Dragon Husband 1411-1415

Chapter 1411 Azure Unicorn

The Bone Blood Crystal suddenly released a grand light, as if satisfied with the choice Wiliam had made now.

“very good.”

Wiliam stared at the Bone Bone Blood Crystal and asked, “How do you gamble?”

Earthbone Blood Crystal said: “It’s very simple. I will suppress my own bloodline strength to the same level as yours based on your bloodline and strength, and then give you ten minutes. You can attack me in any way, as long as Even if you can move me even a little bit, even if you win. But after ten minutes, I will start to fight back, and every ten minutes, my strength will increase by 10%, until I kill you.”

When Wiliam heard this rule, he was taken aback.

Then he asked casually, “Is this the rule for everyone? Will your blood and strength at the beginning be equal to me?”

Earth Bone Blood Crystal said: “Yes, it’s all like this. Little baby, you don’t even feel scared at all, it’s not bad, you live toward death, I hope you get what you want.”

“Okay, I understand.” Wiliam nodded.

“Do you need to prepare?” Bone Blood Crystal asked.

Wiliam shook his head, “No need.”

His body had been restored to its peak state under the previous treatment of the Earthbone Blood Crystal.

“However, I want to make another bet with Senior, what do you think?” Wiliam said suddenly.

“Oh? Hahahaha, interesting little guy, I have never seen anyone who dares to take the initiative to raise a gambling bet with me. It’s interesting. Let’s just talk about it.” Earthbone blood crystals shine brightly, and I feel very happy. .

“I bet, you use 1.5 times the blood and strength of my own, and within ten minutes, I will win you.” Wiliam said lightly.

The Bone Blood Crystal was silent.

It seems to be unbelievable to the arrogance of this little guy.

Earth Bone Blood Crystal was one of the four emperors of the Eight Desolation Four Emperors, and he was the only one who looked down upon others!

Today there is a descendant of blood who speaks to it so arrogantly!

However, it is not angry, on the contrary.

Its mood is extremely good.

Can’t remember how many years ago, he was also a arrogant emperor.

Now, my descendants have the same temper as my own, how can I be unhappy.

However, it still smiled and said: “Boy, you can think about it. If I suppress the bloodline strength of the same level, your chance of winning is only one level. If it is raised to 1.5 times yours, you will have no chance at all. “

Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Otherwise, what is called a challenge?”

The Bone Blood Crystal was glowing with blue light, and he was silent for a while, and said: “Okay, I appreciate your little baby a little bit. Come on, what is the bet on the bet?”

Wiliam said the rhetoric that he had thought up a long time ago, “I lose, and my body will die naturally. There is no retreat and other costs.”

Earth Bone Blood Crystal laughed, “So I said that you are a smart little baby. It turns out to be a white wolf with an empty glove. But it doesn’t matter, just for your new born calf not afraid of tigers, I promise you, if you are lucky enough to win , I will give you a drop of blood.”

“In the core of my essence, there is a drop of my blood remaining. If ordinary people win, even if they refine me, they will not be able to get the only drop of blood, so you can give it a try.”

“Then thank you senior for forgiving.” Wiliam clasped his hands and smiled.

The Bone Blood Crystal said hello, and once again burst into light, but it was a kind of fading light.

Wiliam knew that the Earth Bone Blood Crystal was suppressing his bloodline and strength.

A few seconds later, the blood crystal from the bones of the earth glowed with a bright blue light, which was much softer than before.

“Let’s start then.” Earthbone Blood Crystal said.

Wiliam suddenly slapped the blood crystals at the bones of the earth.

He is testing the blood crystal of the earth bone.

This palm hit the body of the Earth Bone Blood Crystal, a ripple appeared, and then disappeared without a trace.

Not to mention the movement of the Bone Blood Crystal, there was no tremor.

After a palm, Wiliam thought for a while, and slowly pressed his hand against the blood crystal of the bone.

The Bone Blood Crystal laughed, “Little baby, you are indeed very smart.”

If it were to bombard Earthbone Blood Crystals palm by palm, it would only cause the power to escape.

This is a needless waste.

Only when it resists like this, all the stress points are used on the blood crystals of the earth bones, is the most direct and reasonable allocation.

Wiliamzhe spoke, and sank down, as if mad, the blood on his body burst, and all the blood crystals rushed toward the bones of the earth!

At this time, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal suddenly let out a terrifying exclamation!

“You! You are!”

“Your bloodline turned out to be the bloodline of returning to the ancestors! It is the bloodline closest to me since I was handed down!”

The Bone Blood Crystal finally showed surprise at this moment!

Tianqing Qilin planted its own blood on humans back then. It stands to reason that the blood of the first generation of people who received his blood is the purest.

It will continue to be diluted as it is passed down from generation to generation.

This can be seen from the two descendants who appeared before.

But this kid’s bloodline has turned into an ancestral phenomenon!

This is what Azure Kylin had thought of!

The multiplication of human blood is really amazing!

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal was not a azure unicorn after all, so it could not directly penetrate Wiliam’s bloodline.

Only when Wiliam took the initiative to release his blood, it could know.

Now it, after a brief shock, let out a thunderous laugh.

“Okay! Okay! I have someone else! Little doll, to be honest, you really gave me an extreme surprise! I can’t bear to kill you anymore!”

“It’s a pity, what you say is what you say, and I hope you can do your best! Don’t let me down! How many years have been waiting for you to come, I don’t want you to die in your arrogance!”

Earth Bone Blood Crystal finally understood why Wiliam had to make a second bet.

Because this kid is relying on his own blood!

In this way, with this pure blood blessing, this five times the strength of suppression is just equal to the same level!

Interesting little doll!

Wiliam didn’t seem to hear the laughter of the blood crystals from the bones of the earth.

He was completely immersed in his body.

The Qi of Qilin’s blood in his body, in the form of metaplasia, all gathered in the palm of his hand!

However, there was no movement of the Earth Bone Blood Crystal.

Instead, it was the towering old tree behind the Earth Bone Blood Crystal, under the pressure of Wiliam’s overflowing blood, the branches trembled and the leaves fell one after another.

“Good boy, with this bloodline, I am impressed, but it is still three points short. If you don’t have this three points, you can lose today.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said with a smile.

Its body finally began to tremble slightly.

But it was just shaking.

Three points…

The corners of Wiliam’s mouth began to overflow with blood.

Where does the force of thirds come from?

Suddenly, a blue light burst into the sky on his body, and his whole body seemed to be exploded, and blood was constantly splashing out!

Chapter 1412

Five minutes passed.

Wiliam was like a blood man, and the ground beneath him had been completely stained red.

Half of the leaves of the towering ancient tree were swept away by the air wave released by Wiliam, revealing its bare branches.

“Ho ho ho ho, overdraft potential? It does have a little bit of use. I think it will give you another point, so there are still two points?” The earth bone blood crystal trembled slightly, but it did not affect its words.

Two points…

Where do the two points come from?

Wiliam had severely overdrawn his potential, and both mentally and physically, he was on the verge of extreme collapse.

Earth Bone Blood Crystal was also filled with emotion in his heart.

This kid is really desperate.

Normal people come to bet against each other, and they usually try their best to output.

After waiting for ten minutes, when the Earth Bone Blood Crystal counterattacked, it was the real time for life and death.

This kid is hard enough, and he is going to die when he is exporting.

According to this rhythm, after ten minutes, he would die of a bodily breakdown.

Obviously, this kid has done his best, but he is two points short of strength.

Win or lose should be decided.

But at this moment, Wiliam’s body suddenly flashed red!

A dense red light, like lightning, struck toward the bones and blood crystals!

“Ding Ding Ding!”

A clear percussion sounded suddenly.

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal shook violently, and was shocked in disbelief, “Boy, you still have a hole card!”

This red light is really Wiliam’s long live demon lotus!

Long live the demon lotus, heaven and earth good fortune!

In the Burial Land, Long Live Demon Lotus can be described as Wiliam’s big killer.

Now they all rushed out to help Wiliam!

Wiliam was already in a deep muddle, unable to hear the call of the blood crystal from the bones of the earth.

He just raised his hands mechanically, and the blood on his body turned into a bloody energy, rushing towards the bones and blood crystals like crazy.

Affected by Wiliam’s desperate injection of energy and blood, Long Live Demon Lotus also bloomed with light from the sky and exerted all his strength.

The Bone Blood Crystal suddenly trembled frantically, as if it could move back an inch by accident!

A bloody mist burst out of Wiliam’s body, bleeding from Qiqiao!

And the towering ancient tree behind the Earth Bone Blood Crystal suddenly “banged” and made a popping sound!

There was a crack in the middle, and it could collapse to the ground at any time!

This small world of birds and flowers, Wiliam’s crazy energy and the ravages of Long Live Demon Lotus, burst instantly!

Deep cracks spread from the soles of Wiliam’s feet towards the sky!

The whole world seems to be destroyed!

If you hear people’s love here, you will definitely be shocked!

She could not believe that such a terrifying disaster was caused by Wiliam alone!

Even if her father came in person, it might not create such a terrifying picture!

At this moment, Wenren Qingqing was pacing stubbornly, but his eyes were fixed on the green barrier where Wiliam entered.

Several times in between, she hardened her heart and wanted to rush in.

But all were bounced back.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break through this seemingly thin barrier.

At this time, she suddenly felt the ground tremble!

This barrier suddenly lit up, as if to illuminate this gray world!

what happened!

Just as she wanted to see what was going on, suddenly there was a roar of ruining sound from a place far away!

Wenrenqingqing is stupid!

Some people enter this cemetery barren valley!

And it also caused this earth-shattering movement!

However, she immediately recovered her mind and stared at this barrier with all her heart, anxious!

On the barrier, a series of fine cracks have appeared!

Wen Ren Qingqing tried to attack again, but found that there was still no way to do it.

Although the barrier appeared cracks, it was still unbreakable to her outside!

What the hell did this dog do in it!

Why is there such a big movement!

And the bigger the movement, the more dangerous it is!

He must come out alive!

Otherwise, how could my old lady explain to my sister!

But at this moment, as Wiliam’s crazy assault continued for a while, the trembling of the blood crystal of the earth bone gradually stabilized.

The Bone Blood Crystal just squeezed a sweat!

This kid!

Really impressive!

The blood on his body is infinitely close to the Azure Qilin, directly raising his starting point!

And there is such a mysterious silver needle on his body!

Naturally, the Bone Blood Crystal can feel that this set of silver needles is extremely strange!

It’s fine to follow the master’s heart.

It can grow with the growth of the master!

The future is limitless!

With the blessing of this bloodline and silver needle, the five times the strength gap of the blood crystal from the bones was directly wiped out by Wiliam!

At this moment, there is even a bit of luck in the bones and blood crystals!

If it weren’t for this kid’s rebellious self-esteem, he used his blood and strength to fight the enemy at first.

The outcome of this gambling game has already been divided!

But this kid can be regarded as expecting too much of himself.

Now all his hole cards have come out.

But what was the result?

Evenly matched.

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal suddenly felt Wiliam’s body trembling violently, and the blood energy output gradually weakened.

It couldn’t help but smile: “Little Wawa, you have all your hole cards out? I said before that you still owe a three-point strength. Now I can tell you that you are evenly matched with me, as long as you can take out another strength. , You can win.”

Wiliam didn’t have an answer.

He was almost unconscious.

I have counted three points.

I don’t have any extra power…

Is it worthy to maintain balance with Earthbone Blood Crystal…

in this way……

Very good……

“Little baby, it seems that you are exhausted. There is still a minute left. After a minute, my counterattack will begin.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said.

He even said in his heart that it doesn’t take a minute or even to fight back by himself.

Now the two people maintain a balance of mystery and mystery, but whenever there is a little confusion, this kid will be battered by his own blood and energy to directly explode and die.

Earth Bone Blood Crystal couldn’t help feeling a little bit more regretful.

The next person who is so close to his bloodline should be thousands of years from now…

Lonely, lonely…

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…”

Earth Bone Blood Crystal finally, count down gently.

It is also making the final count for this little guy’s life.

Until the last second, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal sighed: “It’s over, little guy, if there is reincarnation, do you dare to come again, do you dare to do this gambling? After all, there is no good friend who has an appetite. …”

Sadness, loneliness…

Thousands of loneliness, no one can solve…

And just when the Earth Bone Blood Crystal wanted to explode power to counterattack, Wiliam, who had been bowing his head, suddenly raised his head, and a hideous smile appeared on his blood-filled face!

The delicate balance continues.

“Good friend with me! Why do you need the next generation!”

“I’ll give you one last bit of effort!”

Wiliam suddenly yelled up to the sky, vomiting blue clouds on his body!

“Grandpa! Invite!”

Chapter 1413 Time and Space Layout

If Wiliam’s friends were present, it would be extremely shocking!

Didn’t Wiliam’s grandfather fake death?

Why is Wiliam calling grandpa again and again!

Even the Bone Bone and Blood Crystal didn’t know the meaning of Wiliam’s inexplicable words for a while.

It only heard the phrase “being a good friend with me, why do you need the next generation”, and it fell into a short-term loss of consciousness.

And the next second, it suddenly issued a roar that shook the sky!

“Impossible! How is it possible!”

It finally knew where Wiliam’s last force came from!

Not from Wiliam!

It’s not that Wiliam has another treasure!

This component of force actually came from Earth Bone Blood Crystal himself!

I saw that the Bone Bone and Blood Crystal suddenly burst out with a strong qi aura!

This azure aura, like a sharp arrow, burst into Wiliam’s body after bursting out of the blood crystal from the bones.

With the blessing of this azure aura, Wiliam rekindled his fighting spirit and used all his physical strength!


It is another force that destroys the sky and the earth, rushing towards the blood crystals of the bones of the earth!

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal and Wiliam were in a delicate balance. With the blessing of this power, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal shook in an instant and moved back an inch!

At this moment, the towering tree behind them, as if it could no longer stand the power of the world, collapsed!

Along with the collapse of this towering old tree, this small world seemed to have lost its pillars and made a burst of cracking noises.

Wiliam’s body couldn’t hold this last force either, and his eyes went dark and he lost consciousness.

Just before losing consciousness, a smile appeared on the corner of Wiliam’s mouth.

Sure enough…


I don’t know how long it took before Wiliam woke up quietly.

He opened his eyes, groaning with pain all over his body.

This is where……

Wiliam looked in front of him.

Are you still in this small world?

It’s just that time seems to freeze.

Towering old trees fell to the ground, and the dust and smoke rolled up between the sky and the earth were frozen in the air.

The sky is full of dust, flying debris, and birds fleeing in panic…

The sky showed a series of cracks, like glass, as long as time recovers, the glass will immediately shatter.

And in front of Wiliam’s eyes, the blood crystal of the azure unicorn was still faintly flashing with cold light.

When Wiliam woke up, the Bone Blood Crystal made a sound, “You, you won.”

Won, this was also within Wiliam’s expectation.

“Well, I said, I will win.” Wiliam said.

A blue light flashed on the Earth Bone Blood Crystal, and it rushed towards Wiliam.

Wiliamzhen refused, knowing that the Earth Bone Blood Crystal was treating his injuries.

His body suddenly seemed to be soaking in a hot spring, his whole body was itchy, but he was too comfortable to hold on.

Good repair ability.

I believe that within five minutes, my body will be restored to a perfect state.

Earth Bone Blood Crystal looked at Wiliam and said quietly: “Your bloodline is pure again. Now you can answer some of my doubts?”

Wiliam nodded, “Senior, please speak.”

“How did your last force come from? Why did it appear in my body! Moreover, it is not force! It is blood! It is also the blood of my descendants! How can there be blood of descendants in my body! What is going on?”

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal has lived for so long, and I just want to understand the mystery of this period.

Why did you turn back on yourself at the last moment?

Wiliam showed a pale smile and said, “If you want to understand this mystery, you need to start with the old man you met last time.”

He was silent for a while and said, “That old man is my grandfather.”

“Your grandfather? You make it clear.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal became even more confused.

“Just now I heard you talk about my grandfather’s coming, and I was puzzled. I will confirm with you what my grandpa got from you. Your answer is no. My grandpa gave up integrating you into him. Bloodline, on the contrary, you feel sorry to change the bloodline for my grandfather, right?” Wiliam asked back.

“Yes, so what?” Earth Bone Blood Crystal confirmed.

“Hoho, you don’t know my grandpa, old man, my grandpa must have a purpose in doing things. He spent time in front of you, and he won the bet. This is a great opportunity, but why did my grandpa give up? Or in other words, my grandfather doesn’t have anything to get from you, so why does he come? I have been thinking about this issue just now.”

Wiliam said leisurely, “So I want to understand, this is an opportunity my grandfather left for me.”

“Since he doesn’t get anything from you, if you think about it backwards, will he leave anything with you?”

What’s left?

Rao is the quintessence of the earth bone blood crystal, and he still can’t solve the mystery of Wiliam.

“Combined with your last talk about transforming my grandfather’s bloodline, and it turns out that his bloodline has changed into a gluttony, I boldly made a hypothesis. He left his bloodline on your body! So, you are not transforming his bloodline, It is giving him a new bloodline.” Wiliam said.

Earth Bone Blood Crystal shook fiercely, as if he was trying to understand it, and shouted: “That’s it! That’s it! No wonder I’m wondering how he changed his gluttonous bloodline! It turned out that he secretly abandoned himself. Blood, and stored in my body! What a kid!”

Wiliam had been fighting with his grandfather before, and found that he had no Qilin blood in his body, and he began to have questions.

Even if the bloodline changes, the root is still a unicorn.

But grandfather is not the case, there is no unicorn bloodline, there is definitely a problem in this.

After coming to see the Earth Bone Blood Crystal this time, Wiliam finally wanted to understand.

Grandpa left all his blood on the Earth Bone Blood Crystal.

And the Bone Blood Crystal is just a piece of the essence of the Azure Qilin’s blood, everything went according to order, and I didn’t realize that Grandpa did all this.

It can be said that the ancestors were calculated by their descendants.

And it’s an overall situation that spans years!

“You guys! Okay! Okay! Using my broken body and broken consciousness, I played a cooperation in the air! Okay!” After the Earth Bone Blood Crystal understood what was going on, he said three times in a row.

It admired the grandfather and grandson, especially Wiliam.

His grandfather’s burial of blood is already a magical skill, this kid can guess this without any hint.

I don’t have anything to give him, that’s what he gave me.

This thinking makes my scalp numb when I first came out-of course if I have a scalp.

“So, my grandfather’s bloodline dormant to the end and became a part of my bloodline.” Wiliam finally said.

Grandpa, your strategy has succeeded.

In the end I won.

“Now, you have won, get out of here first.” The Earth Bone Blood Crystal said, turning into a ray of light, and flew into Wiliam’s hands.

Wiliam was taken aback and escaped here?

Just thinking about it, I saw that the time and space that had been frozen suddenly resumed its flow.

With a “bang” the sky, it shattered directly, destroying the entire space!

” F*uck!” Wiliam roared sadly and ran desperately!

This old man is not a son of man!

Chapter 1414

The Wenren Qingqing outside the green blue barrier was originally anxious, but suddenly, she saw the green blue barrier that had been helpless suddenly collapse!

And what followed was a breath that was so majestic to suffocation, sweeping the sky!


A violent burst and shattering sound formed in her ears!

She was stunned.

What’s the matter!

I saw the barren valley of the cemetery, and even the entire burial ground, constantly breaking apart!

Wenrenqingqing has lived till now, and has never heard of such a terrifying thing!

Will the buried land collapse?

She stood at the center of the cracked sky, completely at a loss.

At this time, from the place where the green barrier was before, a figure rushed out quickly!

The figure came directly in front of her, took her hand, and shouted eagerly: “Why are you still stunned! Don’t die! Run!”

Wenren looked intently, and the person who sprang out was not just a dog!

“You’re dead!” Wen Ren yelled excitedly.

It was very exciting to see Dog Biyu die amidst the collapse of the sky and the earth.

“Don’t say this for now, it’s important to escape! The buried ground is about to collapse! Toward the exit!” Wiliam said anxiously.

At the same time, there are 10,000 lives in love in my heart.

He didn’t know that if he did anything casually, he could actually collapse the burial ground.

If this spreads out, the entire sect of Outer World will find themselves desperately!

The buried place is too crisp, right?

Wiliam was thinking about it, suddenly a sentence appeared in his head.

“Ho ho, do you think it was you alone? You turned your head to look.”

It was the voice of the blood crystal from the bones of the earth.

Wiliam turned his head, and suddenly saw a shocking picture!

I saw four very large discs not far away from him.

Two of the four discs were breaking every inch, and one of them was broken at no time.

Only an unbroken disk was left, with a piece of blood crystal suspended on it.

Bone blood crystals that exude a bright white light all over!

Wiliam could feel the breath of this bright white blood crystal, which was as old as the breath of the blood crystal of his own.

“What the hell is this!” Wiliam asked Earth Bone Blood Crystal in his mind.

“These four discs are where the bones of the four emperors of the Eight Desolations were buried. The four of our old bones were turned into blood crystals of earth bones, and we don’t know how old they have been together. This year is strange! The nine-claw golden dragon land The Bone Blood Crystal recognized the Lord yesterday. Today, Burning Suzaku and I are also ushering in the strongest descendants. Only the girl who is negative book Xuanwu is left. Now I stay here alone, oh no, it’s going to collapse, I don’t know if this girl is going to do it again. How old is the buried bone?” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said with some emotion.

History is ups and downs, and there is no end to it.

The four emperors have been with them for many years, and there are always no capable descendants waiting to come.

Three descendants suddenly appeared this year, and they all conquered them.

The year of blood rejuvenation.

When Wiliam heard this, he understood it instantly.

It should be Liu Lang and Lin Jiang!

Liu Lang took away the blood crystal of the nine-clawed golden dragon, and Lin Jiang took the blood crystal of the Burning Suzaku.
However, Lin Jiang came down with himself this time.

Is he also near here?

Wiliam looked up, but only saw all sides collapse, falling rocks rustling, and no creatures.

Really, only the bones and blood crystals of the negative book Xuanwu were left buried in this eternal land. I don’t know when the fate will be kept, and the day will be seen.

While running, Wiliam asked, “Senior, are you really planning to follow me?”

“Ho ho, I lost the bet, as it should be. Take advantage of this gap and take a look at the outside world.” Earth Bone Blood Crystal said calmly.

“Then the hard-working senior is living in me.” Wiliam said gratefully.

With this predecessor of the predecessor level in his body, it is tantamount to an extra encyclopedia of ancient history.

“By the way, I’ll give you a suggestion. You can refine me, but you don’t have to refine all of it. Half of the refinement is enough for you to forge your bones successfully, and the other half, I suggest blending with the weird silver needle on your body. I feel that the strength of Silver Needle will be even higher. As for a drop of my essence and blood, I will stay in your body. After you have completely refined the bones and blood crystals, you can choose the opportunity to refine the essence and blood again, so that it will not cause waste. “Earth Bone Blood Crystal said.

Wiliam said it naturally.

As a result, his own cultivation resources in the recent period are completely sufficient.

Half of the earth bone blood crystal is used to forge the bone and impact half of the innate realm.

A drop of the ancestor’s blood is used to attack the innate realm.


Save the time to find the treasures of heaven, material and earth, and you can concentrate on studying the “Impermanent Medical Classics”.

When approaching the entrance of Burial Land, Wiliam suddenly stagnated.

Wen Renqingqing was taken aback and looked at Wiliam suspiciously, “What are you doing again!”

Wiliam smiled and said: “Give me your parcel, you go first.”

I looked up and saw that the entrance in front was densely packed with people. They were all crying and robbing the ground, sorrowing the collapse of this buried land.

“I’ll go there first? What are you going to do?” Wenren Qingqing saw Wiliam’s look weird, and he knew that this girl was uneasy and kind.

“I have my own arrangements. By the way, don’t expose my existence.” Wiliam said, he took out a new dress from the package he brought before Wenren Qingqing, and he was about to change it in person.

Wen Renqing’s face blushed, and there were 10,000 pits in his heart.

Changing clothes in front of a woman, is this dog teasing me?

She glared at Wiliam angrily, and flew towards the entrance when she slid.

And Wiliam put on his clothes, and by the way he also covered his face with a piece of cloth.

At the moment, hundreds of people gathered at the entrance.

They are all newcomers from various sects, as well as team leaders.

On the one hand, they were shocked by the buried place and suddenly collapsed.

“What the hell is going on! Why did the place where the bones were buried collapsed? This is something unheard of!”

“Don’t say it, I’ve been recharging my energy before, thinking about robbing someone else’s bones and blood crystals by the third day, I didn’t think about it! I just lost it on the third day, I’m so miserable!”

“We are too, we are holding our last breath, planning to do a big vote today, now…ahhhhh!”

“Huh? Didn’t you get the blood crystals of the earth bones? Damn it? Then who got the blood crystals of earth bones?”

The topic of the people at the scene naturally turned to the Bone and Blood Crystal. They look at me, and I look at you.

A weird atmosphere spread among the people.

They are now at the entrance of the Burial Land, the Burial Land collapsed, but the trial is not over.

Only by walking out of the entrance and returning to the ground is it really over.

However, there are no earth bones and blood crystals on their bodies!

This is the most tormenting one!

Chapter 1415

The Earth Bone Blood Crystal is absolutely significant to the Zongmen present.

First of all, the Earth Bone Blood Crystal is used well, which can directly raise the realm of the people in the sect by one level.

However, due to the restrictions on access to the Burial Land, the number of Earth Bone Blood Crystals produced from here every year is extremely rare.

The sect can be counted on once a year to fight for fame and improve the strength of the sect.

Secondly, the fact that they have not obtained the blood crystals of the earth bones means that the newcomers have failed the trial. Whether they are going to stay or not, they are completely at a loss.

Finally, don’t forget that each sect also has a ranking for fame.

The sects and individuals who won the first place in the battle for the buried bones will receive additional rewards.

But now it seems that the four are empty, fame and fortune are lost!

The people of various sects escaped in the buried ground and found nothing. How could they be reconciled!

So although they are all at the entrance, there is no sect left early.

And they look at me, I look at you.

An elder suddenly said strangely: “Let’s just speak frankly and honestly, we don’t get the blood crystals of the bones.”

Then I got support from many people in an instant.

“So are we, we don’t get a piece of it.”

“It’s so miserable. We died of two newcomers and found nothing.”

“Then who has it?”

Everyone looked at the man of Canglang Hero.

The eyes are full of jealousy.

Because the Hero of Canglang had obtained an earth-bone blood crystal guarded by the Heavenly Wolf in the melee before, this is well known.

The Canglang Hero showed an awkward look on his face, and said, “We’re just this one. Try it if you want to grab it! Go out and I won’t forgive you!”

Everyone shrank their necks, after all, the Canglang Hero was notorious, and everyone did not dare to offend him easily.

At this time, a small group of people shrank slightly. When others asked about them, they waved their hands firmly, “No! Absolutely no!”

There are still about 30 sects left when people who lose newcomers or lose the qualifications of the game are eliminated.

Among them, three or four sects were lucky enough to obtain blood crystals from the bones of the earth.

But in the eyes of everyone on the scene, whoever admits is a fool.

So everyone is empty-handed.

Even Wenren Qingqing felt that this was a little bit wrong.

She had a very ominous premonition in her heart.

I always feel that the collapse of this buried land has something to do with dogs.

Wen Renqing took a look at Li Nianyi with tears in his eyes, frowning, “What are you doing!”

Li Nianyi was very miserable at the moment, his clothes looked like a beggar, his nose and face swollen.

He was thrown away before, but he was besieged and beaten inside.

Fortunately, everyone finally found out that he really had no bones and blood crystals, and they spared him not to die.

His ability to get here is purely a character explosion.

“Where’s that kid Wiliam?” Li Nian looked left and right, but didn’t find Wiliam.

Wen Ren Qingqing said angrily: “How do I know? I’m probably dead inside.”

Whether to die or not is not the point. The point is to cheer and make the dog scream.

Li Nian listened one by one, his eyes lightened, and his mood suddenly became better.

Finally balanced!

The self-esteem kid finally died here hahahaha!
Although the process was very bumpy and tortuous, the ending was beautiful.

“Hmph, there is more to die than you!” Li Nian said bitterly.

Wenren glared at him with emotion, but said nothing.

Leave the slapstick to the dog himself.

Later, when Li Nian saw that the dog was dead and there were so many bones and blood crystals in his hand, would he kneel down and beg his grandpa to tell his grandma to let Wiliam give him a piece?

Huh, so many bones and blood crystals?

A flash of lightning suddenly appeared in Wen Renqinqing’s head, as if he was catching something in his heart!

No way!

Wen Ren Qingqing’s face turned pale in an instant.

“Sister Qingqing, what’s wrong with you?” A soft voice rang in her ears.

Wen Renqingqing looked up and saw that it was Huqing Su Emei.

The clothes on Su Emei’s body are not stained with fine dust, and he looks like an independent Leng Ao fairy, which is in sharp contrast with the surrounding mess and people’s sadness.

“Sister Su.” Wenren looked at Su Emei, feeling better.

After all, beauty is justice, and looking at beautiful women is good for physical and mental health.

“Sister Qingqing, what happened to you inside? I don’t think your face is right?” Su Emei asked again.

Wenrenqingqing and Su Emei can be regarded as good best friends. When Su Emei asked, Wenrenqingqing was like finding a confidant, and began to pour bitterness, “I feel my three views are ruined.”

Su Emei suddenly showed a look of sadness, and said: “It seems, I too…”

“Huh?” The two looked at each other.

“What happened to you inside?” Wen Renqing asked Su Emei back.

Su Emei knew everything, as if she was shattered and morally shattered, “Lin Jiang took me away from the melee suddenly, and then, as if purposefully, went directly to the depths of the buried bones. .”

“Then entered the cemetery barren valley?” Wen Renqinqing’s anxiety was magnified.

“How do you know?” Su Emei looked at Wenren Qingqing in disbelief, “My sister Xianghua asked right and wrong again?”

Wen Renqing shook his head, “No, sister, you continue to say? Did you also encounter a large blue barrier? There is also an inexplicable voice?”

Su Emei almost knelt down to Wenren, “Sister, follow us? We were in the cemetery barren valley, and suddenly heard a faint voice calling Lin Jiang to pass. But what’s wrong is that we are not encountering the big green blue barrier. It was a flame barrier, and then Lin Jiang entered the barrier.”

“Then what?” Wen Ren Qingqing seemed to see another person’s figure in Lin Jiang.

“Then I waited outside the barrier for a while, and I heard the sound of the sky cracking and the earth cracking, and then the barrier shattered, and the fire blazed into the sky, like a purgatory on earth, and then Lin Jiang rushed out and took me to escape.” Su Emei said.

“Damn! Why are they exactly the same! By the way, what else did you do? For example, hunting ancient beasts and obtaining earth bone blood crystals?” Wen Renqing asked again.

“Sister, you’re god! Yes, Lin Jiang hunted ancient beasts all the way and obtained a dozen blood crystals of very rare quality.” Su Emei said in surprise, “Sister, what about you?”

Wen Renqing told her and Wiliam’s experience with a look of lovelessness, and Su Emei was dumbfounded.

Wenrenqingqing is sure that he is not copying his own story?

Finally, Wen Ren asked emotionally: “By the way, what about that kid Lin Jiang?”

Su Emei said with a strange expression: “He asked me to come back first, where is Wiliam?”

Wen Renqingqing felt a bleak feeling of IQ being rubbed on the ground, “The dog than let me come first…”

“Damn!” The two fairies scolded a swear word in disregard of their image.

These two dogs are going to get in touch with each other again!

Sure enough, in front of them, there were two voices, one on the left and the other on the right.

“Selling Earth Bone Blood Crystals!”


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