Dragon Husband 1381-1385

Chapter 1381 Three Disasters Move Everywhere!

“They! Are you crazy! They are still heading towards the mother of the mountain snake fish!” someone pointed to Wiliam and their boat, shouting in horror.

Everyone looked back.

I saw Wiliam and their boat, moving at an extremely fast speed.

They had never seen the craftsman’s boat so fast before!

Much faster than other people’s boats.

Needless to say, it is black technology.

If you use this speed to escape, ten things can happen.

But they are so ignorant, they are like a car!

“Hmph, the ignorant are fearless, just let them go and die! Those who don’t open their eyes!” Qian Changhu shouted coldly.

At this time, everyone didn’t want to pay attention to Wiliam and the others anymore. It was important to escape.

And Wiliam and the others, the boat was galloping, and the three of them stood beside the boat.

A lazy smile appeared at the corner of Liu Lang’s mouth and nodded to Wiliam and Lin Jiang.

The three of them stretched out their hands into fists and dipped their arms into the water of the python sky.

Then, on the fists of the three people, there was a burst of energy.

Liu Lang fists into gold, Wiliam Cuibi, and Lin Jiang red.

These three punches, like three bolts of lightning, galloped towards the distant mother of the moving mountain snake fish.

The three of them now can control their bloodline energy well, and there is no need to explode their bloodline energy to the world as before.

After only a while, the Cang Python Tianmo suddenly calmed down.

Everyone at the scene was shocked.

what’s the situation?

How come there are no storms all at once?

When they looked up, they saw the mother of the mountain snake fish who had been swimming here before, and the small hill seemed to be frozen and there was no movement.

Is it possible that the three young people really have the ability to turn their hands for the cloud and cover their hands for the rain?

And just when they wanted to find out, the surface of the water seemed to boil suddenly, and thick water columns like buckets rose to the sky!

The entire sky moat was as if being stimulated by the earth, the water column filled the sky, roaring endlessly!

The raised fin hills of the mother of the moving mountain snake fish suddenly stand upright!

Everyone just feels black!

Cover the sky!

Even after so far away, they can still feel the visual impact caused by the terrifying body of the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish!

The mother of moving mountain snake fish!


There is only one thought in everyone’s heart.

“Run away! Run away! I knew this was the calm before the storm came! The mother who moved the mountain snake and fish must have been provoked to anger by them! This is it! We are going to be killed by a few of them!” Qian Changhu, who was completely wet by the water, shouted in horror.

At this moment, everyone was also terrified.

They tried their best to hit the water with vigour, and with this recoil force, the ship escaped faster.

They were also blaming Wiliam and the group of people in their hearts.

The ignorant!

Dare to provoke the mother of moving mountain snake fish!

If everyone is buried here because of this provocation, everyone will not let this group of people go as a ghost!

Wiliam and the three of them looked at the water column rising into the sky and the mother of the mountain snake-fish who was provoked in the distance. There was a slight fear in their eyes. ,
The three even had a slight smile on their faces.


What about provocation?

The fists of the three people immersed in the water, the blood above them is even more vigorous!

Between the mother of the Snake Fish and the three of them, there is an unknown contest in the air!

If it is based solely on Wiliam’s blood, the mother of moving the mountain snake and fish may not necessarily take it!

But the power of three people, what a beast is not!

Two minutes passed.

The column of water soaring to the sky gradually subsided.

In the sky, because of the water vapor, a magnificent rainbow of pythons formed under the sunlight.


In the sky, the fins of the mother of the mountain snake fish were smashed in the water, splashing waves.

Everyone heard this voice, turned their heads, and saw an incredible scene!

I saw the mother of the mountain snake-fish who was still furious before, and after the fin fell, she swam towards the sky.

Stop chasing them.

On the surface of the water, there were waves of brilliance and brilliance.

In the sky, the python rainbow seems to cross the sky and the earth.

Everything looks so dreamy and beautiful.

The mother of the moving mountain snake and fish has left?

Everyone stopped retreating and watched this scene in disbelief.

Even his face showed shock and suspicion.

He had never thought that the king of surface ancient beasts, the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish, would even choose to leave after being provoked by tiny humans.

What exactly is this for?

The beard’s eyes fixed on Wiliam and the three of them not far away.

At this moment, the three of them, under the shining sun, glowed with a golden light, like the god of war descending!

What are these three people sacred!

Although Luo Chihu didn’t know what the three had done just now, he could let the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish choose to leave.

But subconsciously, Luo Hu believes that these three people are absolutely extraordinary!

From their humiliation but not angry mood.

From their face of danger and not chaos.

From the beginning to the end, they looked at the common people’s eyes.

All the signs are confirming the extraordinaryness of the three.

Among the humanities, is there such a young and terrifying powerhouse?

He racked his brains and couldn’t think of who they were.

After all, the cold boaters only exist on the edge of the sky moat, and they concentrate on shipbuilding and do not ask the world.

As long as Luhu is familiar with some human anecdotes, he can easily guess the identity of these three people.

Three plagues of humanity!

Famous move Quartet!

And everyone at the scene, although they knew the existence of the three humanitarian plagues.

But on the one hand, they haven’t seen the three plagues show their power, and on the other hand, Wiliam and the others have not used the dazzling blood energy in front of everyone.

Coupled with the previous stereotype that these three people are eating soft food, everyone can’t think of the three young people who are standing on the bow of the ship at this moment. They are the three humane plagues that are unattainable in their eyes!

Wenren Qingxin took off his mask at this moment, revealing a beautiful face.

She looked at the beautiful scenery of the Haohao River, and at the three plagues of humanity, she undertook the heroic appearance of the mother of the snake and fish, and her eyes were stunned for a while.

And just when everyone wanted to question what was going on, their hearts trembled!

Their bodies crawled on the ground without warning!

No one is spared!

Including those martial artists who have turned to perfection!

A feeling of horror to the extreme, hit everyone’s limbs!


A sound like an evening drum and morning bell suddenly sounded in this empty world.

In the voice, there is endless joy and endless sadness!

Accompanied by this voice, everyone’s heart has an impulse to confess to it!

Everyone’s ears are beginning to bleed!

The look on the beard instantly became extremely terrifying!

this is!

Recorded in the annals of history!

Cang python cries sad!

Chapter 1382

The cry of the blue python is the biggest secret of this humanity and the outer world!

How many people can’t explore it, it will change color!

The mournful cry of the blue python is the totem belief of generations of Hanzhou people!

In the annals of legend, those with extraordinary talents will hear a sound of sorrow that resounds through the heavens and the earth while in a daze.

Roaring like a cow, billowing like thunder.

But when I really wanted to pursue it, I felt like Nan Ke Yimeng, without a trace.

But today, it is the people, it is the cold boaters, for the first time in broad daylight, when they are sober in their will, they heard the sorrow of the python.

Everyone was divided.

Obviously there are still many people who don’t even know what this roar is.

They just felt it instinctively, their bodies shaking violently uncontrollably.

“What is this, brother…” Many people crawled on the ground and asked nonsense.

The beard is also five-body cast, with a face of deep piety.

He murmured: “The blue python screams, it’s the blue python screaming! Thousand years? Ten thousand years?”

Everyone heard it in the mist.

What sorrow?

What millennia?

With his hands clasped together, Luo Hu explained to the people: “I think many people have probably heard a legend. It is said that this blue python is a living python.”

When everyone heard this, their pupils dilated infinitely.


It’s just a legend!

Everyone has indeed heard this legend, but they all laughed it off.

Because it is too unbelievable and too demonized.

Canglang Tianmo, but across the territory of a country!

How long is it?

If the body of this python skygrass was a giant python, how terrifying the body of this giant python would be!

The figure of the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish just now made everyone stunned.

Compared with the Cang Python, the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish is only Haoyue Dust.

This is simply unrealistic!

“How many years has it been? We have doubted this legend, but you also heard it just now? This sorrow was made by the python, she was sighing, and she was also excited!” Luo Jihu said with a wry smile.

There are some inferences that he dare not say.

Because it is a secret.

For example, why does the screaming python that has been silent for thousands of years reappear in the world today?

Who is it that awakened the python?

Who has the ability to wake up the python with flesh and blood?

There is no humanity, and I am afraid that in the outer world, those with supernatural powers and great powers also have the ability to wake up the python.

The beard’s gaze looked forward, and his heart palpitated suddenly.

Everyone bowed and bowed.

Only three people stood proudly.

Those three young men!

They don’t kneel!

Could it be that it was the three of them who caused the sorrow of the blue python!

Thinking of this, my beard is terrified!

The status of these three people in his heart was like gods for a while!

What they didn’t know was that the sorrowful sound of the python resounded through the world, and the human world and the outer world were also completely shaken!

Xiaofeng, the head of a family of medicine knives, crawls on the ground, his eyes are in awe.

Wherever she looked, they were Baiyun Cang dogs.

“Three little babies, the future can be expected!” Dao Xiaofeng said, tears streaming down her face. ,

Outer world.

Among the four rings, the nine sect masters are in each house, kneeling on one knee!

The people under the sect slammed their knees heavily on the ground, their eyes horrified.

The strange sword covers the sky!


Fragrant flowers and blood!

The nine totems suddenly let out their light, and they became a spectacle!

Among the three rings, the body of the Sect Master of Six Famen was forcibly bent to ninety degrees, and bowed respectfully in the direction of Canglang Tianqi.

Among the second ring, there are three Tiantian Gates, and the Lord turns his head, his eyes are incredible.

One day, a middle-aged man with a stalwart figure and a sharp face was bent over, but the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

come yet?

My son…

In the first ring, clouds and mists linger, cranes and deers ming.

The clouds dispersed briefly, revealing an upright moon water mirror.

The moon water flower mirror was glowing with a misty light, and water drops came out, seeming to be weeping.

I am looking forward to it, I am happy.

“Today is the day when the human beings will cross the sky! I am afraid that someone with great wisdom and abilities will go to the world! Send someone! Go to the Cangmang Tianmao Ying Ferry to find out!” Almost all the masters of the nine sects, six methods, three heavens, The same order was given.

This year’s Yingdu Recruitment, I am afraid it will be maddening!

The six methods and three heavens are okay. After all, they are high and powerful, and they just send people to wait and see.

And nine sects, especially under the nine sects, the sects who want to hit the ranks of the nine sects, have already red eyes!

These earth-shattering changes occurred in the outer world, but everyone in the angling sky at this moment knows nothing.

They just crawled, not daring to move at all.

The three of Wiliam stood proudly, but their eyes became merciful and impermanent when the python screamed.

Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red.

He doesn’t know why.

All I know is that after hearing this scream, the heartstrings seem to be plucked.

The owner of this voice has endured the changes over time.

But in these years, the voice master has experienced many loneliness and vicissitudes.

Drew people into tears.

Is it to seek liberation but can’t?

Wiliam looked at Liu Lang and Lin Jiang.

Both of them had red eyes.

I don’t know how long it took.

Hanzhouzhe’s beard slowly stood up first.

He just stared blankly at the figure of the three people in front of Wiliam, silent.

He doesn’t know how to define these three people.

The provocation to move the mother of the snake and fish has been shocking.

It is even more frightening to elicit the sorrow of the python.

What secrets are hidden in their bodies?

As the Hanzhouzhe stood up, the others looked at the scene, and it was already peaceful and not in danger.

So they also stood up.

They were shocked just now, and buried their heads. They didn’t even notice that the three of Wiliam had knelt down from beginning to end.

“Brother, is that voice really the roar of the python?” Someone couldn’t believe it, and confirmed to Luohu again.

Luo Chi has no interest in explaining.

“Go ahead.” Luo Hu said at last.

However, everyone hesitated.

Crossing the Anaconda Skydeep, it seemed so simple before.

But what the hell did you encounter today?

The mother of the moving mountain snake and fish, and even the blue python screamed sadly.

Almost fate.

Are you still crossing?

With a sneer on his cheeks, he said jokingly: “Just be grateful, someone saved you just now, there is no danger next.”

As soon as the blue python cried out, everything bowed its head.

The sky has calmed down.

The beard’s words made the people on the scene overjoyed!

Is it dangerous?

Doesn’t that mean that they can get through the turkey moat smoothly?

This is simply the supreme blessing!

“Good, good! Go ahead! Let’s cross the river collectively!” someone shouted immediately.

However, Qian Changhu stared at Wiliam and the others with gloomy eyes, and said grimly: “We can cross, but they can’t!”

“Have you forgotten? Just now they killed too many Snake Fishes indiscriminately, that led to the mother of Snake Fishes, and then boldly provoked the mother of Snake Fishes, and almost killed us! If it weren’t for Cang The python wailed and frightened the mother who moved the mountain snake and fish. Can we still live to this day and be able to cross the river smoothly?”

“They are sinners! We must not let such wicked men cross the river!”

Chapter 1383

Not only Qian Changhu thinks so, but almost everyone thinks so.

Just now they couldn’t guess why the mother who moved the mountain snake and fish suddenly fled into the distance.

But with the appearance of the blue python’s sorrow, this doubt seemed to have an answer.

It was the mother of the snake and fish that frightened away the scream of the blue python.

Therefore, all the sins and accusations went to Wiliam and the others.

Saying that they disregarded the collective and rashly provoked, they almost killed the group.

There are even more narrow-minded people like Qian Changhu, who directly said that they killed too many mountain snake fish, which almost led to the end of the disaster.

In the past, the artisans used black technology to kill so many moving mountain snakes, which attracted everyone’s admiration.

At this moment, this credit became a guilt in Qian Changhu’s mouth.

Wiliam let out a sneer.

A group of ignorant people.

And the face of the beard became extremely ugly for a while.

In the scene, only he saw a clue.

However, he cannot say.

Not because of his neutral position.

But because this is a secret.

He frowned and said: “The blue python sky moat, those who can cross it, they will get over it if they have the ability.”

This sentence can be regarded as suppressing the noisy verbal criticism at the scene.

Luojihu handed an apologetic look to Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam and the others indicated that it didn’t matter.

The beard regained the helm and moved forward quickly.

At this moment, everyone arrogantly drove the boat to the front, leaving Wiliam and the others far behind.

As if not contemptuous to associate with this group of people.

The next trip, as expected by the beard, was calm and calm.

There is not even a slight danger.

This makes everyone happy.

Whether it’s extremely peaceful, it’s a blessing to be incapable of being in trouble.

In the past, crossing the Anaconda Skydeck would destroy at least half of the people.

Today, except for one or two ships that were overturned at the beginning, there were no more deaths.

The crossing success rate reached more than 90%.

This is enough to go down in history.

On the midnight star.

Qian Changhu had already recruited friends on their boats and was about to hold a celebration banquet in advance.

After all, early in the morning tomorrow, they will arrive at the Yingdukou in the outer world of Canglang Tiandi.

At that time, everyone had their own heaven and earth.

Although everyone was dissatisfied with Qian Changhu’s performance on the boat before, the matter has passed.

Looking forward, Qian Changhu is still bright and beautiful, and he is the most promising young man among the crowd.

Therefore, in order to build a good relationship with Qian Changhu and the others, important people gathered on their boats.

“Come! Let’s have a drink together! After tomorrow, this outer world will leave our names!” Qian Changhu shouted out loud and raised his glass.

Everyone toasted and complimented: “What did Qian Shao say? Now we have left a name!”

“Yes, crossing with such a high success rate, there is no one before and after! Thanks to the leadership with little money, we can drink three hundred cups here so easily.”

“Hahahaha, I have always been trembling when crossing the turkey moat. Who can drink in the perilous moat like us! This is also a feat that has never been seen before!” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue. read! Page 1 of 2
Qian Changhu was so intrigued by the flattering of everyone that he inevitably drank a few more glasses.

He blushed and looked away roughly.

A ship was swaying alone in the moat.

It was Wiliam and them.

Qian Changhu sneered, and said, “The ones who gain the way help more, those who lose the way are few. See, even if they can get through the moat, their character determines that they will never go far.”

He even thought that tomorrow, the sect of the outer world will appear.

At that time, as long as we talked about what happened in the Anaconda Tianma today, those three arrogant men would be infamous from the first moment they set foot on the shore.

By then, it’s clear who is the hero and who is the bear.

And Wiliam and the others didn’t care about the drinking noise on the other ships.

They sat quietly on the boat, eating the dry food in their hands.

Liu Lang said indifferently: “It will be there tomorrow morning, and we will go to each other at that time.”

Everyone was silent.

Wiliam also regretted it.

The time together is always too short.

Although Wiliam, Liu Lang and Lin Jiang didn’t get together much before.

But the bloodlines are attracted to each other, especially the personalities of Liu Lang and Lin Jiang are also deeply appreciated by Wiliam.

These two people are both very intelligent figures, and being able to walk with them is the best time Wiliam has felt this time.

However, there is always a feast in the world.

All three of them knew the unknown mission they had undertaken on their shoulders, and each of them had their own direction to work hard.

Is it tonight?

Wiliam couldn’t help holding up the kettle in his hand, “Replace wine with water, to two of you.”

Liu Lang and Wiliam also toasted, “Respect the long way to go!”

“Respect this life and death destiny!”

Wen Renqing rolled his eyes and pulled up the craftsman, and said: “You are all in love with each other! Don’t forget that there are still living people on the scene.”

The two women also picked up the kettle.

The kettle touched lightly in mid-air, and there was no need to say any more.

And Qian Changhu inadvertently glanced at Wiliam and the others, and he uttered a sip of wine.

He watched Wiliam and the others as if watching a monkey show, exaggeratingly exaggerated: “Look, everyone! They are also learning from us to celebrate! Hahahaha, it’s a pity that if you have alcohol, you can use water. This is a god operation! “

Everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted, looking towards Wiliam, there was a burst of laughter.

“This is ridiculously ridiculous.”

“You guys, don’t you want a face? If you don’t want to be shameless, you can come to us cheeky to beg for a drink, we still have a place.”

“Okay, don’t laugh at them. They were lucky enough to have survived the Anaconda Sky. They can be said to be the biggest lucky ones and beneficiaries among us on this trip. They deserve a drink.”

Luhu shook his head, and cursed an ignorant person in his heart.

Early in the morning of the next day, everyone was already full of energy.

They were all dressed up, and one by one came out in the best condition.

Less than a moment after the boat went, everyone saw a magnificent piece of land on the opposite side.

“It’s coming! It’s coming!” someone shouted.

Everyone can even see the crowd on the opposite land.

Their hearts came to their throats all at once.

When it became famous, it came!

The boat sailed quickly, but stopped at a distance of a hundred meters from the shore.

Wiliam was taken aback and asked, “Don’t you just drive over?”

Wen Ren smiled heartily, and said, “I won’t drive over. It should be said that the welcome to recruit talents has already begun. During this one hundred meters, everyone will fly over by their own ability, so that the sect on the opposite bank can see each other at a glance. This is also the tradition of Yingdu recruitment.”

She looked at the shore, with a graceful arc drawn at the corner of her mouth, “In short, the time for everyone to pretend has come.”

Chapter 1384

Wiliam was amused.

How could there be such a weird tradition?

But after thinking about it a little bit, Wiliam was relieved.

Those who traveled from the Hongchen Humanitarian Road and can reach here smoothly are probably the elites of the world.

They go from one world to another, which is tantamount to giving up all their glory and starting anew.

So this one hundred meters is not a simple one.

It is a hundred meters of the change of the identities of the patriots.

And Wen Renqing’s so-called pretending moment has come, and it is indeed true.

What’s more, this is their last moment of pretending to be a highlight in their lives.

On the other side, the strong there is like a cloud, but the people who crossed over are instantly stunned by everyone, and maybe no one cares about it anymore.

The one-hundred-meter flying crossing is the moment when they can most attract the attention of the strong.

The beard took the lead, standing on the bow of the ship, stretched out one hand forward, and shouted: “Everyone! Please cross!”

On the other side, there was also an old and majestic voice, “Everyone! Welcome!”

Everyone on the boat is already ready, gearing up one by one.

As for Wiliam and the others, they were at the end, and they didn’t attract anyone’s attention in the slightest.

“I’m coming!” Qian Changhu took the lead and shouted violently.

Everyone wanted to be the first character to appear on the stage.

After all, it is a blockbuster, and the first one is the most eye-catching.

But Qian Changhu settled the relationship last night, and the strength of their clan was also there.

Everyone decisively applauded Qian Changhu.

Qian Changhu straightened his body, and then volleyed towards the opposite side!

This one hundred meters is actually very particular.

If it is an ordinary Huajin martial artist, even if it is a Huajin Consummation martial artist, it is very difficult to fly directly without any halfway borrowing.

Therefore, when the people on the other side look at the doorway, it depends on these crossing people, who can fly over in one go.

Even to see who flies farther in one go.

Qian Changhu’s body was floating, with a smell of dust, apparently he had rehearsed for this day thousands of times.

There was a round of applause from the other side.

Obviously everyone has noticed that Qian Changhu is relatively young, and he is the first to appear.

Qian Changhu flew over 60 meters above the moat in one breath before his body gradually slowed down.

When he was about to fall, he shouted, and his body burst out with a purple light.

Two small things appeared on his feet.

Everyone looked intently and was amazed.

Two purple flying butterflies with big wings appeared on his feet.

The purple flying butterfly supported Qian Changhu’s body and flew across again.

“Ho ho, strange, it turned out to be Killing Cloud Butterflies. I haven’t seen this kind of worm for so many years.”

“I don’t think that this kid is young, and he can cultivate two Slaughter Cloud Butterflies all at once. It’s a trivial skill.”

A faint smile appeared on the faces of the sects on the other side.

Obviously Qian Changhu’s flying butterfly crossing aroused their interest.

Qian Changhu’s realm is not the highest, but in the eyes of everyone, there is still some talent. With a little training, there is still a certain prospect in the future. ,
“Record, this kid who uses Gu.” Someone immediately said to his opponent.

But the group of people holding the banner of Canglang Hero smiled slightly, proudly in their hearts.

Qian Changhu had already been taken down by them, and the other sects were probably silly.

With the blessing of Slaughter Cloud Butterfly, Qian Changhu’s body was floating again, and he easily landed on the other side.

Slaughter Yundie turned around his body twice before returning to Qian Changhu’s body.

There was another applause all around.

Next, other people flew across.

For a time, above the moat, like eight immortals crossing the sea, each showed their magical powers.

Some people plunged a zip line into the opposite bank and swung over directly.

And some people also fly across with various mysterious treasures.

Of course, there are some hard-working people among them, who failed to refill them in time when they exhausted their breath, and fell directly into the moat, causing the people on the opposite bank to roar with laughter.

After a while, most of the people who flew across were already over.

There was only an old man who had turned to perfection, and he flew over in one breath, but when he finally landed, he staggered and almost fell to the ground.

This result is enough to attract everyone’s attention.

However, it is obviously not enough.

The people on the opposite bank smiled back and forth, but as fewer and fewer people watched Feidu, their brows frowned.

Because everyone at the scene knew that yesterday this group of people, but the great wit caused the scream of the blue python.

Great wits, not to mention that they can surprise the four with a blockbuster skill in this event, but they are bound to make their mark.

It’s a pity that the various sects on the other side are lacking in interest when they see the present.

Except for Qian Changhu’s flying butterfly crossing which was somewhat interesting at the beginning, the others were simply arrogant.

But even Qian Changhu, with this talent, said he was a great wit, he couldn’t even count as reluctantly.

Everyone can’t help but start to wonder, how did the scream of the pythons yesterday caused it?

Could it be that just like before, it just hummed naturally, and it has nothing to do with the group of people crossing?

Thinking of this, people from all sects couldn’t help sighing.

Especially the people who lurked in the dark, the six methods and three heavens, shook their heads, and some even went into hiding.

But there are also a few sects with a faint smile on their faces.

It seems to have seen through all the people who crossed this time, knowing who is like a dragon and who is a worm.

However, these sects will not take the initiative to tell the inside story they know.

Although the other sects are disappointed, after all, they can still find some good seedlings every year.

So they can only force their spirits and pin their hopes on those who have not yet crossed.

However, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

After another half an hour or so, the people above the moat had basically flown across.

Everyone knows a truth. The later you fly across, the more mentally tired the sect on the opposite side will be, and you won’t watch.

So the more capable people are, the sooner they will fly to get the other side’s attention.

The more people stay behind, the more worried they are, and their skills are inferior.

Above the moat, only a small boat was left with people on it.

It was Wiliam and the others.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam and the others seemed to ignore the majestic posture of everyone flying just now, still sitting cross-legged in the boat, drinking water and chatting casually.

Qian Changhu received the much-anticipated treatment as soon as he landed ashore. At this moment, his vanity has swelled infinitely.

He jokingly looked at Wiliam and the others who hadn’t flew across, sneered, stretched out his index finger, hooked Wiliam, and shouted, “Come here!”

Chapter 1385

Facing Qian Changhu’s provocation, Wiliam and others laughed off.

Why are you here?

You are making a movie.

And the people of the sect on the shore have long been impatient.

They waited from start to finish, without seeing any talented individuals.

Not to mention the great wits.

Someone couldn’t help but asked loudly, “Hey, you people, I’ll ask you one thing.”

“You all know the scream of the blue python yesterday, right?”

The people at the scene nodded, expressing that they knew, and were even shocked to throw themselves to the ground.

“Then you were on the moat, did you see who caused the python to scream?” Those people asked directly.

Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, shook their heads one after another, saying they don’t know.

The people of the sect suddenly showed extremely disappointed expressions.

Is coming here today destined to be empty?

But immediately someone said, “Isn’t there still a few people who haven’t flew over? Will it be a few of them? I think the three young boys are quite calm.”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly noticed Wiliam and the three of them.

However, Qian Changhu burst into laughter directly, “Hahaha, do you mean the three of them? Hahahaha!”

Everyone was confused by his laugh, and they were confused.

“Hey, what are you laughing at?” someone shouted dissatisfiedly.

Qian Changhu held back his smile and pointed to Wiliam and said: “Do you know what the identities of those three people are? Two sons-in-laws and a little white face, three of them are supported by women. Can they cause the python to scream? Killing me.”

“You laughed the loudest, and you told us carefully about the specific circumstances of this crossing of the Anaconda Skygrass! Tell us carefully, you can’t let go of any details.” Someone was unwilling to say to Qian Changhu.

Qian Changhu has been waiting for this opportunity.

He was anxious to stamp Wiliam and the three of them severely under his feet, holding himself up.

Therefore, Qian Changhu began to speak vividly from the night before the crossing.

Of course, the point is on the three of them.

To ridicule them, there are no treasures to buy a ship.

Taunt them, leaning on a little cute girl in front.

Taunting them, knowing the danger is extremely dangerous, but still ignorant of good or evil, went to provoke the mother of the mountain snake and fish.

Anyway, in Qian Changhu’s mouth, these three people are just the kind of crap who don’t have a little ability and love to be aggressive.

After hearing Qian Changhu’s description, everyone looked at each other.

This last hope was also dashed.

On the one hand, they are feeling that this group of people who crossed this year is simply a blessing.

Encountering the mother of the moving mountain snake and fish can still escape from the dead, if it weren’t for the appearance of the blue python that scared off the mother of moving mountain snake and fish, this year’s Yingdu recruitment would be a joke.

On the other hand, they were extremely disappointed in Wiliam and the others.

This kind of waste, even if the strength is not enough, the character is still so bad.

For them, it is a shame to set foot on the outer world.

Facing the disappointment of various sects, it was the previous few waves with mysterious smiles.

Xianghua Lixue and Yu Shizhi had figured out the details of Wiliam and the three of them in advance.

Also had the meaning of soliciting for a long time. ,

They are just laughing, how blind is this man named Qian Changhu!

The three disasters of humanity are so trivial in his mouth!

Some time before the Three Humanitarian Disasters, this man named Qian Changhu was still asleep, right?

But the people of Xianghualixi and the imperial family knew the truth but didn’t tell it.

Lest these three little guys are missed.

The last wave of people is the strange sword covering the sky.

Their looks are much weird.

On the one hand, they knew the details of the three humanitarian plagues, and they wanted to kill them on the spot.

But they cannot do it, nor can they speak out.

Otherwise everyone knows the details of these three people, do you still want to face the scared face of Qi Jianzhatian?

At the same time, they didn’t say it, and they wished the other sects didn’t know the details of these three people, so that they could recruit each one.

In this way, it will be much easier to find a chance to kill them in the future.

“It’s nothing, I’ll take a trip for nothing today.” The six-methods and three-strength people have almost left the ground.

There are only nine sects left, and there are sects below nine sects.

As for Wiliam and the others…

You can’t even fly to fly, so what are you talking about welcoming talents?

a shame.

“Well, Yingdu recruitment officially begins now.” A gray-haired old man stood in the front and said to the person who flew over.

He pointed to a magnificent stone stele and said: “The annual welcome to the people of the world has two contents. Have you seen this stone stele? Under this stone stele, there is an ancient tomb of one realm. The first content is you. Use all your strength to bombard this realm ancient tombstone. The ancient tombstone will have two visions one after another. The first kind of vision is the blooming of light, and the color of the light is different, which can truly reflect everyone’s current realm. And the second kind of vision. , That is, the tombstone will expand and contract freely, and the length of the expansion represents the potential of everyone in the future. This is the first content. The second content is that after three days, the newcomer can enter the tomb of this realm and open the bones. Fight for the name. I’ll talk about the rules in three days. Let’s start the first item now.”

Everyone was speechless, and there was such a magical ancient tombstone.

It doesn’t matter if you can test the realm, you can also test the potential.

This is a bit weird.

“You do your best. This first content is particularly important. If you perform well, you will be recruited on the spot by the sects present.” The old man said, everyone has given these people a way to go straight to the ancient tombstone of the realm.

When everyone looked at the ancient tombstone, they only felt shocked.

The height of the ancient tombstone is about five meters, and there are no words or patterns on it.

It looks ordinary.

But staring at the ancient tombstone, I feel that my soul will be sucked in.

The end is weird and magical.

“Which one of you first?” the old man asked Xiang Feiover.

Qian Changhu was naturally the first one to stand up, “I’ll make a sample for everyone, it’s a good idea.”

With that said, he walked directly towards the ancient tombstone.

Everyone stared at Qian Changhu, and he began to accumulate energy.

Just as Qian Changhu was about to punch with all his strength, he suddenly heard a high-pitched voice, “Hold on, let me say something first.”

Everyone followed the prestige.

It is the man of Canglang Hero.

A person in charge of Canglang Zhixiong said with a smile to the people around him: “We have already decided this Qian Changhu. So no matter how high or low his potential is in the future, please cut your love and thank you first.”

The sect on the scene was shocked!

Didn’t the test start yet, did Canglang Hero directly recruit talents?

Is it possible that Qian Changhu’s potential is amazing?

Or, Canglang’s ambition is not small, this year’s Zongmen ranking is bound to win?


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