Dragon Husband 1473

Chapter 1473 Reality, Flexibility and Extension, Li Nianyi

Everyone’s eyes suddenly focused on Li Nianyi’s body.

But Li Nian trembled fiercely, his face pale on the spot!

He was so sad in his heart!

At this moment, I can’t wait to slap myself a few big ears of photons.

Let yourself be talkative!

Let yourself be public!

it’s good now!

Wiliam was eyeing it!

It’s over.

At this time, Wen Renqing jumped up from the chair, his mouth grinning to the root of his ears, “Oh, Wiliam didn’t tell me, I really forgot about such a thing, Li Nianyi, take the money!”

I, love, make money!

Unbelievably arrogant.

Some people at the scene didn’t understand what was going on, so they asked quickly.

The well-intentioned disciple before finally had a place to use it.

He quickly explained: “When Wiliam went down before, Li Nianyi opened a handicap here, betting on how many days Wiliam can stay below. The second princess bet on one hundred Lingjing, betting that Wiliam can stay below. Eleven days or more. Now it seems that the second princess has clearly won. And the one hundred spirit crystals directly doubled one hundred times, it is ten thousand spirit crystals.”

At this hearing, those people took a breath.

What a big hand!

Li Nianyi’s superb strength!

The second princess has such a strong confidence!

This is a bet, and I won the bet!

What should Li Nianyi do now?

Can he have ten thousand spirit crystals?

Wenren swept away his dejected temperament just now, and it became bright and charming.

Don’t let this fly-in windfall.

Well, fortunately, I have always believed in Wiliam so much.

Fortunately, I always know Wiliam best.

Wiliam is great.

“Why didn’t you speak? Wasn’t it a good jumper just now, now it’s a tortoise?” Wen Renqing said again.

Li Nianyi’s face flushed.

He just sold himself and his ancestors for the eighteenth generation, and there are no ten thousand souls.

At this moment, he regretted that he didn’t want it.

You shouldn’t open a handicap if you knew it a long time ago!

I knew I would not go to Keng Wiliam and the two princesses!

It’s all right now, I didn’t pay a penny, and I got ten thousand spirit crystals!

Blame that Wiliam!

Li Nianyi became a target of public criticism, and did not dare to offend the second princess, and quickly looked at his two patrons.

However, Wen Ren Tianyi said with a stern face: “This matter is your own business, we will not interfere.”

The implication is that Li Nianyi, you go to death.

Li Nianyi’s face turned black all of a sudden, and he felt the whole world collapsed.

“Li Nianyi, what do you say? I still have this bet slip.” Wen Ren Qingxin took out the previous bet slip.

Li Nianyi had no idea at the moment. He knelt in front of Wenren’s heart with a click, and said with a sad face: “Second princess, it’s not that I don’t want to pay, I really don’t have that much money, you know. “

“Then I don’t care, you dare to open the market, now tell me that there is no money? If I lose, will you not take my money?” Wen Ren was enamoured but refused to forgive.

She was annoyed to see this Li Nian, like a clown.

Now I finally took a chance to toss him rightfully, so why not do it?

This is Li Nianyi’s first reason, so he doesn’t have any help now.

In the end, his face was cruel, and he knocked his head in love with Wen Ren, “I’m sorry, I really don’t have so much money. Can I serve the second princess as a slave?”

Wen Ren Qingxin has a look of disgust.

Want to be beautiful!

Li Nianyi wanted to serve her as a slave, but she didn’t want it.

There was already a smelly man by his side.

Seeing that Li Nianyi was really scared, she was trembling all over, and her anger disappeared.

So she threw the pot to Wiliam and said, “The money I used to bet was Wiliam’s, so you have to be a slave and a slave to Wiliam.”

Li Nianyi suddenly lifted his head and looked at Wiliam.

His eyes were filled with hope.

He knew that he was the first to blame for this matter today, and now Wiliam has the suzerain as his backer, so he is so arrogant that he can’t easily offend him.

And if this matter is not handled properly, it may be that the Sect Master will hurt his killer and drive himself out of the fragrance.

After all, the two elders seem to be very disappointed in themselves, and they don’t want to make a move at all.

So Li Nian pinned all his hopes on Wiliam.

He turned around and slammed his head towards Wiliam Meng, “Wiliam, Grandpa Lu, if you do well, just let me go, OK! I’ll be a cow and a horse for you all my life!”

Wiliam looked at Li Nianyi amused, and said, “I told you before, young people don’t be too impulsive, you don’t listen.”

Li Nian blew his head!

When Wiliam went down before, he patted him on the shoulder specially.

Originally thought it was Wiliam who was forcibly helping himself.

Unexpectedly, the words come true!

Because I was too impulsive, now I took half of my life into it.

I should have listened to this kid’s advice if I knew it!

But now it’s too late to regret.

His only hope is that Wiliam can let him go.

Wiliam pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay, you will be a slave for ten years.”

Li Nian heard every one of them, as if he was amnesty, and quickly knocked his head up again, “Thank you, Grandpa Lu!”

This pair of licking dog’s cheeks sneered at the scene.

They knew that Li Nianyi was abandoned.

From now on, Xianghualixue, the first person in the younger generation, has changed hands.

At this time, Wenren Tiange also said, “Originally, we didn’t want to intervene in the affairs of the younger generations. But now that Li Nianyi did this, it was purely self-inflicted and self-inflicted. No wonder others. Since Li Nianyi stood in front of our elders. With such a vow, then we will be a witness.”

“Li Nianyi, you will be a slave to Wiliam for ten years. In these ten years, if you dare to have two hearts with Wiliam, I will be the first to not forgive you!”

When these words came out, Li Nianyi was completely established as a servant.

Li Nian was so distraught that he sat directly on the ground.


He knew he was completely finished.

The only thing he can comfort himself is–

Ten years, as long as these ten years have passed, I will be free.

Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years!

Don’t bully the young man!

Um, true. Can bend and stretch. Li Nianyi!

“Return my previous hundred spirit crystals.” Wen Renqin didn’t bother to talk nonsense.

At this moment, this Bai Lingjing is not Wiliam’s anymore, it belongs to the second princess Tsundere.

Li Nianyi quickly returned the Lingjing back.

Whoever loves this hot potato.

Wiliam bid farewell to everyone, ready to go back to rest.

The two princesses naturally accompanied Wiliam.

On the way, the princess’ eyes flickered, staring at Wiliam, as if she wanted to ask something.

It’s still more straightforward to hear people’s love.

She grabbed Wiliam’s arm and asked, “Wiliam, you answered me honestly, you have been here for a full 30 days, are there any breakthroughs?”


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