Dragon Husband 1406-1410

Chapter 1406

Wenrenqingqing was completely Spartan at this moment.

She was still holding the piece of blood crystal that many people coveted.

This earth bone blood crystal is of higher quality than the earth bone blood crystal guarded by the wolf before!

How many people have beaten to death for that piece of bone and blood crystal!

Now this kid has easily captured this piece of ground bone and blood crystal, he has a look at it anyway?

Who knows if you don’t even look at it!

Does he know what mission he is bringing down here?

Isn’t it just to get Earthbone Blood Crystals?

But the words he said made people feel that they weren’t getting earth bone blood crystals at all!

It’s Daguai upgrade?

A woolen thread at the next stop!

Wen Renqingqing decisively stood still and couldn’t leave, compared with the dog who had been walking away with his beautiful Danfeng eyes.

Wiliam walked a few steps, and found that the literati’s affection was not gone, and he looked strange as if he was constipated while standing there.

He turned over, walked to Wenrenqingqing, and said, “Go?”

Take your grandma’s leg!

Wen Renqing cursed in her heart, she had too many questions to ask Goubi, but she couldn’t speak for a while.

Anyway, let me find a handle to threaten you!

She wanted to cry without tears, and the blood crystals in her hands were not fragrant at all.

“What do you want to ask?” Wiliam was keen, and immediately gave her a step down.

Wen Ren Qingqing glared at Wiliam and asked, “Why is the eagle-winged eyeless snake not fragrant anymore? You have absorbed all the essence?”

Wiliam’s eyes were blank, and he said suspiciously, “Should it? Long live Demon Lotus made it out, I don’t know very well.”

Wenren Qingqing has a black line.

She suspected that the relationship between Wiliam and Long Live Demon Lotus was a false fate.

Don’t know anything about yourself?

“I guess the Long Live Demon Lotus has this magical function! This is almost unheard of and unseen! By the way, what happened to your Long Live Demon Lotus? Why does it feel like a set of magic weapons, but each root has its own consciousness. “Wen Ren Qingqing asked again.

Wiliam shook his head again, “I am not very clear.”

It’s really unclear, no explanation.

Long live demon lotus started from Long live safflower, evolving time after time, and becoming more terrifying time and time again.

Wiliam had planned to ask Grandpa about the secret of Long Live Demon Lotus so as to systematically understand the effects of Long Live Demon Lotus.

However, there was always no chance to find a suitable opportunity, and now Grandpa also died in a suspended animation, and it was even more difficult to ask.

But he knew that Long Live Demon Lotus was now inseparable from his flesh and blood, and that was enough.

As for the Long Live Demon Lotus being able to absorb the blood and essence of ancient beasts, it is estimated that it was a new ability evolved after Long Live Demon Lotus swallowed Grandpa’s black flower and silver needle last time.

After all, Grandpa has the power of gluttony, and it is not surprising that Heihua Yinzhen can swallow the skills.

Seeing that Wiliam himself was ignorant, he was so angry when he heard the people’s affection.

I felt a flower stuck in the cow dung.

Bai was blind to this peerless magic weapon.

She was envious and jealous, wishing to cut down the dog now than take his treasure away.

“Finally, the last question, do you know why the purpose of this trip?” Wen Renqing said, deliberately shaking the blood crystal in his hand to make the dog more eye-catching.

The hint given is obvious enough.

Wiliam smiled and said, “Oh, don’t you get Earth Bone Blood Crystal?”

Still don’t see the blood crystals in the hands of Wenren Qingqing.

Wen Renqing almost lost his face with this piece of bone and blood crystal, “Then what is this?”

“Earthbone blood crystal.”

“You do not want?”

“It’s not rare.”

“Damn! It’s not uncommon for you to dry eagle-winged eyeless snake wool!”

“I’ll just play around.”


Wenrenqingqing’s whole person is messed up.

She feels that these thirty years have been in vain.

The first time I met a dog than this kind of peerless work!

Everyone enters this buried place, throwing blood and blood for a piece of bone and blood crystals.

What about this!

The purpose is to play monsters?

Is the Earth Bone Blood Crystal in your hand not rare at all?

are you crazy!

Seeing that people were going to run away with love, Wiliam screamed inwardly, not knowing where he got the aunt.

He quickly explained, “Actually, I think the quality of the earth bone blood crystals guarded by the eagle-winged eyeless snake is the same. I feel that I can get higher quality earth bone blood crystals. Let’s go out with one piece. This piece is obviously not my ultimate goal, so I don’t have to take it away. As for eagle-winged eyeless snakes, I said to play casually at the beginning. Can you hear me?”

Wiliam really didn’t like this blood crystal.

From the moment he entered the place where the bones were buried, he was summoned by an inexplicable bloodline.

After a brief period of thought, Wiliam felt that there was only one possibility.

In the buried place, there is a piece of blood crystal that fits his blood line best!

Otherwise, such a call would not be triggered.

So his goal became clear at once.

Just find this piece of bone blood crystal!

Others, look down upon.

And when Wiliam dealt with the eagle-winged eyeless snake, he also had the mind to adapt to the ancient beast of this world and practiced his hands with the heart.

When Wenren listened to Wiliam’s words, he cried out.

She did hear Wiliam say just play around.

It’s just that she never thought that Wiliam was really playing.

Let’s play with a half-step innate ancient beast. If you tell me about it, who will believe it!

After understanding Wiliam’s thoughts, he couldn’t find an excuse to scold him when he heard that he wanted to scold him.

Because seeing this dog is easier than dealing with an eagle-winged eyeless snake, it can indeed obtain a higher level of earth bone blood crystal.

But this is so violent!

Wen Renqing looked at the blood crystals in the bones in his hand, suddenly his heart slammed, and fell to the ground voluntarily.

This irritating thing is as hateful as a dog!

But Wiliam immediately said, “Oh, I think you should take it away, maybe it’s still useful.”

“What’s the use?” Wenren glared at Wiliam, “You don’t like it anyway!”

“What if you don’t see the Earth Bone Blood Crystal anymore? I have no confidence in you.” Wiliam said.

After a short period of astonishment, Wenrenqingqing decisively ran away, “Puppy Bina is here!”

The high cold of this life was completely shattered at this moment.

In front of this girl, Gao Leng showed it to the dog!

Beating him is the eternal answer!

The mouth is so broken!

When Wiliam saw her run away inexplicably, he stepped away and shut his mouth.

Wenrenqing was beating Wiliam fat while scolding the dog.

Naturally, Wiliam didn’t dare to fight back easily, and was beaten with no temper.

Not knowing how long it took, Wiliam suddenly stopped and turned around, his expression becoming extremely serious.

Wen Renqingqing was still immersed in the thrill of beating the dog than this wave after another, and seeing the dogbi brake and turn around without warning.

She didn’t react immediately, and she didn’t stop the car, and ran into Wiliam’s arms directly.

Her face flushed suddenly, and she was about to look up and yell at Goubi.

Suddenly I saw Wiliam point a finger on her vermilion lips, and said softly: “Hush, hold back, I heard…”

“The sound of a heart-to-heart…”

Chapter 1407 Desolate Li Nianyi

The sound of heart-to-heart?

Is this dog teasing me?

Thinking of this, Wenren looked at Wiliam with affection, and the whole person was at a loss.

I was caught off guard, totally unprepared!

Suddenly her heart jumped fast.

This dog is looking for death, isn’t it?

She was about to furious, but Wiliam said solemnly: “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am in love with you.”

Wenrenqingqing is even more speechless.

Not with me?

So why are you holding me and pressing my lips?

Peerless scum man?

Wiliam continued, “I heard a voice, which seemed to be connected to my heart, well, it seemed to be coming from that direction.”

He said, pointing in a direction.

Wen Renqing looked in that direction, and suddenly frowned.

That direction is not right!

There is only one road, and that road is a dead end.

Leading to the most terrifying place in the Burial Land-the cemetery barren valley!

This ah, are you going to give away people’s heads?

Wiliamzhen spoke again, but stared in the direction blankly, not knowing what he was thinking.

The two were so silent.

Until there was a fighting sound not far behind, awakening them.

” F*uck! You guys! You guys!” A thunderous voice came.

The two looked back, and it was Li Nianyi who made the noise.

Li Nianyi’s current appearance is extremely bleak.

The clothes on his body are almost into cloth strips, his face is also blue and purple, and the front teeth are directly cut.

Looks like an experienced beggar.

Li Nianyi felt bitter.

He was forced to be helpless at the time, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and grab the bones and blood crystals from the group of people.

Once he bears the burden of humiliation, he must be injured in the chaos.

However, he wanted to hear people’s affection in his heart.

Taking advantage of a gap, he turned around to find Wenren Qingqing, only to discover a terrible fact.

Wenrenqingqing is gone.

His whole person is not well, and he suddenly feels abandoned by the whole world.

He wanted to get out, but the battle was too chaotic. It was not until the last Bone and Blood Crystal was taken away by the Canglang Heroes before he quickly pulled away to find Wenren Qingqing.

The results of it.

found it.

Also crying.

He saw Wen Ren Qingqing and the bastard hugging each other unexpectedly, silently.

It seems that in this dangerous burial ground, the two of them are the last butterflies in troubled times.

The atmosphere is so charming!

His heart broke instantly.

The world is not worth it.

This pair of dog men and women is really unclear.

After Wen Renqinqing was interrupted, she also found that she was still in the arms of this dog.

She was about to push Wiliam away with one hand, but Wiliam took the lead.

Wiliam pushed away Wenren Qingqing with disgust, and muttered: “Don’t be like this, I’m not that kind of person, there are people on my bed.”

Wen Renqianqing was so angry that his lungs would explode.

But she must maintain a good image in front of outsiders, and it is not easy to attack immediately.

She arranged her appearance and stared at Wiliam coldly.

Wiliam said again: “It looks like the fight between those people is over. Let’s go.”

As he said, he took Wenrenqingqing and ran towards the road leading to the barren valley of the cemetery.

Wenrenqingqing’s whole person is down.

She turned her head and could vaguely see tears in Li Nianyi’s eyes, full of despair for the world.

Like an abandoned orphan.

His leg was injured, and he wanted to keep up with Wenren Qingqing, but his strength didn’t allow him.

Seeing Wenren’s affection for them disappear at the end of the road, he was just about to raise his foot to chase, when there was a loud noise behind him, ” F*uck! Look everyone! It’s an eagle-winged eyeless snake!”

“The eagle-winged eyeless snake guarding the earthbone blood crystals is now dead, which means that the eagle-winged eyeless snake has been taken away!”

“Who would it be?”

Li Nian turned around to look, tears streaming down his face.

Those behind him are the people of the various sects who ended the battle.

They acted fiercely as a tiger, and as a result, there were no bones and blood crystals for half a cent, and they were suffocating in their hearts.

Suddenly seeing the possibility of new blood crystals from the bones appearing again, the eyes are all red.

And whose body will the Earth Bone Blood Crystal be on?

They all set their sights on the only person who appeared on the scene.

Li Nianyi.

Li Nianyi felt these wolf-like gazes, and suddenly trembled.

He waved his hand quickly, “It’s not me, it’s not me…”

The eyes of those people showed a greedy look, and they roared: “It must be on him! Follow me, everyone! There are those who have the power of bones and blood crystals!”

Then, those people got up violently and rushed towards the lonely Li Nian.

Li Nianyi really collapsed completely.

Abandoned for the second time without saying.

Now it’s still being dumped.

He was just thinking about Wenrenqingqing and the bastard, and he hadn’t noticed the corpse of the eagle-winged eyeless snake next to him.

Well now, the two of them continue to elope.

Leave this mess to yourself?

so sad……

And a few minutes after Wiliam and the others ran out, Wiliam let go of Wenren’s affectionate hand.

Wen Renqingqing hit Wiliam’s head with a hammer!

“Don’t you dare to try with me!” Wen Renqing said angrily.

“Okay, the voice is dead.” Wiliam said helplessly.

The vague call in his heart disappeared again.

“What sound?” Wenrenqing’s anger was transferred.

“That kind of inexplicable summoning.” Wiliam said bitterly.

“What the hell is calling! It’s so nagging, what about now? Do you want to enter the cemetery barren valley?” Wenren asked with affection.

Wiliam waved his hand and said, “There is still time to go out. Let’s take a look at the periphery first.”

He always felt that this kind of call would appear again, so he didn’t worry about going to the cemetery barren valley.

If you can’t get out, and the summoning is no longer there, it won’t be straightforward.

“What are you doing at the periphery?” Wen Renqing said a little bit, and then regretted it.

“Daguai, idle or idle, find something to do.” This dogbi’s answer was as annoying as ever.

Others came here and risked their lives.

The dog is here to travel recently?

She was suffocated with anger, thinking about it, and just put a block on him.

So Wen Renqing took Wiliam to several places.

The result is very sad.

The Long Live Demon Lotus on Goubi is too open.

Ordinary ancient beasts are not the opponent of Long live Demon Lotus at all.

And after Long Live Demon Lotus drew blood, it became stronger and stronger.

After half a day’s work, a dozen ordinary earth-bone blood crystals were hung on his body.

She looked at Goubi blankly, and then at the blood crystals on her body.

Dare to love yourself or his mobile backpack?

If you let other people know that they have so many blood crystals on their bodies, what would they think?

The more Earth Bone and Blood Crystals he gets, the less others can get!

As he was thinking, Wiliam suddenly said: “Let’s go, go to the cemetery barren valley, and see if there are stronger opponents, I sweat.”

Chapter 1408

After Wiliam said that, Wen Ren Qingqing suddenly felt that there was nothing in the barren valley of the cemetery.

Just come in!

Wen Renqing felt that he had never entered the cemetery barren valley, and said in his heart that it is impossible not to be curious.

And she came out this time with a treasure from the sect on her body.

This baby is enough to make them two off the battlefield instantly, anyway, there is a means to save their lives.

It’s a big deal to lose the qualification for the competition, anyway, this dog doesn’t value much more than this stubborn reputation.

Wen Renqing made up his mind and led Wiliam towards the cemetery barren valley.

As soon as he entered the barren valley of the cemetery, Wenren Qingqing only felt that the demon wind around him suddenly blew up, which made people lose their way for a while.

Moreover, his head buzzed as if it was about to be blown off by the wind.

“Be careful, this demon wind has the effect of sharpening the heart and soul.” Wen Ren said to Wiliam, calming his mind with emotion.

Demon Wind is like a kitchen knife, rubbing it on a cutting board, making people’s head buzzing.

If under this demon wind, sooner or later, the heart and soul will be polished, and the spirit will collapse.

There is no sun and moon in the buried place, so it stands to reason that this time should be night.

But here is still misty, and the world is gloomy.

Wiliam also felt the demon wind’s effect, and used a little snack.

“Let’s go.” He strode forward.

As soon as he entered the barren valley of the cemetery, he felt the call again.

It should be in the core of the cemetery barren valley.

Wen Renqingqing stepped up to Wiliam, “Where are we going?”

“Follow me.” Wiliam said simply.

“Why?” Wenren was unhappy.

“Do you recognize the way?” Wiliam asked back.

Wenrenqianqing is messy in the wind.

The mission of daring to live and navigating by oneself was over, and then he was stunned by crossing the river and demolishing the bridge.

“Are you going to the most core place?” Wen Ren asked helplessly.

“Well, it should be there, I have a hunch,” Wiliam said.

Wen Ren Qingqing shook his head and drove away the sound of sharpening the knife in his head, and then said: “No matter what, anyway. Anyway. But if you encounter a problem that can’t be solved, you have to tell me as soon as possible, and we can still barely escape. Fight for fame.”

Wiliam nodded, “Well, I will.”

His expression also began to become serious.

In the demon wind, there are many powerful coercion.

All are more than half a step congenital!

“Help me count the time and remind me when it’s the third day.” Wiliam said.

Wenren Qingqing saw that Wiliam was so serious, he wanted to laugh at him now that he was afraid.

But seeing him like this, the ridicule was taken back.

The two continued to walk forward, and they encountered danger before they had walked one mile.

There is an essential difference between the cemetery barren valley and the buried bones outside.

The ancient beasts in the buried land have domain consciousness.

They generally appear in a fixed field, and will not chase after they exceed it.

But the ancient beasts in the cemetery barren valley do not have this kind of consciousness.

In other words, you must not lead the blame without killing it!

Because it will attract more and more, and finally be buried in the belly of the beast.

Fortunately, although the ancient beasts here are powerful, they live alone and won’t cause a lot of them all at once.

“One day has passed.” Wenren said, staring at Wiliam with affection.

She has mixed feelings.

It has been ten hours since entering the cemetery barren valley.

No matter how careful they were here, they also encountered three ancient beasts.

All are half-step congenital peaks!

There were already scars on Wiliam’s body.

Wen Ren Qingqing thought that Wiliam couldn’t beat the ancient beast that was half a step ahead of his innate peak.

Unexpectedly, this dog will be carried down.

She didn’t know that Wiliam’s bloodline could suppress the ancient beasts, so in her opinion, Wiliam was super god.

And Wiliam didn’t feel well in his heart.

Even if it could suppress the ancient beasts, it would still be difficult.

There were three more earth-bone blood crystals in Wen Renqing’s hand that were shining with a red light, and even with a little purple light.

These earth-bone blood crystals, if taken out, will definitely shock the world!

After all, the newcomers who enter here will at most resist the innate ancient beasts for the first time, and it depends on luck to kill them.

Oh, three on the first day!

The quality of these three blood crystals has surpassed the first place in the bone-buried competition last year.

Even Wenren recalled that year with affection.

The quality of the Earth Bone Blood Crystal she got was only comparable to these three pieces.

In this cemetery barren valley, who is the monster?

Wen Renqing held this helplessness, and said to Wiliam: “I think you are injured, otherwise you should rest first?”

Wiliam shook his head, and said, “All in one go, then go down, and go all the way! Can’t rest, just keep walking.”

The inexplicable call in his heart became stronger and stronger.

“But your body…” Wen Renqing couldn’t help saying.

“If you don’t die, fight!” Wiliam gritted his teeth and walked forward.

“You! I don’t know good people!” Wen Renqing stomped his feet fiercely, and followed angrily.

However, looking at Wiliam’s back, she felt inexplicably emotional.

This dog is better than…

It looks bohemian and even a little wretched.

But in his bones, he is a clank man!

His blood is hot, even boiling!

This blood energy is much stronger than the men of the world!

Will burn this outer world!

“Two days.” Wen Renqing said to Wiliam again.

At this moment, Wiliam was bleeding all over his body, and his face was no longer what he was like.

His abdomen was bloody and bloody, and he was scratched by an ancient beast in the innate realm just now.

And the ancient beast of the innate realm had been seated on the ground by him and died.


On the second day, Wiliam encountered five ancient beasts.

Except for the first half-step innate pinnacle ancient beast.

The other four are all ancient beasts of innate realm.

Of these four ancient beasts, any one of them has an affection for Wenren, and Wenren’s affection can only escape for his life!

But it’s better than that!

Strangling abruptly!

In these five battles, Wen Renqing had countless impulses to take Wiliam out of the battlefield!

However, they were all roared back by Wiliam!

He is trying his life!

Wenren looked at Wiliam, who was now silent and healed, with mixed feelings in his heart.

What is it for?

Ordinary people come down to grab the bones and blood crystals and go back to hand in their homework.

This dog comparison was considered a game of humanity from the beginning.

But get serious, fight harder than everyone else!

Who would fight this life to take the blood crystal from the bones of the earth?

I’m afraid he is the only fool!

In these two days, Wenrenqingqing finally discovered Wiliam’s extraordinary.

In particular, the blue-green energy on his body seemed to have an excellent healing effect.

But it can’t hold back nine deaths again and again!

Two days have passed, but I still haven’t reached the core place.

Wiliam was obviously exhausted.

How to spend the third day?

Wenren Qingqing was thinking about it, and suddenly he saw Wiliam opened his eyes, glaucoma in his eyes!

A fluttering voice suddenly sounded in front of them.

“You finally came……”

“My descendants…”

Chapter 1409

This voice sounded like a thunderstorm in the ears of smily love.

There was an incredible look on her face!

This was the first time she heard the voice from the cemetery barren valley!

She had always thought that this dog was fooling her and saying something to call.

But now, it seems to be true!

Something really beckons this dog.


What can this dog do?

Let the things in the cemetery barren valley call him!

This is something that has never been heard before!

And, what is it!

What posterity to say!

Wiliam slowly got up under the call of this voice.

His body is still vomiting green light.

In front of him, a huge cyan ripple barrier suddenly formed.

Wiliam knew in his heart that to know what it was, he had to step into this barrier.

He just lifted his foot, but he was held back by Wenren Qingqing.

Wen Ren Qingqing’s face was extremely complicated.

She knew that Wiliam was seriously injured!

She even knew that the cemetery barren valley was perilous!

There are absolutely no benefits out of thin air!

The bones and blood crystals beside her are the best examples!

Goubi wants to enter this green barrier and will definitely die forever!

Suddenly she pursed her lips, and made up her mind: “You wait! I’ll make a divination for you!”

Wen Renqing made up his mind!

Decided to use half-length blood and blood to count this dog!

She knows secretly, the ordinary fragrant flower asks right and wrong to guess what effect.

You must use your own blood to get a right and wrong answer.

This should not be considered a shot by yourself!

As she said, a fragrant fragrance flashed across her hand.

A small crimson peach petal appeared in his hand.

And the scarlet peach petals floated quickly, hanging between them.

Wen Renqinqing’s body was full of anger, and it was obvious that he was going to burst into blood.

But at this time, her expression froze!

Wiliam suddenly grasped the shimmering peach petals gently.

Then, open your palms again.

Peach petals, broken into powder.

Wen Renqing’s eyes widened, and he looked at Wiliam in amazement, “Dogbi! You, what you are!”

“Don’t forget it, Quandang, the peach blossom is broken.” Wiliam smiled slightly.

This smile is so intriguing!

Wenrenqingqing seemed to read a lot of tenderness from this smile.

Her lips bit out the blood lightly, “Why!”

“My Wiliam’s fate! You can’t count! Fragrant flowers can’t be counted! Neither world can count!

“If there is no cold, how can spring come.”

Wiliam stepped into the green barrier and left a word.

“Just wait here, if I come out, please drink!”

“But if you haven’t come out yet!” Wen Renqing almost roared out, and his concern was beyond words!

“Then it didn’t come out!” After the voice, there was no more sound.

Wiliam’s figure has disappeared into the ripples.

And the smell of love outside, the head is like a heavy blow!

She stood there blankly, recalling Wiliam’s last words.

If it hasn’t come out, then it hasn’t come out!

How determined!

This dog is better!

What have you experienced before in Hongchen Humanity!

Let him be so fearless to death!

Combining with the previous situation of this dog fighting with the ancient beast again and again, his cultivation base, I am afraid that he was tempered in a life of nine deaths that he did not return again and again!

The tragic and courage to go to death with generosity alone is enough to look down upon young people outside the world!

You know, the young people in the outer world, if they are indigenous, will not be reborn in blood like Wiliam!

It is not an exaggeration to say that they are greenhouse flowers!

There are only a handful of young people crossing over.

This dog is better!

Wen Renqing’s heart chords, and suddenly he has to go back and ask his sister about the story of this guy in Hongchen.

But after all her thoughts, her face flushed immediately and was suppressed forcibly.

No, the old lady is the princess Gao Leng!

How can you move Fanxin!

But a blindly arrogant dog is nothing more than worth mentioning!

Thinking of this, she sat down with uprightness, praying for someone to come out unscathed from the green barrier.

After Wiliam stepped into the green barrier, he only felt that the surrounding scenery was distorted in an instant.

But after a short while, it returned to normal.

Just a joy in the world.

Wiliam looked around, and it was vast again.

But compared with the gray cyberpunk style before, the world he lives in is simply heaven.

A towering old tree is like an eternal god.

Around the ancient trees, birds and flowers fragrant.

Is it an illusion again…

Wiliam thought, stepping out.

After this foot stepped out, he shrank into an inch.

He was obviously far away from the old tree, but he walked in front of the old tree with one foot.

Wiliam looked up and saw a gleaming blood crystal from the bones!

Seeing this earth-bone blood crystal, Wiliam’s heart trembled instinctively.

A feeling of flesh and blood came to life spontaneously.

It’s it…

Wiliam stared at the blood crystal from the bone in a daze.

At this time, the Bone Bone Blood Crystal suddenly emitted a dazzling light, gently wrapping his body.

Wiliam was surprised to find that the injuries he had received had healed in an instant!

He looked at the blue light on his body, only feeling that this blue light was far more powerful than his own metamorphosis.

An upgraded version of Metabolic?

Perhaps this is the ultimate form of Qilin bloodline?

When the blue light gradually dissipated, Wiliam’s body not only recovered, but even his exhausted mental state was restored to its peak state.

“Who are you?” Wiliam asked softly, staring at this fist-sized blood crystal.

Since I can speak, I must be able to speak…

Sure enough, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal gleamed like breathing, and there was an old voice.

“Who am I? It’s too long, so long, I don’t even remember who I am…” The voice was bleak, as if looking back at the past.

“But, I know who you are.” The voice suddenly said again.

“Who am I?” Wiliam asked.

“After you are the Qilin bloodline, you can also be regarded as my descendants.” Earthbone Blood Crystal replied.

Therefore, this piece of earth bone blood crystal should be made by the ancient unicorn who died in the buried place, condensed with blood.

Wiliam thought, took a deep breath, and asked, “Then what do you call me this time?”

The blood crystal image of the bones of the earth was aroused, and after the light was bright, it returned to calm.

It said indifferently: “I feel the breath of the unicorn blood on your body, so I am calling you to make a bet with you.”

“Right to bet?” Wiliam frowned slightly.

“Well, right gambling!” Bone Bone Blood Crystal said lightly, “I won the right gambling, and my whole body will be used for you to help you achieve the supreme cause.”

Naturally, Wiliam wouldn’t pay attention to this kind of pie, and asked, “And if you lose.”

The Bone Blood Crystal was silent for a while, and said: “If you lose, I will take away your Qilin bloodline and help me rebirth from Nirvana.”

Chapter 1410 Four Emperors

After Wiliam heard these words, his first reaction was not to be afraid.

After all, it’s a bet.

There must be a price.

Instead, his first reaction was that Qilin’s blood could really be deprived…

In other words, can any bloodline be deprived?

The owner of this piece of bone and blood crystal seemed to be dead but not stiff.

He must have been a powerful unicorn during his lifetime.

“Before I promise you, can you tell me your story, or the story of our Qilin bloodline?” Wiliam said with a smile.

He wanted to understand things related to his blood as soon as possible.

In the Lu Family of Beiluo in Hongchen, things about Qilin’s bloodline are nothing but vague words.

And the grandfather who knows this line best, never had the opportunity to ask in detail from beginning to end.

Besides, when you reach the realm of Wiliam, if you want to go up, the information of Beiluo’s Lu family is far from enough.

So, with the living history in front of you, why don’t you ask?

“Ho ho, you kid is a bit interesting. Well, it’s been a long time since someone talked to me, so I said some memories that I don’t have forgotten.” The blood crystal seemed to fall into the memory.

After a while, he said: “Forget how long it was, it should have been tens of thousands of years ago, here beasts and birds are kings, there is nothing you humans do…”

“If I remember correctly, there should be the four emperors of the Eight Desolations. There is a nine-clawed golden dragon in the east, me in the west, a Suzaku in the north, and a basalt in the south…”

“The Eight Desolates and Four Emperors, we will not interfere with each other until you humans appear…”

“After the birth of mankind, with your wisdom, you have produced a strength comparable to ours. But what makes you humans stronger than us is that you are more ambitious than us. So you are all around the beast and expand your territory. The leader should be Three people known as Emperor, Yan Emperor and Chi You. At that time, the three ancestors were in alliance and fought with our four emperors…”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, and it was related to the birth of mankind and ancient anecdotes.

“In the end, the three ancestors invited gods from the other world to help out, and we were defeated.”

“The god of the other world?” Wiliam keenly noticed the deep meaning in the words of the bones and blood crystals.

“This, you will naturally know in the future. After the defeat, in order to store the blood, our four emperors and other ancient beasts forcibly planted blood, planted our blood in the human body in front of us, in order to continue the blood, if possible If they do, one day they can be reborn from the ashes.”

At this point, Wiliam finally understood what happened to the strange bloodlines in human beings.

It turned out to be an epic battle of orcs from ancient times!

It’s just that thousands of years have passed!

The blood will be gradually diluted in the inheritance from generation to generation.

But it still exists.

This shows how terrifying the strength of the four emperors of the Eight Desolations!

Even Wiliam thought that among the four emperors, there were unicorns, golden dragons, and vermilion birds.

Isn’t it the blood of their three brothers?

Only the negative book Xuanwu, Wiliam has not heard of it so far.

“Well, I’ve been lonely here for thousands of years. However, I have seen two people during that time.” The Earth Bone Blood Crystal suddenly said again.

“They are all Qilin blood inheritors?” Wiliam asked suddenly nervously.

He had a hunch in his heart.

It definitely has something to do with his family!

“Well, the first person to come is a young man. He has amazing potential, just like you, but his bloodline practice, to be honest, has taken a crooked road, and the killing is too heavy. The world seems to give him the nickname, what is Nie Lin. “Earth Bone Blood Crystal said slowly.

Wiliam shook his heart!

Nie Lin!

Own father!

Sure enough, he has been here too!

“Later!” Wiliam asked eagerly again.

“Later, he couldn’t accept the bet against me, and he was seriously injured and left.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said.

Wiliam breathed a sigh of relief now, he was dead!

“The second one is an old man with a little unclear mind.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said again.

Wiliam set off a storm in his heart!

Is it his own grandpa!

“Unexpectedly, he actually agreed to the bet with me and won me, ho ho, a weird old man.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said somewhat self-deprecatingly.

Wiliam immediately discovered what was wrong, “Since he won, why do you still exist now?”

Isn’t it said that if the opponent wins, the blood crystal of the earth bone will turn into the blood bone of the opponent?

Earth Bone Blood Crystal said: “Well, you are very smart. He won, but he doesn’t want my essence.”

“No?” Wiliam was puzzled.

The Bone and Blood Crystals of the Eight Desolate Four Emperors!

Grandpa didn’t want it!

how can that be!

“He said something meaningful and said that I should be destined. And I was happy to continue to linger, so I only helped him transform his bloodline, but I thought that he would turn into an ancient gluttonous glutton, and things are unpredictable…”

Grandpa was wrong!

I didn’t think that Grandpa’s bloodline had been transformed by Earth Bone Blood Crystals!


Grandpa came here, definitely not to transform the bloodline!

Leave it to fate…

Is it me that is predestined?

Grandpa actually paved the way for me here!

Really terrible!

But it’s not right!

According to the bones and blood crystals, grandpa came when he was still sane in his early years.

At that time, Grandpa’s strength should not be very strong…

In other words, Grandpa has hidden his strength in Beiluo Lu’s family from the beginning!

By the way, tidy up the timeline…

After grandpa suspended his death, he came here, and went to Xianghua to drain his blood…

Then he returned to the humanity of the red dust…

What does grandpa want to do?

“No! In addition to transforming the bloodline, he should have gotten something from you!” Wiliam stared at the blood crystal of the earth bone scorchingly.

“I don’t have it, I’m also very strange.” Earthbone Blood Crystal said.


It’s definitely not Grandpa’s style…

Grandpa acts with a strong purpose.

Transforming the bloodline is only the initiative of the Bone and Blood Crystal.

If there is no transformation bloodline, grandpa’s trip can be regarded as nothing!

There is definitely a problem.

“So, when I come to you, besides agreeing to bet against you, there is actually a second way to choose.” Wiliam asked again.

“Hahaha, smart little guy. Yes, the second way is to abandon half of your blood and strength, and then leave with serious injuries.” Earthbone Blood Crystal said, “After all, being able to come here is the best of my descendants. , I can’t bear to cut off my blood.”

Therefore, his father made the second choice that year and left with severe injuries.

“Okay, tell me your choice.” Earthbone blood crystal released light again, “I’m very curious, how would you choose? Is it to go forward and choose to live and die, or knowingly, to forbear to leave?”

Wiliam stared at the Bone Bone Blood Crystal and took another deep breath.

In that case, I seem to have no other choice.

“I choose to bet against you, life or death is nothing special!”


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