Dragon Husband 1401-1405

Chapter 1401

What is going on with Goubi Wiliam and Lin Jiang!

As if discussed with him.

But they were all together just now, how can there be any time to discuss?

Suddenly, the heart that smelled the love of people shook!

Could it be that these two comrades reached a coincidental tacit understanding?

Silent linkage between wise men?

Thinking of this, it is not good to hear people’s affection.

Is this dog so smart?

Wasn’t his sister’s admiration for him out of selfishness?

Therefore, Wenren Qingqing planned to wait and see the changes.

At this time, Wiliam and Lin Jiang had already merged.

And the sleeping wolves suddenly opened their eyes!

Their eyes gleamed with faint green light in the gray fog.

In an instant, the world opposite everyone seemed to be lit.

A strong smell of blood was sent to everyone in the cold wind, choking his nose very hard.

“No! These two reckless guys awakened Mighty Wolf!” There was an ominous premonition in everyone’s heart.

Some people even yelled, “These two are simply brainless! How can they act blindly!”

“These two people seem to be newcomers who have just received this year from Jiu Zong! They don’t understand the rules at all! Maybe they are eager to get ahead! But they don’t understand the horror of this buried place!”

“I think these two people are going to be ruined in the mouths of these wolves.”

Sure enough, in the face of the sudden invader, forty-five wolves stood up and roared to the sky.

Suddenly, the sound of humming spread all over the world.

These celestial wolves are as small as two meters long, and the larger ones are five or six meters long.

Just a single one, all have the strength to achieve perfection.

After they roared, Qi Qi rushed out towards Wiliam and Lin Jiang.

Wiliam and Lin Jiang seemed to have negotiated, and suddenly they split into two paths and ran away.

Wenren Qingqing saw this scene, even more speechless.

These two people didn’t talk any more, except for the ghost animal’s two “come, brother, or brother steady” greetings?

But why the description is so consistent!


At this time someone found something was wrong.

“Look, everyone, the Mighty Sky Wolf was taken away by the two of them hahahaha!”

Everyone took a closer look, and it was so!

The celestial wolf split into two waves, chasing these two people.

All of a sudden, there was only a lonely blood crystal left on the scene.

Someone laughed and said, “These two people seemed to have passed before they realized it was too dangerous, so they didn’t dare to fight but chose to escape.”

“Ashamed! Jiuzong’s face was completely lost by them! Looking at the faces of the two peerless beauties, it’s ugly.”

“But in this case, wouldn’t there be a guardian for the Earth Bone and Blood Crystal?”

As the last person’s unintentional words came out, the scene suddenly fell into a short silence.

Yes, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal has no guardian.

In other words, see who is coming soon!

After the silence, there was a sudden eruption.

These individuals, like Wiliamlinjiang, burst into a silent understanding.

Almost at the same time, everyone rushed to that piece of boneless blood crystal.

Only those who led the team were left. ,
Wen Ren Qingqing and Su Emei looked at each other.

Wenrenqingqing is not allowed to do it according to the rules.

But Su Emei can.

If Su Emei did it, the blood crystal of this earth-bone would fall into her hands with a high probability.

But Lin Jiang left her words to keep her still.

So the two of them were a bit at a loss for a while.

At this time, a weak voice came from behind the two of them, “Then am I going up or not?”

Wenren Qingqing turned his head, suddenly a black line.

It turns out that there is still one team member who is not on it.

Isn’t it Li Nianyi?

Li Nian was a little isolated and helpless for a while, looking around at a loss.

Wen Renqing said with a cold face: “Get out!”

Li Nian looked embarrassed, and rushed forward bitterly.

The sound of shouting, shouting and killing at the scene suddenly continued.

They didn’t even reach the place where the blood crystals from the bones, and they were already fighting together.

Running fast, I only feel the whizzing sound of breaking wind behind me.

They had to stop and concentrate on dealing with the danger after they came.

Those who run slow naturally won’t let the fast ones succeed, and they have to hold them back no matter what.

When people who are fighting with each other find that someone is crossing them and want to go forward, they will all put down the fight and entangle the faster person together.

Anyway, from Wenrenqingqing and Su Emei’s eyes, the scene was a mess, without rules and rules.

Sometimes it is an ally, sometimes it falls apart in an instant.

Su Emei’s head also looked big, and she couldn’t help but stroke her forehead, “It’s too messy, I really don’t know what those two guys are doing.”

At this time, someone shouted excitedly, “Hahaha! I got it!”

But the person regretted it after shouting.

Everyone stopped fighting, and Qi Qi attacked the man.

The capture of Earthbone Blood Crystal is also within the rules.

Everyone is fighting here, how can you tolerate other people just reaping their profits?

The man almost didn’t even have time to escape, and he became the target of public criticism, and he was caught on fire all of a sudden.

The scene shined brightly.

Countless exercises, countless magic weapons, like dense raindrops, hit the person.

The man groaned and fell to the ground, already dead.


This is the first death in this burial dispute.

After everyone was silent for a short time, amazing combat power broke out again.

The matter has been overwhelmed by now.

It’s hard to withstand the loss if you don’t take away the bones and blood crystals!

The battle is still erupting, and that piece of earth bone and blood crystal was originally a very small piece.

In the past burial bones, there are actually many blood crystals of this quality.

Don’t commit such a big fight.

I don’t know I thought they were taking the blood crystals of the ancient beasts.

But by the way, things have moved towards a rhythm they can’t control.

Wen Renqinqing had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Where is the problem?

While he was thinking, Su Emei’s eyes suddenly lit up and said to Wenren, “Look!”

Wenrenqingqing didn’t have time to look up, and then he heard a violent roar from the front.

Looking at it again, I saw that the Mighty Wolf that had been taken away had returned.

In front of Mighty Heavenly Wolf, Wiliam and Lin Jiang were shockingly.

The two of them had just taken away Mighty Wolf in two directions.

Now at the same time, he brought back the Mighty Wolf from two directions.

If it’s not an agreement, the ghost believes it!

Wiliam and Lin Jiang brought densely packed wolves into the pan of chaos.

Suddenly, countless cries of fathers and mothers were heard on the scene.

“These two bastards! Bring Me Tianji Wolf back again!”

“It’s totally causing trouble! They can’t deal with it, so they want us to deal with it!”

“Damn it! When I am free, I will kill them!”

But can they be free?

When the wolves came back, they found that the blood crystals of the bones they guarded had been robbed, and they ran away instantly.

They had ignored Wiliam and Lin Jiang’s hatred, and rushed into the crowd to kill all quarters.

But before Wen Ren Qingqing had time to react, he was suddenly grabbed by someone.

Taking a closer look, it was Wiliam.

With a smile on his face, Wiliam seemed to be doing a trivial thing, pulling her away and running.

“Slid away!”
Chapter 1402

Wenrenqingqing couldn’t react at all, and the whole person was messed up in the wind.

What the hell!

She looked back.


Huqing’s children’s shoes were also pulled by Lin Jiang and fled the scene like a dog.

But the people on the scene had no time to care about Wiliam and Lin Jiang’s trail because of the sudden intrusion of the wolf.

Everyone is already overwhelmed.

It is too difficult to deal with the wolf of the sky, and to snatch the blood crystals from the bones of the earth.

Wiliam took Wenrenqingqing and ran for about ten minutes before gradually stopping.

“Take a break.” Wiliam loosened Wenren’s affectionate hand and said lightly.

Wen Renqingqing only realized that he was run by this dog all the way.

Take advantage?

There was a blush on her face, and she said with a cold face: “What the hell are you doing!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “What the hell, make the most of these three days and teach them one lesson a day. Well, today’s lesson is called Anfen Shouji, hard work.”


Wenrenqingqing is even more daunting.

What the hell is that!

Work hard to start a business?

“You can tell me clearly!” Wen Renqing felt that IQ was crushed.

This dog is too arrogant!

A newcomer who has just arrived, want to teach everyone present a lesson a day?

Wiliam smiled and said, “Let’s talk as we walk.”

“Say while walking? Where to go?” Wen Renqing was at a loss.

“Go to the next destination with bones and blood crystals, otherwise?” Wiliam naturally.

Wenrenqingqing instantly felt that the dog beeped again!

Dare to feel that the role of this living navigation is not over yet?

She stepped reluctantly, but suddenly her head flashed!

No way!

She looked at Wiliam in shock, “So, you had such a big battle with that Lin Jiang, and you got everyone in to get rid of them?”

Wiliam nodded solemnly, “Otherwise!”

Wenrenqingqing is not good for the whole person.

If this is to let those people know the truth, those people won’t have to surround this kid!

Too bold!

“You rushed out at the beginning, just to bring the rhythm up all at once, so that those people don’t have time to think?” Wen Renqing asked.

Wiliam Yihan, he thought a lot.

At the beginning, rushing out was actually the inexplicable blood call in my heart.

But Wiliam didn’t intend to talk to Wen Ren with affection, and nodded casually.

“Then you let me lead the way, know who will follow?”

Wiliam nodded again.

“So when we got to the first piece of bone and blood crystal, you didn’t do it because you were afraid. You said you waited for the helper, but you actually waited for the group of people to come over?” Wenrenqin’s EQ is online.

Wiliam nodded again.

Wen Renqing’s eyes looked at Wiliam changed.

This, I counted everyone from the beginning!

“The group of people are related to each other’s interests, so they don’t want to start picking peaches by others. Then you catch their mentality, kill them directly, and deliberately take away the wolf wolves, making these people lose their ability to think and fight directly. Kill it!”

“Then they returned to join the battlefield with Mighty Wolf when they were too hard to be killed, so that those people couldn’t get out, but they retired all by themselves!” This chapter is not over,

Wen Ren looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

Wiliam smiled, “You are not too stupid to be hopeless.”

Wenren Qingqing’s forehead throbs wildly.

Somehow, the princess Xianghualixue!

The eye-catching fairy on the Fourth Ring of Outer World.

In this girl’s eyes, he is stupid?

It’s so special!

“So you spent a lot of time designing everyone just to get rid of them!” Wen Renqing confirmed again.

Wiliam shook his head with a stern face, “It doesn’t matter what to get rid of them or not. The main reason is to teach them a lesson. If you want to seize the bones and blood crystals, you have to stand by yourself, find out and take it down by your own ability. Follow others The idea of ​​reaping profit is very dangerous. After all, starting a business is not easy, so you have to keep your feet on the ground.”

Wenren looked at Wiliam’s handsome face with affection, and he couldn’t think of his heart dirty.

This is too shameless!

However, when Wenren thought about it carefully, there was also a feeling of tears streaming down his face.

It makes sense.

After this battle, those people not only suffered a great loss of strength, but also had a shadow in their hearts for a not-so-high-quality earth-bone blood crystal.

Never dare to talk to Wiliam anymore.

Maybe it will be counted to death again.

What a dog’s ratio!

As soon as it came down, it gave everyone a disarm, and directly cut off the mind of those people to reap the benefits, which is very beneficial to the next action.

It’s just that this dog is more cruel than the heart.

For this purpose, those people suffered heavy losses and even did not know how many people would die.

Wenrenqingqing feels that he has also been taught a solid lesson.

Don’t dare to underestimate this dog comparison anymore.

“Well, the knowledge you learned is incomprehensible. As for the knowledge that Li Nianyi learned, let’s count it as taking care of yourself. I told him before.” Wiliam rigorously Said, “A little knowledge a day, no one is left, are you happy?”

Wen Renqing sympathized with Li Nianyi at this moment.

This girl wants to compete with a dog to grab a woman, and she doesn’t know how she died.

Hey, why should I say that Li Nianyi is robbing women against dogs?

I’m not such a dogged woman!

Wen Renqingqing blushed and immediately concealed the past.

As she walked, she asked Wiliam, “I have one more question. How did you discuss it with Lin Jiang, the imperial man? You don’t even have a chance to talk.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “We don’t have any discussions.”

“Don’t talk to me! I believe in your evil!” Wenren Qingqing 10,000 did not believe it.

“Really, this is probably the tacit understanding between smart people, you mortals don’t understand.” Wiliam said casually.

He did not discuss with Lin Jiang in advance.

But among the smart people, they all thought of this way of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger.

Wiliam has always admired Lin Jiang.

Wen Ren Qingqing’s face was even more ugly.

What is the tacit understanding between smart people, but mortals don’t understand!

Yeah, these two people didn’t have the right countermeasures, but they rushed out at the same time, divided into two groups at the same time, and killed a carbine at the same time!

So many coincidences, if they are in a tacit agreement, how bad the IQ of the two of them should be!

Every step is silently playing cooperation!

And it’s seamless!

This is the so-called don’t move, I’ll move?

If he did something, it might really mess up this dog.

It’s all right now. Everyone is fighting for an insignificant blood crystal. Fragrant flowers and blood and the imperial family can leave the battlefield and move forward easily.

It’s just that Li Nianyi’s bad guy is suffering.

I don’t know how to get scammed.

“Where shall we go next?” Wiliam asked.

Wenren’s sentimental thoughts move, no, absolutely can’t let this dog be screaming!

With IQ and strength, that old lady will scare you to death!

She clenched a face and said, “You are so good, let’s go and do a big vote!”
Chapter 1403

“The dry ticket?” Wiliam was taken aback.

Wenrenqing’s feelings are cold and frosty, but don’t mention how happy it is in my heart.

It’s also very refreshing to see this kid’s dumbfounded expression.

“Well, it’s a big ticket, don’t you want me to navigate? Then don’t talk nonsense.” Wenren said with emotion, and he galloped towards the piano room.

From beginning to end, the two of them went to the interior of the buried place.

The further inside, the greater the risk factor.

Wen Renqing took Wiliam to run for about ten minutes, and then stopped suddenly, “Here.”

Wiliam looked forward and took a breath.

There is indeed a larger blood crystal in the front than before.

However, there are also ancient beasts guarding.

Only one this time.

But this one, don’t mention too many people.

A golden snake with a whole body of about ten or twenty meters, tightly wrapped the blood crystal on the body.

And this golden long snake doesn’t seem to know where is the head or tail.

Because the whole body is like twine, the two ends are the same size.

And the two ends are exactly the same.

Wiliam looked blank, there are such weird creatures in this world?

“What the hell is this?” Wiliam asked Wenren with affection.

Wen Ren Qingqing sneered and said, “This ancient beast is called an eagle-winged eyeless snake. Its realm is about half a step high in nature.”

Half-step congenital?

This was the first time Wiliam faced such a powerful ancient beast.

Of course, the beasts who came to congratulate in the Anaconda Tianmo do not count.

“How does your strength compare to you?” Wiliam asked again.

Wen Renqinqing’s face stiffened slightly, as if embarrassed.

She finally said: “I won a little bit at the realm level. But you have to know that there is a kind of suppression between humans and ancient beasts. People of the same realm can’t beat ancient beasts. Because ancient beasts have a more sensitive sense of smell. , And the body is innately dominant. So on the whole, this ancient beast is just as good as mine.”

Wiliam looked funny when he saw Wenren’s affectionate expression.

It is estimated that this ancient beast can’t even deal with people’s affection.

She is trying to save herself.

Wiliam didn’t pierce either.

He looked at the eagle-winged eyeless snake again, pondering in his heart.

A purposeless words are easy to understand. At present, the snake does not know where the head is, but also where the five senses are.

No eyes, no mouth, just like earthworms.

And what the hell is eagle wings?

“It’s entrenched now. You can’t see behind the snake’s body, there is a pair of big wings, so this eagle-winged eyeless snake can be said to be an almighty of three battles, sea, land and air. This is not far away and there is a relatively small…” Wen Renqing couldn’t help but say.

In her heart, this dog is absolutely scared.

Because the realm of Goubi only has the perfection of kinetic energy.

It’s a realm short of the eagle-winged eyeless snake, and there are factors that are suppressed by the orcs.

Compared with the past, the dog is absolutely dead and not alive.

She just brought this dog over to frighten him and let him know that there are some outsiders and there are heavens, so don’t be so crazy.

As for the hands-on, I have never thought about it after hearing people’s love.

After all, if this eagle-winged eyeless snake goes crazy, she is not sure that she can win it. ,

What’s more, protecting this dog is more cumbersome.

As long as the eagle-winged eyeless snake is not disturbed or provoked by others, it does not bother to attack people actively.

That’s why I feel relieved to bring the dog over to see the world when I hear people’s love.

As long as this kid admits to counseling, they will immediately retreat, looking for the next good target.

But Wiliam smiled slightly, “I’ve been a little curious after seeing such a weird creature for a long time.”

Wen Ren Qingqing scolds his mother, don’t make a face for yourself, okay?

In the face of the strong, surrender is not ashamed!

“Just play around.” Wiliam said suddenly.


Simply Playing?

Take out your life and play casually?

Is this dog so cruel than he is?

Still forced into the bone marrow, difficult to extricate themselves?

Wen Ren Qingqing was thinking about it, and suddenly he cursed.

After scolding her, she hurriedly covered her mouth, which did not match her image of a peerless beauty.

But, this dog is better than that!

Wenrenqingqing is about to be mad!

Because this kid really rushed out after finishing talking!

Looks like a brainless man!

This time, unlike before, he could cause trouble.

Is it possible that you want to lead me to this side?

by! But as soon as I shot, he was disqualified!

Wen Renqinqing was suddenly a little nervous at this moment.

If this dog loses his life, will my sister fight with me!

This dog is too crazy!

Experiencing life is not such an experience method!

As soon as Wiliam stepped into the warning territory of the eagle-winged eyeless snake, the eagle-winged eyeless snake suddenly moved!

With this movement, the blood crystal of the bones it guarded fell to the ground.

However, Wiliam didn’t care about the blood crystals, but stared at the moving eagle-winged eyeless snake in front of him.


Anti-routine and anti-human!

Normal snakes, don’t they all stand upright?

Forget about this strange snake, it looks weird.

The action is even more bizarre.

It turned out to be horizontal!

A snake with a length of nearly 20 meters and a thick bucket, just in front of you, asks you if you are afraid?

And as it turned sideways, a pair of magnificent wings suddenly stretched out from the center of its body!

However, the wings are upright.

And it’s boxy, adding a bit of teasing properties.

What a special thing!

Wiliam’s whole person is not good.

The body is horizontal and the wings are vertical.

Enough for ghosts!

The eagle-winged eyeless snake flew towards the landing leaf suddenly.

The wings flutter back and forth, so fast!

With a black line, Wiliam moved longitudinally between the electric light and flint.

He jumped directly over the eagle-winged eyeless snake.

As a result, Wiliam was even more sure why this eagle-winged eyeless snake was so difficult to deal with.

This thing is anti-human, even fighting against it is against the norm, it is too uncomfortable.

Play normally, move left and right.

But facing this golden snake, he couldn’t move left and right, so he could only jump up and down to dodge.

This adds a lot of discomfort out of thin air.

Moreover, people are in mid-air, and they have somewhat less initiative.

Wenren looked at Wiliam jumping up, feeling extremely anxious.

She suddenly took out a crimson peach petal from her pocket.

There was a word in the mouth, and the peach petals were hanging in the air.

It is the unique skill of Wenren’s love sect, the fragrant flower asks right and wrong!

She wanted to know the cause and effect of this kid’s battle.

The peach petals glowed slightly, and then quietly fell back into Wenren Qingqing’s hands.

A small piece of petal dropped.


Wenrenqing was stunned.

What’s the situation!

Wen Renqingqing asked Hua just now, will the dog win this battle?

This is also a casual question.

But the result is jaw-dropping!

From the perspective of the hexagram, the dog will not only be undefeated!

And there is a high probability of winning!

What the hell!

How can it be!

Why can’t you make a divination by yourself?

It must be that I have neglected my homework for a while, and my skills are not perfect.

Or maybe I opened it in the wrong way!

Start over again!

Chapter 1404

Two stunts of fragrant flowers and blood.

One of them is Yiye Zhengtiandi, Xianghua asks right and wrong.

Fragrant flowers ask right and wrong, that is, the disciples of Xianghualixue use peach petals as the medium for divining.

Then only ask the fragrant flower right or wrong with one’s own soul.

The lowest realm of divination is that fragrant flowers are not broken, and the answer is yes.

Fragrant flowers, the answer is no.

Just like Wen Renqingqing asked if Wiliam would win.

If the answer is yes, Fragrant Flower will return to her hand after it shines.

And if the answer is no, the fragrant flower will shatter into powder after it glows.

The second level of asking whether or not, can be regarded as non-probability.

Like Wenren, who has studied his skills for many years, he has not only mastered the question of right and wrong.

And it can also calculate the approximate probability of right and wrong.

Taking fragrant flowers as a whole is like asking if Goubi can win.

Fragrant flowers are broken, which means they can win.

Fragrant Flower is only a small piece missing, indicating that the winning rate is great.

Conversely, the more fragrant flowers are incomplete, the lower the winning rate.

Now that Wen Renqing sees that this dog has a very high win rate, he suddenly begins to suspect that life is wrong with his opening method.

How could this dog win!

So Wenrenqingqing started another round of asking right and wrong.

However, the result was exactly the same as before, and even fewer petals were missing.

Wenrenqingqing is not good for the whole person.

Damn it?

She looked at the doggies jumping up and down, and she couldn’t see the winning temperament!

She has no absolute chance of winning the eagle-winged eyeless snake.

When it’s over, my divination realm has regressed.

Wenrenqinqing suddenly thought about it, why don’t you give yourself a comment?

Thinking of this, she also came to herself casually.

With this calculation, her face went black!

After the fragrant flower glowed, it returned to her hand, and then it broke more than half of it.

In other words, her winning percentage is less than 50%.

Although this is in line with the facts.

It can also prove that her level has not declined.

But why are you so embarrassed!

Your own winning rate is less than half, so the dog’s winning rate is more than 90%?

What a special thing!

Is it because I have the problem or the dog than the problem!

Wenren Qingqing watched Xianghua fall into confusion.

At this time, her heart froze!

Suddenly there was a red light in the corner of my eye!

She quickly raised her head and looked at the battlefield ahead.

Wiliam didn’t know when, a black needle with a crimson tail and a black tip suddenly appeared in his hand!

The needle was shining with a faint red light, jumping in Wiliam’s hand as if it had an autonomous life.

Wenren Qingqing frowned slightly.

Even after a distance, she could still feel the power of Wiliam’s weird silver needle.

Is this needle Goubi’s box-pressing baby?

Sure enough, a little skill.

Yes, my sister said before that this dog is better than a healer.

Then he also mentioned that there was a strange silver needle on his body, what did it seem to be called?

Long live the demon lotus?

It should be this silver needle.

However, no matter how strong a silver needle is, can it still defeat the eagle-winged eyeless snake?

She saw the Long Live Demon Lotus in Wiliam’s hand moved.

This silver needle, like lightning, moved towards the body of the eagle-winged eyeless snake. ,

A sound of metal and iron rubbing sounded at the scene.

The golden body of this eagle-winged eyeless snake is also extremely tough.

Especially the fine scales on its body are like armor, which is difficult to pierce.

Wenren couldn’t help but caress his forehead. It seems that this dog doesn’t know the power of the eagle-winged eyeless snake.

The most powerful thing about this ancient beast was not an attack, but an invincible body.

This dog is a little ridiculous than delusional to defeat the ancient beast with a small silver needle.

But in the next second, her contempt disappeared.

Because she saw that the dog than the silver needle, after the gold and iron rubbed, was actually stuck into the body of the eagle-winged eyeless snake.

Her eyeballs are about to fall to the ground.

What the hell!

Can you really get in?

The eagle-winged eyeless snake suddenly became frantic, and one end of it suddenly opened a big mouth of blood and bit towards the landing leaf.

Wiliamhehe smiled, “Oh, I’m finally sure this is your head.”

Although there are no eyes, the big mouth of the blood basin is enough to be devastating.

Wiliam’s body flashed past the bite of the eagle-winged eyeless snake, and then his eyebrows were wink.

The tail of the eagle-winged eyeless snake has swept over.

It’s just a tail.

Holding this thought, Wiliam wanted to dodge again lightly.

But the next moment, Wiliam was also dumbfounded!

The tail of this eagle-winged eyeless snake also opened its mouth!

And spray a jet of dark green liquid directly from the mouth!

Wiliam was beeping a dog at that time!


Two heads!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s head or tail

Fortunately, he was fast enough to avoid the liquid dangerously and dangerously.

But after being wiped by the liquid, holes in his clothes have begun to appear.

So corrosive!

Wiliam looked at the eagle-winged eyeless snake again.

From this look, he understood.

This girl has only one head!

And this is the magic!

Its mouth, as if it could flow through the body, appeared at one end for a while, and then appeared at the other end for a while.

Even appear in the middle of the belly from time to time!

It can be said that its entire body is its mouth!

This is a bit difficult.

Wiliam was also a little bit big.

The reason why he dared to fight the eagle-winged eyeless snake was that his bloodline was suppressed.

Ordinary people will be suppressed by the ancient beasts against the ancient beasts.

But Wiliam went the other way. He had a natural advantage against these beasts.

Therefore, if Wiliam’s transformation energy is used to complete the realm, just be careful, it is enough to deal with half-step innate ancient beasts.

But now it seems that no matter how careful you are, you can’t predict the enemy’s first opportunity.

No one knows where this girl can stretch out a mouth to spit on your face.

Wen Renqingqing couldn’t help but say: “Boy, now you have finished playing, do you see the weirdness of this guy? Not only is it high in realm, but also full of mouths, and its strange attack method is anti-human. To put it bluntly, it’s not the same as you can adapt to half a step from the congenital peak. You should come back as soon as you have the opportunity, and we will hurry!”

But Wiliam shook his head and felt the clothes that had been corroded with holes and holes on his body. He was a little angry, “Why do I explode every time I fight? If the tiger doesn’t show off his power, you treat me as Hellokitty!”

Wenrenqingqing is not good for the whole person.

Point the face will not die in place, OK!

She angrily said: “Boy! Listen to me! You are the long live demon lotus, still embedded in the body of the eagle-winged eyeless snake! How can you mess with it! Don’t fool!”

But Wiliam suddenly recovered, watching Wenren Qingqing faintly, his body suddenly swallowed with a burst of red light.

He said weirdly: “Who told you that I only have one long live demon lotus? Don’t move, I’ll come…”

Chapter 1405 Draw Blood!

Wen Renqingqing suddenly saw the red light on Wiliam’s body, and then his eyes widened.

Silver needles emerged from every corner of his body.

She looked intently, these silver needles, weren’t these the long live demon lotus that Wiliam had used before?

And just when Wiliam finished speaking, all the silver needles on his body had gathered in his hands.

Seeing that Wiliam had so many silver needles, it was not good for him to hear people’s affection.

One rod has such a great power, it is unexpected that he has so many!

No wonder this dog is more confident than ever!

It turns out that I have a treasure on my body!

Looking at Wiliam’s face again, she was lost in confusion.

Why does this dog hate him so much and want to beat him so much?

And the Long Live Demon Lotus in Wiliam’s hand “swishes” once again shot at the eagle-winged eyeless snake.

At this moment, the eagle-winged eyeless snake suffered more severe wounds.

It uttered bursts of violent roars, and wanted to bully itself!

But Wiliam started flying a kite.

What made Wenren even more shameless was that Wiliam was able to summon these silver needles at will.

The silver needle pierced the eagle-winged eyeless snake, and then flew out again.

So back and forth, the silver needle seems inexhaustible.

What makes Wenren feel weak is that these silver needles are not only used as silver needles.

They line up in a line in the air for a while, and line up in an adult shape for a while…

In short, all kinds of magical combinations!

Wenrenqingqing felt like watching a magic show, and the whole person was speechless.

In her cognition, everyone can have their own destiny.

Just like her natal magic weapon, it was a whip made of fragrant flower soul bone.

She can also summon the Fragrant Flower Soul Bone Whip at will.

But a person can only have one natal magic weapon!

Because no matter how much, the magic weapon of life is alive, and one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers.

To take a step back, for every more natal magic weapon, it takes half more effort to raise and manipulate.

Human energy is limited.

This dog has a hundred long live demon lotus as the magic weapon of life.

How can he manipulate it?

Or in other words, these long live demon lotus are a set?

But it can’t be justified.

Because in Wen Ren Qing Qing’s opinion, every long live demon lotus seems to have its own consciousness.

It can no longer be regarded as sharing a magic weapon natal consciousness.

It’s weird.

How many secrets does this kid have?

However, Wen Renqinqing became entangled again.

If Goubi couldn’t obtain the Bone Blood Crystal this time, as long as he showed his Long Live Demon Lotus in the sect, it would be enough for him to stay.

Because even if it’s fragrant flowers and blood, I have never seen such a weird magic weapon.

But Wen Renqinqing was even more worried. After he showed the Long Live Demon Lotus, he would not only be jealous of people of the same sect, but he might also be missed by people from other sects.

Murder and treasure are all possible.

Hey, why is this dog than always breaks my heart…

Wenren thought about it, and suddenly heard the eagle-winged eyeless snake roar again.

When she looked up, she was dumbfounded!

Wiliam turned the Long Live Demon Lotus into a red and black sword! ,
This red and black sword was cut down at the eagle-winged eyeless snake!

One end of the eagle-winged eyeless snake was immediately chopped off, wriggling constantly on the ground.


Wenrenqingqing began to scold the dog!

What a sharp long live demon lotus!

Can his own Fragrant Flower Soul Bone Whip chop off the head of an eagle-winged eyeless snake?

The answer is simply impossible!

And something more terrifying happened to her!

After Wiliam cut off the head of the eagle-winged eyeless snake with one move, he suddenly let go.

The red and black swords are like magnets, clinging to the bucket-like wounds of the eagle-winged eyeless snakes.

A fascinating red light surged from the wound of the eagle-winged eyeless snake!

Then they were all absorbed by the red and black swords!

The silver needle draws blood!

One minute later!

Furiously twisting the eagle-winged eyeless snake that wanted to throw away the red and black long sword, its body slowly came to a halt.

Then it dried up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After another minute, the red and black sword suddenly burst open!

Turned into a red beam of light jumping all over the sky!

These red beams of light drink blood and are full, seeming to be rejoicing and invigorating.

Wenren Qingqing faintly felt that the Long Live Demon Lotus had become even more terrifying after drawing blood.

She looked at Wiliam in amazement.

This dog is better!

Although I don’t want to admit it!

With this hand, he has another unique skill that is more fragrant and bloody-bloody!

The match is a mess!

Fragrant flowers drained of blood!

It’s a bloody article.

Could it be that if this kid joins the fragrant flower to drain the blood, the fate of the fragrant flower to drain the blood will not happen?

Instead of him walking through the back door?

The red light gradually dissipated, and a hundred long live demon lotus rushed into Wiliam’s body again.

Wiliam’s spirit was also lifted, as if being fed back by the Long Live Demon Lotus, his face was full of red light.

Wen Renqing glared at Wiliam strangely, already wondering what to say.

The realm of this girl is not good, but the magic weapon of this fate is too bad!

He is innocent and guilty of his crime. I really don’t know how many powerful people will attack him in the future?

And if you lose this Long Live Demon Lotus, it is estimated that this dog will be a scum.

Forget it, find a chance to talk to him in the future, and you can’t rely on Long Live Demon Lotus too much.

The key is that you have to be awesome to be really awesome.

Wen Renqing still underestimated Wiliam.

Long live the demon lotus is his magic weapon wrong.

But it’s just icing on the cake.

Wiliam’s most powerful place is one of his wisdom, and the other is the pinnacle of his blood.

However, Wiliam would not easily show his hole cards.

Long live the demon lotus alone is enough to make people bizarre.

“It really took a bit of my thoughts.” Wiliam touched his forehead and found that he was sweaty, which was a bit embarrassing.

Wenren glared at Wiliam, without saying anything.

She rushed to the dead eagle-winged eyeless snake, trying to dig something.

After all, the half-step innate ancient beast is full of treasures.

This golden scale can be forged into soft armor.

The heart, liver, spleen and lungs in the body have strong medicinal value.

The most important thing is that there is a bone nucleus on the head of the ancient beast, which is equivalent to the condensation of the essence of an ancient beast.

This thing is valuable, and if you can sell it, you can also help your cultivation.

She ran away from the two heads of the eagle-winged eyeless snake with the heart of making a fortune, and then stunned.

Don’t have blood, blood and bone core?

She didn’t believe in evil, and went to plan the internal organs, but the internal organs were all shriveled.

She touched the golden scales again, only to find that the scales had completely lost their luster and shattered with the touch of her hand.

She suddenly looked at Wiliam in disbelief, and a flash of lightning struck her heart!

This girl just sucked blood from the silver needle, and won’t turn all the essence of the eagle-winged eyeless snake into blood and suck it away!

Just when she wanted to ask Wiliam in detail, and even picked up the blood crystal from the ground bone and planned to threaten Wiliam to tell him the truth, suddenly it was gone!

Wiliam didn’t even look at the blood crystals in her hands. He turned away and left an irritating sentence.

“Go, where is the next stop?”


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