Dragon Husband 1376-1380

Chapter 1376

Indeed, moving the mountain snake fish did not attack Wiliam’s boat just now.

Not because they didn’t notice it, but because they didn’t dare.

Liu Lang, Wiliam, and Lin Jiang are on top of the line.

The blood of Wiliam, the emperor of all beasts.

Lin Jiang’s blood, the king of birds.

Liu Lang’s bloodline surpasses everything in the world.

What species in this world can escape from beasts, birds, and insects?

Therefore, even though the group of moving mountain snake fish is very powerful, the blood pressure from the three makes the moving mountain snake fish instinctively afraid to approach.

They don’t want to fight against Wiliam and others.

But where does everyone know?

The situation was urgent just now. Everyone’s attention was on their own lives. How could there be time to notice Wiliam who fell in the end?

It is estimated that only the unhelpful outsiders like Hanzhou Zhe can notice it.

The eyes of everyone cast all over Wiliam and the others, and they were shocked for a while.

Everyone almost lost their lives here just now, Wiliam and the others were not even attacked at all?

This is too unfair, right?

How did they do it?

At this time, Qian Changhu suddenly roared with anger, and sternly shouted: “Huh, what can they do to avoid being attacked! You don’t know, I know!”

“Oh? Little money, how did they do it?” someone immediately asked.

Qian Changhu angrily pointed to Wiliam and they said, “Look! They deliberately hid here at the back and used all of us as their barrier! Just moved the mountain snake and fish and did not attack them, not because of them. Great! But because we shared all the moving snake fish away! A damn group of people! It’s disgusting!”

With that said, everyone reacted.

It seems that this is indeed the case!

It turns out that a group of them treats everyone as a meat shield!

Otherwise, with their incompetent strength, coupled with that precarious ship that would be ridiculous if you look at it, the entire army would have been destroyed long ago!

Everyone suddenly spoke up and began to condemn Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam and the others sneered, still chatting with others on the boat without any contention.

In the hearts of Wiliam and the others, those present were nothing but ants.

Will the finches know the hungry?

Luhu frowned slightly as he listened to everyone’s curses.

A group of ignorant people.

The stereotype is so heavy.

They really can’t see, do those people possess strange skills?

Although Luo Chihu couldn’t see how Wiliam and the others managed to make the mountain snake fish retreat, but as long as they could do it, it showed that they had the ability.

Forget it.

Lu Hu is an outsider, and he doesn’t bother to intervene in such disputes.

It would be better if a group of people were completely destroyed, and the Hanzhou Zhe also saved time and energy.

As time goes by, the fishy wind will rise again.

At this moment, everyone stopped scolding Wiliam and the others. They gathered all their energy and stared at the front.

The sound of breaking water strikes again!

This time, there are more moving mountain snake fishes rising into the sky!

It has more than doubled the number before.

After a while, everyone was in a panic.

The expressions of those who thought highly of the consummate martial artist before, also changed drastically at this moment. ,

The danger of the Cang Anaconda sky has far exceeded their expectations.

Most of the elders originally wanted to take care of the young people in their team.

But when I found out later, I was a bit stretched.

“Qi Xi! Qi Xi! Respect the Cang Python!” Suddenly a loud cry came from the side!

Everyone followed the prestige, and their faces were suddenly bleak!

I saw a relatively small ship, under the siege of the moving mountain snake fish, the ship turned over!

The four people on the boat fell into the water immediately.

And once they fell into the water, they didn’t even have time to ask for help!

Suddenly, a thick pool of blood spread across the river.

Everyone looked at the bottom of the river, and their hearts became even more cold.

I saw that the muddy river was full of snake fishes moving mountains!

And as someone fell into the water, the smell of blood attracted more mountain snake fish to swim over.

so much!

I can’t deal with it at all!

The cold boaters who were on the boat before, shouted their salute call, and then slid and fell onto the boat with their beards.

After arriving on the boat, the cold boater did not speak, and sat down directly on the stern, as if his mission was over, and he was meditating.

This is the first time there have been casualties so far.

And four people died directly!

The hearts of everyone were shocked, and they never saw the arrogance before.

As more and more snakes and fishes moved over, everyone felt more and more powerless.

Moving the mountain snake fish seemed to be finished, and it kept flying out of the water.

And more moving mountain snake fish began to attack from under the ship.

They kept hitting the boat from the bottom of the water, and they worked together as if they were well-trained.

Even Qian Changhu and the others, the biggest and sunken ship, still feel the shock from time to time.

Not to mention other ships.

After a while, another small boat was overturned, and the three people on the boat fell into the water again, with no bones left.

Everyone’s eyes are cracked.

The only thing they are grateful for is that the shipbuilding skills of the cold boaters are so good.

The mountain snake fish can lift the ship, but it cannot bite the ship apart.

“Big brother, why do you move so many mountain snakes! When is the end!” Someone couldn’t help but asked nonsense.

Luhu held the boat, and said faintly: “It’s rare and weird! The mountain snake fish is the species with the largest number of pythons, and it is a gregarious creature. If you encounter them, you are doomed to die. But don’t worry, their attacks are Intermittently, as long as it lasts for a certain period of time, they will stop attacking.”

When everyone heard it, their confidence increased.

But in the next second, the beard poured cold water on them, “Don’t be happy too early. Even if you survive this wave, the next wave will come again, and the next wave will come again, and you will move to the center of the moat. The stronger the mountain snakefish, let alone whether other species will get involved.”

Lihu looked into the distance, and there was one sentence that he couldn’t say all the time.

I hope I won’t meet it.

hope so……

Qian Changhu was guarded by the elders in the family, and he was already in a panic.

His body was full of scars, and there was even a deeply visible bone wound on his shoulder.

His eyes are red, and he has never been so embarrassed in his life.

Moreover, Qian Changhu is an extremely face-conscious person.

Now he is not only embarrassed, but also protected by others. The people around him are not watching him, and he feels that there are mocking voices in all directions.

He looked around slightly, and suddenly fixed his gaze on the back.

Wiliam and them!

I saw that Wiliam and the others were still sitting on the awning boat in their spare time, chatting leisurely.

There are fighting sounds in all directions, and only with them, it is like a paradise, uncontested and calm.

Qian Changhu’s anger is even worse!

What a group of people!

It’s a blood-sucking devil!

Everyone worked hard in the front, and they sat in the back as a tortoise!

All the casualties have been driven by others!

It’s crazy!

For a moment, he was furious, and suddenly shouted: “Listen to me, and drive the boat back! Let the last group of people go on top of the boat! Why should we fight and fight for their success?”

“They must be tasted too! This flesh and blood pain!”

Chapter 1377 Sister Is Too Cruel!

Everyone was taken aback.

Qian Changhu is so cruel!

Thinking of bringing disasters to the east, all the snakes and fishes moved to Wiliam were brought to their side.

Even his cheeks frowned, obviously this is detrimental to others.

Want to pull Wiliam and the others down to spread the muddy water.

“What’s the use of doing this?” Luo Chi Hu said directly.

However, Qian Changhu has become anxious.

He hated Wiliam and the others hiding behind to look at the people in front of him for making a fool of himself, and he was even more angry that they were still out of the picture.

Qian Changhu yelled: “The cold boat! Please remember your own rules! You only sell the boat, and you only steer us! As for where our boat is going, this is up to us! You guys! No right to interfere!”

This is very rude.

Even the old people of Qian Changhu’s clan were taken aback.

There was an ominous premonition in their hearts!

Qian Changhu is so impulsive!

How can you talk to the cold boater like this!

The Hanzhouzhe is the manager of this python skygrass, so angry with them, will there be good fruits?

They wanted to plead for Qian Changhu, but it was too late.

Suddenly, his cheeks showed a cruel sneer, and said: “Very good! Do you remember the rules of our cold boat! Okay! Then you can take it to the bones! All clansmen obey orders, and the ship retreat!”

Everyone shuddered.

Everyone could hear that the cold boater was angry.

Next, the Hanzhou Zhe is estimated to be even more unkind!

All the cold boaters were ordered by the beards, and they all took the helm, and the ship quickly retreated.

Luo Hu looked at Wiliam and the others while steering the helm.

He met Wiliam with four eyes.

After all, Luojihu felt guilty and cast an apologetic look at Wiliam.

Wiliam smiled slightly, his eyes were clear, and he shook his head gently.

No one can save a person as a demon.

Dozens of boats retreated while avoiding danger. After a while, the boats retreated behind Wiliam and the others.

Under Qian Changhu’s shout, the boat lined up into an awl shape behind Wiliam, arching Wiliam and the others directly to the front, facing the moving mountain snake fish.

After a brief stupefaction, the snake fish that moved the mountain whizzed towards Wiliam and the others.

Although Moshan Snake Fish was afraid of the blood pressure on the three of Wiliam, because of the instinct of brutal animals and the bloody smell of the scene became more and more serious, the snake fish also broke out completely.

When Qian Changhu saw this scene, he not only sneered, “I let you hide, I let you hide! I see how you hide now! Where else do you hide! You are going to heaven for me!”

Wiliam, do they need to hide?

No need at all.

Moving the mountain snake fish does not deal with them, they are naturally happy to see the result.

And if moving the mountain snake fish doesn’t open their eyes, then it’s okay for them to relax their muscles and bones.

Wiliam and Liu Lang Linjiang had already stood up just now when the boats were retreating, and they moved their hands and feet.

But at this time there was a soft voice, “Leave me alone.”

Wiliam followed his reputation, and it was the craftsman who had been at the helm.

It is said that although the cute girl of Artisan is very childish and likes to cry when lost to others, she is still very quiet at ordinary times. ,
Along the way, she said no more than ten sentences, and she would only speak when someone asked her.

It didn’t happen that she would take the initiative to speak.

Wiliam watched the densely packed mountain snakes, and he couldn’t help but wonder if the craftsman could deal with so many mountain snakes alone.

But Lin Jiang smiled slightly and said, “Since the craftsman said so, let’s see her skills together.”

Wiliam nodded and smiled: “Okay, then I’ll wait and see, Sister Craftsman.”

The craftsman’s face blushed slightly, and he explained softly: “Now that the boat is set here, there is no need to hold the boat. I have extra time and want to try some small things that I invented before.”

Wiliam and the others are looking sideways, good fellow!

Use these ferocious mountain snake fish to practice hands?

This mind, this boldness, is much more bold than the men present.

Because Wiliam and the others were confident enough to deal with the moving mountain snake fish, they let the artisans play their roles.

They sat back on the boat, and only the craftsman was at the forefront, holding something similar to a remote control in his hand.

Qian Changhu and the others looked at this scene and couldn’t help but laughed: “Look, everyone, are these men still men! Just now we have a trick, but now there is no way to take a small one from their team. Girl tops the pot! Beasts are inferior!”

“Calling a boy in vain! Little girl, I am ashamed of your team! If you have this ability, you might as well jump to our side! Don’t be tempted to join them!”

When the craftsman heard what these people said, he turned around and bowed respectfully to them, and said in a loud and soft voice: “Thank you! No need. I want to come to the front to have fun.”


Is this for fun?

Take your life to play?

Everyone was startled by the craftsman’s words and turned around.

At this time, the sound of 簌簌簌breaking wind is approaching!

The craftsman suddenly turned around, holding the remote control in his hand, and gently pressing a button.


A violent sound of breaking the wind suddenly rang from the boat!

It really shocked Wiliam and the others.

They felt that the boat was shaking slightly.

Looking forward, Wiliam and others are even more incredible!

I saw that from the position of the bow, countless black and sharp arrows were suddenly launched!

These sharp arrows shot in all directions, but they just shrouded all the moving mountain snake fish that came over.

Wiliam and the others were surprised that when were these arrows hidden on the ship?

You must know that the ship just now is a square box.

And it’s very light.

Now the number of arrows shot out is less than one or two hundred, right?

And everyone looked at this overwhelming little loli jokingly.

This is moving the mountain snake fish.

Just now everyone has fought against the Snake Fish, and they have already felt that the Snake Fish has sharp teeth and thick skin.

The swords of many Huajin warriors can’t cut into the body of the snake fish.

And this little loli strange flower is a strange flower, I don’t know where to get so many arrows.

But trying to use these arrows to deal with the moving mountain snake fish, I am afraid that I will be humiliated.

However, the expressions of everyone changed at the moment the black arrows came into contact with the moving mountain snake fish!


Countless black arrows passed directly through the body of the moving mountain snake fish and continued to fly forward!

The pierced Moshan Snakefish, Qi Qi fell towards the Tianqian River, and could no longer churn.


As if a hole had been penetrated.

The sun shines on everyone.

Sprinkle to the craftsman.

She was covered with a white light.

Everyone seemed to be watching a killing fairy.

“This girl! It’s so cruel!”
Chapter 1378 Black Technology!

The craftsman only used one trick to make the people on the scene dumbfounded!

The warrior who was there just now used all their power to kill a hundred or two hundred moving mountain snake fish.

But this soft girl, she didn’t say a word before, and she was shocked when she shot!

This small boat, which is not surprisingly precarious, is loaded with such a powerful arrow!

With one move, not only the people at the scene were shocked, but even the woof moving mountain snake fish appeared briefly in a daze.

Wiliam and Lin Jiang couldn’t help clapping their hands when they saw the craftsman so terrifying.

No wonder this girl has confidence.

The power of the craftsman completely broke out at this moment.

A craftsman is lower than a hundred people on the scene.

In this world of declining artisanship and art, the artisan gave everyone a lesson.

Who would dare to underestimate the craftsmanship?

Qian Changhu’s face turned into pig liver color.

I thought that Little Mengmei was pushed out to die.

Don’t think of bronze becoming a king!

This little cute girl is the most terrifying of these people?

What he said just now was still in his ears, feeling like slaps one by one, cracking his face.

Qian Changhu seemed to be able to hear everyone mocking him.

He resisted his frustration, forced a smile and said, “I didn’t expect to have a little skill! But what about it! How many such sharp arrows can you have on this ship? Everyone can see it, this is a countless snake fish. It’s inexhaustible! Just relying on this point of sharp arrow will not help at all! Who won’t have a wave of things? The key is to look at sustainability.”

When everyone listened to Qian Changhu’s words, they only felt their faces burning.

What a shame.

There was still a wave of words out.

Even if it was a wave, the contribution made by this little Mengmei surpassed everyone’s hard work just now.

And Lin Jiang frowned slightly, and asked the craftsman: “Sister Craftsman, how many such arrows did you get?”

He also knows that this sword is extraordinary, it must be forged with special materials, and it won’t be much.

Sure enough, the craftsman said softly: “No, it’s all out.”

Everyone is listening to the craftsman’s answer, and hearing her say this, their hearts are refreshing.

Could it be that Qian Changhu was right, and there was no sound after a wave.

Qian Changhu laughed suddenly, feeling that he had a card face all of a sudden, “Let me just say it, a group of guys who can only be sensational.”

At this time, everyone looked at him, and the sound of breaking the wind started again!

Moving Mountain Snake Fish is making a comeback again!

Now, Wiliam and the others are in front, are they still alive?

Wiliam took a step forward, but immediately heard the craftsman say unhappily: “I’m still not finished playing, why are you in a hurry?”

Still not finished?

Wiliamxin stunned, and saw the craftsman press the remote control in his hand again, and he had a great time playing.

“Damn!” Everyone suddenly screamed!

I saw those sharp arrows that had fallen to the bottom of the water before, as if they had been summoned, swish and flew back!

This fierce speed actually came from behind the moving mountain snake fish, once again strangling!

Then a lot of moving mountain snake fish fell to the surface, and the sharp arrows that flew back “swish swish” back to the bow of the ship just now, and disappeared suddenly. ,
In the hands of the craftsman, those who moved the mountain snake fish had no idea how they were played!

Everyone looked at the craftsman, their eyes were very strange.

In particular, everyone was going to catch up just now.

A little cute girl is really like playing with a toy airplane, using the moving mountain snake fish as a doll.

What the hell is going on with this flying sword!

Even after flying out, he can still be summoned back!

In particular, if you count it this way, even if there are only one or two hundred flying arrows, it can still be counted as countless!

Because it can be used repeatedly.

Even Lin Jiang was dumbfounded and couldn’t help asking: “Sister Craftsman, what is going on?”

The craftsman chuckled, shook the remote control in his hand, pointed at Wiliam, and said, “I was inspired by him to invent this set of flying arrows system.”

Wiliam was ashamed and ashamed. He couldn’t move anything while sitting, and received a wave of merit.

The craftsman explained with a delicate voice: “Isn’t there a flying needle on Brother Lu that can fly around? I am envious of it, so it took a while to invent the same gadget. I installed one on the bow of the ship. With a flying arrow launching system, as long as you press this button, the arrow will swish and shoot out.”

“How did you get back here?” Wiliam asked.

“Hey, because every flying arrow I have a sensor chip installed in it, and each chip corresponds to the arrow holes in the bow, so even if the flying arrows fall into the sea, as long as I press the remote control, they will fly. Go to the arrow hole and you can see that the flying arrow I designed does not have feathers, but both ends are pointed, like an enlarged version of the needle, it is also for the convenience of recycling.” The craftsman talked freely.

Everyone’s eyes are about to fall.


High-tech or black technology!

At the scene where the warriors were rampant, the craftsmen bluffed everyone with black technology!

The old saying does not deceive people, knowledge is power!

Everyone seemed to have been opened up in a new world, and they all gave thumbs up to the craftsman!

Even the beard was amazed when he heard it.

Although the Hanzhou people are also craftsmen, they are only shipbuilding with traditional craftsmanship. They are the boats built by understanding the temper of the sacred pythons and the right medicine.

But this little girl, high-tech products have been produced, it is simply the Craftsman 2.0 version, which is not decently enhanced.

Huo Hu also thought for a while, could their boats also incorporate a little black technology?

“Oh, there is your credit in it.” The craftsman pointed at Lin Jiang again.

Old Lin Jiang blushed, obviously ashamed, “What’s the matter with me?”

“Wow, you have done a lot. First of all, when we were in the martial arts competition, my Aso was a traditional craft, relying on my own internal strength to drive them, and when you seized the weak points later, I reflected on the distance of the internal force induction too. It’s too short, so I have the idea of ​​adding a sensor chip. You should remember it. Then, the materials for forging flying arrows of mine are precious and rare, but they were all the prizes of your competition at the time, and I searched them away. “The craftsman said leisurely.

Lin Jiang Yihan, isn’t she talking about their battle at the Fist of Evil Centenary Ceremony?

In that match, the craftsman’s little Aso was Transformers and armor warriors, and even fighters were out a while ago.

There are so many tricks.

I didn’t think that the craftsman’s sister was too enterprising, and she would live to learn.

After such a comparison, several people on the ship were ashamed.

We are learning scum, excuse me…

At this time, Luhu Hu looked at Qian Changhu, whose face was more ugly than shit, and said quietly: “There is little money, and what questions are there. Be brave to speak out! Loud!”

Chapter 1379

When the people around heard the beard’s words, they were taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter!

It’s ridiculous, this clown!

Before, everyone respected Qian Changhu. After all, his identity was there, and he had already found the sect in Outer World, his starting point was much higher than the others.

But now, Qian Changhu’s character is really disappointing.

The pattern is extremely narrow.

Repeatedly making things difficult to ridicule each other, there is no reason at all.

I’m all right now, I’ve been slapped repeatedly, not to mention how sour.

And Qian Changhu’s face was all green.

He knew that the beard was mocking his narrow-mindedness.

The beard shouldn’t have such a standpoint.

But Qian Changhu knew that he was wrong, and he himself was rude to the beard first.

And the key to Qian Changhu’s embarrassment is not here.

He looked at the thin craftsman, his eyes filled with disbelief.

It’s just such a little woman who rubbed and rubbed his face on the ground again and again!

She was said to have been hit by the pot, and the result was better than the efforts of everyone present.

It was said that she had a wave of things, but in the end a black technology came out. Who can stand it!

Now, even if Qian Changhu intends to taunt this group of people again, he must carefully weigh whether he will be slapped in the face again.

Everyone on the scene also put aside their previous contempt for the craftsman and the group of people, arched their hands towards the craftsman, and said sincerely: “Little sister, thank you! You relieved us a lot of pressure!”

The craftsman waved his hand and said softly: “You’re welcome, I’ll just play with it by myself…”


These two words once again hit everyone’s fragile and careful liver.

I don’t know if this little girl is the master of Versailles or if she really is so innocent.

“Next, I have to rely on my little sister to show off his power.” Everyone sneered.

“Yeah.” The craftsman also accepted everyone’s support without hesitation.

The next thing is exactly the same as the craftsman said.

There have been several waves of moving mountain snake fish attacks.

However, under the craftsman’s black technology, these mountain-moving snake fish could not get the slightest benefit, but were killed a lot.

Even if there are some omissions, the people around are not idle.

The craftsman took away 70% of the pressure alone, and the remaining people dealt with 30% of the pressure, which can be described as extremely relaxed.

Seeing the people around him more respect for the craftsman, Qian Changhu’s face became uglier.

This respect should belong to him!

Now he was snatched alive by this group of people!

This kind of humiliation cannot be tolerated!

He looked at the group of people, especially the three men hiding behind the craftsman, not to mention how angry he was.

He couldn’t help but said in a weird manner: “Ho ho, this little sister is really amazing! I underestimated her before.”

Qian Changhu first made a foreshadowing, and then pointed his finger at the three men who were idle behind the craftsman, and said weirdly: “It’s just three big men. What is the ability to hide behind a little woman? We can all help the little girl anyway. My sister takes away some of the pressure. Some people seem to be born to eat soft food.”

Everyone’s faces became embarrassed. ,

This product is coming again, have you forgotten the previous face slap?

Death does not change!

But these words did not arouse Wiliam’s dissatisfaction in the slightest.

Instead, Wiliam smiled slightly and followed Qian Changhu’s words and said, “Ho ho, many people have said that to me in recent years. I’m sorry, I am a superfluous son-in-law who eats soft rice.”

My son-in-law?

Just as everyone looked confused, Lin Jiang also laughed, patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and said, “What a coincidence, I am also a son-in-law.”


Everyone is not calm now!

Qian Changhu really got it right when he said casually!

Are these two people really eating soft rice?

Even more so, Liu Lang said with a bitter expression: “Well, although I am not a son-in-law, but I am raised by several women, it seems that I am not very decent…”

Everyone’s heart defense almost fell!


These three people are really more weird than one, and one is more soft than the other!

Two sons-in-law who depend on women for food, there is still a little white face supported by more than one woman?

Two sons-in-law and a little white face!


Wenren listened to these three words intently, and one couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

It’s so funny!

Tell them a lie, not at all.

These three people really have such identities.

And to say that they are lying, that’s just hohhhhh.

The combined strength of these three people is enough to shake the entire world of red dust!

It is them that is ridiculous in the end, or this Qian Changhu.

But Qian Changhu didn’t know it.

He thought he had really guessed it, and his face was filled with a complacent smile, “Ho ho, let me just say, look at the three of them who have thin skin and tender meat, they rely on women to feed them! It used to be like this, and it is still like this now. With a little sister to withstand it, the dog can’t change the shit.”

Everyone was speechless to these three people.

Yeah, the son-in-law and the little boy, don’t you know how to keep a low profile?

Are you proud to say it so grandiosely?

What worldview do these three people have?

Forget it, let them go.

It is their ability to eat this bite of rice.

Maybe when I went to Outer World, I could really eat a softer meal with these three faces.

At this time, someone suddenly said in surprise: “Hey, do you all feel that moving the mountain snake fish seems to have no further attacks?”

Everyone was said so, and their attention returned to the scene.

They looked up.

The surface of the river where the blood was flowing has been washed away.

There is only a faint smell of blood in the air.

The moving mountain snake fish in the water can be seen to the naked eye, and it is gradually moving towards the distance.

It seems to be far away from them.

Qian Changhu couldn’t help but smile and said, “Isn’t this obvious enough! It’s obviously scared to move the mountain snake fish! Just now they have been hit for several waves and they have been blocked, and then they can only come to die! So they are all I have retreated, so I dare not come.”

With that said, everyone immediately showed a look of joy.

Everyone once again bowed their hands to the craftsman, and said with a smile: “Little sister, thank you so much for today! We can get through the turkey moat, it’s all up to you!”

The craftsman was not smiling this time, but frowned slightly, as if something was bothering her.

And the Hu Jinhu on the side sneered directly, “Through the blue python sky? I’m afraid it’s too early to say this now.”

Wiliam looked at the expression of the craftsman, and asked, “Sister Craftsman, what’s the matter?”

The craftsman turned his head and whispered to Wiliam and the others: “I also installed a small radar in each arrow. Just now, the small radar detected it and showed that something big is coming.”

“Big things?” Wiliam and the others were taken aback.

At this time, Lu Hu looked ahead and shook his head desolately, “I’m afraid I will be buried here today.”


“Moving the mother of the mountain snake and fish!”

Chapter 1380

There was a premonition of anxiety before the beard.

There are so many moving mountain snake fish, which is not a normal thing in itself.

And he is very aware of the characteristics of moving the mountain snake fish, that is, being very united and moving the whole body together.

Moshan Snakefish is a very cruel and bloodthirsty species. There has been a big battle just now, and the smell of blood has long been strong. Sooner or later, things that shouldn’t appear will be attracted.

It’s all right now, and the premonition in Luohu’s heart has come true.

However, Luhu Hu has a new understanding of the artisan’s black technology.

She is based on experience, and this little girl can know this with technology.


When everyone heard the words of the beard, Qi Qi was dumbfounded. Some people couldn’t help but ask: “Brother, what is the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish? Don’t scare us!”

Everyone has gone through the ghost gate just now, and their mentality is already very fragile.

Luo Chi looked in front of him. Although the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish has not yet appeared, the storm has gradually risen.

He said with a serious face: “The mother of the moving mountain snake fish, as the name suggests is the ancestor of the moving mountain snake fish! It is the most ferocious overlord species on the surface of this blue python!”


“How cruel is it? What is the surface layer?” someone asked with a cold face.

“The surface layer is relative to the bottom layer. As you may all know, the Cang python sky moat is not bottomed. It is divided into the bottom layer and the surface layer. The surface layer is the surface layer, which is about several kilometers. An python sky moat below an index of kilometers. In the surface layer, the mother of the mountain snake and fish is definitely a king-level existence, basically there are no natural enemies. And the bottom layer is even more terrifying, where are the species living, I still have no idea I learned one by one, but as far as I know now, moving the mother of the mountain snake and fish to the bottom can only be swallowed by the whale.” Luohu rarely said so much.

Everyone’s awe of the Anaconda Skygrass grew deeper and deeper!

What the hell is this place!

The surface layer of the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish is scary enough!

Now there is the bottom layer!

Fortunately, everyone has yet to provoke the bottom species.

“Ho ho, what are you fortunate? Do you think that moving the mother of the mountain snake and fish is easy to deal with? Look good! It has appeared!” Lu Che Hu suddenly pointed to the front.

Everyone followed the prestige.

Suddenly, the goose bumps all over!

At the end of their eyes, the skyline suddenly stood out!

A small hill rises from the water!

Everyone looked shocked and couldn’t help but call out, “Is that that! It’s too big!”

At the end of their gaze, the small hill was already huge enough, not to mention that if the small hill moved in front of them, it would not have to cover the sky!

This mother of the moving mountain snake and fish, the figure is probably hundreds of meters, it is simply a moving fortress!

And just as everyone was amazed, the beard sneered again, “Do you think that small hill is the body of the mother who moved the mountain snake and fish?”

Some people nodded, while others looked at their beards in amazement.

“Isn’t it? It would be great if it is not! I’ll just say, there is no such big creature in this world that scares a person to death.” Someone immediately reacted, patting his chest with lingering fear. ,

However, the beard’s sneer became louder.

The laughter made everyone chill.

“Brother, just say anything if you have anything, our little heart can’t hold it!” someone shouted sadly.

Luhu Hu said sadly: “The moving hills you see are the mother of the moving mountain snake fish, but not the body of the mother of moving mountain snake fish.”

“what is that?”

“Ho ho, just move the tallest fin on the mother of the mountain snake fish.” Hu Qiang said calmly.

He will never forget, when he was a teenager and frivolously descended into the moat, and then encountered the scene of the mother of the moving mountain snake fish, who was frightened and suffocated by the figure of the mother of the moving mountain snake fish.

At that time, the wind was strong, the rain was strong, and the thunder was loud.

The mother of moving mountain snake fish is like this day, this place!

She was in the whole field of vision.

In front of her, human beings are so small that they are not as small as ants.

Sometimes the beard is thinking about moving a cell of the mother of the mountain snake and fish, maybe it is bigger than a human.

Now that several decades have passed, the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish has reappeared.

And everyone was completely frightened by the beard’s words!

This moving hill is just a fin of the mother of the moving mountain snake fish!

Doesn’t it mean that to move a small hill, but to move a ten millionth of the mother of the mountain snake fish?

Counting this way, it would be tens of thousands of meters to move the body of the mother of the mountain snake and fish!

Is this a creature in particular?

This is fantasy!

And Luojihu just said that even if the mother of tens of thousands of meters of moving mountain snake fish is thrown to the bottom, it will be swallowed by whales.

How terrible is this python sky moat?

Everyone, I couldn’t believe what the beard said.

But at this time, at the end of the sky, several similar hills appeared again.

Under the hill, there seems to be a body connected.

Along with the small hills.

Everyone only felt that the water waves under them were turbulent wildly.

This is just the mother who moved the mountain snake and fish, and it was so far away.

Everyone is a little unable to resist such waves.

How to fight this?

Everyone began to believe the beard’s words a little.

“What to do! What to do, big brother!” Someone was crying in a hurry.

Everyone pinned their hopes on their beards.

Liulihu sighed and said, “Finally, most of you are also innocent people. I made an exception today and participated in this undue fate. We have only one choice, to escape backward. As for life and death, it depends on God’s will.”

Everyone nodded frantically.

At this moment, where is everyone thinking about crossing the sky.

Survival is the most important thing.

“Quickly, quickly! U-turn! Go back! I don’t want to cross the moat!” Qian Changhu was going crazy.

His guts were scared.

So at this moment, he couldn’t worry about face, he just wanted to escape from this place as soon as possible.

All the boats turned around together and moved towards the rear very quickly.

Even the craftsman frowned, and said to Wiliam and the others: “Okay, I’m finished, I can’t figure it out next, should we also withdraw?”

Wiliam, Liu Lang and Lin Jiang laughed and said nothing.

Those who turned around and left unintentionally turned around, and suddenly found an extremely shocking picture!

Wiliam and the others didn’t even retreat with everyone!

Instead, continue to move forward!

This is preparation, and move the mother of the mountain snake and fish to the front!

Wiliam smiled and said to the craftsman: “Little sister, you have finished playing, but we still haven’t started playing. As long as this thing is not a prehistoric creature, it is a species in this human food chain, then…”

“Nothing to be afraid of!”


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