Dragon Husband 1396-1400

Chapter 1396

Taste different?

Hearing this, Wen Renqing was furious!

“You! You are shameless! You really have an affair with my sister!” she yelled.

Wiliam frowned and said with a smile: “Where did you think of it? The taste I said was not the taste of your sister, but the smell of you.”

Wenrenqingqing’s face froze there all of a sudden, and he couldn’t find the step underneath.

Too embarrassing, I want to split.

However, she still didn’t understand one thing.

“Since you and my sister are innocent! Why did you just say that you should do the usual things, and you know that she has a vine tattoo on her heart…” When Wenren Qingqing asked this, her face was feverish.

Dogs are better than men!

Speaking is so vulgar and straightforward, intolerable!

“Naturally, it is to give you a face to cooperate with you in acting. Otherwise, your clothes will be taken off, and I will tear you apart at once. Wouldn’t it not give you face.” Wiliam said calmly, “The tattoo on your sister’s body is what I am casually messing with. That said, if you don’t believe me, you can go and take off your sister’s clothes to verify.”

“Get out!” Wenren cursed mercilessly.

But I still wondered, when will I really find time to strip my sister naked, and see if this dog is true or not what Wiliam said?

Man’s mouth, deceitful ghost!

“What’s the matter with the smell you just mentioned?” Wen Renqing returned to this topic.

Wiliam faintly explained: “If you are a person who loves you, you should know that I have a unique ability. To put it in an elegant way, it is called smelling fragrance and knowing women.”

Wen Ren looked at Wiliam strangely, this dog was less serious than a man.

What smells to know a woman, is it what a gentleman said?

The arrogant girl asked: “What do you mean?”

Wiliam smiled slightly, and said: “Everyone smells different. Qingxin has a faint sweet scent, like fruit. And you have that peach blossom scent. Although it is light, my nose is still It’s easy to use, so I distinguished it from the beginning.”

Wenrenqing’s face turned black!

The nose works well.

This is really a dog!

“Huh! Don’t think that you are a bit clever and play hooligans with me! You have offended me, and you won’t have good fruit in the future.” Wen Ren Qingqing is also a genius, with a big chest and no brain, so he just revealed this. .

Wiliam smiled and said, “I was offended just now.”

“It’s late!” Wen Ren Qingqing said proudly, and walked outside.

When she left, she lowered her head slightly, and carefully sniffed her body, what the hell was there in the fragrance of peach blossoms.

But smell it, not smell it at all.

Is this dog’s nose so good?

Wiliam looked at Wen Renqinqing’s arrogant and icy look behind him, and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

This young lady is too interesting.

As soon as the door opened, Wiliam heard a man’s voice coming from outside, “Qing Qing, don’t you understand what I think of you?”


what’s the situation?

Wiliam walked two steps quickly and looked outside.

This look is incredible.

A man, standing in front of Wenren Qingxin, who is like a flower like a jade, looks affectionate. ,
Wiliam changed his mind. It should be the real Wen Ren Qingxin who was worried about himself just now, so he kept standing in the small yard and waiting.

Then I met the man.

The man probably admitted to the wrong person, thinking that he was in love with him, so he began to confess his love to Wenren?

Wiliam looked at the man carefully, he was probably in his thirties, but he was well maintained.

On the other side, Wen Renqin had been silent, even with a playful smile on his face.

This smile made the man misunderstand.

I thought I had a play.

He was even more energetic, and said affectionately: “Love, my heart for you, the sun and the moon can be learned, for the past two years, I have been thinking about you and thinking about tea and dinner…”

At this time, a cold voice sounded behind him, “You also called Qingqing? You deserve it too? Get out of me.”

The man confessed that he was vigorous, and when he heard the voice, he turned his head and his whole body was dumbfounded.

An identical Wenren Qingqing was standing behind him with a face of indifference like frost.

Wen Renqin couldn’t hold back his heart suddenly, and he laughed directly.

At a glance, she could see that her sister had slumped on Wiliam, and she had nowhere to vent her anger.

When she smiled, the man was even more at a loss.

what’s the situation?

Wen Renqingqing walked over with Wiliam and said indifferently: “I told you to get out, don’t you hear? Also, if you dare to be presumptuous to me in the future, there will be no place for you.”

“You, you are the only one who loves people…” The man finally reacted.

“Boy, I suggest you leave quickly. My sister is now getting angry. If she doesn’t leave, she probably won’t be able to walk out of the small yard in this life.” Wen Ren smiled heartily.

The man glanced at Wenrenqingqing, and then he noticed a young handsome man standing beside Wenrenqingqing.

“Who are you?” the man asked Wiliam.

“My man, is it all right?” Wen Renqing said this abruptly.

The man’s face flushed directly, and he gave Wiliam a fierce look before he walked away.

Wiliam had a black question mark on his face.

Is this revenge?

Wen Renqin thinks so too. She smiled and said, “Sister, you can’t squat on Wiliam, so you can pull hatred everywhere for Wiliam?”

Wen Renqing snorted coldly, “Isn’t he very capable? A little Li Nianyi can’t solve it?”

Wiliam suddenly realized that this man was Li Nianyi.

The only newcomer recruited in the past three years.

She was bold enough to confess to the arrogant and indifferent princess.

“Hmph, relying on the uncle and the second uncle as the backer, he is becoming more and more presumptuous.” Wen Ren Qingqing is obviously not angry.

Today is the blood mold for eight lifetimes.

I wanted to say to test Wiliam’s dogbi, but the dogbi ate tofu.

Now this moth has been made out again to make my sister and the dog look at a joke.

The exchange of identities, no matter how you look at it, is self-inflicted.

“Sister, what happened in there just now? Look at the way you are about to eat Wiliam, is it taken advantage of by him? Are you going to charm him?” Wen Ren said to his sister with a smile.

Wen Renqingqing was pierced by his mind, and his face became even more ugly, “You know that kid is capable of ghosts and animals, and you don’t remind me!”

Well, it’s wrong to hear people’s love.

The overbearing sister said who is guilty, then who is guilty.

Wiliam couldn’t help muttering, “What is the ability of ghosts and animals, I am serious.”

“Follow me, it’s annoying to watch this dog!” Wen Renqing dragged Wen Renqing who was watching the joke and left.

Wiliam shook his head and returned to his room.

Just five minutes later, there was a grumpy knock on the door.

“Boy! Come out for me! Dare to grab a woman from me, I’m afraid I’m tired of you!”

Chapter 1397

Wiliam went over to open the door, only to see Li Nianyi who was standing at the door and returning.

Li Nian glared at Wiliam with anger, and constantly looked at him.

“Are you Wiliam just getting started?” Li Nian shouted coldly.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked lightly.

“Good boy! You dare to steal a woman from me as soon as you enter the door! You are looking for death!” Li Nian shouted sharply.

Wiliam had a headache.

Wenrenqingqing caused him trouble.

“I am not in that kind of relationship with Wenren.” Wiliam explained casually.

“You don’t fool me here! Qingqing admitted it in person just now! What reason do you have for not that kind of relationship?” Li Nianyi obviously didn’t believe it.

“If I have to have a reason, I look down on her, okay?” Wiliam said.

Li Nianyi got goosebumps all over!

What is this!

Smell of love, but the eldest princess who loves everything!

Good-looking and strong!

Properly Bai Fumei.

Where are the people chasing her?

This kid, a person who just came to this world, still dislikes her?

It’s so arrogant!

I really don’t know what Wen Renqing is after him!

“Come out! I want to make a comparison with you!” Li Nian grabbed Wiliam by the collar one by one.

Wiliam slapped it casually, “Wang Kong.”

With that, he closed the door.

Li Nian collapsed and knocked on the door frantically, “You come out! If you don’t come out, I will break the door!”

But Wiliam scoffed at this.


This is a fragrant and bloody face.

Dare he?

Sure enough, Li Nianyi didn’t dare to break the door.

He knocked for a while, and said coldly at the door: “Okay! If you have the ability to speak loudly, you can only open the door as a tortoise, isn’t it? I heard that you will also participate in the fight for fame, then don’t blame me. You’re welcome.”

After putting up the cruel words, he left angrily.

Wiliam didn’t care about this person at all.

Early morning three days later.

The fragrant people gathered in the chamber again.

Wiliam, Li Nianyi, and Wenren Qingqing all put on their pink and white outfits.

A small plum blossom is embroidered on the clothes.

“Have Li Nianyi found you?” Wen Renqin asked in a low voice on Wiliam’s side.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, your arrogant sister asked me for something.”

Wen Renqing said in a low voice, “That kid is about to step into the half-step innate, he is a leader of the younger generation. And there are two uncles behind him, so you can’t take it lightly.”

Wiliam said casually: “If people don’t offend me, I don’t offend people. I don’t bother to take care of this kind of person.”

Wen Renqingxin nodded, “Well, don’t provoke him either. If you can tolerate and retreat, don’t conflict. There are two kinds of competition in the fight for fame. One is the competition between the sects, and the competition is the card face. The other is the competition within the clan, in order to get ahead in the clan and strive for more cultivation resources. So in it, life and death will be safe and destiny. That kid will have a competitive relationship with you if he is emotional and reasonable.”

“Well, I will pay attention.” Wiliam whispered.

Wenren Tiange has already said cheering words on it, “Qingqing, then you will have a hard time leading the team this time, go, I will be here waiting for your triumph in three days.”

Wenrenqingqing did not say anything, and took the lead out of the chamber.

The three were speechless all the way, until they reached the ancient tombstone of the realm.

Many people have gathered here.

But these people are also in groups, very distinct.

After all, participating in the fight for fame has already had sects, so it is not easy to get too close to each other.

Wiliam roughly calculated that there were about 30 sects and nearly two hundred people.

Xiaozongmen naturally wins by quantity, to see if they can perform miracles vigorously in the fight for fame.

On the contrary, there are not many people sent by the big sects.

For one thing, they have fewer people, and secondly, all those who can be sent out are elites with one as ten, and there is no need to pile up the numbers.

Wiliam suddenly felt a beam of eyes looking at him.

He raised his eyes and smiled suddenly.

Yushizhiren, Lin Jiang, Huqing Su Emei, and an elder.

Good guy, my second brother is here too, as bad as myself.

When everyone discovered this, they immediately started talking.

“Look, everyone, the two people who thought they were great wise men have participated!”

“Nonsense, didn’t those two have been proved to be Jiuzong’s missteps? Isn’t it the best reason to fight for fame now? It is reasonable and reasonable to kick them out without losing the face of Jiuzong.”

“Hahaha, then it seems that these two boys are here as cannon fodder to give away their heads.”

“It’s the other person who is worthy of consideration. It seems to be Li Nianyi. He joined in two years ago. He has a good talent. This time, he should be able to make a blockbuster and complete fame in the fight for fame.”

“Don’t tell me, we have forgotten one thing, the two great beauties of Outer World and Earth have appeared together again this time! This is too blessed.”

“The fragrant princess seems to be the leader of the team and can’t take any shots at will. But Hu Qing joined last year, and this year is considered an official team member.”

“Tsk tusk tusk, Hu Qing has all appeared on the stage. It seems that this year’s first place is none other than her.”

“Newcomers, there are very few who can reach the half-step innate in three years. After all, this is a threshold. So most of the contestants are people who stepped into the half-step innate, but Hu Qing has already stepped into the half-step. Innate, and with the blessing of that magical white tiger ancient beast, the strength is not at the same level as everyone.”

Wiliam listened to the discussion from the people around him, and nodded to his second brother.

Lin Jiang also smiled at Wiliam, as if saying that he could compete again.

The Three Humanitarian Plagues were supposed to be goodbye for a year, depending on their ability.

But I didn’t expect fate to be so wonderful.

Wiliam and Lin Jiang once again became competitors in this form.

This time I lay my bones to fight for my name, I am not alone!

“When you entered, I didn’t know the other sects, but you should be careful about the imperial family. That Huqing is very powerful. I have stepped into the half step for many years, and I can only fight with her alone. . Meeting them, life is important.” Wen Renqing said in a low voice.

Wiliam was amazed, the second brother’s concubine was so irritable?

The second elder brother is much better than himself in holding the thigh and eating soft rice.

Look at yourself, what kind of thigh do you hold?

People can beat or resist their thighs, what about their side?

It can only be compared.

Wiliam looked at Wen Ren Qingqing next to him with a disgusting expression. He was so unusable. There was a small vase. Don’t hold back then…

Feeling Wiliam’s disgusting gaze, Wenren’s heart is full of emotions.

What are the meanings of your eyes!

I hate it more than you, okay!

She was about to anger Wiliam when an elder said, “Everyone is quiet! The fight for fame will begin immediately, and I will announce some basic rules below.”

Chapter 1398

The voices of discussion at the scene suddenly disappeared.

The elder’s powerful voice spread throughout the scene.

“First of all, the registered sect and the list of personnel have been confirmed before and cannot be changed.”

“Then, enter under the ancient tomb. Regardless of life or death, you are not allowed to bring out the ancient tomb if you are in it. Violators will be punished!”

“Finally, the leader of each team is only responsible for leading the team and is not allowed to take action. However, if the team leader is willing to abstain at a dangerous moment, the team leader can take action to take the team members out of the tomb. In other words, whenever the team leader takes action, This team voluntarily waives the qualification for the competition.”

The people at the scene were silent, and it was obvious that they had heard these rules a long time ago.

The old man continued: “Next, I will talk about the detailed content of the game.”

“The so-called burial of bones is the ancient tomb under our feet. It is the battlefield of ancient giant beasts, in which the bones of countless ancient beasts are buried. These bones have formed blood crystals of earth bones over the years. These blood crystals of earth bones have many magical functions. So everyone’s task is to find these blood crystals, but only one for one person. They can be replaced in the ancient tomb within three days, but only one can be taken out of the ancient tomb. We will judge the quality of each earth bone blood crystal, comprehensively consider and finally figure out the first sect and the first person. This is the name dispute.”

“Here, the old man has a piece of advice. Young people, don’t think that the Earth Bone Blood Crystal is so easy to take, and don’t even think about changing it. According to past experience, getting a Earth Bone Blood Crystal is already considered a plus. It’s better to take care of yourself. Also, all actions are done according to your ability. The texture of the blood crystals of the bones can be strong or weak. The weak can be taken by everyone, and the strong, weighing more than ten thousand catties, and its own blood and arrogance will last for thousands of years. If you take it forcibly, it will be eaten away and the bones will be lost.”

After the old man finished speaking, the scene gradually became noisy.

Everyone’s look became a little more solemn.

Unexpectedly, some of the blood crystals in the bones of the earth would be so terrifying, but they would even go back.

In this case, everyone has to weigh their own strengths.

Don’t even get out of the ancient tomb.

And this old man also concealed two very important points.

In the ancient tomb, there are dangers everywhere.

The earth-bone blood crystal is a treasure made in the sky, and it must be guarded by the descendants of ancient beasts around it.

The second point is the three-day period.

Within three days, not only to search for bones, but more importantly, to guard the bones!

Even if some people are lucky to find the blood crystals of the bones of the earth, they will be coveted or even taken directly.

In this world, the human heart is always scarier than the ancient beast.

“Give you half an hour of preparation time, the treasure of the Anti-Blood Recognition can be carried in, but if the Zongmen privately grants something for the sake of this time, it is not welcome.” The old man said again.

Sure enough, some wailing sounded at the scene.

In order to make a blockbuster, many small sects will lend some treasures to their disciples in order to protect themselves and to kill the enemy.

Now that they are not allowed, naturally some people are not reconciled.

But there is also one case.

It was Zongmen who was willing to give the Zongmen treasure directly to his disciples.

But this is rare.

After all, there are all newcomers, and there is another intention to retire the disciples. ,
Zongmen treasures are given to these newcomers. If the disciple is weak, he will be retired?

Or would you die in it?

The sect treasure will not fall elsewhere.

For those sects, this is an incurable loss.

Therefore, few sects are willing to give sect treasures to new disciples.

“Do you have anything to explain?” Wiliam asked Wenren Qingqing kindly.

Wen Renqing glanced at Wiliam, and said proudly, “If you have the ability, why do you need to explain?”

A big letter on Wiliam’s face was convinced.

You can’t be too affectionate.

This is clearly revenge.

On the contrary, Li Nian next to him sneered disdainfully, “I don’t have enough strength, but I dare to speak wildly, boy, I don’t know how I want you to die after I get down!”

Wen Ren glared at Li Nianyi and said indifferently: “Li Nianyi, don’t forget that everyone is the same. If you dare to do it privately, you can blame me for being polite.”

Li Nian’s face became stiff, and Wiliam’s expression became even more angry.

Only hiding behind women!

What kind of ability to rely on a woman for food!

But Li Nianyi also figured out how to deal with this situation.

Wenrenqingqing cannot be shot.

When the time comes when this kid is in danger, he will inevitably have to ask himself for help.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let this kid kneel down and apologize?

If this kid refuses to be subdued and Wenren Qingqing tells him to save him, he will paddle and beat soy sauce.

Isn’t it perfect to deliberately fail to save this kid at that time, and then pretend to be ashamed of killing the thief and being unable to return to the sky?

Everyone knows how to kill with a knife.

Li Nianyi suddenly felt that the trip was complete.

time up.

Wen Renqingqing took the lead to get up, and led the two to line up to confirm the qualifications.

When Wiliam passed by Lin Jiang, he patted Lin Jiang on the shoulder, “Come on.”

Lin Jiang nodded, “So are you, I look forward to our battle to the end.”

Li Nianyi on the side sneered directly, “It’s so special to the end, I don’t know how many catties I have? Two children, ridiculous.”

Lin Jiang was taken aback, and whispered: “You don’t look good at Xianghualixue. Unlike me, with Emei covered, everyone is convinced, but it is comfortable and comfortable.”

Wiliam suddenly looked envious, “Brother is still steady. Look at the one in front of me. It’s a cold comparison. A few days ago, I hooked up with me. I’m going to ruin me, ho, woman.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was severely beaten by Wenren’s affection.

Wiliam stared at Wenren with affection.

I saw that people’s affectionate eyes were about to burst into flames.

This kid, a few meanings!

How do two sons-in-law learn from each other?

A little ambitious?

What a hook with him!

Very good, I am angry.

Wiliam followed Wenren Qingqing slyly.

The five-meter-high ancient tombstone rose slowly.

A deep passage is exposed.

This is the way to the bottom of the ancient tomb.

A group of people lined up, passing through the tomb passage one by one.

After about ten minutes of walking, the team gradually slowed down.

As soon as Wiliam entered this ancient tomb, a strong feeling arose in his heart!

It seems that there is a hand that is pulling him down!

He frowned slightly, there really is something in this ancient tomb!

And this thing seems to be calling him!

No, it is summoning his blood!

Thinking of this, Wiliam’s face was solemn.

When everyone reached the underground tomb cemetery, the call in Wiliam’s heart became stronger and stronger!

Li Nian looked at Wiliam with a solemn expression, and thought he was scared.

Li Nian smiled slightly, just about to say that the kid now knows he’s scared?

If you beg me now, I can consider teaming up with you.

Otherwise, believe it or not, I will leave the team now and let you live and die by yourself.

But the words still didn’t say anything, and I saw Wiliam rushing forward, and he was a distance away from everyone at once.

His indifferent voice came from a distance.

“I act alone, you take care of yourself!”

Chapter 1399


Act alone?

Seeing Wiliam Fei’s appearance, Li Nianyi was stunned at this moment.

Why is it totally different from what you think?

Shouldn’t this kid kneel and lick, begging to take care of him all the way?

Why did you leave alone?

Is he rushing to give the head away?

Just thinking of this, Li Nian’s figure flashed before his eyes, and another figure rushed out.

“You act alone, take care of yourself.” A cold voice came.

Li Nian definitely looked at it, and suddenly began to scold the dog in his heart.

It turned out that the one who rushed out was to be in love with others!

Good guys!

Dare to say that these two people have discussed it with me behind their backs!

The two of them are running away!

Then left me behind!

Those of a sect who have agreed to take care of each other!

How come in the end I became a person to take care of myself!

Li Nianyi almost burst into tears!

This is unscientific and unreasonable!

I just turned my energies to perfection, how can I take care of myself alone!

Li Nian was shocked for a while.

A bit overwhelmed by the beat.

The people of the other sects finally reacted, and they shouted: “This kid is enough! I want to seize the opportunity! Let’s rush too! This kid can’t be cheaper!”

Driven by Wiliam, all the sects sprinted.

After a while, Li Nianyi was alone at the entrance of the passage, a little confused.

where am I?

Where am i going?

Who can help me?

And the inexplicable call in Wiliam’s heart suddenly became distant after he rushed out.

Only a little sporadic involvement remains.

He frowned, what is going on?

One person behind him has already followed his pace.

Wiliam looked back and saw that he was indifferent to Wen Renqing on his face.

Wiliam said indifferently, “I said I would act alone.”

Wen Renqingqing was even more cold, “Want me to take you? Are you begging me?”


Wiliam was also at a loss.

Is this Tsundere sister deaf, or can’t understand human words?

“I said, I’m going alone, you don’t need to follow me!” Wiliam said louder.

Wen Renqing nodded and sighed, “No matter, for your sincerity, I will go with you all the way.”

Wiliam’s whole body is not good.

This is sick!

Seeing Wenrenqingqing. This is determined to talk to Wiliam. Wiliam really has no way of doing it. Following Wenrenqingqing’s words, he gave a step, “Well, I’m begging you, let me go, I think Speak normally.”

“Huh.” Wen Renqing replied arrogantly.

Wiliam looked at her arrogant appearance, and then he thought about it, but he also understood some of the reasons.

Let’s not say that she followed her with intriguing care in advance.

Just letting her follow Li Nianyi was enough to embarrass her.

She seems to hate Li Nianyi, so following Li Nianyi is better than following herself…

Do evil.

Wiliam felt a little sympathy for Li Nianyi for a while, and was so ruthlessly abandoned in the team.

But since Wenren was following her, Wiliam naturally wanted to play her role to the fullest. ,
He looked at the place of the ancient tomb.

This place is unexpectedly large.

It’s like a world of its own.

You can’t see the end, and you can’t see the sky.

The color of the whole world is gray, like a cyberpunk style.

And between heaven and earth, there was also a desolate and tragic atmosphere, and the roar of ancient beasts sounded from time to time.

I don’t know if it is the descendant of the ancient beast, or the spirit of the dead ancient beast is shouting.

“Sister, you should have been here before?” Wiliam asked.

“What do you call me?” Wen Renqing frowned.

“Big sister head.” Wiliam repeated, really don’t know what to call her.

Tsundere Queen?

Black belly princess?

You’re dead skinny and clingy to your face?

Wen Renqingqing seemed to be too lazy to care about Wiliam, and said lightly, “I’ve been here.”
“Let me ask you a few questions. First, what does the blood crystal of the earth bone look like? How can I find it? 2. How to determine the danger here? 3. What effect does the blood crystal of the earth bone have on us?” Wiliam naturally wouldn’t let it go. Encyclopedia.

Wenren rubbed his temples with affection, and muttered: “So many questions! You are so annoying!”

Wiliam’s face turned black, “Then you go with Li Nian?”

“He is even more annoying.” Wenren blurted out emotionally.

Wiliam thought to himself, this is indeed the reason.

“One by one. The blood crystals of the bones are big and small, just like bones, and there is a trace of blood lingering on the body. The danger is judged. The more you go to the center of the cemetery, the more dangerous it is, because the ancient beasts that died in battle are stronger. Especially the barren valley of the core cemetery, it is even more dangerous. It seems that no one has stepped into it in the past 20 years, and then all those who have stepped into it have died in the past 50 years.”

“So dangerous?” Wiliam couldn’t help but be speechless.

Those who can enter here are probably some elites.

But all the people who could enter in the past 50 years have died, which fully illustrates the danger of the cemetery barren valley.

“Well, the last question is that the Earth Bone Blood Crystal is a treasure for us who practice martial arts. First of all, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal can blend with our blood and help us rebuild our bones. This is the greatest benefit. To the blood crystals of the earth bones that are more compatible with our own blood bones, maybe the realm can rise a step after the fusion and forging bones. Of course, the probability of such a fit is very small. And according to the rules, after we get the blood crystals of the earth bones, we cannot For their own use, they must be handed over to the sect, and the sect master will coordinate the arrangement of the bone-forging person. After all, there may be someone who is more suitable for the corresponding earth bone blood crystal.”

“So you kid, why do you ask so much? It’s one thing to say whether you can get the blood crystals of the earth bones, and whether you can hold them when you get them, and whether you can distribute them to you after they are taken out is another thing. What are you worrying about? “Wen Ren Qingqing finally said.

Wiliam sweated slightly, daring to feel that he had come to work for nothing.

“Of course, there is one exception.” Wen Ren Qingqing suddenly smiled strangely.

“What’s the exception?” Wiliam asked.

“If you are desperate to please me, maybe I will say a few words in front of my father…” Wen Ren Qingqing said.

Yes, this arrogant Bai Fumei really bears a grudge.

“Stop talking, let’s hurry up.” Wiliam interrupted Wenren Qingqing’s words directly, and walked a little faster, throwing away Wenren Qingqing.

Wenren Qingqing smiled, I think you kid can be tough enough?

Sure enough, within half a minute, Wiliam stopped.

Don’t want to work for nothing, do you?

Admit it?

Come beg sister!

Wen Ren Qingqing rushed to Wiliam with a joking expression on his face.

And Wiliam rushed to say before she spoke, “Since you have been here, you must be familiar with it. Let me lead the way. I don’t have to run around and go directly to find the more powerful blood crystals.”

Hearing this, the whole person exploded.

What do you think of me, this kid?

The lower limit is unfathomable?

“You! Are you asking me to work for you for nothing?”

Chapter 1400

Wen Renqinqing was beeping a dog in his heart!

This is so shameless!

Just think of yourself as a living encyclopedia!

As a live navigation now?

Is it a human thing?

The key is your leader!

Wiliam said indifferently: “What do you do for nothing? It’s so awkward. We are cooperating with each other and working together for the benefit of the sect!”

I believe you a ghost!

Wen Renqing scolded Goubi Wiliam in his heart, and said faintly: “According to the rules, our team leader cannot participate.”

Wiliam said naturally: “You are not allowed to take action, but you are only allowed to lead the team. Just now the rules say that you can’t lead the team? And when you ask, you will say that you are walking everywhere. Who has evidence that you are leading the way?”

Wenrenqing’s face turned black.

I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on with this kid!

Has he studied the rules so thoroughly?

It is true that in the past burial and fame, the biggest role of the team leader is to lead the way, so that the people of the sect can avoid detours.

Wen Renqingqing just deliberately didn’t say it, trying to give this kid a little frustration.

Unexpectedly, I feel uncomfortable for myself.

If you say it earlier, you can still sell this kid’s favor.

What’s going on now?

Are you forced to do business?

Is it still possible to take the initiative to ask for this favor?

You can’t do such a shameful thing if you don’t have a thick skin like this dog!

In the end, Wenren was helpless, turned around, and galloped toward the road she had gone before.

Within an hour, Wenrenqinqing’s face was slightly solemn, and he stopped, “I saw it!”

Wiliam looked forward, and as expected, Wiliam saw a red light flowing in the gray fog in front of him.

Looking closely, I could barely see a fist-sized bone lying on the ground.

It should be an ancient beast phalanx.

On this phalanx, red light was flowing like a firefly.

And Wiliam even saw that around this ancient beast’s phalanx, there were quite a few unseen beasts crawling around.

It seems to be asleep.

There are at least forty or fifty.

“This is the wolf of the sky, a very ferocious descendant of ancient beasts. It lives in groups and knows how to enclose. It is not easy. I have encountered it before.” Wen Ren said lightly.

She even took a slightly invisible banter.

She deliberately brought Wiliam here, and then she wanted to see Wiliam’s flat look.

She was saying in her heart, I brought it here, and now it’s up to you how the dog likes to get this piece of blood crystal.

Sure enough, Wiliam didn’t even make any moves, but his expression was indifferent.

“Take it.” Wenren pushed Wiliam affectionately.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Don’t worry, wait a minute.”

“What are you waiting for?” Wenren said in a puzzled manner.

“Wait for helper.” Wiliam said confidently.


Who is your helper?

Li Nianyi?

While thinking about it, Wenren Qingqing heard the sound of breaking the wind.

She looked back, and sure enough, a bunch of people galloped up and fell behind them.

A group of people saw the front and exclaimed in a low voice, “Sure enough! We didn’t guess wrong! There are bones and blood crystals!”

Wen Renqinqing understood in an instant, this group of people had been following them all the time.

Thinking of this, Wenrenqingqing was even more embarrassed. ,

Not only did Goubi Luye work for nothing, but he also worked for this group of bastards.

This dog is like waiting for people, is it possible to refer to this group of people?

But, can they help Wiliam?

If you don’t grab this girl, it’s enough to give Xianghua a bloody face.

In this burial place, no matter where it belongs, the blood crystal of the earth bone has it.

“Look, there are many ancient beasts guarding the Earth Bone Blood Crystal. Once we pass, these ancient beasts will definitely wake up.” Someone said worriedly.

At this time, no one dared to grab it first.

After all, everyone is afraid.

Although they came here together, whoever does it first is a fool.

After all, it is in competition.

Whoever does it first will pull away the hatred of this group of wolves.

Others can mantis catch the cicada or oriole behind.

There are hundreds of people in their group, involving more than 20 sects.

No one wants to work for others for free.

Seeing that everyone was jealous, they didn’t dare to do it, and they looked dumbfounded when they heard people’s emotions.

A group of counselors are as counseling as this dog.

“Pharaoh, I think your sect is very eager to get the blood crystals of the bones, or do you go first and we will give you the battle?” Someone said to the people around him jokingly.

A bad old man around him smiled and said, “No, no, no, your sect has a lot of talents this year, and we are envious of it. Just give us a sample, let us learn.”

A group of people, no one was willing to do it first, but they all started talking on the spot.

“A group of intimidation.” Wen Ren Qingqing sneered.

Logically speaking, there are only forty or fifty wolves.

The number of people present was three or four times as many as the wolf.

If you plan to lead the team, two or three people will encircle a Mighty Wolf, and the battle should be very easy.

But everyone is not united.

No one wants to let others take advantage of it.

Just in the midst of being indifferent and indifferent, I suddenly heard Wiliam say a word in a low voice, and then saw that the two figures were almost at the same time, killing them out of the team!

The people at the scene scolded an swear word together!

After hearing the people’s affection and looking around, Wiliam has long since disappeared!

Looking ahead, the two people left and right, as if they had negotiated.

One of them, isn’t it the Wiliam who had just counselled just now!

This kid, be blamed!

Wen Renqing despised and despised, but Wiliam really rushed out, her head buzzing!

At this moment, she completely ignored her image and cursed: “Zhuzi! Zhuzi!”

This means that this dog is more brain-dead!

The people at the scene thought that the rhythm of hot coaxing was suddenly disturbed by these two people!

After Wiliam rushed out, he saw that someone came out with him at the same time.

After taking a closer look, he suddenly laughed.

The person opposite was also obviously taken aback, and immediately reacted.

This person is not Wiliam’s second brother Lin Jiang!

Wiliam just wanted to wait for so many people to make a decision when they were unable to make a decision. They were caught off guard, so that they had no way to calmly think about the problem.

So rush out.

Obviously, the thinking mode of the second brother opposite is the same as that of Wiliam!

So the two formed a tacit understanding of coincidence at this moment.

But the people at the scene thought that the two had negotiated.

They cursed one after another!

“Here is my brother!” Lin Jiang smiled as he ran.

Wiliam gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: “Brother is still steady!”

Wen Renqingqing also recognized Lin Jiang. She flashed her body and appeared in front of the equally stunned Huqing Su Emei. She was still angry, “What’s the situation with your family! It’s as brainless as our dog!”

Su Emei is very familiar with Lin Jiang. She reacted and said blankly: “Lin Jiang left a sentence when he was out just now, as if to tell me not to move.”

Wen Renqing was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly the words Wiliam had said before killing him out of his head.

Her whole body is not good.

That dog than!

What he said was almost the same as Lin Jiang!

But how come it sounds so unpleasant!

It looks like an old driver is racing at extreme speed!

The sentence Wiliam threw to Wenren Qingqing was—”Don’t move, I’ll just move!”


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