wanted to forcefully ridicule a few words, he suddenly frowned and shouted: “Be careful!”
Everyone was shocked.
Then he smelled a strong and extremely fishy wind coming from the front of the Anaconda Skygrab, which made people feel nauseous.
“Ho ho, I really don’t know if you are lucky or unlucky, you have encountered a very difficult ancient beast in the blue python sky.” Luo Chi said calmly.
“What ancient beast!” Qian Changhu asked nervously.
“Look at it and you’ll know! Here comes!” Hu said loudly.
At this time, the surface of the river in front of me suddenly churned violently!
“Boom boom!”
The sound of breaking through the water is endless!
Everyone only felt that a flower in front of them, as if being illuminated by countless sunlight, was actually hard to open their eyes!
By the time they opened their eyes, the danger was already in sight!
The exclamation is endless!
I saw countless strange-shaped things sprang up from the surface of the water!
This kind of thing is very much like a hairtail.
The length is more than one meter, the whole body is silvery white, and it shines with dazzling light under the sunlight.
And this thing looks even more weird.
It is said to be like a fish, but it has no scales, fish gills, and a mouth full of fangs.
And it is like a snake, but I always feel that something is wrong.
In short, it is a monster that resembles a fish and a snake.
This monster flew toward the ships like lightning, and they could even be seen with thin wings on their bodies in the mid-air.
These monsters directly ignored all the cold boaters who were at the helm of the bow, and attacked everyone behind them.
Everyone is still heavily guarded because of the beard’s reminder.
As the strange fishes were beaten back to the Anaconda Skygrass, everyone got a short respite.
Qian Changhu took the time to ask: “Big Brother, what is this! Why is it so terrible!”
Qian Changhu is a great strength.
He had a high self-esteem just now, and he just went to fight a strange fish.
But by accident, he was almost bitten by a strange fish!
It is enough to show that these strange fish have extraordinary strength.
And it’s not just one, it’s a lot.
Can it be scary?
Luo Chi Hu said: “This kind of thing is called the moving mountain snake fish, which belongs to the species unique to the turban skygrass. Regardless of the general strength of the moving mountain snake fish, their biggest feature or the most terrifying feature is that they are social species. Species, the wave you saw just now is just the tip of the iceberg.”
Qian Changhu’s cold sweat broke out!
The wave just now was just the tip of the iceberg!
This is terrible too!
“Do you know why it is called “moving mountain snake fish?” The snake fish is easy to understand. What does it mean to move the mountain? That is to say, if these snake fish work together, it will be a mountain, and they will be bitten completely by them.” The look in his eyes said to everyone, “I haven’t encountered moving mountain snake fish for several years, and they have appeared this year. It seems that the passing years are not good. This year’s blue python sky moat does not want you to pass it.”
“Brother, what should I do then? You are experienced, please help us figure out a solution!” Qian Changhu said eagerly.
Huo’s face changed, and he said indifferently: “Have you forgotten the rules of our cold boaters? We and all the species of the pythons do not offend the river water, we will not offend them, nor will we help you, even if it is Help you come up with ideas.”
Qian Changhu’s heart froze.
He knew the rules of the cold boat, but the situation was urgent, he forgot for a while.
The fact that those who moved the mountain snake and fish did not attack the cold boat just now suffices to explain everything.
This can be done like this!
Just as Qian Changhu was turning around in a hurry, his cheeks suddenly smiled, his eyes passed over everyone, and landed on the last boat.
“Perhaps you can ask them for help.”
“If I didn’t read it wrong just now, if I moved the mountain snake fish, I didn’t even attack them.”


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