Dragon Husband 1386-1390

Chapter 1386 Heaven’s moat is a cup of blood and wine!

Faced with the sudden emergence of the hero of Canglang, the faces of the other sects became unsightly.

Isn’t this clearly putting pressure on everyone?

However, as the strongest sect under the Nine Sects, the Canglang Heroes naturally dared not speak up when they spoke to other sects.

As for Jiuzongmen.

They just laughed at what the Canglang Hero did.

After all, everyone has seen it just now, and Qian Changhu is considered to have the most potential among this group of ferrymen.

But it’s nothing more than that.

It hasn’t reached the point where the nine sects can rob them.

So the Hero of Canglang took it as well.

Nine Zongs prefer not to overrun.

The people at the scene applauded Qian Changhu.

This kid can be said to be doing the best today.

Flying butterflies have crossed the attention of people.

It is rare to see how the Hero of Canglang supports him and builds momentum.

It seems that this kid is going to soar into the sky in the future.

Qian Changhu was naturally very proud. He didn’t expect that Canglang Hero would be so powerful, and he would directly make him famous.

But in fact, Qian Changhu still thinks highly of himself.

The hero of Canglang supported him in this way, not because of his potential.

The foundation of his family in Canglang Zhixiong is not up to the point where he can support him in public.

The reason for this is only one purpose.

That is the hero of Canglang must show his attitude here.

This year’s nine rankings, the hero of Canglang has been determined!

Qian Changhu exploded with all his strength under the applause of the crowd, and slammed his fist on the ancient tombstone of the realm.

The ancient tombstone burst into an earth-yellow light in everyone’s eyes.

The light flashed away.

The old man shouted loudly: “The khaki, turning energy into a realm.”

Everyone applauded again.

To reach the ultimate goal at his age, the family has done their best to nurture him.

As the light disappeared, the five-meter-high ancient tombstone suddenly began to creep slowly.

Everyone’s eyes were staring straight.

The extended length of the ancient tombstone represents Qian Changhu’s talent and potential.

“Six meters, seven meters, eight meters, nine meters, ten meters! The ancient tombstone is ten meters! The potential is fair, and it can reach half a step of the innate state in a lifetime!” the old man shouted loudly.

There was a round of applause at the scene again.

Qian Changhu made the ancient tombstone grow five meters taller!

Especially the old man’s phrase that he can reach half a step in his life, gave everyone a dose of blood.

Among these four rings, the great success of Huajin is not worth mentioning, and the perfection of Huajin is the mainstream.

As for the half-step innate, he can become a middle-level cadre of the sect.

Join the Canglang Hero, you deserve it.

The people of Jiuzong also applauded Qian Changhu sparsely.

In their view, Qian Changhu’s potential is acceptable, but his current realm is a bit low.

It’s a pity to eat tasteless and discard, tasteless newcomer.

After Qian Changhu finished the test, he triumphed around and walked directly to the man of Canglang.

Obviously, he joined the Canglang Hero.

Several elders in Qian Changhu’s family also went to the test immediately.

The realm is in full swing, but the height of the ancient tombstone has only risen by about three meters.

They are getting older, and it will be more difficult for them to diligently after reaching Consummation. ,
Others followed the order and started the test.

But the result was not satisfactory.

Although many people have surpassed Qian Changhu in realm, they still lack potential because of their age.

Some people raised the ancient tombstone by two or three meters, and some people directly let the ancient tombstone stand still.

It caused a burst of laughter at the scene.

But this is also commonplace.

The people in Jiuzong thought for a while. In recent decades, has anyone with amazing talents and amazing potential?

I am afraid that only the man nicknamed Nie Lin made this ancient tombstone rise to a height of tens of meters or hundreds of meters.

After that, no one broke Nie Lin’s record again.

Can have a height of five or six meters, quite satisfactory.

An hour later, all the flying ferrymen present had finished testing.

Qian Changhu had the most potential, and then he was a middle-aged man who was about the same age as Qian Changhu and had the same potential as Qian Changhu.

People from various sects began to whisper, discussing whether there were talents to be absorbed.

The result of the discussion was also very disappointing.

The newcomers this year are the most.

But qualifications are also the most mediocre.

It can only be said that talk is better than nothing.

So the sects began to pick people, picking up a few people who were still passing.

As for the others, just ask for their own blessings and make a living in this outer world.

But the people of Jiuzong have never made any shots from beginning to end.

“Today’s Yingdu Recruitment, I think it will end like this? What do you think?” The elder asked the surrounding sects.

Everyone nodded and agreed.

But at this time, Qian Changhu jumped out again and said with a smile: “No, there are still a few people who don’t even fly here? Maybe there are people with different talents hiding among them. We are blind. If you look at it, let them try it too, they are all here, they can’t go back on the boat again, hahahaha!”

Qian Changhu’s words caused a lot of laughter at the scene.

What’s the name is coming, is this going to the market?

And, after crossing over and taking the boat back?

Simply laughable and generous!

Do you think of crossing as a day trip?

“How many of you can’t come by? But if you come, we will be gone.” The elder who presided over was obviously impatient, and shouted to Wiliam and the others.

Wiliam and the others got up from the boat and looked at the people on the shore.

“Oh, they are finally willing to get up! Next, keep your eyes open! Let’s take a look at these talented people!” Qian Changhu exaggerated.

Everyone was laughing.

The craftsman frowned and said, “Shall we go over? Don’t worry, my boat can become a small spaceship!”

Wiliam was about to kneel for the craftsman.

This little girl really didn’t know if she was Duodongaimeng or the ever-changing little fairy.

Weird tricks are endless.

Lin Jiang simply found a treasure.

But Lin Jiang and others laughed and said: “No need, save the small spaceship ashore for your own play.”

The craftsman curled his lips and rolled his eyes at Lin Jiang.

Liu Lang looked ahead and said with emotion to Wiliam and Lin Jiang: “After this day, we are on the shore, and we are going to go to each other. Although the three of us are brothers and sisters, we have never shown us to others. Why, before we go ashore, Shall we formally become brothers of the opposite sex?”

Lin Jiang and Wiliam glanced at each other and stood up and said, “Okay!”

As wished!

Liu Lang casually pointed, pointing to the river water in the moat and said: “If there is no wine or cup, then we will…”

Lin Jiang immediately answered: “The supreme bloodline thinks it is wine!”

Wiliam understood, “The Cang Python Heavenly Grab thought it was a cup!”

Wen Ren Qingxin and the craftsman were shocked, but they were shocked by the heroic spirit of these three people!

Be the madman of the real world!

Just ask this world!

Who has no blood but is wine!

Ask this world again!

Who madly thinks it is a cup!

This mind!

This blood!

Wen Renqing and the craftsman only felt that the blood in the body was ignited in an instant!
Chapter 1387 All the beasts come to congratulate!

These three people, in front of the people on the other side, are nothing more than masses!

But they just dare.

In this powerful world like a cloud, in front of so many experts, worship God and make righteousness!

The three of Wiliam’s voices were so loud that they actually reached the ears of those on the opposite side.

Everyone looked at these three people in disbelief.

Qian Changhu laughed directly, and ridiculed: “Oh, the three people who ate soft rice are still cherishing each other. If they are about to bow, they will bow to bow!”

Everyone also laughed and said, “It’s crazy, taking blood as wine and heaven as a cup, I am afraid that the master of Nine Sects, Six Laws and Three Heavens would not dare to be so presumptuous!”

However, the three of Wiliam fell on deaf ears.

Their hands are all raised to the sky!

Give it a squeeze!

A blood mist burst out on the wrist one after another!

The three blood mists blended together in an instant, and they sprinkled the water in the sky.

The ancients made righteousness, and they worshiped Guan Gong in Taoyuan!

There are chicken heads and yellow paper!

And these three people, sprinkled with blood on the sky, are unique, but they are extremely moving.

Just as Qian Changhu was about to continue taunting, suddenly the ground trembled violently!

The pupils of the people on the scene shrank, and they looked at the ground shockingly, and even looked at the python sky moat!

Three blood mist into the sky!

Like a spoonful of hot oil into the boiling pot!

The whole Cang Python moat was boiling!

This kind of boiling is naturally not a river boiling!

It was countless things that emerged from the moat!

The people at the scene were dumbfounded!

Some people point to the sky, their lips are trembling!

“That is! The red-eyed greedy fish king that is rare in a century!”

“Also, look at that blue flame, isn’t it the blue-water three-headed turtle recorded in the annals of history?”

“My God! Even the ancient beasts at the bottom of the Heavenly Moat have come out! What the hell is going on today!”

Even the three of Wiliam were stunned.

I don’t even think of making righteousness, so many moths can be born!

More and more ancient beasts are emerging from the moat!

These ancient beasts are extremely large!

They are very far away from the people on the scene, and can even be said to appear in the sky.

But it still makes people feel palpitations!

After a brief shock, the people at the scene were all boiling over!

These ancient beasts, it is difficult to see one of these ancient beasts in their lifetime!

But recently, the ancient beasts all appeared in the sky!

It’s like being called by something.

But, what else is there in this human world that can summon so many ancient beasts at the same time with such a great ability!

A word flashed across everyone’s heads!

Great Wisdom!

This idea is mutually confirmed by the sorrowful cry of the python before!

These ancient beasts, come to congratulate Yingdu!

Who is it!

At this time, someone turned their eyes to Wiliam and the three of them again!

All the mutations started from the blood of these three people.

Is it related to the three of them!

Could it be that these three people are the great wits that everyone is looking for!

How else to explain all this!

These ancient beasts seem to be celebrating the marriage of the three!

Really incredible!

In the depths of the three people’s minds, Wiliam suddenly roared like a cow! ,

The three looked at each other, their eyes full of shock!

Cang python cries sad!

It’s the blue python screaming again!

Such a rare scream in a century, they heard it twice from yesterday to now!

And Wiliam looked at everyone at the scene again, although everyone was surprised, but their bodies were straight.


When the python screamed before, everyone was forced to throw their five bodies to the ground.

but now……

Could it be that the sorrow of the python only appeared in their minds this time, and others couldn’t hear it at all!

And Wiliam can distinguish the sorrowful cry of the blue python, and he can vaguely feel the sadness and joy in it.

Wiliam raised his eyes and saw that those ancient pythons were like ancient statues, waiting quietly in the sky.

They are really celebrating the end of justice!

Wiliam was a little mixed for a while!

The face of the three of them is really big enough!

If you just want to make a confession casually, it has caused the python to order these ancient beasts to congratulate you!

This card face, tut tut!

Before Qian Changhu felt the attention of the public because of his backing by the great power of Canglang.

But even now that the beasts come to congratulate, it’s almost a trivial one.

Liu Lang and Lin Jiang also smiled bitterly, and said, “What’s the matter with this, it’s not low-key.”

This is probably the reason why the tree wants to be quiet but the wind is more than just.

The craftsman asked Wiliam weakly and said, “Then, are you still going on?”

What to continue?

Kneel and bow, isn’t this just beginning to spill blood.

But the three of them exploded tacitly and waved their hands together, “Forget it, let’s just do it.”

In order not to coax even greater movement out.

What was thought to be a very passionate prayer, the result is now earth-shattering.

The three of them didn’t have any interest in an instant, and they had nothing to do with it.

The three of them thought it was a rush.

But from the eyes of the people at the scene, this is nothing short of a glimpse!

Where are these three people?

There is such a big face!

Just as everyone was horrified, Liu Lang said: “Finally, go up, don’t make people wait for a long time and say that we are not sensible.”

The voice just fell.

The three were about to move.

The moat is noisy again!

It’s like hearing Wiliam and the others want to fly across!

Countless things came out in an instant!

“Fuck! It’s the moving mountain snake fish! The moving mountain snake fish has appeared again!” The people who had crossed the scene pointed at the moat and shouted sharply.

Everyone looked intently, the scalp was numb!

I saw countless mountain snake fish appeared on the shore!

Like sardines, these moving mountain snake fish leaped out of the sky.

In the midair, a silver snake bridge was formed!

Countless mountain snake fish just leaped like this, some of them fell, and they were immediately filled up!

This silver light snake bridge, one end reaches the opposite bank!

And the other end was actually connected to Wiliam’s bow!

Everyone was originally horrified, why did the moving mountain snake fish appear in such a close place, and they were also worried about whether the moving mountain snake fish would make a comeback?

But now it seems that moving the mountain snake fish is not to attack everyone at all!

It’s better to be like a bridge in person, to welcome the saints!

Wiliam shook his head and sighed, “Is it over?”

Goose bumps came out of people at the scene.

Yeah, what a earth-shattering thing to move the mountain snake fish into the bridge to welcome the saint!

Just ask the people present, even if the master of Nine Sects, Six Laws and Three Heavens can have this honor?

This kid even disliked it!

I don’t know what is good or bad!

“Forget it, Anaconda Skygrass has a lot of thoughts, and we understand it. I think this is also a favor from the Anaconda Skygrass. If we guess wrong, we will surely reconnect with the Anaconda Skygrass in the future and repay this favor. That’s it.” Liu Lang said lightly.

Then, he stepped on the silver light snake bridge directly.

With a cry, resounded throughout the world.

“The Cang Python Heavenly Moat crosses from now on!”

“Change the world!”

Chapter 1388

Everyone looked at these people eagerly, walking step by step on the silver bridge built by moving mountain snakes and fish.

Some of them covered their hearts, and still can’t believe this scene is true!

Do these three men still have little white faces eating soft rice!

Especially Qian Changhu, his face is ugly to the extreme!

All three of them robbed him of the limelight.

He even rubbed his face on the ground!

The talk of eating soft rice spread from his mouth.

But now!

All beasts come to congratulate!

Snake fish bridge!

Just ask the world for a hundred years, who has this honor!

Damn it!

The three of them walked on the silver bridge to the opposite bank step by step.

When they settled, the silver bridge built by the mountain snake fish turned into a sky full of silver light!

And the ancient beast on the other side of the skyline quietly sank into the sky, and was never seen again.

Everyone is more assured, the two scenes of wonders are due to these three people!

“Come on, how do you test? Hit this ancient tombstone?” Wiliam asked the people around faintly.

But as soon as the voice fell, a voice rang, “You three, we all have it! No need to test!”

The crowd was agitated, looking at the speaker.

Surprisingly, the leader of Canglang Hero.

At this moment, everyone is not calm anymore!

What a great hero, they are really fast enough to start!

After winning Qian Changhu before, everyone sold him a face.

but now!

The one who appeared in front of everyone was a great wise man!

This kind of character who can cause all animals to congratulate him, how can a Qian Changhu compare!

Thousands of Qian Changhu combined are not as good as one of them!

Just now when they went ashore, everyone was still thinking about how to win them over.

Unexpectedly, the hero of Canglang didn’t care about his face, so simple and rude, he began to win.

All of a sudden, everyone’s rhythm was disrupted.

Qian Changhu couldn’t hold it anymore!

This slapped him in the face again!

He jumped out and shouted to the person in charge: “No! The three of them have no abilities at all! Believe me! And they don’t even test! They are not in compliance with the rules!”

Qian Changhu’s person made that person in charge’s face all green!

He took a lot of courage just now, risking offending all the sects and shouting out first.

In order to be able to grab the first place to win, so that these three people will have more affection for the Canglang Hero.

Unexpectedly, the people on my side would insult these three people in front of everyone!

If it was insulting before, then forget it.

Now everyone is watching, they are all looking like they are ready to move!

With such a curse, this wooing was not only in vain, but also made these three people hate the hero of Canglang!

“Qian Changhu! Shut up! You dare to say one more word! Believe it or not, I will drive you out of the Great Waves!” The person in charge screamed.

At this moment, the hero of Canglang couldn’t take care of any face.

And Qian Changhu staggered, looking at the person in charge in disbelief.

Will this be expelled as soon as it is collected?

I am going to be the laughing stock of the ages! ,


I have a family in the Canglang Hero!

Unexpectedly, the face of the family for many years is not as attractive as these three sudden boys!

The Canglang Hero actually dared to yell like this for these three people!

For a while, Qian Changhu looked at Wiliam and the others with jealousy in his eyes!

But he really didn’t dare to speak rashly anymore!

With the opening of Canglang Hero, all the sects were in chaos!

Everyone almost shouted in a swarm: “Three buddies, come to us! How about enough cultivation resources for you!”

“I think it’s better to come to us! I dare to promise! Within five years, you will be able to be the middle level of our sect. This is very prestigious!”

“Cut, you little sects don’t come to make trouble, your little temple can accommodate three bodhisattvas? Come to us, our sect is powerful, and it is very likely to hit the nine sect rankings this year!”

Almost all sects under Nine Sects have taken action.

They can no longer take care of the face of Canglang Hero.

After all, a person of great wisdom and ability will have the opportunity to make the sect Nirvana, and it is more likely to live forever!

The people of Jiu Zong also have an eager look, but they generally don’t make a move in their tacit understanding.

It’s not because you don’t want these three people.

But disdain to fight with these small sects.

And the people of Nine Sects also believe that if they are great wits, how can they be subjugated to the minor sect?

So they are relieved.

At the same time they are very lucky!

Just now, because of the disappointment of the six methods and three inspiring people, almost all of them left early.

Even if you rush over, it will take a while.

Otherwise, the three of them might be taken away by the six methods and three heavenly people on the spot.

Seeing that the scene was as noisy as the vegetable market, the beard far away on the boat showed a knowing smile.

Everything, as he wished.

This heavenly secret was finally revealed by the Cang Python Heavenly Moat.

Luojihu has long known that the three are extraordinary.

Also humiliated by the low-key of the three.

It’s a pity that his identity and responsibilities are there, and he is destined to not speak much.

it’s good now.

Watching the three of them become sweet and delicious.

The various sects who were still above the top just now had to beat their heads to their heads for the three of them.

Such a picture is too strange.

Three little guys, your first step on the outer world is so smooth.

The next step depends on your efforts!

When Luohu thought about this, his face smiled even more.

Wiliam and the others were caught off guard and were robbed by the crowd, and they didn’t react for a while.

This is too enthusiastic, right?

But their hearts are also bitter.

Why bother?

Canglang Tianmo, you are a favored person, a little too big.

It doesn’t end well.

Wiliam and the others were unwilling to offend all the sects as soon as they went ashore.

Because looking at the red-eared appearances of the various sects, it really offends everyone if it is not easy to agree to one family.

Just when Wiliam and the others couldn’t come to Taiwan, the person in charge of Canglang Zhixiong was obviously annoyed.

He looked at Wiliam and the others, and asked sternly, “Everyone, don’t quarrel! Three of you, let’s talk about it! Which sect you are going to go to! You have to think carefully!”

Everyone on the scene focused their eyes on Wiliam and the others.

Liu Lang and Wiliam looked at each other, just about to speak.

A cold voice came from not far away, interrupting what Liu Lang hadn’t said yet.

“You little sects, where’s the face to snatch them?”

“Go anywhere, go back and forth, they’ve already been booked.”

Everyone followed the prestige and saw a man wrapped in a black robe falling from mid-air.

This person took off his hat at random, revealing a stunning face.

Wenren loved?

Wiliam turned around in disbelief, but behind him, he saw Wen Renqin with a smile that seemed like nothing.

Two Wenren loved?
Chapter 1389

Wiliam was dumbfounded on the spot.

What’s the situation?

Shadow clone?

However, he took a closer look and suddenly noticed some differences.

The woman who fell from the sky in front of Wiliam was wearing a black gold robe embroidered with peach blossoms. Although her face was exactly the same as Wen Renqing, her face was cold and ruthless.

Wenren behind him was enamoured, with a hat on his head, but with an amorous smile on his lips.

Obviously not the same person.

The woman in front of Wiliam glanced at Wiliam, then fixed her gaze on Wen Renqing’s body, and smiled: “Welcome home.”

Wen Renqing gently took off the hat on his head, and smiled lightly, “Well, sister.”


When Wiliam heard this name, he immediately understood.

Dare to love that these two are twin sisters!

When everyone saw the woman in front of Wiliam, they all called out in shock, “Isn’t this the eldest princess who has a lot of love and love?”

“She looks really peerless! But she has been going deep and simple, why is she here today!”

“Look, everyone, there is another princess on the other side! What the hell is going on!”

The people at the scene knew Wenren Qingqing, but they didn’t expect two stunning women who were exactly the same to appear at the same time.

Wiliam thought about the names of these two people, only to find it funny.

Smell people love, smell people love.

A nice pair of twin sisters flower.

“Did you hear that? The eldest princess said that these three great wits have been appointed by default. I don’t know if they are true or not?”

“Are the people of Jiu Zong going to make a move? It’s over! Once they make a move, how can we still have a chance?”

The scene was wailing.

The other sects’ wooing before was after all a little joke.

Now that the Jiuzong people have come out, they all have to stand aside.

Qian Changhu was annoyed when he listened to the people around him saying these things.


Before other sects were drawn together, it was fine!

Now Jiuzong shot!

In this way, the three people who ate soft food are not worth soaring, and they are directly above themselves!

How good are they!

Following everyone’s doubts, Wen Renqinqing pointed to Wen Renqin’s heart and said loudly, “Wen Renqinqing said, “While you are here, also introduce to you my sister who has been gone for a long time, Wen Renqin’s heart.”

As soon as this was said, there was an uproar at the scene again!

Wenren loved!

Also named Wenren!

In this way, this woman who suddenly appeared is not a sweet little princess!

No way!

Why does this little princess with a fragrant flower and blood follow these people all the way!

And Qian Changhu almost vomited blood!

The woman she wanted to pursue all the way, turned out to be a fragrant little princess!

Those three shameless little white faces!

Once again, he was the first to take the lead, once again relying on a woman to dominate!

It turns out that they had climbed onto this little princess long ago!

No wonder you are unscrupulous along the way, and no one is paying attention to it!

It’s not a man!

Thinking of this, Qian Changhu looked at Wiliam and others with hatred in his eyes!

“Princess, I know that we can’t grab your fragrant flowers and blood, but your lion’s mouth open to accept all three people, will your appetite be a little bit bigger! Are you afraid that other sects will be uncomfortable?” , Couldn’t help but said to Wenren with affection. ,

Wen Renqing sneered and said: “First of all, your sect is not angry, I care?”

The first sentence made the atmosphere of the scene solidify.

It’s so straightforward and ruthless.

Don’t put all the sects in the eyes.

But everyone also has a hard time talking.

Because everyone knows that the fragrant princess has a cold personality and is an overbearing imperial sister.

She speaks and does things, never talk about affection, it is all based on her own mood.

Then, Wen Renqing said again: “Besides, I said that three people will collect it all? Are you deaf?”


The people at the scene were so angry that they should have been angry with geniuses!

But everyone keenly grasped the true meaning of her words.

Don’t have three people to collect it all?

In other words, there is still a chance?

Wenrenqingqing refers to Wiliamwen Wenrenqingqing: “Is it him?”

Wenren nodded intently.

Wenren Qingqing said: “What we want to accept is this kid, and the others have nothing to do with me.”

Everyone was taken aback and looked at Wiliam.

Is there anything extraordinary about this kid?

It seems to be the handsomest among the three.

Could it be that the little princess was captured by a pair of skins?

Then added the fragrant flowers and blood?

This is too shameful!

For a moment, everyone looked at Wiliam’s eyes full of contempt.

This guy is definitely not a great wit!

Identification is completed!

Then everyone looked at the other man eagerly.

Lin Jiang with white hair and blue clothes.

Lin Jiang’s appearance is also elegant and handsome, especially his long silver hair, which is even more eye-catching.

As for Liu Lang?

Ho ho, it’s not a good thing to look at him as a fool.

Could it be that the great wise man is this white-haired boy?

Ever since, everyone rushed towards Lin Jiang.

Just as they were about to speak, another voice rang from the sky.

“Don’t worry about what he said, you have a master.”

Everyone looked towards the sky!

It didn’t matter to see it, he exclaimed directly!

A white tiger three to four meters long fell from the sky!


Everyone gave up a large piece of land, and the white tiger slammed on the ground, and the surface trembled slightly.

And everyone looked at Baihu again, and Baihu was riding a woman on his body.

A woman with a frivolous white gauze.

Seeing this woman, everyone was shocked again.

“Daughter of the White Tiger, is it possible that this is the recent sensation Su Emei?”

“It must be! When this woman came some time ago, she was unforgettable with her beautiful beauty! Even if she was wearing a veil, she couldn’t hide her figure!”

“What is she here for? Isn’t she coming out very rarely? Is it possible?”

When everyone saw Su Emei, there was a lot of discussion.

As soon as she appeared, Lin Jiang’s expression moved slightly.

Outside of this trip, Lin Jiang is only doing one thing.

That is to meet again with Su Emei to repay the grace of the beautiful woman.

In his eyes, there was no one else, staring at Su Emei closely.

Su Emei turned over and fell from the white tiger.

She walked towards Lin Jiang step by step.

Time seems to be frozen for the two at this moment.

Su Emei slowly lifted the veil, revealing that clear and sad face.

The eyes are facing each other.

The past time, smiled in the eyes of the two.

Too much fetters, too much worry.

From the first meeting at the land auction, to the peach blossoms on the Bagua Mountain.

In order to save Lin Jiang, Su Emei passed a puff of cigarette into Lin Jiang’s mouth before he died.

And her words still echoed in Lin Jiang’s ears.

“From now on, learn to smoke.”

“In this way, would you think of me…”

“Hope, in the next life you will also give me a peach blossom rain that touches the world…”

“My life, Su Emei…”

“No regrets…”

Peach Blossom Fight, full of silver hair, white for Yiren.

Seeing each other now, the peach blossoms are splendid, and the human face remains the same.

Chapter 1390

“You are here.” Su Emei said lightly.

But the flow of friendship in his eyes cannot be hidden at all.

Su Emei’s heart was already dead.

He was already dead in that Acacia Peach Blossom Sword.

She was very clear about Lin Jiang’s feelings for her wife.

That peach blossom rain fell in front of Su Emei’s eyes, but it only fell for Gu Xinyu.

Su Emei was absolutely heartbroken from then on.

She was waiting in the outer world, and now she is also waiting.

But I don’t know what kind of attitude to face Lin Jiang.

And Lin Jiang obviously feels this way too.

He smiled and said, “I’m here.”

He stretched out a hand towards Su Emei.

Su Emei was taken aback for a moment, and finally handed it out and shook it with him.

“What is this doing? What is Huqing doing? Doesn’t she know that white-haired man?”

“No? Could it be true that Qian Changhu had said that these three men all eat soft food! From the time they have been humanely eating to our outer world?”

“It seems that the imperial family is trying to get the white-haired man in the bag! Damn it!”

The people at the scene looked at Lin Jiang and Su Emei shaking hands, one by one was completely uncomfortable.

Yushizhi shot!

Yushizhiren, who was on par with Xianghualixue, accepted another one.

So isn’t there only one great wise person left?

Sure enough, Su Emei gently let go of Lin Jiang’s hand and said loudly, “This man, we want it.”

Everyone complained secretly.

I don’t know if you want it for the Imperial Family System, or if you, Mr. Huqing, want it.

Wiliam also looked at this woman named Su Emei.

For a while, Wiliam also vaguely heard the entanglement between Lin Jiang and Su Emei.

It was so embarrassing to think of these two meeting each other.

It’s really interesting.

After Su Emei told everyone, she looked at Wenren with affection.

She nodded with Wenren’s affection, and said hello.

After a brief period of grief and anger, everyone immediately focused on Liu Lang’s body.

However, when they looked at Liu Lang’s eyes, there were various dislikes.

Because in terms of appearance, Wiliam and Lin Jiang are the most immortal men.

The image of a person with great wisdom is very appropriate.

Although they eat soft meals.

And this Liu Lang looked like a sloppy uncle.

Not serious.

That’s it, it’s a character who can provoke all beasts to congratulate him anyway.

Otherwise, just order it and take him away.

Seeing that nine of the other sects had come out again, they planned to greet this sloppy man.

However, the words were still unspoken. Liu Lang seemed to know what everyone was thinking, and said with a smile: “Don’t make me think, they all want it, and I want more.”

Everyone almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

This person is really shameless.

It really looks like the person.

The two of them have strong backing by confidantes.

This guy doesn’t care what he looks like?

Everyone can’t help but ask how he came to eat soft rice these years?

Is the threshold for the humane soft rice of Hongchen so low?

“I mean, why don’t you believe it?” Liu Lang looked at the people around seriously, “I really have someone who wants it.” This chapter is not over yet,
Everyone stared at Liu Lang, to see how long this guy could lie without changing his face?

But at this time, Liu Lang looked not far away and smiled softly, “Oh, here it is.”

Everyone is following the prestige, won’t anyone really come to accept this evildoer, right?

At this look, everyone’s scalp numb!

There are really a few people walking towards Liu Lang.

These people were wrapped tightly, and they couldn’t tell who they were at all.

Look at me from other sects, and I look at you, at the same time I confirmed that they are not theirs.

Wen Renqingqing and Su Emei also took a look and shook their heads slightly.

Not a person of Jiuzong.

So who is here?

Seeing this, Qian Changhu couldn’t help but said in a weird manner: “This kid hasn’t been accepted by anyone. Isn’t it possible that he can’t get through, so he has a few extras to get him down?”

Everyone was taken aback, as if there was such a reason?

Otherwise, why haven’t you seen these few people on the stage?

However, someone sneered and said, “This is too false, right? This kid has never been to the outside world before, right? How can we arrange extras in advance?”

Also makes sense…

At this time, someone noticed the delicate patterns embroidered on the clothes of those people.

After a closer look, he couldn’t help but call it out in shock, “Look, everyone! The clothes these people wear, are they embroidered with a dragon wearing a cloud?”

Everyone looked intently, the scalp was numb!

It is indeed a five-claw piercing dragon!

And which sect can be embroidered with five claws and wear a dragon on the clothes?

In everyone’s heads, a sect that was so powerful and suffocating appeared.

One of the six methods!

Thrown through the clouds and startled the dragon!

The people of the Six Laws appeared on the scene!

And not only did he show up, but he ended up soliciting in person!

This sloppy man who is most despised by everyone has actually won the favor of Chuanyun Jinglong!

This shock was far more terrifying than before Wiliam and Lin Jiang were taken over by Jiuzong!

Who is this sloppy man!

Qian Changhu is going crazy!

Why are these three men more horrible than the other!

Five people in this line!

First, the craftsman Xiao Mengmei is amazing!

Then there is the little princess Xianghualixue above it!

Then Wiliam Linjiang was taken over by Jiuzong!

In the end, the scariest thing turned out to be this sloppy man!

Five gods!

And Liu Lang saw that the people who pierced the cloud and startled the dragon were coming, and he slightly arched his hands at them and said, “Excuse me, you have to run.”

The other person also arched their hands at Liu Lang and said with a smile: “You are a wizard of the sky, it is our honor that we can be seen by you.”

The people at the scene were shocked again.

Have you ever seen the Six Laws so humble?

And it’s kind to someone who is new to the outside world!

Then this man definitely has the ability to guard against the sky!

Take a look!

The crossovers at the scene are all regretful at this moment!

Blind, can’t see the horror of these five people!

As long as you see that a person is extraordinary, and if you deal with them earlier, you might be utterly loved!

What the hell have you seen before!

In front of these five people, especially in front of these three men, what did Qian Changhu do!


it is too late!

Because the overall situation is set!

It’s all because of Qian Changhu who ridiculed this group of people so much before.

Now all the crossovers have offended these three men!

And after Liu Lang was accepted by the people who pierced the dragon, he suddenly turned to look at Wiliam and Lin Jiang, with a weird smile, and whispered, “Today’s limelight, it’s my big brother. “

After all, a golden light burst out of him, covering the audience!

Those who crossed the scene only felt their bodies trembling slightly, as if they were born with a fear of this golden light!

Liu Langwei Weilong roars like thunderous ears!

“Today! Lu Xiexianghua, Lin Ta Yushi!”

“but me!”

“Go to the Dragon Gate!”


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